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2006-10-03 16:03
by Alex Belth
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I arrived at Yankee Stadium tonight at twenty to seven, just shy of two hours before first pitch. I heard a couple fighting on the train ride up. "That's not what I'm sayin, you don't listen," the guy said. "I know what you're sayin, you just intrepret me wrong," she answered. I tried to engage a non-descript-looking and desultory dude to no avail. But when I climbed the stairs to the street a block away from the Stadium in the Bronx, I was greeted by an unseasonably warm evening, laced with the last bits of humidity this Indian Summer has to offer. They say it may even rain later on. The sun was setting, and you could feel that something different was in the air. Traffic was blocked off, and there were a lot of cops around. Things felt orderly.

I just missed magic hour, the sun was already well down, and there was just a little bit of natural light left. I got to the area where a cop has to check your security in order to pass. The cop, as always, is a young Latin guy, maybe late twenties, big, brown eyes, neatly trimmed mustache. I've seen him each time I've been at the Stadium this year and I greet him with a smile. He asks for my ID, checks it, and tells me to go ahead without any further recognition. Running parallel along the third baseside of the Park is a basketball court and a ratty baseball field. With no lights and precious little daylight left. But Kids were still playing hoops on the basketball court, and behind that, other kids were winding down a baseball practice. My favorite part of playing baseball as a teenager was staying late at practice taking grounders from my coach until it simply got too dark to see.

I moved towards the Yankee Press area. A group of cops are standing around. I hear one say, "With a strip on the roof? And you wouldn't rock that Sh**?" Not too many people yet, certainly no crunch, this was also that last pause in of the long regular season before the team and the fanbase kicks off another October. First team to eleven wins. And it is definitely Broadway tonight in the Bronx. When I turned the corner to the final stretch before approaching the club box and press areas, I was almost knocked over by a wave of cologne. Guys stood in small groups, talking on their cell phones. Pretty, sun-tanned, guys with make-up, some smoking cigars.

The Yankees set up a tent outside of the press area to accomidate all the media that will be here tonight. Three women in their mid-twenties are behind the desk. "Belth. That's B as in Bronx," I say to the women. "Did you say B as in boring?" says one of the girls who was sitting down (the prettiest one was standing). "No, but I say A as in aardvark. Or P as in--" "P as in pig," the girl says. "Or as in pneumonia," I say using an old Elaine May line. I wait. No laugh. Okay, then, moving on.

I go up to the press box to see where I'm to be seated. There is an auxillary press box set up in the loge seats out in right field. I figured I would be seated there. I checked out the chart in the press box behind home plate and ran into a sportswriter I have known for a few years. He was on the phone and told me to hang on. I looked down at the field and saw the Tigers taking bp. I leaned against the top railing of the press box, and looked down and saw a fat meat sandwhich of some sort. And fat fingers picking it up. The fat fingers belonged to a fat sportswriter who typed with furious speed and grace on a small laptop keyboard. His fingers moved with the light touch that some big men like Fatty Arbuckle have dancing.

The sportswriter I was waiting on got off the phone and talked to me about something that was on his mind as he walked to towards the elevator. I was going the other way but walked with him. In the middle of thought, he was distracted by someone else and immediately walked away. I stopped walking and looked after him. When he got to the door that leads to the elevator he finally looked up and saw me. I raised my hand, "OK, catch up with you later." And he looked haggard and quickly dipped through the door after the man he was now speaking with.

As I walked the corridors of the Lodge section I was struck by how quiet it still was. It is so cinematic walking through a stadium, every so often catching another glimpse of the field. I stopped and talked to a security guard. Finally somebody normal.

I finally got to my seat just before seven. Front row of the press box in right field. Only the railing is in front of me. Tough to get one in here but a homer is always possible. Incredibly dope seats. You guys know that I'm appreciating every moment and am truly humbled by the opportunities I've worked so hard to create.

Chien Ming Wang v. Nate Robertson.

Bring the muthafargin' Rukus.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-10-03 16:57:38
1.   Mick S
Batter up! That's my cue. Who's on deck?
2006-10-03 16:57:58
2.   yankz
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
2006-10-03 16:58:19
3.   yankz
Woohoo I'm Captain for tonight! Although I will be doing very little posting, sorry guys (and girls).
2006-10-03 17:02:52
4.   Matt B
Interesting what you said about Arbuckle. Isn't that true of so many heavy comedians? Gleason, Belushi, Jack Black? They move with grace
2006-10-03 17:15:27
5.   Ken Arneson
2006-10-03 17:15:39
6.   C2Coke
Let's Go Yankees!

Let's Go Wang!

2006-10-03 17:15:50
7.   LI yankee
ugh. McCarver.
2006-10-03 17:16:07
8.   RIYank
Thanks for the new game thread, Alex.
2006-10-03 17:16:48
9.   mikeplugh
Buckle up Tigers beeotches. Time to get tamed!!
2006-10-03 17:17:12
10.   RIYank
5 I'll say it is, Ken. This is the first test that really matters.
2006-10-03 17:17:18
11.   Sliced Bread
Have a great time at the Stadium, Alex.


2006-10-03 17:18:07
12.   RIYank
yankz, you've hogged Captain and the Babe.
2006-10-03 17:18:07
13.   yankz
I'm in such a good mood, Tim McCarver only makes me want to cry, instead of the usual desire to hurt myself.
2006-10-03 17:18:12
14.   BklynBmr
2 Couldn't have sang it better myself!
2006-10-03 17:19:04
15.   BklynBmr
13 Hey, we dodged Miller and Morgan. So far, so good...
2006-10-03 17:19:06
16.   augustus
2006-10-03 17:19:53
17.   Mick S
That's weird. I read the whole article and now part of it is gone. I am definitely jealous Alex. You have worked hard to get there and I hope you enjoy it. This MBA better really pay off (sitting in class right now).
2006-10-03 17:21:36
18.   BklynBmr
2006-10-03 17:22:38
19.   BklynBmr
Got a feelin' MatsZilla is gonna have a big night...
2006-10-03 17:22:57
20.   mehmattski
One down. Worms still safe for now.
2006-10-03 17:23:42
21.   BklynBmr
1 worm down.
2006-10-03 17:24:15
22.   mehmattski
Poor worms. Ahhhh I can hear their screaming already....
2006-10-03 17:24:54
23.   BklynBmr
2 worms down.
2006-10-03 17:25:19
24.   mehmattski
Line em up, knock em down in the first.
2006-10-03 17:25:24
25.   RIYank
2006-10-03 17:25:24
26.   LI yankee
Here comes Murderer's Row
2006-10-03 17:25:57
27.   RichYF
26 plus Cano
2006-10-03 17:26:02
28.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Does the Wanger have the slowest delivery of any major league pitcher?
2006-10-03 17:26:04
29.   yankz
Yeah, keep flashing that stat about Robertson's BAA vs. lefties. Then check Damon's numbers vs. him, and Jeter's numbers vs. lefties.
2006-10-03 17:26:39
30.   RIYank
Let's go YAN-kees
2006-10-03 17:27:48
31.   RichYF
"And ladies and gentlemen Alex Rodriguez is hitting sixth!"
2006-10-03 17:28:45
32.   BklynBmr
Get it goin', Cap!
2006-10-03 17:28:52
33.   RIYank
I don't get "Murderers' Row and Robbie Cano". Is he being deliberately left out of "Murderers' Row", or is it just a stupid rhyme?
2006-10-03 17:28:53
34.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Also the fact that he's Nate Robertson. Gotta love that WHIP over 10.
2006-10-03 17:29:10
35.   C2Coke
28 I don't think so. But his delivery seems to fluctuate in speed accordingly to his sharpness, just my observation.
2006-10-03 17:29:25
36.   RIYank
2006-10-03 17:29:39
37.   BklynBmr
Here we go, Yan-kees. He we go!
2006-10-03 17:29:40
38.   RichYF
33 That's what Jim Leyland said. He said, "Their lineup is like Murderer's row, and then Cano." Or something to that effect.


2006-10-03 17:30:18
39.   SF Yanks
36 You posted that before I even saw the hit. What gives?
2006-10-03 17:30:27
40.   RIYank
38 I know, but why did he put it that way?
2006-10-03 17:30:28
41.   C2Coke
33 I think he meant that Cano's been so hot lately.

Yes! Our Cap'n/MVP.

2006-10-03 17:30:44
42.   SF Yanks
2006-10-03 17:31:17
43.   RIYank
Okay, I get it. He meant, when you get to the bottom of the order, there's the hottest hitter in baseball.
2006-10-03 17:31:42
44.   RichYF
40 Oh, I dunno. Maybe he has a heart-on for Robbie?
2006-10-03 17:32:03
45.   BklynBmr
Left field seats, IronMan!
2006-10-03 17:32:18
46.   RIYank
42 I beg your pardon?
2006-10-03 17:33:59
47.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Who doesn't have a thing for Robbie?

He certainly seems slow- most of the Asian pitchers do. Nomo, Ishii, Hasegawa, not exactly speedy there.

2006-10-03 17:34:05
48.   RIYank
Not quite. Good swings.
2006-10-03 17:34:54
49.   Orly Yarly NoWai
48 -> Good.

And now to disgrace "Iron Man."

2006-10-03 17:37:18
50.   C2Coke
47 Yet, Wang's game goes very fast compared to average duration of Yankees games.
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2006-10-03 17:38:18
51.   C2Coke
Where is Melky's arm?
2006-10-03 17:38:40
52.   Ken Arneson
FYI, Alex's original post has been restored up top.
2006-10-03 17:39:09
53.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Well, he works quickly and only throws 95mph sinkers low in the strike zone. That'll help.

I just mean that the time from when he starts moving and actually finishes his followthrough seems longer than average. I have no empical evidence for this, of course.

2006-10-03 17:41:43
54.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Hope he finds his control soon. He's leaving the ball up and out and in and everywhere but where he wants it.
2006-10-03 17:42:19
55.   RIYank
He does seem to have a biggish wind-up. But I don't know if it's more than, say, long-end-of-normal range.
2006-10-03 17:43:08
56.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Wow. Way for Maggs to miss the base completely.
2006-10-03 17:43:13
57.   RIYank
Thank you, Jim L.
2006-10-03 17:43:13
58.   Simone
Wang's sinker is not there. At least, the Yankees got one.
2006-10-03 17:43:14
59.   mehmattski
Well, as long as Leyland doesn't mind giving up outs and limiting his team's chances of scoring runs, then I shall second guess him to death.
2006-10-03 17:43:43
60.   Mark T.R. Donohue
That was an unbelievably stupid double steal call by Leyland.
2006-10-03 17:44:07
61.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Maybe it's the fact that he doesn't have a huge amount of motion but does have that little pause in there.
2006-10-03 17:45:10
62.   LI yankee
60 McCarver called it, which makes it even more stupid
2006-10-03 17:45:12
63.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Gotta give him some credit for aiding in the Tiger's turnaround, but man...
2006-10-03 17:45:27
64.   yankz
Chien-Ming Wang: The man who knew no fear.
2006-10-03 17:45:36
65.   SF Yanks
Deep breaths.
2006-10-03 17:45:44
66.   RIYank
Is there a Tigers' "NoMaas"? Because this has the makings of a Jim Leyland Loss.
(Except that we're going to put up eleven runs, so it won't matter.)
2006-10-03 17:45:44
67.   mehmattski
Anyone else cringe when Jeter let go of that ball?

3 dead worms.

2006-10-03 17:46:04
68.   Simone
60 Leyland channeling McCarver who thought it was a good idea before it happened.
2006-10-03 17:46:24
69.   Orly Yarly NoWai here we come.
2006-10-03 17:46:51
70.   RIYank
63 I reluctantly admit that he probably does deserve some credit.
2006-10-03 17:47:20
71.   LI yankee
67 It's the playoffs. I cringe at every pitch.
2006-10-03 17:47:47
72.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Giambi channeling his inner Biggio.
2006-10-03 17:48:01
73.   Mark T.R. Donohue
What a perfectly mismanaged anti-rally. How can the Tigers play for one run at a time against a Yankees offense that is going to score six or seven runs minimum?
2006-10-03 17:49:34
74.   Orly Yarly NoWai
On a completely unrelated note, I'm new. How do I do the links to other posts? -.-;
2006-10-03 17:49:51
75.   OrtizTheYankFan
73 They're not... that's why most of the analysts at espn have the yanks pegged to take it all.

It's gonna be a fun month.

2006-10-03 17:50:46
76.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Nobody represents New York: World Champions like Patrick Ewing.
2006-10-03 17:51:13
77.   Orly Yarly NoWai

And Donald!!

2006-10-03 17:51:50
78.   Simone
Darn, A-Rod was robbed!
2006-10-03 17:52:15
79.   LI yankee
Casey is trying to kill our players again.
2006-10-03 17:52:34
80.   Simone
Take a pitch, Matsui.
2006-10-03 17:53:13
81.   mehmattski
74 [#] also it's asterisks for bold and underscores for underline. no italics, unfortunately. and if you want to post a link, please use That's about all of the tricks around here. That and Karim Garcia.
2006-10-03 17:53:16
82.   BklynBmr
Sooner or later, we're going to start straightening these out...

Let's go, Jorgie!

2006-10-03 17:53:17
83.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Give Polanco his due- that was a good catch.

Uh-oh! Apparently Robertson has intangibles too! Jeter might be in trouble!

Edit: apparently these intangibles are proven because he pitched four innings and got a ND at Minny.

2006-10-03 17:53:24
84.   dwight45
73 74Put brackets [] around the post number.
2006-10-03 17:53:26
85.   Stormer Sports
We'll be fine fellas! Let's do this!
2006-10-03 17:53:30
86.   Mick S
74 [ 74 ] no spaces
2006-10-03 17:53:59
87.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-03 17:54:16
88.   Stormer Sports
Here comes Can Do Cano!
2006-10-03 17:54:16
89.   BklynBmr
85 'Sup, brah!
2006-10-03 17:54:46
90.   mikeplugh
Okay...Jorgie.....let's go Cano.
2006-10-03 17:54:52
91.   C2Coke
74 Put the number inside the bracket. [#].

I am taking it that many fellow Banterers have the eyes glued to the TVs?

2006-10-03 17:55:16
92.   BklynBmr
OK, next time around, Yanks. Next time around...
2006-10-03 17:55:20
93.   mikeplugh
horseshit....c'mon fellas...
2006-10-03 17:55:38
94.   RIYank
Okay, that was fun, but we need to break through next inning.

By the way, welcome Orly Yarly NoWai.

2006-10-03 17:55:44
95.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Rub more salt in the wounds of Star Trek fans, please.
2006-10-03 17:56:00
96.   C2Coke
81 That's somehow very funny. "Guidelines of the Banter."
2006-10-03 17:56:14
97.   Stormer Sports

Back in black! Work has been dreadful and as you can see I haven't been around. I have already made it clear that I cannot miss very many games. I actually plan on making a trip back home to NY to catch the Series if we make it, just so I cannot get called in to work.

How have you been?

2006-10-03 17:56:26
98.   Mark T.R. Donohue
84 I'm completely embarrassed to admit that despite the fact that I'm a writer for this site I didn't know that thing with the brackets until now. I was always afraid to ask the other guys for fear that I would face further vicious Toaster hazing.
2006-10-03 17:56:37
99.   mikeplugh
why swing at the first pitch. see what the guy has for a quick second. He hits the leadoff guy, goes 3-2 on A-Rod and then we start swinging at the first pitch everytime out.

Work it fellas.

2006-10-03 17:56:47
100.   BklynBmr
91 When it was 1st and 2nd, 0 out for the Tigers, I stepped outside and smoked 11 cigarettes, listening on the radio...
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2006-10-03 17:56:58
101.   Orly Yarly NoWai
94 Woo! I'm awesome!

/humility on

Honored to be here.

2006-10-03 17:57:20
102.   C2Coke
85 Stomer, haven't seen you in a while.
2006-10-03 17:57:50
103.   das411
WOW that was a cool commercial, did anybody else get the Star Trek VI slash DirectTV commercial??
2006-10-03 17:58:17
104.   Stormer Sports

I have been watching the games on DVR. Work has been brutal.

2006-10-03 17:58:35
105.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Stop calling him Wong; open the massive can of humor and say things like "A prodigious effort from Wang."
2006-10-03 17:58:36
106.   Mark T.R. Donohue
100 Stay away from the cigarettes, they are the source of all Jim Leyland's power.
2006-10-03 17:58:53
107.   BklynBmr
97 Crazy busy, too. Missed you here, man. Make your reservations! You're going ;-)
2006-10-03 17:59:00
108.   Stormer Sports

I threw my beer, smoked a cigarette, and opened another beer.

2006-10-03 17:59:03
109.   mehmattski
I think we now officially have a "Matsui double"
2006-10-03 17:59:19
110.   mikeplugh
this sucks.
2006-10-03 17:59:30
111.   RIYank
100 Light up another one, BBmr.
98 Ha hah! Mark Donohue didn't know about the brackets! Hah hah!
2006-10-03 17:59:52
112.   mikeplugh
thames....don't you realize that you're one of ours?
2006-10-03 18:00:17
113.   C2Coke
Fans: keep your frigging hands out of the field!!

101 Yes, welcome to this awesome community.

2006-10-03 18:00:18
114.   mehmattski
105 We'll get our "immature at heart" giggling fix in Game 3.
2006-10-03 18:00:25
115.   BklynBmr
106 LOL! I'm thinking I have to cancel out his magic and take one in the lungs for the pinstripes...
2006-10-03 18:00:41
116.   Stormer Sports

I hope so.

Wang is going to get a DP here, I can smell it, wait, I think that's my neighbor cooking onions.

2006-10-03 18:00:52
117.   randym77
103 I saw that. Shatner looks better than I thought he would in that uniform. Or was that a special effect? ;-)
2006-10-03 18:00:56
118.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Nice stretch by Sheff there.
2006-10-03 18:01:07
119.   Mark T.R. Donohue
111 Well, I don't know if you've noticed this, but nobody ever comments on my site.
2006-10-03 18:01:42
120.   C2Coke
105 Actually, it should be pronounced as Wong, not Wang...
2006-10-03 18:01:49
121.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Do they have weight-loss video-editing software?
2006-10-03 18:02:20
122.   RIYank
DP time.
2006-10-03 18:02:23
123.   Stormer Sports
I think Tim McCarver, Mark Foley and Bud Selig are engaged in a sick love triange. How does McCarver keep his job. Bring in Piniella.

God damn it!

2006-10-03 18:02:40
124.   randym77
Dunno if we can call that a Matsui double. He didn't exactly hustle there, but it might have been a double anyway.
2006-10-03 18:02:41
125.   rbj
Hi everybody, just got in.
I had to teach my Aikido classes tonight -- even though I don't know a freaking thing. First time ever. Got through it somehow.

What's up with WormKiller tonight, he seems to be leaving the ball up.

2006-10-03 18:02:56
126.   Orly Yarly NoWai
120 Yeah, but I just want to hear Jack Buck say "Wang comes up big" so I can start screaming "That's disgusting! I apologize to your viewers who had to hear that!"
2006-10-03 18:03:06
127.   BklynBmr
Be right back, guys. :| cough, cough |:
2006-10-03 18:03:23
128.   mehmattski
119 I took care of that. Not a useful comment, but I spend all my "useful comment" kharma here.
2006-10-03 18:03:26
129.   Mark T.R. Donohue
123 I think John Kruk is trying to destroy baseball for me the way Bill Walton destroyed the NBA. Every time he talks I want to die.
2006-10-03 18:03:41
130.   singledd
Actually, Shatner has worn a girdle under his uni for many years now. But it was still way cool.
2006-10-03 18:03:42
131.   Stormer Sports
Gimme Gimme Gimme a DP!
2006-10-03 18:04:22
132.   Orly Yarly NoWai
When Kruk speaks, Karl Ravetch dies a little inside.
2006-10-03 18:04:31
133.   mikeplugh
let's see that patented dp...
2006-10-03 18:04:33
134.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-03 18:04:35
135.   Simone
2006-10-03 18:04:39
136.   RIYank
Sheff, NICE STRETCH!!!!!
2006-10-03 18:04:48
137.   rbj
Who ordered that DoublePlay?
2006-10-03 18:04:54
138.   mehmattski
Yes! Take that, worms!!!!
2006-10-03 18:04:54
139.   Simone
Sheffield really stretched there.
2006-10-03 18:04:55
140.   Stormer Sports
Holy Shit!

Hell YES! And Sheff with the Strrrrrrrrrrrethch!

2006-10-03 18:05:23
141.   LI yankee
What a stretch by Sheff. I didn't know he was capable of that.
2006-10-03 18:05:26
142.   mikeplugh
the magical Mr. Wang. I think I love him.
2006-10-03 18:05:32
143.   Stormer Sports

With a side of "not this year Pudge, not this year!"

2006-10-03 18:05:42
144.   C2Coke
125 I am hoping its because you weren't here.

See.... it is because you weren't here.

122 Nice call.

Come back BBmr!

2006-10-03 18:05:49
145.   singledd
I think if we can score 2 or 3, Detroit will shit the bed. Lets put some pressure on now!
2006-10-03 18:06:11
146.   Flip Play
Star Trek commercial was a special effect. Shatner was younger looking than he is on Boston Legal.
2006-10-03 18:06:15
147.   mikeplugh
How can Wang move so quickly between the dugout and the mound with those ENORMOUS balls he's carrying around?
2006-10-03 18:06:25
148.   weeping for brunnhilde
Beautiful work all 'round.

Jeet in the hole, Robbie hung in with the runner barrelling in on him, Sheff.

Well fucking done with no room for error.

2006-10-03 18:06:42
149.   randym77
Whoah, Sheff! Nice grab there.

121 It's pretty easy to distort the frame horizontally or vertically. I remember reading the manual of an early digital video mixer. There was a warning on the "stretch" function. It said stretching the image horizontally (rather than vertically) would likely make your subjects very irate. LOL!

2006-10-03 18:07:02
150.   Stormer Sports

Like Burt Reynolds is younger looking now than in 1983?

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2006-10-03 18:07:08
151.   mehmattski
Chien-Ming... making it possible for New Yorkers to exclaim "I love Wang!" and still be totally straight, since 2005.
2006-10-03 18:07:19
152.   BklynBmr
144 It worked again. Gotta send the wife out for a carton. I'm quitting after the World Series, anyway ;-)
2006-10-03 18:07:21
153.   RIYank
129 Bill Walton is a clown, I know what you mean, but to me he's a lovable idiot. I just imagine I'm listening to one of my old pot-head friends from college.
2006-10-03 18:07:29
154.   C2Coke
141 Let's just say, am I glad it's not Giambi on 1B...
2006-10-03 18:07:33
155.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

luckily for Kruk he can also make a deaf man wish he was blind when he squeezes into a suit looking like the proverbial 10 lbs. of shit in a 5 lb. bag

2006-10-03 18:07:44
156.   singledd
Does anyone remember the Harmon Killebrew stretch... I think in the All-Star game? Went crotch to the ground and ripped himself up good. Painful to watch.
2006-10-03 18:08:34
157.   Flip Play
150 Really? I think Burt looks like a weird old woman with too much plastic surgery now.
2006-10-03 18:08:47
158.   BklynBmr
Way to get it started, JD! I'll take it...
2006-10-03 18:08:50
159.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Damon on base, Jeet's going to come up big.
2006-10-03 18:09:02
160.   rbj
I'll take that bleeder, Damon.
2006-10-03 18:09:18
161.   Stormer Sports
Hey, did I tell you guys that I was home visiting my mom in NY a few weeks back, I went to the City with my gay friend, and a bar in the Village wouldn't serve me because I was wearing a Yankee shirt. The waiter said "there are plenty of other places you can go to hang out with your kind."


2006-10-03 18:09:22
162.   Mark T.R. Donohue
It shouldn't surprise me at all that in the absence of any hard-hit balls the Yankees are still finding numerous ways of getting runners on base.
2006-10-03 18:10:37
163.   C2Coke
161 LOL!
2006-10-03 18:10:42
164.   Stormer Sports
Jete swinging for the ole' fences there.
2006-10-03 18:10:51
165.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Wow, a completely arbitrary "first ever."
2006-10-03 18:11:31
166.   mehmattski
What? Not true! There were those two guys on the 1894 Cleveland Spiders!
2006-10-03 18:11:53
167.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Go Cleveland Spiders!
2006-10-03 18:12:11
168.   RIYank
2006-10-03 18:12:11
169.   Flip Play
Jeter owns October!
2006-10-03 18:12:16
170.   Simone
The Captain rules!
2006-10-03 18:12:22
171.   BklynBmr
That's my Cap'n!!!
2006-10-03 18:12:31
172.   mehmattski
2006-10-03 18:12:35
173.   Stormer Sports

What really scares me, is that it actually happened. By the way, the floor at Grand Central is Hard. We were so sauced we got on the train to Connecticut instead of the one Upstate. What a mess, we got of at 145th in Harlem and found our way back. I haggled a cab driver down to $80 back to Poughkeepsie.

2006-10-03 18:12:39
174.   RichYF
Okay, good news bad news situation:

I just popped the Official Bronx Banter Vomit Cherry.

Jeter is a man amongst boys.

2006-10-03 18:13:16
175.   C2Coke
2006-10-03 18:13:18
176.   BklynBmr
Time for October glory, Bobby...
2006-10-03 18:13:19
177.   mikeplugh
The voting is closed, but the Captain can really prove that he's MVP by doing this for the remainder of the post-season. How sweet would it be for Jeter to be regular season MVP and WS MVP?
2006-10-03 18:13:54
178.   RIYank
Bobby BOOM!
2006-10-03 18:13:55
179.   Shaun P
MVP! C'mon Donuts, let's get them home!

And Alex - enjoy yourself, and I hope Abreu sends one your way about now.

2006-10-03 18:13:56
180.   Simone
Yeah, Bobby A.
2006-10-03 18:14:15
181.   Stormer Sports
Bobby Bobby Bobby!

Keep SMOKING Bklyn, keep smoking!

2006-10-03 18:14:16
182.   RichYF
2006-10-03 18:14:27
183.   rbj
Thank you Phillies GM. The Banter will buy you a dinner.
2006-10-03 18:14:31
184.   BklynBmr
A-Breutiful shot in the gap!
2006-10-03 18:14:36
185.   mikeplugh
it begins....the rapture....
2006-10-03 18:14:36
186.   C2Coke
2006-10-03 18:15:06
187.   Orly Yarly NoWai
To use a nice nerd acronym,


2006-10-03 18:15:08
188.   mehmattski
Here's that "Keystone Combo of .340" post by Steve Lombardi over at

Pretty cool, there haven't been that many seasons when a SS and a 2B from any team have hit .340.

2006-10-03 18:15:26
189.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
here we go....
2006-10-03 18:15:28
190.   Shaun P
183 Pat Gillick will never have to buy dinner or drinks on the Banter! Nor will Cashmoney, for that matter.

Iron Sheff!!

2006-10-03 18:15:31
191.   Stormer Sports
The fans in Philly truly deserved T.O. Truly!
2006-10-03 18:15:39
192.   RIYank
Sheff comes through.

NOW we're having fun.

2006-10-03 18:15:39
193.   SF Yanks
2006-10-03 18:15:58
194.   C2Coke
173 Just think about this for a minute: your next trip to NYC in three weeks will be absolutely awesome!
2006-10-03 18:15:59
195.   rbj
Can you smell what the Shef is cooking tonight!
2006-10-03 18:16:05
196.   BklynBmr
Iron Sheff! OK, everybody hits now. Everybody hits!
2006-10-03 18:16:13
197.   Stormer Sports
I haven't seen the Yanks this pumped up in the PS in a while.
2006-10-03 18:16:20
198.   mikeplugh
pray.....pray for the children in Detroit....
2006-10-03 18:16:21
199.   RichYF
187 I don't know how many nerds here understand your name, let alone that reference, but I giggled.
2006-10-03 18:16:39
200.   Simone
Yeah, Sheffield.

Peter Abraham ( had this to say about Matsui's earlier defensive play:

"Don't blame Hideki Matsui for what happened in the third inning. Right-line line umpire Larry Vanover made the "safe" sign when the ball went fair and bounced off the wall. But he raised his arms too high and it looked like he was indicating the ball was dead and that Thames had a ground-rule double.

So that was why Matsui was a lollygagger."

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-10-03 18:17:06
201.   BklynBmr
195 ROFL!
2006-10-03 18:17:07
202.   Orly Yarly NoWai
198 The most valuable post-season experience is getting flattened by a juggernaut.
2006-10-03 18:18:15
203.   Stormer Sports
Hey McCarver, didn't that almost happen with the Big Red Machine?
2006-10-03 18:18:22
204.   Shaun P
Straighten that one out, Giambi!

How many pitches is Robertson at?

2006-10-03 18:18:24
205.   BklynBmr
200 Thanks for that, Simone. I was wonderin'...
2006-10-03 18:19:24
206.   Mark T.R. Donohue
OK, so much for that series.
2006-10-03 18:19:25
207.   rbj
2006-10-03 18:19:26
208.   Orly Yarly NoWai
199 Maybe sometime I'll post the link to the montage that inspired the name.


2006-10-03 18:19:26
209.   Simone
Jason!!!!! The Yankees hitting up a storm.
2006-10-03 18:19:28
210.   RIYank
Murderers' Row! The GIAMBINO!
2006-10-03 18:19:29
211.   Flip Play
I'm enjoying this inning.
2006-10-03 18:19:30
212.   BklynBmr
The Giambino!!!
2006-10-03 18:19:30
213.   Shaun P
204 Way to go, Giambino!!!!
2006-10-03 18:19:33
214.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
this lineup is pure sickness.....
2006-10-03 18:19:36
215.   RichYF
Knew it off the bat. Smoke and mirrors boys, smoke and mirrors.
2006-10-03 18:19:41
216.   mikeplugh
it goes on....the rapture.....
2006-10-03 18:19:41
217.   Stormer Sports

Holy shit guys. I am downright giddy.

2006-10-03 18:19:51
218.   LI yankee
This is gonna be an absolute massacre
2006-10-03 18:20:19
219.   C2Coke
Holy Crap!
2006-10-03 18:20:28
220.   Eirias
Hello Nate. Bye-bye Nate.
2006-10-03 18:20:31
221.   RIYank
And a soft stroke from A-Rod.

I love baseball.

2006-10-03 18:20:37
222.   Orly Yarly NoWai
And A-Rod hits!

It's Robertson and a cast of thousands tonight.

2006-10-03 18:20:44
223.   BklynBmr
204 27 coming into this inning....
2006-10-03 18:20:52
224.   Flip Play
Oh, to be at the Stadium.
2006-10-03 18:20:55
225.   mehmattski
Well, it's 5-0 already, so A-Rod's hit doesn't count.
2006-10-03 18:20:58
226.   Stormer Sports
Wow! Arod actually hit the ball where it was pitched. He wasn't guessing. Good signs all around!
2006-10-03 18:20:58
227.   mikeplugh
oh.....(sob)....the humanity.....(whimper)
2006-10-03 18:21:07
228.   RichYF
I guarantee Alex is relieved he didn't make the first out. Two line drives though, he's looking pretty solid in that #6 hole. That Joe Torre, I tell you, he's a genius.
2006-10-03 18:21:33
229.   Simone
Robertson has nothing left. Keep it going, boys.
2006-10-03 18:21:45
230.   C2Coke
Man...I think their own manager jinxed themselves.
2006-10-03 18:21:49
231.   JeremyM
228 I agree, that was a big hit for his confidence.
2006-10-03 18:22:06
232.   Mick S
Robertson at 51 pitches....and no outs.
2006-10-03 18:22:19
233.   rbj
The funny thing is, on my way home the Tigers' announcers were busy slurping up Robertson as such a great pitcher because he knows what to do and goes right after hitters. Plus he's tough and doesn't let the pressure of pitching in Yankee Stadium get to him.

Ha ha.

2006-10-03 18:22:25
234.   JeremyM
Gotta love that the ball Giambi hit was right where that idiot announcer said it should've been pitched.
2006-10-03 18:22:34
235.   Orly Yarly NoWai
The look on Robertson's face when he shook off Pudge there... That was despair.
2006-10-03 18:22:35
236.   RIYank
I didn't realize the Tigers were allowed to catch the ball this inning.
2006-10-03 18:22:38
237.   mehmattski
220 You say goodbye, I say hello...

Hello, hello.

2006-10-03 18:22:52
238.   Stormer Sports
Time to steal some bases. Pressure Pressure! Billy Joel screams PRESSURE!
2006-10-03 18:23:06
239.   BklynBmr
Keep it going, Jorgie...
2006-10-03 18:23:10
240.   Bags
My goodness. They look very good.
2006-10-03 18:23:52
241.   Stormer Sports
Listen to me now, and believe me later. Jorge Posada will be the MVP of this post-season.
2006-10-03 18:24:30
242.   Shaun P
227 232 Thanks, guys!

Grind it, Jorge, grind it! Let's get Damon and the Cap'n back up again this inning.

2006-10-03 18:24:45
243.   Mick S
238 Don't forget David Bowie...Under Pressure!
2006-10-03 18:24:58
244.   Simone
Darn, Magglio. That hair.
2006-10-03 18:24:59
245.   Stormer Sports
And the Surly Curly makes the grab.
2006-10-03 18:25:18
246.   Mark T.R. Donohue
After Santana lost and the dead Cardinals walking sprang back to life I thought that maybe no lock was safe. It's nice to have at least some of my faith in the natural order of things restored.
2006-10-03 18:25:23
247.   BklynBmr
Man, they have to get near-WebGems to get someone out...

Let's go, Robbie!

2006-10-03 18:25:26
248.   Shaun P
242 Sorry Bklyn, that was supposed to reference your 223.
2006-10-03 18:25:54
249.   C2Coke
241 I believe you, but I also believe that it's gonna be hard to pick a PS MVP from this lineup.
2006-10-03 18:26:05
250.   RIYank
Hm, well, even the outs were good smacks.
I feel that we will score a bunch more in this game.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-10-03 18:26:27
251.   mikeplugh
sweet inning. wang just needs to be wang.
2006-10-03 18:27:06
252.   Stormer Sports
Sheff is going to campaign harder for the Yankees option than a Florida Republican with Instant Messenger!
2006-10-03 18:27:14
253.   yankz
174 Amen re: Jeter

Magglio has the ugliest hair I've ever seen.

Oh, and I love the Yankees.

2006-10-03 18:27:19
254.   BklynBmr
248 No prob, Shaun. Thanks!
2006-10-03 18:27:22
255.   mikeplugh
actually the best thing that happened was batting around. we get to do exactly the same thing in the 4th!
2006-10-03 18:27:49
256.   JeremyM
I was kind of hoping they would chase Robertson, but I guess we can't have it all. It would be nice to wear down their bullpen for good measure!
2006-10-03 18:27:52
257.   RichYF
59 pitches through 3 IP. I am curious to see if Leyland goes to the bullpen this early. Curious indeed.
2006-10-03 18:27:57
258.   Shaun P
I wonder if Cliff has woken up in the middle of the night over in Italy to check the score? I think he'll be very happy when he catches up on things.
2006-10-03 18:28:17
259.   smingers
That's 2 ABs, 3 pitches for Cano. I sort of like having one wild-ass free-swinger in the lineup to mix things up a little. But maybe I'm just giddy after that inning.
2006-10-03 18:28:44
260.   JeremyM
252 The GOP has all kinds of fun in Florida, don't they?
2006-10-03 18:29:56
261.   rbj
Don't you hate on EDSP, McCarver.
2006-10-03 18:30:21
262.   mikeplugh
by the way...the Jolly Rancher Wendy's Jiffy Lube Planter's Peanuts Exxon/Mobil Nike Yomiuri Shimbun Dove Nestle Yahoo! Toyota Coca-Cola Mennen Tic Tac Turning Point of the Game must be Wang's dp in the top of the 3rd.
2006-10-03 18:30:35
263.   kdw
But you can show us little clips of Tino anytime, Fox.
2006-10-03 18:30:54
264.   Stormer Sports

The guys name escapes me, but there is an author who writes quite a bit about the corruption in FLA Government, top to bottom, but he's very good. Its the land that time forgot. Its just a step above DC city politics.

2006-10-03 18:31:46
265.   JeremyM
262 mike, you kill me. Too funny.
2006-10-03 18:32:45
266.   Simone
Settle down, Wang. Get out of this inning without giving up a run.
2006-10-03 18:33:24
267.   C2Coke
What's with all the balls going to the LF?
2006-10-03 18:33:43
268.   mikeplugh
Yes, Carlos Guillen is this good. In my COH series preview I gave the Tigers the Bullpen matchup and a push at short. Jeter is a better player in the end, but Guillen has been his equal this season.
2006-10-03 18:33:46
269.   BklynBmr
I think better have a smoke just in case...
2006-10-03 18:34:05
270.   rsmith51
It's the magnetic ball theory. Sheff will get his share.
2006-10-03 18:34:09
271.   Stormer Sports

Good scouting.

2006-10-03 18:34:59
272.   RIYank
267 Yeah, I was wondering. Doubles off Wanger, not allowed. But hard grounders down the line will do it.
2006-10-03 18:36:01
273.   rbj
To me, Carlton Fisk is Pudge. I don't like recycling nicknames.
2006-10-03 18:36:08
274.   Stormer Sports
I live in LA now and the faces at the Stadium tonight beat the piss out of the looky loo Laker posers I see every year.

Come on Wang! Pull the . . . string.

2006-10-03 18:36:27
275.   rsmith51
2006-10-03 18:36:36
276.   Flip Play
Good job, Wang.
2006-10-03 18:36:44
277.   nick
that's a great K by Wang....when you see that you wonder why he dosen't get more of them
2006-10-03 18:36:46
278.   C2Coke
266 And he does.
2006-10-03 18:36:50
279.   rbj
What's the flyball/deadworm ration tonight?
2006-10-03 18:37:01
280.   kdw
Nice job, Wang.
2006-10-03 18:37:04
281.   rsmith51
273 How about The Arm?
2006-10-03 18:37:12
282.   mikeplugh
HUGE WANG!!! (I've always wanted to shout that in public, but feared being misunderstood!)
2006-10-03 18:37:36
283.   Mick S
Not sure why, but I really dislike Pudge. I want to kick him square in the junk.
2006-10-03 18:37:45
284.   LI yankee
2006-10-03 18:37:58
285.   rsmith51
282 It's much better understood when you say it then when you write it.
2006-10-03 18:38:25
286.   yankz
I really dislike the A's, and I don't know why. I want the Twins, mostly because of their cocky punkas$ comments.
2006-10-03 18:38:34
287.   rbj
218 I'll take that one (haven't heard it before, so it passes)
2006-10-03 18:38:56
288.   mikeplugh
We've got a titanic Wang. (Hey, c'mon. I did capitalize the W to avoid confusion, right?)
2006-10-03 18:39:00
289.   Flip Play
274 I also live in LA. At a Dodgers game, they once showed Nicholson, Kobe, and Larry David... and Larry David got the biggest applause.

Boo freaken' Kobe.

I tried to be a Dodgers fan when I first moved here, but it didn't happen.

2006-10-03 18:39:14
290.   rbj
287 218 = 281
Damn, I'm only on my first beer.
2006-10-03 18:39:33
291.   BklynBmr
279 6 dead flys / 3 dead worms for Wang...
2006-10-03 18:39:37
292.   mehmattski
282, 285... see 151
2006-10-03 18:39:47
293.   C2Coke
277 Recently, it looks like if he's not burning worms, he burns the batter with Ks.

He just looks a little shaky, but the numbers so far are pretty good.

2006-10-03 18:40:05
294.   RIYank
I don't like I-Rod either. In fact, I don't like catchers much. I can't think of catchers I like beyond Jorgie.
2006-10-03 18:40:15
295.   Flip Play
Torre hates doing these interviews.
2006-10-03 18:40:32
296.   JeremyM
274 Of the ones shown, I know Denzel and Spike are actually huge Yankee fans. Billy Crystal, if there, is one as well, but for some reason he annoys me. And of course Jack Nicholson. It sure beats Ben Affleck and Denis Leary regardless.
2006-10-03 18:40:43
297.   Orly Yarly NoWai
BBQ chips and Dr. Pepper.
2006-10-03 18:40:44
298.   yankz
The best October player of his generation
2006-10-03 18:40:50
299.   kdw
Jeter!!! What a night. Unbelievable for anyone other than the Captain.
2006-10-03 18:40:53
300.   mikeplugh
Captain. Is there anything he can't do?
-Homer Simpson
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-10-03 18:40:57
301.   nick
nice comment about Wang from Joe--"think he's not glamourous? go to Taiwan...."
2006-10-03 18:41:27
302.   mehmattski
291 I count five dead worms.
2006-10-03 18:41:30
303.   rsmith51
287 I just thought of it and I don't have a creative bone in my body.
2006-10-03 18:41:42
304.   RIYank
Cap. 3 for 3 tonight. Wasn't Mauer 0-fer?
2006-10-03 18:42:01
305.   mikeplugh
293 The thing is, the Tigers are big strikeout guys across the board. It explains the difference in the results for Wang tonight.
2006-10-03 18:42:11
306.   AbbyNormal821
Belated ALDS greetings to you all!

Might I say - rock on Wang-man with you're 50 pitches through 4, not too shabby. Stay cool, m'man, stay cool!

2006-10-03 18:42:15
307.   Simone
Damn, Jeter got caught easy.
2006-10-03 18:42:28
308.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Gotta love that. A terrible pitch leads to an out. Bleep.
2006-10-03 18:42:36
309.   rbj
's ok.
2006-10-03 18:42:42
310.   Simone
Was that really a hit and run? Why?
2006-10-03 18:43:03
311.   mikeplugh
why? it was going so well. why steal?
2006-10-03 18:43:06
312.   RIYank
Hm, if Abreu got hit by that pitch it would be two on and one out.
Not that I wish pain on Donuts.
2006-10-03 18:43:26
313.   rsmith51
Stupid hit and run. Didn't that contribute to the downfall last year?
2006-10-03 18:43:48
314.   BklynBmr
302 I thought 3 was wrong. (Yahoo Sports) Thanks!
2006-10-03 18:44:03
315.   singledd
Assuming Wang stays steady, does Torre go 7 with him? 8?
2006-10-03 18:44:36
316.   RIYank
HellO AbbyNormal!

Yeah, it was a hit and run but Abreu had no shot, obviously. (But he could have leaned into it or not jumped away quite so quickly.)

2006-10-03 18:45:38
317.   Orly Yarly NoWai
315 Mother always said 'My son, do the noble thing. You've got to finish what you started, no matter what'

One thousand gold stars if someone can tell me what song that's from.

2006-10-03 18:46:10
318.   RIYank
The hit-and-run got us a double last inning, though -- Jeter's line drive was right to the SS position, but Damon was running.
2006-10-03 18:46:32
319.   Orly Yarly NoWai
THAT'S not the way to kill worms...
2006-10-03 18:46:34
320.   JeremyM
Damn it. Come on Wang, settle down.
2006-10-03 18:46:34
321.   AbbyNormal821
Belated ALDS greetings to you all!

Might I say - rock on Wang-man with you're 50 pitches through 4, not too shabby. Stay cool, m'man, stay cool!

Go Yanks!

2006-10-03 18:46:35
322.   Simone
Gawd, that sucks.
2006-10-03 18:46:37
323.   RIYank
Damon had a shot at that, I thought.
2006-10-03 18:46:40
324.   BklynBmr
306 Hey, Abby. Hope you didn't miss the fireworks in the third!
2006-10-03 18:46:44
325.   pistolpete
Oh, WTF. Monroe again?
2006-10-03 18:46:50
326.   rbj
Get that back in the bottom half, guys.
2006-10-03 18:46:52
327.   rsmith51
2006-10-03 18:47:09
328.   Stormer Sports
It's ok. It's ok. We'll be fine.
2006-10-03 18:47:11
329.   C2Coke
2006-10-03 18:47:36
330.   mikeplugh
okay. enough. bring in Mo for 5 innings.

Just kidding. ;)

2006-10-03 18:47:49
331.   Orly Yarly NoWai
315 Seriously, I think Torre will try to have Wang go 7. I just hope he doesn't screw with the bullpen tonight. Rivera better not pitch unless he absolutely has to.
2006-10-03 18:48:18
332.   rbj
That's better.
2006-10-03 18:48:18
333.   RIYank
Whew, Sheff is actually doing a very good job scooping and stretching.
2006-10-03 18:48:28
334.   nick
ok, after hearing that info, I wanna see Thames cash in with a big contract...
2006-10-03 18:48:43
335.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Oh, and hi, Abby. ^^
2006-10-03 18:48:49
336.   Stormer Sports
Sheff looks ROCK SOLID at 1st.
2006-10-03 18:48:55
337.   BklynBmr
Hopefully Monroe's shot will be the entire Detroit Tiger 2006 Postseason Highlight video.
2006-10-03 18:49:26
338.   mikeplugh
The Tigers better believe they need about 7 more runs to win this game, because we aren't done scoring yet.
2006-10-03 18:49:27
339.   C2Coke
328 We will be.

But man, I miss the YES guys in the booth.

2006-10-03 18:49:54
340.   nick
after seeing that replay Monroe just hit the hell out of a decent enough pitch...
2006-10-03 18:50:13
341.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Oh, number two: If someone hasn't gotten back to me about that song clip I posted I'm going to be sad.
2006-10-03 18:50:20
342.   BklynBmr
We can use a DP here. I'm out smokin' for a minute...
2006-10-03 18:50:36
343.   rbj
331 A 15-1 lead should do the trick. Have Villone pitch an inning.
2006-10-03 18:50:59
344.   nick
Wang's stuff looks great, moving like crazy; command not at his best though...
2006-10-03 18:51:07
345.   RIYank
336 He really does. And I have to admit that I was somewhat concerned, with Wang on the mound.
2006-10-03 18:51:25
346.   rbj
341 Not a clue. Queen, maybe?
2006-10-03 18:51:43
347.   Stormer Sports
If Rivera has to pitch, he has to pitch. The only problem I have ever had with Torre is that he sometimes fails to understand that the game you are playing in the PS is the only game that matters. No manager who would start a 2004 Kevin Brown in a game 7 has any grasp on that concept. Win it no matter what you have to do. Tomorrow is another day.
2006-10-03 18:51:55
348.   Orly Yarly NoWai
If it's 15 to 1 Dotel could pitch.



2006-10-03 18:51:59
349.   AbbyNormal821
324 uh...does using the excuse that I was on the phone with a man that I'm interested in, fly with you all? (crickets, chirping?)

However, called my brother - got the recap from him and then got the replay on the TV after we hung up.

I'm having PC issues - going VERY slow tonight!

2006-10-03 18:52:08
350.   mehmattski
315 Don't know where that's from without looking, but my Momma always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun... But Momma, that's where the fun is!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-10-03 18:52:18
351.   Simone
Wang is ticking me off now. Settle down.
2006-10-03 18:52:19
352.   randym77
340 He did indeed. Who'd have thunk it? Craig Monroe???
2006-10-03 18:52:22
353.   rbj
Er, make that a 15-2 lead.
2006-10-03 18:52:31
354.   mikeplugh
2006-10-03 18:53:09
355.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Come on, come on, Wang... More wormicide, less birdicide.

346 While Freddy Mercury is awesome, it's not Queen.

2006-10-03 18:53:28
356.   joejoejoe
McCarver: 'That is pure Polanco'.


2006-10-03 18:54:27
357.   mehmattski
What is this, the Little League World Series? When Sean Casey grows up he wants to be just like Cecil Fielder.
2006-10-03 18:54:42
358.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-03 18:54:54
359.   mikeplugh
I want to kill someone. Preferably Ty Cobb.
2006-10-03 18:54:55
360.   Simone
Start warming up someone in the pen.
2006-10-03 18:55:14
361.   RIYank
This is not as fun as it was five minutes ago.
2006-10-03 18:55:15
362.   C2Coke
Seriously, that LF thing tonight.

342 It may be more-than-a-pack-day. Thank you for your sacrifice.

2006-10-03 18:55:20
363.   Flip Play
Staying calm... staying calm...

355 What song lyric are you referring to?

2006-10-03 18:55:21
364.   Stormer Sports
Great, a rich glutonous Bible Thumper. I read that in the Bible yesterday where Jesus said, "keep your money and buy a big house, so that others may starve." Casey, you're a bum.
2006-10-03 18:55:30
365.   pistolpete
OMG that hair is going to bug me for the rest of this series.
2006-10-03 18:55:44
366.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Bruney up...
2006-10-03 18:55:56
367.   BklynBmr
End it here, Wang. Get it done!
2006-10-03 18:56:03
368.   randym77
Bruney's warming.
2006-10-03 18:56:16
369.   singledd
This is not good. Our offense must make sure we don't go to the PB until the 8th.
2006-10-03 18:56:30
370.   rbj
ok, 15-3
2006-10-03 18:56:36
371.   Flip Play
Thank god that's over.
2006-10-03 18:56:49
372.   yankz
Wtf, Wang, why so many XBH and FB?!
2006-10-03 18:56:52
373.   Sliced Bread
Uh, did somebody say "Mission accomplished?"

Premature Wangjulation, fellas.

Get the bats, we got a ballgame.

2006-10-03 18:56:56
374.   Stormer Sports

Calm. As Arnold said to Willis, "AHHHH OOOOOM, AHHHH OOOOOM, AHHHH, OOOOM.

2006-10-03 18:57:00
375.   Zack
Hey, lets just say, its for the best, makes it more interesting to everyone, right? Right?
2006-10-03 18:57:04
376.   pistolpete
Call me crazy, but I wanna see Rivera in a save situation tonight.
2006-10-03 18:57:15
377.   Orly Yarly NoWai
363 Go back to 317. Not that I want Wang pitching 9, especially since he's looking shaky.
2006-10-03 18:57:31
378.   RIYank
Wanger's still okay. These things happen sometimes. We still need seven innings out of him.
355 Orly Etc., what song clip did you post? I missed it.
2006-10-03 18:57:43
379.   mikeplugh
Okay bats. Let's get it going again and stop trying to run on I-Rod. A couple of well placed XBHs will close the door on this game and end the BS.
2006-10-03 18:57:54
380.   Stormer Sports

Yea, George Bush I think, and Mark Foley as he was pulling his penis from a 15 year old's young behind.

2006-10-03 18:58:30
381.   BklynBmr
Now let's get the bats out again and get busy. Far too much drama here already. KO Nate and let's get into that pen — Kansas City style!
2006-10-03 18:58:34
382.   yankz
376 Crazy. Although that's better than not seeing him because the boys are behind.
2006-10-03 18:58:47
383.   C2Coke
360 Do you actually think Villone or Farns will do a better job? Granted Bruney is also in the bullpen, but we do have RJ coming up in less than two days.
2006-10-03 18:59:19
384.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Gotta love posting a line from a song so obscure than no one even recognizes that it's there.


2006-10-03 18:59:29
385.   Stormer Sports
Sheff will put a stop to the madness. He's John Bastow, he's gonna show you how!
2006-10-03 18:59:56
386.   pistolpete
383 Calmo. Wang still looks effective. He's just got to be smarter.
2006-10-03 19:00:40
387.   pistolpete
384 So are you going to tell us all, or are you having too much fun by yourself?
2006-10-03 19:00:59
388.   Flip Play
384 Had no idea, so I Googled it. Far too obscure.
2006-10-03 19:01:06
389.   Stormer Sports

No Farns, No Farns! For the love of God, I'd rather have Rasner on the roster, hell, even Karstens. Cashman is a genius sometimes, bot Farnsworth is a head case, no talent bum.

2006-10-03 19:01:18
390.   BklynBmr
Talk about takin' the crowd outta the game. The jernt is silent...
2006-10-03 19:01:29
391.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I'm having a lot of fun by myself. Also I'm trying to think of a site where you could actually listen to the song.
2006-10-03 19:01:49
392.   randym77
Arrghhh. I hate these interviews during the game.
2006-10-03 19:02:16
393.   RIYank
I think our 'pen will be fine today, actually. But I'd rather see Wang go seven.
2006-10-03 19:02:17
394.   Travis
317 For those to lazy to Google the lyrics:

2006-10-03 19:02:33
395.   C2Coke
Wang will be alright. It's those FOX announcers ticking me off.
2006-10-03 19:02:49
396.   AbbyNormal821
A-Rod's going to crank one out of the park....riiiight....NOW!
2006-10-03 19:02:56
397.   BklynBmr
This ump is all over the place tonight...
2006-10-03 19:03:00
398.   Stormer Sports
No YOU DUMB FUCK! I didnt see it because you were babling! I hate FOX!
2006-10-03 19:03:04
399.   mikeplugh
Giambi is on base again.
2006-10-03 19:03:05
400.   AbbyNormal821
...or maybe not. hmmph!
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-10-03 19:03:12
401.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Yeah, it's a little too obscure; I'll try to get something more mainstream next time.

"Don't Say A Word" by Finland's best, Sonata Arctica.

Gotta love the graphic they put up illustrating A-Rod's 'terrible' season- his 9th straight 30/100/100 season.

2006-10-03 19:03:26
402.   mehmattski
392 Not as much as Torre and Leyland clearly do.
2006-10-03 19:03:43
403.   C2Coke
386 That's all I was saying. I didn't get all the panic.
2006-10-03 19:04:31
404.   Stormer Sports
Wow! Two strike 3's and he's surprised?
2006-10-03 19:04:43
405.   nick
McClellan is basically trying to show guys up with that style of his...horseshit call on A-Rod
2006-10-03 19:05:27
406.   LI yankee
404 The late call surprised him.
2006-10-03 19:05:27
407.   rbj
Time for beer #2.
October is also alcohol abuse month.
2006-10-03 19:05:33
408.   Stormer Sports
I know I shouldn't say this, buit I have absolutely no faith in Arod this PS.
2006-10-03 19:05:35
409.   C2Coke
Can we ask Alex to go down to the booth and personally shut those announcers off??
2006-10-03 19:06:05
410.   BklynBmr
Did Jason get there yet?
2006-10-03 19:06:15
411.   RIYank
Yeah, Wheels!
2006-10-03 19:06:17
412.   nick
now if Giambi could only score from 2nd on a single--
2006-10-03 19:06:20
413.   Flip Play
Giambi steals! Nice!
2006-10-03 19:06:21
414.   mehmattski
Ha! Can't throw out the speedy Giambi, now can you Pudge?
2006-10-03 19:06:22
415.   rbj
Wait. Giambi stole a base? In the post-season?
2006-10-03 19:06:27
416.   joe in boston
Um, hey Alex ? You know how people say that you need to prove it in the postseason??? That's why m-f-er !!!

Hey, by the by - do you think that Alex (Belth) sneaks a peek from his laptop onto the Banter during the game ?????

2006-10-03 19:06:31
417.   Orly Yarly NoWai
405 We need the Jim Valvano of baseball to emerge and rant about umps who want to be stars. He's reminding me of Frank Drebbin (Leslie Nielsen) in The Naked Gun.
2006-10-03 19:06:40
418.   Stormer Sports

I guess he could swing at an occasional fastball now and then.


2006-10-03 19:06:43
419.   mikeplugh
what just happened? how did Giambi steal?
2006-10-03 19:06:44
420.   C2Coke
Giambi stole a base!
2006-10-03 19:06:56
421.   RIYank
Godzilla, my gigantic reptilian friend, that ball was in the dirt.
2006-10-03 19:07:40
422.   smingers
This new Chevy commercial is gross. Appropriating Rosa Parks and MLK Jr to sell trucks.
2006-10-03 19:07:54
423.   BklynBmr
407 I'm feelin' ya. Especially after that inning...

C'mon, Yanks! 1-2-3.

2006-10-03 19:07:57
424.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Move over Jones; move over Gatlin. Meet Giambi!
2006-10-03 19:08:13
425.   RIYank
Mike, they were paying no attention to him, so he just took off. It was a legit steal.
2006-10-03 19:08:30
426.   mehmattski
Something about a god awful country song and a truck commercial using images from the free-loving, civil rights movements of the 60s makes me want to vomit.
2006-10-03 19:08:36
427.   Stormer Sports
Those commercials make me question myself. I like Mellencamp a lot, bot Rosa Parks, the WTC and Chevy's? Isn't that a tad offensive and overly ritgheous?
2006-10-03 19:08:50
428.   C2Coke
419 I think they weren't paying attention to Giambi at all because nobody thought he was capable of it and Giambi took full advantage of it. Although no runs resulted from that. Next time, next time...
2006-10-03 19:09:12
429.   Stormer Sports

Testify brother!

2006-10-03 19:09:12
430.   rbj
419 None of the fielders was paying attention to him.
2006-10-03 19:09:26
431.   mikeplugh
425 funny
2006-10-03 19:09:50
432.   pistolpete
427 Better get used to it - we're bound to see it 1000 more times throughout the playoffs.
2006-10-03 19:09:56
433.   Orly Yarly NoWai
426 Orly? Yarly! NoWai! Srsly!

I'm with you on that one.

Did they just compare Guillen to 'a gathering storm'?

2006-10-03 19:09:56
434.   Stormer Sports

Although, there is a good chance that a dead Rosa Parks could design a better product than a Chevy Cavalier!

2006-10-03 19:10:06
435.   nick
I was hoping I could get through a post-season game without feeling nauseous....stupid of me--
2006-10-03 19:10:16
436.   RIYank
Proctor's warming.
But it will be Good Scotty, right? Fully rested, seriously rested??
2006-10-03 19:10:39
437.   mikeplugh
I have a bad feeling about this game right now. Wang is shaky and Detroit's pen looms.
2006-10-03 19:10:47
438.   rbj
Proctor - 7
Farnsworth or Bruney - 8
Sound about right?
2006-10-03 19:11:26
439.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Holy poo! Did Tim McCarver just make fun of himself on air?
2006-10-03 19:11:26
440.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Holy poo! Did Tim McCarver just make fun of himself on air?
2006-10-03 19:11:33
441.   RIYank
Whoa, Rob looked pretty casual on that play.
2006-10-03 19:11:39
442.   pistolpete
S'ok, everyone - I just changed my seat and turned my hat around. We'll be fine.
2006-10-03 19:12:03
443.   C2Coke
436 I think Wang will get through it.
2006-10-03 19:12:18
444.   yankaholic
416 what?? 1 KK and thats it?? thats the leash!! great !!
2006-10-03 19:12:47
445.   mehmattski
Wow, hip-hop, car magazines, video games, and pasta. Way to be even more cliche than Sean Casey. But we still love ya, buddy.
2006-10-03 19:12:58
446.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Bah, stupid double post. My bad.

Nice pitches against Pudge.

2006-10-03 19:12:58
447.   Stormer Sports

Well yes, except I'd rather have Bklyn Bombr pitch the 8th over Kyle Farnsworth.

Then again, we do have a defensive replacement at 1st who is no better statistically than Giambi, but what do I know.

2006-10-03 19:13:07
448.   nick
that high fastball out of the zone could become a weapon for Wang as he develops
2006-10-03 19:13:50
449.   RIYank
At times like these I like a nice statistic to calm me down.
Win Expectancy Finder says that with two out in the top of the sixth nobody with a two run lead, our chance of winning is 87%.
2006-10-03 19:14:09
450.   pistolpete
445 Imagine if they did that 'favorite things' feature with Matsui. ;-)
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-10-03 19:14:23
451.   Orly Yarly NoWai
448 Was it just me, or did that high pitch out of the zone seem to drop like a sinker-lite?
2006-10-03 19:14:34
452.   nick
ah, that's a Wang inning!
2006-10-03 19:14:34
453.   Stormer Sports
Thurman Munson, plane crash.

Roberto Clemente, plane crash.

But yet Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan live on. There must be a heaven. Well, Sean Casey told me that there was, so I'm going with that.

2006-10-03 19:14:51
454.   Zack
Well, even with that very very nice 6th by Wang, i say go to the BP for the 7th, EDSP looms...
2006-10-03 19:14:53
455.   yankaholic
449 tiny url plz!!
2006-10-03 19:14:54
456.   yankz
There's the sinker!
2006-10-03 19:14:58
457.   mikeplugh
The King of New York. Way to settle down, bro.
2006-10-03 19:15:32
458.   C2Coke
447 In baseball, the true saying should be "nobody knows sh*t."

But...what did I say in 443?

2006-10-03 19:15:36
459.   smingers
Think Wang gets to come out for the 7th? I think he should after that easy inning.
2006-10-03 19:16:16
460.   yankz
450 LOL. I'd send Wang out for the 7th.
2006-10-03 19:16:25
461.   Stormer Sports
NO WAY. Go with Wang in the 7th, no doubt about it. No reason to go to the BP just yet. Relax guys.
2006-10-03 19:16:42
462.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Bring him out for the 7th but with a quick hook would be my vote.
2006-10-03 19:17:04
463.   RIYank
455 Oh, no tiny necessary:
2006-10-03 19:17:29
464.   BklynBmr
447 Thanks. I did throw a no-no in Little League. Honest!
2006-10-03 19:17:29
465.   rbj
450 Only if the game's on the Spice Channel.

453 God needed a new catcher and right fielder. He doesn't need any more lousy announcers.

2006-10-03 19:17:35
466.   yankaholic
463 thx
2006-10-03 19:18:12
467.   Stormer Sports
I used to like Tommy Lasorda, but "October is the time to root against the Yankees." Come on, that shouldn't even have been approved by MLB.
2006-10-03 19:18:31
468.   Orly Yarly NoWai
465 Re: God's team: There's a Joe McCarthy anecdote in there somewhere.
2006-10-03 19:18:44
469.   RIYank
I definitely bring Wang back, and I expect him to finish the seventh. I keep him in even after a single.
2006-10-03 19:18:54
470.   Shaun P
I'm glad to see Wang has settled down, but I'd really like to see the Yanks push some more runs across the plate.

BTW, anyone else already tired of Tommy Lasorda's commercials? I really don't like that guy.

Damn - nice play by Inge there. Robbie can't buy a hit tonight.

2006-10-03 19:19:36
471.   RIYank
467 Doesn't bother me. It's a compliment.
2006-10-03 19:19:55
472.   Shaun P
467 Can I get an "Amen", Stormer? =)

And unlike Mr. Casey, I do not read my bible everyday.

2006-10-03 19:19:56
473.   rbj
I never liked Lasorda to begin with.
2006-10-03 19:20:27
474.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Especially since the Sox are out.

Oh crap. According to FOX, we're going to see Villone in the 8th.

2006-10-03 19:20:36
475.   smingers
467 My buddies ran into Lasorda in a restaurant in Vegas. He was totally hammered and they got a photo of him with this massive stain covering the front of his shirt.
2006-10-03 19:21:06
476.   RIYank
Way to put it in play, JD.
2006-10-03 19:21:19
477.   rbj
Good job Johnny. Let's go Jeter.
2006-10-03 19:21:24
478.   Orly Yarly NoWai
This season, Damon's been an absolute steal.
2006-10-03 19:21:24
479.   Orly Yarly NoWai
This season, Damon's been an absolute steal.
2006-10-03 19:21:26
480.   C2Coke
No reason not to bring Wang back later. As shaky as he's looked tonight, he's 83 through 6 with 10/4: worms/birds.
2006-10-03 19:21:27
481.   Stormer Sports

A No-No, with a pack of Marlboro Reds rolled in your sleeve?

Ken Rosenthal is a narcisistic. He certainly belongs at FOX. He's with Ny's finest? Are there Firefighters down there, school teachers? Just looks like a bunch of pigs to me.

2006-10-03 19:21:42
482.   BklynBmr
467 Exactly. "Ambassador" of baseball, my ass. He's turned into an embarrassing gasbag...

OK, JD! Now let's put up a run or two, Yanks!

2006-10-03 19:22:27
483.   RIYank
Jetes is da man. Sorry, Minnesota Joe, no contest.
2006-10-03 19:22:28
484.   LI yankee
Jeter is God
2006-10-03 19:22:30
485.   Shaun P
Man, is the Cap'n amazing or what?
2006-10-03 19:22:30
486.   rbj
Yay Derek!
C'mon, Bobby.
2006-10-03 19:22:32
487.   Flip Play
2006-10-03 19:22:35
488.   kdw
Jeter!!! Take that national tv audience who doubts his MVPness.
2006-10-03 19:22:36
489.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Ack, double posts again.

Merci, moi Captain!

Yeah, I don't speak French. Does it show?

2006-10-03 19:22:39
490.   Stormer Sports
Jeter is my Hero!
2006-10-03 19:22:43
491.   singledd
Why couldn't Jetes do this his last game?
2006-10-03 19:23:00
492.   C2Coke
Cap'n. is. unreal. in. October.
2006-10-03 19:23:01
493.   mikeplugh
2006-10-03 19:23:14
494.   nick
damn!--Jeter hitting .358 in division series BEFORE tonight...
2006-10-03 19:23:17
495.   Flip Play
2006-10-03 19:23:38
496.   Stormer Sports
Bobby Bobby Bobby!
2006-10-03 19:23:40
497.   RIYank
Oh, very sweet Donuts tonight!

Hm, 483 484 we seem to have a theological dispute on our hands. Derek Jeter: Da Man, or God?

2006-10-03 19:23:41
498.   Shaun P
MUCH better - let's keep it going, Sheff!
2006-10-03 19:23:53
499.   AbbyNormal821
2006-10-03 19:23:53
500.   rbj
Way to go Bobby!
Cook up something good, Shef.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-10-03 19:23:56
501.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Hope Polanco's ok.

Bobby's been great tonight.

2006-10-03 19:24:02
502.   C2Coke
Oh yea!
2006-10-03 19:24:02
503.   mikeplugh's over. Turn out the lights. Shoulda gone to the pen Leyland. You blew it.
2006-10-03 19:24:02
504.   Simone
This team! De-rek Je-ter! De-rek Je-ter!
2006-10-03 19:24:04
505.   Sliced Bread
I think Jeter is bored with just, you know, hitting. Now he's calling his shots. Bloop to left is a Scarlett Johansson. Line drive to left is a Vanessa Minnello.


2006-10-03 19:24:05
506.   Paul in Boston
HUGE 2 out hit by Abreu. Huge huge huge.
2006-10-03 19:24:36
507.   nick
492 actually he's right on his career averages for October....before tonight--DONUTS!
2006-10-03 19:24:43
508.   mehmattski
Win Expectancy is 97% now.

Thanks for playing Nate. Stop by the office for some gifts and a copy of the home game.

Ooo, if Polanco did get hurt, maybe we could see.... Neifi!

2006-10-03 19:24:50
509.   C2Coke
Bobby obviously belongs to October, he just never got a chance to show it.
2006-10-03 19:24:54
510.   yankz
Are you kidding me? Seriously, who would you rather have up in an October at-bat than Jeter?
2006-10-03 19:25:04
511.   RIYank
491 Singledd, I was thinking that. But in a way this is perfectly appropriate. "Nice job, Minnesota Joe, you get the title, but let's see who hits when it counts."
2006-10-03 19:25:20
512.   BklynBmr
481 No, the old man smoked Salem then, stole one and had it behind my ear for that start ;-)

YEAH! That's just what the doctor ordered, a little insurance. Now let's keep it going!

2006-10-03 19:25:23
513.   rbj
497 He's Jebus, he's both.
2006-10-03 19:26:07
514.   pistolpete
506 I honestly didn't think that was a hit off the bat. If we're going to go all the way, Abeu's AB was what we needed in a nutshell. 2-out RBIs.
2006-10-03 19:26:08
515.   yankz
505 Money.
2006-10-03 19:26:28
516.   RIYank
Yeah, now just a single from the Master Chef.
2006-10-03 19:26:33
517.   Stormer Sports

I was hard core. Pall Mall baby!

2006-10-03 19:26:41
518.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Wow. Great throw there.
2006-10-03 19:26:44
519.   nick
thanks, Fox, for missing that--greedy fucks...
2006-10-03 19:26:55
520.   C2Coke
505 LOL!
2006-10-03 19:26:59
521.   pistolpete
C'mon, Sheff - put this game in the oven.
2006-10-03 19:27:21
522.   Stormer Sports
So. We miss one pitch so far, well al least on the west coast, and now I miss that wild throw. Eat me FOX, eat me!
2006-10-03 19:27:48
523.   rbj
Send Wang out for the 7th.
Proctor - 8
Bruney - 9
2006-10-03 19:27:52
524.   Orly Yarly NoWai
With a 4-run cushion, Wang's hook is going to be a little longer.
2006-10-03 19:28:18
525.   Shaun P
Nice of FOX to come back after, you know, Grili threw the ball over Casey's head.

Of course, what should we expect? The way Buck and McCarver are talking, there's not even a game being played here.

And we have to put up with these boneheads for another six years? ARGH!

2006-10-03 19:28:25
526.   C2Coke
I always have a thing for those 2-out rallies, and I always will.
2006-10-03 19:28:53
527.   das411
264 = Carl Hiaasen?

Abreu will still find some way to choke this one away, not to worry...

2006-10-03 19:29:36
528.   Stormer Sports

Yes. Bud Selig is genius right? I'd give my left nut for Fay Vincent right about now.

2006-10-03 19:29:51
529.   LI yankee
508 97% might be a bit high. How is that calculated?
2006-10-03 19:29:59
530.   pistolpete
519 Yeah, gotta make sure we get in that 183rd mini-commercial before returning to the field.

You know, I would gladly pay an extra 5-6 bucks a month if I could have the raw feed of the game. NO commercials and NO announcers.

2006-10-03 19:30:01
531.   mikeplugh
Can Detroit's offense muster 5 more runs against Wang, Bruney, Proctor, Farnsworth, and Rivera? It's 5 runs in the 7th, 8th, and 9th. I think that's asking a bit too much of them.....unless Proctor and Farnsy are left in beyond reason....hear me Joe?
2006-10-03 19:30:53
532.   BklynBmr
517 Now you're talkin'... Stole Camel unfiltered from my uncle and gagged.

523 That would work...

2006-10-03 19:31:14
533.   Stormer Sports
Where is Lou Piniella for God's sake!
2006-10-03 19:31:23
534.   rbj
OK, now that's kinda creepy.
2006-10-03 19:31:28
535.   singledd
513 Official Manlaw: Jeter... He's Jebus.
2006-10-03 19:31:36
536.   pistolpete
I'm going to want to also strangle Tommy Lasorda by the end of the ALDS.
2006-10-03 19:31:39
537.   RIYank
I have John Sterling on now so I got that disconcerting Strike Three called before I saw the ball leave C-M's hand. Cool when it's strike three, anyway.
2006-10-03 19:31:45
538.   mehmattski
529 Based on the percentage of games that have ended with a particular team winning, after a given situation. Like, from 1979-2004, there were a certain number of games when the home team was up by 4 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning, and the home team won 97% of the time.
2006-10-03 19:32:18
539.   Sliced Bread
What's with this fuggin' Tommy Lasorda campaign to attract viewers? Was Hitler not available?
2006-10-03 19:32:38
540.   Stormer Sports

Hell, they're even more pretentious up there than they are down here in LA. Can you even smoke in Public? Or are you in Oak town, where it's mandatory?

2006-10-03 19:32:39
541.   BklynBmr
Listen to these pukes in the booth sucking up to the dumbass Lasorda campaign. Still, better than suffering through Morgan tonight...
2006-10-03 19:33:17
542.   Shaun P
528 And now we have to listen to #$(#&)$ Lasorda DURING the game. I'd take Fay Vincent over Seligula any day. I can't wait for the day when MLB tells FOX to do something anatomically impossible.

I'm liking the K's by Wang. You keep hackin' Detroit Tigers!

Speaking of that, where's Ron Burgandy? Haven't seen him around in a while.

2006-10-03 19:33:48
543.   Stormer Sports
Wang is as good as he gets right now. Keep him in through the 8th, and go to Proctor in the 9th, if Detroit scores no more.
2006-10-03 19:33:51
544.   nick
510 Hey, he hits at his career averages for the postseason, facing tough pitching--that's pretty good; and he's better after tonight.

The postseason is funny--check out the original Mr. October: 1212 OPS in the WS, but a cool 678 in the LCS, in almost twice as many at bats...

2006-10-03 19:33:51
545.   pistolpete
I remember a point in 2005 where I closed my eyes and cringed every time the ball was hit to Cano.

Not anymore. :-)

2006-10-03 19:34:10
546.   RIYank
529 538 Yeah, there's no 'theory' or anything, just raw frequency.
Obviously, it takes no account of bullpen, quality of line-up, whatever.

Oh, Myers to take care of the lefty.

Man, the crowd gives Wanger a nice send-off!

2006-10-03 19:34:29
547.   pistolpete
Ummmm....what's the point of this?
2006-10-03 19:34:33
548.   mehmattski
(Standing Ovation) in my living room.
2006-10-03 19:34:43
549.   rbj
539 you made me snort my beer.
They're going to trot out bin Laden next.

Standing O for Wang

2006-10-03 19:34:52
550.   C2Coke
541 That's some postitive thinking...but they are killing me.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-10-03 19:34:57
551.   JeremyM
Ehh, I'd leave Wang in there. He was starting to roll.
2006-10-03 19:35:13
552.   yankz
Wtf? Wang is finally hitting cruise control. They better not regret this.
2006-10-03 19:35:32
553.   tommyl
um...was Joe just getting bored in the dugout? Wang at 93, he's cruising, retired 6 straight and we go to the BP?
2006-10-03 19:35:41
554.   Shaun P
What a Wang!

The kid did good. Now Mr. Torre, let's remember that Sean Casey sucks and that Mike Myers should never, ever be allowed to face a righty like Polanco. Are we clear?

2006-10-03 19:35:54
555.   nick
so with two out and a 4-run lead in the 7th Joe is gonna play lefty-lefty for one batter, in search of some microscopic edge....why not wait for a possible rally in the 8th when you might really need to get a lefty out?
2006-10-03 19:36:05
556.   pistolpete
Jeez, was that guy getting a happy ending with another pair of hands?
2006-10-03 19:36:21
557.   smingers
Why take Wang out? He was rolling. If Myers doesn't get the lefty, then you're committed to going right back to the pen for the next batter.
2006-10-03 19:36:40
558.   RIYank
I'd leave Wang in, too. For one thing, Granderson is not exactly a big threat. The Tigers' lead-off guy has an OBP of .335.
2006-10-03 19:36:42
559.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-03 19:36:44
560.   Stormer Sports
I just don't get it. He is pitching as good as anyone the past two innings, yet he gets yanked. I love Joe, but there aint anyone in that bullpen, other than Rivera, that can pitch any better than Wang is.

The bullpen is a last resort, not to be used when your ace just got 6 ground ball outs in a row. They are in the bullpen because they aren't that good, why does every manager forget that?

2006-10-03 19:37:02
561.   C2Coke
543 I think Torre's thinking about the next series.
2006-10-03 19:37:07
562.   tommyl
Maybe Wang said he was getting tired. That's the only reason I can see doing this.
2006-10-03 19:37:27
563.   nick
this is Curtis Granderson with a 4-run lead and the sacks empty!
2006-10-03 19:37:40
564.   rsmith51
I don't like the move, but it is not a terrible one.
2006-10-03 19:37:44
565.   mehmattski
554 Might I remind you of his superior numbers against righties this season. Completely off of his career rates, true, and I wouldn't feel comfortable with him against a righty. But that's what the numbers say, this year.
2006-10-03 19:38:04
566.   rbj
Proctor's gotta rag on Myers all the time.
"One batter? That's it? One freaking batter twice a week? I do that before I piss in the morning."
2006-10-03 19:38:08
567.   BklynBmr
540 I'm in SF, no bars, restaurants, etc. Public places? Sh*t, private homes are on the target list of the hatracks who run this place.

Kudos, Wang! Get ready for Oakland!

2006-10-03 19:38:13
568.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Gotta love how LOOGY blows a 66mph meatball past Granderson.
2006-10-03 19:38:15
569.   singledd
[551-553] Ditto. Myers has sucked against lefty's this year.
2006-10-03 19:38:31
570.   Shaun P
All things considered, I don't mind Wang coming out early. Never know when some rest comes in handy down the road for him.

I also think its a good idea to keep Myers fresh, as Oakland (Chavez and Swisher) and especially Minn. (Mauer and Morneau) have some big lefty bashers.

2006-10-03 19:38:37
571.   RIYank
I guess we were right.
2006-10-03 19:38:46
572.   yankaholic
Where is the FOX Scooter?? Lassorda pinch hitting for it??
2006-10-03 19:38:48
573.   tommyl
Wow, that worked out well. And now out comes Scotty Proctor?
2006-10-03 19:38:51
574.   pistolpete
Holy crap. Anything but a fuggin HR.
2006-10-03 19:38:51
575.   Simone
Why are these pitchers trying to give up the lead?
2006-10-03 19:38:59
576.   nick
and now Joe will have to walk out and remove him...
2006-10-03 19:39:00
577.   rsmith51
Why, Joe, Why????
2006-10-03 19:39:13
578.   randym77
Thanks a lot, Myers.
2006-10-03 19:39:16
579.   SF Yanks
Ok, you can put Wang back in now. Thanks for taking him out in the first place!!!
2006-10-03 19:39:23
580.   LI yankee
Wang couldn't get ONE freaking batter out?
2006-10-03 19:39:25
581.   smingers
F***ing Torre!
2006-10-03 19:39:26
582.   Sliced Bread
It's true a Wang in the hand is better than a Myers in the... what the fug was that Randy?!
2006-10-03 19:39:31
583.   JeremyM
Myers is just a sad sack of a ballplayer. I hate to see that guy in there, even when he does the job.
2006-10-03 19:39:37
584.   yankz
Gee, none of us saw that coming.
2006-10-03 19:39:39
585.   C2Coke
Torre....Torre...Did that slap in the face feel good?
2006-10-03 19:39:55
586.   Shaun P
570 I rescind that. What the #%)#&)#!!!

Joe Buck: "Myers is out, Joe Torre goes back to his bullpen." To bring in who? Try being useful . . .

2006-10-03 19:40:19
587.   Simone
More runs needed.
2006-10-03 19:40:24
588.   pistolpete
So who should we have had on the roster instead of Captain Useless here?
2006-10-03 19:40:42
589.   nick
now we'll end up having to see Farns in the 8th, or with Proctor throwing 30 pitches: doesn't Joe know he has weak tired middle relief and the way Wang was pitching in the 7th was a fucking gift from above!?
2006-10-03 19:40:43
590.   singledd
Fucking Myers!
Well, another SAVE coming for Mo.
I know you need Lefties in the pen, but based on his post ASG stats, Myers should not have made the PS roster.
2006-10-03 19:40:43
591.   Stormer Sports

It's like I've said for years. Joe is the best clubhouse manager I've ever seen, but can't manage a ball game to save his life. We've won despite him, not because of him, when it comes to in-game decisions.

CASE IN FUCKING POINT! As a lawyer, that is what we call circumstantial evidence.

God dammit Joe! Don't pull your pitcher unless you have to, not because you think you should. That wasn't Lance Berkman up there for God's sake!

2006-10-03 19:40:45
592.   AbbyNormal821
Muther-f'in Gameday!

WTF??? experiencing....technical....difficulties!

2006-10-03 19:40:45
593.   BklynBmr
Well, it's good to see what certain guys can or can't do before the games get really serious...
2006-10-03 19:41:03
594.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Because he needs exercise.
2006-10-03 19:41:33
595.   yankz
Oh, btw, great article on Wang, Alex.
2006-10-03 19:41:53
596.   Stormer Sports

That won't stop Joe from Yanking Moose tomorrow even if he is pitching well in the 7th. Joe has no clue what a bullpen is really used for, none.

2006-10-03 19:42:01
597.   mehmattski
591 As a poker player, that's what we call being swayed by short term returns. Is really helpful when my opponents start folding AK in holdem "because it never wins for me."
2006-10-03 19:42:03
598.   RIYank
AbbyN, Myers gave up a dinger to Granderson.
Great, now Polanco singles.
2006-10-03 19:42:15
599.   pistolpete
Holy shit. I take back every nice thing I said about Torre today.
2006-10-03 19:42:16
600.   Flip Play
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-10-03 19:42:19
601.   JeremyM
Way to open the door Torre. Ugh. Too cute for his own good.
2006-10-03 19:42:21
602.   Simone
Hopefully, Joe has learnt a lesson about not using Myers. Proctor.... Gawd. I can't look.
2006-10-03 19:42:35
603.   Shaun P
C'mon EDSP, you gotta get out this one - don't give up hits just so you face more batters.
2006-10-03 19:42:45
604.   mikeplugh
This is stupid.
2006-10-03 19:42:54
605.   randym77
I don't like Myers on the roster at all, to be frank. I'd rather have someone who can pitch to more than one batter.

If he was really, really good - the Mariano Rivera of LOOGYs - then I could see carrying him. But he's not. So he got Big Papi out once. So did Aaron Small.

I'd rather have Rasner or Karstens on the roster than Myers.

2006-10-03 19:43:05
606.   Shaun P
What's this about Wang's left shoulder bothering him??
2006-10-03 19:43:12
607.   Benjamin Kabak
This is Torre's fault. Gimme a f**kng break.
2006-10-03 19:43:12
608.   monkeypants
569 570 et al. Pulling Wang there wasn't really the worst move, but what is the deal with Meyers. His only job in the universe is to get out one batter. He occupies a roster spot for that purpose. But he has been awfully shaky.

Sometimes you make the right move and it doesn't work out. But is Meyers the right move?

2006-10-03 19:43:17
609.   RIYank
Mo is swinging his arms and bending at the waist.
2006-10-03 19:43:21
610.   rbj
OK, time to break out the vodka.
2006-10-03 19:43:33
611.   SF Yanks
Lets give Torre the benefit of the doubt and ASSume there was a REALLY good reason for it.
2006-10-03 19:43:40
612.   Stormer Sports
Oh yea. Wang was pitching so badly. Maybe Joe will yank Proctor and let Farns give up the HR. If 90% of the other managers in this game weren't idiots I'd say let the clown go and sign Girardi if he'll have us.
2006-10-03 19:43:49
613.   Shaun P
605 You know, Villone could work as the LOOGY. He's been murder against lefties this year. Righties, not so much.
2006-10-03 19:43:50
614.   singledd
Gawd... Tying run to the plate, 2 pitches away.
2006-10-03 19:43:50
615.   RIYank
608 You said "pulling Wang".
2006-10-03 19:44:01
616.   LI yankee
606 I think he was talking about Polanco.
2006-10-03 19:44:14
617.   C2Coke
Did anyone see Wang in the dugout? He looks tired.
2006-10-03 19:44:19
618.   Simone
Myers had one out to get and he couldn't do it.
2006-10-03 19:44:35
619.   singledd
Torre prematurely pulling Wang?
2006-10-03 19:44:56
620.   Benjamin Kabak
608 Myers hasn't been the right move since the start of September.
2006-10-03 19:45:22
621.   smingers
Wang did not look like someone who wanted to come out of the game to me. He looked shocked.
2006-10-03 19:45:24
622.   tommyl
2006-10-03 19:45:25
623.   RIYank
Oh, man. Not good. On a pitcher's count, too.
2006-10-03 19:45:31
624.   monkeypants
605 Agreed. But it has been the Yankee philosophy the last few years to carry mostly role-specific players in the pen and on the bench (Andy, Cairo, Fasano). This team is built to win with the starters and the formula out of the BP, not depth.
2006-10-03 19:45:31
625.   Simone
Fuck!!! I can't take this. I can't stand Proctor.
2006-10-03 19:45:35
626.   Benjamin Kabak
Wonderful decision. Let's take out the pitcher getting outs. THIS IS A JOKE.
2006-10-03 19:45:44
627.   pistolpete
PLEASE get Casey out. Let Farnsworth give up the solo HR to Ordoñez next inning.
2006-10-03 19:45:48
628.   singledd
I will not throw up... I will not throw up... I will not throw up... I will not throw up... I will not...
2006-10-03 19:45:56
629.   mikeplugh
Fire Torre now. Bowa for Game 2.
2006-10-03 19:46:07
630.   SF Yanks
614 called it.
2006-10-03 19:46:18
631.   pistolpete
Super. Proctor's useless too.
2006-10-03 19:46:38
632.   Benjamin Kabak
Terrible pitch right there by Proctor. We're lucky.
2006-10-03 19:46:43
633.   Stormer Sports

NO. I will not. I've seen this 100 times the last 10 years. Now we will have to go to MO when we might not have had to otherwise, and we are stuck with the 5 bums we have out in the bullpen less Rivera. He doesn't have a clue how to handle a pitching staff, you guys just need to admit it, it's the 1st step.

Wang would have been out of this a while ago. Just deal with the fact that Joe thinks he has good pitchers in the bullpen, when he does not.

2006-10-03 19:46:44
634.   tommyl
This is standard baseball stuff. If you're starter is cruising you leave him in. There's a reason Wang is a starting pitcher and Myers is a one batter guy. On average you'd rather have Wang in there. If he's at 125 pitches that's one thing, but he was at 93. It was an awful move, no matter what the outcome.
2006-10-03 19:46:55
635.   mehmattski
Um, guys. Let's try to keep it together here, y'all sound like a bunch of schitzos...
2006-10-03 19:47:03
636.   SF Yanks
2006-10-03 19:47:07
637.   yankaholic
NoMaas where art tho..
2006-10-03 19:47:11
638.   tommyl
Oh man, that was shades of Bubba/Sheff from last year for me.
2006-10-03 19:47:15
639.   RIYank
Okay, good work Scotty. No problem. You're totally on top of it.

If the difficult problem is to get from starter to Mo, why yank Wang (so to speak) when he's cruising?

2006-10-03 19:47:17
640.   pistolpete
Phew, flashbacks to Sheff and Bubba in LA.
2006-10-03 19:47:22
641.   mikeplugh
2006-10-03 19:47:23
642.   das411
Dammit way to be unclutch Magglio!
2006-10-03 19:47:27
643.   yankz
Ok, I've been trying not to cuss, but WHY THE FUCK DID YOU YANK WANG?!
2006-10-03 19:47:40
644.   JeremyM
Myers ERA in his last division series (with Boston) was Infinite.

It didn't go down tonight...

2006-10-03 19:47:43
645.   Simone
Proctor and his straight fast ball. Wheww...
2006-10-03 19:47:54
646.   Shaun P
OK, so does Proctor come out to start the 8th? Or do we see Farns? Or even Bruney?
2006-10-03 19:48:12
647.   JeremyM
643 Never yank Wang in front a full stadium. Ever.
2006-10-03 19:48:22
648.   rbj
FWIW, I'd probably have done the same with Myers & Proctor. Of course, I'm sitting in my living room and not managing a big league game.
2006-10-03 19:48:27
649.   C2Coke
So we ended 7th finally? I missed it since I was staring at all the choices for my next alcohol intake...
2006-10-03 19:48:30
650.   pistolpete
Personally, I think this Tynan guy's been the jinx - hasn't he been doing this since 2001?
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-10-03 19:48:58
651.   RichYF
Thank you EDSMHP!!!

643 Game 4, if necessary. If the bullpen can't get 7 outs with a 4 run lead, we're in big trouble...

2006-10-03 19:49:16
652.   pistolpete
I'd go with Bruney for the 8th - Tigers whooped up on Farnsy last time out.
2006-10-03 19:49:24
653.   yankz
638 I know just what you mean.

There was simply no reason to yank Wang (say that out loud). I really hope there's no injury or anything...

2006-10-03 19:49:53
654.   Benjamin Kabak
Whenever the Yanks want to not have Ronan Tynan sing, I'll be a-ok with that decision.

I also did not know that Ronan Tynan's legs were prosthetics. The things you learn on Wikipedia.

2006-10-03 19:49:55
655.   mehmattski
I had been getting a little tired of the God Bless America thing. But Tynan's voice is just so unbelievably awesome. Especially when he sings the intro.
2006-10-03 19:50:02
656.   SF Yanks
Torre is a smart man. There had to be a reason for it. Before we nail his ass, we should give him a chance to explain his very very stupid move.
2006-10-03 19:50:08
657.   Stormer Sports

Agreed! But Joe will continue to do this. Why did Norv Turner spend 16 games last year not throwing to Randy Moss? Because it didn't fit his game plan. You play your best players and let them play. No one in that bullpen less Rivera is in Wang's league. You tell ne why you pull him? Why? Unless it's your game plan, and that is what Joe does.

You want his approval, he's like a father, he keeps the clubhouse mellow, but that doesn't mean he can manage a ball game.

2006-10-03 19:50:26
658.   yankz
651 Ok, but now Proctor's tired for Game 4. I think ONE more batter wouldn't have pushed Wang over the edge.
2006-10-03 19:50:32
659.   singledd
633 but.. but.. but Myers is a lefty SPECIALIST! You see, he gets paid to get out 1 lefty, every once in a while. The other alternative however, would be canceling his check.
2006-10-03 19:50:34
660.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Hats off to Tynan.
2006-10-03 19:51:26
661.   rsmith51
I don't mind GBA in the playoffs. Doing it every game does not agree with me.
2006-10-03 19:51:39
662.   C2Coke
I hope it was simply Torre's stupidity for yanking Wang and nothing else.
2006-10-03 19:51:57
663.   Sliced Bread
Would anybody object, or even notice if Ronan Tynan pitched the 8th for the Yankees?
2006-10-03 19:52:39
664.   marc
Ordonez at least didn't get that fat pitch and hit it out. We're probably OK but I hate this Mo for only one inning stuff
2006-10-03 19:52:45
665.   Yu-Hsing Chen
plz score a few more runs here so we can survive Kyel "Far&Gone'sworth"
2006-10-03 19:52:58
666.   mslug
mmm, if we had more starters like Wang, I almost wish we lose this game so that Torre gets ripped apart as deserved. the silly old man is just horrible
2006-10-03 19:52:59
667.   RichYF
658 This is quite possible. If Myers does his job, I don't even think we SEE Proctor in this game. He threw 9 pitches, and shouldn't appear again in this game. Then again, who knows what Joe will do.

He'll be okay. He's used to this kind of workload anyway, right?

2006-10-03 19:53:00
668.   das411
660 - Amen. Hard to believe he's been doing that for five years already...
2006-10-03 19:53:04
669.   yankaholic
650 we are not the boston pink sox... aint no jinx aint no curse...

some bad breaks.. some terrible pen management...

we will win despite the latter...

2006-10-03 19:53:30
670.   monkeypants
Villone for the 8th?
2006-10-03 19:53:41
671.   nick
Stormer's right: Joe's a bad in-game manager, but he's a great clubhouse manager, and I'd say the latter is something like 80-90% of managing--it's just that the post-season magnifies this tactical crap.

Cf. the last 100 posts....

2006-10-03 19:53:53
672.   BklynBmr
Answer that run, Yanks! Keep the foot on their throat...
2006-10-03 19:53:54
673.   RIYank
That's right, Farns may have flashbacks.
But, he's up in the pen. I predict we'll see Good Farns tonight.
2006-10-03 19:53:59
674.   Yu-Hsing Chen
plz score a few more runs here so we can survive Kyle "Far&Gone'sworth"
2006-10-03 19:54:06
675.   Shaun P
663 ROTF Sliced! Nice.

At least Leland hasn't brought Zumaya in (yet). Hopefully the Yanks don't see him at all tonight.

2006-10-03 19:54:18
676.   mehmattski
670 LOL.

You are joking, right?

2006-10-03 19:54:37
677.   RIYank
Okay, at least our LOOGY didn't walk his lefty.
2006-10-03 19:54:50
678.   rbj
Right now, I have zero confidence in Farnsworth.
Put up a ten spot guys.
2006-10-03 19:54:55
679.   RichYF
Dear Alex,

Hit one out.


2006-10-03 19:55:17
680.   Simone
Myers is the LOOGY. It is on him to get his one out and he couldn't do it.
2006-10-03 19:55:19
681.   BklynBmr
654 Did not know that either, Benjamin. Thanks...
2006-10-03 19:55:21
682.   RIYank
By the way, our Win Expectancy is now 96 or 97%.
2006-10-03 19:55:22
683.   yankee23
Was that seriously Detroit's first walk of the game or is gameday just not keeping track of these things?
2006-10-03 19:55:52
684.   C2Coke
To be fair, if Myers did his job with a few pitches, Torre then would have done the right thing...
2006-10-03 19:56:06
685.   Shaun P
Oh good Leland, leave the lefty in to face A-Rod, just so you can use him against Matsui.

C'mon A-Rod, make him pay for doing that . . .

2006-10-03 19:56:26
686.   Benjamin Kabak
669 You know that Tynan isn't American? He's Irish. Shouldn't the guy singing the patriotic song at least be American?!
2006-10-03 19:56:26
687.   RIYank
Oh, how did he catch that? That ball had 'double' written all over it. Dang.
2006-10-03 19:56:50
688.   rbj
Shite. Two well hit balls by A-Rod tonight that go for outs.
2006-10-03 19:56:51
689.   singledd
656 My thoughts: Joe wants Wang very rested and strong for the (potential) 5th game... in the event we don't have a 4 run lead.
2006-10-03 19:56:55
690.   pistolpete
682 Are those just general win percentages or do they actually take the two teams playing into account?
2006-10-03 19:57:04
691.   BklynBmr
Section 39 is calling, 'Zilla. Plant one there...
2006-10-03 19:57:08
692.   AbbyNormal821
I just realized who Ordonez looks like with that hair...

That clown-lookin' dude from the Simpsons! (dammit, I'm having a brain-fart...what is his name!?)

2006-10-03 19:57:12
693.   RIYank
I mean, it wasn't a difficult catch, ball hit right to him.

And now Matsui. We're clobbering this LOOGY but with nothing to show for it.

2006-10-03 19:57:14
694.   Benjamin Kabak
687 "It hung up there all the way to Ordonez's glove."
2006-10-03 19:57:14
695.   monkeypants
676 Yes. But also sort of predicting, sadly.
2006-10-03 19:57:17
696.   mehmattski
Sure, Stormer, Torre isn't perfect. But Leyland is making some pretty poor, and worse, tactical decisions so far, don't you agree?
2006-10-03 19:57:26
697.   Shaun P
687 A-Rod keeps hittin' 'em where they are tonight, instead of where they ain't. C'est la vie.
2006-10-03 19:57:43
698.   Benjamin Kabak
692 Krusty?
2006-10-03 19:57:53
699.   rsmith51
Wang had at least one walk.
2006-10-03 19:58:01
700.   RIYank
690 Just frequencies, taking no account of the teams playing at all. Just frequencies culled from the historical data bank.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-10-03 19:58:06
701.   mikeplugh
Hmmm......this game is stressful. I think we should be more confident with a 7-3 lead and Mo looming if necessary, but the playoffs bring out the worst nerves, man. I feel edgy.
2006-10-03 19:58:15
702.   rbj
686 We're a nation of immigrants. I've got no problem with it. Just bring the voice.
2006-10-03 19:58:16
703.   monkeypants
676 Yes. But also sort of predicting, sadly.
2006-10-03 19:58:23
704.   RichYF
692 Hershel "Krusty the Clown" Krustofski?
2006-10-03 19:59:04
705.   mikeplugh
701 That should have read 7-4. I was thinking 3 run lead.
2006-10-03 19:59:06
706.   Shaun P
Gotta check on 'Wheels' Giambi now, eh?
2006-10-03 19:59:17
707.   yankaholic
686 thats a different topic..

i just dont want us fans to think we have a jinx... my problem is with the theory of jinx.. not GBA or who sings it

2006-10-03 19:59:24
708.   AbbyNormal821
698 YES! That's it! Ah, thank you Ben! Now I can sleep easy tonight - that one would've gnawed at me!
2006-10-03 19:59:27
709.   monkeypants
695 703 Er, sorry about the double post.
2006-10-03 19:59:49
710.   RIYank
701 It's 7-4.
Still, I'm confident. This is why I'm posting our Win Expectancy. Which is still 95%, even with the two outs.
2006-10-03 20:00:20
711.   pistolpete
692 Krusty?
2006-10-03 20:00:21
712.   rbj
696 So we're sitting on our asses (or standing, walking impatiently) second guessing two guys who've won world series and have spent decades in the big leagues?
2006-10-03 20:00:21
713.   mehmattski
690 It's regular season frequency. 1,416 times, there has been a game with the home team up by 3 in the 7th with a runner on first and one out. And of those, the home team has won 96.7% of the time.

Interestingly, with 2 outs, runner on first in the 7th, home team up 3, the percentage is 95.5%, reflecting that 1,389 occurances is not nearly enough to make reasonable predictions...

2006-10-03 20:00:34
714.   LI yankee
708 Google is your friend.
2006-10-03 20:00:43
715.   BklynBmr
Good hustle, Mats!
2006-10-03 20:00:54
716.   mikeplugh
710 I'm with you man. Just edgy.
2006-10-03 20:01:15
717.   RIYank
Here we go, Rob, no LOOGY scares you...
2006-10-03 20:01:17
718.   Benjamin Kabak
707 Fair enough. It's no jinx. Just like the Sox weren't cursed. They just had to suffer through decades of inept Yawkey ownership.'s the curse of Clay Bellinger!

2006-10-03 20:01:22
719.   das411
Wow way to slack off on that double play Placido, that is exactly what the NYY take advantage of...
2006-10-03 20:01:28
720.   BklynBmr
Robbie is due...
2006-10-03 20:01:33
721.   mikeplugh
C'mon Robby. Insurance.
2006-10-03 20:01:40
722.   pistolpete
692 Karim 'Krusty' Garcia?
2006-10-03 20:01:45
723.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Come on Cano!
2006-10-03 20:01:57
724.   Stormer Sports

I respectfully disagree. Starters, good starters are diamonds. Even good LOOGY's, are rubys. When you yank a starter for a LOOGY who is no better against lefties than Wang, you are trading a diamond for a ruby, and that makes you a fool, especially when the diamond hadn't had a ball hit in the air the last 5 batters!

I am certan that Joe Torre is enthusiastically looking to the day when he can punch the situation into a computer and Bill James will spit an answer out for him, but that my friends, is not how you win ball games in October. You win with performance, with your gut, with intuition and faith. Otherwise the Yankees wouldn't havelost a World Series in 10 years.

2006-10-03 20:02:19
725.   mikeplugh
Question: Melky in for defense now?
2006-10-03 20:02:27
726.   RichYF
Robbie is way too anxious at the plate. Looks like that Alex bum during a slump.
2006-10-03 20:02:28
727.   AbbyNormal821
704, 711 & 714 Thank you all!
2006-10-03 20:02:48
728.   RIYank
Good shot, Rob. Damn.
2006-10-03 20:03:14
729.   rbj
722 Dang, it took that long for Karim Garcia to make an appearance tonight. Larger than normal crowd he had to fight through?
2006-10-03 20:03:27
730.   BklynBmr
@$!@. Is this why Leyland separated Cano from Murderers Row?
2006-10-03 20:04:22
731.   RIYank
725 Interesting. I guess I'd do it, yeah.
(But if you wanted a prediction, NO!)
2006-10-03 20:04:53
732.   Stormer Sports

Huh? What did Leyland say?

2006-10-03 20:04:59
733.   mehmattski
729 Au contraire. I refer you to 81. Ye of little faith ;-)
2006-10-03 20:05:23
734.   rsmith51
How about 1b? Time for Andy?
2006-10-03 20:05:31
735.   AbbyNormal821
Poor Robbie - boy can't catch a break!
2006-10-03 20:05:38
736.   C2Coke
726 That is one very scary thought.
2006-10-03 20:06:15
737.   yankaholic
718 great!!

on a diff note.. i just feel sorry for the Muttheads in Queens

Pedro n now Duque??

2006-10-03 20:06:26
738.   rbj
733 I didn't get here until it was well over 100. Mea culpa.
2006-10-03 20:06:36
739.   yankz
670 Why do you hate the Yankees?

Poor Arod, he's scorched the ball today.

I hope Robbie Rocket isn't tired or feeling the pressure.

Good news: Captain will bat again! Oh how sweet would a five hit day be? Mauer can eat that for breakfast.

2006-10-03 20:06:57
740.   BklynBmr
732 Actually it was a good line from Leyland on the Yanks lineup. Something to effect of "they have Murderers Row and then Cano"...
2006-10-03 20:07:01
741.   smingers
What's the over/under on how many walks Farnsworth/Bruney are going to issue tonight?
2006-10-03 20:07:13
742.   tommyl
Oh, good Farnsworth. Yay, I was thinking I needed some adrenaline.
2006-10-03 20:07:23
743.   C2Coke
No Melky but Phillips. No Bruney but Farns.

How am I going to handle October with all the stress?

2006-10-03 20:07:31
744.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
2006-10-03 20:07:37
745.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-10-03 20:07:39
746.   RIYank
It's not Good Farns after all.
2006-10-03 20:07:39
747.   pistolpete
Oh this is shaping up to be a fantastic heart attack in the making.
2006-10-03 20:07:45
748.   AbbyNormal821
Fastballs, Farnsy - FASTBALLS (he got hosed on Ball 3, that looked low to me!)
2006-10-03 20:08:02
749.   SF Yanks
Lets hold our collective breaths.
2006-10-03 20:08:04
750.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Hold our breath, it's Kyle Far n Gonesworth
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2006-10-03 20:08:05
751.   nick
Fars is the single most frustrating pitcher in MLB to have on your team--and that walk in this situation is exactly why
2006-10-03 20:08:08
752.   Stormer Sports

Mauer can shine Rich Harden's shoes and cook him eggs.

2006-10-03 20:08:09
753.   Shaun P
I don't know what McCarver was just babbling about, but I wish Farnswacker would wack some Tiger here and throw a #%)#*% strike already!

PS - FOX, take your damn football ads and shove 'em.

2006-10-03 20:08:20
754.   RichYF
Yay for Kyle "2 inning save for Mo" Farnsworth!
2006-10-03 20:08:45
755.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Someone get that boi on the mound a map!
2006-10-03 20:08:47
756.   smingers
So who can we get for Farnsworthless in the offseason?
2006-10-03 20:09:11
757.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
2006-10-03 20:09:18
758.   rsmith51
2 strikes called balls
2006-10-03 20:09:38
759.   monkeypants
Hmmm. Meyers fails, leading to six pitches by Proctor, making Torre use Farnswhacker in the 8th. Looks like Mo is certain for the 9th. So, who is available tomorrow?

Let's hope the O makes this easy for Torre in the 9th.

2006-10-03 20:09:38
760.   BklynBmr
2006-10-03 20:09:41
761.   pistolpete
2006-10-03 20:09:49
762.   Yu-Hsing Chen
finally a strike...
2006-10-03 20:09:59
763.   Shaun P
In Farnswacker's defense, the home plate ump's strike zone tonight is pathetic to say the least. Why do they always have crappy umps working the plate for playoff games?

Oh, wait, Selig - never mind.

2006-10-03 20:10:28
764.   C2Coke
Someone shut those FOX guys off.
2006-10-03 20:10:46
765.   BklynBmr
97! Just place these, Farns!!!
2006-10-03 20:10:52
766.   monkeypants
Wow, I thought Pudge put that one in the seats. Gotta fix my glasses.
2006-10-03 20:11:06
767.   bobtaco
2006-10-03 20:11:12
768.   RIYank
Farns is fine. You're fine, Kyle.
2006-10-03 20:11:20
769.   mehmattski
756 Tom Gordon? Juan Acevedo? Antonio Osuna?

Honestly, is there a setup man you've felt comfortable with this century?

2006-10-03 20:11:26
770.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I dunno; I don't mind Farnsworth that much. I used to live outside DC and watching Gary Maj this season was MUCH worse than watching Farnsworth.
2006-10-03 20:11:44
771.   Benjamin Kabak
Kyle's gonna give me a heart attack this postseason. Fuckin' A, man. Throw it in the zone.
2006-10-03 20:11:48
772.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

You just have to hope Pavano takes him for a ride or some photos of Farnsworth as a young Senate Page turn up in Foleys photo album....otherwise we are stuck with him

2006-10-03 20:12:13
773.   SF Yanks
C'mon Farns you fack.
2006-10-03 20:12:15
774.   RIYank
There. Toldya. He's fine.
2006-10-03 20:12:17
775.   Shaun P
At least its the bottom of the Tigers' lineup that Farnsworth is facing.

Relax, dude, and just do your thing. Strike these @$(&#%@#@% out.

2006-10-03 20:12:18
776.   nick
724 just to defend Bill James, he's the biggest enemy of the LOOGIE there is--blames LaRussa...
2006-10-03 20:12:23
777.   pistolpete
I love you, Farnsycakes.
2006-10-03 20:12:41
778.   Stormer Sports
Do you sabermetric guys have an equation for this? Pitching well for no pressure teams like Atlanta and Chicago? Then imploding in the post-season last year when there was pressure on. Farnsworth may do ok for us but in the future, this post season, if we are lucky enough to have a pitcher cruising, you leave him the FUCK in!

Joe manages the bullpen the way he does because he leans on MO. No MO, and Joe's bungles would have been brought to bear for all the world to see years ago.

Its the PS, leave the best guy in, its simple.

2006-10-03 20:13:04
779.   Yu-Hsing Chen
1 more and we got this in the bag...
2006-10-03 20:13:05
780.   Benjamin Kabak
769 I was ok with Gordon until the 15th of September or against the Red Sox generally. Does that count...? Was Jeff Nelson this century?
2006-10-03 20:13:09
781.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

serves you right for watching the Nationals play

2006-10-03 20:13:12
782.   rbj
Mike Pugh, are you able to go back in time too, and pluck Nelson & Stanton circa 1998?
2006-10-03 20:13:23
783.   Flip Play
I wonder how long Gay Vito waited for Finn to arrive before we went into the game.
2006-10-03 20:13:36
784.   mslug
someone please fix the ump. me thinks his batteries are low or needs lubing.
2006-10-03 20:13:37
785.   RichYF
769 Who is Felix Heredia?
2006-10-03 20:13:44
786.   Stormer Sports


You work from home right?

2006-10-03 20:13:48
787.   Shaun P
769 Come to think of it, I don't remember being comfortable with Nelson (homer-prone)/Stanton ("the Arsonist" as my Dad called him) either.

So basically, I've only felt comfortable before the 9th when Mo was setting Wetteland up.

2006-10-03 20:14:34
788.   Benjamin Kabak
My deepest impression fo Kyle Farnsworth is the Dugout's portrayal of him. I wonder how accurate it is.
2006-10-03 20:14:57
789.   AbbyNormal821
Is Wetteland available? (hee hee!)
2006-10-03 20:15:11
790.   pistolpete
783 ROFL.
2006-10-03 20:15:14
791.   SF Yanks
Can we rewind time and leave Wang in the 7th?
2006-10-03 20:15:36
792.   mehmattski
778 It's not a matter of having an equation, what the "sabermetric" guys (like myself) would say is exactly what you did: you want to have the best pitcher you can practically have in a given situation. In this case, you were probably correct that Wang v Granderson > Myers v Granderson. But that is not an idictment of an entire philosophy, of an entire school of thought. If anything, Torre has been anti-sabermetric in his pitcher use.
2006-10-03 20:16:13
793.   Stormer Sports

Stanton was great for us. For that matter, he still is for the most part. It's hard to find a hard throwing lefty. I put him on the list with Duque, as guys I have no idea why we let go.

2006-10-03 20:16:13
794.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Holy Budweiser! Inning over!
2006-10-03 20:16:23
795.   RIYank
There. Kyle was fine. No problem at all.

I just guzzled a large scotch and soda.

2006-10-03 20:16:32
796.   Sliced Bread
Fuk yeah, Farnswacker!
2006-10-03 20:16:41
797.   Shaun P
Thank God!

Now I can rest easy. Now we all can rest easy!

2006-10-03 20:17:14
798.   pistolpete
795 So Bronx Banter automatically converts to AA once the season's over?
2006-10-03 20:17:14
799.   RIYank
Our Win Expect. is now just a shade under 99%.
2006-10-03 20:17:14
800.   JeremyM
Man, Farnsworth scares the bejesus out of me. Big WHEW! from me.
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2006-10-03 20:17:18
801.   LI yankee
Yeah Farns really got squeezed in that first AB. Balls 2 and 3 looked like strikes.
2006-10-03 20:17:42
802.   randym77
Kyle was bleepin' lucky.

This game is way too stressful. I was hoping for a more relaxing night, at home with our ace on the mound.

2006-10-03 20:17:43
803.   C2Coke
We are finally up to Mo. That was some time/innings to pass.
2006-10-03 20:17:57
804.   yankz
I'll be shocked if I survive this October without getting an ulcer.
2006-10-03 20:17:58
805.   Shaun P
795 I am envious. I have neither scotch nor soda in the house. Pretty sad for a guy who's mom was born and raised in Scotland, huh?
2006-10-03 20:18:09
806.   RIYank
And, 799 does not even take Mo into account.

Does that make everyone feel a little calmer?

2006-10-03 20:18:31
807.   mikeplugh
Mo Betta Blues.
2006-10-03 20:19:00
808.   C2Coke
798 ROFL. Then again, the fix could simply be the World Serious.
2006-10-03 20:19:48
809.   rbj
Runs, please, guys.
And by guys, I mean the Yankee hitters.
2006-10-03 20:19:49
810.   RIYank
Shaun, dude!
I always have one cheap scotch and one pricey one in the house. I'm drinking the cheap one. Seems appropriate. Farnsworth is not a pricey scotch kinda guy.
Next inning, if we don't score this inning, I'll pour a little of the fancy stuff, neat.
2006-10-03 20:20:22
811.   Shaun P
808 I'll drink to that! (Or I would if I had some alcohol in the house)
2006-10-03 20:20:23
812.   Stormer Sports

I didn't mean to offend if I did. Sometimes I think sabermetrics--which obviously have some value, see Oakland A's--my gut tells me they have the effect of giving eggheads a belief that they have an answer, an answer that the jocks they so despise could never figure out. That makes them feel superior, something they desperatly crave, but they compliment baseball minds, they are not an alternative, and surely not a replacement.

2006-10-03 20:20:47
813.   pistolpete
809 Yes, I will probably have the runs by the time this game is over. Is that what you meant?
2006-10-03 20:21:03
814.   AbbyNormal821
795 and that scotch & soda is PRECISELY why Farnsy was fine to you! HAHA!!!

I'd feel better if we had one more run for Mo.

2006-10-03 20:21:07
815.   nick
it's the wild head-case aspect of Farns that drives me nuts.....and Stormer, I have Cub fan friends, you can't even mention the guy's name to them--
2006-10-03 20:21:28
816.   C2Coke
Is it just me or Jorge looks pissed on the bench (and rightly so)?
2006-10-03 20:21:32
817.   pistolpete
C'mon, Jeets - cap this night off with a HR.
2006-10-03 20:21:38
818.   BklynBmr
We're starting to break the Banter. No CSS on the last refresh. No logo graphic on this one. Hang in there, BB...

And let's get a backbreaking 2 or 3 run little outburst here, Bombers!

2006-10-03 20:21:42
819.   SF Yanks
How about a 5 for 5 huh?
2006-10-03 20:22:04
820.   pistolpete
Thanks, Tim. (idiot)
2006-10-03 20:22:06
821.   Stormer Sports

The Disneyland of Ball Parks.

2006-10-03 20:22:32
822.   Benjamin Kabak
Tim McCarver just criticized the crowd for chanting MVP because "believe [him]. It's falling on deaf ears."

As Derek hits a home run to go five for five!!!!

2006-10-03 20:22:33
823.   nick
ooooooooh YEAH
2006-10-03 20:22:34
824.   RIYank
2006-10-03 20:22:37
825.   Simone
De-rek Je-ter! De-rek Je-ter! De-rek Je-ter! De-rek Je-ter! De-rek Je-ter! De-rek Je-ter!
2006-10-03 20:22:43
826.   bobtaco
Wow, just wow.
2006-10-03 20:22:43
827.   pistolpete
2006-10-03 20:22:47
828.   randym77
2006-10-03 20:22:49
829.   BklynBmr
817 You are a wizard, a true star!!!
2006-10-03 20:22:56
830.   Flip Play
I love him.
2006-10-03 20:22:59
831.   rbj
813 No, but it doesn't matter, Cap'n understood.
2006-10-03 20:23:00
832.   kdw
Oh my God!!!! Now that's unbelievable. Jeter is just a freak of October.
2006-10-03 20:23:13
833.   mikeplugh
What the F? Is Jeter made of dilithium crystals?
2006-10-03 20:23:17
834.   AbbyNormal821
...thank you Derek. You f**cking ROCK MY WORLD!
2006-10-03 20:23:23
835.   Stormer Sports
Holy Shit!

Hear me now big cry poppy?

2006-10-03 20:23:24
836.   C2Coke

Cap'n, our God.

2006-10-03 20:23:26
837.   Sliced Bread
In the dugout beforehand Jeter called that one Angelina Jolie.
2006-10-03 20:23:26
838.   SF Yanks
2006-10-03 20:23:29
839.   Shaun P



(Why can't we have huge fonts?!??!!?)

There's your runs, folks!!!

819 Ask and ye shall receive!

2006-10-03 20:23:35
840.   LI yankee
Once again, Jeter is God.
2006-10-03 20:23:45
841.   AbbyNormal821
...thank you Derek. You f**cking ROCK MY WORLD!

He smoked that bad boy!

2006-10-03 20:23:46
842.   monkeypants
Ahhh. Sweet, sweet 4 run lead. Maybe go to Bruney and save Mo for tomorrow?
2006-10-03 20:23:53
843.   Orly Yarly NoWai
5-5 with 2 doubles and a home run! Take that, Joe-Fuckin'-Mauer!
2006-10-03 20:24:13
844.   RIYank
It's not allowed, but you KNOW this is going to influence the MVP voting.
2006-10-03 20:24:52
845.   mehmattski
812 No offense taken. I have been swayed this year by sabermetric arguments, but you're right, even Bill James says that his equations are just another tool. They're a powerful tool, and can find value in players that traditional scouting can miss. I do have problems with some of their central tenents (fielding metrics, that K's are just another out), but I appreciate the thoughtful debate. Hope your work eases up and this can continue!
2006-10-03 20:24:57
846.   RIYank
842 That would be cool. Bruney until he gives up a baserunner?
2006-10-03 20:25:19
847.   Shaun P
817 And ye too shall receive, oh wormer burner sign maker!
2006-10-03 20:25:20
848.   pistolpete
844 Well, according to Braniac with the awful hair in the booth, it's already been decided.
2006-10-03 20:25:28
849.   Stormer Sports
I live in LA now.

The Dodgers could win the WS and I wouldn't hear a chant that loud. We deserve to win, the fans deserve it!

2006-10-03 20:25:34
850.   AbbyNormal821
did they just say earlier that the MVP has been decided already for the regular season????
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2006-10-03 20:25:41
851.   monkeypants
844 Uh, aren't the ballots already cast?
2006-10-03 20:26:15
852.   RIYank
Nice, Andy. No cigar.

Is Andy trade bait now, by the way?

2006-10-03 20:26:18
853.   Stormer Sports

It's Justin Morneau, it has to be. I hate to say it, but it has to be Morneau.

2006-10-03 20:26:20
854.   nick
802 804 well, we got a 5 run lead, they've never yet brought the tying run to the plate....but yeah, I still wanna puke--it's the post-season, boys....
2006-10-03 20:26:24
855.   RichYF
842 Isn't the rule if Mo warms up, Mo pitches? We'll see.


2006-10-03 20:26:29
856.   BklynBmr
827 pistolpete for 2006 BB MVP! The clinch party videos and now this. Again, I'm sending a limo to make sure you're here tomorrow night, brah!
2006-10-03 20:26:44
857.   C2Coke
With Cap'n and Mo on the team, no wonder Torre could do whatever he wants in PS.
2006-10-03 20:26:56
858.   yankz
Oh my God...words cannot describe how big my man-crush on the Captain is.


2006-10-03 20:27:22
859.   RIYank
Huh, I didn't know that. (I'm not listening to FOX, just watching.)
2006-10-03 20:27:34
860.   rbj
844 I think the ballots all have to be in before the post season starts.

I'm tempted to go with Bruney, but this is a 5 game series. You want to nail down that first win. 8-4 is still close enough.

2006-10-03 20:28:13
861.   mikeplugh
Jeter will win the MVP hands down, but the voting was closed before tonight, right? I think votes have to be in before the post-season.

Mauer deserves it if he wins. No one else should be in the picture.

2006-10-03 20:29:16
862.   Stormer Sports


Me too! It's big! Not Mark Foley big, but it's big!

2006-10-03 20:29:20
863.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Joe Torre.

Joseph Torre.

Why hast thy common sense forsaken thee?

2006-10-03 20:30:01
864.   mehmattski
Say your prayers, little one;
Don't forget, my son
To include everyone.
I tuck you in, warm within,
Keep you free from sin
Till the Sandman he cooooooomes.

Sleep with one eye open,
Gripping your pillow tight!

Exit Light!
Enter Night!

Take my hand.... we're off to never never land!

2006-10-03 20:30:13
865.   nick
853 why? no defensive value, not great OBP compared to other sluggers, 3rd best player on own team...
2006-10-03 20:30:15
866.   Benjamin Kabak
Tonight we get Tim McCarver, dumbass. Tomorrow night, we get Joe Morgan, bigger dumbass. Luckily, I'll be watching at the Stadium instead of in front of the TV.
2006-10-03 20:30:20
867.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I don't think there are many teams lineing up for Andy's service ;) but he should prove valubale for us as a bench guy that can hit when he's on.
2006-10-03 20:30:21
868.   Stormer Sports

Mauer isnt even close. It's Morneau or Jeter, those are the only choices.

2006-10-03 20:30:29
869.   pistolpete
Do these guys understand that Mo was sitting for 3 WEEKS, resting that arm?
2006-10-03 20:30:45
870.   C2Coke
856 Hear hear!
2006-10-03 20:30:56
871.   RIYank
I predict Jeter wins it. If Mauer or Santana wins, I won't squawk. But the thing is, Twin-lovers will split their votes.
2006-10-03 20:31:07
872.   rbj
863 Mo's rested. Get this win and hope tomorrow will be a 15-1 blowout in favor of NYY. Thursday is an offday.
2006-10-03 20:31:12
873.   Simone
Mo's control seems a little off.
2006-10-03 20:31:38
874.   nick
ahh, the infield popup....I've missed those infield popups....
2006-10-03 20:32:07
875.   BklynBmr
873 Rust. He'll shake it off...
2006-10-03 20:32:26
876.   Stormer Sports

Because that's the way it always has been.

AVG/HR/RBI--and Morneau has it all in those catagories. I am not saying I agree, but I think he'll win, and that's why I said what I said.

2006-10-03 20:32:34
877.   mikeplugh
868 Morneau is a first baseman with a lower VORP and less win shares than Mauer.
2006-10-03 20:32:42
878.   pistolpete
Bloop hit. Typical Mo.
2006-10-03 20:33:01
879.   monkeypants
Lotsa folks already heading out of the stadium from that last shot. Sorta lame.

However, those MLB attendance stats should make people shut the hell up about the 'problems' with baseball and how it needs to be more like (NFL, NBA, fill in the blank).

2006-10-03 20:33:58
880.   pistolpete
879 Overconfidence in Mo or Tigers fans giving up?
2006-10-03 20:34:11
881.   Sliced Bread
1 down, 10 to go
2006-10-03 20:34:11
882.   RichYF
10 more baby.
2006-10-03 20:34:16
883.   mehmattski
877 You speak a language that Joe Sportswriter does not understand.
2006-10-03 20:34:17
884.   BklynBmr
That's my MO!
2006-10-03 20:34:20
885.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2006-10-03 20:34:30
886.   rbj
YES! Game 1!
2006-10-03 20:34:36
887.   Simone
The Yankees win!!! Good game though the pitching could have been better. The hitting is outstanding. Jeter = MVP!
2006-10-03 20:34:57
888.   Flip Play
The Yankees win! Theeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees win!
2006-10-03 20:35:22
889.   pistolpete
Sing it, Frank.
2006-10-03 20:35:30
890.   Stormer Sports

I know. But no one cares about that stuff that votes. As far as I'm concerned a DH should never win the award because it goes to a "Player" not a hitter, and a DH is not a baseball player, but that won't stop guys who play horrible defense from winning the award.

2006-10-03 20:35:53
891.   RIYank
Now I can enjoy that scotch. It tastes better when it's celebratory.

Mo threw 12 pitches, that's good. Joe's Ninth Inning Only strategy is intact and working so far.

2006-10-03 20:36:08
892.   Stormer Sports
1 down 10 to go baby!
2006-10-03 20:36:13
893.   C2Coke
Finally. Loads of stress. Great finish.

And our Gods, Cap'n and Mo.

2006-10-03 20:36:15
894.   RichYF
"Personal accolades are no one's goal on this team."
2006-10-03 20:36:17
895.   mikeplugh
883 Okay how about....

Jeter is the face of the sport. He hustles and digs and motivates the clubhouse like no other player in generations. His steely eyes gaze into the darkness and seek victory.

Plus he leads all position players in VORP and Win Shares and has his own frangrance.

2006-10-03 20:36:19
896.   pistolpete
That's gotta be a clubhouse joke - all the players pronounce 'Wang' like 'sang'.
2006-10-03 20:36:33
897.   mehmattski
Um, Jeter just said Wang. Like... Wayng, not Wohng. (represses giggle)
2006-10-03 20:37:53
898.   randym77
883 Agreed. A lot of sports writers are picking Morneau. At least judging from the ink spilled on the issue.
2006-10-03 20:38:12
899.   SF Yanks
Did anyone hear that? Jeter refered to Wang as "Wang" not Wong. Weird huh?
2006-10-03 20:38:57
900.   C2Coke
896 I picked up on that too. All of them, Wang, except Torre.
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2006-10-03 20:39:24
901.   Shaun P
OK, that was a nice, satisfying win. Here's to the Yanks coming out tomorrow night and roughing up Verlander - maybe Leyland will again not use Zumaya in a close game the Tigers are losing.

You just keep saving him for those leads that (hopefully) will never come . . .

2006-10-03 20:40:17
902.   RIYank
895 The fragrance thing sold me.

Susyn interviewing Jetes.
Pretty much what you'd expect. All business, happy but taking it one at-bat at a time, etc.

2006-10-03 20:40:29
903.   mikeplugh
898 That may be true....and the ESPN fan poll has Morneau too. Morneau isn't even the 2nd best player on that team.

I think Jeter will win enough people's 1st place votes to edge all the Twins.

Think about it. Some Twins people will vote Mauer for catching and winning the batting title. Some will vote Santana because he's actually the MVP of that team. Then you have the power numbers fans that will go Morneau. That's a 3-way split.

Jeter should be able to garner enough 1st place votes on his own to top all of those guys.

2006-10-03 20:40:33
904.   yankz
That interview was money
2006-10-03 20:40:41
905.   Stormer Sports
Look, no one cares that Jete runs the bases better than almost anyone else, that he understands the game situation and reacts appropriately, that he'll bunt when neccessary, that he does every other little thing that matters. That doesn't show up between a Nike swoosh and a Home Depot commercial on SportsCenter, and that is all that matters.
2006-10-03 20:42:05
906.   C2Coke
904 What did he say? I just missed it.
2006-10-03 20:43:07
907.   randym77
899 Not weird at all. He's been doing that since last year. Just like he calls Cano "Canoe."
2006-10-03 20:43:14
908.   AbbyNormal821
What I love about the recaps that they've shown is that it clearly shows how psyched the team is when they get a big hit, when runs come in - the high fives have more umph to them, they're all so much more animated this year, like they're saying "this is it, no f*cking around this time!"
2006-10-03 20:43:25
909.   Stormer Sports

That catching garbage doesn't mean shit when you're 22 years old. I sure as hell hope he doesn't break down at his age after 162 games, if he did, I'd wonder how long he'll last. He's a kid, he's not Mike Piazza for God's sake. He better be as spry today as he was in April, otherwise he has no business catching in this league.

2006-10-03 20:43:33
910.   Shaun P
What should I make of the fact that, as soon as the interview with Jeter was over on FOX, my satellite dish lost the signal for FOX and the other local Boston channels? Have angry Red Sox fans stormed the local stations?

BTW, someone earlier commented on how good Vernon Wells was on BBTN. You were not kidding. Too bad he's got a lot of playing left in front of him.

2006-10-03 20:44:18
911.   Yu-Hsing Chen
YEAH, Wang keeps setting all time record for Taiwanese players ;)
2006-10-03 20:44:49
912.   mikeplugh
905 I must be missing something. Didn't ESPN devote volumes in the pre-season to all the wonders that are Jeter. Don't the BBTN guys always cream on themselves over Jeter to the annoyance of Yankee haters everywhere.

I'm not saying he's a shoe-in, but I'm shocked that he wouldn't be the favorite for as many wrong reasons as there are right ones. There's too much Jeter-Mania in the world based on crap to think that he's not the favorite....

Maybe I'm sadly out of touch. ;)

2006-10-03 20:45:49
913.   Stormer Sports

Every day I pray that Steve Phillips will grab some woman's ass so they shit can him.

2006-10-03 20:46:23
914.   kdw
910 I'm with you and the other guy, Vernon Wells is really good.
2006-10-03 20:46:43
915.   Stormer Sports

There are no wrong reasons to vote for Jeter.

2006-10-03 20:46:58
916.   RIYank
910 Shaun, let me reassure you that FOX immediately went over to the usual local news flatulence that they always show. (I was watching the Boston station, too.)
2006-10-03 20:47:07
917.   mikeplugh
909 offense, bro...but have you ever caught?

I was a high school catcher in pretty damn good physical condition and it wears you out after a while. No catcher 18, 20, 25, 28, 30, or 35 years old has ever won an AL batting title. The reason: it's freakin' exhausting.

2006-10-03 20:48:07
918.   mikeplugh
915 I like that.
2006-10-03 20:48:47
919.   mehmattski
910 It was me. Ken Arseson also mentioned it in the A's/Twins chat. Vernon's smooth like butter in CF and in the studio.
2006-10-03 20:48:49
920.   vockins
Holy game thread, batman.

I've got nothing else but go Yanks!

2006-10-03 20:49:42
921.   RIYank
Okay, so, are we going to get 1000 posts, or not? Alex B. gave us this game thread when we had 300+ in the other 'conversation', so no shame if we quit in the 900s tonight.
2006-10-03 20:50:07
922.   randym77
912 I think there's a certain backlash against the Yankees.

Kinda like the Dallas Cowboys are one of the winningest teams in NFL history, but have fewer players in the Hall of Fame than the Arizona Cardinals...

2006-10-03 20:51:11
923.   pistolpete
903 ESPN poll? AHAHAHAHA..

Wait, you're serious? ;-)

2006-10-03 20:51:33
924.   seamus
What a game! Jeter was unreal and I only wish folks voted for MVP tomorrow. I think clinching early had a real negative effect on Jeter's candidacy simply because the highlight was elsewhere.

I think Proctor got his jitters out too. This is kind of a first for him in this prominent role in the post-season. I knew Myers was going to blow it, but glad to see Farnsy survive and Mo shut them down without a lot of pitches.

Let's Go Yan-kees!

2006-10-03 20:52:09
925.   Shaun P
916 Thanks, RIYank. Not that I care about the 'news' that Fox25 broadcasts, just found it weird. And now its back on. Go figure.

919 I think the most refreshing part is that he isn't loud and brash but still gets his points across very, very well.

Good night to all, folks - can't wait to read Alex's first-hand account of things in the morning!

2006-10-03 20:53:14
926.   pistolpete
925 I think they should be rotating guest commentators in and out a lot more often - don't let idiots like Kruk get comfortable. 2 weeks and you're gone. Next.
2006-10-03 20:53:35
927.   RIYank
It's somehow very satisfying that the ESPN poll gets the obviously wrong answer. I rank Morneau below Ortiz, for instance.

Also, this was a very satisfying game, for me. I felt like the Tigers put up enough of a fight to make it a hard game to win, but we beat them soundly enough to make a statement.

2006-10-03 20:54:28
928.   monkeypants
924 Good point. The delicate Farnsworth is of course unavailable tomorrow, but low pitch counts will help Proctor and Mo's effectiveness.

Also, good can come out of Meyer's performance, if it makes Torre leave him off the roster for the next round.

2006-10-03 20:55:41
929.   RIYank
How many pitches did Proctor throw?
I figure he can't throw more than -- and here I'm talking about total pitches, today and tomorrow combined -- 160.
2006-10-03 20:56:13
930.   yankz
906 The usual: No personal accolades, we have a goal, etc. And I believed him (as did McCarver and Buck).

915 In that case, I'm going with "He banged Jessica Alba."

2006-10-03 20:56:49
931.   C2Coke
928 And Bruney should be rested and fresh.
2006-10-03 20:57:23
932.   pistolpete
928 IMO Bruney's interchangeable with Farnsy. Use him on every other day and we should be fine.
2006-10-03 20:58:46
933.   Mike T
NO room for improvement on a 5/5 night for Jeter, the real best player in the game.
2006-10-03 20:59:26
934.   C2Coke
930 Thanks. Yea, I always believe him too. Especially when he always proves himself with actions.
2006-10-03 21:01:46
935.   C2Coke
932 You don't think Bruney's actually more reliable?

933 Plus there was one HR in that 5 for 5. And excellent Defense. And he didn't take the credit personally. And...I am going to stop now, otherwise this might take all night.

2006-10-03 21:02:43
936.   mickey1956
As impatient as the Tiger's lineup is Moose will carve them up tomorrow.
2006-10-03 21:03:35
937.   nick
The Morneau buzz, Stormer, proves that the sabermetricians have not exactly taken over the world.

I mean, if the "rules" say, "must be big RBI guy on playoff team", then he's the MVP. If the rules say "must be on contending team," then he's maybe 5th or so, behind his two teammates and Jeter and maybe even Guillen and Thomas...If they don't say that, he's a worse player than Manny and Ortiz and Dye and Hafner and Sizemore as well....

2006-10-03 21:04:29
938.   C2Coke
Alex's on fire! Game Summary already up.
2006-10-03 21:05:30
939.   RIYank
Susyn's clubhouse report:
Damon gushed about Jeter and Donuts; was pleased that he could get on to be knocked in by Jetes.
Posada genuflected toward Jetes.
Cano (I think) is beaming about Abreu: "He can hit, you know?"
Abreu said he was not at all nervous, was excited to play in his first post-season Yankee game; is having 'so much fun'.

Susyn visited the Tigers' locker room.
Nate Robertson (whom Susyn keeps calling 'Robinson') is duly impressed by Jetes. "He's obviously just a great player," shaking his head. John S. chimes in: The Tigers don't hate the Yankees. Susyn: "As Jim L. said earlier, how can you hate the Yankees?"

What a pair. (I actually love them, though i know most real fans find them too cheesy.)

2006-10-03 21:33:35
940.   Zack
Well, I can't say it was the prettiest or most intense/classic game one, but I'll take that result any day. I have no ill will towards the Tigers and actualyl enjoyed their season and wish them great sucess next season too, but heck, I really want a sweep!
2006-10-03 22:34:50
941.   3rd gen yankee fan
939 Hey I got a question, how are you getting Sterling & Waldman? Are they on the MLB postseason package? I went to the pub to watch the game... sounds like you guys had a lot more fun than I did by being in here... wonder if the pub has wifi?

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