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Get Away Day
2006-09-11 13:42
by Cliff Corcoran
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After dropping the opening game of their current series in Baltimore, the Yankees have won the last two despite being without Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi and Mariano Rivera, and having to push Mike Mussina back in the rotation. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they're playing one of just four mathematically eliminated teams in baseball, but it sure is a nice boost to put up a few W's with inferior line-ups while the big guns get healthy for the postseason. Tonight Randy Johnson and Kris Benson square off as the Yanks go for the series win and the O's try (or at least we'll asume they'll try) for a series split. Benson's been solid in his last two turns: 15 IP, 14 H, 4 R, 2 HR, 5 BB, 9 K. RJ's been downright dominant. Throw out a two-run ninth-inning homer by Craig Monroe in his penultimate start and his combined line for his last two outings is 15 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 HR, 2 BB, 16 K. Purdy.

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2006-09-11 14:02:29
1.   Shaun P
Now, if Unit can continue to pitch like that in October . . .

Anyone else see that Kaat's last broadcast is this Friday?! Why so soon? (And why not a YES game where those of us with Extra Innings could actually hope to see it?!) I will miss Kitty. I wish Kay was going instead, but oh well.

2006-09-11 14:07:19
2.   jonnystrongleg
Question: Why is the "Magic Number" 11? I thought it was 10. The Red Sox can win maximum of 95 games. Yanks need 10 to get to 95 and they've already won the season series with Sox and therefore the tie-breaker for the division crown if they both finished with 95.
2006-09-11 14:17:24
3.   kylepetterson
2 not if they both tied the wild card.
2006-09-11 14:19:59
4.   jonnystrongleg
3 Thanks! I thought they crown the division champ first - the yanks and then send the red sox into the wild card tie break? or did i mix that up with another sport?
2006-09-11 14:24:22
5.   jonnystrongleg
3 OK, i got it. there would be an extra game in some cases to break the tie. So magic number is based on 163 games not 162. Sweet. 11 it is.
2006-09-11 14:42:22
6.   Simone
So what do we think about Ortiz' comments promoting his MVP chances and slamming the Captain's MVP chances? Here is the url:

Let me go first:

1) Ortiz is lucky that I don't have a vote because he wouldn't have a shot at winning the award. No DH is ever getting my vote for the MVP. He sits on his butt for most of the game which is why he rarely has a serious injury and he thinks he should get the award over a full time player on a playoff team? Please.

2) Manny would be the MVP of the Red Sox ever year not Ortiz. Without Manny in that line up, Ortiz would be a good hitter, but he never get all those good pitches to hit.

3) Ortiz has obviously spent too much time thinking about the MVP. He should be focused on trying to get the Red Sox back into the playoffs instead of obsessing over an individual award.

4) Nice how Ortiz threw his teammates under the bus there. Could you imagine the uproar if A-Rod has said that selfish BS? So much Ortiz being this good guy.

2006-09-11 14:46:52
7.   Schteeve
Who cares what Ortiz has to say. He isn't going to win the MVP.
2006-09-11 14:50:37
8.   randym77
A-Rod's back, Giambi isn't...

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Bernie Williams DH
Aaron Guiel 1B
Melky Cabrera LF

2006-09-11 14:52:22
9.   jonnystrongleg
6 I agree that Ortiz is not the MVP, but I disagree with you about the DH thing.

I posted this elsewhere today, but I like it so sorry if someone is reading this twice. If my wife makes 100K at 1 job and I make 125K at two jobs, I am more valuable to the family. If I only make 75K at 2 jobs, she is more valuable. If the DH brings home more bacon than the position player, how he does it irrelavent. As the case was last year, none of the DH's are outhitting the position players by a great enough margin to overcome their defensive contributions.

Ortiz's comments were ignorant and self-serving, but he'll get a free pass for them.

With about 20 games to go my ballot is:
1) Jeter
2) Mauer
3) Manny

2006-09-11 15:03:22
10.   Simone
9 I simply don't agree with about the value of a DH versus a position player. If a DH and position player have similar offensive numbers or even lesser numbers, then the position player is far move valuable, period. The position player actually helps on defense while the team has to pay another player to play defense for the DH.

A more appropriate example would be if you and your wife made the same amount of money or even less money than you at work, but at home she does all the house work, yard work, maintenance of your home, plus takes care of the children while you sit on your butt and drink a six pack of beer. In this case, your wife is far more valuable to your family than you are because you don't have to pay a nanny, housekeeper, repairman and gardner.

2006-09-11 15:11:52
11.   RIYank
Simone, I don't think jonnystrongleg was disagreeing with you about that. DHs are 'disqualified', but clearly they have to be a whole lot better than a position player at the plate, to be more valuable.

I tend to think of it like this: your 'value' (as in MVP) is your value over a replacement player, which means Jeter's value is his value over a replacement SS while Ortiz' is his value over a replacement DH. But a replacement DH hit a mile and a half better than a replacement SS. (Mauer scores big on this measure too, of course.)

David Pinto kind of tees off on Ortiz here:
(and Pinto isn't a Yankee fan at all and doesn't dislike the Red Sox).

2006-09-11 15:12:34
12.   RIYank
Urp. "DHs are not 'disqualified',..."
2006-09-11 15:13:25
13.   jonnystrongleg
10 I think you missed the point. The DH would have to outproduce the position player by a big margin offensively to replace the defensive contribution. No DH has EVER been able to do this, but it's theoretically possible. If one of the DH's put up Bondsian 2001-04 stats, he would be more valuable than any position player this year. Just because you don't like DH's isn't going to change their relative value to their teams.

The point in 8 is that you have to measure the absolute value of the contribution, measuring how they contribute is just window dressing and your personal preference.

2006-09-11 15:16:45
14.   Shaun P
6 Ortiz said some foolish things there. Especially since Hafner is having a better season than he is.

If I had an MVP vote, I'd go by WARP1, which includes offense and defense, and adjusts for park, position, etc:

Jeter - 8.5
Mauer - 7.8
Hafner - 7.7
Dye - 7.5
Tejada - 7.5
Morneau - 7.0
Young - 7.0
Crede - 6.9
Posada - 6.6
Ortiz - 6.5
Konerko - 6.4
Thome - 6.0
Manny - 5.7

Methinks Ortiz ought to be quiet. I might have forgotten someone and so he might be even lower on the list. If I added pitchers, Ortiz drops from 10th to 17th! - and Jeter loses to Santana (10.4!). Other pitchers of note:

Papelbon - 8.1
Halladay - 8.0
Mo - 7.4
Liriano - 7.2
Verlander - 6.8
K-Rod - 6.7
Wang - 6.2
Weaver 5.6

I think this is the Cap'n's year. Sorry, Papi.

2006-09-11 15:16:57
15.   jonnystrongleg
11 Yeah, what he said.
2006-09-11 15:29:18
16.   mikeplugh
6 I agree Simone.

I read that and lost any whimsical "like" I had for the guy. He went from fearsome-yet-loveable Schreck guy, to whiny, woe-is-me, I won't win the MVP and it's not fair baby.

It's so unseemly for a guy to openly campaign and then discount his own chances 'cause Jeter has all the toys at his house. He actually is campaigning for Jeter to NOT win it. He goes so far as to name all the guys he'd vote for before Jeter. If I were the Captain, I'd punch him in the face the next time I saw him.

2006-09-11 15:31:43
17.   Schteeve
For a really great analysis of who should win the MVP check out the RLYW. SG has a great number check that makes a strong case for Jetes.
2006-09-11 15:33:52
18.   Schteeve
16 If I were Jeter, I'd tell Farnsworth to punch him in the face. Fairer fight, methinks.
2006-09-11 15:34:17
19.   Bob Timmermann
I'm glad to see Cliff approved of my math to show that the Cubs were eliminated.

The Yankees magic number is 11 and they can't be guaranteed that if they tie with Boston at 95 games that they would both make the playoffs as there could be two teams in the Central with more wins.

2006-09-11 15:35:14
20.   nick
The media are so dumb-assed about MVP, they always make it an "either/or": either DHs are disqualified or Ortiz has to win; Ortiz is just parroting the "big man with HR/RBI line", and those guys do traditionally win....

By the way in either Runs Created or RC/game, Jeter flat beats Ortiz. He's second only to Hafner in total RC, 5th in RC/game (behind also Manny, Thome and Dye). His current .394 with RISP helps here: notice that in a formula that counts clutch hitting, he comes out ahead of Ortiz! And this is before counting fielding...

Hmmm--if you use Win Shares, which includes fielding, he's tied with Ramirez and Mauer (don't know if that formula considers situational hitting).

I guess I'd say Jeter, Mauer, Ramirez...have the same players ever finished 1-2 in batting title race and MVP?

Simone: would you ever give a pitcher MVP?

2006-09-11 15:35:50
21.   mikeplugh
The House that Dewey Built (a Red Sox blog) has this to say about Papi's comments:

Basically, it says Jeter is the MVP, so shut up Papi.

2006-09-11 15:39:46
22.   nick
PS--Ortiz comes 4th and 6th respectively by those methods, btw....and after having read that Globe piece, let me just say, to rework an old line, that Papi doing baseball performance analysis is like a bird doing ornithology....
2006-09-11 15:41:12
23.   rbj
According to Peter A., Kris Benson has a sore throat so "The oft-shelled Rodrigo Lopez will take his place." Let's hope that adjective stays true to form.

Also, Mo's next throwing session was bumped back to Wednesday.

Mo will be ok. Mo will be ok. Mo will be ok.

2006-09-11 15:41:47
24.   Schteeve
Apparently Kris "Stop Looking at My Wife When You Do That!" Benson, has strep throat. It's Rodrigo Lopez instead tonight.
2006-09-11 15:43:52
25.   Javi Javi
14 Nice analysis Shaun P, I entirely agree. Regarding Papi's comments, I think he does not come across particularly well. From all I have heard/read regarding Ortiz, he is one of the more well-liked players in the clubhouse (and across baseball). That's why I have a hard time believing that he was consciously trashing anyone, or throwing his team mates under the bus. As I read the Boston Globe piece, I got the sense that Ortiz was just "talking baseball" with the reporter, who then turned this into a piece that made Ortiz look bad. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on what makes a player "most valuable" (Papi apparently think s that HRs and RBIs are the only factors that should be considered), but Ortiz should probably know better when it comes to talking to reporters. He could learn from Jeter's PR script (I dont' care about MVP/batting title/ etc., I just want our team to win)and his amazing abiity to stick to it.
2006-09-11 16:14:41
26.   C2Coke
That was 21 from the Captain.
2006-09-11 16:18:14
27.   nemecizer
26 Jeter matches Bernie Williams' 1993 effort.
2006-09-11 16:21:50
28.   rbj
2006-09-11 16:26:32
29.   Ron Burgundy
Not Cool. That's Rodrigo Lopez man.

Burgundy has other things tonight, so I won't be in. Brick will fill in for me tonite.

2006-09-11 16:29:45
30.   LI yankee
If this Randy Johnson shows up in the playoffs...oh my.
2006-09-11 16:31:19
31.   C2Coke
30 This RJ+ May Moose+ Wang+ Recent Wright.

Then October is our lucky month.

2006-09-11 16:31:34
32.   SF Yanks
29 I like lamp.
2006-09-11 16:34:51
33.   LI yankee
Who the hell is Paul Guiel?
2006-09-11 16:36:51
34.   C2Coke
33 Don't know. But Aaron Guiel got a hit...
2006-09-11 16:37:50
35.   LI yankee
34 The MASN announcers kept calling him Paul
2006-09-11 16:37:58
36.   rbj
2006-09-11 16:38:50
37.   Bob Timmermann
Paul Giel (pronounced the same way as Guiel I believe) was a University of Minnesota football/baseball star, who signed a bonus contract with the Yankees in the 1950s, but never played in the majors.

He passed away recently.

2006-09-11 16:39:50
38.   Bob Timmermann
My mistake, Giel did play in the majors. I didn't see him listed under Yankees players because he was a bonus baby for the Giants!.
2006-09-11 16:40:25
39.   Bob Timmermann
And you can also question my use of 2002 as "recent."
2006-09-11 16:45:09
40.   rbj
Yea, let's see Papi do that.
2006-09-11 16:46:31
41.   kylepetterson
39 You'll never hear me complain about that. My wife hates it when I tell a story about "the other day" 8 months ago, or "a couple years ago" 1987.
2006-09-11 16:46:33
42.   LI yankee
40 I would pay to watch him try that
2006-09-11 16:48:55
43.   LI yankee
I guess the Curse of the Gimpy Crow is applicable to former Red Sox players as well
2006-09-11 16:49:05
44.   seamus
40 that would be funny to see :)
2006-09-11 16:55:25
45.   C2Coke
That was close to a HR.
2006-09-11 17:00:08
46.   randym77
Holy guacamole.
2006-09-11 17:00:13
47.   rbj
Well, now that wasn't very pretty, now was it.
2006-09-11 17:00:29
48.   C2Coke
In field HR...from the O's...

Now, the Yanks need some Banter support.

2006-09-11 17:02:01
49.   C2Coke
47 Now this turning ugly fast.
2006-09-11 17:02:07
50.   randym77
I think Bad Randy has reappeared.
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2006-09-11 17:02:12
51.   RIYank
Very ugly inning. So far.

On Ortiz: I'd give him a pass on this one. I'm sure he's incredibly frustrated, easily irritated by media questions, and so on.

2006-09-11 17:02:40
52.   rbj
Unit's required bad inning.
2006-09-11 17:03:25
53.   Simone
16 At minimum, Ortiz shouldn't be identifying his colleagues who he doesn't consider worthy for the award.

20 I would not award the MVP to a pitcher. Three hours and/or 7 innings per week is not MVP, imo. Pitchers have their award which is the Cy Young.

2006-09-11 17:07:42
54.   rbj
Phew. no more damage.
2006-09-11 17:07:50
55.   LI yankee
Strange how our veteran pitchers (RJ and Moose) seem to flounder when something in the field goes array, while Wang seems to mostly keep his poise in those situations.
2006-09-11 17:09:03
56.   kylepetterson
RJ seems to skid for a bit, then regain his cool.
2006-09-11 17:10:54
57.   C2Coke
55 Wang kind of had his share, luckily, that was at the beginning of the season.
2006-09-11 17:11:05
58.   LI yankee
56 Yeah that time he did, sometimes not so much
2006-09-11 17:15:53
59.   C2Coke
56 What do you think now?
2006-09-11 17:22:49
60.   kylepetterson
59 That Diet Dr. Pepper does not, if fact, taste like regular Dr. Pepper.
2006-09-11 17:23:40
61.   mikeplugh
Jeter with a chance to take the batting title lead....
2006-09-11 17:25:35
62.   JL25and3
I don't have a problem with Ortiz's comments. They asked him his opinion, he gave it. Granted, that's not something we're used to as Yankee fans - I think the last time Jeter gave a straightforward, honest opinion to a reporter was, well, never.

Ortiz didn't disparage Jeter in the least, he just thinks the MVP should be a big power hitter, a big RBI guy. It's just like people who think that the MVP should have to come from a winning team, or that it shouldn't go to a pitcher. Or, for that matter, that it shouldn't go to a DH. You may disagree with any of those opinions, but they're all very common, and I can't kill Ortiz for them.

Personally, I'm not convinced Jeter should be MVP, either.

2006-09-11 17:26:03
63.   mikeplugh
So much for his chance to take over the lead...
2006-09-11 17:26:04
64.   randym77
Yeep. Damon was out by a mile.
2006-09-11 17:26:16
65.   JL25and3
53 I believe he was specifically asked about Jeter.
2006-09-11 17:26:17
66.   JeremyM
Why steal there? Did he get a bad jump, or a bad call?
2006-09-11 17:26:49
67.   RIYank
Doesn't seem right that Jeter is one for three. The league hits .300 of Lopez.
2006-09-11 17:28:47
68.   LI yankee
62 Blasphemy!
2006-09-11 17:29:16
69.   JeremyM
I just hate to give up outs to anyone with an ERA over, say, 5.00. Whether it be bunts or bu getting caught stealing.
2006-09-11 17:30:09
70.   mikeplugh
62 I don't agree with your logic, especially in the world of sports. You NEVER call out another guy to pump youself up. That's a way to get a ball in your ear.

Don't be a player hater, to use a phrase that I actually can't stand. If the voters want to choose Jeter, or David Eckstein, or Phil Mickelson for AL MVP, it's not the place of a player involved in the race to downplay the accomplishments of his competitors to boost himself. An MVP doesn't NEED to do that. If he were such a clear cut choice, he'd let his stats do the talking for him.

I think it's "bitchy".

2006-09-11 17:31:49
71.   mikeplugh
65 If he was asked about Jeter, he should say, "I'm not worried about Derek Jeter. He's having a fine season and the voters can make their own choices. I think my numbers are the best out there and I hope I can take home the hardware."

That's how an MVP handles that kind of question. Give me the trophy for cryin' out loud! ;)

2006-09-11 17:32:07
72.   rbj
Game's half over, and it is only an hour & a half??
2006-09-11 17:34:47
73.   RIYank
71 When asked about Ortiz' comments, Jeter said, "I'm not interested in winning the MVP. I'm interested in winning the division."
2006-09-11 17:34:54
74.   JeremyM
70 For what it's worth I agree. But I think the worst part was him throwing his teammates under the bus. Very surprising from a noted team player. But it'll wash over.
2006-09-11 17:38:43
75.   yankz
73 Money.
2006-09-11 17:39:14
76.   RIYank
Man, Randy's pitching much better than the number of baserunners would suggest. But it's worrisome: when he gives up The Big One there are gonna be men on.
2006-09-11 17:41:35
77.   rbj
Crap. (&@#@&!
2006-09-11 17:46:19
78.   JL25and3
74 and others. OK, I was working from what Suzyn Waldman said, I hadn't read his entire comments. As she told it, Ortiz said he'd vote for Dye or Konerko or Morneau; when asked about Jeter, he said Jeter's having a great season, but doesn't carry a team single-handed.

That's what I was working from, and that part of it wouldn't have offended me. But a player should never make his own case for MVP, especially at the expense of others. (Gary Sheffield has certainly been known to toot his own MVP horn, but I don't think he's disparaged other players in the process. The voters, yes, but not the players that I know of.)

2006-09-11 17:47:32
79.   JL25and3
73 Of course that's what Jeter said. It's what he's been saying for 10 years, he should have it down by now.
2006-09-11 17:48:20
80.   Paul in Boston
A frustrating inning, since RJ was pitching well, and the Yanks have been hitting hard liners right at people. Oh well, only a 2 run deficit.

Bet Johnson is taken out at this point. We'll see Karstens next inning?

2006-09-11 17:51:25
81.   rilkefan
78 - yeah, you're expressing my view.
2006-09-11 17:52:51
82.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Cy Lopez working his magic.
2006-09-11 17:54:37
83.   JeremyM
I know this game means nothing, really, but, they should be hammering this guy, not going down in order when he's over 90 pitches. Ugh!
2006-09-11 17:55:41
84.   LI yankee
Frank Thomas homers yet again, now 6 straight games for him.
2006-09-11 17:59:51
85.   randym77
Put Nick Green and Sal Fasano in! They know how to handle the Boids. ;-)

Ugh. Please tell me JD isn't hurt.

2006-09-11 18:00:10
86.   yankz
Mauer singles, at .351 now. Dang.
2006-09-11 18:04:29
87.   JL25and3
86 A starting catcher batting .351 is mind-boggling.
2006-09-11 18:06:11
88.   yankz
2006-09-11 18:06:17
89.   Max
Randy not exactly looking like a world-beater today.
2006-09-11 18:07:39
90.   Simone
Oh well, RJ continues his up and down season.
2006-09-11 18:07:45
91.   singledd
How many career wins does RJ have? I know he wanted 300, but I dont think that happening.

Maybe he will walk next year....

2006-09-11 18:07:54
92.   RIYank
It started off so well.
But I'm having a hard time getting upset. I'd be happy if Jeter could get two more hits today, actually.
2006-09-11 18:08:16
93.   Ron Burgundy
This is horribly frustrating. We should not be losing a Randy Johnson - Rodrigo Lopez match-up 5-2. At worst, we should be winning 8-5 right now. Johnson is bad, but Lopez is terrible.
2006-09-11 18:13:08
94.   Simone
Maybe the Yankees can hit Hoey.
2006-09-11 18:13:45
95.   pistolpete
93 Well, look at the bright side - most we can lose tonight is 1/2 a game.

And the Mets are getting killed.

2006-09-11 18:14:29
96.   Simone
91 Nah, RJ isn't walking away from $16 million. Not many people would.
2006-09-11 18:17:34
97.   randym77
I gotta say, I'm concerned about RJ in the postseason. Who knows which one will turn up on any given night?
2006-09-11 18:18:55
98.   yankz
Hoey, what a funny name.
2006-09-11 18:20:40
99.   RIYank
This would be a good time for the Captain to gain a point or two on Mauer.
2006-09-11 18:21:06
100.   pistolpete
97 One factor could be that the focus just isn't there - 10 games up, and we're playing Baltimore on a getaway day on a Monday night. I had barely enough interest to watch the game, let alone play in it.
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2006-09-11 18:22:18
101.   RIYank
There ya go. I like that, swinging away on the 3-1. Exactly as good as a walk, but adds to that batting avg...
2006-09-11 18:23:38
102.   singledd
A 'Baltimore Chop' for Jetes!
2006-09-11 18:23:38
103.   JeremyM
Attaboy Jeter.
2006-09-11 18:23:43
104.   RIYank
100 Good point (he wrote, hopefully). Has Randy historically pitched better in the post-season?

Hm, why no advance there? Well, Abreu is going to walk so it doesn't matter.

2006-09-11 18:23:58
105.   yankz
You know what's kind of funny and cool? If the season ended today, Jeter wouldn't even have his highest career BA.
2006-09-11 18:25:15
106.   RIYank
Dang. Abreu hasn't taken a lot of pitches today. Hit that one hard enough, anyway.
2006-09-11 18:26:04
107.   JeremyM
104 Historically he's been real strong in September, but it's not the same guy. At this point his history might as well be written by the dictator of North Korea because it's not going to match up with reality in any way, shape, or fashion.
2006-09-11 18:26:04
108.   RIYank
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about.
2006-09-11 18:27:38
109.   JL25and3
Nice clutchitudeness by ARod!
2006-09-11 18:29:58
110.   RIYank
Robbie clears 'em! Very very cool.
2006-09-11 18:30:12
111.   randym77
This guy is pretty bad.
2006-09-11 18:30:19
112.   yankz
The best hitting DP combo ever!
2006-09-11 18:31:08
113.   RIYank
Man, Melky would have caught that 'double' in his back pocket.
2006-09-11 18:31:17
114.   pistolpete
ROBBIE!!! Ok folks, the good luck charm is that my wife turned the game off to watch 9/11 stuff.

As morbid as that may be.

2006-09-11 18:32:25
115.   yankz
Hoey's (heehee) ERA has more than doubled. Poor guy.
2006-09-11 18:32:33
116.   randym77
Any decent outfielder would have had that one. As Singleton just pointed out, Tatis is an infielder, and it shows.
2006-09-11 18:32:52
117.   yankz
We all know what this means, right? It's EDSP time.
2006-09-11 18:34:05
118.   RIYank
116 Yeah. (I have the sound off.)

114 I figured SF Yank must have gone out for ice cream. Let's stick with that, since it can work other days too.

2006-09-11 18:35:08
119.   Max
Weird. The Luke Hudsons, Javy Vazquezes and Rodrigo Lopezes of the world seem to keep our lineup at bay, but then the bats swiftly mete punishment upon the Jimmy Gobbles and Jim Hoeys.

I don't know whether to be impressed or confused. Pretty cool to see the scoring come in bunches like this, though.

2006-09-11 18:35:19
120.   marc
I had to laugh when I heard Sterling describe Tatis' play. "He played it poorly and then he fell down"
2006-09-11 18:35:46
121.   JL25and3
116 An Enrique Wilson special.

Has the vein in Ron Burgundy's temple stopped throbbing yet?

2006-09-11 18:36:11
122.   mehmattski
118 Well, I only started watching GameCast at the beginning of this inning. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.
2006-09-11 18:36:24
123.   Comrade Al
Tatis with his best "Jim Leyritz in the outfield" impression.
2006-09-11 18:37:11
124.   pistolpete
123 But does Hawkins still have the no-hitter?
2006-09-11 18:37:52
125.   randym77
120 That about sums it up. Looked like he misread it off the bat, coming in instead of going back. Then he turned the wrong way and got his feet tangled up.
2006-09-11 18:40:44
126.   Comrade Al
124No, they changed the rule.
2006-09-11 18:41:33
127.   marc
RJ had to be the happiest with that inning but only a 3 run lead isn't safe yet. Looks like Joe's new phenom is in
2006-09-11 18:42:13
128.   JeremyM
Randy has to have the best run support in the majors, or close to it. He stands to win #17 if they can hold on. Incredible.
2006-09-11 18:44:21
129.   marc
128 Randy certainly seems mediocre at best compared to Wang
2006-09-11 18:45:11
130.   pistolpete
Strikes out Mora - I like this kid more and more. Get Markakis and Tejada, and I'm sold - at least for tonight. ;-)
2006-09-11 18:46:58
131.   JeremyM
130 Maybe he can throw at Rodrigo Lopez and hit him showering in the locker room to boot...? They still owe him for nailing Jeter earlier.
2006-09-11 18:47:36
132.   RIYank
130 Me too, a lot.
2006-09-11 18:48:20
133.   Simone
Bruney may be the Yankees' secret weapon in the post eason.
2006-09-11 18:48:38
134.   pistolpete
As of today, Bruney makes the playoff roster. HAS to.
2006-09-11 18:48:58
135.   randym77
Give Bruney Villone's spot on the post-season roster.
2006-09-11 18:49:07
136.   RIYank
That's right! I was just thinking, "Now who can he throw at..."

Nice, easy inning. Well, Baseball God owes us at least one Brian Bruney in exchange for the Pavano and the Dotel he screwed us out of.

2006-09-11 18:49:46
137.   sabernar
Answer: Brian Bruney

Question: Who will replace Mo in a couple of years?

2006-09-11 18:50:16
138.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Heck, give him the Big Eunuch's spot.
2006-09-11 18:50:18
139.   marc

sounds like he sealed the deal. This guy is great. Arizona's bad

2006-09-11 18:50:26
140.   singledd
With Bruney and Dotel, we have a pretty hot pen these days.
2006-09-11 18:50:38
141.   JeremyM
I honestly have liked Bruney since his first game in Boston. He showed good stuff and some poise right there. He kind of melted down in Arizona so it's been a nice surprise for sure.

Getting a guy with a fresh arm who can maybe get some big outs is almost required in the postseason these days.

2006-09-11 18:53:18
142.   SF Yanks
Ron Burgundy has it right in 93 with the score 8-5.

118 I didn't exactly go out for ice cream this time, but instead grabbed a bowl of cereal. I think it may have to do with the process of eating. The more I can figure this out, the better off we all are.

2006-09-11 18:53:25
143.   pistolpete
137 As Chris Rock might say, "Sllllllllllllllllow down'...
2006-09-11 18:54:24
144.   pistolpete
142 You're going to put an awful lot of weight come October.
2006-09-11 18:54:25
145.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Bruney's got a 0.84 era, with and 16 ks and only 6 hits in 10.2 ip

If we were Sawx fans we'd be talking about how he's better than Mo.

2006-09-11 18:54:28
146.   JeremyM
Don't look now but Minnesota is going to win the central the way things are going (they'll be 1.5 back after tonight, they're up 8-1). If Detroit can hang on to the wild card that is very good for us Yankee fans.
2006-09-11 18:55:26
147.   yankz
Batting title update: Mauer up 4 points
2006-09-11 18:56:26
148.   marc
It would have been nice to have had a Papelbon to groom into a Mo replacement. I haven't seen anyone obvious on the horizon who could actually partially fill Mo's shoes. Has Bruney only been a reliever or was he a starter?
2006-09-11 18:56:31
149.   JeremyM
146 They're up 6-1, not 8-1.
2006-09-11 18:57:17
150.   yankz
Didn't I call it? Although, this is probably an appropriate time to use him (unlike most other occasions).
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2006-09-11 18:57:58
151.   SF Yanks
144 That's the thing. I can eat as much as I want and not gain a pound. Aint it great? I'll be chowin down in October.
2006-09-11 18:58:27
152.   marc
oy, Proctor.
2006-09-11 18:59:07
153.   RIYank
142 So the tactic is for you to go get, then eat, a sweet, cool dairy product.

146 I'm getting a little scared of the Twins, actually. Liriano had a great AAA start, apparently, and Santana is, well, Supernatural.

Oh, crap. Crap. What's with this guy, three dingers in two games???

2006-09-11 18:59:14
154.   JL25and3
145 The key number there is: 10.2 IP.
2006-09-11 18:59:30
155.   pistolpete
Oh that's fabulous. Looks like the guys who were fine all season (Proctor, Villone) have chosen mid-September to melt down.


2006-09-11 18:59:42
156.   yankz
I really miss Mo.
2006-09-11 19:00:00
157.   marc
as I said oy, proctor
2006-09-11 19:00:22
158.   RIYank
(By 'this guy' I meant Hernandez, not EDSP.)
2006-09-11 19:01:28
159.   SF Yanks
153 You may have it there.
2006-09-11 19:02:35
160.   RIYank
Speaking of Mo, is all this rest pure good (aside from the reason he's resting, of course), or is there a genuine 'rust factor'? I have no idea whether 'rust' is nonsense or real.
2006-09-11 19:04:12
161.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Time to ice Proctor and Villone till the last week...
2006-09-11 19:05:36
162.   mikeplugh
I'm not a regular Joe basher, but he needs to be punched in the face. Where the hell is Ron Guidry?

I honestly hate to see pitching coaches from the 50's, 60's, and 70's because they are always of the mind that a guy can either throw 175 pitches per outing, or that relievers "stay sharp" by pitching everyday. I want a guy who retired in the 90s to take over and bring a more sensible perspective to the pitching choices.

2006-09-11 19:06:52
163.   randym77
I think with Mo, there is a "rust" factor.

But what can you do? He's injured.

2006-09-11 19:07:19
164.   singledd
Did we get Bruney off waivers? Does that mean EVERY OTHER team passed on him? If so, Cashman is looking like a genius. I can't believe some of the lowly teams would pass on a kid like Bruney.
2006-09-11 19:07:21
165.   JeremyM
162 So you want either Jimmy Key or David Cone too:) I've always thought either would be great.
2006-09-11 19:09:58
166.   its430
So, when Jeter's streak has been mentioned recently, it has always been:

"...longest for a Yankee since Bernie hit in 21 in 1993..."

Anyone else think this is the Cap'n's way of telling GOB "You're not really relevant anymore"?

2006-09-11 19:11:45
167.   pistolpete

See any 'rust' on him? ;-)

2006-09-11 19:11:45
168.   mikeplugh
166 I do, but I think the most important questions that should be asked of any potential pitching coach should be:

1. How many pitches is the maximum a guy should throw in a game? answer: 120-125

2. How many pitches should a pitcher average per start over the season? answer: 105

3. How many days in a row is acceptable for a reliever to pitch before he sits out a game or two? answer: 3 days

4. Boxers or briefs: boxers

2006-09-11 19:13:26
169.   RIYank
Hm, Bruney and Myers plow through with ease, making Scotty look very iffy by comparison. 161 I think you're right, that's the way to do it. Maybe Joe waits until we actually clinch? But at that point, it will be neck and neck with Detroit. Probably.
2006-09-11 19:19:15
170.   marc
How bout a tack on for a little insurance Alex
2006-09-11 19:20:42
171.   Max
I'm more worried about the Halos somehow sneaking in the wild card, than I am about any other team out there. If the Halos and Red Sox are both out by the time the playoffs roll around, I will be very happy.
2006-09-11 19:21:29
172.   pistolpete
If Farnsworth is coming in, that homer is HUGE.
2006-09-11 19:21:44
173.   yankz
They already had the lead so it doesn't count.
2006-09-11 19:22:06
174.   C2Coke
Arod is sick no more.
2006-09-11 19:22:15
175.   randym77
170 Any other requests? ;-)
2006-09-11 19:22:17
176.   Max
170 Nice job calling it!
2006-09-11 19:22:30
177.   marc
70 thank yo Alex
2006-09-11 19:23:01
178.   JL25and3
168 But Torre loves Guidry because he's got a belly full of guts. That's a direct quote.
2006-09-11 19:23:02
179.   C2Coke
172 Man, I hear you.
2006-09-11 19:24:26
180.   mikeplugh
Halos and Sox are finsihed.

I think the playoffs will be:

Yankees vs. Detroit
Minnesota vs. Oakland

That would be sweet.

2006-09-11 19:25:31
181.   singledd
ARod has an amazing stroke. Did that look like a HR coming off the bad? Looked like a lazy fly to me. Man!
2006-09-11 19:26:19
182.   singledd
180 Mike... ya think Minn will overtake Detroit?
2006-09-11 19:26:46
183.   JeremyM
181 That's when you know A-Rod is going good. That guy has hit some SHOTS that look like "cans of corn:)"
2006-09-11 19:27:23
184.   marc
so one more homer and A-Rod ties that pharmaceutical industry representative Canseco
2006-09-11 19:27:39
185.   C2Coke
I miss saying "Mo time."
2006-09-11 19:27:44
186.   Max
180 Hope you're right, Mike. That would be the ideal scenario for me as well. I just don't know how much to trust the A's to maintain a comfortable lead before the final seven games with the Angels.
2006-09-11 19:28:09
187.   kdw
168, you meant to reference 165?
2006-09-11 19:28:11
188.   mikeplugh
182 I virtually guarantee it. They have been the best team in baseball since May and Detroit is being exposed lately. It's just a matter of a week or two. Hell, the White Sox could also pass Detroit if they're not careful.

Imagine Detroit missing the playoffs. It could happen.

2006-09-11 19:28:14
189.   AbbyNormal821
Hi all - I'm very late getting here tonight! But I decided to take the time to be a girly-girl and give myself a much-needed manicure.

1 - Randy, OK - I guess!
2 - Myers & Bruney rocked.
3 - I know I said I didn't hate Torre last night, but man this guy is reeeeeally pissing me off now. WHY does he continue to abuse Proctor this way? Seriously - he's got to be a smart enough manager to realize he's being over used! Damn!

On a happier note - go A-Rod! Thanks for that insurance run! And why didn't Benson pitch for the O's tonight?

2006-09-11 19:28:25
190.   Bob Timmermann
Flanagan mentioned his first hit was against Charles Nagy. Which Retrosheet bears out. He was catching Matt Young in that game. Young threw an Andy Hawkins-no hitter in that game.
2006-09-11 19:28:29
191.   Simone
I'm late, but yeah, Alex!
2006-09-11 19:30:28
192.   singledd
Mauer 1 for 3. Should get 1 more AB.
2006-09-11 19:30:48
193.   mikeplugh
Soriano just caught trying to steal his 40th base. How good is he? Potentially 50-40 this year is sweet. I stil have a Yankees #12 jersey. No need for him on our club, but I have to admit that I cheer for him every single night.
2006-09-11 19:31:10
194.   C2Coke
191 At least two person named Alex that we know are having a great day.
2006-09-11 19:32:16
195.   pistolpete
Aha, Farnsy- set the batter up with 968 fastballs right over the plate, then slip in a slider on the 969th pitch. Brilliant!
2006-09-11 19:33:28
196.   Bob Timmermann
I shouldn't have called Flaherty "Flanagan". Stupid Irish surnames and Orioles players in my brain!
2006-09-11 19:33:44
197.   Max
189 Abby, Benson was a last minute scratch because of strep throat.
2006-09-11 19:36:41
198.   AbbyNormal821
197 was that from yelling at his wife?
2006-09-11 19:36:59
199.   JeremyM
195 Too funny.
2006-09-11 19:38:00
200.   Simone
Good win. Night all.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-11 19:38:23
201.   pistolpete
Good win, all. Rays tomorrow, creeping ever closer to wrapping up this division. Wish it was possible to do it before the Sox even hit town.
2006-09-11 19:38:31
202.   Max
Thirty games over .500, at last! Never would have thunk it when Mats and Sheff both went down.
2006-09-11 19:38:47
203.   C2Coke
And that's the ball game.
2006-09-11 19:41:09
204.   C2Coke
202 And guess who are coming back tomorrow or Wednesday?
2006-09-11 19:42:17
205.   efb
From Peter Abraham's blog re: Proctor

The Yankees. Pride. Power, Pinstripes. Proctor.

2006-09-11 19:42:28
206.   RIYank
Mikeplugh, I bet Detroit hangs on. Mainly because they have a very soft schedule the rest of the way.
Nice win. Poor Scotty Proctor, and ungood Unit, but a few very encouraging performances (Bruney, A-Rod, Farns, Robbie).
2006-09-11 19:44:10
207.   JeremyM
204 Pavano and Sturtze?
2006-09-11 19:47:49
208.   yankz
Mauer HBP
2006-09-11 19:49:24
209.   AbbyNormal821
207 Dude you almost made me spew Pepsi out of my nose over that one! Too funny!
2006-09-11 19:51:35
210.   Ron Burgundy
209 Giambi and Matsui.
That gives us a shitload of depth. But I doubt Matsui will be fully useful coming off a wrist injury.
2006-09-11 19:54:47
211.   RIYank
210 No, not full Godzilla strength, but still one hell of a bench. I mean, quite an upgrade from Andy Phillips and Bubba Crosby and Miguel Cairo pinch hitting.
2006-09-11 20:03:49
212.   David
Torre said Matsui will be activated tomorrow and might start at DH.
2006-09-11 20:04:42
213.   randym77
Joe said he'll "probably" put Matsui in the lineup as a DH tomorrow.
2006-09-11 20:28:20
214.   JeremyM
Man, I'm pumped for Matsui to be back, I really miss him even though I love that it allowed Melky to emerge. And if Sheffield can even be a threat off the bench that will help. Put it this way, it sure beats Mike Aldrete or John Vanderwal.
2006-09-11 21:03:27
215.   BklynBmr
Line of the Day:

"The Yankees. Pride. Power, Pinstripes. Proctor."

— By Peter Abraham

2006-09-11 21:23:44
216.   BklynBmr
205 - 215 Sorry, efb — Didn't catch your earlier post at first glance...

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