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Almost Over
2006-09-29 14:56
by Alex Belth
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The Jays are in town for the final weekend of the regular season. It's fall in New York, folks. It's been chilly today, I can only imagine it'll be downright cold tonight. Mike Mussina is on the hill for the Bombers.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-09-29 15:12:27
1.   Dan-el
Pete Abraham of Lohud is reporting that Unit has a herniated disc in his back. Uh oh.
2006-09-29 15:15:53
2.   Simone
Well, that isn't good. However, given the way that RJ was pitching the Yankees may not much worse off with Wang, Mussina, Wright and Lidle.
2006-09-29 15:15:55
3.   vockins
1 jesus

Please start Rasner, Joe.

2006-09-29 15:23:48
4.   randym77
Sometimes I think with our lineup, we're unbeatable.

Then I remember our pitching...

2006-09-29 15:58:38
5.   rbj
Well, having a good rotation to go with the lineup would simply mean an 11-0 record for the Yankees in the postseason. That would ensure record low ratings, so I bet Bud Selig had something to do with Randy's back.
2006-09-29 16:02:28
6.   randym77
Is it blasphemy if I say I think we may be better off with Jaret Wright instead of Randy Johnson? Wright's been pitching pretty well lately. We can't expect him to go more than five or six innings, and have to plan accordingly, but IMO he's been more reliable than the Unit.
2006-09-29 16:02:48
7.   rbj
Augh! Game's not on EI
2006-09-29 16:04:57
8.   BklynBmr
7 And Gameday Audio on is not working (at least for me)...
2006-09-29 16:07:59
9.   RIYank
6 I dunno. I would say we aren't much worse off with Wright.
You're right, he's more reliable; but Randy has a decent chance of giving you a really good game in the post-season.
Hmmm. Yaknow, maybe you're right. In any case I don't think this is a disaster at all.
2006-09-29 16:10:22
10.   Eirias
Wait, I missed what Kay said. What can pitchers do today that would normally be called a balk?
2006-09-29 16:11:19
11.   Simone
If RJ can get better, he may be available for the ALCS. A healthy RJ is a nice addition to the post-season roster.
2006-09-29 16:12:55
12.   rbj
OK, so is Unit going to get left off the ALDS roster, in hopes of returning for the ALCS?
2006-09-29 16:17:17
13.   3rd gen yankee fan
5 Good one! Either him or Arod.
2006-09-29 16:22:27
14.   randym77
12 I doubt it.

My prediction: Joe starts him, he stinks up the joint, Wright or Lidle is brought in to try to clean up the mess...too late. NoMaas chalks up another "Torre loss."

2006-09-29 16:37:01
15.   randym77
The Tigers have not set their starting rotation yet, and speculation is that it's for fear of the "NY jinx":

2006-09-29 16:37:50
16.   LI yankee
Moose actually looking pretty good so far, especially after giving up the homer.
2006-09-29 16:44:52
17.   vockins
If Giambi is going to hit behind Rodriguez, he's going to have to drive him in. This taking walks crap isn't going to cut it.

(This is a joke)

2006-09-29 16:46:46
18.   randym77
That was a weird, weird double-play.
2006-09-29 16:48:25
19.   Eirias
Look at Godzilla run!
2006-09-29 16:49:09
20.   Eirias
17 I know, he's clogging up the bases.
2006-09-29 17:14:28
21.   rbj
So what's been happening? I ran out to get groceries.
2006-09-29 17:16:02
22.   randym77
Moose has been sharp since the homer.

A-Rod cost us a run with his baserunning, Jeter gained us one.

2006-09-29 17:17:13
23.   Eirias
Wait, Bernie Williams is pinch-running? Seriously?
2006-09-29 17:18:17
24.   randym77
And it doesn't matter. Sheff gets everyone home...
2006-09-29 17:18:34
25.   LI yankee
Guess who's back...
2006-09-29 17:18:34
26.   Eirias
Well, even Bernie can leg that out.
2006-09-29 17:19:21
27.   neilymon
22 how did jeter gain us a run? i didn't get to see the play on TV. . .

23 definitely. torre didn't want giambino to have to huff and puff all the way home, so he sent GOB to get some extra aerobics in.

2006-09-29 17:19:25
28.   Simone
Nice job by Sheffield. His power is back just in time.
2006-09-29 17:21:20
29.   rbj
Muferfufer WOR &&( can't get their games on EI.
Astros & Braves scoreless through 5.
2006-09-29 17:24:01
30.   kdw
27 Think he held up the second out of an inning-ending double play long enough to get Cano home.
2006-09-29 17:24:02
31.   randym77
27 Jeter was on 1B. Abreu grounded into a double play. Jeter stopped halfway between 1B and 2B, and kept the rundown going until Cano could score from 3B.
2006-09-29 17:24:36
32.   kdw
27 What 31 said. :)
2006-09-29 17:27:09
33.   neilymon
31 thanks! wow. . .so the blue jays actually went to 1B for the first out of the DP? ugh. . .that was pretty dumb. i thought the rule of thumb was to always go to 2B first when there's a potential DP and a runner on third.
2006-09-29 17:30:40
34.   LI yankee
34 It was hit too softly to get the coventional DP. If they had thrown to second first Abreu would have been safe. They had to tag Jeter.
2006-09-29 17:30:49
35.   monkeypants
33 Why was it dumb? had they gone to second, Giambi would have been safe and the run would have scored anyway. By stopping Jeter and then going to firsth, they got the DP at least, even though the run scored.

Really, in that situation the defense is at the mercy of the base runner. if Jeter made a mistake like Bernie did a couple of weeks ago, it would have meant a quick DP and no run. If the baserunner is smart and stops, then it plays out like it did tonight.

2006-09-29 17:30:58
36.   LI yankee
34 I mean 33
2006-09-29 17:35:26
37.   randym77
Yeah, they had no chance to turn the DP if they went to 2B. It was a slow chopper, and Abreu is awfully fast.
2006-09-29 17:36:13
38.   David
Mauer 0 for 1 - .348. Cano .343 Jeter .341
2006-09-29 17:40:02
39.   neilymon
34 35 37 ahhh, i see your point. i didn't see the play live, so i had no idea what actually transpired. now it makes sense - i didn't realize they had to go to 1B just to have a chance at a DP. good baserunning by jeter in that case. . .
2006-09-29 17:40:18
40.   yankee23
38 Mauer essentially needs to go 0 for his next 10 or 12 to get down closer to Cano & Jeter's numbers. Cano's really got the better chance because he has fewer ABs so far, so his average will increase more with each hit.
2006-09-29 17:41:45
41.   marc
So THE Lineup started again tonight though Bernie has since taken over from Giambi. This will be our prime lineup through the playoffs and it's devastating. I also think, and hope, that RJ may be OK with the epidural. Assuming it works in his first playoff game it's certainly no guarantee he'll be OK by the next series but it has a shot. I doubt he'll get any more epidurals in the PS. It's not like a cortisone shot, it's a big deal.
2006-09-29 17:45:12
42.   randym77
Why'd they pull Giambi so early? Is his wrist bothering him?
2006-09-29 17:49:31
43.   kdw
42 According to Sterling, nothing wrong with Giambi, just wanted him to get a couple of at-bats and then get Bernie a couple.
2006-09-29 17:49:42
44.   marc
they just want Giambi and his wrist to get enough rest and he's not exactly an asset on the base paths so you kill two birds with one bernie
2006-09-29 17:53:48
45.   randym77
43 Thanks. I was hoping that's all it was, but after the way this season has gone, I'm kinda paranoid about injuries.
2006-09-29 17:59:31
46.   rbj
Braves up 2-1 in the top of the seventh. Clemens is going to be pulled for a PH, so the Braves fans give him a standing O even though he's in the dugout.
Clemens now has the record for most standing ovations in his last game.
2006-09-29 17:59:57
47.   LI yankee
Moose has relieved some postseason pitching anxiety tonight.
2006-09-29 18:04:27
48.   marc
If we hold on and Boston holds its current lead over Baltimore, than Boston and the Jays will be back in a flat tie for 2nd place
2006-09-29 18:16:00
49.   singledd
Wow... Once we clinched, attendance here at the Banter has fallen off. Should be fun here on Tuesday though.

You guys will be here Tuesday, yes?

2006-09-29 18:17:59
50.   marc
RJ or not we're coming into the PS in the best shape we could have hoped for. Sheff looks all back and quickly proved OK at 1st. A-Rod is hot again with 3 hits already tonight and doing fine in the field. Jason in good enough shape to be a DH which fits in perfect with Sheff. Abreu hot, Damon fine, Cano continuing red hot Jeter remains hot, Godzilla remains ferocious and Jorge's both hitting and throwing people out. Wang is now one of the best, Mussina in top shape based on tonight and Wright is pretty much righted and fully adequate if not ideal. Lidle, I guess OK if there's no one else.
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2006-09-29 18:18:14
51.   rbj
Hell yeah, singledd.
Game's not on EI, I don't have much to comment on.
I'm actually watching a show on History Channel about the Mexican American War. Pretty interesting.
2006-09-29 18:19:33
52.   randym77
Do we know if we're playing a day or night game on Tuesday?
2006-09-29 18:23:18
53.   Simone
What is wrong with Bruney?
2006-09-29 18:25:31
54.   smingers
53 Bruney has always struggled to throw strikes. Which is part of the reason the Yankees were able to pick him up. If he didn't walk guys, he'd be unbeatable, because no seems to be able to hit him.
2006-09-29 18:26:49
55.   Simone
49 I'll be here. I'm always here. Umm... I have a life, really I do.
2006-09-29 18:29:30
56.   randym77
The ump blew a call, or Bruney would have walked in a run.

Whoops, he did anyway.

2006-09-29 18:30:19
57.   Eirias
2006-09-29 18:30:36
58.   Simone
54 Bruney is definitely living up to reputation tonight.

Throw a strike!

2006-09-29 18:31:02
59.   David
Tell me Bruney isn't going to blow Mussina's 15th win. Mussina is the unluckiest pitcher.
2006-09-29 18:32:55
60.   randym77
EDSP to the rescue!

And to think they were going to send him down to Columbus this year...

2006-09-29 18:38:09
61.   GoingDeep
When you need a out...
with the bags loaded,
who you gonna call?
Scotty Proctor!
2006-09-29 18:39:58
62.   GoingDeep
Gee Johnny Baseball is only hitting .205 this month. Its hurting Captains run for 100RBIS.
2006-09-29 18:40:17
63.   Bama Yankee
61 That's a good one.
2006-09-29 18:40:41
64.   singledd
I don't think Jetes will get 100 rbi, unless he goes on a HR tear.
2006-09-29 18:41:01
65.   rbj
Dirty Outs (Done Dirty Cheap)
2006-09-29 18:41:59
66.   marc
Let's go A-Rod, keep the perfect night going
2006-09-29 18:42:28
67.   randym77
Mauer's 0 for 3 so far. And outright slump, for him.
2006-09-29 18:42:46
68.   singledd
Tigers up 5-4. Minn down 3-0. It looks like Minn (and Cy Santana) in the ALDS.
2006-09-29 18:43:37
69.   singledd
Fortunately, Astros down, Cardinals up.
2006-09-29 18:44:48
70.   Bama Yankee
65 Also a good one.
2006-09-29 18:45:05
71.   singledd
The 'music' MLB.TV plays at every beak is driving me into a homicidal rage...
2006-09-29 18:45:29
72.   singledd
... every break...
2006-09-29 18:47:42
73.   randym77
Boy, that ball sailed. Good night at the plate for A-Rod, but he's got a fielding error and two baserunning blunders.
2006-09-29 18:48:17
74.   Bama Yankee
51 Hey rbj, has that Mexican American War special mentioned that the great, great grandson of Santa Ana is... Karim Garcia?
2006-09-29 18:48:59
75.   GoingDeep
Theyre trying hard to blow another one for Moose.
2006-09-29 18:49:14
76.   rbj
74 Who is Karim Garcia.
2006-09-29 18:51:20
77.   Bama Yankee
76 I just told you he is the great, great grandson of Santa Anna ;-)
Just kidding, since the game (and the banter) is slow I thought I would set the ball up on a tee for someone... thanks for hitting it out of the park for me.
2006-09-29 18:54:12
78.   GoingDeep
Scotty Scotty P,
where are thee?
Weve got some outs to get now.

Scotty Scotty P,
where are thee?
We need some help from you now.

C'mon Scotty P,
i see you,
That arm needs work, right now.

To the scooby-doo theme :]

2006-09-29 18:55:06
79.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hey, KC is screwing with Detroit, guys at 1st & 3rd with two outs.
2006-09-29 18:57:04
80.   3rd gen yankee fan
oh YEAH, KC tied it!!!
2006-09-29 18:57:04
81.   SF Yanks
Anyone have the updated batting race? I'm too lazy to look it up.
2006-09-29 18:57:28
82.   Bama Yankee
78 Proctor would have a 0.00 ERA if it were not for those pesky kids...
2006-09-29 18:58:04
83.   singledd
KC rallies in the 9th w/2 out and tie the Tigers 5-5
2006-09-29 18:58:13
84.   rbj
Bama, the show is hosted by Oscar De La Hoya. A little know fact is that he's a second cousin of Karim Garcia.
2006-09-29 19:01:47
85.   singledd
Top of the 9th done. 5-5 KC at Detroit.
2006-09-29 19:04:45
86.   Bama Yankee
84 Who needs Wikipedia, when you've got the Bronx Banter?
2006-09-29 19:05:30
87.   singledd
Twins leave runners on 2 and 3 in th bottom of the 8th. White Sox up 3-1, top of the 9th.
2006-09-29 19:06:01
88.   randym77
Posada's been pretty hot lately.
2006-09-29 19:08:48
89.   SF Yanks
Guess everyone's as lazy as I am.
Mauer: .347
Cano: .342
Jete: .341
2006-09-29 19:11:17
90.   3rd gen yankee fan
KC & Detroit go to extras!
2006-09-29 19:13:28
91.   singledd
KC throws out the winning run at the plate. On to the 10th.
2006-09-29 19:15:04
92.   singledd
Red Sox win. Back to a tie for 2nd.
2006-09-29 19:16:10
93.   singledd
A 3 hitter for us. Not bad.
2006-09-29 19:17:29
94.   rbj
Some one posted it a few threads ago, how does it go:
Wang and Mussina and pray for _________
2006-09-29 19:20:36
95.   GoingDeep
Ive had an agrument with my friend about the Yanks lineup.
I argue that the Yankees offense is better than the AL combined team. Thoughts?

Posada C Mauer C
Giambi DH Hafner DH
Sheffield 1B Morneau 1B
Cano 2B Loretta 2B
ARod 3B Glaus 3B
Jeter SS Tejada SS
Matsui LF Manny LF
Damon CF Ichiro CF
Abreu RF Vlad RF

2006-09-29 19:22:32
96.   SF Yanks
95 Hate to say it, but AL looks better
2006-09-29 19:26:40
97.   kdw
Back-to-back homers for KC in top of 11th.
2006-09-29 19:27:32
98.   3rd gen yankee fan
97 Holy f'in Sh*t!!!!!
2006-09-29 19:27:41
99.   GoingDeep
95 Id say only Manny is clearly superior
2006-09-29 19:30:11
100.   3rd gen yankee fan
oooh, Mauer struck out again.
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2006-09-29 19:31:42
101.   kdw
But Twins still get 2, it's 4 to 3 now.
2006-09-29 19:32:23
102.   3rd gen yankee fan
The Chicago/Minny game is very interesting. I wonder if Jenks is gonna blow this one.
2006-09-29 19:32:38
103.   Bama Yankee
94 a leak in the roof of the Metro Dome-ina?
2006-09-29 19:33:23
104.   3rd gen yankee fan
and KC scored AGAIN! Up by 4 now. I am in complete shock.
2006-09-29 19:34:44
105.   kdw
102 Wow, maybe.
2006-09-29 19:38:42
106.   3rd gen yankee fan
Man I am SO glad I'm not a Chicago fan. I'd be tearing my hair out right now.
2006-09-29 19:40:02
107.   3rd gen yankee fan
And Joe Nelson is trying to hand the game right back to Detroit.
2006-09-29 19:40:52
108.   3rd gen yankee fan
Ok, Twinkies lost. Wow.
2006-09-29 19:42:40
109.   kdw
Speaking of tearing your hair out, that KC bullpen sure would do it.
2006-09-29 19:44:08
110.   3rd gen yankee fan
I was just thinking that, but I didn't want to be a post whore.
2006-09-29 19:47:55
111.   kdw
Ugh, all that work by KC in the top of the 11th being washed away. It must be killing the guys in the field to see it all unfolding.
2006-09-29 19:50:35
112.   David
KC wins! I guess that means the Yanks have guaranteed HFA throughout the post season.
2006-09-29 19:51:18
113.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yay KC!
2006-09-29 19:51:39
114.   kdw
Worked like a charm, I post that and KC gets a game winning double play. Yanks have homefield for play-offs, yes?
2006-09-29 20:06:28
115.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
114 I dunno. We could still finish tied with the Tigers or Twinkies.

I know if we're tied with the Tigers we've got the tie-breaker with our better head to head.

But we're 3-3 vs the Twins, so what's the next tie-breaker? If it's AL record, we should have it, since the Twins rocked the NL while we barely broke even vs the senior circuit.

2006-09-29 20:10:54
116.   yankee23
115 It goes by division record after that and the Yanks have the tiebreaker that way, too.
2006-09-29 20:12:58
117.   Simone
Yankees have home field in the AL playoffs now. Great.
2006-09-29 20:23:15
118.   Bob Timmermann
The tiebreakers are:
1) head-to-head
2) intradivision
3) record in last half of intraleague games
2006-09-29 23:33:12
119.   yankz
Jeter for MVP. I just had to remind everyone.
2006-09-30 00:49:10
120.   LI yankee
This lull until Tuesday is killer.

At least the Giants play this weekend. Oh wait...

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