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Fine Young Men
2006-11-08 10:28
by Alex Belth

Baseball America lists the Yankees top ten prospects. Thanks to Steve Lombardi for the link.

2006-11-08 11:24:05
1.   Chyll Will
That list suggests to me that the focus on player development has increased as the factionalism that marked the early part of this decade has decreased. More than half of the prospects are at AA or below. It would be interesting if more than half of these prospects become the new core of Yankee championship teams; a referendum on Tampa's true intent with the NY All-Stars? Hmm...
2006-11-08 11:36:15
2.   jakewoods
the key to any good team and dynasty is core farm system guys

if they can add 3-4 to cano, wang, hughes, melky

we'll be ok in 5-6 yrs time

got to keep drafting well

2006-11-08 11:45:44
3.   pistolpete
No catchers, eh? Cashman better be on the phone with Barajas' agent...
2006-11-08 11:46:40
4.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2 if they can add 3-4 quality young guys to this team, we'll be okay now.

the team is only a few solid, young pitchers away. the offense will produce (and manhandle most of the pitching staffs it will face).

a couple of starters and a couple/few good bullpen arms. (and a decent 1B.)

(did ca$hman get matsuzaka yet? the wait is excrutiating.)

(did jeff suppan get elected into office last night?)

2006-11-08 11:48:14
5.   Xeifrank
Not as much incentive for the Yankees to develop their own players when you can have other teams take on the risk and do it for you. vr, Xei
2006-11-08 11:53:35
6.   jakewoods
i think many a team would kill for a 23 yr old 2b whi hits 340 and a 21 yr old OF who leads the league in assists and hits 300

if tabata is the real and u just know one or two others will make it, thats the start of continuing the dynasty into the 2010 decade

2006-11-08 11:53:58
7.   jakewoods
from espn about Joba. yankee prospect

Daniel (Tampa, FL): We're all getting a man-crush on Joba Chamberlain, what can you tell me about the Husky Husker?

Chris Kline: (2:22 PM ET ) Yeah, and I think I'm right there with you, Daniel. The reports we've had on Joba in Hawaii were he was 95 mph consistently, topping out at 97. Great numbers out there, managers are raving about him. I like him more than Kennedy.

2006-11-08 12:05:27
8.   YankeeInMichigan
It's interesting to see this year's 8th and 9th Round picks bubble up into the Top 10 so quickly (especially seeing Betances, the 8th round pick, slotted at #3, above the first two picks). Are BA's scouts so impressed with these pitchers' first 7 professional appearances, or are they taking exception with the Yankees' draft strategy?
2006-11-08 12:13:27
9.   Yankee Fan In Boston
baseball news!! baseball news!!

the padres send josh barfield, son of jesse (thus a connection to the bombers), to the indians for a AAA 3B and a reliever.

2006-11-08 12:13:59
10.   Bama Yankee
"Who is Chris Garcia?"
2006-11-08 12:30:15
11.   kylepetterson
According to

"Believe it or not, Pavano has drawn some trade interest."

Umm.....I choose "not"

2006-11-08 12:31:01
12.   JL25and3
9 Odd trade. That kid Kouzmanoff better be the real thing, because the Padres just gave up an awfully nice bird in the hand.
2006-11-08 12:37:46
13.   Shaun P
9 Wow. Do the Pads have another up-and-coming 2B? Or is their rumored deal for Giles the Younger about to happen?

10 I knew that was coming. Saw it a mile away. I still laughed.

8 Melancon, the 9th round pick, was a projected 1st or 2nd rounder before suffering an injury, IIRC. Betances is supposed to have a world of potential, which has always gone a long way with BA. I think it says more about BA than anything else. I don't understand how Kennedy is as high as he is, especially vis a vis Clippard.

I'm curious to see how BA's list compares to Kevin Goldstein's list at BP, when he releases it.

2006-11-08 12:39:40
14.   Yankee Fan In Boston
11 i had that same phrase "cut" and ready to "paste" into this box.

the very thought is absurd.

12 yeah. barfield should be a pretty decent player. that's why every trade is a gamble.

2006-11-08 12:42:46
15.   Yankee Fan In Boston
13 giles squared. that must be the reason.
2006-11-08 13:01:23
16.   Shaun P
15 At first I thought it was a dumb move for the Pads. Then I realized that Kouzmanoff is only a year and a half older than Barfield.
2006-11-08 13:05:50
17.   Yankee Fan In Boston
just a reminder: if anyone out there needs a pitcher, you now have less than an hour remaining to bid on matsuzaka.
2006-11-08 13:06:40
18.   wsporter
If anyone wants a thorough (home cooked) and ongoing rundown of all things Yankee Minor League check out PinstripesPlus. It's a pay site but is definitely worth it if you obsess about these sorts of things as I do.

2006-11-08 13:09:41
19.   Shaun P
More baseball news - the Pads, the team that traded away Josh (son-of-former-Yank-Jesse) Barfield are going to hire Bud Black as their manager.

Why anyone thought for a second that a team run by Sandy Alderson would ever hire Dusty Baker is beyond me.

18 Thanks for the tip, MFD. I'll check it out.

2006-11-08 13:49:58
20.   Yankee Fan In Boston
ten minutes left to bid on matsuzaka...

going... going...

2006-11-08 14:28:33
21.   YankeeInMichigan
... and now for the anti-climax of the year.

The Seibu Lions now have four days to accept or reject the highest bid on Matsuzaka. Only after the they accept the bid will the bidder's identity be revealed.

2006-11-08 14:54:45
22.   Mike A
Couple things...

1. The Pads dealt Barfield becuase they have Todd Walker at 2B. The Crushin' Russian (Kousmanoff) is more of a backup plan if they can't land that Japanese 3B guy.

2. Betances would have been a first round pick had he not demanded $1M before the draft. He took the instruction real quick as a pro and dominated.

3. Pavano drawing interest? Ha.

2006-11-08 14:57:10
23.   jakewoods
barfield was dealt because they're getting the brother giles. not because todd walker is his backup.

Betances has a world of talent. hes close to 6'9, lefty and throws 98. plus he showed in limited starts he can actually pitch.

doesnt hurt that hes 18 either.

the more pitching prospects the better

2006-11-08 14:58:09
24.   randym77
The Lions have four days, but they could announce the winner in as little as 24 hours. Or so ESPN says.

I'm sure Pavano is drawing interest. Off that fat bank account he got for sitting on his bruised buttocks all year...

2006-11-08 15:03:02
25.   jakewoods
ill give carl credit. he did pick out a pretty hot chick to lay back and "rehab" with.
2006-11-08 15:28:48
26.   Shaun P
24 Good one!

Sad Yankee-related news: Johnny Sain died.

2006-11-08 15:47:47
27.   kylepetterson
If Pavano could maybe teach Sturtze some of his rehab techniques, I'd say he's worth at least what we're paying him.....
2006-11-08 15:53:08
28.   randym77
Peter Abraham thinks the winner of the Matsuzaka auction could be announced tonight.
2006-11-08 16:55:28
29.   jakewoods

Bid is 32$ mill.

2006-11-08 17:34:14
30.   randym77
29 The winning bid, or the Yankees' bid?
2006-11-08 17:39:49
31.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I still have a gut feeling that someone will come up with a crazy 40M bid and blow this thing away and it won't be the Yankees.

trading Barfield was odd for the Padres ... they already lack enough youngesters... and they trade away one of the few reliable once they have? also Mike, isn't Walker a possible FA this off-season? though i havn't heard that he filed. and either way he's old and not particularly great. I suppose Kouz does have his merits though. still though this trade made much more sense for the Indians than the Padres.

2006-11-08 18:50:38
32.   jakewoods
Winning bid. Be it the Yanks, Rangers, Devil Rays whoever

One of the guys the Pods got was the Indians minor league POY. for what thats worth.

2006-11-08 20:09:00
33.   yankz
FJM tackles a sensitive issue.

It's old but I just saw it.

2006-11-08 21:00:07
34.   3rd gen yankee fan
Man I can't believe you guys aren't all over Sheff, he's been running his mouth again.

"Sheffield said that if he's traded, Alex Rodriguez would lose his only sounding board on the team. Sheffield also said Abreu wasn't as good a player as he was."

"I've produced ever since I got here. If it wasn't for me the first year, in 2004, we wouldn't have made the playoffs. I went out and put up big numbers against Boston for us to win that division. ... It wasn't some mystery man. It was myself."

uh buoy.

2006-11-08 21:37:28
35.   jakewoods
nothing wrong with being confident.
2006-11-08 21:45:06
36.   Eirias
SI reports that "Sheff says he's blocked from talking to Steinbrenner"

Best news I've heard all day! Now Sheffield cannot importune Boss Steinbrenner to stay in NY. Steinbrenner has demonstrated a weakness for players he "likes." Anything that prevents that can only be a good thing for the team in the long run, given our embarrassment of riches in the outfield and our need for starting pitchers/relievers/*.notoutfielders.

2006-11-09 03:42:00
37.   randym77
34 Funny, when A-Rod was asked who his closest friends on the team were, he had a hard time naming anyone...but still didn't name Sheff.
2006-11-09 03:43:29
38.   Simone
Sheffield spreading the cheer and joy as usual. What a doofus. Come on, where has all the passionate defense of this guy gone? Cashman better acquire valuable talent for all the trouble Sheffield will be causing and the money he will be sucking up in that option.
2006-11-09 04:53:50
39.   wsporter
38 To what "trouble", what "money he'll be sucking up" and what "passionate defense" do you refer?

I don't see the fact that he is shooting his cake hole off in the Fish Wraps as "trouble" for anyone but him. He is going to be traded and presumably paid by someone else; picking up the option and paying it are two different things unless contract terms call for immediate payment which they don't in this case. As a long time Banterer I cannot recall a single "passionate" defense of Shef made here, ever.

As to "valuable talent" so long as Shef is seen by other teams as valuable and willing to play I'm sure $man will receive someone the Yankees find "valuable" for him. I don't see that his most recent inane rant impacts that. So, "what's the rumpus"?

And continuing with the "Miller's Crossing" theme I'm so glad Big Stein has given that churlish, whiney, self involved clown the "Drift …flunkey" treatment. $man even looks a little like Gabriel Burne, in the right light from a certain angle that is.

2006-11-09 05:44:43
40.   jakewoods
maybe he cant see big george because big george fell and got sick. i bet sheff doesnt even know he was under the weather

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