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There'll be No Game Tonight, Scram, Come Back Tomorrow
2006-10-04 19:41
by Alex Belth
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Game Two will be made up at 1 pm tomorrow afternoon. Shoot, I went home and hung out with my cousin Eric. Didn't much rain up here in the northern Bronx but better safe than sorry, right? There will be a lot of distracted Yankees fans at work on Thursday. Well, we always beg for day games. Now, we've got one. Have a good night, peoples. I'll catch you in the a.m.

Update 11:20 p.m. Yeah, it's coming down pretty good here now. It would have been a slopfest like we saw last year if they had tried to get this one in. They made the right call.

2006-10-04 19:56:35
1.   Jeb
So i get post number 1. I'm eithe Damon or billy Martin. That's cool. I hate it when it rains out, but last year they tried so hard to get in game 3 in bad weather and the yanks lost. I'm glad moose didn't get too warm. Hopefully, they'll do well tomorrow. Besides, I'm always complaining that the yanks never get afternoon playoff games. I need something to keep me from working. Go yanks!
2006-10-04 20:18:59
2.   BklynBmr
While I feel bad for everyone who attended tonight, I'm down with the call. No need to chance losing a full start from Moose, screwing up the pen, etc. Hopefully Joe Morgan will be re-assigned in the meanwhile as well, but that's probably too much to ask for...
2006-10-04 20:21:51
3.   Alex Belth
Moose didn't even warm up. He knew. And was smart enough to know not to even bother warming up, and putting himself in the position to get jerked around while they decided what to do.
2006-10-04 20:28:35
4.   yankz
You know what I just remembered? That Jeter was voted most overrated. Yeah, he sucks.

How cool would it be to be the most loved man in the most famous city in the world for just a day, let alone for the past decade + like the Captain has?

2006-10-04 20:32:50
5.   mikeplugh
I think the most overrated were:

1. Jeter (this year's MVP)
2. A-Rod (last year's MVP)
3. Beltran (2006 Top 3 MVP candidate)

No Eckstein or Podsednik in sight....

2006-10-04 20:38:55
6.   yankz
5 I bet they're asleep, so I'll pick up the slack: No Karim Garcia either...
2006-10-04 20:41:27
7.   mikeplugh
6 No Andy Stankiewicz either....
2006-10-04 20:46:15
8.   mehmattski
7 Who's Andy Stankiewicz?
2006-10-04 20:51:37
9.   Jen
Judging from what I drove into on my way home in Clifton, they were better off calling the game. It is pouring out. Lots of lighting too. It probably made it's way to the Bronx right about now.
2006-10-04 20:55:30
10.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
If only they had made this call last year in the rj game, we would've beaten the halos and probably given the Palehose a stronger test than any of the other teams they blew away.


Yanks in day games this season: 35-23

Detroit in day games this season: 28-30

Mussina's day/night era split in 2006: 3.28/3.64

Tho, uh-oh, Veralander's day/night split is 2.78/3.99

2006-10-04 21:11:02
11.   seamus
10 I think that to some extent the day/night splits reflect the fact (I think it is so) that there are more day games earlier in the season and both pitchers had better first halves. That doesn't explain Detroit's home record though.
2006-10-04 21:13:41
12.   Xeifrank
And if/when the Yankees reach the World Series it will probably snow flurries instead of rain that we are worrying about.
vr, Xei
2006-10-04 21:21:21
13.   mikeplugh

Andy's Baseball Reference page

2006-10-04 23:11:34
14.   singledd
Torre is making his 11th appearance in postseason play with the Yankees, surpassing Casey Stengel (10) for the most postseason appearances by a manager in American League history. It's his 12th appearance overall (1982 with Atlanta.).
2006-10-04 23:25:59
15.   BklynBmr
Tigers mad. Grrrrr....

2006-10-05 05:29:42
16.   GoingDeep
Im in Australia so the delay means Im now able to watch the game.... At 3am! instead of 10am. Lets make this a 2hr game please so I can get some shut-eye.
2006-10-05 06:12:34
17.   Sliced Bread
The fix is in. I know some guys in Jersey, who know some plumbers in the Bronx. Let's just say the forecast calls for sporadic showers in the Tigers dugout this afternoon.
Think they were flummoxed last night, just you wait.
2006-10-05 06:19:18
18.   rbj
I'm glad they called the game, but can't understand what took so long. Dumb shites at MLB.
2006-10-05 06:21:41
19.   Sliced Bread
This just in from Tom Verducci:

Ten page cover-story. Photo of an angry A-Rod. Headline: The Rainmaker: Why He Caused Confusion & Delay at Game 2, And Sent The Kids Home Crying!

2006-10-05 08:12:53
20.   JL25and3
I was at the game last night, and I was furious. Not that they called the game, because they weren't going to be able to play it. But the way they handled it was sownright insulting.

Long before I ever got to my seat, they knew that the first rain was coming, and they had to have seen the other storm behind it. They must have known that the odds of getting a game in were very, very long. (That's why Mussina didn't warm up.) But in the postseason, the Yankees don't make the decision, ESPN does.

I'm sorry, did I say ESPN? I meant tne commissioner's office.

If they call the game beforehand, there's no show, and ESPN loses all that prime-time advertising. This way, though, they could have a pregame show, and recap, and interviews, and Joe Morgan bloviating, and ads. No game, and they knew it, but they wanted to squeeze every dollar out of it that they could.

Here's the final insult: ESPN made the announcement that the game was cancelled 20 minutes or more before anoyone thought to tell the fans at the Stadium.

2006-10-05 08:14:02
21.   JL25and3
Sorry for the typos. See how pissed off I am?

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