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Welcome to our Nightmare
2006-10-06 20:09
by Alex Belth

The worst case scenerio reared its ugly head tonight for the Yankees as Kenny Rogers, the consumate October choke-artiste, came up aces for the Tigers, throwing the best money game of his career. It was nothing short of Ripley's I tell you and I can't recall being more livid watching a game all season. Rogers had a nasty curve ball that he used for a strike-out pitch, to go along with his normal assortment of slop. His control was excellent and he had the Yankees at his mercy. Did he make a deal with the Devil? This certainly wasn't the Kenny Rogers we knew in New York.

The Yankees had a runner on base in each of the first eight innings but could not score a run. The team went 0-18 with runners on base, and as result lost Game 3 in humiliating fashion, 6-0. Rogers kept the Yankees off-balance, had them chasing a diving change-up out-of-the-zone, and frozen, looking at fastballs perfectly placed on the black. In all, Rogers had eight strike outs in 7 2/3 innings of work. Moreover, Rogers was increasingly animated and charged-up on the mound as the game progessed.

The Yankees, it seems, can not buy a break in this series. In the fifth inning, with the score 3-0, Bernie Williams narrowly missed a two-run home run. He chased ball four in the dirt and struck out instead. When Robinson Cano went down next, Rogers screamed at his catcher, "C'mon, godammit, give me the ball." In the top of the sixth, Derek Jeter smoked a line up the middle. The ball caught Rogers--an excellent fielder--in the glove and he was able to pick it up and throw Jeter out. In the bottom of the inning, Carlos Guillen's two-out line drive hit off Jeter's glove for a hit, opening the door for the Tigers to score two more runs. And that's the way the cookie crumbled for the Bombers who now look to Jaret Wright to stop the bleeding and salvage the season. Think about that for a moment and see if you can sleep well tonight. (Emily, always the voice of reason said to me, "Well, if Kenny Rogers can pitch a great game what makes you think Jaret Wright can't do the same thing?")

Randy Johnson allowed five runs but he wasn't entirely awful. A three-run second inning featured an awful defensive throwing play by Jason Giambi. It was just not the Yankees night, pure and simple. Things happen fast in the first round. The Yankees and Twins were the hot teams going into October, but Minnie was swept by the Oakland A's and the Yankees are hanging on for dear life. Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano have done bubkus in the series (though Cano got his first hit, a single, tonight). Damon, Giambi and Abreu did dick tonight. The entire team mustered just five hits.

But this is no time for pointing fingers. The entire team has got to suck it up and show-up in full-force tomorrow. Otherwise, what has been a fine and awfully enjoyable season will end prematurely and regrettably. Time to see what kind of fight these guys have in them.

Hang tough, guys. The Yanks'll get 'em tomorrow. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

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2006-10-06 20:39:18
1.   LI yankee
2006-10-06 20:41:49
2.   RIYank
Yay, I get to be Jeter.
Thank you, Alex, we needed a new thread badly. That old one had very bad karma.

Tomorrow, Mr. Wright. Then we go back home, as favorites.

2006-10-06 20:44:41
3.   seamus
yay, new thread! I'm ready for tomorrow.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

2006-10-06 20:46:05
4.   JeremyM
Hey guys, don't worry about, TBN was just previewing an A's-Tigers ALCS, and discussing how the two teams match-up. Seriously.

I have to work tomorrow, but my little TV is coming with me and I hope to enjoy a Yankees win. Tigers only had to win one game last weekend, and failed to do so; it's going to be de ja vu all over again.

2006-10-06 20:46:41
5.   brockdc
I'm Abreu, and I'm looking to be my normal on base machine tomorrow.
2006-10-06 20:52:12
6.   mikeplugh
Thanks Alex. I was mentally preparing myself for the COH post that I'm going to write later. Emily's point is mine as well. Plus, the Yankees bats can salvage things by making it a laugher. There's no f-ing way the Tigers come into Yankee Stadium in a Game 5 and beat us. I can't see it.

There's as much pressure on them tomorrow as there is on us. Now or never fellas.

2006-10-06 20:58:34
7.   randym77
As I've said before, I was more worried about Randy Johnson than about Jaret Wright. Wright's been pretty good on the mound lately. He just can't go deep. But that's okay. Thanks to today's blowout, the pen except for Bruney should be nice and fresh.
2006-10-06 21:01:10
8.   mikeplugh
FYI....Buck O'Neill passed away at the age of 94 today. RIP old timer. We'll get you into the Hall. Don't you worry.
2006-10-06 21:02:17
9.   Maz
For all the bad things said about Jaret Wright, you have to admit he's a gutsy player. I say the good Wright shows up tomorrow. I say the Yankee bats come alive. I say this strange brew the Tigers are cooking up finally boils over. Wright will step up, the bats will wake up and everything will seem a little bit brighter on the way back to the Bronx for game 5. Chin up Banter Boys, tonight isn't how the story ends.
2006-10-06 21:05:20
10.   joejoejoe
8 Rest in Peace Buck O'Neill.

Here is Alex's interview w/Buck O'Neill from 2003.

2006-10-06 21:08:25
11.   mikeplugh
Right now Japan's 2 best pitchers are facing off in Game One of the Pacific League version of the Division Series. Matsuzaka against Kazumi Saito. Matsuzaka went 1-2-3 in the first, Seibu at bat.
2006-10-06 21:10:58
12.   BklynBmr
ESPN: "Tigers BLOW OUT Yankees"

Anyone wanna help me refine my business plan and pool investors for a real 24 hour sports news network?

2006-10-06 21:13:57
13.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Pardon me for the upcoming long post, copied from my Facebook account.

I'm stunned. Kenny Rogers just pitched a pretty good game and the Yankees, uniformly, sucked. There's no way to say it. Jeter was horrid; he looked like he gave up in the sixth innning. Jason Giambi took a break from tossing his own teamates under a bus to suck like the steroid-injected pimple he is. We all know Damon throws like Mary, but tonight he hit like her too. I can't say much bad about Doughnuts, given how well he played since we traded for him, but he didn't hit tonight and he blew some plays in right field. Bernie played pretty much like we all expected him to- he was thisclose to a two-run jack but ended up striking out. Cano just looks lost. Randy pitched ok, but he didn't get anything out of the offense. Posada was the only person who played decently.

I'm bothered that everyone's going to put this one on Alex Rodruigez. He had a good regular season and he's under more pressure from the media and the fans than any person in sports. Period. He'd play better when the pressure was on if Jeter hadn't been such a selfish puta when A-Rod was first traded. Everyone forgets that A-Rod was the superior defensive player because he willingly moved over for the good of the team. Now, in 2006, people like Jason Giambi can pretend that they are ambassadors for the game and bad-mouth one of the best people around. New Yorkers complain that we haven't won since A-Rod got here. We haven't won since Giambi got here either and I think he's a much larger part of the problem.

There is a bright spot, however. I'd like to thank Jim Leyland for using his two best relief pitchers with a 6-0 lead. Zumaya and Jones both worked game two as well and asking them to pitch a third game in a row is going to put a strain on them. Jeremy Bonderman, while talented, has relatively pedestrian numbers this season and I think the Tigers will have to use the pen. He's pitched better this year, but his WHIP is still 1.3 and he has an ERA of 4.08, with an ERA+ of 111. That's good but not stellar. Don't get me wrong; he's a superior pitcher to Jaret Wright. Wright has a 4.3 ERA, with an ERA+ of 98, or just below league average. His WHIP is 1.5. The Yankees, however, managed to get through game three without using Kyle Far-N-Gone-sworth, Scott Proctor or Mariano Rivera, while Zumaya and Jones pitched in both games two and three. We may actually have the stronger bullpen in game four. Should we win that, we go back to the Stadium with a huge pitching advantage, with a rested Wang against Nate Robertson or a fatigued Verlander.

The thing that gets me the most is ESPN's coverage of this. In the '90s, ESPN was a wonderful network for sports news. Now it's owned by Disney and the quality of its reporting and play-by-play has become frankly atrocious. Both announcers were clueless and the network is already previewing an As-Tigers series.

Why does MLB assign seemingly its worst umpires to the post-season? The call on A-Rod's tag on I-Rod was awful and cost the Yankees a run. The fair/foul call on what would have been a run-scoring double was pathetic- the umpire assigned to cover that area of the field was too busy getting out of his way, since he wasn't paying attention, to actually make a call, leaving it up to an umpire a hundred feet away. Randy's strike zone was pretty small and he did't get any of the calls on the corners. Granted, he was wild, but Rogers got every call he could have gotten. The home plate ump gave him an extra three inches of space on each side of the plate and called strikes at the top of the shins rather than the top of the knee. That's an extra square foot of space. Give a good pitcher a huge strike zone and he'll dominate anyone.

I'm looking forward to seeing Daisuke Matsuzaka pitch for the Yanks next year.

2006-10-06 21:20:44
14.   mikeplugh
11 I was mistaken....Matsuzaka had yet to pitch. I joined the telecast in what I thought was the bottom of the 1st. Now it;s the bottom of the 1st and Daisuke just thre strike one.
2006-10-06 21:21:21
15.   mikeplugh
14 sorry....I was right the first time. The Yankees mess has my head screwed on wrong/
2006-10-06 21:21:33
16.   ny2
I didn't watch the game: how did jeter give up in the sixth
2006-10-06 21:22:50
17.   joejoejoe
Here is Buck O'Neil's (note - one 'l') obit from the Kansas City Star.

On the game...

The bad news is the Yanks lost the game. The good news is they were universally awful with runners on base and there will be no finger pointing - the entire team failed. I'd start Melky in LF and DH Matsui tomorrow with Giambi at 1B. Reunite Heckyl and Jeckyl in the starting lineup and stack the lefties. The future is now.

2006-10-06 21:22:52
18.   mikeplugh
Matsunaka just led off the 2nd with a double off the wall against Matsuzaka.
2006-10-06 21:23:34
19.   Orly Yarly NoWai
16 There was just a shot of his face after a Rogers strike and the expressions wasn't grim determination, nor anger, nor resolution. It was pure and total despair. The only reason I singled him out is because he's supposed to be the guy who never says die. Everyone was that way tonight.
2006-10-06 21:23:58
20.   mikeplugh
Now he hits the next guy, Zuleta. 2 on, no one out. This is the kind of meltdown he had in his last outing. Great and then the control goes all Ankiel on him.
2006-10-06 21:24:07
21.   Orly Yarly NoWai
17 I like that plan.
2006-10-06 21:24:36
22.   mikeplugh
19 I don't buy that for a second.
2006-10-06 21:25:48
23.   joejoejoe
Five bucks sez Mariano is now officially available for two innings.
2006-10-06 21:26:07
24.   Orly Yarly NoWai
22 Don't buy it all you like.
2006-10-06 21:26:30
25.   mikeplugh
2 on, no one out, Matsuzaka on the ropes. SoftBank bunts (of course) back to the pitcher. Matsuzaka throws to third one out. I love Japan.
2006-10-06 21:27:34
26.   mikeplugh
24 I won't, because that's horseshit. Jeter didn't give up, and unless you are Carl Jung I don't believe you or anyone else can tell me that Jeter "gave up" by the "look on his face" for 5 seconds on tv.
2006-10-06 21:27:35
27.   JeremyM
Why did they screw around with O'Neil and not put him in the Hall when he could still be there to appreciate it? Not a shining moment for baseball in my opinion.
2006-10-06 21:28:22
28.   mikeplugh
Daisuke strikes out the next guy. Runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 outs.
2006-10-06 21:28:57
29.   Orly Yarly NoWai
26 I'm sorry I bothered your husband. You have your opinions, and I have mine.
2006-10-06 21:30:08
30.   mikeplugh
26 whatever man. Your opinion is based on 5 seconds of tv coverage. You see his face for a split second and want me to believe that you could read that he'd given up. How longhave you watched the guy play? Sounds like a couple of days.
2006-10-06 21:31:06
31.   mikeplugh
3 outs on another K. Matsuzaka dealing.
2006-10-06 21:31:28
32.   Orly Yarly NoWai
30 I've been watching the Yankees since I was 8, so only 10 years.

I fail to see why you're so upset about this.

2006-10-06 21:33:04
33.   mikeplugh
29 By the way Orly....I'm not trying to be a dick. I like to read your opinions. My point is only that I don't want to hear that Jeter has given up. He's done too much for this team, and hearing that kind of comment after watching him dive into the stands of a relatively meaningless regular season game to beat Boston. He doesn't give up and I would wager that none of the other guys did either.
2006-10-06 21:35:25
34.   Orly Yarly NoWai
33 To clarify: I'm not saying that he's given up the series. I think he, like the rest of the team, is absolutely convinced that they are going to win this series. I'm not saying that they stopped trying either. It just seems like they stopped believing in themselves.
2006-10-06 21:35:36
35.   yankz
I'm with mikeplugh. I know what clip you're referring to, and there's no way that one could conclude that Jeter gave up. It was less than five seconds.
2006-10-06 21:38:45
36.   joejoejoe
29 Name calling is not productive.

Your 'evidence' that Jeter quit is thin to be kind. Jeter doubled, walked, smoked a liner at Rogers, almost turned one a fantastic double play with Cano, and grabbed a nice ball in the hole at short to end the inning with a force (off the top of my head). If every Yankee quit like that each night they'll win championship #27 in a few weeks.

2006-10-06 21:40:08
37.   yankz
36 That spin play was the fastest I've ever seen anyone get rid of the ball.
2006-10-06 21:41:52
38.   Firebernie
With Rogers so close to the emotional edge all night; ("Give me the %^$@ ball!"), I'm surprised the Yankees didn't do more of the litttle things to disturb his rhythm . I mean things like regularly asking for time during at-bats , requesting a new ball, exchanging one bat for another, engaging the umps in perfunctory arguments. After all this is a guy who hasn't always done well when he is amped up. I really got the sense that he was often just a centimeter from losing it. Leyland obviously thought the same before the Abreu at bat.
2006-10-06 21:43:53
39.   yankz
I hate this feeling. I've felt it the past 3 years, and I hate it. They just can't let this season be another disappointment. Not after the way the regular season went.
2006-10-06 21:46:34
40.   Orly Yarly NoWai
He doubled in the first inning, almost turned a great double play in the second and made his plays in the field. In the sixth he smoked that liner back towards Rogers (I erroneously referred to that as a strikeout before I checked the box score). In the 8th, he walked fairly easily. I missed the infield single Guillen hit to him in the bottom of the 6th as I was in the bathroom.

It's not just Jeter- my note adressed him directly because the audience for it on my Facebook account believes Jeter can do no wrong and that A-Rod is Satan himself.

Regardless, this is a very unproductive debate. I stand by what I said. You stand by what you have said. Let's move on and look forwards to game four and hopefully hammering Bonderman.

2006-10-06 21:48:25
41.   Orly Yarly NoWai
37 That was fantastic. Cano's play was pretty good too.

38 I didn't notice it during the game, but now that you mention it, I agree with you.

39 Yeah.

2006-10-06 21:50:00
42.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Addendum: 38 Even Rogers said that he was probably too emotional.

"I was probably more emotional than I should have been," Rogers.-- From the AP article

2006-10-06 21:50:10
43.   mikeplugh
2 fast outs for Matsuzaka in the 3rd. Ground out, and strike out.
2006-10-06 21:51:36
44.   mikeplugh
base hit blooper between second and right.
2006-10-06 21:52:27
45.   yankz
44 Don't worry, I'm still awake.
2006-10-06 21:52:30
46.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I wasn't able to watch Japan during the WBC; I can't wait to see him pitch. May even spend two paychecks to travel up to NY if we get him.
2006-10-06 21:53:12
47.   yankz
Joe better be giving one hell of a closed door meeting right about now.
2006-10-06 21:54:39
48.   mikeplugh
lazy fly to right, three outs.
2006-10-06 21:54:51
49.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I think the players may be doing it themselves.

As long as Giambi's not leading it.

2006-10-06 21:55:49
50.   Orly Yarly NoWai
mike, is there a website I can watch this on?
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2006-10-06 21:56:04
51.   mikeplugh
This is a great game. Kazumi Saito actually led the Pacific League in ERA at 1.75, just ahead of Matsuzaka. He's painting the outside corner against Seibu and dominating. Matsuzaka is using his wicked screwball and well place fastballs to keep the Hawks off balance.
2006-10-06 21:56:12
52.   Firebernie
The good news is that Bonderman looked decidedly uncomfortable in the dugout, particularly in the eighth or ninth when Rogers seemed to be delivering a monologue to him, Robertson and Verlander. The other two appeared animated; Bonderman had that deer in the headlights look. Let's hope it carries over to a not ready for prime time performance tomorrow afternoon.
2006-10-06 21:58:55
53.   Orly Yarly NoWai
51 I hope his arm is ok 3-4 years down the road.

52 Let's hope.

2006-10-06 22:01:46
54.   mikeplugh
saito goes 1-2-3
2006-10-06 22:05:23
55.   Orly Yarly NoWai
In other news, Barry Bonds has the sense of a gerbil.

2006-10-06 22:05:52
56.   mikeplugh
Matsunaka fans to start the 4th.
2006-10-06 22:07:25
57.   mikeplugh
Zuleta inside-outs a 1-2 fastball on the outside part of the plate for a single.
2006-10-06 22:08:15
58.   Orly Yarly NoWai
How's he been mixing his pitches? Is he at all predictable?
2006-10-06 22:09:21
59.   mikeplugh
4-6-3 double play, inning over.
2006-10-06 22:10:05
60.   mikeplugh
He's mixing and matching nicely. The slider and screwball are keeping guys guessing, and he's locating the fastball nicely.
2006-10-06 22:12:04
61.   Orly Yarly NoWai
By screwball you are speaking of the famous gyro, correct? Remember that I missed all Japan's games in the WBC... -.-; has him listed as also throwing a splitter and changeup.

2006-10-06 22:19:41
62.   mikeplugh
Line out to center to start the 5th.

There is no gyro. It's a myth. Will Carrol recently admitted that Matsuzaka doesn't throw it, after he initially though he was using it.

2006-10-06 22:20:27
63.   mikeplugh
infield pop out. 2 outs.
2006-10-06 22:20:52
64.   mikeplugh
2nd hit batsman. In the ribs and he's down.
2006-10-06 22:22:16
65.   mikeplugh
Looked like a changeup grip that sailed on him, but it was a pretty hard ball to the ribs.

4.2 IP
65 pitches
4 Ks
1 walk
2 hit batters

2006-10-06 22:22:51
66.   mikeplugh
While the player is in the dugout getting looked at Matsuzaka is taking warmup pitches.
2006-10-06 22:25:55
67.   mikeplugh
Throws the second ball of the next at bat into the dirt and to the backstop advancing the runner.
2006-10-06 22:26:48
68.   Mike T
What a pathetic performance by the Yankees tonight. Murderer's Row? Jaywalker's Row maybe. These guys have turned into a real disappointment so far. If the Yankees lose this series, I can't think of a reason why Steinbrenner and Cashman should keep the payroll anywhere near $200 million because that is a colossal waste of money on a team that gets its ass kicked by teams with far lesser payrolls.
2006-10-06 22:27:46
69.   mikeplugh
weak grounder to 1st, 1-3. 3 outs.
2006-10-06 22:33:08
70.   mikeplugh
Saito goes 1-2-3 again. No one has come remotely close to threatening him.
2006-10-06 22:35:43
71.   mikeplugh
So far, in this game there has been one well hit ball. Matsunaka's liner off the left field wall to start the 2nd against Matsuzaka. The rest of these guys are weak ass hitters, that are meekly going into the night.

Both pitchers are excellent, but the hitters are like gnats against them. I would say that a Major League matchup between these pitchers right now would be 2-1 or 3-2 Softbank.

2006-10-06 22:38:41
72.   mikeplugh
Pop up behind third, one out.
2006-10-06 22:40:03
73.   GoingDeep
Ok so everyone is frustrated. But c'mon were still not out of it. The law of averages say the bats are gonna wake up against Bonderman. C'mon 0-18 with Runners on... that cant possibly happen again. If my house were on it, Id still take the yanks to win the series. In fact, i wouldnt be surprised if the Yanks went on a big run from now into the WS.
2006-10-06 22:40:44
74.   mikeplugh
#3 hitter Cabrera is dazzled by a nasty screw, changeup, and then high clazing heat. Strikeout looking. 2 down.
2006-10-06 22:43:01
75.   mikeplugh
Matsunaka with another hit. Single to right. Matsuzaka worked him with a nice inside fastball, a slider that missed, a nice slider for a strike, and then went to the well one too many times and hung a third slider. 2 down, man on first.
2006-10-06 22:45:41
76.   mikeplugh
Zuleta swings through 2 good ol' country fastballs high and out of the zone, and then weakly waves at either a slider or a splitter tailing away and dying low and outside. 3 outs. scoreless game.
2006-10-06 22:52:18
77.   mikeplugh
saito dominates a bunch of weak hackers 1-2-3. No score through 6 complete.
2006-10-06 22:58:04
78.   mikeplugh
Matsuzaka starts off the 7th with a K on the #6 hitter. Got ahead 0-2 with offspeed stuff, then went heat for a couple of fouls before finishing him on a check swing with the slider.

The #7 hitter ate the bench on 4 pitches. All heaters in the 93 MPH range.

2 outs.

2006-10-06 22:58:31
79.   mikeplugh
bunt single.
2006-10-06 23:02:46
80.   mikeplugh
Matsuzaka challeged hitter #9 with a combination of fastballs and offspeed stuff to get the count at 2-2. He left one up and we now have runners on 1st and 2nd, two outs.

99 pitches with 2 outs in the 7th.

2006-10-06 23:04:06
81.   C2Coke
"Well, if Kenny Rogers can pitch a great game what makes you think Jaret Wright can't do the same thing?"

Alex, you guys are fortunate to have each other.

There's nother else to be said, except

Let's Go Yankees, Let's Go Get the Tigers!

2006-10-06 23:05:12
82.   mikeplugh
WBC shortstop and leadoff man Kawasaki was blown away by Daisuke on three straight pitches, but the third was oddly called a ball. Matsuzaka chafed at the call. He then threw a strike that was fouled off and hit his third batter of the game.

Bases loaded, two outs, manager comes to the mound to talk.

2006-10-06 23:07:15
83.   mikeplugh
weak grounder to 1st unassisted ends the threat.

105 pitches through 7.

2006-10-06 23:08:42
84.   Benjamin Kabak
Alex, Alex, Alex.

That Emily is a smart girl. She's right. I have a lot more faith in Wright for today than I had for him in all the rest of the season. He'll come through.

2006-10-06 23:11:31
85.   C2Coke
Well, mikeplugh, enjoy your afternoon. I will go to bed now so tomorrow I will be ready for our great East Coast afternoon.

By the way, isn't it a little much to hit three people in one game?

2006-10-06 23:12:50
86.   C2Coke
84 Wright will come through, then it's our Ace Wang again. We'll be fine.
2006-10-06 23:13:44
87.   mikeplugh
saito in trouble. Back to back hits to lead off the bottom of the 7th has the Lions set up.

Oh shit....Saito goes into the clubhouse....

2006-10-06 23:14:19
88.   mikeplugh
85 night....yeah, he's struggled with some control probs in his last 2 starts. Still dominating.
2006-10-06 23:17:22
89.   mikeplugh
He's back out on the mound now. Don't know what happened. Wada hitting,.
2006-10-06 23:18:08
90.   mikeplugh
That's IT!!!!!!!! Wada doubles home two. Lions lead. Lions lead!!!!!!!
2006-10-06 23:19:40
91.   mikeplugh
Oh. Only one run scored. 2nd and 3rd, nobody out.
2006-10-06 23:27:36
92.   mikeplugh
Saito escapes further damage with a weak grounder right at second, and two wicked strikeouts.
2006-10-06 23:31:10
93.   mikeplugh
Daisuke starts things off in the 8th with his 8th strikeout. The Hawks' Cabrera waives at a slider in the dirt away.
2006-10-06 23:34:32
94.   mikeplugh
Matsuzaka goes 3-0 on slugger and former Triple Crown winner Matsunaka before getting a called strike one. He then challenges him with heat and produces two foul balls. The crowd rises to a crescendo.....changeup strike three swinging!!!
2006-10-06 23:37:38
95.   mikeplugh
#5 hitter, Zuleta, comes up and takes high heat for ball one. He swings through the exact same pitch for strike one. 93 MPH. Matsuzaka wastes a pitch on a dying quail inside. Same pitch on the outside corner is ball 3. Wicked slider drops in over the plate, 3-2. The crowd again bangs its drums and rises.....same wicked slider fouled off. Straight cheese over the lower half of the zone....94 MPH. 10 Ks for Matsuzaka through 8.
2006-10-06 23:45:25
96.   mikeplugh
Saito works a perfect 1-2-3 eighth, leaving the game in Matsuzaka's hands for the top of the ninth and a 1-0 series lead.
2006-10-06 23:48:26
97.   mikeplugh
Kept the first batter off balance and got him to pop weakly behind short. One out.
2006-10-06 23:50:31
98.   mikeplugh
Fastball on the inside corner, strike one. Same pitch on the outside, strike two. Bounces the third pitch in front of the catcher (nice block), ball one. Way high and outside, ball two. 91 MPH fastball, swinging K. One out to a victory.
2006-10-06 23:50:52
99.   mikeplugh
133 pitches. 12 Ks
2006-10-06 23:53:10
100.   mikeplugh
Slider breaking away from the lefty, strike one. Wasted a poor pitch inside, ball one. Hanging slider that he got away with on a foul ball, strike two. Straight cheese, 94 MPH on the outside, swinging strike three.

9 IP
Complete game shutout.
13 Ks
1 walk
3 hit batters
137 pitches
Seibu leads Softbank 1 game to nothing.

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2006-10-06 23:55:47
101.   GoingDeep
100 Thanks for wheting the appetite.
2006-10-06 23:55:49
102.   mikeplugh
Saito was also brilliant. He had one blip and that's all it took. Matsuzaka had a bases loaded, 2 outs, jam that he worked out of. If either pitcher had blinked he'd have lost. Fortunately for Matsuzaka he didn't blink, and Saito did.

Thanks for allowing me to use this thread to bring you the game. Sorry if it's a glut that simply clogged up 100 posts, but I thought maybe you'd enjoy a preview of someone we might get in his playoff appearance.

2006-10-07 00:14:18
103.   Flip Play
2007 Yankees
Opening Day Batting Order

1 Johnny Damon - CF
2 Derek Jeter - SS
3 Bobby Abreu - RF
4 Albert Pujols - 1B
5 Hideki Matsui - LF
6 Robinson Cano - 2B
7 Jorge Posada - C
8 Melky Cabrera - DH/OF
9 A Can of Tuna - 3B

With a couple years experience and some mentoring from the veteran players, A Can of Tuna is sure to be a break-out star. His defense at AAA was stellar, but he needs to learn patience at the plate. Definite future All-Star and potential Hall of Famer.

2006-10-07 04:27:47
104.   randym77
Good gravy. AP's take on it? "A-Rod Flops Again, This Time in Cleanup Spot." Umm, what about the rest of the flippin' lineup?
2006-10-07 04:39:00
105.   murphy
watching this game was absolutely f'ing infruiating. to add insult to injury, miller and morgan did everything short of shout, "die yankees, die!!! the tigers are kings of the world". they were shouting and screaming for everything single thing the tigers did right and had essentially no reaction to the few good things the yankees did - and having the old man in the booth (and thus paying NO attention to the game being played) was the WORST!!! it was like watching the game surrounded by mets fans (you know the ones i am talking about).

i am actually looking forward to buck/mccarver.

2006-10-07 05:17:38
106.   choirboyzgirl
105- LOL ITA I ended up watching most of the game with mute on. Ernie Harwell is great (a legend around here) but at that point I could have cared less what happened in 1918 or 1930 or whatever year they were talking about.

Rogers was intense yesterday but it worked, that was probably one of his best performance ever. Hopefully the Yankees will come out with that type of intensity today.

My big dilemma for the day...being a Michigander....the Tigers/Yanks play at 4 and the Michigan/Mich St game at 4:30 there will be a lot channel flipping during the commericals.


2006-10-07 06:11:52
107.   Sliced Bread
Who dealt this mess?

I can't believe the NY rags spared us the cringetastic headlines I was imagining last night.

I went to sleep with a couple glasses of red wine, and Kenny Rogers poker puns swimming in my head.

The Gambler Deals, Yanks Fold

The Gambler Comes Up Aces, Unit Is Joker

The Gambler Turns Yanks Into One Card Schmucks

Torre Shuffles Deck, The Gambler Flushes Yanks

That was fuggin' shocking.

We'll get 'em today.

2006-10-07 06:50:59
108.   singledd
I'm wondering if Morgans brilliant statement: "That's why I don't like stats" makes it to
2006-10-07 07:08:37
109.   Chyll Will
Skunked. That's the only word I can describe this. The word woke me up this morning and has stuck. The whole team got skunked, and now it's almost unbearable watching.

Yunnow, when Inside the Actor's Studio had Jennifer Lopez on last year, I donated my TV to the Salvation Army. After E$@%'s shameless and despicable performance, I'm snitching this TV to Rikers.

2006-10-07 14:59:58
110.   BL-YF
Just dropping by to share the adject pain of this event. I am disgusted, appalled and broken hearted all at the same time. This feels over. Any brave optimists left?

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