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Tuff Enuff?
2006-09-19 12:38
by Alex Belth
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Nobody in Yankeeland has been analyzed half as much as Alex Rodriguez has been this year. But just when you thought the horse couldn't take another lash, Tom Verducci arrives with an insightful, behind-the-scenes profile of Rodriguez. There are especially good quotes from Jason Giambi. Check it out.

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2006-09-19 12:50:59
1.   rbilotta
Funny reading that now considering it is Giambi who is in a horrible slump right now.
2006-09-19 12:54:37
2.   bp1
Gotta wonder how Tom V knew what happened in the meeting w/ Joe Torre, right down to A-Rod staring him in the eye and twiddling his wedding ring.
2006-09-19 13:02:28
3.   rbs10025
Do I have to read it?

I went to the SI website earlier looking to see if they had more about the Dodgers-Padres game last night, which I happened to be watching on the satellite TV at a bar on Broadway. Instead of something interesting about a historic game, I found they had Yet Another A-Rod Analysis (YAARA?) as their headline piece of the day. So I went elsewhere.

2006-09-19 13:03:39
4.   Sliced Bread
It was a very good read, but I'm sooo tired of Analyzing Alex, and ten pages, Oy.

"If I can look back," says A-Rod, "and see I made 25 errors, hit .285, and drove in 125, I mean, has God really been that bad to me?"


Man, life is real good in Yankeeland if the scandal of the summer is a slump, and some dumbass booing by some dumbass fans.

Dang, he put a sweet swing on that ball last night, huh?

2006-09-19 13:07:31
5.   mehmattski
Playing the role of randym77 today:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi 1B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Hideki Matsui DH
Melky Cabrera LF

Jeff Karstens RHP

With Sheff on the bench!

2006-09-19 13:15:27
6.   rbj
That's a sick lineup.
Maybe show that lineup to Tampa, and they'll just forfeit. Spend more time at the beach.
2006-09-19 13:17:28
7.   AbbyNormal821
Jeez, Alex - thanks for that link to the SI article. Damn, what a great article that was. Verducci has really honed in on the psyche of A-Rod. Each revelation I read had me saying "yep, that's true" and "uh-huh, I can see why he's like that".


2006-09-19 13:23:29
8.   Bob Timmermann
I found the article pretty insightful although I wonder about the phrase "worthy of wearing Yankee pinstripes." I didn't know Yankee players were judged on their overall worthiness to wear the uniform. If so, what's the rationale for any of the myriad Yankees who have been in the back of the bullpen the last few years?
2006-09-19 13:28:06
9.   Sliced Bread
8 Good point. That line bothered me too. "Yankees traditionalists" is that what we're supposed to call the bums who boo A-Rod?
2006-09-19 13:37:08
10.   JL25and3
I didn't realize there was a new post, so I'll repeat my comments from the other thread. Those of you who've read it, just skip it; those of you who haven't, well, feel free to skip it anyway:

I thought that article was entirely mean-spirited. I was surprised that Giambi said so much for attribution, but I was angry at the "Yankee veteran" who dissed him anonymously.

It really grates on me when people slam Rodriguez for not being the person they want him to be. It's "unsettling" that he is well-dressed for a business meeting? He didn't show enough emotion with Joe, because all he did was twirl his ring? Frankly, I don't show much emotion if I'm dressed down by my boss, and I don't think it makes me a worse person.

And come on, every player in the majors can rattle off his stats.

Finally, there's this whole idea that none of it matters until October. Somehow that's become part of Yankee mythology in recent years - nobody ever said it about Mel Stottlemyre or Don Mattingly.

To say that winning is the only thing that matters is disingenuous. In fact, all the focus is on Rodriguez's individual performance, and I don't think he's the one who put it there. If the Yankees win the championship, that won't be enough in many people's eyes; he'll only be redeemed if he dominates the series. Even then, if Jeter hits one big homer, then forget it.

2006-09-19 13:42:57
11.   Fred Vincy
JL25and3 makes some very good points, but you have to credit the reporter with doing an unusually good job at getting folks to talk (which is his job). And we all know who the unnamed veteran was -- ouch!
2006-09-19 13:43:35
12.   mehmattski
11 Karim Garcia?
2006-09-19 13:51:12
13.   LI yankee
11 Tanyon Sturtze?
2006-09-19 13:52:58
14.   Bama Yankee
11 Dale Berra?
2006-09-19 13:53:33
15.   Fred Vincy
12 & 13 -- I'm thinking someone with a bit more jewelry -- though I'll admit in Garcia's case that's a bit of a challenge....
2006-09-19 13:56:17
16.   Bama Yankee
12 "Who is Karim Garcia?"
2006-09-19 13:56:22
17.   rsmith51
I am a little surprised he hasn't befriended any of the other players more. Is there a either you are a friend of the Captain or a friend of A-Rod thing going on? And no one picked A-Rod?
2006-09-19 13:56:27
18.   vockins
15 Yogi?
2006-09-19 13:58:27
19.   jayd
Off Topic: Things That Keep Me Up At Night

Worries vocalized from foxsorts writer dayn perry:

"During the regular season, Rivera's average appearance was 1.10 innings. But when the postseason rolled around, Torre counted on his closer for 1.53 innings on average.

As you can see, Torre shows a clear pattern of giving Rivera longer outings in the playoffs — when the situations are obviously most critical. The worry, then, is whether an ailing Rivera will be able to handle those ramped-up workloads."

2006-09-19 13:58:48
20.   Bama Yankee
15 Deion Sanders?
2006-09-19 13:59:20
21.   randym77
Wow. That's some article. I had no idea all that was going on behind closed doors.
2006-09-19 14:04:14
22.   C2Coke
Personal opinions aside (I know we have at least two sides here about Sheff), I am pleasanty surprised at this point because we have both Matsui and Sheff back.

Just two months ago, we all admitted to ourselves (maybe secretly or openly) that neither of them would be back this season.

Now, we have a Godzilla who is playing like his old form, and another monster bat back (considering how soon the Yankees activated Sheff after the stimulated game, it's hard not to have high hopes).

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's just simply say,


2006-09-19 14:12:48
23.   Chyll Will
I make no apologies, that article gave me a headache. Like Sliced said earlier, he's been analyzed to the marrow of his bones already, leave the hell alone and let him play. Why do we waste precious minutes of our lives worrying over this crap? He's a human being, live with it!

Let me ask you all something, if A-Rod was struck and killed by a car, if his plane crashed or he died in his sleep for whatever reason, are you gonna hash over his contributions as a Yankee, or whether he was fully supported in the locker room or whether he ever grew a set of brass so as to knock the cover off the ball and flip off the opposing team when he got home? Why in the world does this matter any more?

And let me say this right now, I don't freakin care if he's no longer dating Jeter or playing footsies in the dugout with him or not. Priorities, okay? Hit the ball, catch, throw, eat the ball, tell them to kiss your behind if necessary.

Look, this has been a really special year, better than the last five as far as I'm concerned. Lots of people have come into their own, even in the front office. And, might I add, I've never been so informed and entertained about the game until I found Toaster and started in on Banter. I love this place, and you guys are the best reason to be on the net right now. Still,I am quite miffed about having to rehash the soul-sucking that is this year's version of the A-Rod Saga, but then I am a rather emotional individual, for which again I don't apologize. Understand that some things have to be said and some things bear repeating, but this just isn't one of them. All this A-Rod Analyze This & That has gone beyond suck and just hurts now.

JL, I don't know if this makes any sense to you, but thanks for letting me borrow your rant gear. I'm returing it to you in good condition and with a sigh of relief. Alex, I wasn't blowing up on you or anything; that was a gut reaction to the article. No offense.

2006-09-19 14:22:51
24.   mehmattski
22 Two sides? It's more like the Dodecahedron of Opinion around here.

23 Well said. Cliff Notes Version: Banter good, A-Rod psychoanalyzing bad.

I hope the fans on the third base line have been warned.

2006-09-19 14:31:31
25.   Chyll Will
24 I've never actually been Cliff Noted before, thanks! Still, I hope people read it instead of being intimidated by how long it is. Umm, that doesn't sound right, but you get the picture, um idea...
2006-09-19 14:31:42
26.   yankz
15 I'm going with Ruben Sierra, final answer. Always knew he was a punk.

Am I too skeptical if I'm not always full convinced an "anonymous quote" was actually said and not just something made up by the author?

2006-09-19 14:32:40
27.   Bama Yankee
23 Good job, Chyll. And all that with no bold or underline. ;-)
2006-09-19 14:34:47
28.   JL25and3
11 No question about it. I can't remember when I've seen a reporter get such substantive quotes from Yankees. I can fault Verducci for being snarky and taking cheap shots, but not for his reporting.

23 You used it well. And you even got mehmattski to give you some of his "well said" stockpile.

2006-09-19 14:37:13
29.   C2Coke
After reading the article, it somehow made me feel more appreciative for Damon. I am sure he was a key factor in balancing out the atmosphere with the team. And from what we've heard, Cano, Myers, Wang all seem to have contributed to that aspect this year.

The quotes in the article, in my opinion, are are demonstrations of some serious frustration. Arod's slump, believe or not, affected all the people who follow the Yankees, so of course, his teammates and coaches all suffered.

2006-09-19 14:39:37
30.   mehmattski
26 An anonymous Banterer said that "mehmattski is the best poster in the history of organized blogging." I think I read this in the NY Times...
2006-09-19 14:42:02
31.   C2Coke
23 I am glad you got it out of system. Now we can all sit back and wait for all the flying balls to the left side of Rogers Center, together.
2006-09-19 14:44:29
32.   Bama Yankee
30 Karim Garcia?
2006-09-19 14:44:43
33.   Shaun P
So . . . anyone found online video of Gator pitching to Sheff yet? I bet its a riot.
2006-09-19 14:46:50
34.   Simone
While Verducci could have avoided some of his snark, the article is excellent in terms of content. It is one of the first well sourced articles on A-Rod that I have read. It provided candid comments from Yankee players, manager and coaches that we just about never get.
2006-09-19 14:50:33
35.   yankz
32 Who?
2006-09-19 14:52:12
36.   mehmattski
35 Mike Jones!
2006-09-19 14:53:03
37.   yankz
36 I was waiting for that!
2006-09-19 14:53:15
38.   Chyll Will
27 Sure I did. Some things are bold enough as it is, and nothing there was understated. >;)

Give this team credit. How many teams have been effected like this in recent history and still managed to cruise into the playoffs as the team to beat? And on a consistent basis at that? (Sorry, '86 Mets...)

2006-09-19 14:53:23
39.   LI yankee
15 I'm probably thinking who you were thinking if he meant a longtime Yankee. If he just meant a veteran who's on the Yankees, I'm thinking of someone else.
2006-09-19 14:54:22
40.   Shaun P
"I will never forget what Kim and Don Mattingly did" - so writes Peter Gammons in his first column in a long time. What, I wonder, did they do?
2006-09-19 14:57:08
41.   BklynBmr
11 Bambi?
2006-09-19 14:57:25
42.   rbj
24 More like: Boo A-Rod psychoanalyzing. Hooray Banter.

I agree, it was probably more frustration than anything else. Also (as I said on the last thread - following JL25and3's lead) it just shows what Torre's strength as a manager is. Imagine Ozzie Guillen, John Gibbons or Billy Martin managing this club.

2006-09-19 14:58:26
43.   Bama Yankee
30 Rob Gee?
2006-09-19 14:59:11
44.   yankz
43 Nah, it was Stormer Sports.
2006-09-19 15:01:25
45.   mehmattski
43 Given that I was a partial indirect cause of his banning, I'd say no, not at all like that.
2006-09-19 15:08:46
46.   kylepetterson
Since nobody else has:

Your friendly neighborhood Blue Jays:

Catalanotto LF
Lind DH
Wells CF
Glaus 3B
Overbay 1B
Hill SS
Zaun C
Rios RF
Adams 2B

2006-09-19 15:09:02
47.   Chyll Will
42 When you think about it, who would have come out of that season alive and intact?
2006-09-19 15:12:35
48.   LI yankee
47 The only other manager who could probably pull that off is Girardi. I'd love to see him as Torre's successor. Cussing out the owner here may not be such a good idea though.
2006-09-19 15:13:07
49.   LI yankee
In 48, I meant 42
2006-09-19 15:15:34
50.   kylepetterson
Thus far, A-Rods "terrible" season, doesn't look that bad..

.288 .387 .521 34 116

.370 .455 .759 7 41

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2006-09-19 15:16:38
51.   Bama Yankee
45 Yeah, I forgot about that. Rob might actually say:
"fdhwjkh mehmattski ghjoprana mehmattski fhohrwev ojaweqwrx" ;-)
Rob, where ever you are, I kid...
2006-09-19 15:18:45
52.   Chyll Will
Well folks, this has been funzies, but I have to go home now and grill turkey burgers for my girl and myself and pray that she lets me listen to the game in peace tonight. Keep the bolds and beautifuls in good form, ladies and gentlemen; I bid you adieu, ciao and peace-out. One!
2006-09-19 15:43:54
53.   randym77
Well, I guess there's no escaping it. YES is all over this A-Rod thing like white on rice.
2006-09-19 15:45:53
54.   C2Coke
53 Just count our blessings that tonight's game is not on ESPN...
2006-09-19 15:46:19
55.   Javi Javi
I just hope that Arod's fragile psyche doesn't get shattered again because of more attention on the slump as a result of the article, now that he's the real Arod again.
2006-09-19 15:57:58
56.   LI yankee

They had to put Giambi's quote on the cover too. Nice timing for all of this.

2006-09-19 16:01:30
57.   randym77
They just showed Gator pitching to Sheff.
2006-09-19 16:08:12
58.   Max
The sum of knowledge we gained from the article about A-Rod himself isn't really high on substance, given how overplayed the topic has been this entire season. We already know him to be fragile, absorbed with his self-image, largely friendless in the clubhouse.

However, the story was a fascinating read in terms of gaining insight into how A-Rod's performance and personality directly impact the clubhouse and teammates, if indeed the quotes are accurate. To hear his teammates actually express the same frustration with his erratic performance that the fans do (and yes, that includes the Banter crew that wonders how he swings haplessly at so many meatballs) was certainly revealing to me.

And I'm one of those that's fascinated at how this story just won't die. A-Rod's performance and personality, and everyone's polar reactions to it, really tell us a lot about our own expectations of sports stars. Despite A-Rod's gaudy numbers and steroid-free stature, somehow he's viewed as lacking something, and he doesn't even have the complete respect of his own teammates.

It's nice to keep pointing to his contract, the lack of a ring, and the fact that he plays for the Yankees as a reason for all the scrutiny, but there's something else at the heart of his personality that makes him a lightning rod for all this scorn. The best way he can deal with it is to keep playing well (and he's done that the last few weeks), and maybe spend a little less time trying to cozy up with the press.

I've always felt Alex should do a Manny or Pedro and just boycott the press for a while, as childish as it seems. Let people judge him on his performance and his on-field demeanor, but don't give the beat writers any more ammunition. He just doesn't seem to have the makeup to communicate with his teammates or the writers in a way that engenders respect.

2006-09-19 16:12:25
59.   BklynBmr
Uh-oh. Cap just took one on the wrist. Didn't sound good...
2006-09-19 16:14:03
60.   BklynBmr
Jetes is staying in...
2006-09-19 16:19:13
61.   yankz
I really hope that 3 pitch K had nothing to do with the interview...
2006-09-19 16:19:28
62.   randym77
58 Yeah, I think that about sums it up.

For a guy who cares about his image so much, who always seems so scripted...he's prone to saying things he really, really shouldn't. Like what he said about Jeter that appears to have ended their friendship.

2006-09-19 16:20:53
63.   yankz
Mauer has a 6 point lead in the race. This will be tough
2006-09-19 16:26:44
64.   kylepetterson
If Catalanotto steals home would that be an in the park home run?
2006-09-19 16:28:57
65.   yankz
Wow, Arod has passed Giambi, Posada, and Damon for 2nd highest VORP on the team.
2006-09-19 16:32:04
66.   Simone
Yeah, Jorgie.
2006-09-19 16:33:38
67.   randym77
I think Posada's more valuable than just about anyone else on the team. Except Mo.
2006-09-19 16:37:26
68.   yankz
Slow BB night?
2006-09-19 16:38:21
69.   kylepetterson
twins 4 - boston 0
2006-09-19 16:39:07
70.   rsmith51
65 Who would have predicted that in August?
2006-09-19 16:39:44
71.   rsmith51
Man, that was the same pitch that Matsui K'd on.
2006-09-19 16:40:03
72.   3rd gen yankee fan
68 I'm here but I'm trying to get some work done.

Anyone see that Andy Petitte's father is ill? Andy's missing his start. I wish them the best.

2006-09-19 16:40:05
73.   yankz
Mauer now leads by 5.
2006-09-19 16:42:32
74.   rilkefan
58 - "We already know him to be fragile, absorbed with his self-image"

No, we know the way the press likes to present him and the audience likes to receive him.

The article is contradictory - on the one hand, the Yankees believe in handing on the baton, in the other A-Rod has to step up. On the one hand, A-Rod is too eager to please, on the other he's oblivious to how he's being received, on the other ...

Anyway, I hope never to have reason to comment on this issue again.

2006-09-19 16:43:10
75.   randym77
I hope Jeter's wrist is okay. He really got hit hard.
2006-09-19 16:46:30
76.   randym77
74 I don't think those are contradictory. Passing the baton means you trust the guy behind you to move you over. If you can't trust the guy behind you, you can't pass the baton.

And you can be oblivious and be eager to please. Indeed, I would say A-Rod is strangely tone-deaf to how he comes across sometimes, while meaning well.

2006-09-19 16:48:17
77.   Simone
Ugh, Karstens, get it together.
2006-09-19 16:48:57
78.   yankz
Is there an emergency caddy for Karstens today? I really hope we don't need one.
2006-09-19 16:50:58
79.   rsmith51
"Scary Flyball guy", way to go.
2006-09-19 16:51:08
80.   markp
rilkefan: amen to that. He takes rather innocuous remarks out of context, and then makes it sound like nobody in the clubhouse likes Arod at all.
It's one of those articles that the writer appears to be trying to be nice, but makes the subject sound like an insecure narcissist (he even uses Narcissus in the article) who folds under the slightest pressure.
2006-09-19 16:51:11
81.   randym77
And he escaped!
2006-09-19 16:54:24
82.   yankz
I hope Jeter gets hot really fast, both for the title and for the playoffs.
2006-09-19 16:54:50
83.   rsmith51
Um, how about the 1 game playoff?
2006-09-19 16:55:39
84.   rsmith51
The reason they didn't play last year is because the other team was the wild card.
2006-09-19 16:55:57
85.   rilkefan
76 - Sure it's contradictory - moving over vs big hit. Giambi criticized A-Rod's hits in Boston for not being big enough.

"Group X almost never talks about individual numbers because stats are incidental to the team's mission"

More of the same - how can X be unhappy with A-Rod's numbers if they don't know what they are? It's convenient that they can ignore A-Rod's VORP, isn't it?

I guess the press isn't going to get on Jeter for apparently sulking for 5 years about being called a #2 hitter. Or how poor his leadership qualities have been during A-Rod's slump. Or apparently how fragile he is, overpressing during the batting title race.

2006-09-19 16:56:02
86.   randym77
And Cy Marcum mows 'em down...
2006-09-19 16:56:21
87.   singledd
I think Jetes is very tired. Other then is HR last night, he hasn't geen driving the ball in a while. Lots of cheap ground balls, some for hits.

I hope Torre gives Jetes, Damon, Posada, Melky and ARod lots of time off after we clinch (or Minn. clinches it for us).

Arrrrrg! A 6 pitch inning!

2006-09-19 16:56:31
88.   Simone
76 I agree. There was nothing contridactory about the article. Verducci's premise was very clear. The Yankees want to trust and pick each other up, but during his slump A-Rod was in denial about how badly he was playing so they couldn't trust him to address his problems. Verducci used quotes from the Yankees to support his premise.
2006-09-19 16:56:44
89.   yankz
I barely had time to blink that inning.
2006-09-19 16:57:42
90.   rsmith51
Don't you hate it when they spread bad information? If the Yanks and Red Sox tie I guarantee that the other one isn't the wild card.
2006-09-19 16:58:17
91.   Simone
To anyone watching, what exactly is Karstens' problem tonight?
2006-09-19 16:59:27
92.   yankz
85 Is that "sulking"? Your best friend insults you in front of millions, and you change your relationship from friendly to professional. That's not sulking or bitter. Some people just don't give second chances.

DiMaggio was the same way. Toots Shor, one night after heavy drinking, once called Marilyn Monroe a wh*re. DiMaggio never went back to his restaurant again.

2006-09-19 17:03:27
93.   randym77
85 I don't see that as contradictory. Giambi wasn't part of the championship teams.

And IMO, the press has gotten on Jeter for not defending A-Rod. It's been a regular soap opera.

But Jeter never really gives anyone anything to feed on. He's never said anything that suggests he's sulking over what A-Rod said. Others assume he must be, because he and A-Rod are not as close, but he never says anything the press can sink their claws into. A-Rod would do well to emulate him.

2006-09-19 17:04:08
94.   kylepetterson
2006-09-19 17:07:00
95.   rilkefan
92 - unprofessional for the team's captain not to defend a player being attacked - if not out of a sense of responsibility for his teammate, at least out of a sense that the criticism was affecting A-Rod and hence the team. His silence was I think a fairly clear sign of disapproval and encouraged the yahoos.
2006-09-19 17:09:17
96.   rsmith51
2006-09-19 17:09:56
97.   randym77
Aw, Godzilla. I was sure he was gonna hit a grand slam there.
2006-09-19 17:10:35
98.   rsmith51
Hit it to the OF, Melky!
2006-09-19 17:10:46
99.   Simone
Why is Marcum hitting the Yankees?
2006-09-19 17:11:25
100.   mehmattski
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2006-09-19 17:12:18
101.   Simone
Yeah, Melky.
2006-09-19 17:12:37
102.   rsmith51
Cmon, Cap'n!
2006-09-19 17:14:37
103.   Max
85 Jeter doesn't have to explain anything, including his "poor leadership qualities". He has a way of managing the press that presents his side as safely and yet as directly as he possibly can, and the writers (and his teammates) seem to accept that. And he's a winner, which gives him a huge pass.

We can blame the press all we want for the way A-Rod is portrayed, but at some point, if you look beyond the superficial profiles to the way the press machine works, there's enough noise to tell me (and this is obviously my judgement), that there's truth behind the heat.

None of this will make me support A-Rod any less as a Yankee, and I'm actually rooting for him harder because of the way he's been piled on. But that doesn't mean I'm going to turn a blind eye to how he seems to be his own worst enemy when he opens his mouth, and says things like "I needed to pick up the boys today" in the most unctuous manner possible. Like I said before, I just want him to perform and otherwise shutup...and when he doesn't perform, I don't want him to explain it to death.

As far as the contradictory nature of the article, naturally there are contradictions -- A-Rod is a mess of contradictions. That's what gives this story its dimension and leads it to be overanalyzed. If he were merely a Barry Bonds or Albert Belle type a*hole, it would be a lot simpler, wouldn't it?

2006-09-19 17:15:39
104.   3rd gen yankee fan
Guidry could pitch again! I'd love to see it.
2006-09-19 17:16:06
105.   BklynBmr
"down the stretch they come and on the outside here comes Rockin' Robbie...

Mauer .344
Cano .339
Cap .338

2006-09-19 17:18:10
106.   Simone
95 See there, Jeter is getting criticized by you and the media for not defending A-Rod. I'm sure that makes A-Rod feel better.
2006-09-19 17:24:00
107.   kylepetterson
just setting up the double play....
2006-09-19 17:24:21
108.   Mick S
Why can't I have a cool name like Catalanotto?

Joe Smith

2006-09-19 17:25:35
109.   kylepetterson
and why can't I have a cat all on auto?
2006-09-19 17:26:22
110.   kylepetterson
109 granted, it's a lame joke, but it's a joke all the same.
2006-09-19 17:27:03
111.   pistolpete
Wow, 6-0 Twinkies. At least maybe we can order the champagne tonight. ;-)
2006-09-19 17:29:00
112.   kylepetterson
I seem to see that foul bunt from Abreu every once in a while, then he gets a base hit. Does he intend to bunt, or is he just keeping the defense honest?
2006-09-19 17:30:47
113.   Schteeve
They should stop covering this team in SI and start covering it in Soap Opera Digest. The endless contrived drama is ridiculous.
2006-09-19 17:34:06
114.   Simone
Let's see if the Yankees can have a big inning here.
2006-09-19 17:35:39
115.   BklynBmr
From Peter Abraham (LoHud):


There was quite a bit of chatter about the Sports Illustrated story on Alex Rodriguez. Joe Torre felt the general tone was fair and accurate, that the team tried to support A-Rod when he was struggling.

Jason Giambi comes off in the story as being a little combative with A-Rod and both insisted that wasn't the case. From what I have seen, the rest of the Yankees only care if he hits. The rest of it is window dressing.

Personally, I find the whole thing a little sickening. The constant taking of A-Rod's temperature is out of hand. But he doesn't help himself by saying how smart and good-looking he is and maybe that's why people don't like him.


2006-09-19 17:38:15
116.   Simone
Let's go, Jorgie.
2006-09-19 17:39:13
117.   kylepetterson
115 "But he doesn't help himself by saying how smart and good-looking he is"

I say that about myself all the time and nobody seems to care. In fact, I wrote a book titled "I am so smart and good looking"

2006-09-19 17:39:59
118.   Simone
Okay, it's on Cano.
2006-09-19 17:41:57
119.   BklynBmr
Put one in the gap, Robbie.
2006-09-19 17:41:58
120.   pistolpete
115 I think A-Rod secretly runs the 'Maddox' web site. ;-)
2006-09-19 17:43:05
121.   Simone
115 You left out the bit from Peter Abraham that I liked the most:

"You employed Scott Boras, you got your money and one of the results is that people expect a lot. Either live with it or quit.

Meanwhile, he's hitting .288 with 34 homers and 116 RBI. I know he has made a lot of errors (23) and has too many strikeouts (137) and DPs (21). But .288/.387/.521 is hardly struggling."

2006-09-19 17:43:36
122.   Simone
Arrgggh!!! Horrible inning. Gibbons changed pitchers at the right time.
2006-09-19 17:47:08
123.   pistolpete
Karstens, no one says you have to put men on base every inning.
2006-09-19 17:48:22
124.   randym77
Wilson in, in the 5th? Giambi hurt, or is it just because there's a lefty pitching?
2006-09-19 17:50:18
125.   singledd
117 Can I buy it on Amazon?
2006-09-19 17:51:15
126.   rilkefan
"You employed Scott Boras, you got your money and one of the results is that people expect a lot. Either live with it or quit."

He's living with it. A big contract doesn't give others license to be jerks. Anyway, as I just said at LoHud, the contract isn't the problem so much as conservative societal attitudes about macho and mental health counselling.

2006-09-19 17:51:52
127.   C2Coke
124 They are setting up the stage for Sheff's debut later. it too much to ask for a nice'n easy game once awhile? especially we are so close to clinch this thing?

2006-09-19 17:52:46
128.   C2Coke
2006-09-19 17:54:50
129.   LI yankee
117 "Is it my fault that I am really really really ridiculously good looking?"
2006-09-19 17:54:55
130.   Mattpat11
The Yankees reall have the market cornered on fugly pitchers, huh?
2006-09-19 17:55:05
131.   JeremyM
Come on Karstens, get out of it and keep it tied.
2006-09-19 17:55:24
132.   Simone
Sigh Is Karstens going to be on the playoff roster?
2006-09-19 17:56:14
133.   JeremyM
132 Barring injury, I don't think there's a chance.
2006-09-19 17:56:36
134.   C2Coke
132 You are kidding, right?
2006-09-19 17:57:53
135.   pistolpete
Johnny! Yikes, is he hurt?
2006-09-19 17:58:05
136.   Simone
133 Good.

134 Nope, I been reading all sorts of speculation over the Internet.

2006-09-19 17:58:19
137.   randym77
Whoah, JD! But jeez, he gives me a heart attack when he tumbles and crashes like that.
2006-09-19 17:58:21
138.   BklynBmr
Wow! That was the reverse of Melky's great catch against Manny, with JD out there next to him. Awesome!
2006-09-19 17:58:32
139.   pistolpete
130 We need more fugliness to counterbalance A-Rod's stunning good looks.
2006-09-19 17:58:39
140.   Paul in Boston
Damon is definitely hurt. Figure him out for a week ... at least.
2006-09-19 17:59:35
141.   Simone
Damon's hurt? Arrrggh.
2006-09-19 17:59:39
142.   Schteeve
Can we officially change A-Rod's nickname to Zoolander?
2006-09-19 18:00:05
143.   SF Yanks
I love how Melky took the ball out of Damon's glove and raised it up.
2006-09-19 18:00:32
144.   C2Coke
140 Now, please tell me you are joking?

136 Doesn't Rasner seem like a much much better option?

2006-09-19 18:01:01
145.   LI yankee
142 Yes! and Jeter can be Hansel.
2006-09-19 18:01:15
146.   randym77
Damon doesn't look hurt. He was smiling, anyway. He's got a cut on his hand from the stones on on the warning track, but he looks okay.
2006-09-19 18:01:43
147.   Simone
142 LOL! That movie is stupid, but I love the scene where Zoolander and his model friends are dancing around to Wham as they splash gasoline all over over themselves playfully and then they explode. Hilarious.
2006-09-19 18:02:55
148.   LI yankee
147 Yeah the song makes that scene
2006-09-19 18:03:23
149.   C2Coke
146 Thanks.
2006-09-19 18:03:27
150.   yankz
Is the free agent draft the same as the amateur draft?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-09-19 18:03:57
151.   Schteeve
145 A-Rod to Jeter, "And I'm not your 'brah."
2006-09-19 18:05:33
152.   BklynBmr
121 Yeah, I hate the money side of this, rationally it shouldn't be an issue. I love the saying "You don't get what you're worth, you get what you negotiate." I wouldn't demand/expect any more or less than maximum effort from A-Rod if he was earning $100M per. If his representation could pull that off, more power to 'em. The only bank account I worry about is mine.

All I want A-Rod to do is hit with runners in scoring position, play sound D and do the little things that help win ballgames. I understand he when slumps, I trust he's far too talented not to snap out of it sooner rather than later. I don't need the media telling me he should be doing this or that because his agent was able to cut an incredible deal for him. Put that in the Business section.

2006-09-19 18:06:24
153.   JeremyM
I was always told that the guy that makes the great play in the field leads off the next inning. What the hell is going on here?
2006-09-19 18:08:42
154.   LI yankee
"New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi has left the game due to an injured hand/wrist"


2006-09-19 18:09:06
155.   SF Yanks
Where's Sheff? I better get my fix of Sheff tonight.
2006-09-19 18:09:54
156.   randym77
154 It's probably his same wrist. It's been bothering him for weeks. He's considering getting a third cortisone shot.

This is why I don't want Giambi playing D. Not only is he not that great at it, he always hurts himself.

2006-09-19 18:10:19
157.   Schteeve
Zoolander (A-Rod) Why you been acting so messed up to me?

Hansel (Jeter) Why you been acting so messed up to me?

Non Zoolander fans won't find that as funny as I do.

2006-09-19 18:12:06
158.   JeremyM
Nice job eating another inning by Karstens. The entire bullpen will be in fetal positions for Henn's start tomorrow.
2006-09-19 18:15:10
159.   3rd gen yankee fan
I don't actually think ARod is all that good-looking.
2006-09-19 18:15:52
160.   yankz
Jeter and Cano are tied?!?!

Can anybody answer 150

2006-09-19 18:16:01
161.   BklynBmr
154 This in not good news right now. But with Iron Sheff coming back, maybe the stars are in alignment for a memorable October. Been like this all year. One guy goes down, someone else picks him up. We need a healthy Giambi bat, though. Hopefully he can rest it until the games start to really count again...
2006-09-19 18:16:21
162.   yankz
159 What? He's a male model!
2006-09-19 18:17:12
163.   BklynBmr
160 Tied at .338 — until Jete singles as I type this ;-)
2006-09-19 18:17:35
164.   yankz
OK, I'll take it...
2006-09-19 18:18:17
165.   JeremyM
159 My fiance doesn't think Jeter is good-looking, but her opinion is pretty irrelevant considering she is with me:)

Actually, she thinks Posada is hot. Her favorite Yankees are Bernie (not for his looks, just likes him since he seems "nice" and she likes his CD as well) and Jorge, and she really liked Karim Garcia for some strange reason. She thought he "looked like a ballplayer."

2006-09-19 18:18:59
166.   Simone
159 A-Rod is good looking, but in a pretty kind of way that doesn't work for me personally.
2006-09-19 18:19:32
167.   yankz
165 If by "ballplayer" she meant "Head of a Biker Gang," then bull's eye!
2006-09-19 18:19:36
168.   Simone
Take the lead this inning, guys.
2006-09-19 18:20:25
169.   Simone
167 Too true:)
2006-09-19 18:21:00
170.   singledd
129 It's wasted on me. Im already betrothed to MikeP.
2006-09-19 18:21:48
171.   SF Yanks
I personally think Randy Johnson is the most attractive.
2006-09-19 18:22:16
172.   mehmattski
Sheff's active, right? If I don't see Sheff swing his beautiful swing soon, I'm going to throw a temper tantrum.

And there's more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

2006-09-19 18:23:06
173.   BklynBmr
165 LOL! My wife thinks collectively the A's have more 'good looking guys' than any other team, but Cano is her favorite Yankee. She digs that smile. So do I, but in a very manly way ;-)
2006-09-19 18:25:08
174.   Max
165 Karim definitely falls in the "Women Who Run with the Wolves" category as far as an object of attraction...
2006-09-19 18:25:18
175.   Bama Yankee
165 "Who is Karim Garcia?"

Man, Karim has had a great day on the Banter today...

2006-09-19 18:26:32
176.   pistolpete
A thing of ABREU-TY! (sorry, it's my trademark call for Bobby)
2006-09-19 18:26:41
177.   C2Coke
170 ROFL!

173 Is there anyone who doesn't dig Cano's big smile? I missed it so dearly during that 6 weeks when he was on the DL.

2006-09-19 18:27:19
178.   Schteeve
You should listen to your friend Bobby Abreu, he's a cool dude.
2006-09-19 18:27:22
179.   C2Coke
2006-09-19 18:27:29
180.   JeremyM
For the record she didn't think he was "hot" just liked him and thought he was good (he gets a hit like every game! according to her). Obviously, I have not had much success teaching her about baseball...


2006-09-19 18:28:33
181.   mehmattski
175 I was going to say it, but I figured it was your place. Personally, I'd go for the Turk Wendel, voodoo-king type player.

Meanwhile... God Bless you, Pat Gillick.

2006-09-19 18:29:29
182.   Simone
Yeah, Bobby. It is clear that I have a psychic connection with the guys. I say take the lead and they listen. Nice.
2006-09-19 18:30:42
183.   JeremyM
OK, I know Veras will close, but who will get the 7th, 8th, and first 2 outs in the 9th?
2006-09-19 18:31:36
184.   singledd
White Sox up on Detroit 4-0 after 5.
2006-09-19 18:31:36
185.   mehmattski
183 Karim Garcia?

Sorry, couldn't resist one more. It's Scott Proctor, for all 8 outs, obviously.

2006-09-19 18:33:07
186.   C2Coke
183 Sigh...Torre did say he wanted to rest Bruney.
2006-09-19 18:34:53
187.   BklynBmr
175 Karim got more ink today right here than in his entire playing career, but still not close to his police record...
2006-09-19 18:34:58
188.   JeremyM
Karstens versus Glaus doesn't sound like a good match-up right now.
2006-09-19 18:35:35
189.   LI yankee
183 Tanyon Sturtze?
2006-09-19 18:36:25
190.   JeremyM
175 Crazy thing is Garcia actually had 2 stints with the Yanks, and even started in right in the World Series for a game or two I believe. And people actually don't like having Sheffield around?
2006-09-19 18:37:15
191.   yankz
OK Myers, you get paid big bucks to perform right now. Do it.
2006-09-19 18:38:04
192.   singledd
Check that... White Sox up on Detroit 6-0 after 5. Boston behind Minn. 6-3 after 8.
2006-09-19 18:38:04
193.   LI yankee
Uh Oh...The Bullpen of Horrors begins
2006-09-19 18:38:08
194.   Bama Yankee
187 ROBFL (Rolling On Bullpen Floor Laughing)
2006-09-19 18:39:10
195.   mehmattski
Thanks for playing our game, Mike.
2006-09-19 18:39:45
196.   yankz
Anybody else think TJ Beam has a little Rowan Atkinson thing going on?
2006-09-19 18:39:56
197.   BklynBmr
See that dugout shot? Damn, is Karstens friggin' Bogey or what?
2006-09-19 18:40:43
198.   Bama Yankee
183 Guidry? Or did he throw too many pitches to Sheff?
2006-09-19 18:40:46
199.   Schteeve
What's going on? Gamecast has Overbay flying out. That's the most recent update.
2006-09-19 18:41:13
200.   LI yankee
The Yanks don't pay these guys to be really good-looking
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-19 18:41:15
201.   3rd gen yankee fan
162 Just don't tell ARod how I feel about him. I wouldn't want to hurt his widdle feewings.

Nothing against him, I'm just sick of all the BS swirling around him. Just play ball for pete's sake.

2006-09-19 18:41:36
202.   JeremyM
199 TJ Beam is in. Duck and cover.
2006-09-19 18:41:40
203.   mehmattski
199 Myers threw one pitch, flyout to center. Now Beam is in.
2006-09-19 18:42:31
204.   3rd gen yankee fan
200 It helps keep the female fans.
2006-09-19 18:42:57
205.   mehmattski
Actually, I think Karstens looks a lot like our fearless leader Alex Belth. Thoughts?
2006-09-19 18:44:01
206.   LI yankee
204 Jeter, A-Rod and Randy aren't enough?
2006-09-19 18:44:07
207.   David
When will Mariano be available? Thursday? (I can't wait!)
2006-09-19 18:44:25
208.   C2Coke
193 2 more innings to go.

While we are all living this horror, just keep repeating the next phrase,

"Mo is coming back in three days, Mo is coming back in three days, Mo is coming back, Mo...Mo...Mo..."

2006-09-19 18:44:27
209.   singledd
I thought E Hinske was a good pickup for the Sox. How did they get him? Off waivers?
2006-09-19 18:45:38
210.   3rd gen yankee fan
206 Randy!!! Yeah he gets me really hot! LOL Back in 2001 I was calling him the second-ugliest man in baseball, second only to his manager!
2006-09-19 18:45:50
211.   JeremyM
Will Sheff hit for Matsui here?
2006-09-19 18:46:06
212.   pistolpete
209 IIRC, it was a post-deadline trade...
2006-09-19 18:46:13
213.   LI yankee
210 What? he's tall...and yeah.
2006-09-19 18:46:30
214.   C2Coke
209 Yea, I think the Blue Jays released him. He was not living up to standards after his best 2003 rookie season.
2006-09-19 18:46:59
215.   Schteeve
208 I'm not sure what horror we're living.
2006-09-19 18:47:12
216.   BklynBmr
2006-09-19 18:47:18
217.   JeremyM
211 Well, I'm glad he didn't!
2006-09-19 18:47:43
218.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-19 18:47:54
219.   yankz
Boo ya!
2006-09-19 18:47:56
220.   C2Coke
Matsui Godzilla.

How did we manage without him?

2006-09-19 18:49:07
221.   Max
So if things stay the way they are this evening, our magic number is down to 1. Does this mean we'll effectively back in to the division title tomorrow (assuming Minny can beat the Red Sox again)? I just can't envision a scenario where Henn stands a chance against Halladay...
2006-09-19 18:49:10
222.   Simone
2006-09-19 18:49:10
223.   C2Coke
215 Give me a minute, I will get back to you when we see the next Yankees pitcher...
2006-09-19 18:49:59
224.   LI yankee
221 How would they celebrate if they lose?
2006-09-19 18:50:29
225.   C2Coke
221 That mismatch is going to be hilarious.
2006-09-19 18:50:36
226.   mehmattski



2006-09-19 18:51:45
227.   BklynBmr
Right about now:

Mauer .344
Cap .340
Cano .337

2006-09-19 18:51:45
228.   LI yankee
225 It would be even better if we still had Ponson. That would be a great matchup.
2006-09-19 18:52:09
229.   C2Coke
221 Truth be told, I'd rather see the Yankees clinch on Friday when Wang's on the mound. It just seems more fitting, not that I don't want them to clinch as early as possible.
2006-09-19 18:52:59
230.   JeremyM
224 In 2000, after a long and seemingly endless losing streak, they "backed in" and Torre made them celebrate with champagne and everything. I would expect the same.
2006-09-19 18:53:10
231.   C2Coke
228 LOL! That would've been a mismatch in too many ways.
2006-09-19 18:53:10
232.   LI yankee
229 Also Mo would be available. Doesn't seem fitting if he's not out there.
2006-09-19 18:54:43
233.   RIYank
Mauer just struck out in the ninth.
2006-09-19 18:55:18
234.   C2Coke
232 Totally!
2006-09-19 18:55:23
235.   yankz
I love this quote from Luis Sojo (not exact but close):

"Jeter doesn't think he's going to kick your a$$, he knows he's going to kick your a$$."

This is why I really don't think this sort-of slump is because the MVP talk and the streak. Read the Joel Sherman interview in the sidebar, he says Jeet and Torre are the two most self-confident people he knows. I think it's just a slump that everyone gets once in a while.

2006-09-19 18:55:39
236.   Bama Yankee
226 Separated at birth?
2006-09-19 18:56:06
237.   yankz
233 Leads the captain by 4
2006-09-19 18:56:34
238.   yankz
No takers on the Beam/Mr. Bean thing? Even their names are similar!
2006-09-19 18:56:49
239.   BklynBmr
226 Put it this way: Based on this photo evidence, if either one of our friends here gets an APB put out on 'em, the other one better look out.
2006-09-19 18:56:59
240.   3rd gen yankee fan
Holy crap did you hear what Sterling whined to Mo last night?

"Mo we miss you"

2006-09-19 18:57:20
241.   rsmith51
238 Doesn't Beam look a little like Alex?
2006-09-19 18:58:51
242.   RIYank
I really thought TJ was going to get Rios.
2006-09-19 18:59:00
243.   3rd gen yankee fan
Okay this whole thing about Mo, my concern is, everyone is saying he's so rested, he'll be so rested, he'll be great coming back... I thought in the beginning of this year we saw that he needs WORK to stay sharp?
2006-09-19 18:59:45
244.   Bama Yankee
238 I'm with you. I didn't know Mr. Bean's real name...
2006-09-19 19:00:12
245.   mehmattski
241 This is the Google Image Search for "TJ Beam."

2006-09-19 19:00:20
246.   yankz
241 Sorry but I think I'm closer. This pic will make you all laugh, and we may need the laughs if the bullpen is up to its usual antics tonight:

I'm sorry, this has to be TJ's uncle or something:

2006-09-19 19:00:52
247.   C2Coke
215 This horror?
2006-09-19 19:01:09
248.   yankz
245 Is that him in the first one?
2006-09-19 19:01:35
249.   yankz
Veras is in, we can breathe easy.
2006-09-19 19:03:08
250.   C2Coke
243 Do we have better options? And it's Mo, the superman. He did say he prefers to have at least three games before the playoffs though.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-19 19:04:17
251.   Schteeve
247 If a couple of runners on base is horror we might need stronger stomachs.
2006-09-19 19:04:57
252.   RIYank
I think this situation is almost ideal (assuming there are no lingering effects) for Rivera. If he needs a little work, he can get it, but there will be no issue of too little rest, none whatever.
2006-09-19 19:05:18
253.   yankz
243 Dude, I'd take a rusty Mo over anyone else in the pen in a playoff game. I might just take a Mo throwing southpaw.
2006-09-19 19:05:35
254.   3rd gen yankee fan
250 Better options? Nope. I guess I just want to see him back, like, yesterday.

Specially with "options" like the one pitching now.

2006-09-19 19:05:36
255.   mehmattski
248 That would be Austin Jackson. I love the picture of what apparently is known in construction as a "TJ" beam. My favorite is the girl holding the gun, of course. Image search is so imperfect sometimes. The search for Alex Belth had way too many pictures of Curt Flood, which was also odd.
2006-09-19 19:05:48
256.   BklynBmr
Wow. Veras fooled Cat on that one!
2006-09-19 19:05:53
257.   C2Coke
251 No, not just today. But the horror without Mo in general. I am trying hard to forget the past few days. Win or loss, none of them was even close to easy.
2006-09-19 19:06:16
258.   RIYank
249 He's Mo, Jr. Nice job, little Mo. Maybe he's Jo.
2006-09-19 19:06:37
259.   3rd gen yankee fan
253 Rusty Mo blows games, it's just that he gets forgiven.
2006-09-19 19:08:16
260.   RIYank
There he is, ladies and gentlemen: Jo = Mo, Jr.
2006-09-19 19:08:27
261.   3rd gen yankee fan
This Lind kid had been tearing the cover off the ball too since he came up.
2006-09-19 19:08:29
262.   LI yankee
Veras making a late push for a PS roster spot?
2006-09-19 19:08:44
263.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-19 19:08:53
264.   C2Coke
259 You are right, but which one in the Yankees bullpen doesn't blow games?

Well, Mo Jr. is working on keeping his job for another month.

2006-09-19 19:08:55
265.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well, cool.
2006-09-19 19:09:52
266.   C2Coke
So is Mo Jr. coming in for another inning?
2006-09-19 19:09:55
267.   monkeypants
I'm arriving late agin. Who's the 'closer' du jour?
2006-09-19 19:09:58
268.   3rd gen yankee fan
264 Ok ok.
2006-09-19 19:10:06
269.   JeremyM
I like Veras. Couldn't see why he wasn't getting some chances earlier.
2006-09-19 19:10:25
270.   Schteeve
257 I like games that aren't easy. I prefer that drama to what Giambi thinks about the cut of A-Rod's jib or whatever we've spent all day gossiping about.
2006-09-19 19:10:35
271.   JeremyM
Magic # is 2 and counting.
2006-09-19 19:10:39
272.   LI yankee
So does Sheff pinch hit for Wilson?
2006-09-19 19:11:13
273.   C2Coke
Is there any chance Sheff will come in to PH for Wilson?
2006-09-19 19:12:07
274.   JeremyM
And he can stay in to play first too, right:)

I hope he gets to hit, let's see what he has.

2006-09-19 19:13:20
275.   RIYank
270 Amen.
2006-09-19 19:13:24
276.   C2Coke
268 Sorry if I am coming on a little too strong. It's all the frustration talking.
2006-09-19 19:14:29
277.   RIYank
Oh, Guiel. He's almost Sheff.

271 Aha, and Ortiz made the last out, K swinging.

2006-09-19 19:14:32
278.   3rd gen yankee fan
271 Yaaaaay!

276 Neh no biggie. Hey I'm a Joisey girl, I've got tough skin.

2006-09-19 19:14:40
279.   LI yankee
Well there's a pinch hitter, but it's not Sheff. I'm sure he's thrilled.
2006-09-19 19:15:08
280.   pistolpete
Here we go, folks. It's (normally) Mo time.
2006-09-19 19:15:12
281.   Schteeve
Freddy Garcia has retired 21 Tigers in a row.
2006-09-19 19:16:17
282.   C2Coke
270 Point taken.
2006-09-19 19:16:49
283.   mehmattski
281 Pretty sure you posted that just as Brandon Inge walked.
2006-09-19 19:16:55
284.   RIYank
280 Mo time, but no Mo.
This is like happy hour but they're out of everything except soft drinks.
2006-09-19 19:17:29
285.   LI yankee
281 Looks like they're gonna be tied in the loss column. Let's hope they stay close to the end.
2006-09-19 19:17:47
286.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
does Myers get a PS slot ? with Ortiz crushing golf balls instead of fastballs this October....hmmm
2006-09-19 19:18:36
287.   C2Coke
281 And he's at 106 pitches, he can definitely finish the game.
2006-09-19 19:18:38
288.   RIYank
Very coordinated, Farns.
I've always liked good-glove pitchers.
2006-09-19 19:18:44
289.   pistolpete
Oof, nice recovery Kyle.
2006-09-19 19:19:02
290.   monkeypants
S-M-O-O-T-H as silk...
2006-09-19 19:19:18
291.   LI yankee
Kyle "Gold Glove" Farnsworth
2006-09-19 19:19:37
292.   Bama Yankee
281 "Who is Freddy Garcia?"
Hey, I just had to do it...
2006-09-19 19:20:18
293.   RIYank
286 I'll be shocked if Myers doesn't go post-season. He's not literally on the team only for Ortiz.
By the way, are you actually in Australia??
2006-09-19 19:20:34
294.   BklynBmr
278 Hey, "nothin' matters in this whole wide world..."
2006-09-19 19:20:35
295.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Are Karstens and Rasner real prospects or just pure organizational filler ?
2006-09-19 19:20:41
296.   Schteeve
282 And sorry if I sounded surly or jedgemental. I just wish we'd all realize that as Yankee fans we're really lucky to have such a good, interesting team to watch this season. A team that has over come a lot of adversity, made some great FO moves, and seen great performances from a lot of players we expect to be great and a lot from guys we don't expect to be great. Win it all or not, I have loved every minute of this season.

We can second guess Joe's bullpen usage, and wish A-Rod hit better in the "clutch" and wish that guys never got hurt, but that's not how baseball works. So I just try to enjoy the games for what they are.

But again, that's just me, and I hope nobody takes offense to it.

2006-09-19 19:22:06
297.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

used to live there, in the states now...

Myers looks like shit but I know you need a couple of lefties....

2006-09-19 19:22:30
298.   BklynBmr

One 'mo, baby. One 'mo.

2006-09-19 19:22:46
299.   RIYank
Our highly suspect bullpen just seriously outpitched our pretty-good starter. (I thought Karstens was very lucky today.)
2006-09-19 19:22:50
300.   yankz
What? A scoreless game from the bullpen? Holy moly, it must be my birthday!
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2006-09-19 19:22:51
301.   Schteeve
Well done Farns.
2006-09-19 19:22:59
302.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yes!!! Go Yanks
2006-09-19 19:24:57
303.   Schteeve
Tomorrow's game will be brought to us by the number 1.
2006-09-19 19:25:40
304.   Simone
Nice job, Farnesworth. Good win.
2006-09-19 19:28:53
305.   C2Coke
296 Don't worry, none taken.

I have great appreciation for the team this year as well, and I surely am enjoying every minute of it. I think I just miss Mo too much.

2006-09-19 19:32:45
306.   seamus
Cano is 5 plate appearances from qualifying with Mauer, Jeter, and Cano all within 6 points of each other. I wonder how many non-Yankees fans will be surprised when, with 5 games left, Cano's name suddenly appears amongst the batting leaders.
2006-09-19 19:33:12
307.   LI yankee
296 I completely agree with you. From the Texas-Sized Comeback and Melky's Catch to the Massacre, it's been a helluva ride.
2006-09-19 19:48:34
308.   wsporter
296 I was pretty busy and content just to look in and see what was going on, then I saw that post. I couldn't agree more. I feel very lucky and realize exactly how spoiled I am to be sitting in the middle of this historic run. I have a sense of how my grandfather felt watching and cheering all those years ago.

Thanks for the nice thoughts that were nicely put.

2006-09-19 20:09:59
309.   MVB
The Yanks can clinch with a win tommorrow, but the matchup isn't pretty:

Roy Halladay v. Sean Henn

2006-09-19 21:10:15
310.   BklynBmr
OT: Pete Rose (I know, zzzzzzzzz) on Quite Frankly with Stephen A.:

A few standout quotes (mostly paraphrasing):

"The whiskey bottles New York fans threw at me were always empty."


Stephen A: What player today most reminds you of yourself in your playing days?

Rose: Jeter. (Leadership, clutch, yadda, yadda...)


On the Chicago Cubs' fruitless quest for a championship:

God told the Cubs — "Hey, don't do anything 'till I get back."


2006-09-19 21:44:26
311.   3rd gen yankee fan
309 In the other race that this house is watching, Dodgers send Greg Maddux against Chacon for the Pirates. Now how is that fair? Go Pirates.
2006-09-19 22:25:06
312.   yankeemonkey
More from the Dead Horse Abuse Department:

Verducci checks in with another interview with Alex:

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