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Game Two, Take Two (The Big Chill)
2006-10-05 06:17
by Alex Belth
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There is a serious mix of clouds and sun in Manhattan this morning and it is decidedly cooler than it has been for the past few days. The fall has returned. Now, this feels like weather for October baseball. It will be brisk and chilly out there this afternoon. Mike Mussina and Justin Verlander square off shortly after 1 pm at the Stadium.

Let's Go Yanks!

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2006-10-05 06:24:16
1.   rbj
Woohoo! I'm Damon!
2006-10-05 06:27:02
2.   mikeplugh
2006-10-05 06:32:32
3.   Sliced Bread
Introducing the 2007 Cadillac Abreu. Smooth, Powerful, Quiet
2006-10-05 06:36:13
4.   Sliced Bread
Sheff: "It rains when I say so."
2006-10-05 06:36:43
5.   Sliced Bread
Giambi: "I love day games."
2006-10-05 06:37:10
6.   Sliced Bread
A-rod: "Lookit me, Ma, hittin' 6th!"
2006-10-05 06:38:02
7.   Sliced Bread
Hideki: "Who is this man they call Verlander?"
2006-10-05 06:38:40
8.   Sliced Bread
Posada: "Nobody steals from me."
2006-10-05 06:39:20
9.   Sliced Bread
Cano: "Bat-a-tat-tat"
2006-10-05 06:44:41
10.   mikeplugh
That's good stuff, and it cleared the line-up.

Mussina: ..................No comment.

2006-10-05 06:45:07
11.   Emy
Got shot down by my boss (The Mets fan) when I asked for the afternoon off to watch the Yanks game.

Hating my job right now!!! >:(

2006-10-05 06:47:52
12.   rbj
11 I'm going to be suffering at work, too. I'll be at the reference desk, so no radio, only Gamechannel (or whatever ESPN's version is) plus the Banter.
2006-10-05 06:53:33
13.   baitshax
So what's the deal with tickets for today. Are last night's tix good for today?
2006-10-05 06:55:55
14.   Sliced Bread
13 Yes.
2006-10-05 06:57:24
15.   Sliced Bread
I was just offered a free ticket to the game. My boss isn't around at the moment for me to finagle a way out of the office.
I'm climbing the walls.
2006-10-05 06:57:40
16.   Simone
I've been reading and listening to all the talk about Hunter's play costing the Twins yesterday's game. However, I watched that game and it wasn't like the Twins were doing any timely hitting. I never felt like their bats were going to break out.
2006-10-05 06:58:57
17.   Sliced Bread
16 I couldn't believe they booed Hunter.

Idiot fans no matter where you go.

2006-10-05 07:03:42
18.   rbj
15 Ya know Sliced, you don't sound too good, and you're looking a little pale. You might be better just going home rather than stay at work and get sicker, not to mention possibly infecting your coworkers.
2006-10-05 07:05:58
19.   Shaun P
16 Hacking is the source of the Twins' problems, not Torii's miscue.

The real problem for the Twins is the A's two best pitchers are pitching the next two games, at home, and the A's only need to win one of those. Uh-oh.

2006-10-05 07:10:15
20.   Sliced Bread
18 heh. Nah, my boss knows about my Yankees obsession. I'd have to be straight up, and offer to work a weekend day in the future. I'm ready to ask...
2006-10-05 07:15:45
21.   Emy
20 Same with me. No way I could have got away with a sick day today even if I was really sick. I've got vacation time to burn though, damn it!
2006-10-05 07:16:57
22.   standuptriple
Seeing as my days here are extremely limited I have no problem going Houdini on this place. Hooters is close by too. Yay me!
2006-10-05 07:27:04
23.   pistolpete
Stuck at work here too, but I do have my handy-dandy XM satellite Inno to listen to the game with. Sterling and Waldman for me, although I might also have access to the ESPN radio feed.

I was actually offered a ticket for last night, and for some weird reason I turned it down. Guess I now know the weird reason.

2006-10-05 07:31:14
24.   unmoderated
lucky for me, i can just say i'm leaving.

hooray for america's small businesses!

2006-10-05 07:35:54
25.   Shaun P
Like unmoderated, I too work for a small business, so I could leave early and say I'm going to 'work from home' this afternoon. But my wife - who will be home with my daughter - would kill me. So I'll be here with the rest of you, and Gameday - except when I take lunch and listen to XM in the car.
2006-10-05 08:00:52
26.   Chyll Will
All together now:


2006-10-05 08:05:31
27.   Chyll Will
Oh, and thanks for the shoutout to my Dad, Alex! (May he rest in peace, of course)
2006-10-05 08:16:37
28.   JL25and3
I posted today's rant on the last thread, but I was so ticked off I forgot everyone was over here. So here it is again, with the typos fixed:

I was at the game last night, and I was furious. Not that they called the game, because they weren't going to be able to play it. But the way they handled it was downright insulting.

Long before I ever got to my seat, they knew that the first rain was coming, and they had to have seen the other storm behind it. They must have known that the odds of getting a game in were very, very long. (That's why Mussina didn't warm up.) But in the postseason, the Yankees don't make the decision, ESPN does.

I'm sorry, did I say ESPN? I meant the commissioner's office.

If they call the game beforehand, there's no show, and ESPN loses all that prime-time advertising. This way, though, they could have a pregame show, and recap, and interviews, and Joe Morgan bloviating, and ads. No game, and they knew it, but they wanted to squeeze every dollar out of it that they could.

Here's the final insult: ESPN made the announcement that the game was cancelled 20 minutes or more before anyone thought to tell the fans at the Stadium.

2006-10-05 08:17:09
29.   standuptriple
If you didn't know already, the BB is Big Time now.
Please, oh please do not let this new fame ruin my happy place.
WasWatching got the shaft.
2006-10-05 08:17:38
30.   JL25and3
I still have a ticket, and I'm at work 3 blocks from the Stadium. They better make it up to me today.
2006-10-05 08:23:28
31.   nyny
Serial lurker here, and let me just say how much I enjoy "listening" in on the conversation. Great stuff every day. Usually, I don't have a thing to add, but today I get to play the hero. Just learned about this site, where you can stream ESPN or Fox on a PC for free.

As long as you have downloading privileges at work, and a fairly fast connection, you should be good to go. Btw, was at the game last night and it SUCKED. I went up to the stadium two seperate times to get those tickets, waiting just about all morning in line the second time. Ended up having to sell at face value. I'm very unhappy at work today. Anyway, enjoy the feed.

2006-10-05 08:27:23
32.   capdodger
28 Anyone going to check the NWS Radar loops before heading out today? I dunno about y'all, but that's SOP for me. Uh, Go Yankees.
2006-10-05 08:28:30
33.   pistolpete
30 How about a Karim Garcia bobblehead to make it all better?
2006-10-05 08:30:04
34.   nyny
28, 30 Absolutely. I can't beleive they knew for 20 minutes before telling the crowd. I was at the Yankee Tavern before the game and they had a running countdown till gametime playing on ESPN. At 8 minutes left, I rushed over to make sure I caught the first pitch. That's a terrible way to treat fans.
2006-10-05 08:30:56
35.   tommyl
Argh, I finally move to nyc and now its a day game and I'm stuck at work. Plus my fam got shut out from the "lottery" for postseaon tickets.
2006-10-05 08:35:28
36.   Chyll Will
32 I gotta question, cap; is it true that if someone screams Choi! in a crowded Dodger Thoughts forum, then people start making like trees? Remind me never to do that...
2006-10-05 08:35:58
37.   Chyll Will
33 Who?
2006-10-05 08:37:23
38.   Chyll Will
33 Is?
2006-10-05 08:37:38
39.   Chyll Will
33 Karim?
2006-10-05 08:37:38
40.   Xeifrank
DodgerSims is 6 for 6 in playoff predictions so far. It likes the Yankees in Game 2 and the Dodgers as a very very slight favorite to beat the mets today.
vr, Xei
2006-10-05 08:38:47
41.   Chyll Will
ah, crap...
2006-10-05 08:39:26
42.   capdodger
36 It's more like screaming "Fire" it a crowded theatre that is, indeed, on fire. Everyone starts screaming and running this way and that while the flames leap higher. Less so now that they're in the playoffs and Choi is, well, wherever he is...
2006-10-05 08:40:03
43.   C2Coke
29 I hear you, standuptriple. Let's cross our fingers.

30 I can totally understand your frustration, but enjoy today's game, there are a lot of ticked off people today. I just read the article on Tigers being mad from the other thread. I really felt bad for them, having to warm up like idoits and to look for places to stay last night. If the same thing had happened to the Yankees, expect NY fans break into riots...

2006-10-05 08:41:24
44.   Chyll Will
42 Somewhere in the Baseball Pit of Choi, perhaps...
2006-10-05 08:42:36
45.   yankz
31 What, it gets Al Jazeera but no Nickelodeon?!
2006-10-05 08:43:21
46.   Simone
31 nyny, thanks. I downloaded the program at it worked. I hope to be home for the 2nd half of the game.
2006-10-05 08:44:08
47.   Chyll Will
43 That may be true, but we have designated riot areas for that kind of thing...
2006-10-05 08:44:19
48.   C2Coke
I am sure it doesn't take a Stanford grad to figure that one out, but I surely am glad he did.

From Abraham,

"I was watching the radar on a computer, I knew we weren't going to play," Mike Mussina told us afterward. "I'm not sure what happened."

2006-10-05 08:45:10
49.   nyny
45 Yeah, the channel selection is a little odd. But hey, playoff baseball at work, right?
2006-10-05 08:45:41
50.   Chyll Will
45 No NickToons? No Cartoon Network? No Gravy??
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2006-10-05 08:46:07
51.   Yankee Fan In Boston
nyny, you are my HERO.
[downloads with reckless abandon]
2006-10-05 08:46:56
52.   C2Coke
Go read Abraham's blog if you haven't done so today. Some interesting stuff about how Torre was already fleeing the Stadium when the press were finally told that the game was off.
2006-10-05 08:47:02
53.   nyny
50 No it doesn get Cartoon Network, I think. At least it did the other night. Fyi, the Fox channel is a Bay Area affiliate.
2006-10-05 08:47:02
54.   nyny
50 No it doesn get Cartoon Network, I think. At least it did the other night. Fyi, the Fox channel is a Bay Area affiliate.
2006-10-05 08:48:31
55.   capdodger
48 Apparently, Detroit is such a small-market team that they don't have computers.
2006-10-05 08:49:17
56.   yankz
49 Haha I'm just messing, thanks a lot for the tip.
2006-10-05 08:49:26
57.   nyny
53 54 I always thought that was carelessness. Sorry all. And of course, DOES get Cartoon Network.
2006-10-05 08:50:01
58.   Shaun P
28 MLB and their TV partners screwing over baseball fans - who woulda thunk it? That's awful.

Someone at Athletics Nation (link on the right) found and posted the telephone numbers for the MLB offices in NYC, which are:

(212) 485-3444
(212) 931-7777
(212) 931-7800

They called to complain about the A's being on so early on the West Coast. I say call MLB and tell them exactly what you think of them screwing over the paying customers last night.

2006-10-05 08:52:07
59.   tommyl
31 Damnit, no option for Unix computers. Stupid physics programs needing a stable operating system.
2006-10-05 08:53:37
60.   Shaun P
57 Thank you, nyny! I just hope my headphones still work . . .
2006-10-05 08:54:31
61.   Chyll Will
57 Me likes. Chyll Will is a heppy ket...
2006-10-05 08:56:46
62.   nyny
60 Ah, who needs ESPN announcers anyway? Besides, if the sound is off, you'll hear when people are knocking on your office door. The feed is delayed for about 1 minute, so if so have radio you'll hear the play well before seeing it.
2006-10-05 08:57:53
63.   nyny
I just hope letting the cat out of the bag to all these rabid Yankee fans doesn't slow down the feed to a crawl with all the traffic. Lets keep this between us, alright?
2006-10-05 08:57:55
64.   JL25and3
58 You want me to actually do something instead of just bitching about it? You're going to spoil all my fun...

Good idea. Thanks.

2006-10-05 09:00:46
65.   Alex Belth
Hey, thanks for the CBS Yankee blog article. They missed out on a lot of the better Yankee blogs, not only Was Watching. And they didn't mention Cliff in their BB shout out which is disappointing...

Yo, it's brilliant and blue out now. Crisp but gorgeous.

2006-10-05 09:04:55
66.   C2Coke
65 We all miss Cliff, don't we? He must be enjoying his time in Italy...
2006-10-05 09:08:15
67.   Travis
40 6 for 6? That's incredible, considering there have been only 5 games played so far.

I've got to ask: the average simulated score in the Santana-Zito matchup was 5.24 to 5.16? How does that happen, given those pitchers and middling offenses?

2006-10-05 09:08:19
68.   tommyl
66 We do. Alex and Cliff have very different styles which I like really compliment each other. Its gotten so where I can read a post without looking at the author and tell who wrote it. Hope Cliff is enjoying his honeymoon and look forward to his ALCS preview (hopefully with the Yankees still around).
2006-10-05 09:10:48
69.   standuptriple
66 If he doesn't get back to form soon it'll be the #6 spot in the lineup for him.
2006-10-05 09:10:54
70.   C2Coke
Thanks, nyny. You are the Banter Player of the Day.
2006-10-05 09:11:50
71.   yankz
68 I know exactly what you mean- I can always tell, even if it's not one of Cliff's series previews.
2006-10-05 09:13:35
72.   C2Coke
68 Yes, me too. Their styles are wonderful fits for each other, and awesome for us to read.

69 LOL! Wait until he plans to take annual anniversary trips...

2006-10-05 09:13:36
73.   JL25and3
65 As long as you're here, Alex, a musical not I've been meaning to post. I had a most bizarre experience at the Stadium before last Saturday's game: Ed Alstrom, the organist, was playing "Peaches En Regalia," an old Frank Zappa tune.
2006-10-05 09:22:58
74.   Matt B
73 - I have heard "Peaches en Regalia" played at MSG during Rangers games too! It was really bizarre the first time--I was sorta humming along before it struck me what it was. What's next, "Let's Make the Water Turn Black?"
2006-10-05 09:24:20
75.   Chyll Will
65 Phooey, seems as though CBS and journalistic research are natural enemies. Crisp but gorgeous... does that mean it kinda sucks out there, but it still looks nice and hope it gets better?
2006-10-05 09:25:21
76.   Shaun P
66 Italy is what, 5 hours ahead of the East Coast? Wonder if Cliff and the Mrs. are trying to find a restaurant with a bar with a TV tuned to the Yankee game for dinner . . .

69 Followed by a tell-all article in SI, where annonymous Toaster writers throw him under the bus? ;)

2006-10-05 09:26:29
77.   Matt B
Do you think the rain-out will have any negative effect on Verlander? Y'know, like how opposing football coaches try to "ice" a place-kicker by stalling and calling a TO just before they line up a big FG attempt.
2006-10-05 09:27:40
78.   nyny
70 Happy to help out. Now if they would only add YES, I'd be in heaven.
2006-10-05 09:28:25
79.   Chyll Will
74 What would have been even more bizzare (and fitting at the same time) would have been "Man From Utopia"...
2006-10-05 09:30:31
80.   Matt B
79 - Jeez, "Man from Utopia" - there's a Zappa album you don't hear much about. Would "Cocaine Decisions" be inappropriate for a ballgame or dead-on?

Oh yeah, go YANKS!

2006-10-05 09:31:44
81.   Chyll Will
77 You mean they all pull out Sharpies and sign the goalpost before he kicks?
2006-10-05 09:32:29
82.   C2Coke
78 We'd all be.
2006-10-05 09:32:35
83.   capdodger
77 Most kickers like being iced because they can take their time setting up the kick and examining the plant-foot location. It's a lot easier to calmly slot it through after a time-out instead of after a 40 yard run to position.
2006-10-05 09:33:57
84.   Chyll Will
80 What, at MSG? That would explain EVERY-THING!!!
2006-10-05 09:37:04
85.   standuptriple
83 So Torre calls time in between Verlander's warmups to have a heart-to-heart with Damon in the bottom of the 1st? Would the ump let the SP throw some more? I think MLB rules limits the number of pitches (maybe not in the 1st, but surely in subsequent innings). Now THAT'S some gamesmanship. (Not that I am condoning it, purely hypothetical) (and yes, I am full of coffee and wired about today's game).
2006-10-05 09:39:26
86.   3rd gen yankee fan
1 - 10 That's cute, it's almost like a Section 39 roll call.
2006-10-05 09:40:34
87.   Chyll Will
85 Maybe you know what kind of conversation that would be?
2006-10-05 09:44:45
88.   capdodger
Damon: What's up, Skip?
Torre: Hit the ball, Jonny.
Damon: Hit the ball?
Torre: Hit the ball. Take a walk if you need to.
Damon: Hit it if it's there, walk if it's not. Got it.
Torre: Good.
2006-10-05 09:48:22
89.   standuptriple
87 It's just me being a jerk. Disclaimer: The views and statements of standuptriple do NOT represent all Yankee fans.
I would like to see JD entertain the idea of bunting. Wet grass+speed=JD on base early. I know Damon loves to hit, but I really don't care how he gets on.
2006-10-05 09:50:14
90.   3rd gen yankee fan
31 Anyone ever find one-a these for Mac?
2006-10-05 09:50:22
91.   Chyll Will
88 I was thinking more along the line of:
Damon: What's up, Skip?
Torre: Peas & Carrots...
Damon: Peas & Carrots?
Torre: Peas & Carrots.
Damon: Man, I hate Peas & Carrots!
Torre: Good. Now go and hit the ball.
2006-10-05 09:56:09
92.   C2Coke
For anyone stuck with Gameday, at least the Enhanced mode is available for today's game.
2006-10-05 09:57:37
93.   Chyll Will
89 Wow, you rock. You have a disclaimer. Mine is only implied and is void where prohibited.
2006-10-05 10:00:36
94.   SF Yanks
And exhale.... Finally!
2006-10-05 10:01:31
95.   pistolpete
Lineup (as announced by Suzyn):


2006-10-05 10:01:45
96.   Shaun P
93 The comments of Chyll Will may not be repeated without the implied consent of Chyll Will?
2006-10-05 10:02:08
97.   Start Spreading the News
While you wait, here is 60 minutes' coverage on the Yankees:
2006-10-05 10:02:22
98.   Sliced Bread
The sun is shining, the tarp is off the field, and it's raining in the Tigers dugout. Everything is going according to plan.
2006-10-05 10:03:59
99.   yankz
Morgan just said Jason Verlander, didn't he?

Somewhere, Brandon Arroyo is crying.

2006-10-05 10:07:09
100.   Sliced Bread
99 It's taken me a few years to perfect, but I have trained my ears to not hear Morgan's voice.
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2006-10-05 10:07:51
101.   Chyll Will
Tim McClelland will be in right field, calling balls and strikes...
2006-10-05 10:09:58
102.   Sliced Bread
Bonnie Bernstein has a Helen Hunt thing going on.
2006-10-05 10:10:09
103.   Zack
Looks pretty windy there, is that the case?
2006-10-05 10:10:12
104.   tommyl
Alex, remember not to schedule your wedding during the postseason. Emily must love the idea of a February wedding, right?
2006-10-05 10:10:28
105.   mehmattski
All right guys, I'm here, at my "eye doctor appointment," ready to dictate my version of events to those trapped without video.

Moose is on the mound, Bonnie Bernstein is babbling, and Granderson is stepping in... let's go Yankees!

2006-10-05 10:10:32
106.   RIYank
Bonnie is delaying the start of the game. Helen Hunt would never do that.
2006-10-05 10:10:36
107.   rbj
Don't get nervous now, Verlander. It's only the PostSeason Playoffs and you are in Yankee Stadium and your team needs to win today to avoid being down two in a best of five. No reason to be nervous Justin.
2006-10-05 10:10:52
108.   RIYank
2006-10-05 10:11:35
109.   seamus
i cannot get the audio to work at so i'm gamedaying it!
2006-10-05 10:11:57
110.   Shaun P
nyny, this TVU thing ROCKS! Just wanted to say thanks again!


2006-10-05 10:12:10
111.   Zack
Nice curve Moose!
2006-10-05 10:12:42
112.   C2Coke
100 I wish I had your skill.

They've got to let last night's event go. Why wouldn't ESPN focus on the game for once?

104 I am sure Emily, as a baseball fan, would definitely say no to a October wedding.

2006-10-05 10:12:54
113.   Shaun P
Morgan: "Mussina throws 68% first pitch strikes. I think that may work against him with this Tiger team."

I don't care - I am watching the game - I will tolerate Morgan today.

The roll call is rockin'!

2006-10-05 10:12:58
114.   Sliced Bread
Damn, these sun dappled day games are beautiful.

Moose's curve is NOSTY.

2006-10-05 10:13:00
115.   RIYank
107 Don't worry, Justin already has an excuse.
If you can't throw strikes today, dude, it's perfectly understandable.
2006-10-05 10:13:11
116.   pistolpete
Radio crew claiming the Tigers lineup is 'tailor made' for Mussina "if he's on"...

We shall see!

2006-10-05 10:13:39
117.   Chyll Will
McClelland approves of that strikeout. Laz Diaz says hi.
2006-10-05 10:13:44
118.   Shaun P
2006-10-05 10:14:01
119.   RIYank
The Moose is in fine form!
2006-10-05 10:14:13
120.   3rd gen yankee fan
Awesome. Moose is ON today, baby.
2006-10-05 10:14:14
121.   Zack
Nother nasty curve by Moose...
2006-10-05 10:14:27
122.   mehmattski
I thought Leyland said earlier in the season that he doesn't see the point in arguing umpires' calls, "because it never changes anything." And here he is barking from the dugout so loud the ESPN microphone picks it up.
2006-10-05 10:14:44
123.   C2Coke
By the way, Enhanced Gameday has just made and improvement, now we can see who's on base or not with Enhanced mode as well.
2006-10-05 10:14:57
124.   Zack
Moose is a fickle man, on one moment, off the next...
2006-10-05 10:15:02
125.   SF Yanks
Damn I love Moose.
2006-10-05 10:15:52
126.   Zack
Oh Geez, that didn't look good at all...First Sheff at 1st situation...
2006-10-05 10:15:54
127.   RIYank
Oh, man.
Sheff inexperience?
2006-10-05 10:16:12
128.   SF Yanks
Thanks Jeter.
2006-10-05 10:16:18
129.   pistolpete
There's Sheff's first goof.

Uh oh, they're looking at his wrist.

2006-10-05 10:16:32
130.   mehmattski
Jeez Derek, way to let Sheff hang out to dry there... In football, that's known as a "hospital pass."
2006-10-05 10:16:43
131.   Zack
Man, Sean Casey runs like an Ogre, seriously...
2006-10-05 10:16:46
132.   rbj
What happened? Gamecase still has Casey at the plate.
2006-10-05 10:17:00
133.   Shaun P
123 Ack, but Gameday is ahead of TVU, so I can't watch that!

Morgan: "That's why I don't like statistics anyway." You dumbass.

2006-10-05 10:17:03
134.   RIYank
Most important thing: Moose has to NOT let this affect him.
2006-10-05 10:17:20
135.   Zack
This is where Moose gets pisst the errors...
2006-10-05 10:17:31
136.   SF Yanks
Why does Casey run into all of our players.
2006-10-05 10:17:39
137.   mehmattski
127, 129... Definitely Jeter's fault. If it's Giambi at first, the ball would have been in the dugout and Casey would have been at second. Sheff made the best play he could have.
2006-10-05 10:17:45
138.   pistolpete
132 Sheff dropped the ball - error was on Jeter, however- Casey safe at first. Radio crew actually thought Casey knocked the ball loose..
2006-10-05 10:17:53
139.   C2Coke
122 It's whole lot of anger and frustration not just from today.

Hey, that was our Cap'n's error. Sheff is still good.

2006-10-05 10:18:09
140.   Sliced Bread
132 low throw from Jeets. Sheff scoops, looks up, gets run over by Casey, drops ball. E Jeter.
2006-10-05 10:18:40
141.   Simone
That was an off line throw by Jeter, but if Sheffield was an experienced 1st baseman that error would have never happened. He doesn't have the instinct to hold onto the ball and go back to the bag.
2006-10-05 10:18:57
142.   RIYank
132 Jeter's throw pulled Sheff off the bag; as Casey got to first he kind of elbowed Sheff. I think the ball came out of Gary's glove before the impact; yes?
2006-10-05 10:19:39
143.   Sliced Bread
141 I agree. An experienced 1st baseman makes that play.
2006-10-05 10:20:09
144.   RIYank
OH yeah.
Morgan's right, throwing strikes is costing Mussina plenty.
2006-10-05 10:20:14
145.   Chyll Will
way to pick em up, Moose!
2006-10-05 10:20:15
146.   Sliced Bread
No harm, no foul. Moose is dealin.
2006-10-05 10:20:16
147.   mehmattski
132 Yeah, after Sheff's scoop it was sort of ice cream coned, and Sheff looked up like "oh, crap" as Casey was barrelling down, he quickly stood up and picked up his glove and the ball popped out of it.

And it was all so that Moose could strike out the side. How thoughtful of Jeter!

2006-10-05 10:20:19
148.   pistolpete
2006-10-05 10:20:32
149.   rbj
and thanks all.
2006-10-05 10:20:48
150.   pistolpete
144 Huh? What'd he say?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-05 10:20:48
151.   SF Yanks
Keep it going Moosey!
2006-10-05 10:20:54
152.   Alvaro Espinoza
2006-10-05 10:20:54
153.   Schteeve
137 Disagree about Giambi. He has good hands. No range but he's a good receiver
2006-10-05 10:20:56
154.   C2Coke
2006-10-05 10:21:12
155.   Simone
142 The problem is that Sheffield froze and dropped the ball when Casey came towards him. He simply isn't accustomed to having a runner so close to him after years to playing in the outfield.

Good job, Moose.

2006-10-05 10:21:16
156.   Shaun P
2006-10-05 10:21:20
157.   DrManhattan
Let's see what Verlander's got.
2006-10-05 10:21:21
158.   RIYank
Hey, maybe an enraged sabermatrician will assault Joe Morgan and damage his vocal chords! (Notice my restraint. No maiming, no long-term hospital stay, let alone death.)
2006-10-05 10:21:51
159.   Schteeve
A-Rod would have made a good throw thereby preventing Mussina to strike out Ordonez. Further proof that he sucks.
2006-10-05 10:21:58
160.   mikeplugh
137 uh....innuendo anyone? ;)
2006-10-05 10:22:47
161.   mikeplugh
160 that should be 153 not 137
2006-10-05 10:23:07
162.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hey Damon got on base!
2006-10-05 10:23:21
163.   RIYank
150 See 113.

Hey, nice -- we'll take all the breaks you want to give us! "Miscommunication."

2006-10-05 10:23:29
164.   mehmattski
Doink! A Texas Leaguer! That Ball Had Eyes! Hit it Where it's Pitched! And other Cliches!
2006-10-05 10:23:38
165.   pistolpete
Johnny bloops one between 3B and LF, nice!
2006-10-05 10:23:42
166.   Schteeve
Enhanced Gameday is tits.
2006-10-05 10:23:51
167.   rsmith51
C'mon Jeet.
2006-10-05 10:24:16
168.   Zack
2006-10-05 10:24:23
169.   Alvaro Espinoza
164 "It's a line drive in the book, Johnny!!!"
2006-10-05 10:24:27
170.   RIYank
Oh, crap.
The enraged sabermatrician might be coming after Jetes, or Torre.
2006-10-05 10:24:27
171.   yankz
2006-10-05 10:24:27
172.   rsmith51
What was that????????????
2006-10-05 10:24:35
173.   Chyll Will
Told you he didn't like Peas & Carrots. Jeter's kinda off his game right now, huh?
2006-10-05 10:24:54
174.   RIYank
Well, Jeter was in a slump, so bunting made sense.
2006-10-05 10:24:56
175.   vockins
2006-10-05 10:25:10
176.   mehmattski
I thought that this lineup would have meant the end of sacrifice bunting. But I'm 100% sure it was Jeter's call and not Torre's.
2006-10-05 10:25:19
177.   mikeplugh
why fucking bunt? The guy hits .344
2006-10-05 10:25:26
178.   dianagramr
On enhanced gameday, runners are shown as red bricks .... LOL
2006-10-05 10:25:43
179.   Shaun P
WHAT THE #$()!

You've got to be kidding me!?!?!?

Someone slap that guy upside the head, I don't care if he's the Captain!

2006-10-05 10:25:44
180.   yankz
2006-10-05 10:25:57
181.   rsmith51
Someone has got to teach Jeter when it is a good time to bunt.
2006-10-05 10:26:08
182.   rbj
Derek, Derek, Derek.
With a lineup like that and you bunt?
2006-10-05 10:26:11
183.   pistolpete
Sterling going on and on about Verlander's control. Heh.
2006-10-05 10:26:14
184.   mehmattski
2006-10-05 10:26:15
185.   Simone
Why is Jeter is bunting? Gawd, he makes me crazy sometimes.
2006-10-05 10:26:20
186.   RIYank
Freebie for Donuts. Apparently unbeknownst to Donuts.
2006-10-05 10:26:31
187.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 10:26:38
188.   mikeplugh
Cadillac Donuts
2006-10-05 10:26:44
189.   Simone
Jeter wasting an out. This infuriates me.
2006-10-05 10:27:11
190.   rsmith51
I am sure it was Jeter's call. I wonder what the Yankees record is when Jeet bunts.

I saw 1 loss when Jeter bunted AND he was already 3/3 on the day.

2006-10-05 10:27:14
191.   mikeplugh
Jeter pulled an A-Rod....just kidding
2006-10-05 10:27:21
192.   Chyll Will
No, ball...
2006-10-05 10:27:28
193.   Schteeve
Abreu is wearing Giambi's baseball repellant.
2006-10-05 10:27:35
194.   pistolpete
Sterling claims the home plate umpire seems preoccupied with someone or something in the Tigers dugout, and he didn't even bother to call ball 4 for Abreu...
2006-10-05 10:27:49
195.   RIYank
177 True, but he was only 5 for 5 yesterday.

I think he must have been bunting for a hit. Not a good reason, but a reason.

Don't forget: Jeter has never had an at-bat against Verlander. I mean, before that cruddy one.

2006-10-05 10:27:52
196.   Shaun P
OK, I can't take Morgan anymore. I am ready to punch my monitor. I don't think my boss would like that.

I have turned the sound off. I will watch the picture but not listen anymore.

Still, nyny, I am in your debt.

2006-10-05 10:28:10
197.   Start Spreading the News
abreu walks on 4 pitches. Makes Jete's decision to bunt even more questionable.
2006-10-05 10:28:13
198.   Chyll Will
191 Maybe he's taking up for him now >;)
2006-10-05 10:29:32
199.   dianagramr
HGHiambi up
2006-10-05 10:29:51
200.   rsmith51
I never understood second player sac-bunting. The other team hasn't proven they can get you out.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-10-05 10:30:08
201.   mehmattski
Hey, Enhanced Gameday: where's my 3D pitch reporting? I must know how far these pitches are breaking!
2006-10-05 10:30:11
202.   pistolpete
199 Troll alert.
2006-10-05 10:30:37
203.   rsmith51
100 MPH.
2006-10-05 10:30:42
204.   dianagramr

I kid I kid ...

2006-10-05 10:30:51
205.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yaaaaay Alex!!!
2006-10-05 10:31:01
206.   mehmattski
OBP x2

Now would be a good time, Mr. Rodriguez.

2006-10-05 10:31:08
207.   rsmith51
Let's go Alex. Show the Cap'n how its done.
2006-10-05 10:31:09
208.   mikeplugh
bases chucked...A-Rod

get 'em killah

2006-10-05 10:31:13
209.   pistolpete
2006-10-05 10:31:32
210.   rbj
C'mon A-Rod. A nice little bloop single will do well. No need for a grand slam here.
2006-10-05 10:31:41
211.   RIYank
202 No, Dianagramr's okay.

201 Yeah, that was the best part.

Okay, clutch situation, baby. And the crowd seems psyched!

2006-10-05 10:31:52
212.   Schteeve
Screw HGH, Giambi's new nickname should be "Sweaty." He's like Patrick Ewing.
2006-10-05 10:31:59
213.   Simone
The Internet feed is definitely delayed.
2006-10-05 10:32:33
214.   Zack
Well, we all know A-Rod will end this at bat being booed and over scrutinized...
2006-10-05 10:32:33
215.   C2Coke
Arod, this will be the time to do it. And you wouldn't have had the chance if you were batting 4th today.
2006-10-05 10:32:34
216.   mehmattski
I feel a 78 mph changeup coming... and a whiff. Please prove me wrong, A-Rod
2006-10-05 10:32:37
217.   Simone
207 Exactly. This is Alex's chance to Derek how not to waste an out. Show him, Alex!
2006-10-05 10:32:38
218.   pistolpete
100mph on the 0-1. Yowza.
2006-10-05 10:32:43
219.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 10:32:44
220.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-10-05 10:32:48
221.   Shaun P
C'mon, A-Rod, c'mon . . .

This makes Jeter's bunt even worse.

2006-10-05 10:32:52
222.   dianagramr
A-Rod with bases loaded this year ... 9-19 with 2 GS

1st pitch clocked at 101!

2006-10-05 10:32:53
223.   RIYank
Yipes. Hideous at-bat.
Good curve for strike three, though.
2006-10-05 10:33:05
224.   rbj
2006-10-05 10:33:07
225.   mikeplugh
oh my fucking god
2006-10-05 10:33:09
226.   rsmith51
At least they got some pitches out of his arm.
2006-10-05 10:33:21
227.   Chyll Will
216 It's your fault.
2006-10-05 10:33:41
228.   pistolpete
Sheff and A-Rod both whiff. It's going to take some creativity to win today...
2006-10-05 10:33:41
229.   Sliced Bread
Fudge Rodriguez. Dang.

We'll get 'em next time.

2006-10-05 10:33:43
230.   mehmattski
218 Well I was half right... he just stood there, mesmerized at the curveball.

I still hate the Chevy commercial.

2006-10-05 10:33:59
231.   rsmith51
223 Jeter's was worse.
2006-10-05 10:34:00
232.   Schteeve
Struck out looking??? Jeeeeeeeeez.
2006-10-05 10:34:01
233.   Mattpat11
I'm sorry, I don't care if you're A-Rod, Ted Williams or Mickey Morandini. You deserve to be booed for that at bat.


2006-10-05 10:34:03
234.   Simone
What a horrible at bat by A-Rod. I blame Jeter.
2006-10-05 10:34:12
235.   mikeplugh
anyone know how to find pitch data and/or the boxscore on the new Gameday advanced?
2006-10-05 10:34:23
236.   RIYank
Dianagramr, where are you getting the pitch speeds?
2006-10-05 10:34:34
237.   yankz
Verlander is DEALING. Let's hope he wears down. Good god some of those pitches were nasty.
2006-10-05 10:34:46
238.   Shaun P
2006-10-05 10:35:06
239.   dianagramr

The Tigers PBP radio guys mentioned it ...

2006-10-05 10:35:09
240.   Simone
Jeter should have put the freaking ball in play and then A-Rod could have started off the 2nd if it didn't go well.
2006-10-05 10:35:24
241.   mehmattski
235 You can just flip to Classic Mode, it doesn't take any extra loading and is pretty quick.

Is anyone else not getting the pitch speeds/3D effect on Enhanced Gameday?

2006-10-05 10:36:15
242.   mikeplugh
241 me too. Its wierd that you have to flip to classic to get the box and the pitch count. how enhanced is that?
2006-10-05 10:36:54
243.   Zack
Verlander threw a bunch of pitches very ahrd that inning, but there is no way he keeps that up all game, so thats a plus
2006-10-05 10:37:17
244.   RIYank
235 I don't think you can.
Toggle into 'classic' mode.
2006-10-05 10:37:36
245.   pistolpete
San Diego vs. St. Louis at 4pm: 'Battle of the 2003 World Series Disappointments'...
2006-10-05 10:38:26
246.   dianagramr

He just needs to get them through 6 ... then Rodney, Zumaya, Jones ...

and ... he HAS been off the mound for 10 days ... so he is extra-fresh

2006-10-05 10:38:29
247.   RIYank
I hope Verlander decides to throw a fastball by Sheff next time he comes up.
2006-10-05 10:39:19
248.   RIYank
That third base line killed us yesterday, too.
2006-10-05 10:39:39
249.   mehmattski
245 Um, unless my memory sucks... neither of those teams were in the 2003 playoffs.
2006-10-05 10:40:05
250.   Zack
And just like that...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-10-05 10:40:30
251.   Zack
249 Wells vs. Weaver...
2006-10-05 10:40:37
252.   SF Yanks
How was that a bad AB by ARod? He received two 101mph fastballs and a nasty curve.
2006-10-05 10:40:48
253.   mikeplugh
no problem
2006-10-05 10:40:54
254.   Simone
2006-10-05 10:40:57
255.   pistolpete
249 Zack's got it.
2006-10-05 10:40:59
256.   C2Coke
Man, I am full of apologies for Kay right now. I don't know why I complained about him earlier this year. Al Lieter is too good to land a job on FOX or ESPN in his life time.

One would think the fans in the Yankee Staidum watching a PS game should know better than reaching out with their hands.

2006-10-05 10:41:06
257.   Matt B
228 - Jeter's at-bat was just stunk. But he earned a free pass for that one.
2006-10-05 10:41:08
258.   Firebernie
face it, ARod apologists, he's a head case.
2006-10-05 10:42:04
259.   mehmattski
251 Right right... should have made that connection, since I said the same thing yesterday.

Not to start a Bartman-like situation, but I think Monroe could have been held to a single if the fan doesn't touch that ball...

2006-10-05 10:42:09
260.   mikeplugh
252 it was a bad at bat whatever the players name was. its not a sin to have a bad at bat, but looking at called strike three is a bad at bat in anybody's book.

moving on.....he'll hit a homer to make up for it later

2006-10-05 10:42:22
261.   Shaun P
258 Who are you and why are you here?
2006-10-05 10:42:25
262.   rbj
258 Troll alert
2006-10-05 10:43:24
263.   C2Coke
242 I got a feeling they are still working on finishing the complete version as we speak. Next year will be the time.
2006-10-05 10:43:28
264.   SF Yanks
258 With loads of talent. Take a hike.
2006-10-05 10:44:14
265.   Shaun P

Good thing McClelland wasn't at first.

2006-10-05 10:44:57
266.   Simone
The fact that Jeter hadn't see Verlander before is exactly why he should have taken a few pitches so he would be better prepared for his next at bat.
2006-10-05 10:45:54
267.   Sliced Bread

Now let's go Po and Cano!

2006-10-05 10:45:55
268.   rsmith51
2006-10-05 10:45:59
269.   Mattpat11
252 Whats the worst that would have happened if he swung at that curve? He might have made out?
2006-10-05 10:45:59
270.   mehmattski
Oh no, there goes Tokyo!
Oh no, Godzilla!
2006-10-05 10:46:00
271.   RIYank
Ah, Godzilla.

Man, I was just thinking, "Well we're at the bottom of our order, so maybe the third will be the big inning." And then, I remembered.

2006-10-05 10:46:15
272.   mikeplugh
2006-10-05 10:46:56
273.   Shaun P
OK Jorge, its your turn now. Let's get this game tied up.
2006-10-05 10:46:59
274.   mikeplugh
hip hip....
2006-10-05 10:47:33
275.   rsmith51
266 Agreed. Nobody in this lineup should sacrafice bunt with the exception maybe if it is a tie game in the 9th inning or later and a guy is at 2nd base with no outs at home.
2006-10-05 10:47:42
276.   RIYank
Let's skip the tied up part, Shaun, and go straight to the lead.
2006-10-05 10:48:04
277.   mikeplugh
269 he might have had a tougher at bat and fouled the pitch off like a professional. Again, not a sin, but there had to be a better at bat in him....
2006-10-05 10:48:52
278.   C2Coke
271 The top 3 in the lineup took care of Game 1. Let's see which 3 today will take the turn.
2006-10-05 10:49:45
279.   Shaun P
I am impressed - Morgan is giving Jorge some love.

That swing on the 79 MPH curve that Posada just did, fouling it off - that's what I wish A-Rod had done on the last pitch.

2006-10-05 10:49:48
280.   SF Yanks
269 I get that. I have seen horrible AB's before (nasty swings, looking uncomfortable, etc). That, to me, looked far from it. It looked like a nasty curve that froze him, not a bad AB. But whatever, its all good.
2006-10-05 10:50:07
281.   mehmattski
274 Jorge!
2006-10-05 10:50:12
282.   RIYank
... and then, Cano.
2006-10-05 10:50:16
283.   Sliced Bread
Great at-bat by Posada. Verlander will not see the 5th inning.
2006-10-05 10:50:20
284.   3rd gen yankee fan
I don't think we're gonna have any problem eventually winning this game.
2006-10-05 10:50:32
285.   rsmith51
Is Torre gonna have Cano bunt?
2006-10-05 10:50:34
286.   mikeplugh
yeah jorgie
2006-10-05 10:50:50
287.   RIYank
Is Verlander hurting? Blistering?
2006-10-05 10:51:16
288.   rbj
Ah, JV can relax now, it's only the number nine hitter up. He can't be any good, right?
2006-10-05 10:51:21
289.   pistolpete
Let's go Robbie - make Leyland pay for that comment about 'Murderer's Row'... ;-)
2006-10-05 10:51:26
290.   rsmith51
Turn one around, Cano.
2006-10-05 10:51:40
291.   mikeplugh
if he bunts, I kill Torre
2006-10-05 10:51:41
292.   Shaun P
Robby, please, PLEASE take a couple pitches . . .

Unless you can crush the first one into the bleachers. Then, by all means, do that.

2006-10-05 10:51:45
293.   Simone
Good job, Jorgie. See Jeter, you might have been able to work a walk. Okay, I'm letting it go now.
2006-10-05 10:51:58
294.   pistolpete
284 Although I would suggest getting to the starter rather than waiting TOO long into this game...
2006-10-05 10:52:24
295.   Shaun P
285 Cripes, don't give Torre any ideas!

Even Morgan says don't bunt here!

2006-10-05 10:52:27
296.   C2Coke
283 And he's already went through the lineup once.
2006-10-05 10:52:29
297.   Simone
292 Does Robbie ever take a couple of pitches? :)
2006-10-05 10:53:10
298.   buffalocharlie
31...thanks for link to the video feed....
2006-10-05 10:54:13
299.   RIYank
Hey, he's taking pitches!
2006-10-05 10:54:48
300.   SF Yanks
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-10-05 10:54:48
301.   mikeplugh
3 outs - 36 pitches
2006-10-05 10:54:58
302.   Mattpat11
This is going to be a long game.
2006-10-05 10:55:00
303.   C2Coke
Why would I want to see Joe Morgan in the booth rather than Cano on the plate????
2006-10-05 10:55:00
304.   mehmattski
297 He took a couple. Awesome at bat there for Cano.
2006-10-05 10:55:12
305.   RIYank
Robbie's timing was way, way off that at-bat, huh? Hitting off speed pitches foul to the left side, then that little tap.
2006-10-05 10:55:27
306.   mikeplugh
4 outs 37 pitches
2006-10-05 10:55:44
307.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hit the ball Johnny! Or walk. :-)
2006-10-05 10:55:52
308.   Sliced Bread
Robbie: check swing, ball one. strike one looking. slice foul, strike two. slice foul again. slice foul again. watches ball two outside. slice ground ball to 3rd. FC.

Disciplined at-bat, the type that will grind a pitcher down quickly.

2006-10-05 10:55:59
309.   pistolpete
301 Was just wondering about that...
2006-10-05 10:56:16
310.   Simone
I am proud of Cano.
2006-10-05 10:56:28
311.   RIYank
My brother just asked me:
how is the Yankee batting order like a Florida congressional page?
2006-10-05 10:56:52
312.   Chyll Will
please don't bunt...
2006-10-05 10:57:09
313.   pistolpete
311 ???
2006-10-05 10:57:09
314.   Knuckles
Sportsline's Gamecenter seems to be the quickest today, but is Verlander really throwing 80% of his pitches at 96+ mph? The first 3 pitches to Damon in the 2nd inning go: Ball (97/offspeed), Foul (97/fastball), Ball (97/fastball).
2006-10-05 10:57:30
315.   RIYank
Answer to 311: they're both bottomless.
2006-10-05 10:57:30
316.   rbj
No bunting now, Derek. Leave all bunting to be hung around the stadium.
2006-10-05 10:58:33
317.   RIYank
Damn, that's an awful lot of baserunners in two innings of no-run ball.
2006-10-05 10:58:37
318.   pistolpete
Hoo boy, gonna be one of those '2005 ALDS' type of games.
2006-10-05 10:58:42
319.   mehmattski
314 According to Gameday and the ESPN telecast, he's frequently throwing 98+

Grind it out guys, grind it out.

I remain confident. Where's Ron Burgundy to balance my optimism?

2006-10-05 10:58:54
320.   mikeplugh
6 outs, 44 pitches

2 innings, 5 LOB

2006-10-05 10:59:24
321.   Simone
Ugh. Oh well, the Yankees will just have to grind Verlander down to get to their bullpen.
2006-10-05 11:00:18
322.   RIYank
It's bad luck so far. We're waaaay out-hitting them. Good chance the luck will catch up.
On the other hand, if you don't capitalize on the starter's problems, you get the Tiger bullpen, so it will be important to cash in soon.
2006-10-05 11:00:50
323.   Mattpat11
321 Why do we want to get to their bullpen? Its pretty good.

I must be the only one who doesn't see two innings and 5 men LOB as this huge moral victory. Yeah he threw 44 pitches. So fucking what? We got nothing accomplished.

2006-10-05 11:01:13
324.   C2Coke
319 I also noticed Ron Burgundy hasn't been around lately. Is he on hiatus like Cliff?
2006-10-05 11:01:20
325.   Simone
Mussina cannot give up any more runs.
2006-10-05 11:01:50
326.   RIYank
Simone, I think we have better chances against Verlander than against the bullpen.
The good thing about getting into the pen early is that we can make the top relievers unavailable tomorrow.
2006-10-05 11:01:53
327.   Schteeve
If all you pessimists recall, we didn't get on the board until the third inning the other night. The guy's thrown 65 pitches through 2 IP. I'm not worried.
2006-10-05 11:02:31
328.   Simone
326 Maybe you are right.
2006-10-05 11:02:33
329.   Schteeve
or 45 or whatever.
2006-10-05 11:03:17
330.   RIYank
323 Nobody said the 5 LOB is a moral victory.
It's a bad thing. But it's a good sign.

Mean while, Moose is back in gear. Whew.

2006-10-05 11:04:13
331.   RIYank
Man, that left field line... It did the right thing this time.
2006-10-05 11:04:28
332.   singledd
Moose - 35 pitches thru 2
Vermin - 44 pitches thru 2

Man, this kid has nasty stuff... nastiest curve I've ever seen. Last break, sharp break, tremendous movement... basically unhittable.

When he can throw the fastball consistantly for strikes, he will be unbeatable.

I'd rather see their BP then this kid.
Maybe he will walk in a few runs.

2006-10-05 11:04:38
333.   Mattpat11
Morgan and Miller are killing me.
2006-10-05 11:04:43
334.   mehmattski
323 Thanks for filling in (re: 314). We've had this argument all season. Forget about the bullpen. The Yankees will score multiple runs before Cano's third at bat, as Verlander wears down. You can't score without people on base, and we're getting a lot on base. But we can't score every time we get someone on base, that's just not how it works. Patience won the Yankees the division, and patience will win the Yankees this game.
2006-10-05 11:05:07
335.   singledd
332+ posts in 2 innings. I smell a Banter record. Did ANYONE go to work today?
2006-10-05 11:05:09
336.   RIYank
Hey, Gary, way to go!
2006-10-05 11:05:10
337.   Chyll Will
Sheff with the range!
2006-10-05 11:05:29
338.   Shaun P
Moose was running there, huh?

372 I too am not worried. The Yanks will get to Verlander, just like they got to Robertson.

Moose, meanwhile, is just getting to 45 pitches. Nice.

2006-10-05 11:05:43
339.   mikeplugh
Mooooooooose!!! Nice inning. 3 innings, 44 pitches.
2006-10-05 11:05:44
340.   Sliced Bread
Moose channeling Wang for an inning. Nice work.
2006-10-05 11:05:46
341.   rbj
Nice quick inning by Moose.
2006-10-05 11:06:21
342.   Chyll Will
335 (I'm at work...)
2006-10-05 11:06:29
343.   DrManhattan
Some of us are doing this at work.
How nasty were the pitches Verlander threw to A-Rod?
2006-10-05 11:06:52
344.   rbj
335 I'm at work. I need the Banter to keep me informed.
2006-10-05 11:07:04
345.   mikeplugh
I'm sitting in my living room at 3am, tired as hell, and I gotta leave for work in 5 hours.
2006-10-05 11:07:25
346.   LI yankee
343 Very nasty. 2 100 MPH fastballs and wicked curveball.
2006-10-05 11:07:29
347.   mehmattski
I don't mind all the inane comments, they make me laugh from time to time. But mixing up players is just unacceptable. Miller called Verlander "Zumaya" and called Sheffield "Jeter" on that last ground ball. Combine that with Thorne last night exclaiming "Shawn Green!!!!" as Cliff Floyd hit a home run. Awful.
2006-10-05 11:07:55
348.   Shaun P
335 I am at work, and getting almost nothing done. I have tons to do by 5:30 so something is going to have to give here.
2006-10-05 11:07:56
349.   Orly Yarly NoWai
335 I locked myself into the lab last night so I wouldn't have to go to class today.
2006-10-05 11:08:19
350.   Sliced Bread
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-10-05 11:08:26
351.   RIYank
Man, that was a heck of a single.
2006-10-05 11:08:40
352.   Chyll Will
I knew that was coming...
2006-10-05 11:08:41
353.   Mattpat11
Oh, its going to be one of those games.
2006-10-05 11:08:43
354.   pistolpete
Double for Donuts!
2006-10-05 11:09:03
355.   mikeplugh
cadillac donuts
2006-10-05 11:09:05
356.   pistolpete
Whoops, meant single.
2006-10-05 11:09:08
357.   Shaun P
Hey, Verlander's first pitch to Donuts was just 94 MPH according to ESPN. Maybe he's tiring?
2006-10-05 11:09:13
358.   mehmattski
For those following at work, the ball hit about a foot below the top of the wall, about five feet to the right of the big yellow WB Mason ad. Ordonez played the carom perfectly.
2006-10-05 11:09:16
359.   rbj
Looks like the '07 Caddy is in fine form.
2006-10-05 11:09:19
360.   RIYank
Okay, Justin, you should try to throw the heat by him now.
2006-10-05 11:09:27
361.   Sliced Bread
Abreu has the finest swing on the team.
2006-10-05 11:09:33
362.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Look at A-Rod when Abreu hits that almost-homer. He's more excited than anyone else.
2006-10-05 11:10:16
363.   SF Yanks
345 Have you slept at all?
2006-10-05 11:10:24
364.   Orly Yarly NoWai
357 Verlander throws a 4-seamer, a curve, a change and a 2-seamer which is usually in the mid-90s.
2006-10-05 11:10:36
365.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 11:10:36
366.   mikeplugh
wicked breaking stuff to sheff
2006-10-05 11:10:49
367.   singledd
Moose - 44 pitches after 3. Little better.
If this kid finds the plate, we're in trouble.

Shit. DP for Shef.

2006-10-05 11:10:50
368.   RIYank
Too smart. He nailed Gary with breaking stuff.
2006-10-05 11:11:01
369.   pistolpete
Good feelings gone already.
2006-10-05 11:11:03
370.   Mattpat11
Yep. One of those games.

There was no reason we shouldn't sweep this team.

Now I'm pissed off.

2006-10-05 11:11:39
371.   mikeplugh
I slept about 2 and a half hours...
2006-10-05 11:11:57
372.   Mattpat11
I'm getting annoyed.
2006-10-05 11:12:27
373.   RIYank
367 Actually I think that's a LOT better. Moose on pace for seven innings.

But Verlander looked good there, huh?

2006-10-05 11:12:41
374.   Shaun P
369 Ain't over 'til its over!

364 Thanks for the info. That first pitch was high, so I'm guessing it was the rising two-seamer.

Verlander does have a very nice curve. I can see why he's been so successful.

2006-10-05 11:12:43
375.   Zack
Funny how all of those "this lineup can't be contained" etc talk, not surprisingly, seems oh so silly...
2006-10-05 11:12:43
376.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Just think, in six years he'll be a Yankee.
2006-10-05 11:12:47
377.   C2Coke
Verlander will be a dominant Ace in no time.
2006-10-05 11:12:52
378.   mehmattski
370 It's the 3rd inning. It's 1-0. Breathe, dude, or you're gonna get an ulcer.
2006-10-05 11:13:05
379.   Mattpat11
55 pitches through three. Are we done moral victory-ing and beginning to notice a problem?
2006-10-05 11:13:08
380.   nick
347 in all seriousness, Miller seems like he's displaying classic early Alzheimers signs to me....
2006-10-05 11:13:23
381.   yankz
Verlander is nasty. He needs a blister right about now.
2006-10-05 11:13:56
382.   mikeplugh
no problem......this will shape up to be one of those games when we rally in the 6th or 7th. Final score: 6-3 Yankees
2006-10-05 11:14:34
383.   Mattpat11
370 Too late for that. I'm in full bitching mode now. The Yankees were handed a gift on the last day of the season. They better take advantage of it.
2006-10-05 11:14:55
384.   Orly Yarly NoWai
382 They HAVE been fouling a lot of pitches straight back, so it looks like they've got the fastball under control.
2006-10-05 11:14:56
385.   seamus
379 while runs would be better, pushing him for 18+ pitches per inning is nothing to sneeze at. That could prove valuable.
2006-10-05 11:14:57
386.   rsmith51
Well Abreu hit the ball pretty damn hard.
2006-10-05 11:15:07
387.   mehmattski
With the pessimism going around, I think this would be a good time to ask everyone who wanted the Tigers instead of the Twins to please raise their hands. I'm not one of them.
2006-10-05 11:15:07
388.   rbj
Anybody else notice that the hockey season's started? Man, did that fly under the radar, kind of a shame just how far the NHL has fallen.
2006-10-05 11:15:17
389.   RIYank
Mattpat11, why are you obsessing about 'moral victory'?
2006-10-05 11:15:24
390.   yankz
Pete Abraham empathizes: "Enjoy Joe Morgan."

That's cold, man. Cold.

2006-10-05 11:16:04
391.   Shaun P
379 If the Yanks lose, then I'll notice a problem. Until then, they're working Verlander and except for the Capn's bunt and A-Rod's freeze, the ABs have looked very good to me.
2006-10-05 11:16:06
392.   seamus
388 i noticed! Go Islanders (even though the irrational contracts are annoying)!
2006-10-05 11:16:06
393.   C2Coke
379 Easy there, man. These are the Yankees we are watching. Red Sox were eliminated remember?
2006-10-05 11:16:10
394.   Mattpat11
379 It brings us to their bullpen.


2006-10-05 11:16:18
395.   mikeplugh
too pessimistic, too early

This game is basically even.

2006-10-05 11:16:24
396.   LI yankee
387 Well I don't think anyone expected the Twins to sh*t the bed like they have.
2006-10-05 11:17:34
397.   nick
379 my god, dude, have you been drinking the ESPN "best lineup in baseball history kool-aid"? we can't expect to destroy a top starter on demand...
2006-10-05 11:17:35
398.   Sliced Bread
391 Yup. We're watching the same game.

C'mon. Hang in there Moose.

2006-10-05 11:17:50
399.   Mattpat11
389 I can't think of another term for getting so excited over getting nothing accomplished in the first three innings but celebrating the fucking pitch count.
2006-10-05 11:17:55
400.   mikeplugh
guillen was wisely waiting for the fastball....good at bat
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-10-05 11:18:07
401.   RIYank
Doesn't feel so even with Pudge up and a man in scoring position.
But Moose will get him.
2006-10-05 11:18:52
402.   mikeplugh
399 dude....take it easy
2006-10-05 11:18:53
403.   Shaun P
396 The Twins' pitching concerned me, and their pitching has been good. The defense has been blah and the hitting has been awful. They had Jason Tyner at DH yesterday.
2006-10-05 11:18:56
404.   mehmattski
396 I did, actually. Little offense + shaky defense + no pitching behind Santana = 3 and out for the Twins. And Santana is beatable. The Yankees are facing the better team.
2006-10-05 11:18:57
405.   RIYank
Good, Jeter makes the smart move. We don't need Torii-like heroic attempts today.
2006-10-05 11:19:01
406.   Orly Yarly NoWai
387 I admit it; I preferred the Tigers to the Twins. Verlander and Bonderman, as well as Zumaya, worry me, but come on. Kenny Rogers or Santana? Todd Jones or Joe Nathan? The Tiger's lineup or Mauer and Morneau?

Yes, the Twins are down 2-0, but that's because Zito pitched a great game to out-duel Santana and Torii made a rare mistake in center in game two. I'd still rather play the Tigers in round one.

2006-10-05 11:19:49
407.   SF Yanks
Thank you Craig, idiot.
2006-10-05 11:19:50
408.   mehmattski
Thanks, Monroe!
2006-10-05 11:19:51
409.   pistolpete
1 pitch out - beautiful...
2006-10-05 11:19:52
410.   yankz
What a dumbas$ bunt.
2006-10-05 11:19:55
411.   rsmith51
I guess that evens out Jeter's bunt.
2006-10-05 11:20:04
412.   RIYank
399 They're hitting well. They haven't scored, but Verlander is dominating them. And he'll get worse as he tires.

Do you seriously not understand those things?

2006-10-05 11:20:12
413.   seamus
efficient for Moose!
2006-10-05 11:20:14
414.   C2Coke
See, someone else just bunted unsuccessfully as well.
2006-10-05 11:20:17
415.   Chyll Will
What was that?
2006-10-05 11:20:38
416.   Shaun P
406 Add in Leyland's penchant for playing NL ball and I think the Tigers are a fine matchup.
2006-10-05 11:20:49
417.   Mattpat11
402 I'm starting to. I'm just easily agitated.
2006-10-05 11:20:50
418.   RIYank
Argh. 412 should be "... Verlander is NOT dominating..."
2006-10-05 11:21:04
419.   LI yankee
Come on guys you've been watching this team the whole year. They usually erupt around the 5th or 6th.

No worries here.

2006-10-05 11:21:10
420.   pistolpete
412 I'd feel a lot better if we could at least sneak in a solo HR this inning...
2006-10-05 11:21:17
421.   Orly Yarly NoWai
406 I had forgotten things like sending Magglio in game one.
2006-10-05 11:21:18
422.   Shaun P
What just happened? TVU is crapping out on me. I think its a sign that I should go get lunch before the cafe closes.
2006-10-05 11:21:29
423.   nick
gotta love that bunt attempt! know, baseball is like 98% execution--clever ideas like "I'll fool em here with a bunt" just are not what win you ball games (cf. Jeter's Achilles heel, a minor one)
2006-10-05 11:21:31
424.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 11:22:09
425.   mikeplugh
417's the Leyland effect....

the sight of the guy gets me all edgy.


2006-10-05 11:22:13
426.   RIYank
Let's go, Alex! You know the drill: baserunners wanted.
2006-10-05 11:22:46
427.   mehmattski
422 Monroe dropped a bunt that went right back to Mussina. Monroe didn't even bother running it out much.

423 Nope, it's always a stupid call.

2006-10-05 11:24:11
428.   RIYank
A-Rod wanted that solo homer.
Okay, Godzilla, you know the drill.
2006-10-05 11:24:26
429.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Speed lets you close gaps in the outfield very quickly.


2006-10-05 11:24:40
430.   nick
423 you mean you're disagreeing with me on the 2%?
2006-10-05 11:24:59
431.   RIYank
Yep, he knows the drill.
2006-10-05 11:25:00
432.   Sliced Bread
Nice catch. No breaks for A-Rod yet.

C'mon now 'Zilla.

2006-10-05 11:25:27
433.   mikeplugh
2006-10-05 11:25:27
434.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Nice stroke from Godzilla.
2006-10-05 11:25:39
435.   Mattpat11
412 And what if he doesn't tire? He bends but doesn't break for six innings and we get their bullpen. I can give a crap if he throws 110 pitches over six scoreless innings.
2006-10-05 11:25:43
436.   Shaun P
427 Thanks!

Godzilla is at it again . . .

2006-10-05 11:25:55
437.   RIYank
429 You get a free elementary physics lesson with every game!
2006-10-05 11:26:51
438.   Orly Yarly NoWai
435 Then he's a dominant pitcher and we'll get Kenny tomorrow.
2006-10-05 11:26:55
439.   mehmattski
430 I missed the sarcasm the first time around, you're right about getting too cute. Although it did work that one time in 2004 when the A's catcher dropped a sqeeze bunt on Derek Lowe to win the game. Didn't win them the series, though, unfortunately.
2006-10-05 11:26:58
440.   C2Coke
419 The real worry for me is to or not to accidentally break my computer from listening to Morgan. Pete Abraham was indeed cold.
2006-10-05 11:27:24
441.   3rd gen yankee fan
Ohhh my, go Jorgie!
2006-10-05 11:27:47
442.   DrManhattan
Go Jorge! Talk about working the pitcher.
2006-10-05 11:27:53
443.   RIYank
435 Come on.
Pitchers are worse after 80 pitches. And they're much worse after 100. Everyone knows this. I'm not making it up.

Also, Jorgie does good, again.

2006-10-05 11:27:54
444.   SF Yanks
Here we go now...
2006-10-05 11:27:55
445.   Travis
9 baserunners, 10 outs.
2006-10-05 11:28:01
446.   mikeplugh
baserunners GOOD
2006-10-05 11:28:15
447.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Balls from Verlander to throw the change with a three-ball count, but I'm not going to argue with the result.
2006-10-05 11:28:22
448.   rbj
OK, number 9, put that .340 avg to good use.
2006-10-05 11:28:26
449.   nick
hitting a guy like this, you take your walks and sooner or later he has to come in there in a situation where you get the big hit....but yeah, it's fucking agonizing to wait for...
2006-10-05 11:28:41
450.   Travis
Jumped the gun - 8 baserunners.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-10-05 11:28:55
451.   RIYank
Robbie forgot his copy of the script.
He did so well his first at-bat!
2006-10-05 11:29:06
452.   Orly Yarly NoWai
You jinxed him!
2006-10-05 11:29:12
453.   mikeplugh
c'mon damon
2006-10-05 11:29:19
454.   LI yankee
Not the time to slump, Cano.
2006-10-05 11:29:32
455.   RIYank
2006-10-05 11:29:32
456.   pistolpete
Oh PLEASE stop swinging at the first pitch, guys...
2006-10-05 11:29:37
457.   rbj
Let's go JD.
2006-10-05 11:29:39
458.   Sliced Bread
Amen, Damon!
2006-10-05 11:29:43
459.   Orly Yarly NoWai

What'd we say? ^_^

2006-10-05 11:29:44
460.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hey Johnny hit the ball again! Cool!
2006-10-05 11:29:48
461.   nick
449 !!!!!!
2006-10-05 11:29:57
462.   pistolpete
2006-10-05 11:30:05
463.   tommyl
2006-10-05 11:30:08
464.   rsmith51
Go, Johnny, Go!!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-05 11:30:09
465.   mehmattski
That'll do.

I remember a similar hit from him in the playoffs, once upon a time (shudders).

2006-10-05 11:30:09
466.   mikeplugh
2006-10-05 11:30:19
467.   C2Coke
That walk will work too. Verlander already getting tired? Re: 435. Mattpat11, you've gotta chill a bit. That negativity might agitate us before the Yankees turn over. See???? Damon with a 3-run HR comes as I speak.
2006-10-05 11:30:23
468.   Mattpat11
I'm more than willing to admit when I look foolish.

YES. I'm happy now.

2006-10-05 11:30:25
469.   pistolpete


2006-10-05 11:30:26
470.   SF Yanks
You were saying?
2006-10-05 11:30:32
471.   mikeplugh
how ya like me now theo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-05 11:30:32
472.   Travis
Sooner or later, that was bound to happen.
2006-10-05 11:30:36
473.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Johnnie fo' da win!
2006-10-05 11:30:50
474.   RIYank
sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet.

Johnny explains more eloquently even than Travis 445 or mikeplugh 446.

2006-10-05 11:31:05
475.   rbj
Yay Johnny Angel! er, Damon.
2006-10-05 11:31:33
476.   Simone
Yeah, Johnny D. Got home in time to see Johnny D. hit one out of the park.
2006-10-05 11:31:34
477.   RIYank
Cap's back.
2006-10-05 11:31:37
478.   DrManhattan
And way not to work the pitcher, Cano.
...not that it matters, thanks to Damon. Nice to see those shots coming from our side for a change.
2006-10-05 11:31:47
479.   Orly Yarly NoWai
You and the Cap'n make it happen.
2006-10-05 11:31:52
480.   Mattpat11
I like being a fool.
2006-10-05 11:31:53
481.   mikeplugh
Captain Crunch!
2006-10-05 11:32:02
482.   Simone
Jeter makes up for the 1st inning blunder bunt.
2006-10-05 11:32:13
483.   C2Coke
Cap'n making it up.
2006-10-05 11:32:14
484.   Sliced Bread
283 ????
2006-10-05 11:32:15
485.   RIYank
Mattpat11, welcome back to Yankeeland. ;-)
2006-10-05 11:32:23
486.   yankz
2006-10-05 11:32:30
487.   pistolpete
Oh, looks like three times through the lineup was all it took to crack the Verlander code...
2006-10-05 11:32:53
488.   LI yankee
419 I really meant the 4th.
2006-10-05 11:33:01
489.   mikeplugh
There can be only one......
2006-10-05 11:33:19
490.   pistolpete
Sterling was starting the home run call on Jeter but had to calm himself down...
2006-10-05 11:33:51
491.   C2Coke
I was slow in noticing this. But the Stadium is full just like always. This is indeed NYC.
2006-10-05 11:33:54
492.   Orly Yarly NoWai
79 pitches through 4.
2006-10-05 11:34:24
493.   RIYank
Dang, Sliced 484 283. You're the oracle of the day.

Crud, Jeter wasted. But three runs is good. Good.

And we want more baserunners next inning, and an A-Rod dinger.

2006-10-05 11:34:31
494.   Schteeve
I love it when the guns start slingin'!
2006-10-05 11:34:50
495.   C2Coke
484 Sliced, I was thinking about the exact same thing that you were right on again!
2006-10-05 11:34:58
496.   mikeplugh
Okay. New ballgame. It's all up to Moose now. Get 'em buddy. This is what will earn you your last payday, bro.
2006-10-05 11:35:57
497.   Orly Yarly NoWai
496 Cone-esque? I hope not...
2006-10-05 11:36:23
498.   C2Coke
493 All we are missing is Cano and Arod's dingers. Sliced, tell me you smell them coming.
2006-10-05 11:36:29
499.   RIYank
What the hell is up with that third base line???
2006-10-05 11:36:37
500.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Gotta love missing a ground-rule double because of a cell phone commercial.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-10-05 11:36:40
501.   mehmattski
hey, don't forget my soothsaying: 334
2006-10-05 11:36:48
502.   Mattpat11
How many ground rule doubles do the Tigers have this series?
2006-10-05 11:37:37
503.   RIYank
And I think every one of the GR Doubles are down the left field line. Cripes.
2006-10-05 11:38:03
504.   3rd gen yankee fan
491 Excellent. Order hath indeed been restored to the universe.
2006-10-05 11:38:11
505.   pistolpete
C'mon, Moose - get that all-important first out.
2006-10-05 11:38:47
506.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1-2 balls to strikes ratio for Mussina. He's thrown just over half as many pitches as Verlander. (53-80)
2006-10-05 11:39:02
507.   Mattpat11
ooh. That sucked.
2006-10-05 11:39:08
508.   Sliced Bread
fack. let's not give one back.
2006-10-05 11:39:16
509.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-05 11:39:36
510.   RIYank
Moose: stay calm. Everything's cool.
2006-10-05 11:40:16
511.   rbj
2006-10-05 11:40:28
512.   Firebernie
Dangerous inning for Moose. He seems to give up more than his fair share of runs the inning after the Yankees take the lead. Hope I'm wrong.
2006-10-05 11:40:39
513.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Bai-bai Inge.
2006-10-05 11:40:42
514.   nick
506 almost too many strikes, on first pitches...Moose needs to go 7 and hold this lead...good pitch count, he can do it--K!
2006-10-05 11:40:45
515.   RIYank
Hee hee.
Okay, now we want a pop-up.
2006-10-05 11:40:55
516.   mikeplugh
2006-10-05 11:41:01
517.   mehmattski
"And that's just... Mussina... knowing how to pitch."
2006-10-05 11:41:15
518.   rbj
That's one.
2006-10-05 11:41:18
519.   pistolpete
512 Just don't make any errors, boys. I'll take 1 run in at this point.
2006-10-05 11:41:22
520.   Simone
Mussina, please don't give it back.
2006-10-05 11:41:28
521.   Mattpat11
I'm shocked that Mussina gets a lot of called thirs strikes.
2006-10-05 11:41:48
522.   Mattpat11
Okay. Only one run.
2006-10-05 11:41:50
523.   dianagramr
Why are the Tigers pitching Rogers in Detroit rather than NY?

Here are his stats in each park since the beginning of 2000:

Site AB Hits 2B 3B HR RBI BB K BA OBA Slug%
Comerica 538 139 26 3 11 52 43 74 .258 .316 .379
Yankee 103 40 3 1 6 20 15 11 .388 .462 .612

2006-10-05 11:42:03
524.   RIYank
Okay, Pistolpete, that run was because of you.
2006-10-05 11:42:14
525.   Orly Yarly NoWai
WHOA! Joe says that Inge shouldn't have been trying to move the runner over. This is a first in recorded history.
2006-10-05 11:42:30
526.   mikeplugh
okay, we got the out.
2006-10-05 11:42:53
527.   RIYank
523 Interesting.
2006-10-05 11:43:13
528.   nick
I wanna see Melky out there in left in the 7th if it's still a 1-run lead
2006-10-05 11:43:19
529.   Simone
And of course, Mussina gives it back. Seriously, he has no cause to get angry at the fielders or the offense because he does this too often.
2006-10-05 11:43:48
530.   dianagramr
I think they should bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000 for comments on Joe's comments.
2006-10-05 11:43:49
531.   RIYank
525 No, the miracle would be if he said it before the play.
2006-10-05 11:43:52
532.   Orly Yarly NoWai
523 Because his ERA is something like 6.5 in Yankee Stadium. We're talking about Leyland, remember.
2006-10-05 11:44:53
533.   Orly Yarly NoWai
531 At least he didn't say "Well, it was a good thought. He was doing what's good for the team."

There may yet be hope.

2006-10-05 11:45:07
534.   RIYank
Moose is not exactly coming undone, but he's not brilliant.
But okay, let's finish this half and then get back to scoring.
2006-10-05 11:45:30
535.   Simone
Mussina better not give up a hit to horrible Casey.
2006-10-05 11:45:39
536.   pistolpete
Can we just have Sheff and A-Rod stand on the freakin' baselines?
2006-10-05 11:45:52
537.   Orly Yarly NoWai
At this point in his career, Moose as a pitcher is like Brad Johnson as a QB.
2006-10-05 11:45:56
538.   mikeplugh
c'mon moose. simma don.
2006-10-05 11:45:57
539.   C2Coke
I think Moose is doing pretty alright and solid. But mikeplugh, if you are still awake, how long do you think before we get a Japanese starting pitcher in the off season?
2006-10-05 11:46:03
540.   dianagramr
Sean Casey is NOT a #3 hitter ... not this year at least ...

he hit .207 in September BTW

2006-10-05 11:46:20
541.   Mattpat11
What the hell is Dave Dombrowski wearing?
2006-10-05 11:46:31
542.   yankz
No comment necessary on Morgan's horsesh1t "analysis" of Sean Casey.
2006-10-05 11:46:37
543.   rbj
Even great pitchers have bad innings. Yanks can score more of Junior Varsity.
2006-10-05 11:46:39
544.   mikeplugh
nice. we still have the lead and will put more up in the 5th.
2006-10-05 11:46:40
545.   Simone
Finally, ugh.
2006-10-05 11:46:58
546.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Was it Dave Dombrowski of whom it was once said "He was sick on the bus the other night and puked up a panty girdle"?
2006-10-05 11:47:48
547.   LI yankee
I'd take 5.0 IP, 2 ER, 5 K, 0 BB anyday
2006-10-05 11:47:58
548.   mikeplugh
539 The posting usually happens in the 1st week of November. The decision is announced by the end of that week in past situations.
2006-10-05 11:48:14
549.   Orly Yarly NoWai
546 Never mind; I think that was Moe Drabowsky.
2006-10-05 11:48:23
550.   Chyll Will
Wowzers. My workstation crapped out at 426, so I do some job errands, come back and we're up 3-2?
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-10-05 11:48:38
551.   rsmith51
540 But he hit the ball hard...
2006-10-05 11:49:36
552.   mehmattski
540 And led the league in getting thrown out at first from left field...
2006-10-05 11:50:02
553.   Mattpat11
2006-10-05 11:50:15
554.   mehmattski
Um, that was pretty much the nastiest curveball I've ever seen.
2006-10-05 11:50:16
555.   mikeplugh
2006-10-05 11:50:25
556.   Orly Yarly NoWai
552 Anyone remember when Rick Dempsey was caught in a rundown between first and the dugout?
2006-10-05 11:50:43
557.   Chyll Will
I can't see; was that last one a strike? Suzyn Sterling call it high and outside...
2006-10-05 11:50:53
558.   C2Coke
How many of us actually remembers that Verlander is in his rookie year?
2006-10-05 11:50:59
559.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-05 11:51:10
560.   Simone
Sheffield did not look good there.
2006-10-05 11:51:39
561.   C2Coke
548 Thanks, but I was more asking how sure you are about the Yankees getting the Jap pitcher (I hate to spell his name)?
2006-10-05 11:51:40
562.   Orly Yarly NoWai
558 Me! How many of us remember that Bonderman's been in the bigs for 4-5 years and is the same age?
2006-10-05 11:52:30
563.   Orly Yarly NoWai
561 Is it Daizuke Matasuka?
2006-10-05 11:52:46
564.   Firebernie
537. Great point! And the comparison isn't even negative. Moose is what he is and the Yanks, at the end of a long-term contract, are getting pretty much what they paid for.
2006-10-05 11:52:48
565.   mehmattski
557 K-Zone had it slightly outside, it definitely wasn't high. I thought it was a strike at the time.

Morgan's babbling about the Yankees' lefties killing pitches down and in, despite the fact that Damon's home run came on an outside pitch.

2006-10-05 11:53:01
566.   mikeplugh
561 You did mean Japanese, right?

Matsuzaka. I'm not sure at all. It's all about dollars, and anyone can spend them.

2006-10-05 11:53:31
567.   C2Coke
562 Good point, and I really didn't, Bonderman seems he's been here a long time.
2006-10-05 11:53:35
568.   dianagramr

I've drafted Bonderman in the 2nd half of 2 consecutive roto drafts .... nice value.

2006-10-05 11:53:41
569.   Simone
Double ugh, Alex.
2006-10-05 11:53:42
570.   mikeplugh
what the......?
2006-10-05 11:54:08
571.   tommyl
Woah, was the umpire that off on the called strikes to A-Rod? Gameday has two of the pitches about a foot inside.
2006-10-05 11:54:18
572.   Mattpat11
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you should be expecting the damn hook, A-Rod.
2006-10-05 11:54:22
573.   pistolpete
Ugh, producers at BBTN are falling all over themselves right now putting together the highlights of this...
2006-10-05 11:54:26
574.   Simone
Mussina better not give up any more runs.
2006-10-05 11:54:29
575.   SF Yanks
ok, you can swing the bat now. He has to know a curve is coming with 2 strikes.
2006-10-05 11:54:51
576.   mehmattski
So... Shef and A-Rod get called out on the same pitch, but only one of them gets booed. Unbelievable.
2006-10-05 11:55:08
577.   LI yankee
If the curveball is his favorite pitch to hit, why doesn't he swing at it??
2006-10-05 11:55:42
578.   Orly Yarly NoWai
566 I'm worried about the Mariners getting him (not really worried; if the Yankees don't get him, they ought to). They have Japanese ownership, plus Ichiro and a Japanese catcher in Kenji (Johima?).
2006-10-05 11:56:09
579.   mikeplugh
576 To channel Chris Rock.....

I'm not sayin' it's right....but I understand.

2006-10-05 11:56:19
580.   mehmattski
571 Not sure about strike one, but the curveball was in there.
2006-10-05 11:56:29
581.   Simone
577 Because Alex is guess hitter. He does not see the ball.
2006-10-05 11:56:39
582.   Mattpat11
571 I just checked sportsline. They're more accurate.
2006-10-05 11:56:42
583.   C2Coke
566 Yes, Japanese. And yes, that's the name, Matsuzaka. Thanks.

Judging by how unproductive I've been so far today, I'd say we better stick to night games...

2006-10-05 11:57:08
584.   pistolpete
Just said by Waldman: "The less big you can make the bridge to Mariano, the better".
2006-10-05 11:57:13
585.   mikeplugh
578 none of those things matters an iota. With the posting you have to bid. If you win the bid you negotiate with the player. If you don't win the bid, the nationality of the owner and the catcher don't enter the equation.
2006-10-05 11:57:31
586.   Alvaro Espinoza
Objectively, the righties are having a very hard time w/ Verlander today (1-9). Maybe the answer is simple - he's REAL tough on righties.
2006-10-05 11:58:07
587.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 11:58:18
588.   3rd gen yankee fan
Can you believe that my ESPN RADIO feed is messing up??? Can these idiots get ANYTHING right????
2006-10-05 11:58:18
589.   Mattpat11
Anyone not see that coming?
2006-10-05 11:58:25
590.   Alvaro Espinoza
584 That's smarter than anything Morgan has said all day.
2006-10-05 11:58:31
591.   mikeplugh
this sucks.
2006-10-05 11:58:34
592.   rsmith51
I am glad Guillen isn't batting 3rd.
2006-10-05 11:58:54
593.   mikeplugh
new ballgame.
2006-10-05 11:59:02
594.   dianagramr
Fun fact .... Guillen is the first player in ML history to increase his avg. 7 straight years
2006-10-05 11:59:07
595.   Orly Yarly NoWai
585 He still has the option to return to Japan for a year and make it known that he only wants to play for one team.
2006-10-05 11:59:10
596.   C2Coke
Alex Alex Alex....Alex B. I mean...Re: yesterday's game thread.
2006-10-05 11:59:42
597.   Simone
I can't stand this crap.
2006-10-05 11:59:48
598.   Sliced Bread
Hopefully Moose can shake that off. We don't have anything better out there.

Cirque du Soleil stretch by Sheff there.

2006-10-05 11:59:56
599.   LI yankee
594 He also increased his avg. every month this year.
2006-10-05 12:00:11
600.   mikeplugh
I-Rod = 3 at bats, 6 pitches
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-10-05 12:00:29
601.   pistolpete
Moose getting behind on every batter now - ugh.
2006-10-05 12:00:44
602.   C2Coke
Sheff at 1B, not too shabby.
2006-10-05 12:00:47
603.   Mattpat11
Okay, we just need to take the lead again.
2006-10-05 12:01:10
604.   Sliced Bread
Farnswacker walked Guillen on 4 pitches the other night. Not a bad strategy I thought at the time.
2006-10-05 12:01:29
605.   Simone
Mussina is just about done. Time for Joe to warm up Bruney.
2006-10-05 12:01:41
606.   rsmith51
604 He is the most dangerous hitter on the team.
2006-10-05 12:02:17
607.   mehmattski
603 Chanelling Joe Morgan, are we? ;-) It's true, the key to winning this game is to score more runs than the Tigers do the rest of the way...
2006-10-05 12:02:33
608.   mikeplugh
595 that will never happen. It would be considered a major faux pas ethically by the Japanese, and he'd be tarnished goods over here. If someone wins your rights, you play for them. The Irabu/San Diego thing didn't go over well here.

Matsuzaka will play in the bigs for whoever wins the bidding. He may engage in very tough negotiations with the club, if he doesn't like it, but he won't return to Japan.

2006-10-05 12:03:07
609.   C2Coke
605 77 pitches through 6 with 3 runs scored. Moose so far is doing a good job. We have RJ on the mound tomorrow...
2006-10-05 12:03:27
610.   Andre
I must say this viidoo video player is the best thing ever! My production at work is in the toilet, but I love the fact that I can watch the game (instead of gameday) at work ; )
2006-10-05 12:03:28
611.   rbj
607 Really? I always thought the key was to make the other team score fewer runs than you.
2006-10-05 12:03:29
612.   Orly Yarly NoWai
608 I doubt he will either; I'm just saying that the does have some leverage, however small it may be.
2006-10-05 12:05:36
613.   C2Coke
608 And my impression is that Matsuzaka wanted to come last year but wasn't allowed. He'd probably play for any team, as long as it's ML, although a good team is obviously a better option. Did I get that right?
2006-10-05 12:05:40
614.   mikeplugh
612 maybe. The Yanks have to be considered the favorites, but the Red Sox, Rangers, O's, and Mariners are going to be heavily involved. The Angels and Dodgers will throw some money out there too.
2006-10-05 12:06:25
615.   mikeplugh
613 yeah
2006-10-05 12:06:52
616.   mikeplugh
100+ on Verlander
2006-10-05 12:07:04
617.   Mattpat11
Miller looks like Truman Capote
2006-10-05 12:07:19
618.   Chyll Will
cool, cool...
2006-10-05 12:07:40
619.   mikeplugh
oh jorgie.....hooray
2006-10-05 12:07:46
620.   mehmattski
Posada, in 3 plate appearances, saw 24 pitches. He swung at 10 of them, and never missed. Pretty sweet.
2006-10-05 12:07:53
621.   pistolpete
613 Watch him wind up with Milwaukee. ;-)
2006-10-05 12:08:18
622.   C2Coke
Kay, I am truly sorry for bashing you this year.

Jorge's having a terrific year, just like his best buddy, the Cap'n.

2006-10-05 12:08:42
623.   mikeplugh
621 LOL
2006-10-05 12:09:00
624.   Orly Yarly NoWai
614 It depends on whether or not Bill Bavasi can convince the ownership in Seattle that the posting fee should be considered seperate from payroll. If he doesn't have to decrease payroll to compensate for the posting fee, then the Mariners have to be considered co-favorites as they are absolutely salivating over him. Hopefully, he'll end up with the Yanks, but better the Ms than the Sox or Os.
2006-10-05 12:09:07
625.   C2Coke
621 ROFL!
2006-10-05 12:09:27
626.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 12:09:58
627.   Orly Yarly NoWai
626 Huh??
2006-10-05 12:10:07
628.   seamus
did they just replaced verlander in the middle of cano's at bat?
2006-10-05 12:10:36
629.   C2Coke
Verlander, job well done.

Now, let's get the job done, Yankees!

2006-10-05 12:10:52
630.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Hope he's not injured.
2006-10-05 12:11:04
631.   mikeplugh
624 The Mariners actually will have some issue paying $30 million for a posting and $8 or 9 million a year for a pitcher. Whoever wins the bidding is going to overpay for Matsuzaka on an out of pocket, per year basis. I like his chances of being an MLB #1, but there is a risk and a lot of money involved.
2006-10-05 12:11:49
632.   mikeplugh
what's up with that? Why after 2 pitches?
2006-10-05 12:12:50
633.   Simone
Damn, Cano.
2006-10-05 12:13:07
634.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 12:13:08
635.   pistolpete
Wow, does Cano not look at ALL like himself. Did Leyland jinx him?
2006-10-05 12:13:20
636.   mehmattski
That was ball 4, Robbie...
2006-10-05 12:13:27
637.   DrManhattan
Cano has been as bad over the last two games as he was good since he came off the DL.
2006-10-05 12:13:42
638.   mikeplugh
who found Cano's kryptonite in the postseason?
2006-10-05 12:14:01
639.   rbj
631 It's going to cost a team $30 mil just to negotiate with Matsuzaka? Wow.
2006-10-05 12:14:19
640.   seamus
637 is it the post-season spotlight? Maybe he needs to relax at the plate. Probably needs that first hit.
2006-10-05 12:14:52
641.   C2Coke
632 Maybe the DP explains it? Don't think Verlander is hurt or anything, just tired and a bit disappointed.
2006-10-05 12:15:03
642.   Chyll Will
637 Maybe Torre should bat him at 6...
2006-10-05 12:15:26
643.   pistolpete
Just ran into a Sawx fan in the hall who was giddy that the game was tied and that A-Rod was o-fer. I asked about the obsession with A-Rod's failures, and the reason he gave was that 'He screwed us'.

He also insisted he would have thrived in Boston. I begged to differ, because the media is so much worse when it comes to criticizing players. "Nah, the NY media is FAR worse", he insisted.

I had to walk away at that point.

2006-10-05 12:15:29
644.   Orly Yarly NoWai
631 That's why a lot of it depends on Bavasi being able to sell the ownership. When the Ms signed Ichiro, the ownership considered the posting fee a "special expenditure" which did not count against the budget.
2006-10-05 12:15:34
645.   mikeplugh
639 That's the number being tossed around. I don't know for sure, but that's the word. If you add it all up, you'd be paying about $15 million a year for Matsuzaka. Some of that isn't on the tax penalty, but it's still money.
2006-10-05 12:15:36
646.   rsmith51
Cano has not looked good in a while.
2006-10-05 12:15:38
647.   Chyll Will
more crap.
2006-10-05 12:15:46
648.   Bookworm
"Watching" at work via MLB's Gameday -- dang, can't believe Cano didn't take that pitch. There was only one strike and the guy had just missed the mark wildly on the previous two pitches. . .
2006-10-05 12:15:48
649.   pistolpete
2006-10-05 12:16:08
650.   C2Coke
638 Who else other than Leyland?
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-10-05 12:16:12
651.   LI yankee
Melky might have caught that.
2006-10-05 12:16:40
652.   Sliced Bread
I'd like to watch Cano's at-bats again. Has he added a little hitch to his backswing? He's been late.

Bruney time, Joe.

2006-10-05 12:17:18
653.   Simone
Like I said, Mussina is DONE. Where is Bruney?
2006-10-05 12:17:22
654.   mikeplugh
i don't like this.
2006-10-05 12:17:40
655.   dianagramr
More stats: Posada led all AL catchers with 13 passed balls this season
2006-10-05 12:17:40
656.   Orly Yarly NoWai
639 The numbers I've heard are $25 million posting fee, minimum, and a contract in the neighborhood of 3 years, $30 million.
2006-10-05 12:17:44
657.   Mattpat11
we NEED a K here.
2006-10-05 12:18:00
658.   mehmattski
652 It's Proctor up in the Pen.
2006-10-05 12:18:04
659.   Simone
Okay, put in someone who can throw strikes now, Joe.
2006-10-05 12:18:09
660.   pistolpete
Wait a minute, how was Thames not at 3rd already?
2006-10-05 12:18:37
661.   C2Coke
653 Detriot??
2006-10-05 12:18:51
662.   Mattpat11
660 single, passed ball bunt
2006-10-05 12:19:15
663.   3rd gen yankee fan
Get 'im Moose!
2006-10-05 12:19:47
664.   Orly Yarly NoWai
LOOGY is up!
2006-10-05 12:19:55
665.   Simone
Come on, Mussina, find another strike.
2006-10-05 12:20:07
666.   mehmattski
Now Proctor is just watching in the pen as Myers gets ready in a hurry.
2006-10-05 12:20:24
667.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 12:20:29
668.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-05 12:20:32
669.   3rd gen yankee fan
Um, poop.
2006-10-05 12:20:48
670.   Sliced Bread
Yowza. Give 'em the hook, Joe.
2006-10-05 12:20:57
671.   Simone
Told you that Mussina was freaking DONE! He is freaking done. Joe should have put in Bruney.
2006-10-05 12:21:17
672.   Zack
Ugh, this does not look good at all. We have wasted infinite chances this game, and the Tigers BP is far and away better than ours. Being ties at 1 game with a questionable Johnson in Detroit is not a good thing...sigh
2006-10-05 12:21:33
673.   pistolpete
F*ck. Hope Johnson is effective tomorrow.
2006-10-05 12:21:49
674.   Ken Arneson
Wow, Granderson was already at second base when Thames was touching home plate.
2006-10-05 12:22:02
675.   rbj
645 656 Thanks. It seems to be a bit of highway robbery. I'd think that only the Yankees would be able to pony up that cash.
2006-10-05 12:22:02
676.   Orly Yarly NoWai
...can we bring back Wang? Please?
2006-10-05 12:22:19
677.   mikeplugh
Hold it here. We'll score.
2006-10-05 12:22:35
678.   Simone
Joe had his chance to get out of this inning without giving up the lead. He should had Bruney or even dreaded Proctor warmed up and read to go after the 1st single.
2006-10-05 12:22:36
679.   Alex Belth
Mussina coming up SMALL.
2006-10-05 12:22:41
680.   Mattpat11
2006-10-05 12:22:42
681.   Shaun P
672 Don't panic! Its still only the 7th.

I can't believe Moose is still pitching. He needs a K here, big time.

2006-10-05 12:23:32
682.   Shaun P
Moose has lost it. First 3 pitches to Polanco all way inside (according to Gameday). Where is a reliever?!?!
2006-10-05 12:23:40
683.   Simone
The game isn't over, but damn, Joe messed up big time here.
2006-10-05 12:23:42
684.   Orly Yarly NoWai
675 There are a lot of teams that could do it- hell, the Marlins get like $30 million in revenue sharing, and they're only spending half of it. There are only a few teams, however, who have the wherewithall to be able to absorb that much cash if he turns out to be a flop.
2006-10-05 12:23:43
685.   Sliced Bread
Waste ball 4 and get him out of there!
2006-10-05 12:23:43
686.   mikeplugh
yeah alex. He's spitting the bit.
2006-10-05 12:23:44
687.   rbj
Rass 'n' frassen.

I remember a May game at Tiger stadium, Yanks won in 11. Zumaya coughed up the Tiger's lead because he was wild. the Kid throws hard, but he's interested in throwing harder, not pitching.

2006-10-05 12:23:59
688.   Chyll Will
643 Seriously, did he really say that? You should have kicked him in the groin and taken his lunch money. Fricken hard-headed...
2006-10-05 12:24:42
689.   Zavo
That is a bad effort from Moose today.
2006-10-05 12:24:43
690.   3rd gen yankee fan
Nice one Alex.
2006-10-05 12:24:46
691.   Mattpat11
Well, that makes up for his day so far.
2006-10-05 12:24:53
692.   mikeplugh
684 that's the point in the end. Plus, if you have multiple needs, can you justify splashing that much cash on one guy?
2006-10-05 12:24:58
693.   mehmattski
Man, it's too bad that A-rod sucks at defense...
2006-10-05 12:24:59
694.   pistolpete
Whew. Nice play, Alex. Saved another run.
2006-10-05 12:24:59
695.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Good catch by A-Rod.
2006-10-05 12:25:40
696.   3rd gen yankee fan
There ya go. Y'all need to take some deep breaths.
2006-10-05 12:25:48
697.   rsmith51
That was helpful. Let's go O!
2006-10-05 12:25:52
698.   mehmattski

Let's bat around this inning.

2006-10-05 12:26:02
699.   Chyll Will
Okay, we can deal with this. Not a problem.
2006-10-05 12:26:03
700.   mikeplugh
okay damon, jeter, abreu....get crackin'!
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-10-05 12:26:20
701.   C2Coke
Maybe Torre is having the flash back of the bullpen stunt from Game 1. Well, it paid off, somewhat...
2006-10-05 12:26:24
702.   dianagramr

Most of ARod's errors this year were throws, not catches.

2006-10-05 12:26:34
703.   Shaun P
Good, good - Moose got out of it.

Damage already done, though. Did Matsui not play Granderson's triple well? I turned TVU off - gotta get some work done. Or try.

2006-10-05 12:26:42
704.   Matt B
Okay, one run, we can get still take this one. Nice play by A-Rod.

Does anyone else think that Joe has absolutely NO feel for his pitchers right now?

2006-10-05 12:26:54
705.   Simone
Joe has to accept that Mussina is old now and once he is starting to throw balls and leave the ball up, he doesn't have much left. He wasn't even having a particular great outing anyway.

Oh well, the Yankees are only need 2 runs. They can take the lead this inning.

2006-10-05 12:27:35
706.   mikeplugh
But Mussina has "a belly full of guts"
2006-10-05 12:27:45
707.   pistolpete
Ugh, isn't this Zumaya territory?
2006-10-05 12:27:55
708.   yankz
TVU is the sh1t.
2006-10-05 12:28:18
709.   Sliced Bread
703 Nah, clean hits all around. Moose was cooked.
2006-10-05 12:28:33
710.   yankz
One way or another, Jeter will tie the game here.
2006-10-05 12:29:08
711.   C2Coke
It's true that Moose is not brilliant today. But, he was his usual self from the second half of the season, wasn't he? Let's just say Torre's decision with the rotation and lineup have worked.
2006-10-05 12:29:43
712.   Simone
Nice play, A-Rod.
2006-10-05 12:30:06
713.   rbj
So who's on to pitch?
2006-10-05 12:30:26
714.   Orly Yarly NoWai
692 Any team with multiple needs can't justify spending that much on one player. As to that you are correct. However, most of the teams interested in him only really need pitching (the Orioles need everything but Angelos is in denial; who knows what the Angels need with all those high-ceiling rookie flops; the Dodgers need everything as well). The Yanks aren't going to spend more on offense; the Sox are pretty well set as well- pitching has been their major flaw with Beckett being a bust; the Rangers have hitting out the wazoo but zero pitching; the Mariners have a pretty solid lineup.

Anyway. Damned class. I must go.

2006-10-05 12:30:42
715.   rbj
Ah, never mind, it's still Walker.

Let's go Yankees!

2006-10-05 12:30:53
716.   Kered Retej
705 I think the rainout probably played a part in Joe's thinking. I'm sure in the back of his mind he wanted to squeeze 7 innings out of Moose to save his pen for the next two days of RJ and Wright. Not sure that's the right move, but I don't think it's a terrible call. In any case, Moose gets out of it with just 1 run, and the top of the order coming to bat.
2006-10-05 12:31:43
717.   yankz
WTF Gammons, nobody cares.
2006-10-05 12:31:51
718.   mehmattski
I wanted to listen to what Peter Gammons was saying, but I was distracted by his shiny suit.
2006-10-05 12:32:08
719.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Addendum- Daisuke and Hernandez would be a pretty sweet pitching combination.
2006-10-05 12:32:14
720.   Simone
Joe has to re-think this line up. Sheffield isn't hitting.
2006-10-05 12:32:14
721.   pistolpete
Oh boy, here comes Zumaya.
2006-10-05 12:33:22
722.   mikeplugh
I'm not scared of Zumaya. Jeter will hit him.
2006-10-05 12:34:03
723.   Sliced Bread
722 Abreu and Sheff, too.
2006-10-05 12:34:10
724.   C2Coke
720 Is Arod hitting in your book?
2006-10-05 12:34:11
725.   Simone
The offense missed its chances, but against a pitcher like Verlander with the Tigers top of the line bullpen guys coming up, Mussina cannot give up the lead like he did today. This was a diappointing performance even before he gave up the 4th run.
2006-10-05 12:34:52
726.   singledd
More brilliance from Morgen: about Detroit;
"If we can find NINE outs, we're in good shape"

Earlier, when Miller's stats said Moose throws 70% first strikes, and Morgan's stats said Moose throw 68% first strikes, Morgan replied "That's why I don't like stats".

2006-10-05 12:35:28
727.   Mattpat11
Do you send Jeter if he gets on?
2006-10-05 12:35:49
728.   Simone
724 A-Rod isn't hitting, but he is more likely to shake off his slump before Sheffield gets back his timing. In any case, I would put Matsui 4th and Sheffield in 7th.
2006-10-05 12:36:20
729.   rbj
727 against a fastball pitcher with Ivan behind the plate? No.
2006-10-05 12:37:03
730.   Mattpat11
Hey, Giambi stole off Pudge! :)
2006-10-05 12:37:52
731.   pistolpete
Aw, crap Jeets.
2006-10-05 12:38:09
732.   mikeplugh
2006-10-05 12:38:22
733.   mehmattski
Did anyone else see the closeup on Zumaya? His right eye is all red- maybe he has pink eye or something. Does that count as doctoring the baseball, if you infect it?
2006-10-05 12:38:26
734.   Sliced Bread
Cadillac time
2006-10-05 12:38:33
735.   pistolpete
Gotta hope this is the best pitching performance Detroit's gonna get.. Otherwise we may be in trouble.
2006-10-05 12:38:35
736.   Mattpat11
Getting annoyed again.
2006-10-05 12:38:48
737.   Simone
Damn. It is on you, Bobby.
2006-10-05 12:38:50
738.   Matt B
ooh Derek. That's not a good sign. I have a bad feeling about this game...not the series though.
2006-10-05 12:38:54
739.   yankz
2006-10-05 12:39:42
740.   rbj
Remember, everyone, who Detroit's closer is:

Todd Jones.

2006-10-05 12:39:50
741.   yankz
728 Three lefties in a row?
2006-10-05 12:40:00
742.   Simone
735 I hope the Yankees get better pitching than what Mussina served up today. They should not be behind right now.
2006-10-05 12:40:26
743.   yankz
F'ing generous ump.
2006-10-05 12:40:55
744.   Sliced Bread
734 Cardiac time
2006-10-05 12:41:08
745.   mikeplugh
crap. this sucks. we do have a lineup of guys that can put the ball over the fence. If we keep it at one we give ourselves a chance.
2006-10-05 12:41:17
746.   Mattpat11

This game sucks.

I wanted this series over in three so we could wait on the winner of Minnesota and Oakland. Everything fell apart.

2006-10-05 12:41:44
747.   Simone
728 I forgot about Giambi. Have A-Rod hit 5th behind Matsui, Giambi 6th, followed by Sheffield.
2006-10-05 12:41:49
748.   seamus
too many LOB. But it is a one run game. Our pen needs to keep it there and we can win this thing.
2006-10-05 12:41:51
749.   Sliced Bread
here come the Cardiac Kids, Proctor and Farnswacker.
2006-10-05 12:42:13
750.   mehmattski
736 This reason to get annoyed I understand. I hate when the hitters just look overmatched. Ugh.

Gotta agree with 740 though. If it stays a 1 run game, Todd Jones will help us out. I hope Proc/Farns doesn't help the Tigers out first...

Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2006-10-05 12:42:27
751.   seamus
we are all overreacting. This is a close game and we have lots of time to win this thing.
2006-10-05 12:42:49
752.   LI yankee
742 The lineup has had plenty of opportunities, but only got one hit with RISP. Although Moose didn't have his A game, the offense should have produced many more runs.
2006-10-05 12:43:28
753.   LI yankee
Oh and this is all just setting up an A-Rod home run.
2006-10-05 12:43:43
754.   Sliced Bread
748 Right on. Sheff, Giambi, A-Rod, Matsui, Posada, Cano.

We have some bats coming up.

2006-10-05 12:44:10
755.   Mattpat11
753 Yes.
2006-10-05 12:45:31
756.   mehmattski
Cory Lidle's up in the bullpen.

Cory Lidle?!? Is Bruney on the roster?

2006-10-05 12:45:43
757.   C2Coke
Lidle in the bullpen? Is bruney really in Detriot?
2006-10-05 12:45:48
758.   yankz
744 Hilarious
2006-10-05 12:45:54
759.   Simone
Proctor is a ______.
2006-10-05 12:46:06
760.   rbj
Hmmmm Hmmmmm.
2006-10-05 12:46:10
761.   Mattpat11
Proctor's looked like shit this series.
2006-10-05 12:47:00
762.   yankz
I hate leadoff walks.
2006-10-05 12:47:43
763.   pistolpete
Mental note: DON'T watch ESPN tonight if the Yankees lose. Because undoubtedly 'Tigers vs. A's' will be the main topic of discussion on BBTN...
2006-10-05 12:47:46
764.   C2Coke
754 We will be ok. Too many people can save the day.
2006-10-05 12:49:31
765.   yankz
DPSP- Double Play
2006-10-05 12:49:50
766.   LI yankee
Bruney sighting!
2006-10-05 12:50:10
767.   C2Coke
Hey, Bruney is warming up.
2006-10-05 12:50:41
768.   yankz
Who's Bruney? (jk...)
2006-10-05 12:51:21
769.   C2Coke
The Stadium is going crazy, maybe we are doing ok.
2006-10-05 12:51:52
770.   Mattpat11
Damon made those last two plays interesting.
2006-10-05 12:52:18
771.   LI yankee
I hate day games.
2006-10-05 12:52:27
772.   C2Coke
Damon da man. EDSP is buying you dinner.
2006-10-05 12:52:49
773.   yankz
OK, not so deep next time, SP.
2006-10-05 12:53:01
774.   rmd0311
i want to see something from AROD...
2006-10-05 12:53:09
775.   Sliced Bread
Proctor is to warning track as Wang is to groundball.

Rally time.

2006-10-05 12:53:24
776.   LI yankee
Wow I thought Monroe crushed that.
2006-10-05 12:53:33
777.   mikeplugh
okay. way to recover EDSP. Bats, don't fail me now.
2006-10-05 12:53:47
778.   yankz
2006-10-05 12:54:13
779.   Shawn Clap
AROD will finally earn them Pinstripes in the bottom of the 8th!!! Watch!
2006-10-05 12:54:29
780.   C2Coke
775 As long as our priced OF can catch the balls, I'd take that anyday from Proctor.
2006-10-05 12:54:47
781.   pistolpete
775 So should I start making 'Proctor's Wallbangers' signs now?
2006-10-05 12:55:14
782.   yankz
775 You're on a roll.

Arod, the Baseball Gods have designed this moment for you. Giambi BB, Sheff deep flyout, A-bomb. Mo gets the call.

Yeah, keep dreaming, yankz...

2006-10-05 12:55:43
783.   Mattpat11
Getting more annoyed.
2006-10-05 12:58:12
784.   Mattpat11
Okay. The stage is set.
2006-10-05 12:58:15
785.   yankz
Good lord that is gas.
2006-10-05 12:58:30
786.   Simone
Alex has got to tie this game up.
2006-10-05 12:58:34
787.   3rd gen yankee fan
Save us Arod!
2006-10-05 12:58:42
788.   Sliced Bread
A-Rod. Hero time.
2006-10-05 12:59:11
789.   yankz
Did that say 103?!
2006-10-05 12:59:20
790.   Mattpat11
Why is he wearing Elton John sunglasses?
2006-10-05 12:59:57
791.   C2Coke
Arod, no one will remember that SI cover story if you do it here.
2006-10-05 13:00:10
792.   yankz
Oh my god...
2006-10-05 13:00:15
793.   Mattpat11
At least he swung.
2006-10-05 13:00:15
794.   Sliced Bread
Fudge Rodriguez.
2006-10-05 13:00:19
795.   3rd gen yankee fan
Ok now I'm getting pissed off.
2006-10-05 13:00:19
796.   Simone
Stop f'king booing him!
2006-10-05 13:00:34
797.   mikeplugh
2006-10-05 13:00:42
798.   LI yankee
You have to give props to Zumaya there. That was some pitching.
2006-10-05 13:00:57
799.   C2Coke
789 Yes it did.

I see a lof of nails and hair on the floor in the Stadium.

2006-10-05 13:01:16
800.   yankz
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2006-10-05 13:01:40
801.   Sliced Bread
Props to Zufreaka.
2006-10-05 13:01:51
802.   Mattpat11
My hand hurts.
2006-10-05 13:01:52
803.   Bob B
Arod-almost wore the golden sombrero-what a clown
2006-10-05 13:01:56
804.   dianagramr
reminiscent of Mariano when he first came up and was setting up Wetteland ... just 5 mph FASTER!
2006-10-05 13:02:13
805.   mikeplugh
this is ugly
2006-10-05 13:02:14
806.   vockins
Zumaya was out of control.
2006-10-05 13:02:19
807.   das411
Woooooooo Zumaya is the next KRod! This guy makes Billy Wagner look like Tom Glavine, wow!
2006-10-05 13:02:45
808.   Zack
Simply infuriating game, very reminisant of the past few playoff years: wasted chances, pitching just good enough to lose, young BP shuts us down late in the game, failing to take advantage of momentum and putting the team in a terrible place.

Well, I can't say I am optimistic about going into tomorrow with Johnson on the mound, so we better get to Jones!

2006-10-05 13:02:52
809.   rsmith51
Hold them here Bruney
2006-10-05 13:03:17
810.   yankz
That was the best fastball I've ever seen.
2006-10-05 13:03:39
811.   Simone
752 The offense did its best against Verlander who hung tough. They got the lead. I don't think anyone can ask any more of them. It was up to Mussina to hold that lead and he couldn't.
2006-10-05 13:03:53
812.   Zack
803 Right, because the rest of our lineup has done so darn great today and hasn't been "clowns" either. Cano has been awful both games...
2006-10-05 13:04:09
813.   Shaun P
796 The crowd is booing him? Fuggin' morons.

Folks, let's not forget, Detroit's closer is Todd Jones.

Todd Jones vs the Yanks in '06:

2.2 IP, 4 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 1 HR, 1 BB, 1 K

That's a 16.88 ERA, BTW.

Todd Jones career vs the Yanks:

34.2 IP, 33 H, 19 R, 18 ER, 1 HR, 19 BB!, 27 K

Which is a 4.67 ERA.

I feel very calm, all of a sudden.

2006-10-05 13:04:39
814.   Zack
811 Except that we had Verlander on the ropes all game and insteda he went 6 innings. We could/should have done A LOT better...
2006-10-05 13:05:28
815.   Sliced Bread
813 They'd be crazy to go with anybody but Zufreaka.
2006-10-05 13:05:32
816.   yankz
813 Great stats, but I hate counting on a 9th inning rally. Especially with 7-8-9, including the ice cold Cano.
2006-10-05 13:05:59
817.   Shaun P
Finally - a pitcher who can get Thames out!
2006-10-05 13:06:13
818.   C2Coke
798 He was pretty awesome.
2006-10-05 13:06:20
819.   mikeplugh
The stage is set. Matsui with a double. Posada with a walk. Cano doubles in Matsui. 2nd and 3rd no outs. Damon walked. Jeter walk off single.
2006-10-05 13:06:28
820.   LI yankee
Zumaya was pretty much the worst possible matchup for A-Rod.
2006-10-05 13:06:56
821.   rbj
Dam, looks like I missed nothing, stupid work interfering with playoff baseball.
2006-10-05 13:07:20
822.   pistolpete
819 Please be right.
2006-10-05 13:07:20
823.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow. I love that Bruney guy!
2006-10-05 13:07:29
824.   Shaun P
815 Of course Leyland would. But Jones is the Closer with a capital "C" - and an Experienced Veteran and all that. Leyland does it just like everyone else - up in the 9th, 3 run or less lead, closer enters game.

Zumaya is gone, Jones will come in - I will be flabbergasted if that doesn't happen.

2006-10-05 13:07:37
825.   Chyll Will
Cool, comeback from 3-0, cool...
2006-10-05 13:07:40
826.   dianagramr
When you have a starter who can throw strikes at 95-99, and a set-up man who can do that too, not too many teams are gonna be able to do much.

And yeah ... Todd Jones isn't a Yankee-killer.

2006-10-05 13:07:41
827.   Jim Dean
I just flipped over to ESPN Classic and it's covering the 2003 ALCS. Within 20 seconds of watching:

Pedro: "Who are you Karim Garcia?"

2006-10-05 13:07:49
828.   mikeplugh
Bruney none to shabby himself.
2006-10-05 13:08:10
829.   Simone
814 Good pitchers work in and out of trouble which is what Verlander did and yet the Yankees' offense still managed 3 runs off him to take the lead. It was on, Mussina to hold that lead and he didn't do it. He didn't pitche well enough given the opposing pitcher.
2006-10-05 13:08:25
830.   Sliced Bread
Bruney should have relieved Moose in the 7th. Not 20/20 hindsight either. Moose was cooked.
2006-10-05 13:09:20
831.   Mattpat11
Well, here we go.
2006-10-05 13:09:26
832.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yeah! Okay Stadium crowd, get into it, let's goooooooooooo!
2006-10-05 13:09:32
833.   Schteeve
Welcome to the Zumaya - Bruney show.
2006-10-05 13:09:40
834.   mikeplugh
Anybody you'd rather have out there setting up Mo than Bruney? Hope he gets the win.
2006-10-05 13:09:54
835.   seamus
ok, here we go...
2006-10-05 13:09:59
836.   yankz
Even if they can't come back, at least they have Kenny Rogers tomorrow.
2006-10-05 13:10:26
837.   C2Coke
And our Bruney is awesome too. Is this his first PS appearance? Looks like Abreu is not the only one who fits in the Yankees system perfectly.
2006-10-05 13:11:02
838.   Mattpat11
836 And Randy Johnson.

They need to win.

2006-10-05 13:11:04
839.   Aviezer
Bruney was outside on every pitch in that AB but Granderson was hacking and made an out. Is he always that wild
2006-10-05 13:11:17
840.   Aviezer
Bruney was outside on every pitch in that AB but Granderson was hacking and made an out. Is he always that wild
2006-10-05 13:11:19
841.   Chyll Will
there ya go... and here comes Jones 824
2006-10-05 13:11:22
842.   Sliced Bread
829 You called it. 605
2006-10-05 13:11:36
843.   Simone
Good job by Bruney. Okay, Yankees there is still time to rally.
2006-10-05 13:11:59
844.   Aviezer
Sorry, fingers too itchy c-mon cap
2006-10-05 13:12:20
845.   Matt B
Nice work by Bruney. Yeah, Jones sucks, but it's only 3 outs...I still don't feel good.
2006-10-05 13:13:00
846.   buffalocharlie
820 Why is any pitcher a bad match-up for A-Rod, possibly the greatest baseball player ever, he should find a way to get a hit off any pitcher..
2006-10-05 13:13:05
847.   Shaun P
827 Awesome! That has to be a good sign.

Mad props to Bruney. Nothing like young, strike-throwing relievers! I can't believe the Yanks got him for nothing off waivers.

Time for an offensive explosion!

2006-10-05 13:13:13
848.   yankz
We need some Yankee magic. Get it started, porno king.
2006-10-05 13:13:17
849.   Sliced Bread
824 good call Shaun P.
2006-10-05 13:13:28
850.   Chyll Will
Here we come...
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2006-10-05 13:13:28
851.   Matt B

Let's go guys.

2006-10-05 13:13:29
852.   Mattpat11
I man-love Matsui.

Please no DP.

2006-10-05 13:13:41
853.   Simone
Matsui-san having a great game. Here we go!
2006-10-05 13:13:42
854.   mikeplugh
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-05 13:13:48
855.   RIYank
819 Mikeplugh, that wasn't a double.
I thought you were telling us what HAD happened.
2006-10-05 13:14:11
856.   C2Coke
G.O.D.Z.I.L.L.A. and Melky!!
2006-10-05 13:14:15
857.   pistolpete
I'm sorry, but Melky should not just be relegated to pinch-running duties...
2006-10-05 13:14:34
858.   mikeplugh
Melky in to run. Do a good job young fella.
2006-10-05 13:14:35
859.   Simone
842 Unfortunately, I was right.

Let's go, Jorgie!

2006-10-05 13:14:51
860.   Simone
How was that a strike?
2006-10-05 13:14:51
861.   C2Coke
Thank goodness Zumaya cannot come up again.
2006-10-05 13:14:54
862.   buffalocharlie
3 cheers for Melky !!!
2006-10-05 13:14:56
863.   Sliced Bread
Hip hip...
2006-10-05 13:15:08
864.   mikeplugh
855 my fault. ;)
2006-10-05 13:15:08
865.   Mattpat11
I doubt Posada is bunting, Joe. He'd bunt into a DP.
2006-10-05 13:15:19
866.   yankz
846 If Cliff was here, he'd e-eat you alive. I once suggested that Arod might go down as the best hitter ever, and I got a solid statistical beat down.
2006-10-05 13:15:31
867.   dianagramr
wow ... I don't think closers are supposed to let batters hit .276 against them!
2006-10-05 13:15:34
868.   Shaun P
Don't you DARE have Jorge bunt, Joe!

Let's go Yanks!!!

2006-10-05 13:15:39
869.   Simone
Now Jorgie has to swing at everything.
2006-10-05 13:15:51
870.   Matt B
Man, i'd like to see Jorge be a hero. Don't K, my man! and no DP!
2006-10-05 13:15:56
871.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 13:16:08
872.   vockins
Kevin Thompson would look real good on first right now. I'm not saying Melky shouldn't be on the roster, but KT would be sweet.
2006-10-05 13:16:16
873.   mikeplugh
2006-10-05 13:16:28
874.   Matt B
Damn, that was nice pitching, but that 1st strike was a gift.
2006-10-05 13:16:29
875.   RIYank
869 And yet, he didn't. And that looked very hittable.
2006-10-05 13:16:30
876.   Mattpat11

Holy fucking shit. What the hell was that?

2006-10-05 13:16:31
877.   Simone
Damn. F'king ump. Let's go, Cano.
2006-10-05 13:17:06
878.   Shaun P
If Gameday Enhanced is right, that first strike was not a strike at all. Not even close.
2006-10-05 13:17:08
879.   yankz
Wtf was that?
2006-10-05 13:17:15
880.   C2Coke
Cano...time to wake up...
2006-10-05 13:17:24
881.   Simone
875 So true.
2006-10-05 13:17:34
882.   Mattpat11
872 I'd take Melky on the roster over Thompson 110 times out of 100.
2006-10-05 13:17:49
883.   Matt B
Ooh, how did Robby miss that?
2006-10-05 13:18:04
884.   RIYank
878 Shaun, check it out: I don't think classic and enhanced agree with each other.
2006-10-05 13:18:27
885.   yankz
Come on least get on Captain Clutch can bat...
2006-10-05 13:18:33
886.   Simone
This is one time that Robbie needs to keep swinging. Apparently, the ump wants his dinner NOW!
2006-10-05 13:18:37
887.   pistolpete
Hard shot down the 1B line, c'mon Robbie.
2006-10-05 13:18:42
888.   Mattpat11
Who the hell sits slider on a two strike count?
2006-10-05 13:19:43
889.   C2Coke
884 I think different people are handling the updates.
2006-10-05 13:20:12
890.   yankz
Wow, Cano looks awful.
2006-10-05 13:20:36
891.   mikeplugh
what an at bat
2006-10-05 13:21:09
892.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 13:21:12
893.   C2Coke
888 Cano is really trying.
2006-10-05 13:21:23
894.   RIYank
884 Maybe. I figured enhanced must be done by instruments.


Okay, Johnny's pump is primed, anyway. Here we go!

2006-10-05 13:21:24
895.   Mattpat11
What a fucking disaster this game was.
2006-10-05 13:21:25
896.   Simone
Let's go, Johnny D.
2006-10-05 13:21:32
897.   mikeplugh
shit....c'mon damon!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-05 13:21:38
898.   yankz
Great at bat, now if he'd hit it fair. Preferably over a fence.
2006-10-05 13:21:52
899.   Matt B
we're cooked today, methinks
2006-10-05 13:22:24
900.   Shaun P

Up to Damon now.

Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2006-10-05 13:22:29
901.   Mattpat11
My remote's toast.
2006-10-05 13:24:16
902.   Chyll Will
2006-10-05 13:24:24
903.   pistolpete
Now someone was wondering why Mussina's postseason ERA was decent yet his win-loss record was poor? I think we're witnessing an example.
2006-10-05 13:24:46
904.   Shaun P
899 Its not over yet!!!
2006-10-05 13:25:16
905.   C2Coke
That must hurt big time. But it's fait, Cap'n has to come on.
2006-10-05 13:25:21
906.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-10-05 13:25:43
907.   Chyll Will
crap. I'm going home.
2006-10-05 13:26:16
908.   Sliced Bread
Series on.
2006-10-05 13:26:20
909.   Zack
Well the only positive about today is that Kenny Rogers is pitching tomorrow. If we don't crush him, we don't deserve to win the series, no?
2006-10-05 13:26:24
910.   RIYank

Well, Zumaya and Jones are probably not available tomorrow, huh? So they have an ordinary bullpen, and mediocre starter, and we have Unit, Farns, and Mo.

I wanted this game, though. Left too many RISP.

2006-10-05 13:26:39
911.   Mattpat11
what a fucking joke.

Randy Johnson and Jaret Wright coming up. Yankees lose the seriees and are the biggest embarassment in years.

2006-10-05 13:26:39
912.   yankz
2006-10-05 13:26:46
913.   Simone
This loss is on Mussina so I'm not crying for him.

Joe, you need make some changes in this line up pronto. Sheffield isn't hitting and Alex is slumping.

Go have your dinner, annoying ump.

2006-10-05 13:26:49
914.   C2Coke we'll see Wright?
2006-10-05 13:27:01
915.   rbj
Same here.
2006-10-05 13:27:19
916.   Simone
This loss is on Mussina so I'm not crying for him.

Joe, you need make some changes in this line up pronto. Sheffield isn't hitting and Alex is slumping.

Go have your dinner, annoying ump.

2006-10-05 13:27:36
917.   yankz
911 Um...2004?
2006-10-05 13:27:36
918.   seamus
911 give me a break and don't make too much a one run loss. We've had lots of these all year.
2006-10-05 13:28:35
919.   seamus
Moose pitched fine overall. It is ridiculous to blame a 4-3 game on him where we left like 20 runners on base. It is patently irrationale.
2006-10-05 13:28:44
920.   Simone
Ummm, I didn't mean to post twice. Damn, this loss has pissed me off.
2006-10-05 13:29:07
921.   rsmith51
I blame the Cap'n for bunting before Verlander got anyone out. That is just terrible baseball.
2006-10-05 13:29:07
922.   C2Coke
911 Lighten up, man. I get it you are very upset, but your negativity is not really helping.
2006-10-05 13:29:52
923.   Schteeve
916 Chill out. Mix yourself a cocktail or something. One game in which we didn't score 4+ runs and you want a lineup shake-up? Jesus.

911 Go root for the Red Sox with that fatalism.

2006-10-05 13:30:10
924.   rsmith51
I hate hate hate hate the bunt.
2006-10-05 13:30:25
925.   Zack
Like I said, tomorrow is the key. if we can't crush Kenny "choke" Rogers, then that tells us all we need to know...
2006-10-05 13:31:03
926.   C2Coke
What's with all the blaming? ALDS is still a 5-game series last time I checked.

Anyway, really really have to get back to work. We'll get the Tigers back to their cage tomorrow.

2006-10-05 13:31:30
927.   Levy2020

Jon Miller doesn't make it easier to take the loss well by yelling about every play in the last two innings.



Time to impose the Unit Rule on this series and erase this loss, yeah?

2006-10-05 13:32:03
928.   rsmith51
Oh well, I have game 4 tickets anyway. Hopefully the Yanks clinch there.
2006-10-05 13:32:25
929.   Alex Belth
I don't think it is irrational to blame Moose. The guy is handed a 3-1 lead and can't hold it. Give credit to the Tigers pitching. Verlander was pretty damn good even though he was wild. And their bullpen was flawless. I hang this L on Moose. He's got to put Granderson away there ahead of him 0-2.
2006-10-05 13:32:37
930.   C2Coke
927 Yep, the only blaming I had is for Miller and Morgan. When is YES going to start showing PS games???
2006-10-05 13:32:40
931.   Mattpat11
You know what, Posada's at bat annoys me more than anything A-Rod did tonight.

Who in all hell sits slider on a two strike count? Seriously. What an idiot. When the man throws the fastball down the middle you can't swing.

2006-10-05 13:33:16
932.   pistolpete
Buck Martinez on XM brought up an interesting point that a night game would have favored the Yankees, as the Stadium appears to be a more intimidating place when the sun goes down...
2006-10-05 13:33:26
933.   Yankee Fan In Boston
this team has overcome a hell of a lot more than a tied best of five series.

never surrender, people.


2006-10-05 13:34:33
934.   C2Coke
932 Interesting theory, but I do hope we don't have to come back here for another ALDS game though.
2006-10-05 13:35:07
935.   Mattpat11
923 No, you're right. I'm just thrilled with the prospect of the 80 year old man with a bad back and the big fat five inning pitcher.


2006-10-05 13:35:12
936.   pistolpete
927 Oh yah. Annoying as hell for sure - and his volume seems to increase against the Yanks.
2006-10-05 13:35:35
937.   yankz
Is no one as insanely optimistic as I am for Game 4? It's Kenny freaking Rogers, people! The man's two biggest weaknesses are pitching in October and pitching vs. the Yankees!!!
2006-10-05 13:35:48
938.   Chyll Will
Sigh. Somebody please kick Laz Diaz in the gnutellas.

Well. I agree with Simone... Mussina pitched himself into that loss. The lineup didn't help much, but not too much tinkering needs to be done; a boost here and a drop there and the motor's popping again.

Positives: The bullpen held up well, the defense is relatively decent and our pitching in general is rested. Bruney's a keeper. These guys just need a good hot shower, a decent night's sleep (no hanging out until the WS is a done deal) and some attitude. If they feel like we feel right now, Kenny Rogers is marked.

Hell with the negatives, I'm going home and looking forward to tomorrow.

2006-10-05 13:36:40
939.   pistolpete
934 But that would mean Tigers sweep the next two.

I don't think I have the stomach to not win it all again this year. Call me spoiled, but it would certainly suck after this amazing season.

2006-10-05 13:36:54
940.   Mattpat11
938 We can't hit Todd Jones. Why the hell would we hit Kenny Rogers?
2006-10-05 13:37:57
941.   pistolpete
938 Mussina was 'meh' for sure, but our 4-6 hitters might as well have been Nick Green, Aaron Guiel and Miguel Cairo for all the production we got today...
2006-10-05 13:37:57
942.   Simone
929 Exactly, Alex. I don't understand how people are trying to give Mussina a pass for giving up 3 runs after being given the lead.

923 What Alex said and have you watched Sheffield? The guy clearly doesn't have his timing back. He should not be hitting 4th in this line up.

2006-10-05 13:38:59
943.   Simone
938 It was Laz Diaz? I hope that he has a huge dinner that gives him gas.
2006-10-05 13:39:59
944.   pistolpete
943 That's putting it nicely. I was thinking more along the lines of massive abdominal cramping, followed by prolonged intestinal flu, into the night and on the plane too.
2006-10-05 13:41:44
945.   DrManhattan
I'm trying not to obsess over the fact that the Yankees have had this sequence 3 times prior in the LDS and lost every time (1997, 2002, 2005).
2006-10-05 13:41:52
946.   C2Coke
839 LOL! Stop twisting my words, man. I know I meant the Yankees are going to sweep the Tigers!
2006-10-05 13:42:03
947.   Chyll Will
940 We can't hit him every time. Rogers, though...
2006-10-05 13:44:21
948.   Shaun P
2006-10-05 13:44:43
949.   randym77
I blame it on the rain. Leyland credited the "time of day" for the win, among other things.

We need a retractable roof, I tell ya...

2006-10-05 13:44:54
950.   Chyll Will
...can walk in the winning run.
Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2006-10-05 13:45:25
951.   C2Coke
945 But so far this year is nothing like we've seen before.

Confidence, people!

2006-10-05 13:46:38
952.   Chyll Will
949 We need a temporal distortion to bring us to Game 4.
2006-10-05 13:54:30
953.   Travis
949 Me too. This is the fourth consecutive year with a Yankee playoff rainout (two of those games were in Boston, though) - off the top of my head, I can't think of any non-Yankee rainouts in those years.

Joe Torre's teams after playoff rainouts:

Game 1 of NLCS (L)
Game 2 of NLCS (L)

Game 1 of ALCS (W)
Game 1 of WS (L)

Game 4 of ALCS (L)

Game 3 of ALCS (W)

Game 4 of ALDS (W)

Game 2 of ALDS (L)

2006-10-05 13:57:50
954.   Zavo
As bad as the offense was with runners in scoring position, I still put this loss on Moose. A 3-1 lead in the 5th has to bhold up in the playoffs. Especially against this lineup.
2006-10-05 14:03:11
955.   d-lieve
there is a reason mike mussina has never won 20 games, has never won a world series, and has never pitched a no-hitter despite coming extremely close several times.

the bigger the situation, the worse the pitch he throws. the triple by granderson wasn't even the worst. leading 3-2 in the sixth, you absolutely CANNOT groove a fastball to the Tigers' best hitter WITH TWO OUTS. the guillen solo HR was UNACCEPTABLE.

the yankees keep handing mussina leads in division series games, and he keeps blowing them (see: 2005 ALDS).

when the contract expires, see ya later.

2006-10-05 14:03:25
956.   Schteeve
942 None of the Yankees were exactly ripping the cover off the ball today.
2006-10-05 14:04:31
957.   Schteeve
A-Rod can not get around on an exceptional fast ball. Couldn't touch Zumaya or Verlander.

Based on just observing the game today, should we bat Damon 4th or Matsui 4th, because they are the only ones who seemed to have any real success today.

2006-10-05 14:06:47
958.   randym77
941 You know, maybe they should have tried batting Cairo or Guiel. Seems like that's the way to get to Zumaya.

Remember that game against Detroit we played at the very end of spring training? Zumaya took the loss...when he gave up a looong two-run homer to Bubba Crosby.

And the only player to get a hit off him during the regular season was Melky Cabrera.

2006-10-05 14:15:41
959.   Simone
956 And despite the fact, the Yankees' offense got a 2 run lead which Mussina proceeded to systematically blow. The loss is on Mussina.
2006-10-05 14:15:50
960.   ny2
apparently a-rod hasn't driven in a run in his last 10 postseason games and is 5-for-40 (.125) in his last 11 postseason games. He's 1-for-8 with four strikeouts in this series.

I just want him to do well so bady but he doesn't really give fans much to work with

2006-10-05 14:17:56
961.   randym77
Yeek, what happened to Zumaya's eye? Did he get hit in the face with a ball or something?
2006-10-05 14:18:05
962.   Knuckles
955 Give me a break, please. Not closing out a no-hitter does not a crappy pitcher make. It's a testament to go that deep into so many no-no's to begin with.

As for losing a postseason game, when you start over 20 PS games in your career, there are going to be good outings and bad outings, just like anytime else. For the record, Moose's ERA by level of postseason play:
DS: 3.38
CS: 3.34
WS: 3.00

He was officially 0-2 in the 2003 ALCS, yet somehow, came up absolutely huge when it most mattered. Go figure.

Don't try and paint a black picture of the guy's long history because you're upset about today's game.

2006-10-05 14:21:02
963.   Simone
Joe should give Sheffield one more chance, but if he doesn't hit in tomorrow's game, he cannot continue to hit 4th. He doesn't seem to have his timing back and he isn't hitting with any kind of consistency.
2006-10-05 14:21:29
964.   Shaun P
954 I'm going to take that one step further and ask again why Moose was in there pitching to Granderson.

Starting with the top of 6th, here's what Moose did:

Pop Out (Ordonez)

Homerun (Guillen)

Groundout (I-Rod)

Flyout (Monroe)

The 6th is over and Moose is at 76 pitches. He did not look sharp, however.

Top of the 7th:

Single (Thames - now 3 for 3)

Wild pitch
Sac Bunt (Inge out at 1st)

OK, Moose is now at 80 pitches but hasn't gotten a strike on anyone since the 5th inning. In fact, the last batter of the 5th, Casey, saw two balls before popping out. Moose's last called strike was his first pitch to Polanco, who hit before Casey in the 5th. (Polanco then saw a ball, fouled two pitches off, and singled.)

How is this not a huge red flag that Moose is loosing it, or has lost it? In fact, a bunch of folks noticed Moose losing it in the 6th: 601 605. Then 652 653 and so on.

Tuesday night, Wang - a 26-year-old - is cruising in the 6th inning. Only thrown 93 pitches. 2 outs. So what happens? Torre yanks him and puts in Myers to pitch to Granderson. I think we all remember what happened next.

So now its the 6th inning today, and 37-year-old Mike Mussina is clearly struggling. Sure, he's only in the low 80s in terms of pitches. But he looks awful, hasn't thrown a strike since the 5th inning, and Granderson is coming up.

If Wang - who was cruising! - couldn't pitch to Granderson, why could Moose who was clearly in trouble?

If you don't want to go to Myers, why not bring in Villone? Villone held lefties to a .179 batting average! Why is he on the roster if he isn't going to pitch?

Or, failing that, why not bring in Bruney (.115 BAA vs LHB, though small sample size of 8.2 IP) or even Proctor (.204 BAA vs LHP)?

Moose should have held the 3-1 lead, but Torre had more than enough info to tell him Moose was cooked, and a reliever needed to come in.

Sorry for the long post.

2006-10-05 14:23:42
965.   Shaun P
962 Well said, Knuckles. That arguments about Moose (he never pitches well in big games) is about as logical as the "when A-Rod leaves a team, they do better" garbage.
2006-10-05 14:26:53
966.   Simone
964 Exactly. I totally called Mussina being done after the 6th inning (see 605). The one game where I totally think Joe contributed to a loss and hardly anyone is knocking him like he deserves.
2006-10-05 14:27:07
967.   yankeemonkey
Meanwhile, does anyone else find it disturbing that Jeff Weaver is pitching a 1-hit shutout against the Pads?
2006-10-05 14:38:34
968.   randym77
967 Yes. Who'd have thunk it?
2006-10-05 14:51:44
969.   Simone
Peter Abraham, LoHud Yankees Blog, said that Jaret Wright has confirmed that he is the game 4 starter.
2006-10-05 14:51:45
970.   joejoejoe
The Yanks pitching was good. If they can hold the other team to 4 runs every game they'll be eating confetti in the COH. If they keep losing games 4-3 it ain't the pitching that deserves the blame.
2006-10-05 15:01:55
971.   d-lieve
mike mussina playoff record with the new york yankees: 5-7.

since 2001: 3-6.

it's not about the era. it's about winning. mike mussina does not make enough necessary pitches in enough necessary moments to do so.

ps -- how does claiming mussina was "officially 0-2" help your case? last time i checked, there ain't no wins and losses but official ones, and moose officially blew another one today.

2006-10-05 15:06:23
972.   randym77
AP, NBC, etc., are already running the A-Rod stories. Sheesh. What about Giambi, Sheff, and Cano? They didn't exactly light up the scoreboard today, either.
2006-10-05 15:12:56
973.   Simone
What about Mussina who gave away the lead? I'll volunteer to write an article on the two meatballs that he threw to Guillen and Granderson.
2006-10-05 15:23:51
974.   Shaun P
971 "it's about winning. mike mussina does not make enough necessary pitches in enough necessary moments to do so."

Hence his 0-475 record in his 475 career starts, right? And his 0-21 record in his 20 postseason starts, plus his 1 postseason relief appearance.

We get it. You don't like Moose. You blame him for the Yanks' postseason failures since 2001. However, folks around here generally look past W-L records, to stuff pitchers can control (BB, HR, K), take run support and the effect of relievers into account, and so on.

Based on those objective, sound measures, Moose has been a very good pitcher for the Yanks, including in the postseason.

2006-10-05 15:25:26
975.   Shaun P
973 Ah, but Moose didn't sign a 10 year $252 million contract. His contract was only for 6 years at $88.5 million.
2006-10-05 15:26:55
976.   weeping for brunnhilde
931 I think that pitch that Jorge took right down the middle was a nasty cutter, if I'm remembering it correctly.

My memory's kind of foggy, but I think he was just fooled by the movement, not guessing slider.

Does that sound reasonable?

2006-10-05 15:45:42
977.   jonnystrongleg
964 "But he looks awful, hasn't thrown a strike since the 5th inning, and Granderson is coming up." Presumably some of the pitches that were hit or fouled off were strikes? I wouldn't know, I was in LF.

Some observations from the game:
1) Moose, love him or hate him, gave up one run of the two run lead because of a wild pitch. Gave up the remaining 1 run lead with an absolute bomb. And surrendered the lead by not finishing off the easiest man in the AL to whiff this year with an 0-2 count with the shadows in full effect. His game to win and he couldn't do it.
2) Where Granderson succeeded, everyone else failed. After the 6th, no one else could get through the shadows to come up with even a decent AB except for Matsui. The 102 MPH fasball didn't help matters.
3) Many people don't just boo Arod, and are not just disappointed when he does poorly. They HATE him. He sucked ass today, but 2 through 6 went 2-18 and Cano is 0-8 and looks worse than anyone right now. That doesn't really matter to them. If he has any heroics in him this year, it will be lost on a lot of the fans who were sitting in LF.

Moose coughed up the game, the bats could not save him, and the series is in grave doubt. Johnson's back is now of ultimate importance. If he can't deliver, it's a long shot to even get back to NYC. But I think Randy and Wright will pitch well enough to allow the Yanks offense to win 2 in Detroit.

Yanks in 4. Rest on Sunday.

2006-10-05 15:48:13
978.   jonnystrongleg
Also, shadows have less impact in night games. Rain out may have cost them Game 2.
2006-10-05 15:49:41
979.   Shaun P
973 Take heart, Simone. Keith Law in his blog at takes Moose to task for those exact two meatballs.

977 That's a shame re: fans hating A-Rod.

2006-10-05 15:57:31
980.   randym77
977 2. Didn't Robby have a good at-bat in the last inning? I was only listening on the radio, so I didn't see it, but it sure seemed like he put up a good fight.
2006-10-05 16:01:08
981.   Marcus
980 He was fouling off pitches, but a most of them were out of the zone, as far as I could tell.
2006-10-05 16:01:57
982.   ny2
seriously poor a-rod

"I didn't like him that well," Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said.

2006-10-05 16:02:43
983.   Simone
977 The series is not is "grave doubt." The Yankees lost one sucky game. Also, the Yankees bats did save Mussina. They gave him the freaking lead and he cough it up.

979 Thank you, ShaunP. I feel somewhat better now that I know that there is at least one sports reporter/commentator who is paying attention. I saw on Law's lead-in that he also called Jeter on his stupid bunt. Good.

Stop bunting Derek. Please.

2006-10-05 16:04:12
984.   ny2
exactly ... Derek: when your the all time postseason hits leader you DON'T bunt
2006-10-05 16:05:09
985.   yankz
Does anyone have the complete schedule of playoff games (as far as available) including times? Thanks.
2006-10-05 16:07:46
986.   Simone
982 Don't drink the Kool-Aid, George.

Hang in there, Alex, you will have your moment in the sun.

2006-10-05 16:12:28
987.   Travis
985 From Yahoo Sports (unofficial, still has TBA)

Tonight: Dodgers @ Mets, 8:05, FOX

Friday: Twins @ A's, 4:05, ESPN
Yankees @ Tigers, 8:05, ESPN

Saturday: Padres @ Cardinals, 1:05, ESPN2
Yankees @ Tigers, 4:05, FOX
Twins @ A's, 4:05, FX
Mets @ Dodgers, 7:35, FOX

Sunday (if necessary): A's @ Twins, 1:05, ESPN
Mets @ Dodgers, 4:05, ESPN
Padres @ Cardinals, 4:05, ESPN2
Tigers @ Yankees, 7:35, FOX

Monday: TBA

2006-10-05 16:14:29
988.   yankz
Guys, very few experts predicted a Yankees sweep. This one's far from over. Hasn't 04 taught us anything?
2006-10-05 16:14:47
989.   yankz
thanks Travis
2006-10-05 16:18:33
990.   weeping for brunnhilde
980 He did indeed have a fine ab. Yes, he popped out, but I was impressed he hung around as long as he did.

That guy was unhittable--I have no idea how Hideki got around on him.

2006-10-05 16:22:32
991.   Travis
990 I think you're confusing Todd Jones and Zumaya. Sheffield was the only Yankee to make decent contact against Zumaya in the 7th and 8th, but Jones came in for the 9th and faced Matsui, Posada, Cano, and Damon.
2006-10-05 16:46:11
992.   weeping for brunnhilde
991 I am confused, it's true. I didn't get to watch the game except to come running home to watch like the last two, two and a half innings. Very disorienting.

That said, Zumaya was unhittable, but Jones was very sharp himself. Hideki led off the ninth with a clean basehit against Jones.

Watching Jones mow through the next three batters without any of them making decent contact was what made me wonder how Hideki managed to get that first basehit.

I saw the tape of the pitch that Jorgie watched for strike three, which was a fastball. But that strike two that he watched go by him was, as I recall, a nasty, nasty cutter. I think the reason he didn't swing wasn't because he was guessing but because the break was so sharp and so late.

That's as I recall, anyway.

2006-10-05 16:53:34
993.   d-lieve
great, let's congratulate mussina for his outstanding -- actually, infinite -- K:BB ratio today. after all, he can "control" that.

my argument is neither that mussina never wins, nor that he is a bad pitcher, but that he has a strong tendency to lose focus when pitching with a lead and make fat pitches in critical situations. today is simply further evidence of that.

2006-10-05 16:53:53
994.   choirboyzgirl
To this day I don't understand the Hatred why do so many in New York hate him so much? What did he do to them? I mean I can understand Texas hating him (they are paying big bucks for him to play against them) But in NYC Alex is tied for 4th on the Yankee payroll so I don't even get the contract complaint.

It seems that he's willing to make sacrifices for the team moving to third (I not too sure he likes third as much as short), taking the blame for 99% of the teams loses and dropping down to 6th in the line up without making a fuss (although I do think he saw it as a demotion....and I didn't entirely get either since he was starting to hit the ball well). Yet all he hears are boos for 5 straight months....I gotta tell ya he handles it much better than I would have.

Do you think he (Alex) will opt out of his contract next year if he's with NYY? (I think he can unless then give him a raise)

2006-10-05 17:19:24
995.   YankInRI
Close game!
2006-10-05 17:21:27
996.   YankInRI
Yeah, what about that arod? He's great, but one mistake, and Bam! he' s booed all over again.
2006-10-05 17:22:23
997.   Stormer Sports
Easy Easy Easy THERE!

Give Moose a fucking break.

1st of all, if you think you can run out and find a guy to make 30+ starts with an ERA below 3.5, a post season ERA around 3.25, go right ahead morons! WE only have 2 good pitchers for Christ's sake, you want to run one of them out of town, and sign who? Look around the league.

2nd, Detroit is a good team, are you forgetting that? Sure, he made a couple bad pitches, but Verlander handed us 10 runs in the 1st three innings and we laid an egg.

The offense cost us this game, no doubt about that. Jete was bad, Alex was awful, and no one but Damon could scratch out a hit with RISP. If we cant average 5+ runs a game this post-season, we will lose, and it won't have anything to do with Mussina.

Coming into this PS, anyone could see that we would have to score a ton of runs to win and move on, and with our offense, we sure as hell should score a ton of runs. We don't have El Duque, Clemens, Pettitte, and Cone anymore. That is why we haven't won, no matter how terrifying a lineup we throw out there. This lineup has to average 5+ Runs per game, or we're finished.

And Joe saying Rivera is only available for 1 inning baffles me yet again. So, if we need him to get 5 outs, we won't do it, because Joe hasn't a clue how to handle managing in the post season. You win today and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Otherwise, there is no tomorrow. If we lose tomorrow, I can see Joe running Wright out there and going to bullpen junk if Wright gets banged around, instead of bringing in Wang on Saturday already. Its garbege like that that costs us series, not Mike Mussina.

Go Yankees!

2006-10-05 17:23:20
998.   YankInRI
(982) geez, steinbrenner. ya gotta like your players.
2006-10-05 17:29:53
999.   YankInRI
988 nah. this one's done.
2006-10-05 17:31:04
1000.   YankInRI
anybody else on?
Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2006-10-05 17:35:10
1001.   randym77
You hit a thousand!
2006-10-05 17:35:13
1002.   yankz
Well, we're kind of stuck.
2006-10-05 17:35:33
1003.   yankz
Whoa, i thought the limit was 1000!
2006-10-05 17:39:08
1004.   randym77
No, Ken upped it to 5,000.
2006-10-05 17:40:18
1005.   atc
My buddy who is a Mets fan just called me from Shea to say that tickets were going for only $50 outside the stadium. Makes me a little jealous.
2006-10-05 17:42:42
1006.   yankz
Dang, is this a record?
2006-10-05 17:49:53
1007.   randym77
BTW, how was the crowd at the Stadium? Last time there was a rainout, the stands were half-empty the next day, since a lot of people couldn't get out of work or school. But this is a playoff game...worth playing hooky for, surely.

(Though I'm glad I didn't call in sick today, given how the game turned out.)

2006-10-05 18:10:41
1008.   Start Spreading the News
A little to early for this, but how miserable would this town be if the Yanks lost this round and the Mets won the WS.

Come on, Randy. Pitch us a good on.

2006-10-05 18:19:30
1009.   Ken Arneson
1006 There's a 1600+ comment thread over on Dodger Thoughts. Not sure what the Bronx Banter record is (I could look it up but it's too much trouble right now), but I recall there were a couple of 1000+ threads during the five-game sweep.
2006-10-05 18:33:53
1010.   alterity
993 Well, don't know if you noticed, but your cherry pciked evidence doesn't fly here. DO you have any numbers to back up your cliams? Or do you just remember a bunch of imes when Mosse did not come through according to your definition?

And, by your logic, Moose would be a winner if his he gave up 17 runs a game and the offense always scored 18. That's BS and if you can't see it. . . The fact is that Moose held one of the best offensive temas in the game to 4 runs today. This Yankees club is about offense, and if they can't put up 6-7 consistently, then they are done. I hope no one is saying that Moose made good pitches on every pitch, but the Tigers are going to score some runs. I don't see anyone here complaining about the pitching Tuesday night, when it let in four as well. Guess Wang must be a "winner." Go hang out with Joe Morgan and the people who voted for Colon for Cy Young last year.

2006-10-05 19:05:52
1011.   yankz
Kid's Jeopardy! is coming on ABC (for TVU people)
2006-10-05 19:06:23
1012.   yankz
1009 Thanks. Blasted Dodger fans!
2006-10-05 19:24:14
1013.   singledd
On April 1st, everyone knew if this team won, it would by offensively pounding our opponent.
On October 1st, everyone knew if this team won, it would by offensively pounding our opponent.

Why then, when we score only three runs and have 9 LOB, are there people that think our pitching was at fault? Were you under the impression that we would outpitch Oakland, Minn. or Detroit? Yes, it can, and has happened, on any one given day. And if we get a great pitched game during the PS, its icing on the cake.

What this team brings to the plate is massive offense. Jeter, Abreu, Shef, Giambi and ARod going 2 for 18 ain't gonna cut it. As stated by a number of realists above, if we can't count on scoring 5+ runs every game, then there will be no parade this year.

2006-10-05 19:24:52
1014.   ny2
Derek please don't do that again:

Since Verlander's fastball tailed in on Jeter, he bunted the ball in the air, and it was caught by catcher Iván Rodríguez. Jeter said he was trying to at least move Damon to second and maybe even get a bunt hit because it was critical to score an early run.

"That's the way I play all year, so there's no reason to change anything now," Jeter said. "If I could it all over again, I would do the same thing. I probably just wouldn't have bunted at that pitch."

2006-10-05 19:47:13
1015.   Bags
For what it is worth:

Much of what I love about Bronx Banter is the lack of use of words like idiot, clown, joke, suck, and anything in ALL CAPS.

Thought we were a more civilized crowd than that. Thought we were less Sox-esque than that.

We lost one game. We can still win it all. Nothing to get ANGRY about.

My goodness.

Go Yanks.

2006-10-05 19:52:28
1016.   ny2
here's an article on cano ... i really think jeter is trying to mold him into the "yankee way" or a leader b/c i see him talking and correcting cano often ... he can be kind of cocky at times

2006-10-05 20:22:58
1017.   randym77
1015 We're not a more civilized crowd than that. Actually, this thread is pretty mild, all things considered.

If "suck," "idiot," and ALL CAPS annoys you, avoid game threads on days the Yanks lose.

It's just venting. We'll get over it.

2006-10-05 20:34:03
1018.   David
I haven't followed the entire thread, so maybe this comment has already been made. I thought the Detroit pitchers made an ungodly number of outstanding pitches. I really don't blame the offence for not scoring more.

I don't think they can keep up that level of pitching. I sure hope our pitching is OK in the next two games.

Go Yankees!

2006-10-05 21:57:22
1019.   Mike T
I agree with David. Let's straighten out the reasoning for today's loss: Detroit's pitchers were awesome, and the Yankees' offense didn't rise to the challenge. Yankee pitching was good today. I mean come one, the Tigers only scored four runs. It's not like they blew the Yanks out 12-3.
2006-10-05 22:11:10
1020.   markp
to Mike T

Stop making sense!

(Since a lot of the phrases around here are music related, I thought using D.Byrne & Co, would be OK.)

I thought Verlander and the second guy completely dominated the righty hitters today, and when the lefties couldn't string together enough offense to score more than three...

2006-10-05 23:38:20
1021.   Shaun P
1010 Well said, alerity.

993 A very similar argument used to be made about Jack Morris, that he 'pitched to the score', gave up runs whenever he had a lead by throwing bad pitches. Someone, Joe Sheehan of BP I think, actually went through every game Morris ever pitched and disproved this theory. If you want to do that kind of a study on Moose, and the results of the study back you up, get back to us with the proof. In the meantime, tell Joe Morgan I said hello.

1009 Ken, is there any reason the 'Comments' label at the top of the comments says "1006" when its clearly more than that? The things one notices at 2:30 am when one's baby girl doesn't want to sleep.

Thank you again for being a wonderful host.

2006-10-05 23:39:01
1022.   Shaun P
1021 Of course now it says "1007"!
2006-10-06 04:10:13
1023.   C2Coke
Alex has yet to post the summary yet, but it's a new day, is everyone feeling better now?

Let's Go, Yankees!

2006-10-06 04:24:45
1024.   jayd
A new day it is but I sense there are Tigers and their fans awakening with the thought "You know, I think we can beat these guys."

Not that they can, of course. But I hate to see people walking around with elevated expectations. It makes for so much disappointment later. 2 for 18, hope the Yanks are pissed.

2006-10-06 04:29:08
1025.   randym77
All the other series are 2-0. Why do I get the feeling they're gonna sweep, and we're gonna have a five-setter?
2006-10-06 04:30:30
1026.   Simone
Nope, I don't feel better. I'm flicking through the channels to find Mike & Mike and Imus attacking A-Rod. This is so unfair. Jeter saying that he would bunt again also adds to my annoyance.

1013 The Yankees only scored 3 runs? Three runs is plenty against Verlander's heat. The Cardinals only scored 2 runs against the Padres and they won there game with Weaver pitching of all people. I'll repeat until the end: There is no justifying Mussina blowing the lead. He made bad pitches that were hit miles away. A-Rod was right that Mussina gets a pass when he messes up.

Ack, now Gammons trying to prop up the Tigers. How about calling out Mussina?

2006-10-06 04:35:51
1027.   randym77
Filip Bondy, at MSNBC:

This is the first time that two 40-plus pitchers are starting in the same playoff game, and here are the matchups:

Randy Johnson, 43, has attacked one cameraman, is suffering from a herniated disk in his lower back and has an ERA of 3.28 in 18 postseason games.

Kenny Rogers, 41, has attacked two cameramen, has grabbed a fan by the collar, and is 0-3 with an 8.85 ERA in nine postseason games.

He predicts this game will be a "slugfest" that can "go either way." How the Big Unit has fallen...

2006-10-06 04:39:46
1028.   jayd
OK This is my thought for the day until the next game. Thanks to waswatchingdot com and whereever he got it from:

Game 3 of the 2006 ALDS Will Be A-Rod's Greatest Post-Season Game of All-Time

Here's what's currently forming for Game 3 of 2006 Tigers-Yankees ALDS.
On one front:
Alex Rodriguez, in his career, has faced (scheduled Tigers starter) Kenny Rogers 24 times. In 5 of those 24 times, Rogers walked A-Rod.
In the 19 times where Rogers did not issue a pass to Rodriguez, Alex has produced a hit 10 times. Yes, that's a batting average of .526. But...wait...there's more! Five of those ten hits for A-Rod were homeruns! Yes, in his career, when Rodriguez gets to bat against Rogers, half the time he gets a hit - and half of those hits are usually a homer.
On another front:
This is a post-season start for Kenny Rogers. In his post-season career, Kenny Rogers has pitched in 9 games - throwing 20.3 innings. During this time, Rogers has allowed 16 walks and 32 hits. Yes, over his entire post-season career, Kenny Rogers has allowed 2.4 baserunners per inning pitched. Further, Rogers' lifetime post-season ERA is 8.85!
If the batter-pitcher match-up in Game 3 of the 2006 ALDS is not the perfect storm for a huge A-Rod night at the bat, there's no such thing

Now if that does not bring hope, then I'm getting out of this savior business...

2006-10-06 04:44:19
1029.   rbj
1028 Thanks jayd

The waiting is the hardest part. . .
(except, unless, if the Yankees ah, um, er don't score more runs than the other team)

2006-10-06 04:50:35
1030.   Simone
Eh, I'm not worried about tonight's game. I expect the Yankees' offense to take out all they fustrations on Kenny Rogers and the back of the Tiger's bullpen so even if Randy Johnson explodes it won't matter.
2006-10-06 05:53:30
1031.   yankz
Jeter's bunt yesterday? That was Mariah Carey.
2006-10-06 06:05:24
1032.   yankz
From the Pinstriped Blog:

"When the Yankees signed Karim Garcia, Thames was optioned back to Columbus, never to return."

I knew he had his hand in this.

2006-10-06 06:28:19
1033.   Sliced Bread
(long post alert!)
Alex Says Alex Sucks

To the detriment of my arteries, I stopped by my favorite diner this morning, and talked Yankees with Alex, the friendliest and most attentive waiter in town. Believe me, I'm not the only customer who knows this. If Alex has taken your order once, he remembers it forever.

This morning, Alex greeted me as always, with a smile and a handshake. But this is what he said -- twice, louder the second time to emphasize his point: "Alex sucks. Alex sucks!"

I shook my head and laughed at Alex, swinging an imaginary bat, "Strike three. Strike three."

Wiseguy in another booth mutters, "Yeah, when he swings."

It's bad for Alex the Great when Alex the waiter is goofing on him. I've never heard Alex say an unkind word about his Yanks. He usually just tips his cap to the opposing pitcher.

Later, Alex stops by with a fresh mug of coffee and tells me Nomar Garciaparra was in the place yesterday with his wife. Alex with the memory that never forgets couldn't recall her first name, but remembered "Ham." 5-foot-5 Alex reaches skyward describing how tall Nomar is. Alex reports Nomar stopped by once before, and ordered the same thing: pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon. Said he's a very nice guy, too, and opened his wallet to show me the $5 dollar bill Nomar signed for him. Garciaparra has one of those indecipherable autographs you have to take the holder's word for.
I got Buck Showalter's indecipherable autograph this summer.

We talked autographs for a sec. I said Mariano Rivera has a beautiful signature. I didn't use these words, but Mo's tag, if you've never seen it, is as precise and artistic as his cutter.

More importantly, Alex isn't worried about the Yanks. He thinks Johnson is going to get the job done tonight.

I told Alex I heard on the radio that A-Rod has smacked Kenny Rogers around good. But we agreed it's best not to speculate about Rodriguez.

2006-10-06 06:34:32
1034.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i had blocked out the mariah carey "connection."

i know that some people are disappointed with the bunt attempt, but let's not get nasty.

(personally, i think that it wasn't a terrible idea after the 5 for 5 hype to remind the tigers that jeets can also lay one down... when he actually can lay one down.)

it took years for me to forgive jeets for that indiscretion, but now he could do just about anything and get away with it.

he could date ann coulter. he could slap my grandmother around. he could even mess up a bunt attempt in a playoff game.

they're winning today. i can feel it. i had a bad feeling yesterday. so, given the results, one can take my gut feeling as an indicator of future yankee performance.

you can rest assured that tonight's victory is a sure thing.

it's science.

2006-10-06 06:45:21
1035.   Shaun P
1032 Good thing the Yanks are holding on to their better younger players these days, instead of relying on the Karim Garcia's of the world.

Today's a new day - go Yanks!

2006-10-06 07:06:36
1036.   Sliced Bread
Yeah, as long as Unit doesn't go all brokeback on us (not in the mountain way), and even if he does, Yanks should restore order tonight.

If you don't have the stomach for A-Rod analysis and jokes, stay away from the TV, radio, newspapers, and blogs today. It's an A-Rod-a-thon out there. Soxaholix all over him today as you can imagine.

As an A-Rod supporter (which I'm) all you can do is chill, and hope he gets back in the groove soon, and not just for his sake. We need some of these guys to mash today. I believe the Motown mash is going down tonight.

2006-10-06 07:12:31
1037.   Simone
Anyone else heard Cashman on ESPN's Mike&Mike about an hour ago? After bashing A-Rod all morning long, Greenburg was real careful in how he phrased his A-Rod question to Cashman. Anyway, Cashman said that RJ's back was iffy, but he was ready to go out there and the Yankees need him. Cashman praised the Tigers pitchers and said that they were unhittable yesterday.
2006-10-06 07:43:07
1038.   Sliced Bread
They were talking about this on the Mike & The Noisy Poodle radio program yesterday:

If there was ever a night to DH Bernie, tonight's the night:

Bernie vs Kenny Rogers
.353 avg/.421 obp/.588 slg
12 for 34 with 10 RBI

Sheff vs Rogers:
3 for 17 .176 avg
two of his 3 hits were home runs

Giambi owns Rogers and should play 1B:
10 for 23 with 7 walks
4 HR, 9 RBI

Will Joe do it?

2006-10-06 07:44:29
1039.   jonnystrongleg
1037 In comment 983 you say the series is not in "grave doubt." You're sure of RJ's back and Jaret Wright? I'm confident and I'd rather be us than them, but the outcome of this series is in doubt. Perhaps you just object to the word "grave."

You also said the bats did "save" Moose by staking him a 3 run lead. I think we have different ideas about what that word means.

2006-10-06 07:45:37
1040.   jonnystrongleg
Sorry. 3-1 lead.
2006-10-06 07:56:43
1041.   standuptriple
Best of 3. I have good memories of Kenny Rogers. The singer was on some "collectable" casino chips on a very lucky Reno trip. Here's to The Gambler coming through for me again.
2006-10-06 08:10:13
1042.   Firebernie
Enough of "the booing is so unfair," "Moose gets a pass," "Jeter isn't perfect (or worse), so that makes A-Rod better." Unless you think the Giambi material and the unattributed Yankee quotes from the SI article were fabricated, unless you think your memory of A-Rod in clutch situations is clouded, then you have to conclude that there is a serious problem with our # 13 that many of his teammates and many fans recognize. He's clearly a frontrunner, so expect lots of production in May and great numbers after things are all but locked up in September, but don't expect much if anything from him in a tight series in October.
2006-10-06 08:41:45
1043.   standuptriple
1042 So you're saying Dave Winfield's Mr. May namesake is in jeopardy?
2006-10-06 08:44:58
1044.   Shaun P
1042 Seriously, are you a Red Sox fan in pinstriped clothing? debris, is that you?
2006-10-06 08:49:58
1045.   Firebernie
No, I'm a lifelong Yankee fan. My only regret is that the Red Sox were unable to pull off the A-Rod deal. The 2004 Sox with A-Rod minus Manny would have continued the curse.

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