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A Tight Spot
2006-10-07 06:51
by Alex Belth
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The Yankees have their backs against the wall today and their season hangs in the balance. Will the hard-throwing Jeremy Bonderman make like his teammate, The Gambler, and pitch the game of his life today? Is there any way that Jaret Wright can come through for the Bombers?

Talk about tight spots, dig my situation. I'm in Vermont for Emily's sister's wedding (she was married in Mexico last spring, this is the U.S. celebration). The ceremony isn't until tomorrow but there is a family barbeque today. Guess what time it starts? 5:00, smack dab in the middle of the biggest game of the year for the Yanks.

My first thought when I learned the Saturday schedule was to tape the game and watch it later in the evening. But that's when I thought the Yanks would win on Friday. Even if I prevent the other Yankee fans from watching it on the TV here, they've got cell phones, and scores will be floating around the party for sure. What to do? How to be a dutiful fiancee and make small talk when I'm sure to be distracted? Can you feel my pain?

I'll just have to find a way to suck it up, just like the Yanks. I know I'll be able to do it and I know they will too.

Go git 'em, boys.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-10-07 07:02:57
1.   singledd
Baseball season ends when the Yankee's season ends. Surely the most depressing day of the year. Lets hope it doesn't happen soon.

(Did I make the first post?)

2006-10-07 07:03:14
2.   singledd
2. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
2006-10-07 07:14:05
3.   Chyll Will
I'll say it again...

Skunked. That's the only word I can describe this. The word woke me up this morning and has stuck. The whole team got skunked, and now it's almost unbearable watching.

Yunnow, when Inside the Actor's Studio had Jennifer Lopez on last year, I donated my TV to the Salvation Army. After E$@%'s shameless and despicable performance, I'm snitching this TV to Rikers.

2006-10-07 07:23:12
4.   Chyll Will
2 Pew!

No matter what happens, I loved this season. It was exciting; a run through a whole gamut of emotions and inspiring. That can't be taken away by anything any of the rags, haters and frontrunners can say or do. Feel better, everyone; breathe in... breathe out. I'll check on you all later. >;)

2006-10-07 07:24:28
5.   Sliced Bread
I dunno, Alex, since when is the New York Yankees Radio Network not invited to a family barbeque? I understand you're up in mostly Sox country, but there are plenty of Yankees (Bronx version) in that neck of the woods.
I think a radio tuned to the game at a low unobtrusive volume isn't violating Vermont wedding weekend etiquette laws. I say bring two more guests to the bbq: Sterling and Waldman!
2006-10-07 07:26:44
6.   Sliced Bread
Yo, Chyll, I don't think this is the end. We've got a few more weeks of high stakes Bronx Banter! Anybody else feelin' it?

Let's Go Yankees!

2006-10-07 07:28:16
7.   Ramone
Two observations:

First, I've been a Yankee fan my whole life, but I am practically fed up with all the fair weather fans who boo A-Rod. At some point, you have to decide what is more important, winning or beating up on your own players. The last ten years have created a whole generation of spoiled, whining babies.

Second, Torre is a great regular season skipper. Year in and year out, he keeps a stable of all-stars from imploding from ego-centric behavior. But Torre has proven that he is no game-day motivator.

We saw this in 2004, when Torre sat on the bench and did nothing to fire up the troops as they dropped four straight to Boston. We are seeing it again now, as Torre does nothing to KICK HIS TEAM IN THE ASS.

There is a difference between panicking and bucking up. Torre appears so afraid of doing the former, that he sticks to his game plan come hell or high water.

Clearly this team is playing tight right now. I'd like to see Torre throw out the game plan and play Melky, just because the guy has too much fun to be afraid. Maybe having some fun would rub off on the rest of the team. And I'd like to see a little fire in Torre's belly.

2006-10-07 07:29:33
8.   yankz
1 It's a lot more than just the baseball season for me. Passion ends when the Yankees end.
2006-10-07 07:44:29
9.   randym77
7 I dunno. On the one hand, shaking up the lineup might help. OTOH, it's do or die today. If we were going to go with a rookie like Melky, today may not be the day to do it.

Yeah, Melky has fun. So does Robby, and Robby's been a post-season disaster this year. A game like this might be too much pressure for the kids.

2006-10-07 07:47:10
10.   Yankee Fan In Boston
the fellas just need to stay focused.

they can beat the tigers.


2006-10-07 07:50:14
11.   Chyll Will
6 Yo Sliced, I'm there. I'm feelin' this no matter what!
2006-10-07 08:02:41
12.   murphy
i'm witchy'all, sliced and wil.


2006-10-07 08:26:13
13.   Count Zero
I said it two weeks ago when Matsui came back and then Sheff -- they shouldn't have tinkered with the lineup / chemistry that got them here. But that having been said, it's too late to put Melky in now. Putting him in today's lineup would just put a ton of pressure on him in a do-or-die game. We're going to need his psyche intact next year. Today you need to put our best fastball hitter (Shef) back in there and hope this bunch of veterans can dig down deep for some pride.
2006-10-07 08:46:32
14.   Simone
The Yankees play today, they win today! I believe.
2006-10-07 08:51:10
15.   Firebernie
You're being a little tough on Torre.
The regular season with 162 games and six and seven day work weeks is all about being measured. The better the talent, the more the measured approach provides a winning margin. Come the playoffs, the talent doesn't change but the vagaries of sample size do. Game day motivational appeals don't change the roster. Players expected to perform and a high but measured level all season wouldn't turn into David Eckstein even if Knute Rockne were the manager. The Yankees had bad offensive streaks throughout the season, but they didn't often coincide with games against good teams, playing inspired baseball hitting against sub par versions of Johnson and Mussina and putting the game beyond Mariano's reach. On average, we had enough to overcome bad offensive days. In the past three games we didn't. In this five game series we may not. It's not about Torre, it's the randomness of playoff baseball.
2006-10-07 09:08:13
16.   Count Zero
15 I would agree - "Win one for the Gipper!" is meaningless to veterans who know what they need to do at this point. These aren't college kids or rookies.

But...the "randomness" of playoff baseball...the statistical anomalies of a small sample...are precisely why you build a team around pitching and defense which tend to suffer less in this situation.

If you bet on baseball, how do you do it? You bet on pitchers, correct? Why is that? Because in the statistical unpredictability of one game, the most reliable predictor of which team is going to win is who is on the mound to start the game.

2006-10-07 09:12:35
17.   brockdc
7 I hear what you're saying about all the derisive blog comments that have been directed at A-Rod and others. It's pretty lame, all in all.

HOWEVER, I wonder if Yankees fans' ire is more a function of a lineup full of all stars floundering against an inferior team, rather than pure Yankee self-hatred. In other words, it's probably easier to be disgusted by a 200 million dollar flop than if this were a team more in the 1996 mold.

Also, Alex, I live and work on the West Coast - and TIVO Yankees games all season long (most of which come on while I'm still at work). My Yankee-hater co-workers take great pride and joy in seeking me out and telling me the score every chance they get - especially when the Yanks are down.

2006-10-07 09:18:22
18.   Shawn Clap
The New York tabloid headlines just plain stunk today. No imagination. I'd have gone with:


At any rate, as disappointing as the result was last night, it was great to see a man rise to the occasion on the Big Stage. It was certainly a performance we will all remember for years to come.

Bonderman was lights-out down the stretch in September. It's gonna take a complete team effort today. Productive outs, keep the line moving.

2006-10-07 09:33:47
19.   BklynBmr
Alex, you have to lay down the law now with your future in-laws. They have to understand that it's a work day for you. Masses are touched by your wit and wisdom. You make wins even more enjoyable and help process the losses with a good dose of logic. Reading your stuff is sometimes like talking to an old friend. This is an important game. We need you ;-)

Let's go Yanks! No prisoners today.

2006-10-07 09:33:58
20.   randym77
16 Joe Torre always says the way to win in the postseason is pitching and defense.

But he doesn't actually assemble that kind of team.

2006-10-07 09:37:10
21.   Firebernie
Bingo! But Moose and RJ are yesterday's aquisitions being asked to give us today's edge. Maybe Hughes should have been an August 1 addition?
2006-10-07 09:49:29
22.   Orly Yarly NoWai
20 Of course, he isn't the GM or the owner.
2006-10-07 09:52:42
23.   BklynBmr
Whodathunkit Dept: The pitching has been somewhat serviceable. But as P. Abraham points out on LoHud — in games 2 and 3, the Yanks are 1 for 33 with runners on base. I knew it was bad, but those numbers are insane. It cannot continue. I can't wait to see today's lineup.
2006-10-07 09:53:35
24.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yo yo yo! Buck up and have some Yankee Pride. No worrying! No praying! They'll play the best they possibly can, and if its over it's over and kudos to the other team. Remember the Drive for 27!

Go get 'em Yanks!

2006-10-07 09:55:03
25.   SF Yanks
I'm not ready to be in a bad mood for the rest of the week. Yanks need to take care of bidness tonight and extend this great season.
2006-10-07 10:06:51
26.   ny2
Can you imagine how mad jeter is going to be if he wins the mvp but they get eliminated in the 1st round ... he will never enjoy the accomplishment
2006-10-07 10:07:46
27.   Mike T
"Joe Torre always says the way to win in the postseason is pitching and defense.

But he doesn't actually assemble that kind of team."

Joe Torre doesn't assemble the team, Brian Cashman does. If Cashman gets another bat this offseason instead of upgrading the pitching, then he should be shown the door.

2006-10-07 10:20:56
28.   BklynBmr
24 I'm feelin' ya. Let's keep the vibe on this level. If the unthinkable happens, we'll have a long winter of second-guessing. LoHud is already playing the Torre replacement game.

Jeter, Jorgie and Mo are going to bring this back to The Bronx.

2006-10-07 10:23:37
29.   maineyank
This 4PM geme today doesn't quite work with my schedule either. Does anyone know what time game is 5 is on tomorrow? Because WE WILL be watchin' that one!!!?
2006-10-07 10:27:22
30.   maineyank
Extra question mark at the end kind of takes the starch out of my comment, but you know what I mean. We sucked two games in a row. Big deal. We need a two game winning streak right now. Maybe Damon will get up for a post game pep talk and say something like "I wasn't going to bring this up but, once upon a time I played for a team that trailed in the playoffs....."
2006-10-07 10:28:04
31.   Shawn Clap
27 Outside of Zito, there's no outstanding free agent starters available this winter.

Jason Schmidt will probably be the big Yankee signing this year.

I think we could call that Carl Pavano: Part Duex

2006-10-07 10:37:46
32.   rbj
31 Is Zito a NY ace of the rotation? Yanks need a pitcher who, when given a single run, says that's enough; when given two runs, thinks that's gravy.
Today depends upon whether or not the bats show up.
2006-10-07 10:38:29
33.   3rd gen yankee fan
25 Yes and I want you to be able to see the Yanks play ChOakland in person!
2006-10-07 10:43:35
34.   Peter
I say Jaret Wright pitches the game of his life and the Yankee bats come back with a vengeance. Bring this thing back to the Bronx. Let's go Yankees!
2006-10-07 10:48:27
35.   ny2
If Jaret Wright does pitch the game of his life ... I don't care if he ever wins another game or gives up 20 runs in his next 10 starts he better never get booed
2006-10-07 10:50:28
36.   bobtaco
2006-10-07 10:51:05
37.   ny2
listening to Ed Randall interviewing Don LArsen on the FAN who gave lineup


Arod batting 8th

2006-10-07 10:54:27
38.   SF Yanks
33 Straight up! I just don't know if wearing a Yankee jersey in Oakland during the playoffs is a good idea. Do I just man up and do it or sit cowardly while I root them on? It almost seems not worth it to get stabbed in an alleyway. Half joking.
2006-10-07 10:56:24
39.   randym77
27 According to Peter Abraham, Cashman and Torre work together very closely on personnel decisions.

Pitching is hard to get on the open market, but we do seem to be growing our own. Cashman has not traded away young pitching talent this year (aside from Matt Smith). That may be a good sign for the future.

Defense, OTOH, is not that hard to get. But we keep acquiring and playing aging DH-types.

2006-10-07 10:56:46
40.   SF Yanks
37 Very intersting. That'll spark some ARod debate. O sweet, I can't wait! More ARod talk.
2006-10-07 10:59:04
41.   randym77
37 Is that for real? They're sitting Giambi??
2006-10-07 11:00:23
42.   3rd gen yankee fan
36 I'll take a free Melky :-)
2006-10-07 11:01:49
43.   ny2
At this point can you imagine Game 7 of a World Series, I wouldn't be surprised to see Cairo hitting 7th with Melky 8th, and ARod 9th. It's gotten that crazy ...

With all the time we had before the playoffs we should have established a working lineup by now ... changing it every game during the playoffs can't be helping

2006-10-07 11:01:52
44.   3rd gen yankee fan
38 Aw hell I sat in the left field bleachers with the drummers when Clemens won his 298th. They ain't all that bad.
2006-10-07 11:04:52
45.   SF Yanks
43 Tonight is like game 7 of the Series. We win tonight, then we will win tomorrow. The rest is easy breeze.
2006-10-07 11:07:00
46.   ny2
37. It's the lineup they gave on WFAN ... Torre could always change his mind ... I'm guessing either Giambi is hurt or he has bad numbers against the pitcher
2006-10-07 11:10:09
47.   ny2
why is sheff batting cleanup? he hasn't done much in the series either
2006-10-07 11:10:32
48.   unmoderated
another tight spot: getting married in, you guessed it, two hours.

no chance of seeing an inning.
that may be a blessing, of course.

i can't believe i am posting on BB two hours before my wedding...

you guys root extra hard for me.
L G Y!

2006-10-07 11:11:00
49.   randym77
43 Yeah, I was thinking that, too. All this shuffling around can't be good.

And I can't help but remember last year. That collision in the outfield was because the outfield was in constant flux. Bernie, Bubba, Sierra, and Sheff, playing musical chairs the last couple of months. No chance to jell as a team.

2006-10-07 11:11:45
50.   Simone
37 I have my doubts about Sheffield hitting, much less playing 1st. I think A-Rod should be hitting higher, but it is good that Melky will be in left field.

For all that is right in baseball, can there be no A-Rod debate today? Give the weird A-Rod man crush/hate a rest for awhile.

Let's go, Yankees! Kick the Tigers' butt!

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2006-10-07 11:12:40
51.   ny2

Peter: I'm never surprised much in this business. But A-Rod hitting eighth was a stunner. "I didn't talk to him," Torre said. "He's one member of the team and we're all trying to get something accomplished."

Or, in other words, when we come to you in two months, accept the trade to Anaheim you howling dog.

2006-10-07 11:14:24
52.   randym77
51 Holy crap. o_O
2006-10-07 11:16:15
53.   Shawn Clap
50 Yes, let's not mention the 700 pound gorilla sitting in the room. Or in this case, the White Elephant.
2006-10-07 11:17:08
54.   SF Yanks
48 Good luck. It must be a tough but exciting day.
2006-10-07 11:18:32
55.   Simone
The line up isn't working as it was during the regular season. No one is hitting. People can't complain about Joe not being creative or unwilling to do something different and then complain when he does out of desperation to jumpstart a stalled offense.
2006-10-07 11:20:57
56.   Simone
51 In the words of George, "he [A-Rod] will hit where Joe tell him to."

I am confident that A-Rod will hit today. He is a great hitter. He will do great things to help his team win this game.

2006-10-07 11:22:50
57.   Simone
Peter Abraham also said that Mussina will be available in the bullpen today.
2006-10-07 11:25:52
58.   randym77
57 Last night on YES, they said it would be all hands on deck today. And they criticized the decision to leave Wang in NY.
2006-10-07 11:48:14
59.   singledd
I DO NOT like this line-up.
Trading Giambi's bat for Melky's with a RHP?
I'll take one Giambi bombs for 2 melky singles. That is if Melky can come off the bench and perform under incredible pressure.

The guy lead the teams in OPS, FCOL

I might swap Abreu and Jetes.
If you're gonna 'demote' ARod, bat him 9th, where his speed in front of Damon helps.


2006-10-07 11:50:30
60.   Maniakes
I like Wang in NY. Wang on regular rest at home for game 5 means the Yanks just have to do whatever it takes to win today, and tomorrow will look after itself.

Or, to look at it another way, I like Wright on full rest with Moose, Proctor, and Mo in the pen today, and a rested Wang at home tommorrow, better than Wang on short rest on the road today and Moose on short rest on the road tommorrow.

There's also next round to consider. This way, the rotation for the ALCS is:
1. Moose
2. Unit
3. Wang
4. Wright
5. Moose
6. Unit
7. Wang

The other way, the rotation is:
1. Unit
2. Wright
3. Wang
4. Moose
5. Unit
6. Wright
7. Wang

2006-10-07 11:50:51
61.   Simone
With his history of shoulder problems, I don't think that it is a good idea to pitch Wang (who doesn't pitch well away from the Stadium) on 3 days rest.
2006-10-07 11:53:43
62.   randym77
I think Melky's in because he's got good numbers against Bonderman.

I wonder if Giambi's injured. Wrist?

2006-10-07 12:00:09
63.   ny2

Torre is hoping Cabrera, who hadn't batted in the first three games, would recharge the Yankees' powerful lineup.

"He seems to give us another dimension," he said. "I wanted Sheff back in and Jason hasn't been swinging the bat real well. Somebody has to bite the dust."

2006-10-07 12:00:50
64.   Count Zero
That's a retarded lineup and it reeks of having been handed down from above.

Putting Melky in LF and Matsui at DH means that if you pinch-hit for Melky later in the game, you will have to give up the DH spot, or move Shef into LF and put Giambi in at first. If you absolutely wanted to play Melky, you should DH Giambi, and keep Matsui on the bench to pinch-hit.

2006-10-07 12:06:16
65.   eephus
I like this lineup, actually. Melky is not, obviously, as good a hitter as Giambi but he's a different kind of player, he gives them more flexibility. Otherwise the lineup is too full of sluggers, and if the pitching is great they just can't get anything done. Look at the Mets on Thursday; they scratched out 4 runs without almost any big hits, it was all bunting, advancing the runners, and an occasional single.
2006-10-07 12:07:28
66.   randym77
YES says Torre didn't want Sheff to sit out two days in a row, so that's why it's Giambi sitting today. He's not injured. (At least, no more than he has been.)

And boy, there's a shocker brewing at Auburn...

2006-10-07 12:09:58
67.   randym77
65 I was thinking that, too. Contact hitters tend to do better against good pitching.

OTOH, we do have contact hitters in the lineup these days, and they haven't been doing all that well. Even Mr. OBP, Bobby Abreu, has been struggling.

2006-10-07 12:10:20
68.   Simone
64 Pinch hittin Matsui is craziness. He is one of the few hitters who is actually hitting on occasion. Giambi, Sheffield, and A-Rod combined must have 1 hit in these 2 games.
2006-10-07 12:10:37
69.   Bama Yankee
66 Hey randym, you are stealing my thunder. I was just about to post that Auburn score (27-10 Arkansas with 3 min. left). I wanted to make sure it was no longer in doubt.

Hopefully this means it is a bad day for Tigers today.

2006-10-07 12:12:48
70.   Simone
67 I forgot to add Abreu and Cano to the list of struggling hitters.

Matsui, Jorgie, Damon and Jeter have been the best of the bad lot which isn't saying much, but there is no way that Joe can sit or pinch hit any of these guys.

2006-10-07 12:15:13
71.   dianagramr

I have a feeling you and the spouse-to-be will be scoring more than the Yanks tonight.

Mazel Tov on the wedding.

2006-10-07 12:15:36
72.   rbj
48 Yankees want to give you a wedding present of a win today.
2006-10-07 12:16:39
73.   dianagramr

Are the Yankees truly struggling, or can you just not accept that the Tigers pitching has been for the most part fantastic, and the kind of stuff a true WS contender needs in the playoffs.

2006-10-07 12:17:54
74.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm furious about this. You don't just suddenly drop Melky in there in a do-or-die game.

He should have been in there the whole time or else just stick with the original program.

I wanted Melky to keep his spot, believing strongly that you don't fool with success.

Now it's just all gone to hell and Torre's panicking.

I'm trying to reman positive, but all I can feel right now is "here we go again."

Let's go YANK-ees!

(Wish my heart was in that, but frankly, I have a bad feeling about this.)

2006-10-07 12:18:25
75.   randym77
YES just reported that Giambi had to have an anti-inflammatory shot in his throwing shoulder last night after the game.

They said that's not the reason he's sitting today, but you have to wonder if Torre took it into account when making the decision.

2006-10-07 12:19:18
76.   jayd
I say the first time Cabrera slaps a hit into left field, rounds first, comes back to tap fists with Pena and then flashes that big smile that says "Hot shit is this fun or what?" -- that is when a wave of energy sweeps through bench and runs begin to pour across the plate like wine at the wedding at Cana.

I really want to see a 17-3 win today. None of this 4-3 or 6-5 stuff, I'm not made for this postseason-facing-elimination crap.

I don't want to go through a post season knowing this team didn't make it, because this is one of the most awesome lineups ever assembled -- it doesn't get any better than this. And adding Zito AND Schmidt wouldn't make any difference to me next year if they lose.

I'm with Simone 14. They win, period. And I raise that expectation: they win huge.

Never mind the gipper, guys. Let's win this one for jayd's peace of mind and the elitist sense of entitlement that all my red sawks friends love[sic]me for.

2006-10-07 12:19:23
77.   Count Zero
68 70 I don't disagree -- but I wouldn't have played Melky at all. My fear is that he may be totally blown away by the pressure of a do-or-die, and you will want to PH for him in a big situation mid-late in the game.

Sigh. The good thing is that if we do win today, I feel really good about a game 5 with Wang on the mound at home.

2006-10-07 12:19:36
78.   Bama Yankee
It's official number 2 Auburn just lost to Arkansas 27-10. The Tigers were a 17 point favorite at home and lost by 17. Shocking...
2006-10-07 12:20:40
79.   Count Zero
74 My sentiments exactly!
2006-10-07 12:27:14
80.   randym77
I think if we're going to win, it's going to be a blowout.

Remember how it was at the beginning of the season? We couldn't win unless we scored at least nine runs. I think we're reverting to that.

2006-10-07 12:29:42
81.   Stormer Sports

Yep. Looks like Auburn bailed out the BCS today and prevented another 2004 embarassment. If they had won today, beat Florida and won out, they still wouldn't have played in the BCS title game, assuming Michigan or Ohio State finish undefeated, and USC doesn't lose (which God knows they shouldn't). The computers should thank Auburn today.

2006-10-07 12:31:08
82.   Stormer Sports
Was the idea of flying Wang to Detroit kicked around the powers that be? Anyone know?
2006-10-07 12:31:33
83.   ny2
Even Gary Sheffield was caught off guard. Asked about A-Rod hitting 8th, he said, "He's hitting 8th today?" Yup. "Wow. There's a first for everything."
2006-10-07 12:32:14
84.   Stormer Sports
Sounds like Miller and Morgan are actually earning their money this week. They sound beat, if only they could be this tired during all the games.
2006-10-07 12:33:17
85.   Marcus
69 Hey Bama, my Clemson Tigers did alright today, beating up on a weak Wake Forest team, so today can't be all bad for Tigers.

The Yankees are not going out quietly. They need a comeback series win if they are going to find the spark to win it all. The Rogers start was just a wake up call; they're winning today.

2006-10-07 12:34:43
86.   Stormer Sports

Arod caught a break. I think even a Sabermetric lineup would have him batting 8th or 9th.

Even I am going to be positive today. Arod will hit, Melky will hit and steal, and Sheffield is going to downright crush the ball. The old gurad is going to serve as the example, Jete, Po, and Mo all coming up big!

2006-10-07 12:35:03
87.   Bama Yankee
81 Yeah, those Auburn fans have been pretty hard to live with down here since that 2004 fiasco (IMO they would have lost to USC anyway). Watching them lose today was almost as sweet as watching a Bama win.

I have been in full anti-Tigers mode today. One down and one to go...

Roll Yankees !!!!!

2006-10-07 12:37:48
88.   rbj
78 Let's just they aren't the only Tigers who get beat by 17 today.
2006-10-07 12:39:14
89.   Stormer Sports

Unfortunately for me, my brother is getting his PhD at Auburn right now, so I am sort of obligated to root for them. I went to Buffalo, so God knows Its tough to be a fan there. But my Dad went to West Virginia, so I am hoping for a Ohio State and Michigan meltdown, which of course, won't happen. But a man can dream.

I have to disagree though, I think after what Auburn did in '04, they could have beaten USC pretty handily with Cadillac and Brown both running well. I love the Bowl games so I am not an advocate of a playoff, but hopefully as the compuer gets tweaked from year to year, it will eventually spit out the true top teams. The problem in '04 was that it wasn't even a question whether Auburn should play in that game.

2006-10-07 12:39:45
90.   Bama Yankee
85 You are right Marcus, Clemson looked good with that 24 point 4th quarter. For the record, I wanted Clemson to win but I could not watch the game (I'm in full anti-Tigers mode today remember). Good luck to your boys the rest of the way, Marcus.
2006-10-07 12:41:18
91.   Stormer Sports
Florida vs. LSU starting. Game O' the week for sure.
2006-10-07 12:44:18
92.   rbj
Man, Army is crushing VMI 62-7, nine minutes left.
2006-10-07 12:45:27
93.   Stormer Sports
And it looks like San Diego is going to extend their series.
2006-10-07 12:47:41
94.   Stormer Sports
Anyone think the Dodgers have a prayer of making the Mets series interesting?
2006-10-07 12:48:44
95.   Bama Yankee
89 Sorry to hear about you brother going to Auburn ;-)
Just kidding, my brother also went to Auburn. For the record, you do not have to pull for them (especially since they beat your Alma mater a few weeks back). But if you must, just don't give me a hard time if they beat Bama later this year.

As for Auburn vs. USC in 2004, the Tigers lost to USC at home the previous year 23-0 with Cadillac and Brown. Plus, USC destroyed Oklahoma in that NC game and Auburn squeaked by Va Tech 16-13. It would have been fun to watch. I will agree with you that Auburn was very lucky that year (Bama should have beat them) and they probably would have found some way to pull it out just to tick me off...

2006-10-07 12:52:41
96.   Stormer Sports

True, true. I guess my gut just tells me that, at least right now, if a team runs the table in the SEC, they should play in the NC game. With the quality of play down there right now, winning the SEC championship and going undefeated should certainly make you at least number two in the nation.

I won't give you crap. I still say that kid quarterback of yours who got drafted is going to come up big in the NFL.

2006-10-07 12:53:07
97.   Bama Yankee
91 You are right, that should be a good game. Keep an eye out for the Gators freshman backup QB Tim Tebow (he usually gets in a few series during each game). He is going to be a good one. His college choice came down to Bama and Florida (man, we sure could use him).
2006-10-07 12:54:24
98.   Stormer Sports
I know the Pac 10 has a good out of conference record of late, but still, it aint the SEC. Hell, it aint even the Big 10. One could argue that the Pac 10 is just a hair better than the Big East right now.
2006-10-07 12:55:48
99.   Stormer Sports

I just cannot believe that the Auburn defense that yielded only 3 points vs. LSU coughed up 27 against Arkansas. Maybe Bill Clinton was at the game.

2006-10-07 12:58:14
100.   Stormer Sports
Mississippi State making a game of it against WVU. EEKS!

Come on Heisman Steve Slaton!

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-10-07 12:58:28
101.   Bama Yankee
96 You are right about the SEC. If it had been Bama in that spot I would have been livid (we wondered if it was going to happen to us last year when we started out 10-0). Undefeated in the SEC should get you in the NC game for sure. I just don't think I could have handled the Red Sox and Auburn both winning it all that year.

I hope you are right about Brodie Croyle. He has a very strong arm and is a very good guy too. If he can stay healthy he could make a fine NFL QB.

2006-10-07 13:03:00
102.   atc
Will this be a typical FOX 20 minute pre game show?
2006-10-07 13:03:06
103.   Stormer Sports

I like him nearly the best of the QB's that came out that year. But what do I know, I also thought that Ben Roethlisberger was the best QB drafted in '04 and thought the Steelers got a steal. I don't see Mr. Hilton of USC or Manning making a real splash in the NFL, but I could be wrong of course.

Why can't Kevin Kennedy do the game? He also hates the Red Sox Orginazation, just an added plus.

2006-10-07 13:04:47
104.   Stormer Sports

I don't mind Kennedy. I live in LA now and he does the Dodgers/Angels post-game. He's certainly better than Buck/McCarver.

2006-10-07 13:06:02
105.   Stormer Sports
Am I the only one who thinks someone should just stuff Ken Rosenthal into a locker and pound it with a bat? What a narcisistic pod he is.
2006-10-07 13:06:13
106.   atc
He doesn't bother me either. I'm just nervous and I want the game to start already.
2006-10-07 13:07:46
107.   Stormer Sports

We are going to be fine today. The fans won't be as loud, and hopefully we can get some life, glue, and playfullness in the Yankee dugout!

2006-10-07 13:08:05
108.   rbj
Can't watch the pregame, have to stick with the Cards - Pads, even with those two.
2006-10-07 13:09:44
109.   tocho
107 who are you, and what did you do with stormer
2006-10-07 13:10:03
110.   Stormer Sports

Given LaRussa's penchant for sucking the fun out of just about anything, I have to pull for the Pad's.

2006-10-07 13:10:52
111.   mikeplugh
Do or die. I hear Gunnery Sergeant Hartman today:

The deadliest weapon in the world is a Yankee and his bat. It is your killer instinct which must be harnessed if you expect to survive in combat. Your bat is only a tool. It is a hard heart that kills. If your killer instincts are not clean and strong you will hesitate at the moment of truth. You will not kill. You will become dead Yankees and then you will be in a world of shit because Yankees are not allowed to die without permission. Do you maggots understand?

2006-10-07 13:10:59
112.   Wait Til Next Year
This series has the smell and feel of the whooping we got from the Marlins. Putting Melky in is a desparation move, but it's a good move. Sheff is better at 1b than Giambi (anyone is) and Melky is a better fielder than anyone we have. I would tell Wright to empty the tank over 5 innings, and tell Mo to get ready to pitch 3 innings. That leaves the rest of the bullpen to take care of the other inning. Yanks win if Torre doesn't panic.
2006-10-07 13:11:09
113.   Stormer Sports

I ate him for breakfast with a side of salsa and some papusas.

Either that, or my emotions got the best of me yesterday.

2006-10-07 13:11:57
114.   rbj
Selig's worst nightmare has to be a Padre's - A's WS. Would anyone outside of California care?
2006-10-07 13:12:14
115.   Stormer Sports

As one of the few Wright supporters around here, I look for a big time game from him today. Pitch count be damned!

2006-10-07 13:13:09
116.   Stormer Sports

Hell, I live in LA. Outside of Oakland, I don't think anyone inside California would care.

2006-10-07 13:14:23
117.   Stormer Sports
Was that Scott Spezio? Holy cow!
2006-10-07 13:16:43
118.   Flip Play
116 I'm in LA too and totally agree. This is a city of transplants and I can't name a single friend who roots for a CA team. Most of my friends here are New Englanders, so you can imagine the shit I get.
2006-10-07 13:17:52
119.   Stormer Sports

I hear ya. Where are you? East Side/ West Side?

2006-10-07 13:17:54
120.   randym77
Jeez. Fox is already talking about trading A-Rod and firing Torre.
2006-10-07 13:19:02
121.   atc
116, 118

How is the LA Coliseum as a sports venue?

2006-10-07 13:19:43
122.   Stormer Sports

I'd rather trade FOX for for the WB and get the games back on NBC or CBS.

2006-10-07 13:20:05
123.   AbbyNormal821
:::sigh:::: I was watching the game at Mickey Mantle's in NYC last night - a packed house that was very quiet by the end of the game. But I woke today feeling very down & blue, yet hopeful at the same time.

I have to believe that the Yanks will not drop 3 in a row. I have to believe that Torre gave them a verbal beating last night after the game (closed door meeting according to Fox) - and much deserved. And I have to believe that they're taking it back to the Bronx.


2006-10-07 13:20:47
124.   Stormer Sports

Its a great place to catch a USC game. It has a historic feel to it. Much better than the horribly constructed Rose Bowl. I think so anyway.

2006-10-07 13:22:27
125.   BklynBmr
121 I lived in LA, that jernt should have torn down 20 years ago. Caught a lot a Raider games back in the day. Had to imagine the Dodgers played there before their stadium was built. Seats about 105,000...
2006-10-07 13:22:50
126.   Stormer Sports
Jaret, bear down, chomp on that tobacco plug, and let's do this thing baby!
2006-10-07 13:23:48
127.   Stormer Sports

Maybe it was all those XFL games I went to, rotted my brain.

2006-10-07 13:25:09
128.   Stormer Sports
We need to take the fans out of this game early. Shut them up, and keep it that way!
2006-10-07 13:25:52
129.   atc
No Joe Buck! No Joe Buck! No Joe Buck!
2006-10-07 13:26:48
130.   ny2
he's probably doing nfl this week
2006-10-07 13:27:06
131.   AbbyNormal821
128 Amen to that!

I've got butterflies in the belly...anyone else???

2006-10-07 13:28:38
132.   Stormer Sports
We have to make the Tigers feel like it's their backs against the wall, not ours!
2006-10-07 13:29:33
133.   rbj
131 My butterflies have butterflies in their belly. The Michigan - Michigan State game is at the same time, maybe the fans will be preoccupied with that.
2006-10-07 13:30:11
134.   Stormer Sports
Steve Slaton! I tell you, that kid is a bona fide STUD!
2006-10-07 13:31:06
135.   BklynBmr
131 I'm lining mine with Jameson as we speak ;-)
2006-10-07 13:31:19
136.   Stormer Sports
Come on Jete!
2006-10-07 13:31:45
137.   rbj
Um, Comerica is where homeruns go to die, Johnny. Drive the ball, let's get lots of doubles.
2006-10-07 13:32:05
138.   Stormer Sports
Let's see some pitches guys. Come on!
2006-10-07 13:32:10
139.   AbbyNormal821


2006-10-07 13:32:39
140.   AbbyNormal821
Why does Abreu show bunt? What is he thinking?
2006-10-07 13:32:40
141.   atc
135 Sounds good. I think I'll join you.
2006-10-07 13:33:01
142.   AbbyNormal821
...and I'm really hating the umps in these games, by the way!
2006-10-07 13:33:10
143.   Stormer Sports
Oh boy...gonna be a BIIIIIIIG strike Zone today.
2006-10-07 13:33:23
144.   mikeplugh
Uh.....has the game started yet?
2006-10-07 13:34:06
145.   Stormer Sports

Yea, I think we saw 6 pitches! That's one way not to have to see the Detroit bullpen.

2006-10-07 13:34:06
146.   Peter
I wonder if the announcers are waving those Tiger towels as well.
2006-10-07 13:34:22
147.   Flip Play
I am already irritated by the Globo-Gym/Average Joes references. Hope they don't keep it up.
2006-10-07 13:34:24
148.   randym77
Top of the 1st is over already.

I guess the scouting report says "swing at the first pitch" again.

2006-10-07 13:34:31
149.   nick
wow, our guys look tiiight, huh? we CANNOT go down more than 1 run in this game, which means ole JW is gonna have to pitch well in the postseason for a change...
2006-10-07 13:34:31
150.   das411
Ahhh some nice Bobby Abreu clutch-itude!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-07 13:34:33
151.   JeremyM
So not the start I was hoping for. Terrible start.
2006-10-07 13:34:40
152.   Javi Javi
Let's go globogym.
2006-10-07 13:36:17
153.   Stormer Sports
No, Jaret Wright has never pitched in a bigger game than this Mr. Lyons!
2006-10-07 13:36:23
154.   BklynBmr
Memo to Yankee hitters:

That is not Kenny Rogers on the mound. It's a new game. Remind yourselves how scary you are.

Thank you.

135 /clinck!/

2006-10-07 13:37:41
155.   Stormer Sports
Tiger's pitching is like a Pez dispenser-you just push the button and they spit another one out.
2006-10-07 13:37:59
156.   mikeplugh
Nice pitching by Wright.
2006-10-07 13:38:05
157.   AbbyNormal821
Freakin' beauty, Cano!!! BEEEEYOOOOOOTEEEEE
2006-10-07 13:38:16
158.   BklynBmr
Yes! Last night, that was a single into right. Let's go, Wright!
2006-10-07 13:38:27
159.   mikeplugh
Is that Steve Lyons voice I'm hearing?
2006-10-07 13:38:38
160.   Stormer Sports
This game is way to important to be starting it near dusk. Just one man's opinion.
2006-10-07 13:38:54
161.   mikeplugh
LECHE!!!!!!! Nice inning.
2006-10-07 13:39:06
162.   Simone
Nice job, Jaret.
2006-10-07 13:39:08
163.   Stormer Sports
Here we go! Let's get some runs boys, let's do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-07 13:39:20
164.   rbj
That's a good start, Jaret.
2006-10-07 13:39:23
165.   bobtaco
Nice to see Melky out there in that big field.
2006-10-07 13:39:30
166.   BklynBmr
Get it going, Iron Sheff. Get this party started!
2006-10-07 13:40:25
167.   JeremyM
So the start I was hoping for from Wright.
2006-10-07 13:40:49
168.   Stormer Sports
The Melk Man Cometh!
2006-10-07 13:40:55
169.   rbj
Pujols: 0-4, 2 Ks. He can't handle the pressure in St. Louis, they will have to trade him.
2006-10-07 13:41:07
170.   Javi Javi
I feel good about having Melky out there. Let's bring back the mojo.
2006-10-07 13:41:08
171.   AbbyNormal821
166 Today's secret ingredient? One large can of "Whoop-Ass"
2006-10-07 13:42:42
172.   AbbyNormal821
Yep - the announcers are already making funeral plans for the Yankees.

F'ing d*cks!

2006-10-07 13:42:43
173.   mikeplugh
Great start to the game by our boys
2006-10-07 13:43:02
174.   Stormer Sports
This Umpire is out to screw us today.
2006-10-07 13:43:14
175.   BklynBmr
171 Spoke to a friend from Detroit this morning. He's freaked out, positive the Yanks will score 15 runs...
2006-10-07 13:43:58
176.   mikeplugh
I smell perfect game.....


2006-10-07 13:44:00
177.   bobtaco
So the HP ump is a Tiger fan?
2006-10-07 13:44:06
178.   Stormer Sports
Great, two strike throwing machines in a row. The Yankees nemesis.

Fuck! Get a hit already!

2006-10-07 13:44:14
179.   AbbyNormal821
175 I love your friend! From his mouth to the Big Man's ears!
2006-10-07 13:44:43
180.   BklynBmr
Bonderman is not throwing a perfect game, is he?
2006-10-07 13:44:49
181.   mikeplugh
We suck.
2006-10-07 13:45:07
182.   ny2
2006-10-07 13:45:09
183.   rbj
Um, hitters, you're supposed to get some hits, and runs. I can't believe that Jeremy Bonderman has a no-hitter (perfect game, no less) and a shutout going.
2006-10-07 13:45:35
184.   JeremyM
175 Well, it looks to me like they're trying to get all 15 on one swing.
2006-10-07 13:45:38
185.   Simone
The Padres win 3-1. See it can be done.
2006-10-07 13:45:42
186.   AbbyNormal821
Hey, I think he throwing a perfect game
2006-10-07 13:45:44
187.   Stormer Sports
If we can't hit those pitches, it's going to be a long day.
2006-10-07 13:45:51
188.   rbj
Padres win. 3-1
2006-10-07 13:46:42
189.   Stormer Sports

Christ! Even the Padres can score runs.

2006-10-07 13:46:50
190.   mikeplugh
We haven't scored since Johnny Damon's homer. What is that, like 20 innings?
2006-10-07 13:47:13
191.   Stormer Sports
Come on Jaret---you may have to pitch a shutout today. I believe in you!
2006-10-07 13:47:23
192.   Maniakes
Relax, they're hitting hard fly balls. Some of them are going to miss the outfielders eventually. A few might miss the playing field entirely.
2006-10-07 13:47:36
193.   rbj
190 It's now 16 innings.
2006-10-07 13:47:45
194.   Stormer Sports
Did he just slip and say "Back Assed Detroit Michigan?"
2006-10-07 13:47:50
195.   mikeplugh
2006-10-07 13:48:05
196.   BklynBmr
What a time for Murderers Row to turn into the Parking Ticket Pansies. Wright better man up until we can snap out of it.

F me.

2006-10-07 13:48:13
197.   bobtaco
OK, I'm going to go eat. Can't watch 2004-2005 redux.
2006-10-07 13:48:15
198.   AbbyNormal821
Ah, crap in a bag!
2006-10-07 13:48:18
199.   Flip Play
2006-10-07 13:48:18
200.   das411
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-10-07 13:48:19
201.   Maniakes
192, sorry about that. I should have waited until the Yankees were batting again.
2006-10-07 13:48:21
202.   Stormer Sports
So much for my positive attitude.
2006-10-07 13:48:22
203.   rbj
191 Bad call. Do 20 Hail Marys.
2006-10-07 13:48:44
204.   Simone
Make that the only one, Jaret.
2006-10-07 13:49:12
205.   BklynBmr
Wright should have just put that one on a tee...
2006-10-07 13:49:35
206.   AbbyNormal821's only one run, it's only one run, it's only one run, it's only one run.....
2006-10-07 13:49:37
207.   mikeplugh
New York Post headline

"Yankees Sh!t Bed, No Clean Sheets"

2006-10-07 13:51:05
208.   Stormer Sports
Not yet, fighting negative feelings. There it goes, Go Yankees! Let's do this! get out of this inning and put some runs on the board!
2006-10-07 13:51:14
209.   tocho
i think ordoñez is having a bad hair day
2006-10-07 13:51:42
210.   AbbyNormal821
209 Ordonez is Krusty the Clown...
2006-10-07 13:51:58
211.   BklynBmr
207 Hell no. Post headline:

"A-Rod Saves Season; 2 HRS Keep Bombers Alive"

2006-10-07 13:52:12
212.   tocho
208 prediction: the real stormer will be back in the 3rd. inning if the yanks don't score
2006-10-07 13:52:29
213.   Stormer Sports

I'll go with that one.

2006-10-07 13:53:18
214.   rbj
Pledge pin?
2006-10-07 13:53:30
215.   Stormer Sports

I am fighting it, believe me.

Go Jaret! No worries, we can shut these guys down. And now for the double play ball!

2006-10-07 13:53:57
216.   mikeplugh
nice strike zone
2006-10-07 13:54:14
217.   rbj
Let's get a little 6-4-3 bingo going.
2006-10-07 13:54:37
218.   Stormer Sports

I think his strike zone is "Fluid."

2006-10-07 13:55:47
219.   randym77
Okay, now I'm worried. :-P
2006-10-07 13:55:49
220.   das411
2006-10-07 13:55:50
221.   AbbyNormal821
Sorry I had to spell it out this time!!!
2006-10-07 13:55:52
222.   Stormer Sports
Get Moose up. Get him up NOW!
2006-10-07 13:55:52
223.   rbj
2006-10-07 13:56:13
224.   mikeplugh
Fuck this team of losers. I'm out. I can't take this shit at 6am.

Keep the faith folks. It's not over...just very very bleak.

2006-10-07 13:56:23
225.   AbbyNormal821
Deja vu all over again...
2006-10-07 13:56:27
226.   tocho
the yanks should just play this game like there's nothing to lose, put the pressure on the tigers. they look stiff as hell.

OTH, they have looked like that in the postseason since game 6 of the 2004 ALCS....

stormer, stormer, looking for stormer

2006-10-07 13:56:34
227.   Stormer Sports

You're prediction was wrong. Try the second inning. And they deserve it.

2006-10-07 13:56:59
228.   Wait Til Next Year
It looks like he's throwing it underhanded.
2006-10-07 13:57:03
229.   claybeez
Not a good start. It's still just 3 runs. If these guys want it enough they'll come back.
2006-10-07 13:57:07
230.   joe in boston
Well everyone.... I have no faith anymore, I'm sorry.

Repeat after me: "Good pitching beats good hitting....good pitching beats good hitting....good pitching beats good hitting"

2006-10-07 13:57:17
231.   nick
ok, no matter what I want Lidle to start the third
2006-10-07 13:57:30
232.   rbj
Um, Gator, you wanna just stay on the mound?
2006-10-07 13:57:47
233.   MattinglyHOF
2006-10-07 13:57:49
234.   randym77
Lidle and Myers warming.
2006-10-07 13:57:52
235.   tocho
there is absolutely NO WAY IN HELL, they are coming back in this game
2006-10-07 13:57:53
236.   Stormer Sports

There is no sense or purpose in it. Nothing would be served by me being negative today.

2006-10-07 13:58:11
237.   Simone
Who is warming up?
2006-10-07 13:58:44
238.   Simone
Lidle might be okay.
2006-10-07 13:59:07
239.   randym77
It's only three runs. And it looks like they're getting ready to pull Wright.
2006-10-07 13:59:27
240.   Count Zero
How many days till pitchers and catchers?
2006-10-07 13:59:31
241.   Wait Til Next Year
So, basically, all Detroit has to do is waive a toothpick at Wright's pitches, and they get a hit.
2006-10-07 13:59:37
242.   rbj
Will you STFU about A-Rod!
2006-10-07 13:59:37
243.   MattinglyHOF
200 Million pieces of shit
2006-10-07 13:59:42
244.   joe in boston
This Yankee team, I don't know. Good for 162 games... no good for 5 PS games
2006-10-07 13:59:44
245.   claybeez
How lucky was that hit? It's like some serious karma. Destined to feel like those poor teams felt during our great run.
2006-10-07 14:00:06
246.   Simone
Good to see Joe being agressive. Wright looks like crap. Bruney would be better, but I will take Lidle.
2006-10-07 14:00:06
247.   unpopster
Note to Ca$hman: dump Torre, dump Mussina, dump Wright, and for god's sake, dump AROD!!!
2006-10-07 14:00:26
248.   Wait Til Next Year
This series has revealed the underbelly of the Yankees. Their starting pitching sucks.
2006-10-07 14:00:26
249.   tocho
{227] welcome back, can't say we missed you. i think we all liked the happy guy better... but you were forced back
2006-10-07 14:00:56
250.   BklynBmr
Everything is going the Tigers way right now. Once we turn the 'mo' around — and we will — it'll carry over to tomorrow.

Keep it at 3, Wright!

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-10-07 14:01:31
251.   AbbyNormal821
The frustrating part for me is that they know how good they have been, yet now they they have their backs to the wall and seem to realize what's at stake and it's like they're frozen scared!
2006-10-07 14:01:50
252.   BklynBmr
235 I was waiting for that ;-)
2006-10-07 14:01:51
253.   AbbyNormal821
I want them to get angry...
2006-10-07 14:01:52
254.   MattinglyHOF
248 and their offense against good pitching
2006-10-07 14:02:32
255.   rabid stan
Should have flown Wang in...
2006-10-07 14:02:33
256.   AbbyNormal821
Bring the nasty, Jaret
2006-10-07 14:02:44
257.   joe in boston
I literally begged out (from my wife) from a 4 year old birthday party down the street.

You married guys know what I mean - I have to do some serious payback for this one....let alone, leaving my kids crying in the front yard of our neighbors house as I drove away at 4:20 - trying to get to see this horror show.....cripes. I could be eating birthday cake now.watching my kids play hide and seek... uggh.

2006-10-07 14:02:46
258.   claybeez
Wright's ERA is 4.49. Was someone expecting him to pitch a SHO? If he can buckle down after this and pitch through the 5th it's par for the course with him.
2006-10-07 14:03:08
259.   Stormer Sports
It's only three runs in the second inning. If Jaret can't continue, we can go to Lidle, and then to Moose. Just three runs, that's nothing we can't come back from.
2006-10-07 14:03:35
260.   BklynBmr
248 I'm thinking it's the 1 for 33 with runners on base.
2006-10-07 14:03:45
261.   Simone
253 Do you really believe that they aren't angry? These guys just don't act out like you and some other fans demand.
2006-10-07 14:04:17
262.   joe in boston
hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits hits
2006-10-07 14:04:33
263.   rbj
Remember, Bonderman still has a perfect game going.
2006-10-07 14:04:41
264.   randym77
257 Why were your kids crying? Did you show them yesterday's game?
2006-10-07 14:04:55
265.   Stormer Sports

Is that stat for real? Yikes!

2006-10-07 14:05:16
266.   ny2
jeter looked pretty mad
2006-10-07 14:05:21
267.   AbbyNormal821
261 I know they are, but maybe they should act out in some way. Grandstand a little when they get a run (which they will), pump their fists, psyche each other up in the dugout.
2006-10-07 14:05:29
268.   tocho
252 i didn't want the comma in there, it should have read "there's no way in hell they are coming back"


I liked the way it came out better.


2006-10-07 14:05:35
269.   BklynBmr
237 Kids are overrated ;-) October Yankeeographies don't happen every day. You made the right cherce...
2006-10-07 14:05:48
270.   JeremyM
Ok, Cano and A-Rod can get this thing back on track.
2006-10-07 14:06:18
271.   Benjamin Kabak
Die, Craig Monroe. Go fuck yourself
2006-10-07 14:06:21
272.   Peter
I don't understand all the Dump Mussina comments I've seen here and at LoHud. The starting pitching is obviously very shaky. You don't get rid of the #2 guy.
2006-10-07 14:06:25
273.   Simone
Cano robbed!
2006-10-07 14:06:29
274.   Flip Play
257 Go back to the party. If the Yanks lose, you won't have to see it. If they win, you'll watch a game tomorrow from the Bronx with the series all tied up.
2006-10-07 14:06:43
275.   BklynBmr
%@$@> Nice camera work. I thought that was going to drop...

OK, A-Rod. Here we go...

2006-10-07 14:06:59
276.   rbj
Yeesh. If Detroit's going to field like this, Yanks aren't going to get a hit today, and they'll be shut out.
2006-10-07 14:07:14
277.   Ramone
Nice patience A-Rod
2006-10-07 14:07:15
278.   Wait Til Next Year
Bonderman is pitching a no hitter. Tigers have hit 2 homers already. I think the season is over.
2006-10-07 14:07:44
279.   BklynBmr
I told you Nick Green should have made the roster ;=(
2006-10-07 14:07:46
280.   claybeez
At least Melky remembers how to take a pitch.
2006-10-07 14:07:47
281.   Stormer Sports

It's a foregone conclusion. They are not going to pay Moose 19 Million dollars. He's all but gone anyway, no matter what fans want or don't want.

2006-10-07 14:07:57
282.   Ramone
Come on Melky.
2006-10-07 14:08:02
283.   AbbyNormal821
Can we blame the angle of the sunlight???
2006-10-07 14:08:13
284.   joe in boston
264 269 Naw, I planned on going than totally bailed on the fam. as we pulled up to our friends' house. Just plain bailed.

I'll pay for this one. Especially if they lose !

2006-10-07 14:08:15
285.   Simone
The Yankees have 6 innings and 1 out to rally. There is more than enough time, if the pitchers can hold the Tigers.
2006-10-07 14:08:23
286.   BklynBmr
The Melkman will get it started...
2006-10-07 14:08:43
287.   tocho
257 i can seriously relate, my parents just took my kids to the movies. my wife's not happy at all with my nice attitute since yesterday evening....
2006-10-07 14:09:00
288.   claybeez
Look at him battle at least. It's the best AB I've seen in a while.
2006-10-07 14:09:15
289.   AbbyNormal821
Way to make Bonderman work...
2006-10-07 14:09:15
290.   MattinglyHOF
Are we gonna miss a plane or something?
2006-10-07 14:09:25
291.   Wait Til Next Year
3 up and 3 down, first 3 innings. I'm hoping for a no-hitter. It might finally shake things up in Yankeeland.
2006-10-07 14:09:27
292.   Wait Til Next Year
3 up and 3 down, first 3 innings. I'm hoping for a no-hitter. It might finally shake things up in Yankeeland.
2006-10-07 14:09:29
293.   Wait Til Next Year
3 up and 3 down, first 3 innings. I'm hoping for a no-hitter. It might finally shake things up in Yankeeland.
2006-10-07 14:09:36
294.   Stormer Sports
I hate to say this, but I am sick of seeing Jeter smiling in the dugout. Hay Cap', they're aint anything to be smiling about!
2006-10-07 14:09:41
295.   Benjamin Kabak
272 Mussina shouldn't be the number 2 guy. That's the whole point. Is he really good enough to be a number two guy? From June 1 on, he had a 4.28 ERA and went 8-6. They need a better number 2 guy. If Mussina wants to take a big pay cut, then I'd re-up him for two years but not three. And the Yanks shouldn't think of him as a staff leader. He's not one.
2006-10-07 14:09:42
296.   KBT
Can someone please remind the annoying Fox announcer that NOONE is hitting, not just Arod?
2006-10-07 14:10:25
297.   Ramone
Try something. Bunt for the hell of it. Get people fired up.
2006-10-07 14:10:56
298.   Ramone
296: No kidding.
2006-10-07 14:11:04
299.   claybeez
296 Listen to the radio and turn Fox down. It's worth it even with the delay.
2006-10-07 14:11:25
300.   KBT
What's Wright's pitch count at this point?


Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-10-07 14:11:54
301.   Stormer Sports
WVU is going to win. FLA/LSU tied up and USC hanging on by a thread.
2006-10-07 14:12:25
302.   Wait Til Next Year
Let's keep some perspective. It's only 3-0. Yanks have come back from worse than that. The fact that the current make-up of this team has demonstrated a habit of stressing out during the playoffs shouldn't worry us one bit.
2006-10-07 14:12:26
303.   rbj
Time to take the dog for a walk.
Now Yankees, don't do anything - like score tons of runs and shutdown the Tigers' offense - until I get back.
2006-10-07 14:12:27
304.   joe in boston
It's just way to early to end the season. I can't over that. I really have lost alot of hope - the Tigers just look so in control of this thing.
2006-10-07 14:12:29
305.   yankz
Fuck it all. This sucks so much. At least they're not extending their hitless streak with men on base.

I wish this didn't affect my life so much.

Oh, and the Fox announcer needs to die a most painful death.

2006-10-07 14:12:29
306.   Simone
Please, Wright, just hold the Tigers here.
2006-10-07 14:12:29
307.   unpopster
272 he's 37 yrs. old, wants a multiyear deal, and is obviously not the same Moose that he once was. Time to dump Mussina and bring in some young guns, preferably in a trade for Arod.
2006-10-07 14:12:41
308.   nick
I'd have Lidle in, I think this is a mistake....we can't afford any more runs
2006-10-07 14:12:46
309.   Ramone
Bottom line is that the team looks TIGHT. Until they loosen up, second-guessing Giambi being out of the lineup is a joke.
2006-10-07 14:13:54
310.   Wait Til Next Year
I say we send Reggie in to the dugout to start screaming at Torre. The distraction might loosen the team up.
2006-10-07 14:13:59
311.   joe in boston
I'm almost at the "change the channel when the Tigers are batting" mode. It's easier that way.
2006-10-07 14:14:03
312.   Ramone
302: Of course the Yanks can come back from 3 down. The problem looks like they are as likely to give bonderman a no-hittter as score a run.
2006-10-07 14:14:10
313.   randym77
Well, Wright usually has one bad inning. Maybe that was it.
2006-10-07 14:15:24
314.   Wait Til Next Year
And Yanks usually have one bad playoff series .. . .
2006-10-07 14:15:46
315.   yankz
Oh my God. How fitting.
2006-10-07 14:15:48
316.   das411
2006-10-07 14:15:48
317.   Benjamin Kabak
OOO. Two errors on one play by E-Rod.
2006-10-07 14:15:52
318.   Ramone
2006-10-07 14:15:56
319.   Wait Til Next Year
I love A-Rod. He is so clutch.
2006-10-07 14:16:12
320.   Stormer Sports

Like a Jerry Jones sideline event? I wouldn't mind seeing George down there between innings.

That is on Sheff, not Arod.

2006-10-07 14:16:12
321.   yankz
I bet the next guy up his a 2R HR.
2006-10-07 14:16:13
322.   BklynBmr
That's on Sheff. He has to catch that and make that tag...
2006-10-07 14:16:24
323.   tocho
310 that's a great idea!!
2006-10-07 14:16:29
324.   Simone
No run will score on that error! No run will score on that error! Please!!! I can't stand them having one more thing to hold against A-Rod.
2006-10-07 14:16:36
325.   AbbyNormal821
speaking of who's going to be where next year, you think they'll boot Torre and bring in Pinella next year if things don't go well here today?
Somehow I just don't see Sweet Lou being a good fit anymore...
2006-10-07 14:16:59
326.   nick
I'm calling a 2 run Guillen shot here....
2006-10-07 14:17:09
327.   Ramone
BTW, did you catch the announcer say that the Yanks can't hit hard throwers? Please, is there a better fastball hitting team?
2006-10-07 14:17:16
328.   JeremyM
On the bright side, A-Rod can reuse his press comments from last year. Time for him to start putting in 16-hour days at his real estate company again.
2006-10-07 14:17:26
329.   AbbyNormal821
311 I'm watching 'Jerry Maguire' right now!


2006-10-07 14:17:26
330.   Paul in Boston
Sheffield should have made that play, but of course the error goes to A-rod.
2006-10-07 14:17:36
331.   Wait Til Next Year
Bonderman is not pitching a no-hitter. He is pitching a perfect game.
2006-10-07 14:17:56
332.   fansince77
on a second look- any regular first baseman makes that play---easy.
2006-10-07 14:18:13
333.   claybeez
Why didn't Robbie move back? He had time.
2006-10-07 14:18:19
334.   yankz
At least I'm not near a tempting window today.
2006-10-07 14:18:22
335.   KBT
301 I think that's wise. I'm gonna flip on some football.

And if I have to hear one more time how spectacular the Gambler was lastnight, I might have an aneurysm.

Now the Fox ass is saying about Arod, "give him a break". What would Fox do without Arod to bat around?

2006-10-07 14:18:31
336.   Wait Til Next Year
Cano didn't get fooled. He just knows it's over already and he doesn't want to break a sweat.
2006-10-07 14:18:35
337.   nick
absolute MUST out now....
2006-10-07 14:18:48
338.   Stormer Sports


My thoughts are: If you have a chance to sign Lou Piniella as your manager, you do it, no matter who you are and who your current manager is. He's that good. Although if Lou won't come, I wouldn't mind seeing Girardi back. Certainly can't hang this on Joe, but something will happen, that's just the way things work.

2006-10-07 14:18:59
339.   randym77
I dunno. The ball was right in front of the runner. If Sheff tried to make that play, it might have ended up being a Brian Roberts moment.
2006-10-07 14:19:02
340.   BklynBmr
E-6. What a surprise.
2006-10-07 14:19:08
341.   claybeez
OK. Every flaw's exposed. Every single one. It's time for an intervention. And the next 6 innings.
2006-10-07 14:19:13
342.   Simone
This was always the risk with having Sheffield playing 1st. The Yankees got away with it when Sheffield messed up Jeter's throw. They need that luck again.
2006-10-07 14:19:29
343.   Stormer Sports
That's not a strike, but Sheff's was? Blow by ass Ump!
2006-10-07 14:19:44
344.   yankz
Of course.
2006-10-07 14:19:49
345.   Ramone
Whwere is Lidle?
2006-10-07 14:20:09
346.   Wait Til Next Year
No problem. We're just one grand slam away from tying this up.
2006-10-07 14:20:10
347.   yankz
340 What'd Jeter do?!
2006-10-07 14:20:11
348.   AbbyNormal821
someone tell me when the inning is over - i can't watch.
2006-10-07 14:20:13
349.   BklynBmr
Sooooo.... anybody like stuff?
2006-10-07 14:20:19
350.   tocho
this game is comical
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-10-07 14:20:24
351.   Simone
Oh no ... Having Sheffield play 1st contributed to that run along with Wright pitching like crap and A-Rod will get the blame.
2006-10-07 14:20:31
352.   weeping for brunnhilde
California Angels, 2006.

Of course he singled up the middle to capitalize on our shoddy defense.

that's what wins baseball games.

Clean house next year.

2006-10-07 14:20:34
353.   randym77
327 I caught that. Brother. It's the junkballers the Yanks can't hit.

Gawd, this game is turning into a nightmare.

That's on Damon's arm.

2006-10-07 14:20:44
354.   joe in boston
Stop and think - how crazy is it that we have Sheffield playing first base. ... after being hurt all year and a long career in the outfield....oh sh&t.....basehit by Pudge, forget what I said - who cares - this game is over...
2006-10-07 14:20:45
355.   fansince77
we can't get too far down- it is only going to take a lead off squibber to get us going- watching the Yankees this year - it seems that is usually their cue to loosen up and have some fun- right now the Tigers are getting all the broken bat hits and the planets are aligned for them but it is NOT TOO LATE IN THIS ONE-

note: We all knew that Torre's curious faith in Sheff would bite us in the ass at some point- there is was.

2006-10-07 14:21:23
356.   yankz
I'm giving up on the season, I just hope Jeter gets some hits. I reserve the right to take this all back, I just don't expect to.
2006-10-07 14:21:26
357.   Stormer Sports
Washington recovers the On-Side kick and keeps the ball, Washington at the 5 yard line about to tie the game with USC!
2006-10-07 14:21:39
358.   claybeez
Lidle coming in? I'm not exactly reassured. Here's hoping for Good Corey.
2006-10-07 14:22:02
359.   weeping for brunnhilde
I hate to say I told you so under the circumstances, but I knew no good could come from Sheffield's return to the lineup.

I said he'd screw it up on defense in a big spot.

C'est la vie, eh?

2006-10-07 14:22:17
360.   nick
you know, Tigers are also getting every fucking break--I can't count all the lazy singles in the past two games.....

time to get philosophical. We've been in 12 postseasons since 1995. Say we're the best team in the AL and equal to the NL team on average. So: suppose on average we should win 9 of 12 times in the first round, we win, let's give them 6 of 9 second round, and 3 of 6 in the World Series.

in other words, you can't reasonably argue that the Yanks SHOULD have more than 3 WS in this era. We've got 4. What goes around, comes around....

[all of that was instead of breaking stuff here around the house]

2006-10-07 14:22:22
361.   Wait Til Next Year
Wait a minute, Yanks have come back from greater deficits than 4-0. Just because the whole team is redefining the term "choke artist" shouldn't concern us at all.
2006-10-07 14:22:27
362.   KBT
Go Washington!
2006-10-07 14:22:31
363.   Mattpat11
Well, at least the Jaret Wright experiment has ended.
351 Do you think Jason Giambi catches the ball three feet off first base?
2006-10-07 14:23:14
364.   Wait Til Next Year
Thank God for Cory Lidle. Our season is saved.
2006-10-07 14:23:23
365.   Ramone
If the Yanks blow this, they will officially have two of the all-time worst post-season chokes.
2006-10-07 14:23:24
366.   Simone
352 What planet are you people from when you say things like "clean house?" Only in Bizarro World does anyone think that the Yankees can clean house with a $200 million team.
2006-10-07 14:23:36
367.   claybeez
Dropping A-Rod to 8th hasn't seemed to have the effect Torre expected. Maybe it would have been better to show confidence in him.
2006-10-07 14:23:50
368.   Wait Til Next Year
We're definitely winning this game. Cashman wouldn't have made the Abreu deal without Lidle. Look how lucky we are!
2006-10-07 14:24:06
369.   Stormer Sports

Yes, he catches it but the runner is safe. That was the only play there.

2006-10-07 14:24:26
370.   weeping for brunnhilde
360 When you put the bat on the baseball, you tend to get more of those kind of breaks than when you don't.
2006-10-07 14:24:57
371.   mslug
I propose we have 2 teams next year. This one for the regular season and a separate clutch team for the playoffs. Say, have george buy the Angels.
2006-10-07 14:25:07
372.   tocho
we're toast

and this time i mean it

2006-10-07 14:25:08
373.   Wait Til Next Year
Those Tiger fans sound awfully loud.
2006-10-07 14:25:25
374.   Stormer Sports

Look, they are all hitting like shit, but defending a guy who has an average below .100 the last 13 PS games doesn't make any objective sense.

2006-10-07 14:25:36
375.   yankz
What has this team shown you over the past wk to inspire ay confidence?
2006-10-07 14:25:46
376.   KBT
Later all. See ya next season.

Here's to Arod going to Anaheim for Friggins and some arms!

2006-10-07 14:26:04
377.   Wait Til Next Year
We're not toast. We're fancy. We're expensive. I'd say we're pain grille.
2006-10-07 14:26:04
378.   randym77
369 I don't know if he catches it. It was right in the path of the runner. Dangerous to try to make that play, IMO.
2006-10-07 14:26:11
379.   fansince77
363- If Sheff's foot was on the corner of the bag where it should have been - the ball would have been catchable without coming off at all- in otherwords "routine." - not sheff's fault- unecessary in my book-

I have said it from the beginning - you dance with the lady you brought to the show- This is not the team that won this year.

2006-10-07 14:26:12
380.   weeping for brunnhilde
366 I'm in a very angry universe right now.

I'm not crazy, just mad.

I want a different kind of a team is all I'm saying.

I'm sick of losing to these scrappy teams year in and year out.

Sick of it.

I'm angry.

2006-10-07 14:26:19
381.   Simone
Yessss! Nice work, Lidle.
2006-10-07 14:26:42
382.   Stormer Sports
Washington couldn't score from the 5 yard line, sheesh!
2006-10-07 14:27:21
383.   AbbyNormal821 the inning over?? Can I peek???
2006-10-07 14:27:22
384.   yankz
They demolished this team in the regular season. WTF happened?
2006-10-07 14:27:23
385.   fansince77
My wife is not happy with me.

I am not happy with me.

I want to be happy.

Please, Yankees- relax and get one back at a time. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

2006-10-07 14:27:33
386.   maineyank
Where the hell is Kevin Brown?
2006-10-07 14:27:59
387.   Wait Til Next Year
Bonderman doesn't impress me at all. Yanks are going to put up a 7 spot this inning.
2006-10-07 14:28:19
388.   BklynBmr
Bonderman's No Hitter, Shutout, and Perfect Game — all three are going out the window this inning.
2006-10-07 14:28:25
389.   claybeez
374 I'm not defending him or throwing him under the bus. My comment was more about Torre's famous strength, clubhouse management, handling elite multi-million dollar players.
2006-10-07 14:28:59
390.   Simone
380 The Yankees have not lost this game. They may, but they haven't as of right now. Also, you aren't getting any different kind of team so deal with the reality of this universe.
2006-10-07 14:29:19
391.   Benjamin Kabak
I was angry when it was 3-0 but now I'm into fatalism. This team just can't win. 3-9 in their last 12 playoff games going back to 2004. Yuck.
2006-10-07 14:29:30
392.   randym77
Seems like we were one of those scrappy teams, earlier this year.
2006-10-07 14:29:33
393.   mslug
damn this team, now they're gonna make bonderman look like cy young. just proves that its our hitting not the opposing pitching.
2006-10-07 14:29:49
394.   claybeez
It'd help if Damon could get on base.
2006-10-07 14:29:52
395.   AbbyNormal821
I just figured out who Bonderman looks like now...

The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from "Ghostbusters"

2006-10-07 14:29:53
396.   jayd
ok, fourth inning. time to end this nonsense and take these guys out.
2006-10-07 14:29:57
397.   Wait Til Next Year
I see Bonderman weakening. Didn't you see how Damon's pathetic grounder attacked his confidence?
2006-10-07 14:30:07
398.   fansince77
suddenly we swing at shit pitches!

where are the Yankees?

2006-10-07 14:30:12
399.   BklynBmr
It's up to you, Cap. As always...
2006-10-07 14:30:17
400.   Simone
I'm getting so desperate that I'll take a bunt if it gets Derek on base.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-10-07 14:30:18
401.   Ramone
Please, Jeter, don't suck too.
2006-10-07 14:30:21
402.   Wait Til Next Year
Way to look at a fastball down the middle Jeter.
2006-10-07 14:30:37
403.   Wait Til Next Year
0-2 on Jeter. He does not feel the love.
2006-10-07 14:30:49
404.   claybeez
392 Unfortunately, that wasn't this lineup.
2006-10-07 14:30:59
405.   JimCobain
It doesn't matter who the error was charged to, A-rod is bad karma, everything that goes wrong is centered around him, i.e. the bad call last night. He is just a huge luck s*ck.
2006-10-07 14:31:03
406.   Wait Til Next Year
I knew he was going down.
2006-10-07 14:31:19
407.   mslug
its the 2004 reverse curse in full force now
2006-10-07 14:31:27
408.   randym77
Christ on a cracker. He's fooling them so bad.
2006-10-07 14:31:31
409.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Jeremy Bonderman is using an aimbot.
2006-10-07 14:31:33
410.   Mattpat11
I did NOT waste six months of my fucking life so the Yankees could lose to the Detroit Tigers.

I don't care what this band of overpaid fucking jackasses has to do. They better win this fucking game.

2006-10-07 14:31:34
411.   Simone
Jeter swung at a ball. Ugh. Okay, Bobby, your turn.
2006-10-07 14:31:36
412.   fansince77
Wow Cap- that pitch was three feet outside...well done.

Forget what I said before...

Yanks have folded.

2006-10-07 14:31:46
413.   yankz
Just a hit. Please?
2006-10-07 14:32:02
414.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-10-07 14:32:05
415.   Stormer Sports
The "Yankees Universe" is a black hole of high ticket prices and wasted opportunities.

I am so glad I savored all the WS Titles, I knew it wasn't as easy as we made it look.

1978-1996. We'll get them in 2018!

2006-10-07 14:32:14
416.   Wait Til Next Year
No hitter, perfect game and shutout in tact after 4 innings.
2006-10-07 14:32:27
417.   weeping for brunnhilde
390 Point taken, Simone, but honestly, this shit doesn't piss you off?
2006-10-07 14:32:30
418.   joe in boston
Boy, we're a long way from the 5 game sweep with Boston aren't we ? How about some patience ? We look like the JVs out there. "Warm up the bus ! Warm up the bus ! Warm up the bus !" etc.....
2006-10-07 14:32:35
419.   yankz
I'm beginning to think that letting go of Aaron Boone cursed us. Think about it.
2006-10-07 14:32:45
420.   Ramone
I will say it again: bunt. No, I am not joking. Baby steps. Just get on base.
2006-10-07 14:32:51
421.   fansince77
Get on the bus NOW GO HOME! THIS SUCKS!

Yankees have quit. Why? I have no idea.

2006-10-07 14:32:55
422.   Simone
If anything this series reminds me of the Marlins' series. The Marlins young pitchers stepped up and took out the Yankee hitters. The Yankees need to find a way.
2006-10-07 14:33:10
423.   maineyank
This really doesn't feel right.
2006-10-07 14:33:50
424.   tocho
i've never watched a prfect game, i came very close on the mussina one v boston. maybe i get lucky today.

who better to share it with, than the bronx banter

2006-10-07 14:34:00
425.   yankz
423 It feels like breakfast coming back up.
2006-10-07 14:34:03
426.   Mattpat11

First person that tells me "Well, it was a nice year" gets beat.

2006-10-07 14:34:16
427.   claybeez
What a pathetic display of hitting. This is more like the first half KC Royals.

What is with the pressing? Why is it so contagious it affects even the newest Yanks? There's sure to be good money made in the field of team/sports psychology analyzing this team from 2004 to the present.

2006-10-07 14:34:19
428.   joe in boston
Time to pick up the family from the birthday party. I'll do the walk of shame with my Yankee hat on.....

Maybe I'll have a beer for the road like the old days....

2006-10-07 14:34:23
429.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Come on, guys. I had my give-up moment last night. We can still pull this one out- as FOX has told us no less than 12 times, Bonderman's blown 6 run leads twice this year, and one was to the Royals!
2006-10-07 14:34:27
430.   Stormer Sports

The Yankees are getting themselves out, it's not Bonderman. Not taking pitches, swinging at junk and not hitting anything hard. They're tight and pressing, not loose, can't win a game that way.

But I haven't given up hope. Let's GO!

2006-10-07 14:34:35
431.   joejoejoe
394 It'd help if _____ could get on base.

Fill in the blank. It's the whole team.

2006-10-07 14:34:45
432.   she
Sigh. I hate to say it, but I can't watch this anymore.
2006-10-07 14:34:57
433.   vockins
Screw this. This team sucks. There's no reason for me to watch this garbage anymore.

I hope everyone has a nice offseason.

2006-10-07 14:35:11
434.   Wait Til Next Year
I've got a dinner for my anniversary that I have to leave for at 6:30 PM. I hope Bonderman can complete the perfect game before I leave.
2006-10-07 14:35:32
435.   Orly Yarly NoWai
DAMN! Nice play by A-Rod and Sheff!
2006-10-07 14:35:35
436.   Wait Til Next Year
Great play, Sheff, after it doesn't matter anymore!
2006-10-07 14:36:12
437.   jayd
430 I'm with you stormer. Which is why I still have hope. They can turn this around on a dime. Waiting for the dime...
2006-10-07 14:36:38
438.   Simone
417 Of course, but the game isn't over. Also, when I say that the salary doesn't buy a World Series, I actually mean what I say. I understand that the playoffs are a crap shoot. Hell, I never thought the Yankees were making the playoffs this season anyway so I'm just going along for the ride. I'm not cussing out the organization or the players who brought me so much joy during the season.
2006-10-07 14:36:50
439.   AbbyNormal821
429 I hope this happens this game too! That would be the sweetness right there!
2006-10-07 14:37:09
440.   yankz
437 I'm tired of waiting.
2006-10-07 14:37:25
441.   mslug
face it folks, poor george and the ny fans have been bamboozlled by this team yet again. either mlb is rigged or we are in bazzaroworld. whats happening makes no FUCKIN sense whatsoever.
2006-10-07 14:37:43
442.   randym77
404 True. We're struggled since the Abreu trade. It's been disguised by Boston's collapse, and by playing a lot of bad teams in September.

There's something to be said for the scrappy players. They aren't afraid to risk it all. Remember Guiel getting flattened by a speeding baserunner, but still holding on to the ball? He wouldn't have been afraid to reach for the ball like Sheff was.

2006-10-07 14:37:44
443.   nick
all right, we've been held scoreless for 18 innnings: longest streak of the season?

it ends in the 5th.

2006-10-07 14:37:48
444.   AbbyNormal821
...hey at least Brandon Inge is the one player on the Tigers who's sucking in this series...
2006-10-07 14:38:02
445.   BklynBmr
I'm not jumpin' ship. When we get it going, the floodgates will open. Plenty of time.
2006-10-07 14:38:32
446.   Orly Yarly NoWai
It's the fourth inning. It's not over. This is Jeremy Bonderman, not God. He's a very slightly better-than-average pitcher. He gives up 1.3 WHIP. Zumaya's pitched two days in a row. We can still do this.
2006-10-07 14:38:37
447.   AbbyNormal821
Holy shit on a shingle - did Lidle just have a 1-2-3????
2006-10-07 14:38:38
448.   AbbyNormal821
Holy shit on a shingle - did Lidle just have a 1-2-3????
2006-10-07 14:38:42
449.   yankz
Again, I've given up on theseason, I just don't want them to be perfectoed.
2006-10-07 14:38:45
450.   Wait Til Next Year
Now we've got 'em where we want 'em. Down by 4, facing a young flamethrower hurling a perfect game. Tigers must be shaking in their boots right now. Just wait til A-Rod steps up to the plate.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-10-07 14:38:51
451.   Stormer Sports
Come on. Just a few runs this inning! Come the fuck on GUYS!!!!
2006-10-07 14:39:12
452.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
It's official. We've become the Atlanta Braves. All bite in the regular season, nothing but bark in the playoffs. I feel sick.

When do pitchers and catchers report?

2006-10-07 14:39:21
453.   maineyank
I've already stopped watching. I've had good luck all year following on gameday (all I generally get here is NESN) and listening on the radio. Gameday it is! Giving it a shot
2006-10-07 14:39:25
454.   yankz
451 A few? I'll settle for one.
2006-10-07 14:39:39
455.   claybeez
445 I'm with you, though my palms and pits are a little sweaty from the effort.
2006-10-07 14:39:42
456.   Sliced Bread
Fugkin' Yankees hitters look like they're flailing in knee-deep quicksand.

One base at a time. Get the fugk out of the quicksand.

Rally time.

2006-10-07 14:39:45
457.   Wait Til Next Year
If I do the math correctly, we can score 2 runs per inning and win this one in a laugher. Calm down, everyone. This one's in the bag!
2006-10-07 14:40:18
458.   BklynBmr
Reverse jinx time: Bonderman's perfecto will continue through the Sheffield at bat...
2006-10-07 14:40:21
459.   Orly Yarly NoWai
450 A young flamethrower who's thrown 50 more innings this year than he ever has in his life, who once lost a no-hitter (and the game) to the Twins when he had a six run lead.

Lidle looks ok; we can do this.

2006-10-07 14:40:25
460.   weeping for brunnhilde
417 Of course it doesn't buy you a title, but it can buy you a different kind of team.

That's all I want. A different kind of team.

2006-10-07 14:40:44
461.   MattinglyHOF
There wont be any "cleaning house" the only moves that can be made are bye bye to Sheff and Moose and ARod to LA for Shields Santana and Figgins(and Ill bet after this Arte Moreno wont give us that much)
2006-10-07 14:40:59
462.   Wait Til Next Year
We're really good at foul homers.
2006-10-07 14:41:07
463.   tocho
see you later guys keep the faith, my wife will use the computer now
2006-10-07 14:41:09
464.   Stormer Sports
I am a Jaret Wright supporter, but my position has always been that you start you best guy in any elimination game, and that is Wang, who right about now is sitting in disbelief in NYC. 3 days rest was plenty, but Joe has to always stick with his rotation no matter what.
2006-10-07 14:41:11
465.   yankz
Of course it's foul. A fair ball would've been a hit, and we know we're not getting any of those.
2006-10-07 14:41:20
466.   Benjamin Kabak
Good. Another K for Sheffield.
2006-10-07 14:41:21
467.   Wait Til Next Year
. . . and strikeouts.
2006-10-07 14:41:34
468.   rbj
Um, are the Yankees still being no-hit?
2006-10-07 14:41:35
469.   Simone
I think Sheffield has had 1 hit in this whole series. I don't know what Joe was thinking putting him 4th in the line up.
2006-10-07 14:41:54
470.   fansince77
sheff has no business starting - his timing is even close to being back
2006-10-07 14:42:03
471.   Simone
Okay, Jorgie, it is on you.
2006-10-07 14:42:10
472.   Ramone
Dear Yankees,

Bonderman will throw the sinker out of the zone with 2 strikes. Don't swing at it.



2006-10-07 14:42:14
473.   LI yankee
464 The way this offense is playing, it wouldn't matter if you had Sandy Koufax out there.
2006-10-07 14:42:18
474.   AbbyNormal821
Jeter just went into down the think he's going ot rip someone a new one???
2006-10-07 14:42:32
475.   BklynBmr
Reverse jinx time: Bonderman's perfecto will continue through the Posada at bat...
2006-10-07 14:42:37
476.   Stormer Sports

Arod cannot be traded. Why would any team want to pay that kind of money when you can get nearly the same production for a fraction of the price. Remember, 121 RBI on the Yankees isn't 121 RBI on the Angels.

2006-10-07 14:42:55
477.   nick
he's thrown 29 strikes and 6 balls and we can't hit it hard off him!?
2006-10-07 14:43:07
478.   AbbyNormal821
2006-10-07 14:43:16
479.   fansince77
Dear Yankees-

Take a pitch or two.

Work the count.



2006-10-07 14:43:19
480.   Wait Til Next Year
Posada is relentless. He'll break up the perfect game.
2006-10-07 14:43:46
481.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Dear FOX:

Jimmy Leyland is retarded. No one cares about his footwear. He could be wearing stilettoes for all I care.

That is all.

2006-10-07 14:44:01
482.   claybeez
Fans of La Liga, Spain's professional soccer league, have seen this before. Real Madrid, Los Galacticos, assembled an All-Star team and it didn't pay off. Video game manufacturer's ought to write that into their code.
2006-10-07 14:44:12
483.   yankz
Dear Yankees,

I have several friends in Michigan. I'm not quite ready to hear the gloating.

Love (the brotherly kind),


2006-10-07 14:44:29
484.   Ramone
Didn't Posada get my memo?
2006-10-07 14:44:42
485.   Wait Til Next Year
Oh, no. Perfect game going strong. If we have to watch the Yanks implode, this is the way to do it, don't you think?
2006-10-07 14:45:05
486.   MattinglyHOF
This cocksucker is gonna no hit us.....fuck winning this is legendary pathetic
2006-10-07 14:45:10
487.   nick
you know, this game, it is on them. They're swinging at all kinds of balls, they're missing hittable pitches....utter crap.
2006-10-07 14:45:12
488.   Simone
479 Bonderman is throwing strikes which is why the Yankee hitters are getting behind and having to swing at iffy pitches.
2006-10-07 14:45:19
489.   Eirias
484 Why yes, he did. You told him he wouldn't hit Bonderman, so he didn't.
2006-10-07 14:45:45
490.   Ramone
Didn't Posada get my memo?
2006-10-07 14:45:48
491.   AbbyNormal821
Half my co-workers are Met fans - inlcuding my 2 supervisors. I'm going to hear nothing but shit about this on Tuesday if they don't come back.
2006-10-07 14:46:12
492.   yankz
I don't understand why the Gods are doing this to us. First the 04 collapse, then the Arod sagas, now a perfect game. Are we fans really that arrogant that we deserve this?
2006-10-07 14:46:12
493.   ny2
They just showed Jeter throw his hand up and say something like "What is this?" Please fire everyone up!
2006-10-07 14:46:15
494.   rbj
Forget winning the series, forget winning the game, forget scoring any runs, all I want is one measley, lousy hit.

This no hitter of Bonderman's is ridiculous.

2006-10-07 14:46:23
495.   claybeez
Maybe it's not the curse of Aaron Boone, but of Sori. Everyone's going down chasing just like he used to.
2006-10-07 14:46:35
496.   Wait Til Next Year
I saw Bonderman flirting with all of the Yanks and blowing kisses at them. It has completely grossed out all of them, to the point that they can't focus, resulting in their swinging at bad pitches.
2006-10-07 14:46:39
497.   yankz
I don't even care about winning anymore- I just can't handle a perfect fucking game.
2006-10-07 14:46:51
498.   Simone
A hit, a hit, my kingdom for a hit.
2006-10-07 14:46:53
499.   fansince77
Dear Yankees,

Please watch the ball leave the pitchers hand and the subsequent action that it takes on its way to the plate. If you continue to make up your mind to swing at every pitch when you have two strikes, Jeremy Bonderman will continue to laugh at you as you swing at balls away in the dirt and pump his fist on his way back to the dugout.
Your fans deserve better the mental effort you are putting forth today. In short, don't give up before we do.



2006-10-07 14:46:56
500.   yankz
494 Amen.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-10-07 14:47:25
501.   Ramone
I do believe that Jim Leyland is the only manager who wears a cup.
2006-10-07 14:47:43
502.   Wait Til Next Year
We should be able to wear out Bonderman by the 14th inning, when he reaches the 100 pitch count.
2006-10-07 14:47:50
503.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Don Larsen, from the depths of the bullpen, I summon ye!
2006-10-07 14:48:36
504.   Mattpat11
Wow great job there Jete! No one can stop that fucking powerwalk after the ball.
2006-10-07 14:48:54
505.   yankz
Yesterday I was throwing shit and swearing. Now I just want to pull a Rip Van Winkle.
2006-10-07 14:49:46
506.   Simone
Is Bruney warming up?
2006-10-07 14:50:38
507.   claybeez
Looks like Lidle's fairy juice has run out.
2006-10-07 14:50:42
508.   weeping for brunnhilde
California Angels version 2006.
2006-10-07 14:50:47
509.   Wait Til Next Year
This is geting better. First and third, no out. The Tigers will definitely start getting over-confident. That's when it's ours to take.
2006-10-07 14:50:57
510.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I'd go to dinner but I can't handle all the preppy lacrosse shit.
2006-10-07 14:51:06
511.   yankz
It's way past over. I'm still holding out hope for a hit, though I don't expect that either.
2006-10-07 14:51:10
512.   Simone
Maybe Mussina. He got out that jam in the 2003 ALCS.
2006-10-07 14:51:35
513.   yankz
509 You're hilarious, how come you haven't been around more?
2006-10-07 14:51:36
514.   JeremyM
Is Moose warming? This is his kind of relief situation...
2006-10-07 14:51:44
515.   Wait Til Next Year
Lidle's our man.
2006-10-07 14:51:59
516.   BklynBmr
The hook. Now.
2006-10-07 14:52:19
517.   claybeez
I think I may have just run out of belief.
2006-10-07 14:52:35
518.   Simone
Boy, does this suck. The Yankees running out of outs and pitching isn't helping.
2006-10-07 14:52:36
519.   Ramone
Screw Moose. Bring in Mo or the season is toast. Is Torre really going to go down with his best pitcher on the bench?
2006-10-07 14:52:39
520.   yankz
Good, pile on 20 more runs. See if I care!
2006-10-07 14:52:41
521.   nick
wow, just wow...they're hitting pretty good pitches, we couldn't hit a tee ball...
2006-10-07 14:52:42
522.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Bring in Rivera.
2006-10-07 14:52:57
523.   Wait Til Next Year
513 Because the Yanks didn't need me until today.
2006-10-07 14:53:20
524.   yankz
Seeing that dumb baby in the Tiger outfit crying is the highlight of my day.
2006-10-07 14:53:20
525.   randym77
No ice cream for you, Cory.

Can Bruney pitch again today? He threw something like 25 pitches yesterday.

2006-10-07 14:53:43
526.   AbbyNormal821
Man, Tom Cruise sure was a hottie in this movie, back in the day before he went all cuckoo and started jumping on couches
2006-10-07 14:53:50
527.   claybeez
Your Lidle is served.
2006-10-07 14:53:53
528.   Ramone
Or just give up....either way, Joe.
2006-10-07 14:53:57
529.   Stormer Sports
There is your ball game. Oh well. What can you do?
2006-10-07 14:54:01
530.   BklynBmr
See [516)
2006-10-07 14:54:11
531.   no2ss
This is just depressing. Flat out depressing.
2006-10-07 14:54:35
532.   mslug
i can't believe 4+ million people came to watch this fuckin team this year. the whole team needs to have their paychecks withheld and fans their money refunded.
2006-10-07 14:54:42
533.   fansince77
There's a fight at the bat rack in the Tiger's dugout! Everyone wants to hit. I think I saw the equipment manager pull out some wood.
2006-10-07 14:54:47
534.   Wait Til Next Year
Let's bring in TJ Beam.
2006-10-07 14:54:49
535.   AbbyNormal821
...and the thing that sucks about all of this - the media is SO fucking brutal and this will go on for weeks and weeks if they lose. I can't stand that crap!

If they do bite it...i'm routing for the Cardinals...

2006-10-07 14:54:49
536.   Ramone
What the F is Torre thinking?
2006-10-07 14:55:22
537.   yankz
It's over. I'm going to watch until the Yanks get a hit, and then punch a wall KB style.
2006-10-07 14:55:26
538.   claybeez
What is that saying about doing the same thing the same way over and over and expecting a differnent outcome?
2006-10-07 14:55:30
539.   MattinglyHOF
Just gave my future wife the remote....had to get that scum off my TV(and by scum I mean the Yankees)
2006-10-07 14:55:33
540.   Simone
Eh, what can you do, ay?
2006-10-07 14:56:14
541.   ny2
what is with yanks and playing after rain delays
2006-10-07 14:57:00
542.   claybeez
533 LOL

Why can I never type "different" correctly?

2006-10-07 14:57:07
543.   JeremyM
Well, nobody can convince me that Torre should stay. He's reached his stale date. And I hate to say it, but my idol has failed as hitting coach, whether they really do anything or not they do receive and take the blame. And it's his curse that's killing things:)
2006-10-07 14:57:11
544.   yankz
What would sting more, a perfect game to end the season, or 04?
2006-10-07 14:57:26
545.   Wait Til Next Year
That was smart. Torre waited until now to bring in our best middle inning reliever.
2006-10-07 14:57:35
546.   rbj
OK, for the rotation next year there's Wang.
Bullpen: Mo, Bruney, Proctor? Farnsworth?

I say Yanks have to pick up Moose's option because it's impossible to get four good starting pitchers. That's now 3. Unit, I'd ship back to AZ along with a big pile of cash -- apparently they've got a bunch of good young arms there.

2006-10-07 14:57:39
547.   Ramone
I said it at comment #7 and I will say it again: Torre is a great regular season manager but a piece of crap post-season manager. He cannot inspire. He cannot adjust. He does not have instincts. Over 162 games, you can play the odds. In a short season you need your finger on the trigger.
2006-10-07 14:57:49
548.   Simone
539 Really nice. Not.
2006-10-07 14:58:03
549.   Wait Til Next Year
544. 04 for sure. Perfect game is a thing of beauty.
2006-10-07 14:58:14
550.   fansince77
Do you think Damon could reach second from there?
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-10-07 14:58:48
551.   claybeez
Why did he pull Bruney?
2006-10-07 14:59:14
552.   Ramone
544: I always thought it couldn't get worse that '04: Red Sox. 4 straight. Flushing the curse down the toilet.

But a perfect game would be BAD.

2006-10-07 14:59:24
553.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Warning: depressing lyrics will follow shortly.
2006-10-07 14:59:28
554.   Simone
547 Saying an inaccurate statement over and over again, does not make it true. It just makes you very wrong.
2006-10-07 14:59:33
555.   fansince77
Do you think Torre just woke up, looked at the scoreboard and thought Brunney had been in there for awhile now? Why the hell would he change HIM - the only pitcher to get an out this inning?
2006-10-07 14:59:34
556.   Wait Til Next Year
Torre is in panic mode.
2006-10-07 14:59:47
557.   Stormer Sports

Agreed! If he had a brain he would have started Wang. We still wouldn't have scored, but at least we would have had a chance.

Elimination Game=Best Starter=Anyone with Brain Knows That.

2006-10-07 14:59:47
558.   she
'night all.
2006-10-07 15:00:18
559.   Sliced Bread
This would be less humiliating if the Tigers took off thier shoes and had to bat with them for the rest of the game.
2006-10-07 15:00:18
560.   claybeez
I love what Damon's done for us, but it shows another lesson not learned. In the playoffs you need a good arm in CF, especially with a staff like the one we have.
2006-10-07 15:01:17
561.   AbbyNormal821
553 I could go for The Smiths right about now...that's pretty depressing.
2006-10-07 15:01:21
562.   yankz
I want the old Boss to come back and eat some people alive.

Proctor, for old times sake!

2006-10-07 15:01:23
563.   Stormer Sports
Well, they are saving me $180 bucks bext year. No reason to buy the package, well, I guess I could watch other games too.

Get them next year! Bye Moose, bye Sheff, it's been real.

2006-10-07 15:01:25
564.   Harley
Let the Revolution Begin!

- Fire Joe. Bring in Pinella.
- Let Mussina and Sheffield go.
- Use the money to acquire Zito.
- Put Hughes in the starting rotation.
- Do not trade A-Rod.

2006-10-07 15:01:40
565.   yankz
Holy shit, only one out?!
2006-10-07 15:02:22
566.   Stormer Sports
Is Jeter still smiling in the dugout?
2006-10-07 15:02:26
567.   Simone
557 Wang has a history of shoulder problems and doesn't pitch well away from home. Other than Lidle, Wright was the only option.

Try looking at the series as it happened. If Mussina had held his lead, then losing game 3 and 4 would have been tough, but the Yankees would have been favored with Wang going in the 5th game at the Stadium.

2006-10-07 15:02:40
568.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I hate FOX.

I'm thinking more along the lines of Nightwish, Iron Maiden, perhaps some Sonata Arctica.

2006-10-07 15:02:43
569.   yankz
Why us, God? Do youreally hate us that much? I mean, I can understand that we won't win every series, but do you have to humiliate us?
2006-10-07 15:02:59
570.   BklynBmr
Notice there is nary a mention of a perfect game from the announcers?
2006-10-07 15:03:30
571.   yankz
God dammit. Now he's going to homer on a check swing or something.
2006-10-07 15:03:30
572.   Paul in Boston
Passionate fans like us better hide the next few weeks, it's gonna be brutal. Have already received one taunting phone call from a "good friend."
2006-10-07 15:03:47
573.   singledd
Ladies and Gentleman,
It has been great fun sharing this summer with Alex, Cliff and you all. Johnny Walker and I will now go to bed and wonder how yesterday and today could possibly happen. To lose is one thing: to play dead for 2 straight games is inconceivable.

I am too depressed to express myself.
It's gonna be a long, shitty winter here in New Hampshire.

Goodbye cruel world.

2006-10-07 15:04:23
574.   Simone
560 If that was true, how did the Marlins beat the Yankees with Juan Pierre in center? As if Johnny Damon's arm would make any difference with this bad pitching and lack of hitting. If Damon and his teammates had brought their bats, the Yankees would be in much better shape.
2006-10-07 15:04:49
575.   Stormer Sports
Florida looks like they are ready to take that #2 spot next week!
2006-10-07 15:04:50
576.   yankz
I wish I could say I'm going to cut myself off from this pathetic team for a few months, but we all know I'll be back here tomorrow for a season wrap-up post.

Cliff, I'm putting this one on you.

2006-10-07 15:05:24
577.   yankz
Jeter looked like he just cried.
2006-10-07 15:05:53
578.   Sliced Bread
At least Mariano Rivera can go home with his dignity intact.
2006-10-07 15:06:03
579.   rbj
573 At least the Yankees won the division, and didn't fall to third, like a certain other team named after their hoisery.
2006-10-07 15:06:18
580.   Simone
I plan to stay away from ESPN and all sports media off for the next few weeks. I did that after the 2004 and I was okay in time.
2006-10-07 15:06:22
581.   randym77
I can't believe this is happening. What a nightmare.

I thought at least we'd win today, then go back home to lose the series, where A-Rod could be booed by the hometown fans. :-P

2006-10-07 15:06:27
582.   AbbyNormal821
573 least there's always the Yankee Classics on the YES those games the Yanks ALWAYS win!

New Hampshire? I live in Queens, NY which is Mets Central. I'm like a walking target with my Yankee cap!

2006-10-07 15:06:36
583.   Wait Til Next Year
Great strategy this inning. Keep the Yanks on the field for a long time, and ice Bonderman's arm. Now we've got him!
2006-10-07 15:07:00
584.   Harley
By the way, turning off the sound four innings ago has helped a great deal. Listening to Slade's greatest hits, the new My Morning Jacket live CD, AC/DC, and the Fratelli's in random play also helps.

Also I believe this loss requires a zeitgeist correction, which means the Dems will pick up either the House or the Senate. So look on the bright side, the Yank's loss is actually good for the nation!

Lastly? A pal of mine reveals that Joe Torre recently closed on 25 pristine acres on Maui for a cool six million (at the Kapalua Resort). So if nothing else he's ready for the rocking chair.

2006-10-07 15:07:02
585.   nick
569 o for fuck's sake. try being a cubs, indians, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc fan. yankee fans are hated for lots of illegitimate reasons; let's not give people legitimate ones...
2006-10-07 15:07:32
586.   claybeez
I would like to see an overhaul. I've read on here over and over it's impossible. However, this is not working. The Marlins sold off talent for prospects and almost made the playoffs. If we keep the core why not unload those brought in to win that didn't. I wouldn't mind seeing Sheff, Giambi, Moose , RJ and Alex go. Call it a pipe dream. It's still better than this nightmare.
2006-10-07 15:07:33
587.   yankz
I remember the days when the team made me proud, not nauseaus or however you spell that blasted word.
2006-10-07 15:07:57
588.   Stormer Sports
It sure is a valuable lesson learned. Never ever ever ever put yourself out there emotionally concerning something you have absolutely no control over. It's time to "get a life" and devote less time and emotion to this sorry bunch of slugs, they don't deserve it. They didn't even put up a fight. I am sure some people think they tried, but I sure didn't see it.
2006-10-07 15:08:53
589.   Wait Til Next Year
It's not over yet!!!
2006-10-07 15:09:02
590.   BklynBmr
BklynBmr sings to Yankee hitters:

You comin' back to me is against all odds,
But that's the chance I've gotta take...

2006-10-07 15:09:03
591.   Simone
One positive: this series may have put a year on Mo's career.

579 The Yankees won the division when I didn't think that they had a shot.

2006-10-07 15:09:15
592.   Ramone
Losing I can handle. Laying down like an old dog? AARRRRGGGHH!

I have to agree, bringing back Matsui and Sheffield just tempted the fates too much. They went from being a team that had surprising success to a team that was expected to win. Too much pressure, apparently.

2006-10-07 15:09:18
593.   yankz
How is "I don't want to see the Yankees on the wrong end of a postseason playoff game?" an illegitimate question? If you think I'm ACTUALLY trying to ask God(s?) that question,'re wrong.
2006-10-07 15:09:19
594.   Ramone
Losing I can handle. Laying down like an old dog? AARRRRGGGHH!

I have to agree, bringing back Matsui and Sheffield just tempted the fates too much. They went from being a team that had surprising success to a team that was expected to win. Too much pressure, apparently.

2006-10-07 15:09:30
595.   Stormer Sports

Yes, it is.

2006-10-07 15:09:44
596.   Peter
OK, Robbie, the rally starts now!
2006-10-07 15:09:49
597.   Simone
Gawd, always the politician Guliani is crusing for votes.
2006-10-07 15:09:57
598.   LA Yankee
Now I'm supposed to go down to Dodger Stadium and enjoy myself? Not only are we being humiliated, but I might have to endure the Mets clinching?!? UGH!
I cannot belive that I am going to attend a baseball game, and am embarassed to wear a Yankee hat. Has it come to this?

Is it me or does EVERY pitcher have the game of their lives against us in the playoffs?

2006-10-07 15:10:24
599.   yankz
2006-10-07 15:10:24
600.   no2ss
A hit! A hit!
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-10-07 15:10:24
601.   nick
588 think about that last sentence--what, given these results, would convince you they've tried?
2006-10-07 15:10:26
602.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-07 15:10:26
603.   claybeez
574 Fair point on Pierre. So, it is possible. That doesn't mean this wouldn't be a much better with a CF who had a cannon.
2006-10-07 15:10:29
604.   fansince77
As much as I hate to admit...I was not very confident with this team coming into the playoffs. I don't know about you all- but the shaky pitching and inconsistent hitting all year worried me. I desperately wanted that to be my pessimism and not the reality of a terribly inconsistent team who lacked the ability to put people away- how many times did we have chances to sweep series and wound up sleepwalking through the last game? - it seemed like all the time. Losing those last two to Toronto- or I should say the way we lost them- seemed to sum up alot about this team- Great when the pressure was off - good the rest of the time. It is hard to admit this but - I can't say I didn't see this coming.
2006-10-07 15:10:31
605.   rbj
Moral victory!
2006-10-07 15:10:35
606.   Simone
A hit!!! A hit!!! Thank you, Baseball Gods! Alex, a home run, please.
2006-10-07 15:10:38
607.   Wait Til Next Year
Now we just need 10 more singles and we're tied.
2006-10-07 15:10:54
608.   Ramone
Sorry about the double post.

I don't understand the rebuilding thing. This team doesn't need to rebuild. They need one more quality starter and everyone to play up to their ability.

2006-10-07 15:11:18
609.   Wait Til Next Year
A-Rod looks so cool. And clueless.
2006-10-07 15:11:22
610.   BklynBmr
Wow. I just shouted a "YEAAAAAHHHH!" like someone hit a 3 run dinger...

OK, Yanks. Let's make history! Let's start hammerin'...

2006-10-07 15:12:01
611.   Ramone
If A-Rod gets a hit, they win.
2006-10-07 15:12:12
612.   Simone
A-Rod is close. He is hitting Bonderman.
2006-10-07 15:12:29
613.   yankz
611 I'll take that bet.
2006-10-07 15:12:39
614.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Good job to fuck with Bonderman's rhythm.
2006-10-07 15:12:40
615.   Ramone
here comes the slider.
2006-10-07 15:13:03
616.   Wait Til Next Year
We're rolling now! Way to beat out the double play, A-Rod!!!!
2006-10-07 15:13:17
617.   Simone
Okay, at least someone is still on base. It is on you, Melky. Thank goodness for the mute button.
2006-10-07 15:13:21
618.   rbj
2006-10-07 15:13:23
619.   yankz
Arod should've bunted!
2006-10-07 15:14:27
620.   Wait Til Next Year
2 runs per inning, and we still win!
2006-10-07 15:14:30
621.   Ramone
Come on Melky!
2006-10-07 15:14:30
622.   Stormer Sports

I agree, dance with the lady that brought you. What we have here is the same lineup that laid an egg last year. I would have been perfectly happy with Giambi at DH, Melky in left, and Phillips or Cairo at 1B. But no, Joe will start a 50 yearold veteran so long as he's healthy. And I stick by my belief that Wang should have started this game.

As Cliff would say, Joe has "reverted to the mean," meaning he was a below .500 manager before coming to the Yankees, and there was a good reason for that. Obviously that wouldn't cure the hitting, but we need changes, obviously.

It's not like we are losing the World Series, we can't even get out of the first round with the current team and management. The times "they need a changin'."

2006-10-07 15:14:30
623.   Simone
Another positive is that Philip Hughes will be on his way and the Yankees will pony up for Matsuzaka.
2006-10-07 15:15:09
624.   yankz
Hey, this is kind of neat!
2006-10-07 15:15:12
625.   Wait Til Next Year
We are really, really good at beating out double plays!
2006-10-07 15:15:13
626.   AbbyNormal821
Work a walk, Melky!
2006-10-07 15:15:38
627.   claybeez
608 That's been the mantra every year. Sorry, something about this collection of talent does not work. Whether it's chemistry, the pressure of being expected to win or too many holes. It's just not working. Keep the core and don't be afraid to make the tough decisions.
2006-10-07 15:16:11
628.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-07 15:16:39
629.   AbbyNormal821
Wow, he's thrown a whole 10 pitches so far this inning- his arm must be killing him!
2006-10-07 15:16:46
630.   Wait Til Next Year
Do we have any stat freaks here? What's the biggest run-scoring inning we've had all year?
2006-10-07 15:16:55
631.   yankz
Yes! A ball! A real actual ball!
2006-10-07 15:16:56
632.   Ramone
Now, here comes the slider.
2006-10-07 15:17:25
633.   Sliced Bread
Mt. Steinbrenner is going to erupt in approximately 35 minutes.

He has about a billion reasons to do so (2001-2006).

2006-10-07 15:17:39
634.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I turned the sound off.

How gleeful are Buck and McCarver?

2006-10-07 15:17:52
635.   rbj
Well, Yanks got the hit. The rest doesn't matter.
2006-10-07 15:17:59
636.   fansince77
I got an idea. How about rolling our wrist over and hitting a fairly average looking ground ball. Anyone?...AROD- MELK- Damon?
2006-10-07 15:18:05
637.   Simone
622 LOL! Cairo and Phillips?! You are really scrubbing the bottom of the barrel to find something to attack Joe over.
2006-10-07 15:18:24
638.   brockdc
Damon looks lost.


2006-10-07 15:18:35
639.   Peter
630 IIRC, the Yanks scored 10 in the 8th against the Royals not too long ago.
2006-10-07 15:19:18
640.   Stormer Sports

It worked for 162 games and the best record in baseball didn't it?

2006-10-07 15:19:26
641.   claybeez
Damon's been lost for a while. Just ask my 2nd place fantasy team.
2006-10-07 15:20:32
642.   Simone
622 How about Kevin Thompson? Or even better Bubba? Yep, they br'ng the Yankees also. What about Sean Henn? Perhaps, they should have kept Ponson. LOL!
2006-10-07 15:21:59
643.   AbbyNormal821
I think the Yanks will be making a QUICK exit out of Detroit - nobody will want to talk.

A-Rod of course, will still be saying "there's nothing wrong, there is no slump"


2006-10-07 15:22:07
644.   singledd
582AbbyNormal821 - I am originally from Great Neck, and as a kid, my best friend was bat boy for the Mets the year they first won... (1969?) so I know Yankees/Mets 'love'.

But believe me, Mets fans, who are at least quasi intelligent, look like a higher life form compared to Sox fans. Because the Sox did so poorly, they will grab this Yanks slaugher like a life raft in the pacific, and behave as if it were the Sox, and not the Tigers, who humiliated us like this.

2006-10-07 15:22:15
645.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Bring O'Neil out of retirement.
2006-10-07 15:22:36
646.   randym77
What the heck, put the scrubs in. It was the scrubs who started our biggest comeback of the year. What is there to lose at this point?
2006-10-07 15:23:29
647.   yankz
I've stopped watching, though I think I'll lurk here.
2006-10-07 15:23:47
648.   revksb
This is like a postseason version of the Knicks-- millions of dollars spent and no results seen.
2006-10-07 15:24:14
649.   Orly Yarly NoWai
647 It's good for your health to stop watching. I can't look away...
2006-10-07 15:24:18
650.   Stormer Sports

Nope. But starting Kevin Brown a.k.a. Jaret Wright over your ace on 3 days rest will be rightfully critized. Would we have scored, who knows? But leave it all on the field, and not starting your best guy in an elimination game is certainly something that should be looked at. Like I said, you give yourself the best chance to win and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow, and now there is no tomorrow. I hope George has enough energy left to clean house.

Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-10-07 15:25:07
651.   randym77
642 Bubba would have caught the ball that dropped in in front of Abreu yesterday and opened the floodgates. And they wouldn't be running on Thompson's arm like they are on Damon's.

Not that I'm saying I'd trade them, but there's something to be said for defense.

2006-10-07 15:25:51
652.   Wait Til Next Year
By all. I'm going to my anniversary dinner. Wait til next year.
2006-10-07 15:25:52
653.   Orly Yarly NoWai
You know what this is? This is the '88 and '90 WS.
2006-10-07 15:26:11
654.   Simone
640 Or you could look at some talented players who didn't execute instead of longing for the crap of the MLB to play on this team.

Let me repeat my earlier post: If Mussina had held his lead, then losing game 3 and 4 would have been tough, but the Yankees would have been favored with Wang going in the 5th game at the Stadium.

2006-10-07 15:26:20
655.   fansince77
These announcers on FOX are ready for the post game ORGY with the Tigers...Words like "sweet," for Polanco and "Love" for Casey- talk about your bandwagoneers!
2006-10-07 15:26:34
656.   Flip Play
You can't buy chemistry and heart, nevermind a championship. Steinbrenner should blame himself. Should not that he possible could.

Oh look -- more runs.

This is the team Steinbreener pays for and this is the team going down in flames for the third year in a row.

2006-10-07 15:26:35
657.   rbj
645 You mean Buck O'Neil? Even dead he's showing more life than this lineup.
2006-10-07 15:26:37
658.   Sliced Bread
Look, I liked this team a lot. A lot of us did. Nobody said the Tigers were going to be easy, at least nobody that I listened to.
We knew our pitching was a crap shoot (emphasis on crap, I guess).
I'm not shocked that the Tigers beat us, but I'm bitterly disappointed that the Yanks went down in a humiliating laugher.
Disgraced by Detroit. Go fucking figure.
2006-10-07 15:27:04
659.   smingers
This series would not have been changed by Cairo or Phillips. We have the right players on the field. The problem is these right players have collectively gagged.

As much as this has to do with the Tigers pitching and the randomness involved in a short series, these Yankees have totally choked. To me nothing is more telling than Bonderman having to throw only 40 pitches in his first 5 innings against the most patient lineup in baseball. This is a team that, despite its regular season success, has no confidence or fire. This is not a mentally tough bunch.

We knew the pitching and defense were bad coming into the playoffs, but what's happened to their bats is shocking.

2006-10-07 15:27:21
660.   yankz
I wish I could just freeze that De-rek Je-ter moment, and live in it forever.
2006-10-07 15:27:21
661.   murphy
i do not have cable. i get to watch about 20 games a year on tv. this is one of them? i am shuttting down folks. see you for hot stove (though i am guessing we'll be cold) season.
2006-10-07 15:27:22
662.   Murray
645 Good idea. Buck O'Neill would fit in great with this lineup today.
2006-10-07 15:27:59
663.   fansince77
Grant it that ball was SMOKED! But Sheff's dive for the ball eight inches away from him looked as listless as his strike threes today. They just have NO DESIRE WHATSOVER!
2006-10-07 15:28:12
664.   Orly Yarly NoWai
657 I actually meant Paul (damn you fingers!!) but Buck would be good too.
2006-10-07 15:29:13
665.   Simone
651 Defense isn't worth a damn if there is no offense or pitching.

650 After how Wright pitched today, you actually are trying to present him as an alternative to Kevin Brown? You were laughing hysterically while you typed that, right? Yes, you are. I know, you are.

2006-10-07 15:30:07
666.   Stormer Sports

And if Johnson pitches well we win, right? Look, Mussina gave up 4 ER, that isn't terrible. We should have scored more than we did, don't hang that on Moose, it's unfair, and contrary to most of what you say about blaming players and coaches.

Every player on this team deserves to be critizied equally. They all stunk, and not a one of them deserves cheers or praise until next October. They played like a bunch of minor leaguers and Jeter thought the whole thing was funny, laughing it up in the dugout as we speak. Great, smile when things are bad, and you'll get the Arod treatment too.

2006-10-07 15:30:11
667.   Orly Yarly NoWai
It's a big day in Michigan! BIG FUCKING DEAL.
2006-10-07 15:30:53
668.   Levy2020
How in the world do you improve this offense for next year? We all know that pitching is much, much weaker on paper, but there's no pitching that would have won these past two games.
2006-10-07 15:31:07
669.   no2ss
Yay. Another hit.
2006-10-07 15:31:14
670.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Jesus! The first good swing of the day!
2006-10-07 15:31:26
671.   rbj
socco voce:
yay, a hit for jeter.
2006-10-07 15:31:37
672.   dzzrtRatt
661 What? You don't have cable? Well, no wonder they lost. The Yanks didn't have your money. All you free-TV freeloaders were the difference between victory and defeat. $200 million just isn't enough!

Next year, the Yankees need to spend enough money to guarantee victory. I mean, no wiggle room. They have to finish first, and then sweep all the post season series. If it takes $300 million so be it.

So I hope they take all their games off free TV. You just can't afford to throw your pearls before swine when you're trying to win a championship the Yankee way.

2006-10-07 15:31:58
673.   Simone
658 Very fair statement. I was never convinced that Tigers would be a better match up for the Yankees over the Twins. However, I thought the Yankees' hitting would be good enough and that the pitching would hold. I thought game 1 and 2 were in the bag and that game 3 and 4 would be a crap shoot. I never saw Mussina giving up a lead in game 2 or the offense dying like it has so far.
2006-10-07 15:32:03
674.   yankz
Something's happened. What the hell is it? Why do they all collectively choke the past 3 postseasons?
2006-10-07 15:32:25
675.   randym77
665 The lack of offense is the flip side of the same problem. We're a one-dimensional team. When Plan A isn't working, there's no Plan B or Plan C. It's just push harder on Plan A.
2006-10-07 15:32:56
676.   Simone
Okay, guys get a run in here.

Neyer, Simmons, Caple, Gollum aka Lupica, are going to have a field day.

2006-10-07 15:33:09
677.   Orly Yarly NoWai
672 To quote Tom Jackson, are you retarded?
2006-10-07 15:33:18
678.   weeping for brunnhilde
668 Two words: contact hitters.
2006-10-07 15:33:32
679.   no2ss
Two hits in a row!
2006-10-07 15:33:52
680.   AbbyNormal821
676 Lupica is the Anti-Christ
2006-10-07 15:34:04
681.   Stormer Sports
Great, now they hit when it's too little too late.
2006-10-07 15:34:04
682.   rbj
Oh, my god, two hits in an inning! Yankees advanced a runner. Bonus moral victory.
2006-10-07 15:34:20
683.   fansince77
God Sheff is killing us!
2006-10-07 15:34:55
684.   Stormer Sports
Why no PH Giambi against the right hander?
2006-10-07 15:34:57
685.   Simone
675 No team, no matter how much their payroll, has a plan B when their offense is dead. The Yankees won games hitting home runs. They won game scratching out runs. They have been able to none of that since game one.
2006-10-07 15:34:57
686.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
This is second only to 04 for the biggest folds in history....

If Torre has to eat this and he has to be it...

does A Rod even fly back to NYC or just send the is over for him and many others in NYC

2006-10-07 15:35:43
687.   singledd
Somebody tell me how many runs/game we averaged against Detroit during the season.
Something unexplainable has happened.

Can anybody remember 2 worse back-to-back offensive games anytime this season? Tell me.

There is simply no logical explaination (cue Twilight Zone music) for yesterday and today.

2006-10-07 15:35:45
688.   no2ss
They scored!
2006-10-07 15:35:47
689.   Simone
I may not like Sheffield, but he deserved to win his second ring as a Yankee.

Yess!!! A run, a run!

2006-10-07 15:35:54
690.   Orly Yarly NoWai

Where's the cream when Sheff needs it?!

2006-10-07 15:36:09
691.   rbj
OMG, Yankees score a run!
Double secret moral victory!!
2006-10-07 15:36:17
692.   randym77
678 I agree. That's the way to deal with good pitching.
2006-10-07 15:36:42
693.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Now the Mets win the WS and we have to listen to those assclowns all winter....
2006-10-07 15:36:59
694.   Flip Play
Good, the Yankees scored a run. Now I'm turning it off.
2006-10-07 15:37:15
695.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Come on Posada. You've been here before. You can do this.
2006-10-07 15:37:18
696.   Simone
My fear is that Cashman will lose his newly gained power after this debacle. All the progress made with the farm will dissipate. I don't know if Joe survives this mess, but it seems to me that if Rick Down got blamed when the Yankees didn't hit, then this is on Donnie also.
2006-10-07 15:37:26
697.   Stormer Sports

He is off to the Spa. He's too "good looking" and "bright" and "nearly perfect" and "not slumping" to be dumb enough to show his face in NY.


Oh Joe is most definitely gone, so is Moose, Guidry, and Sheffield.

2006-10-07 15:37:41
698.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
The Royals seemed to deal with this good pitching en route to a sweep to knock these Tigers into the wild card
2006-10-07 15:37:54
699.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-07 15:38:02
700.   no2ss
Another hit! More victories galore.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-10-07 15:38:29
701.   Stormer Sports
So, Posada is the only guy who appears to give a shit?
2006-10-07 15:38:32
702.   no2ss
Oops. Meant moral victories galore.
2006-10-07 15:39:06
703.   Orly Yarly NoWai
C'mon Cano. Do what Posada did.
2006-10-07 15:39:11
704.   smingers
Not asking what SHOULD happen, but what do you think WILL happen?

Will Torre go?
Will they pick up Sheff's option? Moose's?
Will they explore trading Arod?
Will they bring back Wright or buy him out?

2006-10-07 15:39:20
705.   Simone
678 Contact hitters: Abreu, Jeter, Matsui (doesn't have much of his old power), Cano and Caberera. Really, they are Yankees.
2006-10-07 15:39:52
706.   no2ss
So much for the moral victories adding up to anything. :(
2006-10-07 15:40:10
707.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I leave for a two week trip tomorrow and have a 1pm flight to Beijing...hopefully this shit will die down in two weeks and oddly enough I took a similiar trip to Beijing in 04 and ws surrounded by 1.5bn Chinese who did not give a shit about Ortiz and Manny
2006-10-07 15:40:21
708.   randym77
685 They haven't really tried anything except swinging for the fences. I dunno, maybe Jeter got so much abuse for that attempted bunt that they were all too scared to try small ball after that.
2006-10-07 15:40:58
709.   Simone
701 Actually, only the fans care. The players and coaches, they don't care about losing or embarassing themselves at the thing that they do and love best in the world. They don't care one bit. They love losing. If they could lose everyday they would.
2006-10-07 15:41:00
710.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Sheff is gone. Moose will stay a year. A-Rod stays because he has to. Wright stays.
2006-10-07 15:41:15
711.   Benjamin Kabak
Let's go Oakland. Let's go Oakland.

There's no way in hell I'm rooting for the Mets.

2006-10-07 15:41:39
712.   no2ss
Wright is definitely gone. I can't see them bringing him back. I could also see them keeping a-rod and bringing in pinella knowing that the two worked well together in the past.
2006-10-07 15:41:40
713.   weeping for brunnhilde
705 Yes, Simone. I want more of the same.

I especially want guys who don't try to pull outside pitches.

I'm so fucking sick of watching guys try to pull outside pitches and hitting weak grounders to second as Matsui did in that last ab.

2006-10-07 15:41:49
714.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Torre GONE

Sheff probably gone...Boston ?

Moose...keep him

offer Wright a deal only if he rubs out Pavano and we can collect the insurance

2006-10-07 15:42:06
715.   Stormer Sports
The Big East is a viable conference, The Super Bowl Champs are going to be 1-3, and the American League East scares No-One, the times they are a' changin'.
2006-10-07 15:42:43
716.   Orly Yarly NoWai
We need some gap-to-gap hitters.
2006-10-07 15:42:57
717.   nick
thanks for being the voice of sanity, Simone.....look guys, if you can't buy 3 legitimate #1 starters, you can't guarantee victory in the postseason. and legitimate #1s just aren't available on the open market. old Kevin, old Randy: not legit #1s....we didn't get a single strong start in these four games. I put a lot on Moose, too: sometimes you have to win a game like that to win a series. we didn't.
2006-10-07 15:43:20
718.   rbj
Does anyone else remember the story of the video that the "Director of Optimal Performance" showed the team before the start of the series. Show that video to Bin Laden.
And fire the DOP(e)
2006-10-07 15:43:41
719.   Stormer Sports
Washington with one more chance to beat USC. It sure beats watching what used to be the New York Yankees. Anyone know a Dr. in LA that removes tattoos?
2006-10-07 15:43:58
720.   weeping for brunnhilde
Simone, maybe a better way to put it would be professional hitters. Guys who know how to make adjustments and hit it where it's pitched and shorten up their swings when appropriate, etc.
2006-10-07 15:44:08
721.   Murray
Considering the rest of this country's attitude toward New York most of the time, I don't see how you can do anything but root for the Mets.
2006-10-07 15:44:14
722.   Orly Yarly NoWai
717 The problem isn't so much the composition of the team as it is the attitude with which they seem to be playing.
2006-10-07 15:44:19
723.   AbbyNormal821
Anyone see build a starting rotation around Wang...could they do this?
2006-10-07 15:44:23
724.   Benjamin Kabak
Ah, I see even now, Torre is going to have Proctor throw 110 innings on the season. Great. I can't wait to see Proctor's arm fall off next season.
2006-10-07 15:44:39
725.   Simone
708 They haven't all been swinging for the fences as far as I can tell. They have been trying to make contact though they have been unsucessful. Abreu has been trying to take pitches and work walks, but has been forced to swing as the Tiger pitchers have thrown first pitch strikes. Jeter has been trying to turn the ball. Giambi looked like he was trying to avoid the shift. Alex is in a slump. Sheffield has no timing. Matsui has been trying to make contact and place the ball. Cano has been doing his usual thing. Nothing has been working.
2006-10-07 15:45:00
726.   Benjamin Kabak
723 Not unless Wang becomes more of a strike out pitcher. He's a good number 2/3 but not an ace. However, Philip Hughes....
2006-10-07 15:45:43
727.   Simone
723 Cashman (if he survives) will build around Hughes with Wang and maybe Matsuzaka as the younger pieces.
2006-10-07 15:45:45
728.   Stormer Sports

Yep. No fire. No glue, and it appeared they were just ready to get away from the media mess, which will be much less pronounced next year withoud Arod shooting his mouth off and making no sense on a daily basis.

2006-10-07 15:46:22
729.   weeping for brunnhilde
725 You may be right, Simone. It may be nothing more than anger and frustration speaking.

I'm not sure.

2006-10-07 15:46:35
730.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Cashman had better survive. George isn't exactly the greatest GM in the world.
2006-10-07 15:46:50
731.   Greg Brock
Sign Zito and Schmidt. You guys will be fine. For all the talk I read around here, you guys just don't have the pitching. Get pitching, and you win the WS.
2006-10-07 15:47:15
732.   Stormer Sports

And if they didn't treat him like a little baby bitch, he might have started one of these games.

2006-10-07 15:48:04
733.   Orly Yarly NoWai
728 Don't put this on A-Rod. He'd be much better off if Jeter and Giambi, that fat-faced pimple, hadn't tossed him under a bus at the end of the season.
2006-10-07 15:48:32
734.   Murray
726 When was the last time that any team went with three starting pitchers in the playoffs?
2006-10-07 15:48:41
735.   no2ss
6 more outs. 8 runs can be scored in 6 outs. Really. They can. I think...
2006-10-07 15:49:20
736.   Stormer Sports

I don't want to watch Schmidt walk 75 guys next year. He won't be in the NL West anymore. Zito has potential, but we'll see what the front office does. We already have committments putting payroll over 200 million, I don't see any big signings this off-season. George will say "if you cant win with that, what can you win with?" And he'll be 100% correct!

2006-10-07 15:49:32
737.   BklynBmr
731 When pitching can score runs, I'll buy into that.
2006-10-07 15:49:33
738.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I hope.
2006-10-07 15:49:38
739.   Marcus
4 in the 8th, 4 in the 9th. Heh heh... This is so painful....
2006-10-07 15:49:39
740.   Benjamin Kabak
734 What do you mean? I don't see from where your question follows.
2006-10-07 15:49:48
741.   Murray
Sorry, I meant 732, when was the last time that any team went with three starting pitchers in the playoffs?
2006-10-07 15:50:31
742.   Simone
732 Of course you will be paying for Hughes' Tommy John surgery.
2006-10-07 15:50:36
743.   ny2
728. Jeter has never thrown him under the bus ... he just doesn't say anything about him ... avoids the subject
2006-10-07 15:51:08
744.   BklynBmr
736 "George will say "if you cant win with that, what can you win with?" And he'll be 100% correct!"


2006-10-07 15:51:18
745.   randym77
I can't believe the season is ending like this. It all seems so sudden.
2006-10-07 15:51:22
746.   Stormer Sports

For a series, the Marlins basically did it, so did the D'backs and the Red Sox with Clemens.

2006-10-07 15:51:30
747.   AbbyNormal821
I'm thinking I might make a run for the border - watching a sad game like this, and and I think i've earned the right to some crappy taco supremes with extra sour cream!
2006-10-07 15:51:49
748.   ny2
i swear if he hits a hr here i'd punch him
2006-10-07 15:51:56
749.   Simone
Cashman, is thinking "nightmare." Alex, whatever happens it isn't your fault.
2006-10-07 15:52:05
750.   BklynBmr
"A-Rod Sucks" chant by the Tiger crowd...
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2006-10-07 15:52:05
751.   Orly Yarly NoWai
743 He has never DIRECTLY thrown him under the bus, but every time he gives one of those "I don't really think about that; I just want to win" speeches the direct implication is that Alex doesn't.
2006-10-07 15:52:14
752.   smingers
I wonder how much this lineup was overvalued by its ability to feast on bad pitching. Guys who can pitch in the strike zone have shown they can shut us down.

And I wonder how much of this is mental, maybe even some hangover from 2004 and last year's quick exit. These guys are obviously pros, and used to handling adversity, but they're still human. And the absurd pressure to win in the Bronx has got to have some impact.

2006-10-07 15:52:24
753.   Greg Brock
737 Yeah, because you guys have a really weak lineup. Scoring runs is the problem for the Yanks. That's it.

At least pitching would have stopped you from getting housed 8-1 today.

2006-10-07 15:52:50
754.   Stormer Sports

That sounds great to me! 4 Taco Supremes, and a side of sour. I'll have a salad afterwards to balance it out.

2006-10-07 15:53:33
755.   Benjamin Kabak
Pitching is responsible for game 2. Pitching is responsible for this 8-1 shit game today. I mean, Jaret Wright starting a clinching game for the $200 million Yankees? Gimme a break.
2006-10-07 15:53:59
756.   Sliced Bread
Yes, the bats disappeared, but I think this series is on the Yankees pitchers, who never took control of a game.

The mediocrity of the Yankees pitching was exposed and exploited by a lineup of undisciplined hitters. That was the difference in the series.

The failure of the Yankees pitchers to control a game (or maintain control in Mussina's case) took the Yankees hitters out of their grinding game, and Detroit's young arms rose to the occasion. Of course Kenny Rogers went fucking freak show on them throwing the game of his career. It would have been a series if Detroit's pitching was as pedestrian as ours.

Even on paper, this was a series the Yanks could lose. The only way the Yanks were going to beat anybody this October was if their pitchers controlled the games, and the hitters stuck to their game plan. That didn't happen. Enter winter.

PS - said it before, but I feel it coming: Steinbrenner is going to fucking freak.

2006-10-07 15:54:37
757.   Marcus
753 Um, are you watching the games? 3, 0, and 1 runs (on a ground out) in the last three games. Scoring runs is the problem, at least in this series. The terrible pitching just exacerbates it.
2006-10-07 15:54:45
758.   Simone
If that is what George thinks, then he needs to trade Wang for Pedro, Hughes for El Duque and Wood. Keep stocking the Yankee starting rotation with old and/or injury prone players.

Bernie, you won 4 World Championships. It was a hell of a career.

Mussina, you will get another chance for a reasonable contract.

2006-10-07 15:55:19
759.   AbbyNormal821

Sliced, man - thanks for making me laugh. I needed that!

2006-10-07 15:55:30
760.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Damon works the walk.


2006-10-07 15:55:39
761.   Simone
753 Piss off.
2006-10-07 15:55:43
762.   BklynBmr
753 And the difference between 2-1 and 8-1 if you can't hit your way out of a paper bag is?
2006-10-07 15:55:55
763.   Murray
From a people management perspective, Torre needed to do something to deflect all of this fuss from Alex Rodriguez. If that meant pulling Jeter into his office and saying, "Look, Captain, I need you to show the world that you like him again so that the outside world lays off and the clubhouse takes him to heart, even if you have to pretend," then Torre should have done it. If it meant taking more of a petulant stance with reporters asking stupid questions at the beginning of this, then he should have done it. I view this as a Torre mistake.

There's no way that Torre ever would have batted a slumping Gary Sheffield eighth, or a slumping Giambi, even, eighth. It suggests to me that Torre really dislikes Rodriguez.

2006-10-07 15:56:39
764.   Simone
It is only the 8th inning.
2006-10-07 15:56:40
765.   weeping for brunnhilde
753 Scoring runs against superior pitching is always a problem for any team.

In my personal opinion, the best chances to hit superior pitching is to have professional hitters; guys who routinely go the other way, fight off pitches, make contact at all costs, etc.

2006-10-07 15:56:51
766.   Greg Brock
757 "Um", I'd like to introduce you to my good friend Sample Size. 162 games vs. 3 games.

You have a good lineup. Stop saying you don't. I'm not trying to pick a fight, but the problem with the Yankees is pitching. I'm sorry you guys lost, by the way.

2006-10-07 15:56:51
767.   smingers
751 Part of the problem with Arod is the idea that he can only perform when everything -- his confidence, the media coverage, his teammates responses -- go exactly his way. At some point it's on him to just suck it up and do his job. How can you ever count on someone if you think a Sports Illustrated article before the playoffs can torpedo him?

Yes, the media give him way more crap than he deserves. And yes, his teammates haven't always had his back as they should. But the big problem is his mental fragility, not their failures to treat him with kid gloves.

2006-10-07 15:59:15
768.   joejoejoe
3 Bjorn Nittmo field goals and we go ahead 10-8.

Have faith.

2006-10-07 15:59:25
769.   Harley
Yep. Torre's job -- and the thing he's best at, so we're told -- is to put his players in a position to succeed. For whatever reason, starting with the SI story, he seems to have done everything in his power to place A-Rod in a position to fail, including the weird batting order moves.
2006-10-07 15:59:27
770.   Simone
767 Unless you slam every other hitter, leave A-Rod alone. He is one among many who have failed on offense.
2006-10-07 15:59:29
771.   Orly Yarly NoWai
767 Not treating him with kid gloves is an understatement. I highly doubt you've ever been considered the most talented at anything, THEN subjected to two years of constant press abuse when you perform well rather than spectacularly. It takes a toll. This season he did suck it up and do his job. Then he got a hatchet job at the end of the year.
2006-10-07 16:00:18
772.   ack
Friends, the problem is the hype.

It's the hype that makes journalists write about "the best line-up ever", or "the most patient line-up" or the "2006 version of the Murderer's row".
It's the hype that makes us feel good when we read it.
Everybody knows we are talking about a sport where payroll has little impact when things are on the line. What having an all-star in almost every position did for this team in the past years?
What you need is a TEAM.
The Yankees of 96-2000 were a team, these guys are not. Teams win in the playoffs, for reasons that money can buy, or explain.

Now we know what we are going to read/listen (if we have stomachs for it) in the next few days. Variations of:

"It wasn´t meant to be"
"We thouhgt we were the better team"
"Dude pitched a great game"
"We have to keep our heads up"
"We'll come back next year"

And we are going to read the same guys who wrote these players should dominate everyone, telling us how overpaid they are, how old they are, how wrong they are.

It is the hype that makes us fell sick when we think about everything we do because of this team in our lives, on a day like today.

And it is the hype that makes us say that we will take a time off, because these players don't deserve it.

But we know it won't take long.

I agree with many of you. I accept losing, as long as you show some fight. What we saw the last couple of days is absolutely disgusting.

2006-10-07 16:00:37
773.   no2ss
Come on guys. Let's get ready for the best postseason comeback ever...
2006-10-07 16:00:47
774.   smingers
766 I think it's generally accepted around here that our pitching stinks, which is why people are focused on the failings of the bats.

And no one disputes that these are good hitters. It's just curious that they all have two hands wrapped around their throats.

2006-10-07 16:01:12
775.   Benjamin Kabak
I think Torre really dropped the ball today. He basically insulted A-Rod, one of the game's best hitters and a professional athlete, by batting him 8th. He threw him under the f***ing bus. How can you do that to anyone in a huge game 4? I mean I know A-Rod's been bad, but that's just publically insulting to the man. Terrible decision by Torre.
2006-10-07 16:01:20
776.   Stormer Sports
Well, at least we aren't losing to an affluent city like Seattle or something. There are worse fans out there than Detroit. Savor it until the Mets lineup crushes all the pitchers that out better lineup couldn't.
2006-10-07 16:02:05
777.   Stormer Sports

We couldn't score 8 runs in a week with thses guys right now.

2006-10-07 16:02:15
778.   Orly Yarly NoWai
772 you know what I'd like to hear? I'd like one of the Yankees, I don't care who, just to say "You know what? We ARE the better team and the way we played was pathetic." Accept some responsibility.
2006-10-07 16:02:15
779.   revksb
Bereft Bernie--sad sight to see.
2006-10-07 16:02:36
780.   Murray
I like the Mets, too, so I'm not going to preoccupy myself with silly negatives about the Yankees this week while there's still October baseball to enjoy.
2006-10-07 16:03:06
781.   JeremyM
775 I agree, and hindsight being what it is, reading some of these posts, it's clear that Torre has failed A-Rod as a manager. Obviously, it's not a one-sided street.

Torre has to go. Any pleas to the contrary will fall on deaf ears. It's not entirely his fault, I think managers eventually reach a stale date and he's well beyond his.

2006-10-07 16:03:14
782.   Harley
Orly -- watch Damon, it's the kind of thing he might say.
2006-10-07 16:03:23
783.   randym77
It was a problem last year, and early this year. We win some games in a blowout, but lose close, low-scoring games.

You gotta be able to win some pitchers' duels in the postseason. Look at the scores of some the other playoff games. 1-3, 3-0, 3-2. Those are the kinds of games this lineup seems to have trouble winning. The first two weeks of the season, we didn't win any game unless we scored 9 runs or more.

2006-10-07 16:03:36
784.   nick
766 yeah, you're right--sometimes you need (Pettite v Maddux) a 1-0 win. In the playoffs, the value of your top 6 pitchers is hugely magnified--our top 6 pitchers don't compare favorably to anybody else's...
2006-10-07 16:03:52
785.   Simone
775 I also agree that Joe was wrong, but seriously, what difference does it make where he bats at this point? A-Rod is in a slump.

Peter Abraham just called A-Rod "a bad seed." Goes to show you have different people see the same things, different ways.

2006-10-07 16:04:00
786.   Marcus
766 Thanks for your advice and sincere empathy, but let's be frank, you're just piling on. I'm sure it's fun, but it's also bad form.

The Yankees need better pitching, no doubt. The lineup didn't do bupkis in this series: Giambi, Sheffield, Roodriquez 3 for 34 or something. Great pitching on the Yankees side would only have made the series closer (would have won game 2), but you can't win when you score 0 or 1 run.

2006-10-07 16:04:44
787.   Simone
Come on, Farnesworth, you can hold this debacle at 8.
2006-10-07 16:04:56
788.   Murray
No, Torre doesn't necessarily have to go. Not because of this.

Last night, in a post-game interview near his locker, Jeter said something about how the team needs to be aggressive to win today. What that suggested to me--and remember, these guys are still dumb jocks at heart--is that they don't really understand what it is that makes them successful when they win.

2006-10-07 16:04:59
789.   Orly Yarly NoWai
782 Damon might and A-Rod actually might. Giambi shouldn't be allowed to speak.
2006-10-07 16:05:20
790.   nick
775 agree 100%
2006-10-07 16:05:44
791.   Simone
Alex, where are you? Enjoying the engagement party or in the dumps like us?
2006-10-07 16:05:55
792.   marc
I realize everyone's upset including me but this is a bunch garbage I'm reading here and if that's how management starts to think we're heading for a grave error that will damage this team for years. Bondermann we now has potential or is already one of the best if he's doing well. So exactly tell me what's the big miracle here? Bondermann continually throwing tough strikes can beat Wright and LIdle put together?. Perhaps no Yankee fan can wait for the time when a combination of Vlad and A-Rod makes our pitching look impotent, wins WS after WS but it really takes care of that problem of you won't have a young rich one of the greatest players of our time to boo and trash.

Anyone can sweep a three game series against anyone during the year and the fact is it's true in the PS when good pitchers are hot.

We can still have the greatest line-up in history next year especially if we keep Shef for another year and don't do something stupid like trade A-Rod. I just hope the Yanks do the right think and not just what the mob with the torches and pitch-forks and pens want.

2006-10-07 16:06:13
793.   Benjamin Kabak
781 Torre and George seem to have a good enough relationship that they should sit down and have a good long talk. Torre should resign as manager and stay with the team as some sort of adviser. Hire Girardi or Piniella or Mattingly. Give Cashman one more off-season to turn this team around. I mean, Cashman's had little success in the postseason as GM.

This makes it a much less uncomfortable position for everyone.

2006-10-07 16:06:41
794.   Harley

I love Jeter, but those crazy early-inning bunts suggest he doesn't always have a complete hold on what makes the team -- or even himself -- succeed.

2006-10-07 16:07:04
795.   smingers
770 771 I'm not defending anyone in this lineup. This is a team failure, no doubt. But the guy just seems so fragile that I don't know if he can ever succeed in NY. Not saying that's fair, it just might be the way it is.
2006-10-07 16:07:13
796.   no2ss
Ugh. Sheff.
2006-10-07 16:07:32
797.   Greg Brock
786 The playoffs are better when the Yankees are around. I'm not piling on. I'll just wait until cooler heads prevail before posting. That was probably bad timing on my part since I'm not a regular here and you guys are justifiably disappointed.
2006-10-07 16:07:47
798.   Sliced Bread
786 "Great pitching," by the Yanks, hell, league average pitching by the Yanks would have allowed the Yanks hitters to stick to their gameplan. The shaky to stinky Yankees pitching forced our hitters to press, and abandon their patient grind. The way I see it, this series is mostly on the pitchers.
2006-10-07 16:07:57
799.   Orly Yarly NoWai
792 I don't want Sheff next year. I mean that. I just don't. He's coming off a major injury and there's no space for him in the outfield. I want pitchers, damnit! PITCHERS!
2006-10-07 16:08:01
800.   Murray
785 Look, the sabermetrically savvy among us know that you could pull a lineup out of a hat for all the difference it makes. The point is that batting a player of Rodriguez's stature eighth simply isn't done unless one is trying to send a message to him or the world at large. For the much-put upon, fragile Rodriguez, the last person in the world whom he should be insulted by is his boss at a moment in time when his boss needs him to contribute to the team effort.
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2006-10-07 16:08:07
801.   rbj
The thing is, Cashman's strategy of building up through the farm system is going to take a couple of years to see if it works. Firing him after this three game debacle is idiotic.
2006-10-07 16:08:15
802.   jonm
All of you who are talking about Steinbrenner's reaction or who are thinking about what Steinbrenner will do are deluding yourself. The fact of the matter is that the old Steinbrenner doesn't exist anymore. Steinbrenner is out of it, presumably in an Alzheimer's or stroke-induced fog. Didn't anyone see his "speech" at the ground-breaking of the new stadium? Hasn't anyone noticed how brief and incomprehensible his comments have been over the last year or so? The Yankees are more like a corporate team controlled by Cashman now.
2006-10-07 16:08:22
803.   Benjamin Kabak
Sheffield as first is such a bad idea. Get him out.
2006-10-07 16:08:47
804.   randym77
785 OMG, did he really? A bad seed???!!
2006-10-07 16:09:08
805.   rbj
802 Right. Steinbrenner released a statment that his son-in-law is in control now.
2006-10-07 16:09:35
806.   claybeez
785 Anyone else out there with a Mac having trouble loading lohud in the last week+?
2006-10-07 16:09:51
807.   nick
778 exactly! imagine the interview you'll never hear: "we need to get lots of hits and shut down their hitting" game is more immune to effort, grunting, hustle than baseball; and (as a result?) in no game is the sweaty hustling "gamer" more highly praised...
2006-10-07 16:09:56
808.   Orly Yarly NoWai
795 If Dennis Freaking Rodman can thrive in Chicago during the single greatest concentration of sports media ever, then I think A-Rod can do ok if he gets the same treatment that Rodman did; that is, a little bit of support.
2006-10-07 16:09:58
809.   Benjamin Kabak
800 You just hit the nail on the head. The difference in lineups for the Yanks between the best and worse is about 6.6 to 6.3 runs per game (pitching independent). Since it's all so mental, why bother risk it?
2006-10-07 16:10:07
810.   Simone
793 The Yankees let Willie Randolph go so they can hire Girardi who has no interpersonal skills or any experience, Mattingly who has no experience, or Pinella is beyond dreadful? Ugh. Better George had fired Joe and hired Willie two years ago.
2006-10-07 16:10:24
811.   Sliced Bread
802 We'll see about that. I think he's lucid enough to comprehend this humiliating defeat.
2006-10-07 16:10:27
812.   Harley
Steinbrenner may be on the tiny bus to crazy town -- but he can still pull the trigger.
2006-10-07 16:11:02
813.   no2ss
Ok. The comeback starts now.
2006-10-07 16:11:14
814.   revksb
Pressure to off load AROD will be immense in the offseason. He'll invoke no trade clause. Big stein's henchman will leak that fact all winter long to the press, building up tremendous hostility as the sting from this season lingers.
His first AB in pinstripes in '07 will be a verbal bloodbath and it won't let up, regardless of how well he hits.

i don't think this is fair or right, just how it will be. but, also, maybe he is really just ed whitson with immense talent.

2006-10-07 16:11:20
815.   Stormer Sports

Well, we can't put it on Joe. Everyone stunk it up out there. The only changes that can be made are to fire Torre and the coaches, let Moose and Sheff go, and go with some young guys. Everyone else is under contract, and something obviously must change, so I predict they will change what can be changed, and that is likely Joe, Moose, Sheff, and maybe Cashman. They will look to deal Johnson, but won't be able to. They will look to deal Arod, but won't be able to. I am not saying they should, but no matter how most of us feel about the guy, he will be a huge distraction again next year, the fans will boo, and Alex will blab to the media again. For the good of the team, they will probably have to try and deal him. That's just the way it goes. Two first round losses in a row with a 200 million dollar payroll will have to bring about changes, that's baseball, that's NY, and that is what will happen.

It won't fix what ails us. WE need pitching badly. And there is no guarantee Zito or Schmidt won't be more overpaid mediocrity. Hughes has to start next year, and we have to give some young guys e.g. Karstens et. al. a shot. It's that simple.

I agree with Bklyn, no pitching would have salvaged this series, but Minnesota wins when Santana starts becuase they go into the game believing that they will, and we don't have anyone but maybe Wang, who instills that confidence in out hitters.

2006-10-07 16:11:28
816.   Murray
794 Actually I agree with you about Jeter's bunts. I think Jeter's problem is that some half-asleep manager somewhere told him that was the right way to play the game, and nobody ever told him otherwise. Not even Torre. So he keeps doing it, to the detriment of the club.
2006-10-07 16:11:41
817.   AbbyNormal821
808 Will A-Rod have to dress in drag to do succeed with the media???
2006-10-07 16:12:04
818.   Harley
Girardi's "interpersonal" skill failings were primarily (only?) with the GM, yes?
2006-10-07 16:12:05
819.   Marcus
798 I agree that the series is mostly on the pitching, although when the Tigers' pitchers are consistently pounding the strike zone, all the first pitch strikes, it's hard to be patient. The Yankees seemed to be constantly behind in the count aside from game 1. Maybe it just sticks in my head, but there was an inordinant amount of called 3 strikes on Yankee batters it big spots. The Tigers made tough pitch after tough pitch.
2006-10-07 16:12:40
820.   Stormer Sports

You cannot be serious. Piniella is the best, or damn near the best manager in this game. Any team would be lucky to have him.

2006-10-07 16:12:54
821.   ny2
794. it's the same as his teammates always hacking away ... can someone just tell them to make contact with the ball
2006-10-07 16:12:58
822.   Benjamin Kabak
810 Yes, I agree with you, but you work with what you've got. I guess the Yanks could use Peña or Bowa too as manager. It's not ideal. But something's gotta change, I think.

In all seriousness, would you trade A-Rod and $$ for Ervin Santana, Howie Kendrick and, say, Scot Shields?

2006-10-07 16:14:09
823.   Orly Yarly NoWai
808 Rodman's two best seasons with the media were the one where he went out with Madonna and the one where Phil Jackson and Jordan touted him to press as the MVP of the team and praised his effort.

So one of those two things for ARod.

2006-10-07 16:14:19
824.   Zavo
I don't see how firing Cashman does anything. He just got full control before this season, and I think he did a great job this season. The Abreu deal was a steal, Wilson, although he didn't work out, was an excellent deal. He kept all the top prospects at the deadline. He picked up Rasner and Bruney on the cheap...his best season yet in my opinion.

I don't pretend to have the answer as to what this team needs (other than the obvious better starting pitching) but Cashman should be kept around to get it done.

2006-10-07 16:14:23
825.   Harley
A-Rod for Zumaya, Verlander, and Inge. That's my final and only offer.
2006-10-07 16:14:25
826.   Stormer Sports

Yes, a GM who is a power hungry freak who cannot stand to be criticized. Girardi is a good baseball mind with great talent, he'll be fine wherever he ends up.

2006-10-07 16:14:26
827.   rbj
On the bright side, I'll be getting more sleep this month and won't have to overtax my liver (except for tonight)
2006-10-07 16:14:27
828.   Marcus
2006-10-07 16:14:31
829.   Benjamin Kabak
Remember this trade? Great job there by the Yankees. This is the entry for Jeremy Bonderman.

August 22, 2002: Sent by the Oakland Athletics to the Detroit Tigers to complete an earlier deal made on July 5, 2002. The Oakland Athletics sent a player to be named later, Carlos Pena, and Franklyn German to the Detroit Tigers. The New York Yankees sent Ted Lilly, John-Ford Griffin, and Jason Arnold (minors) to the Oakland Athletics. The Detroit Tigers sent Jeff Weaver to the New York Yankees. The Detroit Tigers sent cash to the Oakland Athletics. The Oakland Athletics sent Jeremy Bonderman (August 22, 2002) to the Detroit Tigers to complete the trade.

2006-10-07 16:14:31
830.   Murray
815 Yes, and in the revisionist 2006 ALDS, Santana beat the A's in Game 1 of a three-game contrafactual sweep.
2006-10-07 16:14:39
831.   nick
I would really like to see Bonderman knocked out here--what's his pitch count, 80?
2006-10-07 16:14:44
832.   Simone
So here are my changes for next year:

1) Let Sheffield move on
2) Keep Bernie, if he wants to stay
3) Re-sign Mussina for a lower contract
4) Keep Lidle, but try to trade Wright
5) Bring up Hughes mid-season
6) Sign Matsuzaka
7) Send Pavano to Rome for a blessing from the Pope
8) Get all the hitters some therapy to recouperate from the media and fan attacks.

2006-10-07 16:15:09
833.   Orly Yarly NoWai
822 Absolutely not.
2006-10-07 16:15:33
834.   Marcus
824 I agree 100%, Cashman did a superb job, no one should even be thinking of getting rid of him.
2006-10-07 16:15:38
835.   Simone
I forgot:

9) Do not fire anyone on the GM, manager or anyone on the coaching staff.

2006-10-07 16:16:11
836.   Harley
If Hughes pitches well in spring training? He's in the rotation, yes?
2006-10-07 16:16:38
837.   Murray
818 Girardi also torched top Marlins pitching prospect Josh Johnson this year through some extensive work. It's not all the Girardi/Loria dynamic.

I was hoping Monroe would Torii Hunter that play.

2006-10-07 16:16:40
838.   Benjamin Kabak
826 It's an owner not a GM. Girardi got along with Beinfest fine, but not Loria.

Goddamit Craig Monroe. SHIT SHIT SHIT

2006-10-07 16:16:46
839.   Marcus
There it is, the dagger has been twisted...
2006-10-07 16:16:50
840.   Stormer Sports
Speed and defense and pitching Oh MY!
2006-10-07 16:17:19
841.   Simone
818 Girardi idn't want to play the same young players that he is getting credit for. After alienting the front office that won a World Series, he proceeded to cuss out his owner. One day, he may be a good manager, but he isn't ready for the Yankees by a long shot.
2006-10-07 16:17:34
842.   Stormer Sports

Sorry, you're right, my mistake. How could I forget Loria....ugh.

2006-10-07 16:18:18
843.   Simone
837 I forgot about the Josh Johnson debacle. Girardi deserved to be fired for that alone.
2006-10-07 16:18:30
844.   nick
820 you just like Pinella because he has the red ass...
2006-10-07 16:18:31
845.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Besides, Girardi's going to be a Cub. Torre's staying.
2006-10-07 16:18:45
846.   Benjamin Kabak
How many days did Wright spend on the DL because of his shoulder last year? Was it 75 days? I hope so because then the Yanks can dump him without paying much. Otherwise, that talentless thug is on the team for another $7 mil.
2006-10-07 16:19:26
847.   Harley
I believe the expression is "is a red ass." Unless you know something about Lou the rest of us don't.
2006-10-07 16:19:30
848.   Orly Yarly NoWai
In conclusion, I blame Carl Pavano.
2006-10-07 16:19:54
849.   Stormer Sports
Does every relief pitcher Detroit has have a better ERA than every Yankee reliever less Rivera?
2006-10-07 16:20:35
850.   Stormer Sports
7 runs with 1 out. Not impossible, right?
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2006-10-07 16:20:39
851.   Orly Yarly NoWai
847 Actually, according to Ball Four, "an angry man has the red ass or the R.A." Can't remember the page.
2006-10-07 16:20:53
852.   yankz
847 LOL, my thoughts exactly.

Trade them all except for Jeter! Kidding, although I am this close to the trade Arod bandwagon. If they can get about 90% value, I'd do it.

2006-10-07 16:21:18
853.   randym77
818 From what I've Girardi got along great with the kids who played for him, but not with management. And it wasn't just the owner.

I love Girardi, but I really wonder if he has the political skills to make it in NY. Maybe eventually, but for now I think he needs to work somewhere else and get a few rough edges knocked off him.

2006-10-07 16:21:24
854.   AbbyNormal821 he steals a freakin' base???
2006-10-07 16:21:27
855.   Stormer Sports

Re; Piniella. At least then someone on the team would give a shit.

2006-10-07 16:21:34
856.   Benjamin Kabak
848 You joke, but that's a valid argument. I would take a good, healthy Pavano over Jaret wright any day.
2006-10-07 16:21:46
857.   Harley
Ahh, got it. "Has the red ass" it is!
2006-10-07 16:22:14
858.   Murray
851 Peter Golenbock uses the phrase that way in "Dynasty," the oral history he wrote about the 1950s Yankees. And it was said that Stengel was the biggest red ass of them all.
2006-10-07 16:22:31
859.   yankz
I still think it sounds funny. Which one of you saw Sweet Lou in the showers?
2006-10-07 16:22:40
860.   rbj
Benjamin, the Yanks save "only" $3-4 mil by letting Wright leave.
2006-10-07 16:22:42
861.   Simone
I hope that the As take out the Tigers so I get to see Kenny Rogers' sad face.
2006-10-07 16:22:52
862.   Benjamin Kabak
Why are we talking about Piniella's ass?
2006-10-07 16:23:06
863.   Stormer Sports

They have to trade him just to avoid the media circus next year. It's worth it to me anyway.

1 out to go of the second biggest meltdown in Yankee History!

2006-10-07 16:23:11
864.   Murray
856 There is no such thing as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and a healthy Carl Pavano.
2006-10-07 16:23:14
865.   Orly Yarly NoWai
856 It's a valid argument, but he's also responsible for our pitching problems the last two years. We shelled out big money for him and he hasn't been able to bother to even try to play for us. If he had class he'd retire.
2006-10-07 16:23:30
866.   BklynBmr
We're about to witness the greatest 9th inning comeback in history...
2006-10-07 16:23:34
867.   Marcus
Thank you Jorge, at least some kind of consolation........
2006-10-07 16:23:35
868.   Benjamin Kabak
Five more runs.
2006-10-07 16:23:38
869.   no2ss
comeback time!!!!!
2006-10-07 16:23:45
870.   AbbyNormal821
861 Hell yeah...
(but I'm still cheering for the Cards..)
2006-10-07 16:23:46
871.   murphy
i love jorge posada.
2006-10-07 16:23:51
872.   Simone
Hip Hip Jorge!!! One more out to score 5 runs.
2006-10-07 16:24:02
873.   nick
Jorge! and Derek the only bright spots in this miserable series
2006-10-07 16:24:13
874.   Stormer Sports
Like I said, only Posada gives a rats ass about this game. He's the only one showing even the slightest bit of fire.
2006-10-07 16:24:20
875.   Murray
Hmmm. Jones is the one guy in their bullpen these Yankees can hit. It's not over until it's over?
2006-10-07 16:24:20
876.   Orly Yarly NoWai
At this point I'd get rid of Jeter before Posada. I <3 Posada.
2006-10-07 16:24:28
877.   Marcus
Jorge was pissed. That's heart.
2006-10-07 16:24:28
878.   rbj
Well everyone, it's been a fun season, even though it's ending on a bitter, bitter note.

I'll read Alex's and Cliff's post season wrap ups, but I don't think I'll be in the comments for a few days. Need some time to heal.

2006-10-07 16:24:43
879.   Benjamin Kabak
860 It's not the money so much as Jaret Wright's pitching every five days for the Yankees. That's what makes it said. The Yanks can afford the money; but clearly they cannot afford to have Wright throw 28 games a year.
2006-10-07 16:25:19
880.   Simone
It is ovah! Stay away from ESPN, folks!

Pitchers and catchers will be here soon enough.

2006-10-07 16:25:19
881.   murphy
let's go mets.

get to the series and beat the motherfucking tigers.

2006-10-07 16:25:57
882.   AbbyNormal821
4 months till spring training!
2006-10-07 16:26:17
883.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Cold turkey away from sports for a week. At least. God this sucks.
2006-10-07 16:26:23
884.   AbbyNormal821
Go A's, go Cards!
2006-10-07 16:26:39
885.   claybeez
This sucks.
2006-10-07 16:26:46
886.   AbbyNormal821
...God! I hate Kool & the Gang!
2006-10-07 16:26:49
887.   Benjamin Kabak
864 What are you talking about?! The Easter Bunny isn't real?! OMG.
2006-10-07 16:26:59
888.   nick
well at least A-Rod didn't have end it....ok, time to call my dad and hash it all out--
2006-10-07 16:27:00
889.   Murray
881 I think Mickey Lolich and Rusty Staub would have to throw out the ceremonial first pitches at that, wouldn't you say?
2006-10-07 16:27:20
890.   ny2
you can't really dislike leyland
2006-10-07 16:27:22
891.   Stormer Sports
Carrying off Jim Leyland after the NLDS is so over the top I don't even know how to react to that.
2006-10-07 16:27:40
892.   Benjamin Kabak
881 Let's go A's. Screw the Mets. Yankee fans won't root for the Mets.
2006-10-07 16:28:46
893.   Orly Yarly NoWai
The As better win. They play like we used to.
2006-10-07 16:28:48
894.   AbbyNormal821
...and now Kim Jones of the YES Network is going to get told to fuck off by every player of the Yankees, including Torre & Jeter!
2006-10-07 16:29:37
895.   AbbyNormal821
Cripes - Paul O'Neill is PISSED too! LOL!
2006-10-07 16:29:46
896.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Out of the sun, out of the night
Comes the morning light
Just another day breaks
Under the same sky
As the misty dawning fades away to its lair
Silence and peace fills the air
While this placid day reflects its calm
Feeling the chill of a distant zone
Hear the lost ones' cry from miles away
Wishing they were gone to another day
But the wishes give no hide
And the beasts you dread dwells in disguise
2006-10-07 16:30:04
897.   Orly Yarly NoWai
As the smoke covers my eyes
Mystic sight reveals
A doleful land among the shadows
Where only lost men go
Struggling in the night
Grief I see in their eyes
The sun is blackened while they fight
But the fire of hatred's rising high
The commands were only lies
Around me young men die
2006-10-07 16:30:13
898.   Stormer Sports

I will! I live in LA now, so any chance for a NY team to win a championship over the sports wasteland of fans that is the west coast, is something I can get behind.

It's been great the past 10 years, but changes are going to be made, and they won't be pretty.

Sorry George, you deserved better, and anything you do will be pefectly fine with me.

2006-10-07 16:30:23
899.   Benjamin Kabak
God, Bonderman sounds as intelligent as Papelbon. Where do they find these guys?
2006-10-07 16:30:34
900.   Orly Yarly NoWai
What about the life...
that shined so bright once in your eyes?
What about the death... faith you lost...
so that was your quest?
What about the dreams...
there where no visions in your grief?
What about the fight...
that graced your life?
--Lost Horizon, "Welcome Back"
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2006-10-07 16:30:35
901.   ny2
895. what is he saying i don't have YES
2006-10-07 16:31:13
902.   glennrwordman
Hey, AbbyNormal--sorry! Go Cards!
2006-10-07 16:31:18
903.   brockdc
Sorry guys, but how can anyone ponder who they're going to pull for in the W.S. right now? I feel bruised.
2006-10-07 16:31:35
904.   Murray
892 I root for the Mets, too. Until stupid interleague play started, there was no reason to feel that the Yankees and Mets had anything to hate each other for at all. The great joy of being a baseball fan in New York is that you can follow both leagues easily. Enjoy the Mets while you can. The rest of the country hates New York. You shouldn't make it easier for them.

Oh, and I didn't like Leyland in Pittsburgh, so I really don't care for him now.

2006-10-07 16:31:39
905.   AbbyNormal821
He's just like, at a loss for words. He said there was just NO heart, no fire. other words - no Paul O'Neill on the team (again, 'cept Jete & Posada!)

2006-10-07 16:32:44
906.   Stormer Sports

He should be, he cares more about this than anyone in that lineup today. Noone deserves any sympathy, and anyone can be traded for all I care, anyone.

The fans, George, the State and City, deserved better than this, and any changes are warranted, no matter whose head has to roll, and which players need to be traded.

Tino is on ESPN News making excuses for the sorry lineup as we speak.

2006-10-07 16:32:46
907.   BklynBmr
The real winners tonight are:

1. My liver.
2. My blood pressure.
3. My complexion.
4. My relationships.

It's over. No more stress. No more anxiety.

Hot Stove League starts on Monday. Can't believe I'm saying this, but 'Let's Go, Mets'. Bring the title back to The Big Apple.

2006-10-07 16:32:52
908.   AbbyNormal821
....oh, careful Ordonez - don't get too much champagne on the dugout, you might like, slip & break something...oh, that woud be SO SAD!
2006-10-07 16:32:55
909.   AbbyNormal821
....oh, careful Ordonez - don't get too much champagne on the dugout, you might like, slip & break something...oh, that woud be SO SAD!
2006-10-07 16:33:08
910.   Benjamin Kabak
905 I know jeter is sacred around these parts, but where the fuck was his fire? i didn't see it. As the captain, did he motivate his team after game 1? Did he do anything?

He tried to bunt in the first inning of a game the day after going 5-for-5. And then he did nothing. Gimme a break.

Posada had fire. That was it. i saw more emotion from Brian Bruney than I did.

2006-10-07 16:33:09
911.   singledd
Posada's HR must be the least celebrated HR in history.

Torre had little to do win these loses.
If your son ALWAYS gets a C+ in Math, and an A+ in English, thats what you expect. So a C in Math is not much to get upset about, but a C in English is alarming, and not acceptable.

Our pitching has been C+ all year. We ALL knew this. Our offense, especially now (with ShefSui) is A+. I'm a little dosappointed by the pitching, but we got 2 decent games. Our offense TOTALLY FAILED. Our offense TOTALLY FAILED.

Win, lose or draw, the issue is: our offense TOTALLY FAILED.

If ARod continues to be punished by the media, fans and teammates, he willnot re-sign with the Yanks. I don't blame him. With 460 HRs at age 32, he has nothing to prove. If it were me, I'd go back to playing SS on a team with modest Left/Center fields.

Torre and team don't deserve this guy. Everyone stood up for Giambi... a known steroid user. Nobody stood up for ARod, a known HOF'er and historically great player.

2006-10-07 16:33:31
912.   ny2
Jeter and Posada are the only ones that showed up
2006-10-07 16:33:46
913.   Benjamin Kabak
Watch out, Detroit! Kenny Rogers is coming into the stands to beat you up! Run away!!!!!
2006-10-07 16:34:34
914.   AbbyNormal821
913 LOL!!!!
2006-10-07 16:34:37
915.   Benjamin Kabak
911 Re-sign with the Yanks? What are you talking about? A-Rod's under contract for four more years.
2006-10-07 16:34:47
916.   Stormer Sports
Joe is speaking now. I predict he will give Detroit pitching the credit instead of throwing his players under the bus, where they belong. Don't let me see Jeter's ass in Gardiner, NY this winter when I'm home visiting, I'll peg him in the back of the head with a snowball.
2006-10-07 16:35:28
917.   Sliced Bread
I'm rooting for Willie's Mets. Spent the first ten years of my life in Flushing, Queens. They have a place in my heart, and it would be fun to see them win the Series again.

Tigers-A's should be a good series, too, but I truly don't care who wins.

Hopefully, the winter will go by quickly.

Fun Yankees season, everybody! ('til it imploded)

2006-10-07 16:36:15
918.   AbbyNormal821
oh...Joe sounds like he is gettin' teary. now THAT is heartbreaking.
2006-10-07 16:36:26
919.   randym77
Joe looks like he's at a funeral.
2006-10-07 16:36:41
920.   brockdc
911 I hope he doesn't re-sign with the Yanks. He'll be like 42.
2006-10-07 16:36:51
921.   Orly Yarly NoWai
NOW he can care.
2006-10-07 16:36:57
922.   AbbyNormal821
917 Willie would be my reason for cheering for them too. I just don't know if I can...we'll see how it goes.
2006-10-07 16:37:33
923.   Stormer Sports

And continues to refuse to place the blame where it lies, with the lineup. Rogers and Bonderman are not Roger Clemens or Sandy Koufax. The lineup stunk. Just say it!

2006-10-07 16:37:43
924.   JeremyM
I'll pull for the A's just because Frank Thomas is one of my favorite non-Yanks (resisting the urge to say I like him more than most of the current team right now...). Anyway, I've really felt this was the World Series winning team, which shows how dumb I am.
2006-10-07 16:38:09
925.   mslug
Torre needs to go. Watching him on YES and he's emotionless. No wonder not a single player showed much emotion themselves.

And I'm tired of hearing how great D's pitching was. They threw a couple of guys that we are supposed to beat because we've always beat the m. What are the chances that they both throw the game of their lives? This lineup is far from murder's row or they are just plain old choke artists.

2006-10-07 16:38:37
926.   smingers
I don't believe that these guys didn't/don't care. I think they probably were overconfident, then got shaken once things didn't go their way and began pressing harder and harder.
2006-10-07 16:40:04
927.   singledd
832 Finally some sanity. Are we so low as to 'kill the messenger'. I can just imagine Pinella managing. We would NEVER have to worry about losing the back page to the Mets.

Torre keeps this team together. 96.7% of credit for winning, or losing, goes to the PLAYERS.

2006-10-07 16:40:25
928.   Orly Yarly NoWai
They simply stopped believing they could win.
2006-10-07 16:41:28
929.   Orly Yarly NoWai
927 We're not just killing the messenger. We're killing everyone else too.
2006-10-07 16:42:33
930.   Stormer Sports

Agreed, they just didn't look like they cared. I believe that if Paul O'Neill saw it, I'll trust his opinion over any of you, or any piece of shit in our lineup.

How long will the effect of 2004 last? 10 years, 15?

2006-10-07 16:43:20
931.   3rd gen yankee fan
I'm so disapppointed, I don't know what to say. But I'm here with ya, gang. Such a great season, down the tubes.
2006-10-07 16:43:52
932.   Benjamin Kabak
I think I'll go see The Departed tonight. I loved Infernal Affairs, and there's nothing like a heady movie to get my mind off this crappy series.
2006-10-07 16:44:36
933.   Orly Yarly NoWai
It's not the effect of 2004. It's the after-effect of a sac bunt down fuckin' Buck's strip of dirt. It's the ghost of a lonely, desperate bloop falling behind second base in 2001.
2006-10-07 16:45:33
934.   randym77
Jeez. We took five out of seven from Detroit in the regular season. Freakin' T-Long scored off Bonderman.

I'm in shock. I didn't think the Yanks were a shoe-in for the World Series like some did, but I didn't expect it to end like this.

2006-10-07 16:47:06
935.   Stormer Sports

You mean that spot behind second base where nearly 50 balls ended up off broken bats against Mo. Oh wait, Joe had the infield in with bat breaker on the mound. I thought they should have fired Joe after that. Then after starting Kevin Brown in game 7. Now not starting Wang, what will it take for people to get it? We didn't hit, but Wang can rest now I suppose.

2006-10-07 16:47:57
936.   choirboyzgirl
Ahhh people who know what I'm going through. Its been a long day here in SE Michigan...people have been giving me serious grief about being a Yankee fan, it probably won't get better on Monday.

I feel for A-Rod right now (probably more than I have any other athlete) its been a heck of a year for him. And while he has done some damage himself (I doubt we'll see many one on one A-Rod interviews for a while as he'll probably avoid the press a much as possible). But I don't blame him alone. I've said before and I'll say it again. Yankee management (outside of Cashman) did nothing to resolve the problem (back in June/July). I remember when Casey (for the Tigers) made a bonehead running play and was thrown out at first from left field. The crowd booed a couple of times and after the game Leyland said enough was enough and it wasn't going to help the team by continuing to boo him. Leyland also mentioned that he would have done things a little differently with Chris Shelton (he carried the team in April/May) and was overwhelmed with media that led to him trying to do to much and seriously slumping. He mentioned that he would have done a little more not to have all the spotlight on him all the time. I have never seen any Yankee management staff/teammates (outside of Cashman and a little from Damon in the past couple weeks) do anything of the sort for Alex. Heck they went so far to say that we are 'stuck with him'. Moving him all up and down the line up (after he had a great Sept) just screwed with his mind more and he found himself answer a variety of unnecessary questions on the eve of the playoffs..not a great move.

Yes he's a vet and yes he gets paid millions but above all that he's human, the treatment had to have an affect on him, how could it not? Can you imagine going to work for 5 straight months where your customers and co-workers treat you like crap? It takes a toll.

I know a lot of people aren't going to like this but Jeter has to take some of the blame... how can a captain leave one of his teammates out to hang like that? Regardless of if you like him personally or not, as a captain your job is to keep the team together and working as a TEAM. Now I'm not saying he had to go out and say I love this man, he's the best. But a simple statement showing a little tiny bit of support would have gone a long way. It was no secret that Jeter never wanted Alex on team and his silence spoke volumes (unfortunately none of it was positive).

It will be interesting to see who comes back on the team next year. I know the team will probably look for some decent pitching. I doubt Sheff will be back (that opens up $13 mil) and the others have no trade clauses. A-Rod may or may not be back, I would imagine with the right team (and a shot at going back to short) he would accept a trade, he'll have some soul searching to do this winter.

I watched the Tigers in 2003 and see them now so I have no doubt the Yankees will be back next year and win it all, if they work as a TEAM!

2006-10-07 16:47:59
937.   singledd
915 I believe HE has an option after next year In case he was unhappy after 7 years in Texas). Anybody verify this?
2006-10-07 16:49:07
938.   Stormer Sports

Yes, he can void the contract after next year.

2006-10-07 16:49:26
939.   randym77
Paulie thinks the problem is the Yankees are too business-like and corporate. He says it's a kids' game, and you have to play with the enthusiasm of a kid. He saw no fire in the Yankees today. He seemed to think they just didn't care.
2006-10-07 16:50:08
940.   Benjamin Kabak
939 I saw that too.
2006-10-07 16:50:28
941.   Stormer Sports

I agree with him. I trust him more than any of the bums that took the field today.

2006-10-07 16:51:09
942.   AbbyNormal821
God - the NY Post & the Daily News are going to be breaking out the pitchforks and torches tomorrow...
2006-10-07 16:51:16
943.   Stormer Sports

And further, as fans, if the players don't care, why the hell should we?

Go Mets!

2006-10-07 16:52:11
944.   AbbyNormal821
...and there's Michael Kay, playing George's Bitch.
2006-10-07 16:52:25
945.   dtrain
939 Absolutely. I think that's what made the season so fun, when the young guys like Robbie and Melky were at the center of everything and actually having fun doing it. That's why I thought this year was gonna be different. That's why it hurts so much now.
2006-10-07 16:53:48
946.   AbbyNormal821
...but then again, Kay is right - next year's line up will look very different than this year. Just like 1995 after the loss to Seattle!
Holy crap - i'm actually agreeing with him.

...and i'm not even drunk!

2006-10-07 16:53:50
947.   Stormer Sports

Agreed. But what could they do, sit Sheffield and Matsui? It hurts to say, but I almost wish they both had missed the entire season.

The team needs big changes.

2006-10-07 16:53:54
948.   Orly Yarly NoWai
936 In my case, you're preaching to the choir. The team thing, though, is nebulous and, sadly, undermined by the foolishness of ESPN and network TV. We're saddled with announcers who root openly for teams over the air. We're stuck with analysts like the immortal Steve Phillips who create incredible expectations then gloat when it all falls apart. We've got baseball itself creating anti-Yankee commercials to pander to a nation of disappointed fans. Life is difficult enough with the target on your chest without the added media pressures of partisan networks trying to stir up controversy. Remember the good old days of the '40s when beat reporters viewed themselves as part of the team?

And really, since when did MLB hire Pac-10 officials for its games?

2006-10-07 16:56:53
949.   Mike T
What an embarrassment the Yankees were this series. This is what we pay so much money for? This is the modern day Murderer's Row? To lose two games in Detroit, and score a combined six runs while doing it, is just unacceptable. Torre shouldn't have to give these guys pep talks, but losing like this, you'd think they were a high school team that had lost faith.

I don't even know where to begin with who doesn't deserve to be brought back. I am just disgusted right now. Since we go profanity-free here, I actually have to think through each sentence before I type, but believe me I was screaming 'em out but good today. Steinbrenner's neighbors must hate him right now, but the anger I know he's feeling is beyond justified.

How embarrassing.

2006-10-07 16:57:35
950.   singledd
936 Thank you. Next year will be his last as a Yankee. He might even wait to hit #500 until he is on a new team.

I love Jeter... but he has fucked up BIG TIME in his captains duty to ARod, and it HAS hurt the team. Torre's lineup change was insane. A true slap in the face.

I think anytime you have a ballplayer that was abandoned by their father at a very young age, and is therefore overly sensitive, they should be publicly tortured and hung from the tallest mast (even if they are a HOF'er).

Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2006-10-07 16:58:39
951.   JeremyM
Well, Paul O'Neill is not exactly a name that I think of when it comes to "guys that had fun and played the game like kids."
2006-10-07 16:58:40
952.   Mike T
Oops, I meant a combined three runs.
2006-10-07 16:59:28
953.   AbbyNormal821
950 My brother said the same thing. Putting A-Rod that low in the lineup is an insult.
2006-10-07 16:59:35
954.   Stormer Sports
The Tigers are being very respectful in their press coferences. I appreciate that, and that is what seperates Baseball from all other sports. The NFL, the NBA, and all the gloating and trash talking during and after the game, classless, unsportsmanlike garbage. And while Terell Ownens and Allen Iverson spout off and embarass their games, Jim Leyland just showed us all how things are done, and what should be said. Thanks Jim.

Baseball is still king, and that is why I'll be back watching again next year.

2006-10-07 17:00:14
955.   Orly Yarly NoWai
951 At least Paulie cared what happened.
2006-10-07 17:00:51
956.   marc
Leland noting they caught a break when the shadows came out and the hitters couldn't see. I know they were talking about it early as something that could happen with the late start and would make it tough to come back but I guess facing a great pitching performance and not seeing the ball after being behind didn't help much.
2006-10-07 17:01:19
957.   AbbyNormal821
Leyland is a gentleman...anyone watching the press conference?
2006-10-07 17:01:26
958.   ny2
Stop blaming jeter for arod's problems
2006-10-07 17:01:33
959.   JeremyM
950 I'm starting to agree with that perspective. A-Rod is a huge investment, and yes he is high-maintenance, but he helps you win when he's right. Joe DiMaggio was certainly protected in his day and he was just as high-maintenace. Seriously, you're solution is to drop him to 8th and put Sheffield 4th?!?

That said, I hope A-Rod drops the whole "working 14-hour days at his real estate office" deal during the off-season and learns to relax a little.

2006-10-07 17:02:27
960.   JeremyM
951 I'm not insulting O'Neill, I love that guy. I'm just saying!
2006-10-07 17:03:52
961.   singledd
Check out what 16,000 people think.
"Vote: What does future hold for Yankees?"
2006-10-07 17:03:53
962.   randym77
Paulie certainly played with passion, though perhaps "fun" isn't the word I'd use.

I wonder what A-Rod meant when he said there was "tension in the clubhouse"? He really does not seem to be popular with his teammates. I don't think they dislike him, but they don't seem to like him, either. The word I hear used a lot is "weird." They think he's really weird. Maybe not as weird as Kyle Farnsworth, but weird.

2006-10-07 17:04:36
963.   Orly Yarly NoWai
960 I know you're not insulting him; I'm also just saying.
2006-10-07 17:04:57
964.   Stormer Sports

Agreed. The media is partly to blame, but no one made him do that SI article and no one makes him reach into his bag labeled "what is the worst possible answer I can give to this question and come off as a narcisistic, self-loving, over confident moron" and spout off. He brings as much of this himself as the media does. Millions of dollars on Pychiatry and Madison Avenue PR, and he still doesn't understand the most admirable of all human qualities, humility.

2006-10-07 17:05:46
965.   AbbyNormal821
959 A-Rod needs to go home, get a hug from his wife (who clearly adores him and in some ways, is going through this too), give his baby girl a kiss and just be a husband, father and not be "A-Rod" for a few weeks.
2006-10-07 17:06:03
966.   BklynBmr
Cliff and Alex have their share of the blame here, too. A honeymoon and a family BBQ? Please. Bad karma running out on us at a time like this ;-)

Prediction: The Boss fires Torre on the eve of the Mets-Tigers World Series, just to remind everyone who runs this town...

2006-10-07 17:06:20
967.   AbbyNormal821
WOW! He looks like he was either crying or got punched in the eyes
2006-10-07 17:06:40
968.   randym77
A-Rod talking to the press now. He said he's not going anywhere. He's "100% committed to being a Yankee."
2006-10-07 17:06:46
969.   singledd
958 I am NOT blaming Jetes for ARods problems. I am blaming him because he did nothing, when doing something would have been in the best interest of the team.

Obviously, we need ARod to win. How about a little team support? Or does he need to do Steroids to get that?

2006-10-07 17:07:05
970.   Zack
Blow the team up is the solution, to obad its pretty much impossible. However, firing Torre or letting him gracefully leave through retirement IS a solution. I know its not the whole solution, but it is part of it. He was the manager for this team ten years ago, he isn't now, or else, his message ain't working. Look, this team could win 90-100 games WITHOUT a manager, its built that way, but Torre simply isn't working anymore. The social worker stuff had its impact but its not anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, and love what he has done, but its time.

Joe Girardi anyone?

2006-10-07 17:08:41
971.   Stormer Sports

Did he say that? You see, this is what I meant in 964. He just cannot accept blame or exhibit graciousness or humility. That is what makes me dislike him, not his play. The team will be better off without him, just take your eyes off the statistics for a second and think about what it takes to win, and another year of constant distractions will not help us win.

2006-10-07 17:08:41
972.   AbbyNormal821
...the Yanks need to start growing hair. Facial hair, head hair (for those that still can anyway!) Loosen up! Come to the stadium in jeans & t-shirts every day - let travel days be dress down days too!
..i know, i'm grasping at straws.
2006-10-07 17:10:24
973.   randym77
Like I said earlier in this thread, I don't think Girardi has the political skills you need in NY. He may yet acquire them, but he's not ready now. I think he's going to the Cubs.

I think Torre did the best he could to defend A-Rod. It was practically a full-time job this season. I think moving him to 8th was not a diss, so much as a desperation move. He'd tried everything else.

2006-10-07 17:10:43
974.   Stormer Sports

With all due respect, you're wrong. If Jete spoke up, Arod would still do stupid shit like that SI article. Did you ever think Jete doesn't speak up, because Arod doesn't deserve it, nor will he appreciate it, nor will he change his lauguage and lack of accounability?

2006-10-07 17:11:54
975.   C2Coke
I cannot describe my exceptional calmness at the moment.

I had a lot of fun watching and enjoying the Yankees. And Bronx Banter is the best. I look forward to next season, but before that I also look forward to all the changes that will happen in the next few months.

2006-10-07 17:12:31
976.   JeremyM
972 Yeah, what happened to the porn staches? 2006, the curse of the hideously bad disappearing porn staches.
2006-10-07 17:13:36
977.   Stormer Sports

Let me be the first to say: Bring back Sal Fassano . . . :)

2006-10-07 17:14:18
978.   AbbyNormal821
Cripes, the Mets have scored 2 already in the top of the 1st off Maddux!
I quote Raul Julia from "Addams Family II":


2006-10-07 17:14:56
979.   randym77
962 A-Rod said that last night. Before this game. Not sure what he meant by it.

Paulie just said pretty much what I said further up this thread: the problem with this Yankees offense is that they are one-dimensional. He said in the dynasty years, if slugging wasn't working, they'd scratch out runs in other ways. But with this lineup, Joe doesn't really have that option. They don't bunt much, or hit and run. So if the pitcher is shutting them down, there's nothing they can do.

2006-10-07 17:15:11
980.   BklynBmr
969 I'm behind you on that. Jeter could have helped diffuse this early on, but chose not to. Torre as well.

WTF? Only Hizzoner Rudy G. spoke out? That pissed me off from Day One on this whole thing.

2006-10-07 17:15:12
981.   markp
I disagree about Torre defending Arod-and batting him 6th and especially 8th shows just how low he's willing to go to throw Alex under the bus.
Jeter's holding a grudge four years after a stupid (tho' accurate) quote is pretty lame, too.
If Alex goes to another team, I'll find it hard not to root for him to do well against the Yankees-especially in Yankee stadium.
2006-10-07 17:15:42
982.   Stormer Sports

Nope. They're 1-4 hitters just actually hit the ball, that's all.

Go Mets!

2006-10-07 17:16:43
983.   singledd
974 NO... With all due respect, YOU'RE wrong. (kidding). Look, a team is a unit. Did Giambi DESERVE support? It's not Jeter's, or anybody's place to judge. Short of child abuse, you stand up for a teammate. You might dislike ARod, but being insecure is not the worst crime in the world. Does SI list all the players who are insecure?

We have wife-beaters in this game that get 1 line of newsprint. Mr. Insecure has an entire industry constantly judging and mind-fucking him.

It's too much. He's not a bad guy. Even if Jete's didn't stand up for ARod personally, he should have trashed the press for their continuing NON-news about ARod.

2006-10-07 17:16:43
984.   Orly Yarly NoWai
964 958 You truly don't get it, do you?

Neither of you understand the enormous pressure that's put on him. One of the people who puts that pressure on him is his captain, the supposedly perfect team player, Derek Jeter. To me, that makes Jeter partially responsible for his problems. I used to be an enormous Jeter fan, but he's had two moments where he's absolutely blown it. The first was refusing to cede shortstop when A-Rod was first brought in, though shortstop is the most important position on defense and A-Rod was vastly superior. The second was how he handled the questions posed by the media. The simple truth is that he doesn't like Rodruigez and that shows. It's not good for clubhouse solidarity and it's not good for a team atmosphere. Not everyone can handle the media the way Ted Williams did, by responding to venom with disdain. Rodruigez is much more like DiMaggio, who was so sensitive that he insisted on being referred to as "The Greatest Living Ballplayer" whenever he made a public appearance. If someone, manager, teamate, coach, whoever, simply expressed some appreciation, the whole situation at the end of the year would have been much better. Hell, the most support he got in the press was Steinbrenner's "the third baseman" thing and that was blown into a major incident! The press didn't want him to succede and his teamates didn't make it any easier.

2006-10-07 17:16:58
985.   Zack
973 Missed when you said that, but I can see that. On the other hand, Girardi played in NYC, he knows the deal. I agree, hes going to the Cubs, but I still think hes the bes tman for the job. Pinella or Valentine, no thanks. I think Donnie Baseball, much as I love him, takes after Joe too much.

Like I said, I love Torre, he does many things very well, most of all his social worker influence on the team, but even he can't do anything with the "A-Rod situation." At this point, it is what it is. The media will hound him, its what they do, and that is the problem. A-Rod might want to stay, we might fully support him, but lets be honest, the guy isn't happy, and if hes not happy, whats the point of playing here, no?

2006-10-07 17:17:33
986.   she
I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you, Cliff and Alex. Hope to see you all in the spring (or are you here during the "hot stove" season?)
2006-10-07 17:18:05
987.   randym77
The porn 'staches vanished because they decided they were bad luck. Remember, Giambi shaved his off mid-game.
2006-10-07 17:18:23
988.   Stormer Sports

I thought about that a while. And I think Jete remained silent because he understood that it wouldn't do any good. Arod would continue to say the wrong thing, embarass himself, provide unneccesary interviews, and wouldn't appreciate it. He just said there was "tension in the clubhouse," but I bet if you really asked him if he thought maybe he had something to do with it, he'd never admit it, no matter whether he was to blame or not. And that is what makes him so utterly unlikeable, no graciousness, no humility, no accountability.

2006-10-07 17:19:40
989.   Stormer Sports
He's that co-worker or friend we all have who will just never admit a mistake, and no one likes that guy, do we?
2006-10-07 17:19:58
990.   choirboyzgirl
It really doesn't matter what Alex says its going to seem wierd....during the past months I have seen him say "I stunk", "I'm working at it" (and does), "I'm trying my best", "Others have done it" "It does bother me.", "It doesn't bother me" none of it works. Maybe silence is best :) . With his comments on the SI interview I always got the impression that A-Rod was the geek in school who could rattle of scientific equations, numbers, who just happened to be good at sports.

But I don't get all this weirdness now, was it like that last year? and in 04 (don't get a lot of Yankee news thsi way).

On a ligther note about the weirdness, in the most recent NY Post Q & A with Johnny. He said that hangs out with Giambi, Fansworth and A-Rod. Sounds like a weird/crazy group :)

2006-10-07 17:20:06
991.   ny2
984. you maybe right
2006-10-07 17:20:14
992.   Orly Yarly NoWai
988 The thing is that he DOESN'T have much to do with it. He has no problems with his teamates; they have problems with him. They're content to snipe at him rather than working him into the mix.
2006-10-07 17:21:48
993.   Orly Yarly NoWai
991 I try. = )

Blame ought to be spread equally. It's like butter.

2006-10-07 17:22:16
994.   singledd
ManLaw: All following posts should start with:
"I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you, Cliff and Alex."
Really, where would we be without the Banter right now?
2006-10-07 17:22:28
995.   Stormer Sports

To recieve appreciation, you must first give it. And a guy who has 4 Series Rings, yields his position to no man.

2006-10-07 17:23:41
996.   Stormer Sports

Truthfully, probably angry with myself for whatever objects in my apartment I would have broke, threw or crushed a few minutes ago.

2006-10-07 17:24:54
997.   Mike T
"Jeter's holding a grudge four years after a stupid (tho' accurate) quote is pretty lame, too."

If I recall correctly, A-Rod said something to the effect of Jeter didn't deserve to make as much money as A-Rod does, cuz A-Rod is better, etc. I think Alex intimated that Jeter may be overrated. I fail to see how a man who has four championships, and was a vital part of winning all four of them, could possibly be considered overrated by anyone.

2006-10-07 17:25:35
998.   Stormer Sports

"I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you, Cliff and Alex." Now I am going into the corner to curl up and cry.

2006-10-07 17:25:41
999.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you, Cliff and Alex."

Right, I forgot that Jeter won four Series rings himself. And Bernie should start in center every day next year. David Cone should have been the number one pitcher in 2000 rather than going into the bullpen.

2006-10-07 17:26:03
1000.   singledd
I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you, Cliff and Alex.

Jeter is FAMOUS for never forgiving someone (Mariah?) once they hurt him. He does not like ARod. His behavior is about HIS being pissed at ARod. That's what bugs me.

Who knows what the outcome of a statement he made would have been? Thats not the point. The point is he did NOT ATTEMPT to do anything because of his personal feelings for ARod, instead of what his responsibility to the team dictated.

Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2006-10-07 17:26:22
1001.   Harley
Stormer, except when he bunts for no apparent reason.
2006-10-07 17:26:32
1002.   Ali Nagib
The Mets offense is like the opposite of the Yankees offense. I like how they've figured out this new-fangled concept of "scoring runs." I think the Yankees need to get with the 21st century. Oh, also...


2006-10-07 17:27:20
1003.   Orly Yarly NoWai
997 I've become convinced that due to all the hype he gets as THE ULTIMATE TEAM GUY he's overrated. He was a vital piece, but Cone, Wells, Pettite, et all were probably more important.
2006-10-07 17:27:22
1004.   randym77
O'Neill thinks there were too many big name stars on the team.

I gotta say, I think he's right. We were all so happy at the trades Cashman made at the deadline, but they didn't help us. Maybe there really is something to that "chemistry" thing.

2006-10-07 17:28:20
1005.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1002 Keeping it classy, I see. Enjoy AAAA.
2006-10-07 17:28:29
1006.   Stormer Sports

That's my point in my previous posts. No amount of support by Jeter or teammates is going to stop Alex's mouth from emitting comments like that one. He can't help himself. Usually players with that much confidence preform well. Clearly whatever he is paying his shrink, is far far far too much. I think a few days with Paul O'Neill's wife would do the trick. She stopped his tantrums, cold!

2006-10-07 17:30:10
1007.   Stormer Sports

I hope not, I got a D+ in college.

2006-10-07 17:31:05
1008.   AbbyNormal821
I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you Cliff and Alex.

Dare I suggest that there's a slight Jeter backlash happening?

2006-10-07 17:31:11
1009.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I'm just curious.

How many people on this board think that if A-Rod had been playing short for the Yankees during the dynasty years that they'd have won less than four championships?

2006-10-07 17:32:01
1010.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1008 I'm expressing long-held opinions that would have gotten me lynched a week ago.
2006-10-07 17:32:19
1011.   AbbyNormal821
...woohoo for breaking the 1000 post mark!
2006-10-07 17:33:09
1012.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Quite. ^^
2006-10-07 17:33:14
1013.   Stormer Sports
"I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you, Cliff and Alex."

Nothing that Jeter did hurt the teams chances this year. He didn't spout off to the media, he said the right things. Are we all forgetting the tons of Jeter Is Overrated crap that is out there, which he completely ignores by the way, he doesn't call up SI and say every possible self serving, obnoxious thing he can say.

2006-10-07 17:33:19
1014.   AbbyNormal821
1010 No argument from me - just making an observation
2006-10-07 17:33:45
1015.   singledd
I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you, Cliff and Alex.

I don't think Jete's is over-rated...but he is certainly over-hyped. His legendary 'flip' was one play... but it saved the series, and lives in infamy (as Jetes himself does) like the 'Shot heard Round the World'.

2006-10-07 17:33:57
1016.   Stormer Sports

Don't go down that road.

2006-10-07 17:34:33
1017.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1013 Why don't you read what I wrote a while ago then react intelligently to it?

1014 Observations are good.

2006-10-07 17:34:57
1018.   Zavo
This series was embarrassing and I was angry during the last two games. Now, I just feel disapointment. Disapointment that the season is over. Disapointment that we continue to lose in the ALDS in seemingly the same way year after year. Disapointment that the players played these last 2 games without showing any pride or passion.
2006-10-07 17:36:20
1019.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1016 And why not? He's superior offensively and defensively.
2006-10-07 17:36:20
1020.   BklynBmr
988 Know what? You're probably right in hindsight, given A-Rod's lack of self, publicly at least. I keep wanting to give him rope, but it's one thing after another. And Jetes isn't going to get stupid overnight in the press relations dept.

I'm just sideways today.

2006-10-07 17:36:23
1021.   Stormer Sports

Is that the new motto: Pride, Power, Pedestrianism?

2006-10-07 17:36:24
1022.   Zavo
Oh, and I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you Cliff and Alex. This place really is the best.
2006-10-07 17:36:56
1023.   seamus
Well, our pitching failed us today. Our offense clearly didn't show up either. In any case, it just goes to show how hard it is to win a world series. Hopefully we can fix our pitching woes.

I'll be with y'all all off season hoping for the best Japanese starters! :)

2006-10-07 17:37:31
1024.   Zavo
You think YES might pick up on that one for next year Stormer?
2006-10-07 17:38:49
1025.   randym77
I think Jeter is a leader, in a way few players are. Yes, i'm invoking "intangibles." As Torre said, Jeter was a leader in the clubhouse even when he was only 22 years old.

I remember last year, when rookie Mike Vento miscounted the outs, wandered off 1B heading for the dugout, and was tagged out. The poor kid was crushed. Jeter spent a long time talking to him in the dugout afterwards, apparently just trying to cheer him up.

2006-10-07 17:38:51
1026.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1020 I still fail to see how exactly saying something good about Rodruigez would have hurt the situation.
2006-10-07 17:39:35
1027.   Stormer Sports

Hey, a man can dream. Hell, I'd even try Costanza's cotton uniform idea at this point!

2006-10-07 17:40:29
1028.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1025 Sucks that he can't find it within his heart to do the same to the guy who is probably the most important player on the team.
2006-10-07 17:40:39
1029.   singledd

I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you, Cliff and Alex.

Stormer. My last rebuttal.
NO one thinks ARod has 10% of Jeter's class.
EVERYONE agrees that ARod suffers foot-in-mouth disease.
MANY people feel there is good reason to dislike A-Rod.

OK? ALL TRUE. But that NOT the point. He's a Yankee. He's on OUR team. You stand up for guys on your team.. especially if you are the teams Captain and spokesman.

Look... You obviously don't like ARod. I think you're way over the top. Way, way over. But if anybody attacks you... I'VE GOT YOUR BACK, Buddy.

Cause we're all on the BANTER TEAM!

2006-10-07 17:41:49
1030.   BklynBmr
1018 You want fire on the bench? Larry Bowa. Good Cop has not been working for five straight postseasons, time to give Bad Cop a shot...
2006-10-07 17:42:10
1031.   Stormer Sports

I'm not saying it would hurt, I just don't think it would have any effect. I guess I feel like Arod's penchant for saying the wrong thing would end up either embarassing Jete, or worse yet, exaserbate an already almost inexasorable situation.

2006-10-07 17:42:55
1032.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1029 Way to show more maturity than me. I agree with you; I'm done talking about the topic; if you want to keep arguing with me about it, we can do it privately.

2006-10-07 17:43:10
1033.   BklynBmr
1026 Sorry, not clear on your post...
2006-10-07 17:43:28
1034.   choirboyzgirl
I came to the site late in the season and lurked for a long time. This is by far the best Yankee message board/blog around.... wish it could have lasted long. :) Thanks everyone.
2006-10-07 17:45:30
1035.   randym77
1028 I dunno...doing something like that for a rookie kid getting his first shot in the big show is one thing. Doing it for a guy who's been playing baseball as long as you have might be seen as condescending.
2006-10-07 17:45:56
1036.   Stormer Sports

Thanks buddy. I don't dislike the guy. I just have a hard time understanding how he doesn't get better advice. If he wants to be an over-confident moron, then take it all the way, listen to Reggie, tell the press you don't give a rats ass, they can all go scratch, become Ali, take it all the way. But to keep up this "the world is against me" crap and throw teammates under the bus without actually having the balls to come out and say it, isn't going to win him any support anywhere.

2006-10-07 17:46:48
1037.   Zavo
I am really looking forward to the Philip Hughes era beginning next season.

Just wanted to send that positive thought out there in this tough time.

2006-10-07 17:47:59
1038.   Stormer Sports
Who was it that said, 25 guys, 25 different cars leaving the game, 25 different destinations?

That is exactly what we have on this team right now.

2006-10-07 17:50:21
1039.   randym77
1038 I hear Johnny Damon gives the younger players rides, at least if they live in Manhattan. Otherwise, they take the subway.
2006-10-07 17:50:37
1040.   singledd
1036 Not to get into pyscho-babble, but his father abandoned him (his family) when he was around 5.

I have 2 cousins who had the same thing happen. You NEVER get over it. You can become President, own MicroSoft or be a great athelete, but you NEVER get over it. It's deep trama. Right to your core. It's not an excuse... but is a reason and a fact.

2006-10-07 17:52:33
1041.   singledd
I can't believe the season is over (heavy sighs). I need a Man-hug.
2006-10-07 17:54:15
1042.   AbbyNormal821
1041 Word...
2006-10-07 17:55:14
1043.   Tarheel
If the Yankees are stupid enough to listen to all the dumbass writers and fans and trade Arod, they better trade him to an NL team. If he is in the AL, he will crush the Yankees for many years to come.
2006-10-07 18:04:29
1044.   Stormer Sports

My dad died when I was 9. Hard to argue with what you said. But, you have to get out of bed in the morining and hit it, or at least try not to dwell on it.

2006-10-07 18:08:28
1045.   Stormer Sports

This might sound crazy, but if he "suffers" again next year, he'll void his contract at the end of 2007 and he'll be gone one way or the other. It might not be a terrible idea to try and get some future talent for him, from a pure team perspective, all emotion aside.

2006-10-07 18:18:10
1046.   singledd
I'd rather see him have a good year next year, and see him hit his 700th HR as a Yankee.
2006-10-07 18:24:38
1047.   3rd gen yankee fan
"I've really enjoyed Bronx Banter this season. Thank you, Cliff and Alex..."

...for allowing me to learn from and share with my brother & sister Yankee fans.

1037 Thanks for that reminder, a small glimmer of light. And let's not forget the pursuit of Matsuzaka. If it's possible to nail down great pitching, next year will be something like this-year-squared.

2006-10-07 18:26:46
1048.   markp
There were two ways Torre, Jeter et al could have handled the press constantly harping on Arod.
-They could have circled the wagons and told the writers to screw off. After all, most of what was being written about Alex was stupid and mean-spirited. Good leaders don't allow their followers to get constantly ridiculed-especially when it becomes a distraction-but even when it's not. It's also not the Yankee way.

The other way it can be handled is the easy way-to join in the feeding frenzy and throw your teammate under the bus.
Both Torre and Derek chose the latter.
Torre would have never put up with anything approaching that being written about him (as he's shown over the years-write something bad about him and you'll likely never get another question answered.)
Jeter's supposed to be the captain. That means watching out for his teammates. Allowing this to continue the way he has shows me that he cares a lot more about his "4 rings" image than he does about his teammates.

2006-10-07 18:39:48
1049.   Tarheel
I agree. I have lost alot of respect for Jeter this year. He used to be my favorite player, but he showed no class with his lack of support for his teammate this year. Like I said earlier, if they get rid of Arod, they had better make sure it is to the NL.

If they do get rid of him, I will still be a Yankee fan, I have been since 1976, but I will be very disappointed that they would allow the media to influence their moves.

Torre really threw Arod under the bus this post season. He had a great Sept, finished hot and then he demotes him in the lineup on the eve of the playoffs. What the hell? Torre and Jeter were part of the problem with Arod this year. Period. They could have stopped all the crap early in the year with a few words.

2006-10-07 18:42:28
1050.   ny2
here's an example of how jeter usually responded when asked about arod

Show/Hide Comments 1051-1100
2006-10-07 18:43:35
1051.   vockins
1043 I suggest to the Marlins for Dontrelle Willis and Henley Ramirez.
2006-10-07 18:46:31
1052.   ny2
I don't think arod is going any where and I like how the NY Times put it: it isn't the same yankee teams we know and love

"This was obviously not all Rodriguez's fault. Not even close. The only Yankees who were consistent hitters in the series were Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada, who both batted .500 and were also among the few players on the roster with four World Series rings. Those days, Yankee fans know achingly well, are history.

Ever since the Yankees lost in the 2002 postseason, Jeter has mentioned that most of players from that dynastic period are no longer on the team. Jeter could repeat that, or even shout it, after this debacle."

2006-10-07 18:46:56
1053.   Flip Play
Perhaps Jeter and Torre know something about ARod the player/teammate/clubhouse presence that they felt was very disruptive to the team and they want him out. Just theorizing... but dropping him to 6th and then 8th (think about how incredibly insulting that is to last year's MVP) when he never batted that low in the order all season is so unbelievably insulting that you can't but wonder.

Or, y'know, maybe Steinbrenner demanded it.


Thanks to Alex and Cliff for the Banter. I discovered it late this season, but it was great to have a place to listen to other Yankee fans and occasionally add my two cents.

2006-10-07 18:51:50
1054.   ny2
I agree batting him was an insult

Even Gary Sheffield was caught off guard. Asked about A-Rod hitting 8th, he said, "He's hitting 8th today?" Yup. "Wow. There's a first for everything."

2006-10-07 18:54:22
1055.   AbbyNormal821
Good news...

5th inning...Dodgers just tied it up 4-4!
Go Dodgers!

2006-10-07 18:58:15
1056.   Simone
1052 Yet whenever Jeter makes that comment it is viewed as an attack on his teammates by some Yankee fans.
2006-10-07 18:58:28
1057.   ny2
arod was sounds like he's staying but left the door open to leaving

"My commitment is 100 percent. Unconditional,'' he said. "I want to be a Yankee. I don't want to go anywhere, and I can't be more clear. I hope they don't want to trade me, because I don't want to go anywhere.''

Rodriguez would have to waive his no-trade clause for the Yankees to trade him.

"I mean, if they're dying to get rid of me,'' he said when asked whether he would consider it. "I hope not. I mean, I'm 100 percent committed to being a Yankee and that's the only place I want to play. ... I believe I can be part of the solution here. I've had success in New York - in the regular season. I have to find it in the postseason.''

2006-10-07 18:59:17
1058.   yankz
Ditto on the thanks.

1) I personally think Jeter did enough, he told reporters to stop asking the same questions. He kept everything team-oriented, knowing that no one guy deserves more attention. What was he supposed to say? "Go easy on the guy, you know he can't handle it"?

2) That was a really insulting thing to do to Arod.

2006-10-07 18:59:32
1059.   yankz
in 2 i mean dropping him to 8
2006-10-07 19:00:58
1060.   randym77
I was dreaming of a Yankees-Dodgers World Series. A rematch of all those WS of '40s and '50s. LIttle did I suspect we'd be out of it before they would.
2006-10-07 19:03:47
1061.   Simone
Joe was wrong to move A-Rod down in the line up, but it was not an insult. He has been in a major slump with coincidentally started with that SI article. Joe's mistake was not to move Matsui into the clean up spot and moving Jorgie up higher. The only people hitting with any consistency were Jeter, Abreu, Matsui and Jorge. Perhaps, Jorge should have hit clean up with Matsui and A-Rod following up. I don't think that it might have made much of a difference, but at least the hottest hitters would have been clumped together instead of being scattered throughout the line up.

Go Dodgers!

2006-10-07 19:05:44
1062.   Simone
1057 The Yankees are not trading A-Rod. That would be insanity and they are not insane.
2006-10-07 19:07:46
1063.   Simone
Here are Cashman's thoughts from that AP article:

"I'm stunned. This team fooled me to some degree,'' general manager Brian Cashman said. "This is a tough one because this team was capable of a lot, at least I thought.''

2006-10-07 19:29:40
1064.   yankz
Sigh. Broken toaster to cap off an awful day.
2006-10-07 19:30:11
1065.   Stormer Sports
FOX finally apologizes for insulting a blind man and basically calling him a buffoon the other night. Once again FOX, what a class act your employees are, all the way around. There are some wheelchair fans at the top of the 1st level tonight, maybe McCarver can go up and push a couple down the stairs.
2006-10-07 19:35:49
1066.   randym77
I saw that interview with Cashman on YES. He truly did look stunned. He's usually cool as a cucumber. Even a little smug. But he looked shellshocked today.
2006-10-07 19:39:33
1067.   domvjr
Thanks to Alex & Cliff for Bronx Banter, its the first site, I check out in the am, and the last one I checked after every game. I am mostly a lurker, and I enjoy all the comments by the regulars, you know who you are! Alas, the season, didn't end like most of us would have liked, and I will be lost without my Yankee baseball fix, but I enjoyed the season overall, with all the A-Rod drama,and the coming of age, for the young guys. Hopefully the seasons to come will be as exciting ,albeit with a better result in the end.
Looking forward to Bronx Banter during the Hot Stove season also!!
2006-10-07 20:12:20
1068.   Stormer Sports
Wow! Joe fighting with Reggie. Reggie poking his nose where he has no God damn business being. Talking to the press about team business before conferring with Joe, as he is obligated to do. No one enjoyed this horse-shit when he was a player, and we sure as hell don't need him interfering now, especially when his reason for doing so is to back up a player without the balls to do it for himself.

Cashman stunned by his employees, who at worst literally threw a game, and at best evidenced complete indifference with the outcome. This should be one interesting off-season. Go get 'em George--Slash and BURN--Slash and burn!

2006-10-07 20:36:15
1069.   claybeez
A-rod's tough season is Jete's fault? Come on! Look, I know the whole abandoning father thing well and was unlucky enough to go through it 3X with the same jerkoff. But, Alex has to take responsibility for his own word, his own actions.

I agree that giving Alex support may be just what his psyche needs. Maybe that's exactly what he needed. However, and perhaps due to the events of his childhood, he may make it hard for others to want to do that. Being abandoned can set off in some people a whole ball of wax that may have been best explained by our friend Sigmund.

He and Jeter were supposedly close when he threw the Captain under the bus. It was probably Alex's own insecurity masked as arrogance speaking. Regardless of the reason may it's incumbent on him, Alex, to make amends before expecting any support. That's not to say Jete's isn't free to forgive him and just give him a big hug. But how can you expect that of him? Is that how we each always handle it with co-workers, friends and fam? I was young when Thurman Munson died, but what would he say if you told him he needed to get all touchy feely, Dr. Phil-ish on A-Rod?

To me the glaring thing is that it's not just Jeter that hasn't come out in support. It's that the majority of the team hasn't. That speaks volumes.

2006-10-07 20:39:09
1070.   claybeez
And, thanks Alex and Cliff. It was a great season on the Banter. I hope you guys are around for a long, long time.
2006-10-07 20:55:06
1071.   Stormer Sports

Thanks. I agree with you. I would also add that yes, no one else supporting him speaks volumes, but the one person that is supporting him (Reggie Jackson), never one to put the good of the whole above the needs of the one, speaks volumes as well, and not in a good way.

Paul O'Neill basically said that everyone but Jete and Po mailed it in today.

We can look forward to another season just like this one next year. Our big name guys will almost all be back, and we'll need them to get to the post-season, but unless some young pitchers step up, and maybe we sign Zito, we still won't have any pitching, relief, or fire to win.

Looks like the Bronx Zoo is officially back. I can not put into words how angry I am at Reggie for overstepping his role in this organization.

2006-10-07 21:16:37
1072.   randym77
Cripes. I've been watching the Mets game. What happened with Reggie Jackson?
2006-10-07 21:34:11
1073.   Stormer Sports

Read the article on the YES page. I guess he tried to physically protect Arod from reporters prior to the game, and he told the press that Giambi got a shot, when Joe Torre and the team hadn't officially released that information. Prompting Joe to say: "This had nothing to do with his not playing today," Torre said. "That's all I can tell you. If I was going to try to find a physical issue it would be his hand, not his shoulder. That I swear to you. Take it for what it's worth.

"Let me know if Reggie tells you guys anything else I should know about."

It's not a huge deal, but it embarassed Joe, and it shouldn't have happened. That is not Reggies role to be doing anything like what he did.

2006-10-07 21:42:43
1074.   Harley
Well, Joe certainly hasn't been interested in protecting A-Rod -- unlike countless other players in the past, particularly vets past their sell-by date -- so I don't blame Reggie for trying to. Not one bit.

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