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Hey Nineteen
2006-09-27 14:01
by Alex Belth
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Jay Jaffe and I will be at the Stadium tonight hoping to see Chien-Ming Wangarulo pick up his 19th victory of the season.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-09-27 14:07:41
1.   NetShrine
Sure, you go with Jay.......


2006-09-27 14:08:55
2.   randym77
Wang's being given every chance...

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi DH
Gary Sheffield 1B
Hideki Matsui LF
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B

Chien-Ming Wang RHP

2006-09-27 14:14:28
3.   yankz
Wangarulo? Nice.
2006-09-27 14:14:40
4.   yankz
Wangorilla, anyone?
2006-09-27 14:14:58
5.   standuptriple
I saw somebody mention that Wang could, in theory, win 20 games. They could bring him into a tie game on his throw day for an inning or two (highly unlikely) and give him a shot (I guess it would partially depend on tonight's decision). I would be cool if the Yanks had the ONLY 20 game winner in baseball this season, but I would rather not risk it. Interesting scenario though. And Go!
2006-09-27 14:29:45
6.   Travis
5 You mean like this game?

2006-09-27 14:30:09
7.   randym77
Joe revealed his playoff rotation on WFAN:


2006-09-27 14:55:25
8.   seamus
I didn't think we'd see this lineup tonight but I'm psyched. This is a must watch now just to see this lineup for the first time. I was working out today and day dreaming about this very lineup, though I had Cano 8th and Posada 9th. Either way works for me. It amazes me to think about the possible batting champion batting 9th.
2006-09-27 15:02:41
9.   rbj
And the guy second in the league in batting average is hitting ninth
2006-09-27 15:07:17
10.   Shaun P
5 If the Yanks don't do that with Wang, and the Twins don't end up pitching Santana one final time in the regular season, this will be the first time EVER that there are no 20-game winners in the majors. Strike-shortened seasons excluded, of course.

That allow might be reason to not see it happen.

Wow, Jay's going to the game tonight and he still had time for an almost 3-hour chat on Prospectus. Nice life! Hope you and he enjoy the game, Alex.

2006-09-27 15:15:04
11.   singledd
While Sheff is not yet Sheff, Giambi is hurting and ARod is having an off year, on paper, this must be the most dangerous (non all-star game) lineup in history. Even the Ruth-Gehrig lineups, or the Bog Red Machine, did not have this 1-9 combination of power, speed and OBP.

Can some post a lineup from ANY TEAM IN HISTORY, that is better then this one?

2006-09-27 15:16:10
12.   singledd
errr.... BIG Red Machine someONE post a lineup
2006-09-27 15:19:22
13.   seamus
The bog machine might be an effective tool for pitchers!
2006-09-27 15:20:56
14.   Bama Yankee
Hey Alex, you taking any of pistolpete's Wang's Worm Burners signs with you to the Stadium tonight?
2006-09-27 15:21:20
15.   yankz
I heard those guys were wicked fast.
2006-09-27 15:26:05
16.   randym77
14 Someone who's got front row seats has to do that.
2006-09-27 15:29:56
17.   standuptriple
Love this ESPN headline:

Yanks to put Wang on mound for playoffs Game 1

2006-09-27 15:36:38
18.   C2Coke
17 Our Ace really comes cheap, doesn't it?
2006-09-27 15:37:28
19.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-27 16:02:22
20.   3rd gen yankee fan
and... I got comment #19. :-)
2006-09-27 16:04:10
21.   marc
This is the lineup possibility I was so excited about when the talk of Shef going to first started. I don't know what the hell will happen tonight because I had no clue until Sterling told us 4 thousand times that no one can predict baseball, but if people are in good shape you certainly can say what the probability favors and this line up is awesome and may become famous with tonight a famous origin date for this lineup of the mightiest Yankee hitters ever. Look at the damn thing, it's truly impossible to pitch around anyone.
2006-09-27 16:05:43
22.   randym77
20 Al Leiter? Bubba Crosby? Aaron Boone?
2006-09-27 16:15:32
23.   LI yankee
Vintage Wang
2006-09-27 16:15:46
24.   3rd gen yankee fan
1 IP, 2 WB, 1K
2006-09-27 16:16:59
25.   RichYF
24 I think WB:BK should be an official stat. BK being bird killers of course.
2006-09-27 16:22:27
26.   Maniakes
25, would the time Randy Johnson hit a passing bird with a fastball, but the batter did not make contact, count as a BK?
2006-09-27 16:42:03
27.   rbj
I guess Jason's feeling better.
2006-09-27 16:42:16
28.   randym77
Well, I guess Giambi's wrist is okay...
2006-09-27 16:43:00
29.   JPost
i freakin hate gameday. Does anyone know the best one of out all of them? Gameday, yahoo, espn?
2006-09-27 16:43:27
30.   rilkefan
This lineup just got a bit scarier.
2006-09-27 16:43:31
31.   RichYF
Wow. I don't want to be a pitcher that has to face this lineup. Sheff is the weakest link right now. Wow.
2006-09-27 16:43:53
32.   smingers
That is a good sign. Now all I need to see is Sheff hit one out and I'll be feeling giddy about this lineup.
2006-09-27 16:45:16
33.   rbj
29 ESPN is better than Yahoo. More info and updated quicker. Dunno about the others.
2006-09-27 16:47:26
34.   3rd gen yankee fan
29 Yahoo's Gamechannel has a nice interface, but they all get stuck once in a while.
2006-09-27 16:54:38
35.   LI yankee
Santana against this lineup is gonna be a hell of a game.
2006-09-27 16:58:52
36.   C2Coke
35 Don't forget this starting pitcher as well. That's gonna be one fine game.
2006-09-27 16:59:53
37.   C2Coke
Is Wang slowing picking up his SO rates? It seems like it's been gradually rising this season, or am I imagining things?
2006-09-27 17:03:25
38.   C2Coke
I guess with Sheff's speed, he was able to afford to drop the ball...whereas if it was Giambi...whole another story
2006-09-27 17:08:51
39.   RichYF
is that 3 in 3 for Bobby no power?
2006-09-27 17:16:04
40.   SF Yanks
Who is Karim Garcia?
2006-09-27 17:16:55
41.   RichYF
40 I'm like 95% sure I missed out on that joke, and no sir, I don't like it.
2006-09-27 17:17:34
42.   Simone
Bobby finding the power.
2006-09-27 17:17:54
43.   LI yankee
This lineup is pretty good
2006-09-27 17:18:02
44.   rbj
My condolence to Tony Pena.
With that, it feels wrong to laugh at Jorge's 3 run dinger. What an utterly sick lineup.
2006-09-27 17:19:31
45.   SF Yanks
41 Sorry, it was getting quiet in here.

I like lineup.

It make me feel good.

2006-09-27 17:19:43
46.   seamus
wow, this lineup just kills. There is no relief EVER! Even the slumping Damon is always a threat. I mean, that has to be mentally tough to pitch against these guys.
2006-09-27 17:20:19
47.   rbj
And that makes it 210 homeruns the Orioles have given up. Is Mazzone still a genius?
2006-09-27 17:21:27
48.   C2Coke
Anybody else think we would've been very spoiled by now if we had this lineup all year long?

Some adversity really made me learn to appreciate the Yankees more and not to take them for granted.

2006-09-27 17:21:40
49.   SF Yanks
I seriously wonder why the Yanks can't score 30 runs... every game.
2006-09-27 17:22:37
50.   seamus
47 well, to be fair, i doubt that one season is a fair sample. If Mazzone doesn't turn that staff around next year we'll know.
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2006-09-27 17:23:11
51.   SF Yanks
48 I think what happened needed to happen. It sure gave me a different outlook. You're right about taking it for granted because when everyone was hurt I forgot what is was like to have this lineup.
2006-09-27 17:23:48
52.   C2Coke
49 Remember Green and Phillips? And a guy named Short, oh no wait, Long?
2006-09-27 17:24:41
53.   C2Coke
51 I guess there is no better time to get them back than now, right?
2006-09-27 17:27:50
54.   SF Yanks
52 Yeah, well I don't see those names in this lineup.
2006-09-27 17:29:07
55.   3rd gen yankee fan
53 Yup, now's the perfect time.
2006-09-27 17:29:18
56.   rbj
50 True, Seamus. And no matter how smart a guy is, if he's handed crap he can't turn it into a souffle. Still, if Leo could get a good year out of Jaret Wright. . .
2006-09-27 17:30:08
57.   singledd
Toronto up on Detroit 3-0 in the 3rd.
Minn up 1-0.
I believe we have HFA on the WC, regardless og their record.
2006-09-27 17:30:32
58.   rbj
Dang, Mauer's hitting three-fitty.
2006-09-27 17:30:56
59.   singledd
Mauer smells it, now at .350.
2006-09-27 17:33:29
60.   singledd
Does anybody else think Jetes looks tired when at bat? He is not getting in good swings. I'd sit him 2 or 3 games.
2006-09-27 17:34:30
61.   rbj
Let Wang go more than 5?
2006-09-27 17:36:17
62.   JeremyM
I think Giambi needs to find a red magic marker and put a spot on his batting glove, near his wrist. It worked for that other guy and his ankle.
2006-09-27 17:37:40
63.   C2Coke
Wang has proven to be one of the very top pitchers in the MLB this year, especially when he's on and sharp.

The question comes down to "who on the Yankees starting pitching staffs pitch better than the off-Wang"?

2006-09-27 17:38:57
64.   LI yankee
63 Why has everyone all of a sudden lost faith in Moose?
2006-09-27 17:40:42
65.   JeremyM
I love Moose but he hasn't looked very sharp since the All-Star break or so, after his first groin "tweaking." I'm a little concerned about him.
2006-09-27 17:41:37
66.   C2Coke
Who said Damon was slumping? Seamus, I like your reverse kinx. Damon has a career high HR this year.
2006-09-27 17:42:58
67.   C2Coke
64 His age and frequent physical problems always present risks. I love Moose, but I've also started to understand why he can't get 20 wins besides his luck.
2006-09-27 17:42:59
68.   JeremyM
The Jedi Master Chacon is baffling Houston today, they're up 6-1.
2006-09-27 17:43:58
69.   LI yankee
65 He still has been giving many quality starts (not including the last one)

How many starts has he had since coming off the DL?

2006-09-27 17:45:10
70.   3rd gen yankee fan
58 Woman you gave that monster another tree-fitty? No wonder the damn thing keeps coming back to our house!
2006-09-27 17:45:43
71.   C2Coke
And we are only in the 4th.

Melky is replacing Damon in CF next inning.

2006-09-27 17:46:08
72.   Simone
The boys are putting on a hitting show.
2006-09-27 17:46:36
73.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well gawd damn give Alex tree-fitty too.
2006-09-27 17:46:39
74.   seamus
66 the accidental reverse jinx! btw, this figures. With Giambi sitting I benched him for my fantasy league championship game (didn't think he'd play enough!).
2006-09-27 17:46:51
75.   Max
64 Simple. He's been steadily sucky for the better part of the second half of the season.

At least RJ is capable (once in a great while) of six or even seven innings of no-hit goodness, even if he then proceeds to fall off a cliff once he loses his stuff. Moose's lows have not been as catastrophic as RJ's, but he's been dreary and, even when Moose pitches out of jams, it feels like it's just delaying the inevitable big inning.

2006-09-27 17:47:31
76.   C2Coke
3 for 3, Giambi is definitely fine.

Melky, I am sorry that you have to start make nice with the bench now.

2006-09-27 17:47:36
77.   JeremyM
Man, I am so pumped that Giambi is hitting. I truly believe he is one of two most valuable hitters in the Yankees lineup (Jeter being the other right now). The way he works pitchers and can hit with power is huge.
2006-09-27 17:48:33
78.   Dimelo
This Yankee lineup is f'ing sick. I love it.

Has anyone thought which veterans Torre will have be the pitching coach and manager for the final game of the season?

2006-09-27 17:48:48
79.   yankz
This is getting ridiculous. I just got here, and the lineup is mind-boggling.
2006-09-27 17:49:20
80.   C2Coke
That came close. Sheff, you can do it.
2006-09-27 17:49:56
81.   rbj
78 Bernie to manage.
Um, yea, Sheff's back.
2006-09-27 17:50:25
82.   C2Coke
4th, 0 out.
2006-09-27 17:50:53
83.   Dimelo
79 This is better than my lineup in MVP Baseball.
2006-09-27 17:51:52
84.   yankz
If they can keep this up, who gives a sh1t if Moose is mediocre? Granted, it is Benson and Co., but
2006-09-27 17:51:55
85.   singledd
Lets not get too excited, Chen does NOT have a single Win this year. Can't understand why.
2006-09-27 17:52:18
86.   AbbyNormal821
Good Lord, man - I get home late from work and the boys are spankin' the Birdies...I think the Birdies are starting to see those cartoon birdies circling aroung their heads 'cause they're getting dizzy watching our team circle the bases so much! YEESH!
2006-09-27 17:52:22
87.   SF Yanks
83 this is better than this year's allstar lineup
2006-09-27 17:52:28
88.   singledd
Cano is gonna need a number of 3 hit games to catch Mauer.
2006-09-27 17:53:00
89.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Yankees crushing, Toronto beating Detroit, and Boston losing. What a night.

I so want Boston to finish in 3rd. I can taste it now. I predicted it to a Sawx fan I know at the beginning of the season, and even when the Sawx were going good I never backed down from it. This would be sweet.

2006-09-27 17:59:19
90.   AbbyNormal821
I can't believe that they didn't even attempt a throw to 1st for the DP! I mean, yippie for us, but come one - Jorgie isn't exactly Speedy Gonzalez!
2006-09-27 17:59:59
91.   C2Coke
Alex must be enjoying himself at the Stadium.
2006-09-27 18:00:09
92.   Dimelo
87 Good point. Where can we find the all-star game starting lineup?

89 I hope the Sawx finish 3rd. Too bad there aren't enough games left so they could finish last.

2006-09-27 18:01:24
93.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Houston within one, Cards losing by one.

Man, what a collapse. If Houston wins and St L loses that'll be 8 games lost in the standings by the Cards in as many played.

Couldn't happen to a more overrated manager Mr. LaRussa. (Still pissed at him for playing Womack at dp depth with Papi up in game 1 of the 2004 series. 10 feet back and Papi hits into a dp easy, the Cards probably win game 1. Instead Papi nearly kills Womack and the rest is history.)

2006-09-27 18:02:22
94.   singledd
TB over Boston, 8-0. Sox pound out 3 hits after 6.
Toronto over Detroit 4-0 in the 5th.
Minn and KC tied at 1 each in the 4th.

A good day all around.

2006-09-27 18:03:42
95.   rbj
I so want the Astros to pass the Cards. I don't know why, maybe it's because of Pettite & Clemens.
2006-09-27 18:04:02
96.   Travis
AL Starting Lineup, 2006:

Ichiro, RF
Jeter, SS
Ortiz, 1B
A-Rod, 3B
Guerrero, LF
I. Rodriguez, C
Wells, CF
Loretta, 2B
Rogers, P

2006-09-27 18:04:12
97.   Simone
Inning over. Even for me that was getting to be too much. I hope Wang can still pitch.
2006-09-27 18:04:35
98.   singledd
Anything can happen late in the season Dept:
1st place St. Louis, (was) a .550 team, has now lost 7 in a row. Houston, at 6 games under .500, has now won 7 in a row... and the NL is a race for the first time this year.
2006-09-27 18:05:10
99.   GoingDeep
Giambi is clearly ok, Abreu is raking, Sheff and Mats are hitting..... This is sick. Opposing pitchers better must be crappin themselves
2006-09-27 18:05:56
100.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Give Wanger one more inning for the win than shut him down.
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2006-09-27 18:06:25
101.   singledd
Pedro gives up 7 ERs in 2.2 innings. Not good news for the Queens side of the subway series.
2006-09-27 18:06:57
102.   Max
89 The best part about the Sox losing is Beckett getting rocked at Fenway and giving up 2 more homers. The local media has been desperately trying to pump up his recent improvement as a sign of better things to come (young pitcher with tons of potential, bla bla bla)...and making a BIG deal about the significant drop in homers given up.

Then he reverts to throwing batting practice tonight. Too good.

2006-09-27 18:07:23
103.   Travis
Cy Beckett gave up 8 runs tonight. His ERA is back over 5.
2006-09-27 18:07:29
104.   LI yankee
96 Cano > Loretta
Abreu > Ichiro
Posada > Rodriguez
2006-09-27 18:07:53
105.   3rd gen yankee fan
89 At the season start I was thinking that Taranna would get the WC, with Boston in 3rd. Still rooting for TO.

95 This house is also rooting for the Astros. bf is a Cards-hater. Great game today.

2006-09-27 18:09:43
106.   3rd gen yankee fan
102 Shocking, TB kicking the CRAP outta Boston.
2006-09-27 18:10:15
107.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
9 runs for the Jays in the 7th, and still batting. Oh to be at the Fens tonight.
2006-09-27 18:11:21
108.   Dimelo
104 I'd say Damon > Ichiro too.
2006-09-27 18:11:42
109.   3rd gen yankee fan
There's another WB for us.
2006-09-27 18:11:43
110.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Mauer grounds out. We need a couple of 0 fer 4s from him over the next few days to give our boys a shot.
2006-09-27 18:11:45
111.   Travis
107 Better than the Jays; the *R*ays.
2006-09-27 18:11:45
112.   RIYank
Melky getting a try-out in Center, that's good.
2006-09-27 18:12:29
113.   randym77
Holy guacamole. Tampa scored nine runs on Boston in one inning?? Yikes.
2006-09-27 18:13:49
114.   randym77
112 Melky played CF Monday. I knew then that Matsui was coming back to LF. Until then, Joe had never used Melky in CF, even when we could have really used him there.
2006-09-27 18:14:30
115.   Travis
What's the point of having Wang go another inning? Even a combined Henn-Beam-Dotel effort would have trouble giving up 11 runs in 4 innings.
2006-09-27 18:15:38
116.   rbj
And ARod burns a worm himself.
2006-09-27 18:16:10
117.   smingers
I'd get Wang, Jeter, Posada and Giambi out of the game at this point.
2006-09-27 18:16:15
118.   LI yankee
108 Wang > Rogers also

Yep, it's better

2006-09-27 18:18:24
119.   RIYank
114 He did? I went out Monday and managed to catch four minutes of the game; it was Matsui's 14 pitch at-bat, so it was a good four minutes.
2006-09-27 18:19:32
120.   randym77
117 Agreed. What's the point of carrying players like Nieves and Cannizaro if you're not going to use them in a game like this?
2006-09-27 18:20:28
121.   C2Coke
115 Now, slow down there.
2006-09-27 18:21:15
122.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I'm really torn between who I like to see in the NL wildcard... I really like both the Dodgers and the Phillies.... I don't dislike the Padres either.... can one of them take the Cardinal's spot instead? they suck bad right now.
2006-09-27 18:21:15
123.   C2Coke
Why's Wang still on the mound?
2006-09-27 18:21:54
124.   randym77
119 Yup. Joe moved Melky to CF in the 6th inning on Monday. The first time he put Melky in CF all year.
2006-09-27 18:22:58
125.   rbj
The only regular I want to see out there now is Robbie, just to keep up the ABs.
2006-09-27 18:23:06
126.   3rd gen yankee fan
'nuther WB
2006-09-27 18:23:40
127.   RIYank
114 He did? I went out Monday and managed to catch four minutes of the game; it was Matsui's 14 pitch at-bat, so it was a good four minutes.
2006-09-27 18:24:34
128.   C2Coke
Mo's starting to warm up.
2006-09-27 18:25:21
129.   RIYank
Whoa, sorry about that double-post.

I like Rocco Baldelli tonight, good man.

2006-09-27 18:26:34
130.   C2Coke
I really think Wang is good with 85 pitches.
2006-09-27 18:27:01
131.   RIYank
I hope someone's warming up.
TJ and Myers (law associates).
2006-09-27 18:27:28
132.   RIYank
(Or: Purveyors of fine butterscotch)
2006-09-27 18:27:29
133.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Why when I see "soft double to right" on gamecenter do I automatically think "Bernie double"?
2006-09-27 18:27:36
134.   rbj
Maybe Wang's just getting a bunch of bad pitches out of his system.
2006-09-27 18:29:36
135.   smingers
There is no good reason for Wang to throw 100 pitches tonight.
2006-09-27 18:29:38
136.   C2Coke
133 Not really. Wang looks tired and perhaps getting bad pitches out of the system, re: 134.
2006-09-27 18:30:37
137.   C2Coke
135 He still ended up with 90.
2006-09-27 18:32:32
138.   pistolpete
Wow, Mets fans have got to be sweating a little, no?
2006-09-27 18:36:12
139.   RIYank
Oh my god. Rivera really is warming.
2006-09-27 18:36:50
140.   yankz
I don't think Mo warming up is a big deal, they have to get him in back to back games.
2006-09-27 18:37:42
141.   Travis
140 Mo didn't pitch yesterday, but they do need to get him some work.
2006-09-27 18:37:44
142.   rbj
Wang durn well better be just going out for a curtain call.
2006-09-27 18:38:09
143.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Beckett SUCKS !

They gave up the farm for this cocky, hotshot shithead....

I love that the Marlins trifecta of Burnett, Beckett and our boy Pavano are all rubbish in the AL East

2006-09-27 18:41:58
144.   rbj
Phew, am I glad the Yanks got those two runs back.
Gawd dam, upperdeck
2006-09-27 18:42:02
145.   AbbyNormal821
Dude...that was a f**king SWEET home run.
2006-09-27 18:42:06
146.   mehmattski
Just tuned in right as Cano swung, and Dayyyyyyum.... that ball was crushed.
2006-09-27 18:42:30
147.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I'm telling you, Robbie's gonna go yard 30+ times next season. Take it to the bank.
2006-09-27 18:44:00
148.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
That's 11 homers in 49 games since he's come back.
2006-09-27 18:44:12
149.   neilymon
Robinson Cano has 28 RBIs in 26 games this month.
2006-09-27 18:44:44
150.   RIYank
Man, this is really fun. I mean, it doesn't have the kind of ecstasy of whupping the Red Sox when it really counts. But it's just, I dunno, enjoyable to watch Cano bang the living crop out of the ball in a meaningless game against a lousy pitcher on a mediocre team.
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2006-09-27 18:44:50
151.   MattinglyHOF
I think this might be the best lineup 1-9 in HISTORY.....I have a Yankees franchise(this lineup) on 2k6 PS2 and they score 20 runs a game there too
2006-09-27 18:45:13
152.   neilymon
Make that 25 games. As in, this is the 25th game, and he still might get more. This guy is absolutely mashing.
2006-09-27 18:45:22
153.   rbj
And I do not want to see Proctor or Bruney tonight. Mo for some work, then Dotel & Beam.
2006-09-27 18:45:23
154.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

You are right, I thought that last year when it appeared he had more pop in his bat than early this year....but he is turning on the power and is just killing it...

This guy is unreal and every Yankee fan should be happy the D-Backs did not ask for him the Randy Johnson deal

2006-09-27 18:45:25
155.   mehmattski
And here comes Mo to nail it down....

Umm... when was the last time Mariano Rivera pitched in the seventh inning of a regular season game? 1996?

2006-09-27 18:46:12
156.   Travis
Only 89 runs to 1000.
2006-09-27 18:46:24
157.   Yu-Hsing Chen
That Cano guy might be a keeper ehe ;) let's trade him and Wang for Beckett and Lowell!!!! :P
2006-09-27 18:46:31
158.   C2Coke
155 Two or three days ago?
2006-09-27 18:46:32
159.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Posada is the worst hitter in the lineup, that is scary
2006-09-27 18:46:53
160.   neilymon
155 1996? Man, it's been WAY longer than that.

Try September 25, 2006.

2006-09-27 18:48:07
161.   Travis
155 Two days ago. Before that, it has to be 1996.
2006-09-27 18:48:37
162.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Stros coming to bat in the ninth, down by one. Let's go Houston!
2006-09-27 18:48:43
163.   C2Coke
159 It really is. Posada, 2 for 4 today.
2006-09-27 18:48:53
164.   randym77
Neilymon, is your friend.
2006-09-27 18:49:05
165.   Travis
160 TinyURL is your friend.
2006-09-27 18:49:55
166.   3rd gen yankee fan
152 Wow, the Astros announcers were saying earlier that Berkman has 20 RBIs in 20 games.

Heh. Our guy's better.

2006-09-27 18:50:06
167.   rbj
Dang, and Alex is at the game, and Cliff is on his honeymoon.
2006-09-27 18:50:20
168.   C2Coke
164, 165 You posts were seconds apart.
2006-09-27 18:50:27
169.   RIYank
147 He really is. He's going to be incredible next year.
I can't decide which is better: Bombers flexing their HR biceps tonight, or Beckett being murdered in the cathedral.
Okay, Beckett's better.
2006-09-27 18:50:46
170.   rbj
We'll need a bunch of empty posts to get to about 207.
2006-09-27 18:50:47
171.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Hopefully we will have a playoff game like this so Torre can get Bernie out there for a tip of the cap
2006-09-27 18:50:50
172.   3rd gen yankee fan
165 Ohhhhh, that's why the page is so wide now.
2006-09-27 18:51:02
173.   mehmattski
158,160Dammit, that's what I get for going out of town for a couple of days. I go and make a dumb comment like that and then someone retaliates with an extra long link that makes the page all fooey.

Just kidding, neilymon. But tinyurl is your friend.

2006-09-27 18:51:18
174.   C2Coke
168 you r...
2006-09-27 18:52:25
175.   Travis
168 Yeah, and I swear I didn't see 164 when I posted mine.
2006-09-27 18:52:36
176.   wsporter
168 Am I glad Cliff is otherwise occupied!
2006-09-27 18:52:48
177.   RIYank
The long line doesn't affect my browser, but I'll pitch in anyway with this pointless and meaningless posting.
2006-09-27 18:53:31
178.   rbj
What browser are you using?
I'm using Mozilla.
2006-09-27 18:53:37
179.   C2Coke
177 What's with the 207 posts?
2006-09-27 18:53:51
180.   RIYank
I did it one myself, the Link Too Long.
Everyone was very nice about it.
I mean, considering.
2006-09-27 18:54:05
181.   Travis
177 What browser is that? (Another empty post.)
2006-09-27 18:54:19
182.   C2Coke
178 I use IE, and there is no problem with the browser.
2006-09-27 18:54:58
183.   RIYank
178 Me too. Firefox, you mean, right?
On Mac OSX.4.
2006-09-27 18:55:38
184.   Travis
It's over in Boston. 11-0 final, with URP Tim Corcoran pitching 6-2/3 scoreless innings.
2006-09-27 18:55:55
185.   RIYank
Wait, so other people using Firefox are getting their windows messed up by the long line?
2006-09-27 18:56:34
186.   Bama Yankee
"Who is"
2006-09-27 18:56:39
187.   randym77
A year ago today, we were also playing the Orioles. It was a slugfest, that we ended up on the wrong end of. Moose got pulled in the 2nd inning, and Leiter came in. It ended up 17-9 Orioles.

Tonight's better. :)

2006-09-27 18:56:41
188.   mehmattski
2006-09-27 18:56:45
189.   3rd gen yankee fan
185 uh, yeah.
2006-09-27 18:56:56
190.   Travis
185 Yup. The text doesn't wrap properly.
2006-09-27 18:57:28
191.   RIYank
179 Toaster will hide the posts up to the 200th once we reach 200+something. You can hide them yourself, of course, but it's nice when the Bad Line is hidden when you refresh.
2006-09-27 18:58:10
192.   C2Coke
170 Why the 207 posts? I still don't get it.
2006-09-27 18:58:19
193.   Travis
187 Ugh, I remember that game. The Yankees had a great comeback to get Mussina off the hook, then the bullpen came in and blew up the game. The worst part of it was the O's announcers interviewing the governor of Maryland during one of the O's big innings.
2006-09-27 18:58:30
194.   3rd gen yankee fan
191 Okay let's make it happen GO TEAM BB!!!
2006-09-27 18:58:36
195.   randym77
I don't think it's the browser, it's your video display settings. If you have a large screen and small text, the long lines aren't long enough to stretch the screen for you. People with smaller screens and/or larger text will have a problem.
2006-09-27 18:58:45
196.   rbj
At around every 50, the previous 50 are automatically not displayed so long lines
don't show. Except it takes it a bit more than
fifty. I think 7 is the magic number.
2006-09-27 18:59:03
197.   RIYank
I have Firefox for Mac. And no problem at all.
Mean while, there seems to be some kind of baseball game going on.
2006-09-27 18:59:24
198.   C2Coke
191 Right, that.
2006-09-27 18:59:47
199.   Travis
195 Not really, because it comes up fine for me if I switch to IE at the same width.
2006-09-27 19:00:00
200.   3rd gen yankee fan
Astros tied!!!! yay!!!!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-27 19:00:21
201.   rbj
I'm actually using Mozilla 1.6 on Win XP.
(haven't gotten a good skin for Firefox yet.)
Yeah Jeter. Yeah rbi for Bernie.
2006-09-27 19:00:55
202.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
11 pitchers is what Torre looks like he will carry...that leaves 14 spots

9 starting players

Melky and Bernie as OFs

Sal Fasano as Jorges caddy

Andy Phillips as INF sub

who is the final player on the roster ? Cairo ?

2006-09-27 19:01:04
203.   C2Coke
197 That's funny.

So who comes in for 8th and 9th. Beam and Dotel?

2006-09-27 19:01:12
204.   Flip Play
2006-09-27 19:01:17
205.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I just saw a piece at BP comparing the starting pitching of playoff teams. It's subscriber content, so I only got the tease first paragraph, which included this whopper:

"The best way to answer the question would be to run PECOTAs for all the pitchers involved, which would help us to separate skill from luck--Chien-Ming Wang has a better ERA and a better VORP on the season than Jake Peavy, but only those folks immediately east of the Hudson River would rather have Wang start a playoff game."

Now, I know what this guy is getting at -- Wang doesn't strike anyone out and he gives up hits, therefore he must be lucky that more balls don't get through etc. But at some pt you have to face reality, you don't get well under a 4 era in the AL and esp the AL East for a whole season by luck. The fact that most of the balls hit off him are not only gb's but softly hit ones has got to friggin count for something.

At some pt you've got to put down the stat book and actually watch the dude pitch, and then listen to to what hitters have to say about trying to hit him.

This type of nonsense gives statheads a bad name.

Peavy, for chrissakes his era is well over 4 in the extremely light hitting NL west.

2006-09-27 19:01:21
206.   mehmattski
195 I'm on a laptop, I tried Decrease Text in Firefox, but the window is still messed up. But at least all this discussion will hasten the end of the problem.
2006-09-27 19:01:33
207.   RIYank
195 Makes sense.
Except I'm using a laptop. Still, it has a very high resolution.
2006-09-27 19:01:41
208.   Travis
202 Cairo. Torre wouldn't trust Phillips on the left side of the infield.
2006-09-27 19:02:07
209.   randym77
199 Interesting. It was just as bad in IE the last time I checked, but that was a long time ago. Maybe they've tweaked the Toaster.
2006-09-27 19:02:21
210.   Travis
208 isn't the magic number. Let's bump it up one.
2006-09-27 19:02:23
211.   rbj
Well it isn't 7.
2006-09-27 19:02:27
212.   C2Coke
202 Don't know about Phillips yet. But you can bet on seeing Cairo in PS.
2006-09-27 19:02:46
213.   C2Coke
And we the BB team did it.
2006-09-27 19:03:14
214.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

that is what I thought it comes down to Phillips vs. Wilson really

2006-09-27 19:03:14
215.   rbj
So is it nine, ten or eleven.
Good job everyone.
Ice cream for everyone. Mr. Torre's buying.
2006-09-27 19:04:29
216.   randym77
Cairo is guaranteed a spot on the roster.

I don't get Andy Phillips on the postseason roster, though.

2006-09-27 19:04:30
217.   Flip Play
Trust me -- Karim Garcia is the 25th man.
2006-09-27 19:05:28
218.   RIYank
205 God, that is moronic, you're right.
Look in the Baseball Musings archives for David Pinto's interesting entry on how Wang defies the standard analysis. It's pretty cool. (And Pinto restores the good name of baseball geeks.)
2006-09-27 19:05:33
219.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Effin Mauer with a bunt single? Are you kidding me?

Can we loan Phil Hughes to the White Sox for a game this weekend to shut this sob down for at least one game?

2006-09-27 19:05:42
220.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Pedro looks all set for October with his 84mph fastball....he got shelled today vs. a Braves team that packed it in a long time ago....2.2 IP 8 runs....
2006-09-27 19:06:33
221.   rbj
Yanks need a firstbaseman when Wang's pitching. My question to all is, who do you want out there? Giambi, Sheffield, Philips, Cairo?, Wilson.
2006-09-27 19:07:02
222.   C2Coke
205 Wang created the worms burner...and I think he got 3 or 4 SO in his recent starts in comparison to earlier this season when he often ended up with zero or one SO in a game.
2006-09-27 19:07:35
223.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
221 Phillips...
2006-09-27 19:08:52
224.   yankz
I hate to admit it, but I think the batting race is over.
2006-09-27 19:09:14
225.   randym77
221 I'd be fine with Wilson. But I want Guiel. Plus he can play corner OF.
2006-09-27 19:09:35
226.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

the only number that matters is 27

2006-09-27 19:10:12
227.   RIYank
221 For pure defense at first, I think Wilson. (Can anyone check on BP?)
Speaking of which, that had better be Giambi's last plate appearance.
2006-09-27 19:10:20
228.   C2Coke
221 I think Sheff did ok today. With his power back, it makes up for what he lacks in D. Giambi should stay as a DH. The defense skills of Phillips, Cairo (he's in, no matter what), and Wilson cannot compensate for their lack of power.
2006-09-27 19:10:23
229.   Bama Yankee
Why haven't we seen Wilson catch an inning or two in one of these blowouts, just to see what he can do?
2006-09-27 19:10:28
230.   Travis
221 Wang's likely facing Santana in the first round, so it would have to be a righty, either Wilson, Phillips, or Sheffield.
2006-09-27 19:10:40
231.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Extras in Pittsburgh. Let's get some runs Astros.
2006-09-27 19:11:37
232.   randym77
227 Wilson and Phillips have equal BP "rates." But Phillips has a lot more errors.
2006-09-27 19:12:55
233.   C2Coke
229 If he's not batting better than Fasano, what's the point? We've got enough first basemen and OFers now.
2006-09-27 19:12:56
234.   RIYank
228 That's the thing. Even with Wanger pitching, Sheff or Giambi add so much over Wilson or Phillips at the plate, that the defensive drop-off is swamped.
2006-09-27 19:13:25
235.   Jersey
Not watching the game, just noticed over Gameday that ARod left the game after getting hit by a pitch. Is Torre just resting him in a blowout, or did the pitch nick him a bit?
2006-09-27 19:13:27
236.   yankz
226 I agree, but it'd be nice to have both.
2006-09-27 19:14:45
237.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I have wondered myself why Wilson has not gotten behind the plate since the day we got him at least once or twice

2006-09-27 19:15:00
238.   Travis
225 Likely Torre's just resting him, but the ball hit him near his hands.
2006-09-27 19:15:41
239.   Shaun P
218 The Wang vs Peavy comparison, in the particulars of this year, is a poor one. Wang is pitching very well and Peavy has crapped the bed sometimes, even in that pitcher's haven he calls his home ballpark.

That said, in general a pitcher who strikes out a lot of hitters and walks few hitters is preferrable to a pitcher who rarely strikes anyone out.

Not having read David Pinto's analysis, I'd have to agree that Wang is very much an outlier in this regard.

FYI - WARP1: Wang 7.1, Peavy 5.9
VORP: Wang 55.4 (leads team), Peavy 36.9 (3rd on team)
SNLVAR: Wang 5.5 (leads team), Peavy 5.7 (2nd on team)

Silver's work has been a little shoddy lately - first that 'secret sauce' article where he takes Liriano's numbers out for the Twins, but doesn't take out Erickson, Chacon, Small, etc's numbers for the Yanks, now this. He really should have looked the stats up before he typed that.

2006-09-27 19:15:49
240.   rbj
Hmm, so right now the consensus is for Wilson, or Shef with the bat.
BTW, I have no idea who I'd want at first for Wang.

BTW II, ESPN's Hometown heroes will be on after the Phils - Nats game. Phils need 2 outs bottom of ninth, bases loaded.

2006-09-27 19:16:13
241.   Bama Yankee
233 I just thought if Wilson could handle things as the backstop (emergency only in the PS, of course) then he would be a better choice than Phillips since we could leave Fasano off the PS roster and possibly carry an extra pitcher.
2006-09-27 19:16:54
242.   mehmattski
I just saw a commercial for Honesty. This goes with the one for Love from the last time I watched Yanks-O's games on Comcast. Is there some kind of a problem in the Baltimore area with abstract concepts?

And the commercial didn't even incorporate the Billy Joel song. For shame.

2006-09-27 19:17:00
243.   Jersey
238 Thanks, it made me nervous reading that. Hope it doesn't affect him, just what we don't need.
2006-09-27 19:17:27
244.   Shaun P
BTW - this lineup rocks! I imagine that Alex and Jay are having quite a nice time at the Stadium tonight.

Now let's see what Villone can do . . .

PS - Odds on Bruney and/or Proctor pitching tonight?

2006-09-27 19:17:42
245.   RIYank
235 Almost sure just resting. Everyone's out by now. Umm. Yeah, everyone! Only Giambi's still in, DH.

By the way, Ligers and Twinks each down 6-3 batting in the bottom of the eighth. Nice of them, it makes it easier to remember.

2006-09-27 19:18:11
246.   Travis
Old friend Tom Gordon is crapping out late in the season yet again. 5-5 in Washington, and the bases are loaded with 1 out.
2006-09-27 19:18:34
247.   rbj
244 I think Alex & Jay are on hand to ensure the odds are 0.00%
2006-09-27 19:19:23
248.   C2Coke
241 I thought of that too. But since Torre has never tried him as a catcher, I have little trust.
2006-09-27 19:20:10
249.   RIYank
Thanks, Shaun, nice.
David's angle was that Wang's percentage of base hits that are singles is so high you think you must have pushed the wrong buttons on your calculator. Nobody is anywhere near him.
2006-09-27 19:21:19
250.   Shaun P
246 You mean the dude with the 5.20 ERA since the All-Star break?

For all of Farnsworth's farts, I'd rather have his young arm over the next two seasons (and this one) than Gordon's old arm. Good luck with that, Philly!

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-27 19:21:31
251.   randym77
Wilson came up as a catcher, but hasn't played the position much since. I think he's a third catcher, like Cairo. For emergency use only.
2006-09-27 19:22:29
252.   C2Coke
249 Has he looked at how many were left on first?
2006-09-27 19:23:23
253.   Shaun P
249 Interesting. It makes sense. If you're going to give up a hit, a single is better than any of the other possibilities.

As long as Wang can keep reliably inducing ground balls - one of the reasons I'm sure his number of singles allowed is so high - I think he'll continue to have success, strikeout rate be damned.

2006-09-27 19:24:33
254.   markp
Actually stat geeks have acknowledged guys like Wang-it's the guys who look for the easy explanation (or in this case, have an axe to grind) that think K/9 is the end of the conversation.
Even Bill James mentioned extreme ground ball pitchers back before he turned into a crank.

Comparing a guy pitching in the AL East to a guy pitching in the NL west and in Dodger Stadium requires a lot of adjustments, and using PECOTA shows a complete lack of research (as in PECOTA is a joke.)

2006-09-27 19:24:39
255.   C2Coke
251 Cairo can play catcher?

Man, is Villone really on the PS roster? I trust Veras, Rasner, and Karstens than him at this point.

2006-09-27 19:27:44
256.   RIYank
Mauer flies out to end the eighth. Tigers also go to the ninth, both teams still down 6-3.
2006-09-27 19:28:49
257.   Shaun P
Twins and Tigers still both losing.

Phils still in extra innings.

Astros still in extra innings.

Pads-Cards tied in 8th, with Pads threatening and Looper pitching. (Mets fans everywhere, BTW, must be howling with laughter.)

Dodgers take the lead in Colorado in the 6th.

This is still an interesting last week for baseball.

2006-09-27 19:28:59
258.   randym77
255 Yeah, Cairo's the "break glass in case of emergency" third catcher.

I think Villone is almost as guaranteed a spot on the postseason roster as Cairo. Joe trusts him now.

2006-09-27 19:29:19
259.   3rd gen yankee fan
255 I sure hope not. He really does not look that good.
2006-09-27 19:29:47
260.   3rd gen yankee fan
259 Meaning Villone.
2006-09-27 19:30:01
261.   Travis
And Peavy did so well in his only postseason start last year:

2006-09-27 19:30:22
262.   RIYank
No, wrong, sorry: Tigers closed to 6-4.
KC still has their starter on the mound; the Twinks have a decent chance if they get to the Royal pen for an inning.
2006-09-27 19:32:33
263.   C2Coke
258 Cairo is a decent sub player. Villone...I don't know what he is.
2006-09-27 19:35:53
264.   Shaun P
I stand corrected - Phils go up by 1.

254 I'm not sure I agree with you on PECOTA, but actually Silver stated at the start of the article that he wasn't using PECOTA to figure it out. Instead, he used something he called QuikERA:

"QuikERA (QERA), which estimates what a pitcher's ERA should be based solely on his strikeout rate, walk rate, and GB/FB ratio. These three components--K rate, BB rate, GB/FB--stabilize very quickly, and they have the strongest predictive relationship with a pitcher's ERA going forward. What's more, they are not very dependent on park effects, allowing us to make reasonable comparisons of pitchers across different teams."

I'm not sure I agree that GB/FB rate isn't very dependent on park effects. PETCO, for example, tends to depress home runs, which suggests it also tends to depress fly balls.

Even if you accept everything Silver writes as true, given Peavy's struggles this year and the shoulder issue that's bothered him off and on, I still would rather have Wang starting a playoff game for me. It was a poor comparison on his part (though, to his credit, he did mention that Wang's VORP is better than Peavy's).

2006-09-27 19:36:13
265.   randym77
I like Miggy. I really think he is the best .237 hitter in the game. He's clutch. He hits a lot better with men on. And his defense is very solid.
2006-09-27 19:37:08
266.   Shaun P
And the Cards also go up by 1.
2006-09-27 19:39:28
267.   Shaun P
266 Oops, meant the Pads, sorry.
2006-09-27 19:39:56
268.   RIYank
And as expected, the Twinks score against the KC reliever in the ninth! But Morneau makes the first out.
2006-09-27 19:42:21
269.   C2Coke
Not trying to get ahead of myself, but I think we are good regardless of how unreliable Beam is. This is the 19th win for Wang. That is one amazing record, as he's the first Asian pitcher to do it in MLB. The Yankees wouldn't be here without him so he will be starting Game 1 in PS. And he's only 26.

It's more than wonderful that Wang and Cano came along.

2006-09-27 19:42:45
270.   RIYank
And the Nats come back!
This really is a pretty exciting night. In the National League, anyway.
2006-09-27 19:43:04
271.   monkeypants
251 et al. Regarding Wilson--it's hard to evaluate his performance with the Yankees, because he was never really platooned properly. He has historically hit LHP very well; he's also streaky and Ks a lot. That was his rap in Pit, and that's pretty much what we have seen (when we saw him, before he got buried on the bench).

Now, as for the post season roster? Well, IF Shef is really back AND if Bernie is used properly (ha-ha), there really is not much need for a RH platoon hitter. On the other hand, carrying a back-up C is pretty silly, even though it is conventional wisdom. Check the Yankees post season stats--how many ABs do the back-up Cs actually get? Torre will never PH for Posada. Sure, he could get injured, but what are the odds? And rosters can be updated after each series anyway. And, Fasano is piss worthless as a starter, so if Posada gets hurt, the team is likely screwed anyway.

So, IF Torre had the balls to use Wilson as an emergency C, he could carry him (and he can play corner OF as well) instead of Fasano. But if Torre is set on carrying Fasano, then there is not much need for Wilson on the roster.

Likewise, there is little reason to carry Andy unless Torre actually plans on using him as the back-up 2B/3B as well. But he won't--he'll bring Cairo (I never wish injury on anone, but I was hoping Cairo would not be back this year).

2006-09-27 19:43:33
272.   yankz
Come on, Mr. BeaN, end it!!!

I've mentioned I love Cano, right?

2006-09-27 19:43:59
273.   C2Coke
And now it's offical. 19th.
2006-09-27 19:44:21
274.   Shaun P
269 Perhaps the signings of Womack and Pavano weren't so bad after all. Without those 2, the Yanks might have never given Wang and Cano their respective shots. Steven Goldman might have to stop referring to the 2004-05 offseason as the worst in team history.
2006-09-27 19:44:40
275.   randym77
Wow, even in a game like this, Nick Green doesn't get to play?
2006-09-27 19:45:01
276.   3rd gen yankee fan
Congrats Wanger!
2006-09-27 19:46:16
277.   C2Coke
274 You may be right there.

275 Who is Nick Green?

2006-09-27 19:47:16
278.   Shaun P
And Pujols puts the Cards back on top. Wow.
2006-09-27 19:48:39
279.   Shaun P
And the Twins lose.

Who's the guy playing 1B for KC named Phillips? Andy didn't get traded and he certainly doesn't have a beard!

(Please tell me its NOT Jason Phillips.)

2006-09-27 19:49:26
280.   RIYank
Bucs and Stros go to the twelfth.
Mark Redmond strikes out, Twinks lose.
2006-09-27 19:49:28
281.   seamus
Minnesota just lost and Detroit is losing 7-4 int he 9th. We could lead Detroit by effectively 2 games if they lose. With only 4 games left we're getting awfully close to clinching homefield!
2006-09-27 19:49:32
282.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
278 The Cards can still find a way to blow this game.
2006-09-27 19:51:29
283.   randym77
Gameday still shows the Pittsburgh game score at 6-1. Very confusing, since they're also showing them as being in extra innings...
2006-09-27 19:53:47
284.   RIYank
279 It's Paul Philips.
113 career at-bats.

Holy Smokes. Pugols just hit a 3-run dinger.

2006-09-27 19:54:23
285.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Of course the two runs that scored ahead of Pujols were walks. Sometimes a manager just must want to choke the life out of his pitcher.
2006-09-27 19:54:25
286.   3rd gen yankee fan
Toranna hangs on. w00t!
2006-09-27 19:55:17
287.   3rd gen yankee fan
285 Yeah but... why pitch to Poohole, EVER? The guy's just too good a hitter.
2006-09-27 19:55:18
288.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wow, Pujols HR in extra....

the Nats, Phillies is a real nail biter...

2006-09-27 19:56:05
289.   RIYank
284 Pugols, exactly. Good typing. Alpert Pugols.
2006-09-27 19:56:13
290.   Shaun P
281 Tigers lost. Blue Jays in second place again (same # of losses as Sox but 1 less win).

Its a shame the Yanks play the Jays to end the year. I'd love to see the Jays end the season in 2nd place, but I'd rather the Yanks get HFA. Maybe the Sox will go on a long losing streak?

2006-09-27 19:56:14
291.   smingers
By the way, Anibel Sanchez won again tonight and Hanley Ramirez hit two HRs. Just seemed appropriate to point out on the night that Beckett got shelled again.
2006-09-27 19:56:20
292.   seamus
286 yes! Our magic number to clinch home field is 3?
2006-09-27 19:57:50
293.   RIYank
288 Not extra, they're in the ninth now. The Pujols homer was in the eighth.
2006-09-27 19:58:36
294.   Shaun P
287 With 2 guys on already, and no one out, and a 1 run lead, that's probably why the Pads pitched to Pujols.

Otherwise I agree - no need to pitch to him.

The pressure is on Houston now to keep pace.

PNC Park is so empty. If I lived in Pittsburgh, I would get season tickets. That place is a jewel.

2006-09-27 20:00:54
295.   3rd gen yankee fan
294 Um I think there were 2 outs at the time.
2006-09-27 20:04:33
296.   seamus
294 you would miss all of the yankees games? We keep planning on getting a package deal but we were broke this year. I couldn't possibly make enough games to make season tickets worthwhile, but a 12 pack or something sure. I love PNC park (obviously I live in the 'burgh).
2006-09-27 20:09:32
297.   RIYank
Nats squander a lead-off walk; they go to the twelfth.
2006-09-27 20:13:04
298.   Shaun P
296 I wouldn't necessarily attend all 81 home games, but I'd still get the full season package. Presuming I could afford it. ;)

295 Oops, my bad. Still, loading the bases even with 2 outs is generally not a good idea.

2006-09-27 20:16:58
299.   3rd gen yankee fan
298 True, but I'd rather face Scott Spiezio than Poohole.
2006-09-27 20:18:26
300.   seamus
298 it is certainly affordable by season ticket packages i believe. Something about fielding bad teams year after year that brings the fans out in... small clustered groups.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-09-27 20:25:47
301.   RIYank
Fourteenth inning in Pittsburgh.
Too much, I'm hanging it up.

Torre says: Mo gets one more inning before post-season, likely Saturday.

2006-09-28 03:23:56
302.   Shaun P
So the Phillies win in the end, and the Astros do too. What a night.

On a sad note, the AP recap of the game said Tony Pena's dad died, and he found out about it before the start of the game. My condolences to Pena and his family.

2006-09-28 04:43:10
303.   42YrOldRookie
I love this quote, when I take it the wrong way:

When asked if this was his deepest lineup ever, Torre, who has won four titles with the Yankees, said it was.

"It's pretty darn good right now," Torre said. "We have a guy named Bernie Williams sitting on the bench."

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