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If Sheff Riffs and Nobody Cares Did he Really Riff?
2006-11-09 05:35
by Alex Belth

So, you didn't think Sheff was going to leave with quiet dignity or something silly like that, did you? Hey, he ain't goin' out like that.

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2006-11-09 05:43:14
1.   jakewoods
if he keeps it up id send him to pittsburgh and pay them the 10 mill just to screw him
2006-11-09 05:59:26
2.   bp1
This is just Sheff being Sheff. He's done this since the beginning. Nothing new here. When the beat reporters need something to write about, they stick a microphone in his face and ask him questions about Jeter or A-Rod or his contract, knowing full well they'll get an earful.

Sheff was great on the Yankees. I wish him well wherever he ends up. I was hoping he would have stayed.

2006-11-09 06:13:03
3.   Yankee Fan In Boston
oh, gary...

my favorite quote so far was found in the story:

As for his own potential revenge, Sheffield vowed that he will get the Yankees somewhere, sometime. "When you let me go, I have a chip on my shoulder," he said, "and I'm coming with it."

i'm assuming he later added that he then proceeds to intentionally throw that chip into the stands.

does he realize how these outburts make him appear? personally, i enjoy the needless drama. it serves as a momentary distraction from a bidding process that isn't moving along fast enough for my liking.

2006-11-09 06:30:58
4.   rbj
I'm not going to blast Sheff for riffing on Cashman and Abreu. It's clear he wanted to stay with the Yankees. A productive player, who wants to stay with the Yankees, and is willing to learn a new position, what's not to like? I will blast him for not showing up at the charity event -- that's not classy.
2006-11-09 06:41:53
5.   Sliced Bread
4 I agree with your sympathetic assessment of Sheff.
He was late to the charity event, but he made it. That's where he did the squawking.
2006-11-09 06:41:55
6.   JL25and3
He's never said anything positive about being a Yankee. All he's ever done is complain about being disrespected.

Three years ago Alex quoted an e-mail I sent him about how I didn't want Sheffield on the Yankees. I have to thank Gary for making me look good.

2006-11-09 06:47:24
7.   Raf
6 All he's done is play hard too. Busted shoulder and all. Anyway, we can't say this was unexpected. At least the Yanks gave him the option of listing the teams he wanted to be traded to (well, according to 1010-WINS, they did)
2006-11-09 06:50:53
8.   Zavo
I don't think Shef really cares about being a Yankee, although he does want to win and probably think the Yanks are his best shot.

What he wants, and he has basically said this, was to be a free agent or for the Yanks to extend his contract. First he wanted to be a free agent, after the Yanks picked up the option, he said he wanted an extention.

As for the Shef and Alex relationship, I would almost be worried, except it can't really get all that worse for Arod. If Shef was helping, he seemingly wasn't doing a very good job.

2006-11-09 06:52:02
9.   bp1
Sheff's mouth and his on-field actions as a Yankee don't always jive. When he leaves, I will remember the guy who played with an injured shoulder to the point where it made me whince to watch him swing and miss, yet he still finished 2nd in the MVP voting that year.

I will remember the guy who seemed like A-Rod's big brother, saying out loud that he "had his back" in different situations. Is there any connection to A-Rod's lackluster season and Sheff's everyday absense from the clubhouse?

I will remember Sheff staring down Pedro after an ill advised plunking, saying "Not me. Not me.". Lots of barking, but he didn't go Manny on him (re: Manny vs Clemens '03 ALCS Game 3).

I will remember Sheff almost knocking down the Green Monster in the "Schilling returns as closer" game.

I will remember Sheff saying he wouldn't risk his future playing with his hurt wrist, but he was in the lineup anyway.

Those things I didn't read in the papers or hear about 2nd hand. Those things I saw with my own two eyes. He earned my respect as a Yankee player. He says a lot of things, but when it really mattered, when the players walked down the tunnel to the field, he took his spot.

Say what you want about his opinionated self, and his clear issues with authority and management, but he's not Pavano.

2006-11-09 06:54:33
10.   Yankee Fan In Boston
6 i have to agree. while i feel his complaints are valid regarding being a consistent contibutor at the plate and everything, he has been just as consistent throughout his career as far as raising a ruckus if everything does not go precisely as mr. gary sheffield would like.

while having a couple legitimate beefs is one thing, airing your dirty laundry in the tabloids whenever you have an opportunity is not what i would consider to be professional behavior. he negotiated his own contract. at some point you have to stop pointing fingers and accept a bit of responsibility. right?

2006-11-09 06:56:10
11.   Sliced Bread
8 What could Sheff possibly say or do to help the third baseman, whose mind is, as Steve Goldman puts it, a hall of mirrors?
2006-11-09 06:59:02
12.   jkay
In 2006, the Yanks were 30 games over .500 without Sheffield and lost 3 of 4 playoff games with him. See ya!
2006-11-09 07:26:47
13.   bp1
12 Yikes. The Yankees won some of those "30 games over .500" with Terrance Long in right field. Hope you're not suggesting he was the key to the team's regular season.

Between Sheff and Abreu, the right field position was not something the Yankees could brag about.

The Yankees were also 30 games over .500 w/ Matsui out, and lost those same 3 games in the playoffs. See ya to him as well?

2006-11-09 07:32:13
14.   bp1
13 Meant "between the time Sheff got hurt and the Yankees got Abreu", in case that wasn't clear.

Did the Yankees really have Terrance Long in right field? That just doesn't seem possible. I'd like to block that out if I could.

2006-11-09 07:32:31
15.   kylepetterson
Everyone always talks about who is a "true Yankee" and who is not and I have yet to get into these conversations. I am not from New York, I do not live in New York, and have only been watching the Yankees and baseball as a whole for 6 or 7 years. That being said, the one thing that, to me at least, distinguishes the Yankees from the rest of MLB is class. The players and the team conduct themselves with a certain amount of respect you not only don't see in the rest of baseball, but for the most part you don't see it in the rest of sports. Sheffield has always seemed like he didn't fit in that regard. He exemplifies what everyone says is wrong with the Yankees. Arrogant, obnoxious, rude, self-serving, and completely without class. But that's just an outsider looking in.
2006-11-09 07:40:58
16.   Yankee Fan In Boston
14 i had blocked out the "terrance long era", too.

it's like a bad dream...

2006-11-09 07:44:20
17.   JL25and3
I've never said a word against Sheffield as a hitter. Great hitter. I still never wanted him.

Plays hard? I suppose so, though no more than most players. His outfield play could get pretty lackadaisical. (And can we please hold back on judging Carl Pavano's character? Isn't it possible that the guy is, y'know, injured? I never forget J. R. Richard...)

Sheffield's always been willing to casually disrespect his teammates if it serves his purposes. He did it in Milwaukee, in LA and as a Yankee - Abreu here, and Jeter and Rodriguez, if not as directly, in his magazine interview last year.

Does he want to stay in New York to win? I don't know. He's only ever talked about respect and money, which seem to be the same thing to him.

And finally, it all comes back to Milwaukee. What he did there was disgraceful, as were his later comments. If he'd ever expressed an ounce of regret about it, it might be different. But he's never done that; in fact, since then he may not have shown the same behavior, but he's shown the same attitude, over and over and over.

I said it three years ago, I'll say it again now. I don't care how good a hitter he is, I don't want him on my team.

2006-11-09 07:46:24
18.   Raf
14 Yep, for all of 7 games, 6 of them starts.

15 You've just described "True Yankee" Billy Martin (:

2006-11-09 07:46:53
19.   bp1
15 Billy Martin's number is retired, which is just about as "True Yankee" as a player can get, but nobody would ever describe him as classy. Arrogant, obnoxious, rude, yes. Classy? Not so much.

Not every player on the "Dynasty" team of the late 90's was the epitome of class. David Wells? Roger Clemens? My God - for awhile the Yankees had Jose Canseco on the team.

Some would argue that smashing water coolers in the dugout is not a real classy way to behave, but Paulie was a winner and a few people are wondering if his number will be retired as well.

What they all had in common was passion for the game. They were all winners.

I think Sheff is a winner, and I'm sorry that he lost his spot on the team while out with an injury.

2006-11-09 07:56:56
20.   bp1
17 You forgot the swipe he took at Giambi just a few months ago. "Who's playing first base now?". Heh heh heh ....

Sheff can be a dickhead. No argument. The Yankees have had plenty of dickheads on their teams over the years.

Not saying you do this - but there are folks who complain that Jeter never utters anything of substance, yet also complain that Sheff never shuts up. Not sure what people want.

Ken Davidoff's blog had a good take on the event last night, and some insight into Sheff. I especially liked this part: (link for full post:

And later in the interview Sheffield stopped talking on a whim, paused, and, with a straight face, said, "You all haven't asked me nothing about my foundation."

Silence fell over us.

Then Sheffield laughed.

"Just kidding," he said.

And then he continued ranting and ripping.

(Me again). I think most of Sheff's ranting is all for show. Like I said before - what comes out of his mouth does not match what happens on the field. At least what I've seen during his time with the Yankees. I believe what happens on the field. Talk is cheap, and most of the talk is clearly provoked by reporter questioning.

Would I prefer Sheff pull a Jeter and say nothing? Yeah, maybe. Then all we'd have is his on field performance to judge him by.

But whatever. :-) I like Sheff. Some don't. I can see both sides of the argument.

2006-11-09 07:57:38
21.   Raf
17 FWIW, I believe Pavano's injuries are legit. In his time in the majors he has spent a lot of time on the DL. He was injured as an Expo and as a Marlin. I think he was often injured in the Red Sox system. I don't know why people are suprised that he is injured as a Yankee.
2006-11-09 08:07:26
22.   JL25and3
20 Milwaukee was about what he did, not just what he said. In my estimation of him, everything else has just built on that. You're right, it's been words since then, but words that sound just like that same guy.
2006-11-09 08:17:13
23.   Bama Yankee
17 & 21 I also believe that Pavano's injuries are legit and I hope he comes back strong and pitches well for the Yanks in 2007.

However, I understand why not telling the Yankees about his rib injury might cause some to question his character.

2006-11-09 08:29:04
24.   JL25and3
23 I agree on that one. But people were questioning his character, his rehab, and even some of his injuries, long before then.

Heck, at least that was about trying to play when he was hurt. But you're right, there's no excuse for hiding an injury.

2006-11-09 08:34:55
25.   Count Zero
I'm on the JL25and3 side -- I think somebody who is in a position to be a clubhouse leader (especially one who has called himself the clubhouse leader on several occasions) needs to show a little restraint when speaking to the media. The media eggs him on precisely because he can always be counted to hang himself if you give him enough rope. (Just like Ozzie Guillen.)

rbj you're saying he's willing to learn a new position just to stay -- but that was just yesterday's comment. Last week, he unequivocally said he was not willing to play 1B. So which story are we to believe? The original one, or the one his agent probably told him to tell in retrospect?

Sheff's a great bat that's lousy on defense at this stage of his career. As has been pointed out multiple times, the Ynaks have way too many of those. I would love to keep Sheff as a DH...if Giambi was actually a 1Bman or if I actually thought Sheff would become a decent one. Since he's not and I doubt he will, trade Sheffield for prospects -- pitching and/or catching. Ultimately...he's redundant.

2006-11-09 08:35:02
26.   Bama Yankee
24 True. I guess he was the "butt" of many jokes (pun intended) long before that car accident.
2006-11-09 08:37:42
27.   Shaun P
2 My sentiments exactly, bp1. Sheff played well and helped the team. I don't care what his comments in the Fish Wrappers ($1 to wsporter) are. I ignore them just like I ignore Jeter's tried rote cliches.

23 posts so far and no speculation whatsoever as to what the Yanks ought to get in return for Sheff. If I'm Ca$hmoney, I'm looking for a mid-20s AAA 1B who can hit well and field better, and a young(er) power arm. Who of the Cubs, Phillies, Astros, Tigers, Indians, Padres, Rangers, Giants, and Angels can offer these?

(I got the list of teams from's rumor central, which also included the Mets and the Orioles. But no way in hell Sheff ever goes to either of those teams. And I know neither of them has what the Yanks want anyway.)

2006-11-09 08:56:12
28.   Yankee Fan In Boston
matsuzaka update

it appears as though cleveland placed a bid on him. (see the bottom of the article below.)

this, unfortunately, is the extent of the latest news on the still developing situation.

2006-11-09 09:13:26
29.   wsporter
27 MFD Maybe I'm just too sensitive to the $13.5 million option and the notion that being paid that money in exchange for playing ball is an insult. Maybe the notion that he negotiated the contract and knew what he was doing when he did so and now acts like the Yankees are pricks for exercising rights they negotiated and paid for is blinding me.

I love the guy as a hitter; he played hard and hurt for us. He showed up and tried to play first base when he could have sat on his ass, collected his salary and not heard a word about it. For the life of me though I can't see how he now sounds like anything other than a spoiled, self absorbed, unaware brat. There is just too much crap going on around us now in this ugly world for that sort of Bull Sh** not to get me worked up. Guys like that, who say things like that and act the way he has just give me a rash. From my POV if he had just shut the F' up, honored the contract he negotiated or renegotiated it quietly and moved on I'd still be a fan. Using a charity event as a forum for those comments only makes me like him less. When isn't it only about Gary according to Gary?

Hang on to that buck and spend it on a beer at the Skeller, well at least part of a beer! Do they still sell beer there? ;-)

2006-11-09 09:33:17
30.   jkay
13 I would rather see Melky in LF than Matsui, so yes, See Ya to Matsui as well.
2006-11-09 09:37:40
31.   bp1
29 Sheff was at the charity event to accept a check for his foundation. The beat reporters hung out waiting to ask him questions about the Yankees, and Sheff is to blame for answering them?

Heck - read Ken Davidoff's blog. The beat reporters never once asked him about the event or his foundation. That's not news.

I agree that the event was a poor choice of venues for this Q&A, but I don't put the blame solely on Sheff. The reporters were there not to cover the event, but to pepper him with questions about his contract and his future.

2006-11-09 09:51:16
32.   wsporter
31 Lord knows I do and say as many stupid things as the next guy so I guess I may be overstepping but it seems to me that there was some mutual prostitution going on there. Shef used them as much as they used him. As I look at it the writers have a right to ask the questions and he has a right to decline to answer them. He chose not to do that and thereby made it at least appear that he was using the event for purposes other than charity. How is that not his fault?
2006-11-09 09:57:02
33.   bp1
32 If an event happens in NY and no reporter is there to cover it, did it really happen? :-) Just messing with ya.

I hear what you're saying, and I agree to a point. Sheff could have said "Listen guys, let's either talk about the event, my foundation, or let's call it a night", but he didn't. He answered the questions that were asked of him.

Did he use the event to take another shot at Cash and Co? I dunno. Maybe.

God, I wish we had games to talk about. The off season is just awful. I enjoy the hot stove speculation to some degree, and the sundry gossip that goes along with it, but man I'm counting the days till Pitchers and Catchers.

2006-11-09 10:06:19
34.   Shaun P
29 MFD, the Skeller didn't sell beer when I was a frosh, but it started up again when I was a junior. They even had dollar draft nights on Saturdays, a tradition I hope continues.

Beer for a buck - you won't find that in many places in Red Sox Nation, but its all over upstate NY. No wonder why Yankee fans are more mellow! ;)

I quickly looked at the AAA league leaders in OPS, and none of the 1Bs looked appealing. Maybe Josh Phelps, but I don't remember his glove being good.

2006-11-09 10:20:54
35.   Raf
23 Some people think it's ok to try to work through an injury. Pavano probably didn't think it was that big a deal. He was pitching, after all. IIRC he was feeling fine.

He isn't the first player not to disclose an injury, nor will he be the last.

2006-11-09 10:39:19
36.   BklynBmr
9 "I will remember Sheff staring down Pedro after an ill advised plunking, saying "Not me. Not me."."

That moment stuck in my mind, as well, and I was very happy we had a guy like that in pinstripes at the time.

I wish things were different and he could stay for another year, but as stated above, we had a great season without him and we'll do it again. It's also nice to be on the other end of a trade, possibily getting a prospect or two instead of watching them gel in enemy uniforms.

2006-11-09 10:42:04
37.   wsporter
34 MFD I can't imagine no beer at the Skeller; what would be the point? If I recall correctly the pin ball tables were gone but the brew was still flowing as of 2 years ago; although some fool had obviously replaced or cleaned the tap lines or maybe it wasn't draft, I can't remember. I wonder why?

33 I feel badly about this stuff with Shef. I really don't like talking about our guys this way.

2006-11-09 10:49:09
38.   Yankee Fan In Boston
37 don't feel too bad, sheff doesn't seem to have much of a problem dismissing the team. do you recall the quotes after the ALDS? spring training? the statements as he was negotiating his deal?

i loved him when he was between the lines, but it is sad that this is how his time in 'stripes is ending.

2006-11-09 11:01:46
39.   bp1
37 38 Yep. Loved him playing the game. His at bats were events all to themselves, and I for one enjoyed his swagger and confidence as a hitter. That "I ain't afraid you you" attitude always came through loud and clear. He gave off the vibe that no pitcher could throw it past him. I wish some of that would rub off on the third baseman.

The other stuff - the press stuff - I sort of laugh uncomfortably, kinda hoping he'll stop, but knowing he won't.

But oh well. Sheff ain't gonna be our guy to talk about for long. Good riddance, or good luck, either way - good bye Gary Sheffield. It was fun knowin' ya.

2006-11-09 11:03:54
40.   brockdc
29 What about Gepetto's?
2006-11-09 11:14:20
41.   wsporter
29 Wow that's a blast from the past. No beer but the best eggplant sandwich I have ever had, period. The best in Nott Street nurishment!

Not you too? A fellow traveler, one of the Dutchmen?

2006-11-09 11:49:01
42.   Shaun P
40 Almost all of my Gepetto's memories center around Friday happy hour - free wings and ziti (among other things) from 4-7. The inexpensive beer was the icing on a delicious cake.

37 Re: the point of a Skeller with no beer - two words: chicken parm. My mouth is watering. I hope that hasn't changed. And that they still have the vintage 70s stand up Star Wars arcade game.

36 For Sheff, I'd think the Yanks will gladly take two prospects, or a major-league ready first baseman. The question is, from whom?

2006-11-09 11:55:14
43.   claybeez
9 bp1, you articulated my thoughts to the letter.

27 Actually, I did a lot of speculating about this before the season ended. I had lots of people telling me we could never trade him though. The attititude and "payback" seemed to be the big worry.

It would be nice if teams with deep farm systems like the DBacks and Dodgers were interested. I really don't like the idea of dealing Sheff to another AL team. However, the Tigers have quality arms. Zumaya could be turned back into a starter. Maybin is probably the crown jewel, but if Cash could swing that in a multi-player it'd be something.

From the Halos, we might be able to get Casey Kotchman or Kendry Morales to man first. Kotchman was awful this year, but he had mono. I'd love to see Nick Adenhart included. He's had TJ surgery and has come back strong. They also have an Australian catcher named Michael Collins who currently seems to be a line driver hitter without much power. I'm not sure about his defense.

The Cubs don't seem deep. I imagine Prior would be worth a flier for one year of Sheff. Rich Hill put it together down the stretch, but that's not exactly money in the bank. I think their top prospect Pawelek struggled, but would be well worth a look.

Phillies - not much there. Maybe the proposed Floyd and Madson deal if nothing better comes along. But, seriously, you might as well keep Sheff in that case.

Astros- Hirsh and Pence are class. I doubt they'd give them up.

The Rangers have arms intheir DVD trio. Thing is there are big question marks about each of them. Volquez wasn't exactly lights out down the stretch. Danks was inconsistent, but he's the youngest of them and has been pushed the most, I think. Eric Hurley emerged this year and was one of the best pitchers in the minors.

I'd also like to see about a catcher like Chris Snyder of ARI. They had him behind Estrada all season and then brought up a rookie, Montero, I think, who may take over the job. I'd rather give up Wright for him though.

So, there you have it. One slightly informed man's opinion.

2006-11-09 12:07:49
44.   Shaun P
43 Interesting thoughts. I'd love for the Yanks to get Adenhart, but I don't think Stoneman will part with him.

Anyone know anything about Nate Gold, first baseman in the Rangers' system?

2006-11-09 12:30:21
45.   OldYanksFan
On the field, Sheff did everything we could have possibly wanted, and more.

I believe he is an honorable guy. His actions (play on the field) show us this. His mouth, is an outlet for his immediate emotions... and in this case, his hurt feelings.

Yes, baseball is a business. If the Yankees did NOT pick up his contract, he may have been able to get a 3 year deal with the team of his choice.

Instead, he plays one year for a team (either in the NL with no DH, or a non-competing AL team) of the Yankees choosing. Then, in 2008, he gets to pick another team, hopefully where he will hit #500, and hope he can get a 2 year deal.

The Yankees taking Shefs option was best for the Yankees, but screwed Shef. I'd be pissed too. I might not mouth-off in public, but I'd be way pissed. Instead of 3 years with one team, he may end up with 2 years with 2 teams... or 3 years with 3 teams.

In 2008, in Boston, there's a good chance we will face Papi, Manny and Shef. In playing 81 games with the Green Monster, Shef may post very good numbers, and hit #500 in Boston... maybe the same year Manny does.

It's business. There is no honor in business. But I'd still be way pissed.

In 2007, we fans may have the pleasure of seeing Shef screwed, ARod traded and Bernie playing in a different uniform. I wish it could be different.

2006-11-09 12:34:48
46.   Yankee Fan In Boston
45 "In 2007, we fans may have the pleasure of seeing Shef screwed, ARod traded and Bernie playing in a different uniform. I wish it could be different."

if you'd asked any of us how likely that scenario would be 2 years ago, you would've been exiled.

these are some strange days.

2006-11-09 12:54:08
47.   JL25and3
45 If this had come out of nowhere, you'd have a point. But come on, he's been doing this his entire career. He's always complaining about respect, about money, about being mistreated, on and on and on. There's absolutely nothing in his career to suggest that he's especially honorable, and plenty to suggest that he'll throw anyone under the bus at any time - on the field as well as off.

I'll never understand why people keep making excuses for him. Yes, he can hit. He's also a selfish, arrogant bastard. I didn't see that he showed more character than anyone else. Mouthing off to Pedro? BFD. I'm sorry, but mouthing off isn't character. A "winner?" Why? He's a good hitter and a lousy person.

And if he's never taken it out between the lines as a Yankee, well, he's done it before and he's never repudiated it. As far as I'm concerned, you only get one chance to completely ditch on your team, even if it's not the Yankees. I have this thing - the integrity of the game actually extends beyond the Yankees. He violated the integrity of the game and bragged about it; simply not doing it again isn't enough to convince me that he really gives a damn about it.

And no, I don't think what he says is "for show," and I don't think it's understandable anger, and I don't think it's because he wants to stay a Yankee. It's what he's always done, it's who he is, and I don't know why anyone wants to excuse it.

2006-11-09 12:58:35
48.   Yankee Fan In Boston
here's a bit of a tangent, but somewhat related:

does anyone else think that big stein's health is the reason why sheff has been told to keep his distance from the man?

could be really be doing that poorly?

2006-11-09 13:07:16
49.   Yankee Fan In Boston
the onion does it again:

2006-11-09 13:13:45
50.   JL25and3, I've been trying to hold that in for so long...because once I get started.

Two more very short points. First, about his playing hurt: lots of players play hurt. Almost all of them do, to one extent or another. Most of them don't talk about it much; Sheffield made damn sure everyone knew about it the entire time.

Second, about his always playing hard and the character he showed between the lines. Here's something he said before this season: "When I give out what I'm giving out and I don't feel like I'm getting back, I just go the other way. But the motivation has always been there here. I've never had to go the other way."

That just...inspires me with its depth of character. I'm just glad we're getting rid of him before he "had to go the other way."

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2006-11-09 13:18:29
51.   Yankee Fan In Boston
50 maybe he was talking about hitting to the opposite field. it breaks up many people's slumps...
2006-11-09 13:25:36
52.   Yankee Fan In Boston
matsuzaka update

i can finally stop refreshing the homepage and going to and going back to

this is from the AP wire:

"The waiting began Wednesday for teams that bid for Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka.

His Japanese club, the Pacific League's Seibu Lions, said they have been notified of the highest bid for the 26-year-old right-hander. They said they will not make a decision on whether to accept until after a meeting of their board of directors — not expected to be held before Friday at the earliest."

2006-11-09 14:39:32
53.   Raf
50 If that were the case, it'd show up in the stats. Doesn't appear to be the case
2006-11-09 15:48:59
54.   randym77
52 Isn't it Friday in Japan already?
2006-11-09 18:22:53
55.   3rd gen yankee fan
49 Speaking of the Onion, here's a classic from back in August (after we creamed them in Fenway, heh heh heh):

"Yankees–Red Sox Rivalry Running Dangerously Low On Storylines"

2006-11-09 18:31:57
56.   Simone
I don't care what Sheffield did as a Yankee. I can't stand the fact that George overpaid him rather than sign Vlad for a more than reasonable price. Sheffield is and always be an ass. The Yankees were fools to pick up his option, but now that they have, I hope they trade his obnoxious ass to the Pirates or whatever is the worse team in the NL.

Btw, I prefer Derek Jeter saying nothing of substance and tact to Gary Sheffield's obnoxiousness that masquerades as telling the truth any day of the freaking week. Better to be kind and treat people with respect or at least leave them alone than to be a meanspirited cheater who has sabotaged his own team like Sheffield.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

2006-11-09 19:12:06
57.   wsporter
56 I asked you before and I'll ask you again: why are the Yankees fools to pick up the option given their plan is to trade him? Please explain.
2006-11-09 19:45:43
58.   Shaun P
48 I think the Boss is fine, and that the Sheff was told not to contact the Boss thing was 100% posturing on Sheff's part. How, exactly, would the Yanks enforce that? "Look Gary, if you call George, well, we'll trade you . . . wait a minute . . ."

JL, you make great points in 47 and 50. I understand completely where you're coming from. But Sheff doesn't drive me crazy at all. For me, I don't think of it as excusing him; I just don't care. If he wants to come off as a whiny, petulant child in the media, I say let him. As long as it doesn't negatively affect his play on the field, I don't give a damn what he does off the field.

I don't always succeed at this, but I try to avoid judging these guys' character and whatnot because we have such an incomplete picture of them. We don't truly know any of these players. At best we get a filtered view, only a small part of the overall picture. It just seems, well, somewhat improper (that's not really the word I'm looking for) to make a decision based on that. That said, I've done it many times - Curt Schilling, for example, and Kenny Rogers and Todd Jones recently - but part of me always feels bad later.

I guess that's the biggest reason why I don't care about all this whiny crap coming out of Sheff's mouth. He produced on the field, very well, and that's enough for me.

2006-11-10 06:56:08
59.   jayd
9 Excellent post, I remember all of that, too.
2006-11-19 15:22:17
60.   cubsrule2007
sheff down right sucks

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