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2006-10-19 16:19
by Alex Belth
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Game 7 tonight at Shea. Let's hope it's a good one.

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2006-10-19 16:26:13
1.   Xeifrank
DodgerSims: Cards 55.6%
BP: Mets: 58.6%
My Magic 8 Ball: Try again later.
vr, Xei
2006-10-19 17:04:27
2.   Simone
While we wait for the game to start, is anyone here tempted to get the official Yankee logo on their urn and/or casket?

2006-10-19 17:12:00
3.   Cliff Corcoran
2 No. I want to be shot into space anyway.
2006-10-19 17:53:15
4.   RIYank
Joe Morgan would have loved that.

Where is everybody? No Queens Banter tonight?

2006-10-19 17:54:24
5.   RIYank
Belliard looked kind of p-ssed at Encarnacion on that play.
2006-10-19 17:57:04
6.   rmd0311
well you know encarnacion saw him...
I would be pissed too. Maybe there is something there.
2006-10-19 18:11:03
7.   Shaun P
When I first put the game, Tom Glavine was pitching in the bullpen. I thought, Oh blank, the Mets are in trouble. Then I realized that he was wearing a BP jersey.

2 I'd rather whatever material wealth I leave behind go towards helping people than lining the coffers of the likes of David Glass, Carl Pohlad, etc.

That was brilliant! How in the name of Stan Musial did the Cards ever get this far playing Juan Encarnacion everyday?!

And yes, I did just remember that Encarnacion was the starting RF for the Marlins in '03.

2006-10-19 18:19:51
8.   vockins
Has anyone noticed the quality of Mets fan signage? It's exquisite. I assume they are inspired by that Mets sign dude. Very professional.
2006-10-19 18:23:37
9.   Shaun P
That FOX graphic about the percent of the time the leadoff run came around to score, given the number of outs, is fantastic evidence of why sac bunts are awful alomst all of the time.
2006-10-19 18:30:24
10.   RIYank
9 Oddly enough, that did not seem to be the point that Buck or McC. had in mind.
2006-10-19 18:31:47
11.   Shaun P
10 Someday they'll all come around. Even Morgan.
2006-10-19 18:34:34
12.   RIYank
And the lamb and the lion shall lie down together, and the meek shall inherit the earth.
2006-10-19 18:36:43
13.   mehmattski
12 The hungry Sheep look up, and are not fed,
But swoln with wind, and the rank mist they draw,
Rot inwardly, and foul contagion spread.
2006-10-19 18:36:55
14.   Bama Yankee
13 And Kenny Rogers will have a great postseason...
2006-10-19 18:37:41
15.   Bama Yankee
14 Should have been for 12
2006-10-19 18:39:26
16.   mehmattski
15 Kenny Rogers isn't "foul contagion spread"? Or is your comment good for the Bible but not good for John Milton? ;-)

I'm gonna need some excitement in this game, or I'm not long for consciousness...

2006-10-19 18:41:08
17.   RIYank
13 But the two-handed Pujols Stands ready to smite once, and smite no more.
2006-10-19 18:41:40
18.   RIYank
11 Ooooh. Maybe LaRussa should be shown the graphic.
2006-10-19 18:42:18
19.   RIYank
Oh, that was Suppan. Whoops. I wasn't paying attention.
2006-10-19 18:42:42
20.   Shaun P
12 Good news for A-Rod? =)

And of course, following the bunt, neither of them mentions that the odds of Belliard scoring just went from 43% down to 30%.

Missed opportunity.

2006-10-19 18:43:49
21.   Bama Yankee
16 LOL. He is most definitely "foul contagion spread" and he makes me "rot inwardly" and outwardly watching his success in the PS.
2006-10-19 18:44:38
22.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Sign, why are these two junky teams playing today while we're not? can we sign up for the NL? :P
2006-10-19 18:46:31
23.   Bama Yankee
20 I sorta understand your point during AL games (although I would probably still bunt more than you would like), but in NL games would you not bunt with the pitcher up?
2006-10-19 18:46:34
24.   RIYank
20 But that's not right, because Belliard went to second. So his chances were higher than 30%. (Not now, of course.)

But when Ek. got HBP, the bunt turned into a complete waste.

2006-10-19 18:47:38
25.   RIYank
I guess this wasn't Albert's smiting time.
2006-10-19 18:48:35
26.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Also, anyone really think that Pujols is doing much better than A-rod was in the post season?
2006-10-19 18:49:50
27.   Bama Yankee
22 Good idea. Going to the NL like Milwaukee did a few years ago... wait, we have a half dozen DH types on our roster, scratch that. Let's just get some pitching and win in the AL ;-)
2006-10-19 18:50:23
28.   RIYank
26 They heard you!
2006-10-19 18:51:05
29.   Yu-Hsing Chen
20 then again, it's the pitcher, and Perez at least have some real pitches, unlike say... Steve Trachsel.
2006-10-19 18:51:47
30.   Bama Yankee
26 Maybe the Cards should just trade A-Pu for A-Rod.
2006-10-19 18:52:41
31.   RIYank
Problem: for admission to the NL, seven of your eight(!) batters have to lay down great bunts.
(As Ken Tremendous at firejoemorgan would say, it's what they do instead of being good hitters.)
2006-10-19 18:54:48
32.   mehmattski
Jeff Suppan versus Oliver Perez? Why, a pitching duel, of course!

Also, the fact that it's a game seven and Luis Gonzalez is involved makes me a little sick.

2006-10-19 18:54:58
33.   RIYank
LaRussa should make all the outfielders wear big bells around their necks, or something.
2006-10-19 18:57:18
34.   mehmattski
33 Rule also applies to Gary Sheffield/Bubba Crosby, and Johnny Damon/Mark Bellhorn.
2006-10-19 18:59:11
35.   Bama Yankee
Mark this down, David Wright will do something to win this game and the NY media will have a field day about how clutch the Mets 3Bman is vs. the Yanks 3Bman.
2006-10-19 19:00:18
36.   RIYank
Perez does not look terrible. I expected him to look terrible.
I know the Cardinals are mostly bad hitters, but I feel like besides a little control trouble (he's bounced quite a few) Perez does look pretty good.
2006-10-19 19:01:16
37.   mehmattski
There's a lot of rain headed their way:

2006-10-19 19:01:43
38.   Bama Yankee
34 and Johnny Damon/Damian Jackson (2003 ALDS)
2006-10-19 19:02:51
39.   Bama Yankee
36 or maybe some Kenny Rogers chicken?
2006-10-19 19:03:41
40.   mehmattski
38 That's who I meant.

35 Hmm... it's the Mets, so the hero is going to come from the Todd Pratt/Robin Ventura/Mookie Wilson mold... I feel Michael Tucker.

Either that, or the Cardinals score 4 runs against Billy Wagner and make it a laugher.

2006-10-19 19:03:55
41.   RIYank
35 Wright already has a big hit, of course.

Oliver says he feels good.

2006-10-19 19:04:24
42.   Yu-Hsing Chen
They shoulda just started Taguchi / Duncan / Spezio over Encarnacion / Wilson / Rolens
2006-10-19 19:04:48
43.   RIYank
Oh. My. God.

Endy. Who'd a thunk?

2006-10-19 19:05:08
44.   Shaun P
Wow, Endy Chavez! What a play!
2006-10-19 19:05:17
45.   mehmattski
Okay, I'm awake now.

That was the clutchiest catch of the year. Beat's Melky's rob of Manny.


2006-10-19 19:05:25
46.   randym77
Holy crap. What a play.
2006-10-19 19:07:01
47.   BklynBmr
Anyone smell a Mutts walkoff tonight?

Holy sh*t! What a play by Endy!

Also, I wonder if A-Rod is watching the game. Just mentioned that because there has been over ten posts without a reference to him.

2006-10-19 19:07:30
48.   RIYank
To make a really amazing and clutch play in LF, you have to have a cute first name.
2006-10-19 19:07:37
49.   mehmattski
45 That catch was so good, it made me add extraneous apostrophes.
2006-10-19 19:08:04
50.   Simone
What a catch! He saved the Mets.
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2006-10-19 19:08:29
51.   RIYank
47 Whew, thanks Bklyn. That was close. We don't want to let the A-Rod free streak get to double digits.
2006-10-19 19:09:34
52.   Bama Yankee
47 A-Rod is watching the game with Karim Garcia (there, now we have got them both mentioned).
2006-10-19 19:09:39
53.   mehmattski
I tried to start a "Who is Alex Rodriguez" yesterday, but it didn't take off. I blame A-Rod.
2006-10-19 19:09:49
54.   BklynBmr
That catch — and play — has to be in the top 5 of League Championship Series' history. Wow!
2006-10-19 19:10:10
55.   RIYank
52 What, A-Rod is in prison????
2006-10-19 19:11:19
56.   RIYank
54 If the Mets win -- and esp. if they go on to win the Serious -- that will be in the all-time highlight archives.
2006-10-19 19:11:48
57.   Bama Yankee
55 ROFL, no we traded him to the Orix Buffaloes over in Japan...
2006-10-19 19:11:53
58.   tommyl
Yeah, wow that was unreal. And then getting the double off. Turn a 2 run HR into a DP.
2006-10-19 19:12:34
59.   Simone
Can you believe Suppan and Perez in a pitcher's duel? Who would have thunk?!
2006-10-19 19:13:09
60.   Bama Yankee
53 I saw that one (I liked it) but it did not take off because A-Rod just sucks the life out of any running joke...
2006-10-19 19:14:19
61.   BklynBmr
53 I'm really trying to keep my faith in the guy, but when the news broke that he was behind the NFL dirty-bomb hoax, that's it. Trade him. To the San Diego RiverDogs for Henderson straight up. I don't care...
2006-10-19 19:14:41
62.   RIYank
This game has turned on defense once; now maybe it's about to turn again.
2006-10-19 19:14:56
63.   mehmattski
Whoa. I hope Keith Olbermann's mom is nowhere near Shea...
2006-10-19 19:15:15
64.   Bama Yankee
See what I mean, clutch reached-on-error by David Wright
2006-10-19 19:15:50
65.   randym77
2 I might be tempted. My family is Buddhist. It's traditional to keep the urn full of ashes in the home for a year or so before burying it. Might as well have a decorative container.

Call me a diehard fan. ;-)

2006-10-19 19:16:35
66.   Bama Yankee
61 & 63 LOL, you guys are killing me.
2006-10-19 19:16:46
67.   RIYank
61 I know, I'm through defending him.
And I was so impressed, too, when I heard about all that accounting work he'd been doing for Wesley Snipes.
2006-10-19 19:18:29
68.   Yu-Hsing Chen
oh oh , money's on Valentine don't get anything done then Chavez gets a big hit!!
2006-10-19 19:19:21
69.   Bama Yankee
65 There's a funeral home down here that has Crimson Tide coffins for the "diehard" fans (and they sell very well).
2006-10-19 19:19:54
70.   mehmattski
The only reason that's the only grand slam in Mets' postseason history is that the Mets surrounded Robin Ventura before he could round the bases...
2006-10-19 19:20:18
71.   Simone
The Mets are doomed in this inning. Chavez won't be doing squat.
2006-10-19 19:20:18
72.   RIYank
69 Well, you're half way home on that prediction.
Valentin sucks.
2006-10-19 19:21:09
73.   randym77
68 You were half-right.
2006-10-19 19:21:40
74.   Simone
65 Sounds like the Yankee urn would totally work for you.

Ha. Told you Chavez wouldn't do a thing.

2006-10-19 19:21:48
75.   Yu-Hsing Chen
71 lol ...

one pitch out

2006-10-19 19:23:12
76.   Bama Yankee
Thanks for the fun tonight fellas, but I'm out. Catch you tomorrow...
2006-10-19 19:26:00
77.   randym77
74 I'll put in my will. "Put my ashes in a Yankees urn. Forget about the incense and crap. Just put my urn on a shelf in the living room so I can watch the games on TV."

76 What? How can you leave now?

2006-10-19 19:27:42
78.   mehmattski
77 You'll have to stipulate the rigging up of some machine to continually hit "refresh" on the Banter as well...
2006-10-19 19:31:33
79.   randym77
78 LOL! Of course!

It's starting to rain harder. If this game goes to extra innings, it's going to be sloppy.

2006-10-19 19:32:21
80.   RIYank
By then, the Toaster will be able to automatically refresh every thirty seconds, or whatever frequency you set!
2006-10-19 19:36:23
81.   Simone
I can't help feeling that this game doesn't end well for the Mets. For my best friend's sake, I hope that I am dead wrong.
2006-10-19 19:37:51
82.   Simone
80 That would be a very good day.
2006-10-19 19:41:04
83.   BklynBmr
81 That feeling is in my gut, too. Something seems to be in the air, besides the rain...
2006-10-19 19:48:14
84.   mehmattski
I think Albert Pujols is going to be standing on first base during this inning.
2006-10-19 19:49:00
85.   RIYank
Spezio really looked stoopit on strike three.
2006-10-19 19:49:23
86.   RIYank
(I mean, stoopiter than usual.)
2006-10-19 19:50:05
87.   RIYank
Funkin brilliant, Willie. Walk the winning run.
2006-10-19 19:51:42
88.   mehmattski
I, like Willie, have faith in the futility of Juan Encarnacion. When he was on the Marlins, my roommate (a Marlins fan) would get calls from his dad, betting him $10 that Encarnacion wouldn't ground into a double play. My roommate got a lot of beer money that way...
2006-10-19 19:52:54
89.   RIYank
Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Will E. Randolph, Supergenius.
2006-10-19 19:54:08
90.   Stormer Sports
83 81

No more of that! I gotta believe that there is one decent team in the NYC area, especially with the NBA about to get underway..

What's up Bklyn?

2006-10-19 19:57:53
91.   Alex Belth
Mets are going to take it here in the eighth
2006-10-19 19:58:12
92.   Simone
Okay, do something here Mets.
2006-10-19 19:58:38
93.   BklynBmr
90 Hey now, Storm!

I'm hoping I'm wrong, and lookin' for a walk off double, bottom 9 — Lo Duca. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it...

2006-10-19 19:59:17
94.   RIYank
At least we know Willie isn't going to ask Carlos to bunt.


2006-10-19 20:00:15
95.   Stormer Sports

I have weird feeling that Shawn Green brought his 3 wood to the ballpark. Look for a line shot over the wall. Book it.

2006-10-19 20:01:03
96.   pistolpete
C'mon, DP... ;-)
2006-10-19 20:01:30
97.   mehmattski
Jeff Weaver is going to give up an 11th inning walk off home run.

(twitch... twitch)

2006-10-19 20:01:45
98.   Alex Belth
Wright will get the big hit and be a hero.
2006-10-19 20:01:52
99.   RIYank
Okay, well, several people already have their money on Wright. Stormer takes Green. Uh. I don't want Valentin. So I'll take Carlos, right here.
2006-10-19 20:02:52
100.   Stormer Sports

No love for Valentin? I had to say it.

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2006-10-19 20:03:05
101.   RIYank
Hold on, I got it. Delgado walks, the Mets bunt. And Wright gets a sac fly.
2006-10-19 20:03:30
102.   RIYank
100 Ouch.
2006-10-19 20:04:14
103.   Stormer Sports

I'm telling you, Shawn Green will get it done.

2006-10-19 20:04:30
104.   randym77
Nah, Jeff Weaver's going to hit the game-winning home run. ;-)
2006-10-19 20:04:58
105.   Simone
Try to work a walk, Delgado.
2006-10-19 20:05:53
106.   RIYank
Yep, he shoulda bunted, like I said.
2006-10-19 20:06:08
107.   Simone
Or not. Wright goes up to George Clinton? Nice.
2006-10-19 20:06:25
108.   Stormer Sports
I've always loved the loud tunes at Shea.
2006-10-19 20:10:07
109.   RIYank
Sorry, Professor Belth.

Here we go, Stormer, your boy gets his shot...

2006-10-19 20:10:19
110.   Simone
Ugh. Wright strikes out.
2006-10-19 20:10:35
111.   Stormer Sports
So, the umps are quick with the check stike, but loose with the balk calls?
2006-10-19 20:10:36
112.   pistolpete
108 Helps to drown out the jumbo jets.
2006-10-19 20:10:57
113.   Stormer Sports
Here he comes! Here he comes I say!
2006-10-19 20:11:58
114.   Simone
That was a horrible Yankee playoff type inning.
2006-10-19 20:12:18
115.   RIYank
111 They definitely are calling check strikes. Both ways.

Well, he gave it a good try, a pellet down the line.

2006-10-19 20:12:44
116.   Stormer Sports

It is game 7, and it's the Mets. I guess it had to come to this.

2006-10-19 20:12:54
117.   RIYank
When do we get to see Billy Wagner?
2006-10-19 20:14:05
118.   Yu-Hsing Chen
K, what first, Billy Wagner blows the game or the Mets walk off?
2006-10-19 20:14:15
119.   pistolpete
Tonight, David Wright playing the part of A-Rod.
Shawn Green playing the part of Giambi...
2006-10-19 20:14:25
120.   Stormer Sports

I think you have to go to him here.

However, the way he has been pitching, it's a very tough decision for Willie this inning. It could go either way.

2006-10-19 20:16:01
121.   Stormer Sports
The Mets are only going to get so many opportunities. Let's go guys!
2006-10-19 20:16:18
122.   pistolpete
If the Mets win in the bottom of the 9th, I predict a 2003-style Series against the young guns of the Tigers..
2006-10-19 20:16:30
123.   RIYank
120 My thoughts exactly.
You should go to your closer, except in this case he's not your best pitcher.
2006-10-19 20:17:24
124.   Stormer Sports
It's all set for Baby Finster to be the Hero here. K Rolen, K for me, please, you childish twit?
2006-10-19 20:19:35
125.   randym77
Looks like somebody in the Cards dugout got nailed by that foul ball.
2006-10-19 20:20:06
126.   3rd gen yankee fan
Was it Weaver? (hopefully?)
2006-10-19 20:20:31
127.   3rd gen yankee fan
Uh oh.
2006-10-19 20:20:48
128.   RIYank
Unlikely hero.
2006-10-19 20:20:59
129.   pistolpete
Those damn Molina guys - crushing NY sports fans' dreams since 2002.
2006-10-19 20:21:01
130.   BklynBmr
2006-10-19 20:21:23
131.   Stormer Sports
There goes that. Sorry boys.

The Tigers are going to absolutely dominate the Cardinals.

2006-10-19 20:21:25
132.   Matt B
Molina? Wow, October baseball is somethin'. Hang in there Met fans, it ain't over yet.
2006-10-19 20:21:32
133.   randym77
Well, that something in the air was apparently a Molina home run.
2006-10-19 20:22:32
134.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Yadier Molina... mother fucking Yadier Molina....

I know why we lost now, we shoulda started Cairo over A-rod, Phillips over Sheff and DHed Sal Fasano and started Melky ....

2006-10-19 20:22:42
135.   Simone
Damn. That was the game. My poor best friend.

On a positive note, the Tigers sweep the Cardinals like the Red Sox did two years ago. In fact, the Tigers CRUSH the Cardinals.

2006-10-19 20:22:47
136.   Stormer Sports
They can't say they lost because they didn't have pitching.
2006-10-19 20:22:57
137.   randym77
126 LOL! The announcers thought it might have been Weaver, but it looked to me like it missed him, and hit somebody sitting on the bench behind him.
2006-10-19 20:23:50
138.   Matt B
133 You just made me think of Thunderclap Newman. Which, incidentally, would have been a great name for an early 20th century ballplayer.
2006-10-19 20:24:38
139.   Stormer Sports
What's the healine tomorrow?

"Where was Wagner?"

2006-10-19 20:25:04
140.   BklynBmr
135 136 Not so fast... I've revised my call to a Lo Duca walkoff HR. Don't touch that remote.
2006-10-19 20:26:35
141.   das411
So Willie gets saved by Endy Chavez on the catch of Rolen's near-HR, and he leaves Heilman in for 2+ who gives up the same home run to's going to be a terrific winter of second-guessing isn't it??
2006-10-19 20:26:37
142.   pistolpete
It's official - I'm hunting down Tommy Lasorda and caving in his skull after the World Series is over.
2006-10-19 20:26:52
143.   Simone
The Tigers crush the Cardinals like a hammer hitting a nail, like boot killing a cockroach, like a nutcracker smashing an almond to pieces.
2006-10-19 20:27:05
144.   C2Coke
139 I am not trying to make a headline, but... where was Wagner?
2006-10-19 20:27:50
145.   pistolpete
140 What about 2 men getting on and Cliff Floyd limping to the plate...?
2006-10-19 20:28:11
146.   Simone
Awwww, Willie. Hang in there, you never know.
2006-10-19 20:28:29
147.   C2Coke
Who said it here before that the Yankees might end up as the only team which had won one game against the Tigers in PS? Man, you might have got that right...
2006-10-19 20:28:55
148.   Stormer Sports
Could it, would it, can it be?
2006-10-19 20:28:58
149.   Simone
It is a miracle! Valentine gets a hit!
2006-10-19 20:29:06
150.   RIYank
Big heart for Valentin!
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2006-10-19 20:29:27
151.   BklynBmr
142 Proof he's a moron: He looks at the guy in the tree wearing a Cubs jersey, and asks the girl 'Who does he root for?' 'Nuff said.
2006-10-19 20:29:33
152.   RIYank
McCarver, excellent analysis: "to bunt for a hit certainly an option here."
2006-10-19 20:29:43
153.   randym77
142 It's your duty, Judy!
2006-10-19 20:29:52
154.   Simone
147 I was one of the people who said that. The Yankees' best pitcher will end up being the only pitcher to beat the Tigers.
2006-10-19 20:29:53
155.   mehmattski
There's the bloop... just need the blast now.
2006-10-19 20:30:11
156.   BklynBmr
145 Willis Reed. I'll take it. ;-)
2006-10-19 20:30:33
157.   pistolpete
154 That's our Wang!
2006-10-19 20:30:48
158.   Simone
Come on, Endy, you can do it! And he did it!
2006-10-19 20:30:48
159.   RIYank
Ya gotta believe!
2006-10-19 20:31:03
160.   mehmattski
Put a sock in it, fat lady.
2006-10-19 20:31:14
161.   Stormer Sports
Here we go baby! Here we go!

Just get Beltran to the plate.

2006-10-19 20:31:27
162.   C2Coke
154 I can't began to tell you how glad I am that it was Wang.
2006-10-19 20:31:27
163.   Matt B
Oh man, can Cliff Floyd be Kirk Gibson?
2006-10-19 20:31:30
164.   RIYank
Oh, lord, no. They're not really going to bunt.
2006-10-19 20:31:38
165.   BklynBmr
145 Here you go, pistol...
2006-10-19 20:31:48
166.   Simone
This is it! The Mets are getting their chance here. Floyd has to find a way.
2006-10-19 20:32:04
167.   Stormer Sports
Willie aint goin' by the book. That's for sure.
2006-10-19 20:32:10
168.   pistolpete
Only 2 game 7- game winning HR's in history?!!
2006-10-19 20:32:26
169.   RIYank
Good, it was just McCarver's fevered fantasy -- the idea of bunting.
2006-10-19 20:32:26
170.   randym77
151 Maybe he just couldn't believe that a Cubs fan had been up in a tree since his team was eliminated. That would, what, months?
2006-10-19 20:32:44
171.   BklynBmr
No bunt. Swingin' for New Hampshire...
2006-10-19 20:32:49
172.   pistolpete
165 Notice I didn't say what he would actually do - I just said he'd get up with 2 men on...
2006-10-19 20:32:50
173.   Simone
157 162 I only wish that Wang had gotten his chance at the Tigers in game 5.
2006-10-19 20:33:17
174.   Stormer Sports
Do the Mets have a good cage in the clubhouse?
2006-10-19 20:33:28
175.   BklynBmr
170 LOL. Good point...
2006-10-19 20:33:34
176.   Simone
That was not a strike!
2006-10-19 20:34:34
177.   Simone
Forget the bunt. The Mets should double steal if possible.
2006-10-19 20:35:08
178.   RIYank
Floyd just a hair out in front and a millimeter under that one.
2006-10-19 20:35:43
179.   Matt B
Oh hot damn, what a curve!
2006-10-19 20:35:44
180.   RIYank
Ah. Nice pitch.
2006-10-19 20:35:55
181.   das411
WOW nice curve!!
2006-10-19 20:36:00
182.   Simone
Oh Floyd. Okay, Reyes, it is on you!
2006-10-19 20:36:10
183.   RIYank
Shoulda bunted, like I said.
2006-10-19 20:36:49
184.   C2Coke
173 Sigh...that's history. But for what is worth, Torre was confident enough Wang was going to pitch for Game 5 that he made Wang stayed in NYC when the Yanks were playing in Detroit in Game 4, didn't he?
2006-10-19 20:36:59
185.   Matt B
Somehow, win or lose, this is exactly what the Mets season should have come down to. It just feels right.
2006-10-19 20:37:17
186.   C2Coke
172 And you got that right as well.
2006-10-19 20:37:34
187.   Stormer Sports

Don't get me started.

2006-10-19 20:38:11
188.   C2Coke
185 I hear you, man.
2006-10-19 20:39:02
189.   mehmattski
Here we go adulterer, here we go!

Doesn't really fit in the cadence, does it...

2006-10-19 20:39:09
190.   Simone
See, when it isn't your team, you can appreciate the opposing pitcher without ripping on the hitter.
2006-10-19 20:39:34
191.   RIYank
Reyes tagged that one.
Okey dokey, here we go!
2006-10-19 20:39:36
192.   Matt B
Well, its up to ol' Red Ass LoDuca now.
2006-10-19 20:39:55
193.   C2Coke
187 I am stopping.
2006-10-19 20:40:25
194.   pistolpete
190 Baseball is so much easier and fun to watch when you're not as emotionally invested...
2006-10-19 20:41:27
195.   Yu-Hsing Chen
oh lord plz don't load the bases for Beltran
2006-10-19 20:41:35
196.   Stormer Sports
Here we go!
2006-10-19 20:41:36
197.   RIYank
194 Yeah.
Ya know?
2006-10-19 20:41:50
198.   BklynBmr
194 Ain't that the truth...

HUGE moment for Beltran right here...

2006-10-19 20:41:52
199.   Simone
It is on you, Beltran. You got all that money. You are supposed to be the anti-ARod. Do your thang!
2006-10-19 20:41:52
200.   das411
AAAHHHH this is SO how it should be!!
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2006-10-19 20:42:16
201.   mehmattski
Flash back about 20 years or so to the Beltran backyard, Puerto Rico...

Carlos: Okay guys, two outs, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded... game seven...

2006-10-19 20:42:51
202.   Simone
Mets' fans praying. My best friend is dying right about now.
2006-10-19 20:42:58
203.   C2Coke
194 With the Mets have the base loaded and 2 outs, I am thinking the exact same thing.
2006-10-19 20:43:01
204.   Yu-Hsing Chen
oh my god... is this a freaken movie or something?
2006-10-19 20:43:31
205.   RIYank
201 :-)
2006-10-19 20:43:35
206.   Matt B
Wow - Beltran can really cement some serious NY status with a hit here...let alone extra bases.
2006-10-19 20:43:35
207.   Matt B
Wow - Beltran can really cement some serious NY status with a hit here...let alone extra bases.
2006-10-19 20:43:35
208.   Simone
Just keep swinging and hitting until it goes out, Beltran.
2006-10-19 20:43:38
209.   Matt B
Wow - Beltran can really cement some serious NY status with a hit here...let alone extra bases.
2006-10-19 20:43:38
210.   Matt B
Wow - Beltran can really cement some serious NY status with a hit here...let alone extra bases.
2006-10-19 20:44:03
211.   Simone
Oh, my poor best friend, oh so sad.
2006-10-19 20:44:25
212.   RIYank

Now how could Beltran not be looking for the big curve?????

Wow. What a finish.

Condolences to the Mets' fans, and esp. to Simone's friend.

2006-10-19 20:44:26
213.   Matt B
Of course...getting caught looking to end Game 7...he may want to look into U-Haul rentals with A-Rod.
2006-10-19 20:44:31
214.   bobtaco
199 Trade 'em!
2006-10-19 20:44:53
215.   Yu-Hsing Chen
OMG choker, TRADE HIM!!!!
2006-10-19 20:44:56
216.   C2Coke
207 Or he can strike out and be the man of crime?

Well, that's it for the New York baseball fans.

2006-10-19 20:45:10
217.   pistolpete
WOW, I would think you gotta swing on anything. That was the most anti-climactic ending to an LCS I've ever seen.
2006-10-19 20:45:16
218.   Simone
Awww, Willie. So it goes sometimes. Just enjoy knowing that Cardinals and smug LaRussa about about to be CRUSHED like a pinata with a stick, like the Iceburg into the Titanic, like a shark munching on fish ...
2006-10-19 20:45:23
219.   BklynBmr
2006-10-19 20:46:11
220.   pistolpete
Let's go Tigers!
2006-10-19 20:46:33
221.   mehmattski
201 I... I don't think that's how he imagined that ending...

From a Yankees perspective... so it IS possible for hitters on other to take curveballs for strike threes (See: A-Rod, Sheff, Giambi versus Verlander).

Congrats, Cards.

I can't wait for Weaver versus Rogers.

2006-10-19 20:47:01
222.   Simone
217 I thought he would have to swing no matter what given that the count was 0-2.

212 I accept them on behalf of my friend. I will be playing the role of therapist tomorrow as she mourns.

2006-10-19 20:47:21
223.   Matt B
I'm not entirely sure Detroit will crush St. Louis. Yes, I think Detroit will win, but c'mon...haven't we seen enough that anything can happen? I feel like the Mets got their just desserts for '73.
2006-10-19 20:48:14
224.   pistolpete
How freakin' SHORT is Ken Rosenthal?!!
2006-10-19 20:48:54
225.   RIYank
No crushing in baseball.

Well, sometimes.

2006-10-19 20:49:17
226.   C2Coke
223 Yea, wait until the Cardinals win the Serious...
2006-10-19 20:49:52
227.   3rd gen yankee fan
218 That's my only consolation.

That and the Mets fans will have to stop dissing the Yankees! :-D

2006-10-19 20:50:04
228.   RIYank
The Tigers are much better, but, you know, much better means you win four out of six. So that's what I predict.
2006-10-19 20:50:21
229.   C2Coke
No one answered me, where was Wagner? Not that it matters anymore though.
2006-10-19 20:50:39
230.   randym77
Anything's possible, but I think the Cards will be dealt with. The talent gap between the AL and NL is too large.

Unless Detroit forgets how to play baseball, with their long layoff...

2006-10-19 20:51:38
231.   RIYank
Sawx fans are happy. They hate Mets almost as much as they hate Yanks. Though actually they're all thinking about the Patriots now, and the Bruins.
2006-10-19 20:51:42
232.   Simone
223 Oakland has 10 times better pitching than the Cardinals and the Tigers crushed them. The Cardinals are in for a beat down like the one the Red Sox gave them in 2004.
2006-10-19 20:51:59
233.   C2Coke
228 Everybody thought the Yankees were definitely (maybe not much) better, look how well that turned out...
2006-10-19 20:52:07
234.   weeping for brunnhilde
So sad.

I can't believe he went down looking.

Condolences to the Mets fans.

Too bad for Willie.

2006-10-19 20:52:27
235.   Simone
229 Wagner was clipping his toe nails in the dugout.
2006-10-19 20:52:30
236.   BklynBmr
Memo to Ca$h:

Please assemble a Wild Card level team for 2007. About 85 to 89 wins. A few more shot players. Throw in some never-weres. Don't worry. Just get in, and we'll get hot when it counts. Trust me.

A Die Hard Yankee Fan

2006-10-19 20:53:35
237.   pistolpete
231 You sure about that? Sawx fan in my office was wearing a Wright jersey all last week.
2006-10-19 20:53:38
238.   RIYank
229 Stormer and I agreed in advance:
117 121 123
The ninth was the moment for your best pitcher, but maybe Wagner isn't your best pitcher.
2006-10-19 20:54:53
239.   C2Coke
236 "...we'll get hot when it counts." In the end, it's really all that matters...
2006-10-19 20:55:24
240.   JeremyM
What a great game, but Beltran is going to have trouble living down not swinging the bat there.
2006-10-19 20:55:31
241.   RIYank
237 You're kidding.
Well, here in Red Sox Nation (southern fringe), they still curse Mookie.
2006-10-19 20:56:27
242.   RIYank
Beltran must have been thinking high cheese. Everyone else at Shea was expecting that big hook.
2006-10-19 20:56:31
243.   C2Coke
238 True. But who was the best pitcher? (This is when I feel better, to the least, we know we have Wang and Mo.)
2006-10-19 20:57:27
244.   pistolpete
241 Mets fans and Sawx fans that I know always join forces when it comes to Yankee-hating.

Work tomorrow's going to be interesting. All those sad faces.


2006-10-19 20:57:43
245.   RIYank
I dunno. I think maybe he was out there, honestly. Though probably for too many pitches. (Well, definitely for too many pitches!)
2006-10-19 20:58:16
246.   RIYank
Okay, I'm done.
See youse at the Serious.
2006-10-19 20:58:38
247.   randym77
236 LOL! He had a team like that. Maybe he should have kept them. Shawn Chacon would have played the part of Jeff Weaver, Bubba Crosby would have played the part of Endy Chavez, and Kelly Stinnett would have played the part of Yadier Molina.
2006-10-19 21:00:43
248.   randym77
Poor Willy. He looked like he had tears in his eyes.
2006-10-19 21:01:24
249.   BklynBmr
No news here, but Willie is all class. I feel bad for him more than anyone over there...
2006-10-19 21:02:19
250.   randym77
Fox thinks Jeff Weaver is going to be the Game 1 starter.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-10-19 21:05:24
251.   Simone
Poor Willie, but the Mets' best pitchers (Pedro and Duque) are old and they broke down before the playoffs. It happens. However, it goes to show how bad the NL is that the Mets could get this far with that kind of patched together pitching.
2006-10-19 21:05:40
252.   C2Coke
247 And you just made the whole thing even more hilarious and it's so true.
2006-10-19 21:08:51
253.   BklynBmr
OK. It's really over now. I'm good for the winter. World Zzzeries can start whenever it wants. Jints and 'Boys Monday night. Halloween around the corner. Hot stovin' 24/7 with A-Rod talk until the snow melts. It's my favorite time of the year...
2006-10-19 21:13:16
254.   randym77
At the end of the regular season, who would have guessed it would be Tigers-Cards for the World Series?
2006-10-19 21:14:22
255.   BklynBmr
250 Jeff Weaver, World Series Game 1 starter.

These are indeed the end of days, my friend...

2006-10-19 21:17:47
256.   Xeifrank
DodgerSims: Cards 55.6%
BP: Mets: 58.6%
BP lost this battle.
vr, Xei
2006-10-19 21:19:13
257.   Simone
254 The baseball gods have a strange sense of humor.
2006-10-19 21:20:25
258.   weeping for brunnhilde
242 You're probably right, but with two strikes, especially when a single ties the game, you can't be looking for anything. You have to shorten your swing and protect the plate.

That, to me, is an example of horrendous situational hitting. If he starts playing pepper there, anything could happen.

2006-10-19 21:22:19
259.   weeping for brunnhilde
Beltran: "Third pitch was backdoored, and I couldn't pull the trigger."

Fair enough.

2006-10-19 21:22:44
260.   Simone
258 See no player can live up your expectations when it comes to situation hitting.
2006-10-19 21:26:09
261.   Xeifrank
254. This baseball great sure did! vr, Xei
Before each season starts, one of Anderson's golfing buddies asks him for his World Series picks.

"I said the Cardinals are going to win the National League this year, and I'll give you another one nobody is talking about — the Detroit Tigers. They will win the World Series," Anderson said.

2006-10-19 21:26:12
262.   weeping for brunnhilde
260 I know, Simone. I'm sorry my expectations are so high; I don't mean for them to be so.

My point is, though, that it seemed as if he was looking for something rather than protecting, which is to say, reacting to the ball as pitched.

With one strike it seems appropriate to look for something; with two, it seems like the proper approach is to protect.

If this is unreasonable, please let me know how because I'm not trying to be.

It just seems to me that his approach was ill-suited to the situation. Why is that an unreasonable assessment?

2006-10-19 21:30:46
263.   weeping for brunnhilde
The thing is, Simone, when I was a kid, and was learning to play baseball, I remember those shows with the baseball wizard: do you guys remember those?

Every week they focused on a fundamental or two and talked about execution.

I seem to remember learning about playing pepper and how that's a fundamental skill that every ballplayer should master.

My point is, I'm not expecting everyone to succeed each time, but I do expect every player to be fundamentally sound.

It seems to me that protecting the plate is a fundamental skill and that knowing when to rely on that skill is a matter of approach.

In other words, you can't control the outcome, but you can control the approach and that's all I ask from the players.

If you disagree with any of this, please let me know which part, because I'm open to the idea that I'm wrong.

2006-10-19 21:44:41
264.   Simone
262 263 How do you stand watching all these great players who never do "all" you ask of them? It must be extremely painful. You must not enjoy watching professional baseball most of time. These flawed hitters who fail more than they succeed in most of the time they are at the plate.
2006-10-19 21:49:03
265.   weeping for brunnhilde
Simone, you're missing my point. It's not failure that bothers me, it's poor approach.

Anyway, I'm not sure what else I can say. Perhaps the tone of my concerns isn't adequately conveyed on the screen--I'm not as traumatized by these things as you seem to think I am, but I do notice them because I take the game seriously.

Again, if you want to explain to me exactly why expecting players to be fundamentally sound is unrealistic or if you want to explain to me how Beltran's strikeout had nothing to do with approach, fine, I'm all ears.

I'm sorry I exasperate you so much.

2006-10-19 21:50:42
266.   yankz
You know, I don't even think Matthews Jr.'s catch over the summer was the best of his career. Anyone remember that ridiculous sliding catch of his when he was on the Cubs? Glove to air to bare hand while sliding forward?
2006-10-19 21:55:33
267.   Alvaro Espinoza
265 For what it's worth, I think you've got a fair criticism. It certainly didn't help Beltran that Wainwright settled in starting w/ Floyd and was throwing some nasty pitches. That 12 - 6 curve is some pitch. But I cringed a little when he let the 1st pitch pass. I think a lot of people had the same thought/reaction (at least they did in the bar I was in):

"That may be the best pitch you see this AB!"

Turns out it was.

2006-10-19 22:02:14
268.   weeping for brunnhilde
267 Thanks. I was indeed mystified that he let that first pitch go, knowing that that sick breaking ball was looming.

What was he looking for?--and I'm not asking that rhetorically, I'm really curious as to what his plan was, if any.

I realize players aren't perfect but that at-bat just seemed poorly planned and having a good plan is a skill I think hitters can develop.

And I don't mean to bring up Arod here but I'm going to just because that's the part of his game that exasperates me--he often seems to have no plan at the plate and that's a pet-peeve of mine.

2006-10-20 05:05:13
269.   rbj
That game sure was a classic; but how in Hades is Jeff Weaver starting a World Series game? Yankees didn't want him. Dodgers didn't want him. Angels sure as hell didn't want him.
2006-10-20 06:16:42
270.   BatgirlReneeNYC
Well being the Yankee fan that I am, I had been rooting for the Cardinals to win mostly due to the fact that I have been receiving so much grief from the Mets fans I know and work with. But after watching the game last night and coming to work I find I just don't have the heart to gloat at their expense. I had what I guess could be called a psychic premonition last night. During the bottom of the first inning I said to myself, the game is going to end 3-1 Cardinals. I knew it sounded crazy, even to me, since I know that score seemed ludicrous due the sluggers on the Mets team. But sure enough my premonition came true, I am not a gambler and have never bet on anything in my life...but I sure wish I had bet last night, could have won quite a bit of money. Of course the Met fans I work don't really believe I predicted the final score accurately and it doesn't really matter to me anyway, since at least I know it's true. So rather than antagonize my coworkers, I have decided to take the high road instead since I know all too well what it feels like to have your team choke/freeze up when it matters most. Well New York, Met and Yankees fans alike, are all united for a change and we can definitely sympathize with one another as this season of baseball fizzles out.

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