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Cooler than Cool (All in the Family)
2006-10-20 09:35
by Alex Belth
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After Game One of the ALDS, I was riding home on the subway when I ran into a charming couple. They were both wearing Chien-Ming Wang shirts and in no time we got to chatting. They are originally for Tawain but met at Syracuse University. They now live in California and were on the East Coast for a week. First, to see Wang pitch, then to return to Syracuse to get married. Just the two of them (they will have a ceremony for their families back home at a later date). Anyhow, Jason and Ann were absolutely delightful, friendly and warm, and when I told them that I had recently gotten engaged myself, they just lit up and insisted I take a picture with them. I agreed only if they promised to send me a photo of their wedding. Dig it (and forgive the bounciness of the subway):

Now for the real scoop:

Jason and Ann, who is cooler than you? Here's wishing you a long and happy life together. (And yo, if you catch this, e-mail me again, I lost your address.)

2006-10-20 09:56:06
1.   Sliced Bread
I was married in Syracuse, sans cows unfortunately.

Cool stuff, Alex.
Congrats, Jason & Ann.

Another joyous beginning in Yankeeland!

2006-10-20 10:03:49
2.   Alex Belth
That last photograph is just great. Like something out of "Mystery Train."
2006-10-20 10:14:21
3.   Cliff Corcoran
A good lookin' couple. Props to Jason & Ann. Becky will be jealous of that cow photo.
2006-10-20 10:29:24
4.   Simone
Awww, Jasaon and Ann look like a wonderful couple. Best wishes to them both. Alex, you always meet cool people.
2006-10-20 10:34:32
5.   joejoejoe
How cool are wedding pictures with cows? I think the white one with spots is Moo Piniella.

Jason and Ann, Best wishes for a beautiful life together!

2006-10-20 10:59:43
6.   dianagramr

Moo Piniella ..... ROFL ....

(yes, I adore bad puns .... so sue me)

2006-10-20 11:02:20
7.   dianagramr

boy am I asleep today .... 8 was of course supposed to be 5

(I'll blame it on the cows ...)

2006-10-20 11:06:03
8.   capdodger
6 It's the cheese.
2006-10-20 11:17:55
9.   NetShrine
Let me the first to say it...

Holy Cow!

2006-10-20 11:45:52
10.   weeping for brunnhilde
Heartwarming pictures, Alex, thanks for sharing!
2006-10-20 11:48:42
11.   pistolpete
That story's udderly fantastic!

::slaps self in face for awful joke::

2006-10-20 12:01:31
12.   dianagramr
So I take it the bride had milkmaids of honor?

(continuing the bad punning)

2006-10-20 12:10:42
13.   Jon Weisman
1 - I proposed on the tarmac at Binghamton Airport at about midnight - does that count for something?

Great story, great pictures. Alex, I wish I had your social skills.

2006-10-20 12:12:46
14.   Yankee Fan In Boston
congrats, alex. (and friends.)

i got hitched this summer in VT... a lot of cows around... even a camel for some reason.

2006-10-20 12:15:11
15.   Sliced Bread
It was a dairy tale wedding.


Pasteur Brown officiated.

(ok, shoot me)

2006-10-20 12:18:23
16.   Sliced Bread
13 Binghamton is close enough! I almost got engaged at the airport in St. Louis, during a loooong layover, but decided to wait til we got to San Fran.
2006-10-20 12:21:40
17.   weeping for brunnhilde
::agonized groan directed at pistolpete::
2006-10-20 12:23:00
18.   weeping for brunnhilde
::takes one for the team, magnanimously assumes the unsavory burden of putting down Sliced Bread::
2006-10-20 12:43:12
19.   pistolpete
12 Yes, let's milk this for all it's worth.
2006-10-20 13:02:15
20.   Bama Yankee
"Who is Cowrim Garcia?"
2006-10-20 13:04:24
21.   dianagramr
Look!!!! .... that white cow with the black spots .... isn't that ... why yes ... its A-Rod!

(couldn't be Jeter ... he doesn't have much (home on the) range)

2006-10-20 13:07:12
22.   Sliced Bread
21 You have a beef with the Yanks sacred cow?
2006-10-20 13:09:02
23.   dianagramr

I hear he doesn't produce much milk in the clutch.

2006-10-20 13:09:40
24.   Bama Yankee
22 and cash cow...
2006-10-20 13:11:19
25.   dianagramr
now wait a minute .... don't they inject those cows with (shhhhh..... ) "growth hormone"???

[I'm starting to put the pieces together here]

2006-10-20 13:11:36
26.   Sliced Bread
23 Why does everybody kowtow to him then?
2006-10-20 13:20:04
27.   Chyll Will
25, 26 Ya'll butter behave up there!

17,18 There-there, no use crying over spilled milk...

Just putting in my 2% before I disappear for the weekend. Mooove along people, nothing to see here. (Shaking my head in udder disbelief...) Wowzers, you people have spoiled me...

2006-10-20 13:20:33
28.   Bama Yankee
26 Because they are cowards?
2006-10-20 13:28:05
29.   Sliced Bread
21 Which one of those cows is Milky Cabrera? The one that was left out?
2006-10-20 13:35:44
30.   dianagramr
Milky Cabrera
Moo Piniella
Mike Moosina
Johnny Damoo
The Big Moonit

etc etc. :-)

2006-10-20 13:43:40
31.   unmoderated
that's a terrific story.

welcome back, cliff.

this is me saying it's ok to read about the yankees again.

2006-10-20 13:52:00
32.   Bama Yankee
Something old (Unit & Mussina),
Something new (Melky, Wang & Cano)
Something borrowed (Wilson & Guiel)
and something blue (Yankee fans after ALDS)
2006-10-20 14:01:07
33.   unmoderated
and while I'm here in this wedding thread, my affair went off without a hitch on the 7th (except for, you know)...

my friend mike, who I meet for coffee every day after work to discuss baseball, was feeding me updates thoughout the day from the bar down the street. there's a picture where he just broke the news that it was 8-0, or whatever horrid score it was, and i have the pained look of death on my face.

thank god there was an open bar.

2006-10-20 14:02:44
34.   Shaun P
As one of the (former) resident upstate NYers around here, it is my sacred duty to inform you all that not all of upstate NY is crawling with cows, lest any of you city-dwellers think otherwise.

I got married in a little country church just outside of Syracuse, but there were no cows present. Lots of Yankee fans, though.

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