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2006-11-05 15:11
by Alex Belth

The Yankees picked up Gary Sheffield's $13 million option today, according to It looks as if they'll agree to a two-year deal with Mike Mussina sometime this week.

Oh, and here, check out the Top Ten Yankee Prospects over at Top Prospect The top five? Some kid names Hughes, followed by Jose Tabata (OF), Tyler Clippard (P), Joba Chamberlain (P) and Ian Kennedy (P).

2006-11-05 16:08:06
1.   Schteeve
Is there any speculation as to whom they will trade Sheff for?
2006-11-05 16:13:26
2.   yankz
Good news all around IMO. I trust Cashman to pull off a successful winter.
2006-11-05 16:41:34
3.   das411
Ack I posted this on the other thread right when this new one came up, some hopefully useful info on Floyd, Madson, and Lieber; although the Phils were not mentioned in that article the move does seem to make a lot of sense...


Hey guys, sorry I just found this now but I can give ya some info on Floyd and Madson (maybe even Lieber too)...

Floyd came up too early. Period. His #s in the minors seemed to show he was ready going into '05, but two good pitches does not an MLB starter make. Good good info here, start at "Gavin Floyd, oh my:

Madson is a bit of a different story, he came up in late '03 and worked his way in '04 into the 7th-8th inning setup man role. Apart from one horrific start at the White Sox he put up very good numbers his first two seasons, but started making noises this winter about wanting to start and ended up in our rotation instead. BAD bad bad idea. Typical Ryan Madson start:

Both of these guys are still young, cheap, and potentially very good pitchers. Madson is fine so long as he is used in relief only; NYers may remember the May game that Beltran won with a HR off of Madson in the 16th inning but conveniently ignore the seven scoreless innings he had already thrown to that point. Floyd is more of a reclamation project, but is also younger and has shown considerable talent at times.

Lieber you know what you are getting, at least those of you who have not blocked out all of 2004. He has come up big in September in both of his years with the Phils, but has his troubles in the months before then, ideally you have the offense to hide that and that seems to be a Yankee specialty these days.

The reason the Yankees would want to pick him up is because your rotation is basically Wang and little else. Do you really want to count on Randy Johnson as a #2? Is Mussina willing to accept less than the $7.5m that Lieber is under contract for? Do you want to bid crazily on Matsuzaka and risk another Hideki Irabu moment? Or is the best bet to rid yourselves of Sheffield and bring back a starter who has already proven himself in pinstripes?

I hope this helps..


2006-11-05 17:10:33
4.   monkeypants
It's a win, win, win move. Mussina will probably be overpaid as a #2 or #3, but as das points out, what else do the Yanks have besides Wang. Anyway, 'overpaid' for the Yankees is relative--they do not, contrary to popular opinion, have unlimited money, but they certainly have more resources than most other teams.

As for Sheff, he will likely be traded. But if not, what's the harm. You can't have too many bats in the lineup or on the bench. But he will likely be traded, and has the potential to bring some talent in return. One just has to hope that Cashman holds out for a good deal and doesn't sell too low.

2006-11-05 17:23:55
5.   jakewoods
Every SP is overpaid. It doesnt matter what Moose gets as long as hes in the rotation. Whatever they pay him won't effect how they go after anyone else. Him as the 3/4 starter and RJ as the 4/5 starter makes for a good rotation.

Key is finding that other SP to join Wang. Hopefully its D-Mat.

2006-11-05 18:01:57
6.   smingers
Apparently the Yankees turned down K. Benson from the Orioles for Sheff.
2006-11-05 18:06:40
7.   das411
Wow, because if there is one thing that everybody who follows baseball knows, it's that the Yankees could definitely use Anna Benson in their clubhouse!
2006-11-05 18:24:24
8.   BklynBmr
Anyone know what would happen if the team puts together a deal for Sheff, and he refuses to report. I'm guessing his only option would be retirement. I mean, he has zero leverage in this, correct? Unless maybe the team would agree to negotiate the 3 year deal he's looking for, but that would mean he would be involved in the talks, which I can't see being the case.

If Sheff is true to his words, this should be an interesting week... I just hope we get some decent pitching.

2006-11-05 18:41:32
9.   yankz
8 I think every team assumes he'll show up. I don't think there's a chance in hell he'd retire.
2006-11-05 19:55:04
10.   dzzrtRatt
Ask whoever's left from his train-wreck of an ending with the Dodgers about Sheffield's "zero leverage." As I'm sure you all know, Sheffield threatened a work slowdown. He would keep cashing his huge checks, but he just wouldn't play hard.

No GM or manager will want to go through that. Oh wait, there might be one: Jim Bowden.

Could he retire then play in Japan?

2006-11-05 20:43:46
11.   joejoejoe
Boo hoo for Gary Sheffield.

He misrepresented Cashman this spring training saying Cashman promised to pick up his option when I guarantee Cashman said nothing of the sort. Now after a severe injury and hitting crapola in the playoffs Sheffield is going to get paid his option money and he is STILL bitching. The guy would complain about free ice cream on a hot day. I'm done caring what he says about anything. At age 31, Nomar Garciaparra signed a 1 year deal for 1/2 the money Shef under his option at age 37. If the Yankees didn't pick up his option in order to trade him Sheffield would be lucky to sign a two-year deal for the same money. He's just a world class whining diva.

2006-11-05 21:02:24
12.   Yu-Hsing Chen
if he retires and play in Japan he would make at most maybe 4-5M... AT MOST. i don't think he will do that, and doesn't the Nomo claus (can't fake retirement and sign) work both ways too?
2006-11-05 21:42:52
13.   Raf
Shef could do the "operation shutdown" thing, but I don't think he will. He has no reason to.

I understand his being upset, but at the end of the day, he will play. He has to, if he wants to get the payday he seeks.

I figure whichever team he gets traded to will throw a bucketfull of loot at him, and he will sign

2006-11-05 22:05:18
14.   jakewoods
come on. sheffield is a professional. he will play 100% no matter where he is. he has a little something called pride. plus he wants another big deal and he wants to make the hall of fame.
2006-11-06 03:41:44
15.   randym77
14 I agree. Yeah, Sheff gripes. He always gripes. He's just venting. When push comes to shove, he shows up for work.
2006-11-06 09:18:52
16.   Schteeve
14 & 15 Orly? I seem to recall Sheffield intentionally commiting errors when he didn't like the official scorer in Milwaukee. He's definitely capable of sabotaging a situation.
2006-11-06 11:32:20
17.   Raf
16 IIRC, that was found to be false. I'll look for the link

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