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Monday Night at the Trop
2006-09-25 13:58
by Alex Belth
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Ah, so with Cliff and his bride living the life of Riley in the motherland, you all are going to have to put up with my, well, less than comprehensive pre-game posts. Yanks finish up down in Tampa tonight.

Go git 'em boys. Don't nobody get hurt now, ya hear? (And here's to Alex Rodriguez breaking out of his mini-slump with a big night.)

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2006-09-25 14:08:59
1.   Benjamin Kabak
As long as we don't get "smushed" again, everything will be alright.
2006-09-25 14:11:17
2.   underdog
So here's a Dodger fan trying to get his mind off nervousness about his own team's chances for the playoffs:

Which team would you rather the Yanks face in the playoffs? None of the choices can be that appealing really, since they all have great pitching. But none of the other teams have pitchers with that much playoff experience, either. Twins sort of scare me the most frankly.

2006-09-25 14:36:29
3.   standuptriple
So, is there any doubt Wright is on the playoff roster? Can he pitch himself off with a poor outing tonight? Just wondering...
2006-09-25 14:38:30
4.   joejoejoe
According to USA Today tonight's SPs are Jaret Wright and Jae Seo. Wright has an ERA of 1.50 in two starts vs. the D-rays and Seo has an ERA of 2.68 in his last 8 starts so this might be a pitchers duel. Nah.

Devil Ray fun fact: Rocco Baldelli's nickname is The Woonsocket Rocket, from his days as a HS sprint champion in Rhode Island. Would anyone here trade Baldelli for Melky if Tampa wanted to do a salary dump? Baldelli might move as much Yanks gear in Brooklyn and the Bronx as Matsui moves in Tokyo.

2006-09-25 14:48:43
5.   randym77
Peter Abraham said Godzilla will start in LF tomorrow, but tonight, he's still DHing:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Gary Sheffield 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Hideki Matsui DH
Jorge Posada C
Melky Cabrera LF

Jaret Wright P

2006-09-25 14:52:31
6.   kylepetterson
Even with Wheels pitching, that still looks pretty darn menacing.
2006-09-25 15:16:09
7.   Shaun P
No house money lineup tonight. Time to leave Tampa with a win, boys.

And Alex, nice job on the pre-game post, that's one fine-looking piece of prosciutto there. I love Cliff's stats-laden roster breakdowns, but I don't think he's ever made my mouth water with one of his pre-game posts.

3 If Villone can't pitch himself off the postseason roster with what he's done lately, I think Wright's name is set in stone on it.

2006-09-25 15:23:27
8.   randym77
Wonder why Sheff's batting fifth? He's not hitting all that well. Matsui hit great, and was batting 7th or 8th when he came back. And it leaves two righties in a row, in a lineup that doesn't have a lot of righties.
2006-09-25 15:25:11
9.   Shaun P
5 Speaking of Mr. Abraham, he also had this tidbit:

"Joe Torre indicated that Andy Phillips and Miguel Cairo would be on the postseason roster."

Does this mean Guiel stays home? Or that the Yanks only take 10 pitchers? I can't see any alternative to those. I'm assuming, of course, that Sheff makes the postseason roster with those questions.

2006-09-25 15:25:30
10.   wsporter
Looks like Mr. Torre is sick of what he's been seeing and wants to leave with a split.
2006-09-25 15:26:39
11.   randym77
9 You've got to be kidding. Cairo was a sure thing, but Andy Phillips???
2006-09-25 15:35:25
12.   Bama Yankee
9 & 11 Looks like Joe, myself and Andy's mom are his only supporters (and I hear that Mrs. Phillips is starting to like the way Guiel fields his position at 1B).
2006-09-25 15:38:46
13.   rbj
12 Cold, Bama, cold. But real funny. Philips over Guiel? Maybe Torre was tired of misspelling Gueil.
2006-09-25 15:40:27
14.   randym77
Hmm. Kim Jones just reported on the Phillips and Cairo thing, and she didn't seem to interpret it the same way Peter Abraham did.

She said she asked Joe if he would use a LIDR for Giambi or Sheff at 1B. He said yes. She asked who, and he said Phillips or Cairo. She specifically said that that may or may not mean they'll be on the post-season roster.

2006-09-25 15:43:52
15.   randym77
4 I would trade Melky for Rocco. But I can't see Tampa doing that deal.
2006-09-25 15:46:40
16.   Simone
9 I hope Peter Abraham got that wrong. There is no place on the playoff roster for Andy Phillips.
2006-09-25 15:52:31
17.   rbj
Bama Yankee,
nope, no Auburn Tigers (I worked at South Carolina for a few years, I had enough dealing with Clemson ones)
2006-09-25 15:53:40
18.   Schteeve
There is no way in hell I'd trade Melky for Rocco. Rocco doesn't take walks.
2006-09-25 15:54:40
19.   Travis
This is a follow-up from the previous thread, but since I don't think anyone's reading it anymore...

The original New York Daily News was founded in the 1850's. It began to fail in 1900, after Benjamin Wood died, and after going through three owners (including Wood's widow) in six years, it suspended publication in mid-December, 1906.

The current Daily News (which I don't believe has any affiliation with the previous one, much like the current Sun, but I may be wrong) was founded in October, 1919.

2006-09-25 16:02:58
20.   Shaun P
14 To use Cairo as a LIDR at 1B is the height of absurdity. I'd rather see Fasano playing 1B than Cairo. Nonetheless, I hope Guiel makes the postseason roster over Andy.

19 Thanks for that follow-up, Travis.

2006-09-25 16:16:57
21.   Shaun P
I really ought to look at the numbers before I open my mouth. Cairo and Guiel have the exact same Rate at 1B this year, in the exact same number of games - 87. Wilson is a 92, Andy is a 93, and Giambi is an 85.

I suppose if a LIDR is absolutely necessary, Andy is the way to go. I'm just not convinced that its really that big a deal.

2006-09-25 16:23:06
22.   Shaun P

I knew the Yanks wouldn't leave TB on a three-game losing streak!

Looks like it's going to be a quiet night here.

2006-09-25 16:28:58
23.   rilkefan
Ok, so I missed the post when "Donuts" was coined, and I'm finally sufficiently bugged to ask where it comes from.
2006-09-25 16:30:39
24.   rbj
Just got home from work. Looks like I'm just in time for fireworks.
And Happy Birthday, Scooter
2006-09-25 16:31:16
25.   Jim Dean
21 How is RATE calculated? And how then does a guy with 6 errors (Phillips) have a better RATE than a guy with 2 errors (Wilson) even though both have the exact same number of chances?
2006-09-25 16:33:16
26.   AbbyNormal821 it wrong that I feel bad for Seo?

Holy crap - it's bedlam in Tampa!

2006-09-25 16:33:39
27.   Eirias
This is the Jae Seo that I love.
2006-09-25 16:33:51
28.   Schteeve
This Seo guy is not really doing a great job with the ol "pitches per out" metric that I just invented.
2006-09-25 16:34:20
29.   rbj
Like the shot of the brunette in the blue tanktop laughing.
2006-09-25 16:34:22
30.   Benjamin Kabak
Woo. Those are two pissed off D-Rays coaches.
2006-09-25 16:34:30
31.   AbbyNormal821
Game day calls this an "on-field delay"


2006-09-25 16:34:40
32.   Benjamin Kabak
28 How about that whole pitches per inning thing also?
2006-09-25 16:34:47
33.   randym77
Holy jeez. Why are they so worked up? this game doesn't mean anything for them.
2006-09-25 16:36:03
34.   Schteeve
32 Well yeah, but when it takes you 35 pitches to retire one guy...
2006-09-25 16:36:27
35.   Benjamin Kabak
34 I want to go to the gym but this AB just won't end.
2006-09-25 16:37:45
36.   rbj
Matsui's just getting some swings in.
Oh, yay!
2006-09-25 16:37:46
37.   Benjamin Kabak
Could that have ended ANY OTHER WAY?!
2006-09-25 16:37:46
38.   AbbyNormal821! Sick, man...just sick!
2006-09-25 16:37:59
39.   Schteeve
Wasn't there some guy who had a loony 19 pitch PA last season?
2006-09-25 16:38:08
40.   randym77
LOL! Welcome back, Godzilla!
2006-09-25 16:38:27
41.   Schteeve
2006-09-25 16:38:33
42.   Simone
I feel bad for Seo. The ump sucks.
2006-09-25 16:38:37
43.   kylepetterson
14 pitch home run. NICE!
2006-09-25 16:39:02
44.   Simone
Good job, Matsui-san.
2006-09-25 16:39:04
45.   Jim Dean
Can we face Seo in the post-season?
2006-09-25 16:39:09
46.   kylepetterson
I'm voting for a 100+ pitch top o' the first.
2006-09-25 16:39:34
47.   Mick S
wow.....I will need to TIVO Sportscenter to watch that AB.
2006-09-25 16:39:43
48.   Schteeve
Holy jesus, this game is never going to end.
2006-09-25 16:40:33
49.   AbbyNormal821
Seo just had some "words" with Marquez - i'm thinking it was something like "sh*t, muther-f*cker, f*ck, sh*t!!!!"
2006-09-25 16:40:33
50.   AbbyNormal821
Seo just had some "words" with Marquez - i'm thinking it was something like "sh*t, muther-f*cker, f*ck, sh*t!!!!"
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2006-09-25 16:40:39
51.   Simone
It is amazing that Jorgie was safe given how slow he is and Upton's great play.
2006-09-25 16:40:58
52.   rbj
48 It'll end in a forfeit when the Rays have only 8 guys left because everyone else got thrown out.
2006-09-25 16:41:16
53.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hopefully Cap'n will get some (productive) ABs in tonight.
2006-09-25 16:42:02
54.   randym77
Seo finally gets out of it, thanks to great D from his fielders.
2006-09-25 16:42:31
55.   kylepetterson
48 The House Money's will be playing before too long.
2006-09-25 16:42:40
56.   seamus
so, with Wright pitching this strike zone could be painful...
2006-09-25 16:43:14
57.   seamus
I think Cano qualifies for the batting title after tonight (assuming 4 plate appearances).
2006-09-25 16:43:48
58.   kylepetterson
56 How is that different from any other time Wright pitches?
2006-09-25 16:43:49
59.   marc
Wright can use 3 or 4 more Yankees innings like that.
2006-09-25 16:44:12
60.   kylepetterson
57 That's what LoHud says.
2006-09-25 16:44:51
61.   seamus
58 well, Wright is reallly, really painful to watch with small strikezones
2006-09-25 16:45:37
62.   seamus
61 as opposed to just really painful...
2006-09-25 16:48:06
63.   kylepetterson
61 "as opposed to just really painful..."

That actually makes sense to me.

2006-09-25 16:48:57
64.   kylepetterson
just setting up the double play.
2006-09-25 16:49:54
65.   AbbyNormal821
Don't give it back, Wright...get yer double play ball and get outta there!
(and stop showing that big wad 'o crap that's in your mouth too...ew, nasty!)
2006-09-25 16:49:56
66.   rbj
Posada to Wright: Yes, it's a small strikezone, but just throw strikes, you've got the A Team behind you.
2006-09-25 16:51:06
67.   singledd
We make fun of TB, but they are developing a good young team. Its hard to have guys like Kazmir and Gomes on the DL. They are 1 pitcher and 1 position player away from being a very good team (the next Detroit).
2006-09-25 16:52:22
68.   kylepetterson
Always the showman.
2006-09-25 16:53:43
69.   kylepetterson
66 "I love it when a plan comes together!"
2006-09-25 16:53:55
70.   kdw
Does anyone know what happened with the D-Rays manager and pitching coach?
2006-09-25 16:56:53
71.   randym77
I can't believe they sent Seo back out there.
2006-09-25 16:57:12
72.   AbbyNormal821
Oh, goodie - I stepped away for a few minutes to see that everything is status quo with Seo and he's still giving up runs...
I predict another Yankee batter getting hit...on purpose, if things keep going the way they are.
2006-09-25 17:01:18
73.   rbj
At this rate Cano's gonna qualify by the 4th inning.
2006-09-25 17:02:02
74.   AbbyNormal821
73 Right? Sure is! Lots of chalk being kicked up at home plate from all them Yankees slidin' in!
2006-09-25 17:03:11
75.   singledd
This kid Young throws more strikes from RF then these 2 pitchers.
2006-09-25 17:06:16
76.   Simone
67 I agree. Tampa will be competing with the Red Sox for the wild card over the next couple years.
2006-09-25 17:07:10
77.   LI yankee
Cano is at .344, 3 points behind Mauer!
2006-09-25 17:09:18
78.   kylepetterson
77 Before tonight, he was batting .379 in September. This being his 2nd best month of the year.
2006-09-25 17:09:34
79.   AbbyNormal821
77 very cool!! you know - I think Jeter would be happy to have Cano get the batting title. DJ just wants 'one for the thumb'. I think Cano would give up a batting title for one of them baubles too
2006-09-25 17:10:43
80.   rilkefan
Serious pitcher's duel between Boston and Toronto - no hits through 5. Oops, Wakefield just gave up a double.
2006-09-25 17:13:12
81.   kylepetterson
Just setting up the double play.
2006-09-25 17:13:28
82.   rbj
80 Is Wakefield still pitching a shutout
2006-09-25 17:13:54
83.   Jim Dean
Any one else following the other compelling story line tonight?

Do the Sox fall into third place!?

They're now down 3-0 courtesy of Alex Rios.

2006-09-25 17:14:57
84.   AbbyNormal821
Does Wright deliberately get to the 3-0 counts??? SHEESH!
2006-09-25 17:17:02
85.   Mick S
Whoa horse! Slow down. 2 innings. 1 hr.
2006-09-25 17:17:22
86.   kylepetterson
80 "Wakefield just gave up a double"

82 "Is Wakefield still pitching a shutout"


2006-09-25 17:17:54
87.   kylepetterson
Wakefield never gives up just one hit. It's his thing.
2006-09-25 17:18:37
88.   yankz
Cano trails Mauer by three, Captain trails him (Mauer) by seven.
2006-09-25 17:19:52
89.   singledd
Cano, after beinbg 2 for 2, is batiing .344-
Mauer at .347
2006-09-25 17:19:54
90.   kylepetterson
I wonder what Wakefields runs per inning (ie 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) is. It seems like it takes teams a couple innings to get back used to him, but once they do they pound him.
2006-09-25 17:20:16
91.   rbj
Just trying to get the Banter Jinx some work in. Don't want it to get rusty for the PS either.
2006-09-25 17:20:25
92.   AbbyNormal821
YAY! JOHNNY D! That's the 1st homer in a while for him, isn't it?
2006-09-25 17:20:29
93.   kylepetterson
2006-09-25 17:22:56
94.   marc
88 Cano's actually got a decent shot because if he stays hot he gets more of an increase in percent per hit because he has less total AB's than others. Wow, nice Johnny D
2006-09-25 17:23:41
95.   randym77
They said Damon is using Giambi's bats. He broke all of his own.
2006-09-25 17:25:17
96.   randym77
Hey, who's that new first baseman? Looks like GG material to me!
2006-09-25 17:25:36
97.   kylepetterson
95 If he burns through those, he can probably borrow Sheff's, too. He's not using 'em.
2006-09-25 17:26:25
98.   singledd
Wright has been pretty decent of late.. and much better then RJ.
2006-09-25 17:26:45
99.   randym77
Mauer is 1 for 1 so far: .348
2006-09-25 17:29:18
100.   AbbyNormal821
LOL!- did anyone else just see the shot in the dugout of Jeter's impersonation of Sheff making that catch? That may just be one of the funniest things i've ever seen!
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2006-09-25 17:29:30
101.   randym77
ROFL! Jeter's ragging on Sheff big time for the way he made that catch.
2006-09-25 17:30:14
102.   singledd
If Toronto beats the Sox tonight, they take over 2nd place. Sox pounding out 1 hit in 6 innings. 3rd place Red Sox. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
2006-09-25 17:31:28
103.   marc
I'd like to see Sheff hit one of his wicked homers so we know he's almost all the way back. With Sheff at first and Abreu at right and Matsui in left this line-up is scary as shit with or without Giambi. Frankly, I think Giambi's wrist is a real problem that likely isn't going to be solved adequately by the PS
2006-09-25 17:31:44
104.   AbbyNormal821
102 I take back what I said in 100! What YOU just said may just be one of the funniest things I've ever seen/read!!!
That is awesome!
2006-09-25 17:31:47
105.   randym77
Bosox are just pathetic lately. Hard to believe we were so worried about them earlier this season.
2006-09-25 17:32:00
106.   kylepetterson
2006-09-25 17:32:50
107.   BklynBmr
102 That is too funny. And, yes. "Third - place - Redddddd - Soxxxxxx" is a great chant...
2006-09-25 17:33:19
108.   randym77
Upton, the human vacuum cleaner.
2006-09-25 17:34:55
109.   marc
Suzyn notes A-Rod has his little leg kick or whatever back that Donny showed him but he lost in a couple of days
2006-09-25 17:35:19
110.   BklynBmr
105 You let us know early and often they were way overrated. I would bet my bottom dollar those last 4 games at home against them would be meaningful. Good call ;-)
2006-09-25 17:36:00
111.   rbj
2006-09-25 17:36:11
112.   Simone
Upton is amazing in the field. Badelli is so good on defense.

I'm rooting for Toronto to take 2nd.

2006-09-25 17:37:46
113.   smingers
Was Cano's fly out as deep as it looked on Gamecast?
2006-09-25 17:39:19
114.   rbj
113 Yes. Right at the wall in straight away CF.
2006-09-25 17:39:41
115.   randym77
110 Even I didn't expect a collapse of this magnitude. I thought we'd win the division. I didn't think it would be by double digits.

I see Jaret Wright still has his knack for attracting flying objects...

2006-09-25 17:39:48
116.   marc
so with a Yankee win and a sox loss we'll be back tied with Detroit for best record and I guess Boston will be in third so maybe everyone won't say it's alway Yankees and Boston on top of the division. This could be a pretty nice night
2006-09-25 17:40:02
117.   kylepetterson
2006-09-25 17:40:34
118.   singledd
Watching Cao play for the next 10 years will be a lot of fun. He may be batting 3rd in the new stadium.
2006-09-25 17:40:37
119.   kylepetterson
just setting up the double play.
2006-09-25 17:41:19
120.   randym77
117 I'll say it if you won't. He sucks up everything that comes his way. No wonder his name is BJ.
2006-09-25 17:41:22
121.   JL25and3
23 If you're still here...I'm the one who coined "Donuts." In Abreu's first few weeks he was doing everything - hitting, walking, driving in runs, making good plays and great throws. Whenever anything happened, he seemed to be in the middle of it. The inspiration for the nickname was Homer Simpson's line: " there anything they can't do?"

It's not up there with early 20th-century German lyric poets, perhaps, but I liked it.

2006-09-25 17:42:43
122.   kylepetterson
120 You've gotta wonder since his name is Melvin Emanuel Upton.
2006-09-25 17:43:19
123.   yankz
We've really been tempted here in Tampa, what with a BJ, a Big Unit/Johnson, and a Wang.
2006-09-25 17:43:42
124.   rbj
Mmmmmmmm donunts. Gahhhhhhhh [drool]
2006-09-25 17:44:30
125.   kylepetterson
just setting up the triple play.
2006-09-25 17:45:18
126.   BklynBmr
118 I remember thinking that about Sori. All I ask of the the Trading Gods is that they spare Robbie. And Wang. And Melky. And Fasano...
2006-09-25 17:45:40
127.   AbbyNormal821
120 oh no you di'nt!!! LOL!
2006-09-25 17:46:26
128.   randym77
122 Is it really? LOL!

I must say, I do enjoy watching Tampa's speed and great D. At least when we're ahead 9-0.

2006-09-25 17:48:38
129.   kylepetterson
128 1: Yes, it is. 2: and with Wheels toying with them the way he is...
2006-09-25 17:50:05
130.   kdw
Anyone else keeping an eye on MNF? It's good to see football back in New Orleans.
2006-09-25 17:50:58
131.   rilkefan
121 - thanks. Nice epithet.
2006-09-25 17:52:16
132.   marc
So I think we have a couple of games with Toronto coming up. If we win it could give us best record but by winning we may hand Boston 2nd place.
2006-09-25 17:52:23
133.   yankz
F Joe Mauer and his quest for .350.
2006-09-25 17:52:36
134.   rbj
130 Yup. 7-0 NO
2006-09-25 17:52:58
135.   yankz
132 I'll take it, but I'll be pissed at the circumstances.
2006-09-25 17:53:08
136.   JL25and3
According to the Devil Rays' website: "B.J.'s nickname stands for Bossman Junior, with his father, Manny, being the original Bossman."
2006-09-25 17:53:51
137.   C2Coke
I am almost 2 hr late to the game. Did I miss anything interesting? What's with the ejection*s*?
2006-09-25 17:54:15
138.   3rd gen yankee fan
102, 107 third-place-red-sox
clap clap clapclapclap
2006-09-25 17:54:55
139.   kdw
134 And man was that 7 fun to see.
2006-09-25 17:55:21
140.   rbj
What I don't understand is that wholesale company:

BJ's wholesale

2006-09-25 17:56:10
141.   randym77
137 They were arguing balls and strikes. Rather heatedly. Someone actually shoved the umpire. Not very hard, but you can't do that.
2006-09-25 17:58:06
142.   pistolpete
Man, this is just the type of beatdown the doctor ordered...
2006-09-25 17:59:00
143.   Mick S
120 I saw this on deadspin earlier. No comment necessary.

2006-09-25 17:59:34
144.   randym77
Mauer walks in his second AB.
2006-09-25 18:00:53
145.   rbj
132 Yanks end the season with Toronto. I imagine that Sunday is going to be a spring training game, so Toronto has a good chance of winning.

So who manages Sunday, Bernie?

2006-09-25 18:02:16
146.   pistolpete
145 Yeah, my money's on Bernie and/or Sheffield managing. But Sheff will probably be playing, so I lean towards Bernie.
2006-09-25 18:03:20
147.   3rd gen yankee fan
143 Wow. That takes balls.
2006-09-25 18:04:42
148.   rbj
143 LOL
2006-09-25 18:05:10
149.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-25 18:07:49
150.   Mick S
Cap needs some ducks on the pond. He is sitting at 96 RBI. Will he make it?
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2006-09-25 18:07:57
151.   C2Coke
Glad they got that sleepwalkin thing outta their system. Too bad it's too late for Abreu to join that batting title race.
2006-09-25 18:08:52
152.   rsmith51
ARod crushed that.
2006-09-25 18:09:43
153.   C2Coke
Sheff's first hit and RBI since he came back!!
2006-09-25 18:10:05
154.   3rd gen yankee fan
Toronto's about to move into second place. Last out? Ortiz.
2006-09-25 18:11:57
155.   rbj
Man, Robbie looks real disappointed.
2006-09-25 18:12:11
156.   Jim Dean
And Papi strikes out for third place!

120 milion doesn't buy what it used to!

2006-09-25 18:12:12
157.   3rd gen yankee fan
Beautiful. Ortiz strikes out to end it!
2006-09-25 18:12:29
158.   AbbyNormal821
I can't believe the Jays/Sox game is over already? Is that what happens when the Sox just give up on the season? :::snicker:::snicker::::
2006-09-25 18:12:55
159.   rbj
That was a quick game.
2006-09-25 18:13:35
160.   yankz
OK, Arod's back. Damon's back. Matsui's been back. Wright is rolling. Jeter and Cano are up to their usual antics. A great day.
2006-09-25 18:13:58
161.   C2Coke
141 Thanks.
2006-09-25 18:16:36
162.   rbj
Love to know what ARod & Mo are talking about.
2006-09-25 18:17:45
163.   C2Coke
160 You forgot Sheff's first hit after injury and his shaky yet good enough D on 1B.
2006-09-25 18:18:51
164.   yankz
163 True. I wasn't too excited about an infield single, but baby steps, eh?
2006-09-25 18:19:15
165.   randym77
That wasn't Sheff's first hit. He got a hit yesterday.
2006-09-25 18:20:23
166.   rbj
Time to sign off for the night.
Five-inning Wright.
2006-09-25 18:20:41
167.   pistolpete
Throw it back, throw it back, throw it back!!
2006-09-25 18:21:19
168.   marc
This is only the 6th inning? I guess I'm not going to argue with those who say baseball is too slow. Oh Melky in center in preparation for potential defensinve move in the PS
2006-09-25 18:21:25
169.   Jim Dean
160 Don't forget Melky in CF!
2006-09-25 18:21:43
170.   yankz
Ty Wiggington is really starting to annoy.
2006-09-25 18:23:06
171.   AbbyNormal821
...did we just give them a "pity" run


2006-09-25 18:25:27
172.   randym77
Wow. Joe has resisted using Melky in CF all year, even as a LIDR.

I guess Melky has officially become a bench player.

Nice to have a backup CFer who's not GOB, though.

2006-09-25 18:26:25
173.   C2Coke
165 You are right. It's just that subconciously I would like to forget about the past two games...

169 Torre better find a way to play Melky at least 4 or 5 days a week. It'd be too hard now for us not to see Melky starting everyday.

2006-09-25 18:29:00
174.   C2Coke
172 But besides Abreu, Matsui and Damon both need regular rest. Can't say Torre is not doing the right thing, especially given how Matsui is lately, who else is there to bench? (Truth be told, I wish it was Sheff, but we all know that's not happening, right?)
2006-09-25 18:31:47
175.   randym77
Actually, I've wanted Joe to use Melky in CF for awhile now. Bernie as the only backup CFer is not acceptable. Joe obviously doesn't trust Guiel, Abreu, Wilson, or Thompson in CF. That leaves Melky.
2006-09-25 18:33:22
176.   marc
I think this batting race is pretty much over unless Cano goes crazy.
2006-09-25 18:33:48
177.   yankz
Life is going to be sad when Jeter and Mo are gone. I hope Cano continues to improve, he might just take over as my favorite player in 10 years :)
2006-09-25 18:34:42
178.   yankz
176 Eight points in five/six games is doable, but really unlikely since Mauer refuses to leave the stratosphere.
2006-09-25 18:37:14
179.   yankz
Wow, when was Mo's last 7th inning appearance? '96?
2006-09-25 18:37:20
180.   singledd
Does anyone know what it is about Melky's fielding that has him scouted as NOT being able to play center? we could really use him as a LTDR CFer.

Wow... if Mo is pitching the 7th, who will we see in the 8th and 9th?

2006-09-25 18:38:03
181.   C2Coke
177 I hear you, man. I already think I would need a lot of coping when Jorge is gone, let along Mo and Jeter. Cano and Wang (and maybe Melky) are so far my next best hope...
2006-09-25 18:40:01
182.   randym77
180 I think Melky is a LIDR CFer, now that Matsui's back.

Joe just didn't want him playing any position except LF. You may remember he struggled a bit when he first came up. (Not just last year, but this year, too.) Joe just felt it would be too confusing for a kid like him to switch positions. The ball looks different coming off the bat in the corners vs. CF. Many OFers find it difficult to adjust to.

2006-09-25 18:40:55
183.   C2Coke
180 Joe's mind?

Seriosly though, I think Melky had improved tremendously this year, I don't believe all the previous scoutings do him justice.

Mo in the 7th...and EDSP in 8th, Farns in 9th? I am sorry...I couldn't resist...

2006-09-25 18:41:47
184.   singledd
Actually, Having Damon (he who needs rest) in CF and Abreu is now good insurance that Melky will stay with the team. As a starter, there would have been the temptation to flip him for a impact guy.

As a #4 OF'er and LIDR, there is NO reason NOT to keep him.

2006-09-25 18:43:29
185.   randym77
Melky was a CFer in the minors. That was considered his natural position, since he wasn't projected to have the power a corner OFer is supposed to have.
2006-09-25 18:46:07
186.   randym77
184 Except that at his age, he should be playing every day. I know, Joe says he would find a way to get him playing time, by resting one of his veteran starters every day. But he always says that. Joe's platoons always end up with the veteran playing every day and the other guy warming the bench.
2006-09-25 18:46:31
187.   singledd
186 I thought he was moved out of CF in the minors?
2006-09-25 18:47:12
188.   BklynBmr
Anyone miss Kitty yet? I understand some didn't care for him, but Kay and Murcer are killin' me here...
2006-09-25 18:47:26
189.   yankz
Wow, Cano and Melky are the only position players left from the original lineup. I guess Joe has more faith in the pen than we do ;)
2006-09-25 18:47:52
190.   randym77
LOL! Andy Cannizaro????
2006-09-25 18:48:07
191.   yankz
No fuck1ng way...
2006-09-25 18:48:11
192.   pistolpete
2006-09-25 18:48:32
193.   pistolpete
BTW, I hope Sterling reads this site. ;-)
2006-09-25 18:48:47
194.   BklynBmr
Hey, they didn't give Andy C. the freeze out. Pretty cool either way...
2006-09-25 18:49:33
195.   randym77
187 He played CF in Columbus.
2006-09-25 18:49:44
196.   C2Coke
190 That's real funny.
2006-09-25 18:50:37
197.   rilkefan
194 - "freeze out"?
2006-09-25 18:50:44
198.   Bama Yankee
188 Yeah, I already miss Kitty. Of course, I'm having to watch the Rays announcers on MLB.TV (actually they are not that bad considering the usual clowns we are forced to listen to).
2006-09-25 18:50:52
199.   randym77
194 I don't think the Yankees do that. Kay says it's more an NL thing.
2006-09-25 18:51:26
200.   yankz
So Cairo slides to 2B, and Wilson is the 1B? Torre better hope no one gets injured!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-25 18:53:07
201.   yankz
194 Yeah, what's that mean?
2006-09-25 18:53:38
202.   Bama Yankee
It'll look like a line drive in the box score tomorrow Andy...
2006-09-25 18:53:58
203.   yankz
17 different Yankees have batted tonight!!!
2006-09-25 18:56:17
204.   C2Coke
203 While this is all cool, it's still far from topping that 13-run 8th inning against Tampa last year.
2006-09-25 18:56:20
205.   BklynBmr
197, 201 A bench thing when a rookie hits his first major league HR, circles the bags and returns to the dugout — no one acknowledges him, total silent treatment. Then everybody cracks up and gives him his just props...
2006-09-25 18:56:36
206.   Bama Yankee
Hey Randym, when's Wilson gonna start mashing those lefties? ;-)
Just kidding, I guess I feel like we won't get much out of Wilson or Phillips if we go with either of them in the PS.
2006-09-25 18:56:55
207.   randym77
201 It's a trick they play on rookies. After a kid hits his first big league homer, they all ignore him. Don't offer any congrats, etc.

I have never seen the Yankees do that, though. I saw Bubba's first homer. I saw Andy's first homer. I saw Melky's first homer. None of them got the freeze out.

2006-09-25 18:57:35
208.   C2Coke
Wouldn't this be a good time to test Villone again? Oh, no wait, there's no need, Torre already has Villone on that play-off roster.
2006-09-25 18:57:47
209.   singledd
It's looks like Bruney makes the PS roster.
2006-09-25 18:57:56
210.   Chyll Will
201 It means no popsicles in his locker when he gets back...
2006-09-25 19:00:06
211.   C2Coke
207 And I think Cano got big congrats last year.
2006-09-25 19:00:37
212.   marc
Sterling is going crazy about hating the pre-fab noise they keep putting out especially this annoying clatter they make that sounds like Ralph Kramden, Alice or Norton are banging on the pipes for heat. I have to agree it is annoying as hell even listening to it over the radio feed.
2006-09-25 19:01:05
213.   randym77
Is it really necessary to use Bruney here?
2006-09-25 19:01:45
214.   C2Coke
This Bruney guy is for real.

209 And maybe even next season's.

2006-09-25 19:03:05
215.   yankz
205,207 Thanks- that's hilarious.
2006-09-25 19:03:34
216.   C2Coke
213 Are these innings like workouts for PS relievers? One would think that was the situation for, say, Beam or Dotel...
2006-09-25 19:06:53
217.   marc
So yanks get the tie breaker over Detroit because we beat them in the season series. We should be able to get best record or default best record then
2006-09-25 19:06:55
218.   3rd gen yankee fan
Is it me or has this game slowed WAY down since the 7th?
2006-09-25 19:07:51
219.   pistolpete
212 I just thought the 'Sez' family was in attendance.
2006-09-25 19:08:12
220.   randym77
If you're not going to use Beam, Dotel, or Henn now, when are you going to use them?
2006-09-25 19:09:57
221.   singledd
Good news for Boston:
Tonight's humiliation only lasted 2:03
2006-09-25 19:10:20
222.   marc
enough already. This is becoming tortuously long
2006-09-25 19:10:44
223.   yankz
218 Really? I felt like it's sped up. Would you expect a game that started at 7:15 and featured 14 runs to be in the 9th three hours later?
2006-09-25 19:11:27
224.   randym77
221 Good gravy. That's a short game.

Mauer 1 for 2, with two walks. Down to .347

2006-09-25 19:12:01
225.   BklynBmr
Ahhh, good point by Kay regarding home field. Tigers have to finish one game ahead of the Yanks to win it. If it's a tie, it goes to the Bombers by virture of our head to head record with Detroit. Forgot about that dynamic...
2006-09-25 19:14:59
226.   3rd gen yankee fan
213 Nope. Must be me.
2006-09-25 19:15:44
227.   pistolpete
225 Michael Kay makes a good point? What channel is that on?
2006-09-25 19:15:46
228.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oops, meant 223.
2006-09-25 19:16:00
229.   kdw
Anyone listening to the D-Rays broadcast? The announcers are going a little crazy thanking the crew.
2006-09-25 19:16:08
230.   C2Coke
220 In the PS?
2006-09-25 19:17:03
231.   pistolpete
Holy crap.
2006-09-25 19:17:21
232.   AbbyNormal821
Oh, now this is just so funny, it's sad!!!

Check out Miggy almost hitting an HR!

2006-09-25 19:17:29
233.   BklynBmr
OK, Miggy. Now keep the line movin', Yanks! I want 20! Just 'cause...
2006-09-25 19:17:43
234.   AbbyNormal821
think the Yanks are making up for the last 2 days?
2006-09-25 19:17:47
235.   randym77
That Miggy. He always hits better with men on.

Though I can't believe Crawford missed that...

2006-09-25 19:18:15
236.   C2Coke
231 Yep. Holy crap is right.
2006-09-25 19:18:31
237.   3rd gen yankee fan
234 Think they coulda spread out some of these runs over the past couple days, grumble grumble...
2006-09-25 19:18:37
238.   randym77
230 I don't think they'll be on the PS roster.
2006-09-25 19:19:41
239.   C2Coke
233 Next time, specify whether you want 20 runs or 20 hits.
2006-09-25 19:19:42
240.   BklynBmr
227 Hey, broken clock is right twice a day. That's the first for Kay all year, though...
2006-09-25 19:19:59
241.   Bama Yankee
229 I'm with you. That was some funny stuff. I kinda like those guys (especially Joe Magrane). Did you see that wrestler they interviewer earlier, LOL. I guess when you lose a lot of games, you have to do something to keep it interesting.
2006-09-25 19:21:06
242.   C2Coke
238 No? But then we won't have enough relievers (I am assuming Villone is in) who can give up late inning runs...
2006-09-25 19:22:50
243.   C2Coke
I must be right in 216. Is Torre worried that these pitchers who are pitching in PS would get rusty before PS? If that's the case, where is EDSP?
2006-09-25 19:24:01
244.   Bama Yankee
240 I caught the earlier part of the game on YES (EI package). Anyone else find it ironic that Kay was talking about the possibility of the SI jinx on the A-Rod article but he totally dismisses the possibility of his announcer jinx on a no-hitter?
2006-09-25 19:25:51
245.   randym77
242 We'll have Villone for that. :-P

Here's my guess for the PS pitchers, assuming Joe decides to carry 11:





2006-09-25 19:27:13
246.   AbbyNormal821
I know we're up by 15 runs, but can't Farnsy just end the f*cking thing cleanly?
2006-09-25 19:27:16
247.   yankz
F'n A, Farnsworth, Finish him Mortal Kombat style!

(Actually, I just realized that if you told that to Farnsworth, he probably would beat the sh1t out of the batter and scream BRUTALITY!)

2006-09-25 19:27:25
248.   3rd gen yankee fan
Aw c'mon Farns.
2006-09-25 19:29:00
249.   C2Coke
245 Wright is really picking the slack up lately. RJ is a whole other story...

I have a very good feeling about Veras despite small sample pool. So for me, Rasner and Veras is a toss. But for Torre, it's probably Lidle.

2006-09-25 19:29:11
250.   AbbyNormal821
1st base ump is a hoser!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-25 19:29:59
251.   BklynBmr
16-1 is next to perfect. 16-2 is zzzzzzzzzzz. C'mon, Farns. Get this done. Heat. Please.
2006-09-25 19:30:11
252.   pistolpete
244 Forgot about that, but excellent point. I feel like calling his ESPN show tomorrow and bringing it up, but I doubt he'd take the call.
2006-09-25 19:30:47
253.   AbbyNormal821
...and the home plate ump is a hoser too!
2006-09-25 19:30:53
254.   randym77
244 I heard that. Kay seemed to think it wasn't really a jinx, though. That the pressure of being on the cover is what does them in, not anything supernatural.

Speaking of which, the local paper had an article about what Joe was thinking when he spilled the beans to that reporter:

I don't know if his theory is correct, but I do find it odd that Torre would be so revealing. And I doubt it was accidental.

2006-09-25 19:31:03
255.   singledd
Anybody got post-allstar-game stats on Wright. I suspect his ERA is decent.
2006-09-25 19:31:03
256.   C2Coke

Farn's unpredictability will soon be up there with the Unit.

2006-09-25 19:31:27
257.   marc
how can Farnsy be so pathetic as to walk him at this point. Just throw it down the goddam middle and finish this. If they hit 15 homers in a row you lose.
2006-09-25 19:31:38
258.   rabid stan

C'mon, 1-2 count. Finish it already Farns.

2006-09-25 19:32:18
259.   BklynBmr
Whew. That was close ;-)
2006-09-25 19:33:07
260.   C2Coke
That was...interesting...

All in all, great day, excellent recovery from the dreadful weekend.

2006-09-25 19:33:55
261.   kdw
241 That wrestler was pretty funny. So was asking the one guy about how his work release was coming along. You're right, they have to take whatever fun they can, what with being a FL baseball team not the Marlins.
2006-09-25 19:34:24
262.   rabid stan
Bottom of the ninth, two out, bases-loaded, your team is down by 15. Do you have what it takes?
2006-09-25 19:35:13
263.   BklynBmr
260 Exactly. After the Yanks' hangover games on Saturday and Sunday, and the Jints goatfu*k in Seattle, I have reason to live ;-)
2006-09-25 19:36:05
264.   marc
Waldman interviewing Cannizaro as the star of the game. He is definitely excited and enjoying himself.
2006-09-25 19:36:25
265.   pistolpete
261 Who was the wrestler?
2006-09-25 19:36:48
266.   Bama Yankee
254 He even talked about the Madden game jinx. I know he probably doesn't believe it, but for him to give it credence by even bringing it up seem a little ironic to me after he exploded on that caller the other day.

BTW, he also said the the umps should not have reacted the way they did during that argument earlier in the game. IIRC, he said it's not their job to react that way to the manager (i.e. screaming back at them). I wonder if he thinks that it is his job to react the way he did when he overreacted to that caller?

2006-09-25 19:37:55
267.   rabid stan
261 The Marlins have fans?

I was assuming the people in the stands the last few weeks thought the Dolphins were playing.

2006-09-25 19:40:18
268.   yankz
"Since the end of May, Canó has batted .367/.391/.596. "

Good lord...

2006-09-25 19:40:35
269.   BklynBmr
Oh, yeah. Forgot totally about MNF from the Big Easy tonight. (After all, The New York Yankees are playing baseball.) Saints are thumpin' Atlanta 20-3 at the half. U2 and Greenday provided the intermission distraction. On ESPN right now...
2006-09-25 19:41:09
270.   JeremyM
265 Hulk Hogan is from Tampa isn't
2006-09-25 19:41:14
271.   rabid stan
268 Time to get a #22 jersey, I think.
2006-09-25 19:42:22
272.   randym77
That was likely Mauer's last AB. He's 2 for 3 with 2 walks. .349
2006-09-25 19:44:45
273.   C2Coke
268 He's also batting close to .400 in September.
2006-09-25 19:51:51
274.   BklynBmr
Up to the Minute™

Mauer .349
Robbie .342
Cap .340

2006-09-25 19:52:19
275.   wsporter
268 273 From notes: "Since returning from the disabled list on Aug. 8, Cano is hitting .409 (67-for-164) with nine home runs and 46 RBIs in 46 games."


2006-09-25 19:55:05
276.   kdw
265 Didn't catch who it was but it was funny.

Uh-oh, Johnson not making his last start, has been having back problems last 3 starts and hasn't told anyone until now. Shutting him down until the post-season. Just told Torre before batting practice today.

2006-09-25 20:00:13
277.   pistolpete
276 Fabulous. Exactly who can we count on for the playoffs - just Wang, right?

Ugh, here's hoping we skate through this season and get a ring, then have a serious youth movement in our rotation for 2007...

To think we have a whole 'nother season of Johnson.

2006-09-25 20:02:28
278.   randym77
Torre just said RJ always has back trouble. It's chronic with him; he pitches through it.
2006-09-25 20:05:17
279.   marc
So we got Wang, Moose and then I guess Wright. Are we really going to use Lidle in a short series? Maybe RJ will be better by then.
2006-09-25 20:07:00
280.   randym77
Torre said RJ would make his start in the PS.

I suspect RJ would pitch this week if we needed him.

2006-09-25 20:09:04
281.   Simone
Oh, ESPN has a great article praising Frank Thomas. Good to see the Big Hurt getting some love even if it is late in his career.
Here is the link:

Also, Alan Schwartz has a great article on the oldest known living African American baseball player, Silas Simmons who is 111 years old. Here is the link:

2006-09-25 20:12:34
282.   kdw
280 He probably would, thank goodness that's not the case.

Sounds like Torre would like to have known about the issue earlier but it might not have changed much. They could have tried having him skip a start but he still has lots of time to rest up and try to get it right now.

2006-09-25 20:16:25
283.   JeremyM
Johnson in a big game this post-season has Kevin Brown in 2004 written all over it.
2006-09-25 20:18:45
284.   randym77
If this team has a weakness, it's the starting pitching. I shudder to think about where we'd be now if the Diamondbacks had taken Wang in the Randy Johnson trade, when we offered him.
2006-09-25 20:19:39
285.   kdw
283 Noooooooo. Make it stop.

254 That was an interesting take on Torre opening up. Thanks for the link.

2006-09-25 20:30:23
286.   yankz
NoMaas is hilarious today, if you can find him ;)
2006-09-25 21:10:49
287.   BklynBmr
281 Thanks, Simone. What a story. Heartbreaking and inspiring, let alone being a parent and outliving your children. What a man.
2006-09-25 21:34:23
288.   zgveritas
Toronto Blue Jays 2nd place
2006-09-26 03:43:10
289.   Shaun P
283 Let's hope not, for the Yanks's sake. Though I had the same thought when I heard about Unit's back trouble.
2006-09-26 03:50:20
290.   randym77
281 Great article about Si Simmons. What an amazing story.

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