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Can I Start This?
2006-10-03 05:26
by Alex Belth

Don't you guys miss ol' Cliff right about now? I know I do. I've grown accustom to reading his series previews just as much as you have. But our man is still on his honeymoon over in Italy (he returns on Sunday). I'm not much for predictions and previews myself, but I'd be remiss if I didn't point out what heads are saying about the Yankees-Tigers match-up in the ALCS. Dig the linkathon:

Tyler Kepner, Steven Goldman, Joel Sherman, John Donovan, Dayn Perry, David Pinto, Rany Jazayerli, SG, ESPN, Mitch Albom, Mike Plugh, Sam Borden, Ben Kabak, Don Amore, Steve Lombardi, and Brian Borawski.

There, that should get you started. Yo, I'm mad excitable and it's not even 9 a.m. Another October, another chance for the Yanks to make a run at the title. These are good times indeed. I'm trying to stay calm and enjoy every moment of it, cause I know it won't last forever. It's been another great season for the Yanks and another great season here at Bronx Banter with all of you guys. I look forward to watching the playoffs unfold along with you. And that's word to Big Bird.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-10-03 05:55:32
1.   joe in boston
Wow, am I batting leadoff today ?

Home again with a sick son - pneunomia. Those links will make the day go by.

I plan on watching the game tonight on the treadmill - otherwise I'll be so nervous I'll eat chips and ice cream from 8:00-10:30...

2006-10-03 06:05:06
2.   rbj
Hey, and I'm in the #2 slot. I don't think I'll get all the supermodels Derek does, though.
I am nervous about the Yankees pitching outside of Chien-Ming and Mo. Everyone else has had at least moments of inconsistency.
2006-10-03 06:13:09
3.   JPost
Luckily, I'm in the new and improved #3 spot. I would make Bobby proud. I feel the comfort zone for Moose against the Tigers will help him a lot, along with the way Johnson pitched during the season.
We'll have to wait and see what happens. I'm so excited I couldn't fall asleep until 2:30 this morning.
2006-10-03 06:14:18
4.   C2Coke
I'd take Abreu's role anytime!

I woke up in excitement today. Really cannot wait!

Expect huge turnout right here on Banter.

2006-10-03 06:14:34
5.   Sliced Bread
Sheff is going to clean up!
2006-10-03 06:14:59
6.   C2Coke
3 Hey...I turned out to be competing with wait....Sheff.
2006-10-03 06:15:04
7.   Sliced Bread
Wang is going to kill worms!
2006-10-03 06:15:37
8.   pistolpete
I'm batting cleanup? Oh boy, good thing I'm Giambi today and not A-Rod. The pressure of me hitting cleanup in the postseason might send me over the edge...

On a personal note, my wife absolutely dreads this time of year...

2006-10-03 06:15:39
9.   mehmattski
Batting 8th... Hip hip... Jorge!
2006-10-03 06:16:05
10.   pistolpete
Wow, 5 posts in the time that I refreshed the page...never mind, I'm 8th. ;-)
2006-10-03 06:17:32
11.   C2Coke
And we all know our #9 is the one with hot batting.
2006-10-03 06:26:50
12.   Shaun P
I guess that makes me the first bat off the bench - the only question is, will I be Bernie or Melky?

I can't wait for tonight - my baby girl's first playoff game! Let's go Yanks!

2006-10-03 06:35:57
13.   Shaun P
BTW, I'll channel Cliff for a moment and let you all know that the Tigers finished the year 95-67, second place in the AL Central, 1 game behind the Twins. Their Pythagorean record was 97-65, with 822 runs scored and 675 runs allowed. Their run differential (+147) was second best in the AL, behind only the Yanks (+163).
2006-10-03 06:43:28
14.   mikeplugh
Shaun....what was their Pythagorean for the Post-All-Star Collapse?

By the way, I'm going to bed in about an hour and I have to work throughout these playoffs. This sucks. I'll be Gameday-ing it at work, and returning home at night to watch on the Japanese equivalent of TiVO.

Lucky I live in the future and know that the Yankees swept the Tigers, beat the Twins 4 games to 2 and are now up 2 games to nothing against the Padres in a photo-realistic rematch of the 1998 postseason.

2006-10-03 06:45:36
15.   Jersey
Fourteen - Guess that makes me what, Sal Fasano? Damn, that makes me want a stromboli.
2006-10-03 06:51:33
16.   mikeplugh
14 I'll answer my own question. The Tigers went 36-38 after the break. Their Pythag is .528, or a 34-40 record since early-mid July. Ugly. That's the team we're facing now. Not the crazy good team in the 1st half.
2006-10-03 07:03:33
17.   Sliced Bread
Cool piece on Wangdemonium in Taiwan in NY Times:

And our confident new cleanup man riffin' in the NJ Star Ledger:

Man, we're in for back to back beautiful nights in the Bronx. Indian Summer.

2006-10-03 07:16:06
18.   Knuckles
Have you heard of Ben Sakoguchi's artwork? He's done a series of baseball themed paintings, based on old orange crate labels. I'm thinking of getting a print to go in my office/gym/spare bedroom, but just stumbled upon his newest series, which has a Curt Flood work, titled "Labor Pains". Cool stuff.
2006-10-03 07:24:36
19.   unmoderated
i haven't been this excited about baseball since 1996. i am literally counting the hours. it's the only on my mind, and i'm getting married on saturday.

i'm hoping for the sweep so i won't have to postpone my wedding plans for game four.

2006-10-03 07:26:50
20.   mikeplugh
19 congrats unmod....two celebrations in one. break a leg.
2006-10-03 07:30:32
21.   unmoderated
thanks, mike. i love your position by position breakdown of the series. looks good for our yanks.
2006-10-03 07:32:26
22.   mikeplugh
thanks, man. I agree. We're gonna kill 'em.
2006-10-03 07:35:12
23.   kylepetterson
1 Does this make me Nick Green?
2006-10-03 07:35:23
24.   rbj
19 Congrats on the impending nuptuals, but I've got a question for you (and Cliff) How can any Yankee fan, especially in this era, make any plans for October?
2006-10-03 07:35:29
25.   pistolpete
14 Oh you're not that far in the future - stop being silly.
2006-10-03 07:49:11
26.   unmoderated
due to scheduling conflicts, it was either this weekend, or word serious weekend.

what can you do...

2006-10-03 07:52:08
27.   JeremyM
Yeah, I'm getting married next October-a fall wedding and all of that. And at first I was fine with it, until I thought for about two seconds. Oh well, it only happens once...I hope.
2006-10-03 07:56:21
28.   Chyll Will
25 Well wait a minute pistolpete, think about the possibilities for a minute... Mike's got a nice little racket waiting to be set up there; if we can work out some sort of arrangement in Vegas, we can all be flossin' by November. Mike and I can make the arrangements, you can be our trigger-man, Knuckles and Bama for muscle and unmoderated can keep the books.

See, science can be fun as well as lucrative!

2006-10-03 07:56:47
29.   mehmattski
I'm way too excited over here, rocking the Mo #42 jersey at work today, I'm so antsy with anticipation. As therapy, I've compiled my list of Top Yankees Quotes of 2006:

5. Joe Torre, explaining the left field situation and Melky Cabrera (9/6/06):"We were taking him out on defense when he first got here and the other day we put him in for defense. Shows you how smart the manager is."
4. Brian Cashman, in the infamous interview with Chris Russo, regarding Cory Lidle (8/1/06): "I'm biting my tongue because you are irritating the heck out of me."
3. Kyle Farnsworth, commenting on the beer and champagne soaked visitor's clubhouse, 9/21/06: "The best thing is Boston has to come in here next. It's the smell of victory they've got to smell. You can print that."
2. Gary Sheffield, explaining his stance on switching to first base (8/2/06): "It's funny how people could think for you and tell you what you're going to do. You all think you all know what I'm going to do, and you all don't. Nobody knows. That's the mystique of me."
1. Alex Rodriguez, after a 4-1 loss to the Angels on April 8: "When they give you lemons, you have to make lemonade. When they give you oranges, you have to make orange juice. Tonight, we tried to make tomato juice out of lemon juice. It just didn't work out."

9 hours, 14 minutes and counting...

2006-10-03 07:59:54
30.   Alvaro Espinoza
Ugh, I find this embarrassing. George King in The NYPost:


October 3, 2006 -- YANKEE NOTES
As part of their preparation for what many consider will be a bludgeoning of the Tigers in the ALDS that opens tonight with Game 1 at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees took in a motivational presentation yesterday in the clubhouse prior to a workout.

Chad Bohling, the director of optimal performance, set up a screen and turned off the lights. What the Yankees saw were clips of "Rudy" and "Any Given Sunday" mixed in with highlight clips of themselves for positive reinforcement.

Al Pacino's "inch-by-inch" speech from "Any Given Sunday" filled the quiet clubhouse.

"I don't know what to say. Really, three minutes to the biggest battle of our professional lives all comes down to today," the Yankees heard Pacino bark.

While some adults would consider such tactics sophomoric, there were no snickers in the clubhouse as the players paid strict attention to the message Bohling attempted to send.


Count me in as one of those adults. The players' reaction or lack thereof is an indication of their professionalism. But if I were one of them, I would have pulled Bohling and Cashman aside after the fact and let them know what a load of crap I thought this "motivational" presentation was.

2006-10-03 08:07:34
31.   JeremyM
30 I saw that Pacino speech on TV the other day, and I wasn't impressed with it then. Typical football movie rah-rah stuff I thought.
2006-10-03 08:11:16
32.   C2Coke
17 That is a pretty cool piece. The only thing is that I think Wang lives in New Jersey...
2006-10-03 08:11:31
33.   jonnystrongleg
On losing the last game of the season, but clinching a playoff spot (the wild card) and having to play the yanks first round... Todd Jones:

"As we were walking in, they were handing us wild-card hats and wild-card shirts," Jones said yesterday at Yankee Stadium. "It was worse than kissing your sister - it was like making out with your mom. There was no enjoyment, nothing. It was horrible."

2006-10-03 08:12:15
34.   yankz
That Broken Cowboy article is amazing. If you're anything like me, it's time to say goodbye to work, friends, family, social life, etc., because we're about to enter shutdown mode (and I wouldn't have it any other way).
2006-10-03 08:13:54
35.   jonnystrongleg
The Yanks can really damage what's left of the Tigers' confidence with a strong showing tonight. I hope everyone is up for it. It probably won't be easy, but if the bats are alive and Wang is solid, it's certainly possible.
2006-10-03 08:20:44
36.   Chyll Will
30 It's bad enough that you have an officially titled "director of optimal performance" (shouldn't that be in Torre's job description?), and it's bad enough that he feels as though he has to steal a page out of "The Natural" and try something that only Al Groh would find plausible, but then you find yourself using Football as a motivator for a Baseball championship series? And not even the best football movies? What grade are you in? Gimme your lunch money!!!
2006-10-03 08:21:13
37.   mikeplugh
25 Actually, you won't believe this I'm sure, but not only am I in Japan now on October 4th, but I'm also in the year 2017.

We have 36 championships and are well on our way to 37. If we beat the Rockies tonight, we will have swept through the post season with 11 straight wins, making it 22 consecutive post-season games won, including sweeps of the Royals and Devil Rays in the ALDS and ALCS, respectively.

Manager Ruben Sierra had this to say after the most recent win.

"I'm so proud of these guys. Tabata, Betances, Hughes, and Bernie Williams. Who would have thought that they'd put a string together like this. It shows you the kind of lineup that Cyborg Boss has assembled for us. People say that $500 million is a lot of money, but it's well spent on this bunch."

2006-10-03 08:29:02
38.   Chyll Will
37 Is Karim Garcia the bullpen coach or the director of optimal performance?
2006-10-03 08:31:02
39.   mehmattski
36 Yeah, I think the motivational tactic from Major League might work a little better on these guys. Something involving Kim Jones...

37 Scott Proctor got the win, right?

Interesting tidbit I realized while reading over at Baseball Think Factory: The Royals, while perhaps burying the Tigers' season with their sweep, also cost themselves the #1 overall pick in the June 2007 amateur draft. If this were football or basketball it'd be a bigger deal, I know, but it's something to think about. Then again, David Glass isn't likely to use any of his revenue sharing/luxury tax money on a top draft pick anyway. They'll probably draft the UNC frosh SS and then not sign him...

2006-10-03 08:31:27
40.   mikeplugh
38 He's the beer vendor in the new bleachers at Yankee Stadium Redux.
2006-10-03 08:32:38
41.   mikeplugh
39 Scott Proctor, amazingly, has the win in all 22 consecutive victories.
2006-10-03 08:39:33
42.   mehmattski
38 Karim Garcia quisnam est?
2006-10-03 08:40:56
43.   standuptriple
The. Anticipation. Is. Killing. Me.
2006-10-03 08:48:08
44.   Chyll Will
43 Yeah. Can't wait to see Proctor go for #22...
2006-10-03 08:50:23
45.   SF Yanks
37 Had me laughing there, especially when Bernie's name got thrown in.

tick...tock...tick...tock. At least there's a couple of other baseball games to sort of pass the time.

2006-10-03 08:51:22
46.   pistolpete
37 So let me ask you this, future-boy...who's the president of the United States in 2017?

(movie reference alert)

2006-10-03 08:51:26
47.   LI yankee
45 There are other teams in the playoffs?
2006-10-03 08:54:36
48.   mehmattski
46 Is that a Demolition Man reference? If so, the President used to be Arnold Schwarzenegger... but he isn't anymore if he has the Presidential Library discussed in the movie.

47 There sure are. I love watching all playoff games. In 2003 I watched every inning of every game, to the detriment of a few college courses. Unfortunately now I have a job and I can only waste time on here...

2006-10-03 08:56:37
49.   Bama Yankee
38 & 42 We all know what Karim Garcia will be doing in 2017...

Ten to twenty in the pen (not the bullpen)

2006-10-03 08:57:23
50.   LI yankee
48 Yeah I usually watch until the Yanks are out. It's too depressing to watch the rest of them.
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2006-10-03 09:01:07
51.   pistolpete
48 Demolition Man? C'mon, you're not thinking hard enough. The quote is almost exact, save for the year.

This will be the first year I have a DVR box for a Yankees post-season. I'm going to try to fit everything on there - I may have to pull off each series as they conclude onto DVDs...

2006-10-03 09:03:11
52.   Shaun P
All this waiting and talk of the future make Shaun P go something something.

All this waiting and talk of the future make Shaun P go something something.

All this waiting and talk of the future make Shaun P go something something.

"The waiting is the hardest part . . ."

2006-10-03 09:03:30
53.   Chyll Will
49 По-русски Karim Garcia?
2006-10-03 09:05:44
54.   Chyll Will
52 No sir, I don't like it!
2006-10-03 09:06:59
55.   C2Coke
And we've got another 8 hrs to go? How is that real?
2006-10-03 09:09:26
56.   Simone
I'm watching BBTN. Ravitch is claiming as fact that both the As and Twins are small market teams. When exactly did Oakland and Minnesota become small markets? At minimum, these are mid-market teams. Just because their owners are cheap doesn't mean that the media should go along with the "small market" charade.
2006-10-03 09:10:48
57.   mehmattski
51 Right right... I've seen Demolition Man more recently than Back to the Future. And who's the Vice President, Jerry Lewis?
2006-10-03 09:10:49
58.   wsporter
1 Joe, I hope your boy is feeling better. There's no worry in the world like worrying about your kids. Hang in there.
2006-10-03 09:11:30
59.   RIYank
46 Oh, it's "Back to the Future". (The answer to the movie question was 'Ronald Reagan', which struck the 1950's questioner as patently absurd.)
2006-10-03 09:12:20
60.   JL25and3
By the many people here were surprised that Kenny Rogers coughed up the losing runs on Sunday? Hands? Anyone?
2006-10-03 09:14:38
61.   C2Coke
60 Does it still matter at this point? Well...unless he plans to do it again in a few days then it's news that can affect our lives. And I am all for it!
2006-10-03 09:16:53
62.   mehmattski
60 Gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, and know when to walk away from cameramen...
2006-10-03 09:18:20
63.   C2Coke
"Bob Sheppard will be doing his 120th consecutive home playoff game at Yankee Stadium tonight. His first was Oct., 4, 1951. Mickey Mantle's first World Series game and Joe DiMaggio's last. He's 95-years-old."---------------From P. Abraham's blog.

That's pretty amazing. Yankees games won't feel real without Mr. Sheppard. Remember he was off at the beginning of the season?

2006-10-03 09:19:49
64.   Bama Yankee
62 Good one, mehmattski.
2006-10-03 09:20:52
65.   pistolpete
63 Didn't he break a hip? Scary stuff in regards to anyone over 75 or so...
2006-10-03 09:23:32
66.   JL25and3
61 No, it doesn't matter to the Yankees, but I still found it interesting, and not in the least surprising. Generally I think "choke" is an even more dubious concept than "clutch," but Kenny Rogers is the one exception. He may be the worst big-game pitcher ever, and he's proven it time and again.
2006-10-03 09:24:17
67.   3rd gen yankee fan
17 Great quotes from Sheff in there. He's displaying the Yankees Killer Instinct™ and that's exactly why he should be batting cleanup. Man. It's October. I've been poking around and I don't think that any other fans are as giddy as we are. The Twins fans come close but they're just hyped up on the Tigers getting the WC, which as we know is not the essence of October baseball.

18 Wow that's beatiful work. I'm gonna check out the whole series when I have time but right now I gotta get some WORK done so that I can take off early (PDT!)

2006-10-03 09:24:42
68.   SF Yanks
We are rooting for Oakland correct? I sure as hell am. Yanks come in to Oakland I get to go to the games.
2006-10-03 09:25:25
69.   rbj
52 Go Crazy?
And settle a bet, Mike Pugh. in 2017, Scott Proctor set the record by pithing in 162 consecutive games, right?
2006-10-03 09:25:34
70.   mehmattski
60 More on Kenny Rogers:

I was 12 years old at the time, my parents sent me to bed after Rogers gave up 5 runs and it was 6-0 Braves at the end of the fifth. But I snuck a walkman into my bed and managed to stay awake until the Leyritz homer.

2006-10-03 09:29:27
71.   JL25and3
63 I hate to say it, but it's time for Sheppard to retire. His voice isn't what it used to be, but that's not the problem; it's that he makes uncharacteristic mistakes. He mispronounces names - Saturday I heard him make a hash out of "Bartiromo," a name that should have been easy for him. He misses defensive replacements, then gives belated, rushed, awkward announcements. In general, he's just not anywhere near his own standards.

I don't say that easily. I've been listening to him for over 40 years, and he was the absolute best there ever was. But he isn't anymore, and I think it's time.

They've groomed a replacement for him, a guy who sounds an awful lot like Bob Sheppard.

2006-10-03 09:33:27
72.   Chyll Will
71 Well I know THAT's not Karim Garcia...
2006-10-03 09:35:06
73.   Chyll Will
71 They really should get that guy who announces the movie previews...
2006-10-03 09:35:30
74.   JL25and3
70 My favorite Kenny Rogers choke wasn't with the Yankees, it was this one:

That was a choke for the ages...

2006-10-03 09:37:40
75.   pistolpete
71 2009 would be a perfect excuse for him to retire, if he makes it that far. That way he'll forever be associated with the 'classic' Stadium.

IMO the Yanks should just throw a ton of money at James Earl Jones. How cool would it be to have the voice of Darth Vader working for the 'Evil Empire'?

2006-10-03 09:40:47
76.   standuptriple
71 I see what you're saying, but how do you replace a Yankee icon? Who do you replace him with? Tough questions that I'm glad I don't have to answer.
Going back to the Sheff in cleanup, does anybody think an under-the-table deal was negotiated by the coaching staff. Maybe a "keep quiet, rehab and if you make acceptable progress you'll be rewarded in the post season". I could easily be entirely wrong, but I can also see how that would motivate a guy like Sheff who gets handled with kid-gloves anyways.
2006-10-03 09:42:56
77.   standuptriple
75 Love JEJ. That would be pretty awesome. Too bad they didn't visit The Stadium in Field of Dreams.
2006-10-03 09:47:04
78.   Chyll Will
75,76 It's a consencus, as far as I'm concerned...
2006-10-03 09:52:20
79.   Chyll Will
75, 77 that is...
2006-10-03 09:52:21
80.   C2Coke
71 I agree with you, but more with standuptriple in 76. Who can fill the shoes of Sheppard after 50 years? Whoever it is, he won't be Sheppard. But retiring in 2009 like pistolpete suggested couldn't be more perfect.

65 Yea, he did. Breaking a hip for anyone over 60 or 70 can be very bad. I am more than glad he's fine.

Ladies and Gems, "waiting" is an art. I am learning to handle it but it takes a lot more for me to master the art of waiting...

2006-10-03 09:53:09
81.   C2Coke
71 I agree with you, but more with standuptriple in 76. Who can fill the shoes of Sheppard after 50 years? Whoever it is, he won't be Sheppard. But retiring in 2009 like pistolpete suggested couldn't be more perfect.

65 Yea, he did. Breaking a hip for anyone over 60 or 70 can be very bad. I am more than glad he's fine.

Ladies and Gems, "waiting" is an art. I am learning to handle it but it takes a lot more for me to master the art of waiting...

2006-10-03 09:53:46
82.   C2Coke
Sigh...sorry for the double posting. It's been awhile since I've done that, it must be all the anxiety...
2006-10-03 09:54:18
83.   mehmattski
I think we'll easily hit 1500 comments today. Maybe 2000?

Stupid meeting, interfering with my ability to follow all the playoff games...

2006-10-03 09:56:22
84.   Chyll Will
83 Mike would know...
2006-10-03 10:06:26
85.   SF Yanks
75 Best. Idea. Ever.
2006-10-03 10:06:50
86.   Shaun P
83 Imagine if the game was this afternoon instead of tonight!
2006-10-03 10:13:47
87.   YankeeInMichigan
Nice preview by Jonah Keri at Along with Diamond Mind Baseball, he predicts Twins over Oakland in 5, Yanks over Detroit in 4, Twins over Yanks in 7.

I am intrigued by Leyland's selection of 3 infielders (Infante, Perez, Santiago) for his bench instead of Shelton or Clevlen. Perhaps he is viewing Infante as the 4th outfielder (he played 4 games there this year and 5 in 2004 -- mostly, if not entirely, in Center). Leyland may be considering pinch hitting with Infante if Torre brings in Myers to face Granderson in a critical situation. If so, Myers has no business being on the roster. He should be in Tampa tuning up for Mauer and Morneau.

2006-10-03 10:17:48
88.   standuptriple
Did anybody realize that Jim Leyland never won a playoff series until the Marlins Wild Card team of '97? He had some pretty solid squads in PIT. MVP candidates, Cy candidates, 20 game winners. Strange that he needed the WC to move on (and a pretty solid roster too).
2006-10-03 10:20:31
89.   rbj
Toledo Blade's sports headline for the Tigers:

Facing Murderers' Row

I'm more anxious about this post season getting underway than I have been in a long time.

2006-10-03 10:24:00
90.   pistolpete
88 1992 jumps to mind - Atlanta stole that one.
2006-10-03 10:25:46
91.   Sliced Bread
Not sure how much they're going to play, but I think Bernie and Melky will get the job done off the bench.

Good piece in Newsday about them:

...which includes this:

"Consider their contributions: In 131 games, Williams batted .281 with 12 homers, 29 doubles and 61 RBIs. In 130 games, Cabrera batted .280 with seven homers, 26 doubles and 50 RBIs. He also tied for first in the American League with 12 outfield assists".

Some bench we have there.

2006-10-03 10:26:52
92.   SF Yanks
Thomas goes yard off Santana.
2006-10-03 10:27:02
93.   JL25and3
Frank Thomas homer, 1-0 A's
2006-10-03 10:30:21
94.   standuptriple
I've thought Frank got shafted in all the MVP discussion this year. He's had a monster season and was probably the biggest value signing this century.
2006-10-03 10:33:08
95.   JL25and3
Payton scores on Scutaro double, 2-0
2006-10-03 10:44:54
96.   JeremyM
Joe Girardi was officially canned as manager in Florida. Their mistake.
2006-10-03 10:45:56
97.   markp
Sheffield postseason OPS 844

Sheffield's postseason series with the Yankees:
777, 977, 604.

Arod postseason OPS 927.

Arod's postseason series with the Yankees:
1.213, 894, and 581.

They played in the same postseason series, so a direct comparison is apt.

The more I think about it, the less sense moving Arod to the 6 hole makes.
It adds fuel to the "Arod can't be trusted in the postseason" media dopes without gaining anything at all.

2006-10-03 10:53:57
98.   Shaun P
96 Anything that screws over Loria and Sampson is a good thing in my book. Too bad for all those rookies, but, c'est la vie.

87 BTW, YiM - is your friend! (Surprised no one else has said that yet.)

2006-10-03 10:58:46
99.   Eirias
Santana? Once again, I am ever so thankful for Kansas City and Detroit's gift to us.
2006-10-03 11:00:08
100.   standuptriple
It looks like Zito is trying to increase his off-season value...and doing it well.
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2006-10-03 11:03:12
101.   JeremyM
Man, I hate the sac bunt. You're down by 2 and you sacrifice?
2006-10-03 11:04:54
102.   standuptriple
101 That's not AL baseball. Gardenhire is at least recognizing that Zito is dealing.
2006-10-03 11:07:08
103.   pistolpete
99 I subscribe to the 'careful what you wish for' theory - Oakland was a pesky team this year for the Yanks. IIRC, Haren pretty much shut down our offense the last few times we saw him... If the Yanks saw him twice, the A's would have a good shot.
2006-10-03 11:07:23
104.   JL25and3
100 You beat me to it. A terrific one-game salary drive so far.
2006-10-03 11:11:16
105.   Shaun P
101 Its the 4th inning, too.

Punto has a .392 OBP vs lefties this year. Zito may be dealing but the Twins are making it easy - he has only thrown half his pitches for strikes. Why give up the out? Why not tell Punto to work Zito as much as possible, see what happens?

I'm sure Joe Morgan applauded the move.

2006-10-03 11:11:47
106.   JeremyM
The Twins are really not showing much plate discipline so far either. Hopefully the Tigers will continue their trend and do the same.
2006-10-03 11:12:58
107.   JL25and3
103 I agree, I think the A's are a tougher matchup. In a 7-game series you still only face Santana twice - the old days of having your ace start games 1, 4 and 7 are long gone. After that the A's have better starters.
2006-10-03 11:14:13
108.   standuptriple
103 And the A's now have Harden back. That's a pretty good "Big Three".
2006-10-03 11:14:29
109.   JeremyM
105 Morgan was more concerned that Punto slid into first instead of running through the bag. His other favorite topic:)

A lot of us Banterers sure do see the game the same way! Awesome stuff.

2006-10-03 11:15:04
110.   pistolpete
107 Although we do tend to destroy Zito, so who knows.
2006-10-03 11:16:48
111.   standuptriple
Well, our good (riddance) friend Rondell White broke up the no-no.
2006-10-03 11:17:03
112.   pistolpete
108 Harden's coming off a LONG stint on the DL - he's only pitched 4-5 innings at a clip, and the last start was a bit shaky. I'm not convinced he's back to form.
2006-10-03 11:19:40
113.   Shaun P
110 Regardless of the outcome, what the Yanks really want is for the Twins-A's series to go 5 games, and each bullpen has to pitch a lot of innings.

The old "work the starters, get to the soft middle reliever underbelly" isn't necessarily going to work well against two bullpens as good as Oakland's and Minnesota's. Especially the Twins. That's why they scare me, as do the Padres.

109 Why am I not surprised? Thanks, JeremyM!

2006-10-03 11:20:37
114.   LI yankee
I'm used to watching the Yankees play where an inning takes an hour. This game is going by at a blazing speed compared to that.
2006-10-03 11:22:15
115.   RIYank
Zito's pitching a gem.
I don't care if his price is going up, I want him. Ca$hman, phone his agent now.
2006-10-03 11:22:48
116.   standuptriple
112 He was on a strict pitch count and yes he was a little wild, but I seem to remember his velocity being there and no complications afterwards. When he's healthy Harden has electric stuff. For the Yanks sake, let's hope he's not.
2006-10-03 11:22:57
117.   smingers
I'd like to see both these guys in the Yankees rotation next year. Someone get on that.
2006-10-03 11:23:40
118.   standuptriple
115 You want Ca$hman to break the tampering rules?
2006-10-03 11:24:07
119.   pistolpete
115 That's exactly the type of reaction his agent will be counting on from the front offices of the Mets, Yankees and Red Sox. Heh.
2006-10-03 11:26:27
120.   RIYank
118 Yes.
119 I know. If I were a GM, I'd be like putty in their hands.
2006-10-03 11:28:14
121.   Shaun P
115 I hope the Yanks don't sign Zito. His walk rate is too high and he isn't worth the huge money that he's going to get. You pay a superstar pitcher - like Santana - $15 million a year. You don't pay Barry Zito $15 million a year.

I think the Yanks would get at least equivalent numbers to what Zito would provide by just letting Rasner pitch all year, at a fraction of the cost.

2006-10-03 11:28:39
122.   standuptriple
After witnessing Zito's entire career up close I'm ok with passing on him for the kind of $ Boras is going to demand. He's a #3 in pinstripes. For $15+/yr? Nah. Let some other sucker pay it /crossing fingers for Boston
He'll devestate the NL though.
2006-10-03 11:28:51
123.   RIYank
Bunt, Nicky!
2006-10-03 11:29:27
124.   RIYank
Shoulda bunted.
2006-10-03 11:30:19
125.   Sliced Bread
121 I agree. Cashman should show enough interest to drive up the price Boston pays for him.

No Zito. Yes Matsuzaka.

2006-10-03 11:30:43
126.   RIYank
121 122 I'm sure I'll agree with you in December when I can think about it rationally. Only right now he looks great and we could really use a top-notch post-season starter.
2006-10-03 11:31:06
127.   mehmattski
115 Uh oh, it looks like I'm going to have quite the offseason arguing my anti-Zito stance. I've been gathering data since the trade deadline, and I'm prepared to fight to the death regarding the copious reasons not to sign him. But that's for November...
2006-10-03 11:31:16
128.   Sliced Bread
Mets will be all over Zito too.
2006-10-03 11:31:26
129.   pistolpete
121 Right - I'd rather see that type of money go to that Japanese kid mikeplugh spends all his time obsessing about... ;O)
2006-10-03 11:31:29
130.   RIYank
Did Mauer just offer to bunt??
(I'm following on Gameday)
2006-10-03 11:31:57
131.   smingers
Zito will probably get more money than he deserves, but chances are great that next year he'll be better, and more reliable, than anyone currently in our rotation not from Taiwan. He's not a shut down ace, but he's a rock. Never gets hurt, eats a ton of innings. And his postseason resume is pretty good too.
2006-10-03 11:32:59
132.   RIYank
127 Okay, I'll put it on my calendar.

I have this sinking feeling that I'm more of a Steinbrenner than a Cashman.

2006-10-03 11:34:26
133.   JeremyM
130 Yes he did, for a base hit, and Morgan didn't agree with the play, surprisingly. If anyone would be for a possible bunt with 2 outs you'd think it would be him.
2006-10-03 11:34:29
134.   pistolpete
Not that I want anyone to sweep this series, but on some level it would make me happy to see the Twins get smashed for 3 straight games - that comment by the owner about wanting to face the Yankees just rubbed me the wrong way.

I'll worry about the A's when/if we face them.

2006-10-03 11:37:18
135.   smingers
Thomas just hit a single to right and was almost thrown out at first base. That was hilarious.
2006-10-03 11:37:31
136.   JeremyM
Wow, Twins blow an easy double play ball.
2006-10-03 11:38:03
137.   JeremyM
El Duque might not make his game 1 start due to an injured calf. Mets are even more screwed.
2006-10-03 11:38:37
138.   RIYank
I think my favorite outcome, from a Yankees Winning point of view, is for Santana to get the final win of the division series. That way he can pitch only once in the ALCS.
But I like the Twins, actually. The fact that they're media darlings doesn't really bother me.
2006-10-03 11:39:20
139.   Shaun P
134 I detest Carl Pohlad, the Twins' owner who also is the richest owner in all of MLB - almost as much as I detest Cal Ripken.

So on one level I agree 100%, pete.

2006-10-03 11:41:39
140.   RIYank
139 Pohlad is despicable, but a Yankee fan is debarred from hating a team because if its owner.
(I do hate the Indianapolis Colts for that reason, however.)
2006-10-03 11:42:23
141.   RIYank
if = of (for small values of i)
2006-10-03 11:42:25
142.   Shaun P
137 Just so long as the Yanks' older, always-dealing-with-some-kind-of-injury starters are OK.

Even without El Duque, I still think the Mets are OK. No offense to any folks from Dodger Thoughts who wander over this way.

2006-10-03 11:42:49
143.   pistolpete
140 Big George was virtually invisible this season. IMO we do have that right.
2006-10-03 11:43:50
144.   Shaun P
140 I don't hate the Twins - just Pohlad.
2006-10-03 11:43:56
145.   mehmattski
141 The limit of this board as the number of comments reaches infinity is... NERD!
2006-10-03 11:44:23
146.   RIYank
George has been great recently, I agree.
I was a fan in the seventies and eighties, however.
2006-10-03 11:45:21
147.   RIYank
145 I'm following baseball on my computer, so I guess that goes without saying.
2006-10-03 11:47:49
148.   vockins

I don't care what he does today.

2006-10-03 11:48:36
149.   smingers
146 Back when he was making illegal contributions to Nixon?
2006-10-03 11:48:57
150.   RIYank
Things I'm thankful for, part 27:

Not having Marco Scutaro and Mark Ellis at the bottom of the Yankees batting order.

Can you imagine having a keystone combination whose OPS sum to .515?

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-03 11:49:02
151.   mehmattski
147 As am I.

Man, that Johan Santana is absolutely unbeatable, huh? I'm so glad we avoided the Twins, since we never would have been able to get any men on base against him.... /sarcasm. If Marco Scutaro can touch Santana, I think Murder's Row II could have handled him...

2006-10-03 11:50:10
152.   RIYank
149 Brrrrrr.
That was an awful period, because when other fans said, "How can you be a fan of that idiot's team?", there was really no reply.
2006-10-03 11:52:13
153.   YankeeInMichigan
114 Wang-Robertson may be a "blazing speed" afair as well, as both are fast workers who allow the ball to be put in play. When these two dueled last summer in Comerica, the game took 2:26. Last month, a 10-0 Tiger loss with Robertson (and Garland) on the mound was done in 2:14!
2006-10-03 11:52:17
154.   smingers
Big Stein has been great for the Yankees (the 80s and early 90s aside), but it might not be so bad when the organization has a more benevolent leader.
2006-10-03 11:52:53
155.   smingers
The Ghost of Rondell White goes yard off Zito.
2006-10-03 11:53:29
156.   mehmattski
Rondell White?!? Eek.
2006-10-03 11:53:45
157.   singledd
I simply count NOT read all the predictions posted. Someone tell me if ANYONE though the Tigers would be us. I would doubt it. Please let me know.

Gotta credit the A's for scoring on Santana. The A's might be a better team, but I just don't want the Twins. I fear Santana, and if Liriano were also pitching, they would be near impossble to beat. I have read 3 articles where the author opined that Liriano, while more inconsistant, is better then Santana when he is ON. Now that is a truly scary thought.

GO A's!!!!!!!
ALSO: Is there a chance, that if the Twins make it to the ALCS, that Santana will pitch THREE games?

2006-10-03 11:54:13
158.   Shaun P
152 My response was always, "I hate the SOB, I just like his money."

My feelings toward the Boss have soften a lot over the years.

White has always been able to hit lefties . . .

2006-10-03 11:54:50
159.   pistolpete
We're going to find out how good the respective bullpens are, shortly...
2006-10-03 11:55:50
160.   Shaun P
157 Brian Borowski picked the Tigers over at the Hardball Times.

In his defense, the name of his blog is "TigerBlog." I'm guessing there's a little bit of subjectivity involved in that one. I can't blame him. If the Yanks had been out of the playoffs for 19 years, I would pick them too, numbers be damned.

2006-10-03 11:56:17
161.   mehmattski
157 Do Tigers' bloggers count? Baseball Analysts have guest commentary from all the playoff teams. I think the guy who previewed the playofss for the Tigers on Deadspin also predicted Tigers in 5. So they've got that goin for them, which is nice.
2006-10-03 12:00:10
162.   JeremyM
WOW! What a catch by Punto.
2006-10-03 12:00:47
163.   yankz
Check out this article on who should win the MVP, it will provide you all with some good laughs:
2006-10-03 12:05:05
164.   singledd
Ladies and Gentlemen:
One word please.
Whom do you want to win this ALDS...


Everyone weigh in please

2006-10-03 12:05:38
165.   singledd
I mean Oakland A's -or- Twins
2006-10-03 12:06:26
166.   pistolpete
164 Not weighing in until we take care of the Tigers.
2006-10-03 12:07:45
167.   singledd
2006-10-03 12:08:13
168.   mehmattski
165 No no, you're supposed to let everyone else make fun of you before you realize your mistake. That's how it's supposed to work.

Also... I want the Twins. Santana/Boof/Andy Hawkins < Zito/Haren/Harden

2006-10-03 12:08:54
169.   Eirias
164 I'd kind of prefer that the YANKEES win the ALDS, not the Tigers.
2006-10-03 12:08:58
170.   Simone
Kendall might have just caused the As this game with that poor throw.
2006-10-03 12:09:15
171.   Eirias
168 Like that?
2006-10-03 12:10:06
172.   mehmattski
171 I was gonna go with:

164 Karim Garcia?

2006-10-03 12:11:25
173.   Dimelo
163 That was funny. I like that it was done with humor and it wasn't hate. I hate reading the amount of disrespect Jeter gets. If it were up to some people, just because Jeter plays for the Yanks then that means nobody should pay attention to him.

Wow....the Twins really sacrificed an opprutunity there.

2006-10-03 12:11:32
174.   Bama Yankee
172 You beat me to it...
2006-10-03 12:12:26
175.   smingers
I don't think it matters which team we play. The Yanks are going to score some runs. If our starters give us quality outings, our middle relief doesn't meltdown, and our defense doesn't kill us, we'll win.
2006-10-03 12:12:42
176.   pistolpete
Wow, how did Zito just get out of that? Not saying on the computer...
2006-10-03 12:13:48
177.   mehmattski
175 Does Jupiter have to align with Mars, as well?
2006-10-03 12:14:30
178.   smingers
Frank Thomas does it again.
2006-10-03 12:14:34
179.   JeremyM
Man, Frank Thomas is just awesome.
2006-10-03 12:14:51
180.   standuptriple
172~164 There's a Baseball Primer joke about Mike Crudale like that. I went to college with him and didn't get it at first. What a strange world we have created for ourselves.
2006-10-03 12:15:00
181.   Simone
Frank Thomas will be able hit sitting in his rocking chair in the retirement home.
2006-10-03 12:15:19
182.   JL25and3
Frank Thomas wants to prove a point.
2006-10-03 12:15:22
183.   pistolpete
175 And one of the player's family members has to fall ill, lest we forget championship years of the past.
2006-10-03 12:15:28
184.   vockins
Frank Thomas is no joke.
2006-10-03 12:15:30
185.   mehmattski
176 Two ground outs, then Mauer swung at the first pitch and hit it right at Payton, according to GameCast.

Why isn't Thomas discussed in the MVP thing more? I mean, I want Jeter to win, but Thomas has been pretty freaking valuable.

2006-10-03 12:15:50
186.   Shaun P
Didn't Karim Garcia once play for the Tigers, too? Uh-oh . . .

And Gardenhire has put in his worst reliever. And yes, I know that sounds crazy when you look at the numbers, but its true. That's why the Twins scare me, so I guess I'm pulling for Oakland.

2006-10-03 12:15:59
187.   singledd
I must add here that in the pre-season, I thought for the $$$, Thomas was a great deal, although I wanted Piazza more because he catches (but FORTUNATELY, we ended up with KellyFasano)

Thomas is having a near MVP year. For 500k+ incentives. Amazing.

2006-10-03 12:17:03
188.   Shaun P
BTW, I didn't find out that Thomas had homered until after I submitted 186. That man is unreal. I really really wish the Yanks had signed him.
2006-10-03 12:17:05
189.   pistolpete
187 I vote Thomas as Comeback Player of the Year.
2006-10-03 12:20:13
190.   standuptriple
189 If he isn't the award should be discontinued.
I think Street blew the most saves of all the playoff closers. Maybe another reason to wish for Oakland in the ALCS.
2006-10-03 12:20:44
191.   smingers
When did it become obligatory for athletes to point at the sky (or, in this case, roof) anytime they do anything?
2006-10-03 12:20:58
192.   Simone
I wanted Frank Thomas and still want the Yankees to sign him. I think that he can be signed for less than picking up Sheffield's option.
2006-10-03 12:21:56
193.   JeremyM
190 I'd leave Zito in, but Frank's home run should make it easier.
2006-10-03 12:22:00
194.   Bama Yankee
186 Karim has played for half the teams in this year's playoffs. He has even played in Japan. His next league will probably be the California Penal...
2006-10-03 12:22:49
195.   Shaun P
192 Would it be too greedy to want both Sheffield and Thomas?

To be honest, the way things have gone, I bet the Big Hurt resigns with Oakland. Especially if the A's go places in the playoffs.

2006-10-03 12:23:24
196.   smingers
192 So drop Sheff, have Thomas DH and make Giambi play first?
2006-10-03 12:25:49
197.   JL25and3
195 Sheffield, Thomas and Giambi? How on earth are you going to find playing time for them?
2006-10-03 12:27:02
198.   RIYank
What, you never heard of a pinch hitter?
2006-10-03 12:27:52
199.   smingers
Holy crap. Parker Brothers, I mean Milton Bradley, just lost a fly ball in the roof and it became a lead-off triple.
2006-10-03 12:28:18
200.   wsporter
Assuming no injuries this year exactly where was F. Thomas going to play?

Where would he play next year on the Yankees? Just what we need another led legged DH. We gots enough of those.

Oh where is Rob Gee now that Crazy Uncle Milty did that?

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-10-03 12:29:36
201.   pistolpete
Wow, that extra run certainly helped.
2006-10-03 12:30:07
202.   smingers
Game over man.
2006-10-03 12:30:48
203.   JL25and3
So much for the invincibility of Santana, and of the Metrodome.
2006-10-03 12:32:06
204.   RIYank
Can't predict baseball.
2006-10-03 12:32:20
205.   pistolpete
Nice, definitely a statement game by the A's - as in, "Attention every sportswriter in the country, we're still here.."
2006-10-03 12:32:21
206.   JL25and3
198 Hey, help me out here. IIRC, you're the only other person who doesn't want to have Shffield back.
2006-10-03 12:32:58
207.   Andre
Question - would you trade Sheff for Manny, straight up? I know Boston fans want him out of town. He'd be a very expensive
2006-10-03 12:33:12
208.   Shaun P
197 Presume one of them will be hurt at all times - which probably isn't off the mark. When all are healthy, mix and match as needed. Between 1B and DH, that's roughly 1200 ABs to spread around. Shoot to get each one about 400 apiece.

And, when all three are healthy, how scared out of their minds would opposing managers be knowing that Torre could pinch hit one of those 3? 7th inning, Giambi DHing, Sheff at 1B, Hurt on the bench. Giambi 0 for 3. Do you bring in a LOOGY, knowing that Thomas will be called on? Or you do leave the righty in and hope Giambi doesn't kill him? Or does it not matter, because Thomas might come up anyway?

That's even sicker than the current Yankees' lineup.

2006-10-03 12:33:25
209.   Andre
expensive DH, I meant to say
2006-10-03 12:35:07
210.   rbj
207 I don't want Manny. Yanks already have 2 LFs, they don't need a prima donna, play when I feel like it bad defensive LF.

I would consider trading Shef to Houston (they need a big bat), but what do the Astros have in return?

2006-10-03 12:35:17
211.   smingers
207 Where do you play Manny? DH?
2006-10-03 12:35:20
212.   Shaun P
207 Are you kidding me? In a heartbeat. He might be a basket case, but Manny is an even better hitter than Sheff. And younger to boot.

200 MFD, don't forget, at the start of the year, Andy Phillips and Bernie were the non-Giambi 1B/DH options.

2006-10-03 12:35:41
213.   Schteeve
207 yes I would. In a heartbeat. It will never ever ever ever ever happen. But I'd do it.
2006-10-03 12:36:45
214.   JL25and3
208 Remember, you're also tying up almost the entire bench with those guys. You still need to have room for Melky, a backup infielder, and a backup catcher. I'd like to have one other guy who can at least pretend to play a position.

Signing Thomas seems completely gratuitous. Besides, I think it's pretty much a sure thing that they'll re-sign Bernie.

2006-10-03 12:37:11
215.   Bama Yankee
207 Yes, we could always flip Manny for some much needed pitching.
2006-10-03 12:38:23
216.   mehmattski
206 I don't want Sheffield all that badly either, but it's not from a personal dislike of the player. It's a money thing, there are much cheaper alternatives. If we can find a sure-handed first baseman who hits better than Wilson/Guiel/Phillips, I'd be all for that. I don't think Sheffield is necessary, and money is better spent on starting pitching.

But (huge, J-Lo sized but), I don't, under any circumstances, want Gary Sheffield to be a member of the Boston Red Sox. That would be my prime motivation to resigning him. Like him or not, I do not want to see that swaggering batting stance 19 times a year against the Yankees...

2006-10-03 12:39:36
217.   nemecizer
I don't know about youse guys, but I think the enhanced game day is pretty f'in cool. Of course MLB will probably charge for it next year or something, bastards.

4 hours 20 minutes to go!

2006-10-03 12:40:25
218.   RIYank
I'd take Manny, too. He's the best hitter this side of Albert Pujols. But we can't trade Sheff because we don't have him.

WEEI claims to have 'insider' info that there's a Manny deal being discussed with the Mets and Orioles, a 3-way. It sounded implausible, with both Mets and Sox giving up unnamed prospects and of course Tejada getting shipped to Boston.

206 Oh, sorry.
Sheff costs too much, and he's a defensive liability. (How's that?)

2006-10-03 12:40:29
219.   JL25and3
210 You have to pick up his option in order to trade him. So Houston would be trading for a 38-year-old, $13 million player coming off a wrist injury, who may or may not be able to play 1b adequately for a whole season. I doubt they're going to give up a lot for that.

Besides, it doesn't work unless Sheffield decides he wants to go to Houston. He doesn't have a no-trade, but he doesn't let that bother him.

2006-10-03 12:41:46
220.   Shaun P
214 Good point. So I'd say "thanks" to Bernie and schedule Bernie Williams Day at the Stadium for a nice weekend in 2007. Given Bernie's outfield play and abilities, isn't Sheff at least his equal in terms of playing RF now? Sheff at least has an arm.

There's no such thing as having too many great hitters. Its like having lots of options for starting pitchers - depth is a great thing to have. Most teams have to reach for peanuts to replace an injured big bat. Why not be the team that can replace an injured fantastic hitter with another fantastic hitter?

2006-10-03 12:42:06
221.   RIYank
217 Wait, what's enhanced about Gameday?
I was just watching the A-Tw game and didn't notice any enhancement.
2006-10-03 12:46:08
222.   RIYank
217 221 ohhh...
2006-10-03 12:46:44
223.   wsporter
212 MFD I remember. I also remember we were looking at a club that most thought was a threat to score 1,000 runs without the Big Hurt. Our boy Rob Gee was right then that we needed to use the roster spots on a BUC, a decent 4/5th infielder and a good 4th OF.(Uncle Milty) I think he's still right although not about Uncle Milty. We've only got 25 spots. It'd be nice to have every treat in the candy store but you can only have so many.

I think you wind up looking like a baseball corollary of the Bricks err Knicks if you don't keep an eye on that stuff.

2006-10-03 12:48:25
224.   rbj
219 I was thinking that the Yankees would send a nice big bag of cash along with Sheff.
2006-10-03 12:49:09
225.   standuptriple
Why don't we just trade some mid-level prospects for Brett Myers and Ryan Howard? Pat Gillick will go for that, right? Hell, I'd even throw in Hughes.
2006-10-03 12:50:09
226.   bp1
Just heard on the A's-Twins post game that El Duque was taken to the hospital after complaining about calf pain after a jog in the outfield.


2006-10-03 12:51:06
227.   seamus
217 221 Was the enhanced comment a joke?
2006-10-03 12:51:07
228.   singledd
216 Matsui and Damon are both making $13mil, and Shef out-OPS them by a lot. He's only been back for 2 weeks? and he's thumping already.

I was sceptical about both SheffSui's wrists... but they both seem to be over it. Considering they lost 3 months, all things considered, they are both doing real well. 2 HRs for sheff it 2 weeks, yes?

2006-10-03 12:51:39
229.   RIYank
225 Ack!
2006-10-03 12:52:00
230.   rbj
225 Yanks are going to need some one to pitch games, unless you want Scott Proctor to man up and pitch CGs nearly every day. Just tell him Jack Chesboro used to do it.
2006-10-03 12:52:31
231.   singledd
We should remember that the Banter can't handle 1000 posts, so


Don't forget to put up a new thread around 7:00 PM.

2006-10-03 12:53:53
232.   RIYank
227 No, there's an Enhanced Gameday. Only available for certain games, apparently. It will work for the about-to-start SD/StL game. Check it out. 3D pitch view, for instance.
2006-10-03 12:54:49
233.   RIYank
I think they (whoever they are) changed a setting on Toaster so a kilopost is no longer a problem.
2006-10-03 12:56:20
234.   Shaun P
223 MFD, a man who loves candy can dream, right? =) And you're right - Rob Gee was right. Who knew the answer to the fourth OF slot was Melky?

I just think about all I've read about the 50s Yankee teams, who had great depth and quality backups all over the place. They managed to make it work. Maybe egos/salaries/24-7 coverage of everything has made it impossible.

I guess I really want the Yanks to have another Strawberry-caliber hitter who can sometimes play the field, sometimes DH, and the rest of the time be the most feared bench weapon in MLB.

2006-10-03 12:56:27
235.   LI yankee
231 Ken Arneson fixed it during the Boston Massacre II.
2006-10-03 12:57:20
236.   seamus
232 oh, ok, i see it now. pretty neat. I guess we'll see how well it works!
2006-10-03 12:58:04
237.   Shaun P
231 233 IIRC, Ken did make an adjustment so over 1000 posts are possible.

BTW Ken, thanks for hosting our comments all year, and congrats to the A's on Game 1.

2006-10-03 12:59:40
238.   Shaun P
232 Holy blank, the Enhanced Gameday looks really cool.
2006-10-03 13:03:59
239.   wsporter
234 MFD, I could be wrong but I think Sheff and Melky may be those guys next year. If we exercise on Sheff, which I'd rather they'd do than sign him for 3, we will have one scary bench.

I have to say that in over 40 years of paying very close attention to this, this is the closest to the candy store that I can remember us getting.;-)

2006-10-03 13:06:38
240.   Alex Belth
Frank Thomas is a fuggin MAN.
2006-10-03 13:10:03
241.   Mick S
I call batting leadoff on the next thread. Yes!
2006-10-03 13:10:43
242.   RIYank
Oh, that is cool. (Enhanced GD)
2006-10-03 13:11:23
243.   JeremyM
I was looking forward to this NL game, but...Chris Berman?!??! Cue Darth Vader: NOOOOOOO!
2006-10-03 13:12:46
244.   pistolpete
240 Insert Gary Sheffield into that statement at around 11pm.
2006-10-03 13:17:20
245.   wsporter
243 Boomer = Turn the volume all the way down.

Ahh... that's better.

2006-10-03 13:18:19
246.   Eirias
241 I believe that deciding line-up order is the manager's prerogative.
2006-10-03 13:20:35
247.   standuptriple
I call second cleanup!
2006-10-03 13:24:57
248.   Eirias
Does Enhanced Gameday show who is on base? Mine doesn't seem to show it.
2006-10-03 13:26:14
249.   Shaun P
242 Understatement of the year?

WOW. Presuming their data is accurate, this Enhanced Gameday is unbelievable.

2006-10-03 13:32:49
250.   seamus
The enhanced gameday is pretty cool, but it does suck up some memory i think.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-10-03 13:32:54
251.   Eirias
Wow, the Mets have gotten shafted by pitching injuries.
2006-10-03 13:33:39
252.   seamus
248 don't know.
2006-10-03 13:33:46
253.   Ken Arneson
237 The limit now is 5,000 comments before it breaks.

And thanks, but I'm not celebrating anything until that 0-for-9 in ALDS clinchers streak is broken. I've seen this too many times before.

2006-10-03 13:34:42
254.   seamus
I wonder how accurate these pitches on the enhanced gameday are. That last strike was way outside if so...
2006-10-03 13:45:17
255.   Mick S
I'm a Gamecenter watcher. Cbs.sportsline fan for life. Easier to navigate.
2006-10-03 13:56:20
256.   standuptriple
I don't like the enhanced. It's too slow for me. The espn is faster.
2006-10-03 14:00:23
257.   LI yankee
3 hours left boys and girls.
2006-10-03 14:01:24
258.   C2Coke
253 Ken, at this might not be impossible to reach 5000 posts. That said, I sure you will figure out how to fix if we do come to that situation. Thank you again!

Did someone figure out how to see who's on base on the Enhanced Gameday? I am thinking it may be too distracting for me, maybe I will switch back to the Classic version in 3 hrs.....still waiting anxiously. I think I will have a super early super so I won't be too nervous to eat later.

2006-10-03 14:02:40
259.   wsporter
I think Puj may be good.
2006-10-03 14:02:56
260.   LI yankee
Albert strikes!
2006-10-03 14:03:13
261.   C2Coke
Did someone predicted Pujols should be the NL MVP? He's certainly proving his case.
2006-10-03 14:07:36
262.   Shaun P
Pujols can only carry the Cards if their pitching keeps them in the game. So far, Carpenter is managing to do that. I wonder what happens when he tires and LaRussa has to open up his bullpen . . .
2006-10-03 14:08:47
263.   mehmattski
Holy poop, Enhanced Gameday is awesome.

258It seems like switching between Enhanced and Classic is seamless and immediate, so not seeing who's on base isn't a big deal for me, I can just switch.

2006-10-03 14:08:49
264.   yankz
Would the Cards ever win without Pujols and Carpenter?
2006-10-03 14:09:24
265.   randym77
I just gotta say, youse guys getting married in the fall are nuts. You're setting yourself up for years of conflicts. Your anniversary's going to be during the playoffs every year.
2006-10-03 14:17:52
266.   yankz
I love this kid:

Wang was escorted into the interview room after yesterday's workout and was asked, of course, whether he was nervous. Looking out at a room filled with reporters and cameras, the 26-year-old right-hander smiled.

"In the field, no," he said. "In here, yes."

2006-10-03 14:18:20
267.   seamus
265 my anniversary is october 12th. Fall weddings are beautiful though. I got married in the woods in a state park. Absolutely stunning day all around!
2006-10-03 14:18:35
268.   C2Coke
263 Yea, I figured that one out just now. Thanks.

265 That's pretty funny, I didn't think of that...

Seriously, is anyone getting any work done? I have some work to finish, and preferrably before 8, but it's not going very well...

2006-10-03 14:21:12
269.   C2Coke
266 You can actually see the interview on The video is titled "Torre, Wang" if you haven't seen it. Wang appears in the last 8 to 10 minutes of the clip. You can see how uncomfortable he is in the interview room, totally unlike his usual self on the mound.
2006-10-03 14:21:58
270.   Shaun P
268 This has not been a very productive day for me either. Sigh.

If Alex doesn't start a new thread for tonight's game, I have no doubt that the Banter will crack 1000 comments again. We're almost to 300 and its not even 6 PM yet.

2006-10-03 14:22:47
271.   mehmattski
268 Yeah, I left work early, grabbed a pizza, and settled down to watch Cards/Pads. It's awesome, except for the Chris Berman thing.

2 hours, 56 minutes and counting...

2006-10-03 14:24:50
272.   C2Coke
By the way, the weather in San Diego looks gorgeous...(See how distracted I am?)
2006-10-03 14:26:13
273.   mehmattski
272 Hence the Lewis Black bit about the easiest job in the world: weatherman in San Diego. "And let's go to Joe. How's the weather, Joe?" "Nice."
2006-10-03 14:27:40
274.   standuptriple
272 As a former resident of San Diego I can state that if it looks gorgeous it is. Actually June and July are probably the worst months down there (marine layer at the beaches). Other than that it's pretty much perfect all the time.
2006-10-03 14:32:24
275.   Mick S
274 If you were a resident of San Diego, why would you ever want to leave?
2006-10-03 14:36:48
276.   LI yankee
275 Maybe because there is no Yankee Stadium in San Diego?
2006-10-03 14:37:03
277.   wsporter
Oh it would be nice if Shelly is as good as Chris Duncan.
2006-10-03 14:39:16
278.   standuptriple
275 Because I was stupid.
2006-10-03 14:40:54
279.   C2Coke
278 You should have just agreed to the awesome reason in 276.
2006-10-03 14:41:17
280.   randym77
From LoHud:

"Torre said Kyle Farnsworth would pitch back-to-back games as needed. They protected him during the season so he would be ready now."

Ack. I thought it was, "We figured out during the season that he sucks big, green warty pickles if used back-to-back, so we won't do it in the postseason."

2006-10-03 14:45:30
281.   standuptriple
279 I will not lie on The Banter (knowingly). I wish 276 was my excuse. Petco is a fine venue to catch a ballgame though.
2006-10-03 14:46:48
282.   mehmattski
Man, Jeff Weaver v David Wells on Thursday in Game 2... Can both of them lose?
2006-10-03 14:56:53
283.   Bama Yankee
282 Unstoppable Late-inning Homers vs. Immovable Due to Back Spasms
2006-10-03 15:24:09
284.   C2Coke
281 Excellent, that's why we all love our Banter team, right?

Why do we still have 1.5 hrs to go?

2006-10-03 15:26:00
285.   SF Yanks
You know its funny. I keep getting really excited about tonight, then I think "What if they lose?" There is two sides to the coin. We're gonna be really happy or in a really bad mood. I don't like be in a really bad mood!
2006-10-03 15:26:37
286.   Eirias
284 You've committed an unspeakable crime and this is punishment.
2006-10-03 15:27:29
287.   SF Yanks
285 I butchered that one.
2006-10-03 15:28:52
288.   JeremyM
285 I agree. It's a lot of fun when they win. The other ting, eh, I dunno.
I'm not nervous yet, strangely, but very excited. I'm usually crazy nervous before big games.
2006-10-03 15:36:30
289.   mikeplugh

I wake up and find:

1. Zito and the As beat Santana
2. Enhanced Gameday is freaky good!!!!!
3. Albert Pujols is already in MVP form.
4. Frank Thomas is a cyborg.

What is happening? Could this be a sign that the Yankees are going to win 17-0?

By the way, I realize that I live in the future, but as I wrote before I went to bed, I'm in 2017 and I've forgotten as much about the 2006 post-season as I remember.

For the record, Bush is still president. He had the rules changed when he increased presidential powers. Voting has been replaced by a coin toss, but he gets heads. All U.S. currency was accordingly changed to feature Paul Wolfowitz on both sides.

2006-10-03 15:39:37
290.   standuptriple
Enhanced gameday scares the bejesus out of me. Luckily for MLB, ESPN and Yahoo are going crazy right now. Hmmmm?
2006-10-03 16:04:06
291.   C2Coke
285 I hate to say it, but I've also started to prepare myself mentally for that. Especially after this afternoon's game.
2006-10-03 16:07:44
292.   C2Coke
290 You have another hour to get more used to it. It's actually pretty good when I got used to it just about now. Then again, you can always go back to the Classic mode.
2006-10-03 16:11:20
293.   Sliced Bread
Oh man, my TV is suddenly on the fritz.
Kim Jones just appeared, and, channeling Randy Johnson, I repeatedly doused my TV with champagne and beer.

Game's on the radio, too, right?

2006-10-03 16:16:12
294.   Xeifrank
Yankees with a 56% chance of winning the game tonight. 63.4% chance of also winning game #2.
has been dead on in predicting the first two games. vr, Xei
2006-10-03 16:20:09
295.   randym77
YES going on about A-Rod's fragile psyche.

I suspect A-Rod batting 6th is more about Sheff's fragile psyche than A-rod's. Drop Sheff to 6th, and he'll make a fuss. A-Rod won't, so A-Rod got moved down.

2006-10-03 16:29:08
296.   underdog
{in Leslie Nielsen voice:} I just want to tell you good luck. We're all counting on you.

-dodger fan also rooting for yankees for my dad's sake

2006-10-03 16:39:28
297.   singledd
Ya know... I don't care if Jetes and Cano get an O-fer... I just want ARod to CRUSH THE FUCKING BALL!!!!
2006-10-03 16:40:38
298.   mehmattski
Mmm, just woke up from a productive 1.5 hour nap. I'm glad to see everything's in order here. Half hour to go.

Just want to throw this out there:

Hip Hip....

2006-10-03 16:41:19
299.   BklynBmr
298 Jorge!

I am a ball of nerves right now... That's all I can say.

2006-10-03 16:42:14
300.   BklynBmr
Almost 300 posts and we're yet to get started. Good thing the 999 limit was increased, the Banter cannot go down tonight...
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-10-03 16:42:18
301.   seamus
Lets Go Yan-Kees!

Just felt like throwing in a cheer before separating myself from the computer to watch the game on tv.

2006-10-03 16:45:57
302.   mehmattski
They're trying to break down Wanger on BBTN right now. It's actually a pretty good bit. Some notes: Brantley looked ridiculous trying to hold a baseball with his giant world series ring on. Also, Vernon Wells looks like he's a studio natural, and he should have a job locked up when he retires in 15 years or so...
2006-10-03 16:47:24
303.   Sliced Bread
I just retrieved from my office closet a ball that I only break out for postseason games.

It's a blue and white baseball from the 1998 Championship season that was given out at the GM meetings the following winter.

On the back it says 24 World Championships, and has them listed up to '98.

It's looking like a lucky ball right now to me.

2006-10-03 16:53:29
304.   singledd
302 I know! I was amazed. Wells looks better, speaks better and know more than any 'guess' I've heard on that show. Hopefully, somebody on ESPN will recognize him, and Pip him for Berman, or any other of the slug announcers on ESPN.

The guy is a natural.

My new Mantra: The Banter CANNOT go down

2006-10-03 16:55:09
305.   C2Coke
300,304 A little faith now, Ken did say the magic number to crash the Banter is 5000. Or do you guys just have faith that we will break 5000 posts today?
2006-10-03 16:55:17
306.   BklynBmr
EPSN is doing their obligatory 'pressure on A-Rod" segment — suggested, scripted and produced by Steve Phillips, I'm guessing.
2006-10-03 16:57:12
307.   singledd
Goodbye Simpsons.... HELLO NEW YORK!
2006-10-03 16:58:10
308.   singledd
305 Nah... I just like saying: The Banter CANNOT go down
2006-10-03 16:58:26
309.   SF Yanks
Ok, I'm getting REALLY jittery now.
2006-10-03 17:00:17
310.   BklynBmr
I want two things tonight:

27 dead worms.

A game-winning HR from A-Rod.

2006-10-03 17:01:17
311.   BklynBmr
309 Brah, I am bouncing off the walls...
2006-10-03 17:01:59
312.   C2Coke
Yes! We are indeed ready to rock!
2006-10-03 17:02:29
313.   RIYank
309 When I start getting nervous I like a good statistic to give me perspective.
Winner of Game ! in a 5 game series has a 11/16 chance to win, assuming each game is 50-50 (not too different using more realistic probabilities).
2006-10-03 17:03:17
314.   C2Coke
So let's hear it from the Banter.
Are we ready?
2006-10-03 17:04:08
315.   C2Coke
Question, is the Enhanced Gameday not available for Yankees game?
2006-10-03 17:08:08
316.   RIYank
315 Guess not.

I have the game on tv this time, though.

2006-10-03 17:08:47
317.   BklynBmr
314 Big John McCarthy: 'Let's get it on!'
2006-10-03 17:08:47
318.   JPost
Oh we are PUMPED! I got my Bernie Williams Batting Practice Jersey out and ready to GO!
2006-10-03 17:08:50
319.   LI yankee
Please. Start. Now.
2006-10-03 17:09:16
320.   C2Coke
316 Yea, I think most of us do.
2006-10-03 17:09:17
321.   C2Coke
316 Yea, I think most of us do.
2006-10-03 17:10:05
322.   RIYank
2006-10-03 17:10:19
323.   C2Coke
I swear I am not trying to break the Banter by double posting...
2006-10-03 17:10:44
324.   singledd
T-t-t-there is n-n-n-no reason to be n-n-n-nerv-v-v-v-vous!


(GOD. More pure HORSESHIT on ARod on Fox. The guy needs to NEVER TAKE TO A REPORTER AGAIN!)

2006-10-03 17:11:07
325.   mikeplugh
I have a Matsui BP jersey and a pinstriped #12 that I bought for Soriano way back when. I was actually thinking about wearing one of them to work over a shirt and tie, but I decided against it. I went for the more subtle Yankees plastic ice cream cup hat on my desk.....and of course Gameday....
2006-10-03 17:12:22
326.   C2Coke
New Game Thread.

Thanks, Alex.

2006-10-03 17:15:30
327.   singledd
Oh No. Buck and McCarver. Gameday is looking pretty good now.
2006-10-03 17:16:44
328.   BklynBmr
324 Ever catch the scene in 'Barfly' where the old drunk uses a scarf tied around his wrist with the other end draped around his neck as a pulley to get the glass to lips without spilling any, because he has the shakes so bad?

Well, that me and I haven't had a sip. Yet.

2006-10-03 17:17:51
329.   singledd
Oooo... I like that:
"Murders Row and Cano".
2006-10-03 17:18:25
330.   singledd
"Murderers Row and Cano"
(I'm so nervous)
2006-10-03 17:34:55
331.   Eirias
2006-10-03 17:36:56
332.   singledd
Would SOMEBODY please tell Magglio that his hair just LOOKS PLAIN SILLY!

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