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What's Happening? Nada Much
2006-11-07 05:41
by Alex Belth

It's a slow news day in Yankeeland as we wait on all things Sheffield, Mussina and Matsuzaka.

In the meantime, I ain't got nuthin' for ya man, so here's something dopey to chew on:
Pepe on Torre.

Oh, my bad, I almost forgot. In case anyone missed it, check out Brian Gunn's fine recap of the World Serious over at THT.

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2006-11-07 06:03:17
1.   C2Coke
Out of the three, Moose shouldn't be a problem. Then again, after seeing how things unfolded this year, nothing is impossible. Obviously, we will have a much better offseason if both Ms are probably hired by the Yankees, and the S is somewhere in a league called the National...

Hall of Fame should be a sure thing for Torre, right? That said, if he helps the Yanks get the WS next year, that would be his express ticket to HOF.

2006-11-07 06:41:05
2.   joejoejoe
Bob Timmerman reports via USA Today that Matsuzaka has picked out an American nickname - D-Mat. I think we all agree we need to nip that in the bud if he comes to the Yankees. The NY press is tough enough without the 'Door-Mat' headlines for the inevitable rough starts. Matsuzaka already has a nickname in Japan, 'Kaibutsu' or The Monster. I proposed a nickname of Daisuke 'Apple Jack' Matsuzaka. Matsuzaka is from Aomori prefecture in Japan which is known for it's apple orchards.

Is this silly? Yes. More silly than D-Mat? No.

2006-11-07 06:44:01
3.   Yankee Fan In Boston
slow news day in yankeeland indeed. there's no baseball news anywhere.

except, of course, for this:

no matter how many times i go to the usual sites, gary sheffield is still yankee property.


at least ca$hman & co. shot down the benson offer. it looks as though he won't settle. that's my boy.

2006-11-07 06:52:21
4.   jakewoods
I hope Cash has had his fill of average SP's like Benson.

We, like everyone else, need frontline SP.

2006-11-07 07:17:35
5.   JL25and3
3 Great article on Lonnie Smith. When people judge a player by his team's performance (as with a certain third baseman) I often think of Smith, who was a Hall of Famer by that standard. Wherever he went, his teams won - five World Series with four different teams.

I wish the article had made at least some mention of his wonderful nickname: "Skates," for his outfield play.

2006-11-07 07:25:23
6.   Yankee Fan In Boston
5 'skates' is a great nickname. i was completely unaware of his troubles, likely because i was a kid when all of that was going on. looks like he's doing alright now.
2006-11-07 07:33:54
7.   Knuckles
Please, no D-Mat. No first initial-first syllable of last name ever again for that matter. Someone needs to try and usher in a new golden age of nicknames, because they are truly awful nowadays.

Think of the big ones today:
D-Train: pretty weak
LT: even weaker, esp considering it's not even original
Big Ben: please
Pudge: again, it's been done, and the first time wasn't by a catcher amped up on roids
TO: again with the initials
D-Wade: D-Umb
Godzilla: cool
King James: a tiny bit clever
Agent Zero: my personal favorite player (Arenas), and an ok nickname
The Freak: this is one of the only good ones in the NFL lately, though it doesn't really mean anything anymore

At least the 80's had Dr. K, Donnie Baseball, Nails, etc.

Maybe what it all comes down to is you're just not gonna find a non-rapper making $7M a year answer to the name Dizzy, Ducky, Rabbit, etc.

2006-11-07 07:45:48
8.   Yankee Fan In Boston
7 there was an online outcry for a nickname for ryan howard last season. i don't recall where i saw this...

there were few guidelines offered, but the point was made that these initial-syllabic nicknames must end.

i think they settled on "mr. clean," because he's the first post-steroid suspicion HR guy.

hey. what about getting howard to play 1B next year? we could give philly pavano. gillick loves helping out ca$hman...

2006-11-07 08:08:17
9.   JL25and3
Nicknames should be given, not chosen, and they really should mean something. "Everyday Eddie" Guardado is basically a perfect nickname - it's meaningful and descriptive, it's original, and it sounds great.

"Pudge" Rodriguez doesn't really bother me. Yeah, it's borrowed, but at least everyone knows it's borrowed; besides, when he first came up he really was a pudgy kid. "Boomer" Wells, on the other hand, is also a borrowed name, only no one knows it anymore.

2006-11-07 08:15:04
10.   Chyll Will
8 I'm okay with "The Blastmaster" (I'm sure KRS-ONE would approve, as opposed to KRS-TOO)... when he gets his first MVP then he could be
H oward R eigns S upreme O ver N early E veryone...
2006-11-07 08:32:55
11.   JL25and3
8 I think it's a mistake to make that sort of conscious, organized effort to decide on a nickname. One will become clear, and it will be a better one.

And if none comes up, well, it's OK not to have a nickname. Look at the Yankees - Bernie, Mo, Jorgie, Jeets, Mr. Torre.

2006-11-07 08:39:07
12.   Yankee Fan In Boston
9 11 i agree that an organic origin is preferable, but i believe that the people responsible were attempting a pre-emptive strike against a RyHow debacle.

also, i think "mr. torre" is the greatest nickname ever. nice.

2006-11-07 08:46:36
13.   Bluebleeder87
nice read on Lonnie Smith & like another poster said i guess i was to young to notice his troubles i'm glad things worked out for him because stories like his don't useally end up with happy endings.
2006-11-07 08:59:43
14.   kylepetterson
I prefer nicknames like "fatty", "ugly", "stupid".

"Stepping up to the plate....'Fatty' Rodriguez!"

2006-11-07 09:11:24
15.   Bluebleeder87

that's too edgy for "prime time television"

2006-11-07 09:12:15
16.   Chyll Will
14 That sounds like qualifications for an ESPN commnetator to me.

Wowzers... that one is wide open for ad- libbing...

2006-11-07 09:27:17
17.   Chyll Will
Fatty Arbuckle...
Ugly Betty...
Stupid President...
2006-11-07 09:43:33
18.   kylepetterson
The less PC the better

"The throw to the plate....'mildly retarded' Rodriguez is out by a mile. Man! Do I even need to say it?!?!"

2006-11-07 10:55:32
19.   Yankee Fan In Boston
18 felix?
2006-11-07 11:04:25
20.   Yankee Fan In Boston
completely unconfirmed news with no source given to back it up:

the cubs will supposedly bid $21M on matsuzaka.

again, nothing has been given to support this. i have no idea where this started, i am so bored and starved for baseball that i will take it.

i stumbled across it here:

2006-11-07 11:21:37
21.   jakewoods
u know that team boras might be throwing that out there in order to hike the bidding from the other 5 teams involved

i dont see this coming in under 30 mill

2006-11-07 11:27:41
22.   Bluebleeder87
G.M's can be really stupid sometimes so i wouldn't be suprised.
2006-11-07 11:34:54
23.   Yankee Fan In Boston
the fact that this is suspiciously unsubstantiated makes it seem like someone is playing a game.

unfortunately, that game is not baseball.

2006-11-07 11:38:22
24.   Bluebleeder87
23 is it Boras ball?
2006-11-07 11:44:02
25.   Yankee Fan In Boston
24 if it looks like a duck...
2006-11-07 11:52:01
26.   Bluebleeder87
you better worn you're boy Ca$hman
2006-11-07 11:59:49
27.   Start Spreading the News
22 It's the cubs. They are the same team that took Womack after he sucked with the Reds. They then had Juan Pierre and Womack batting 1 & 2. That is pretty poor lineup construction.

It is no surprise that they would bid outrageously as a starting bid.

2006-11-07 12:09:09
28.   Yankee Fan In Boston
how about rodriguez to detroit for bonderman?

i also am unaware of the sources on this, but it seems ridiculous considering the yankees would also supposedly include two guys named cano and hughes.

seems likely, right?

all of the sudden, my carl pavano for ryan howard proposal seems more realistic...

2006-11-07 12:15:18
29.   Bluebleeder87
i'm still wondering what team Sheffield hasn't severed his ties with?
2006-11-07 12:26:38
30.   Yankee Fan In Boston
29 there are a couple AAA teams i think...
2006-11-07 12:53:47
31.   jakewoods
teams dont care about attitudes or malcontents. every manager and gm wants to win and they all think they can get a talent like sheff in line.

he was great in ny. if he plays everyday, he'll be fine and everyone knows hes good for .300 30 and 100

2006-11-07 13:04:12
32.   YankeeInMichigan
One line in the Brian Gunn article got my blood boiling: "The Cards pitchers knew you could fool Granderson with curveballs, and exploited that in a way the Yankees and A's did not."

Joe Torre knew that too, and he knew that a Mike Myers curveball was the surest thing of all. When this no-brainer move mysteriously backfired in Game 1, Torre threw out the book and slipped into panic mode. The next day, he let a fading Mussina pitch to Granderson. Then he began to shuffle the lineup. The rest is history.

2006-11-07 13:28:34
33.   Yankee Fan In Boston
bringing it all back to nicknames, what about "whammy douglas"?

i had never heard of him, but i just found this article:

2006-11-07 13:35:15
34.   vockins
Everyone getting out and voting? Wherever your interests may lie, go vote!
2006-11-07 14:07:51
35.   randym77
I voted on my way home from work. I hope Sue Kelly goes down, if only because her campaign bugged the heck out of me with multiple robocalls pretending to be from the challenger. Just trying to annoy voters so much they don't vote for him. Or don't vote at all. There ought to be a law.

Nicknames...please, no D-Mat. I like "Zak" myself.

2006-11-07 14:13:30
36.   randym77
BTW, what does the Banter think of the report that the Yankees are pursuing Pettitte and Clemens?

I'm not too enthusiastic myself.

2006-11-07 14:14:03
37.   kylepetterson
How about Daisuke "Everybody sucks but me" Matsuzaka
2006-11-07 14:15:02
38.   Bluebleeder87
give me liberty not to vote this year or give me death!
2006-11-07 14:16:19
39.   Bluebleeder87

how about Daisuke "i think i'm better than everybody & my ego is huge" Matsusaka

2006-11-07 14:28:59
40.   kylepetterson
Daisuke "I'm going to assume that you 'copy and paste'ed my name from some other article" Matsuzaka
2006-11-07 14:35:39
41.   Bluebleeder87
40 how about Daisuke "i hope i don't become the next Irabu" Matsuzaka
2006-11-07 15:20:13
42.   kylepetterson
Daisuke "YOU hope I don't become the next Irabu. What do I care? Boras is going to get me truckloads of money regardless of how I pitch." Matsuzaka

That kinda has a nice ring to it....

2006-11-07 15:33:24
43.   Bluebleeder87

Or Daisuke "very true amigo amigo very true" Matsuzaka

2006-11-07 15:35:10
44.   Shaun P
36 Meh. What free agent aren't the Yanks thinking about, according to rumors? (Or "team sources" cited by the Daily News, which I don't trust at all.) I'll be very surprised if Pettitte comes back to NYC. Too old now, and too injury prone - the Yanks have to have learned that lesson with SPs, right?

Clemens will cost too much to be useful, IMHO. I'd bet that 2.60 ERA doesn't translate favorably to the AL. And he averaged less than 6 IP/start against crappy NL lineups with the pitcher batting, while only playing half the season. What would he have done in the AL for a full year, maybe 5 IP/start with an ERA in the high 3s, if not 4? That's not worth $13.5 + million.

2006-11-07 15:48:08
45.   Bluebleeder87

don't under estimate Ca$hman Shaun he's done alot worse.IMO.

2006-11-07 15:52:12
46.   randym77
44 "Too old now, and too injury prone - the Yanks have to have learned that lesson with SPs, right?"

Gawd, I hope so.

Pettitte actually isn't that old, but he's so injury-prone. He's old before his time.

OTOH, it's not like there are a lot of options out there should we fail to land D-Mat. The Big Unit is clearly not an ace any more.

2006-11-07 15:55:14
47.   Cliff Corcoran
I heard that Pettitte's actually contemplating an early retirement. These rumors are based solely on the fact that both used to be Yankees. Niether is coming back.

Meanwhile, Blue 45, over here we've gave Cashman a blank slate starting with his new contract (which is now about a year old). He seems to finally have unencumbered control and has done smashingly if you ask me.

2006-11-07 16:10:34
48.   yankz
47 Amen.

28 Sheffield, Cano, and Hughes for Bonderman? Why not include Mo, Arod, and Yankee Stadium as well?

2006-11-07 16:21:04
49.   kylepetterson
44 "I'd bet that 2.60 ERA doesn't translate favorably to the AL. And he averaged less than 6 IP/start against crappy NL lineups with the pitcher batting, while only playing half the season. What would he have done in the AL for a full year, maybe 5 IP/start with an ERA in the high 3s, if not 4?"

That sounds a lot like someone I know....

Are you saying that Jaret Wright would be Roger Clemens if he were back in the NL?

2006-11-07 16:25:13
50.   kylepetterson
Speaking of which, anybody here want to see Wright wearing stripes again next year? I've said it before, even though he kinda stinks, I have a really easy time getting behind him every time he pitched. He's one of those guys you really want to succeed. You don't know if he will, in fact you pretty much know he won't, but you want him to.
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2006-11-07 16:28:59
51.   Bluebleeder87
Jaret Wright is made of glass
2006-11-07 16:29:01
52.   das411
48 can happen right after the Phils trade Abreu, Gordon, Burrell, Lieber, Floyd, Madson, Fasano and Bowa for ARod...and the Melkman.
2006-11-07 16:41:49
53.   jakewoods
if they're smart they pick up wrights option and then trade him to the NL for a catcher or some prospects

wright for 3 mill is a great deal for some pitching starved teams. better to get something for him than pay him and get nothing

2006-11-07 16:57:48
54.   jakewoods
About Sheff:
Rangers: They could have a shot at Gary Sheffield -- as can any team willing to swap young pitching for a seasoned outfielder. But the Rangers aren't listening to the first name on the Yankees' lips -- 21-year-old lefty John Danks, who capped his steady four-year climb up the Minor League ladder by going 4-5 for Triple-A Oklahoma in the second half of last season; Danks has averaged more than a strikeout an inning since being Texas' No. 1 draft pick in 2003.
2006-11-07 17:14:14
55.   kylepetterson
Tell 'em we'll throw in Pavano!
2006-11-07 17:21:40
56.   Bluebleeder87
if anything Pavano has a very hard dome, as seen when a ball hit it while pitching.
2006-11-07 17:27:48
57.   jakewoods
just in

pavano hurt his right finger, signing his checks.

hes out 2-4 weeks

then a rehab schedule in tampa

2006-11-07 17:30:02
58.   yankz
57 How many of us believed that for a second? I'll admit, I did.
2006-11-07 17:33:00
59.   Bluebleeder87

so is Wright more injury prone than Pavano? i don't fallow the AL

2006-11-07 17:41:22
60.   yankz
59 Pavano is more injury prone than Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable. In fact, that character was based off Pavano. No joke.
2006-11-07 17:41:26
61.   jakewoods
well weight won 12 games and pitched a complete season last yr and carl hurt his butt sitting on the can and hasnt pitched since june of '05

that paint a clear pic for ya??

2006-11-07 17:51:16
62.   Bluebleeder87
when i watched a nationaly broadcast game i heard the broadcaster call David Wright a disapointment in the eyes of Yankee fans, can you please explain this??

ps they said he was always hurt.

2006-11-07 18:00:12
63.   jakewoods
yea that David wright is a disappointment to yank fans
damn him and his 30 homers and glove at 3b across town
2006-11-07 19:08:19
64.   Shaun P
44 In terms of IP/start, yeah, I would say Wright = Clemens. But that's where the comparison ends.
2006-11-07 19:56:03
65.   wsporter
Sounds like Andy's getting ready to hang 'em up. I wouldn't squawk if he came back though. I like the guy; he's a gamer.

I REALLY hope the Rocket stays in Houston or quits. His coming back here or to Bahstan would seem to be a pretty cynical money move in light of all those family statements he made when taking the Astro's millions. I know Andy made the same statements but in my mind he's always been one of "our" guys. I could let it go.

I think the bottom line is we've plenty of guys with high miles and fading stuff. I believe the Rocket is still special but do we really need more? Also I'm curious if any of those so called "sources" actually have a key to the executive washroom or if they are simply paid to clean it. My suspicion is it is not the former.

53 Does anyone think that Wright could be spun into a PB arm or a BUC. If so I say do just as they are doing with Shef. I see the Yankees having to take back a lot of money and picking up players of lesser value though so I see it as a little different. Glad I don't have to make the call on the money; the $4 million difference is a long way to stick your neck out even if it is Yankee money.

2006-11-07 20:19:54
66.   MVB
Andy Pettite was one of my favorite Yankee players (after Jeter), so seeing him back in pinstripes would be wonderful. The Yanks haven't won the Series since he left, bringing him back might not be that bad of an option. Pettitte has 12 career postseason victories, tied for the most all-time.


2006-11-07 20:29:53
67.   jakewoods
wright has way too much value right now to not pick up his option. A competent SP for 3-4 mill?

Teams would gladly take that. Remember he did win 12 games in the AL east. thats like cy young in the NL.

2006-11-07 20:31:46
68.   Cliff Corcoran
66 They haven't won since Clay Bellenger left either, what's your point?
2006-11-07 21:25:04
69.   smingers
I was just wondering to myself ... although a flaming liberal, will I be happier to wake up next Monday knowing the Democrats won the House and Senate ... or the Yankees won the bidding for Matsuzaka?
2006-11-07 21:34:25
70.   Yu-Hsing Chen
69 amazing, espically after the whole Kerry joke... guess voters does have an attention span longer than the last couple of days ;)
2006-11-07 21:42:47
71.   Yu-Hsing Chen
As for Andy Pettitte. oh lord. I hope not, espically not if he comes with Roger Clemens. do we REALLY need another 40+ HOF shoo in pitcher? let's get Gregg Maddux and Tom Glavine while we're at it!!

Next year's starting staff.

RJ, Clemens, Maddux, Glavine, Pedro (trade Wang and Hughes for him!!!) OMG all HOF rotation for the win!!!!!!

Let's throw this lineup out there too.

CF: Griffey
LF: Bonds
RF: Sosa
3B: A-rod
SS: Jeter
2B: Biggio
1B: Sheffield
C : Piazza
DH: Manny

OMG, truely all hall of fame lineup!!

2006-11-08 04:51:56
72.   Raf
59 You could make an argument that Wright is less durable than Pavano. Both have had injury issues during their time in the majors.

Having said that, despite missing a season and a half with injury, Pavano has thrown more innings than Wright.

2006-11-08 07:48:31
73.   OldYanksFan
Talk about OFF season news:
GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Former baseball star Dwight Gooden is set to be released from prison Thursday after finishing a sentence for violating his probation by using cocaine.
2006-11-08 08:51:52
74.   pistolpete
68 Or Chuck Knoblauch.
2006-11-08 10:26:17
75.   yankee23
According to Jon Heyman:

"Believe it or not, Pavano has drawn some trade interest."

2006-11-08 11:29:35
76.   rbj
A pro pos of nothing, Heath Schuler won a seat in Congress. Redskin fans are amazed that he could win anything.

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