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2006-09-09 07:02
by Alex Belth
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The Yanks got smoked down in Baltimore to the tune of 9-4, but didn't lose any ground in the standings as the Red Sox continued to find new ways to lose last night in Boston. Gilbert Bogie was the one bright spot for the Bombers. Miguel Tejada made a marvelous catch in left field. Otherwise, it was a snoozer. Today gives a late afternoon game, 4:30 start. I kind of dig late afternoon games, particularly because of the way the light moves over the field. It presents a different beauty for fans--and different challenges for the players, subtle as they may be. Especially now that it's getting to be the autumn, the light is unlike it would have been in April or May. I love it. Maybe you can watch the game eating the last of the good local tomatoes or corn. Should be a relaxing day for a game. The sticks are going to break out. What can I say, but let's go Yanks, man.

* * *

Cliff here with some notes about the most compelling pitching match-up of this series . . .

Twenty-two-year-old rookie Adam Loewen has faced the Yankees more than any other team in his young career. This afternoon he'll make his fourth start against the Bombers. He's had as many as two starts against just two other teams, Toronto and Oakland. The Blue Jays have smacked Loewen around for twelve runs in eleven innings, while the A's have scored five in ten innings against the lefty despite picking up just three hits (the reason: ten walks).

Against the Yankees, however, Loewen has a 2.65 ERA, struck out 17 and allowed just 11 hits in 17 innings. He has, however, walked 12 Yankees thus far. There are two things to consider here. First, that performance isn't that out of line with how Loewen has performed against the A's (10 IP, 3 H, 10 BB, 12 K). Second, here's what Loewen has done over his last four starts (which admitedly include one game each against the A's and Yanks): 23 2/3 IP, 19 H, 9 R, 0 HR, 9 BB, 21 K, 3.42 ERA, while his best start in that string actually came against the Twins (8 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 7 K).

As for Wang, he's totally off the charts at this point, having now thrown 35 2/3 more innings than his previous career high, a 23 percent increase that just keeps growing. With Mike Mussina pushed back to Tuesday due to some shoulder soreness after his comeback start (Jaret Wright will start in his place tomorrow), Wang tempting fate every time out, and Randy Johnson being, well, a 42-year-old with a bad back and a bum knee, I cannot figure out why Joe Torre refuses to take advantage of the Yankees lead in the division by keeping either Rasner or Karstens, both of whom pitched well, in the rotation. Myself, I'd like to see Rasner in next year's opening day rotation, and possibly even as the fourth starter in the playoffs, but there's little to no chance of either happening if he doesn't get a few more looks down the stretch.

Regardless, this dreary series won't get much more exciting than this afternoon's contest, so enjoy it while you can.

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2006-09-09 07:22:36
1.   randym77
Gotta give Lidle the goat horns for this one, but the offense sure didn't help. Mr. OBP, Bobby Abreu, when 0 for 4 with two strikeouts (maybe he needs a day off?). Mr. BA, Robby Cano, was 0 for 3. The only one who had a really good night was the oft-maligned Craig Wilson (2 for 3 with a walk and a home run - most of our scoring for the night).

Then there's Giambi. LoHud is reporting Giambi will see a doctor today. His wrist. He won't be in the lineup today, either.

2006-09-09 07:45:46
2.   Ron Burgundy
It's September, and Loewen still sucks. We'll crush that Canadian bitch.
2006-09-09 08:04:26
3.   pistolpete
Lidle seems to have a stinker in every 3rd or 4th start, but I guess we'll take that from a #4 or #5 guy - better to have a strong pen to bail him out I suppose.

Karstens looked relatively solid, again.

2006-09-09 08:06:13
4.   pistolpete
BTW, how did the 'Bogie' nickname come about? I must have missed a game thread.
2006-09-09 08:48:54
5.   randym77
They think he looks like Humphrey Bogart.
2006-09-09 08:56:39
6.   baileywalk
With the way Lidle pitched yesterday, does it mean it's still up in the air as to who starts game four in the playoffs? Until just a few days ago, I assumed Wright would get the ball. But I guess Torre got sick of his nibbling and high pitch counts. Lidle looks good on some days, and awful on others -- and with the way he gives up the long ball, he can take you out of a game early. Neither guy exactly inspires confidence.
2006-09-09 09:12:52
7.   Fred Vincy
Lidle or Wright may ultimately be a better call than Karstens for Game 4, but it's depressing that per Kepner Joe isn't even considering Karstens as a possibility because he's not a veteran....
2006-09-09 10:02:54
8.   pistolpete
5 IMO he looks more like Steve-O from 'Jackass'.

7 Yeah, I always thought Joe was about 'riding the hot hand' - if Karstens has a strong September and Wright or Lidle continue to get bombed, that's just plain hard-headedness on Torre's part.

2006-09-09 10:14:49
9.   kylepetterson
5 I was always told is was the cartoon version of Humphrey Bogart from Looney Toons.
2006-09-09 10:33:51
10.   singledd
With the Red Sox hell bent on torturing themselves, I am not too concerned about the AL East.

I am concerned about our health, hitting and mental attitude going into the PS.

My guess is we're playing Minn. in the ALDS. The National League teams, White Sox, Oakland and Detroit don't worry me, but Minn., with a healthy Loriano does... and Loriano looks to be back shortly. It would bet better for us if Minn beats Detroit, but I dont think that's happening.

162 games is a lot to play only to be eliminated by Minn. in 5. With Santana and Loriano, it will be like facing a Lefthanded Pedro 3, or maybe even 4 times.

The year Arizona won it all they had a weak team.... except for Unit and Schill. 2 big guys are tough to beat in the PS.

Right now, our games are a preview of the PS team we will field. This is what I'm looking at.

2006-09-09 11:05:42
11.   monkeypants
10 Arizona was # 3 in the NL in scoring and #2 in runs allowed, a better run differential than the Yankees, and they outscored the Yankees 34-11 in the WS. They had a little more talent than just the 1-2 starters (including one of Gonzalez's freaky 1.100+ OPS), and they might have won more if numbskull Brenly didn't keep Durazo and his .900 OPS on the bench so much.

You may be right about the difficulties of facing Minnesota, but the 2001 Diamondbacks aren't really the best comparison.

2006-09-09 11:29:14
12.   JL25and3
8 Experience, fire in the belly, he's been there, that look in his eyes, a belly full of guts - with Joe, those things will trump the hot hand every time.
2006-09-09 11:37:06
13.   Cliff Corcoran
I just added my thoughts to Alex's post above. And for my money, I'll take Rasner over Karstens any day.
2006-09-09 12:03:44
14.   Jim Dean
Hey guys,

I'm heading down to the Yard now. But I wanted to let you know that Operation Worm Burner will likely be a bust. I guess they ban all banners except between inning because they "obstruct the views of fans". I explain to the Lord of the section last night that the placards wouldn't be blocking anyone because they would be affixed to the facade. I was told they would still have to be taken down.

I'll give it a shot but don't try too hard looking.

Lesss-go Yank-ees!



2006-09-09 12:12:17
15.   wsporter
10 11 It's been a while but the '63 Dodgers come to mind.
2006-09-09 12:15:21
16.   wsporter
15 Sorry, I ment stinkin '63 Dodgers.
2006-09-09 12:41:22
17.   randym77
WaPo has an article about the Yanks' WS chances:

Great team with better chemistry than they've had in awhile, but also vulnerable, old, and fragile.

They think the WS winner will be either the Yankees, the Mets, or the Tigers.

2006-09-09 12:46:13
18.   randym77
Wow. It's house money day.

Johnny Damon DH
Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Craig Wilson 1B
Kevin Thompson RF
Nick Green 3B

2006-09-09 12:48:10
19.   randym77
And here's the Boids:

Brian Roberts 2B
Melvin Mora 3B
Nick Markakis RF
Miguel Tejada SS
Jay Gibbons DH
Kevin Millar 1B
David Newhan CF
Raul Chavez C
Brandon Fahey LF

2006-09-09 13:01:51
20.   rbj
14 Bummer. Maybe someone can do it in da Bronx.

18 I can see the need to rest Giambi, and probably give Damon a break, but A-Rod out too? Eek.

2006-09-09 13:04:29
21.   RichYF
18 Well, at least we get to see the future HOFer KT play. Bernie in center? Eep. At least it's Wanger out there so not too many opportunities to see Bernie "field his position." I wonder what he thinks about the "lineup" Joe put together for him. Should be an interesting contest
2006-09-09 13:06:05
22.   randym77
YES says A-Rod has a stomach virus again. He says he gets sick every time time comes to Baltimore.

Giambi's wrist is bothering him, so he's out.

Abreu is getting a day off, perhaps because he's 0 for 11.

But...does Joe still not trust KT in CF? I know he's no Bubba Crosby, but surely he's a better option than Bernie? Or did he just decide he'd rather have KT's arm in RF than his legs in CF?

2006-09-09 13:13:21
23.   Ron Burgundy
Joe puts a House-Money line-up, including taking out A-Rod and putting Bernie in CF. This makes no sense. We have trouble with Loewen as it is, with this line-up...ugh.

But we've won with worse line-ups.

2006-09-09 13:14:20
24.   Ron Burgundy
23 CORRECTION: No Bad on taking A-Rod out. But Bernie in CF is still suicide. But again, we have won with worse line-ups.
2006-09-09 13:30:38
25.   randym77
Well, well. A good day for ol' Kelly Stinnett. He got a hit. And he ended the game by gunning down Repko at 2B.
2006-09-09 13:34:58
26.   rbj
What's the lineup been the last times the Yanks faced Loewen? Maybe resting a bunch of regulars will actually be a help.
2006-09-09 13:45:51
27.   Ron Burgundy
Die Loewen.
2006-09-09 13:46:42
28.   choirboyzgirl
22- LOL. A-Rod seems to internalize a lot of things (so the illnesses don't surprise me) Nor would I be surprise to hear that he has a couple of uclers after what he's gone through this year.
2006-09-09 13:49:59
29.   rbj
That's a worm.
2006-09-09 13:50:13
30.   randym77
28 But why Baltimore? He said he's gotten sick the last four times they've gone to Baltimore.
2006-09-09 13:50:13
31.   Ron Burgundy
Jeter-Esque play by Jeter.
2006-09-09 13:57:07
32.   AbbyNormal821
Afternoon all...

I think A-Rod's chompin' into some bad MD crabcakes! ;-P

2006-09-09 14:08:40
33.   mehmattski
Well, that's five worms already...
2006-09-09 14:16:22
34.   Ron Burgundy
Christ on a Cracker. This is our arch nemesis?
2006-09-09 14:18:41
35.   randym77
It was worse with Tampa Bay last year. We didn't win a single series against them until September, when it was do or die.
2006-09-09 14:21:39
36.   Ron Burgundy
35 Yeah. This O's thing is more annoying than anything else. Just that we should be pounding these guys, especially Loewen, who owns us. But with our division lead, who cares.
2006-09-09 14:23:09
37.   mehmattski
34 Must I point out again that Mr. Loewen rung up more than a strikeout per inning in 328 minor league innings? Given that he also only allows 0.5 HR/9 IP, his high ERA this year is probably well corellated to the awful defense behind him and his average walk rate. I have a feeling this guy is going to be tormenting you for many years...
2006-09-09 14:25:14
38.   rbj
Last out of Koufax's perfecto? That was a bit before Torre's time, right?
2006-09-09 14:28:13
39.   Ron Burgundy
34 I LOVE #s. I prefer to use facts. But I can't find a stat that tells me why the Yankees are the only two teams in baseball that don't get dominated by Adam Loewen and Scott Baker. Both are good young prospects with good futures, but both have completely failed this year against MLB teams, except against the Yankees. Why do they only kill us? I believe in their ability, but not in what is actually happening.
2006-09-09 14:30:22
40.   Ron Burgundy
39 SHOULD BE: "...tells me why the Yankees are the only team in baseball that get dominated by Adam Loewen and Scott Baker."
2006-09-09 14:35:04
41.   rbj
Ah, Harvey Kuenn.
2006-09-09 14:36:52
42.   rbj
And another worm bites the dust.
2006-09-09 14:37:43
43.   AbbyNormal821
F*ck you, Markakis...F*ck you A LOT!!
2006-09-09 14:38:14
44.   SF Yanks
Uh-Oh! Our boy Tiger.
2006-09-09 14:38:25
45.   randym77
Ugh. Y'know, letting Karstens and Rasner take a few starts is looking better and better.
2006-09-09 14:39:02
46.   Mattpat11
Does anyone remember the last time Green made a clean play? I don't
2006-09-09 14:39:16
47.   LI yankee
Is Jeter pretty much a shoo-in for winning the Gold Glove this year?
2006-09-09 14:40:16
48.   AbbyNormal821
Suck it up, Wang and get your DP ball workin'!
2006-09-09 14:40:29
49.   Mattpat11
Jay Gibbons is one fugly mfer.
2006-09-09 14:41:03
50.   randym77
Poor Nick. He's such a goofball I can't help but like him. But he's gotta be the luckiest guy on the Yankees. If it weren't for timely injuries to Cano and then Cairo, he'd have been DFA'd long ago.
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2006-09-09 14:41:56
51.   LI yankee
50 He's pretty much a Bubba Crosby who can't play defense
2006-09-09 14:42:03
52.   AbbyNormal821
Millar is bouncin' like he's gotta go potty!
2006-09-09 14:42:29
53.   AbbyNormal821
Is Bubba still in Columbus? I miss him!
2006-09-09 14:43:07
54.   AbbyNormal821
that's are little Tiger Trooper1
2006-09-09 14:44:13
55.   Mattpat11
53 ...Why?
2006-09-09 14:44:54
56.   AbbyNormal821
54 I miss his hustle (not counting when he's crashing into right fielders!)
2006-09-09 14:46:03
57.   Mattpat11
56 The problem is is hustle and the collisons went hand and hand. He was basically useless on this team.
2006-09-09 14:47:36
58.   nemecizer
I wake up from a nap and we're not pounding this canuck like cheap meat?

I am going back to sleep.

2006-09-09 14:50:45
59.   yankz
Nick the Stick- back over the Mendoza line.
2006-09-09 14:52:53
60.   Ron Burgundy
We scored a run off Loewen!
Eat it Canadia!
2006-09-09 14:53:48
61.   randym77
Nick used to be pretty solid on defense, but has been kinda flaky lately. Maybe he's just playing too much.
2006-09-09 14:54:14
62.   AbbyNormal821
We'll take what we can get - YAY!
2006-09-09 14:54:29
63.   Ron Burgundy
God Dammit. Right at the Anorexic Fahey.
2006-09-09 14:55:12
64.   rbj
And a second run. Now, I expect EDSP to come in the game at some point, when Wormkiller's booboo tightens up.
2006-09-09 14:55:35
65.   AbbyNormal821
Punch him, Johnny...punch that ump!!! He was totally safe!
2006-09-09 15:04:07
66.   AbbyNormal821
WOOHOOO! 4 outs! LOL'!
2006-09-09 15:04:25
67.   AbbyNormal821
Nick's gonna get ragged on for that move1
2006-09-09 15:04:37
68.   rbj
Yeah. Can't the Yanks save that 4th out.
2006-09-09 15:08:27
69.   Ron Burgundy
If we can just get 2 runs here and finally have Loewen not pitch a Quality Start against us, that would be sweet.
2006-09-09 15:08:49
70.   randym77
53 Bubba is not in Columbus any more. The Clippers' season is done. (And there's talk the Yanks will end their affiliation with them.)

Last I heard, Bubba was in Manhattan. Probably packing up his stuff to go back to Houston:

(Scroll down past the Mo stuff.)

At least he handled it with class, unlike some of the guys we've cut, who've gotten all whiny (Kelly Stinnett and Buddy Groom come to mind).

2006-09-09 15:12:46
71.   yankz
Come on, Jeet, Mauer's not slowing down.
2006-09-09 15:16:25
72.   Ron Burgundy
2006-09-09 15:17:10
73.   rbj
Man, ND's clobbering Penn State 34-3.
2006-09-09 15:19:45
74.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-09 15:20:23
75.   Ron Burgundy
2006-09-09 15:26:01
76.   Eirias
Dare I say, I <3 Wang?
2006-09-09 15:27:32
77.   singledd
KT takes 3 called strikes in a row?
2006-09-09 15:27:55
78.   Eirias
70 If the Yankees cut ties with the Clippers, who will take their place as our AAA affiliate?
2006-09-09 15:29:01
79.   singledd
Totally off base:
Everybody knows Bonds has come down to earth and is having a bad year.
He only has an OPS of 1.000
2006-09-09 15:29:47
80.   AbbyNormal821
Bite me Millar, you Red Sox Reject!
2006-09-09 15:29:54
81.   randym77
78 There's all kinds of rumors. Long Island. Scranton, PA. Western NY somewhere.
2006-09-09 15:31:59
82.   AbbyNormal821
Nice play, Nick...
2006-09-09 15:35:25
83.   Mattpat11
Why is it ALWAYS the shitty players? Millar and Fahey?
2006-09-09 15:35:50
84.   JeremyM
Anyone but Beam. OK, and Proctor and maybe Villone. But definitely not Beam.
2006-09-09 15:35:54
85.   randym77
Here's an article from a paper in the Scranton, PA area, about their hopes for becoming the new home of the Yanks' Triple-A affiliate:

2006-09-09 15:37:44
86.   yankeemonkey
73 41-3 now....

I'm not watching live, was that run-scoring single a GOB single?

2006-09-09 15:37:55
87.   AbbyNormal821
It will definitely come down to the bullpens for this game,unless the Yanks bust it open this inning!
2006-09-09 15:38:27
88.   AbbyNormal821
OOOH! What a treat - Lopez is pitching. This may be our lucky day!
2006-09-09 15:40:43
89.   Zack
Well, just checking in to see that Cy Loewen was up to his usual tricks...rediculous...Good thing we had Cy Wang going...
2006-09-09 15:41:39
90.   singledd
Looks like we gonna have to see if we can pass the 'No Mariano' test today...
2006-09-09 15:43:28
91.   singledd
RBI time Derek.
2006-09-09 15:43:30
92.   AbbyNormal821
90 We will..right after Mr. MVP gets another hit and brings Damon home.
2006-09-09 15:44:44
93.   AbbyNormal821
...or a sac fly!
2006-09-09 15:45:03
94.   randym77
86 No. It was a bloop that just got over Wang's glove and dropped in pretty shallow. Not enough time to get under it, and anyone would have scored from 3B on it.
2006-09-09 15:45:10
95.   BklynBmr
OK, Cap'n Clutch!
2006-09-09 15:45:57
96.   LI yankee
Was there any doubt the Captain would get that run in?
2006-09-09 15:46:31
97.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-09 15:46:46
98.   AbbyNormal821
Crappy hit, Jorge - but it works!
2006-09-09 15:46:55
99.   BklynBmr
Wow. We usually get screwed on those calls at second...
2006-09-09 15:48:17
100.   LI yankee
Not that Torre would do it, but why not pinch hit Abreu in that situation?
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2006-09-09 15:49:15
101.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I was working in my yard and TiVoing the game...the radio was on and mentioned something about an injury (arm) and being out for the a panic I ran in and turned the game on but have not heard anything....did someone get hurt ?
2006-09-09 15:52:10
102.   JeremyM
101 When in doubt, in a situation like that, just assume Pavano.
2006-09-09 15:52:32
103.   randym77
101 Not that I know of. Are you sure they weren't talking about Brian Roberts last year? Seems like every time we play Baltimore, they flashback to that game where he got his arm bent backwards.
2006-09-09 15:54:36
104.   AbbyNormal821
Myers...Whew! OK - he's been doing pretty dang good lately!
2006-09-09 15:55:32
105.   AbbyNormal821


2006-09-09 15:57:43
106.   mikeplugh
Proctor's okay. He needs to warm himself up for the post-season. The one armed push-up post-season.

I guess the Yanks didn't listen to Alex and forgot to break the sticks out today.

2006-09-09 16:00:17
107.   singledd
Looks like Joe is managing to win this one.
2006-09-09 16:02:21
108.   singledd
EDSP to the rescue. Farns for the 9th? Dotel?
2006-09-09 16:03:11
109.   mikeplugh
I imagine Farns if it's still a save, Dotel if the Yanks score 2 runs.
2006-09-09 16:03:27
110.   LI yankee
Well if Villone doesn't see action, that would be 5 whole days off for him (gasp!)
2006-09-09 16:03:55
111.   BklynBmr
107 Was that sarcasm?
2006-09-09 16:04:02
112.   singledd
While I like (E)very (D)ay (S)cott (P)roctor, Steve Goldman's names are:
Double Duty Proctor and Spinal Tap Farnsworth.
2006-09-09 16:05:36
113.   singledd
111 I was serious. 3 pitchers for 3 batters.
Should 'STF' stick for Farnsworth?
2006-09-09 16:06:08
114.   singledd
Or S.T.Farns?
2006-09-09 16:06:30
115.   mikeplugh
112 Is that because his fastball goes up to 11. Why doesn't he just make 10 louder?
2006-09-09 16:07:59
116.   BklynBmr
113 j/k — the word play struck me ;-)
2006-09-09 16:09:26
117.   brockdc
115 Ha!
2006-09-09 16:09:36
118.   AbbyNormal821
You know - I love the Yanks, I want the Yanks to win this game, but I wish the game would end so I can go get some freakin' dinner! I'm starving!!!

(and that Rocky Road in the freezer from last night does not constitute a meal!)

2006-09-09 16:09:49
119.   singledd
The famous Abreu 0-2 base-on-balls
2006-09-09 16:12:21
120.   mikeplugh
does A-Rod pinch hit for Green?
2006-09-09 16:13:19
121.   AbbyNormal821
120 Isn't A-Rod back at the hotel praying to the porcelain altar???
2006-09-09 16:13:38
122.   randym77
120 Is A-Rod even in the dugout today?
2006-09-09 16:14:07
123.   mikeplugh
I guess the point is moot. Nice Andy. Way to show your worth. See you on the Pirates next year.
2006-09-09 16:14:27
124.   singledd
I thought he was on the 'Emotionally Disabled' list....
2006-09-09 16:15:15
125.   singledd
123 You're gonna hurt Cliff's feelings...
2006-09-09 16:15:33
126.   yankeemonkey
Mo looks nervous in the dugout...
2006-09-09 16:16:17
127.   mikeplugh
125 Andy disappointed me most of this season. He's hitting .240 and that's not cool.
2006-09-09 16:16:30
128.   RIYank
Joe said A-Rod is available to pinch hit, though he didn't seem to think it would be a very good idea. "Green."
2006-09-09 16:17:29
129.   AbbyNormal821
buh-bye, Gibbons
2006-09-09 16:17:33
130.   RIYank
Mo looking nervous -- there's a rare sight!

Nice pitch, Meat.

2006-09-09 16:17:41
131.   mikeplugh
That was 11.
2006-09-09 16:17:58
132.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Mo should be nervous as Farnsworth in relief gives you the feeling you are watching a drunk on the edge of a cliff chasing a ballon
2006-09-09 16:18:00
133.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Mo should be nervous as Farnsworth in relief gives you the feeling you are watching a drunk on the edge of a cliff chasing a ballon
2006-09-09 16:18:10
134.   RIYank
Not so nice pitch, Meat.
2006-09-09 16:18:11
135.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-09 16:18:21
136.   nemecizer
129 Gameday has all those pitches down and painting the inside corner. Farnswacker looking better?
2006-09-09 16:18:35
137.   yankeemonkey
Hmmm. Thanks MVJ for that insurance run!
2006-09-09 16:18:50
138.   nemecizer
136 Me and my big fucking mouth...
2006-09-09 16:18:53
139.   mikeplugh
That was not 11.
2006-09-09 16:18:56
140.   yankz
2006-09-09 16:19:18
141.   randym77
136 Except for that last pitch to Millar...
2006-09-09 16:19:24
142.   yankz
FWIW, Millar's September OPS is .988
2006-09-09 16:19:27
143.   mikeplugh
132 133 HA!
2006-09-09 16:19:31
144.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan I said
2006-09-09 16:19:38
145.   rbj
Life after Mo will not be pretty.
2006-09-09 16:19:51
146.   mikeplugh
One more.
2006-09-09 16:19:54
147.   AbbyNormal821
Don't choke, Kyle.
2006-09-09 16:20:05
148.   BklynBmr
Did that look gone to anyone else off the bat? Whew!
2006-09-09 16:20:07
149.   AbbyNormal821
One more out till sushi time!
2006-09-09 16:20:32
150.   yankeemonkey
Let's hope J.B. Cox and co. will inspire more confidence than the present company!
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2006-09-09 16:20:41
151.   nemecizer
C'mon meathead, get one more out so I can hit the bars...
2006-09-09 16:20:53
152.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
This guy is poison in October and has orchestrated collapses while a Cub and a Brave of epic proportions in the 9th innings of playoff games
2006-09-09 16:20:57
153.   mikeplugh
STF should be throwing his best heat low and inside.
2006-09-09 16:21:16
154.   RIYank
Relax. Millar's HR was no worse than a BB.

And Jeter finishes. Whew.

2006-09-09 16:21:19
155.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-09 16:21:23
156.   AbbyNormal821
...and THAT'S why Jetes is the MVP!
2006-09-09 16:21:30
157.   rbj
Yes! Phew! Beat that Cy Loewen!
2006-09-09 16:21:34
158.   yankz
2006-09-09 16:21:52
159.   singledd
As good as Jetes has been, I thing Wang must get consideration for MVY
2006-09-09 16:22:10
160.   mikeplugh
Nice win.
2006-09-09 16:22:29
161.   BklynBmr
Cool. Now — Let's Go Twinkees!
2006-09-09 16:22:32
162.   nemecizer

It's Miller time.

2006-09-09 16:22:33
163.   mikeplugh
Wang is now tied with Johan Santana for AL wins.
2006-09-09 16:22:36
164.   yankeemonkey
By the way, does anyone else find these Jeter/Spike Lee car commercials completely retarded?
2006-09-09 16:23:15
165.   AbbyNormal821
159 I would love to see Wang get they Cy Young...but alas...I don't know if they'll give it to him! He should definitely be a heavy favorite, IMO!
2006-09-09 16:23:20
166.   RIYank
Enjoy the sushi, Abby.
2006-09-09 16:24:06
167.   redking
Sweet. Good all around win.
2006-09-09 16:24:27
168.   AbbyNormal821
166 - I'm outtie! Thanks! I will!
2006-09-09 16:24:47
169.   AbbyNormal821
...and go Kansas City Royals!
2006-09-09 16:26:17
170.   RIYank
That really was a good win. I guess it's more fun to get the great game from Wang when it's in a game where we don't score much. And with Giambi, A-Rod, Abreu on the bench, it was the perfect game to win a pitchers' duel.
2006-09-09 16:26:20
171.   BklynBmr
164 Prepare yourself for a lawsuit from retards. That's how bad they are.
2006-09-09 16:27:02
172.   sabernar
I read that the D'backs might trade Estrada this offseason because they have 2 young catchers and Estrada will probably make $3M+ in arbitration. I think that Yanks should go after him. He is 30 years old, but we only need someone to bridge Posada and that young kid we picked up earlier this year. Thoughts?
2006-09-09 16:27:22
173.   Mattpat11
I would like to take this time to state once again, Kyle Farnsworth really, really sucks.

And the magic number os 13!

2006-09-09 16:29:05
174.   singledd
171 Prepare YOURSELF for a lawsuit from Clay Akins
2006-09-09 16:48:45
175.   pistolpete
173 He hung one to Millar - same place Wang put the pitch he doubled to left on. Otherwise he was fine.
2006-09-09 16:51:10
176.   RIYank
If anyone's still Bantering: find some way to follow the Red Sox game. It's going very well so far.
I shouldn't enjoy this as much as I do.
2006-09-09 16:54:20
177.   marc
I'm really excited about the imminent return of Matsui
2006-09-09 16:54:51
178.   randym77
Hmm. Upper-Deck Beck pitching tonight, eh?
2006-09-09 16:55:38
179.   yankz
With Hafner out for the year, Captain Clutch has a decent chance of leading the AL in VORP this year.

Current standings:

2006-09-09 17:03:32
180.   RIYank
Beck's given up two runs (no dingers) in three, including a delicious Gathright RBI, and just as excellent the Sox have one hit in three.
2006-09-09 17:06:39
181.   pistolpete
And they're getting the same treatment as we did from one Luke Hudson.
2006-09-09 17:08:44
182.   RIYank
I know, and this time there isn't even a Star Wars theme.
2006-09-09 17:10:26
183.   AbbyNormal821
OK, they just showed tomorrow's Oriole's pitcher...did i read that right? ERA of 108.00???? Holy crapola! If Jaret Wright can't beat this dude, then he's a hoser!

(typing this in between bites of my salmon-skin roll!)

2006-09-09 17:19:50
184.   rbj
Just checking back online to catch up with IL playoffs. Rochester is up on S-WB 2-1 in their best of 5, and they've got Liriano starting (limited to 50 pitches for the rehab start) Somehow, that just doesn't seem fair.

Brian Boehringer is pitching well for Toledo.
183 Abby, get off the computer and enjoy your sushi.

2006-09-09 17:22:41
185.   rbj
Hayden Penn's only pitched .2 innings in the majors this year. Impossible to tell if he's really that bad or just was too nervous. But hey, maybe A-Rod feels better and goes 4-5 w/ 3 stat padding HRs.
2006-09-09 17:23:21
186.   BklynBmr
The scoreboard I'm watching is Tiggers-Twinkees. Twin Cities up 2-1 over Motown after 4. Homefield, baby. As long as the Halos are out of this, I could care less who we have to run down in the PS, until we meet the SF Giants for all the marbles ;-)
2006-09-09 17:27:28
187.   RIYank
Dustin Pedroia homered, and now Luke has walked the bases loaded with one out.
Close your eyes, Luke Hudson. Let the Force flow through you...
2006-09-09 17:30:02
188.   RIYank
And Mirabelli drives in a run with a single, but Lowell is out at the plate trying to score from second.
Wow, the Sox get three walks, a single and a home run in that inning, but net only two runs.
2006-09-09 17:30:54
189.   yankeemonkey
187 He's also at 82 pitches after only 3.2 IP. The Force is not strong in that one...
2006-09-09 17:34:33
190.   Ken Arneson
185 Nobody's that bad.

I was at that game where Penn gave up all those runs. Eric Chavez hit a double play ball up the middle which would have ended the inning without a run being scored. But it skipped off Penn's glove, and then the wheels fell off.

2006-09-09 17:37:31
191.   RIYank
Beckett's trying to give those runs back.
Maybe we'll have another Battle of the Horrible Bullpens.
2006-09-09 17:45:54
192.   RIYank
191 And he has succeeded. 4-2.

Joe Mauer isn't playing today, I see. Too bad, no chance for him to go 0 for 6, like I was hoping.

2006-09-09 18:10:52
193.   marc
Time for the rain to pick up and hand KC a win.
2006-09-09 18:24:28
194.   Ron Burgundy
Does Wang win 20 this year? I think he can. We only play the AL East from now on, which means Devil Rays, Red Sawx, Oreos, and Blow Jays.
2006-09-09 18:33:25
195.   AbbyNormal821
Isn't it kind of sad (and funny at the same time) that the Red Sox seem to be evenly matched with KC???
2006-09-09 18:46:51
196.   marc
time for a KC rally in the top of the 9th to break the tie. Alright it's Folk, great chance
2006-09-09 18:50:27
197.   marc
Tigers lose. Best record looking better and better for Yanks
2006-09-09 18:55:04
198.   AbbyNormal821
196 I'll be happy with extra innings!
2006-09-09 19:12:26
199.   AbbyNormal821
I can't believe how happy I am that KC is getting hits off Timlin...AGAIN!
2006-09-09 19:19:38
200.   seamus
197 we're unofficially tied, though we have the edge in loss column. They do have a percentage point on us! :)
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-09 19:21:12
201.   pistolpete
This might be the end - Youkilis on 2B with no out, Ortiz in the hole.
2006-09-09 19:24:45
202.   Ron Burgundy
201 I just find it funny that the Sawx have these exciting, close games with the Royals.
2006-09-09 19:26:59
203.   pistolpete
Guarantee if Ortiz wins it, it's top story on BBTN.
2006-09-09 19:26:59
204.   yankeemonkey
202 Nice to see 2 teams so evenly matched!
2006-09-09 19:28:02
205.   yankeemonkey
They've got to walk Ortiz here, don't they? Base open, take their chances with Manny....I would, anyhow.
2006-09-09 19:29:02
206.   BklynBmr
Best Record Race: Thank you, Tampa (for besting Oaktown, 9-6 tonight).

Klutch, Papi. Just klutch.

2006-09-09 19:30:07
207.   pistolpete
206 Absolutely - I've been keeping one eye on Oaktown for a few weeks now; they just plain snuck up on everyone, didn't they?
2006-09-09 19:30:19
208.   BklynBmr
205 Pitching to Papi worked out (who knew?), but walking Manny is not a bad thing either.
2006-09-09 19:33:47
209.   yankeemonkey
Who knew Royals could be such a royal (sorry...) pain! Good for them!
2006-09-09 19:34:57
210.   yankeemonkey
Kapler hits for Nixon? WTF?
2006-09-09 19:35:08
211.   pistolpete
And Kapler pops up! KC lives!!!
2006-09-09 19:37:08
212.   Travis
210 Nixon is awful against lefties.
2006-09-09 19:38:34
213.   yankeemonkey
In other news, Trenton lost to Portland in extra innings tonight, 3-4. And thus ends Godzilla's rehab...
2006-09-09 19:39:40
214.   BklynBmr
207 Talk about sneaking up on the pack. Damn, I live across the Bay from Oakland and I missed this! A's are rockin'... but they still have 7 left with with the Halos, and we know how we want that showdown to play out ;-)
2006-09-09 19:43:08
215.   pistolpete
Eh, I should go back to the TV - as we all know, a watched GameChannel never comes up 'Royals'.


2006-09-09 19:50:25
216.   BklynBmr
Know what? Whatever happens in Beantown tonight, it was fun to watch KC break balls for a while ;-)

That said, hold it down KC! Take it to the 12th!

Oh! Crisp interfered — bad call!

2006-09-09 19:56:25
217.   pistolpete
To the 12th!!!
2006-09-09 19:57:00
218.   AbbyNormal821
216 Oooh, I saw "on field delay" on the Gameday - what interference?'re right - even if KC loses, they have exhausted the Saaawx.

2006-09-09 19:57:11
219.   yankeemonkey
Wow...go little Royals, go!
2006-09-09 19:59:48
220.   AbbyNormal821
here we go, yo!
here we go, yo!
so whatsa, what's the scenario!
<hee heeeee!)
2006-09-09 20:05:31
221.   BklynBmr
{220] ;-)

KC scores this inning, I can feel it...

2006-09-09 20:06:38
222.   AbbyNormal821
double steal! YAY!
2006-09-09 20:06:56
223.   pistolpete
Delcarmen about to load em' up.
2006-09-09 20:07:12
224.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-09 20:07:17
225.   pistolpete
2006-09-09 20:07:44
226.   AbbyNormal821
221 - You called it!!! Rock on!
2006-09-09 20:08:10
227.   AbbyNormal821
Keppinger & his $1.11 average!
2006-09-09 20:08:11
228.   wsporter
That was beautiful!!!!!
2006-09-09 20:08:18
229.   yankeemonkey
221 Do you have any stock advice for us?
2006-09-09 20:08:20
230.   pistolpete
Ya think it would be easy to get Fenway seats for the next series?
2006-09-09 20:09:00
231.   BklynBmr
NotTheRemy: "Fans heading for the exits at Fenway in the top of the 12th" — hey, who can blame 'em?
2006-09-09 20:09:14
232.   marc
Do we play these guys anymore?
2006-09-09 20:09:58
233.   yankeemonkey
Just watched the Mets/Dodgers highlights on SportsCenter...saw Stinnett get a hit AND nail a runner at 2nd. Why wasn't he doing all that for us?!
2006-09-09 20:10:13
234.   AbbyNormal821
I'm watching Sportcenter - when the hell did Stinnett go to the Mets???
2006-09-09 20:10:30
235.   AbbyNormal821
...and the torture continues at Fenway
2006-09-09 20:10:52
236.   AbbyNormal821
233 Great minds think alike!
2006-09-09 20:11:54
237.   yankeemonkey
236 Indeed! I think they picked him up a couple of weeks ago Why, I have no idea.
2006-09-09 20:12:21
238.   AbbyNormal821
Javy Lopez is PITCHING for Boston now??? Oh Lord...why don't they just concede now???
2006-09-09 20:12:21
239.   AbbyNormal821
Javy Lopez is PITCHING for Boston now??? Oh Lord...why don't they just concede now???
2006-09-09 20:12:43
240.   AbbyNormal821
OK - don't know why that showed up twice
2006-09-09 20:13:16
241.   yankeemonkey
LOL...different Javy Lopez...too bad they'd released the catching one. We could be watching a J-Lo/J-Lo battery in action right now!
2006-09-09 20:14:52
242.   BklynBmr
229 Other than short Defense Sector stocks on November 6th, no ;-)
2006-09-09 20:16:58
243.   yankeemonkey
242 Thanks for nothing!

Ohhh, it's getting ugly in Beantown...emphasis on 'bean'.

2006-09-09 20:17:10
244.   AbbyNormal821
241 - OK that's what I thought - it didn't look the J-Lo i was thinking of.

KC is my new 2nd favorite team!

2006-09-09 20:18:11
245.   Travis
The Red Sox have now been outscored by their opponents on the season. Some uber-team.
2006-09-09 20:18:30
246.   AbbyNormal821
Tomorrow's quote in the Boston Globe/Boston Herald from ALL of the Red Sox:
"What can we say - I guess we just tip our hats to the Royals and call them our daddies"
2006-09-09 20:19:18
247.   Simone
LOL! I have to admit for a second I felt bad for the Red Sox, but I got over that really quick. This is too much fun. The order of the AL East has been restored.
2006-09-09 20:19:30
248.   AbbyNormal821
I can't wait to read what Alex and/or Cliff has to say about this tomorrow!
2006-09-09 20:21:03
249.   yankeemonkey
247 I felt bad for them....then I remembered they're the Red Sox and got over it. I doubt they (or their fans) would be feeling bad for us in the same situation.
2006-09-09 20:21:31
250.   nemecizer
I am feeling pretty good right now! Where is Ron Burgundy when we need him to gloat?

GO KC!!!!

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-09 20:21:52
251.   pistolpete
248 Well considering it's a Yankees blog, probably not too much. But 10 games up is always nice.
2006-09-09 20:22:30
252.   AbbyNormal821
OK Burgos - no fear! All respect to Papi, but you gotta shut this guy down!
2006-09-09 20:23:20
253.   AbbyNormal821
251 You're probably right. (but it would be funny if they did rip 'em a little)
2006-09-09 20:23:34
254.   yankeemonkey
Now the only mystery remaining is whether the KC pen can get 3 outs before giving up 7 runs. Considering their performance against us last week, I'm not celebrating just yet....
2006-09-09 20:24:50
255.   pistolpete
Hinske hits for Ramirez?!
2006-09-09 20:26:19
256.   yankeemonkey
2 down.
2006-09-09 20:27:03
257.   pistolpete
Can't wait to see Boston Dirt Dogs tomorrow.
2006-09-09 20:27:29
258.   AbbyNormal821
254 get out your party hat!!!
2006-09-09 20:28:27
259.   yankeemonkey
OVAH! Congrats to KC, the little engine that could :-)
2006-09-09 20:28:39
260.   pistolpete
238 BTW, you sure you saw Javy Lopez's name as pitcher? BDD says he was released yesterday, and they brought back Huckaby.
2006-09-09 20:29:37
261.   wsporter
Ten Up!! Yes indeed. No you can't feel badly for those people; hell they don't want the sympathy anyway.
2006-09-09 20:30:21
262.   pistolpete
Now let's all root for Toronto to 1) beat the Angels and 2) eventually pass the Sox, causing them to finish 3rd.
2006-09-09 20:30:38
263.   BklynBmr
After seeing the WormKilla work his magic in the opening act, then watching KC pummel the Sawx at home in the nightcap is almost too much to ask. Kinda like droppin' Angelina Jolie off after a wild night and hookin' up with Rosario Dawson to watch the sun come up (or visa versa).

Apologies, ladies — feel free to substitute names '-)

11 in the loss column! Magic# is 14, no?

2006-09-09 20:30:39
264.   BklynBmr
After seeing the WormKilla work his magic in the opening act, then watching KC pummel the Sawx at home in the nightcap is almost too much to ask. Kinda like droppin' Angelina Jolie off after a wild night and hookin' up with Rosario Dawson to watch the sun come up (or visa versa).

Apologies, ladies — feel free to substitute names '-)

11 in the loss column! Magic# is 14, no?

2006-09-09 20:32:14
265.   yankeemonkey
263 Magic # is 12, actually.
2006-09-09 20:34:11
266.   efb
262 Exactly. Also let us root for the Red Sox to drop below .500. They have a chance if they keep it up. At that point, living here in Hartford, where it is 75% Red Sox fans, life will be even more pleasant.
2006-09-09 20:34:27
267.   nemecizer
I think the magic number is now 12! We won, the Sux lost.

This is a good night!

2006-09-09 20:36:06
268.   BklynBmr
265 Thanks, better yet!

(Sorry for the double post...)

2006-09-09 20:37:38
269.   Max
Wow, they just showed the post game press conference with Francona, and it was a morgue. No one wanted to ask him any questions, and he looked like he swallowed two turds. The look on his face seemed designed to repel questions.
2006-09-09 20:37:46
270.   mikeplugh

Red Sox people (media, fans, management) have been crying injury a lot when discussing their August/September collapse, but let's face it, they had their whole team together in all these KC games (the August sweep and now) and the injuries were only one of the factors in their disasterous fall.

They had their prized young "ace" Josh Beckett on the mound tonight with Manny and Ortiz and Hinske and Youkilis and Crisp, etc....all playing. They're really far back in the wild card, but at the start of the day there was still reason to win every game on the schedule. There was still a glimmer. Minny won, Chicago won, and they HAD to win to stay in it. They didn't show up two days in a row against the dregs of the AL.

They just plain stink.

2006-09-09 20:45:32
271.   Simone
262 Sounds good.
2006-09-09 20:53:16
272.   BklynBmr
262 I'm OK with Boston landing in second. I'm pulling for Toronto to help keep the Halos out of the post-season. If the Jays finish second, more power to 'em.
2006-09-10 12:53:14
273.   joejoejoe
Is Aaron Guiel now ahead of Craig Wilson on the depth chart at first base? Is Guiel's defense at 1B better than Wilson? I'm trying to figure out who will be on the Yankees postseason roster and I'm starting to think it won't be Craig Wilson. Bernie is a decent RH option as a PH and will definitely make the roster. What role does Craig Wilson have on this team if Giambi is healthy in the post season? My guess is none.

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