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Oh, Bird...
2006-09-26 15:43
by Alex Belth
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Corey Lidle goes tonight for the Bombers while Godzilla Matsui will start in left field. Sheff is at first again, while Robbie Cano will DH. It's a beautiful night for it in the Bronx. Let's hope it's a fun game--yes, I know they are playing the Orioles--and, again, that nobody gets hurt.

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2006-09-26 15:57:00
1.   yankz
"Torre can sip his green tea knowing he won't have to make another personnel decision until it's time to remove his starting pitcher."

Does Verducci read this site?

2006-09-26 16:03:41
2.   randym77
It's a good thing the Red Sox are collapsing (like the rest of Boston). Can you imagine what it would be like if this year was as close as last year? We'd be freaking out, with Mo injured, Randy's back problems, Giambi's wrist, etc.
2006-09-26 16:08:42
3.   rbj
Hometown Heros:
Braves - Hank Aaron.
next up, Marlins - Dontrelle
2006-09-26 16:11:14
4.   randym77
Matsui looking good so far in LF. I have to say, I didn't expect to see him back this season.
2006-09-26 16:13:23
5.   rbj
HtH - White Sox Frank Thomas.
2006-09-26 16:15:26
6.   C2Coke
2 The thought alone is enough to give me some serious nightmares.
2006-09-26 16:16:12
7.   yankeemonkey
Lidle had a good first inning. That displeases me as it might give Torre the ill-conceived notion that he's any good for the playoffs.
2006-09-26 16:17:49
8.   rbj
HtH Devil Rays - Wade Boggs???? (Not that there is much to choose from.)
2006-09-26 16:18:19
9.   BklynBmr
Welcome home, Yanks! Now let's run the table and make anyone sure whoever wants this thing has to roll up on The Big Ballyard in the Bronx.

Way to get it going, Cap!

2006-09-26 16:19:17
10.   randym77
7 I think that inning was more poor batting by the Orioles than good pitching by Lidle. Brian Roberts popped out on the first pitch, and it pretty much went downhill from there.
2006-09-26 16:19:33
11.   BklynBmr
F Kay. He won't let that SI article go, will he?
2006-09-26 16:21:33
12.   randym77
Yeek. A-Rod has about a pound of sunflower seeds in his cheek. He looks like a chipmunk.

I don't understand how he can bat with that many sunflower seeds in his mouth.

2006-09-26 16:23:49
13.   rbj
HtH Baltimore - Ripken
2006-09-26 16:23:59
14.   kylepetterson
I Sheff really batting as poorly as Gameday leads me to believe?
2006-09-26 16:25:50
15.   singledd
Shef appears a little over-anxious.
That pitch was HIGH and OUTSIDE.
Even if it was a borderline strike, it wasn't very hittable.
2006-09-26 16:26:56
16.   randym77
Sheff is definitely not 100% yet. IMO, he's not ready for prime time at 1B or at the plate. Dunno if he'll be ready in time for the playoffs.
2006-09-26 16:30:30
17.   Kered Retej
I've been reading all the posts about the playoff rosters, and I have a (maybe naive) question. What is the rationale behind having late-inning defensive replacements (LIDR)? Has anyone ever done any study to see if that strategy actually works?

It seems to me that if you assume that a run in the first inning is the same as a run in the 9th inning (and I know that not everyone agrees on that point), and that a defensive "run saved" is equivalent to an offensive "run created" (again, same disclaimer), that you want to maximize your ability to outscore your opponent, whether through increased offensive production or increased defensive prowess.

I see the value in having a backup if you need to use a pinch hitter/runner, and I suppose a case could be made if it is unlikely that the substituted player will come up to bat (e.g., his turn in the lineup has just passed with only 1 inning to go). But if you have a lead at the end of 6 or 7 innings, does your probability of winning really go up if you pull Giambi for Phillips (I know, it's not a great example, but you get the gist).

2006-09-26 16:30:33
18.   singledd
I hate to say it but:
Congratulations JOE MAUER!
To Date: .349 BA, .935 OPS
for a Catcher
(Does Minny has this guy locked up?)
2006-09-26 16:30:39
19.   rbj
HtH Toronto - Joe Carter (can't really argue with that)
2006-09-26 16:33:47
20.   randym77
18 Agreed. He actually had a bunt single a couple of days ago. A catcher.

If they don't have him locked up...he'd look mighty fine in pinstripes. :)

2006-09-26 16:33:50
21.   rbj
HtH Nationals/Expos - Gary Carter.
2006-09-26 16:34:29
22.   yankz
21 Where are these coming from?
2006-09-26 16:37:19
23.   rbj
yankz - some hokie thing on ESPN. Part 1 of 3.
2006-09-26 16:40:10
24.   rbj
HtH Phillies - Schmidt over Carlton
2006-09-26 16:40:15
25.   yankz
Jeet and Cano are tied again.
2006-09-26 16:40:43
26.   yankz
23 Thanks. Sounds pretty cool...
2006-09-26 16:46:55
27.   Shaun P
5 19 21 Thanks for the updates, rbj! Given that the Big Hurt is the greatest hitter in White Sox history, I'd hope he was their HtH. Guess the fans miss him, huh?

As for Toronto, I'd say Dave Steib was probably more valuable than Carter, but of course if you hit a walk off HR to win a Serious . . .

Oh, and go Yanks! Is it wrong to hope for a Lidle implosion, so that Rasner makes the postseason roster? Lidle's career numbers vs the Twins are great, but awful vs Detroit and Oakland, FWIW.

2006-09-26 16:48:16
28.   yankz
27 Lidle implosion + Rasnser and offense save the day is OK with me.
2006-09-26 16:48:16
29.   RIYank
17 I think it really is just a matter of putting in your LIDR after the better hitter in that position has just batted.
2006-09-26 16:48:40
30.   yankz
A jack would get the Captain to 99 RBI...
2006-09-26 16:49:14
31.   Shaun P
C'mon, Cap'n! Put some more runs on the board here.
2006-09-26 16:49:44
32.   rbj
HtH Athletics - Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!
2006-09-26 16:51:17
33.   JeremyM
Jeter, how are you going to get to 100 RBIs while leaving guys on there against Penn? D'oh!
2006-09-26 16:52:49
34.   rbj
Wow, sounds like they're going to do the Yankees next. I figured they'd save the Yanks for last.
2006-09-26 16:55:13
35.   JeremyM
34 I assume when the choice is announced, we will all finally know who Karim Garcia is.
2006-09-26 16:55:14
36.   LI yankee
34 I'm sure they'll do the Red Sox last and spend a half hour on them.
2006-09-26 16:55:42
37.   rbj
HtH Yankees Berra, DiMaggio, Gehrig and the winner is _________

Do you really need to have that blank filled in

2006-09-26 16:55:52
38.   Ken Arneson
32 Reggie? Over Rickey? No way.
2006-09-26 16:56:45
39.   yankz
37 Yeah, Sal Fasano is the heavy favorite.
2006-09-26 16:56:52
40.   rbj
No Karl Ravich, Babe Ruth was not an orphan! Yeeesh!
2006-09-26 16:57:16
41.   LI yankee
37 Where is Babe and Mantle?
2006-09-26 16:58:06
42.   JeremyM
41 Mantle was mentioned as one of the top 5.
2006-09-26 16:59:26
43.   rbj
Yea, I forgot to type in Mantle. It's A-Rod's fault.
2006-09-26 17:00:53
44.   kylepetterson
37 Who is Karim Garcia?
2006-09-26 17:03:28
45.   singledd
Papi hits 54.
Pretty amazing year for the big guy.
2006-09-26 17:05:42
46.   LI yankee
45 Too bad anything he hits now doesn't mean anything

Wait, it's Big Papi! Clutch!

2006-09-26 17:06:02
47.   singledd
Are the Sox having a jinxed year?
They have a blimp that does the aeroview of their games. Today, the blimp CRASHED!
2006-09-26 17:08:20
48.   yankz
47 A raven must've flown into the exhaust pipe.
2006-09-26 17:08:39
49.   randym77
47 It's the gimpy crow, I tell you.
2006-09-26 17:10:23
50.   singledd
Today, the blimp CRASHED!
How often do blimps crash?
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2006-09-26 17:10:52
51.   randym77
Whoah! Pretty catch, Godzilla!
2006-09-26 17:11:53
52.   singledd
Is Matsui going to be a little more agressive going back on balls to the wall now that 'Kid Melky' is around?
2006-09-26 17:15:55
53.   LI yankee
So who's the HtH for the Yanks?
2006-09-26 17:18:06
54.   RIYank
Dang. Robbie's getting scary.
2006-09-26 17:18:35
55.   singledd
We are witnessing the birth of a star.
2006-09-26 17:18:52
56.   C2Coke
54 Wanna bet he's more serious about that batting title than the Cap'n?
2006-09-26 17:21:14
57.   rbj
53 Who else could it be? And no, they didn't screw up and try a contrary, sexy pick.

Actually, the voting was done by fans.

2006-09-26 17:21:25
58.   C2Coke
55 You don't say! how many people gets elected to go to the All Star Game in the second ML year?
2006-09-26 17:22:31
59.   LI yankee
The way he just stands at the plate makes you think he's gonna destroy every ball he hits, and he usually does.

I'm envisioning a .330, 30 HR, 100+ RBI year next year for Cano.

2006-09-26 17:25:33
60.   LI yankee
59 Well maybe not next year, but eventually
2006-09-26 17:25:42
61.   C2Coke
59 At this rate, you can also add "stellar defense" to the plate next year.
2006-09-26 17:26:10
62.   rbj
I'd like to see Robbie challenge Lazerri's record for Yankee 2B'ers: .354
2006-09-26 17:27:38
63.   kylepetterson
58 Don't get me wrong, I agree that Cano is fantastic and going to be for a long long time, but I think a lot of that had to do with him playing for the Yankees. Most people vote for their team across the board, not the best players.
2006-09-26 17:29:32
64.   rabid stan
59 Damn he crushed that ball. This Cano kid is something else. There is absolutely nothing stopping him from being the best second baseman in the league for a long time.

The way he glides to the ball on defense, the way he seems to be such a natural hitter in the box, he looks like the future. All he's gotta do is keep it together.

I haven't been this excited about a homegrown Yankee hitter in a long time, and he's got a while before he hits his prime.

2006-09-26 17:31:13
65.   LI yankee
64 If we keep Bowa for a while, don't worry about him not keeping it together.
2006-09-26 17:31:16
66.   Kered Retej
29 OK, that makes some sense, although I would still be curious to find out what happens, historically speaking, after the LIDR steps in (i.e., how often he gets to bat, and in what kinds of situations). I'm also curious about the "per-inning" offensive runs vs. defensive runs (i.e., you are in on defense for every inning, although you may not get any "chances", and it may be 0, 1, 2, or 3 innings before you get to bat).

For instance, with a 1-run lead going into the 9th, is pulling the hypothetical Giambi for Phillips the right move? How likely is it that the tying/go-ahead/winning run will score with Giambi at the bag vs. Philips? How often does the move end up hurting you because the game went to extra innings? It just seems to me that the reasoning behind using LIDR is mainly that you just don't want the psychological blow of giving up the lead in late innings due to a boneheaded error. And maybe this is a perfectly valid rationale.

Anyway, I'm probably just overthinking all this. :) Now back to your regularly scheduled game chatter.

2006-09-26 17:31:30
67.   RIYank
59 60
Next year. He's 23. He'll be better when he's 24, and you can see the power surge already.
2006-09-26 17:34:35
68.   rbj
Jaret should study Corey here, Lidle was in perfect position after throwing the pitch. Wright would've gotten hit.
2006-09-26 17:36:18
69.   rabid stan
67 He's a 23 year-old lefty who's hit alot of doubles in a lefty's park and flashes some impressive opposite field power. Some of those are going to start going over the wall real soon. When he really hits his peak, he could be a terror.
2006-09-26 17:36:54
70.   rbj
Looks like it's Dr. Lidle tonight. I just hope Mr. Gawd-he's-awful is banished 'til after the postseason
2006-09-26 17:38:30
71.   kylepetterson
Alright, you're at whatever sports store you go to. You have to buy a Yankees shirt. They have 3 left. One says "Wright", one says "Lidle", and one says "Long". Which one are you walking out with?

I find it easy to get behind Wright, even though he isn't that good, but I have a hard time getting behind Lidle. Part of me wants to see him get rocked. Hard. And, while I don't speak for Cliff or Alex, I feel it's safe to say that if you choose Long you will no longer be welcome around here.

2006-09-26 17:39:22
72.   LI yankee
Mauer is not catching Santana today. That's strange considering the PS is next week.
2006-09-26 17:39:44
73.   randym77
The weird thing about Cano is that he hits a lot better on the road than at home. He did it last year, too, so it's not a fluke. Weird, because Yankee Stadium is supposed to favor lefties.
2006-09-26 17:39:50
74.   kylepetterson
2006-09-26 17:40:16
75.   rbj
Gotta add the Phillies GM to my Christmas card list.
2006-09-26 17:41:22
76.   Flip Play
75 Ha!
2006-09-26 17:42:02
77.   randym77
71 I'd pick Long, just to be contrary. ;-)

I seriously doubt there are any Long jerseys, though.

2006-09-26 17:43:07
78.   C2Coke
63 I am aware of that. However, I also believe that it's Cano who made it easy for the fans to vote for him.

67 I think Cano's turning 24 every soon. He will be closer to 25 in next season. Cano looks like he even has room to develop physically. Man...can you imagine Cano with a bigger size? On the same note, I think Wang looks stronger physically this year.

2006-09-26 17:43:47
79.   Flip Play
71 Any Irabu jerseys left in the back?
2006-09-26 17:43:54
80.   C2Coke
Whoever thought Abreu stopped hitting dingers is wrong.
2006-09-26 17:44:38
81.   C2Coke
Whoever think Cano can't catch Mauer, just watch him.
2006-09-26 17:45:00
82.   RIYank
Rob again.
Funny, even though I'd really like to secure home field advantage, I'm more interested in seeing guys get good hits than seeing the team pile up runs.
Of course, both would be nice. Like yesterday.
2006-09-26 17:45:05
83.   rbj
79 Ha ha ha. I think they were sent to Afghanistan, which explains the uptick in violence there.
2006-09-26 17:46:29
84.   C2Coke
71 Do they have the ones with only the interlocking NY on the shirt?
2006-09-26 17:48:52
85.   rabid stan
Sheff is playing 1B like a catcher. He'll get it eventually.
2006-09-26 17:49:06
86.   RIYank
On the one hand, Lidle has thrown 48 of 68 pitches for strikes and is on the verge of a quality start.
On the other, he's lucky those dingers were solos.
2006-09-26 17:49:09
87.   kylepetterson
84 All other shirts say "Red Sox are awesome" and have naked pictures of Manny on them.
2006-09-26 17:49:49
88.   randym77
The Phillies GM should send Cashman a Christmas card, too. Gillick warned the fans that the Phillies would not be contenders until 2008 at the earliest. But they went on a tear after dumping Abreu. They have a good chance of making the post-season. Gillick is in shock. He really thought they didn't have a chance.
2006-09-26 17:51:19
89.   C2Coke
85 I don't know why I am laughing. It must be the imaginary picture of Sheff squating behind home plate...
2006-09-26 17:52:27
90.   RIYank
Ha! Tejada not looking smooth.
Hey, that's odd. Apparently Tejada actually cares whether he's out or not. Huh.
2006-09-26 17:52:34
91.   rabid stan
Wow. Does "tough break" say enough about that?
2006-09-26 17:52:44
92.   C2Coke
87 I am thinking whether the weather would permit myself to go shirtless...
2006-09-26 17:52:54
93.   rbj
Wow. Um, I really don't think he went around. The bat seemed to stay close to his body.
2006-09-26 17:53:07
94.   LI yankee
88 Gotta love those trades that help both teams (except when that team is in your division)
2006-09-26 17:54:01
95.   RIYank
93 I can't remember ever having had an opinion about whether a batter went around. It's a completely mysterious concept to me.
2006-09-26 17:55:09
96.   Kered Retej
75 Even though Abreu has been a real catalyst for the Yanks, the trade may end up being a win-win for both sides. For the Philadelphia's part, they have been (I think) second only to the A's since the trade deadline, and have played themselves into a tie for the wildcard. Not to mention the fact that they can spend the money saved on other players for next year.
2006-09-26 17:55:19
97.   C2Coke
72 I thought Santana was supposed to start today?
2006-09-26 17:55:31
98.   kylepetterson
92 You might want to rethink that. Someone unleashed a bunch dogs....with bees in their mouths....and when they bark they shoot bees at you.
2006-09-26 17:57:27
99.   RIYank
97 Santana did start today. But Mauer isn't catching him.
2006-09-26 17:58:13
100.   C2Coke
96 The Red Sox must be real jealous since the Phillies got what they wanted originally by trading Damon.
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2006-09-26 18:00:00
101.   rabid stan
95 It's all about whether the hitter shows intent to swing or the bat stays at the shoulder. I usually watch for the bat to snap back at the check attempt. That'll tell you if he went around.
2006-09-26 18:00:05
102.   randym77
96 They spent some of the money this year. They thought they'd be selling more players, but they did so well, they changed their minds, and bought themselves some rent-a-players.
2006-09-26 18:00:31
103.   C2Coke
99 Good for us, I guess? Cano's get a chance to catch Mauer, and Wang has a chance for best record.
2006-09-26 18:01:52
104.   singledd
Mauer is not in the game (not even DH) tonight. He might get 1 PH AB.
2006-09-26 18:03:21
105.   singledd
Cano now at .345.
2006-09-26 18:03:28
106.   randym77
Bruney again? C'mon, Joe, you might need him later.
2006-09-26 18:04:53
107.   RIYank
103 Hm. I keep expecting Mauer to drop his average, so every game he doesn't play I think is actually to his advantage in the batting race. But his average is not dropping, so I don't know.
2006-09-26 18:05:34
108.   yankz
I've mentioned I love Cano, right?
2006-09-26 18:06:50
109.   rabid stan
Yeah, Mauer is more pesky than I would've thought. At the beginning of the month, after a tough August, I figured it was a matter of time before Jeter caught him, but he's had a really good month.
2006-09-26 18:06:51
110.   Chyll Will
Sorry I'm late... 47 GTF Outta Here!!! Oh, the humanity...
2006-09-26 18:07:18
111.   RIYank
101 That explanation doesn't help me. (I think I'm congentially unable to understand the 'did he go' concept.)
Obviously the batter did intend to swing, and then he changed his mind. If he didn't intend to swing, the bat wouldn't have moved (that's how bats work, I've held one). And if he didn't change his mind, it would be really obvious that it was a swing.
Anyway, like I said, I think I'm hopeless.
2006-09-26 18:07:50
112.   rabid stan
Oh dammit, musical match-ups.
2006-09-26 18:08:10
113.   LI yankee
I remember Mauer being at .360 and Jeter at .340 and all of a sudden it was close. So it's definitley not over yet.
2006-09-26 18:08:39
114.   yankz
113 I want Jeter to win, but time's really running out.
2006-09-26 18:08:40
115.   rbj
111 It comes down to how much movement there is. I used to think it was did the wrists break, or did the bat break the plane of the front of the plate.
2006-09-26 18:10:11
116.   C2Coke
107 At this point, I think there's a better chance for Cano to catch him than for Mauer to drop...
2006-09-26 18:10:20
117.   RIYank
113 I guess that's right. It just takes one awesome day by Jeter, or say two days when Mauer combines for 1 for 8 or something, and Mauer falls.
Or Cano, of course. And that's looking more likely.
2006-09-26 18:11:04
118.   rbj
Does Bob Shepard get WS rings too?
2006-09-26 18:12:16
119.   C2Coke
116 As for the Cap'n, I think both the fans and himself will be content with a MVP award...oh...and a ring.
2006-09-26 18:14:05
120.   rabid stan
111 The reason you watch for the snap back is because it means the right hand of a righty or the left hand of a lefty has passed the opposite hand, meaning the bat has to have passed the 90 degree angle with the body. That's "going around."

There's no swing until a hitter has gone around, demonstrating intent to "strike" at the pitch.

2006-09-26 18:15:24
121.   C2Coke
Kay's jinxing power is amazing. As soon as he said Jeter's chasing Mauer, Jeter's fly-out was caught...
2006-09-26 18:15:39
122.   Chyll Will
118 Bobby Bling?
2006-09-26 18:17:22
123.   yankz
Is the rest of the league this amazed by Cano? they said he'd be average this year, and he's certainly more than that. Am I wrong to think he'll be one of the top 5-10 hitters in the league in a few years, and easily the best 2B?
2006-09-26 18:17:24
124.   rabid stan
121 You're belief in "jinxing" makes you a fascist. Read the Book of Kay.
2006-09-26 18:18:37
125.   C2Coke
124 LOL!!
2006-09-26 18:19:51
126.   RIYank
Yay! A Sheff RBI!
Plus ugly baserunning. But give him a pass for enthusiasm!
2006-09-26 18:20:17
127.   yankz
Boo ya!
2006-09-26 18:20:42
128.   singledd
Sheffield feelin' GOOD!
2006-09-26 18:21:25
129.   rabid stan
If that throw hadn't been so wildly off line near the pitcher's mound, he might have made it.
2006-09-26 18:22:27
130.   RIYank
123 Have you been reading this thread? That's what we all think!
I'm wondering whether the rest of the league was shocked to see Cano suddenly show up inches from the top of the batting average list (when he got enough plate appearances, I mean).
2006-09-26 18:22:53
131.   rabid stan
That was a Sheff-ish base hit too. He whacked that one.
2006-09-26 18:22:54
132.   C2Coke
106 Bruney indeed. I suspect we will see Mo next?
2006-09-26 18:24:24
133.   LI yankee
132 Yep, the Yanks want him to pitch on consecutive days
2006-09-26 18:24:56
134.   C2Coke
130 And besides all that, Cano seems to have one of the most likable personalities and that priceless smile.
2006-09-26 18:25:45
135.   yankz
130 I know, but I mean fans from around the league. When is this guy going to be on the cover of a magazine? His numbers since May have been ridiculous.
2006-09-26 18:26:04
136.   rbj
What, no Proctor tonight? Lazy, good for nothing goldbricker.
2006-09-26 18:27:23
137.   rabid stan
I'm as guilty as anyone, but what a Cano lovefest. I can almost hear the non-YF lurkers vomit.


2006-09-26 18:30:45
138.   RIYank
137 :-) Now I'm self-conscious.
Okay, let's start luvin on Brian Bruney for a change.
2006-09-26 18:31:47
139.   rabid stan
Fasano slipped on that same foot earlier. Is there a problem with that cleat? Sausage in the spikes?
2006-09-26 18:32:27
140.   LI yankee
137 Let's just call it Cano Appreciation Day
2006-09-26 18:32:49
141.   RIYank
Nice job by Matsui there.
2006-09-26 18:32:50
142.   rabid stan
138 Well, it's just that we got to his smile. It had to stop.
2006-09-26 18:32:57
143.   Bama Yankee
Fasano is blowing his chance to be on Dancing With the Stars...
2006-09-26 18:34:30
144.   RIYank
Let's talk about Fasano. At least nobody will start complimenting his mug.
2006-09-26 18:34:54
145.   C2Coke
136 Proctor really owes Bruney his arm. And he may be repaying Bruney with his job, well, or Farnsworth's.
2006-09-26 18:35:37
146.   yankz
Lefty, eh? Bring it on. Although Cano has a .724 OPS vs. lefties with no HR :/
2006-09-26 18:36:31
147.   yankz
144 I still hope everyone checks out nomaas.
2006-09-26 18:36:51
148.   C2Coke
142, 144 Too funny. But about Fasano's mug......
2006-09-26 18:37:02
149.   singledd
Detroit up 4-3. bottom 7th. Minn down 2-1 in the 6th.
2006-09-26 18:38:14
150.   C2Coke
Hey! Another Brian B.
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2006-09-26 18:39:10
151.   LI yankee
Cano sucks. Trade him.
2006-09-26 18:39:35
152.   GoingDeep
I have a problem with Joe using the Pen on blowouts like yesterday, 'to prevent rust'. It only makes sense if you have nothing to play for like the Mets. But the Yanks still want to win every game for HFA. So now Bruney works again when Joe shouldve used the callups yesterday.
2006-09-26 18:42:35
153.   GoingDeep
WIth so many lefty bats, Joe needs to be creative with the lineup. Having Mats & Cano back to back and A-Rod/ Sheff back-to-back isnt prudent.
2006-09-26 18:43:47
154.   rabid stan
I always imagined I was Miguel Cairo facing Brain Burres.
2006-09-26 18:44:30
155.   LI yankee
Leiter and Kay don't seem to get along
2006-09-26 18:44:52
156.   C2Coke
151 While they are at it, might as well pack up Wang with Cano.
2006-09-26 18:46:36
157.   rabid stan
Proctor. He better give up two runs so he can pitch the 10th and get his work in.
2006-09-26 18:47:43
158.   Bama Yankee
154 I always imagined that I was Karim Garcia going into the bullpen to help out my teammate...
2006-09-26 18:48:05
159.   C2Coke
155 I thought I was the only one who thought that...Lieter doesn't seem like he can handle Kay's big mouth. Am I dreaming too big when I say I only want to have Flarherty and Lieter in the booth?
2006-09-26 18:48:14
160.   RIYank
Finally looked at NoMaas.
2006-09-26 18:48:21
161.   JeremyM
156 I agree, and throw in Melky too. Should be able to get Neiffi Perez for that package.
2006-09-26 18:48:36
162.   singledd
Please VOTE in the Poll, and enjoy the results.
2006-09-26 18:48:56
163.   C2Coke
157 Be careful with what you wish for...
2006-09-26 18:52:20
164.   C2Coke
162 I thought they had already hit the new low when their blimp crashed...
2006-09-26 18:53:01
165.   C2Coke
157 Be careful with what you wish for ...
2006-09-26 18:53:37
166.   RIYank
162 That was fun, even though you kind of gave away the ending.
2006-09-26 18:54:25
167.   rabid stan
158 It's all about being a good teammate.

I can tell you're a good teammate.

I'm the guy who's willing to play anywhere, bunt, hit-and-run, the little things that help my team win.

We're good teammates.

2006-09-26 18:55:07
168.   rabid stan
This is all my fault.
2006-09-26 18:55:35
169.   JeremyM
Proctor is definitely not closer material.
2006-09-26 18:56:48
170.   LI yankee
Great Villone is warming.

From the frying pan into the fire.

2006-09-26 18:56:50
171.   C2Coke
168 That's ok. We always give a pass to a good teammate. Just ask Mo later.
2006-09-26 18:57:42
172.   GoingDeep
Dr.Proctor was 0-7 in save situations before this.
2006-09-26 18:58:09
173.   C2Coke
169 I actually think Torre should try Bruney sometime in a real closing situation.

{170] No more sunny-side-up eggs, now how about some deep fried chicken wings?

2006-09-26 18:59:06
174.   C2Coke
173 For midnight snack, it's Protor's treat for giving that scare.
2006-09-26 18:59:10
175.   BklynBmr
FullPack Proctor in the 9th! Whew! Yankees Win!
2006-09-26 18:59:12
176.   JeremyM
All right, he held it down, Wetteland-style. Good win!
2006-09-26 18:59:17
177.   RIYank
Damon run fast, catch ball, end game.

170 I like the new nickname you've given him. "Great Villone". Doesn't the "-one" ending mean 'big' in Italian?

2006-09-26 18:59:27
178.   Bama Yankee
168 Ditto, rabid stan we're all a team around here. You are a valuable piece of this puzzle...
2006-09-26 18:59:36
179.   C2Coke
Min and KC tied in the 7th.
2006-09-26 18:59:41
180.   zgveritas
Was I the only one who thought Aaron Small would be an impact player this season. Everyone else seems to have known all along that he was going to implode...
2006-09-26 18:59:43
181.   randym77
That was uncomfortably close.

I hate to think about where this team would be without Mo.

2006-09-26 19:00:45
182.   Bama Yankee
178 I meant to ditto 171, sorry rabid stan.
2006-09-26 19:01:06
183.   BklynBmr
Jays down 4-3 in Detroit, top 9. Man on first, 1 out...
2006-09-26 19:01:17
184.   rabid stan
Leiter is basically calling Kay a dirty Kyle Farnsworth for pushing the 0-2 slider.

Glad that's over. Extra inning with the O's... Now I'm a gamer, but I want to get back in the clubhouse where I do my best work. Bama, we should bounce some ground balls to Robbie after we finish with the team meeting we organize every week.

2006-09-26 19:01:26
185.   C2Coke
181 Denial is the trick.

180 Who is Aaron Small?

2006-09-26 19:02:46
186.   C2Coke
184 LOL!
2006-09-26 19:03:03
187.   JeremyM
Tigers won.
2006-09-26 19:03:14
188.   BklynBmr
183 I sure jinxed that one. DP ends it. Tigers stay even in HFA...
2006-09-26 19:03:19
189.   Bama Yankee
184 I'm there, maybe we can play a few games of pepper with Sheff (or do they still have those NO PEPPER signs up?)
2006-09-26 19:03:41
190.   LI yankee
177 I actually meant "Great, Villone is warming".
2006-09-26 19:04:34
191.   randym77
180 I had high hopes for Smallie. Sigh.

A year ago, almost to the day, Wright imploded on the mound against the Jays. Then got hit by comebacker or a piece of broken bat or some such thing. Small, recently moved to the bullpen, came out of the pen and restored order. The Yanks couldn't quite climb out of the hole Wright had dug. (Well, it wasn't just Wright. Three earned runs for Wright, four thanks to errors by Matsui and Cano.) But Small stopped the bleeding, and gave them a chance. I thought that night that the Yanks had put the wrong guy in the pen.

2006-09-26 19:05:09
192.   C2Coke
190 Now, that's the "Joke of the Day" on the Banter.
2006-09-26 19:05:11
193.   Bama Yankee
185 LOL. I'll take "Yankee one hit wonders for $400 Alex"
2006-09-26 19:05:38
194.   rabid stan
189 Sometimes you gotta ignore the signs and go with your gut. Make something happen.
2006-09-26 19:06:07
195.   yankz
193 Karim Garcia? Oh, you meant that kind of hit...
2006-09-26 19:08:00
196.   C2Coke
191 I will always be grateful to Small and Chacon for what they did last year. But deep down, I kind of knew it was a fluke.
2006-09-26 19:09:13
197.   Bama Yankee
195 Actually I think Karim got a few shots in on that bullpen guy, Nelson was throwing a roundhouse frisbee punch and mostly missing to the outside as usual...
2006-09-26 19:10:02
198.   zgveritas
I couldn't remember Karim Garcia's first name the other day. I was watching a YouTube video of a hotshot Japanese pitching prospect. The guy who throws the Gyroball.

I thought I saw Garcia on the video striking out. Brought back good memories.

Thanks for reminding me of his name. I was meaning to look it up.

2006-09-26 19:10:14
199.   JL25and3
155, 159 Leiter and Kay are close friends, have been for many years.
2006-09-26 19:11:06
200.   Bama Yankee
194 I tried that on I-59 once, cost me $174.50...
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2006-09-26 19:11:32
201.   yankz
198 You haven't been reading this site lately, have you?
2006-09-26 19:11:47
202.   C2Coke
199 Close friends shouldn't work together...
2006-09-26 19:12:17
203.   Shaun P
Way off topic, but the Cardinals are losing with Carpenter on the mound vs SD and the Astros just won again. I wasn't around in '64 - could we be seeing deja vu all over again?

I've always wondered what the outcome of the '64 Serious would have been if the Yanks had played the Phillies instead of the Cards. It might have changed a few fortunes in Yankeeland . . .

2006-09-26 19:13:55
204.   randym77
Well, Small had his miracle season. And got a million dollars out of it.

I think his problem is that he's injury-prone. Perhaps related to his age; he's no spring chicken. Groin strain kept him out of spring training, and he never quite recovered. Like many finesse pitchers, he needs regular work to keep sharp. And it takes him some time to find his groove. When he was sent down to Columbus, he started pitching well after a rough start...then strained his groin again. And when he came back, he was terrible.

2006-09-26 19:14:12
205.   Bama Yankee
198 Hang around here for a few days, you will be seeing Karim Garcia in your sleep... Some guy from Alabama won't let the guy rest. ;-)
2006-09-26 19:15:17
206.   Shaun P
205 I dream of Karim Garcia?
2006-09-26 19:15:30
207.   C2Coke
205 ROFL! I was going to say the same thing.
2006-09-26 19:15:58
208.   Bama Yankee
Hey zgveritas, here's a few pictures from the Karim Garcia scrapbook:

2006-09-26 19:17:45
209.   C2Coke
As much as I love the sound of Cy Wang, Cy Santana seems to be a no brainer.
2006-09-26 19:17:47
210.   JeremyM
I honestly thought Chacon was for real, but I figured Small was a fluke.
2006-09-26 19:17:53
211.   Bama Yankee
206 Now that's funny Shaun P. I bet our friend Karim gets inside of a bottle, but it's not a jeannie bottle.
2006-09-26 19:18:23
212.   JeremyM
Oh my God, St. Louis was just up 5-2 last time I checked. This is getting crazy.
2006-09-26 19:21:35
213.   C2Coke
212 That's what 2 2-run double in half a inning do to you.
2006-09-26 19:22:18
214.   yankz
208 How could you miss this gem:

My favorite, check out these Halloween costumes:

2006-09-26 19:25:35
215.   RIYank
Hey, Giambi may play tomorrow. He checked out okay at the doc.
2006-09-26 19:26:06
216.   Bama Yankee
214 In that first one he looks like Jose Canseco and those Halloween costumes are priceless (too bad I have already bought my son an Elmo costume, I can hear my wife now saying "Who is Karim Garcia?" It would almost be worth it). Good stuff yankz.
2006-09-26 19:28:26
217.   zgveritas
201 I mostly visit the comments to see how fans respond to certain moves like Torre putting Mo in for the 7th yesterday. But I don't stick around for the entire game unless it is a big game / series.

208 Thanks for the photos. If that was Garcia I saw playing in Japan I wonder if we could score some photos of he and the local umpires / fans.

2006-09-26 19:28:38
218.   JeremyM
I wonder how fast Posada made it down there? Bernie being in the picture is weird to me, he's the last guy in the world that would have any involvement in that stuff! Great pics.

Cardinals are about ready to give up more runs. They might actually blow this thing.

2006-09-26 19:29:21
219.   JeremyM
Yeah, last I heard Garcia was in Japan playing ball.
2006-09-26 19:30:26
220.   Shaun P
207 211 Thanks guys. My only problem is that now I've got a picture of Karim Garcia dressed in silky scarves in my head. Help!

214 The guy on the left could almost pass for Nelson, but the guy on the right doesn't look a thing like Karim Garcia.

The funny thing is, I've always been grateful for Karim - not because of the bullpen incident, but because of his '02 season with the Indians. He helped me get out of last place in my fantasy league.

213 The Pads look about ready to tack on a few more runs. BP had Houston's chance of winning the division at 7.something this morning. I wonder what it will be tomorrow if the Cards do lose?

2006-09-26 19:30:57
221.   yankz
Bama, if you and your son went as Nelson and Garcia, I would demand pictures.
2006-09-26 19:32:32
222.   JeremyM

All you want to know about Karim is there, if it hasn't been posted yet.

2006-09-26 19:32:32
223.   randym77
219 Yes, he's in Japan. From Wikipedia:

Following his major league career, García has been playing for the Orix Buffaloes since 2005 as the cleanup hitter and right fielder. Thanks to the advice of Hideki Matsui, he has become more patient than before, adapting to his new environment in Japan.

On August 10-11, 2005, García hit three home runs in each game against the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, becoming the only player in Japanese baseball history to accomplish that.

2006-09-26 19:33:53
224.   JeremyM
223 Or posted at the exact same time.
2006-09-26 19:34:51
225.   randym77
LOL! Great minds. ;-)
2006-09-26 19:37:44
226.   JeremyM
I wonder what other advice Matsui has dispensed throughout the world?
2006-09-26 19:45:08
227.   randym77
You mean besides porn recommendations?

Mike would probably know...

2006-09-26 20:59:50
228.   NetShrine
~~Corey Lidle goes tonight for the Bombers~~

AB - it's "Cory" - but, don't feel bad, I've been messing it up for two months now on my own.

2006-09-27 06:42:46
229.   yankz
"So Wright or Lidle?

"We'll sit down and talk about it,'' Joe Torre said. "One's going to pitch as a starter and the other is going to pitch out of the bullpen. They'll both have important roles.''

Guess no Rasner.

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