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M.I.A. (Well, Almost)
2006-10-16 05:32
by Alex Belth
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I may be in the minority here, but for sheer entertainment value, I really miss this guy.

2006-10-16 05:39:40
1.   pistolpete
Pineapple? On a burger? Ick.

Hey, Texas has an opening. Ya never know.

2006-10-16 05:48:24
2.   Chyll Will
1 Hahahaaaa! As far as punches go, you beat me to it.

Bobby is more of a Lookatme! kinda guy, I see him in Chi-town if anywhere around here.

2006-10-16 06:18:16
3.   Chyll Will
2 Well, no Texas-sized Waikiki Northsiders...
2006-10-16 06:26:36
4.   rbj
I hate Bobby Valentine.
2006-10-16 07:04:44
5.   joejoejoe
Bobby V has his own blog.(via Mike Plugh's excellent Baseball Japan).

2006-10-16 07:10:06
6.   Murray
I've been thinking about Bobby Valentine a bunch over the last week, especially considering the Yankee soap opera that Cory Lidle's awful accident erased from the headlines. I think Valentine's strengths as a manager outweigh his weaknesses.
2006-10-16 07:37:24
7.   Ravenscar
I loved Valentine and always thought he got the shaft and even looked upon poorly despite basically runing the relief effort from Shea for at least a whole week before the government got off their ass post-9/11. Which has NOTHING to do with his managerial skills.

I wasn't really the same fan back then so I'm not sure how accurate my judgment of him as a manager would be.

That being said, I have a hard time imagining Jeter doing a single thing Bobby tells him too.

2006-10-16 08:58:52
8.   Matt B
Bobby V. is one of those guys who I ranted against while he was in town, and then instantly missed the moment he left.

He's sort of like Billy without the violent alcoholic rage.

2006-10-16 11:33:10
9.   Chyll Will
8 and the rap sheet.

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