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2006-10-06 09:32
by Alex Belth
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The notion of Alex Rodriguez as an over-priced flop has been the single largest media story around the Yankees in years. Rodriguez does not go 5-5 in playoff games like Derek Jeter--he hasn't done much of anything substantial in his past two-and-a-half playoff series. Forget about what he has done in the past--his lifetime post-season numbers are far from embarassing--New York is a what-have-you-done-for-us-lately town. I hear Yankee fans everywhere hating on A Rod, and the papers fuel the flames. The back page of the Daily News today shows a close shot of A Rod after a strike out. He is looking down, a sullen expression on his face, as he lifts the helmet off his head in frustration. The headline reads "Awol." The New York tabloids relish humiliating Rodriguez when he does not play well, especially in the playoffs.

Even far-minded critics like my man Jake Luft are harping on Rodriguez's failure, which grows more glaring with each mediore game. Buster Olney has a great blog entry on the subject today over at ESPN. A Rod hit the ball well in Game One, but only had one hit to show for it. He whiffed three times in Game Two. The first and lasat K you have to give to Verlander and Zumaya, the other two at-bats are on Rodriguez.

But New York's obsession with hating Rodiriguez says more about Nee Yorkers themselves, and the nature of the tabloid competition here, than it necessarily does about Rodriguez himself. (Just like ovation Torii Hunter got from Twins' fans after mis-playing a ball into an inside-the-park home run said something about Minniesota fans. I know Hunter is different to them than A Rod is to Yankee fans, I'm just saying. ) Not that A Rod doesn't contribute to the matter but the resentment that people express says more about what they demand from the highest-paid player: nothing short of being the absolute best in every way. They feel entitled to take the guy down if he doesn't match their expectations.

It's not that Yankee fans don't want him to do well. They do want to see him succeed. He got a bonafide ovation as he walked to the plate in his first at bat of the series. But when he fails the fans turn on him quickly and without mercy. He reminds us of our own failures, our own inability to meet certain "clutch" situations all the time in our own lives. Not only that, he confirms our worst fears about ourselves--that we won't do well. Watch a Rodriguez at-bat with a group of Yankee fans and most of them expect him to fail, and go so far as to root against him. It's a weird kind of maschochistic thing, I don't get it.

I heard two construction workers talking about the Yanks in the local deli this morning and their entire riff on A Rod was what a bum he was for making all that money. "If you or I performed like that in our jobs, Frankie, we'd be out of jobs, am I right?"

"And then he sits there and takes pitches. How do you take pitches."

"They teach you in little league you gotta swing the bat, right?"

"I can't believe a guy gets paid all that money to leave the bat on his shoulder."

And so forth. You've heard it all. It's not as if Rodriguez has not have some big hits as a Yankee--he has. But he has to have them in the playoffs. Now. He's the only star player in baseball whose entire season is judged almost exclusively by how he does in the playoffs. 120 RBI? Should have been 148. Get bent. What have you done for me lately?

It is a very real media story and while we're all sick of it but it could get the guy run out of town if he fails and the team bows out early. That would be a shame because headcase or not, after three years in New York, Rodriguez is probably the best third baseman in Yankee history, and that's pretty awesome. He's not Nettles with the glove by a long stretch, but he's a much better hitter. Better base runner, better player. But a bigger mystery. When the game looks hard for a player, when he's a scrappy guy like Wally Backman or David Eckstein, fans identify them with and give them a pass. It's the Wayne Cherbet syndrome, you know what I mean? The game is hard for A Rod too, even though he's supremely gifted. It's just difficult in a different way, a way people can't relate to or identify with. They just see that he's good looking and very rich and he's strikes out three times in a playoff game.

But now it's time for Mr. Rodriguez to meet our old pal, the Gambler Kenny Rogers. If you don't get at least two hits tonight, it's only gunna get worse tomorrow, kid. So as Don Corelone said to Johnny Fontaine, "You can act like a MAN! (slap) What's the matter with you?" Go get 'em, bro, leave it all out on the field and kick some ass. Remember, the Gambler is a bigger headcase than you. Doubles in the gap, dude, doubles in the gap. The story won't go away until you come through. Make it happen.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-10-06 10:18:54
1.   Ken Arneson
I have a theory about who succeeds in New York and who doesn't. I think that people who are comfortable in their own skin, who are confident in who they are, thrive there. Anyone with any sort of false front or fake bravado or lack of self-esteem gets eaten alive.

Looking at the current A's roster, I think Barry Zito and Nick Swisher would the the two players most likely to succeed in New York. The player most likely to fail would be Eric Chavez.

2006-10-06 10:33:23
2.   Mike T
I really think Zito would be a solid offseason signing for the Yankees. As far as A-Rod goes, I think his plate appearances yesterday were really weak. He struck out looking twice I believe. Come on man, at least swing the bat. The worst that happens is you go down swinging. If that happens, at least you tried. More likely, a player of A-Rod's caliber is going to foul a few off until he gets something down the pipe that he can hit.
2006-10-06 10:39:16
3.   Peter
You know, when Torre dropped A-Rod to 6th, I was kind of hoping that he would make like Abreu -- out of the spotlight, sit back, relax, and just rake the ball. But they keep shining the searchlights on him.

I could turn a blind eye to the national media acting the way they do, but it's sickened me the way the local press and "fans" have treated him. I'm afraid he's going to be run out of town. Honestly, if I were him I wouldn't want to play here anymore.

2006-10-06 10:39:24
4.   Yankee Fan In Boston
The talk here in Boston is that if Mr. Rodriguez "makes a big error" or what have you, the only solution would be to dish him to a team such as the Dodgers or Angels.

This is what they're saying on WEEI, the big sports talk station.

(Let's all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Boston radio jocks are discussing the Yankees alone in October.)

All I know is, if I were Alex Rodriguez, I would have to quietly wish for a trade.

Yes, NY is the "big stage" and everything, but I'd just want to turn to everyone who has been riding me, flip them the bird, go someplace more laidback and just play baseball again.

Turn the page.

I wish that I actually heard the "logic" of the arguments on the radio, but I'm just getting this discussion topic 2nd hand.

But wouldn't you want out?

2006-10-06 10:45:14
5.   Mike T
I honestly couldn't answer for sure if I would want out. I look at the nonsense as the tradeoff for being on a team that contends for the World Series every single year, and is in the largest media market in the nation.
2006-10-06 10:49:21
6.   Yankee Fan In Boston
Understood. Point noted. However, the microscope that this man is under is unlike anything I've ever seen. If it were a few headlines here and there with a few boos and "you stink"s peppered in there, I'd probably gut it out, too. Part of plaing in NY.

...But this is a different animal.

I personally wouldn't be able to handle the "Pay-Rod" treatment.

(I have never been a big backer of his, but now I'm just starting to feel bad for the guy.)

2006-10-06 10:49:56
7.   Simone
4 I have concluded that the reason that all the media outside of NY are talking about and pushing the Yankees trading A-Rod is so that the Yankees won't have him and their team can acquire him.
2006-10-06 10:54:34
8.   pistolpete
I believe the exact Godfather quote was "You can act like a MAN! (slap) What's the matter with you?"
2006-10-06 10:57:45
9.   buffalocharlie
1 Agree with you regarding Zito, but I need to see more accomplishment from Swisher before predicting that he will succeed in N.Y., let alone next year in Oakland...

...what is is about Chavez, "false front or fake bravado or lack of self-esteem", that you think would cause him to fail in N.Y.?

2006-10-06 10:59:07
10.   DarrenF
4 It seems unlikely he would ever approve of a trade following a loss. If he did, is inability to perform in New York -- fairly or unfairly -- would follow him around forever.

It's more likely that he'd approve of a trade if the Yankees won the World Series.

Hit a walkoff in game seven of the World Series and stop halfway to home. Pull out a cell phone and get Cashman and Boras on the phone: "I'm not touching home until you trade me to the Mets."

2006-10-06 11:03:47
11.   Shaun P
The real problem is something many of us have said before: the Yanks don't win by trading A-Rod, they lose, big time. The Yanks will never get equal or greater value for A-Rod. It just doesn't happen. There's a BP piece by Mark Armour that I'm too lazy to dig up now - the link is somewhere in the comments from a September thread . . . it makes clear that trading a once-in-a-generation player in his prime (like A-Rod) for anything BUT another once-in-a-generation player in his prime is a big loss. Even if you get a bunch of other allegedly good players back.

So unless Cashmoney is able to pull off a Pujols for A-Rod swap, it doesn't matter how bad the media gets, the Yanks have got to keep A-Rod. Thus, I keep praying that A-Rod will just hit like he can and shut everyone the heck up.

2006-10-06 11:05:52
12.   Sliced Bread
re: A-Rod, the media is just doing what poodles do best, piss the rug, and chew, chew, chew.

As for the NY "fans":
There's definitely a sadistic streak in the A-Rod hate, an ugly mob mentality reminiscent of the Roman Colisseum days, when people cheered watching people being devoured by lions. It's a nasty, primal reaction to his failure -- as it reflects on them.

I think another key ingredient is that New Yorkers love to confront, and love to be right. Remember how Marissa Tomei's and Joe Pesci's characters went at it in "My Cousin Vinny?" That was such a NY thing, and what easier way to be right, and win an argument than to predict failure in baseball?

"Watch this, he's gunna choke." Well, very often the person who predicts this is going to be correct, no matter who is at the plate, no matter how many runners are on.

1 Ken, I think you're onto something there. I just read the classic SI piece from 1986 that Alex linked to in his previous post: Mattingly, Boggs, and Ted Williams talking hitting.

It reminded me why it's so easy to love players like Mattingly.

It's their simple, workman approach to the game.

A-Rod's hardworking, but he's far from simple. He's complicated.

Reading the SI piece, I imagined A-Rod talking shop with the gruff, condescending Ted Williams.

As talented a hitter as Rodriguez is, I don't imagine he would stand his ground with Williams.

Ted Williams said to Mattingly, "You don't really realize what you're doing..."

Mattingly: "I think I realize what I'm doing..."

Williams: "What you're saying is that you like to swing down on the ball..."

Mattingly: "I didn't say that. I just said I like to get backspin on he ball."

See, I imagine A-Rod with all his polite respect for the game, as great a hitter as he is himself, wouldn't riff with a legend of Ted Williams stature like that. I imagine he would withdraw from the conversation, or say something awkward about his looks or his paycheck.

NYers like fighters. They want to see A-Rod hold his ground. They want him stand up for himself, damnit, and hit the ball.

As much as I feel that way, he doesn't have to prove anything to me, and I'd never boo him. Losing him would be a shame for the Yanks, and a disgrace to NY.

2006-10-06 11:08:34
13.   Mike T
For proof of the results of what happens when you trade a once in a generation player, see the current state of the LA Lakers, as well as that of the Miami Heat.
2006-10-06 11:13:18
14.   choirboyzgirl
1- I think it goes beyond that. Alex doesn't seem to be THAT unsure of himself (during the Aug slump both he and Joe said that others were more worried than he was). There has been a lot said about Alex's psyche this year, but I think its been fairly good. How many people do you know could handle the scrutiny that he has gotten for the past 5 months and still get out there and work through it every day. I haven't seen or heard of him throwing any kind of fit or tantrum because he's struggling. (He sure handles the whole thing better than I would have).

It really does seem like many of the Yankee fans/media want him to fail, other wise why would they keep booing when they know it doesn't help and probably causes more damage instead. Yeah they cheer him on occasion...but if Alex's persona is faux then those cheers are even more so as they turn to boos the minute he gets an out. And to be honest the Yankees themselves don't help (well the Boss doesn't he's latest comment just added fuel to the fire) nor did the SI cover help. Every time hear the comments Alex just needs to relax and he'll be fine, then he gets thrown under bus again or right back into the spotlight (the batter order change). It just never stops....heck OJ gets better treatment in the media than Alex and the later has never done anything wrong.

2006-10-06 11:13:52
15.   Schteeve
If A-rod has nothing else to psychologically cling to, he should tell himself that no matter how many people call for him to be traded, he will not leave. He will fight on and never give up, never acquiesce and never accept an open back door out of the pressure cooker. Getting your ass kicked can be wonderful for the psyche.
2006-10-06 11:15:18
16.   rbj
Please make all the A-Rod talk stop. Please, I beg of you, I'll tell you where Bin Laden is. Just make it stop.
2006-10-06 11:20:16
17.   jonnystrongleg
I think one unexamined aspect about the Arod saga is how bad he looks when he is in a slump. Arod is a guess hitter with a nonviolent swing.

1) When he swings through a pitch, it's not like Sheffield or Ortiz, a huge cut that would inspire a fan to imagine "he just missed that. If he made contact, see ya!" Arod's homers often look like fly outs and yet travel a hundred feet further than Sheff's bombs. His swing is very hard for a casual fan to appreciate.

2) When guessing with two strikes, you whiff looking. A lot. I would never guess with two strikes because I thought whiffing looking was the ultimate sin, and many fans believe this as well. But tt's not the worst thing you can do. Grounding into a doubleplay is worse. But with two strikes, two outs and the bases juiced, going down looking is the worst thing you can do and Arod never adjusts in these situations. Either out of stubborness or lack of ability. As much I despise the haters, I think this is a valid complaint.

A guess hitter with a easy does it swing just looks pathetic when he's not hitting. Simple as that. Sheffield, Giambi, Ortiz, Reggie, those guys can suck too, they just look a lot better while doing it.

2006-10-06 11:21:21
18.   pistolpete
12 Wow, imagine telling Mattingly he 'doesn't know what he's doing'...
2006-10-06 11:22:11
19.   kylepetterson
Let me first say that I'm coming to this from the outside. I was born and raised in rural Washington state, a hockey fan, now residing in Phoenix. My wife is from New York and a Yankees fan and got me into baseball 5 or 6 years ago (now I irritate the crap out of her because I love it and will watch any baseball game you put in front of me). Anyways, I know it's been said before, but, in A-Rods "terrible" year he batted .290, had an OPS of .914, hit 35 home runs, and led the team w/ 121 RBIs. Without him, I'm not sure we would even be here.
2006-10-06 11:27:51
20.   pistolpete
10 Purely for fun, but: A-Rod for Manny? Obviously I'd rather keep him, but a 'change of scenery' deal could work out for all parties involved..
2006-10-06 11:32:24
21.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i would never take manny ramirez. not under any circumstances that my warped, demented mind can muster.

he's lazy. he sits it out if there's nothing for him to gain...

yes, he'll be a HOFer.
yes, he can hit the snot out of a baseball.

at least rodriguez is trying. (if anything, he's trying too hard.)

(i detest manny ramirez.)

2006-10-06 11:32:45
22.   standuptriple
20 Right after Joe puts Matsui at 3B for defensive purposes.
2006-10-06 11:36:31
23.   pistolpete
Like I said, I just threw it out there for debate. Yes, there's definitely the laziness thing, but wasn't the same thing being said about Abreu before he got here? Obviously not to the same extent and the flakiness isn't there, but Manny grew up in Washington Heights - you don't think that would affect his drive to play?

And you could always move Sheffield back to his original position at 3B. ;-)

2006-10-06 11:40:48
24.   standuptriple
I don't think you can get Manny to change his stripes at this point in his life. He's a consumate slacker and loves the beat of his own drum. I could never see him assimilating into Yankee culture.
2006-10-06 11:47:22
25.   Count Montefusco
I disagree about there being no sufficient compensation in an A-Rod deal. Who here wouldn't LEAP at the chance to have a young top-of-the-rotation lefty and a lights-out setup man instead of Arod for the next three weeks?

Eight years ago the Yankees won 114 games with a balanced attack, to which Scott Brosius was central...numbers be damned.

2006-10-06 11:51:06
26.   JL25and3
Latest news story is that A-Rod has been sending obscene IMs to Congressional pages.
2006-10-06 11:52:16
27.   JL25and3
25 For the next three weeks, maybe. For the last six months, not a chance.
2006-10-06 11:53:20
28.   Yankee Fan In Boston
"I hit solid, with an accelerated bat head."
2006-10-06 11:54:37
29.   Ken Arneson
9 I meant that Swisher (and Zito, too) have the personality to succeed there. Whether or not they have the baseball skills to improve the Yankees or Mets is separate question.

As for Chavez, he is not a person with a lot of self-esteem. Early in his career, he had a lot of false bravado, too. He's dropped that quite a bit as he's matured, but he's still at his core a fairly insecure person.

2006-10-06 11:54:55
30.   Shaun P
20 Its a matter of practically for me. A-Rod is a great athlete, has a speed component to his game that Manny lacks. Its been shown that guys with speed tend to 'age' more gracefully if you will. Manny probably falls off a cliff at age 38.

Add in that A-Rod is 31 (32 next July) and Manny is 34 (35 next May), and its no deal.

Whatever you think of BP's PECOTA system, it estimates Manny to be worth 18 wins above replacement over the next 5 years - and A-Rod to be worth 37.2.

2006-10-06 11:55:41
31.   markp
What really bugs me about the Arod situation is what his teammates do. When the press was ripping Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle got all over them. He made a point of telling them they were out of line. In those days his words rarely saw the light of day, since what reporters wrote was all the public saw.
Now what guys like Jeter say often go directly to the airwaves. I can't imagine him not telling the media their being absurd (I think I would every time one of these writers stuck a mike in my face), but none of them do it.
2006-10-06 11:56:36
32.   ny2
I think Leyland will probably take out Rogers in the 1st or 2nd inning if he starts to get hit and start putting in his bullpen since its so deep... I mean look at how quickly he took out verlander ... which could be a big problem in Randy can't get through this game.
2006-10-06 11:59:22
33.   pistolpete
30 I'm one of those guys who goes by what I see on the field, not what numbers tell me I should be seeing.

Besides, does anyone really think Alex would somehow 'thrive' in an environment that has the potential to be even MORE hostile? At least this town has two teams to focus on.

First time Rodriguez went Oh-fer in a playoff game in a Sox uniform, out would come the 'purse' Photoshops again...

2006-10-06 11:59:51
34.   dianagramr

A-Rod WAS traded for a pretty decent player in Alfonso Soriano.

2006-10-06 12:00:36
35.   smingers
I wouldn't trade Arod for Manny simply because of their ages and the respective values of the positions they play.

But I'm not convinced there's no way we couldn't make a trade that would help the franchise. Even if we only get 80 cents on the dollar in return, 80 cents worth of pitching could benefit us.

I think there are enough bats in this lineup that we could still score plenty of runs in the future. And with Moose and Unit old and getting older, Pavano a total question mark, and Wright and Lidle being Wright and Lidle, we could use a young starter or two, someone to join Wang and Hughes and, hopefully, Matzusaka.

2006-10-06 12:04:01
36.   JL25and3
34 That was a terrible deal for the Rangers. They've managed to parlay ARod into Brad Wilkerson, plus a throw-in on the Chris Young trade. And they're still paying half of ARod's salary.
2006-10-06 12:05:31
37.   JL25and3
Now it seems ARod was responsible for the faulty intelligence on WMD in Iraq.
2006-10-06 12:05:56
38.   Shaun P
27 How about for the next 6 years? I still take A-Rod. Too much risk with pitchers, especially with young pitchers.

25 Yes, and the Yanks suffered for the next 5 years at third base because they overvalued Brosius's fluke-year contribution in '98. Imagine if the Yanks had held on to Mike Lowell instead of trading him.

Your argument rings hollow. The Yanks also won 114 games in '98 with a 'balanced attack' that included Posada riding the bench half the time and Chad Curtis as the primary LF. So then, by your argument, the Yanks should trade Matsui and Posada haste post haste for young pitching - numbers be damned, right? - to get back to having a 'balanced attack' on offense and shore up the pitching staff. That way the Yanks can win 115 games next year.

2006-10-06 12:06:35
39.   Yankee Fan In Boston
excellent point.

if you could land a kazmir-type pitcher and a young, decent bat, i'd do it.

you'd slash payroll (one of cashman's admitted goals for this offseason).

also, as stated above, this lineup can drive in runs. with cairo playing in place of rodriguez, it would still be one of the best lineups in baseball.

2006-10-06 12:07:57
40.   standuptriple
The Rangers also lost Adrian Gonzales in the Chris Young trade, getting Adam Eaton in return. Let's just agree that the Rangers front office isn't the most adept at getting the better end of the deal in trade situations. I for one welcome more dealings with them.
2006-10-06 12:10:04
41.   bp1
12 Sliced, you have an uncanny ability to put into words what I (and I assume many other banterers) are thinking. I'm glad you take the time to post. You're getting to be like Alex, Cliff, and Pete Abrams - must read stuff.
2006-10-06 12:10:52
42.   rbj
37 And A-Rod still hasn't cured cancer
2006-10-06 12:14:51
43.   Shaun P
33 I don't trust my eyes, pete - my naturally poor vision aside, I know they lie to me.

35 You can't ignore the fact that predicting the future of a pitcher's career is very hard because of the specter of arm problems. What looks to be a gain of 80 cents on the dollar today when it involves pitching, especially young pitching, may turn out to be a 10 cents on the dollar move. Or worse.

That's why those trades never work. The consistentency that inner circle Hall of Famers display is one of the things that makes them so rare. And its even rarer among the HOF pitchers than it is among the hitters.

Accurately predicting the future performance of a hitter, especially one like A-Rod, is far easier and involves far less risk than accurately predicting the future of a pitcher, especially a young pitcher.

2006-10-06 12:18:18
44.   Cliff Corcoran
Hey, folks, Cliff here checking in from the waning days of my honeymoon (I'm in an internet cafe in Vernazza in Cinque Terre on the northwest coast of Italy at the moment). Just wanted to give Alex and y'all a shout to know that, now that I'm on the other side of the mirror here for a while, I've found that the Banter really is the only place I need to go for vital updates on the Yanks.

They say Game 3 is the most important game of every 5-Game series, and I still hold that the Yanks lost last year because Johnson spit the bit in Game 3. Of course he has a history of poor division series performances. Here's hoping he overcomes that tonight. He was nails against the Tigers in two starts during the year.

Go Yanks and go Alex for doing such great work with the full weight of the Banter on his shoulders!

2006-10-06 12:21:21
45.   Shaun P
39 "also, as stated above, this lineup can drive in runs. with cairo playing in place of rodriguez, it would still be one of the best lineups in baseball."

That's the old "even if Bubba plays CF all year next year, the Yanks will still score lots of runs." It wasn't true when I made that argument last year and it won't be true anytime in the future.

Especially because you can't assume the Yanks will continue to score as many runs as they have this year with a lineup that will be 1 year older across the board. Older hitters tend to decline, not improve. The only regular in the lineup under 30 is Cano - Melky is not going to be an everyday player next year unless there's another big injury.

34 Diana, I loved Soriano - even named my pet bird after him - but A-Rod is a Hall of Famer, and Soriano isn't. Not even close. The Rangers got housed on that one, big time.

2006-10-06 12:24:29
46.   JL25and3
42 Now he's refusing to let UN inspectors monitor his nuclear program.

Over the last 3 years, Rodriguez has hit .299/.396/.549. He's averaged 116 R, 40 HR, 119 RBI, 87 BB, 21 SB, 5 CS. The Yankees are paying him $16 million.

Now tell me again how you're going to replace 4 more years of that? With Miguel Cairo?

2006-10-06 12:27:45
47.   smingers
43 I agree that there's no guarantees with young pitchers, but this team does need younger, better arms and the free agent market has hardly yielded us any sure things recently.
2006-10-06 12:28:21
48.   dianagramr

Oh ... I DO realize the Rangers weren't getting equal value on the A-Rod/Sori deal, but it also wasn't like they got a stiff. Sori DID have value, especially as a 2nd baseman (albeit a poor-fielding one).

Hmmm ... could Sori end up in the Boston outfield next year?

2006-10-06 12:29:42
49.   JL25and3
48 Manny and Sori in the same outfield, and with both their atttitudes in the clubhouse? I sure hope so.
2006-10-06 12:29:47
50.   dianagramr
Latest news story is that A-Rod has been giving driving lessons to Paris Hilton.
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2006-10-06 12:31:43
51.   rbj
44 Hi Cliff! Enjoy the remaining days in Italy. I bet they don't give a fig over there about A-Rod.
2006-10-06 12:32:02
52.   Shaun P
46 Miguel Cairo has hit 27 home runs in his career. He hit .239/.280/.320 this year. He's 33 next May. He averages about 15 walks a year.

Please tell me that you and I, Sliced, and a few others are not the only A-Rod supporters left.

16 I can't go near sports outlets of any kind. If they aren't discussing A-Rod, they're discussing TO. I don't know which is worse.

2006-10-06 12:32:39
53.   pistolpete
43 Seems like what we're talking about is the same basis on which countless sportswriters claim Jeter to be 'overrated'. They spew all sorts of stats that almost have you convinced Derek's a slightly above average SS who's nothing more than a product of a few lucky breaks and a talented surrounding cast.

However, those of us fortunate enough to watch him play every day will argue 'til the cows come home about how god-like the Captain can be on a day-to-day basis.

That relay to home (to get the less talented Giambi) in 2001 only shows up as 9-6-2 in the box score, and the dive in the stands in July 2004 is simply '6u' (or however you choose to score).

That's why I simply can't go by the numbers. They may tell a lot, but they don't tell everything.

2006-10-06 12:33:12
54.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i didn't mean to imply that miggy could "replace" rodriguez.

i was only stating that if rodriguez was removed from the lineup, and someone of cairo's ability was inserted, the lineup would still be better than many other lineups in MLB.

(i stand by that statement.)

my other point was made more articulately in post #47 by smingers.

2006-10-06 12:33:32
55.   Sliced Bread
41 Thanks a lot for that, but those guys are in a different league. I'm just another voice on the Bronx Banter board, and happy to be in such great company.

44 Buena serra, Cliff! Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon, get home safe, and take us through the ALCS already, would ya? Ciao!

Go Yanks!

2006-10-06 12:34:36
56.   Shaun P
47 If you want quality, young pitching, I say look to the farm system for help - Hughes, Clippard, Garcia and the rest.

48 Excellent points, Diana. I bet Sori ends up with the Mets next year, maybe even at second base. Especially if the Mets don't win the Serious this year. Omar will pony up, no doubt.

2006-10-06 12:36:55
57.   JL25and3
53 I can see how watching a player every day can help you appreciate contributions above and beyond his stats. I don't see how it can really lessen the contribution from those stats.

Besides, Jeter is a very unusual case. That same sort of reasoning is used to argue that Miguel Cairo is really much more valuable than his stats (he's not).

2006-10-06 12:37:08
58.   dianagramr
re: A-Rod or T.O. on the tube all the time

just another sign on the decline of Western Civilization

"Inside the Actor's Studio" welcomed Teri Hatcher (!) a couple of weeks ago ...

Teri Hatcher!?????

The "intelligent" sports fan doesn't care (or understands better) the deal with T.O. and A-Rod, but the networks aim for the lowest common denominator sports "fan".

Look at what a wasteland ESPN has become ...

(but I digress) :-(

2006-10-06 12:43:53
59.   standuptriple
58 I tried to warn my college buddies about the impending doom of ESPN, but they didn't want to see the writing on the wall. I'm happier without the Worldwide Leader. *sips home brewed Kool-Aid
2006-10-06 12:44:14
60.   Sliced Bread
58 Western Civ. took another spin around the terlit this week.

Did you see the latest "People" magazine cover?

I don't have it in front of me, with the exact headlines, but these are the stories that share the cover:

Amish School Massacre, Anna Nicole Smith's Surprise Wedding (to her lawyer), Eva Longoria & Tony Parker's Romance On The Rocks?

Just "People" giving the people what they want I suppose.

2006-10-06 12:45:31
61.   Bama Yankee
11 Shaun P, here's that article you referenced about trading a star in his prime
2006-10-06 12:45:48
62.   JL25and3
58 There should definitely be no place for Teri Hatcher on that show. It should feature thoughtful, introspective masters of the craft.

Denise Richards, maybe.

2006-10-06 12:47:39
63.   Sliced Bread
62 Denise Richards, definitely.
2006-10-06 12:48:01
64.   rbj
62 Or the chick who starred in Species, sans clothing.
2006-10-06 12:52:46
65.   Bama Yankee
44 Hey Cliff, hope you are having a great time in Italy...

"Chi è Karim Garcia?"

2006-10-06 12:57:21
66.   Sliced Bread
65 The Italian word for Karim Garica is mamaluke. Means something like "knucklehead."
2006-10-06 12:57:48
67.   pistolpete
57 >> That same sort of reasoning is used to argue that Miguel Cairo is really much more valuable than his stats (he's not). >>

He was for a short period of time, but obviously you have to maintain that value by delivering when you're needed.

Jeter's stats are hardly pedestrian, so maybe he was a bad example. How about Manny Ramirez vs. Paul O'Neill? ;-)

2006-10-06 12:58:22
68.   joejoejoe
I want Alex Rodriguez to finish his career with the Yankees. He's the best third baseman in the league and will be for the foreseable future. Keep him. Moose, Shef, RJ, and Giambi also have zero World Championships as Yankees. This Chicken Little A-Rod talk pisses me off. He's 1 for 8 so he can't get it done. Is that how it works? Kevin Reese hit .417 in 12ABs and TJ Beam pitched 12 scoreless innings. Hooray. Let's put them both in the Hall of Fame. Ted Williams hit .200 in his only WS with no extra base hits. He's a stiff, right?

As for A-Rod's performance I'd like to see him focus on agressive baserunning and generating more doubles on his own. A-Rod is almost too strong for his own good. I see him a bit like Tiger Woods when he was struggling with accuracy with his driver early in his career. Woods finally said screw it and went for accuracy and then began to reliably kill the field. If A-Rod stopped worrying about his power numbers I actually think his hitting would improve with 40+ doubles, 30+ HR, and around .310. The recent SI piece on A-Rod suggested other talented players think he guesses too much. Maybe he should take a page of Vlad Guerrero's book and grip it and rip it.

In any case, I'm rooting for A-Rod.

2006-10-06 13:00:17
69.   pistolpete
62 ITAS must be running out of actors. Terri Hatcher's two biggest credits before 'Housewives' are 'Lois & Clark' and a couple of cameos on Seinfeld.

Before that, all she was good for was getting naked in bad B movies.

2006-10-06 13:01:41
70.   JL25and3
68 Well put. Honestly, I find it hard to believe that anyone's having this discussion.
2006-10-06 13:02:48
71.   JL25and3
67 I loved Paul O'Neill, but I'd take Manny's stats over O'Neill's intangibles any day.
2006-10-06 13:06:33
72.   rbj
Controversy sells. T.O. knows this, which is why he acts the way he does. ESPN (and talk radio) needs to up their ratings (and newspapers their circulation) so they'll magnify any itty bitty piece of possible negativity. Shame all this talk has to be about A-Rod and not about what a fine piece of pitching Verlander had.
2006-10-06 13:06:53
73.   smingers
68 70 I don't dispute Arod's ability or value, I just think we're a team that is hitting heavy and pitching thin, which is bad news come playoff time. If Arod can balance that out, I think it's worth considering.
2006-10-06 13:11:08
74.   mehmattski
69 also says she was in six episodes of MacGyver. So that's something.
2006-10-06 13:13:08
75.   pistolpete
71 Oh now you're just committing heresy.
2006-10-06 13:18:19
76.   Bama Yankee
74 MacGyver might be able to make a bomb out of a stick of chewing gum, but even he can't make Teri Hatcher into a good actress... ;-)
2006-10-06 13:21:50
77.   dianagramr
not to change the subject too much ... but today could be Brad Radke's last start in his career.

Not a great career by any stretch, but you gotta admire his heart for pitching with the arm/shoulder problems he's had this year.

2006-10-06 13:32:56
78.   Shawn Clap
As an unashamed A-Rod detractor I'd just like to put my (unsolicited) 2-cents in.

I don't think it's ALL about the 'highest-paid-player' thing. I just think the we (Yank fans, New Yorkers, Americans, Human Beings) just expect the best performers to, well, be able to perform on the biggest, brightest stage.

Sure, a guy can really bring down the house and leave them cheering on some off-off broadway play (mid-season games vs. non-contenders), but if he makes it to the Great White Way (post-season) and forgets his lines... well, you can't help but feel disappointed and cheated.

Lots of people want to bring up the 2004 ALDS vs. Twins as proof that A-Rod can perform on the big stage. At the time it was BIG. But as the seasons pass into memory and the more I think about it, his BIG play was scoring from third on a passed ball. Hell, Luis Sojo could have played that role.

Torre can't hide him anywhere in this line-up or on this stage. He needs to bat him clean-up, where he rightfully belongs. So that way (shine or fail) everybody will know for sure.

Lets' go Yankees! Let's go A-rod!

2006-10-06 13:38:52
79.   JL25and3
73 "I just think we're a team that is hitting heavy and pitching thin, which is bad news come playoff time."

Which gives me a great setup: save $13 million. Just say no to Sheff.

2006-10-06 13:38:53
80.   Xeifrank
The criticism of AROD as an overpaid flop or whatever the NY media is calling it is wrong. AROD OPSed .914 and his SS buddy Derek Jeetah OPSed .900, considering both are shortstops that's not bad. Jeetah is getting all the MVP press and AROD is getting his butt kicked. Not to take anything away from Jeetah, he probably does deserve an MVP look, but by no means should AROD be getting all of this bad press. Most teams would give their left nipple to have AROD on their team. vr, Xei
2006-10-06 13:59:19
81.   smingers
80 How many innings/wins is a left nipple good for? Cause maybe we should consider that trade.
2006-10-06 14:02:23
82.   Schteeve
81 If a left nipple can throw strikes and get lefties out, it'll have a career forever.
2006-10-06 14:02:53
83.   3rd gen yankee fan
To get your minds off Arod, and T.O....

I was watching some clips of Matsuzaka on youtube and who did I spy but your buddy and mine, Karim Garcia.

He's in there at about 1:26.

Garcia is everywhere
Garcia is everything
Garcia is everybody
Garcia is still the King

2006-10-06 14:03:16
84.   randym77
You know, when the "trade A-Rod" thing started, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard.

Now, I'm not so sure. I think Ken's on to something. NY fans can sense self-doubt, and they hate it. I don't think he'll ever be accepted in NY. Or get out of the shadow of Derek Jeter. Other players might not mind, but I think he does. Why put up with all this crap? I bet they'd love him in LA.

And he could be making our lives difficult for years to come there. :-P

2006-10-06 14:21:13
85.   yankz
You know, I never really liked MacGyver.
2006-10-06 14:29:46
86.   Simone
I can't believe Gardenhirer isn't pulling Radke. How can he do this to Radke and the Twins? He has to go to the bullpen.
2006-10-06 14:36:09
87.   rbj
Dang, ESPN announcers are basically calling this game over.
2006-10-06 14:38:01
88.   Simone
And it is only the 5th inning. The Twins hitters are hackers, but the game isn't over. Turns out the Yankees should have played the Twins.
2006-10-06 14:43:51
89.   Bama Yankee
83 "Karim Garciaはだれであるか。"
2006-10-06 14:46:16
90.   Travis
78 No, A-Rod's big plays in that series were a game-tying double in the 12th inning of Game 2 (it would have won the game had it not bounced over the fence; among his 3 other hits, he also had a go-ahead homer, but it came in the 5th inning), and the 11th inning double + stolen base that put him in position to score the series-winning run in Game 4.

Verlander and Zumaya made some unhittable pitches to A-Rod in Game 2. (Why is it that pitchers always seem to be sharper against A-Rod when he's "slumping"? I swear there were games in mid-August where a pitcher would throw 6 straight balls, then A-Rod would come up and the first two pitches would be on the black.) Kenny Rogers doesn't have that kind of stuff, so God willing, he'll have some chances tonight.

If only one or both of those 2 line drives he hit in Game 1 had fallen for a hit, maybe we're not talking about this right now.

2006-10-06 14:47:39
91.   Kered Retej
This is slightly off-topic (anything to change the subject from Alex), but can anyone explain to me exactly what Kenny Rogers means by this quote:

"Their lineup is just going to be what the PlayStation 3 comes out with," Rogers said. "That's the lineup that's going to be there."

I saw it in more than one story, so I don't think it's a misquote. I am a moderate gamer, and will probably get the PS3 at some point, but what the hell do the PS3 launch titles have to do with the Yanks' lineup? I'm missing that connection...

2006-10-06 14:52:34
92.   randym77
91 I would guess he means a fantasy lineup. The kind of all-star lineup that only the Yankees or kids playing Playstation can come up with.
2006-10-06 14:57:54
93.   SF Yanks
91 Weird comment, I don't quite get it either. I keep thinking that it has to do with what 92 said but it doesn't seem like it. Now I really don't understand it. I confuse!
2006-10-06 15:02:39
94.   Simone
Oh no, I think that Hunter was safe. The Twins have to keep plugging away. White didn't even try to 2nd to help the run score. Jeez.
2006-10-06 15:03:12
95.   standuptriple
Come on Twinkies! Extend this series. Have some pride.
Bradley's HR was a bomb to dead CF.
Hunters was a rocket.
2006-10-06 15:04:16
96.   Bama Yankee
91 I think this is what he meant to say:
"Ev'ry gambler knows that the secret to survivin'
Is knowin' what to throw away and knowing what to keep.
'Cause ev'ry hand's a winner and ev'ry hand's a loser,
And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep."

Hopefully the best he can hope for tonight is only to give up 7 runs in 6 innings...

2006-10-06 15:18:18
97.   randym77
He's 41 years old. I bet all he knows about Playstation is what his kids or the younger players in the clubhouse have told him. ;-)
2006-10-06 15:24:25
98.   SF Yanks
I feel very confident that if the Yanks can get passed this series they will take it all the way. Oakland in a best of 7 series? C'mon now, Yanks will take that one. And it only gets easier after that. A best of 7 series with any national league team I will take. It gets easier here on out. So they need to take care of tonight and tomorrow, and most likely they will be on their way to #27.
2006-10-06 15:27:10
99.   SF Yanks
According to ESPN News, Sheff will not start tonight.
2006-10-06 15:34:43
100.   randym77
It's Bernie!

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi 1B
Hideki Matsui LF
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Bernie Williams DH

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-10-06 15:37:39
101.   Simone
Yeah, Bernie. Does he even have the bat speed to hit Rogers. Good to see Sheffield resting up for this game.
2006-10-06 15:39:16
102.   Simone
Wow, that walk just killed the Twins. Game ovah.
2006-10-06 15:41:20
103.   Travis
Anyone want to start a Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau can't come through in the clutch meme?
2006-10-06 15:42:28
104.   Simone
8-2. OVAH!!! The Yankees should have played the Twins. The Yankees need to wrap up this series with the Tigers in 4. Has Nathan even pitched once in this series? I can't remember.
2006-10-06 15:43:52
105.   singledd
We should remember that possibly the greatest SS in baseball history, gave up his position to be a Yankee.

We should remember that the most prolific HR hitter, by age, left a great hiiters park to play in the worst park in the majors, for a power righty gap/straight away hitter.

We should remember that ARod chose a team with Derek Jeter, the very friend he severely alienated, and who's shadow he would live in.

ARod came here to win, and to be a part of sport's most storied teams. He wants to win more then we want him to win.

The media can be forgiven, simply because they are lazy vultures looking for the cheapest, easiest story possible. How much do you need to know abount baseball, to write an article ragging ARod?

But what do the fans do? Pile on, to the extent that ARod may not renew his contract with us. He could look past the media if he could count on team and fan support.

Personally, I know how totally discusted I am with this mob mentality. It is unprecidented, and makes even yellow journalism look bad. ARod actually takes more shit then Bonds (or Bin Ladin). I'm surprised he's still standing.

When you feel sorry for one the best and riches (and good looking too) players in history, you know he must be taking a LOT of shit.

I also think Jeter, especially as team captain, should have blasted the media and fans for ARod's treatment. He could have even threatened the media with a team wide 'media blackballing'. However, we know that like an elephant, Jetes never forgets. But he has hurt the team by remaining silent.

I hope ARod stays with the team and finishes his career as a Yankee... and that a whole lot of fans and writers are traded (to Siberia).

2006-10-06 15:45:23
106.   Travis
104 Nathan came in with a runner on 3rd and 1 out down 4-2 in game 2 and immediately wild pitched-in the baserunner. Meanwhile, Jesse Crain has put both Games 1 and 3 out of reach.
2006-10-06 15:47:48
107.   Travis
Joe Mauer for the series: 2/11, 0 rbi. Trade him now!
2006-10-06 15:49:04
108.   Simone
Morneau padding his stats. Ha.
2006-10-06 15:49:45
109.   Flip Play
107 Yeah, trade him to the Yankees. Have him play 1st base.
2006-10-06 15:50:36
110.   SF Yanks
105 Amen brotha. I agree with 10 out of 10 points you made. A job well done. A+
2006-10-06 15:53:15
111.   mehmattski
It's been two hours since I left work and had last checked the Banter. I stopped by to see if the lineup had been posted, and y'all are still talking about A-Rod. Please stop.

Meanwhile, I say again for the 400th time, "Boy, I sure am glad the Yankees managed to avoid the Twins..."

100 I'm glad to see Bernie in the lineup, it's too bad it couldn't have worked out for Rogers to start game 2... Bernie would have electrified the stadium yesterday, and from the discussion on, it looks like the stadium could have used a few volts yesterday.

I wish nothing but pure, unadultered, destruction of Mr. Rogers. Er, that came out wrong...

2006-10-06 15:54:16
112.   yankz
I've got a great feeling that Bernie is going to show the kids how it's done in October.
2006-10-06 15:56:43
113.   tocho
according to gameday, cano is out and cairo is in.

what say you?

2006-10-06 15:57:36
114.   Flip Play
Yahoo Sports and ESPN have a different line-up:

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
ARod 3B
Giambi 1B
Posada C
Godzilla LF
Bernie DH
Cairo 2B

Hmmm, Torre worried about Cano?

2006-10-06 15:58:30
115.   Simone
105 I'm so sick of the A-Rod sob story and the "Blame Jeter" card that is played in A-Rod's defense that I'm about to stop remembering crap.

Listen A-Rod got out of Texas because he desperately wanted to win. He was happily willing to play short stop for the Red Sox even if that meant shoving Nomar out. The Yankees bailed A-Rod's butt out by giving him a chance to play 3rd in NY. A-Rod did what was in his best interest and there is nothing wrong with that so please me a break and stop making him out to be this sacrificing martyr because he isn't one. He is a guy who saw his chance to win dissipating and because of his talent found a way out. Even with all the media and fan pressure on him, A-Rod should be waking up every day thankful that he is a Yankee and I bet he does. He is a smart guy who appreciates his life.

2006-10-06 15:59:00
116.   randym77
Gameday and Yahoo are listing Cairo instead of Cano. But it might be a mistake. They've listed Cairo when they meant Cano before.
2006-10-06 16:00:08
117.   Simone
I don't like Cano sitting. He could regain his stroke against Rogers. However, maybe he is ailing or something, who knows.

Rally time for the Twins!

2006-10-06 16:00:47
118.   Simone
The Twins are 5 runs down and Tyner is trying bunt. Arrrgh!!!!
2006-10-06 16:03:27
119.   mehmattski
It certainly shouldn't be based on Cairo's line against Rogers: he's 4 for 12 lifetime, all singles, with two walks and a strikeout.

On the other hand, Cano's looked awful at the plate. From a "put the best team on the field" standpoint, it would be an awful move. From a "shake things up" standpoint and from a "go with the gut" standpoint, I think it's a defensible change. I bow to the four rings, for once.

Meanwhile, guy playing taps behind homeplate in Oakland... awesome.

2006-10-06 16:03:47
120.   Kered Retej
104 I think Zito's 8 IP, 1 R performance in Game 1 really set the tone for that series. Not saying that Work Killer couldn't have spun his own masterpiece, but who knows what would have happened if the Yanks played the Twins.

Yesterday was just one game, and not the end of the world. As I mentioned in the previous thread, I think the Yankees still have the edge with the teams playing 4 games in 4 days and our lineup that just wears down pitchers. Zumaya hasn't piched in back-to-back games very often this year, and when he has, he has been vulnerable (7 G, 7 IP, 4 ER, 7 H, 3 BB). Say what you will about Moose, but at least he gave us 7 innings, so our pen (for better or worse) is still fresh.

Let's-Go, Yan-kees!

2006-10-06 16:04:25
121.   randym77
YES is listing this lineup. Bernie 8th instead of 9th, no Cairo.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi 1B
Jorge Posada C
Hideki Matsui LF
Bernie Williams DH
Robinson Cano 2B

2006-10-06 16:08:15
122.   Flip Play
105 I doubt ARod thought he'd be living in Jeter's shadow when he signed with the Yanks. It's obvious he considered Jeter an inferior player and he had to think that he'd quickly become the new Most Beloved Yankee by belting homeruns and racking up RBI's far beyond Jeter's reach. Though he is a headcase and can't deal with his insecurities now, the dude has a tremendous ego and is convinced every single minute of every single day that he is the best player in the game.

Also, while I agree that Jeter could have done more on the field and/or in front of the cameras to show a little support, he wisely never told the fans what to do. He continually said that fans can boo or cheer however they like, and he is right.

The media are lazy vultures, but let's not give them a pass. They too deserve to be criticized since it is certainly in their power to take a stand and support ARod... or criticize the fans. Wouldn't that make for more intriguing news?

2006-10-06 16:08:20
123.   mehmattski
121 Argh! Which is it?!? We Banterers must have our definitive lineup, so we can start complaining about how Torre sucks ;-)
2006-10-06 16:09:19
124.   Travis
That lineup has positively killed Rogers over the years:

Damon CF: 15 for 49, 2 hr, 5 k; .306/.382/.449
Jeter SS: 8 for 20, 1 hr, 3 k; .400/.520/.600
Abreu RF: 1 for 5, 2 k; .200/.200/.200
ARod 3B: 10 for 19, 5 hr, 2 k; .526/.625/1.421
Giambi 1B: 10 for 23, 4 hr, 2 k; .435/.567/1.000
Posada C: 8 for 16, 2 hr, 0 k; .500/.500/1.063
Godzilla LF: 2 for 3, 1 hr; .667/.667/1.667
Bernie DH: 12 for 34, 2 hr, 2 k; .353/.421/.588
Cairo 2B: 4 for 12, 1 k; .333/.429/.333
(Cano: no career PA)

2006-10-06 16:10:07
125.   yankz
Arod has an OPS over 2 vs Rogers?! Those numbers are just nauseating.
2006-10-06 16:11:03
126.   rbj
Real interesting to read all these amateur psychologists analyzing A-Rod without actually sitting him down and interviewing him.
2006-10-06 16:15:39
127.   rbj
Oooh a "silly bunt"
2006-10-06 16:21:19
128.   LI yankee
121 The ESPN ticker has that lineup as well.

I really don't care how much better or worse A-Rod does than anyone else. He just wants to be thought of as another player on the team, and I'll be glad to root for him equally in that respect. Sure he's had a bad first 2 games, but so has Sheff and Cano. The point and beauty of this lineup is to have everyone who's hot balance out everyone who's slumping. That doesn't happen all the time (like yesterday), but hopefully we get the opposite of that today.

Let the onslaught begin! Let's go Yanks!

2006-10-06 16:25:31
129.   randym77
I'm thoroughly confused. Gameday, Yahoo, and are all listing Cairo instead of Cano.

YES the TV network is still saying it's Cano, not Cairo.

2006-10-06 16:30:15
130.   RIYank
I'm looking at Gameday; it has Cano.
2006-10-06 16:30:56
131.   Maniakes
Looking at 3 year splits vs LHP, Cairo appears to be slightly better (277/322/375) than Cano (278/315/365). Given that, I could live with Cano sitting against a lefty when Cano's apparently slumping.
2006-10-06 16:31:41
132.   Maniakes
Correction, minislumping. Poor in two playoff games after finishing the season hot.
2006-10-06 16:33:16
133.   Travis
Lohud, posted 2 minutes ago, has Cano.
2006-10-06 16:38:16
134.   randym77
Gameday and Yahoo have changed their lineups, from Cairo to Cano.

They must have mixed up Cairo and Cano again. LOL!

2006-10-06 17:03:54
135.   rbj
Normally, I can tolerate Jon Miller, for some reason, not tonight.
2006-10-06 17:04:08
136.   SF Yanks
I just got really pumped all of the sudden. We need this game.
2006-10-06 17:04:16
137.   SF Yanks
I just got really pumped all of the sudden. We need this game.
2006-10-06 17:04:33
138.   SF Yanks
2006-10-06 17:07:28
139.   RIYank
SF, glad you're pumped. But I know you're still going to get a milk shake or something if necessary.
2006-10-06 17:07:46
140.   mikeplugh
Hey people. Just arose from the dead, and my futon, and I'm ready to have coffee with the Yankees and BB.

I wrote my thoughts on A-Rod just after the game yesterday. Check it out at COH if you haven't been there already.

I think RJ is going to be very good today, and the bats are going to do their typical work behind him. Yankees 9, Tigers 5

2006-10-06 17:09:44
141.   Simone
Let's get ready to rumble! Okay, Yanks knock Kenny Rogers around and shut up the Tigers.
2006-10-06 17:09:51
142.   SF Yanks
139 Absolutely. Be happy to help, I don't mind putting on a few.
2006-10-06 17:09:54
143.   BklynBmr
Here we go, Yan-kees. Here we go!
2006-10-06 17:10:43
144.   Simone
Get on base, Derek.
2006-10-06 17:11:11
145.   BklynBmr
Even Miller doesn't know what the lineup is...
2006-10-06 17:12:02
146.   rbj
144 good call.
2006-10-06 17:12:04
147.   mehmattski
140 Good morning! Did you figure out my dipthong problem yet? ;-)

Cap'n Double!

2006-10-06 17:12:06
148.   Flip Play
2006-10-06 17:12:15
149.   SF Yanks
Way to start it right Cap'n.
2006-10-06 17:12:21
150.   pistolpete
Wow, he must have been hustling - didn't think he would get to 2nd.

That's right, Morgan, it must KILL you to see Jeter get hits.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-06 17:12:25
151.   mikeplugh
Oh f*&^ I forgot it would be Joe Morgan.
2006-10-06 17:12:25
152.   BklynBmr
144 Now ask Bobby to knock him in ;-)
2006-10-06 17:12:31
153.   Simone
Yesss!!!! Sounds like lots of Yankee fans are in the crowd.
2006-10-06 17:13:17
154.   mikeplugh
147 Not yet. I think you should see a doctor. ;)
2006-10-06 17:13:18
155.   Simone
152 I'm calling Bobby's home run. :)
2006-10-06 17:13:54
156.   pistolpete
All I'm asking from Johnson is to limit the Tigers to 4. We can work with that.
2006-10-06 17:14:00
157.   BklynBmr
Please Yanks. Zero LOB tonight. Everybody clutch!
2006-10-06 17:14:15
158.   SF Yanks
That was outside. Stay consistent blue.
2006-10-06 17:14:35
159.   BklynBmr
155 I like your style...
2006-10-06 17:14:53
160.   pistolpete
Runs out of room?! Cap'n would have gotten that...
2006-10-06 17:15:02
161.   mikeplugh
Let's go boys!!!
2006-10-06 17:15:28
162.   RIYank
I'm happy to have 9 LOB, as long as we convert 50%.
2006-10-06 17:15:44
163.   mikeplugh
Okay A-Rod. It's on you partner. Drop a bomb.
2006-10-06 17:15:50
164.   pistolpete
Oh it's going to be a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng game with MIller getting wet over routine fly outs.
2006-10-06 17:16:07
165.   Simone
Darn. A-Rod, it is on you. Home run, please.
2006-10-06 17:16:15
166.   BklynBmr
Good sign, that was on the screws. They'll start droppin' in...
2006-10-06 17:16:31
167.   mikeplugh
next time....
2006-10-06 17:16:34
168.   RIYank
Good wood, no result.
Let's go He Who Shall Remain Nameless!
2006-10-06 17:16:37
169.   Simone
Next inning then.
2006-10-06 17:16:53
170.   SF Yanks
Why did that really piss me off?
2006-10-06 17:16:57
171.   rbj
Crud monkeys.
2006-10-06 17:17:20
172.   SF Yanks
I think Jeter should bat 4th. Not kidding.
2006-10-06 17:17:25
173.   Travis
0-1, pulling the outside curve. Not a good sign.
2006-10-06 17:17:32
174.   RIYank
Was that pitch a foot outside? (The one A-Rod hit.)
2006-10-06 17:17:39
175.   yankeemonkey
Oy vey. Surely there's someone other than Joe and Jon? Why couldn't it be on FOX? Kinda sad when Buck and McCarver are the better choice....

Hey, A-Rod put the ball in play! Baby steps!

2006-10-06 17:17:43
176.   randym77
Boy, that stadium is loud. Those Tiggers fans are pumped.
2006-10-06 17:18:13
177.   BklynBmr
164 I think I'll be going for the radio soundtrack early tonight. These two give me a migrane...
2006-10-06 17:18:45
178.   yankz
Again, who would you rather have at bat in October than the Captain?
2006-10-06 17:19:23
179.   Simone
I'm holding my breath. I hope Joe is getting Lidle ready.
2006-10-06 17:19:24
180.   Mattpat11
Well so much for owning the Gambler.
2006-10-06 17:19:27
181.   RIYank
177 Good luck. I did that yesterday -- the time delay is a little hard to get used to.
2006-10-06 17:20:06
182.   yankeemonkey
2006-10-06 17:20:09
183.   Mattpat11
Warm Lidle up.
2006-10-06 17:20:16
184.   Chyll Will
Can't believe he wasn't tall enough to get that.
2006-10-06 17:20:19
185.   rbj
Not the way to start.
2006-10-06 17:20:27
186.   mehmattski
Oh come on Randy, why couldn't you be 7'10"?
2006-10-06 17:21:06
187.   BklynBmr
181 I did it, too. It was my attempt to start a rally — and yes, the delay is annoying.
2006-10-06 17:21:27
188.   SF Yanks
Why is my stomach churning?
2006-10-06 17:21:28
189.   RIYank
Okay, no more 'good sign', 'work the pitch count', LET'S GO. Unit, put them to bed now. Let's rock.
2006-10-06 17:21:41
190.   randym77
186 He could, but then they'd be stealing two bases on him while he was winding up.
2006-10-06 17:22:04
191.   Travis
Anyone else think the ESPN gun is very fast?
2006-10-06 17:22:11
192.   mehmattski
187 TiVo/DVR is your friend. An even better friend than And quite possibly a better invention than our fellow poster...
2006-10-06 17:22:32
193.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I blame the mustache. That thing drops below the upper lip.
2006-10-06 17:22:37
194.   yankeemonkey
Good grief. He's thrown 6 pitches and Miller says he's got good stuff. They get paid to do this?!
2006-10-06 17:22:46
195.   Zack
Not scoring off Rogers in the first with a man on second is a BAD BAD sign...
2006-10-06 17:22:56
196.   mikeplugh
c'mon randy!
2006-10-06 17:23:08
197.   SF Yanks
2006-10-06 17:23:29
198.   Travis
192 Unless you're using Gameday Audio or XM, Tivo/DVR would be delaying the game the wrong way.
2006-10-06 17:23:32
199.   Zack
Wow, Comerica Park sold out, funny, I don't remember seeing all these fans all year long...
2006-10-06 17:23:43
200.   Chyll Will
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-10-06 17:23:48
201.   Orly Yarly NoWai
There's no way.
2006-10-06 17:24:20
202.   Orly Yarly NoWai
97 now...
2006-10-06 17:24:22
203.   mehmattski
198 Then I guess the solution is to watch the game while traveling away from Detroit at the speed of light...
2006-10-06 17:24:31
204.   SF Yanks
Johnson is bringing it tonight.
2006-10-06 17:24:48
205.   Zack
Looks like another funky strike zone
2006-10-06 17:25:32
206.   mikeplugh
191 I think every MLB gun is fast. I think the guns are juiced actually. When so many MLB teams started putting the pitch speed on the stadium boards, I think people got the idea that a faster pitch gets the crowd ooohing and aaaahing so they juiced it, like the juiced the ball after the strike.

That's the Selig legacy. Juiced balls. Juiced guns. Juiced players.

2006-10-06 17:25:50
207.   Simone
At least, RJ gets Thames out. I can't stand it when they replay past games during the game.
2006-10-06 17:25:56
208.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Imagine if he threw the ball straight over the top.
2006-10-06 17:26:31
209.   mikeplugh
2006-10-06 17:26:33
210.   Simone
Nice play, Derek. I thought that was a hit for sure.
2006-10-06 17:26:36
211.   Zack
Cap looks like he's ready to play today, compared to yesterday, that's a good sign...
2006-10-06 17:26:38
212.   yankeemonkey
Hey look, a scoreless inning!!!
2006-10-06 17:26:53
213.   rbj
Yay Derek!
Now let's go get us some of them thar runs.
2006-10-06 17:27:17
214.   murphy
wow. 98 MPH? looks like randy's gonna leave it all out there tonight. maybe he'll give us the greatest post-season ever (risking the rest of his career) and then hang 'em up.
2006-10-06 17:27:32
215.   Simone
RJ looks okay. He is throwing some strikes.

205 The strike zone is all over the place again tonight.

2006-10-06 17:27:42
216.   ny2
I feel bad ... I initially thought that was going to be a "past a diving jeter"
2006-10-06 17:27:58
217.   Paul in Boston
We'll take it! Go get 'em bats!

Meanwhile, I'm much too wrapped up in every pitch to last 9 innings ... please start the blow-out now, Yanks.

2006-10-06 17:28:34
218.   mehmattski
206 It would have to be juiced for both players though. What was Rogers showing? If his fastball is showing in the 90s at all, then we'll know it's juiced. Gameday's pitch thingie has Rogers at 92, so perhaps ratchet it back a bit for Johnson as well.

Still, you can't inflate the break on the slider with a radar gun, and Randy's got a good one tonight. If this continues, perhaps all pregnant women who get epidurals should consider pitching...

2006-10-06 17:28:34
219.   mikeplugh
214 He is owed about 800 million dollars next year. He's not that good a guy. I think he would have sat if he had any real issues.
2006-10-06 17:28:57
220.   RIYank
214 God, would that be cool? Great exit, and then give us back the rest of the money.
2006-10-06 17:29:01
221.   Zack
I have long learned from Moose and Randy to wait until the 4th inning to judge how they look...but prove me wrong Randy!
2006-10-06 17:29:19
222.   mehmattski
216 ;-) Baseball By the Numbers fan?
2006-10-06 17:30:10
223.   murphy
219 a boy can dream... :)


2006-10-06 17:30:22
224.   Travis
216 Wasn't the traditional "past a diving Jeter" ball to his left?
2006-10-06 17:30:31
225.   yankeemonkey
221 With a busted back, that's 4 innings more than one could reasonably expect.

Um. What happened to working the count?

2006-10-06 17:30:53
226.   3rd gen yankee fan
220 LOL I'm down wit dat.
2006-10-06 17:30:57
227.   Zack
Pathetic little outs are not what we should be doing against Rogers...

Seriously, if we don't score at least 6 runs in 4 innings off him, this truly is the biggest joke team ever...

2006-10-06 17:31:23
228.   mehmattski
225 The Yanks are trying to make Mattpat11 happy.
2006-10-06 17:31:30
229.   BklynBmr
C'mon Bombers! KC slapped this guy around last week, fer cripes sake. Let's go!
2006-10-06 17:31:37
230.   mikeplugh
The crowd is pumped on every pitch. Nice.
2006-10-06 17:31:41
231.   Travis
218 I first noticed it because ESPN had Rogers throwing 91 consistently.
2006-10-06 17:31:55
232.   RIYank
219 220 Ah, pretty much the same thought, mikeplugh, only you had the more cyni... realistic perspective.
2006-10-06 17:31:57
233.   mikeplugh
Hip Hip
2006-10-06 17:32:03
234.   Simone
Jorgie getting it started.
2006-10-06 17:32:10
235.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
The Yanks hit .391 against this guy....if they lose it will kill Steinbrenner..they will have him lying in state in CF at Yankee Stadium next week
2006-10-06 17:32:22
236.   mehmattski
233 Jorge!
2006-10-06 17:32:54
237.   mikeplugh
Godzilla will go deep here
2006-10-06 17:34:03
238.   Paul in Boston
Every player's likelihood of striking out with the count 0-2: high

Posada's: incredibly high

That single: Amazing.

2006-10-06 17:34:21
239.   BklynBmr
235 Somebody is gonna be lying in state, and I don't think it'll be The Boss...
2006-10-06 17:34:48
240.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Spear the meatballs, please...
2006-10-06 17:35:00
241.   Paul in Boston
Do not hit and run! I say, do not hit and run!
2006-10-06 17:35:06
242.   murphy
looks like rogers is bringing it too.
2006-10-06 17:35:19
243.   Orly Yarly NoWai
You're kidding...
2006-10-06 17:35:27
244.   Zack
Yup, looking like this will be the worst game ever
2006-10-06 17:35:33
245.   Simone
I cant' stand the Tigers' fans.
2006-10-06 17:35:37
246.   Mattpat11
2006-10-06 17:35:46
247.   randym77
Jeez. Rogers is quite the stud tonight, isn't he?
2006-10-06 17:35:58
248.   mehmattski
I think these guys still think they're facing Verlander/Zumaya. Matsui is whiffing, dangerously behind a 90 mph. But the many fly balls will fall in. It will have to be the rallying type scoring stuff though, since this is no Homerica park.
2006-10-06 17:36:06
249.   Orly Yarly NoWai
245 Watch them do the wave... Multiple times.
2006-10-06 17:36:07
250.   yankeemonkey
Eh heh heh....Painful.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-10-06 17:36:08
251.   mikeplugh
Just bad f*(^ing luck all night. Frustrating.
2006-10-06 17:36:10
252.   rbj
Boo A-Rod, you struck out looking. Er, wait, that wasn't Alex? You mean other players strike out looking, too?
2006-10-06 17:36:30
253.   Mattpat11
Remember when everyone was like "WE'RE FACING KENNY ROGERS LOL 13 RUNS IN THE FIRST!!!!!!!!"
2006-10-06 17:36:32
254.   Marcus
244 Relax, the Yankees are lulling Rogers into a false sense of security. Once through, then they strike...I swear.
2006-10-06 17:36:47
255.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
this truly does not look good...luckily they have given George an ambien or two and put him to sleep....
2006-10-06 17:37:13
256.   BklynBmr
237 In the count, unfortunately. He has to swing at that last pitch. No excuse.
2006-10-06 17:37:31
257.   seamus
253 that was never a rational conclusion.
2006-10-06 17:37:31
258.   yankeemonkey
Someone needs a big hit to get it going.
2006-10-06 17:37:51
259.   randym77
251 All night? It's the 2nd inning! It's real early yet.
2006-10-06 17:38:07
260.   SF Yanks
Like 254 said, lets give it a one timer through the lineuper before we start heckling.
2006-10-06 17:38:13
261.   RIYank
It doesn't look bad, really; some pretty good smacks. But we really really really need some results, soon.
2006-10-06 17:38:41
262.   Zack
This is Kenny Rogers, there is no reason for us to even wait for the first trip through. Like I said, if we can't hit him, we don't deserve to win...
2006-10-06 17:39:12
263.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the Tigers are forgetting their role, I do not know if they read the newspapers...they were supposed to roll over
2006-10-06 17:39:14
264.   mehmattski
261 I read 'snacks.' I guess I'm hungry. Where are my Triscuits!?!
2006-10-06 17:39:27
265.   mikeplugh
Guillen is a very good player.
2006-10-06 17:39:46
266.   RIYank
262 Well THAT'S for sure.
Still, I would be satisfied with a thoroughly undeserved win.
2006-10-06 17:40:04
267.   Simone
Is Lidle warming up? If RJ keeps putting on the first hitter, the Tigers will be scoring soon.
2006-10-06 17:40:12
268.   SF Yanks
"Holding Bernie Williams to a single, Bobby Abreu " Nice work.
2006-10-06 17:40:31
269.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the Twins are gone and everything is lined up right for a trip to the WS...except these damn Tigers won't act like they are just happy to be here...
2006-10-06 17:41:35
270.   randym77
[268} LOL! You heard that, too? I thought I was hearing things.
2006-10-06 17:41:50
271.   RIYank
268 Huh?
Oh, was that Morgan?
2006-10-06 17:42:36
272.   SF Yanks
271 I think it was Miller.
2006-10-06 17:42:53
273.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Damn you, Bobby Abreu!
2006-10-06 17:42:53
274.   SF Yanks
O cripes.
2006-10-06 17:42:54
275.   Simone
I want Lidle.
2006-10-06 17:42:57
276.   RIYank
Hoo boy.
2006-10-06 17:43:00
277.   Zack
Yup, this sure looks great...And, just as we are used to, Randy goes from great one inning, to crap the next...
2006-10-06 17:43:04
278.   mikeplugh
This game is looking very very shaky. I hate this.
2006-10-06 17:43:24
279.   Mattpat11
I don't have the stomach for this shit.
2006-10-06 17:43:28
280.   RIYank
No, stick with Randy.
2006-10-06 17:43:31
281.   murphy
why the fook do i think this game is gonna feel like one long ARod at bat?
2006-10-06 17:44:01
282.   mikeplugh
It's going to be up to the bats to win this game/
2006-10-06 17:44:18
283.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

same here...this series should not be this damn close....

2006-10-06 17:44:31
284.   Zack
I swear to God I cannot take a game where we lose pathetically to Kenny Freaking Rogers!!!!!! AGGGHHHH
2006-10-06 17:45:16
285.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I think I gotta turn this off. I'm going to be sick...
2006-10-06 17:45:27
286.   rbj
How the hell is Ivan safe?
2006-10-06 17:45:30
287.   Simone
Thanks for nothing, RJ. Is Lidle warming up?
2006-10-06 17:45:33
288.   Zack
And Cano looks like crap, ARod messes up the tag, great, looks like i picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue...
2006-10-06 17:45:42
289.   RIYank
It's baseball.
All kinds of sh|t happens. Groove to it, drink it in.
2006-10-06 17:45:45
290.   murphy
ok. i don't have the stomach for the motherf'ers calling this game doing everything short of cheering for the tigers and only the tigers.
2006-10-06 17:45:49
291.   Mattpat11
Take Johnson out.

I never want to see Randy Johnson's old ass again.

2006-10-06 17:46:01
292.   SF Yanks
How the HELL was he safe?
2006-10-06 17:46:10
293.   mikeplugh
Bullshit on two fronts. Cano has to dive to stop that ball. A-Rod tagged him/
2006-10-06 17:46:20
294.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
that is on A FRAUD !
2006-10-06 17:46:51
295.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
it should not have been as close as it was
2006-10-06 17:47:05
296.   Zack
Where the heck was Joe Torre to argue that call? Show some life Yankees...We look dead in the water
2006-10-06 17:47:11
297.   mikeplugh
A Rod tagged him man. He was out. Don't shit on him for the umps mistake.
2006-10-06 17:47:16
298.   seamus
ok, i think i'm off to follow the game. This site is overboard and takes away from the fun tension of the game.
2006-10-06 17:47:21
299.   Simone
A-Rod did not mess up the tag. Ivan was safe.
2006-10-06 17:47:26
300.   Zack
Ok, I can't take it, I'm out...
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-10-06 17:47:29
301.   SF Yanks
That wasn't exactly Randy's fault.
2006-10-06 17:47:48
302.   randym77
289 Drink it in? Start drinking is more like it. :-P
2006-10-06 17:47:55
303.   Simone
Finally, an out.
2006-10-06 17:48:15
304.   Mattpat11
289 I'm not going to chill. I wasted way
too much time, money and energy on this team for Yankees to lose to this joke of a team
2006-10-06 17:49:10
305.   RIYank
302 That could work.
But this doesn't feel like Bronx Banter. Somebody drink something.
2006-10-06 17:49:20
306.   rbj
302 Start ?
Way ahead of you.
2006-10-06 17:49:40
307.   Simone
301 All those men on base are RJ's fault, every single one, every run.
2006-10-06 17:49:41
308.   BklynBmr
F the delay. Mute is on. Radio is up. And by the 7th inning you'll hear a pin drop in this joint. The Yankee bats are going rock tonight. I can feel it.
2006-10-06 17:49:51
309.   randym77
Nice work by Jeter and Cano, anyway.
2006-10-06 17:49:53
310.   mikeplugh
That was sick even if the run scored. That was nuts!!!!
2006-10-06 17:50:29
311.   BklynBmr
308 "to" rock. They better not turn into rocks ;-)
2006-10-06 17:50:30
312.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
let's get out with 2 runs and then perhaps answer back against this shitbum Rogers...
2006-10-06 17:50:41
313.   Mattpat11
Oh, good.
2006-10-06 17:51:10
314.   Marcus
310 Now that's the enthusiasm I like to hear!
2006-10-06 17:51:12
315.   Simone
Cano and Jeter were amazing on that play just to get that one out.
2006-10-06 17:51:38
316.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Morgan and Miller are the best ESPN can do..? tragic
2006-10-06 17:51:49
317.   Mattpat11
305 Arsenic?
2006-10-06 17:52:12
318.   SF Yanks
307 Ground ball up the middle not hit hard, bloop to right, ball under Cano's glove. Yeah, they're sure hammering him.
2006-10-06 17:52:42
319.   rbj
Starting with Abreu, Yanks' defense looks shaky this inning. They're playing tight.
2006-10-06 17:52:43
320.   murphy
miller might be annoying me more than any other human being in the world right now.
2006-10-06 17:53:12
321.   mikeplugh
If we don't score in the 3rd inning, we lose. (sorry....I don't really believe that, but I have a lot of negative energy building that I need to vent.)
2006-10-06 17:53:12
322.   Simone
Is Lidle warming up?
2006-10-06 17:53:13
323.   Zack
Yeah, anyone else still enjoying this, relaxed, or whatever the case might be? This is, so far, the worst game ever, without a doubt
2006-10-06 17:53:17
324.   Mattpat11
Its like watching the Keystone Kops.


2006-10-06 17:53:32
325.   Kered Retej
308 Exactly. I was expecting Randy to give up runs, but all the Yanks need to do is pound the ever-loving snot out of Rogers (and no more 1-pitch at-bats Bernie!).
2006-10-06 17:53:36
326.   BklynBmr
Get everything out of your system while it's early, Yanks. End this nonsense now, Unit and let's get busy with the lumber!
2006-10-06 17:53:43
327.   ny2
that's what happens when you give teams extra outs
2006-10-06 17:53:57
328.   Benjamin Kabak
So the fucking ump blows an easy call at third base, and now the Yanks are down by three. It's not like the Tigers have hit the ball hard. Terrible umping again in the postseason.
2006-10-06 17:54:04
329.   mikeplugh
The ump cost us 2 runs in that inning.
2006-10-06 17:54:05
330.   Simone
318 You are joking right? They are hitting him. The runs are NOT imaginary.
2006-10-06 17:54:21
331.   KBT


2006-10-06 17:54:39
332.   rbj
327 Or have the ump give the other team extra outs.
2006-10-06 17:54:54
333.   Paul in Boston
Was it clear that call at 3rd on the Rodriguez/Rodriguez play was wrong? Oh well, Unit gave up plenty of hits ...
2006-10-06 17:55:00
334.   Zack
The umping is the elast of our worries. We shoudl easily score 6 runs, but, then again, we can't seem to do crap in the post season lately...
2006-10-06 17:55:10
335.   RIYank
I think Randy's still the best option.
Horrible inning, and obviously he doesn't have the good stuff, but he really isn't getting hit hard.
Lidle, I dunno. I dunno.
2006-10-06 17:55:12
336.   pistolpete
I've just thrown every remote I own.
2006-10-06 17:55:34
337.   Benjamin Kabak
All you people blaming A-Rod and Randy are just doing that as a knee jerk reaction. The ump blew an OBVIOUS call. The hits are dinky little hits. They're not pounding him as some teams have done this year.
2006-10-06 17:55:42
338.   mikeplugh
Okya fellas. That inning is in the past. Time to build a bright future with some runs.
2006-10-06 17:56:22
339.   ny2
need to get the momentum back ... score some runs guys
2006-10-06 17:56:29
340.   Mattpat11
I never want to see his old ass again. Not this year, not next year, not old timers day, not ever.

I hope the feed goes out for his hall of fame ceremony.

2006-10-06 17:56:32
341.   randym77
I'm not sure what was going on with that call at 3B. They seem to have only two cameras there, and neither had a great angle. I couldn't tell if his hand got in ahead of the tag or not. YES would have had more cameras. An overhead view would have been nice.
2006-10-06 17:56:33
342.   SF Yanks
330 You don't get it do you?

I'll come back when the Yanks have the lead.

2006-10-06 17:56:46
343.   mikeplugh
The hits are ringing liners to the gap, but they are well struck balls. The ump gave the Tigers an extra out that they capitalized on to their credit.
2006-10-06 17:56:54
344.   BklynBmr
Robbie is overdue!
2006-10-06 17:57:00
345.   KBT
My kids now know about 6 more curse words than they knew before.


2006-10-06 17:57:06
346.   pistolpete
Now they're going to start pressing. I don't expect any runs until later on.
2006-10-06 17:57:54
347.   RIYank
SF: time for a bowl of Cap'n Crunch!
2006-10-06 17:58:03
348.   Stormer Sports


I don't loke the looks of this.

2006-10-06 17:58:05
349.   mikeplugh
Y'know Joe Morgan? He's a Hall of Famer. Classic.
2006-10-06 17:58:17
350.   mikeplugh
Cano Paddles
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-10-06 17:58:22
351.   KBT
I hate hate hate Pudge.
2006-10-06 17:58:26
352.   BklynBmr
Rockin' Robbie is back!
2006-10-06 17:58:32
353.   Simone
Alright, Robbie.
2006-10-06 17:58:34
354.   Mattpat11
342 What don't we get? That the Yankees are pissing away the playoffs?
2006-10-06 17:58:36
355.   pistolpete
Y'know Joe Morgan? He's an idiot.
2006-10-06 17:58:38
356.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Good hit from Robbie.
2006-10-06 17:58:38
357.   mikeplugh
That's my new nickname for Cano, by the way. Paddles.
2006-10-06 17:58:42
358.   Flip Play
Thank god.
2006-10-06 17:58:57
359.   Stormer Sports

I hate hate hate our pitching staff.

2006-10-06 17:59:00
360.   RIYank
Robbie breaks the spell!
Let's go. Baserunners. No dingers for now.
2006-10-06 17:59:11
361.   Simone
Let's go, Johnny.
2006-10-06 17:59:47
362.   Zack
Way to wait for the palyoffs for an interview that takes us completely out of the game, ESPN...
2006-10-06 17:59:55
363.   BklynBmr
348 Hey, Storm! Call me crazy, but I'm almost over-confident that we'll start pounding Rogers any minute now... We'll be OK.
2006-10-06 17:59:59
364.   mikeplugh
360 did you actually cheer against a home run?
2006-10-06 18:00:16
365.   Simone
Come on, Jeter.
2006-10-06 18:00:27
366.   Zack
Oh, good, just in case we forgot after Cano's at bat, Damon reminds us that our offense is somehow suddenly the worst EVER
2006-10-06 18:00:38
367.   Stormer Sports

I wish I shared your optimism. I'll try.

2006-10-06 18:00:41
368.   RIYank
JD, pay attention. Baserunners, not dingers.
2006-10-06 18:01:38
369.   randym77
Arrghhh. I freakin' hate these interviews. While Jeter is batting, no less.
2006-10-06 18:01:50
370.   Stormer Sports
Joe benches Sheffield for Bernie and plays Arod, fucking brilliant. What a pod Joe is.
2006-10-06 18:02:33
371.   Stormer Sports
Let's just start by advancing a runner one freakin base!
2006-10-06 18:02:56
372.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
they are interviewing the limo driver ? nice hat
2006-10-06 18:03:12
373.   Zack
Please, can we pay attention to the game?
2006-10-06 18:03:13
374.   RIYank
364 I'm rooting against then now. We're saving them up.
2006-10-06 18:03:23
375.   BklynBmr
369 The worst thing about them is you have to look at, let alone hear, Miller and Morgan. Uffh!
2006-10-06 18:04:14
376.   BklynBmr
372 LOL! Good one...
2006-10-06 18:04:51
377.   Stormer Sports

Does Joe have the balls to bench Arod if he is hitless tonight?

2006-10-06 18:05:06
378.   BklynBmr
Comerica went all out with their tribute to former greats, huh?
2006-10-06 18:05:18
379.   randym77
This is inhuman. Almost as bad as switching away to the other game, like Fox did last year.

STFU! There's a game going on!

2006-10-06 18:05:21
380.   Mattpat11
Why us Harwell wearing the village people biker cap?
2006-10-06 18:05:27
381.   mikeplugh
enough with the fucking interview already
2006-10-06 18:05:30
382.   pistolpete
372 The hat is his god damned trademark now. He can't take it off, EVER.
2006-10-06 18:05:34
383.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
maybe they let Harwell do the rest of the game and go get some BBQ for Morgan and a small salad for Miller
2006-10-06 18:05:50
384.   Zack
When was the last time they mentioned anything about the game?
2006-10-06 18:06:00
385.   murphy
call the f'in game!!!!
2006-10-06 18:06:10
386.   mikeplugh
this is the about the fucking game
2006-10-06 18:06:16
387.   Simone
377 Could you be a bit more positive? It is the freaking 3rd inning.
2006-10-06 18:06:23
388.   Zack
On the other hand, considering this game, any distraction is a plus
2006-10-06 18:06:36
389.   mikeplugh
Game over
2006-10-06 18:06:41
390.   Zack
2006-10-06 18:06:47
391.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
he looks like a Greek fisherman about to walk into a bank for a loan

fucking double play

2006-10-06 18:06:59
392.   BklynBmr
377 I can't see Joe going that far. Dropping him to the 8 hole might get his attention. The carrot isn't working yet tonight, maybe the stick will...
2006-10-06 18:07:02
393.   mikeplugh
jk.....this is pissing me off though
2006-10-06 18:07:03
394.   randym77
Crap. How many pitches did Jeter see?
2006-10-06 18:07:08
395.   rbj
Boo A-Rod!
Er, that's ok Derek, you'll get 'em next time.
2006-10-06 18:07:19
396.   pistolpete
Hey, glad our lineup has all those great numbers against Kenny Rogers. Otherwise, I'd be worried. :-P
2006-10-06 18:07:20
397.   Simone
Ugh, Jeter. Okay, next inning.

Randy Johnson stop giving up hits.

2006-10-06 18:07:30
398.   Stormer Sports

I'll work on that, I really will try.

2006-10-06 18:07:46
399.   Mattpat11

All that's left is for someone to rant about how great doing nothing against a starter is if it means you can get to the Detroit bullpen.

2006-10-06 18:07:48
400.   Zack
Seriously, "the greatest lineup ever" can't do jack crap against Kenny Rogers in the playoffs. Inexcusable. Blow the team up, cause these guys ain't gonna ever win it ever if they don't get to him within two innings...
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-10-06 18:08:19
401.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

the damn is about to burst with Johnson and they are going to knock him into Kevin Brown land....They cannot him fucking Kenny Rogers at all.....this is serious shit

2006-10-06 18:08:39
402.   bobtaco
I think there is a rain jinx. It washed all of the offense away. Last year and now this year.
2006-10-06 18:08:45
403.   Zack
What the heck good would benching A-Rod do when the rest of the damn lineup can't do crap either...
2006-10-06 18:08:52
404.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

the damn is about to burst with Johnson and they are going to knock him into Kevin Brown land....They cannot hit fucking Kenny Rogers at all.....this is serious shit as the Tigers pen looked filthy yesterday

2006-10-06 18:09:09
405.   RIYank
One hit per inning: not enough. At least they have to be all in the same inning!

And where are my walks? I want my walks!

Next inning, Donuts has to lead off with a walk.

2006-10-06 18:09:11
406.   bobtaco
Oh, and I want Melky back.
2006-10-06 18:09:16
407.   Stormer Sports

I just think you have to go with the lineup that gives you the best chance to win, and Sheffield at 3B, and Melky or Bernie at DH gives us the best chance, in my opinion anyway.

2006-10-06 18:09:30
408.   Zack
Oh Jesus, the interview is still going on...
2006-10-06 18:09:56
409.   Simone
RJ will get through this inning and the Yankees will get tie the game in the next inning.
2006-10-06 18:10:59
410.   mikeplugh
407 Sheff at 3B.
2006-10-06 18:11:35
411.   RIYank
Oh, christ.
What's happened to Bronx Banter? This place has turned into a Sons of Sam Horn game thread.
2006-10-06 18:11:48
412.   tocho
we're toast
2006-10-06 18:11:49
413.   mikeplugh
Harwell is the perfect broadcast partner for Morgan. Just ask Joe about his playing days and let him go....

I'm in Hell./

2006-10-06 18:11:59
414.   Mattpat11
Yeah, Big Tall Randy Johnson.

HE'S GOT GOOD STUFF! Thanks Joe. I hate that term. Stuff just means "He's throwing the ball hard with no regard for location or movement."

2006-10-06 18:12:14
415.   Stormer Sports

I'll take that over Arod's .100 BA over the last 12 PS games anyday. At least Sheffield will put the ball in play hard somewhere.

2006-10-06 18:12:16
416.   Zack
411 Not hitting Kenny Rogers will do that to any fan...
2006-10-06 18:12:22
417.   yankeefanjapan
cmon on unit!!
2006-10-06 18:12:37
418.   mikeplugh
Nice inning.
2006-10-06 18:12:47
419.   Simone
Now for the next part of my prediction.
2006-10-06 18:12:56
420.   Zack
And he'll be back next inning, worry not...Good Lord...
2006-10-06 18:13:01
421.   atc
I have no objection to Harwell calling the rest of the game if it means I don't have to hear Miller's voice.
2006-10-06 18:13:14
422.   Mattpat11
Harwell is now telling crotchety old man stories.
2006-10-06 18:13:35
423.   RIYank
404 Great prediction, by the way.
2006-10-06 18:13:47
424.   Stormer Sports
I don't mind Miller it's Joe "Make No Mistake About It" Morgan that drives me nuts.
2006-10-06 18:14:14
425.   randym77
Nooooo. The interview continues. Pleeease. Have a heart, and STFU.
2006-10-06 18:14:18
426.   mikeplugh
417 yankeefanjapan, where are you now?
2006-10-06 18:14:23
427.   rbj
The team is playing tight, and the Banter is, um, bantering tight, tonight.
Good recovery, Unit.

C'mon, Bobbie

2006-10-06 18:15:03
428.   Stormer Sports
Just wait and se what Joe does with the bullpen if its close late. He'll use them like its April 15th.
2006-10-06 18:15:09
429.   ny2
we have to get runs before their bullpen comes in
2006-10-06 18:15:47
430.   rbj
I'll take Harwell over Morgan, Berman and everyone over at Fox.
2006-10-06 18:16:16
431.   Mattpat11
Kaline looks like Carol O'Connor.
2006-10-06 18:16:42
432.   mikeplugh
I love old stories that have no bearing on this game.
2006-10-06 18:16:43
433.   randym77
427 It's the freakin' interview. I can't stand those dugout interviews they do. This is 100 times worse. Arrghhh.
2006-10-06 18:16:50
434.   atc
424 It's pretty equal
2006-10-06 18:17:22
435.   mikeplugh
One single strike gets a HEEEEEYYYYY!!


2006-10-06 18:17:30
436.   Mattpat11
Oh Christ, we're talking about Captain Cook.
2006-10-06 18:17:43
437.   Zack
Um, why are we LATE against Kenny Rogers? Did we collectively pull muscles against Zumaya?
2006-10-06 18:17:56
438.   mikeplugh
Maybe if the Yanks did something they'd shut up.
2006-10-06 18:18:10
439.   RIYank
427 Good euphemism! (Say, rbj, those initials... our pitcher... nah, it couldn't be.)

429 Hah! Opposite of the usual Yankee approach. But I think you're right. Although Jones and Zumaya threw 20 pitches each last night.

2006-10-06 18:18:17
440.   yankeefanjapan
let's go!!!
2006-10-06 18:18:29
441.   mikeplugh
2006-10-06 18:18:36
442.   Simone
Nice job, Bobby.
2006-10-06 18:18:40
443.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I wonder if Morgan is going to ask Harwell what is was like to have to free his slaves after the Civil War
2006-10-06 18:18:47
444.   rbj
Yay, Bobbie!
2006-10-06 18:19:10
445.   RIYank
There's my walk. That's my Donuts.

Okay,the Batter Who Shall Not Be Named, do something. For god's sake, do something.

2006-10-06 18:19:20
446.   dtrain
Can't someone make this f@cking interview end?!
2006-10-06 18:19:34
447.   murphy
c'mon, Arod! shut em all up.
2006-10-06 18:20:05
448.   Zack
A-Rod takes is requisite strike one looking
2006-10-06 18:20:06
449.   Mattpat11
Good thing A-Rod owns the Gambler.
2006-10-06 18:20:10
450.   rbj
Errg! Good wood.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-10-06 18:20:11
451.   dtrain
Oooh! He made contact! Who's the big winner here?
2006-10-06 18:20:17
452.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
HE JUST SUCKS IN THE POST-SEASON....great numbers during the regular season...BUT HE JUST SUCKS IN THE POST-SEASON
2006-10-06 18:20:18
453.   ny2
where was jeter going
2006-10-06 18:20:19
454.   Stormer Sports
He's absolute garbage.
2006-10-06 18:20:45
455.   RIYank
Again, lousy pitch.
More patience against Rogers. Know when to hold'em, guys.
2006-10-06 18:20:58
456.   Zack
This is f'ing rediculous
2006-10-06 18:21:12
457.   Simone
Is Jeter injured?
2006-10-06 18:21:25
458.   mikeplugh
Yankees are trash. They deserve to go home.
2006-10-06 18:21:51
459.   Stormer Sports
Can you advance one fucking runner,one fucking base?
2006-10-06 18:22:00
460.   Mattpat11
I'm glad no one on this fucking team has any sense of urgency at all.
2006-10-06 18:22:07
461.   Zack
AAARRRGHHH, I refuse to acccept this. I'm sorry, but if you aren't infuriated, and you are still "waiting for them to score/tie it up" than you are missing the point. This is a team down by three against Kenny Rogers who look like they have NO CONCEPT WHATSOEVER of how to hit the ball
2006-10-06 18:22:07
462.   RIYank
Um. THere's such a thing as too much patience.

I might take that homer now.

2006-10-06 18:22:44
463.   pistolpete
The instant I started hearing about how the Yankees supposedly had the 'waters parted' for them to go to the World Series this year, I just had an inkling we were being set up for disastrous disappointment.
2006-10-06 18:22:54
464.   Zack
Wow, I need to calm down, I have to at least wait till the end of the game to let me weekend be ruined
2006-10-06 18:23:29
465.   dtrain
They must be stopped. This interview must be stopped.
2006-10-06 18:23:31
466.   murphy
they're making rogers look like sandy koufax.
2006-10-06 18:23:32
467.   mikeplugh
So Harwell and Morgan hate .300 hitters. I guess they'd prefer no one in the stands.
2006-10-06 18:24:16
468.   Stormer Sports
Anyone see the Mets game last night? That was dugout that gave a shit. This dugout reminds me of last year, the year before that, and the year before that. Don't worry guys, you'll get you checks on the 15th just like always.
2006-10-06 18:24:20
469.   rabid stan
Geez. One more reason to hate the five-game series: The fourth inning of game 3 takes on apocalyptic proportions.

Scrap the Division series or make it seven games. This is crap.

So was that fly.

2006-10-06 18:24:27
470.   rbj
Gol furgging tarnation.
2006-10-06 18:24:36
471.   randym77
Damn. Jorgie almost hit out of there.
2006-10-06 18:24:37
472.   Simone
Damn. I thought that was out.

Have more faith, folks. The Yankees rally and win as long as RJ doesn't give up any more runs.

2006-10-06 18:24:44
473.   Zack
I think I just threw up
2006-10-06 18:25:01
474.   Mattpat11
what a joke.

a 200 million dollar joke.

And here comes Randy fucking Johnson again.

it never ends.

2006-10-06 18:25:18
475.   pistolpete
I feel like we've been reliving the same awful ALDS every year since 2002.
2006-10-06 18:25:25
476.   mikeplugh
I can't believe this.
2006-10-06 18:25:26
477.   RIYank
464 You're allowed to be pissed off and miserable. Just stay rational. ;-)
2006-10-06 18:26:22
478.   rabid stan
475 2003, 2004?

Oh right, those were worse.

2006-10-06 18:26:25
479.   dtrain
469 I'm with you. If the NBA can have 7 games in the first round, even though the games are at least 2 days apart, then so can major league baseball.
2006-10-06 18:26:56
480.   Zack
Yeah, this postseason is def. starting to look like all the rest. Is there no other explination than these are simply the wrong guys?
2006-10-06 18:26:56
481.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
this team will begin to take on a stench that will not easily be washed off if they fuck this up....Jorge, Jeter, Bernie, Mo exempted but the rest will have a smell
2006-10-06 18:27:03
482.   mikeplugh
Something I can't understand is, how does this lineup always go cold top to bottom at the same time? Half these guys are MVP caliber players and they always choose the same time to forget how to play.
2006-10-06 18:27:36
483.   rabid stan
I'm tired of the Voice of the Tigers.
2006-10-06 18:27:53
484.   yankz
I just got back, and I don't even have to check the score. I can tell by the comments that I'm about to be pissed.
2006-10-06 18:28:19
485.   mikeplugh
483 you said it.
2006-10-06 18:28:35
486.   yankz
OK I checked the score- tons of time left, and I have to think the Law of Suckiness will come back to bite K-Rog in the as$ soon.
2006-10-06 18:28:49
487.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Honestly...this game is the type of game where A Rod can make his October bones with a bomb to get them going....everyone will get off his shit with one timely bomb to turn it around...
2006-10-06 18:29:14
488.   Stormer Sports

They have Sterling, and we have Selig, that's it, that's all.

I can hear it already, Johnson will give up 4 runs and we'll blame him for the loss. Just like Moose got blamed yesterday.

Wake the guys up JOE! They look like they're running late for dinner reserveations.

2006-10-06 18:29:20
489.   Benjamin Kabak
I can't wait to watch Jaret Wright save the Yankee season. After bashing him all season, it's only fitting that everything will rest with him.
2006-10-06 18:29:21
490.   rbj
Agh! New season of Battlestar Galactica started at nine!
2006-10-06 18:29:29
491.   Zack
Please, for the love of God and all that is holy, end this interview!!!
2006-10-06 18:29:32
492.   RIYank
480 It's a crap shoot, Zack. Playoffs are a crap shoot.
We need to get on a roll, I know!
2006-10-06 18:30:10
493.   dtrain
482 I don't think it's the guys, I think it's the organization, the pressure, the expectations. There's no joy in these guys because of all that, and that's just no way to play a game.
2006-10-06 18:30:20
494.   Stormer Sports

If that happens, I'll buy a lottery ticket tomorrow. He has about as much of a chance of doing that as I do of winning 50 million dollars.

2006-10-06 18:30:26
495.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

it is criminal that Rogers has gone 4 against a lineup that hits .371 against him and given he propensity to need Depends when he gets handed the ball in Oct.

2006-10-06 18:30:33
496.   RIYank
489 That's the kind of pessimism I can get my teeth into. :-)
2006-10-06 18:30:50
497.   pistolpete
482 Right. What was they used to say about the Yankees, that they were 'built for October'?

Apparently we're built for April through September.

Jesus, are they auditioning Harwell for a freakin' job? How many times can we talk about TWO FREAKIN' TIGERS CHAMPIONSHIPS?

2006-10-06 18:31:37
498.   ny2
I agree all they hear is if you don't get to the ws and win then the season was failure ... they're all pressing
2006-10-06 18:31:42
499.   Benjamin Kabak
No, no. I'm serious! I've bashed Wright all season after seeing him in person so many times, and honestly, I think he actually can be the one to go out there and give the Yanks a gritty, good outing.

I still think they have a great shot at today's game. But I'm excited to see Wright tomorrow. I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true!

2006-10-06 18:31:59
500.   yankeefanjapan
get harwell out of the booth already!!
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-10-06 18:32:07
501.   Benjamin Kabak
By the way, 499 was directed at 496
2006-10-06 18:32:15
502.   Stormer Sports
Great calls shithead. Why do we get stuck with this brainless hothead behind the plate tonight?
2006-10-06 18:32:17
503.   murphy
i like cano.
2006-10-06 18:32:28
504.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
This is not Johnsons fault...the guy gave up some singles and there was a fucked play at 3B...Giambi being Giambi and boom a three spot
2006-10-06 18:32:34
505.   mikeplugh
I remember in 1922 when umpire Rummy Cornbuckets balanced 2 balls on his nose while calling 18 innings in the Federation Series played between the Alston Crows and the Pembrooke Dungbeetles.

Giambi three run homer.

When Joe Stunnegen put together a streak of 45 consecutive innings pitched with a rooster by his side....

Posada grand slam.

Billy Kiplington ate tacks while batting....

Jeter steals home....

2006-10-06 18:32:50
506.   dtrain
2006-10-06 18:33:14
507.   rabid stan
I know it's been said, cuz I read it to catch up with the thread, but the moment this game looked like absolutely nothing would go right was that call at third, and the only Yankee reaction was A-Rod jawing at the third base ump for 2 AB's.

If there's ever a reason to get yourself tossed, as a manager or a player, it's on calls like that.

2006-10-06 18:33:32
508.   RIYank
BK, I know you're serious. But the pessimism is in the fact that you're writing off this game!
2006-10-06 18:33:48
509.   yankz
Jesus H., I was here for maybe 3 minutes of that interview, and I wanted to jump out the window.
2006-10-06 18:34:02
510.   mikeplugh
507 that's silly. You don't get yourself tossed in a playoff game.
2006-10-06 18:34:08
511.   Benjamin Kabak
506 Interview? Wait wait wait. Is there a game on? I thought this was "Dinner with Jon and Joe," ESPN's new Friday night talk show.
2006-10-06 18:34:13
512.   rabid stan
502 Only figures when we have the brainless hot-head on the mound...
2006-10-06 18:34:28
513.   Stormer Sports

Mello Yello Joe won't even get his fat ass off the bench.

2006-10-06 18:34:34
514.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

now THAT was funny

2006-10-06 18:34:45
515.   RIYank
I think I have to get away for a while (like SF Yank). Check in with youse later.
2006-10-06 18:34:52
516.   murphy
mike plugh is funny.
2006-10-06 18:35:24
517.   Benjamin Kabak
Ok, back to the TV. We can do this. Plenty of game left! Have faith.
2006-10-06 18:36:16
518.   yankeefanjapan
2006-10-06 18:36:17
519.   Simone
Yesss!!!! Matsui-san. This is it!
2006-10-06 18:36:24
520.   Mattpat11
2006-10-06 18:36:24
521.   mikeplugh
You gotta love this guy. He should be hitting all my co-workers have saying.
2006-10-06 18:36:32
522.   murphy
woo-hoo!! go, go, godzilla!!!
2006-10-06 18:36:44
523.   Stormer Sports
Well, I guess we did have the most come from behind wins in the Majors this year. Now would be a good time.

Matsui! Now, can we at least get him to fucking third base! We look like the fucking Twins out there.

2006-10-06 18:36:45
524.   rabid stan
Alright, that was nice.
2006-10-06 18:36:51
525.   pistolpete
Needless to say, I would have not been as annoyed tonight if we had won yesterday.

Nice, Godzilla. Actually thought Monroe caught that one; can't see squat out there..

Isn't there a rule against a white background on an outfield fence?

2006-10-06 18:37:04
526.   dtrain
Ok, here we go boys...
2006-10-06 18:37:21
527.   murphy
i know bernie is great from the right side, but why is melky not in left with godzilla at DH?
2006-10-06 18:37:26
528.   Stormer Sports

Can't upset the apple cart. Joe won't do that. No balls.

2006-10-06 18:38:05
529.   Stormer Sports
Joe plays the numbers game. I love Bernie, but Bernie over Sheff, come on now.
2006-10-06 18:38:18
530.   Simone
521 I've been saying that also. I don't know why he isn't hitting 4th. He is one of the hottest hitters.
2006-10-06 18:38:22
531.   Zack
Man, no luck for us AT ALL
2006-10-06 18:38:25
532.   dtrain
2006-10-06 18:38:28
533.   rabid stan
2006-10-06 18:38:29
534.   yankeefanjapan
darn it...!!!
2006-10-06 18:38:31
535.   mikeplugh close.....
2006-10-06 18:38:33
536.   murphy
(murphy gets a chubby for bernie)
2006-10-06 18:38:38
537.   pistolpete
527 Because Bernie has good numbers against Rogers. Along with everyone else in this lineup...

Damn it, Bernie.

Jest missed.

2006-10-06 18:39:10
538.   yankeefanjapan
Cmon... baseball gods. give us a break
2006-10-06 18:39:40
539.   pistolpete
521 "as all my co-workers have saying."

LOL - what else would they be saying?

2006-10-06 18:39:43
540.   dtrain
Thank you, Jon, for explaining the purpose of the foul pole.
2006-10-06 18:39:46
541.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Rogers is rubbish....let him hang himself
2006-10-06 18:39:59
542.   mikeplugh
yankeefanjapan, where are you now?
2006-10-06 18:40:18
543.   Simone
Oh no, Bernie, it was ball 4.
2006-10-06 18:40:26
544.   Zack
Un freaking believable. This is just so beyond the worst game ever...this is reaching epic levels of suckatude
2006-10-06 18:40:27
545.   yankeefanjapan
damn it!!!
2006-10-06 18:40:32
546.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
2006-10-06 18:40:34
547.   dtrain
Hmm, do you think Joe thinks this is a different Kenny Rogers?
2006-10-06 18:40:45
548.   Stormer Sports
Like I said, I'll be surprised if we even get Matsui to third base.
2006-10-06 18:40:51
549.   mikeplugh
539 exactly. That's what I said to them. Of course YOU will say that.... but I'm beginning to agree.
2006-10-06 18:40:55
550.   yankz
OK, I've lost hope.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-10-06 18:41:04
551.   rabid stan
Worst. Possible. Result.

It's the same Kenny Rogers, Joe.

The same guy who "didn't give in" when he walked in the winning run pitching for the Mets.

2006-10-06 18:41:28
552.   dtrain
Wow, that pitch Bernie swung at was so not even close...
2006-10-06 18:41:32
553.   murphy
this would be a great moment for robbie to make his career even more jeterian.
2006-10-06 18:41:44
554.   singledd
Look guys..
Are you watching this game on TV?
Regardless of what Rogers has done in the past, he is making some awesome pitches... especially on strike 3.

RJ actually has good stuff. He's looking very fluid. They haven't exactly been pounding him. All singles, many ground balls.

If Rogers keeps this up for 7, we could be in trouble.
(Ack... Bernie kills a rally on ball 4)
But I think we're gonna get him. He can't keep it up.

2006-10-06 18:41:56
555.   mikeplugh
c'mon Paddles.
2006-10-06 18:42:04
556.   Stormer Sports
There is no excuse for sitting Sheffield, none!
2006-10-06 18:42:21
557.   yankeefanjapan
2006-10-06 18:42:23
558.   dtrain
Can they please just run out onto the field and fellate Kenny Rogers and get it over with already?
2006-10-06 18:42:34
559.   pistolpete
What a great night for Kenny Rogers to finally NOT suck in October! :-P
2006-10-06 18:42:41
560.   Simone
Rogers is fooling them.
2006-10-06 18:42:55
561.   mikeplugh
557 Akita here. konnichiwa
2006-10-06 18:42:59
563.   rabid stan
Hey, he's throwing the Kid's Kurve.

Finger up, Kenny.

2006-10-06 18:43:22
564.   dtrain
558 I was referring to Joe Morgan and whatshisface...
2006-10-06 18:43:24
565.   Simone
556 The fact that Sheffield has no timing and isn't hitting is more than enough to bench him.
2006-10-06 18:43:30
566.   murphy
that "series tied" graphic makes me think the count is ALWAYS 1-1.
2006-10-06 18:43:43
567.   mikeplugh
Paddles sinks.
2006-10-06 18:43:46
568.   yankeefanjapan
2006-10-06 18:44:12
569.   Stormer Sports
We're cooked. God fucking dammit!
2006-10-06 18:44:15
570.   rabid stan

There's always Todd Jones. Just keep it a save situation.

2006-10-06 18:44:15
571.   Mattpat11
I wasted hours and hours and so much money on this team and they're going to lose to Detroit.
2006-10-06 18:44:27
572.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
good good hitting...blaaa..
blaaaa....but THIS pitching should not be beating THIS hitting....
2006-10-06 18:44:29
573.   dtrain
566 Hahahaaa... same here.
2006-10-06 18:45:07
574.   dtrain
I'm gonna go run off some steam. See you all in spring training...
2006-10-06 18:45:08
575.   Simone
This is really unbelieveable. Next inning then.
2006-10-06 18:45:08
576.   Stormer Sports
2006-10-06 18:45:14
577.   Zack
Can we check the ball for spit?

I refuse to accept, yet again, that the pitcher against our amazing lineup is making amazing pitches. This is 100% on our lineup. Simply infuriating...

Maybe when the ask Joe Torre next inning, they can ask WHY THE F WE AREN'T HITTING, AGAIN!!

2006-10-06 18:45:23
578.   rbj
Well, I'm sure that inning was A-Rod's fault, somehow.
2006-10-06 18:45:29
579.   yankz
I do not believe what I just saw.

0 for 12 with runners on.

Have not advanced a runner in 10 innings. The AAA team would kick their ass right now.

2006-10-06 18:45:30
580.   murphy
2006-10-06 18:45:33
581.   randym77
Oh, great. Now they're starting the dugout interviews.

There is no god.

2006-10-06 18:45:35
582.   yankeefanjapan
man... you're out there. konichiwa to you too!!
2006-10-06 18:45:40
583.   mikeplugh
If we bow out again in the ALDS. Break this bunch of bums up. I can't take much more of this. If we're going to do this, we should have a $75 million payroll.
2006-10-06 18:45:52
584.   pistolpete
570 You've already got us scoreless into the 9th?
2006-10-06 18:46:13
585.   Zack
Can we all blame Cliff for taking his honeymoon during this series?
2006-10-06 18:46:26
586.   LI yankee
I somehow expected this.

We asked for Detroit, we got them.

We asked for Rogers, we got him.

Karma's a f*ckin bitch.

2006-10-06 18:46:28
587.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
The "Greatest Lineup Ever" is getting beat by Thames, Granderson, Casey and the 123,453 Best Lineup Ever
2006-10-06 18:46:35
588.   mikeplugh
582 yeah....I'm in Akita City, but everything else around me is ricefields. I rarely venture beyond my little city, except to enjoy some country beauty.
2006-10-06 18:46:48
589.   yankeefanjapan
this sux!!
2006-10-06 18:46:57
590.   Mattpat11
Rebuild the team. Who cares anymore.
2006-10-06 18:47:15
591.   Stormer Sports

I agree. Bye Moose, bye Sheff, trade Arod and eat the salary, trade every god damn player but Damon, Jete, Giambi, Posada, and MO.

2006-10-06 18:47:29
592.   Zack
There is just no excuse for this. Lets be hoenst here, this is not some domiannt pitching staff, this is a young kid who thros hard but was weak down the stretch and Kenny Fing Rogers....
2006-10-06 18:47:56
593.   yankz
Does no one on this team give a shit? Are they even trying? I can't tell if they are, but they better fucking figure something out. My window is looking really tempting.
2006-10-06 18:48:14
594.   murphy
i feel sorry for cliff's new bride. i know her well, and, while a very patient girl, she is fuming at what i imagine is cliff sitting in the one cafe in italy showing this game on tv.
2006-10-06 18:48:17
595.   yankeefanjapan
I wonder if Pinella is licking his chops.... hoping that Torre fails again and he can move in
2006-10-06 18:48:48
596.   dtrain
591 I keep Cano and Abreu too, don't you?
2006-10-06 18:48:52
597.   yankz
How the hell can you not ADVANCE a single m-fing runner?! If SCORING is too much to ask, you could at least ADVANCE A FREAKING RUNNER.
2006-10-06 18:49:19
598.   Stormer Sports
I am not trying to be pessimistic or reactionary, but baseball games have a smell, and this one smells bad. The one man madison avenue PR machine can't hit the side of a barn, and the rest of the lineup is absolute shit. This is Kenny fucking Rogers out there, not Johan Santana.
2006-10-06 18:49:19
599.   LI yankee
No fault at all can be placed on Randy Johnson. This is ALL on the lineup.
2006-10-06 18:49:23
600.   mikeplugh
That's the thing. Kenny Rogers. In the playoffs you can't have these funky games. Good TEAMS don't nut up in these situations. Right now, they don't look like a good TEAM. I reserve my right to change that opinion after the 9th inning game winning rally.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-10-06 18:49:24
601.   Travis
This is like watching either Angels Division Series all over again. No luck at all, and tons of LOB.
2006-10-06 18:49:27
602.   pistolpete
595 Torre can't make these guys hit the ball.
2006-10-06 18:49:48
603.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I am going to take out my Carl Pavano dummy and kick it down a flight of stairs and then kick it back up
2006-10-06 18:50:10
604.   rabid stan
584 No, not necessarily. If they have to be trailing (and they really seem to like it), then they might as well keep it to 3 runs or less and face Todd Jones, since Leyland will almost certainly use him in a save situation.
2006-10-06 18:50:23
605.   randym77
586 I have to say, I was thinking the same thing. Bachi, as my superstitious grandmother would say.
2006-10-06 18:50:37
606.   tocho
we're toast.

(its not working)

2006-10-06 18:50:49
607.   yankeefanjapan
I'm in North Fujisawa... rice fields too but it's more like suburbia here BTW... how do you post the link with the number?
2006-10-06 18:50:50
608.   yankz
If this was 96, or 00, or 01, or even 03, I wouldn't be pissed. And I know this is a Morganism, but the Yankees of late (since the 04 collapse) inspires no confidence at all. What was the last magical postseason game? Game 7 of 03 comes to mind. Curse of the Bam-Boonie?
2006-10-06 18:50:54
609.   pistolpete
OMG, foul ball - we catch a break? WHAT?!
2006-10-06 18:50:59
610.   dtrain
Finally, something goes our way... except now Polanco will hit a grand slam with no one on.
2006-10-06 18:51:07
611.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
you are correct...this team also has a a fucking cadaver left out in the sun
2006-10-06 18:51:32
612.   yankz
They even mess up my grammar!
2006-10-06 18:51:33
613.   rabid stan
You know what? They got their call.
2006-10-06 18:51:36
614.   mikeplugh
2006-10-06 18:51:36
615.   rbj
Wow, maybe that evens up for the missed tag.
2006-10-06 18:52:03
616.   pistolpete
591 IMO Giambi should go too. Go get Nick Swisher or someone of that ilk.
2006-10-06 18:52:09
617.   murphy
yeah. i think that should have been strike three.
2006-10-06 18:52:30
618.   mikeplugh
I'm rooting for anything at this point. Ballboy will dive for the foul liner, watch!
2006-10-06 18:52:57
619.   Travis
608 Game 4 of the 2003 WS had a magic feel until Torre put Weaver in, and Games 2 and 4 of the 2004 ALDS seemed special at the time.

Since then, crap.

2006-10-06 18:53:02
620.   nick
wow, another ridiculous, horseshit call--MLB HAS to do something, this postseason umpiring is a fucking joke....cmon, double play, let's take advantage--
2006-10-06 18:53:18
621.   Stormer Sports

Cano yes. I don't want a single player not brought up through our system older that 30 on this team next year. If we haadn't traded away every god damn pitcher we've had in the last 5 years, and brought up younsters to the majors like every other fucking team in the league, we might not have to depend on Johnson, Mussina, and Wright! And now, we get a good start from a geriatric, and our lineup has turned into the KC Royals.

Good thing we're building a new stadium to put a new wax job on this Ford Pinto of a team.

2006-10-06 18:53:20
622.   mikeplugh
I miss Michael Kaye. WHATAMISAYING??!
2006-10-06 18:53:23
623.   Flip Play
607 Put the number in brackets.
2006-10-06 18:53:36
624.   murphy
you realize they didn't even CALL that strikeout? disguisting.
2006-10-06 18:53:45
625.   tocho
prediction, tonight: 8-0, tigers
tomorrow: 5-4, tigers. Farnsworth will give up a 2 run homer in the 8th for the tigers to take the lead.

MVP: granderson

(of course I hope I'm dead wrong...)

2006-10-06 18:53:48
626.   nick
in Miller's defense, he's not letting go of it--MLB should be embarrassed here--
2006-10-06 18:54:15
627.   pistolpete
621 Royals swept these Tigers only about a week ago.
2006-10-06 18:54:21
628.   Flip Play
Godzilla to DH. Melky in at LF. Shef at 1B.

Do it now.

2006-10-06 18:55:23
629.   mikeplugh
Okay. I predict a 5 run 6th. Mo comes in for two, going against what Joe said earlier.
2006-10-06 18:55:40
630.   ny2
0-10 with men on base
2006-10-06 18:55:54
631.   dtrain
Joe Morgan just used the term, "fast motion."
2006-10-06 18:55:55
632.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
this lineup we have and here I am sweating a 4th run as an insurmountable lead..
2006-10-06 18:56:01
633.   Zack
Well, Giambi tried to mess that up, but somehow failed
2006-10-06 18:56:05
634.   murphy
219 a boy can dream... :)


2006-10-06 18:56:11
635.   pistolpete
Shut up, Polanco. You were out.
2006-10-06 18:56:19
636.   nick
554 oh, by the way, you're 100% right...nice to know not everybody here has gone fucking nuts--
2006-10-06 18:56:29
637.   Stormer Sports
3 bad calls by the 5th, lol. Its the NFL out there.
2006-10-06 18:56:32
638.   ny2
wow jason almost messed that up again
2006-10-06 18:56:35
639.   murphy
that should get the adrenaling pumping. unit is settling down.
2006-10-06 18:56:42
640.   dtrain
628 I always thought that if you switched out the DH, you had to give up the spot altogether and let the pitcher hit...
2006-10-06 18:56:58
641.   rabid stan
626 Against Miller, they've now showed that call more than they showed the tag play, even though the latter led to 2 runs.
2006-10-06 18:57:10
642.   Travis
630 0-10? Try 0-12.
2006-10-06 18:57:35
643.   mikeplugh
It's on. 5 runs. Yankees shut up the crowd.
2006-10-06 18:57:46
644.   randym77
628 I don't think that's allowed.

But I do think this Yankees team is looking too much like the ones of years past. Too many old sluggers. Not enough pitching and defense.

Remember the beginning of the season, when we couldn't win a game unless we scored 9 runs?

2006-10-06 18:58:00
645.   tocho
629 i'm going with yours....
2006-10-06 18:58:12
646.   Stormer Sports
Ok that's it. I am officially going to be positive until the 8th!


Come on Jete, come on Bobby, come on PR Man!

2006-10-06 18:58:16
647.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the shit we will all have to take if they do not scrap by this team that was a "dead man walking" after the All-Star break will be won't only be Red Sox fans but everyone will be pissing themselves laughing at this squad....cannot say that you could blame them....what a joke...

well here comes about $45m per year up this inning..

2006-10-06 18:58:42
648.   rbj
628 640 That is correct.
2006-10-06 18:58:45
649.   yankeefanjapan
623 thanks
2006-10-06 18:59:06
650.   yankz
I'm feeling lucky. Maybe they'll advance a blasted base runner.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-10-06 18:59:14
651.   Travis
No luck AT ALL.
2006-10-06 18:59:16
652.   Stormer Sports
Give me a fucking break with the Texas heat garbage!
2006-10-06 18:59:20
653.   mikeplugh
2006-10-06 18:59:21
654.   rabid stan
I am so sick of Kenny Rogers.
2006-10-06 18:59:24
655.   JeremyM
This is really happening, isn't it?
2006-10-06 18:59:25
656.   Zack
Not even hitting Rogers with a ball will help us at this point
2006-10-06 18:59:34
657.   dtrain
Wow, look at that play. I wonder if this is a different Kenny Rogers the Yankees are facing today.
2006-10-06 18:59:55
658.   LI yankee
Hopefully that rattles him
2006-10-06 18:59:55
659.   yankz
I have a funny feeling Jeet did that on purpose- it looked like it hit his pitching hand.
2006-10-06 18:59:59
660.   yankeefanjapan
let's go Yan-Kees!!
2006-10-06 19:00:12
661.   rabid stan
Oh No! Kenny chants!
2006-10-06 19:00:33
662.   Shaun P
Has anyone tried pointing out that Kenny Rogers is currently throwing a shutout? I can't believe Kenny Rogers hasn't given up any runs.

I know that's supposed to only be a no-hitter type thing, but any port in a storm, right?

2006-10-06 19:00:35
663.   dtrain
Why couldn't that have hit Kenny in the face?
2006-10-06 19:00:43
664.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Pavano would have been out for two years if he fielded that ball from Jeter
2006-10-06 19:00:49
665.   mikeplugh
Rogers hand is hurt
2006-10-06 19:01:10
666.   rbj
What, Kenny Rogers is pitching a 4 hit shutout?
2006-10-06 19:01:21
667.   nick
627 yeah, but you're missing the point. THAT'S BASEBALL. The worst team in the league will beat the best 1 in 4 or 1 in 3 NO MATTER WHAT people think about guts and character and bla bla bla...
2006-10-06 19:01:25
668.   mikeplugh
see...he can't control his pitches now.
2006-10-06 19:01:28
669.   Bama Yankee
Hey, I just getting in here. Is Kenny Rogers really throwing a shutout against us?
2006-10-06 19:01:44
670.   Simone
The Yankees have never seen this Kenny Rogers.
2006-10-06 19:01:44
671.   dtrain
665 No it's not. This is a different Kenny Rogers.
2006-10-06 19:01:51
672.   mikeplugh
Fuck this team. Bums. Eat shit.
2006-10-06 19:01:55
673.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
5ks....this is sad..
2006-10-06 19:02:05
674.   yankz
I swear, I'm so angry right now that if I saw Joe Morgan on the street, I would punch him in the mouth.
2006-10-06 19:02:10
675.   pistolpete
OMG, we look pathetic. Just forfeit the last game tomorrow and be done with it.
2006-10-06 19:02:15
676.   yankeefanjapan
this sux
2006-10-06 19:02:15
677.   murphy
663 not cool. never cool to say stuff like that.
2006-10-06 19:02:19
678.   Zack
Yup, kennry Rogers is pretty much Cy Young right now, joining th elikes of Adam Loewen, Eric Bedard, and amny others...
2006-10-06 19:02:40
679.   mikeplugh
you'd better get a hit here A-Rod.
2006-10-06 19:02:52
680.   Peter
Kenny Rogers is pitching a shutout.
2006-10-06 19:02:59
681.   rabid stan
They just talked about how Bernie's foul in the last inning would've been a HR in Yankee Stadium. Now, "He'd be pitching a shut-out in a little-leagu park!"
2006-10-06 19:03:01
682.   dtrain
677 Relax, it's not like saying it makes it any more or less likely to happen.
2006-10-06 19:03:08
683.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
this the proverbial snowball rolling downhill and they will lose in 4...they look absolutely clueless out there
2006-10-06 19:03:37
684.   mikeplugh
c'mon Alex.
2006-10-06 19:03:47
685.   Zack
So, I said from the start that if we can't hit Kenny Rogers, we don't deserve to win, and I need to amend that: We don't even deserve to be on the field. Each one of the hitters in this lineup needs to forfeit their salary. Un freaking believable.
2006-10-06 19:03:56
686.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod...please get a FUCKING hit
2006-10-06 19:03:58
687.   Shaun P
Why don't they leave the damn bat on their shoulders?!?!?!
2006-10-06 19:04:07
688.   mikeplugh
okay....I'll take it.
2006-10-06 19:04:18
689.   Travis
681 Yeah, and Posada hit one to the track that ESPN's camera operator thought was out.

Clutch HBP.

2006-10-06 19:04:22
690.   Bama Yankee
Clutch HBP
2006-10-06 19:04:23
691.   yankz
YAHOO, Arod reaches base!!!
2006-10-06 19:04:25
692.   randym77
A clutch HBP for A-Rod.
2006-10-06 19:04:26
693.   nick
look at that strike 3 curve on Abreu--that's a great pitch--people should GROW UP and admit it--being pissed off is ok; but all this bitching about how we suck is just infantile and pathetic...
2006-10-06 19:04:29
694.   yankeefanjapan
2 out rally!!
2006-10-06 19:04:31
695.   Simone
Okay, A-Rod works a walk. Try to get something going here.
2006-10-06 19:04:35
696.   dtrain
And actually, it's not like Rogers is a good guy... what with his penchant for assaulting cameramen. I really wouldn't feel bad if he got injured.
2006-10-06 19:04:35
697.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod has found a way to add October value....put on the armor and take it
2006-10-06 19:04:57
698.   Simone
It was HBP? How did I miss that one?
2006-10-06 19:05:13
699.   Stormer Sports
In 1996 we weren't supposed to win, it was wonderful. This team is going to score what, 3 runs in 2 games?

I'd really like to get the UMP to check Kenny's glove, this is just not realistic from Rogers.

2006-10-06 19:05:18
700.   murphy
wow. between this commentary and the old man in the tigers uni, i can't figure out whether i am watching the ALDS or "For Love of the Game".
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-10-06 19:05:44
701.   mikeplugh
693 nick.....I guess the $200 million bunch of hitters that they've assembled being shutout by Kenny Rogers is not reason to be down on the team?
2006-10-06 19:06:17
702.   dtrain
this game is done.
2006-10-06 19:06:17
703.   yankeefanjapan
damn it!!
2006-10-06 19:06:23
704.   mikeplugh
693 also they haven't moved up a SINGLE runner tonight.
2006-10-06 19:06:24
705.   yankz
Fuck it all. I wish I could quit being a baseball fan.
2006-10-06 19:06:29
706.   ny2
2006-10-06 19:06:30
707.   Bama Yankee
700 Good one, murphy
2006-10-06 19:06:33
708.   Simone
This is really bad, but the Yankees can still rally.
2006-10-06 19:06:37
709.   Stormer Sports
That's it folks. Rogers for 1, Zumaya for 1, Jones, game, set, match!
2006-10-06 19:07:23
710.   mikeplugh
I don't know how many more seasons of this I can take. I don't need this stress.
2006-10-06 19:07:35
711.   Stormer Sports

I've been saying that since the 3rd. So much for that small ball evryone seems to hate so much.

2006-10-06 19:07:35
712.   JeremyM
702 Game, series, season probably done.
2006-10-06 19:07:48
713.   nick
701 Mike, read my comment again--that's all I'll say--things are bad enough with fighting with each other--
2006-10-06 19:07:51
714.   Zack
I was going to say somethign abotu how with all this nosie, you would think the Tigers fans actually were there all season supporting them, and didn't just show up for the last few weeks, but I can't even get myself to be bitter, thats how depressing this is
2006-10-06 19:07:53
715.   yankeefanjapan
25/33 teams that have won game 3 of DLS have won it... not good odds
2006-10-06 19:07:53
716.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

they have owned him and beat him 7 straight times and hit .371 against him.....this is a joke...

2006-10-06 19:08:23
717.   randym77
Agree that Kenny is pitching well tonight. Gotta give him credit.
2006-10-06 19:08:23
718.   yankz
693 I realize Joe Morgan is overwhelmingly convincing and all, but this is in fact the same Kenny Rogers. Even if he changes his stuff up a bit, he should be thoroughly bashed.
2006-10-06 19:08:31
719.   mikeplugh
713 gotcha
2006-10-06 19:08:50
720.   Stormer Sports

I'd love to think we can win tomorrow and Sunday, but this team hasn't given me the slightest reason to believe they even want to.

2006-10-06 19:09:15
721.   murphy
no, no, no, 716!! that's the OTHER kenny rogers.
2006-10-06 19:09:17
722.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

none of those teams have had Wright go 5 strong innings for them

2006-10-06 19:09:18
723.   mikeplugh
The problem is, Rogers is pitching well, but he's not Pedro Martinez and the Yankees are making him look like Pedro.
2006-10-06 19:09:28
724.   rabid stan
If they don't look to bunt by next inning, they'll definitely lose.

They should face the fact that they're not hitting like a team on the verge of a big rally, and go for 1 run.

2006-10-06 19:09:29
725.   tocho
705 i hear ya. i'm sitting here in my house yelling and jumping up and down, this-close to having a heart attack...


I hate baseball.... but I love it.

2006-10-06 19:09:43
726.   yankz
In 2001, I KNEW the Yanks would come back down 2-0 to Oakland. Now, I just wish they would bunt if Posada gets on next inning, so they could advance a fucking base runner.
2006-10-06 19:10:22
727.   nick
713 for "with" read "without" can blame em for not moving Matsui up, fair enough, but Rogers is pitching the best game I've seen from anyone all post-season--I think some people here are not watching the game, they're watching $200 million and looking for an excuse to get pissed...
2006-10-06 19:11:20
728.   LI yankee
723 Then let's just hope Leyland keeps him in there for the 8th.
2006-10-06 19:11:35
729.   yankz
725 Yeah, I wish I could stop watching. Damn train wrecks.
2006-10-06 19:11:35
730.   pistolpete
Great, and now down goes Randy just to cap off a fantastic evening.
2006-10-06 19:11:43
731.   tocho
always nice to walk the lead-off guy
2006-10-06 19:12:01
732.   rabid stan
They better get Wang up for tomorrow. I don't want this season to hang on Jaret freakin' Wright.
2006-10-06 19:12:17
733.   murphy
well done, ARod.
2006-10-06 19:12:28
734.   rabid stan
Nice. Finally, something nice.
2006-10-06 19:12:54
735.   Stormer Sports

Well, Showalter and Girardi both looking for jobs next season. At least we can get one of them. If we lose and George keeps Joe, I am not paying for the MLB package just to watch this shit again. Anyone, Magilla Gorilla, Mr. Maggoo, Ozzie Guillen. Give me anyone wh can get someone fired up.

Great, we are going to lose playing solid defense and only giving up 3 runs. Blow me 1-9, blow my fucking ass!

2006-10-06 19:13:05
736.   nick
slick dp!
2006-10-06 19:13:57
737.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Bonderman will look like Walter Johnson to Kenny Rogers "Cy Young" tomorrow ? The excuses cannot be made for this team losing to this Tiger team...
2006-10-06 19:13:57
738.   bobtaco
They have gotten so many breaks. This has got to stop.
2006-10-06 19:14:08
739.   Stormer Sports

Are you kidding me? Joe Torre? Mr. starting Kevin Brown in game 7. Joe is incapable of starting Wang tommorrow, and that my friends, is why he needs to hit the highway.

2006-10-06 19:14:13
740.   randym77
Jeez. Did Jeet hurt his hand on that play?
2006-10-06 19:14:33
741.   pistolpete
Game over.
2006-10-06 19:14:41
742.   Simone
Well, that was probably the game.
2006-10-06 19:14:44
743.   JeremyM
Well, that is definitely the game.
2006-10-06 19:14:44
744.   LI yankee
Even if they do lose this game, the Yanks have Jeremy Bonderman pitching tomorrow for the Tigers and bust out against him. This can not happen 3 days in a row. They bring it back to the Stadium with Wang on the mound.

It's not exactly impossible. Stranger things have happened.

2006-10-06 19:14:48
745.   bobtaco
Sure, who needs Melky in left.
2006-10-06 19:14:54
746.   mikeplugh
game over. see you guys. I'm going to watch but enough bantering for today.
2006-10-06 19:14:55
747.   Stormer Sports
There's your ball game.
2006-10-06 19:14:55
748.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
4 run worries..A Rod hits a grand slam to tie it
2006-10-06 19:14:55
749.   Count Zero
I just have one thing to say -- if the Yanks front office does not now realize that you cannot win in the PS without good pitching and good defense, they will never figure it out. They have assembled the most potent lineup I have ever seen, and they are still getting beat by pitching.

Give up signing free agent bats, and go after minor league pitching. Until you do that, this story is going to continue to repeat year after year.

2006-10-06 19:14:59
750.   yankeefanjapan
722 you're right.... looks like we're gonna need it
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2006-10-06 19:15:13
751.   yankz

Do you think if the voters had known the beast they were about to unleash, they never would've selected JM for the Hall?

2006-10-06 19:15:25
752.   rbj
OK, it's just not fated this year for the Yankees.
2006-10-06 19:15:33
753.   murphy
ok. randy is about to come unraveled. we've seen it all year. we saw it earlier tonite. let's be proactive, joe, and yanke him now: before the yanks are in it even deeper.
2006-10-06 19:15:56
754.   tocho
okay, 4 more and my prediction will be complete!!

ha ha ha

juuust missed by bernie, just missed by jeter and then juust missed by arod

2006-10-06 19:16:15
755.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod ...grand slam and solo problem
2006-10-06 19:16:20
756.   tocho
3 more, c'mon
2006-10-06 19:16:22
757.   Simone
This is horrific. The offense and the pitching are conspiring to lose this game.
2006-10-06 19:16:23
758.   randym77
Joe, you left him in too long.
2006-10-06 19:16:38
759.   Stormer Sports
What a fucking Joke. Yea Grady Little, take him out now.
2006-10-06 19:16:42
760.   pistolpete
I can almost stomach losing this series IF I didn't have to witness the barrage of media coverage for the next 6 months about the futility of this 'monster' lineup.

I feel like crying right now.

2006-10-06 19:17:02
761.   Simone
The Yankees still win this series.
2006-10-06 19:17:02
762.   yankz
I don't get it. Some change needs to be made, but what? Clearly not Cashman. How is it this hard for the "greatest lineup ever" to score against the postseason pitcher they've probably had the most success against collectively?!
2006-10-06 19:17:08
763.   yankeefanjapan
crap!! dear baseball gods... a 10 run inning please
2006-10-06 19:17:11
764.   rsmith51
In order to go far in the playoffs, the Yanks need to hit. This is reminding me of the 2002 ALDS.
2006-10-06 19:17:28
765.   murphy
i think unit was crying.

left him in one batter too long.

2006-10-06 19:17:44
766.   Stormer Sports
Thank God I bout an 18 pack and not a 6 pack!
2006-10-06 19:18:20
767.   LI yankee
761 I seriously think they will. I hope the Tigers beat them up even more. This will give them a solid kick in the ass. Like what happened before the Boston massacre, and after that 19-1 Cleveland drubbing.
2006-10-06 19:18:40
768.   dianagramr
wow .... considering how many times the yankees have come back in postseason series, you guys are really negative
2006-10-06 19:18:52
769.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

nice optimism....if the Yanks can win tomorrow they will win it at home...

But and it is a BIG BUT...they are probably going to need to advance a runner in order to win two games....

2006-10-06 19:18:58
770.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

nice optimism....if the Yanks can win tomorrow they will win it at home...

But and it is a BIG BUT...they are probably going to need to advance a runner in order to win two games....

2006-10-06 19:19:00
771.   yankz
767 I wish I shared your optimism, but I see no basis for it.
2006-10-06 19:19:03
772.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

nice optimism....if the Yanks can win tomorrow they will win it at home...

But and it is a BIG BUT...they are probably going to need to advance a runner in order to win two games....

2006-10-06 19:19:05
773.   rbj
766 I'm with you Stormer. Time to break out the bourbon.
2006-10-06 19:19:10
774.   Simone
765 RJ was crying? Awwww... I feel bad now. Eh, the Yankees win the next 2 games and take the series.
2006-10-06 19:19:13
775.   murphy
c'mon, bruney. eat em up.
2006-10-06 19:19:48
776.   JeremyM
768 Not these Yanks. These Yanks haven't done squat other than 4 guys.
2006-10-06 19:20:03
777.   LI yankee
771 Neither do I, but this series is definitely not close to being over.
2006-10-06 19:20:10
778.   yankz
In the 90s, I used to love to think about Jeter and Mo, my 2 favorite players, making a run at Yogi's 10 rings record. Time's running out, and Captain's thumb is still bare.
2006-10-06 19:20:53
779.   murphy
i like bruney.
2006-10-06 19:20:54
780.   rsmith51
I think next year RJ comes out of the bullpen in the division series.
2006-10-06 19:21:01
781.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Bruney may be a keeper !
2006-10-06 19:21:30
782.   Stormer Sports
I said it yesterday, if we don't score 5+ a game we're done. And now, we're done. I hope Phillip Hughes feels good, because the Yankees front office bullshit has kept players in the minors that could help us.

Trade them all, fuck, trade fucking Derek Jeter for all I care at this point.

Paul O'Neill, Scott Broscuis and Tino Martinez, Karim Garcia, Juan Rivera, Joe Girardi, Chuck Knoblauch can score, but these guys cannot? Fuck all of them.

2006-10-06 19:21:41
783.   yankz
How fucking psychic was Buster Olney? When his book came out, I thought it was a joke; the dynasty would be back that year. But something has definitely changed- the teams of late are different than the ones of the 90's. I sound like a dumbas$, I'll stop now.
2006-10-06 19:21:57
784.   murphy
bruney is doing what the yanks are paying farnsworth to do.
2006-10-06 19:22:10
785.   JeremyM
I missed the Unit crying. Was he really? Dude probably knows his career is over. I think he has too much pride to pitch like crap and take home a big check. I'm probably wrong.
2006-10-06 19:22:18
786.   rsmith51
Let's go Yank-ees!
2006-10-06 19:22:26
787.   Knuckles
C'mon, climb back into it. If you're gonna lose tonight, at least make 'em burn thru Zumaya and Jones again...
2006-10-06 19:22:43
788.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

you are right...

it really is 4 guys...a couple of young guys who you cannot blame and then a whole lot of other suspects in October

2006-10-06 19:22:55
789.   Simone
Good job by Bruney.

782 You have got to be the BIGGEST quitter on this blog evah. The only thing left for you to do is quit being a Yankee fan.

2006-10-06 19:23:06
790.   BL-YF
They aren't hitting Rogers WTF - the patience is gone, I am feeling very, very, very discouraged.
2006-10-06 19:23:12
791.   yankz
Let's advance baserunners Yan-kees!
2006-10-06 19:23:23
792.   Benjamin Kabak
762 How about some pitchers? Don't re-up with Mussina; convince Randy to retire. Go after Zito; promote Hughes to the Big Leagues and Clippard to AAA. Wang, Zito, Hughes.

That's pretty damn good for a 1-2-3.

2006-10-06 19:23:52
793.   dianagramr

Unit = Kevin Brown with less rancor towards his teammates

2006-10-06 19:24:09
794.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I knew he was onto something....I will get killed for this but Mo although still the best has not been pre-2001 Mo

2006-10-06 19:24:31
795.   Count Zero
Agree that the series isn't over -- but I still stand by the cliche: good pitching will beat good hitting every time.

You know what Einstein said about the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get a different result.

2006-10-06 19:24:41
796.   Stormer Sports

They score 3 runs in two days against the Tigers, and I'M the quitter. Look to the 1-9 lineup, and there you will find the quitters, not this guy.

2006-10-06 19:24:43
797.   Simone
Okay, this is it. Rally time.
2006-10-06 19:24:45
798.   yankeefanjapan
2006-10-06 19:24:46
799.   rbj
Still a 4 hit shutout for Kenny.
2006-10-06 19:25:02
800.   murphy
good start, jorgie.
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2006-10-06 19:25:20
801.   rbj
Er, 5 hit shutout

Yay, Jorge!

2006-10-06 19:25:21
802.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
those two morons in the booth laughing...
2006-10-06 19:25:21
803.   rabid stan
Too bad it doesn't look like the pitching and defense situation will improve next year. They'll probably slough off Lidle and Wright, but they're stuck with RJ and Pavano. They'll renegotiate with Moose for a two or three year deal, but he'll just be a year older and a little worse.

With those guys filling slots (and almost $40 mil in salary, depending on Moose's deal), they'll be less agressive getting FA pitchers like Zito and Matsuzaka.

Given the choice of the two, I can see them going for Zito because he's a known quantity. Nothing against Zito, but Matsuzaka looks like a beast.

Another lead-off double. Only now, because it's the seventh, any whiff of a rally will bring out Zumaya.

2006-10-06 19:25:25
804.   dianagramr
Go after Aramis Ramirez, move A-Rod to SS, Jeter to CF, Damon to DH
2006-10-06 19:25:50
805.   Stormer Sports

It's because I fucking care that I get so upset when I stare at bush league bullshit like this. I wan't them to win as badly as you do!

2006-10-06 19:25:54
806.   randym77
I think the problem with Yankees teams lately is that they are one-dimensional. They're all offense. With a lot of slugging. If that doesn't work, they have nothing to fall back on. Championship teams are more versatile than the Yanks have been.

Post season games are often pitchers' duels. They have to be able to win those.

Torre says that it's pitching and defense that wins championships, but that's not how he operates. At least, it hasn't been lately.

2006-10-06 19:26:44
807.   yankz
YES!!!! THEY DID IT!!!!!
2006-10-06 19:27:15
808.   Benjamin Kabak
Jon Miller just called that a "productive out."

When you're down 5 runs with 9 outs to go, no outs are productive. Do these ass-clowns not understand basic concepts of baseball?

2006-10-06 19:27:20
809.   dianagramr
A healthy Carl Pavano would have been nice the past 2 years
2006-10-06 19:27:31
810.   murphy
that was NOT a strike!!!
2006-10-06 19:28:51
811.   Flip Play
783 The 1996-2000 team was put together by Gene Michael. This team is Steinbrenner's wet dream. Even if the Yanks win the World Series this year, they're not the same team as the Dynasty. Only four players remain from those glory years.
2006-10-06 19:28:56
812.   cmarz
i am so sick of morgan and miller, i'm going to puke up all my jameson's
2006-10-06 19:29:13
813.   yankeefanjapan
damn... this sux
2006-10-06 19:29:25
814.   rabid stan
809 How does anyone know that? He had one standout season in a park with Coors Field dimension, but at sea-level.
2006-10-06 19:29:33
815.   Simone
This is insane. The Devil has possessed Kenny Rogers or he sold his soul for this game.
2006-10-06 19:29:37
816.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Game 1 seems like it was years ago....we all laughed it up and were on our way...
three cold days at the plate and thanks for coming....
2006-10-06 19:29:42
817.   LI yankee
I'm actually looking forward to Buck and McCarver.
2006-10-06 19:29:44
818.   pistolpete
They can't kill Kenny. You BASTARDS.
2006-10-06 19:29:55
819.   Zack
Well, I can't say its been fun folks, but I can't take anymore. I need to have a beer and calm down. Check back in later.
2006-10-06 19:30:19
820.   Stormer Sports

And we've let nearly every player go that Michaels recommended keeping since then.

2006-10-06 19:30:22
821.   rabid stan
Ken-ny Ken-ny Ken-ny.
2006-10-06 19:30:28
822.   rbj
2006-10-06 19:30:54
823.   nick
the thing is, dominant players are rare; but dominant pitchers are rare and fragile and (Brown and RJ) prone to becoming not dominant rather matter how much $ you have for free agents, you can't guarantee dominant pitching--look at Mo: a failed starter from our system and THE key guy for the dynasty.

Over the regular season with depth we're pretty nearly guaranteed a playoff spot--but the post-season is different; without a really strong front 3 starters and 3 guys in the pen, you're gonna have a tough time.

2006-10-06 19:31:06
824.   Benjamin Kabak
This is of course the same team that was swept by the Royals five days ago.

809 When I listed Zito, Hughes, Wang, I thought about adding Pavano, but after September, I don't really see him on the Yanks next year. Yes, healthy Pavano would be good, but I think he's violated the clubhouse code of conduct so to speak. He's done with the Yanks unless he wants to go through next season as a pariah on the team.

2006-10-06 19:31:23
825.   JeremyM
I hate to say this, but Rogers is pitching his f'ing ass off. This isn't so much a choke job as it is the game of his life. It's making me sick watching him pump his fist with every out, calling for the ball after outs, but he is pitching the game of his life.
2006-10-06 19:31:44
826.   murphy
i really wish i could appeciate how great a game rogers is pitching. but all i can do now is fume.
2006-10-06 19:31:54
827.   dianagramr

... in terms of depth in the starting rotation.

I agree that Pavano was the beneficiary of great defense in a pitcher's park in Florida, but Pavano still would have been an asset for the Yanks.

2006-10-06 19:32:14
828.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
This series is your bookies and throw down on the Tigers and the Yanks have ABSOLUTELY no pulse and are ready to go home without the Tigers following them....

What makes this even more sickening is that the Mets will win the series now...

2006-10-06 19:32:27
829.   Benjamin Kabak
814 If you put together a rotation with Pavano as your number four guy, how bad can he be? Even in Yankee Stadium against the AL, I have to believe that he's better than Jaret Wright or Cory Lidle, right?
2006-10-06 19:32:32
830.   Simone
I plan to ignore ESPN until tomorrow's game.
2006-10-06 19:32:41
831.   cmarz
balls to the wall tomorrow afternoon...
2006-10-06 19:32:56
832.   Paul in Boston
I think Bernie's career with the Yanks officially ended with that K, what do you think?
2006-10-06 19:32:58
833.   rbj
Looking at the rotation for next year, it's Wang and, well, Moose (can't get four good pitchers). I'd see if Unit would mind a trade back to AZ (he'll do better in the weaker league).

AFter that it is . . .?

2006-10-06 19:33:02
834.   dianagramr

well said!

2006-10-06 19:33:17
835.   randym77
820 Who did Michaels recommend we keep?

And is anyone up in the Tigers bullpen? Zumaya can't pitch again today, can he?

2006-10-06 19:33:41
836.   Benjamin Kabak
828 No matter what happens, the A's will win the World Series. You'll see. Screw the Mets. You think John Maine and Steve Trachsel can succeed against an AL team? The A's have a lefty who can shut down the Mets and an offense that's good enough to win.
2006-10-06 19:33:52
837.   murphy
ok. joe morgan just said kenny rogers is the best lefty he's ever seen.

his stupidity has reached a new level.

he also misquoted yogi berra.

2006-10-06 19:33:53
838.   pistolpete
829 What does our pitching matter at this point when we've only scored 3 runs in 16 innings?
2006-10-06 19:33:55
839.   Simone
828 I annoint you the second biggest quitter on this blog. If only you and the Stormer dude could be quiet about your quitting.
2006-10-06 19:33:56
840.   bobtaco
Why waste Bruney tonight when he probably will be needed tomorrow?
2006-10-06 19:34:01
841.   rabid stan

DIAF, Joe Morgan.

Jeez, now I feel dirty. He's a grandfather.

2006-10-06 19:34:10
842.   yankeefanjapan
this sux!!
2006-10-06 19:34:13
843.   Orly Yarly NoWai
825 He's a perfect-game pitcher. THAT was the game of his life. This is a huge choke job by everyone on the team.
2006-10-06 19:34:21
844.   RIYank
Damn, things didn't improve while I was gone.
2006-10-06 19:34:22
845.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
it is a rout....we were supposed to be the routers...not the routees...
2006-10-06 19:34:36
846.   Stormer Sports

I honestly think George is done spending. I don't foresee any big off-season signings. If you can't wn with what he's given us the last two years, what can you win with? And I think George is beginning to get that. I see Cashman and Torre fired, and other guys brought in. Not to say that it's right, but that's what I see happening.


Still optimistic?

2006-10-06 19:34:38
847.   cmarz
i'm switching to my simpsons on tivo, i can't take this anymore...
2006-10-06 19:34:48
848.   Flip Play
I wish I could pull myself away from the f***en TV and just go to the movies. The Departed is out, right?
2006-10-06 19:35:11
849.   murphy

this series isn't over, but this game is.

i am out.

see y'all tomorrow afternoon.

2006-10-06 19:35:34
850.   Orly Yarly NoWai
846 That would be the worst possible thing that could happen.
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2006-10-06 19:35:44
851.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

good call, I am doing the same...

2006-10-06 19:35:54
852.   nick
If Hughes emerges as a legit #1, or we sign you-know-who, then we'll win a WS in the next 2-3 years; if not, not.
2006-10-06 19:36:04
853.   Stormer Sports
All I can say is that Kenny Rogers pitched a great game, our offense isn't worth 50 million, let alone 150 million, and I pray to any and all God's that we can win the next two games. That is how the last Dynasty started.
2006-10-06 19:36:21
854.   Simone
848 Forget "Departed." Rent the original, "Infernal Affairs." One of the best movies ever.
2006-10-06 19:36:29
855.   pistolpete
846 Cashman will survive, but I think Joe will walk away after next year.
2006-10-06 19:36:31
856.   dianagramr
Jackass Number 2 is playing now too ...
2006-10-06 19:36:43
857.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Our bullpen is horrid.
2006-10-06 19:36:48
858.   rabid stan
829 He did about as well as Jaret Wright in '04. A little better, actually, but still.
2006-10-06 19:36:52
859.   Stormer Sports

Who is in it?

2006-10-06 19:37:32
860.   pistolpete
856 What position does he play?
2006-10-06 19:37:36
861.   Simone
846 What do you care? You have already quit the Yankees' season.
2006-10-06 19:37:43
862.   vockins
GodDAMN this is crap.

Somebody help me out here. Kenny Rogers? Goddamn.

2006-10-06 19:37:43
863.   yankz
LOL- I just realized it's all a dream. Check that, a fucking nightmare. I'm not about to go crazy.
2006-10-06 19:37:55
864.   Orly Yarly NoWai
860 First base.
2006-10-06 19:38:07
865.   LI yankee
Alright this game is done. We're still winning this series though.
2006-10-06 19:38:29
866.   RIYank
The world's best pitcher wouldn't have helped us today, amigos.
Murderers' Row got tossed in jail this evening by the sheriff.
2006-10-06 19:39:00
867.   Benjamin Kabak
...I'll take Roger Clemens for $20 million, Alex.
2006-10-06 19:40:15
868.   RIYank
867 Why, can he hit??
2006-10-06 19:40:20
869.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

that sounds easy enough...are you basing that on 20 LOB yesterday or only advancing 1 runner today ?

Or perhaps on A Rods legendary Octobers ?

Or Jaret Wrights ability to go 7 or 8 strong innings every start ?

2006-10-06 19:41:03
870.   Orly Yarly NoWai
869 On the fact that it can't get any worse than this.
2006-10-06 19:41:53
871.   JeremyM
If this series is lost, it wasn't lost tonight, it was lost in game 2. They had their foot on their throats and once again let them up for air.
2006-10-06 19:41:59
872.   vockins
870 It's been worse.
2006-10-06 19:42:16
873.   Benjamin Kabak
868 If Mussina pitches well yesterday, the Yanks' losing this game doesn't matter. Think about that. I know people don't want to blame Moose, but he just didn't make the pitches yesterday.
2006-10-06 19:42:19
874.   rabid stan
Remember when the guys that got squashed by those clowns in Baltimore in August, then ripped Boston?

I want to see those guys tomorrow. Wright can play the part of Sidney Ponson, simultaneously pitching himself out of the rotation forever while receiving 11 runs in support.

2006-10-06 19:42:21
875.   yankaholic
thats y they play 5 games.. and lets wait till the series is over before moaning..

a little patience....

2006-10-06 19:42:22
876.   Simone
859 Tony Leung (one of the best actors in the world) and Andy Lau. It is a Hong Kong film. Beautiful film. Very moving and well acted. The style is very Michael Mann.
2006-10-06 19:42:31
877.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
this will be like '04 all over again where I had my wife toss the sports page of the paper for 2 weeks....only Tivo'd non-sports shows for two weeks and swore off the internet for a month or so
2006-10-06 19:42:38
878.   RIYank
No, seriously, you should always make predictions based on what happened the day before. Those sabermatric guys are morons. Last week doesn't matter, let alone five years.
2006-10-06 19:42:53
879.   Orly Yarly NoWai
872 The series with the Red Sox doesn't count.
2006-10-06 19:42:53
880.   LI yankee
869 I'm basing it on the fact that almost everytime the Yanks this year have gotten flat out embarassed like this, they come back the next day and kick a$$.
2006-10-06 19:42:58
881.   nick
834 thanks.....we gotta make them use Z here; if he gets two innings tomorrow it's gonna be real tough for us....we need some hits
2006-10-06 19:43:02
882.   rbj
867 The problem, Benjamin, is that the Yankees have been overspending for old players. Yanks need a bunch of good young pitchers. Hughes & Clippard are at least a year away. But I don't want a Unit part II. No Clemens.
2006-10-06 19:43:14
883.   Simone
873 Freaking Word!
2006-10-06 19:43:55
884.   Stormer Sports

We're just angry and venting. It doesn't make us quitters. I sure as hell would rather get angry and expect results than turn into some ridiculously optimistic Cubs fan type. If you want all hope and rose petals, go to a little league game.

2006-10-06 19:43:57
885.   Simone
Kenny Rogers better hope that Dante got it wrong.
2006-10-06 19:44:49
886.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Even Jeter looks like he's done.
2006-10-06 19:44:59
887.   bobtaco
2006-10-06 19:45:54
888.   RIYank
873 Gotcha.

I want postseason victories, and I'd be happy for Cashman to pay through the nose to get them. But I'm just not sure I buy the standard story about needing aces more than bats in the postseason.

2006-10-06 19:45:58
889.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I leave for Beijing on Sunday and will be in route to Seoul during Game 5...I will lose my damn mind for 17 hours if there is a Game 5 and I am asking my Korean Air flight attendant for scores from the pilot...
2006-10-06 19:46:11
890.   das411
I love how Rogers is totally showing up the Yankees after every out...good for him!

NO IDEA how that 1-2 pitch to Jeter was low, wow that was a generous call!!!

2006-10-06 19:46:24
891.   Simone
884 Nope. Angry and venting is what I do. Quitting is what you do.
2006-10-06 19:47:11
892.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Rogers is out. Rodney in? Walker in?
2006-10-06 19:47:18
893.   Benjamin Kabak
882 I watched some of Clemens' last outings and he was REALLY sharp. As in, you would want him pitching Game 7 sharp. That's more faith than I ever had in Moose. Now, I wouldn't advocate signing him for a full season, but he'll come through when we don't have much faith in the guys on the team.

Anyway, I gotta get back to my place in Brooklyn from my parents' place in Manhattan so I'm probaby out of here. I'll go watch the last inning and a half and catch the 2 or 3 before express service shuts down for the weekend.

I'll see you all at 4 p.m. for Jaret Wright's redemption.

2006-10-06 19:47:18
894.   Stormer Sports

Agree to disagree. I suppose you think I'd like them to lose tonight, and tommorrow?

2006-10-06 19:47:39
895.   Simone
Come on, Yankees at least force them to go to the pen.
2006-10-06 19:47:44
896.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Wow, he stays in.
2006-10-06 19:47:46
897.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
If A Rod gets up with two on...I wonder if Torre has a sign for put ribcage over the plate and take one
2006-10-06 19:48:23
898.   rbj
893 Have a good night. We'll have all winter to discuss it. Remember though, Rocket was pitching in the NL.
2006-10-06 19:49:27
899.   Simone
894 Maybe not, but you think that they will AND that is quitting.
2006-10-06 19:49:34
900.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
okay....this guys curve is nasty tonight
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2006-10-06 19:49:57
901.   Orly Yarly NoWai
You KNOW it's bad when you'd rather be listening to Nightwish than watching this crap.
2006-10-06 19:50:13
902.   tocho
rogers is sick
2006-10-06 19:50:32
903.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
fucking showboat Rogers...piece of shit
2006-10-06 19:50:36
904.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
fucking showboat Rogers...piece of shit
2006-10-06 19:50:40
905.   rabid stan
MILLER! should settle down. He's too old to call a game like that.

Hard-thrower to doom A-Rod.

2006-10-06 19:50:53
906.   Stormer Sports

I don't think they'll lose tomorrow.

God, I hate Kenny Rogers. Lays a big fat fucking egg in NY, hell, both NY's and now he's a hero? God Dammit!

2006-10-06 19:51:10
907.   bobtaco
I think Kenny must have sold his soul and first born last night.
2006-10-06 19:51:46
908.   randym77
Finally. I was starting to think Rogers was going to pitch a complete game there.

I blame the rain. We need a retractable roof.

2006-10-06 19:52:22
909.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Bruney should throw the first pitch into the Tiger dugout at that son of a bitch showboat....
2006-10-06 19:52:28
910.   nyyfan22
MY wife reads lips... what Rogers said when he got in the dugout was, "Yeah! Yeah! Yes! Now I'm ready to kick the shit out of some innocent bystanders. Woooooo Hoooo!".

Go figure.

2006-10-06 19:52:32
911.   RIYank
Was Kenny Rogers actually, good, or...
You know. Has our line-up just sucked?
2006-10-06 19:52:33
912.   singledd
Morgan actually said ONE intelligent thing tonight.
Great pitching beats great hitting, but
Good pitching does NOT beat great hitting.

We're seeing great pitching tonight from Rogers.

2006-10-06 19:52:47
913.   rabid stan
906 Bonderman has been a stiff all year.

I'd agree if Wright wasn't the guy they were throwing at him.

2006-10-06 19:52:48
914.   Stormer Sports

I think it was a mistake not asking the ump to check Kenny's hat and glove tonight. Not that I think he was cheating, but when you are much better than normal, maybe just ask, huh Joe?

2006-10-06 19:53:01
915.   cmarz
mets get the dodgers, and we get rodgers. doesn't seem fair...
2006-10-06 19:53:02
916.   JeremyM
Kenny is a piece of crap. He's pitched terrific, but his showboating is way over the top. But the Yanks have bene unable to do a damn thing about it.
2006-10-06 19:53:23
917.   rabid stan
Hey, they're wasting Zumaya. Good.
2006-10-06 19:53:33
918.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Zumaya with a 6-0 lead ?
2006-10-06 19:53:41
919.   tocho
i don't think he's a showboat. he must be the happiest guy on earth tonight. he took a 34533 pound gorilla off his back today.

i could only wish arod had a postseason game like his just to shut everybody up. Oh wait, he did have great games v the twins and the red sox on 04, but i guess everybody forgot those

2006-10-06 19:53:49
921.   Stormer Sports
Now for the love of God, someone better get BEANED in the bottom of the 8th!
2006-10-06 19:53:52
922.   Simone
Eh, Kenny will get his when he sitting down in the dugout pensive watching the Yankees celebrate at the Stadium.
2006-10-06 19:54:23
923.   Orly Yarly NoWai
One more dies one more lives
One baby cries One mother grieves
For all the sins you will commit
You'll beg forgiveness and none I'll give
A web of fear shall be your coat
To clothe you in the night
A lucky escape for now young man
But I see you damned in endless night.
2006-10-06 19:54:34
924.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
damn it A got the elbow pad and cannot hit a fucking lick in October...get your elbow back out there....
2006-10-06 19:55:17
925.   rbj
911 Rogers pitched damn well tonight. But Yanks were pressing at the plate and a bit shakey on defense.
2006-10-06 19:55:47
926.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
919 did he finish up in '04 ?

2006-10-06 19:55:50
927.   Count Zero
You know...much as I hate watching this...I gotta laugh at the way Kenny just shoved Steinbrenner's nose in shit...with authority. I can't help but admire a performance like that from a cagey old veteran.

Sigh...we'll get 'em tomorrow.

2006-10-06 19:57:06
928.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Check Tommy's Wikipedia page to find out exactly what he said.
2006-10-06 19:57:06
929.   Stormer Sports

Yea, because he's batted below .100 since! And yes, that does mean he's the biggest choker since Barry Bonds in the post season. Face it, get over your man crush and deal with the cold hard statistics, he flat out sucks in the PS. And yes it does matter that he makes 25 mil. And yes it matters that he spoke to the press and said he would hit in this series. If he doesn't want attention, keep his fucking mouth shut like everyone else!

2006-10-06 19:57:34
930.   rbj
Damn good Battlestar Galactica tonight. Sucked flipping back and forth.
2006-10-06 19:57:40
931.   tocho
926 just like everybody else on the team, sucking, big time
2006-10-06 19:58:10
932.   rabid stan

Oh, for a minute I thought this was July.

2006-10-06 19:58:17
933.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

damn it....I was just typing that verbatim

2006-10-06 19:59:10
934.   Stormer Sports
I guess I just don't understand how you can spend 200+ million and have no bullpen and no rotation. It is in defiance of logic.
2006-10-06 20:00:25
935.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Don't get me wrong, I want to see A Rod play well in October but facts are facts and he is quiet when it counts....that's all

2006-10-06 20:00:47
936.   Stormer Sports
It's the 1980's. All that is missing are guys fighting with each other in the dugout.
2006-10-06 20:01:09
937.   JeremyM
The bullpen has not been the problem in this series. Quite frankly, the offense should've gotten the job done in game 2 although Mussina still needs to hold the line.
2006-10-06 20:01:12
938.   Zack
Lets all be perfectly clear here: Kenny Rogers is not a cagey old veteran or a good person. he is, in fact, a crappy pitcher who has gotten by for years on great first halves, a pitcher who literally denied a trade to a contender to stay on a last place team so as to avoid the postseason, a guy who is not exactlly known for his personality, and a guy who suddenly thorws the game of his life against a "great lineup? No, this is all the Yankees crap ass lineup.
2006-10-06 20:01:28
939.   Orly Yarly NoWai
936 Don't worry; Steinbrenner will trade Cano for Jeff Kent even up to remedy that.
2006-10-06 20:01:36
940.   RIYank
"Face it, get over your man crush and deal with the cold hard statistics, he flat out sucks in the PS."

A-Rod is .305/.393/.534 in postseason play.
Try checking the 'cold hard statistics' before blowing wind, stormer.

2006-10-06 20:02:30
941.   LI yankee
July 4, 2006: Yankees lose 19-1 to Cleveland. They then win 9 of 10.

July 23, 2006: Yanks lose 13-5 to Toronto. They then win 4 straight.

July 29, 2006: Yanks lose 19-6 to TB. They then win 5 straight.

August 17, 2006: Yanks lose 12-2 to Baltimore. They then win 5 straight at Fenway.

2006-10-06 20:02:36
942.   tocho
929 wow, i'm glad i don't know you...
2006-10-06 20:02:39
943.   Orly Yarly NoWai
940 Everyone cites that; I'm wondering what it's been since he got to the Yankees.
2006-10-06 20:02:39
944.   Stormer Sports

If Joe really wants to win, he'll put Sheffield at 3B tomorrow, and DH Bernie with Giambi at 1B. He can use Charlie Hayes a.k.a Alex Rodriguez at 3B in garbage time.

2006-10-06 20:02:42
945.   rabid stan
Don't walk Pudge. It's a 6-0 game.
2006-10-06 20:02:45
946.   JeremyM
940 To be fair, A-Rod is also 4 for his last 49 in the playoffs, if a stat I just read is correct.
2006-10-06 20:02:53
947.   Simone
Come on, Villone, don't make it worse.
2006-10-06 20:03:51
948.   Stormer Sports

Ok fine. He is batting less than .120 with the Yankees in the PS, is that better? I couldn't care less what he did with Seattle.

2006-10-06 20:04:04
949.   BklynBmr
F me. Had a psycho client barking at me for the last 90 minutes on the phone, with one eye on a muted television, watching this offensive meltdown. Kenny Rogers snuffs Murderers Row? Now I've seen it all.

And the season is in the hands of Wright.

But I like the guy. I think he's a gamer. I'm expecting good things tomorrow and looking forward to Sunday back home in The Boogie Down.

My thoughts go no further than that.

2006-10-06 20:04:25
950.   RIYank
943 Not everyone cites it. Some people just snort about 'cold hard statistics' without actually knowing any.

His postseason numbers are very bad with the Yankees, of course.

Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2006-10-06 20:05:30
951.   rbj
938 B.S. Zack. Rogers pitched damn well tonight. And no player wants to avoid the postseason, where's your proof? I want a quote from him along the lines of "I don't want to play in the post season, I don't want a WS ring."
The hitters did squat tonight, Kenny took advantage of their anxiousness.

And he's no longer pitching in Texas, so he can go a full season.

2006-10-06 20:05:53
952.   choirboyzgirl
929 & 933- If he didn't have to spend the entire season fighting off the "fans' and media he may have had a little extra left (he still may who knows) but I'm sure A-Rod is mentally exhausted (not falling apart but tired). Notice how Pudge was 0-8 going into to todays game but the fans still gave him support and he was able to finally deliver. If the 'fans' stop worrying about 'earning pinstripes' and supporting the players on the team (for however long they are there) thing may be different. 16 mil (how can Yankee fans bring up 25 mil when they aren't paying him 25 mil?) or 16K most people respond better to positive reinforcement and energy.


2006-10-06 20:06:17
953.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

take a look at his stats with the Yanks not when he played for that Seattle team that no one gave a shit about.....

he is crashing and burning as a Yankee in the Post-Season and I do not give a shit about what he did when he played Seattle

2006-10-06 20:06:42
954.   Simone
For goodness sake, must every single loss turn into a debate over A-Rod? What have the other Yankee hitters looked good in this game?
2006-10-06 20:07:08
955.   Stormer Sports


What Arod has done since 2004 is analogous to Michael Jordan averaging 10 points a game for three straight playoff years, it's that simple. We need to get off this blind support and call a spade a spade. He is paid to do what Pujols does, yet he isn't any better than your average pitcher. Face the facts! This isn't little leaugue. The guy has 450+ HR at 31 years and cannot bat better than .120 the last three PS, deal with it and call it what it is. One big fat choke job.

2006-10-06 20:07:24
956.   Orly Yarly NoWai
950 There's a big difference between being second bananna on some very good Seattle teams where Junior shouldered the load or being the man on some low expectation Texas teams and being the most expensive, highest profile player in the media capital of the world.

Don't get me wrong. I think A-Rod is a very valuable player; he reminds me of Scottie Pippen. That's a good thing and a bad thing.

2006-10-06 20:07:32
957.   RIYank
Okay, in the '04 division series A-Rod was .421/.476/.737. So he actually started off great with the Yanks in postseason. Then .258/.378/.516 against Boston, and down hill from there.
2006-10-06 20:08:05
958.   Simone
I strongly suggest that Alex open a thread for all the A-Rod obsessors so you people can go there and fight over him. It is like some weird man crush/hate with that guy.
2006-10-06 20:09:10
959.   rabid stan
Hey, can this not be about A-Rod for once?

Makes me pine for the days when all we could talk about was Giambi.

2006-10-06 20:09:19
960.   Simone
Yankees put a run on the board somehow.
2006-10-06 20:09:54
961.   BklynBmr
We all love to say that no matter how many ballgames we watch, we'll always see something we've never seen before.


I wanna see about 12 freakin' Yankee runs in the top of the 9th in an ALDS game. Maybe 13.

2006-10-06 20:10:00
962.   rbj
958 LOL Snort! The has a bbq pit section just for that sort of thing, like politics, religion, and A-Rod.
2006-10-06 20:10:08
963.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Addendum: I know it seems like I'm on the anti-A-Rod bandwagon. I'm not; I like him and I think aquiring him was a great move. I just don't think he's really getting it done. Fan and media pressure is a part of that. Maybe a better comparison is to Edgar Rentaria (at least mentally). Remember his year in Boston?
2006-10-06 20:10:19
964.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

the fucking guy got a standing O in the Bronx the other day...for nothing but some hope that he would snap out of this October funk

2006-10-06 20:10:21
965.   JeremyM
957 A-Rod was fantastic in the Minnesota series and the first 4 games of the ALCS. Since then, it's been said enough. But as some have said, it's not just him tonight. At all. And I think Rogers' performance, sickening and hard to believe as it is, has had a lot to do with it as well.
2006-10-06 20:10:22
966.   Stormer Sports

Look, if he kept his mouth shut and shruged it off, I wouldn't care. Arod is the piece of shit who gave an SI interview with 2 weeks left in the season, for himself, not for the team. It's that simple. Fans are right to dislike him, because he cant get Madison Avenue off his mind and play baseball.

2006-10-06 20:10:31
967.   RIYank
Baseball isn't like basketball. It's much chancier. It's dice. If you throw away the history and only look at a few games or series, then, frankly, you're an idiot.

Okay, so some people don't give a shit about what A-Rod did in Seattle. That doesn't change the facts. It only means you're ignoring the facts.

2006-10-06 20:10:47
968.   Simone
Nice to see the Tigers use their top bullpen guys here.
2006-10-06 20:12:30
969.   choirboyzgirl
It just urks me that everyone else on the Yankees get 'passes' when they don't deliver, this is a team sport. They lose as a team and win as a team. No one player (not even Jeter) can win a baseball game by himself. Even when he does deliver its not good job..."Now Do it again" ~sigh.

All is not lost for the Yankees yet. They have beaten the Tigers twice in a row before they can do it again.

2006-10-06 20:12:36
970.   randym77
941 I don't think this game qualifies as being that much of a blowout. If it was 16-0 instead of 6-0, maybe.
2006-10-06 20:12:45
971.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I think I read the A Rod was a Senate Page for Foley a few years back and they took a trip in October...ever since then A Rod has not been able to deal with Octobers
2006-10-06 20:12:54
972.   Orly Yarly NoWai
967 I realize that- I was mostly referring to Pippen in the '94 EC Finals, when he refused to reenter the game. I realized a better comparison is to Rentaria, who's a good player now and was a good player before he went to Boston, where he was atrocious.
2006-10-06 20:13:07
973.   BklynBmr
960 Ya know. Like maybe a little mo for tomorrow, or sumptin sumptin if nothing else...
2006-10-06 20:13:15
974.   Flip Play
OKAY! Let's put seven runs on the board!
2006-10-06 20:13:23
975.   nyyfan22
It's funny now to think hoe many NYY fans were happy to see them matched up with the Tigers in the ALDS instead of the Twins. Myself included...
2006-10-06 20:13:39
976.   she
Goodnight, boys and girls. Here's to more lurking tomorrow.
2006-10-06 20:13:50
977.   Orly Yarly NoWai
969 I can understand that; I'm much more angry with Giami and, believe it or not, Jeter.
2006-10-06 20:14:35
978.   RIYank
Okay, sorry, sorry, no more about He Who Shall Not be Named.
God I'm glad Torre isn't the only manager who doesn't know how to use a bullpen. Todd Jones, with a six run lead. Freaking brilliant.

Hey, I hope Jaret has a little stash of greenies.
I mean, caffeinated coffee.

2006-10-06 20:14:50
979.   Simone
962 I'm glad I'm not alone in noticing this. The A-Rod thing is beginning to make me uncomfortable. It is slowly, but surely growing into a Mark Foley's Page obsession.

Eh, the Yankees will get them tomorrow. Turn off ESPN and have a goodnight's sleep.

2006-10-06 20:15:29
980.   Schteeve
All I'm gonna say, is that I'm getting a little fucking sick and tired of tipping my cap to the opposing pitcher.



2006-10-06 20:15:49
981.   rbj
OK, Yankees are just trying to add a little drama to the LDS. Every other one is 2-0 or 3-0. MLB needs some uncertainty, so Yanks go to five games here.

Let's stay loose and get some positive energy flowing.

2006-10-06 20:16:07
982.   LI yankee
970 This is a playoff game. This loss is so much more embarrassing than any of those other losses.
2006-10-06 20:16:27
983.   Orly Yarly NoWai
978 Sorry; just one more thing about Lord Volde- I mean... He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

Had that Verducci piece never been written, I think he would have had a better post-season. And yes, I realize it's not over yet.

2006-10-06 20:16:35
984.   rabid stan
I actually agree with Joe. The Tigers fans seem to be under the impression this is a three-game series.

Get Wang to Detroit if he's not already there.

Settle down, guys. A good night's sleep can fix almost anything.

2006-10-06 20:17:04
985.   Stormer Sports

Dude. It's not dice. The best players perform on the biggest stages, and others wilt. Obviously Kenny Rogers has learned how to deal with the biggest stages, at least for tonight, and Arod has been the worst hitter on this team since game 3 of the 2004 ALCS, that's a cold hard statistical fact. No regular player has a worse post season average since that game than does Arod.

It didn't cost us the game, but you would sure like to see the best players at least play well in the post-season.

2006-10-06 20:17:21
986.   LI yankee
981 I've been trying to. Everyone's too focused on how A-Rod is singlehandedly losing every playoff game.
2006-10-06 20:17:26
987.   RIYank
Here's the thing. As hideous as it is to get shut out by Kenny Freaking Rogers, and to get our backs shoved up against the wall by the Tiggers, check it out:
We win tomorrow, and we get to go back to the Stadium as favorites.

There, now I can sleep.

2006-10-06 20:18:24
988.   Stormer Sports

Umm, ahhh, ummm, ahh. So, it's an "obsession" when the media covers a 60 year old man propositioning teenagers? Go kiss that Bush Bumper Sticker on your car.

2006-10-06 20:19:49
989.   randym77
Well, Paul O'Neill agrees that Kenny-Boy pitched the game of his life. He said he's never seen him pitch that way.
2006-10-06 20:20:49
990.   Orly Yarly NoWai
We just didn't get the breaks today. Between a huge strike zone and a couple of bad plays in the field, it was an uphill battle all day. If we can handle Bonderman tomorrow, then we go back to Yankee Stadium. In a game 5, with... who? Nate Robertson? a short-rest Verlander? on the hill for the Tigers, and Wang for us, I think we've got an edge. As long as Giambi can refrain from throwing his own teamates under a bus.
2006-10-06 20:21:10
991.   Stormer Sports

God I miss him!

2006-10-06 20:21:13
992.   Schteeve
The problem is it isn't just Rogers. They didn't do squat yesterday either except for Damon. How many pitchers are gonna pitch the "Game of their life" against the "Greatest Lineup in Baseball."

This is getting insanely aggravating.

I believe they'll win it tomorrow and all that, but come ON.

2006-10-06 20:21:18
993.   Orly Yarly NoWai
988 Please, just get some sleep. I think you need it.
2006-10-06 20:22:38
994.   JeremyM
985 If we want to compare baseball to basketball, A-Rod is Karl Malone. But enough of that. His was an 0-fer in a sea of 0-fers. He shoulders plenty of the blame, but it's not just him. Giambi, Abreu, Damon, and Bernie played like crap.

And I realize this is stupid ass Kenny Rogers, but Don Larsen was not that good of a pitcher, and he threw a PERFECT GAME in the World Series. This crazy shit happens and it sucks when it happens to your team. Kenny Rogers threw a good game, and the Yanks may have helped him but he was filthy.

2006-10-06 20:22:39
995.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Look, I really think game 4 is the real game 5 here. If we beat Bonderman, then we've got a HUGE edge in pitching for game 5.
2006-10-06 20:22:46
996.   LI yankee
990 Bernie and Posada were both inches away from 2-run homers. If either of those go out, it's a completely different ball game.
2006-10-06 20:22:55
997.   RIYank
985 "It's not dice. The best players perform on the biggest stages, and others wilt." Is that right!

So Ted Williams sucked, then. Stan Musial, .256 in postseason play. It follows that he isn't one of the best players.

This is an important discovery of yours, nice work. Most people who actually look into these things are under the bad misimpression that a few dozen at-bats can't really tell you much.

2006-10-06 20:24:36
998.   Orly Yarly NoWai
996 I was mostly thinking of the Bernie one, but yeah.
2006-10-06 20:24:39
999.   RIYank
991 Well, I'm with you on that one.
2006-10-06 20:26:29
1000.   Orly Yarly NoWai
991 As am I.
Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2006-10-06 20:26:36
1001.   BklynBmr
The whole world loves it when you don't get down...
The whole world loves it when you make that sound...

ESPN, Steve Phillips, Jon Miller, Joe Morgan and all of you pinstripe-hating fat ass media slobs — you've got your crack high. Yanks are down 2-1. Go to town.

Tomorrow the worm turns.

2006-10-06 20:26:39
1002.   RIYank
Who gets 1000?

I agree, if Jaret comes through, we're the favorites in game five.
In the Bronx. With the Wanger. Against a pitcher we can hit.

Gotta win tomorrow, damnit!

2006-10-06 20:27:23
1003.   JeremyM
Well, the Tigers only had to win one game last weekend, and failed. Let's hope we see that again from them.
2006-10-06 20:27:25
1004.   RIYank
Congrats, Orly dude, you got the grand.
2006-10-06 20:27:31
1005.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I got 1000!

1001 What song is that? Forgive me, I'm young. ^^

2006-10-06 20:28:22
1006.   Simone
988 On top of quitting, this loss has caused you to lose your mind. Did I mention the media? I specifically compared the wierd A-Rod obsession here to Mark Foley's obsession with Pages.

Ugh, I'm off before you all tick me off even more.

2006-10-06 20:28:27
1007.   RIYank
Alright, Jeremy, BrklynB.
High five, guys. Get 'em tomorrow.
2006-10-06 20:29:04
1008.   randym77
Paulie says the Yanks are a different team when they fall behind. If they're behind, they start to get too anxious at the plate.

So I guess the key is to not fall behind. :-P

2006-10-06 20:29:36
1009.   JeremyM
1005 OutKast "The Whole World."
2006-10-06 20:29:41
1010.   Tarheel
Here is what happened tonight:
Damon sucked
Jeter sucked
Abreu sucked
Arod sucked
Giambi sucked
Posada was ok
Matsui sucked
Bernie really sucked
Cano sucked....

Unit spit the bit.

Prediction (although I still think NY will win the series)....if the Yankees lose tomorrow Joe will be gone, Unit will retire, Bernie..gone, and Arod will still be all the Arod haters just need to get used to the fact that he is here for the long term, he will eventually show up in the playoffs (may still happen this year), and will go to the Hall of Fame with a NY hat on.

The season isn't over yet.

2006-10-06 20:30:12
1011.   Stormer Sports
Apologies to Simone. Night night.
2006-10-06 20:30:19
1012.   Orly Yarly NoWai
You know what I dislike even more intensely than Roger's bloody fist-pumping? (He's just practicing for his next encounter with a cameraman, after all...)

ESPN's whole coverage. It's really bad when the best people covering this thing (other than Gammons) are Ravetch, Byrnes and a rival centerfielder, Vernon Wells.

2006-10-06 20:30:43
1013.   RIYank
1008 I wonder if that's true. It sure seems right. I guess there aren't published splits on batting avg when trailing, etc.
Hm, of course, you're trailing more often against good pitching, so bound to have lower avg. then!
2006-10-06 20:31:49
1014.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1009 Ah.

I quoted "Moonchild" from Iron Maiden. Gotta love the early '80s.

2006-10-06 20:32:45
1015.   RIYank
Man, this is just how it is, to be a Yankee fan. Gotta let ESPN 'n sh|t roll off your back.


2006-10-06 20:32:47
1016.   JeremyM
Well, I think it's the fact that the OBP thing doesn't work as well when guys throw first-pitch strikes and follow them up with more strikes.

On a somewhat-unrelated note, if Todd Jones can be a successful big-league closer by not walking or K'ing people, why is David Wells retiring again? Well, I guess the bars are probably closing up shop after the 9th, but still....

2006-10-06 20:33:09
1017.   seamus
well, thought i'd stop back in. I just couldn't stay as this place gets too negative at times like this. I believe in our team even when we lose. I just enjoy being a fan sometimes.

Tonight was very frustrating. Not only did we apparently stink (and it was obviously a team stink) but I had to follow the whole thing on gameday. Tomorrow I get to watch and I'm very thrilled. We are 1-0 in this playoff season when I get to watch! :)

2006-10-06 20:34:47
1018.   RIYank
1017 Nice!
You're like Chance the Gardener.
2006-10-06 20:35:24
1019.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1015 Tonight? Give up in the sixth inning. Ah well. I blame Disney.
2006-10-06 20:36:22
1020.   RIYank
Yeah, it was tough to hang in with Banter tonight. I had to take off for a while and it wasn't really any better when I got back and I had to blow off a little steam of my own.
2006-10-06 20:37:13
1021.   Zack
951 In 2002, he vetoed the trade to Cincinnati, and was subsequently called out by half the team for as much. And do we really need to rehash his, at least, former role as lead choke artist?
2006-10-06 20:37:24
1022.   Orly Yarly NoWai
My last thought for the night->

This one goes out to YOU, Jeremy Bonderman!

And as you walk to the light
I feel my hands go tight
Excitement running through my veins...
I feel adrenaline rush
It's just the final touch
You can kiss your arse goodbye

2006-10-06 20:38:19
1023.   Zack
1017 I am very impressed that you can beleive in this team still. I don't want to beleive in them after tonight...sigh...
2006-10-06 20:41:04
1024.   JeremyM
Hey, the A's were chokers and somehow won a series over a good team in dominating fashion. I would say that Kenny Rogers did the same tonight. It happens.
2006-10-06 20:41:24
1025.   randym77
Kay and Singleton said the Tigers and their fans remind them of the '90s Yankees and their fans.
2006-10-06 20:42:23
1026.   RIYank
New thread.
Let's throw this one in the scrap heap.
2006-10-06 20:42:52
1027.   JeremyM
espn is already previewing an A's-Tigers series. Seriously.

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