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A Good Start...
2006-10-04 10:09
by Alex Belth
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When I left the Stadium last night it was close to midnight. Most of the exits on the ground floor were already closed so I had to walk around the park the long way, through the outfield bleachers, to reach the street. The bright stadium lights were dimmed and it was still humid. Incredibly, the place was virtually empty. I was surprised at how fast everyone was gone. The subway stations were desolate too--the night crew already had long hoses out and were washing down the platforms. When I reached the 1 train at 168 street, I was a little unnerved by just how alone I felt. Nobody was around, which is never a comfortable feeling for this New Yorker.

It wasn't long before an Asian couple wearing matching Wang shirts joined me on the platform. I struck up a conversation with them. Yes, they were both originally from Tawain but they had met as students here in the States, at Syracuse University. Now, they are co-workers in southern California. They made the trip back east, in part, to see Wang pitch last night. I asked if they were a couple or just co-workers and they told me they are returning to Syracuse this weekend to get married. Just the two of them (they have no family in the States). How cool is that? I told them that I just got engaged and we became fast friends. We rode the train uptown together and they insisted on taking pictures with me before I got off at my stop. We hugged goodbye.

Couple of mid-day links for your face:

Emma Span on the different clubhouse cultures in the Bronx and Queens, uber-Yankee blogger, Pete Abraham with some cherce links, Larry Mahnken recaps Game 1, Tom Verducci on Derek Jeter, Jack Curry on Jim Leyland, Ken Rosenthal on the Yankee offense, and finally, an interview with yours truly for the Sports Media Guide site.

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2006-10-04 10:43:20
1.   Shaun P
You da man, Alex. Nice interview at SMG. I imagine you can't say what book #2 is about yet, but after enjoying Stepping Up so much, I look forward to adding #2 to my baseball bookshelf.

I can't believe Texas fired Showalter. Its not his fault that they don't have any pitching. I hope ESPN hires him back for BBTN.

2006-10-04 10:53:51
2.   Shaun P
If Alex doen't mind, I'll add a link of my own that I thought was a good read, with a hat tip to Joe Sheehan:

2006-10-04 11:18:51
3.   3rd gen yankee fan
Jeez Alex you're really trying to keep us from getting any work done with all those links! ;-)

I'm the Babe today. :-)

2006-10-04 11:21:44
4.   rbj
It's not the game thread. But I don't mind being Gehrig.
2006-10-04 11:36:28
5.   Sliced Bread
Verducci describes Sheff as a "lost soul" at first base.

Guess Verducch was too busy pondering cherry blossom analogies to catch Sheff's solid work at the bag last night, complete with back-handed scoops, and Cirque du Soleil stretches.

2006-10-04 11:40:40
6.   RIYank
Here comes Mauer with a chance to do damage (two on, two out, down by two in the fifth).
2006-10-04 11:41:44
7.   RIYank
And Joe grounds out to end the inning.
2-0 Athletics.
2006-10-04 11:49:05
8.   bp1
5 "Cirque du Soleil stretches". Nice! I saw that and figured that Giambi would be wheeled off the field on a stretch if he tried that.

Heck - I'd split in two myself if I tried that. These guys are amazing.

Sheff's fine. Is he Donny Baseball at 1st? No way. But he'll be fine (knock on wood).

2006-10-04 11:51:11
9.   RIYank
Are we rooting for the Twins? I guess so: we don't want a sweep, that's for sure.
Now going to the bottom of 6, still 2-0.
2006-10-04 11:53:58
10.   rbj
9 I want that game to go 5. With a nice big side order of extra innings.
2006-10-04 11:56:47
11.   RIYank
So Cuddyer's homer just now was a good thing.
2006-10-04 11:58:51
12.   RIYank
And Morneau's homer, too.

Oh yeah, I remember Esteban Loaiza now.

2006-10-04 12:00:20
13.   Shaun P
Best quote from Ms. Span's article about the NY clubhouses:

"If a dozen streaking midgets ran through the [Yankees'] clubhouse followed by Ted Williams's frozen head riding a fire-breathing unicorn, the captain would simply blink and then politely say that it's all about winning, and he's just focused on helping this team get another championship."

So funny, and yet so true.

2006-10-04 12:01:35
14.   pistolpete
10 Exactly.
2006-10-04 12:02:16
15.   Shaun P
12 Me too. I guess the Twins' hitters got the memo about making guys with sub-standard control (aka Loaiza) throw lots of pitches (95 to get through 5 innings = 19 per inning). The best part is, now Oakland gets to hopefully tire out its bullpen (no offense to any lurking A's fans).
2006-10-04 12:03:44
16.   Sliced Bread
These A's-Twinks games have been great.

Terrific matchup between two outstanding franchises.

It's a little sad that they play in such hideous ballparks.

As bad as the dome is, the A's might have it worse having to look across the bay at the beautiful San Fran park.

Yanks-Tiggers is a much more telegenic series, no?

2006-10-04 12:09:00
17.   Shaun P
16 Yes, if the Tiggers still played at Tiger Stadium. Comerica is bland, just another HOK cookie cutter retro mallpark. At least the HHH Dome is quirky, with the baggie and the speakers in the ceiling and all.

Lord, I really hope the New Stadium does not end up looking like another HOK cookie cutter retro mallpark. That will make me cry.

2006-10-04 12:13:40
18.   Sliced Bread
17 Yeah, Comerica has the charm of a Home Depot, but at least it doesn't have a roof. That should be MLB rule #1 in my opinion.

As for the Yanks, I'm not overly sentimental about the current Stadium, but it works for me, and I just don't think they need a new one, let alone one that seats fewer people.

2006-10-04 12:15:23
19.   Chyll Will
Another Chyll Will anecdote...

During the 1999 World Series, I was on my way home from late classes and club meetings, chillin' on the 6 platform when this guy, dressed in worn and dirty clothes and with a likeness that recalled Rev. Jim from Taxi, lurched towards me.

I glanced around; we were the only people on the platform, or even in the whole station...

He stared at me and hopped/shuffled in my direction. A slight shiver went through me looking for a way out, but I bit my toungue and waited.

"Hey buddy," he rasped, "'ya got the time?"

I looked at my watch. "It's 2:30," I replied warily.

The guy's face goes blank. He leans leans forward and his eyes roll halfway upward, so the whites show underneath the cold, staring grays.

"...tha YANK-eesh!" he breathes in wide-eyed amazement. "GO, YANKEES! GO, GO GO!!! YANK-EEEEES!!!!!"

He stomps off, triumphantly screaming to the top of his lungs, leaving me looking around for Alan Funt and the hidden camera that has got to be somewhere nearby.

You can't make this stuff up in New York. If you do, it'll likely happen next week.

2006-10-04 12:21:53
20.   choirboyzgirl
16 & 17- I love Comerica Park (a.k.a the new Tiger Stadium LOL many people still call it that) so much better than the old Tiger Stadium for two main reasons.

1) Leg room, leg room, leg room. Those of us that are over 5'3 really appreciate that extra space.

2) No poles (in which they put a seat right behind it LOL) block your view.

Also like that fact that Comerica Park is more open and spacious all around and doesn't feel closed in like Tiger Stadium did.


2006-10-04 12:27:24
21.   Sliced Bread
Kotsay in-the-park HR. Unbuhleevabull.

Hunter's bummin.

2006-10-04 12:28:59
22.   Shaun P
20 If I lived in/near Detroit and went to watch the Tigers in person, I would agree with you 100%. Lack of leg room and the poles are my two biggest complaints about Fenway, the park I am closest to.

But since I just watch the Tigers on TV when they play the Yanks, I miss seeing Tiger Stadiums' upper deck and all those poles. Childhood sentimentality I guess.

2006-10-04 12:29:32
23.   Sliced Bread
19 Did Boomer give you his autograph before he disappeared into the night?
2006-10-04 12:34:17
24.   RIYank
21 What happened -- anybody see the insider-the-parker?
2006-10-04 12:34:57
25.   RIYank
"Insider-the-parker". How eloquent.
2006-10-04 12:37:14
26.   Chyll Will
23 >;) Nah, just the creeps...
2006-10-04 12:37:58
27.   Chyll Will
25 Matthew Broderick?
2006-10-04 12:38:53
28.   singledd
FWIW: Torre removing Wang. From LoHud...
"Granderson was 3 for 8 against Wang this season, so the move made sense."
Small sample size, but reasonable?

It's too easy to 2nd guess after the fact.
Knowing this (3 for 8), would YOU have left Wang in, in the 7th?

2006-10-04 12:39:25
29.   RIYank
27 That one took me a half a minute to figure out.
2006-10-04 12:40:16
30.   Sliced Bread
line drive to center. Hunter took a dive that he should not have, and the ball rolled to the center field wall.

Kotsay jogged out of the box and then started chugging. He was gasping in the dugout afterward.

Hunter might have had it before he lost a step, but it was not a safe play.

not a smile to be seen in the Twinks dugout, 2 outs, none on in the 8th.

Hunter's up now.

2006-10-04 12:41:15
31.   Sliced Bread
Hunter down on strikes. Gets the mild midwest version of the A-Rod treatment from the homers.
2006-10-04 12:41:34
32.   Chyll Will
29 Thanks, I've been practicing...
2006-10-04 12:43:56
33.   Chyll Will
31 I just can't imagine a whole stadium full of people shouting in unison, "D'oh!"
2006-10-04 12:45:28
34.   RIYank
33 No, I think they're screaming "Mmmmmm, beer!"
2006-10-04 12:47:48
35.   Shaun P
Twins are hacking again - 21 pitches for Duchscherer over 2 innings, and he faced the minimum of 6 guys = only 3.5 pitchers per batter! 7 pitches to get through the Twins' 4-5-6 hitters in the 8th inning.

Think the Sheff-Giambi-A-Rod trio will ever be set down in 7 pitches this postseason? Me neither.

2006-10-04 12:51:19
36.   Chyll Will
35 Yeah, but how does that compare to Chef Boy-Ar-Dee?
2006-10-04 12:54:26
37.   pistolpete
28 So what's the worst that could have happened? Oh yeah, that's right - a solo HR. Myers decided to handle that himself.


2006-10-04 12:56:02
38.   pistolpete
Wow, Twins falling apart. Now back to Oakland...
2006-10-04 13:02:02
39.   Shaun P
I think whoever is broadcasting the A's-Twins game on ESPN is talking about Derek Jeter a lot. The folks at Catfish Stew seem to mention Jeter as much as we mention Karim Garcia on a slow day.
2006-10-04 13:02:06
40.   markp
What I liked about Comerica is that it was a pitcher's park. Every other recent park has been a hitter's park, so it was a nice change. I wish they hadn't brought in the fences-they should have built a team like the old Astros or White Sox-good flyball pitchers and speedy OFs. I don't care for small-ball, but having one small-ball team in a small-ball park would have been cool.
That's why I was hoping left-center in the new Yankee stadium would have been deeper than the current one (even if not to the old dimensions.)
2006-10-04 13:02:18
41.   singledd
30 Am I being a 'prude', or is it to much to ask that players hussle out of the box IN THE POSTSEASON!

Many being Manny is becoming contageous. It's time for managers to fine players for this. Over the year, how many singles would have been doubles? How many doubles could have been triples? Are there games that are lost on this one issue alone?

Manny gets paid about $35,000 per PA. Think about that. The average player make $4,000 per PA. Is it really that much to ask that they run hard? At least IN THE FREAKIN' POST SEASON?


2006-10-04 13:05:14
42.   Chyll Will
39 er... who is Karim (you get it...)
2006-10-04 13:07:29
43.   Sliced Bread
40 I agree, and man, do I hope they move the fences back, and then some, with Creaky Unit and Wright coming to town.
2006-10-04 13:11:03
44.   Chyll Will
41 I'm guessing that Kotsay doesn't figure Valkyries are coming to take him to Valhalla when his time comes, so why bother...
2006-10-04 13:11:29
45.   rbj
41 Jeter hussles some pretty sweet boxes.
2006-10-04 13:12:39
46.   pistolpete
2 on for Punto in the 9th. Not over yet.
2006-10-04 13:13:37
47.   Shaun P
43 Actually, Sliced, someone I just read - maybe Steven Goldman? - pointed out that Wright has not given up many homers to righties at all this year. Of course, that is the Tigers' greatest strength on offense, right-handed power.

And its true - Wright has given up 3 measley HRs to RH batters all season (in 77.2 IP). Wow.

2006-10-04 13:14:19
48.   Chyll Will
41 Giambi just stole third...
2006-10-04 13:15:08
49.   rbj
And we were worried about the Twins, why?
2006-10-04 13:15:44
50.   Chyll Will
48 Tim McClelland just lost count...
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2006-10-04 13:15:51
51.   3rd gen yankee fan
Twins don't belong in the playoffs. I'm gonna be very interested however to see if Oakland plays out the classic ChOakland A's script.
2006-10-04 13:16:42
52.   pistolpete
We can now root for the Twins to take 3 and 4, hopefully they're each 19-inning affairs.
2006-10-04 13:16:57
53.   3rd gen yankee fan
48 Well of course our guys hustle.
2006-10-04 13:17:48
54.   Chyll Will
49 Those Evil Twins And Their Amazing Flying Bull... pen.
2006-10-04 13:19:14
55.   Chyll Will
53 Sure, but can they do the bump and the chicken?
2006-10-04 13:19:22
56.   Sliced Bread
47 Ah, I was just being flip about Wright, Unit and their need for bigger parks.

Wright does seem to give up a lot of line drives though.

2006-10-04 13:19:58
57.   Chyll Will
55 Well, Melky can...
2006-10-04 13:20:56
58.   Chyll Will
56 That seems about Wright...
2006-10-04 13:21:27
59.   Shaun P
50 LOL!

41 Then there's "Lil'" Nicky Punto, who hustles so much out of the box that he slides into first instead of, you know, running it out and being safe.

For some guys, lack of hustle out of the box doesn't bother me. Manny, for instance. Dude can hit like nobody's business, I don't really care if he hustles. Kotsay, with his bad back on that turf in Minn., I don't care that he didn't hustle. Better no hustle than needless injury.

But when a young, quick guy playing on grass doesn't hustle - Cano last year, Soriano in the past - that irks me big-time. No good reason to not hustle in that case.

2006-10-04 13:26:40
60.   Shaun P
56 Sliced, if only you had changed "Wright" to "Wang" there, you would have had another of your patented lines. ;)

But you're right about Wright - his line drive percentage is 23.8, second in the AL behind Paul Byrd among starters.

The lowest line drive percentage in the AL? Why Randy Johnson, amazingly enough.

2006-10-04 13:27:50
61.   seamus
looks like i'm gamecentering tonight. All of the games are blacked out on mlb-tv. Didn't think of that. I could go to a bar but am feeling under the weather so not a good idea...

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

2006-10-04 13:28:31
62.   Schteeve
That Der-ek Jeee-ter chant last night was positively spooky. Game one of a division series, and I had goosebumps.
2006-10-04 13:32:43
63.   Chyll Will
60 Now that second line... ewww...
2006-10-04 13:33:25
64.   wsporter
I have never seen that before at the plate. Period.
2006-10-04 13:34:16
65.   Chyll Will
62 Certainly those ghosts he hangs out with this time of year...
2006-10-04 13:37:27
66.   Shaun P
64 MFD, what are you referring to?
2006-10-04 13:41:21
67.   3rd gen yankee fan
64 That's Dodgers professional-level baserunning right there. You just shake your head and think, WTF?
2006-10-04 13:43:32
68.   3rd gen yankee fan
66 Kent was running home from second and got tagged out. Drew wasn't paying attention, came in right after him, and got tagged out too.
2006-10-04 13:44:20
69.   smingers
66 Dodgers had first and second, no outs. They hit a double off the wall, which Shawn Green threw to the cutoff man, who relayed it home. The throw beat a sliding Jeff Kent and Lo Duca applied the tag. He then realized JD Drew was on Kent's heels and spun around and tagged out Drew. So you had two Dodgers lying face down in the dirt at home plate, both out.
2006-10-04 13:47:25
70.   wsporter
66 MFD see 68 and 69. It was unbelievable. It was Tim McClelland style base ru....
2006-10-04 13:50:11
71.   RIYank
... and then Marlon Anderson doubled home the run. Which could/should have been three runs, leaving a man on second and nobody else. One of the great rally-killing plays of all time?
2006-10-04 13:50:23
72.   DarrenF
68 A little Meacham/Berra redux. Dale, not Yogi.
2006-10-04 13:51:43
73.   Shaun P
68 69 70 Thank you all - I forgot the Mets-Dodgers game had started. Can't wait to see the highlight on that one!

And nice end there in 70, MFD!

I popped over to Dodger Thoughts to see their reaction, and found this, courtesy of Bob Timmerman of the Griddle:

"8/2/1985 White Sox at Yankees

YANKEES 7TH: NICHOLS STAYED IN GAME (PLAYING LF); Robertson singled; MEACHAM RAN FOR ROBERTSON; Berra reached on an error by
Hulett [Meacham to second, Berra to first]; Henderson singled [Meacham out at home (center to shortstop to catcher), Berra out
at home (catcher)]; Fisk tagged both runners out at the plate; Mattingly made an out to center; 0 R, 2 H, 1 E, 1 LOB. White Sox 3, Yankees 3."

2006-10-04 13:52:58
74.   singledd
Ya gotta ask:
NO OUTS. Slow base-runner in Kent. Does the 3rd base coach take some responsibility? He had a perfect view of the fly ball.

How it it possible for a guy running towards third, wondering if he can score, to NOT be paying attention? I mean, guys have lapses... but in that situation?

No one on ESPN has ever seen a play like that. When I first say it, I thought there was a 'blip' in the broadcast, and that I was seeing the same thing twice.

Ain't baseball a great game!

2006-10-04 14:04:16
75.   wsporter
74 It really is amazing that for all the baseball we all watch here, there seems to be a parade of things that happen that we have never seen before. I recall saying that at least 3 or 4 times this summer(for the life of me I can't reemember what happened though)

Baseball is THE BEST GAME.

2006-10-04 14:07:44
76.   Bama Yankee
Didn't they have a similar double tag play in the movie Major League? IIRC, it was after the Indians started player well and were making their run for the pennant. Tom Berenger tagged one runner and then turned around to tag another runner also trying to score. I remember thinking that the play was very unrealistic (I guess I was wrong).
2006-10-04 14:10:24
77.   wsporter
73 MFD Willie Randolph just mentioned the Berra/Meacham play that you posted as reminding him of what just happened. Nice job.
2006-10-04 14:14:35
78.   Start Spreading the News
I would not want to be the Dodgers' third base coach during the press conference.
2006-10-04 14:20:12
79.   Shaun P
76 I think you're right, Bama.

77 MFD, Willie ought to remember that one, as he was the last out the inning before that one. But all credit to Bob T., and Darren in 72 who remembered it without any online help!

Now that the Mets have taken the lead, that play might come back to haunt the Dodgers.

2006-10-04 14:24:28
80.   wsporter
I had forgotten how much I really don't like the Dodgers. It really is a learned response but it goes right to the bone. I remember my grandfather being really pissed about being swept back in 63. It's one of my first baseball memories. I see that stinkin Dodger Blue in October and I begin wishing for all sorts of terrible things; like two guys being thrown out at the plate on one assist.
2006-10-04 14:35:31
81.   mehmattski
Yeesh. Watching Bradford throw makes me physically ill. Not just the way he throws, but the frustration when having to face him playing MVP 2005- he was on a division rival.

Damn, looks like they considered the problem of the Mets' game going 25 innings and Morgan missing the Yankees' game. He's leaving now. I guess if the alternative was Steve Phillips, I don't really mind.

Berman, Morgan, Phillips, Miller... is there no one graduating from Conneticut School of Broadcasting lately? Is there no one to save us from this tyrrany of awful?

2006-10-04 14:35:38
82.   LI yankee
Great to hear Joe Morgan doing the Mets game. Means he won't be doing ours.
2006-10-04 14:37:07
83.   LI yankee
81 What? He IS doing the Yankees game?


2006-10-04 14:38:54
84.   Shaun P
83 He's getting NYPD assistance and everything, to make sure he makes it to the Stadium in time for tonight's game. Sigh.
2006-10-04 14:40:30
85.   mehmattski
82 Fraid not, they're going to give him a "Doug Mirabelli" treatment so he can do both games.

Hey, the "best shortstop in NY" just struck out with a pretty terrible swing!

2006-10-04 14:40:30
86.   wsporter
81] Yes. The mute button. ;-)
2006-10-04 14:43:09
87.   RIYank
Mute button; tinyurl; Google. Where would we be without our friends?
2006-10-04 14:44:26
88.   Bama Yankee
87 Don't forget Wikipedia and Karim Garcia ;-)
2006-10-04 14:46:38
89.   Shaun P
87 Lost.

Add retrosheet and to that list. And the Banter! =)

Speaking of Lost - anyone else with a TiVo/DVR conflicted on whether to which to watch live and which to watch later? Sigh.

2006-10-04 14:47:22
90.   mehmattski
88 WiKG?

So, Bama, looks like our teams go head to head on Saturday. Bama gets a visit from the mighty Blue Devils. Should be a good game.

(resists incapacitating amount of laughter)

2006-10-04 14:54:59
91.   Bama Yankee
90 WiKG (good one, I always wondered how those internet acronyms got started. LOL)

As for Saturday, we'll take it easy on you guys on the gridiron if Coach K and Company will go easy on us when/if we meet on the hardcourt (hopefully sometime near the end of next March).

2006-10-04 15:01:50
92.   Travis

Speaking of baseball-reference, 2006 stats have just been added to the site. A few interesting things, after a few minutes of browsing:

- Robinson Cano's most similar list through age 23 includes 3 HOFers.

- The most similar player to Alex Rodriguez, career-wise, ... is Mike Piazza?

- Most of the pitchers on Chien-Ming Wang's most similar through age 26 are obscurities.

- The most similar player to Bernie Williams? Appropriately, a long-time teammate.

2006-10-04 15:05:59
93.   RIYank
Cool, Travis.
Jeter is most similar to Arky Vaughan. Yeah, I see the resemblance.
Cano: Tony Lazzeri! Great. "Murderers' Row and then Cano."
2006-10-04 15:07:03
94.   mehmattski
92 Sweet, they came out with the 2006 ones! I think we discussed Cano's a couple of weeks ago here, and went more in depth into the career of Fred Dunlap than anyone ever has.

Check out Miguel Cabrera's... he's had the same player as the most similar all three years...

2006-10-04 15:07:41
95.   RIYank
I'm surprised the Mets didn't pinch hit for Mota. (I'm not watching.) They have a good-looking lead, but a hit would have all but ended it.
2006-10-04 15:09:49
96.   RIYank
94 Cabrera: gulp.
2006-10-04 15:12:22
97.   mehmattski
96 And look at who Cabrera displaced as the most similar to Hank Aaron at age 23:

2006-10-04 15:13:37
98.   standuptriple
Now the Mets are trying to let LA back in (bunt 1B, then error) 1st and 3rd no outs.
2006-10-04 15:27:34
99.   RIYank
98 Trying.
I would say they've succeeded admirably.
2006-10-04 15:28:36
100.   JL25and3
92 Yes, Piazza is the player most similar to ARod, but the similarity score is 807. That's a pretty low score, meaning that ARod just isn't a whole lot like anyone else.

That's by no means the lowest most-similar score. Barry Bonds's best match is Willie Mays, 786. The lowest that I've found so far are for Rickey Henderson (686) and Pete Rose (674). Seems right; nobody really had a set of stats very much like either of those two. Oddly enough, in both cases the most similar player is Paul Molitor.

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2006-10-04 15:35:58
101.   mikeplugh
I was just reading the CNNSI preview of the Yanks game and saw that the Tigers had some comments about something they'd learned from Game One:

"Perhaps more importantly, though, was a lesson learned in the importance of manufacturing playoff runs. Detroit ended a potential rally in the second when Ivan Rodriguez failed to make contact on a hit-and-run, resulting in Magglio Ordonez being thrown out trying to steal third for the first out of the inning.

''The big thing is, you learn right away, you've got to manufacture as much as you can and get those runs across,'' Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson said. ''If we go ahead and get a couple of runs across in the first, second and third innings, it's a different story.''"

The word "manufacture" to me always means bunt, scrap, hit and run, etc....maybe they meant something different by the comment. The reason they didn't score is because the tried to do TOO much when all they needed was I-Rod to get a single. Instead they tried a double steal, got the man thrown out at third with less than 2 outs, and probably fouled up Rodriguez' at bat by making him swing to protect the runners.

The lesson they should have learned is, let your players do their thing. I-Rod singles there and the Tigers draw first blood.

2006-10-04 15:39:14
102.   Travis
100 Yup. I'm just surprised that Piazza comes up first, given the position shift (there's a ~100 point difference between C and SS/3B).

The Dodgers are apparently employing the same shift for Carlos Delgado that the Yanks use for David Ortiz - you know, the one that never works? 2 singles where the SS should be, and another up the middle.

2006-10-04 15:41:52
103.   JL25and3
101 Speaking of manufacturing runs, there was a play in the Cards-Padres game that made me nuts. Cardinals fifth, an inning after they'd whacked Peavy for 3 runs. Chris Carpenter leads off with a single: one on, none out, the top of the order coming up, and a staggering pitcher.

And Tony LaRussa has Eckstein bunt?????????

I know he's a genius and all. But that's just terrible baseball.

2006-10-04 16:16:30
104.   pistolpete
Damn it, Nomar.
2006-10-04 16:35:06
105.   Xeifrank
Nice post. Hope the Taiwanese couple is planning on watching Guo pitch for the Dodgers vs the Mets tomorrow. Of the two Taiwanese pitcher, I believe he is much better. vr, Xei
2006-10-04 16:54:24
106.   singledd
Detroit Stats: game 1
.333 Batting
2 Home Runs
.639 SLG

We won the game, but these stats are disturbing.

2006-10-04 16:55:36
107.   rbj
Dang, game's delayed.

And according to Peter Abraham, Shef's wife is going to sing the National Anthem.

I'm giving her a standing o already.

2006-10-04 16:57:31
108.   SF Yanks
That's the worst possible news right now. A delay. Like we havn't been waiting long enough.
2006-10-04 17:04:07
109.   singledd
Jeter's cabin in the woods:
"His trust owns an 88th floor condominium in Trump World Tower, where he can view the city below, a king reviewing his domain. The real estate taxes for just the current six months alone run $34,903, according to New York City records"

Let's see. About 70k/year for ONE condo on the 88th fl. Any statheads want to guess on how much tax money Trump World Tower generates annually?

2006-10-04 17:04:37
110.   rbj
An hour? Crap on a cracker.
2006-10-04 17:05:40
111.   mikeplugh
106 Good point.

They also posted a .368 OBP which was negated in part by Polanco's 2 double play balls. The homers contributed to the big slugging, but they were both solo jobs.

If you had replaced Myers and Proctor's time in the game with a quick out, you'd have one less run, one less home run, and overall 3 less hits. That decision to remove Wang MAY have altered the numbers by a lot. Let's assume an out instead of the adventure the two relievers went on. (It's impossible to know the snowball effect the change in batters for the 8th inning would have and so on, but bear with me.)

The Tigers line could have looked like:


The slugging is still alarming due to all the doubles and Monroe's homer, but the OBP is ugly. It's hard to draw any real conclusions about the ratios from one game, especially as Myers and Proctor's .1 IP throws a monkey wrench into the equation.

Those numbers exist and you can't discount them, but I think the line you see in my new calculations is more representative of this Tigers' ability than the higher numbers that turned out in Game One.

2006-10-04 17:06:40
112.   rbj
Pssst. New game thread.
2006-10-04 17:09:49
113.   C2Coke
110 Isn't the delay until 830?

105 Actually Guo was the better one a few years back. He came to MLB at least a year earlier than Wang. Then Guo got some serious injuries which pretty much prevented him from moving forward. However, to the Yankees credits, they helped Wang developed his sinkers. Apparently, both the Yankees and Wang hit the jackpot.

2006-10-04 17:19:19
114.   rbj
10 pm??? M_therf_cker!

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