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Toronto Blue Jays
2006-09-18 12:05
by Cliff Corcoran
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I really don't have much to say about the Blue Jays. As the season winds to a close it looks as though their splashy offseason will have netted them an extra six wins. That's nothing to sneeze at, but 86 wins just isn't going to cut it in the American League.

What's most compelling about the series that begins in Toronto tonight is that a) the Yankees could make like 1995 and clinch in Canada and b) because the rest of the rotation was scrunched into two days over the weekend and Cory Lidle is out with tendonitis in his pitching hand, the Yankees are running out a trio of rookie starters. This spring I did a lot of blabbing about the trio of 25-year-old pitchers in Columbus which I thought could produce this year's Chien-Ming Wang for the Yankees. Things didn't work out that way. Sean Henn and Darrell Rasner spent large chunks of the season on the DL and Matt DeSalvo was so awful that he was exiled to Trenton where he continued to walk more than he struck out. Henn inspired little confidence when healthy and was eventually converted to relief, though he'll return to the rotation in Lidle's stead on Wednesday.

Of the three, only Rasner, who starts tonight against the Jay's offseason poster boy A.J. Burnett, has displayed the sort of potential I had trumpeted in the spring. Rasner has been uniformly excellent for the Yankees in his limited opportunities this year. He posted a 2.89 ERA in the minors with a stellar 3.93 K/BB ratio--which includes a few rehab starts following his three-month DL stay due to shoulder soreness--and has allowed just one run in 11 2/3 major league innings (0.77 ERA), striking out eight and walking none. In his only previous start for the Yankees, Rasner held the Twins to a run on four hits over six full. Most recently he pitched in relief of tomorrow's starter Jeff Karstens and threw four one-hit shutout innings against the Devil Rays, striking out five and throwing a staggering 80 percent of just 45 pitches for strikes. That outing came on Thursday, which means Rasner is pitching on three-days rest, albeit from what amounts to half a start. I continue to hold out hope that Rasner will be a part of the discussion for next year's rotation. While I don't think he'll be able to work his way into the fourth spot in the playoff rotation, a good outing tonight could clinch his spot on the postseason roster as he could do for the Yankees what Ervin Santana did against them in Game 5 of the ALDS last year.

As for Burnett, he has been dominant over his last three starts--24 IP, 16 H, 4 R, 1 HR, 5 BB, 22 K--but it's too little, too late. In his last start against the Yankees, Burnett was bounced after giving up four runs in four innings and throwing 86 pitches. That start came in the Bronx. At home against the Yankees in late June, Burnett turned in 7 1/3 strong innings to earn just his second win of the year. He'll have to face a full set of Yankee starters tonight, though I expect to see Torre start resting guys again tomorrow as the Yankees play their second of three games on the Rogers Centre turf.

Hmmm, Rasner plus a full-strength Yankee line-up. I could get used to this.

Toronto Blue Jays

2006 Record: 79-70 (.530)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 79-70 (.532)

Manager: John Gibbons
General Manager: J.P. Riccardi

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Rogers Centre (102/102)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • John Hattig (minors) replaced Eric Hinske
  • Russ Adams (minors) replaced Ryan Roberts (minors)
  • Gustavo Chacin (DL) replaced Dustin McGowan, who has since been recalled
  • Davis Romero (minors) replaced Scott Schoeneweis
  • Jason Frasor (minors) fills an extra roster spot created by Justin Speier's DL stay
  • Adam Lind, Kevin Barker, Francisco Rosario, and Josh Towers are September call-ups

Current Roster:

1B – Lyle Overbay (L)
2B – Aaron Hill (R)
SS – John McDonald (R)
3B – Troy Glaus (R)
C – Bengie Molina (R)
RF – Reed Johnson (R)
CF – Vernon Wells (R)
LF – Frank Catalanotto (L)
DH – Adam Lind (L)*


R - Alexis Rios (RF)**
S - Gregg Zaun (C)
L - Russ Adams (IF)
S - John Hattig (IF)
R - Jason Phillips (C/1B)
L - Kevin Barker (1B)*


R – Roy Halladay
L – Ted Lilly
L – Gustavo Chacin
R – A.J. Burnett
R – Shaun Marcum


L – B.J. Ryan
R – Justin Speier
L – Scott Downs
R - Jason Frasor
L – Brian Tallet
R – Brandon League
R - Jeremy Accardo
L - Davis Romero
R – Dustin McGowan*
R - Francisco Rosario*
R - Josh Towers*

60-day DL: R – Pete Walker

*September call-ups
**day-to-day with a bone bruise on his right hand

Typical Lineup:

R – Reed Johnson (LF)
L – Frank Catalanotto (DH)
R – Vernon Wells (CF)
L – Lyle Overbay (1B)
R – Troy Glaus (3B)
R – Bengie Molina (C)
L - Adam Lind (DH)
R – Aaron Hill (2B)
R – John McDonald (SS)

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2006-09-18 14:48:29
1.   rbj
Toronto may still be hoping to finish in front of Boston. Imagine what they could have done with a manager who wasn't so dead set on proving how tough he was to the players.
2006-09-18 15:46:04
2.   Sliced Bread
Meatloaf is throwing out the first pitch. For a sec I thought Ponson was back.
2006-09-18 15:56:28
3.   Chyll Will
Ponson would eat him alive...
2006-09-18 15:56:41
4.   randym77
ROFL! A friend of mine got stuck behind Meat Loaf on a trip to London. The customs guys thought he was being a smart ass. They didn't believe his name was Meat Loaf. He was telling them, "I had my name legally changed. First name, 'Meat,' last name 'Loaf.' My friends call me 'Meat,' but it's 'Mr. Loaf' to you!"
2006-09-18 15:58:04
5.   Chyll Will
...and Gibbons will, too.
2006-09-18 16:00:05
6.   Chyll Will
4 Gee, i thought we were supposed to go easy on the Pavano jokes...
2006-09-18 16:07:56
7.   Chyll Will
sigh (cricket, cricket...)
2006-09-18 16:09:07
8.   Chyll Will
At least I know how to bold now, happy accidents do happen!
2006-09-18 16:11:20
9.   Eirias
A question. If, as everyone and their dogs seem to be speculating, Matsuzaka is to be posted by the Seibu Lions, when does anything happen? Is the signing, bidding, whatever, done on any particular schedule?
2006-09-18 16:15:07
10.   rbj
7 So how does one bold?
2006-09-18 16:16:40
11.   randym77
asterisks for bold, underbars for underlining.

Just like in the old days, when all we had was plain text.

2006-09-18 16:21:47
12.   rbj
thanks randym77
2006-09-18 16:23:18
13.   Eirias
11 Fascinating /thing to/ find out.
2006-09-18 16:23:20
14.   pistolpete
Just discovered something cool with my TV - I hit the SAP button, and I'm getting the Sterling/Waldman radio call on my television!

Can anyone else confirm?

2006-09-18 16:23:37
15.   Eirias
13 Guess italics doesn't work
2006-09-18 16:23:56
16.   randym77
Well, this isn't the Rasner we know and love...
2006-09-18 16:24:19
17.   Eirias
15 Guess italics don't work, rather
2006-09-18 16:25:03
18.   Eirias
16 I blame myself.
2006-09-18 16:25:07
19.   Chyll Will
10 Yeah, what he said. Umm, how do you set up the word or sentence for underlining?
2006-09-18 16:25:22
20.   yankeemonkey
Rasner isn't helping his cause in the early going...
2006-09-18 16:25:36
21.   bobtaco
Rasner is looking kinda shaky on three days rest...
2006-09-18 16:25:51
22.   SF Yanks
just trying
2006-09-18 16:27:58
23.   Sliced Bread
9 Bronx Banterer Mike Plugh, who has his own Yanks blog "Canyon of Heroes," lives in Japan and is obsessed with all things Matsuzaka. Everything you want to know can likely be found at his "Matsuzaka Watch" blog.

2006-09-18 16:28:07
24.   randym77
22 Shouldn't you be going out for ice cream or something like that? ;-)
2006-09-18 16:28:38
25.   Chyll Will
Oh! Wowzers!
2006-09-18 16:28:58
26.   pistolpete
14 Anyone?
2006-09-18 16:33:24
27.   Chyll Will
22 Yeah, could you get us some chocolate bars at Ghirandelli (sp?) sigh I'll never eat another Wonka Bar again...
2006-09-18 16:34:07
28.   SF Yanks
24 That's later, when in need. Must use sparingly. I have to save some for the post season.
2006-09-18 16:34:54
29.   randym77
Holy crap. He got out of the jam. Unreal.
2006-09-18 16:34:54
30.   pistolpete
Atta BOY, Darrell!
2006-09-18 16:34:55
31.   rbj
Houdini !
2006-09-18 16:34:56
32.   yankeemonkey
Wow. Rasner's got GUTS!
2006-09-18 16:35:13
33.   LI yankee
Rasner was just showing Torre he can get out of bases loaded no out jams
2006-09-18 16:35:13
34.   bobtaco
2006-09-18 16:35:39
35.   Sliced Bread
14 My SAP button is fine, but sometimes I hear their voices when I turn on my sons' electric toothbrush. Weird.
2006-09-18 16:35:41
36.   Chyll Will
26 Sorry pete, I'm guessing your TV's possessed...
2006-09-18 16:36:00
37.   pistolpete
OT, slightly - Does anyone know what that thing in the dugout is that sits on the wall right between Torre and Guidry? It looks like a spindle of CD's with a rod sticking out of the middle...
2006-09-18 16:36:41
38.   kdw
Nice job by Rasner, keeping it together after a rough start.
2006-09-18 16:36:49
39.   LI yankee
2006-09-18 16:37:01
40.   SF Yanks
24 I started eating tuna after he got in trouble, without really thinking about it. But hey, it worked. Stuff me silly.

26 Can't find the SAP button

2006-09-18 16:37:04
41.   pistolpete
36 I'm pretty happy with the possession, fwiw. I've been hoping something like this would happen eventually anyway.

The radio broadcast with the TV feed, that is.

2006-09-18 16:37:41
42.   SF Yanks
39 LOL!
2006-09-18 16:38:47
43.   pistolpete
40 Do you have IO from Cablevision? If so, hit the 'Settings' button on the left side of the remote, and use the arrows to scroll up to the 'Choose SAP language' option.

Move the arrows left or right and choose 'Spanish'. My spanish option is apparently 'Juan' Sterling.

2006-09-18 16:39:25
44.   randym77
I usually get the Spanish broadcast with the SAP button, but tonight it's the same as the regular.
2006-09-18 16:39:54
45.   yankeemonkey
33 And now that he's done that, he can do that whole 45 pitches in 4 innings with 80% strikes...Just to show he can do that, too.
2006-09-18 16:40:44
46.   smingers
I hope Giambi gets it together in time for the playoffs, cause he's killing us this month.
2006-09-18 16:41:22
47.   pistolpete
Oh damn, it just went back to the actual Spanish broadcast.

Sigh, no one will believe me now.

2006-09-18 16:41:46
48.   LI yankee
45 Well I hope so or otherwise he'd just be Jaret Wright.
2006-09-18 16:43:23
49.   marc
godzilla hit
2006-09-18 16:43:24
50.   Chyll Will
41 You don't mean Drew Barrymore doing a personalized sequal in your TV set?
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2006-09-18 16:44:19
51.   pistolpete
Has anyone else brought up the fact that Cano and Matsui just burst right out of the gate when they came off the DL?

IMO it's a strong testament to the organization that they don't rush guys back, only to have them get re-injured within a few games.

2006-09-18 16:46:11
52.   yankeemonkey
I don't have an SAP button...I feel left out :(
2006-09-18 16:47:35
53.   Chyll Will
47 Yeah, friggin' James Dolan and his Cablevision, always messing everything up for their own purposes!!!
2006-09-18 16:49:11
54.   LI yankee
Giambi should not be diving head first under any circumstances
2006-09-18 16:50:01
55.   Chyll Will
52 ==> 53
2006-09-18 16:50:17
56.   C2Coke
Is Rasner trying to make sure he has October off?

52 And I am on MLB.TV, feel better?

2006-09-18 16:50:38
57.   marc
Baltimore's at Tampa Bay. I hope they got their tickets early in order to make sure they got a seat.
2006-09-18 16:51:29
58.   C2Coke
44 Just be glad that you are not getting French...
2006-09-18 16:51:45
59.   Chyll Will
54 Yeah, ya Pity The Fool who gets in his way...
2006-09-18 16:53:43
60.   rbj
OK, not too bad, now get some runs Yankees.
2006-09-18 16:55:43
61.   Chyll Will
56,58 What's like to have TV? If it wasn't for my radio, I'd have to read the encore version in the morning paper...
2006-09-18 16:56:42
62.   Bama Yankee
59 Hey Chyll, you trying to steal my material? ;-)
2006-09-18 16:57:11
63.   kylepetterson
I'm starting to hate Roger's Centre as much as I hate Angel Stadium...
2006-09-18 16:57:35
64.   rsmith51
Jeter can't buy a hit...
2006-09-18 16:57:54
65.   pistolpete
60 Some more hits would be a nice start.
2006-09-18 16:58:28
66.   Chyll Will
62 Homage, my friend, homage... >;)
2006-09-18 16:58:41
67.   rsmith51
Over/under on number of HRs Karstens gives up against the Blue Jays? I would guess 4. Hopefully all solo.
2006-09-18 17:00:35
68.   LI yankee
Murderers' Row isn't looking very murderous
2006-09-18 17:01:21
69.   kylepetterson
68 That's funny because I'm fairly certain they're killing me....
2006-09-18 17:01:26
70.   bobtaco
It's too bad they couldn't have held back Rasner to normal rest and thrown someone else out there to start. You gotta figure that they are exhausted today after all the games and travel and that even with the A lineup they are at a disadvantage...
2006-09-18 17:03:05
71.   yankeemonkey
Should've activated Hughes :)
2006-09-18 17:03:16
72.   Bama Yankee
66 Thanks. I posted that A-Team stuff at the end of the last thread. I wondered if anyone even saw it...
2006-09-18 17:04:43
73.   rbj
72 I saw it. LOL.
2006-09-18 17:05:49
74.   marc
How long can we stay in this game Rasner stinks and throwing a lot of pitches, Burnett great
2006-09-18 17:06:52
75.   rbj
Suweets, Jetes.
2006-09-18 17:07:39
76.   LI yankee
74 He might have to take one for the team. According to the Toronto announcers, Proctor and Farnsworth are unavailable. I'm sure other guys are spent too.
2006-09-18 17:09:23
77.   pistolpete
ALRIGHT ALREADY with the hard ground balls to the infield.
2006-09-18 17:10:58
78.   marc
Isn't there a stinkball in the bullpen anymore to eat up innings? Rasner's not the guy who's arm you want to abuse. Maybe somehow the game will turn around
2006-09-18 17:11:47
79.   Chyll Will
2006-09-18 17:11:48
80.   yankeemonkey
I think I'll flip over to Steelers-Jaguars...And everytime someone takes a hit, I'll imagine it's a Yankee hitter who grounded out on the first pitch.
2006-09-18 17:12:35
81.   pistolpete
Sure glad Burnett decided to revert to 2003 form tonight.
2006-09-18 17:14:15
82.   rbj
It's still early, folks. Yanks just need to wear out Burnett, then feast on the bullpen.
2006-09-18 17:14:33
83.   LI yankee
2006-09-18 17:15:06
84.   pistolpete
not me
2006-09-18 17:15:24
85.   C2Coke
61 I hear you man. I guess having a tiny window of seconds-delayed actions are better than the radio. If I could just get the MLB.TV to work crashed on me yet again.
2006-09-18 17:16:15
86.   marc
It feels like the score should be 10-0. Does Burnett ever get blisters or spider bites or something
2006-09-18 17:16:25
87.   Chyll Will
78 Eating? Ponson would've been perfect for that... ah, Cashman weilding the double-edge sword!
2006-09-18 17:17:23
88.   LI yankee
no deadspin readers?
2006-09-18 17:18:26
89.   rbj
OK Hill, time to strike out.
2006-09-18 17:19:20
90.   Chyll Will
87 Weilding? Wielding? ???
2006-09-18 17:19:38
91.   marc
87 Ponson was exactly who I was thinking of.
2006-09-18 17:19:48
92.   singledd
Jeter looks very tired to me. Maybe the emotional toll of the streak and MVP buzz. I would site him 2 or 3 games B4 the PS.

Giambi is doing us no good. Sit him until October. It's obvious something is wrong with his swing.

2006-09-18 17:20:46
93.   rbj
2006-09-18 17:21:50
94.   randym77
Damon should let Melky throw the ball in more often.
2006-09-18 17:22:33
95.   Chyll Will
That's it, I'm putting on the Kung-Fu tapes...
2006-09-18 17:23:41
96.   marc
Is listening to this game one of those things that Bush wants the Geneva Convention to sanction?
2006-09-18 17:23:49
97.   pistolpete
Well, this was fun. Can't hit Burnett, and their 9th place guy is hitting triples to the wall. NIGHT
2006-09-18 17:23:58
98.   LI yankee
Just 4 wins...
2006-09-18 17:24:34
99.   C2Coke
Haha, Beam is warming. Torre has given up.
2006-09-18 17:24:50
100.   singledd
A lot of waist high pitches.
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2006-09-18 17:25:27
101.   randym77
I blame Cliff. I had a bad feeling when I read that stuff about Rasner being excellent. It just seemed like a jinx waiting to happen. :-P
2006-09-18 17:25:32
102.   yankeemonkey
98 That's what I keep telling myself. Then I remember the '04 ALCS.... ::shiver::

They'll win the 4, obviously, but must they make it so hard on us?

2006-09-18 17:27:31
103.   LI yankee
102 Let's just hope the Twins sweep Boston and take 1st so we can play the Tigers.
2006-09-18 17:28:10
104.   Chyll Will
102 It could be worse, man. You could be a Mets fan right now...
2006-09-18 17:29:52
105.   rbj
Is that right, Kay? A two hit shutout for Burnett?
2006-09-18 17:30:32
106.   C2Coke
101 I swear the same thoughts went through my mind.
2006-09-18 17:31:24
107.   C2Coke
105 Whatever Kay says only has the jinxing effect on the Yankees.
2006-09-18 17:32:25
108.   mikeplugh
We're going to score 4 or more runs in this game. No fear. It's holding Toronto to 3 that should be the #1 prayer in here.

If we can keep it at 3, the bats will wake up as they always do around the 7th or 8th inning.

2006-09-18 17:34:05
109.   randym77
Wow. Damon tossed.
2006-09-18 17:34:29
110.   rbj
WTF, Ump? Grow a thicker skin, @sshole.
2006-09-18 17:34:54
111.   LI yankee
Damn you could hear the beginning of that on MLB.TV
2006-09-18 17:34:54
112.   C2Coke
I've never seen Damon this mad. He is out of the game. How many times have the Yankees been thrown out from Rogers Center this year?
2006-09-18 17:35:08
113.   kylepetterson
What happened?
2006-09-18 17:35:52
114.   kylepetterson
were they using metric pitch counts?
2006-09-18 17:36:27
115.   C2Coke
Good. Now the Yankees are mad. Somehow I think that's good news for us.
2006-09-18 17:36:36
116.   yankeemonkey
Huh? What happened with Damon?
2006-09-18 17:36:50
117.   kylepetterson
We should play the rest of the game with no center centre fielder as a big screw you to Canadian baseball.
2006-09-18 17:36:52
118.   rbj
113 semi-questionable 3rd K on Matusi, Damon didn't like it, but the homeplate ump seemed to go towards Johnny for an argument.
2006-09-18 17:37:13
119.   yankeemonkey
So do we see Bernabe in CF again? Groan.
2006-09-18 17:37:28
120.   Chyll Will
Man. My girl is watching Wife Swap. I can't win, either...
2006-09-18 17:37:31
121.   kdw
So was it really someone from the dugout and Damon got the blame?
2006-09-18 17:37:36
122.   LI yankee
The ump was yelling and repeating "Do you wanna get into my business?!" and then tossed him. I couldn't hear what Johnny said though.
2006-09-18 17:38:46
123.   yankeemonkey
119 No, thank goodness.

But, did Kevin Thompson run over Torre's dog or something?

2006-09-18 17:39:30
124.   C2Coke
113 Damon was not happy with the strike zone when Matsui was pitching. He started complaning about it in the on deck circle. The Emp. couldn't take it at all, turned back and challenged Damon to say whatever he wanted to say to him. Damon did.
2006-09-18 17:39:46
125.   LI yankee
The Yanks just look pissed in general. No one's smiling, they look like they don't wanna be there.
2006-09-18 17:40:06
126.   yankz
Jeter always says that it's not the best team that wins in the playoffs but rather the hottest entering October (although 2000 probably proves that wrong). I hope this team catches fire soon while managing to rest some men.
2006-09-18 17:40:26
127.   randym77
It was really weird. Damon wasn't even batting. He didn't like a call Matsui got, and apparently started yelling at the ump. The ump started yelling back.

I've never seen Damon so mad. WTF? After all we've been through this season, he blows a gasket in an almost meaningless game against the Jays?

2006-09-18 17:41:17
128.   yankeemonkey
124 Perhaps the ump is a Red Sox fan...His name IS Bill M(ue)iller after all.
2006-09-18 17:41:47
129.   C2Coke
122 Johnny looked pretty mad but probably not because of the strike zone but the chanllenge from the ump (I don't know why I typed Emp before...)
2006-09-18 17:42:14
130.   yankeemonkey
OMG, a 1-2-3 inning for Rasner...could we be turning a corner in this game?
2006-09-18 17:42:42
131.   Adam B
Maybe this is a case of Damon feeling the team needs a spark after losing both games yesterday and an awful start to today's game.
2006-09-18 17:42:50
132.   C2Coke
124 And Matsui was pitching? ump totally screwed me up.
2006-09-18 17:42:58
133.   yankz
130 The only way to beat the Blue Jays is by outscoring them (I hope someone gets it).
2006-09-18 17:43:48
134.   kylepetterson
130 this could be the centre point of this game....
2006-09-18 17:43:48
135.   yankeemonkey
133 Or ask them politely to forfeit?
2006-09-18 17:44:19
136.   yankeemonkey
133 Or to ask them politely to forfeit?
2006-09-18 17:44:24
137.   rbj
133 Were you reading Firejoemorgan, too?
2006-09-18 17:44:31
138.   randym77
Interesting that it's not Bernie in CF. Joe giving up, or did that horrible, hundred-bouncer throw to home yesterday convince him that maybe Guiel in CF isn't worse than GOB in CF?
2006-09-18 17:45:24
139.   yankeemonkey
Oopsie. Quick on the trigger finger there...

Joe Theismann is to NFL is what Joe Morgan is to MLB.

2006-09-18 17:45:26
140.   singledd
That ump needs to be called in by MLB. Damon was really out of the game before Damon said a thing.
2006-09-18 17:45:30
141.   C2Coke
127 I don't think Damon was yelling until the ump turned back. Anyway, I think madness is helping us to turn the corner. Re: 130. Just watch our Cap'n.
2006-09-18 17:46:16
142.   yankeemonkey
137 Oh yeah.

139 Me speekey English much goodly. Yikes.

2006-09-18 17:47:15
143.   Chyll Will
131 They can borrow some of my Kung-Fu library, that should get them irey...
2006-09-18 17:47:27
144.   singledd
Even the announcers know the Yankees are 'gassed'. Put in the scrubs and lets go home early.
2006-09-18 17:47:37
145.   yankz
All of a sudden, Jeter's slumping.
2006-09-18 17:48:03
146.   yankz
137 You know it.
2006-09-18 17:48:28
147.   tocho
he's not slumping, burnett is unhittable tonight. that, or everybody is slumping
2006-09-18 17:48:46
148.   yankeemonkey
Cap'n down to .339 :(
2006-09-18 17:49:01
149.   C2Coke
145 Or tired.
2006-09-18 17:49:25
150.   yankz
147 He's had a rough couple of games. 0-4 last night, then I think back to back 1-5 games before that.
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2006-09-18 17:49:29
151.   Chyll Will
136 You can say that again...
2006-09-18 17:49:41
152.   singledd
At least our last 6 games are at home.
2006-09-18 17:49:59
153.   kylepetterson
Send Wheels in the punch AJ in the face.
2006-09-18 17:50:30
154.   rbj
Yay! A hit!
2006-09-18 17:50:46
155.   C2Coke
147 Everybody looks like they could use a good night sleep after the weekend.
2006-09-18 17:51:41
156.   RichYF
Dear Alex,

Hit one out, please.



2006-09-18 17:52:08
157.   BklynBmr
Wow! That was rocked! Go, A-Rod!
2006-09-18 17:52:10
158.   RichYF
2006-09-18 17:52:12
159.   LI yankee
156 Hell yeah!!
2006-09-18 17:52:30
160.   C2Coke
Yup. Arod picked the right time to do it.
2006-09-18 17:52:33
161.   kylepetterson
155 yeah, too bad they're in Canada. They sleep for 10 hours there, but they're metric hours. that equates to, like, 6 1/2 standard.
2006-09-18 17:52:34
162.   kdw
Woo-hoo, A-Rod!!!
2006-09-18 17:52:53
163.   rbj
Yay! Another hit!
2006-09-18 17:53:18
164.   yankz
I swear, I felt that home run coming.
2006-09-18 17:53:24
165.   Chyll Will
156 Gotta say, love thee technique!
2006-09-18 17:53:58
166.   yankz
156 I nominate you for the position of BB official wisher.
2006-09-18 17:54:01
167.   RichYF
Anyone ever seen The Last Boy Scout?

I'm dancing a jig a la Bruce Willis right now that's for sure.

2006-09-18 17:54:03
168.   rbj
161 You're forgetting the exchange rate too, so that's now like 4.2784 American hours.
2006-09-18 17:54:31
169.   yankz
161 Is that alluding to something, it sounds familiar.
2006-09-18 17:55:41
170.   Chyll Will
Does that qualify as clutch?
2006-09-18 17:57:17
171.   rbj
Because Giambi is such a threat to steal.
Thanks, AJ
2006-09-18 17:57:36
172.   BklynBmr
170 Yes, unless you work for ESPN or cover baseball for a newspaper.
2006-09-18 17:57:51
173.   SF Yanks
164 I swear I felt the same way.
2006-09-18 17:58:27
174.   BklynBmr
Burnett is losing the plot. Knock 'em out of there, Robbie...
2006-09-18 17:58:49
175.   kdw
Man, it's nice to see the other guy having a little meltdown.
2006-09-18 17:58:56
176.   Chyll Will
171 Stoopid >;)
2006-09-18 17:59:35
177.   kylepetterson
169 I grew up near the canadian border in washington state and we used to always make fun of canadians and their metric ways.
2006-09-18 17:59:40
178.   yankz
Some great speed on the bases.
2006-09-18 18:00:23
179.   LI yankee
Cano could have crushed that...damn!
2006-09-18 18:03:15
180.   C2Coke
177 Then again, only in the States and the UK are where the metric system is not applicable.
2006-09-18 18:04:43
181.   kylepetterson
180 I live in Arizona where we don't celebrate daylight savings either. eithre.
2006-09-18 18:04:48
182.   JeremyM
180 Damn right.
2006-09-18 18:06:04
183.   C2Coke
181 I don't think there is anyone who actually celebrates daylight savings time. The pain in the neck.
2006-09-18 18:06:10
184.   BklynBmr
179 He juuussst got under it. That was a 1/2 inch from being a rocket. I love to watch him hit...
2006-09-18 18:10:09
185.   BklynBmr
Not the prettiest of lines for Rasner, but a decent outing. Could have been a lot worse in the first inning alone.
2006-09-18 18:12:20
186.   yankeemonkey
185 I'd say his outing qualifies as "gritty" by Torre's standards, no?
2006-09-18 18:13:13
187.   JeremyM
Damn it Melky.
2006-09-18 18:13:45
188.   yankeemonkey
Melky is really tired...
2006-09-18 18:14:27
189.   RichYF
188 Think he's feeling the pressure now that Matsui is back?
2006-09-18 18:15:05
190.   yankeemonkey
189 Could be...or he could be just tired.
2006-09-18 18:15:31
191.   C2Coke
188 It's only understandable. Even I am tired just by watching them.

Guiel is seeking revenge for Damon.

2006-09-18 18:16:23
192.   BklynBmr
186 Which means he'll appear in all remaining regular season games, one way or the other ;-)

Hey, we got a bloop! Now let's that blast!

2006-09-18 18:16:36
193.   C2Coke
I can't wait for Brandon League to come up.
2006-09-18 18:16:41
194.   randym77
Jeter is so clutch.
2006-09-18 18:16:45
195.   RichYF
Thank you Cap'n.
2006-09-18 18:17:06
196.   LI yankee
3-0 pitch GONE
2006-09-18 18:17:35
197.   RichYF
192 I wasn't going to play with fire asking Jetes for a dinger as well. Glad someone did it...
2006-09-18 18:17:39
198.   tocho
there's your slump


2006-09-18 18:17:39
199.   kdw
Yes!!!! Love that from Jeter!!
2006-09-18 18:17:46
200.   SF Yanks
That was F-ing BEAUTIFUL!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-18 18:17:46
201.   BklynBmr
2006-09-18 18:17:47
202.   C2Coke
See? Re: 141. Just one plate appearance later.
2006-09-18 18:18:09
203.   JeremyM
Oh hell yes!
2006-09-18 18:18:26
204.   yankeemonkey
He gone? ::channeling Hawk::
2006-09-18 18:18:43
205.   randym77
And now Bat Boy sits, and Bruney's up warming. Joe's decided this game is winnable after all...
2006-09-18 18:19:40
206.   RichYF
205 TJ BB(eam)?
2006-09-18 18:20:07
207.   LI yankee
205 Well you have to listen to the Captain
2006-09-18 18:20:21
208.   SF Yanks
That was the second time he swung at a 3-0 pitch since 2002, the other being his last at bat last night.
2006-09-18 18:20:37
209.   yankeemonkey
204 I meant "You can put it..." of course. Lame joke to begin with, and I manage to butcher it even more. Sheesh...
2006-09-18 18:20:51
210.   BklynBmr
197 LOL! I hope the pen nails it down from here so we don't have to be tempted again tonight ;-)
2006-09-18 18:21:04
211.   C2Coke
205 Bruney v. League is one happy matchup for us is all I am saying.
2006-09-18 18:21:46
212.   yankeemonkey
210 Word.
2006-09-18 18:26:41
213.   JeremyM
Bat Boy actually fits for Beam. I'm down. But my favorite Weekly World News story is Michael Jackson buying the Yankees so he can play center field. They had a picture of him in pinstripes and everything.

And no, I don't think he would've made a better throw from there than ole Bernie did last night...

2006-09-18 18:26:49
214.   BklynBmr
2006-09-18 18:27:37
215.   randym77
Wow. Think that convinced Joe that Guiel can play CF?
2006-09-18 18:27:47
216.   LI yankee
Sign up Guiel for October
2006-09-18 18:28:08
217.   kdw
Nice D from Guiel.
2006-09-18 18:28:22
218.   C2Coke
Guiel is seeking revenge for Damon.

Please, Mr. Torre, make note that Guiel can play better CF defense then our GOB.

2006-09-18 18:28:49
219.   BklynBmr
About the only thing I love to hear out of Kay's mouth is: "Oh, what a play by (fill in your Yankee here)!!!!
2006-09-18 18:29:40
220.   yankeemonkey
For those not brave enough to watch, what'd our man Guiel do? Pull a Coco?
2006-09-18 18:30:36
221.   LI yankee
220 Nice sliding catch in shallow center
2006-09-18 18:30:58
222.   yankz
I love being wrong (about the Captain!) MVP MVP!
2006-09-18 18:31:02
223.   BklynBmr
218 "Please, Mr. Torre, make note that Guiel can play better CF defense then our GOB."

If Joe has never read BB, I'm praying he starts tonight.

2006-09-18 18:31:12
224.   yankeemonkey
Looks like the Mets will finally clinch tonight....And ChiSox really don't want to play an extra few weeks in October, do they...
2006-09-18 18:31:50
225.   yankeemonkey
221 Danke.
2006-09-18 18:32:20
226.   yankeemonkey
Yay Bruney!
2006-09-18 18:32:53
227.   smingers
I LOVE Bruney, but he has to throw strikes come October.
2006-09-18 18:33:00
228.   C2Coke
That Bruney. Must be Torre's new love.
2006-09-18 18:34:23
229.   tocho
so, EDSP and Farnsworth, both of them back-to-back?

I guess there's no other choice, is there?

2006-09-18 18:35:19
230.   yankz
229 I really miss Mo.
2006-09-18 18:35:42
231.   yankz
2006-09-18 18:35:45
232.   yankeemonkey
229 Kay said at the beginning, Proctor and Farns are unavailable. Dotel is the closer tonight. Hoo boy...
2006-09-18 18:35:52
233.   mehmattski
Pow! Right in the Kisser!
2006-09-18 18:35:55
234.   BklynBmr
Brilliant! A-Rod punched out the ump before he could make the call!
2006-09-18 18:37:13
235.   yankeemonkey
Heh...too bad it wasn't the HP ump!
2006-09-18 18:37:16
236.   LI yankee
Wow, it really looked like he was gonna call him out before A-Rod hit him
2006-09-18 18:37:16
237.   C2Coke
Gotta love this. Arod "accidentally" (actually it really seemed accidental) slaped the 1 base ump.

Damon must feel much better now that all his teammates are finding ways to seek payback for him.

2006-09-18 18:37:39
238.   BklynBmr
Jason is due...
2006-09-18 18:38:12
239.   JeremyM
I'm thinking 2-3 more runs are going to be needed to win this game.
2006-09-18 18:38:34
240.   yankeemonkey
237 Not again with the slapping! Seriously?
2006-09-18 18:38:42
241.   tocho
A-rod has turned into Wright with those big mouthfulls.

232 OK, then they REALLY need the insurance runs.

so who goes in the 8th. please no more myers!!

2006-09-18 18:39:09
242.   BklynBmr
237 He learned the karate chop does not work down there...
2006-09-18 18:40:11
243.   yankeemonkey
241 I'm guessing Bruney goes back out.
2006-09-18 18:40:37
244.   yankz
233 You're making this sound hilarious. I must see video.
2006-09-18 18:41:26
245.   yankeemonkey
Jason's due, eh? vomit
2006-09-18 18:42:12
246.   BklynBmr
240 No, no. Not even close. Ump was close to the line (behind the bag) as Alex was flyin' up it. Ump seemed to kinda lean into A-Rod's path while Alex's arms were pumping. Ump zigged when he should have zagged.
2006-09-18 18:42:33
247.   C2Coke
244 You must.

240 Yes, seriously, with the bleeding and all. That looked like one hard slap from Arod.

2006-09-18 18:43:08
248.   yankz
246 And that, boys and girls, is why you always hustle down the line! (That probably makes no sense, ah well)
2006-09-18 18:43:25
249.   RIYank
Proctor is warming.
2006-09-18 18:45:24
250.   yankz
Proctor is in. Uh oh.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-18 18:45:27
251.   yankeemonkey
249 Oi vey...Isn't Overbay the first one up? He could try Myers again....Then again, the dude did throw about 30 pitches last night. Hmmm.
2006-09-18 18:45:52
252.   randym77
Ump was trying to see around A-Rod to make the call. He ended up with a split lip and blood all over his face.

And I think he blew the call - A-Rod was out.

2006-09-18 18:45:54
253.   Chyll Will
247 Bishop Don A-Rod Juan...
2006-09-18 18:47:20
254.   C2Coke
246 It was definitely an accident.

Wow, this is unbelievable, I was watching the game on MLB.TV for 7.5 innings, and now it stopped all of a sudden. I refreshed it, it goes, "Blackout restriction."

I am to tired to talk to the Customer Services.

EDSP is never unavailable. Don't believe what Torre says. He's got all the qualities to be a politician.

2006-09-18 18:47:22
255.   mikeplugh
Proctor is rusty. He clearly needs more work. How can a pitcher be expected to perform at peak level if he's constantly fighting with Octavio Dotel for time in the rotation?
2006-09-18 18:47:40
256.   yankz
2006-09-18 18:48:36
257.   yankz
256 Or, you know, a 3 pitch K.
2006-09-18 18:48:54
258.   C2Coke
254 I am so tired, I can no longer use English properly.
2006-09-18 18:49:19
259.   GoingDeep
The is the first time EDSP has worked in 3 straight days since July 24,25,26. Omniously, on the 26th he gave up 4 hits without recording an out @Tex.
2006-09-18 18:50:13
260.   C2Coke
259 That's nothing. Remember that twice-a-day stunt?
2006-09-18 18:51:02
261.   C2Coke
The real question is, who is pitching in the 9th? Mo? (I can dream can't I?)
2006-09-18 18:51:28
262.   tocho
McDonanld will hit into a DP
2006-09-18 18:51:36
263.   yankz
*#@)#@)!^ Proctor!
2006-09-18 18:51:45
264.   tocho
262 that's Zaun
2006-09-18 18:52:16
265.   C2Coke
I think my MLB.TV shutting down by itself was a sign.

Night, y'all.

2006-09-18 18:52:24
266.   RIYank
Dotel will pitch the ninth.

Hey, why wasn't the IF Rule called on that pop?

2006-09-18 18:52:35
267.   BklynBmr
Kudos to The Ragin' Cajun for teaching that pop-up pitch! I love it...
2006-09-18 18:52:56
268.   LI yankee
Myers and Villone are warming...I really hope the minute after we clinch these guys are sent on a cruise
2006-09-18 18:53:00
269.   JeremyM
261 Someone said it was Dotel earlier.
2006-09-18 18:53:41
270.   RIYank
Whew, that scared me.
Hm, I bet Myers pitches to Catalanotto.
2006-09-18 18:53:43
271.   yankz
2006-09-18 18:54:37
272.   tocho
there we go, now we have Dotel for Franky the yankee, wells and overbay... no biggie
2006-09-18 18:55:13
273.   RIYank
I'd like to win this one, so I'd go with Villone rather than Dotel. But in Torre's pre-game I think he said Dotel would close today. I hope he changed his mind.
2006-09-18 18:55:35
274.   vockins
I love the post 3rd out umpire dress down by a reliever. Nothing to lose, so just unload.
2006-09-18 18:55:53
275.   mikeplugh
I think I said somewere in the low 100's that the Yankees would put up 4 or more runs and can win if they keep it at 3. It was the bottom of the 5th or so. Can I get some love?
2006-09-18 18:55:55
276.   RIYank
Jeez, Cano is going to win the batting title.
2006-09-18 18:56:09
277.   RichYF

"My Hero"

I think as the (post)season goes on, we should all add to his name. This way, it takes us as long to type it out as it does a pitcher outside of the circle to pitch.

2006-09-18 18:56:45
278.   yankz
Does nobody like "Robby Rocket" as a nickname? Too elementary school playground?
2006-09-18 18:56:57
279.   RIYank
Yeah, Mikeplugh, youdaman!
2006-09-18 18:57:17
280.   RichYF
278 Rockin' Robby?
2006-09-18 18:57:29
281.   mikeplugh
I refer you to 108 ladies and gentleman. Toot toot!! That was my own horn. ;)
2006-09-18 18:57:59
282.   RIYank
278 Apparently Jeter calls him "Canoe".
2006-09-18 18:58:59
283.   tocho
do you guys think we need the insurance runs?? only a question
2006-09-18 18:59:11
284.   Chyll Will
275 C'mere, you! (noogie-noogie!)
2006-09-18 18:59:26
285.   yankeemonkey
269 Kay said Dotel is closing. What are Cat's numbers against Myers?
2006-09-18 18:59:34
286.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow, this game is speeding by!
2006-09-18 18:59:48
287.   singledd
275 I love you Mike (and I'm not getting married this month either)
2006-09-18 19:00:08
288.   BklynBmr
275 My mancrush on you continues ;-) Keep up the good work!
2006-09-18 19:00:32
289.   mikeplugh
284 Thanks Chyll. It's a little lonely all the way over here in Asia. Even with all the love for Matsui....
2006-09-18 19:00:33
290.   RIYank
283 I'm gonna say yes. One. Good Blue Jays coming up.
2006-09-18 19:00:55
291.   3rd gen yankee fan
283 If Dotel is really gonna close, HELLS YEAH we need some insurance runs. How about 10?
2006-09-18 19:01:17
292.   RIYank
Oh, nice. Man, it's good to have Matsui back. Nine pitches, moves the runner.
2006-09-18 19:01:25
293.   yankz
I don't know, I think Robby Rocket just rolls off the tongue.
2006-09-18 19:02:01
294.   singledd
Is this kid throwing smoke, or is MLB speeded up?
2006-09-18 19:02:09
295.   BklynBmr
That must have hit Melky's beltbuckle!
2006-09-18 19:02:23
296.   yankz
Make him suffer, Guiel.
2006-09-18 19:02:28
297.   yankeemonkey
Hmmm....I was going to make a crack that Matsui should've bunted, then he goes and does the next best thing. Well done!
2006-09-18 19:02:31
298.   3rd gen yankee fan
I loved it when the fans were chanting for Melky last night. Was that only last night???
2006-09-18 19:02:44
299.   Coco Loco
282 So does Mad Dog Russo (or at least he did last year).
2006-09-18 19:02:49
300.   domvjr
GOB, pinch hitting. I smell DP coming!
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-09-18 19:02:51
301.   mikeplugh
Wow....all the love....I feel great!!

I just can't fight this feeling any more...

I want to throw away the oars....

And close the division door....foreeeeever.

2006-09-18 19:02:59
302.   tocho
2006-09-18 19:03:07
303.   yankz
Um, wtf?
2006-09-18 19:03:14
304.   domvjr
oh well, thank you Mr Blue Jay!
2006-09-18 19:03:14
305.   singledd
Well if Melky wasn't circumsized before the game, he is now.
2006-09-18 19:03:18
306.   RIYank
RBI. Even if that was an error, which I assume it was.
2006-09-18 19:03:49
307.   mikeplugh
GOB will hit a sac fly. I can smell it.
2006-09-18 19:03:51
308.   yankz
Ok then, Torre's a genius!
2006-09-18 19:03:53
309.   yankeemonkey
Nooooo, not GOB! Do y'all realize what that means? GOB in centre (hah!)!!!!!
2006-09-18 19:03:54
310.   JeremyM
Guiel should've stayed in. And I guess Bernie will go into center? I'll be happy to eat crow on this though, come on Bernie.
2006-09-18 19:03:55
311.   monkeypants
OK, that worked out. But the decision to bat Bernie over Guiel against a RHP is simply inexcusable.

Torre has officially jumped the shark.

2006-09-18 19:04:08
312.   BklynBmr
How come the umps didn't rule Melky out with the "transfer" call we get f*cked on 11 times out of 10?
2006-09-18 19:04:09
313.   JPost
Anyone else listenin' on XM? This retard doing the game for the Blue Jays makes Susan Waldman sound like well.. John Sterling haha
2006-09-18 19:05:19
314.   Paul in Boston
EVERY knowledgeable Yankee fan in the universe was expecting Bernie to hit into a DP on that at bat ...

We lucked out big time.

2006-09-18 19:05:49
315.   BklynBmr
Man, we're knocking MFs out tonight. Umps, players... the fans better watch their ass...
2006-09-18 19:05:51
316.   GoingDeep
305 LOL. Melk will be feelin that one.
2006-09-18 19:06:13
317.   RIYank
Bernie breaks up the DP, too.
Still, I have to admit it would have been a lot smarter to leave Guiel in. Let's get another run now and make it all irrelevant. Go Bobby Go Bobby Go Bobby Go!
2006-09-18 19:06:15
318.   LI yankee
What a strange game
2006-09-18 19:06:18
319.   yankeemonkey
314 Well, he would have if not for the Jays' defensive ineptitude...
2006-09-18 19:06:40
320.   RichYF
So let's see. Bernie hits a DP ball (I think), but gets a run in. That's the good news. Bad news is he's going to give 3 back with his "play" in CF. Please put KT in. PLEASE!
2006-09-18 19:06:47
321.   mikeplugh
Big RBI at 3rd waiting for Abreu. I say he singles it in here....
2006-09-18 19:07:00
322.   RIYank
2006-09-18 19:07:23
323.   yankz
Boo ya!
2006-09-18 19:07:48
324.   yankz
320 You (and I) wish.
2006-09-18 19:07:51
325.   mikeplugh
Pats self on back again...
2006-09-18 19:08:01
326.   Chyll Will
6-3, bebe! Thank goodness for mikeplugh!
2006-09-18 19:08:08
327.   RichYF
321 Another excellent prediction. We're 3/3 on the night. Good work.
2006-09-18 19:08:27
328.   JPost
hey mikep, when's matsuzaka's next start?
2006-09-18 19:08:41
329.   GoingDeep
Double steal?
2006-09-18 19:09:01
330.   yankeemonkey
321 You're from the future, aren't you...
2006-09-18 19:09:16
331.   BklynBmr
325 I'm personally sending a limo for you in the post-season...
2006-09-18 19:09:36
332.   LI yankee
PotG: Johnny Damon
2006-09-18 19:09:46
333.   C2Coke
I can't help it so I came back and sticked with Gameday.

314 Keep in mind, League is on the hill.

Having seen League live, I have concluded that he can be a good friend of the Yankees. His fastballs are fast, but he always has trouble with the location. And when his pitches are in the strike zone, they are like meat fed to the batters' bats.

2006-09-18 19:09:47
334.   RIYank
If Mo were in the pen, I'd go to bed now.
2006-09-18 19:09:48
335.   singledd
321 I love you Mike (and I'm not getting married this month either)
2006-09-18 19:10:09
336.   yankz
330 Yeah, it's tomorrow in Japan. He's not really that smart, he's just reading the box score from the newspaper ;)
2006-09-18 19:10:21
337.   Bama Yankee
315 They are living up to that A-TEAM stuff I posted on the last thread...
2006-09-18 19:10:23
338.   yankeemonkey
332 Indeed. Evidently that lit a fire...
2006-09-18 19:10:30
339.   RIYank
329 Oh, hey, nice.
Everybody brought the crystal balls today.
2006-09-18 19:10:33
340.   BklynBmr
329 Nice...
2006-09-18 19:10:40
341.   mikeplugh
328 tonight. Seibu just dropped a half game out of 1st last night, tied with Softbank. Nippon Ham in 1st with about two weeks to play.

The three teams have all clinched the playoffs, and are duking it out for the pennant to avoid a 1st round playoff. The division winner gets a bye and a 1 game lead in the following Pacific League championship series. These games are all huge, and Matsuzaka gets Sofbank tonight!!!

2006-09-18 19:10:49
342.   yankz
Oh how I love the double steal
2006-09-18 19:10:51
343.   LI yankee
329 4 for 4!
2006-09-18 19:11:22
344.   monkeypants
IBB to get to Andy Phillips...dangerous. : )
2006-09-18 19:11:37
345.   singledd
329 I give ya some love, but my heart belongs to Mike
2006-09-18 19:12:16
346.   yankeemonkey
Andy, make them pay!!!
2006-09-18 19:12:35
347.   GoingDeep
339 The Derek/Bobby double steal will become legendary.
2006-09-18 19:12:49
348.   mikeplugh
Phillips, bases full, 3-0 count....if we don't score, I will personally hand Andy his pink slip.
2006-09-18 19:13:01
349.   RIYank
Andy gets the RBI.
Joe could have given him a break and let him hit on 3-0. But, no Mo, I'll take the run.
2006-09-18 19:13:33
350.   Chyll Will
311 now that's stoopid >;)

The Jays' bullpen has jumped right behind him...

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-09-18 19:13:48
351.   C2Coke
That was not easy, you know, walking Phillips.
2006-09-18 19:13:48
352.   tocho
7-3, that double steal was money!
2006-09-18 19:13:49
353.   mikeplugh
Phew. Phillips stays in the party with the rest of us. He's gotta bring the beer though.
2006-09-18 19:13:50
354.   yankz
Ok, a grand slam and THEN i feel OK with Dotel.
2006-09-18 19:13:50
355.   yankeemonkey
348 Hold it for now :)
2006-09-18 19:13:51
356.   BklynBmr
I'll give it a try: bags clearing double for Jorgie ;-)
2006-09-18 19:14:47
357.   yankeemonkey
I sense another walk....
2006-09-18 19:14:48
358.   monkeypants
Now, a hit by Posada and they can chance using some slop in the ninth instead of Farnswhacker.
2006-09-18 19:15:17
359.   RichYF
10/12 balls. 2-1 is the "action pitch." Let's see...
2006-09-18 19:15:31
360.   RIYank
344 IBB to load bases is always dangerous. I can't understand why managers don't see this. It's incredibly obvious, I've seen it bite teams many times, and I'm really not that smart. (I know, hard to believe.)
2006-09-18 19:16:45
361.   LI yankee
Argh! Po swung at ball 4 twice
2006-09-18 19:16:51
362.   yankeemonkey
356 357 Guess we should leave the soothsaying to the pros!
2006-09-18 19:17:09
363.   mikeplugh
oof. Jorgie porgie.

Let's put this thing to bed 1-2-3. Yankees showing why you can't put your bullpen in and hope to win, but we need to prove that the reverse is true for us.

2006-09-18 19:17:14
364.   RichYF
356 You ARE the weakest link. Goodbye!

cue Stewie's retort.

2006-09-18 19:17:18
365.   tocho
WTF jorge, that was another run!!!! maybe he just wants to get home.

4-run lead, no save situation for Dotel, is that good?

2006-09-18 19:17:38
366.   C2Coke
356,357 Apparently, only mike can do it. But I'd take 7-3.
2006-09-18 19:17:57
367.   rmd0311
Villone coming in... Why is DOTEL EVEN ON THIS TEAM? Torre is sickening me...
2006-09-18 19:18:09
368.   BklynBmr
362 Yup. F me. Sorry for killing the rally...
2006-09-18 19:18:13
369.   yankz
Villone? Really? Why?
2006-09-18 19:18:26
370.   yankeemonkey
365 Any lead less than 10 is a save situation for Dotel...
2006-09-18 19:18:33
371.   RichYF
Do I have this right? Dotel in a 1-run game, Villone in a 4-run game? Huh?
2006-09-18 19:18:48
372.   monkeypants
360 Yeah, it's weird psychology/strategy. If Jeter and Abreau are one first and second, you pitch to A-Rod. They steal, and you don't. Then the announcers say how the steal sorta backfires. But if A-Rod is so dangerous, then why not just walk him anyway.

Villone in. Torre has a mean streak.

2006-09-18 19:18:49
373.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-18 19:19:38
374.   rmd0311
Well., I just hope the leach on Villone is real short.
2006-09-18 19:20:13
375.   mikeplugh
Villone? WTF?!

Can you leave the last tendon that his arm is using to feed himself, Joe. They ought to send Torre to Afghanistan to interrogate Taliban fighters in custody.

"Where is Osama bin Laden"

(forces Taliban to appear in back to back games of doubleheader against the Kabul Kavedwellers)

"Okay, okay....I'll talk. He's in the Red Sox front office!"

2006-09-18 19:20:23
376.   monkeypants
374 So do I. Leach? Yikes!!!
2006-09-18 19:20:26
377.   yankeemonkey
251 Maybe I was right, just substitute Villone for Myers....
2006-09-18 19:20:32
378.   C2Coke
371 Since Torre already used EDSMHP when he said he wouldn't, of course he was not using Dotel as the closer like he said he would.
2006-09-18 19:21:51
379.   JeremyM
375 Too funny mike, as always.
2006-09-18 19:21:54
380.   yankeemonkey
Well, he said Dotel was going to be the closer. 4 runs is not a closing situation, now is it! Hah!
2006-09-18 19:22:12
381.   GoingDeep
Question is: With Captain 32 for 35 on the bags this season... why was he only 14 for 19 last year. 91% is Ichiro like.
2006-09-18 19:22:50
382.   monkeypants
Ah, the Jays announcers explained it. Torre said that the team has to 'get Villone right.' Since he is overworked, the best thing to get him right is some more work. That 88 MPH fastball is really popping tonight.
2006-09-18 19:23:02
383.   randym77
Guiel would have gotten that.
2006-09-18 19:23:15
384.   RIYank
Bernie gives one back. I figure a baserunner equals a run at this stage.
2006-09-18 19:23:19
385.   rmd0311
Why leave Bernie in center? Did Torre not see what happened yesterday?
2006-09-18 19:23:30
386.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-18 19:24:00
387.   RichYF
Color me baffled.
2006-09-18 19:24:04
388.   monkeypants
Oh good. Villone has just created a save situation for...Dotel.

This is craziness.

2006-09-18 19:24:06
389.   rmd0311
Can we take Villone out now?
2006-09-18 19:24:18
390.   Benjamin Kabak
Bernie should never EVER play in center. As soon as Matsui is ready to play the field, Melky should be the back-up CF, sentimentality aside.
2006-09-18 19:24:38
391.   yankeemonkey

Is Dotel coming in?

2006-09-18 19:24:50
392.   LI yankee
Yes! Bring in Dotel with 2 runners on and Troy Glaus coming to hit.
2006-09-18 19:24:52
393.   randym77
Torre's a man of his word. He said Dotel would close, and sure enough...
2006-09-18 19:25:38
394.   C2Coke
388 Torre decided to send Villone in to set it up for our closer Dotel.
2006-09-18 19:26:17
395.   marc
well, he got 1 out at least. I kinda doubt Dotel can get the other 2
2006-09-18 19:26:23
396.   yankeemonkey
380 I hate it when I'm right -_-
2006-09-18 19:26:29
397.   tocho
everybody hold on... Mike, any predictions?
2006-09-18 19:26:42
398.   rmd0311
Bad feeling about this game...
2006-09-18 19:27:13
399.   yankz
Even if Glaus goes yard, the Yankees still lead...

Hey, I'm trying to be positive here :)

2006-09-18 19:27:33
400.   yankeemonkey
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-09-18 19:27:58
401.   rmd0311
2006-09-18 19:28:17
402.   C2Coke
I think this is the night that I will wake up from my nightmare looking and crying for Mo.
2006-09-18 19:28:28
403.   RichYF
2006-09-18 19:28:29
404.   domvjr
thank you ron villone & joe torre
2006-09-18 19:28:35
405.   yankz
Um...everyone read 399
2006-09-18 19:28:41
406.   mehmattski
Any more questions about why Dotel didn't pitch last night? Go back from whence you came, Octavio.
2006-09-18 19:28:44
407.   Benjamin Kabak
Joe Torre, C+ bullpen management.
2006-09-18 19:28:55
408.   3rd gen yankee fan



2006-09-18 19:28:56
409.   rmd0311
Damn., ONE BATTER... Where is the trust? LOL
2006-09-18 19:29:00
410.   BklynBmr
Dotel piomps line up on the left. Everyone who just wasn't sure line up on the right...
2006-09-18 19:29:00
411.   SF Yanks
Mo? Where art thou?
2006-09-18 19:29:03
412.   RIYank
This is kind of funny, actually.

Hey, what the hell. That homer was really no better than a single.

So here's a good thing: Molina is gone for that pinch runner.

2006-09-18 19:29:05
413.   bobtaco
399 Nice one, buddy.
2006-09-18 19:29:06
414.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-18 19:29:23
415.   yankz
Why, God? Why did you take our Mo? Couldn't you have taken our Nick Green?
2006-09-18 19:29:29
416.   C2Coke
399 Thanks, man.
2006-09-18 19:29:55
417.   domvjr
Life without Mo!
2006-09-18 19:29:57
418.   rsmith51
406 I stand corrected.
2006-09-18 19:29:59
419.   monkeypants
Christ. What would Torre have done without Mo? I never grasped just how poorly Torre manages a BP until he was forced to think at all at the back end.

And great, Meyers comes in now. He who faced six or seven batters in Torre's boner from yesterday.

2006-09-18 19:29:59
420.   C2Coke
Now he puts Myers in. This is getting hilarious.
2006-09-18 19:30:11
421.   tocho
283 question: do you guys think we need the insurance runs??

answer: HELLL YES!!

PLEASE GET TWO OUTS!! and this will be a footnote on your outing

2006-09-18 19:30:29
422.   RIYank
411 Dude, you have to go get a sweet dairy product.
2006-09-18 19:30:33
423.   rmd0311
2006-09-18 19:30:46
424.   Benjamin Kabak
Mike Myers? WTF? This really makes me believe Joe Torre wasn't actually watching the game last night.
2006-09-18 19:30:57
425.   monkeypants
417 Correction: Life - Mo + Torre.
2006-09-18 19:30:59
426.   marc
Alright Mo, you got enough fukn rest already. How bout letting the fans have a little
2006-09-18 19:31:05
427.   yankeemonkey
Myers? MYERS????!!!
2006-09-18 19:31:19
428.   rmd0311
I would have rather left Dotel in than bring in MYERS>..
2006-09-18 19:31:52
429.   singledd
I rather keep Dotel then Myers
2006-09-18 19:31:56
430.   C2Coke
409 2 batters left.
2006-09-18 19:31:58
431.   Benjamin Kabak
Myers has turned into f***ing Rick Ankiel the last few days. This is terrible.
2006-09-18 19:32:10
432.   tocho
422 amen
2006-09-18 19:32:11
433.   yankz
413 Forgive me, I didn't think it would actually happen...
2006-09-18 19:32:17
434.   RichYF
Agreed on Torre. What the hell is he thinking? Dotel is worthless. Let him finish the game. Who cares if it's a "save situation."

Yankees + Joe Torre - Mo = big trouble

2006-09-18 19:32:20
435.   tocho
422 amen
2006-09-18 19:32:32
436.   RIYank
Myers is still a stud.
Jason Phillips, good. Time to bring in...
Uh oh.
2006-09-18 19:32:33
437.   rmd0311
1 left...
2006-09-18 19:32:49
438.   LI yankee
Didn't Wang save a game a while back? Why can't he do that here?
2006-09-18 19:32:57
439.   tocho
one more, deep breath.
2006-09-18 19:33:03
440.   BklynBmr
PS roster? Bruney is in.
2006-09-18 19:33:24
441.   yankz
Fuckity fuckity fuck (sorry for the profanity)
2006-09-18 19:33:29
442.   Simone
Welcome to a peek of life without Mariano Rivera.
2006-09-18 19:33:30
443.   mikeplugh
Ladies and gentlemen....

Joe Torre's bullpen management over the course of an entire season, culminating in this very moment.

Here's where you can evaluate Joe's full body of work, rather than the moment by moment decision making he does. Overusing his only reliable options has led us to this meltdown as we try to close out the division.

This game is relatively meaningless, but do you trust any of these guys in October?

2006-09-18 19:33:45
444.   Benjamin Kabak
440 No kidding. Bruney is practically third on the depth chart.
2006-09-18 19:33:50
445.   rmd0311
who now? sheffield pitching...
2006-09-18 19:33:56
446.   C2Coke
I am laughing out loud.
2006-09-18 19:33:57
447.   RIYank
Jesus. Hey, here comes Torre! He's going to the bullpen!
This is an adventure.

(I'm actually enjoying this.)

2006-09-18 19:34:04
448.   GoingDeep
Even Mo gave up that Wells jack in extras earlier this year at the CENTRE.
2006-09-18 19:34:36
449.   yankeemonkey
Make it stop, sweet Jesus, please make it stop...
2006-09-18 19:34:40
450.   bobtaco

Whose throw day is it today?

Bring in RJ!

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-09-18 19:35:07
451.   RichYF
This is probably my favorite Yanks game ever on BB.
2006-09-18 19:35:33
452.   pistolpete
Are the MVP voters paying attention to this?


2006-09-18 19:35:42
453.   fansince77
Yankee pen sucks period - we are in trouble in the post season if they don't get their shit together
2006-09-18 19:35:44
454.   rmd0311
VERAS??? Any chance we win this?
2006-09-18 19:35:49
455.   RichYF
Okay guys, someone get on the horn.

Felix Heredia, I CHOOSE YOU!

2006-09-18 19:35:51
456.   randym77
Mo is the MVP for the Yankees.

Gawd. It's a good thing the Sox suck this year and the division race isn't close. Can you imagine what it would be like if it was like last year, and every game counted?

A year ago today, the Yanks were playing Toronto. We lost a desperately needed one-run game, due to Ruben Sierra's adventures in RF.

2006-09-18 19:35:56
457.   LI yankee
Just bring in Wang damnit! He's done it before!
2006-09-18 19:35:56
458.   yankeemonkey
449 When I said make it stop, I didn't mean with a walkoff. Just to clarify real quick...
2006-09-18 19:36:09
459.   JeremyM
Oh man, Veras, I have faith in ya buddy. Screw these fair weather fans here:)
2006-09-18 19:36:15
460.   monkeypants
Hmmm. Now Torre is pulling Meyers. OK, he puts him to face two RHs, but not three. But if he wants Veras to get the final out, why not go to him to begin with instead of Meyers?

Torre is managing kinda like when Gameday gets stuck and doesn't update properly, so you're always a few batters behind.

2006-09-18 19:36:17
461.   tocho
wow, I can´t watch but I can't my eyes off the screen.....

one pitch-one out

Mike, where are you?

2006-09-18 19:36:51
462.   BklynBmr
354 Sorry, mikep — but this was the Nostradamus post of the night, unfortunately.
2006-09-18 19:36:53
463.   yankz
446 Me too my man.
2006-09-18 19:36:58
464.   RichYF
I was just thinking. What are the chances that Joe manages the bullpen out of a hat + a die.

He picks a name, and then rolls the die to see how many batters he faces.


2006-09-18 19:37:13
465.   rmd0311
2006-09-18 19:37:18
466.   Benjamin Kabak
Good work, Jose Veras.
2006-09-18 19:37:27
467.   LI yankee
2006-09-18 19:37:34
468.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
This is what happens when you spend multi-millions on a free agent setup man who throws 100 mph one day, and 85 mph if he pitches the next day. What a waste of roster space Farnswacker is. He'll be great in those 1 or 2 games each series he's able to pitch.
2006-09-18 19:37:34
469.   mikeplugh
I'm cowering under my desk. We'll win.
2006-09-18 19:37:42
470.   C2Coke
447 I can't stop laughing.
2006-09-18 19:37:45
471.   yankz
Oh there is indeed a God. The pain is over.
2006-09-18 19:37:47
472.   3rd gen yankee fan
Fuck that was WAY too close.
2006-09-18 19:38:00
473.   domvjr
Jose Veras, the master of the 1 out save!
2006-09-18 19:38:16
474.   monkeypants
Sweet lord. Despite the Torre Brothers and Villone and Dotel Brothers circus (cue organ grinder music), they pull it out lower the ol' magic number.
2006-09-18 19:38:18
475.   marc
holy mudder fooker
2006-09-18 19:38:27
476.   JeremyM
Yeah Veras! Put him on the playoff roster. I'm pretty much serious too....!
2006-09-18 19:38:27
477.   Paul in Boston
Just 4 pitchers in the 9th inning. Hey, it's not as if we don't have more!
2006-09-18 19:39:00
478.   singledd
3 different pitchers each get one out. What a pen... share the love.
2006-09-18 19:39:06
479.   mikeplugh
White Sox trying to mount a bottom of the 9th comeback against Detroit. Go Sox.
2006-09-18 19:39:11
480.   RIYank
464 Wait, wait. Rich, you were close. I've got it.
He picked Veras, because of his name. It's an anagram of SAVER!
And lo, he was.
2006-09-18 19:39:19
481.   yankeemonkey
461 Very nice.

446 I'd been giggling hysterically for the past 10 minutes or so.

2006-09-18 19:39:19
482.   pistolpete
Jesus, what happens when Rivera retires? We'd better get used to games like this.

Unless Bruney keeps doing what he does.

2006-09-18 19:39:35
483.   marc
As I always say, Torre's a genius. Leave Torre and Bernie alone
2006-09-18 19:39:45
484.   Simone
Ha. You people simply to refuse to see that Joe is a really mad genius.
2006-09-18 19:40:07
485.   mikeplugh
Whoops...I read that wrong. It was Detroit rallying to extend their lead in the top of the 9th, and Inge hit a 3 run bomb off McCarthy. Looks like I used up all my magic on this Yankee game. ;)
2006-09-18 19:40:21
486.   GoingDeep
YESSSSSSSSSSS. 451 Yes a classic BB game. Crystall balling, a Damon ejection, an A-ROD slap, a capt bomb, a Torre/bullpen implosion, a Veras save, plus much much more. And best of all a WIN.
2006-09-18 19:40:42
487.   yankz
After that 9-0 comeback, this has been, in my opinion, the best bonding experience on this site.
2006-09-18 19:41:20
488.   RichYF
480 Maybe he misread the name, saw RiVeras, and said, "Whoa! He's available tonight? Why didn't you tell me sooner?! Put him in, immediately!!"
2006-09-18 19:41:24
489.   BklynBmr
Magic # is 3. It's all good...
2006-09-18 19:42:17
490.   monkeypants
482 What will we do? Hope that the team stumbles on another player who eliminates the need for decision-making from Torre.
2006-09-18 19:43:11
491.   yankeemonkey
481 Hm. Should I now actually watch it on Yanks Encore?

BB = best group therapy out there!

2006-09-18 19:43:24
492.   Max
I'm happy about this game, if nothing else because it definitively eliminates Dotel as an option for any important game.

And though I join the chorus in feeling that Joe is even more of a blind mule when it come to bullpen management without Mo to lean on, I do blame the front office for thinking Farnsworth could be any sort of reliable setup option, let alone a closer. Villone and Proctor might have been overused regardless, but having Farns "I don't pitch on consecutive days" BS means our other relievers really take a beating.

2006-09-18 19:44:20
493.   C2Coke
486,487 Hear, hear.

Bruney, keep your form, there may be a 10-year long job opening in a few years just for you.

2006-09-18 19:44:49
494.   RIYank
488 Ohhh. I should have seen that. I mean, here I am, RIYank, and I don't notice that Mo is RIVera.

This was not as fun as the huge comeback game. But it was a lot more relaxed!

2006-09-18 19:45:07
495.   yankeemonkey
482 I'm hoping by then Cox, Melancon and company will be ready to step in...Hoping really really hard.

449 And before I forget, thank you Jesus :)

2006-09-18 19:45:48
496.   C2Coke
488 LOL. Man, the sad part is that I think there might be some truth in it...
2006-09-18 19:49:37
497.   BklynBmr
487 Hey, just because Simone and Abbey weren't here, I hope you're not sayin'... oh, never mind ;-)

OT: Just tuned into MNF — hey, my kinda NFL game. 3-0 in the third quarter, Jags over Pitt. And on the subject, how 'bout dem NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS, baybeeeeeee!

2006-09-18 19:51:42
498.   yankeemonkey
497 Tony K said the funniest thing earlier. They were discussing the new rules to protect the QBs and Tony goes, "Joe, don't you wish you were playing now?" Ouch.
2006-09-18 19:52:40
499.   marc
unbelievable that Rasner was able to get the win. Great performance after looking like total shit on the way to a loss
2006-09-18 19:55:28
500.   wsporter
490 MonkeyP come on, "stumbles on"? I get the sense that Ca$hman did more than stumble on Bruney. He's found to many like that that over the last couple of years to call it stumbling. I'd say found and leave it at that.

As for the rest of the comment, with a 9.5 game lead and an elimination number at 4 at game time I'll leave that to your conscience to wrestle with. :-)

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-09-18 19:55:48
501.   marc
wow, we almost made it to 500 posts.
2006-09-18 19:55:54
502.   RIYank
498 I can still picture Theismann's leg snapping. Brrrrrr, I get shivers.
2006-09-18 20:06:31
503.   BklynBmr
498 That is good. I think Tony K was a smart move for the booth, but if ESPN had balls they'd have Tirico (sp?) doing play-by-play, with Tony K and Wilbon on color. That would rock.

502 Brutal. One of the worst ever on live TV, for sure. But if someone had to do it, I'm glad it was LT, as sick as that sounds ;-p

2006-09-18 20:07:34
504.   monkeypants
500 Perhaps, but they did pretty much stumble on to Rivera. He came up as a starter, then he was used as a killer set up guy for Whetland. Indeed, one could argue that it was during the 1996 season when Torre got locked into his BP usage patterns (with 60+ appearances and 107 innings pitched, he was EDMR in 1996). But instead of burning him out, it paid off when Mo turned out to be Mo.

Anyway, my main point is that it doesn't really matter who Cashman finds (ex. Guiel), unless Torre uses him properly (not batting Bernie LH). Torre's too set in ways now--he uses the BP like it's 1996-1998 regardless of the personnel. This only really works if you have Mo as the closer and good Lloyd and good Nelson as the set-up guys, etc. So, unless Cashman happens to find the next Mo, and Torre actually figures out who to use when, the ends of games will continue to be slow torture.

2006-09-18 20:11:52
505.   David
The good news is that Torre managed so as to find out which relief pitchers are reliable. The bad news is he can't count on Myers, Dotel, or Villone. Farnsworth showed his unreliability yesterday.

Maybe Rasner should start in post season and use Randy Johnson as lefty reliever. Randy's ERA as a starter is a lot worse than Rasner's.

2006-09-18 20:13:22
506.   marc
wow, all Damon said to the ump was "you have to get help on that" when he got thrown out. (it was a swing-no-swing call on Matsui. I assumed he must have said something really bad
2006-09-18 20:19:02
507.   Zack
Man, I missed the whole game, and, by the comments, the whole experience...Oh well, looks like a great time!
2006-09-18 20:21:34
508.   monkeypants
By the way, the late night game here is the Dodgers-Padres game, with Vin Scully calling the came. Listening to the master reminds you how good baseball announces can be...and how attrocious most of them actually are.
2006-09-18 20:49:11
509.   Yu-Hsing Chen
What a crazy game.. arragh, here's to hope that Veras gets used more down the stretch.. that and our starters going deeper...(not that Rasner didn't do a good job )
2006-09-18 21:22:43
510.   Travis
504 Nah, Torre was managing his bullpen like this before Mo and the 1996 Yankees. Check out the bullpens for the 1991-1994 Cardinals, and especially Mike Perez, the Tanyon Sturtze/Scott Proctor of his day.

2006-09-19 04:10:02
511.   randym77
Wow. The Dodgers grabbed the division lead last night by tying the game with four consecutive homers in the bottom of the 9th, then won the game with a homer in the 10th.

Guess their days of doing it with small ball are over...

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