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Boston Red Sox
2006-09-15 10:33
by Cliff Corcoran
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On the morning of June 30, the Boston Red Sox had won their last twelve games and held a four-game lead in the American League East. A month later their lead in the East had shrunk to 1 1/2 games. From there they went into a free fall, winning just nine of their next 31 games. The Sox are now 11 1/2 games behind the first-place Yankees and could be eliminated this weekend should they fail to at least split the four games they'll play in the Bronx.

So what happened? Simple really, their pitching completely imploded. No team gave up more runs in August than the Red Sox, who allowed a major league worst 5.97 runs per game as their opponents posted a .314 batting average against them.

Why? Look no further than this weekend's probables. Josh Beckett has been an utter disappointment, mixing a 6.38 August ERA with his 33 home runs allowed in 184 innings (1.61 per 9 IP). Curt Schilling, who came out of the gate looking like the ace of old, posted a 5.22 ERA in August and has missed his last three starts due to a strained back. The Sox had hoped he'd return to pitch on Saturday afternoon, but instead they'll have to give a fourth start to Julian Tavarez, who was moved out of the bullpen into the rotation in Schilling's stead in part because he was so ineffective out of the pen that the team figured it couldn't hurt to try it. The second game of Saturday's double header will see Kyle Snyder take the mound for the Sox. Snyder has a 7.02 ERA as a starter this season, but the Sox rotation is so depleted that they keep running him back out there. Saturday's nightcap will be his tenth start for Boston. Worse yet, Snyder isn't their most desperate attempt to find a starter. Things have gotten so bad that the Red Sox are carrying 37-year-old Kevin Jarvis, he of the career 6.05 ERA. I mean, seriously, look at these numbers! Finally, Monday's starter will be rookie Kason Gabbard. Who? Exactly.

It's telling that Tavarez and Gabbard have actually improved the Boston rotation as they've replaced the since-released Jason Johnson (7.36 ERA in six starts for the Sox) and highly-touted rookie Jon Lester, who has alarmingly been diagnosed with lymphoma, but nonetheless posted a 7.66 ERA in five August starts before landing on the disabled list. With Tavarez and Gabbard in the rotation, the Sox have split their last dozen games. That counts as progress in Beantown these days.

How did things get so bad? Let's take a look at the Red Sox opening day rotation:

  • Curt Schilling, age 39, 240 plus pounds, and two years removed from an infamous ankle injury has been inconsistent and is now injured.
  • Tim Wakefield, age 39 (now 40), missed nearly two months, including all of August, due to injury.
  • David Wells, age 42 (now 43), spent most of the year on the DL, making just eight starts before the Sox waived the white flag and sent him to his hometown Padres for the stretch run.
  • Matt Clement made just 12 starts before an injury to his pitching shoulder ended his season.
  • Josh Beckett, the franchise's new "ace," is a pitcher who spent his entire career in a pitchers park in the NL and had never stayed healthy enough to make 30 starts.

In order to clear room for that quintet, the Sox traded Bronson Arroyo to the Reds and installed Jonathan Papelbon as their closer, reducing their back-up plan to rookies Lester and David Pauley and swing-lefty Lenny DiNardo--all of whom have spent time on the 60-day DL this year, the latter two doing so with ERAs well north of 7.00--and rookie Abe Alvarez, who has made just one disaster start for the big club. Thus waiver bait such as Johnson, Snyder and Jarvis. Thus desperation moves such as Tavarez. Thus dipping even deeper into their farm system for someone like Gabbard, who posted a 5.23 ERA with triple-A Pawtucket this year after a 4.61 mark in double-A last year.

With all that in mind, could it be that the best thing that has happened to the Red Sox this year, the remarkable rookie season Jonathan Papelbon has had as their closer, has also been the thing that destroyed their season? If Papelbon wasn't quite so dominant as a closer, might the Sox have been willing to move him back into the rotation when it became clear that their starting pitching would sink their playoff hopes without him?

What's more, can the Sox really expect to compete next year without moving Papelbon to the rotation? Schilling and Wakefield will be another year older. Wells is gone. Clement and Beckett will be no more reliable. Lester has cancer. The market is thin, as is the Sox farm system, particularly with Anibal Sanchez throwing no-hitters in teal and black. Nate Silver has reason to believe that Papelbon is actually best suited to the role he's in, but the Red Sox may have no other choice.

As the Yankees continue to improve from within, the 11 1/2 games that separate these two teams coming into this weekend looks an awful lot like a harbinger of things to come.

Boston Red Sox

2006 Record: 78-68 (.534)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 73-73 (.501)

Manager: Terry Francona
General Manager: Theo Epstein

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Fenway Park (101/101)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • Jason Varitek and Trot Nixon have been activated from the DL
  • Dustin Pedroia (minors) replaced Alex Gonzalez (DL), Gonzalez has since been reactivated
  • Carlos Peña replaced C Javy Lopez
  • Tim Wakefield (DL) replaced David Wells
  • Lenny DiNardo (DL) replaced Jon Lester (DL)
  • Mike Burns replaced LHP Javier Lopez, Lopez has since been recalled
  • David Murphy, Ken Huckaby, Kason Gabbard, Kevin Jarvis, Craig Hansen and Craig Breslow are September call-ups

Current Roster

1B – Kevin Youkilis (R)
2B – Mark Loretta (R)
SS – Alex Gonzalez (R)
3B – Mike Lowell (R)
C – Jason Varitek (S)
RF – Trot Nixon (L)
CF – Coco Crisp (S)
LF – Wily Mo Peña(R)
DH – David Ortiz (L)


L – Eric Hinske (UT)
L – Alex Cora (IF)
R - Doug Mirabelli (C)
R - Dustin Pedroia (IF)
L - Carlos Peña (1B)
R – Gabe Kapler (OF)
L - David Murphy (OF)*
R - Ken Huckaby (C)*
R - Manny Ramirez (OF)**


R – Curt Schilling
R – Tim Wakefield
R – Josh Beckett
R – Julian Tavarez
R – Kyle Snyder
L - Kason Gabbard*
R - Kevin Jarvis*


R – Jon Papelbon
R – Mike Timlin
R - Keith Foulke
R – Manny Delcarmen
R – Keith Foulke
L – Lenny DiNardo
R – Bryan Corey
R - Mike Burns
R - Craig Hansen*
L - Craig Breslow*
L - Javier Lopez*

60-day DL: R – Matt Clement, L – Jon Lester, R - David Pauley, L - Adam Stern (OF)

Typical Lineup

R – Kevin Youkilis (1B)
R – Mark Loretta (2B)
L – David Ortiz (DH)
R – Wily Mo Peña (LF)
L - Trot Nixon (RF)
R – Mike Lowell (3B)
S - Jason Varitek (C)
S – Coco Crisp (CF)
R – Alex Gonzalez (SS)

*September call-ups
**The Sox don't expect Manny to play at all this weekend due to his ongoing knee injury. Needless to say, David Ortiz shouldn't see a good pitch to hit all weekend as a result, thus completely defanging the Red Sox offense (not that you can't count on at least one rocket shot from Wily Mo, but it could be his only hit of the series when it comes).

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2006-09-15 12:54:01
1.   Travis
"Waived the white flag?" Was that when they released Rudy Seanez?
2006-09-15 12:55:29
2.   yankz
1 Hilarious.
2006-09-15 13:03:10
3.   Cliff Corcoran
1 I don't get it.
2006-09-15 13:06:32
4.   tommyl
Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi 1B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Hideki Matsui DH
Melky Cabrera LF
Chien-Ming Wang RHP

Wow, any lineup that has Matsui batting 7th (and legitemately so) is scary. I've got Tix, but think I'm going to skip out on the rain delays and watch from a bar.

2006-09-15 13:11:11
5.   Travis
3 "White Flag," as in, "By putting in this reliever, we acknowledge that we have no chance to win this game and hereby surrender." It's a good nickname for Seanez or any other extremely low-leverage pitcher.
2006-09-15 13:12:25
6.   Cliff Corcoran
5 I get it.

4 Matsui's batting eighth, legitimately.

2006-09-15 13:13:41
7.   tommyl
6 Whoops, you're right, I keep counting the pitcher in the lineup and subtracting! Stupid me, trying to be clever.
2006-09-15 13:14:19
8.   tommyl
6 And I can't spell, but I never could do that, that's why I went into physics.
2006-09-15 13:15:34
9.   Zavo
I have tickets tonight so I really hope they play. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Wang in person this season and would very much like to do so.
2006-09-15 13:17:03
10.   Jim Dean
Loot at that Pythagorean record and winning percentage - 120 million ain't what it used to be - now it's a .500 ballclub.

Oh how the mighty have fallen...

Can anyone offer realistic scenarios how they might recover in the next three years, let alone, next year? I'm completely serious.

They obviously need a grade A starter. But those prices are going to be damn high with the demand. Whereas Zito is consistently good (#2 or #3) I don't think he's a difference maker. Schmidt might be, as he has been before, but you're going to overpay for a NL West to AL east move and how many healthy years can you get from him? Otherwise, good luck.

After that, what they resign Loretta and Gonzo? For how many more years will that last and at what cost? Or do they really leave an open spot for the weighty bat of Pedroia?

Now with Varitek this year showing his true colors the shade of orange juice, they will have to go out and pay for a guy like Zaun or Molina.

After that they still need to build a bullpen and there aren't many power arms to be had cheaply - mybe a guy like Dotel.

Then there's still the open spot in RF unless they're willing to give it full-time to Wily.

I suppose they could trade ManRam to the Angels or someone for some talent, but that would start to look full blown rebuilding.

2006-09-15 13:25:47
11.   rbj
Well, Jarvis' career BB/K ration of 259 to 450 is not earthshatteringly horrible.

(He says, trying to listen to his mother and say something nice about someone)

2006-09-15 13:29:26
12.   yankz
5 I think it's even funnier if you look at the misspelling. It should be "waved the white flag" but if you look at it from a baseball perspective, if Rudy Seanez was waived, and the Red Sox "waived the white flag," Seanez becomes the white flag. Sorry, that's incoherent.
2006-09-15 13:32:57
13.   Gagne55
It's funny, because Ramierez and Sanchez are far better than Beckett and Lowell for less than 1/20th the price.
2006-09-15 13:39:25
14.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
10 if you listen to Sawx fans, they're hoping:

(1)that Beckett and Coco rebound and become the players that RSN thought they were getting

2)Pedroia is good

3)WilyMo turns into Soriano (enormous power offsets poor plate discipline)

4) The centerfielder they have in AA helps the team next year

5) Hansen and delwhatshisname turn into set-up studs

(6) Lowell, Schilling, and Wakefield play next year like they did in the first half of this season

(7) they pick up a stud starting pitcher -- they're hoping for MikePugh's Japanese ace to spurn NY and Seattle for the provincial backwater that is Boston.

Getting even a fraction of that would be quite lucky in my opinion.

2006-09-15 13:40:52
15.   JL25and3
Last spring, the Boy Genius was widely praised for trading Arroyo for Pena. The consensus was that the Sox had traded from strength, because they had so many starters - Schilling, Beckett, Wakefield, Wells, and Clement, with Lester ready to step in. (I think that was also before Papelbon was made the closer, so he was also considered starting depth.) I thought it was crazy then...

In the last Yanks-Sox series, the bullpen shocked me even more than the rotation. Aside from Jonathan Goodpaper, they didn't seem to have a single reliever who was even at replacement level. There's just no excuse for that.

I'm going to both games tomorrow. I used to love going to doubleheaders, back when they had real doubleheaders, but this will be a muuuuch longer day. I hope they make it worth my while.

2006-09-15 13:40:57
16.   Travis
12 Making it more coherent: Seanez was already the "White Flag" due to his usage and performance, and then they released (or "waived") him.

Cliff, was your original misspelling intentional? Wells, of course, had to pass through waivers before the Red Sox could trade him.

2006-09-15 13:44:42
17.   Cliff Corcoran
12 Now I really get it. Stoopid baseball has ruined my spelling. I can spell Yastrzemski, Mientkiewicz, Grudzelanek and Pierzynski without looking any of them up, but homonyms such as waved and waived stymie me every time.
2006-09-15 13:47:10
18.   Travis
17 I hate to correct you, but it's spelled G-r-u-d-z-i-e-l-a-n-e-k.
2006-09-15 13:48:54
19.   JL25and3
17 I hate to burst your bubble, Cliff...but that's Grudzielanek.

In old-style box scores it would have been Grdzlnk.

2006-09-15 13:51:42
20.   randym77
Nice article by Alex at today.

2006-09-15 13:54:01
21.   nemecizer
Question: if both tonight and tomorrow's day games were rained out, and the Sox were eliminated before make up games could be played, would they be played anyway so both teams would get to 162 games? Or would MLB just realize there's no point and let both teams finish the season at 160. I think the answer is make up games, but I am not sure.
2006-09-15 13:56:36
22.   Sliced Bread
Excellent requiem for the Ghost Sox, Cliff. Thorough and insightful breakdown of what went wrong.

My sympathy goes out to Lester, but that pitching staff is just a Mount Rushmore of Misfortune & Mediocrity. Makes me appreciate our pitchers that much more.

I agree with Nate Silver re: Papelbon. I think he can help them more as a closer.

1 5 I used to call our starter version of Seaenez Jeff "White Flag" Weaver.

2006-09-15 13:57:01
23.   Jim Dean
14 I agree completely - very wishful thinking.
2006-09-15 13:59:53
24.   Travis
21 They wouldn't be played, unless they would affect the Yankees' seeding in the playoffs. MLB used to not require that games affecting only seeding be played, but changed it recently. (I'm pretty sure this happened recently, but not positive. Any help?)
2006-09-15 14:00:10
25.   Cliff Corcoran
18, 19 GOL'DARNIT!!!!

20 It's linked in my post above.

21 Only if those games would effect home field advantage in the postseason, and even then, the Yanks might just chose to forfeit homefield in exchange for not having to play those games.

2006-09-15 14:05:29
26.   Sliced Bread
20 Excellent stuff from Alex. Thanks for the link.
2006-09-15 14:05:55
27.   rilkefan
25 - "Only if those games would effect home field advantage"

Well, I'll not pile on this time.

2006-09-15 14:08:24
28.   Cliff Corcoran
You say affect, I say effect
You say Grudzielanek, I say Grudzielanek
Waved it, waved him
Slayed it, sleighed him
Let's call the whole thing of.

Er, off.

2006-09-15 14:09:00
29.   Javi Javi
28 Quality. Pure quality.
2006-09-15 14:10:07
30.   Cliff Corcoran
28 Note that I spelled Grudz correctly both times there. It's late, it's a Friday, I'm rushing and frazzled and bonus points to the person who finds the misspelling in this post. Bonus points that are worth a whole heeping lot of "tough nards, this here's free content."
2006-09-15 14:15:55
31.   yankz
Heaping not heeping!
2006-09-15 14:16:58
32.   kylepetterson
"heeping" - heaping
2006-09-15 14:18:42
33.   Travis
30 If "Heep" means "a lousy 4th outfielder," then I don't want a "heeping lot" of anything.

Because it can't be said enough: We kid, because we love (this site).

2006-09-15 14:26:15
34.   markp
Any word on when Sheffield's going to be activated? It makes no sense not even having him available to PH if he's been cleared to take BP.
2006-09-15 14:31:09
35.   yankeemonkey
34 Cash said on the FAN that he didn't know when Sheff might be's a 'day-to-day' deal for the moment.
2006-09-15 14:36:38
36.   Benjamin Kabak
Any word on if this game's gonna happen?

And 4 I'd take your tickets!

2006-09-15 14:49:25
37.   Sliced Bread
Weather Channel says 100-90% chance of rain from 7pm to 9pm. Looks like they could get it in after that if they don't mind playing into the wee hours. My guess is it will be delayed for a while, but that they'll try to squeeze it in. Put on a pot of coffee.
2006-09-15 14:51:06
38.   yankeemonkey
Just have a tripleheader tomorrow!
2006-09-15 14:52:54
39.   Sliced Bread
My biggest concern is that Kaat's last game could be warshed out.
I'm hoping they get it in, and if it's delayed WWOR will just let Kaat ramble until the tarp is removed, and the game resumes.
2006-09-15 15:03:23
40.   jkay
YES says tonight is a rainout, another day/night DH on Sunday.
2006-09-15 15:08:17
41.   Sliced Bread
40 Any word on Kaat? He'll still do one more for the road?
2006-09-15 15:08:20
42.   randym77
It's days like this I wish Yankee Stadium had a retractable roof. Back to back doubleheaders - yeek.
2006-09-15 15:08:43
43.   rbj
40 Excellent. Proctor gets to pitch in 4 games in 2 days. (Heck, he had yesterday & today - if the game is called off - off.)
2006-09-15 15:16:46
44.   kylepetterson
40 agrees.
2006-09-15 15:19:02
45.   Sliced Bread
Pete Abraham agrees.
Still no word on Kaat. I imagine he'll put off retirement and join the Sat. night or Sun. night broadcast.
2006-09-15 15:24:37
46.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Crap, those of us outside of NY who are too cheap to pony up for Extra Innings are now likely screwed out of a chance to see the Yanks. And with the Yanks so far ahead, another national game is unlikely.
2006-09-15 15:25:26
47.   Adam B
By the way, one of the few positive things the Red Sox do have going for them is the catcher they got back for David Wells, George Kottaras. He's a pretty good prospect, and should be able to take over for Varitek soon.
2006-09-15 15:27:27
48.   Schteeve
I'd like to blaspheme for a moment, if I may. People, including Sox fans seem to take great pleasure of late in making snide remarks about the "Boy Genius," Theo Epstein. While Epstein certianly made a lot of bad decisions, and while the ridiculous drama surrounding the Sox FO this past off-season, doesn't make him look like the classiest guy I've ever seen, I refuse to pass judgement on the guy. Being a GM is a learning experience, and I suspect that he may yet prove to be a very good GM. So far, not so good. But I get no satisfaction out of beating his pinata. So to speak.
2006-09-15 16:11:24
49.   LI yankee
48 Stop being sensible
2006-09-15 16:13:10
50.   Simone
Theo Epstein created a Red Sox team that won the World Series so he is clearly a good GM. What he isn't is the "Boy Genius" to whom Cashman pales by comparison.

After a couple of years of witnessing Cashman getting no respect and being compared negatively to Epstein, I more than happy to indulge in schadenfreude at the Red Sox demise.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-09-15 16:16:16
51.   Bob Timmermann
First consecutive doubeleheaders for the Yankees since 1991 when they played three in a row: 8/10, 8/11, and 8/13.
2006-09-15 16:23:55
52.   Bob Timmermann
In 1968, the Yankees played doubleheaders on:
8/23, 8/25, 8/26, 8/27, 8/30, 9/2 in one stretch.

One doubleheader was caused when the second game of the 8/23 doubleheader against the Tigers ended in a 3-3, 19-inning tie.

2006-09-15 16:26:49
53.   nemecizer
so my tickets for tonight are good for Sunday night? I'll take it!
2006-09-15 16:29:59
54.   Bob Timmermann
The last time the Yankees played consecutive doubleheaders against Boston at Yankee Stadium was 9/28 and 9/29 of 1951. The Yankees hosted the Red Sox for five games to end the season and won all five.
2006-09-15 16:33:08
55.   marc
why can't Boston concede the rained out games and the Yankees can send ticket holders A John Tesh concert in their choice of DVD or VHS in lieu of the game(s)All non-statistics will stand
2006-09-15 16:38:25
56.   Max
Globe is reporting that Papelbon is shut down for the season, and that he is saying he is planning to come back as a starter next year.

The person who probably benefits from the two doubleheaders is Papi...less time with the New York press, and most of his time in NY will be spent playing over 2 days.

2006-09-15 16:43:16
57.   singledd
48 Thank you and I holehartedly... I mean wholeheartedly agree. People in glass houses (Pavano, Wright, Wo-is-me-mack, and others) should not throw stones.

Coco is a good player. No way to know that he would have a bad year... but he did make a few webgems that will live on.

Mark Mulder - 7.14 ERA (Ruthian). Who knew?
Zito next year? You never know.
RJ? We STILL don't know.
With the exception of a few elite, pitchers are a crapshoot.

Theo is alright. If we didn't have Ca$hman, I'd take him. He rolled the dice, and lost almost everytime... although Willy Mo could still be a monster.

2006-09-15 16:47:03
58.   singledd
It's raining guys....

What are we going to do?
With 200 million, do we let a historic Yankee play a year (and probably do shitty) on another team?

Do we allow his image to be tainted by another uniform?

2006-09-15 16:50:37
59.   Sliced Bread
48 Theo was the embodiment of the idea that while the Yanks would continue to be rich, dumb, and greedy, the Red Sox would roll up their sleeves, and be working class "Good Will Hunting" brainiacs.
Theo himself put forth this notion.

Nothing personal against Theo, (even if I find him to be arrogantly smug), but I'm glad his myth is over, and baseball fans everywhere are realizing the Yanks organization has a lot more going for it than just money.

2006-09-15 16:51:16
60.   Sliced Bread
54 Cool. Thanks for that.
2006-09-15 17:00:23
61.   Sliced Bread
57 I hope the Yankees never have a GM who would sneak out of the Stadium in a gorilla suit, and I don't think that act would fly in the Bronx.
2006-09-15 17:04:30
62.   mehmattski
Is anyone watching the extra-long Baseball Tonight on ESPN (which is on instead of the Yanks-Sox game here)? Its Buster Olney and Orestes Destrade... and they are on fire tonight. No Kruk, no Phillips to drag them down in to inane oblivion. Destrade told an awesome story about facing Pedro in a Latin exhibition game. Olney's analysis is as crisp as always. Best BBTN in a very long time.
2006-09-15 17:06:19
63.   rbj
58 I don't think there is room for Bernie next year, sad to say. He's been a great asset for the Yankees, and he'll get his plaque. If he wants to play another year, he's earned the right and I won't consider his reputation sullied. Unless, perhaps, it was the Red Sox. That would be a tough one to swallow.
2006-09-15 17:09:26
64.   yankeemonkey
I'm watching the Bucs-Mets game and Pedro is getting his butt handed to him...If he's still injured, Mets are in biiiiig trouble come playoffs.

Also, the camera just showed Pedro in the dugout and he looked like he was about to burst into tears a la Schilling...Heh.

2006-09-15 17:10:34
65.   yankeemonkey
62 Phillips hasn't been around lately. Could it be he's gone for good? Even other baseball commentators on ESPN make fun of that clown...
2006-09-15 17:12:26
66.   pistolpete
64 I'm rooting against Pedro in this game (on the other guy's fantasy team and we're in the semifinals), but I certainly hope we aren't seeing a major problem with him...
2006-09-15 17:14:54
67.   yankeemonkey
64 I ALWAYS root against Pedro...old habits die hard, I guess. It would be a shame if he were seriously hurt, he's a great pitcher and I want to see the Yanks slap him around in the Subway Series this year!
2006-09-15 17:15:18
68.   yankeemonkey
67 I meant 66 of course. D'oh!
2006-09-15 17:17:42
69.   pistolpete
Anyone listen to the FAN on Thursday afternoon - I was actually enjoying Russo's antics in this particular instance. He was hoping and praying - and promising to give up a year's salary if it happens - that the Giants make the playoffs and eliminate the Mets either in the first round, or in a Game 7 of an NLCS.

He even said he wouldn't mind losing to the Yanks in the World Series, and Mike made him swear he'd ride in the parade if that happened...

Funny stuff. I guess he's got it in for the Mets more than the Yanks this season..

2006-09-15 17:19:04
70.   rbj
65 Philips was getting booed in Brighton (or where ever the hell ESPN is) When you get booed there it is over. ESPN had to trade Philips to Fox Sports. They got Steve Lyon in return.
2006-09-15 17:24:32
71.   yankeemonkey
Santana's given up 4 runs in 4 innings tonight. What were the odds of that happening?
2006-09-15 17:24:42
72.   mehmattski
66 Yeah, I'm in my league's semis, and I've got Snell too. It sounds a lot like a disease though. Or "Vini Vidi Visnell": I. Came, I. Saw, I. Snell.
2006-09-15 17:25:43
73.   bballman92192
66 of course your rooting against pedro he's got red sox blood running through his veins
2006-09-15 17:29:15
74.   yankeemonkey
Ugh, Cleveland is pathetic.
2006-09-15 17:30:15
75.   Max
65 There was a transcript of an interview with Harold Reynolds floating around recently (the first time he's spoken since his firing), and Harold mentioned that Steve Phillips had just gotten a new five year contract with ESPN. If that's true, it's pretty horrifying.
2006-09-15 17:51:47
76.   singledd
Mauer is 0 for 2 so far.
Could he lose the batting title to someone as overrated as Jeter?
2006-09-15 18:07:03
77.   jkay
53 tickets for tonight are good for Sundy afternoon.
2006-09-15 18:14:10
78.   yankeemonkey
My God, Twinks have stolen at least 4 bases so far tonight...who the hell is the Tribe catcher?!
2006-09-15 18:18:40
79.   mehmattski
78 That would be Victor Martinez, who is dead last in the majors in CS%. Yes, even worse than AJ Pierzynski.
2006-09-15 18:19:28
80.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
78 Victor Martinez. A 1st baseman masquerading as a a catcher. We mauled him this season too.

Mauer up again.

2006-09-15 18:20:57
81.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Mauer 0 fer 3. Down to .345

To be fair to AJP, most of the stolen bases against the Palehose are on their pitching staff, which is sssssssssllllllllloooooowwwwww to the plate.

2006-09-15 18:23:08
82.   yankeemonkey
Ahh yes, I'd forgotten about Mr. Martinez! Thankies. That man shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the catcher's equipment, he's a menace!
2006-09-15 18:31:49
83.   randym77
A 19-inning game that ended in a 3-3 tie??? o_O

I think the Mets' magic number is one. One more win, and they've clinched. But they're having trouble against the lowly Pirates.

2006-09-15 18:36:04
84.   rbj
Mudhens just won 6-0 to force a decisive game 5 in the Governor's Cup.

There's a one-off game between the IL winner and PCL winner on Monday on ESPN2. It's in Oklahoma.

2006-09-15 18:40:23
85.   yankeemonkey
Mets just lost...Of course if the 'Stros rally and beat the Phils, NYM clinches anyway.
2006-09-15 18:51:04
86.   randym77
According to LoHud, Lidle has tendonitis in his finger; Rasner will get his start.

And Matsui will start in LF during the next homestand.

2006-09-15 19:01:10
87.   yankeemonkey
Mauer now 0-4, down to .344. Twinkies are rallying, however...
2006-09-15 19:06:00
88.   singledd
Tigers squeak out a win over the O's... 17-2.
2006-09-15 19:26:55
89.   yankeemonkey
The best part is that the guy who pitches for the O's actually lowered his ERA...from 36+ to 27.00!
2006-09-15 19:35:12
90.   LI yankee
So Jeter will have to get a hit in 4 games in 2 days to extend the streak. Daunting task...
2006-09-15 19:37:07
91.   RIYank
Wow, the Twins walk the winning run to third base. I assume the intention was to pitch carefully to Martinez, but once Reyes got behind 2 and 0 they figured it was safer just to try to get Garko to hit into the DP? Or did it have to do with the ensuing pitching change?
2006-09-15 19:41:09
92.   RIYank
Guess it didn't work.
2006-09-15 19:44:07
93.   LI yankee
91 The runners advanced to second and third on a wild pitch. They then walked Martinez to load them up.
2006-09-15 19:51:40
94.   pistolpete
Uh oh, look at Houston in the bottom of the 9th...Mets could back in. ;-)
2006-09-15 20:09:14
95.   kdw
Nope. Philly hangs on. Texas making it interesting with the Angels.
2006-09-15 20:51:39
96.   randym77
89 Must be that guy who started out with a 108 ERA, and lowered it to 37 while getting smacked around by the Yankees...
2006-09-15 21:07:12
97.   randym77
Dang rain washed out Kitty's telecast:

2006-09-15 21:32:25
98.   pistolpete
97 Jeez, sure sounds like his family wanted him home. Sucks for the fans, though.
2006-09-16 08:24:16
99.   Jeb
Anyone got a lineup this morning? Will Joe go with house money in game 2?
2006-09-16 08:32:32
100.   randym77
Here you go:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Hideki Matsui DH
Melky Cabrera LF
Sal Fasano C

Chien-Ming Wang RHP

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-09-16 09:03:31
101.   Zack
Joe says Matsui in left field soon, Wright to start in the playoffs, man oh man, I don't know. I still don't understand why he wants to put out an inferior lineup/defense, but then, I'm not Joe...
2006-09-16 09:21:42
102.   randym77
The defense may be inferior, but the offense won't be. Can you imagine? Damon, Jeter, Abreu, A-Rod, Giambi, Cano, Matsui, Sheff, Posada. Yowsah.
2006-09-16 09:32:14
103.   Travis
Can you imagine the house money lineup in Game 2 Sunday if the Yankees were to win the first 3 games of this series? Perhaps it would look something like this:

Cairo 2B
Green 3B
Phillips 1B
Williams DH
Guiel RF
Wilson LF
Thompson CF
Cannizaro SS
Nieves C

Wright P

2006-09-16 10:00:33
104.   kdw
103 Your line-up fits right in with Sherman's thoughts in the Post:

"If the Yanks sweep today and win tomorrow's opener, they will clinch the AL East. At that point, the Yanks could celebrate between games, permitting Torre to deliver a salvo against an entity he hates, ESPN, by either starting a drunk team or a club full of Andy Cannizaros and Kevin Thompsons in the nightcap for the network's prime-time game."

2006-09-16 10:03:15
105.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
104 That would be sweet. And not just the clinching, but especially the sticking it to (N)ESPN. At least they'd have a lot of airtime to devote to Papi.
2006-09-16 10:05:30
106.   Bob Timmermann
Toronto still has to lose one game to Tampa Bay this weekend for the Yankees to clinch with three straight wins.
2006-09-16 10:08:10
107.   3rd gen yankee fan
I'm here! and I'm excited. What's the weather like in NY today, anyone know?
2006-09-16 10:16:23
108.   SF Yanks
Anyone on the west coast getting the game under SPECIAL circumstances, or any circumstances for that matter?
2006-09-16 10:20:07
109.   3rd gen yankee fan
Just MLB Audio here.
2006-09-16 10:23:51
110.   BklynBmr
108 EI on Comcast here, and no, just game 2 today. On MLB Audio, here, too... Was hoping for a "*game just added" udate to the broadcast schedule. No such luck. A's-ChiSox are the 1pm FOX game, no TV for the Giants today — first time this season.
2006-09-16 10:24:16
111.   yankeemonkey
Weather is gorgeous today.. and it better stay that way, otherwise we'll be looking at a tripleheader tomorrow!

Putting a drunk team on the field would be awesome. Imagine the conversations they'd have on the bases....

2006-09-16 10:26:47
112.   C2Coke
The Stadium is filled with hyped fans.

Those Fox announcers again...

2006-09-16 10:27:25
113.   mehmattski
Any prediction for "worms killed?" I'm putting the over under at 11.

Must resist urge to throw things at TV whenever McCarver speaks.

2006-09-16 10:28:03
114.   Zack
Ahh, nothing like a Fox blackout, continuing my run of an entire season of not getting to see the Saturday game on tv or Jerks...
2006-09-16 10:28:16
115.   3rd gen yankee fan
111 Ahhh, September in the city... man I'm lookin forward to a lot of worm-burners.
2006-09-16 10:28:57
116.   SF Yanks
108 Have you ever heard of TVU player? The game is on the ESPN Asia channel. How? I have no idea. The sound is grainy, picture not good, but the game none the less. It is free and they don't show commercials so they jump around quite a bit. I've never tried it before, so we'll see how it goes.
2006-09-16 10:29:01
117.   C2Coke
107 The weather is perfect. Warm enough with a little sun.
2006-09-16 10:30:47
118.   3rd gen yankee fan
116 Yeah let us know how it goes.
2006-09-16 10:30:50
119.   SF Yanks
114 see post 116
2006-09-16 10:31:46
120.   C2Coke
114 Zack you should email bobtaco. He found a way to work around that. His email was posted early last month on a Thursday and Friday, I believe.

Hmm, that was not a worm...

2006-09-16 10:33:22
121.   yankeemonkey
Stupid FOX, still with the Jeter/Ortiz crap...
2006-09-16 10:34:02
122.   yankeemonkey
Nice Bronx cheer for Papi! ...Don't pitch to him!
2006-09-16 10:34:23
123.   C2Coke
That's some boo.

Arod, you be happy now, someone's got it louder.

2006-09-16 10:34:34
124.   SF Yanks
118 110 Go here
download the TVU player and click on the ESPN Asia channel.
Sound and picture suck (worse than MLB TV) but whatever.
2006-09-16 10:34:57
125.   mehmattski
I caught a glimpse of a guy in a Boston hat joining in on the booing. I'm loving the cheers for Derek Jeter though.

The worms stay safe for another few minutes...

2006-09-16 10:36:34
126.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 10:37:02
127.   3rd gen yankee fan
124 Windows only, plbbbbbbbt.
2006-09-16 10:37:10
128.   mehmattski
Wang's leaving the sinker way too high today so far.
2006-09-16 10:37:35
129.   C2Coke
113, 115 Let's start this worm talk after the game is done...
2006-09-16 10:38:38
130.   yankeemonkey
WTF? A "Let's go Red Sox" chant in the Bronx?!
2006-09-16 10:39:28
131.   SF Yanks
127 Whoops, sorry, I didn't see that.
2006-09-16 10:40:03
132.   C2Coke
The Stadium is going crazy. There were loud "let's go Red Sox!" cheers just now, 2 seconds later, louder "let's go Yankees!" cheers covered it.
2006-09-16 10:40:25
133.   3rd gen yankee fan
131 No prob, I'm used to it!
2006-09-16 10:40:30
134.   yankeemonkey
C'mon Wang....
2006-09-16 10:41:18
135.   mehmattski
130 You ever been to a Yanks/Sox game at the Stadium? There's about 20,000 more seats at YS than Fenway, so there's the chance for all those Sox fans to get cheap Tier tickets. Add that to a passive Yankee fan crowd (given the 11 game lead), and I'm not surprised...

Willy Mo K-na returns!

2006-09-16 10:41:19
136.   3rd gen yankee fan
w00t, go Wanger.
2006-09-16 10:41:40
137.   yankeemonkey
Wang uses up his get out of jail free card on Wily Mo :)
2006-09-16 10:42:08
138.   rbj
There's a dead worm.
2006-09-16 10:42:29
139.   C2Coke
There we go.
2006-09-16 10:42:37
140.   3rd gen yankee fan
Can we talk about worms now? ;-)
2006-09-16 10:43:02
141.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Trot now 0fer11 vs Tiger. Too bad he'll probably be off the Sawx next season.
2006-09-16 10:44:26
142.   JeremyM
Wonder if Wang is a little off because of the rain delays and so forth? Not that I expect him to be perfect all of the time.
2006-09-16 10:44:33
143.   yankeemonkey
Who do I hate more, Schilling or Beckett? hard to decide...
2006-09-16 10:46:40
144.   C2Coke
143 Definitely terms of Becket, it depends on what he does for the Yanks today.
2006-09-16 10:46:43
145.   Travis
142 It wouldn't surprise me. Sinkerball pitchers are said to be better with a "tired arm," and Wang hasn't pitched since last Saturday.
2006-09-16 10:48:59
146.   yankeemonkey
145 Well, he should definitely be over that after the 1st inning!
2006-09-16 10:51:00
147.   BklynBmr
124 I'm on a Mac here. Thanks anyway, though, much appreciated...
2006-09-16 10:51:43
148.   yankeemonkey
Am I a bad fan for saying I'd rather Jeter extend his streak than Yanks win the game?
2006-09-16 10:51:44
149.   David
Only 12 pitches for Beckett and 29 pitches for Wang in the 1st inning. This is the reverse of what I hoped for. With 2 double-headers in a row and Lidle injured, the Yanks could run out of pitchers.
2006-09-16 10:53:13
150.   yankeemonkey
Kitty in the booth!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-09-16 10:53:33
151.   C2Coke
Katt is in the booth!
2006-09-16 10:53:56
152.   rbj
Hey, the broadcast booth just got better.
2006-09-16 10:54:54
153.   yankeemonkey
152 Sadly, not for long.
2006-09-16 10:55:11
154.   C2Coke
149 Relax there. It's still early in the game.

Am I the last one to know that Papelbird is shut down for the rest of the season?

2006-09-16 10:55:17
155.   yankeemonkey
2 worms.
2006-09-16 10:56:35
156.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
142 The Sawx are usually good against Wang. Seems like the whole team goes up there taking 2 strikes. Means Wang throws a lot of pitches b/c the sinker ends out of the zone low so much.

(Not sure why other teams don't try the same approach. Instead you see Wang face teams like the Tigers who hack at everything and he's through 8 on 75 pitches or something.)

2006-09-16 10:58:21
157.   C2Coke
I will surely miss Katt's quality voice a lot. It's very difficult to have such likable voice as an announcer. I hope Al Lieter will be around for a while.
2006-09-16 10:58:28
158.   yankeemonkey
2nd inning much better. Sometimes it takes him a little bit to find his groove, that's all. And a nice play to get the 3rd out, too! Wonder if he'll get a GG this year?
2006-09-16 10:59:51
159.   C2Coke
156 That's might be why Wang has somewhat struggled against the Red Sox more than other teams.
2006-09-16 11:00:11
160.   Travis
158 Kenny Rogers and Greg Maddux have locks on the Gold Gloves until they retire.
2006-09-16 11:00:17
161.   yankeemonkey
157 Absolutely. Always so calm,'s like you're watching the game with him in your living room. I hope he comes back for a broadcast sometime, even though he says probably not.
2006-09-16 11:03:33
162.   yankeemonkey
Beckett's stupid pubic hair patch is back in full force...Ugh.
2006-09-16 11:06:10
163.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 11:07:02
164.   C2Coke
Robbie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he wants that batting title more than Jeter.
2006-09-16 11:07:04
165.   rbj
Cano can-do!
2006-09-16 11:07:12
166.   wsporter
I had to get in just for that. ROBBY!!!!!!

Love that kid.

2006-09-16 11:07:18
167.   BklynBmr
Oh, don'tcha know!
2006-09-16 11:08:10
168.   mehmattski
Well, that's decided then. I've owned three Yankees shirts: an #18 Brosius, a #33 Soriano, and a #42 Rivera... my next purchase shall be a #22 Cano.
2006-09-16 11:08:50
169.   randym77
And to think the general consensus on Cano was that he'd never make it as a starter.
2006-09-16 11:09:34
170.   BklynBmr
If I heard Sterling right (or if he's right!), Robbie can be eligible for the batting crown race this weekend...
2006-09-16 11:09:48
171.   yankeemonkey
Hmm, looks like Beckett is really eager to help Yanks clinch ASAP :)
2006-09-16 11:10:36
172.   BklynBmr
169 Think the D-Backs are hatin' life right now? ;-)
2006-09-16 11:10:59
173.   C2Coke
6 for 11. One 4 for 4 night. 1 HR. Amazing story.

And his replacement is no longer a replacement. I hope Torre and genious Cashman can really figure something out.

2006-09-16 11:11:21
174.   yankeemonkey
170 I think he's right. RLY blog has the plate appearance counter, I think he listed 6.4 PA to qualify last I checked.
2006-09-16 11:11:57
175.   BklynBmr
Melky ain't going down without a fight...
2006-09-16 11:12:15
176.   Travis
170 Assume no rainouts, Cano needs to have 462 plate appearances to be eligible for the batting title at the end of the weekend (502 at the end of the season). He's up to 444 now.
2006-09-16 11:13:35
177.   mehmattski
170 He needs to make up 6.5 PA over the 3.1 per game needed to qualify. I think a better way to look at it is that he needs to get to 502 PA. He's now at 444, so he needs 58, in 17 games, so 3.4 PA/game. Unless he's replaced a lot with callups, I think he'll end up qualifying.
2006-09-16 11:13:37
178.   yankeemonkey
6.5 PA to qualify
2006-09-16 11:14:25
179.   C2Coke
171 That's all I was saying, how can you hate this guy more than Schilling?

169,172 The ones who didn't want Wang and Cano as a package are all hating themselves now.

2006-09-16 11:14:26
180.   BklynBmr
174 Sweet. He's at .340 right now, good for the third slot and .004 (?) behind Mauer...
2006-09-16 11:15:14
181.   mehmattski
176 Beat me by 40 seconds.

They had to show that GS, didn't they. I have nightmares about that home run.

2006-09-16 11:15:50
182.   C2Coke
Katt's going. Leaving. Gone.
2006-09-16 11:15:55
183.   rbj
Syanora, Kitty.
2006-09-16 11:16:28
184.   yankeemonkey
Blaaaaah...Johnny with a DP ball :( Ah well, they made Beckett work.

Kaat's grandkids are the cutest. Bye-bye, Kitty, enjoy and don't forget to come back every once in a while.

2006-09-16 11:18:05
185.   C2Coke
184 As a guest announcer will be great.
2006-09-16 11:21:24
186.   mehmattski
Man, that's the easiest triva question ever. Are there any moderately intense Yankee fans over the age of 15 who don't know who the last two Yankees batting title winners were?
2006-09-16 11:21:30
187.   C2Coke
The Fox announcers just say that Cano's 7 ABs away from qualifying for the batting title. And he really isn't far away from Jeter and Mauer.
2006-09-16 11:22:16
188.   yankeemonkey
186 I don't usually remember these things, I have to confess. Bernie and Mattingly?
2006-09-16 11:22:32
189.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Johnny Baseball needs some time off. In Sept his ops is .625

I say give him a week off once we clinch (knock on wood), put Melky in center and Godzilla-san in left.

2006-09-16 11:23:08
190.   mehmattski
187 But that's only true if he gets 7 more ABs in this game. After this game, he'll need 3.1 more...
2006-09-16 11:23:33
191.   yankz
Wang already over 50 pitches; I say yank him after 5 if the Yanks still have the lead.
2006-09-16 11:23:34
192.   Travis
Now Jermaine Dye's the MVP, according to McCarver? Both of his MVP picks are the traditional "power hitter on a team that barely makes the playoffs/just misses."
2006-09-16 11:24:37
193.   yankeemonkey
189 Matsui made a strange comment in the Times (I don't know if it was lost in translation or what) that as long as he "doesn't get that kind of play in the outfield again, he should be OK." Does he mean he won't dive for ball anymore or what? That could be a problem.

Why or why are they still pitching to Ortiz?!

2006-09-16 11:24:58
194.   C2Coke
Wang in Game 1, RJ in Game 2, and Moose in Game 3?
2006-09-16 11:26:00
195.   Travis
191 Doubleheaders today and tomorrow - Wang really needs to go 6, if possible.
2006-09-16 11:26:21
196.   yankeemonkey
192 Why do you pay attention to anything McCarver says? He's like Joe Morgan, but more grating on the ears.
2006-09-16 11:26:38
197.   mehmattski
188 Yep, 1998 and 1984, respectively. Before that, Mantle in 1956, Snuffy Sternweiss in 1946 (oh, wartime baseball- won the league with a .309) DiMaggio twice in 1939 and 1940, Gehrig in 1934, Ruth in 1924. That's it.
2006-09-16 11:27:04
198.   rbj
I think the PETA people have gotten to Wang, so now he's relying on strikeouts.
2006-09-16 11:27:10
199.   yankz
Wang with the clutch K! His K/9 ratio is shooting up ;)
2006-09-16 11:27:25
200.   yankeemonkey
197 Wow, I'm good! ;-)
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-16 11:27:37
201.   SF Yanks
Go get em Wanger!
2006-09-16 11:28:07
202.   bballman92192
wow, wang really deserves to start game 1 in the postseason
2006-09-16 11:28:13
203.   Travis
196 I don't value his opinion, but he's a good indicator of what the current meme on the MVP race is.
2006-09-16 11:28:39
204.   C2Coke
191 Agree with you. They've got Bruney and Rasner now, they can afford to rest Wang after 5. Wang's still got another month and a half to go. Oh...wait, I forgot FTSP.
2006-09-16 11:28:42
205.   yankeemonkey
That's 3 Ks in 3 innings. Wang en fuego!
2006-09-16 11:29:56
206.   bballman92192
although i love seeing the sox love it is a shame we wont be beating them this year in the american league championshiop
2006-09-16 11:30:21
207.   bballman92192
2006-09-16 11:30:34
208.   yankeemonkey
FTSP? Four time Scott Proctor? I won't be surprised...And I don't think they can use Rasner, he's going to start either Monday or Tuesday in Toronto.

Jeter 0-2 so far :(

2006-09-16 11:30:52
209.   BklynBmr
202 ... then Moose, pray for rain and Wang goes again in Game 3 ;-)
2006-09-16 11:34:22
210.   yankeemonkey
209 Lord knows we've got enough rain this year! If it goes like it has been last couple of weeks here in NYC, we might end up having Wang pitch in EVERY game!
2006-09-16 11:34:23
211.   C2Coke
208 Very close. Four-time-in-Two-days SP. But yours is better, more simplified.
2006-09-16 11:34:27
212.   bballman92192
its quiet....too quiet
2006-09-16 11:34:37
213.   yankz
Come on Captain, run away with the title...

I hate easy innings for "Respect the Game" Beckett (nickname courtesy NoMaas)

2006-09-16 11:36:24
214.   randym77
213 I prefer "Upper-Deck Beck." Or "Back-back-back Beckett." ;-)
2006-09-16 11:37:42
215.   rbj
Howabout DDDSP Daily Double Dip Scott Proctor.
2006-09-16 11:38:28
216.   yankeemonkey
214 That's pretty good. I go with Mr. Gopherball, myself.

Wanger definitely needs to grind through it today...I guess prolonged layoffs aren't so good for him.

2006-09-16 11:40:00
217.   yankeemonkey
!!!! I was wrong, it's O'Neill and Bernie for the trivia.

Ugh, Giambi should've had it!

2006-09-16 11:40:16
218.   yankz
I forgot that Hinske owns Wang.
2006-09-16 11:40:36
219.   yankz
Although that wasn't an example of it.
2006-09-16 11:41:25
220.   randym77
Jeez, there are a lot of Sox fans in the Stadium today.
2006-09-16 11:41:44
221.   yankeemonkey
219 That was more about Giambi's icky defense. And lo and behold, it comes back to bite them.
2006-09-16 11:42:04
222.   mehmattski
Apologies to Paulie, but his 103 game batting title feels like it shouldn't count.

Does anyone else own a 1994 World Series ball? Beating the Expos in 5 games was pretty exciting, and I'm glad Donnie won the WS MVP that year.

2006-09-16 11:42:42
223.   C2Coke
216 This is still his first full MLB season. We have so naturally developed such high hopes for Wang, haven't we?

215 That's awesome.

2006-09-16 11:42:55
224.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 11:43:27
225.   yankz
)@*##&$# He's much less sharp than usual.
2006-09-16 11:45:27
226.   yankeemonkey
Hooray, a Villone sighting! They can't afford to burn out the pen though, Wang has to give them a couple more innings...
2006-09-16 11:45:32
227.   C2Coke
Even though Wang has credited Fasano for helping him back in the Minors, I can't help but wonder whether Wang would be more in sync with Jorge?

Villone is warming.

2006-09-16 11:46:38
228.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Oh jeez. Villone?

Villone vs Papi + home run. Long home run. Long, long, home run.

2006-09-16 11:47:08
229.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
= home run, that is.
2006-09-16 11:47:29
230.   yankz
That last out was huge

Now let's show him how to respect the game...with more home runs.

2006-09-16 11:48:03
231.   Eirias
I have a question. This may be simple baseball, but I am confused about how it works. An error was committed on one of the fielding plays in this inning. Nixon has since come around to score. What dictates whether a run is earned or not?
2006-09-16 11:48:41
232.   singledd
CMW's pitches have been way up. He's actually gotten away with a few. Maybe as he tires, he will be lower in the zone. Good day for the RS MVP, bad day for the NY MVP.

I think Cano will pass Jeter.

2006-09-16 11:49:11
233.   yankeemonkey
I think it was earned since the error wasn't on the 3rd out...
2006-09-16 11:49:11
234.   C2Coke
That's some cast for "All the King's Men."
2006-09-16 11:49:21
235.   JeremyM
The top 4 of the lineup are a combined 0 for 8 with a GIDP with the bases loaded. So good thing the bottom of the lineup is up now!
2006-09-16 11:49:25
236.   randym77
Eh. I think he's just a little flat, what with the big lead and all.

That's the only explanation for giving up a double to a guy with a .143 batting average...

2006-09-16 11:50:15
237.   yankz
232 What are you talking about? Alex Cora is 0 for 3.
2006-09-16 11:50:18
238.   yankeemonkey
Uh oh, Wang looking at his finger in the dugout...a blister is the last thing he needs now.
2006-09-16 11:51:11
239.   singledd
I believe the runner in Nixons position (nixon in this case) scoring is unearned. Any runs scored after 2 out would be unearned, as there should have been 3 outs.
2006-09-16 11:51:28
240.   yankeemonkey
"Just his 2nd walk"? Is this guy aware this is only the 4th inning?
2006-09-16 11:51:35
241.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
234 reviews have been dreadful. Great great book tho.
2006-09-16 11:52:01
242.   Travis
231 You play back the inning as if the error never occurred (on that specific play, assume Jeter makes a good throw to first for the second out, and the runner on 2nd stayed there). Any runs that scored after the hypothetical third out are unearned.
2006-09-16 11:52:14
243.   yankeemonkey
Nope, Gamecast says all 3 runs were earned.
2006-09-16 11:52:20
244.   C2Coke
There seems to be a blister problem with Wang.
2006-09-16 11:52:21
245.   C2Coke
There seems to be a blister problem with Wang.
2006-09-16 11:52:37
246.   yankz
234 How about The Departed?
2006-09-16 11:52:48
247.   singledd
Hmmmm... Gameday has Wang w/3 earned runs. Was I mistaken?
2006-09-16 11:53:26
248.   yankz
244 Oh no...don't those tend to reoccur?
2006-09-16 11:53:50
249.   yankeemonkey
247 Remember that Hinske was credited with an infield single on that play...the error only allowed Nixon to go to 3rd.
2006-09-16 11:54:19
250.   JeremyM
Gameday always lists them as earned, just an FYI.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-16 11:55:24
251.   Travis
247 They gave Hinske an infield single (?!), and gave Jeter an error only because Nixon went to third.
2006-09-16 11:55:39
252.   randym77
Why would Tiger have blister problems now? He's been fine all year.
2006-09-16 11:56:45
253.   yankeemonkey
252 Beckett's transmitted his cooties?
2006-09-16 11:57:03
254.   mehmattski
231 I'm not completely sure on the official rules regarding earned/unearned runs. But the way I always understood it is: if an error is committed that allows a batter to get on base who would not normally, then if that batter scores, its always unearned. Further, if the error allows someone to score where it should have been an out, that runner is unearned. If, for example, the error would have been the third out of an inning, then any runners scoring after that are also unearned. Runners that score on passed balls are unearned, while runners scoring on wild pitches are earned.

The reason Hinske's run is earned is that he was credited with a single, but the error allowed Nixon to go to third. I hope that helps, but probably not since that wasn't really clear.

2006-09-16 11:57:23
255.   C2Coke
241 I haven't read the reviews yet.

246 I've seen the original version (from Hong Kong) of the Departed, it's called Infernal Affairs, I believe. It's one awesome movie. The DVD is available with English subtitles.

2006-09-16 11:58:46
256.   JeremyM
So would that be only Beckett's third walk of the day according to Fox announcers?
2006-09-16 11:58:47
257.   C2Coke
252 I should clarify that it was still speculation from the FOX announcers. However, they did show Wang and Guidry looking at his fingers.
2006-09-16 12:01:17
258.   mehmattski
242 Your explanation was much better. So, if Mirabelli had followed with a Sac Fly, would that have been an unearned run, since the runner would not have been at third if not for the error?

Official scorers have too much power. This is why fielding percentage and ERA are imperfect.

2006-09-16 12:01:36
259.   Travis
254 Official rule 10.18, on earned runs:

2006-09-16 12:01:46
260.   yankeemonkey
Melkman putting on a good AB, even though he K's. 7 pitches. He's up to 75 already.
2006-09-16 12:02:55
261.   rbj
This would be an excellent spot for Fasano's second HR.
2006-09-16 12:03:57
262.   Travis
258 It would have been unearned originally (or if Hinske's ball had been ruled a straight error, making the sac fly the "third out"), but it would have become earned once Murphy followed with the double.
2006-09-16 12:06:47
263.   yankeemonkey
Guess Wang's finger is OK...
2006-09-16 12:08:32
264.   mehmattski
Amazingly, ESPN's gamecast is like four seconds ahead of Fox's broadcast. Stupid live sports delay. I guess there can't be any wardobe malfucntions exposing nipple caps on GameCast.
2006-09-16 12:09:42
265.   Travis
Wily Mo Pena is having an A-Rod in early August type of game.
2006-09-16 12:09:51
266.   yankeemonkey
THAT's how you pitch Ortiz! (Walk, DP from Pena).
2006-09-16 12:11:45
267.   randym77
266 Works best when Manny's not on the lineup.
2006-09-16 12:13:06
268.   yankeemonkey
267 Exactly. Which is why I was amazed he saw pitches to hit in his first 2 ABs today.
2006-09-16 12:13:41
269.   C2Coke
Cap'n up again.
2006-09-16 12:14:56
270.   yankeemonkey
I sense the end of the streak for the Cap today...Sigh.
2006-09-16 12:15:31
271.   Travis
270 Maybe in Game 2. :)
2006-09-16 12:15:36
272.   mehmattski
270 Good reverse jinx!
2006-09-16 12:15:37
273.   yankeemonkey
....Or not! 24, baby!!!!
2006-09-16 12:15:39
274.   rbj
2006-09-16 12:15:47
275.   randym77
2006-09-16 12:16:15
276.   C2Coke
270 Cap'n being Cap'n. I like your reverse jinx.

Sheff should be joining the team in Toronto.

2006-09-16 12:16:41
277.   yankeemonkey
272 Excellent....I also sense a complete game victory for Mr. Beckett today.
2006-09-16 12:19:45
278.   C2Coke
277 To add to that, please also indicate that there's only one HR in the CG.

MVP steals AGAIN.

2006-09-16 12:21:05
279.   yankeemonkey
That was "just" the 4th walk for Beckett, btw. An improvement from his 9 BB performance, for sure...
2006-09-16 12:21:35
280.   C2Coke
Two hours, and only in the 5th. This is indeed a Yankees-Red Sox game.
2006-09-16 12:22:32
281.   C2Coke
What's with all the men left on base?
2006-09-16 12:22:40
282.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-16 12:24:35
283.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 12:25:49
284.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hey this kinda sucks.
2006-09-16 12:25:55
285.   yankeemonkey win #18 for Wanger today. Oh well. Let's see how many runs Villone can give up!
2006-09-16 12:27:13
286.   yankeemonkey
Funny how you know this game doesn't mean squat, but once it starts, you want to win anyway. Is it because it's the Red Sox or because we're obssessed fans?
2006-09-16 12:28:30
287.   C2Coke
286 I'd say both. And that we want Wang to get #18.
2006-09-16 12:29:03
288.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wow, Villone gets someone out.
2006-09-16 12:29:06
289.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 12:29:18
290.   mehmattski
Don't do that anymore, Ron.
2006-09-16 12:29:38
291.   C2Coke
That was a Wang-like play.
2006-09-16 12:29:49
292.   rbj
286 I'm obsessed.
2006-09-16 12:29:52
293.   Travis
286 I'd really like the Yankees to clinch against the Red Sox in the Stadium. Clinching in Toronto really isn't the same.
2006-09-16 12:30:46
294.   3rd gen yankee fan
292 Me too. I've been looking for free streaming baseball for the Mac, haven't found anything.
2006-09-16 12:32:10
295.   yankeemonkey
Ugh, please don't mention Kevin Brown and Wang in the same sentence! I've been trying to expunge any memory of that horrible man from my brain.
2006-09-16 12:33:23
296.   C2Coke
Come to think of it. Even when Wang's off, he still managed with only 3 runs in 5 inning. We would've be super grateful if that came from Wright, Lidle, or even RJ.

Ok, Fox had a close shot on Wang's finger, it definitely looked like a blister on his index finger.

2006-09-16 12:34:50
297.   C2Coke
296 I, for another one, should really start proofreading or editing...apologies.
2006-09-16 12:35:10
298.   Travis
There's something we haven't seen in a while. Villone gets the job done.
2006-09-16 12:35:13
299.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hmm. maybe old Villone is back after that rest. (No jinx, no jinx, no jinx)
2006-09-16 12:35:26
300.   yankeemonkey
296 So why the hell did they send him out there for 1+ more innings? Keeping fingers crossed that it's nothing serious...
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-09-16 12:36:32
301.   kdw
So maybe the rest really has helped Villone. Inherits guy on second with no outs and strands him, nice job.
2006-09-16 12:36:46
302.   rbj
296 Good point, C2Coke.

And now I've got to go to work for a couple of hours ^&*&^@%!# (but I've got to be a good employee) And then the Mudhens tonight.

I'll be disappointed if I don't see Proctor in both boxscores tomorrow.

2006-09-16 12:36:47
303.   yankeemonkey
299 Nah, he still sucks. Did you see how he almost threw the ball away on that barehanded play?

::reverse jinx::

2006-09-16 12:36:53
304.   C2Coke
300 I think they also wanter Wang to try for #18, and that we have Unit coming up in a few hours.
2006-09-16 12:38:57
305.   C2Coke
304 want*ed*...sign...
2006-09-16 12:39:09
306.   Travis
"Only" Beckett's 5th walk of the game.
2006-09-16 12:39:59
307.   yankeemonkey
He walks Cano, no less! That's got to take special effort...
2006-09-16 12:40:49
308.   C2Coke
305 sig*h*...I am hopeless today.
2006-09-16 12:41:58
309.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Revenge of Groundzilla
2006-09-16 12:42:11
310.   yankeemonkey
Um...Matsui kinda looked safe on the replay...
2006-09-16 12:42:50
311.   Travis
308 So are the Yankees with runners on.
2006-09-16 12:42:54
312.   randym77
Looks like the way to deal with Ortiz is also the way to deal with Cano. :-P
2006-09-16 12:44:46
313.   yankeemonkey
I don't see this game ending 3-2...
2006-09-16 12:46:00
314.   C2Coke
311 And I am "crediting" the Yankees for my hopelessness today, until further notice...
2006-09-16 12:46:23
315.   mehmattski
310 My expert DVR handling of the replay seems to show the ball in the glove with Matsui's foot about six inches off the bag. Hooray technology!
2006-09-16 12:46:38
316.   Travis
313 I hope that's not a reverse jinx.
2006-09-16 12:47:55
317.   C2Coke
313 Me neither. I feel they will play this game until the start of the next...
2006-09-16 12:49:20
318.   yankeemonkey
Uh oh...Papi vs. Villone.
2006-09-16 12:51:27
319.   yankeemonkey
...Walks him. Smart.
2006-09-16 12:52:37
320.   C2Coke
Bruney's on.
2006-09-16 12:52:54
321.   randym77
And Bruney's coming in the clean up the mess...
2006-09-16 12:53:00
322.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
The walk to Loretta is unforgiveable.
2006-09-16 12:56:14
323.   yankeemonkey
Please don't walk K-ena!
2006-09-16 12:56:26
324.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 12:57:22
325.   C2Coke
3 walks. Unreal. That Beckett is contagious in too many ways.
2006-09-16 12:57:35
326.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-16 12:58:43
327.   Travis
None of those last 7 balls were close.
2006-09-16 12:58:56
328.   randym77
And he walks a run in.
2006-09-16 12:59:09
329.   yankeemonkey
313 Well, I was right that it won't end 3-2 :)
2006-09-16 12:59:46
330.   mehmattski
This is quickly becoming tough to watch.
2006-09-16 13:00:01
331.   C2Coke
It feels like the Yanks have been playing the Red Sox forever already. Yet, it's only the first game.
2006-09-16 13:00:52
332.   yankeemonkey
Yeah, I don't know if I can stomach 4 games in 36 hours....Of course I'll still be glued to the TV :-)
2006-09-16 13:01:13
333.   C2Coke
329 Your reverse jinxing power is also unreal today.
2006-09-16 13:02:06
334.   rilkefan
Voila why he was available.
2006-09-16 13:02:23
335.   Travis
Mike Lowell looks like he's on the verge of tears.
2006-09-16 13:03:19
336.   yankeemonkey
334 Hey now, walking in a run with the bases loaded when you're 11 1/2 games up in September is no reason to give up on the guy!
2006-09-16 13:04:39
337.   C2Coke
334 And you were saying?

I am ok with Wang not getting the W, but I also don't think he deserves the loss. Let's hope his teammates can pick him up.

2006-09-16 13:04:56
338.   yankeemonkey
There's no crying in baseball....

Speaking of, did anyone catch Pedro last night? I think he was in tears at some point.

2006-09-16 13:05:29
339.   Travis
What an inning: groundout, bb, bb, bb, bb, k, k.
2006-09-16 13:05:51
340.   yankeemonkey
Sal needs a clutch HBP here to start the rally.
2006-09-16 13:06:58
341.   C2Coke
Next week, when the East is clinched, will be one big happy week with both Mo and Sheff back.
2006-09-16 13:07:32
342.   randym77
338 I saw that. He was crying. Why? It's not like he hasn't been lit up before.
2006-09-16 13:07:46
343.   rilkefan
337 - He looks good for a dozen innings and he's the new Mo. Unless I'm confused he's got a long track record of giving up lots of walks, and that's not my favorite sort of reliever.
2006-09-16 13:08:28
344.   JeremyM
They need to PH for Sal, that's why Nieves is on the roster now.
2006-09-16 13:09:19
345.   yankeemonkey
338 In his postgame interview, he said he was upset because he tried really hard to come and felt like all that effort was wasted. Doesn't make much sense to me but whatever. I felt bad for him even though I normally hate Pedro.
2006-09-16 13:11:23
346.   Eirias
A weekend of September baseball, with a jigger of Jets football on Sunday? Perfection
2006-09-16 13:11:25
347.   mehmattski
344 Your wish is Torre's command. Though I'm sure that's not who you meant when you said pinch hitter. But it works out.
2006-09-16 13:11:29
348.   yankeemonkey
343 He'd only walked 3 in 12.2 IP until today. That's not so bad...
2006-09-16 13:11:48
349.   C2Coke
Good Old Bernie delivers.
2006-09-16 13:12:24
350.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Yep, Damon really needs to sit for a while.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-09-16 13:12:32
351.   yankeemonkey
Johnny looks bad today. K's on 3 pitches!
2006-09-16 13:12:41
352.   Travis
Ugly game for Damon today.
2006-09-16 13:12:55
353.   randym77
345 Maybe he's afraid he won't make the postseason roster?
2006-09-16 13:14:44
354.   mehmattski
346 Yeah, I'm pretty sure I won't be leaving my couch at all tomorrow. Yanks at 1, Jets at 4, Yanks at 8. The only question is: what do I do between the Jets game and the late Yanks game?!? That will be like a whole hour with nothing to do!
2006-09-16 13:15:41
355.   JeremyM
Damon forgot how he whooped up on these guys last time and has reverted to April form.
2006-09-16 13:17:02
356.   rilkefan
348 - he didn't spring into existence from the head of Zeus twelve games ago - he's given up 0.7 BB/IP for his career, 1.7 WHIP...
2006-09-16 13:19:24
357.   yankeemonkey
I just found a worm in my apple...Wang escapee?
2006-09-16 13:19:45
358.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
354 Jets? Who are they?

The sports viewing starts early in the morning (CDT esp) with Chelsea/Liverpool at 8, followed by ManU/Arsenal at 10, then the Yanks/Sox and the Giants/Eagles, then the Yanks again.

2006-09-16 13:20:40
359.   Travis
Posada must not be available today, otherwise I can't understand double-switching out Abreu.
2006-09-16 13:21:25
360.   yankeemonkey
359 Torre wants Po to catch RJ tonight.
2006-09-16 13:24:57
361.   mehmattski
358 That's the undefeated NY Jets, to you. (I gotta take advantage of the bragging rights while I can.)
2006-09-16 13:26:16
362.   C2Coke
Bruney with 5Ks.
2006-09-16 13:26:41
363.   SF Yanks
Bruney is AWSOME!
2006-09-16 13:26:52
364.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well... wow!
2006-09-16 13:26:58
365.   SF Yanks
2006-09-16 13:27:21
366.   yankeemonkey
361 Who are they playing tomorrow?

5 straight Ks for BB! Unfortunately that BB had to issue 2 straight bb's before that...

2006-09-16 13:27:25
367.   C2Coke
I don't care how Bruney was before, as long as he keeps this up, he's making one strong case for a playoff spot.
2006-09-16 13:29:02
368.   JeremyM
Foulke has been pitching pretty good. Let's hope that he gets over that.
2006-09-16 13:30:14
369.   yankeemonkey
Ohh they had to bring up the Slap, didn't they?

I don't understand why you use Foulke here and bring in the sucky Timlin to close.

2006-09-16 13:30:17
370.   C2Coke
I've got a tiny question regarding someone many here probably don't want to hear about,but I am going to ask anyway. How many more years is Sturtze signed up with the Yankees?
2006-09-16 13:30:40
371.   mehmattski
366 The Patriots. It would be a perfect weekend for the Yankees to clinch at home versus the Red Sox AND the Jets knock off the equally annoying Brady and Belicheck. The suicide rate in Boston would skyrocket.

Good point about the soccer, YFiC. I don't think I get the Chelsea/Liverpool game (FSC is showing Lazio/Palermo) but I do get Arsenal/ManU, leading right into the Yanks/Sox game. Sweet.

2006-09-16 13:32:16
372.   yankeemonkey
370 One? (Zero? Yeah right...)
2006-09-16 13:33:13
373.   SF Yanks
When was Giambi's last HR?
2006-09-16 13:33:33
374.   yankeemonkey
McCarver is an idiot..."Would you move Rivera from stopper to starter?..." Is he aware that Rivera started out as a starter and wasn't very good at it?
2006-09-16 13:34:35
375.   yankeemonkey
373 Aug. 20 (incidentally, against the Red Sox).
2006-09-16 13:34:40
376.   Travis
370 Zero.
2006-09-16 13:34:41
377.   mehmattski
The Yanks exercised a 2006 team option on Sturtze for $1.5 million. It does not appear he is under contract for 2007.

2006-09-16 13:35:11
378.   Travis
370 From Cot's Baseball Contracts:

Tanyon Sturtze p
1 year/$1M (2005), plus $1.5M 2006 club option

* Yankees exercised $1.5M 2006 club option 11/05
* re-signed 1/05, avoided arbitration
* 05:$0.85M, 06:$1.5M club option ($0.15M buyout)
* signed as a free agent (minor-league contract) 4/04
* 1 year/$1M (2003) 12/02
* 1 year/$0.295M (2002) 2/02
* ML service: 6.083

2006-09-16 13:35:22
379.   wsporter
What's with the cheaters on Robby?
2006-09-16 13:35:33
380.   yankeemonkey
376 377 Hallelujah!
2006-09-16 13:36:16
381.   SF Yanks
375 Thanks... long time ago.
2006-09-16 13:36:29
382.   Eirias
361 Pennington has thrown for the most yards of any quarterback this season, too!
2006-09-16 13:37:20
383.   Travis
374 In his rookie year, yeah, though he did have his moments (an 8 IP, 2 H, 11 K start against the White Sox). I think the 1996 Mariano Rivera could have been a pretty good starter.
2006-09-16 13:37:39
384.   yankeemonkey
382 And, suprisingly, his arm didn't fly off further than some of those passes!
2006-09-16 13:38:17
385.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
C'mon Godzilla.
2006-09-16 13:38:19
386.   Benjamin Kabak
That was a pretty bad at bat by Cano.
2006-09-16 13:39:59
387.   C2Coke
367,368,369 Thanks. And I am more than glad to hear that. Now if the Yanks could just get some runs in.
2006-09-16 13:40:24
388.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
It's all on Melky. Let's go kid.
2006-09-16 13:40:24
389.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 13:40:48
390.   Benjamin Kabak
While this game doesn't count so to speak in that the Red Sox aren't coming back, this has been one frustrating afternoon or missed opportunity after missed opportunity going back to Damon's DP with 1 out and the bases loaded.
2006-09-16 13:40:48
391.   Eirias
I will NEVER get over the fact that the D-Backs turned down Wang and Cano in the trade for Johnson.
2006-09-16 13:40:56
392.   mehmattski
374 I remember him having one really good game, and Stick Michael tells a story that the White Sox were pissed at their scouts for not telling them how hard Rivera threw. The scouts replied that they had never seen him throw as hard as he did that day...

2006-09-16 13:41:37
393.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Jeez, it's not enuff that the Sawx are beating the Yanks, now Michigan is pissing all over ND in South Bend. Make it stop someone.
2006-09-16 13:42:10
394.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
2006-09-16 13:42:18
395.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 13:42:44
396.   Simone
That was a horrible inning. Cano needs to stop swinging at balls.
2006-09-16 13:43:13
397.   SF Yanks
2006-09-16 13:43:22
398.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Well, maybe the Sawx'll bring in Timlin.
2006-09-16 13:43:25
399.   mehmattski
383 Dammit Travis, you're like two steps ahead of me on every comment today. Stop that! ;-)
2006-09-16 13:44:04
400.   C2Coke
391 I am pretty sure they never would as well.

The Yankees obviously need some tension to play the Red Sox. We shall see in it tonight. That said, this is one long baseball weekend.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-09-16 13:45:35
401.   randym77
393 Go, Michigan! :-)

Pretty amazing, the way the Phillies have turned it around since trading Abreu. They may be even happier about the trade than we are.

2006-09-16 13:45:54
402.   JeremyM
These kinds of games are the ones that get me worried about next month-stranded runners up the ying-yang, especially stranded with 0 outs. I was really hoping to at least take the first one today since it'll be the scrubs tonight I'm guessing.
2006-09-16 13:45:58
403.   C2Coke
2006-09-16 13:47:16
404.   JeremyM
Beam is a not-ready-for-prime-time player. But I understand why he's in.
2006-09-16 13:47:28
405.   SF Yanks
I am NOT a fan of Beam. Never have been.
2006-09-16 13:47:36
406.   Benjamin Kabak
Joe looks unamused.
2006-09-16 13:47:51
407.   Eirias
I'd really prefer Bean to Beam in this situation.
2006-09-16 13:48:23
408.   Travis
TJ "Straight Fastball Down The Middle" Beam. I don't see how he got any profession hitter out.
2006-09-16 13:48:34
409.   yankeemonkey
I'd say that with Johnson vs. Tavarez tonight we should get plenty of tension.

I'd say the way the Yanks have pitched Ortiz in his last 3 ABs should be prime example of how MVP-ish Manny is to that team.

2006-09-16 13:48:37
410.   Travis
408 *professional
2006-09-16 13:49:15
411.   yankeemonkey
Two "I'd say"''s in two sentences? Niiiice. Sorry.
2006-09-16 13:49:52
412.   Benjamin Kabak
411 I'd say.
2006-09-16 13:50:23
413.   yankeemonkey
412 You don't say?
2006-09-16 13:50:56
414.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oh this should be interesting.
2006-09-16 13:51:06
415.   mehmattski
So Beam threw what, one pitch? That seems like a really short leash.
2006-09-16 13:51:50
416.   3rd gen yankee fan
OMG 0-2???
2006-09-16 13:52:08
417.   C2Coke
Bruney looked a lot bigger in size than Dotel.
2006-09-16 13:52:09
418.   3rd gen yankee fan
WOW! sweet.
2006-09-16 13:53:30
419.   yankeemonkey
Man, it's feast or famine with the bullpen today...BB or K. Weird.
2006-09-16 13:53:43
420.   C2Coke
Guess who's warming for the Sox?
2006-09-16 13:53:44
421.   C2Coke
Guess who's warming for the Sox?
2006-09-16 13:54:11
422.   3rd gen yankee fan
421 Our buddy!!!
2006-09-16 13:56:19
423.   yankeemonkey
314 pitches thrown so far today by the 2 teams combined. Oy.
2006-09-16 13:56:27
424.   JeremyM
Is it Schilling? Help me out here!
Dotel looks pretty good on gamecast:)
2006-09-16 13:56:38
425.   C2Coke
422 And we have our 9-1-2 of the batting order coming up.
2006-09-16 13:58:16
426.   yankeemonkey
And 9=Bernie!

Argh, wild pitch!

2006-09-16 13:58:29
427.   3rd gen yankee fan
424 Heh, Sux pitchers I love seeing warm up include Timlin, Tavares, Lenny DiSucko (although I think he's gone now)...
2006-09-16 13:58:42
428.   C2Coke
2006-09-16 13:58:53
429.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-16 13:59:31
430.   Benjamin Kabak
Dotel just hasn't had it this year. It was worth a gamble but with no payoff.
2006-09-16 13:59:34
431.   randym77
Well, that didn't help.
2006-09-16 13:59:43
432.   mehmattski
I don't think Dotel just said "Oh, Rats." That was a catchable ball for Nieves, even if it was called a wild pitch.
2006-09-16 13:59:48
433.   3rd gen yankee fan



Gee, I'm visibly angry at Dotel too!

2006-09-16 13:59:58
434.   C2Coke
424 And Schilling is so not our buddy. Now we need more from our buddy, Timlin.
2006-09-16 14:00:15
435.   yankeemonkey
3 runs is harder to make up...still doable, though. Timlin gave up a 5-spot to the O's last week.
2006-09-16 14:01:17
436.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Who else thinks that wild pitch is gonna be a killer? I can see us putting 2 up in the 9th easy. Damn damn damn.
2006-09-16 14:02:37
437.   3rd gen yankee fan
435 True, it's just been a long game, I want to crush the Sox, and I need a shower.
2006-09-16 14:02:47
438.   yankeemonkey
Ortiz = player of the day? Why? Effin' Sox-kissers...
2006-09-16 14:03:38
439.   JeremyM
434 I figured it was a sarcastic use of the word buddy:)

That is the problem with Nieves--he stinks.

2006-09-16 14:04:01
440.   mehmattski
Does Timlin have a digital watch hanging from his necklace? What the hell is that thing?
2006-09-16 14:05:02
441.   yankeemonkey
440 Kryptonite for Jeter :)
2006-09-16 14:05:04
442.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yay here we go!
2006-09-16 14:05:12
443.   mehmattski
"The thing you want to do before tying the game is to get some runners on."


2006-09-16 14:05:13
444.   murphy
nice!!! go GOB!!
2006-09-16 14:05:49
445.   Travis
This inning would look a lot more promising if Abreu and Giambi were still in the game.
2006-09-16 14:05:58
446.   murphy
gabe kapler is back?
2006-09-16 14:06:12
447.   yankeemonkey
443 No shit...

Feckin' Kapler!

2006-09-16 14:06:22
448.   mehmattski
446 Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaack.
2006-09-16 14:07:16
449.   JeremyM
438 I think Johnny Damon has been the Sox player of the game!
2006-09-16 14:07:19
450.   yankeemonkey
Is Nieves up next? Who do they pinch-hit?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-09-16 14:08:11
451.   bobtaco
448 Yeah we tease him a lot cause we've got him on the spot...
2006-09-16 14:08:21
452.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Oh well. Not our day. Hopefully we do better tonight.
2006-09-16 14:08:24
453.   yankeemonkey
Oh Captain, no Captain...
2006-09-16 14:08:46
454.   randym77
It's Posada...
2006-09-16 14:09:14
455.   C2Coke
Jorge can start warming up.
2006-09-16 14:10:26
456.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Jeez, even Timlin gets us out.
2006-09-16 14:10:29
457.   yankeemonkey
Yeah, night game starts in 3 hours, he won't even need to take BP.

Thank god the game's over! That was like Chinese water torture...

2006-09-16 14:10:38
458.   C2Coke
Oh well, get them tonight. I gotta fix my early dinner and then shower.
2006-09-16 14:10:43
459.   randym77
Well, that sucked.
2006-09-16 14:11:04
460.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-16 14:11:26
461.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
My fault. I listened to the game on the radio instead of just following on gamecenter.
2006-09-16 14:12:15
462.   marc
surprisingly got to hand it to Boston pitching today. 2 lousy runs. I think they're peaking a little late
2006-09-16 14:12:17
463.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well, see yas later.
2006-09-16 14:13:38
464.   yankeemonkey
I said before, I'd be happier if Jeter extended the streak than if the Yanks won the game. Still feel the same, although that was painful to watch.

Off to make dinner! See y'all in a few hours.

2006-09-16 14:14:37
465.   Jeb
Does anyone have a second game lineup?
2006-09-16 14:14:55
466.   yankz
Congrats Red Sox, you still suck.
2006-09-16 14:15:51
467.   randym77
465 I suspect Joe hasn't decided yet.
2006-09-16 14:21:57
468.   marc
In the post-season roster pageant Dotel looks out now, That wild pitch may have sealed the deal. Bruney should be in unless Joe goes nutty over the experience factor. I wish Shef could get his start at 1st soon so we can be sure he's viable. Matsui and Melke should both be in. How tight are we on number allowed?
2006-09-16 14:28:32
469.   randym77
Do you really think Sheff is going to start at 1B this season? Joe's talking about putting Matsui in LF soon. That tells me it's going to be Sheff at DH.
2006-09-16 14:31:07
470.   kdw
I wouldn't want to see Sheff at 1B at this point, just don't think there's enough time for him to get comfortable, not to mention me. :)
2006-09-16 14:38:16
471.   marc
If he stays on target and comes back looking OK on short look I would think they gotta play Sheff or at least take him into the post-season and mix and match. We gotta be be able to see him for a few games though. Worst comes to worse they'll use him off the bench. He's gotta show he can field 1st decently. He's need to also still have that wiggling bat that scares the shit out of pitchers
2006-09-16 14:44:56
472.   JL25and3
Just back from the first game, killing time in my office till I go back for game 2...This has to have been one of the most boring, stupid, pointless games I've seen in a long time. Watching the grass grow was actually more interesting.

They'd better do better tonight. Having to sit through two games like that would violate the Geneva Convention.

2006-09-16 14:50:21
473.   randym77
I think Sheff will be on the post-season roster, but not as a first baseman. He'll be the DH. Melky will be benched.
2006-09-16 14:57:06
474.   yankeemonkey
I mentioned this before...Matsui made a comment that he'd be OK in the OF as long as he didn't have to make that kind of play again. Does that mean he's going to dive for balls? Not so good for defense if so.
2006-09-16 14:57:56
475.   yankeemonkey
NOT going to dive for balls!...D'oh.

Preview is your friend.

2006-09-16 15:05:50
476.   yankeemonkey
Touchdown Jesus weeps watching the ND-Mich game....
2006-09-16 15:22:41
477.   mehmattski
I hope Cliff or Alex checks in with an update between games. The natives are getting restless.
2006-09-16 15:33:44
478.   randym77
474 Who knows what he meant? A lot gets lost in translation with Matsui.

In any case, I hope he doesn't dive for balls. Leave that for the kids and second-stringers.

2006-09-16 15:40:02
479.   yankeemonkey
478 True...which is why I'd rather not see him out there, period. We shall see, I s'pose.

Meanwhile, ChiSox have taken a page from the Yanks' book today and just walked in not one but two runs for the A's.

2006-09-16 15:42:13
480.   JL25and3
477 They're hoping to break the 1000-post mark today.
2006-09-16 15:56:13
481.   randym77
Maybe they're both at the games today...

I think we'll see Godzilla in LF. Torre said they're going to wait until the next homestand. They don't want him starting on the hard turf of Tampa or Toronto.

The defense will take a hit, but what else is new? That's the bargain the Yankees usually make. Sheff and Abreu don't dive for balls, either. Damon does, but he probably shouldn't.

2006-09-16 15:58:02
482.   randym77
And here's the lineup for game 2:

Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi DH
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams CF
Aaron Guiel 1B
Miguel Cairo 2B

Randy Johnson LHP

2006-09-16 16:01:44
483.   mehmattski
So much for Robby qualifying for the batting title this weekend...

And I'm sure someone will mention it so I'll head it off by repeating... 11 game lead... 11 game lead... 11 game lead. Bernie can start at catcher for all I care, he's earned this swan song.

2006-09-16 16:02:28
484.   yankeemonkey

Coco Crisp CF
Mark Loretta DH
Kevin Youkilis 1B
Wilo Mo Pena LF
Mike Lowell 3B
Jason Varitek C
Gabe Kapler LF
Dustin Pedroia 2B
Alex Gonzalez SS

Julian Tavarez RHP (3-4, 4.74)

2006-09-16 16:02:46
485.   JL25and3
Well, I'm off to see another game...I can't remember how many years it's been since I've seen a doubleheader. This isn't really a doubleheader - it takes way longer, for one thing - but it'll have to do.

But if the second game is anything like the first, by the time it ends I might well be in a coma.

2006-09-16 16:04:25
486.   randym77
And here's the Sox:

Coco Crisp CF
Mark Loretta DH
Kevin Youkilis 1B
Wilo Mo Pena LF
Mike Lowell 3B
Jason Varitek C
Gabe Kapler LF
Dustin Pedroia 2B
Alex Gonzalez SS

Julian Tavarez RHP

2006-09-16 16:07:23
487.   yankeemonkey
Ohhh the ND game is uuuugly! I hope that Yanks do to the Sox what Michigan has done to the Irish...
2006-09-16 16:10:31
488.   randym77
Holy crap. Michigan's opened up a can of whup-ass on Notre Dame. This should move them up in the rankings.

The regular season finale against the Buckeyes could be interesting...

2006-09-16 16:12:55
489.   yankeemonkey
According to Abraham, Jeter fancies himself a Wolverine (fan), so hopefully the pasting of ND will inspire them.
2006-09-16 16:13:37
490.   randym77
Wonder why Ortiz isn't playing tonight? You gotta rest your catcher and your CFer. But your DH?
2006-09-16 16:15:51
491.   yankeemonkey
What are his #'s against Randy? Maybe that's why?

Mauer not playing for the Twinks tonight. Hopefully the Cap can gain a few more points on him...

2006-09-16 16:18:23
492.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
488 I couldn't watch it anymore. Switched over to the Auburn/LSU game. Pretty good final few minutes.

Anyone see it? I thought LSU was a little bit unlucky with that interference penalty getting overturned on the 3 yard line with 2 minutes to go. The Auburn db was all over the guy, tho it was an uncatchable ball given that the other db tipped it.

2006-09-16 16:20:39
493.   randym77
I ventured to, to check out their Red Sox blog. Francona has declared that no one will play all four games this weekend. So I suspect tonight's just Big Papi's turn to rest.

There's a funny story there about Willy Mo Pena looking for his uniform pants. He searched Carlos Pena's locker, and didn't find them. He finally found them - on Carlos.

2006-09-16 16:23:48
494.   randym77
I watched the Michigan game to the bitter end. My sister went to Michigan (and to Texas A & M). I'm the black sheep of the family: the only one who didn't go to a college with a Division I football team. My dad was so disappointed.
2006-09-16 16:26:14
495.   yankeemonkey
493 LOL! Why was he looking in Carlos' locker in the first place?

::thinks dirty thoughts::
::slaps self::

On the Mets broadcast, the booth was essentially discussing how drunk the Mets should/will get should they clinch the division tonight. Funny.

2006-09-16 16:29:50
496.   randym77
495 Sounds like their laundry service is mixing them up. Since they're both named "Pena."

Must have really been confusing when they had two Javier Lopezes...

2006-09-16 16:36:37
497.   Simone
493 So Ortiz plays maybe 15 to 20 minutes per game and he needs to rest? Shouldn't he be the only regular player who doesn't need rest? Eh. Glad he is resting.
2006-09-16 16:39:22
498.   randym77
Soriano stole his 40th base. He's got himself a 40-40 season.
2006-09-16 16:42:42
499.   yankeemonkey
Finally! SportsCenter kept showing him getting nailed trying to steal...Someone will have to pony up biiiig moolah for Soriano this offseason.
2006-09-16 16:57:23
500.   JeremyM
Remember him trying to hit his 40th homer for the Yanks after stealing 40 bags for what seemed like eternity? I don't miss that.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-09-16 17:00:12
501.   Eirias
499 It won't be us!
2006-09-16 17:00:56
502.   Eirias
So is this the game thread?
2006-09-16 17:02:43
503.   randym77
502 I guess so. Happens sometimes on weekends. No one's around to open up a new thread, so we just keep using the most recent one.
2006-09-16 17:03:49
504.   Eirias
The A's came back to take out the ChiSox.
2006-09-16 17:04:42
505.   JeremyM
So, which Randy shows up tonight? I'm feeling negative myself:(
2006-09-16 17:08:03
506.   BklynBmr
Good a time as any to start a new five game win streak. Maybe this one extend past six.

Let's go, Bombers!

2006-09-16 17:08:14
507.   JeremyM
505 Maybe it's just mixed up with the bad feelings I have for my home-state Huskers against USC...
2006-09-16 17:08:34
508.   yankeemonkey
Ugh, Murcer in the booth tonight. Hopefully Flaherty will balance him out...
2006-09-16 17:09:43
509.   yankeemonkey
Wow, Crisp K's on a slider that looked like it was headed for his back foot.
2006-09-16 17:10:25
510.   BklynBmr
505 Ah, c'mon... A beautiful night The Bronx, Randy sniffin' 20 wins, no PapiManny in the lineup — wait, you're right — this does not bode well ;-)
2006-09-16 17:11:27
511.   singledd
If the White Sox miss the PS, will Ozzie be back next year?
2006-09-16 17:12:42
512.   yankeemonkey
Honestly, I'd have preferred more Andy Cannizaros and Nick Greens than Jeters and A-Rods, winning be damned. Of course Randy might have something to say about that...
2006-09-16 17:13:08
513.   vockins
511 Absolutely.
2006-09-16 17:14:03
514.   yankeemonkey
Good God, did Tavarez take Nixon's cap?! That thing is disgusting!
2006-09-16 17:14:10
515.   BklynBmr
511 I'd think so, unless there's some in-house stuff going on that has not leaked out to the press.
2006-09-16 17:15:46
516.   yankz
Melky's had a rough September. Young legs not used to long season?
2006-09-16 17:16:59
517.   3rd gen yankee fan
Love Melky. Love 'im.
2006-09-16 17:17:13
518.   C2Coke
I know this is only the second game, but I am a bit sick of the Red Sox. Don't know if I can handle another 4+ hours today. Am I the only one?
2006-09-16 17:18:02
519.   yankz
No Cano? It'll be tough to qualify him
2006-09-16 17:18:19
520.   yankeemonkey
518 No, you're not. I'm skipping on tomorrow afternoon's game....Can't skip Moose, though.
2006-09-16 17:20:18
521.   C2Coke
I love Melky too.

516 Melky is also the only one who had only what? half a day off since May?

2006-09-16 17:20:46
522.   BklynBmr
518 I hear ya — especially with little on the line aside from the magic number countdown. Hang in there. We won't have to see 'em again until Grapefruit League play.
2006-09-16 17:21:28
523.   C2Coke
520 Hey, same here. I too decided Wright is the one to miss. 12 hr+ in two days is hell.
2006-09-16 17:22:01
524.   BklynBmr
The winning run is on second. Bring 'em in, Alex...
2006-09-16 17:22:30
525.   randym77
516 I think he is getting tired. Torre doesn't rest him like he does the others.
2006-09-16 17:22:36
526.   C2Coke
522 I like that positive thinking. Thanks.
2006-09-16 17:23:03
527.   yankz
Wang is 8th in pitcher's VORP. I don't know how valid that stat is, but that's pretty amazing.
2006-09-16 17:23:06
528.   yankeemonkey
A-Rod with the unclutch single up the middle to give Yanks the lead!
2006-09-16 17:23:37
529.   JeremyM
Nice job A-Rod!
2006-09-16 17:23:49
530.   Simone
Yeah, Alex.
2006-09-16 17:24:11
531.   C2Coke
Like I said, the Yankees need something to motivate them.

1st Game loss= feeling of 2nd game's a must win= tension.

2006-09-16 17:24:28
532.   JeremyM
According to Gamecenter on CBS, Giambi is batting right. That might come in handy in the playoffs:)
2006-09-16 17:24:47
533.   yankz
I really, really want Giambi to go yard.
2006-09-16 17:25:44
534.   C2Coke
532 LOL!

533 Still not close.

2006-09-16 17:29:53
535.   yankeemonkey
Giambi's swings have been really really sad-looking.
2006-09-16 17:33:10
536.   BklynBmr
YES promo: Rocket. Retirement. Hummer. Grrrrrrrrr.
2006-09-16 17:34:05
537.   BklynBmr
I thought Manny was off tonight...
2006-09-16 17:35:16
538.   yankeemonkey
Nice job, WMP! Why couldn't Kapler have done this in the afternoon, too? (Wily Mo misplayed a flyball by Posada into a double, for those not watching live...)
2006-09-16 17:37:22
539.   BklynBmr
Jorgie on third, infield in for Guiel in the second inning. Interesting...
2006-09-16 17:38:13
540.   JeremyM
This is a big spot for Guiel, come on Aaron.
2006-09-16 17:39:44
541.   JeremyM
Luckily, bizarro Jeter is up! Come on Miggy.
2006-09-16 17:39:49
542.   BklynBmr
That was a "look what I found" stab of Guiel's rope by Tavares...
2006-09-16 17:42:22
543.   yankeemonkey
Let LOB-fest begin!
2006-09-16 17:42:24
544.   randym77
He caught it between his legs! Jeez!
2006-09-16 17:42:27
545.   BklynBmr
%^#$. Lowell is a vacuum.
2006-09-16 17:46:22
546.   C2Coke
543 You know how the players of both teams have played so often, they've all become good pals. Gotta use all opportunities to catch up while they are on base. They just tend to stay there, perhaps because they can't finish the conversation in time to move forward...(I know, I know, I am losing it...)
2006-09-16 17:48:29
547.   BklynBmr
That was a wall banger, well over Mekly's head. I guess you play a few steps in for a .122 hitter.
2006-09-16 17:49:20
548.   pistolpete
Oh this isn't funny now - can we just start pounding these losers already?
2006-09-16 17:49:25
549.   JeremyM
Bad Unit, bad, bad. Have I ever mentioned that I hate Alex Gonzalez?
2006-09-16 17:49:25
550.   yankz
FU Alex Gonzalez
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-09-16 17:50:07
551.   BklynBmr
C'mon, Randy! Bear down.
2006-09-16 17:50:25
552.   Simone
This is the bottom of their crappy line up, Randy Johnson!
2006-09-16 17:51:24
553.   pistolpete
Scary thing is they're all pulling him.
2006-09-16 17:51:32
554.   C2Coke
For anyone paying attention to Gameday, there's a news update in red at the bottom.

"Boston 1, NY 1."

2006-09-16 17:52:24
555.   JeremyM
Johnson, it's Coco Crisp, quit fooling around.
2006-09-16 17:52:31
556.   randym77
Melky always plays in for some reason.

And Randy always seems to give up his hits to the least likely batters...

2006-09-16 17:52:43
557.   C2Coke
It's like I can see the future...

To make ourselves feel a little better. The Yanks play awesome when it actually counts.

2006-09-16 17:52:59
558.   BklynBmr
553 Yeah, looks like they're guessing right...
2006-09-16 17:53:50
559.   C2Coke
See, I know the future. I wonder how long is the delay from the live game?
2006-09-16 17:54:18
560.   pistolpete
No Manny and no Ortiz. Just more annoying than anything else.
2006-09-16 17:54:56
561.   JeremyM
Remember that game when he threw a changeup a little bit? He's only a two-pitch guy really.
2006-09-16 17:55:07
562.   yankeemonkey
Cairo just saved a run with that play.
2006-09-16 17:57:27
563.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 17:57:33
564.   pistolpete
Watch them sweep us now. Cripes.
2006-09-16 17:58:15
565.   BklynBmr
560 This will only validate ESPN's sock-worship. "See, the Red Sox are equal to or better than the Yanks even without Papi and Manny. This proves it."


2006-09-16 17:58:22
566.   JeremyM
God, I hate Randy Johnson as a Yankee. Well, I hated him before but I still hate him. Just when I start to like him, he always tanks it. It's Boston's B-team.
2006-09-16 17:59:07
567.   Simone
I hope this RJ's "he pitched well except for one inning" outings.
2006-09-16 18:01:05
568.   C2Coke
564 I don't know why I am laughing.
2006-09-16 18:03:33
569.   Eirias
Come on Yankees! We LOOK FORWARD to this guy when he comes out of the bullpen.
2006-09-16 18:04:02
570.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
564 Tell you the truth, I had a bad feeling going into the series that they could take all 4 -- mostly b/c the season series seems to always end 10/9.
2006-09-16 18:04:20
571.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yay, something good today.
2006-09-16 18:04:22
572.   pistolpete
Actually, there'd be some little part of me that would also laugh if they swept us - as in, we're too far ahead for it to matter.
2006-09-16 18:04:32
573.   Simone
At least, the Captain's hitting streak continues.
2006-09-16 18:04:48
574.   C2Coke
25. The light in all this mess.
2006-09-16 18:05:38
575.   pistolpete
That's it guys, just be patient - Tavarez went 3-0 on Cairo fercrissakes.
2006-09-16 18:05:38
576.   BklynBmr
The MVP is closing in on The Babe on the team list. 26 games. One more to tie. How cool is that?
2006-09-16 18:07:22
577.   C2Coke
572 I think the frustration is mainly due to these long games in 2 days and playing against dull B-players more than the fact that the Yankees are not yet winning. Maybe this is precisely why they don't seem excited playing right now.
2006-09-16 18:07:46
578.   BklynBmr
570 That's exactly what I was thinking before the Massacre II — not expecting that outcome by any means. I figured 9 games left, we go 5-4 or 4-5...
2006-09-16 18:09:24
579.   C2Coke
576 Too cool. But there's also the greedy part of me inside who wants our MVP to also win the batting title. And if he really ended up not getting it, I hope Cano gets it.
2006-09-16 18:09:42
580.   pistolpete
2006-09-16 18:10:37
581.   C2Coke
578 I'd rather see Torre resting the regular guys more before the playoffs.
2006-09-16 18:11:04
582.   randym77
Jeez. Where'd the Sox get that GGer?
2006-09-16 18:12:12
583.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 18:14:57
584.   BklynBmr
581 Definitely, but there's still 2 weeks to go. Joe has the luxury of being selective from here on out, expect in Proctor's case, who is under some form of unexplained punishment...
2006-09-16 18:17:10
585.   yankeemonkey
Hey, Proctor didn't pitch the first game...that's like a month's vacation!
2006-09-16 18:19:39
586.   Eirias
Doesn't Pedroia's GameDay picture kinda look like Craig Wilson's?
2006-09-16 18:19:43
587.   yankeemonkey
My father just called to say he's absolutely sure Yanks will prevail tonight. Sox might as well forfeit now.
2006-09-16 18:19:49
588.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
rj pitching around a rookie hitting .140?
2006-09-16 18:20:25
589.   yankeemonkey
Oh for God's sake!
2006-09-16 18:22:21
590.   C2Coke
587 I like that. Tell your father, thanks!
2006-09-16 18:22:31
591.   singledd
We are 1.5 games ahead of Detroit, 3.5 in front of Minn., 4.5 in front of Oakland. There are 16 games left. These games are not meaningless.

Melky can't afford to be jogging to 2nd base on a ball in play. Torre should ream his ass. This team can't look at these games as 'rest time'.

2006-09-16 18:22:45
592.   pistolpete
Just split both doubleheaders - I'll live with no clinch against the Sox. If that makes them feel good, so be it.
2006-09-16 18:26:52
593.   pistolpete
Damn it, JUST missed. Kapler was doing his Winfield (except no catch) impression...
2006-09-16 18:27:09
594.   yankeemonkey
591 What? When was Melky jogging? Also, is home-field advantage really that big a deal? I assume they'll play the WC, so they'd have home field anyways. And for ALCS, it'll only matter if it gets to game 7...So basically while I'd love them to end up with the best record etc, etc, I'd rather everyone were rested and healthy for the playoffs.
2006-09-16 18:27:22
595.   BklynBmr
Anyone think it's kind of important to get at least one run here?
2006-09-16 18:27:33
596.   randym77
I think young Melky is exhausted. He really looks like he's dragging to me. But I guess he'll have plenty of time to rest when Hideki takes over LF. :-/
2006-09-16 18:28:13
597.   yankeemonkey
Bern, baby, Bern! Torre is a genius :-)
2006-09-16 18:28:16
598.   BklynBmr
Bernie Baseball! Keep it goin', Yanks!
2006-09-16 18:28:20
599.   pistolpete
YAY yankeemonkey's Dad!!!!
2006-09-16 18:28:47
600.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yay Bernie!!!
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-09-16 18:29:03
601.   JeremyM
That deserves a BERN BABY BERN!
2006-09-16 18:29:09
602.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-16 18:29:12
603.   C2Coke
591 You are right. I was just trying to comfort myself, otherwise, I wouldn't know how to handle this crappy performances. I think if they don't get the acts together, Torre will ream more than Melky's ass.

592 Same here. I didn't expect them to clinch the East by tomorrow, but not being able to do better than they are now against this B-team is whole another story.

2006-09-16 18:29:15
604.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
All y'all Bernie haters take that (looks sheepishly at the floor and scuffles shoe, whistling)
2006-09-16 18:29:30
605.   Travis
3 solid hits for Bernie today from the left side.
2006-09-16 18:29:32
606.   C2Coke
Good Old Bernie. Good Old Bernie.
2006-09-16 18:30:30
607.   randym77
Has Guiel been working on his bunting? The first time they asked him to bunt he did such an awful job of it I thought they'd never ask him to do it again.
2006-09-16 18:30:31
608.   yankeemonkey
599 LOL! Don't get carried away, it's just a tie for now. Also, it's his fault they lost game 1; seriously, he only gets to watch the national games, and everytime he watches, they lose.
2006-09-16 18:30:49
609.   BklynBmr
Guiel smoked that, too bad it was in the wrong place...
2006-09-16 18:31:10
610.   Simone
I'm glad that Bernie is getting a chance to play.
2006-09-16 18:31:26
611.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
594I think lacking homefield advantage, by not competing in the final game, cost us the series against the Angels last season.
2006-09-16 18:31:44
612.   JeremyM
Come on Little Egypt.
2006-09-16 18:31:44
613.   C2Coke
608 That is hilarious.
2006-09-16 18:32:40
614.   JeremyM
611 Or the fact that they are the annoying-as-a-gnat-in-your-ear Angels.
2006-09-16 18:33:39
615.   markp
Murcer is repeating one of the biggest fallacies about Mantle. Sometimes when the Mick was slumping he'd bunt for a base hit. He had about 5 sac bunts in his entire career (and I wouldn't be surprised if most or all of those were trying to get a hit on plays a guy advanced on the bases.)
2006-09-16 18:33:52
616.   yankeemonkey
611 Bubba and Sheff getting up close and personal is what cost us...That and Randy's meltdown in game 2. Also, don't they automatically get home field if they play the WC?
2006-09-16 18:34:58
617.   JeremyM
615 To be fair you're saying he is talking about bunting for a base hit and not sac bunts, although I can't hear his conversation. I have no idea how true Mantle bunting is, I always heard that he did, but you always hear a lot of things that aren't true.
2006-09-16 18:35:16
618.   yankeemonkey
614 Also true.
2006-09-16 18:39:42
619.   BklynBmr
Prediction: Jorgie has the GWRBI tonight.
2006-09-16 18:40:15
620.   yankeemonkey
So is it pretty safe to stick a fork into the PaleHose? Detroit just won, Minny is winning, and they lost again.
2006-09-16 18:40:38
621.   markp
Murcer was saying Mantle would bunt a guy over. That's simply not true. I watched him play a great deal, and it's not what he did (it's also not how Stengel managed.) Mantle was up there to hit with power or walk if they didn't throw strikes. He bunted for base hits-usually when he was striking out a lot.
2006-09-16 18:41:49
622.   yankeemonkey
Dumb question: what does 'hitting behind the runner' mean?
2006-09-16 18:44:28
623.   yankeemonkey
They just aren't going to let that Ortiz MVPgate go away, are they....
2006-09-16 18:44:44
624.   pistolpete
Ok, I was annoyed Ortiz said what he said too, but who cares at this point. Jeter's the man, Ortiz put his foot in his mouth, end of story.
2006-09-16 18:44:53
625.   marc
These Boston games all feel excruciatingly long. This should be extremely exciting at this point and I'm flipping around for things to do between pitches
2006-09-16 18:45:29
626.   BklynBmr
622 If a runner is on first base, the batter is expected to hit a ball to the right side of the infield (at least) to make a DP harder on the defense. Or if the runner is on second, to aim for the right side to advance him...
2006-09-16 18:45:54
627.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
621 My dad, a Yankee hating Brooklyn Dodger fan, used to tell me that Mickey, before his knees went, used to bunt for doubles. That is, he'd catch the 3rd baseman cheating in, and pop the bunt over his head down the 3rd baseline and be on 2nd before the guy could get it.
2006-09-16 18:47:47
628.   JeremyM
621 Good deal, I should've just shut my mouth since I didn't hear Murcer. If Mantle was bunting for a sacrifice, that would be very, very lame.
2006-09-16 18:47:54
629.   yankeemonkey
626 Thanks. That makes sense, I just didn't get the 'behind the runner' thing, I guess...Why can't they just say 'move the runner over'? My brain is fried as it is!
2006-09-16 18:48:43
630.   JeremyM
625 Don't flip it to NU-USC, the Huskers are calling an unbelievably conservative game. Going to be a lot of pissed off people where I'm from tomorrow.
2006-09-16 18:50:35
631.   yankeemonkey
Flaherty: "Abreu is a better hitter with 2 strikes".
Abreu: ::swings and misses for the strikeout::
2006-09-16 18:51:13
632.   Paul in Boston
Maddening game so far... just one "big hit" away from blowing it open, but it's just tied now. I really want this win, much more than our 10.5 game lead should typically warrant!
2006-09-16 18:54:11
633.   Travis
621 Just looking at Retrosheet data for 1957, Mantle bunted 17 times. A couple of examples:

YANKEES 1ST: Yanks s/s said weather: 'Fair - warm'; Bauer
popped to shortstop in foul territory; Martin grounded out
(third to first); On a bunt Mantle made an out to pitcher; 0 R,
0 H, 0 E, 0 LOB. Yankees 0, Senators 0.

YANKEES 5TH: McDougald lined to center; On a bunt Mantle singled
to pitcher; Slaughter walked [Mantle to second]; Skowron
grounded into a double play (second to shortstop to first)
[Slaughter out at second]; 0 R, 1 H, 0 E, 1 LOB. Athletics 0,
Yankees 2.

2006-09-16 18:54:28
634.   yankeemonkey
632 It's a matter of pride...for us as much as for them.

Cy Tavarez is at 80-some pitches. How much longer does he last?

2006-09-16 18:56:11
635.   marc
If the sox had Tavarez starting all year instead of in the bullpen they may be in a lot better shape. He was total shit as a reliever and from what I recall since he's been forced into starting he's been good.
2006-09-16 18:56:23
636.   markp
Travis-are you saying Mantle was sacrifice bunting?
2006-09-16 18:57:28
637.   pistolpete
So here's next year's Sox rotation: Schilling, Papelbon, Wakefield, Lester, Tavarez?! ;-)

Question is, who closes? I don't necessarily agree with the Papelbon move to a SP - it's so much easier to go out and sign a decent starter than to find a dominant closer...

2006-09-16 18:59:04
638.   yankeemonkey
637 Heh. Just sub Beckett for Lester and you're good. I doubt Lester will be pitching next season, unfortunately.
2006-09-16 18:59:32
639.   JeremyM
635 He's been fair as a starter. Three starts, first one lasted 3 innings with 3 ERs versus Toronto, 2nd 6.1 with 2 ERs versus Chicago, and the third 5.1 with 3 ERs versus KC.
2006-09-16 19:01:10
640.   yankeemonkey
Mets were once again thwarted in their attempt to clinch NL East. By the lowly Pirates. Amusing.
2006-09-16 19:02:35
641.   BklynBmr
Man, Gonzales has Randy's number...
2006-09-16 19:03:00
642.   Travis
636 No. Retrosheet codes the data with a /b on a bunt attempt, and why would he sac bunt with no one on? A full list of 1957 bunt attempts:

1957/04/23 play,1,0,mantm101,??,,1/BP
1957/04/30 play,1,0,mantm101,??,,K/B
1957/05/12 play,6,0,mantm101,??,,S5/BG
1957/05/16 play,5,1,mantm101,??,,S1/B
1957/05/18 play,1,1,mantm101,??,,16(1)/B/FO
1957/05/18 play,3,1,mantm101,??,,13/BG
1957/05/25 play,1,1,mantm101,??,,S6/BP
1957/05/26 play,5,1,mantm101,??,,13/BG
1957/05/30 play,7,0,mantm101,??,,S4/BG
1957/06/23 play,7,1,mantm101,??,,13/B
1957/06/27 play,4,1,mantm101,??,,1/BP
1957/07/27 play,1,1,mantm101,??,,S4/B
1957/07/31 play,4,1,mantm101,??,,S4/B.2-3
1957/08/06 play,7,1,mantm101,??,,13/B
1957/08/10 play,3,0,mantm101,??,,S3/BG
1957/08/22 play,5,0,mantm101,??,,K/FL/B
1957/09/14 play,8,1,mantm101,??,,23/B

2006-09-16 19:03:07
643.   nyyfan22
634 He'll be out for the 6th. If he runs into trouble, we'll probably see Delcarmen.

I bet he doesn't start the 7th, however.

2006-09-16 19:03:37
644.   yankeemonkey
Um...50 strikes out of 90 total pitches is not a good ratio, Mr. Murcer.
2006-09-16 19:05:18
645.   marc
bring in Bruney
2006-09-16 19:06:41
646.   yankeemonkey
This game is even worse than game 1. I didn't know it was possible...Whoever said it before was right, watching grass grow is better than this.
2006-09-16 19:07:37
647.   JeremyM
640 Well, Yanks are being thwarted by the lowly Red Sox.
2006-09-16 19:07:48
648.   marc
Bring in Bruney. Hey , he's warming up
2006-09-16 19:08:09
649.   Paul in Boston
I can't stand to watch this ... RJ is not giving us our money's worth tonigh!
2006-09-16 19:08:12
650.   randym77
Pittsburgh's been on a roll lately. Though of course, at this point, all they can hope is that it continues next year.

Chacon's been pitching pretty well for them. In his Jedi master way.

Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-09-16 19:08:38
651.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wow, rj is Pedroia's bitch, huh?

One double and he's so scared he's pitched around him 2 straight atbats?

Dude, you're going to the hall, friggin challenge the little shite.

2006-09-16 19:09:05
652.   BklynBmr
646 Talk about two 17-game winners facing a beaten team and this result? (so far, at least) — this does suck...
2006-09-16 19:09:24
653.   yankeemonkey
I really don't get it. How do they go into Fenway and absolutely slaughter the Sox and do a complete 180 this weekend...
2006-09-16 19:09:37
654.   markp
Sorry then-I wasn't sure.

Agreed about this game being boring. I wish that Sheff was activated-a PH appearance by him would have it's own excitement.

Jeepers RJ, get somebody out.

2006-09-16 19:09:44
655.   marc
646 more like watching astroturf grow.

And goddam it I said bring in Bruney

2006-09-16 19:10:46
656.   Simone
I'm just cringing at the thought of RJ pitching in the post season.
2006-09-16 19:10:54
657.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Meanwhile, the worst starting ss in the league has 2 rbi . . . and counting . . .
2006-09-16 19:11:41
658.   randym77
Gawd, they really are warming Bruney. Um, didn't he throw, like 35 pitches earlier today?
2006-09-16 19:12:26
659.   yankeemonkey
I guess some credit is due to the Sox as well, they're fighting for their pride and doing a good job of it.

Bruney threw 29 pitches this Torre trying to make up for lost time and burn him out in the next couple of days?

2006-09-16 19:12:30
660.   nyyfan22
That was a big out.
2006-09-16 19:13:00
661.   marc
good one Sterling. That pitch was so far outside he couldn't hit it with an oar
2006-09-16 19:13:06
662.   randym77
656 Me, too. I just don't trust him.
2006-09-16 19:14:45
663.   yankeemonkey
C'mon RJ, one more out! You can do it! ::closes eyes, breathes::
2006-09-16 19:14:52
664.   BklynBmr
'Strike two' was a foot outside of the left handers batter's box... I'll take it, thought :-)
2006-09-16 19:15:40
665.   marc
will you fukin bring in Bruney already, I can't take this anymore.
2006-09-16 19:16:05
666.   C2Coke
656,662 And guess what? He has one more year left. There are times when I think I shouldn't ask that much from a 43 year old, but then the next thought would be, "why doesn't he just retire?"
2006-09-16 19:16:37
667.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 19:17:01
668.   BklynBmr
Coco. F'n. Crisp. Enough already. Get RJ outta here...
2006-09-16 19:17:11
669.   JeremyM
Gee, are you happy that you were left in so you could win your 20th? Coco freaking Crisp.
2006-09-16 19:17:19
670.   marc
I told you to bring in fukin Bruney goddam it. Now it's kind of late
2006-09-16 19:17:35
671.   C2Coke
665 If there are just one game with Moose tomorrow, I think Torre would bring in Bruney without having to think too much. However, folks, take a breath and think again, who's starting tomorrow in the day game?
2006-09-16 19:17:37
672.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Coco friggin Chane!@#!@#!@$@#%#^$%&$%^%&%^

Friggin challenge someone friggin Big Eunuch.

2006-09-16 19:17:59
673.   pistolpete
638 Beckett. Duh.

They're definitely sweeping us this weekend. Meh.

2006-09-16 19:18:03
674.   Mattpat11
The Yankees have been defeated by Coco Crisp, Jason Fairytek and Gabe Krapler.

That's just embarssing.

2006-09-16 19:18:04
675.   yankeemonkey
Good thing it was a GRD, would've cleared the bases otherwise...Just stop it here....
2006-09-16 19:18:14
676.   C2Coke
671 Obviously, Torre has run out of second thoughts.
2006-09-16 19:19:05
677.   yankeemonkey
I weep for this weekend.
2006-09-16 19:19:48
678.   BklynBmr
Now was that that hard? Yeeesh!
2006-09-16 19:20:44
679.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
So, just to clarify, Twinkies won, A's won, Tigers won . . . and we're getting swept by team without their best hitters, who can't even beat the friggin Royals with them . . . at home. Thanks.
2006-09-16 19:20:53
680.   Sliced Bread
Randy just too fuggin' doublicious tonight.

No worries. Stadium is finally awake. Our bats will rise.

2006-09-16 19:21:15
681.   C2Coke
I know the numbers indicate otherwise, but the Yankees' Bruney is cool!
2006-09-16 19:22:14
682.   yankeemonkey
679 Pretty much, yeah.

Now would be a good time for Dad to call again....

2006-09-16 19:22:26
683.   Simone
Randy Johnson is why the Yankees have to groom Hughes and sign Matsuzaka. They can't sign any more of these aging pitchers.
2006-09-16 19:22:56
684.   C2Coke
680 Hey! Sliced, we are counting on you for some laughters. This whole day's been frustrating to watch.
2006-09-16 19:23:02
685.   pistolpete
Yanks shouldn't be swinging at anything from here on out. Make Tavarez throw strikes.
2006-09-16 19:23:22
686.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Too add what has already been said about Eunuch in the postseason: as far as I'm concerned, Wang and Mussina are trustworthy, after that?, it's all hands to the pump, especially in round 1. I want Rasner warming if the leadoff hitter in the first walks in Eunuch's first playoff start.
2006-09-16 19:23:27
687.   yankeemonkey
683 I hope they also don't go after Zito, who walked 7 today, while throwing about 120 pitches in 7 innings. Ouch.
2006-09-16 19:24:21
688.   pistolpete
685 See?
2006-09-16 19:24:52
689.   C2Coke
685 At least Jorge heard ya.
2006-09-16 19:25:07
690.   yankeemonkey
685 Posada heard you!

Cy Tavarez departs, Craig Hansen comes in. Interesting....

2006-09-16 19:25:23
691.   marc
Alright, rally time.7 walks or so should do it.
2006-09-16 19:25:31
692.   pistolpete
687 According to Schilling (the co-GM, apparently), the Sox will be breaking the bank this offseason - I'd bet a small amount of money that they go after Zito.
2006-09-16 19:25:45
693.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
689 If Rj had even one of Jorge's testicles he wouldn't pitch in the pussy-ass way he does.
2006-09-16 19:25:53
694.   C2Coke
687 The bright side is at least he can throw 120 pitches, re: Wright.
2006-09-16 19:25:56
695.   BklynBmr
Sweet! We got Cyvares out of there! It's winnin' time now, ladies and gents...
2006-09-16 19:26:52
696.   yankeemonkey
I wouldn't mind Sox signing Zito...we pretty much own him, don't we?
2006-09-16 19:27:12
697.   weeping for brunnhilde
Btw, El Duque pitched another superb game today.

Does anyone remember the precise circumstances surrounding his release from the Yanks? Was his last season 2002?

My last memory of him is that he was aggravating Joe to no end with that ephus pitch he was fooling around with.

I enjoyed that and loved that he had the guts to use it.

Anyway, why'd we let him walk again?

2006-09-16 19:28:02
698.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
696 iirc the Sawx own him too, which might cut a win or 2 off their total against Oakland if they ink him.
2006-09-16 19:28:02
699.   C2Coke
693 Maybe that's why they didn't get along earlier on. And then RJ finally learned to look up (ironically) to Jorge.
2006-09-16 19:28:17
700.   marc
Wright has been great lately
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-09-16 19:28:42
701.   BklynBmr
696 Maybe, but he owns a lotta of other teams. I wouldn't mind seeing him in pinstripes, myself...
2006-09-16 19:28:42
702.   JeremyM
I've got tornado sirens going off here in Omaha, the Huskers getting spanked...come on Yanks, pull out of it.
2006-09-16 19:29:15
703.   yankeemonkey
698 Sox do own Zito.

A BB and an HBP...the rally is on!

2006-09-16 19:29:16
704.   Sliced Bread
683 687 Yes, Matsuzaka. No, Zito.

Tavarez pitched a good game. I think he's the first pitcher to take separate means of transportation to the Stadium from his hat. He took the bus. His hat clearly took the #4 train (undercarriage).

2006-09-16 19:29:33
705.   Mattpat11
687 He came back in 04 and saved the year. Then got tired arm.

His collapse in game four of the ALCS was the beginning of things to come.

2006-09-16 19:29:59
706.   C2Coke
700 See how we have a different standard when it comes to Wright. I know Wright's been great lately, but he ain't gonna throw 120 pitches.
2006-09-16 19:30:03
707.   marc
damn, Bernie's knee didn't need that
2006-09-16 19:30:10
708.   Mattpat11
705 I meant to say 697
2006-09-16 19:30:18
709.   Simone
Why don't the Huskers ever throw a pass? Callahan designed one of the best passing offenses in the NFL for the Raiders.
2006-09-16 19:30:20
710.   pistolpete
Ok Aaron, that works. LOL.
2006-09-16 19:30:48
711.   yankeemonkey
704 I knew we can count on you!

Godzilla in to PH...

2006-09-16 19:31:03
712.   BklynBmr
697 Not total recall, but I remember the Yanks having it up to here with his rehab discipline, and him clashing with both Conners and Mel...
2006-09-16 19:31:08
713.   marc
2006-09-16 19:31:45
714.   C2Coke
704 LOL. I know I can count on you for some comedy moments.
2006-09-16 19:31:54
715.   JeremyM
709 That's what I'd like to know.
2006-09-16 19:32:05
716.   yankeemonkey
No need to swing for the fences, just a single would do it...
2006-09-16 19:32:12
717.   LI yankee
uh, why not Cano here?
2006-09-16 19:32:42
718.   weeping for brunnhilde
705 Wow, how crazy. His participation in 2004 is a total blur to me.

Unless that's the year he was throwing the ephus pitch and I just got the year wrong?

Hmm, game 4...I have no memory of that game.

Anyway, I wish we'd have kept him around.

2006-09-16 19:33:15
719.   yankeemonkey
Guys, don't forget Duque is pitching in the NL...everyone does better there.

Matsui-san makes it a 1-run game!

2006-09-16 19:33:17
720.   BklynBmr
Good job, Mats!
2006-09-16 19:33:39
721.   pistolpete
Interesting mood on the MLB Sox message board - suddenly Crisp is 'turning it around' and there's a 'slight chance' the Yanks could be caught for the division.


2006-09-16 19:33:39
722.   weeping for brunnhilde
Kapler must have no arm. That didn't look deep enough to score Jorgie.

Nice job, Hideki.

2006-09-16 19:34:22
723.   Mattpat11
718 He sort of always threw that eephus pitch, at least in the later years. He used it in both 02 and 04.
2006-09-16 19:34:25
724.   JeremyM
Good job Godzilla. I'll take it. Now come on Melky.
2006-09-16 19:34:25
725.   weeping for brunnhilde



2006-09-16 19:34:28
726.   yankeemonkey
YEAH!!! The Melkman delivers!
2006-09-16 19:34:36
727.   pistolpete
MELKY. These $200 million dollar underdogs JUST WON'T DIE. ;-)
2006-09-16 19:34:47
728.   Paul in Boston
RJ off the hook again ... now PLEASE put this game away guys!
2006-09-16 19:34:51
729.   BklynBmr
The Melkman!
2006-09-16 19:35:13
730.   Mattpat11
Well, I feel better now.
2006-09-16 19:35:23
731.   JeremyM

Last time I ever say this (today) but if Mussina starts that game 4, Yanks sweep in my opinion. Should've went for the kill instead of being cute.

2006-09-16 19:35:28
732.   yankeemonkey
Melky says "Bench this!"
2006-09-16 19:35:38
733.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Good to see that even tho Hansen has been better since he came back from the minors, he still has trouble with lefties.
2006-09-16 19:35:54
734.   BklynBmr
721 Talk about a waste of bandwidth...
2006-09-16 19:36:33
735.   weeping for brunnhilde
719 Of course, of course, but given our inability to find decent number 5 guys, I see no reason why we couldn't have just kept him on as a number 5.
2006-09-16 19:37:02
736.   randym77
721 They really think they can catch us? LOL!
2006-09-16 19:37:35
737.   pistolpete
734 If you want a laugh, see any thread that has to do with our payroll and how we buy all our players.

As if that 2004 team was loaded with 'homegrown talent'.

2006-09-16 19:38:42
738.   pistolpete
736 If they sweep us, yes.

Damn it Jeter, why can't we PULL AHEAD FOR ONCE?

2006-09-16 19:38:59
739.   yankeemonkey
It just occurred to me that Julian "Psycho nutcase" Tavarez didn't try to take anyone's head off. Amazing...

Kaptain Klutch :( (Well, flyout, but the point stands).

2006-09-16 19:39:14
740.   Mattpat11
Oh no. Beckett's win was his 15th. ESPN is going to declare him an ace and cy young contender again.
2006-09-16 19:39:28
741.   JeremyM
Last time I checked that 'slight chance' was .00001%.
2006-09-16 19:39:41
742.   C2Coke
I hate to say it, but our MVP look a bit pale and sick. Then again, I think we probably all look pale and sick at this point.
2006-09-16 19:40:10
743.   yankeemonkey
741 Hate to point it out, but what were the Sox chances after Game 3 in '04?
2006-09-16 19:40:11
744.   Mattpat11
738 If they sweep us, they're seven and a half out with two weeks to play.

They're done.

2006-09-16 19:40:19
745.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
737 sheet, they're still talking about their plan for the future, when nothing they've brought up, possible exception of Pamplemousse, is in even close to the same league as Melky, Wang and Cano -- and nothing they've got in the minors is in the Hughes and Tabata range.
2006-09-16 19:40:37
746.   LI yankee
742 Yeah he was coughing a bit up there.
2006-09-16 19:40:39
747.   pistolpete
742 Yeah, they always give Cy Young awards to pitchers with ERAs over 5.
2006-09-16 19:41:31
748.   yankeemonkey
746 Wasn't choking, was he?
2006-09-16 19:41:54
749.   weeping for brunnhilde
738 I'm probably what most people would consider a typical Yankees fan, in that I get sometimes absurdly worked up over missed opportunities and blown games, but even I feel perfectly at peace right now.

The rest of the season is house money, chill a little and save the anxiety for October!


2006-09-16 19:42:15
750.   Mattpat11
742 I'm just repeating what I've heard from ESPN all year.

Josh Beckett is the Red Sox ace and a Cy Young contender.

Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2006-09-16 19:42:52
751.   yankeemonkey
ARGH! A leadoff BB = Bad Bruney!
2006-09-16 19:42:52
752.   pistolpete
Oh why is it never easy? Now Bruney's walking people.
2006-09-16 19:43:00
753.   C2Coke
I already miss Katt's voice.
2006-09-16 19:43:43
754.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
746 serious? Maybe the Sawx are taking a page from the Arsenal playbook from last EPl season, where 3/4 of the Spurs starting 11 came down with food poisoning from the team hotel buffet on the final day of the season, and Arsenal beat them for the final Champion's League place.
2006-09-16 19:43:45
755.   C2Coke
2006-09-16 19:43:47
756.   BklynBmr
737 Oh, I can imagine. The prototypical difference between 'rabid fans' and 'rabid, yet smart fans'. I was actually surprised reading through some of the Sawx fan blogs this season. Most of it more amateur hour than the craigslist sports forum...
2006-09-16 19:43:57
757.   LI yankee
748 Ha!
2006-09-16 19:45:29
758.   C2Coke
747,750 You guys meant 740, right?
2006-09-16 19:45:42
759.   randym77
It may be a bit much, expecting Bruney to pitch again after he threw 34 pitches this afternoon.

Anyway, he's gone. Joe had him on a short leash. It's EDSP.

And I gotta say, Youkilis' batting stance looks like he's sitting on a toilet or something.

2006-09-16 19:46:00
760.   yankeemonkey
In the meantime, A's won and Halos are losing, so LAA's chance of sneaking into the postseason is dwindling. And don't laugh, they could still take over AL West...I see it in my nighmares sometimes.
2006-09-16 19:46:56
761.   yankeemonkey
Oh brother....
2006-09-16 19:47:13
762.   C2Coke
754 He was really coughing and looking pale.
2006-09-16 19:48:40
763.   pistolpete
Of course no DP. Sox will probably get at least another run this inning. Like I said - never easy.
2006-09-16 19:48:56
764.   JeremyM
Should've just started the inning with Proctor.
2006-09-16 19:48:59
765.   Mattpat11
This game annoys me.

Oh, fuck, Green is in.

2006-09-16 19:48:59
766.   yankeemonkey
They could've had the force at 3rd....
2006-09-16 19:49:17
767.   marc
need a DP badly
2006-09-16 19:51:11
768.   yankeemonkey
Please, Jesus, let this game end before midnight...
2006-09-16 19:51:41
769.   JeremyM
A K will work, for now. One more!
2006-09-16 19:51:45
770.   Mattpat11
The verbal blowing of Varitek on YES isn't as effective as it is on ESPN.

We need Sutcliffe here to declare him the AL MVP.

2006-09-16 19:51:54
771.   weeping for brunnhilde
768 ha ha hah ha ha ha!
2006-09-16 19:52:04
772.   randym77
Please, no extra innings. I think I'd rather just lose.
2006-09-16 19:52:36
773.   pistolpete
768 Why's that?
2006-09-16 19:52:39
774.   yankeemonkey
Bring Myers in!
2006-09-16 19:53:05
775.   LI yankee
Myers will be saved for Papi
2006-09-16 19:53:19
776.   Mattpat11
Here comes TRAHT!

Really, this introduction is far too low key. Don't they know he's Trot Nixon?

2006-09-16 19:53:51
777.   C2Coke
768 It's not happening.
2006-09-16 19:53:56
778.   yankeemonkey
773 Because I want to get to sleep at a decent time :-) I'm not a late-night person, usually...especially not for a crappy game like this.
2006-09-16 19:54:02
779.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nixon looks strangely different from the last time I saw him.

Younger, maybe?

Or older?

His hair's longer, I see that, but it's something else.

Is he leaner, maybe?


2006-09-16 19:54:52
780.   Mattpat11
The Most Valuable Panic Attack is lurking with a bat.
2006-09-16 19:55:07
781.   pistolpete
OMG he dropped it. Not good.
2006-09-16 19:55:15
782.   yankeemonkey
He looks a little slimmer, maybe...Also hair on the head, no hair on the face.
2006-09-16 19:55:39
783.   Mattpat11
well, good night. Thanks for coming. We know where that is leading.
2006-09-16 19:55:43
784.   weeping for brunnhilde
Couldn't catch the ball.

Derek would have beat those fans out of the way to get that ball if he had to.


2006-09-16 19:55:58
785.   weeping for brunnhilde
2006-09-16 19:56:05
786.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
779did he join Tek in going off the juice? Maybe during his recent dl stint? Hmmm.
2006-09-16 19:56:09
787.   yankeemonkey
781 He's no Derek Jeter, that's fer sure!

Good job, Scotty, picking A-Rod up!

2006-09-16 19:56:12
788.   pistolpete
Whew, thank goodness. Proctologist bails out the A-Hole. ;-)
2006-09-16 19:56:16
789.   BklynBmr
Scott-T! Allright!
2006-09-16 19:56:29
790.   JeremyM
783 If you were saying a strikeout, and I think you were, you're right!
2006-09-16 19:56:38
791.   Mattpat11
Hey. Ordinarilly that would have led to a bases clearing double.

A-Rod's luck really is turning around.

2006-09-16 19:57:14
792.   yankeemonkey
791 You just need to have faith ;-)
2006-09-16 19:57:46
793.   weeping for brunnhilde
791 ha ha ha hah !
2006-09-16 19:59:25
794.   BklynBmr
791 Was thinkin' the same thing ;-)
2006-09-16 20:00:24
795.   Mattpat11
MLB.TV spells Esteban Loaiza's name wrong in their jumble.
2006-09-16 20:00:56
796.   yankeemonkey
Hehehe...Now if he could only hit a HR to win this damn thing, redemption would be complete.

Ack, a Yaley....

::allergic to Yale::

2006-09-16 20:01:04
797.   BklynBmr
I can curl Breslow's body weight with my left hand...
2006-09-16 20:02:31
798.   yankeemonkey
797 Scrawny li'l fella, ain't he...
2006-09-16 20:05:23
799.   yankeemonkey
Mama mia, Angels made 5 errors in the game tonight! That's gotta be a record, no?
2006-09-16 20:05:43
800.   BklynBmr
798 I'd like to feel optimistic, but we've see a 6'11" guy slapped around tonight...
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2006-09-16 20:06:19
801.   marc
throw one down the middle for Alex
2006-09-16 20:07:07
802.   BklynBmr
OK. Now let's go, Jason. Work this guy...
2006-09-16 20:08:10
803.   JeremyM
Come on Giambi, base knock.
2006-09-16 20:08:26
804.   weeping for brunnhilde

He went the other fucking way!

Christ almighty, that's nice!

2006-09-16 20:08:33
805.   yankeemonkey
Heh...Murcer just mentioned that A-Rod's come up with something like 460 people on base this season....What he failed to mention (and what was the point of that stat, really), was that he's driven in a miniscule % of them, like lowest in the league or something.

GIAMBINO!!! Thank you, Wily Mo!

2006-09-16 20:08:38
806.   pistolpete
Wow, I REALLY thought Pena was going to pick that play to finally catch a ball.

Thank goodness I was wrong!

2006-09-16 20:08:45
807.   Mattpat11
I did a jig
2006-09-16 20:08:54
808.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yes! Just hit it to Wily Mo!!!
2006-09-16 20:09:03
809.   BklynBmr
Ohhh, yeeeahh!!! Write that down for the PS, Jason!
2006-09-16 20:09:21
810.   marc
Is Pena signed beyond this year?
2006-09-16 20:09:53
811.   3rd gen yankee fan
799 Cubs made six against the Dodgers last week, still came back & beat 'em.
2006-09-16 20:09:56
812.   yankeemonkey
Having Wily Mo is better than Manny out there!

...For the opposition, that is.

2006-09-16 20:10:11
813.   Travis
Apparently, the Sox don't realize that you play Giambi to shift in the infield, but not in the outfield. Wily Mo almost makes Manny's defense look good in comparison.
2006-09-16 20:10:39
814.   TEX
I think big Stein is paying Pena's salary. He is trying sooooo hard to suck to earn his clandestine payoff.
2006-09-16 20:10:41
815.   Sliced Bread
Manny would have.... watched that.
2006-09-16 20:10:59
816.   JeremyM
808 I just finished a book on Babe Ruth, and apparently in his last year with the Braves another team made it their strategy to hit it to him in the outfield all game. And it worked beautifully, sadly for the Babe.

Good book by the way, "The Big Bam."

2006-09-16 20:11:05
817.   yankeemonkey
810 Right-fielder of the future, baby!

Seriously, they want him to replace Trotman.
2006-09-16 20:11:16
818.   weeping for brunnhilde
806 Yeah, me too. That was a catchable ball.

Remember back in the postseason against California? What was it--'02, it must have been--and in the late innings in a huge spot, Derek hit a screaming line drive to left that I thought for sure would land and somehow, some way, Garret Anderson, running full tilt, tracked it down?

Remember that?

It stings even now, just thinking about it.

2006-09-16 20:12:26
819.   C2Coke
815 LOL.
2006-09-16 20:13:04
820.   yankeemonkey
Yay, Jorge! Insurance runs!
2006-09-16 20:13:22
821.   Mattpat11
Did the Yankees really need a runner to get Giambi in from third?
2006-09-16 20:13:26
822.   marc
with no Mo this insurance was vital. We can use a few more
2006-09-16 20:13:58
823.   JeremyM
818 Other than Wells getting shelled, those damn Thundersticks, and the game 2 win, I don't remember any of that series, and for good reason.
2006-09-16 20:14:02
824.   Travis
818 Yup. The Angels seemingly managed to barely get to every ball in Games 2-4, and the Yankees barely missed (remember Wells in Game 4?).
2006-09-16 20:14:44
825.   yankeemonkey
821 He probably won't get another chance at bat anyway.
2006-09-16 20:14:47
826.   pistolpete
Oh bullcocky - Bernie was safe.
2006-09-16 20:15:19
827.   Travis
823 You remember even less than you think. Game 1 featured an 8th-inning, tie-breaking, 3-run homer by Bernie.
2006-09-16 20:15:47
828.   yankeemonkey
826 Yeah. Oh well, I guess the umps want to go home too.
2006-09-16 20:16:26
829.   Travis
823 Game 2 was a loss, with El Duque pitching great in relief as the Yankees came back from down 4-0, but then he gave up back-to-back HR in the 8th.
2006-09-16 20:17:35
830.   yankeemonkey
829 Just. Stop.

Let's hope the pen can hold on....

2006-09-16 20:18:10
831.   BklynBmr
Are Breslow and Predoria switching unis between innings?
2006-09-16 20:18:14
832.   weeping for brunnhilde
823 Here's another one for you, then. :)

There was also a key at-bat against Percival, must have been the eighth. Runners on, Yanks down, Jeter at the bat.

He was totally overpowered by Percival, but hung in there, count full, fouling off balls, like Boggs against what's-his-name or O'Neill against Benitez.

Only it didn't work out so well for Derek. He went down looking on serious smoke on the inside corner.


2006-09-16 20:18:31
833.   yankeemonkey
Hey, they finally retired Dustin "Babe Ruth" Pedroia...Imagine that!
2006-09-16 20:19:17
834.   yankeemonkey
831 What? Why?
2006-09-16 20:20:08
835.   weeping for brunnhilde
829 Oh, I do remember that! He did pitch great and I remember wanting Torre to take him out, thinking that leaving him in would just be tempting fate.

Alas, turned out I was right.

2006-09-16 20:21:00
836.   Travis
829 I was at that Game 1. One of my all-time Stadium experiences, and the only reason I remember that series well.
2006-09-16 20:21:41
837.   yankeemonkey
Hmm...stupid cereal person.
2006-09-16 20:22:02
838.   BklynBmr
Just temporarily confused with a 4'11" guy pitching and a 4'11" guy hitting in the same game...
2006-09-16 20:23:29
839.   BklynBmr
838 meant for 834
2006-09-16 20:23:59
840.   yankeemonkey
I heart Scotty Proctor.
2006-09-16 20:24:24
841.   Mattpat11
And they keep the Most Valuable Panic Attack on the bench. Great job Scotty!
2006-09-16 20:24:47
842.   pistolpete
Is anyone else with me in saying I absolutely LOVE when an opposing batter is frozen for strike 3 with a wicked curve, such as that one from Proctor?
2006-09-16 20:25:07
843.   C2Coke
840 So does Torre. So many times are we seeing SP tomorrow.
2006-09-16 20:25:18
844.   mehmattski
840 Superman wears Scott Proctor pajamas.
2006-09-16 20:25:21
845.   pistolpete
I keep thinking this commercial is for Channel 11. ;-)
2006-09-16 20:25:48
846.   Mattpat11
829 I was at game two.
2006-09-16 20:26:46
847.   C2Coke
843 I meant to ask how many times are we seeing SP tomorrow?
2006-09-16 20:26:57
848.   marc
one or two runs here and we might even be able to make this papi-proof.
2006-09-16 20:27:29
849.   BklynBmr
845 The W.B. spot? If so, I keep thinking it's a UPS spot (the uniforms)...
2006-09-16 20:27:48
850.   yankeemonkey
847 Ideally, zero. Realistically, probably twice.

That was outside!!

Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2006-09-16 20:29:18
851.   pistolpete
849 Well just the fact that they keep singing about how they want their 'WB', which my mind automatically associates with the TV network.
2006-09-16 20:29:29
852.   yankeemonkey
Youk, Pena, Lowell coming up for the Sox....doubtful they'd PH for any of them. And hopefully that's ALL who will come up.
2006-09-16 20:30:37
853.   Mattpat11
852 If Youk gets on, I'd be shocked if the Fatass doesn't hit for Pena.
2006-09-16 20:32:25
854.   weeping for brunnhilde
Did you people see that hit by Melky?

That was amazing hitting.

You see that location?

Up and away, out of the strike zone, he got great wood on it.

He's such a good hitter.

2006-09-16 20:34:19
855.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Melky as a leadoff hitter -- .362/.434/.532

Only 11 games, but . . .

2006-09-16 20:35:14
856.   weeping for brunnhilde
The thing about Melky?

This is just the beginning.

2006-09-16 20:35:24
857.   marc
shit, anyone gets on and we'll probably see papi
2006-09-16 20:35:38
858.   yankeemonkey
Hold on to your socks and get your defibrillators ready, folks! Farnswacker coming in to close....
2006-09-16 20:36:23
859.   pistolpete
Farnsworth should be okay with a 2-run lead. One run and I wouldn't be able to watch the rest of the game.
2006-09-16 20:36:37
860.   Mattpat11
858 Farnsworth is so depressing.
2006-09-16 20:37:03
861.   mehmattski
Dear Kyle,
A few suggestions on this evening. Please throw strikes. Please avoid using your slider, and instead throw your unhittable fastball. I really want to have confidence in you during the post season. If things start to go poorly, charge the batter and body slam him like you did to Paul Wilson a few years ago. That is all.


2006-09-16 20:38:07
862.   JeremyM
827 Damn, now I remember that. In hindsight, the boys probably let their guard down after that. Yuck.
2006-09-16 20:38:26
863.   Mattpat11
861 I wouldn't call the fastball unhittable.

There's a reason he's always been Farnsworth, even before the slider.

2006-09-16 20:38:30
864.   pistolpete
2006-09-16 20:38:32
865.   yankeemonkey
Oof. Just missed it.
2006-09-16 20:38:48
866.   weeping for brunnhilde
And btw, speaking of just the beginning, do you think Cano's going to learn to walk more?

I'd think so, since he's not a free swinger like Sori was, but I don't know.

Mattingly never walked a whole lot, so maybe that's Robby's MO.

2006-09-16 20:39:22
867.   marc
please, no goddam walk
2006-09-16 20:40:40
868.   pistolpete
867 Well, it wasn't a walk.
2006-09-16 20:41:19
869.   yankeemonkey
866 Well, he had 16 BBs in 132 games last year, and has 17 in 106 games so far...
2006-09-16 20:41:23
870.   Mattpat11
Farnsworth, second only to the Wright/Pavano/Weavers of the world is the biggest argument against "youth" being the main criteria in a player.
2006-09-16 20:41:45
871.   pistolpete
Stall tactic by Tito to give Papi more time to stretch and get a donut.

For his bat. (What'd you think I meant?)

2006-09-16 20:42:11
872.   LI yankee
Is there any chance Torre brings in Myers for Ortiz this inning?
2006-09-16 20:42:25
873.   Mattpat11
871 He'd eat it anyway.
2006-09-16 20:43:06
874.   yankeemonkey
870 Pavano's issues have nothing to do with youth, and everything to do with him being Pavano...Also, Jered Weaver kicks all sorts of butt (so far, anyway).

That said, DP. Please.

2006-09-16 20:43:12
875.   JeremyM
No, Torre will remember Farnsworth blowing Ortiz away earlier this season.
2006-09-16 20:44:08
876.   yankeemonkey
2 down....C'mon!
2006-09-16 20:44:22
877.   pistolpete
Who says that slider doesn't work? ;-)
2006-09-16 20:44:31
878.   JeremyM
One more.
2006-09-16 20:45:08
879.   Mattpat11
874 What made you think I was talking about Jered?

And Pavano's no good when healthy. But he was young so we signed him.

2006-09-16 20:45:13
880.   mehmattski
Was that last pitch a cutter? It looked way too tight to be a slider, but it had a bit of a drop to it.
2006-09-16 20:46:08
881.   weeping for brunnhilde
875 With the slider.


2006-09-16 20:46:17
882.   Mattpat11
God damn it Kyle, just get it the fuck over with
2006-09-16 20:46:38
883.   yankeemonkey
Don't. Walk. Him.
2006-09-16 20:46:57
884.   JeremyM
Come on Farnsworth, don't bring Ortiz up.
2006-09-16 20:47:00
885.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-16 20:47:05
886.   LI yankee
Did Papi have a hard time getting out of the dugout? Why he is not batting?
2006-09-16 20:47:16
887.   weeping for brunnhilde
Bravo, Kyle.
2006-09-16 20:47:32
888.   JeremyM
Nice. A split will do, magic # is 4!
2006-09-16 20:47:38
889.   pistolpete

Magic Number- 4!

2006-09-16 20:48:07
890.   weeping for brunnhilde
Magic number is now 4.

1-2-3-FOUR little ole games.

2006-09-16 20:48:09
891.   C2Coke
Man, that was hard.

Yankeemoney, thank your dad. And you got your wish. It's not midnight yet!!

2006-09-16 20:48:09
892.   yankeemonkey
Phew. And look, Jesus listened and the game ended before midnight! Hooray!
2006-09-16 20:48:44
893.   yankeemonkey
891 I know....It's uncanny ;-)
2006-09-16 20:48:50
894.   Mattpat11
890 as few as two.
2006-09-16 20:48:59
895.   BklynBmr
That'll work! 4 can be taken care of tomorrow! Now that would be perfect!
2006-09-16 20:49:17
896.   pistolpete
886 Interesting - if I was Francona, I'd send Papi up as the tying run. What else have they got going for them at this point?

You'd think they want to take a chance and get that ESPN-highlight-HR just to inject a little life in that team...

2006-09-16 20:49:59
897.   C2Coke
891 We posted in the same time. Now that was pretty cool.

Night all, tomorrow is whole another day.

2006-09-16 20:52:28
898.   marc
Huge game to win. No sweep for them. down to 4. The faster we wrap this up the better. Bernie sounds exhausted on the interview. Why not, I'm exhausted and I'm sitting most of the time.
2006-09-16 20:53:02
899.   yankeemonkey
897 Wow, I didn't notice that, it is neat.

Turned out to be a pretty decent game once it got into the later innings....Still not one for Yankees Classics, but OK.

'night y'all!


2006-09-16 20:54:36
900.   Travis
895 Except that Toronto has to lose to Tampa Bay for the Yankees to clinch with a sweep.
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2006-09-16 20:55:45
901.   marc
I guess papi doesn't bat unless it's a save situation
2006-09-16 20:58:41
902.   JeremyM
900 That would be kind of funny in a morbid way--they sweep the Sox but can't celebrate because of Toronto winning.
2006-09-16 20:59:39
903.   mehmattski
A small nitpick about the magic number. If the Yankees sweep tomorrow it will make the Yanks 92-57 with 13 games left. The Red Sox would indeed be eliminated at 77-71 (14 games left). But the Blue Jays, with a win, would be 79-70 with 13 games left, and therefore it would theoretically be possible for the Yanks and Jays to finish in a tie, at 92-70. So we must root for a sweep AND a D-Rays win tomorrow. Got it?
2006-09-16 21:00:06
904.   Mattpat11
Lets finish it tomorrow.
2006-09-16 21:00:33
905.   mehmattski
900 Dammit Travis! That's like the 18th time in 900 posts that you upstaged me with a similar comment just seconds before me! I'm gonna need some time in the cages tomorrow to get my timing back.
2006-09-16 21:04:43
906.   Travis
905 My apologies.
2006-09-16 21:24:35
907.   BklynBmr
903 Thanks for the exact clarification, mattski! Either way now, it's any day now ;-)

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