Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2006-11-06 05:39
by Alex Belth

I turned to Emily late last week and said, "I miss baseball."

"Me too. Things feel so empty without it."

I'm fortunate enough to have a woman in my life who not only tolerates my passsion with baseball but who thoroughly enjoys it herself. (Is it any wonder we're getting hitched?) Em usually catches the first part of the game on the radio during her drive home; if I come home late, nine times out of ten, she'll be sitting there on the couch with the game on, waiting for me. You know the old Weaver saying: "This ain't football, we do this every day." Baseball is a lifestyle.

But now there's nothing, and we're adjusting to our winter routine--cooking shows, channel surfing, Netflix. We actually watch a lot of movies in the winter, and find oursevles spending evenings watching no TV at all (perish the thought, I know). I have only a casual interest in hoops at this stage in my life and I find pro football boring (I did catch portions of the Colts, Patriots game last night, however, and around all the penalities and instant replay challenges, thought it was an exciting game). One the one hand, the break is okay. We get to catch up on other things in life. I sleep better at night when there is no game to replay over and over in my head. The other day, I thought, "Wow, there is a lack of neurotic tension in my life during the off-season." That can't be all bad, right? Still, that's part of the emptiness.

How many days 'til pitchers and catchers again?

2006-11-06 06:20:23
1.   NetShrine
Just about 101 days, by my count.......
2006-11-06 06:31:18
2.   jakewoods
I find the offseason actually more hectic than the regular season. So much waiting and indecision. Checking for new rumors or stories all day long. Theres no game that night so nothing to look forward to. I miss the routine of a game every night.
2006-11-06 06:42:52
3.   Sliced Bread
You're lucky, Alex, that your soon-to-be bride shares your passion for baseball.

In my ten year marriage, the Yankees season has become "The Other Woman," and my darling wife resents "her" for taking up so much of my time and attention (and she will remind me of her resentment several times a year).

I guess I'm luckier than other guys who don't have baseball wives because my wife allows me to stray from our relationship to enjoy my "Same Time Next Year" affair with baseball.

But a man who can share baseball with his wife, well, that's a guy who's living the threesome dream.

2006-11-06 06:50:33
4.   Dimelo
I have only a casual interest in hoops at this stage in my life

I was excited when the NBA season started and to see the Knicks pull off a win in their first game got me, to say the least, a little psyched. They proceeded to suck the next two games and I noticed I'm caring only a little about my Knickerbockers after just 3 games. I was in a bit of a quandary because I didn't know if I was suppose to root for the Knicks to lose every game imaginable or win every game. I really dislike Zeek and I want my Knicks to be fun to watch again, however, they are an awful team and it's hard to root for them.

I love watching my New York Football Giants and I can't wait till they beat up on "Da Bears". However, I do know what you mean that nothing seems to suck more energy out of my body and mind than the New York Yankees. They are a tough match for any of the New York teams I root for - Giants and Knicks specifically.

2006-11-06 07:46:15
5.   Yankee Fan In Boston
alex, you are a lucky man.

my wife says that her attention span doesn't allow for appreciation of the sport, but she is more than understanding and at times even pretends to be interested when i get excited about things like the mariners backing out of the matsuzaka bidding.

i am lucky as well, but you sir, you've hit the motherlode.

2006-11-06 07:59:25
6.   kylepetterson
My wife actually got me into baseball 5 or 6 years ago and now she's irritated by how much baseball I watch.
2006-11-06 08:17:01
7.   Paul in Boston
I have not seriously followed any other sport since the 1970s. So yes, the off season is quite empty. Thank goodness for all this wonderful baseball writing on the internet to keep me going until Spring Training.
2006-11-06 08:23:51
8.   Knuckles
I'm in that deadfunk period where I can't get up the energy to read all the rumors and "The Yankees should..." articles written by columnists just trying to fill up column inches. Once I emerge from my late November tryptophan slumber I will be antsy to see what's cooking on the hot stove.

I've tried to supplement the lack of baseball with the following: Notre Dame, the Giants, the Devils, Madden, Deadspin, longer bike rides, upping my Netflix subscription to 3-at-a-time (recommended: Green Street Hooligans), being even busier than normal at work, Friday Night Lights, cooking more elaborate meals, new treadmill. And oh yeah, being married. Go see Borat.

2006-11-06 08:31:08
9.   Yankee Fan In Boston
8 "Go see Borat."

friggin' hilarious. met all of my lofty expectations.

2006-11-06 08:36:03
10.   vockins
I make up for the absence of neurotic tension in my life by paying attention to current events again.

No shortage of tension these days.

2006-11-06 10:00:05
11.   The Mick 536
Baseball doesn't disappear following the WS. Still awards, trades, business, obituaries, and gossip to follow. I listen to the Big Chair in the AM and Kennedy and Dibble on the ride home.

Use the time to catch up on reading,alternating a baseball book with a fiction or non-fiction (non-biography) book, in addition to Harpers and Atlantic. Always see a lot of movies, especially Noirs. Didn't like Borat.

My wife doesn't follow the game except as it affects my disposition. "Is there a reason you are acting stupid, or did the Yankees lose?" She lets me listen in the car when we drive, turning off the sound in her mind. She waits for Sterling's end of game calls, mimics them, noting the subtle differences, and changes the station to blues or classic rock. She also does, "it be high, it be far, it be gone!"

What a love.

2006-11-06 10:55:52
12.   Raf
I have recorded games, videos, web-blogs and the like to keep me occupied during the offseason. As a player, I'm also working on keeping in shape for the next season.

There are no shortage of things for me to do during the offseason :)

2006-11-06 11:33:12
13.   unpopster
12 Raphael Palmeiro, is that you?
2006-11-06 12:51:38
14.   jakewoods
I just cant get into basketball anymore. Not like when I was in school and playing a lot. I prefer the college game to the pro game.

And football is just for gambling and drinking. But at least the Giants look like a top team.

2006-11-06 13:13:24
15.   kylepetterson
12 is that player or playa?
2006-11-06 13:27:01
16.   OldYanksFan
We need pitching soooooooooooo badly. But I can't help think this guy (and many others) are correct.
He's not only ricky, byt waaaay too expensive.
2006-11-06 13:40:01
17.   kylepetterson
I've know a few Ricky's in my life and they're all way too expensive.
2006-11-06 13:43:49
18.   kylepetterson
17 I'm not sure I know what I meant by that....
2006-11-06 13:47:39
19.   randym77
12 I'm glad I'm not the only one. I, too, have a library of recorded games to get me through the long, cold winter.
2006-11-06 14:21:05
20.   das411 will let you DL the series-clinching games of the playoff teams here:

16 - Sheffield for Lieber, Floyd and (maybe) Madson...let's get this done already!

2006-11-06 14:50:42
21.   rbj
I could never get into basketball, I just found it boring what with all the scoring.
Hockey is exciting live; on tv, not so much.
Football I can get into -- the problem is that here in Ohio I'm subjected to Bengals, Browns and (the horror, the horror) Lions games.

Ya know, if ESPN 25 (or whatever number they're up to now) broadcast AFL games, or Caribbean baseball games, I'd probably watch.

2006-11-06 15:04:45
22.   Saburo
Once upon a time (if memory serves) HBO used to broadcast major highlights of the MLB-Japan All-Star series games from Japan back in the late 70s and early 80s.

To my knowledge, nobody has since. I'd sure watch if it were on (I don't follow anything except MLB too).

2006-11-06 16:26:17
23.   jakewoods
again what would we do with lieber???

madson and floyd sure but they can keep lieber

2006-11-06 17:51:45
24.   Bluebleeder87
I'm fortunate enough to have a woman in my life who not only tolerates my passsion with baseball but who thoroughly enjoys it herself. (Is it any wonder we're getting hitched?)

you lucky bastardo!!

2006-11-06 18:11:37
25.   tocho
what do you guys think of Garciaparra at 1b? I guess he's still injury prone, but offensively he had a good season with the dodgers and he MUST have a sense of vengance in him v the bosox.

On the defensive side, I did not watch any of the dodgers games but it seems he was good with a few great plays.

He's going to be 34 in July.... (damn, I am getting old)

2006-11-06 18:46:11
26.   C2Coke
Cannnot believe the offseason just started...

Cliff now gets to say "my wife", Alex has Emily who also enjoys baseball. This is one Lucky Bronx Banter.

2006-11-06 18:55:08
27.   jakewoods
i thought they should have signed nomar last yr.

i think he'd be good at 1b and also the perfect right hand bat for the lineup but i think he'll get a 3 yr deal from someone but you never know.

2006-11-06 19:16:11
28.   brockdc
Watching the NFL sans Tivo is pure agony. It's amazing they can squeeze any of the game amidst the Prison Break promos and Chevy commercials (cue John Mellancamp's cloyingly patriotic tripe) every three minutes.
2006-11-06 19:21:46
29.   Raf
13 lol... no. I am suprised that he didnt get any looks last season. Scandal and all, Im pretty sure he coulda and woulda come cheap. I dont really buy the "PR" angle, as people like Strawberry, Howe, & Gooden have gotten multiple chances.

15 There's never an offseason for a playa, my friend (:

19 It's a habit I picked up back in 1991. I had taped the world series on audio cassettes. I remember there was a guy in Thornwood, NY selling old audio broadcasts. I wish I kept in touch with him, he had a lot of good stuff. I started videotaping postseason games in 1992, starting with the World Series. I have been taping regular and postseason games on and off since then.

2006-11-07 03:35:36
30.   Bluebleeder87
On the defensive side, I did not watch any of the dodgers games but it seems he was good with a few great plays.

he was awesome playing 1st base i hope he re-signs with the Dodgers he can come in handy as a 3rd baseman or 1st baseman, the guy is just a great athlete.

2006-11-07 05:49:18
31.   Yankee Fan In Boston
30 i would love to see nomar in 'stripes. my only concern is is health. he can hit, and he's got a good glove.
2006-11-08 17:12:42
32.   e double trouble
sliced bread that was funny

yo gentlemen

does anyone come back to an article to continue the thread after the day of posting?

I have a couple times

I think Bronx Banter is the greatest

and my lady let's me do whatever I want without guilt or consequence - and she bears with me when I pump up the radio and start yelling, "IIIIIIITTTTT IIIIISSSSS GOOOOONE!"

anyone want to meet on East Fifth Street between 1st and 2nd Ave to play stickball around 11am this Saturday?
just puttin' it out there


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