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2006-11-21 09:58
by Cliff Corcoran

For the uni-curious, check out a contribution of sorts I made to one of my essential daily reads, Paul Lukas's Uni Watch Blog, but be sure to clear some time as the web site I brought to Paul's attention could make the next few hours disappear very quickly.

2006-11-21 10:09:56
1.   Mike T
Looks like I moved up to the leadoff spot today for the first time. I am going to use my newfound status at the top of the order to comment on the tights worn by some NBA players. David Stern must be pretty bored on a day to day basis to focus so much attention on, and then ban, players wearing those tights. They do serve a legitimate purpose, which is to keep the players' legs warm.
2006-11-21 10:16:35
2.   pistolpete
Good link, thanks.

Old baseball uni's are a hobby of mine - not that I collect, mind you, but it's great fun to look back on the progression of hats/jerseys/etc. through the years of an organization.

I appreciate the tradition that the Yankees have held to all these years, but admittedly it's a bit boring sometimes to see nothing but pinstripes and road greys all the way up the timeline...

I have a old picture book at home that I picked up at a garage sale some time ago, and I'm not sure when it was published but it must have been late 70's/early 80's - if I dig it up at home, I'd love to scan in some of the more colorful shots and post em'...

2006-11-21 10:18:27
3.   Bob Timmermann
How come Paul didn't link back here? I demand justice or I will take him off the Griddle's sidebar!
2006-11-21 10:55:44
4.   thelarmis
great subject title, Cliff! i LOVE the Joe Jackson reference, whether it was on purpose or not. JJ is actually a Yankees fan! : )
2006-11-21 10:56:18
5.   thelarmis
Go Jetes! 5 minutes to go...
2006-11-21 10:58:06
6.   unmoderated
it's jeter.
it's gotta be.
2006-11-21 11:00:55
7.   joejoejoe
My old girlfriend once bought me the back issues of Paul Lukas' zine Beer Frame as a present. I loved that girl. I think of her whenever I see Clamato in the supermarket.
2006-11-21 11:01:52
8.   unmoderated
oh lord.
2006-11-21 11:02:48
9.   Yankee Fan In Boston
no way.
2006-11-21 11:04:00
10.   tommyl
No F'ing way! If you want to give it to a twin, give it to Santana or Mauer. Morneau?! are you kidding me!

Well the formula for winning an MVP these days seems to be clear=RBI totals.

2006-11-21 11:05:33
11.   Shaun P
This is a travesty.
2006-11-21 11:06:32
12.   SF Yanks
No championchip, no Matsuzaka, no MVP. Can anything else not go our way. What a craphole season just getting crappier.
2006-11-21 11:07:42
13.   JeremyM
This is a joke, right? Come on. I hate these voters.
2006-11-21 11:07:53
14.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2006-11-21 11:08:18
15.   thelarmis
total bollocks!
2006-11-21 11:08:31
16.   tommyl
I love how before the award was announced people kept saying how being from Minny was a disadvantage when everyone knows that being a Yankee is the greatest disadvantage of all in these awards.

Awful, simply awful. They actually picked the worst possible choice.

2006-11-21 11:09:40
17.   JeremyM
16 I agree. I'm sure they all think it's very cute that they chose the guy from the small market. I had no doubt Jeter would win it, so now I'm ticked. He deserved it this year.
2006-11-21 11:10:57
18.   Yankee Fan In Boston
17 they owe him two now.
2006-11-21 11:11:46
19.   Simone
These voters make the wrong choices so often for these awards that it has become ridiculous. Morneau over Jeter? Whatever, dummies.
2006-11-21 11:13:40
20.   New Amsterdam Yankees
Hafner got ONE second place vote. No one else put him higher than 6th. What a joke. What is really shocking is that no one placed Morneau lower than 4th. I might vote him fourth on his own team (Nathan has a serious case; ERA+: 283, WHIP: .790).
2006-11-21 11:13:56
21.   standuptriple
Poor Jessica Biel. I hope she's well-rested. It's gonna be along night.
2006-11-21 11:14:21
22.   JeremyM
17 Yeah, no kidding. At least this time around I could've lived with a catcher getting it over him, because Mauer is unreal. But Morneau? Third most valuable player on his team?

19 I'm surprised that Steve Nash didn't get some votes...

2006-11-21 11:14:41
23.   rsmith51
Freakin' idiots. Messed up NL MVP yesterday, although Howard at least was in the top 3 of deserving MVPs. Morneau is just a ridiculous selection.
2006-11-21 11:15:22
24.   thelarmis
captain will have to settle for being comforted by jessica biel. sigh.
2006-11-21 11:15:53
25.   Yankee Fan In Boston
somehow, in some way, alex rodriguez is to blame for this.
2006-11-21 11:17:22
26.   thelarmis
2nd to mauer for batting title...

2nd to morneau for mvp...

2nd to none for yankee fans!

2006-11-21 11:19:21
27.   New Amsterdam Yankees
25 Not that A-Rod deserves any blame, but I do think it's possible that if Ortiz won last year, Jeter wins this year. But we'll never know for sure. Whatever, Jeter says he doesn't care about awards anyway. Back to the hot stove!
2006-11-21 11:22:06
28.   Chyll Will
Who are these (TinyHyphen'd) clowns that voted for Morneau? They are Dead To Me. Those (much-TinyHyphen'd) whatevers...

Too bad, but the Twins are definitely On Notice.

I see a Bernie-from-97 fire-breathing campaign of Shock-And WHAAT!! coming down on the HeftyDome team next year. fo'real.

Where's Knuckles when you need him?

2006-11-21 11:23:36
29.   wsporter
F that crap! Maybe this is why he always says how meaningless those awards ultimately are. They sometimes seem to involve more that what happens on the field. Can't have back to back Yankees win this thing any longer!

The voters are entitled to their opinions and they seemed to happily exercise their right to express those opinions in a fashion that confirms their status as true ass-hats.

2006-11-21 11:23:37
30.   SF Yanks
26 Wang being 2nd to Santana in the Cy Young
2006-11-21 11:26:09
31.   Cliff Corcoran
4 Of course it was on purpose (the exclamation point should have tipped you off for sure).
2006-11-21 11:27:13
32.   Chyll Will
21 Ah, that line alone deserves the Rolaids Relief Award. Thanx!
2006-11-21 11:28:06
33.   thelarmis
31 i figured as much, just wanted to make certain! i'm a joe collector/fanatic...
2006-11-21 11:33:05
34.   SF Yanks
21 Is Jessica Biel talking to Jete or something? If so, he can do better than that.
2006-11-21 11:35:20
35.   Chyll Will
29 I know, but this is "supposed" to be as much about the fans appreciation as it is the writers and such (stop laughing). Is it me or do most major sportswriters distance themselves from fans just as much (if not more) as the athletes do?

I'm back to chillin'. I don't care. Still, Knuckles has some work to do...

2006-11-21 12:21:40
36.   standuptriple
34 A fellow YF mentioned they were "seen together" this last week. There isn't a whole lot of room to be better than that.
I see DJ coming out like a lion in 2007.
2006-11-21 13:31:45
37.   Raf
24I owe you a beer for that one!
2006-11-21 15:08:31
38.   vockins
The Joe Jackson reference is good, but "uni-curious" is the real winner is this post.

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