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2006-10-01 06:40
by Alex Belth
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"I've pitched through pain and discomfort before," he said. "I'm 43 years old. I've got an arthritic knee that I'll probably need replaced. I've had one back surgery and another one, probably, that I may need. I'm not going to complain about my health. I'm here to pitch in the postseason, and I'll do whatever I can."
(Kepner, Times)

"I can win 17 games anywhere, but my better chances of going to the playoffs was here, with the Yankees, and that's why I'm here," Johnson said. "I'll do whatever it takes."
(McCarron, Daily News)

In spite of Johnson's uncertain status--and I don't think there is much doubt that he'll be out there for Game 3, or Game 4 of the ALCS--there were smiles all around Yankee Stadium yesterday even though the Bombers fell to the Jays, 6-5. Alex Rodriguez and Gary Sheffield hit back-to-back home runs and Derek Jeter went 3-3 to raise his average to .345. Jeter is just one point behind the Twins' Joe Mauer, who did not play yesterday. It is foggy and raining this morning the Bronx (the Big Unit is scheduled to have a bullpen session this morning which will go a long way in determining how ready he'll be for the ALCS). This is a game that could easily be called, seeing as how it doesn't have any significance, or bearing on the playoffs. However, if the game is played, Jeter will start, you can count on that (it would be a shame if Mauer, who sat out yesterday, doesn't play this afternoon).

Bernie Williams will serve as the Yankee manager today. Mike Mussina won a cern flip with Mariano Rivera and will act as pitching coach, while Lee Maz will be the bench coach. After the game yesterday, Joe Torre told reporters, "Bernie says the toughest part will be staying awake for nine innings." Torre laughed and then said softly, "He's so beautiful." Not ten minutes later, Jeter told a group of writers, "I don't think Bernie's sat on the bench [for an entire game] in eleven years, so this'll be a first." Jeter added that Bernie might not sit there for the whole game today, and said, "I think the bench coach will play a big part in tomorrow's game."

Update Here comes the sun, folks. After raining all morning, the sun is out. Sure, there are lots of clouds but looks like they will get this one in. Go DJ.

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2006-10-01 07:10:10
1.   mikeplugh
A rainout would be a huge bummer. I posted the various hitting scenarios that would decide the AL Batting Title at Canyon of Heroes a little while ago.

Jeter is a longshot. Mauer would have to stink it up pretty bad to open the door, if he even plays at all. If Jeter doesn't play because the game is rained out, all Mauer has to do is avoid an 0-3, 0-4, or 0-5 and he can take home the hardware.

2006-10-01 07:15:11
2.   Alex Belth
Yeah, Mike, it's raining here and it is supposed to rain all day. I really question if they'll play at all. Dude, with a playoff spot to be determined I can't imagine Mauer NOT playing. If he didn't, I'll go over there and pull a Don Corelone on Johnny Fontaine..."You can be a MAN." lol. But I don't see him sitting out today. You are probably right. Jeter will come up a little short of the title. So long as he can get a fifth ring, who cares?
2006-10-01 07:17:41
3.   mikeplugh
True. That ring would be sweet. I think he's got the MVP in his grasp too. Mauer deserves it, and Morneau is a sleeper, but Jeter has some history on his side that I think makes him the sentimental choice, batting crown or no.
2006-10-01 07:24:18
4.   mikeplugh
Also, it just occurred to me that the best case scenario for the day is:

Yanks-Toronto rained out
Mauer 0-3 or 0-4

Jeter wins the batting title and the Red Sox finish in 3rd a half game back of the Jays.

2006-10-01 07:34:45
5.   Shaun P
Batting title and AL East placement aside, it still would be a shame if today's game got rained out, depriving Bernie of being the manager.

Things have been quiet around here lately - I imagine that will all change on Tuesday.

2006-10-01 07:35:00
6.   mikeplugh
Plus....Tigers lose, Twins win

Good night. When I wake up, all this will be decided.

2006-10-01 07:35:17
7.   randym77
Major bummer if the last game of the season is rained out. I wanna roof, dammit.
2006-10-01 08:04:48
8.   pistolpete
Unless it's pouring all day long, we'll see baseball. The Jays don't have anywhere to be, and the Yanks play ALDS game 1 right in the Bronx.

They gotta assume the last game is sold out or nearly sold out, so IMO there's no way they wanna miss out on all those concessions..

2006-10-01 08:30:45
9.   Harley
Stupid, stupid Joe. Cairo and Phillips on the roster. Wilson and Guiel not on the roster. Guiel in particular -- I'm assuming Bernie becomes the late inning pinch hitter from either side?


2006-10-01 08:46:50
10.   JL25and3
8 The game is sold out, but on a chilly, rainy day the turnstile attendance will be relatively low. I'm guessing 30,000 actually show up, and if there's a rain delay, 25,000 of them will go home.
2006-10-01 08:50:23
11.   vockins
Judging from the radar, I think they'll get this one in unless the field is already hopelessly saturated.

I think I might have to get on the 4...

2006-10-01 08:51:48
12.   singledd
from Yahoo Weather:
Today: Showers and thundershowers likely. High 64F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70%. Rainfall around a half an inch. Locally heavier rainfall possible.

Tonight: Isolated thunderstorms ending early, becoming mostly clear after midnight. Low 53F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

Not a great forcast, but could be worse. If the front moves fast, there could be a late afternnon game.

2006-10-01 09:06:36
13.   BklynBmr
12 Thanks, was just going to ask. Man, that would suck if it's washed out. It's actually on EI today and I'm looking forward to Bernie and Moose running the show. Then again, the last thing in the world you want to see is someone getting hurt in less than perfect field conditions...

Here's the complete ALDS broadcast coverage schedule:

2006-10-01 09:13:38
14.   randym77
Sheff and A-Rod getting the day off.

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Posada C
Giambi DH
Phillips 3B
Matsui LF
Wilson 1B
Cano 2B

Andy at 3B. o_O

2006-10-01 09:15:27
15.   Bags
If the Tigers lose today and the Twins win, do we play Detroit instead of Minnesota? Do I have that straight? If so, I've just become a Twins/CWS fan for a day.
2006-10-01 09:22:02
16.   BklynBmr
15 That's how I've got it. If they both win or both lose, Tigers win the division because of their head-to-head record with Minny and host the A's, and we host Minny on Tuesday...
2006-10-01 09:22:50
17.   JL25and3
15 That's correct. The Yankees will play the second-place team in the first round.

Has there ever been a less intimidating group of NL teams in the playoffs? The Mets starting pitching is pretty well shot without Pedro, and the other teams don't scare me in the least.

As for today's weather, I spoke too soon. I'm actually at my office today, just a few blocks from the Stadium, and right now the weather is fine. It's a little overcast to the east, but that's what's just passed us. Looking to the west - and overhead - it's partly cloudy, but the sky is blue and the sun is out about half the time. It doesn't look threatening at all. Unless something changes very quickly, they'll start the game; and once they start it, they'll almost certainly finish it.

2006-10-01 09:23:22
18.   JeremyM
15 You mean you've become a Twins/Royals fan for the day--the Royals play the Tigers and the Twins play Chicago.
2006-10-01 09:30:27
19.   JL25and3
18 Actually, I think 15 meant to be a Tigers/CWS fan for the day. I'm not sure it makes much difference, but I think a lot of folk would rather not see Minnesota in the first round.
2006-10-01 09:37:25
20.   BklynBmr
17 That is a motley bunch, huh? The only team in the NL that qualifies as 'hot' coming into the PS is the Dodgers, and wouldn't you know it — they could be the wild card.

If L.A. and the Padres remain tied after today, San Diego wins the division based on their better head-to-head, and the Bums are the wild card.

Fear the wild card.

2006-10-01 10:17:41
21.   BklynBmr
Batting Title Update: Bernie protects his old pal Derek with the 2 hole and throws the kid under the bus with the 9th spot. I love it...
2006-10-01 10:19:08
22.   JeremyM
If the Tigers win and the Twins lose, the Yanks play the Twins (actually, if the Tigers win, the Twins can still win and the Yanks will play the Twins). If you want to play the Twins, the Royals need to win and the Twins need to win today.
2006-10-01 10:19:13
23.   rbj
Way to go Derek!
2006-10-01 10:19:25
24.   JeremyM
Yay Jeter!
2006-10-01 10:21:44
25.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
4 Aren't the Jays already assured of finishing 2nd, since they won the season series against the Sawx?
2006-10-01 10:25:04
26.   rbj
Wow. Jorge steals a base!
2006-10-01 10:26:19
27.   JL25and3
25 There's no tiebreaker for second place - a tie is just a tie. So if the goal is for the Sox to finish third - which is what I want - a tie doesn't do it.
2006-10-01 10:27:06
28.   JL25and3
Batting race update, after Jeter's 1-for-1:

Mauer - .34623
Jeter - .34572

2006-10-01 10:28:34
29.   JeremyM
They do actually receive playoff money for finishing second in a non-Wild Card winning division. I think they do anyway.
2006-10-01 10:29:30
30.   randym77
Boy, that was goofy. That long battle, and they decide to walk Giambi? Did they only just notice that it's Andy Phillips behind him in the lineup?
2006-10-01 10:31:57
31.   RichYF
30 Oh THAT'S why he's on the postseason roster. I get it.
2006-10-01 10:32:31
32.   monkeypants
30 Well, the Jays probably read that Phillips was on the play off roster. So they said to themselves, "That kid must be a real threat if they kept him on the roster instead of carrying a solid LH bat like Guiel. We better go after Giambi because we don't that Phillips kid to beat us."
2006-10-01 10:35:14
33.   randym77
The weird thing was that they pitched to Giambi until it was 3-2, then threw three more pitches to him at full count...then decided to IBB him.
2006-10-01 10:37:22
34.   pistolpete
God damn, Jeter is so good at that.
2006-10-01 10:37:29
35.   yankz
Phillips ahead of Matsui and Cano? Bernie's not the best lineup constructer...
2006-10-01 10:39:30
36.   RichYF
2006-10-01 10:39:34
37.   pistolpete
ROFL - Bernie's holding the bat and wearing a blue windbreaker just like Joe!
2006-10-01 10:43:08
38.   rbj
2006-10-01 10:44:47
39.   rbj
And Robbie's still copying Derek: 1B, SB
2006-10-01 10:45:11
40.   BklynBmr
Anyone know what happens if a player on the PS roster gets injured during the ALDS? I would assume he can be replaced with an eligible player, correct?
2006-10-01 10:45:20
41.   yankz
This is it...
2006-10-01 10:46:39
42.   randym77
40 As I understand it...he can be replaced by anyone in the Yankee system. Even someone who wasn't on the roster by the deadline.
2006-10-01 10:47:07
43.   monkeypants
40 I think no. I believe the team has to play down a player until the series ends, at which time they can reconfigure the roster.
2006-10-01 10:48:30
44.   pistolpete
Is Jeter actually still behind Mauer?
2006-10-01 10:48:58
45.   pistolpete
Yeah, nice call ump. At his shoes.
2006-10-01 10:49:10
46.   yankz
2006-10-01 10:49:54
47.   yankz
So Jeet's a point behind Mauer. I say give him one more at bat, then yank him and hope Vazquez is on.
2006-10-01 10:51:33
48.   BklynBmr
44 Cap was a fraction behind Mauer, both at .346 before that AB, but Mauer was something like .346562, and Cap was .346258 (not exact)...
2006-10-01 10:52:41
49.   JL25and3
42 I believe that's correct - anyone on the 40-man roster, anyway. But that's only after the series is over - you can't make any changes to the roster during the series, injury or no.

44 Yes, he was still behind Mauer before the last at-bat. Up-to-the-minute averages:

Mauer - .34623
Jeter - .34516
Cano - .34238

2006-10-01 10:52:49
50.   marc
I was thinking if we might do better getting Detroit because they have grass instead of that turfy stuff the Twinkies have.
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2006-10-01 10:53:02
51.   monkeypants
47 I agree. Just like they did with Ted Williams in 1941, when he sat that last doubleheader to preserve his .401 aver...

Oh yeah.

2006-10-01 10:57:28
52.   pistolpete
Jesus, and I was just about to compliment Wright on how good he looked so far.
2006-10-01 10:59:31
53.   LI yankee
6-0 Detroit. Looks like it's gonna be Minnesota.
2006-10-01 11:01:10
54.   randym77
49 I don't think they have to be on the 40-man roster. If you put someone on the 60-day DL, you can substitute anyone in the system for them, and thus get them in the roster.

But it has to a similar position. You can't put a pitcher on the DL and bring up an outfielder.

2006-10-01 11:02:48
55.   marc
Bernie may need to take a walk to the mound soon. It might go something like, "I'm sorry kind sir, Mr. Wright, but would you object if I had you rest the rest of the day as I have another fine gentleman I may want to give some pitching duty to.
2006-10-01 11:07:02
56.   JL25and3
54 We may both be right. I'm sure you can't play someone who's not on the 40-man roster, but if someone goes on the 60-day DL you can replace him on the 40-man.

I think it's probably a moot point either way. The Yankees aren't going to activate Hughes or Tabata for the playoffs.

2006-10-01 11:08:45
57.   pistolpete
Royals put 2 on the board, threatening for more.
2006-10-01 11:12:20
58.   pistolpete
6-3 Detroit.
2006-10-01 11:12:44
59.   randym77
56 Okay, I Googled it. You have to get permission from the Commissioner.

Major League Rule 40(a) says that if an eligible player is unable to play in a postseason series because of injury, his club may request permission from the Commissioner to replace him with a player from the club's Minor League system.

The substitute player must have been on a Minor League roster for the club on Aug. 31. An injured pitcher may only be replaced by a pitcher. And a non-pitcher may only be replaced by a non-pitcher. They don't have to play the same position, so theoretically, you could call up an outfielder for an injured infielder.

I seem to recall the Yanks being in this situation once. One of their players had a death in the family or something, and they wanted to replace him. But the commissioner refused. I can't remember why; perhaps because only injury counts, not bereavement?

2006-10-01 11:16:54
60.   yankz
Ted Williams was not at .401 going into the doubleheader. He was just short of .400. .3995 or something.
2006-10-01 11:19:22
61.   pistolpete
Is it me, or are Kay and Leiter really being obnoxious about this whole player coaching thing?
2006-10-01 11:22:40
62.   monkeypants
60 The point is, he played the whole DH and went something like 6-8. They didn't bench him as soon as he went over .400.

Last night some posters were complaining that the Twins were 'protecting' Mauer by not playing him last night (I don't think that's what happened, but that doesn't matter). It would be just as lame if the Yankees pulled Jeter just so he could win a batting title.

2006-10-01 11:23:47
63.   BklynBmr
61 I think it's Kay who won't let it go. Al seemed to be sayin' "Whatever, it's no biggie". I just waiting for Kay to work the SI/A-Rod article in the broadcast...
2006-10-01 11:24:14
64.   randym77
Found it. It was 1999, and the player was Luis Sojo:

Luis Sojo's father died Thursday, and the Yankees wanted to add a player because the backup infielder is missing at least the first two games of the Series to return to with his father's body to Venezuela. Steinbrenner was angry with Selig's refusal.

"He knows what the rules are," Selig said Saturday before the World Series opener.

While teams may replace injured players, they may not replace players in Sojo's situation.

...The Yankees used a loophole in baseball's rules to add Darryl Strawberry and Clay Bellinger to their postseason roster, putting catcher Vidal Candelaria and Casey Degroote on the 60-day disabled list on Aug. 1. Because the two were on the DL, baseball rules allowed the Yankees to substitute any two players from their organization, even if they weren't on the 40-man roster on Aug. 31.

2006-10-01 11:25:43
65.   pistolpete
63 Leiter made a comment about A-Rod advising Wilson about the incoming pitcher, asking why it was necessary...
2006-10-01 11:27:36
66.   BklynBmr
65 Sorry, didn't catch that. An inning or so ago, Kay was beating it to death...
2006-10-01 11:27:41
67.   yankz
Mauer K's still at .346
2006-10-01 11:27:43
68.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Mauer k's in first atbat. C'mon Cap.
2006-10-01 11:28:11
69.   pistolpete
Cripes, Matsui - this is why we need Melky in left.
2006-10-01 11:28:40
70.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow, I really didn't think Javi had it in him!
2006-10-01 11:28:40
71.   yankz
Possible #3 starter is not inspiring much confidence
2006-10-01 11:29:00
72.   randym77
And the whoever's running the graphics at YES is already on vacation. They gave the run that just scored to Toronto instead of New York.
2006-10-01 11:29:12
73.   3rd gen yankee fan
69 No argument here.
2006-10-01 11:29:16
74.   BklynBmr
Mauer .3455
Cap .3451
2006-10-01 11:29:44
75.   randym77
72 Arrghh. I mean the other way around. :-P
2006-10-01 11:29:54
76.   mehmattski
67 Gotta go to extra digits today:
Mauer: .34556
Jeter: .34516
2006-10-01 11:30:10
77.   pistolpete
Royals making some noise - 6-4.
2006-10-01 11:30:16
78.   weeping for brunnhilde
Kay was waxing indignant yesterday about Mauer sitting out yesterday and especially about the prospect of his sitting out today, too.

From my perspective, though?--if the guy needs the rest, and that rest will help his team creep towards a title, then I would have absolutely no hesitation about sitting him if I were Gardenheier.

Really, that seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?

Why would Kay be so indignant about this situation on the one hand and then praise Jeter for being a team player, not concerned with his own stats on the other?

The batting title's a nice sideline, but the WS is the whole point, so why is it even a matter of such contention?

Kay went on to praise Williams for playing both ends of the double header on his last day rather than sit down to preserve his .400.

For the life of me I can't see how these two scenarios are comparable.


2006-10-01 11:30:20
79.   LI yankee
72 Didn't Toronto just score though?
2006-10-01 11:30:46
80.   JL25and3
Updated averages:

Mauer .34556
Jeter .34516
Cano .34238

2006-10-01 11:30:48
81.   BklynBmr
72 Caught that, said "I'll take it" ;-)
2006-10-01 11:31:27
82.   rbj
What, no one in the dugout has heard of a calculator?
2006-10-01 11:31:33
83.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Cards give up 3 in the 1st and counting. C'mon Astros.
2006-10-01 11:31:40
84.   JL25and3
78 The situations are comparable because Michael Kay is an idiot in both.
2006-10-01 11:32:37
85.   yankz
Cano, what a freaking machine
2006-10-01 11:32:43
86.   marc
lets see the new Cano number
2006-10-01 11:32:45
87.   JL25and3
Cano now at .34375
2006-10-01 11:32:59
88.   rbj
84 Kay says you're a nazi.
Yay Robbie!
2006-10-01 11:33:12
89.   BklynBmr
82 Only Moose knows how to use one and he's busy with the pitchers...
2006-10-01 11:35:20
90.   3rd gen yankee fan
C'mon JEETS!
2006-10-01 11:36:32
91.   mehmattski
Man, this is the life: football on tv, watching the gamecast of the Jets-Colts game (tied at the half!!!), watching Yanks game on computer, refreshing the Banter with a calculator on my lap for instant batting average calculations. Yesssssss.
2006-10-01 11:37:14
92.   pistolpete
91 Same here, except I'm following the Cowboys and Titans... ;-)
2006-10-01 11:37:30
93.   marc
this batting title's pretty exciting. Mauer still looks like the favorite but at least we have 2 against one
2006-10-01 11:37:42
94.   rbj
Durn it.
2006-10-01 11:38:20
95.   yankz
2006-10-01 11:38:39
96.   yankz
91 You're up.
2006-10-01 11:39:02
97.   RichYF
On an aside, are the Red Sox officially in third place to end the season?
2006-10-01 11:39:27
98.   BklynBmr
91 Same here, but even better. No way the New York Football Giants lose today ;-)
2006-10-01 11:39:47
99.   JL25and3
Mauer .34556
Jeter .34461
Cano .34375
2006-10-01 11:40:17
100.   3rd gen yankee fan
97 Toronto has to win today for 2nd.
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2006-10-01 11:40:36
101.   monkeypants
78 84 Agreed. Kay is an idiot. However, the situations are comparable depending on the motives. IF Mauer sat not to rest but to protect his batting title lead, thus potentially hurting his team's chances at the division title--then Kay is right to complain. But, if he was getting his normal rest as a C, which helps the team, then no problem.

This is comparable to Wiliams' situation in '41. He could have sat to stay above .400 (a personal goal), but asked to play to help his team regardles of the impact on his personal stats.

In fact, this is somewhat comparable to Aaron's situation. He and the Braves were scheming to sit Aaron until the team returned for a homestand, so he could cathc Ruth at home. The Commissioner forced them to play Aaron at least two out of three games on the road. The whole idea is that records and statistical milestones should be reached in the spirit of true competition.

And as I write, Jeter grounds out but drives in a run--which is better in my mind than him sitting after his first AB.

2006-10-01 11:41:35
102.   rbj
2006-10-01 11:42:00
103.   BklynBmr
Hip, hip...
2006-10-01 11:43:35
104.   yankz
The reason Ted Williams played the doubleheader was because he didn't want .3995 or whatever it was. He wanted to be at at least .400 rounded down.
2006-10-01 11:44:03
105.   yankz
Jorge is absolutely on fire, and I'm confident it will continue for the next month.
2006-10-01 11:45:10
106.   monkeypants
104 Yes. But he didn't have to play both games. They didn;t yank him after he went 2 for his first 3, or whatever. He played both games, as he normally would.
2006-10-01 11:45:39
107.   rbj
I want Fasano in there, so he can steal a base too.
2006-10-01 11:48:31
108.   JL25and3
There was some talk about resting Mauer for the postseason. No one ever said that they would sit him for the sake of the batting title, and Mauer said he didn't want that. So Kay was basically setting up a straw man; any thought that Mauer was sitting to preserve his BA was pure speculation.

In Williams's case, the Sox were way out of it, so the BA was the only reason to sit him down.

2006-10-01 11:49:48
109.   rbj
I do have to say, Jeter's defense is a bit more clutch than Ortiz's
2006-10-01 11:51:17
110.   RichYF
The only good news about Wright as the #3 starter is that Lidle would be #4.
2006-10-01 11:58:06
111.   yankz
Matsui has some insanely long at-bats.
2006-10-01 11:59:07
112.   randym77
Whoa. Dallas is beating the team formerly known as the Houston Oilers 27-6.
2006-10-01 11:59:55
113.   pistolpete
112 Yes, and I'm pretty happy about it.
2006-10-01 12:00:31
114.   JL25and3
Mauer .34556
Jeter .34461
Cano .34304
2006-10-01 12:00:39
115.   BklynBmr
108 If we draw Minny, I wouldn't mind if Mauer rested for the postseason at all ;-)
2006-10-01 12:02:37
116.   randym77
113 Me, too. :)

28-6 now...

2006-10-01 12:03:46
117.   rbj
I guess that's why Wilson isn't on the PS roster.
2006-10-01 12:03:49
118.   pistolpete
116 Are you getting to see the game?
2006-10-01 12:04:15
119.   randym77
Gawd. Craig! That's the second time you've done that.
2006-10-01 12:06:08
120.   rbj
Alright Wil
2006-10-01 12:09:12
121.   randym77
118 No. I'm following it on

I grew up in Hawaii, where we had no home team. I was used to getting the best games every week. Sometimes the TV stations would even let fans vote for the game they wanted to see.

It was a horrible shock when I moved (barely) into the NYC broadcasting area. The Jets and Giants both sucked at the time, so they hardly ever got on Monday Night or Sunday night football. Every week, it was the Jets and the Giants. With no doubleheader. I told my boss he should have warned me during the job interview about that kind of drawback to the location. ;-)

2006-10-01 12:09:12
122.   Eirias
Lets go Jetes and lets go Jets!
2006-10-01 12:09:31
123.   Bama Yankee
For those Bernie "haters" out there, would that play by Cabrera in CF earlier be considered a "Melky double"? ;-)

And for the Phillips "haters" out there, does Wilson really play better defense than Andy? ;-)

Just kidding, I probably would have gone with Wilson instead of Phillips in the PS myself and I am Andy's biggest fan.

2006-10-01 12:11:10
124.   pistolpete
Crap, that's gotta be it for Jeter - unless Mauer goes - Ohfer for the rest of his game and Jeets gets one or two more hits.
2006-10-01 12:11:12
125.   yankz
2006-10-01 12:11:46
126.   yankz
If Mauer goes 0-4, Jeter wins it if he stays 1-4 or gets another hit.
2006-10-01 12:11:59
127.   JL25and3
123 I didn't see Wilson's error today, but Phillips's yesterday was brutal. Watching him poking sround with his foot, trying to find the bag, was embarrassing.

Jeter now at .34405

2006-10-01 12:12:18
128.   Simone
123 I didn't know it was possible to "hate" a minor league player, but yeah, Wilson does play better defense at 1st than Phillips.
2006-10-01 12:14:21
129.   Bama Yankee
127 I missed Andy's yesterday (thanks FOX). Wilson's today looked a little Buckner-ish, right through the wickets...

Maybe, we should go with Guiel?

2006-10-01 12:15:06
130.   pistolpete
129 I thought Joe had already decided on Philips...
2006-10-01 12:16:38
131.   yankz
He has
2006-10-01 12:17:20
132.   yankz
Ok then Mauer. FU.
2006-10-01 12:17:27
133.   randym77
Mauer doubles.
2006-10-01 12:17:53
134.   yankz
At least Cano and Jeter will most likely finish above .340.
2006-10-01 12:18:14
135.   Simone
Mauer has the batting title. Good try by the Captain though. I'm hoping that Jeter gets the MVP.
2006-10-01 12:20:36
136.   Bama Yankee
128 I'm not sure that it very clear which one plays better defense (from the stats posted a couple of days ago). IMO stats are a bad way to measure defense anyway. They are surely both better than Giambi defensively and either could serve as a much needed LIDR in the PS.

BTW, it is no secret that I am biased toward Andy since we both are Bama grads...

2006-10-01 12:22:03
137.   randym77
Poor Andy can't catch a break. USA Today is crediting Wilson's error to Andy.
2006-10-01 12:24:49
138.   Bama Yankee
137 I told you those defensive stats don't mean much ;-)

USA Today stat guy must be an Auburn fan...

2006-10-01 12:24:59
139.   nyyfan22
135 The only hope now is if Mauer goes 1-5 and Cap goes 2-5. Then it would be:

Jeter - .3448
Mauer - .3451


2006-10-01 12:26:27
140.   Simone
127 Andy's break is that he made the post-season roster. In fact, that is a miracle.
2006-10-01 12:26:36
141.   rbj
139 Title still goes to Mauer though. They take it to as many digits as necessary.

Yay, Bruney!

2006-10-01 12:27:21
142.   yankz
Extra innings? Yank every starter except Jeter. Put in Veras for as long as need be.
2006-10-01 12:28:32
143.   nyyfan22
141 Dammit... I mixed up the avgs. Switch the numbers. Jeter .3451, Mauer .3448.
2006-10-01 12:28:52
144.   JL25and3
Sorry this took so long; my network is spazzing.

No need to go to 5 digits now:

Mauer .347
Jeter .344
Cano .343

But if Jeter gets another 2 for 2, he'll be at .346, so there's still an outside chance.

2006-10-01 12:31:20
145.   randym77
138 Whoever's running the live game update is probably just used to crediting errors to Phillips. ;-)

But I don't think it's a miracle Andy made the post-season roster. It's clear that they really like him, or he'd have been DFA'd a long time ago. He was a dead weight on the roster, but they still kept him around. Joe is convinced he's the best defensive first baseman, regardless of what the fans think.

2006-10-01 12:35:02
146.   nyyfan22
coming into todays games, Jeter was 213 for 618, and Mauer was 179 for 517, right?
2006-10-01 12:37:42
147.   Bama Yankee
145 "used to crediting errors to Phillips."
Ouch randym (good one though, I'll have to admit)
2006-10-01 12:42:59
148.   Bama Yankee
Maybe Joe likes Andy because he can play also play 3rd and an emergency 2b (if he has already used Cairo for something else) as opposed to Wilson who's other positions are RF (where we have plenty of backups) and C (where we have big Sal).

Not to mention that Joe sees Andy play defense more than the fans do (spring training and fielding practice) so maybe he likes Andy's glove due to something that we don't get to see.

2006-10-01 12:45:24
149.   JL25and3
Cano down to .342
2006-10-01 12:46:30
150.   Bama Yankee
Cowboys now up 45-14 (TO with 5 catches for 88 yards)
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-10-01 12:46:34
151.   LI yankee
7-6 Detroit, KC threatening in the 8th
2006-10-01 12:47:10
152.   Simone
145 It is a miracle that Joe thinks that "dead weight" like Andy is a better 1st baseman than Wilson. Like I said before, it is a mistake, but not a huge mistake.
2006-10-01 12:47:49
153.   randym77
They say they like Andy because he can play multiple positions, but Joe doesn't actually trust him anywhere but 1B. If this game mattered, Joe wouldn't be starting Andy at 3B. It would be Nick Green or Miguel Cairo.

I think they like him because of his bat. He's not hitting well now, but he did go on quite a tear earlier this year. And his minor league numbers suggest that he could be a decent hitter, if/when he adjusts to big league pitching.

IMO, Andy's problem is that he's a tweener. Bat not good enough for 1B, defense not good enough for anything else. If he learns to hit off the bench, he could be a good utility guy...but it's not easy to hit off the bench.

2006-10-01 12:47:51
154.   Simone
Yeah, Cowboys!
2006-10-01 12:48:00
155.   LI yankee
151 Make it 7-7 with 1 out
2006-10-01 12:48:00
156.   BklynBmr
Cap is going to homer here, but not 'cause of the batting title, 'cause we need it to win the game...
2006-10-01 12:48:27
157.   BklynBmr
2006-10-01 12:48:46
158.   rbj
Well that's it then for the batting title. Good race though.
2006-10-01 12:49:44
159.   JL25and3
and Jeter finishes at .343
2006-10-01 12:50:06
160.   pistolpete
154 Dallas looking like a monster, albeit versus Tennessee.
2006-10-01 12:50:42
161.   pistolpete
Royals with bases juiced, 2 outs in the 8th.
2006-10-01 12:50:49
162.   JL25and3
while Mauer gets another hit, now at .348
2006-10-01 12:51:02
163.   LI yankee
Bases loaded for KC in the 8th with 2 out, still 7-7
2006-10-01 12:51:15
164.   JL25and3
A catcher winning the batting title, hitting .348...that's sick.
2006-10-01 12:51:43
165.   BklynBmr
Kudos, Cap! You're the best!
2006-10-01 12:52:20
166.   randym77
Mauer 2 for 3 so far. Javier Vazquez, the gift that keeps on giving.

Jeter for MVP...

2006-10-01 12:53:10
167.   pistolpete
166 Maybe the Twins game will go 20 innings, Mauer 2 for 9. ;-)
2006-10-01 12:54:34
168.   yankz
I really hope Bernie doesn't burn playoff pitchers if this game goes to extras.
2006-10-01 12:55:29
169.   pistolpete
KC takes the lead!!!
2006-10-01 12:55:50
170.   LI yankee
DeJesus singles in 2 runs, 9-7 KC!
2006-10-01 12:56:12
171.   nyyfan22
167 Unfortunately, it would take a 2 for 10 outing by Mauer in order to drop low enough. Ugh.

Good job, Jeet.

2006-10-01 12:56:15
172.   pistolpete
Is Farnsworth wearing glasses? Shades of 'Major League'..?
2006-10-01 12:56:15
173.   LI yankee
my bad, 8-7 KC
2006-10-01 12:56:53
174.   MVB
So who would you rather see the Yanks playing on Tuesday- Detroit ( who is in the midst of being swept by KC) or the Twins?
2006-10-01 12:57:35
175.   randym77
167 LOL! Nah, congrats to Joe Mauer. He's only 23. He still has some speed; if he stays a catcher, he won't be beating out bunt singles for much longer.

But his peak power years are still ahead of him. Damn, I'd love to have him in pinstripes.

2006-10-01 12:58:08
176.   pistolpete
174 I'm not hoping for one or the other, but Minny is hot right now, and extremely cocky.
2006-10-01 12:58:42
177.   rbj
168Torre won't let him.
2006-10-01 12:59:44
178.   pistolpete
OMG does that suck. OFF with the goofy glasses, Farnswacker.
2006-10-01 13:00:14
179.   3rd gen yankee fan
That Lind kid is something else.
2006-10-01 13:00:24
180.   randym77
Holy crap, what happened? I turn my back for one minute...
2006-10-01 13:01:48
181.   pistolpete
Well, the Jets put up a good fight, but alas they won't screw up my football pool. ;-)
2006-10-01 13:02:22
182.   pistolpete
Bernie should pinch hit himself they get a few men nuts would the crowd go if he won the game?
2006-10-01 13:04:59
183.   pistolpete
HOLY SHITE, did anyone just see the end of the Jets game?
2006-10-01 13:06:01
184.   seamus
183 what happened?
2006-10-01 13:07:15
185.   singledd
Detroit/KC tied 8-8 in the 9th.
Minn up 4-1 after 5.
What happens if Detroit and Minn. finish with the same record?
2006-10-01 13:08:15
186.   rbj
Yes, Bernie gets to PH.
2006-10-01 13:08:42
187.   Simone
Congrats to Mauer. He is a young stud.

183 The end of the Jets game was great craziness.

2006-10-01 13:08:45
188.   LI yankee
185 Detroit won the season series 11-8, so they get the tiebreaker. The Yanks would get the Twins then in the ALDS.
2006-10-01 13:09:53
189.   3rd gen yankee fan
Anyone have any news on whether the Boston game is going to happen?
2006-10-01 13:10:59
190.   rbj
Bernie! Bernie!! Bernie!!!
2006-10-01 13:12:24
191.   3rd gen yankee fan
Holy crap this is funny.
2006-10-01 13:13:53
192.   rbj
Here's to a great regular season for the Yankees, and let's bring home another World Series Title.
2006-10-01 13:14:06
193.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-10-01 13:17:52
194.   pistolpete
193 Sox fans will accuse the Yanks of tanking on purpose. ;-)
2006-10-01 13:18:43
195.   LI yankee
I never thought at the beginning of the year I'd be watching a Royals-Tigers game with any interest.
2006-10-01 13:18:51
196.   Simone
Onto the post-season.

Congrats to the Blue Jays on second place in the division.

2006-10-01 13:19:30
197.   3rd gen yankee fan
194 Aw gee I really hope the Sux fans don't think any worse of the Yanks than they already do. :-)
2006-10-01 13:19:36
198.   randym77
So we finish 97-65. Pretty amazing, all things considered.
2006-10-01 13:21:34
199.   LI yankee
So who's MVP of the Yanks this year? Carl Pavano?
2006-10-01 13:21:43
200.   3rd gen yankee fan
198 Absolutely. What a season.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-10-01 13:25:47
201.   pistolpete
199 Yes, if MVP stands for 'Most Valuable Punchline'...
2006-10-01 13:28:18
202.   randym77
Nice video tribute at the end of the game. Funny, Pavano wasn't in it.
2006-10-01 13:30:50
203.   rbj
201 Or Most Vexing Person (I'd say Player or Pitcher, but he's neither.)
2006-10-01 13:34:38
204.   BklynBmr
201 ... or 'Motor Vehicle Pancaker'
2006-10-01 13:44:27
205.   randym77
LOL! Bernie said he got a call from Steinbrenner after the game. The boss said, "You're fired!"
2006-10-01 13:51:39
206.   LI yankee
Kenny Rogers is coming in to pitch the 11th for the Tigers. They really do not want to play the Yanks.
2006-10-01 13:53:24
207.   Travis
I remember another critical game where Kenny Rogers came in for the 11th inning. Let's hope he pitches just as well.

2006-10-01 13:59:24
208.   Max
204 Classic...I'm ROFL. :-)
2006-10-01 14:01:42
209.   rbj
Wow, the Royals do not want to go gentle into that good night.
2006-10-01 14:16:49
210.   Jeteupthemiddle
3-3-NYJ32 (:08) (Shotgun) C.Pennington pass short middle to L.Washington to NYJ 40 for 8 yards [D.Freeney]. Lateral to B.Smith to NYJ 37 for -3 yards. Lateral to L.Coles to IND 44 for 19 yards. Lateral to C.Pennington to IND 37 for 7 yards. Lateral to J.McCareins to IND 35 for 2 yards. FUMBLES, recovered by NYJ-B.Smith at IND 33. B.Smith to IND 37 for -4 yards. FUMBLES, recovered by NYJ-L.Coles at IND 40. L.Coles to IND 27 for 13 yards. Lateral to N.Mangold to IND 27 for no gain. FUMBLES, RECOVERED by
2006-10-01 14:18:22
211.   Jeteupthemiddle
210 Apparently full play-by-play gave up and didn't say that some Colt or another recovered that final fumble. Seriously, they gave up. lol
2006-10-01 14:19:59
212.   3rd gen yankee fan
WOW, the Tiggers fans got deflated! They didn't even boo that call!
2006-10-01 14:20:08
213.   Travis
210 211 They've corrected it now.
2006-10-01 14:27:37
214.   3rd gen yankee fan
This KC game is REALLY amazing. First off I can't believe Gobble didn't blow it last inning. Now KC has the bases loaded with one out. The Tiggers fans are praying.
2006-10-01 14:29:31
215.   kdw
Even if KC scores, it needs to be about 4 runs given how the KC bullpen pitches and Detroit hits. I'm not sure 1 is gonna do it.
2006-10-01 14:29:33
216.   pistolpete
9-8 KC
2006-10-01 14:32:49
217.   seamus
210 thanks. didn't think anyone was going to answer that question!

I hope we get to play Detroit! KC has the lead!

2006-10-01 14:32:53
218.   SF Yanks
Bring on the Tiggers.
2006-10-01 14:33:05
219.   Travis
Kenny Rogers walks in a run. It's 1999 all over again!

Seriously, it's October. What is Kenny Rogers doing on a mound?

2006-10-01 14:33:11
220.   pistolpete
10-8 KC
2006-10-01 14:36:45
221.   pistolpete
1 out, 2 to go - Gobble still in there.
2006-10-01 14:40:13
222.   Travis
1 out to go.
2006-10-01 14:42:13
223.   pistolpete
1 on, Casey AB.
2006-10-01 14:44:16
224.   pistolpete
It's OVER! We play the Tiggers!
2006-10-01 14:44:35
225.   kdw
KC wins. What's the Tiger's starting rotation for play-offs after Verlander?
2006-10-01 14:44:48
226.   3rd gen yankee fan
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-10-01 14:45:19
227.   pistolpete
Well, Rogers was in today - I thought I heard somewhere he was slated for Game 1, but now I'm not sure...
2006-10-01 14:46:43
228.   Jim Dean
Wowser! The only thing that wasn't good today was Jeter's loss of the attign title.

Otherwise - Waahhoooo!

And how many Sux fans were forced to cheer for the Yanks? Good times!

2006-10-01 14:47:28
229.   kdw
Oh, I just assumed that Verlander would start, especially when Rogers pitched today. Rogers threw 40 pitches over 2 innings -- is that about the same amount of work he'd do on a throw day?
2006-10-01 14:50:13
230.   BklynBmr
Wow. What a finish. Just Rogers being Rogers when the heat is on.

I'm OK with this. The two rotations I fear more than Detroit's are facing each other. If we can take care of business, I'd rather have a 7 game series against either Oaktown or Minny than a 5.

A regular season for the books all the way around!

2006-10-01 14:53:28
231.   pistolpete
Tigers have got to be coming in on a tremendous low - hopefully we can jump on them & score like 15 in the first 3-4 innings on Tuesday night.
2006-10-01 14:53:31
232.   wsporter
With the Tigers swooning into the Wild card any votes for Mr. Torre for AL Manager of The Year?
With all those key injuries he did one hell of a job to get us here.
2006-10-01 15:21:00
233.   rbj
And now it is just Dodgers - Giants for the regular season.
2006-10-01 15:21:56
234.   rbj
Oh, wait, Orioles - Red Sox are playing.
2006-10-01 15:22:28
235.   kdw
Thought if Padres win, Padres win regular season?
2006-10-01 15:50:40
236.   BklynBmr
235 If Pods and Dodgers tie, SD gets the division, LA the wild card, based on head-to-head record.

They're both leading right now. LA up over SF, 4-3, Giants just about to start bottom of the 9th...

SD leads the D'Backs, 7-4, bottom 8...

2006-10-01 16:10:36
237.   kdw
Okay, that's what I thought. 233 made me think I'd gotten wrong. Thanks for clearing up my confusion.

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