Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2006-11-27 14:03
by Alex Belth

It's official. Mike Mussina has signed a two-year deal to stay with the Yanks. Moose made a couple of few enemies recently, but Yankee fans should be happy to see him return. Considering the dough that's being thrown around this winter, the Bombers got Mussina on the cheap.

2006-11-27 14:25:39
1.   kylepetterson
I like this from the article:

"Carl Pavano, who didn't pitch in the Majors at all last season because of a myriad of injuries."

2006-11-27 14:29:34
2.   dianagramr
please .... its "Carl Pavanomas"

(registered trademark / Patent Pending)

2006-11-27 14:31:00
3.   C2Coke
The deal took long enough to finalize. To think we all knew Moose was staying weeks back.

1 The Enigma, Ca$h-the-man said.

2006-11-27 14:39:47
4.   Schteeve
The 2007 season is gonna be fascinating.
2006-11-27 14:58:15
5.   kylepetterson
3 "He's like a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a vest."
2006-11-27 15:01:40
6.   mehmattski
1 I disagree, I think it was a plethora of injuries. More than a multitude, but less than a copius number of injuries.
2006-11-27 15:13:36
7.   yankeeschick
the rotation is making me very nervous at this point...moose and wang are solid, but painvano is useless and the unit's performance last year made me prefer jaret wright to him.

i hope hughes and sanchez are warming up...

2006-11-27 15:31:12
8.   wsporter
7 The rotation is not complete but it's still November. I'll be nervous if I'm cutting the lawn again and it still looks like this.

Johnson 8.9 winshares/Wright 7.8 winshares Eh! Pick'em. Unit still turns the gate, still has some good days left if his back is ok and he wasn't going anywhere. Wright is what he is: a serviceable back end bullpen killer with a $7 million option and a $4 million buyout. Love him in that dopey bird uni.

I'll bet we see one or both of Hughes/Sanchez around mid July next summer.

2006-11-27 15:45:19
9.   rbj
8 Wright's in the land of crabcakes. Rotation is Wang, Moose, Unit, something, and mumble.
The Pavanomas is a mythological creature; sort of like Bigfoot, but there have been fewer sightings.
2006-11-27 16:02:55
10.   Jersey
9 - Bigfoot's mangina is far more durable too. At least that's the word on the street.
2006-11-27 16:11:37
11.   OldYanksFan
I think there is a chance that Pavano may be a decent #4 guy... and the Proctologist might start as #5. Cash will pick up one starter, possibly Lily, or trade for one. He's just playing a Damon right now.
2006-11-27 16:18:00
12.   kylepetterson
Any chance we can resign Sturtze and change him from a really bad reliever into a really bad starter?
2006-11-27 16:47:48
13.   kylepetterson
Wow, nuthin' like bringin' up ol' Sturtzy to kill a conversation.
2006-11-27 17:22:09
14.   wsporter
As long as we mentioned him, at least indirectly, does anyone think Britton has a chance to make the big club at any point next year? He was pretty good last year till he proved he couldn't throw his off-speed stuff for strikes and the league started sitting on his fastball. He's got a nice arm. If they're serious about Proctor in the 5 it may happen. Mo, Farnsworth, Bruney and then whom in that scenario? Beam, Cox, Kennard, Karstens, Sanchez, Rasner, Veras, Henn, DeSalvo, Myers? Britton?
2006-11-27 18:05:51
15.   joejoejoe
I think the Kei Igawa bidding concluded today and should be announced this week. I bet the Yanks put in a decent bid on him. Igawa looks like a poor man's Tom Glavine.

Video of Igawa pitching in Japan:

2006-11-27 19:11:11
16.   BklynBmr
Three down, two to go — assuming The Unit will be ready Opening Day. I don't share Ca$hMoney's guarded optimism of Pavano, I keep recalling an Irish proverb: 'What's gone bad, goes bad'. I'd trade him in a heartbeat. If the Rockies are game, let's get some young talent and trade it into pitching.

While I'm still in denial about yet another Jint meltdown, it was good to hear Eli come clean:

2006-11-27 19:33:09
17.   yankz
16 That link was freaking hilarious. Poor guy.
2006-11-27 19:34:14
18.   zgveritas
Scott Brosius on the 2007 Hall of Fame ballot. Cool.

Mattingly, Tommy John, & Jay Buhner too.

2006-11-27 20:44:47
19.   BklynBmr
Apologies if this has been mentioned, but this is a new one on me:

"bosox banter" ???

Hey, they can glom our newly discarded drunken sailor spending habits, I'm cool with that — but this is too close to home...

17 Actually I was almost expecting A LOT worse from the NY media this morning. Maybe even they are stunned...

2006-11-27 21:01:33
20.   Shaun P
19 IIRC, there is also a "Bluebird Banter" site (for the Jays). I suppose there are only so many things you can call a blog . . .

And Bklyn, you say the Giants are still playing? This is news to me! Last I heard the season ended after that thrilling victory over the Eagles. I don't know anything about this meltdown that you speak of; as far as I know, it never happened.

2006-11-27 21:26:15
21.   Zack
Has anyone wandered over to Peter Abraham's blog at and checked out their comments section? I swear, its the most bizarre thing, its like people are spamming it; repeated posts under different names, posts taken verbatim from other forums, bizarre english usages. I can't tell what posts are real, what are people with perhaps English as a second language, and what jsut seems to be spam or something. crazy...
2006-11-27 21:30:27
22.   jakewoods
i hope we're not counting on a 43 yr old coming off major back surgery

i think cashman has a few things in mind and i expect him to get zito, schmidt or lilly

2006-11-27 21:41:30
23.   BklynBmr
20 A slight correction, Shaun P. The season officially ended a minute before halftime of the Bears game. It was that moment when everything sunk in and they believed Sean Salisbury and the ESPN hacks that 'Manning Bowl' tickets were indeed being printed. Since then, they've decided not to play hard and avoid any further key injuries, so they'll be strong for the Bowl.

Why sack a QB (Kiwanuka/Vince Young) or not give up a 26-yard run when it's 3rd and 22 when there is a chance of getting hurt. You can't blame them. They have to... oh, never mind. This is making me as crazy as the ALDS mmm...mel... meltd.. ah, fuggetit.

2006-11-27 23:01:35
24.   rilkefan
Murray Chass writes a hacktacular essay on the MVP voting:
2006-11-27 23:29:13
25.   brockdc
21 It's a disaster, which is unfortunate because Pete has some choice insider insights. I normally scroll down, looking for Pete's face, and pretty much limit my reading to what he has to say.
2006-11-28 05:04:24
26.   mikeplugh
Hey peoples....

I've been getting the weird cut and paste insanity at Canyon of Heroes too. Just a blogger phase that will pass, I think. Peter gets it worst for some reason.

As for the Yankees rotation in 2007, I think it's in okay shape. I think we should feel comfortable with:


You know why? If the bottom 3 crap out in any combination, we'll be all over Hughes to move up to the bigs, which is a good thing, and Cash Money still has the chips to make a trade if he has to. He did it last year, and he'll do it again.

I think what you'll see though, is the Yankees will wait out this insane spending to nab a guy at the last minute. I think Cash Money wants to see the top guys drop off like flies, and lap up the scraps on a short term deal. I can easily see Gil Meche in pinstripes next year, as a place-warmer. He's got a career ERA+ of 97, and managed 10 and 11 wins the last two seasons, despite a 4.50 - 5.00 ERA. On the Yankees those wins probably bump to 13-14. On the 2003 Mariners, Meche went 15-13 with a 4.59 ERA. That team put up about 4.9 runs a game. If Meche were to join the Yankees, start 32 games, and hit a 4.59 ERA, you'd have to think he'd win 17 games by Pythagorean calculations. Could be a good back of the rotation gamble when the madness dies down.

2006-11-28 05:21:09
27.   sabernar
Eaton signs with the Phils for 3/$24M. Dellucci signs with the Indians for 3/$11.5M.
2006-11-28 05:24:45
28.   mikeplugh
26BTW....If you want to see Gil Meche's player similarity comparisons, check this link:

Not to say that he'll become Chris Carpenter or Jason Schmidt, but it's at least out there. Matt Clement too, so it goes both ways....

2006-11-28 06:41:33
29.   rbj
Mike, who is this "Pavano" guy?

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