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Baltimore Orioles
2006-09-08 11:40
by Cliff Corcoran
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There are 24 games left in the Yankees' 2006 season, all of them against AL East opponents. Tonight they play the first of seven remaining games against the Orioles. They also have seven left against the Devil Rays, six against Toronto, and a four-game home set against the second-place Red Sox.

Entering tonight's action the Yankees have a nine game lead in the division and their magic number to clinch is 15. The Orioles, meawhile, would be eliminated from the division race with a single Yankee win this weekend and could be eliminated from the playoffs altogether before the Yankees leave Baltimore.

Hideki Matsui is 1 for 6 in his first two rehab games with the Trenton Thunder, but the Thunder's playoff series is knotted at 1-1, so he should have plenty of opportunities to get the kinks worked out. In last night's game he walked in his first trip, coming around to score, then grounded out to second and popped out twice to the left side of the infield.

In other news, Kevin Thompson has been activated, having recovered from the staph infection that developed after he fouled a ball off his shin. There's a Carl Pavano dig in there somewhere.

Cory Lidle starts tonight against Erik Bedard. Lidle has pitched six shutout innings in two of his last three starts. If you ask me, the 27-year-old Bedard is quickly becoming overrated, though he did hold the Yankees to one run over six innings the last time these two teams met.

The Yanks are running out the usual suspects, with Craig Wilson getting the first base start against the lefty Bedard, and the lefty Cano hitting behind Jorge Posada.

Seven more games against the Orioles. Have they banned greenies for bloggers as well?

Baltimore Orioles

2006 Record: 61-78 (.439)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 60-79 (.429)

Manager: Sam Perlozzo
General Manager: Mike Flanagan

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Oriole Park at Camden Yards (94/95)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • David Newhan (DL) replaced Jeff Conine
  • Danny Ardoin replaced Tim Byrdak
  • Jim Hoey (minors) replaced Chris Britton, who has since been recalled
  • Jeff Fiorentino, Raul Chavez, Hayden Penn, Winston Abreu and Julio Manon are September call-ups

Current Roster

1B – Kevin Millar (R)
2B – Brian Roberts (S)
SS – Miguel Tejada (R)
3B – Melvin Mora (R)
C – Ramon Hernandez (R)
RF – Nick Markakis (L)
CF – David Newhan (L)
LF – Brandon Fahey (L)
DH – Jay Gibbons (L)


L – Corey Patterson (OF)
R – Chris Gomez (IF)
R – Fernando Tatis (IF)
R – Chris Widger (C)
R – Danny Ardoin (C)
L – Jeffrey Fiorentino (OF)*
R – Raul Chavez (C)*


L – Erik Bedard
L – Adam Loewen
R – Hayden Penn*
R – Rodrigo Lopez
R – Kris Benson
R – Daniel Cabrera


R – Chris Ray
R – LaTroy Hawkins
R – Todd Williams
L – Bruce Chen
R – Russ Ortiz
R – Jim Hoey
R – Chris Britton*
R – Julio Manon*
R – Winston Abreu*

15-day DL: L – John Parrish
60-day DL: L – Kurt Birkins, R – Aaron Rakers

*September call-ups

Typical Lineup

S – Brian Roberts (2B)
R – Melvin Mora (3B)
L – Nick Markakis (RF)
R – Miguel Tejada (SS)
L – Jay Gibbons (DH)
R – Kevin Millar (1B)
L – David Newhan (CF)
R – Ramon Hernandez (C)
L – Brandon Fahey (LF)

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2006-09-08 14:27:23
1.   ToyCannon
Just like to say I like the way you break down the Yankee competition before each series. Never would have expected you to have a 9 game lead in Sept with that pitching staff but somehow it works.
2006-09-08 14:38:41
2.   jkay
Cliff, make sure you drink your coffee from the "leaded" pot.
2006-09-08 14:59:43
3.   rabid stan
What a long, dull stretch of games. It looked more interesting before the season, or even a few weeks ago when Boston was still a contender and Toronto was still relevant. Now? Yawn.

I can still get geeked up for the matchup against Adam Loewen, but that's for all the wrong reasons.

2006-09-08 15:07:55
4.   Eirias
3 I swear, we need to simply obliterate him.
2006-09-08 15:10:03
5.   Ron Burgundy
4 4th time's a charm. I think we'll score a bunch of runs off him. Hell, the bats are relaxed, we're going to the playoffs, Canada's Finest well be out by the 5th.
2006-09-08 15:37:14
6.   randym77
If the Yanks win a World Series, does Pavano automatically get a ring, just because he's on the 40-man roster?
2006-09-08 15:53:41
7.   standuptriple
6 Those rings are too heavy and may cause bruising. Better be safe than sorry and not give him one. Maybe he can look at one in a display case. Or he can touch it, but only if he wears protective goggles and safety mittens.
2006-09-08 16:01:07
8.   TEX

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A-Rod 3B
Giambi DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Wilson 1B
Cabrera LF

Roberts 2B
Mora 3B
Markakis RF
Tejada SS
Gibbons DH
Millar 1B
Newhan CF
Hernandez C
Fafey LF

Let's Go Yanks!!

2006-09-08 16:09:21
9.   mehmattski
I would like to take this time to reiterate my hatred for Peter Angelos. Despite paying $15/month to watch "any baseball game I want," there are eighteen games a year that I cannot watch because someone decided that there are three or four Orioles fans in Durham. Meanwhile the local Fox Sports station only carries baseball when there isn't football, NASCAR, basketball, competitive eating, or the tiddlywinks national championship on.


2006-09-08 16:14:55
10.   LI yankee
The Comcast camera angle is ghastly
2006-09-08 16:15:34
11.   randym77
And Cy Bedard mows 'em down.
2006-09-08 16:19:17
12.   yankeemonkey
This team is disturbingly consistent in playing up (or down) to the competition....
2006-09-08 16:21:04
13.   Eirias
2006-09-08 16:21:30
14.   Zack
This better not be the start of another extremely frustrating O's weekend...
2006-09-08 16:21:56
15.   Simone
Yuck! This does not bode well for this season.
2006-09-08 16:22:38
16.   Simone
15 Meant to say, "series."
2006-09-08 16:22:39
17.   LI yankee
Damn. First inning runs are annoying.
2006-09-08 16:26:09
18.   LI yankee
ouch! double whammy
2006-09-08 16:26:37
19.   mehmattski
This game is shaping up to be the least exciting sporting event of all time. I'm gonna pop the Return of the King (extended version) into the DVD player. Chances the game is still going when the movie is over (in 4.5 hours): 2 to 1 against.
2006-09-08 16:26:45
20.   BklynBmr
6 I would think he'd get one just for the fact he was on the roster, but a monetary share I'm not so sure about. Don't know how it works in terms of $$$ distribution, but I have heard in the past where players would vote to award a partial share to guys who played at some point in the season, a callup who had a great Sept., etc. Great question, though. I hope we have the opportunity to find out ;-)
2006-09-08 16:29:28
21.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
1 out. 27 pitches.
2006-09-08 16:30:16
22.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-08 16:30:40
23.   kylepetterson
Can we get Wheels to come out and punch Lidle in the face?
2006-09-08 16:31:07
24.   LI yankee
21 Looks like we're gonna be seeing Kaarstens or Rasner
2006-09-08 16:31:39
25.   yankeemonkey
24 The sooner the better, looks like
2006-09-08 16:32:00
26.   seamus
it took less than an inning for me to decide to root for the Yankees while doing something else entirely. I cannot bear to watch this game.
2006-09-08 16:32:22
27.   Zack
And obviously we will see EDSP
2006-09-08 16:33:24
28.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well this got off to a lovely start! Looks like another 6 hour snoozer.
2006-09-08 16:33:38
29.   LI yankee
27 and Villone
2006-09-08 16:34:42
30.   mehmattski
That scab need some ice cream.
2006-09-08 16:36:30
31.   yankz
Hey, maybe we'll see a perfect game or a no-hitter! (too soon?)
2006-09-08 16:36:51
32.   rbj
I'm not worried. Lidle is our #5. I only want a .500 record for the fifth starter. He's already 3 & 2.

6 Get one of those plastic rings from a gumball machine. Of course, it'll have to be smoothed down.

And who needs greenies when you got a bottle of bourbon.

2006-09-08 16:37:48
33.   Eirias
I still think Joe could manage to pitch Proctor more than once a game. I thought you could move your pitcher to a different position, like first base, and then move them back later in the game. Obviously you'd lose Wilson, but doesn't the ability to pitch Proctor EVEN MORE outweigh that loss?
2006-09-08 16:38:06
34.   Zack
I'm not worried, just anticipating annoyance...

Suddenly Bedard, according to the O's announcers, who, of course, suck, has "special stuff" tonight...what a surprise from Cy Bedard...

2006-09-08 16:39:25
35.   mehmattski
31 good work!
2006-09-08 16:39:36
36.   JeremyM
GameCenter had that as outside.
2006-09-08 16:39:39
37.   rbj
31 You jinxed the no hitter. Now just don't jinx Bedard's shutout or win.
2006-09-08 16:40:04
38.   yankeemonkey
To be fair, Bedard IS a fairly good pitcher...maybe not as good as the announcers/Yankee swings are making him out to be, but good.
2006-09-08 16:44:23
39.   LI yankee
38 Are you kidding? Erik Bedard is an amazing blossoming Cy Young 300-win superstar ace...
2006-09-08 16:53:49
40.   randym77
Ugh. That really was an awful collision. I'm not sure what's worse, the replays of Hideki's injury, or Brian Roberts'.
2006-09-08 16:55:06
41.   kylepetterson
At least Lidle isn't pitching this poorly against a bad team.... oh wait....
2006-09-08 16:56:04
42.   Zack
Well, looks like its time to turn off the ol'
2006-09-08 16:56:24
43.   rbj
Dam. Lidle got what he needed, a slow bouncing ground ball, but it's got eyes.
2006-09-08 16:56:24
44.   randym77
Looks like Veras is coming in.
2006-09-08 16:57:34
45.   3rd gen yankee fan
42 Yup, think I'll go call my mom!
2006-09-08 16:59:47
46.   Eirias
45 You're gonna miss another Yankee Classic
2006-09-08 17:00:59
47.   Zack
by the way, totally off topic, but I found another way to avoid blackouts and out of market non-braodcasts, but it does involve money, if only $3/month. I'm using it to watch Jets/Giants games here in SD. I have no idea how its legal, I guess b/c they are just free channels anyway, but
2006-09-08 17:01:11
48.   Eirias
42,45 Now you can turn it off.
2006-09-08 17:01:23
49.   3rd gen yankee fan
46 A Yankee Classic what?
2006-09-08 17:01:28
50.   yankeemonkey
Well that went from bad to worse quickly....
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2006-09-08 17:01:39
51.   kylepetterson
How come all the "Yankee Classics" involve us giving up 35 runs and then coming back to win?
2006-09-08 17:01:47
52.   randym77
Ugh. I had a feeling this was going to happen. Veras isn't ready for prime time.

Okay, Joe, why not put all the scrubs in? Let's see what the kids have. They'll play hard, no matter how big a blowout it is.

2006-09-08 17:02:04
53.   AbbyNormal821
Holy crap! What the hell????? This is freakin' UUUUUUGLY!!!!
2006-09-08 17:02:36
54.   yankz
F'n A, I'll bbl.
2006-09-08 17:03:51
55.   AbbyNormal821
OK - I'm going to be positive! Which team was it we came back from 10 runs down? Texas, right?
We can do it...someone throw something at Bedard's head!
2006-09-08 17:04:19
56.   rbj
Well, the Mudhens are up 6 - 0 in the bottom of the third. I'll go grab a beer and the radio and sit out in the backyard.
2006-09-08 17:08:39
57.   kylepetterson
55 I've always said that the Yankees are the only team that I know that can come back from 10 runs down w/ 2 outs in the 9th and the only team I know that can be up by 10 runs in the 9th and w/ 2 outs, blow the lead.
2006-09-08 17:08:48
58.   AbbyNormal821
Damon needs to go all "5 game sweep of Boston" on Baltimore right about now!
2006-09-08 17:08:52
59.   randym77
Johnny Damon can't decide if he wants a mustache or not.
2006-09-08 17:09:37
60.   AbbyNormal821
speaking of...2-0, Boston up at Fenway!


2006-09-08 17:10:05
61.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-08 17:10:36
62.   randym77
He walked the bases full. No outs. C'mon, Cap!
2006-09-08 17:11:11
63.   AbbyNormal821
...dumb question for whomever - where the hell has Michael Kay been? (not that I miss him!)
2006-09-08 17:12:19
64.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-08 17:12:47
65.   AbbyNormal821
...i know..i know...only 1 run, but still - YIPPEE!
2006-09-08 17:12:47
66.   randym77
Kay's on vacation, I think.
2006-09-08 17:15:56
67.   AbbyNormal821
A Granny by A-Rod would be nice right 'bout now. Too much to ask for????

Oh, and I think the HP umpire is a tool!!!

2006-09-08 17:16:39
68.   singledd
Time to start sitting on the curveball.
2006-09-08 17:17:08
69.   AbbyNormal821
Small bites, Yanks...small bites. Plenty of room for dessert!
2006-09-08 17:18:35
70.   AbbyNormal821
2 KC's on 1st & 3rd - top of the 4th. Nobody out! GO KC!
2006-09-08 17:22:01
71.   pistolpete
70 You were saying?
2006-09-08 17:23:51
72.   pistolpete
I guess Henn loves the comfortable surroundings of Columbus, Ohio.
2006-09-08 17:23:55
73.   AbbyNormal821, I'm going to shoosh up now! OK 3-1 better than our sad score!
So close...yet so far!
2006-09-08 17:24:48
74.   randym77
Henn is prone to doing that even in scenic Columbus. I hold my breath every time he comes into a game.
2006-09-08 17:25:46
75.   randym77
And Karstens is warming...
2006-09-08 17:25:59
76.   aronneil
Now might be a nice time to bring in Proctor for a quick 4 inning stint, just so he doesn't get rusty.
2006-09-08 17:26:38
77.   Simone
I really hope that Giambi gets well and starts hitting soon!
2006-09-08 17:27:27
78.   AbbyNormal821
Gameday is stuck...there's a run scoring play by KC and I can't see what it is! DAMMIT!
2006-09-08 17:29:07
79.   3rd gen yankee fan
78 Try
2006-09-08 17:29:41
80.   randym77
78 Ryan Shealy grounded into a fielder`s choice, third to second scoring Mike Sweeney with one out. Runner on first with one out and John Buck due up.

John Buck lined out to center. Runner on first with two outs and Angel Berroa due up.

Angel Berroa singled to left. Runners on first and second with two outs and Joey Gathright due up.

2006-09-08 17:30:17
81.   seamus
thought i'd check in. bad idea! crap!
2006-09-08 17:30:25
82.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-08 17:31:17
83.   AbbyNormal821
& thank you too, 80


2006-09-08 17:34:43
84.   randym77
Joey Gathright singled to short. On the play, Ryan Shealy scored on Jason Varitek`s error, dropping the ball on the play at the plate. Runners on first and second with two outs and David DeJesus due up.

David DeJesus grounded out to first to end the inning.

3-2 Red Sox.

2006-09-08 17:36:41
85.   RIYank
This game is going much too fast. Can't a manager come out, or somebody get injured or something? At this rate it will be over by 11 or so.
2006-09-08 17:43:36
86.   AbbyNormal821
YAY!5-3 KC!
2006-09-08 17:43:58
87.   AbbyNormal821
(may as well route for the lowly Royals!)
2006-09-08 17:48:27
88.   yankeemonkey
I have quickly grown to hate Nick Markakis.
2006-09-08 17:55:09
89.   kylepetterson
KC is turning into this years tampa.
2006-09-08 17:59:30
90.   randym77
Dodgers up 5-0 on the Mets. I know some old Brooklynites would love to see a Dodgers-Yankees WS.
2006-09-08 18:02:11
91.   RIYank
Ortiz has doubled and tripled today.

The Twinks-Tigers game is going very slowly, anybody know why?

2006-09-08 18:05:08
92.   yankeemonkey
91 Guess Ortiz's ticker is doing pretty well, eh?

Karstens is making a case for staying on the postseason roster...

2006-09-08 18:05:57
93.   singledd
Mauer is 1-1 si far. Minn's only hit. Jetes is 1-3.
2006-09-08 18:07:48
94.   AbbyNormal821
Karsten's impressed me so far as well. He's at least keeping us in the game holdin' the Birds down.
2006-09-08 18:08:14
95.   yankeemonkey
Ugh, Giambi is looking terrible these days. Why not sit him for a few days and give him a break?
2006-09-08 18:11:42
96.   randym77
95 I was wondering that myself. Why not rest him? DH Bernie tonight.
2006-09-08 18:12:28
97.   RIYank
I think Rob just struck out on ball four.

Karsten's, yes, certainly the best Yankee pitcher today. Hm, faint praise indeed.

2006-09-08 18:15:29
98.   RIYank
Mauer singles again.
Meanwhile, BoSox have second and third with nobody out, Willie Mo batting.
2006-09-08 18:16:43
99.   RIYank
Karstens: officially impressive.


2006-09-08 18:17:07
100.   AbbyNormal821
Man, A-Rod's caught what? 3 pop outs tonight?? When did he learn to do that?? :::snicker:::snicker!::::
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2006-09-08 18:18:30
101.   yankeemonkey
100 Maybe Alex read today's sports section in The Onion and it spurred him into action?
2006-09-08 18:19:28
102.   yankeemonkey
And wow, what a job by the KC pitcher! 2nd and 3rd with no outs and he gets out of it w/o giving up a run!
2006-09-08 18:19:31
103.   RIYank
Red Sox left the runners.
Lowell reached on error, Nixon doubled, but then K, pop, fly out.
2006-09-08 18:20:57
104.   AbbyNormal821
101 LOL! I stumbled upon that this afternoon as well. Funny stuff there!
2006-09-08 18:22:09
105.   GoingDeep
Karstens may be pitching himself back into the rotation. After Moose, RJ and Wang nothing is set for the postseason in terms of 4th starter. Lidle is inconsistent, Wright is Wright and Karstens has been dealing since he got recalled to Columbus. If Karstens stays hot in his next few appearances he's got to be considered as starter #4 as unlikely as it sounds.
2006-09-08 18:22:35
106.   singledd
Frank Thomas:
.275 BA
33 HRs
.935 OPS
$500,000 salary

Such a deal

2006-09-08 18:31:52
107.   AbbyNormal821
I will be OK with this loss if Boston also loses...
(praying to the baseball demons!)
2006-09-08 18:32:52
108.   AbbyNormal821
It's official - Nick Markakis needs to get clubbed a la Nancy Kerrigan!
2006-09-08 18:33:19
109.   RIYank
Ortiz just struck out to end the seventh inning.
2006-09-08 18:34:43
110.   singledd
Ryan Howard just hit #56? Amazing. Simply amazing. This guy is gonna give Pojols a run.
2006-09-08 18:37:55
111.   kylepetterson
107 I'll be more OK with it if Detroit loses.
2006-09-08 18:38:00
112.   rbj
Wow, Karstens has pitched well. 4 IP, 1 H, 2 BB, 3 K, 1 ER. Maybe have him be #4/5 starter, and use Lidle & Wright together. 4 IP for each.

Mudhens knocked out the IL pitcher of the year in the 3d, IIRC.

2006-09-08 18:39:26
113.   kylepetterson
112 Aren't you asking a lot out of Wright?
2006-09-08 18:39:27
114.   JeremyM
Shealy just tripled for KC with none out, he's looking like a good player for them.

Ryan Howard is ridiculous. MLB really needs to get behind this guy, he's an easy guy to root for.

2006-09-08 18:40:12
115.   JeremyM
6-3 KC with a man on 2nd and nobody out.
2006-09-08 18:40:23
116.   Ramone
Can I state the obvious? The odds of Howard doing this sans performing-enhancing substances is zero.

I can't stand Barry Bonds, but I don't get why people can treat him like a pariiah and then go out and pretend that Howard isn't doing the same thing.

And, yes, this game blows.

2006-09-08 18:42:18
117.   Max
Anyone notice that since Torre said that 30 games over .500 is the magical place to be, that we can't seem to get there?

Kinda like when he said that no other club had a better top 3 than we did with Moose, Wang and RJ. Since then, Moose went on the DL, Wang has been OK but scuffled a bit more, and RJ got bombed immediately after (though he's since looked better).

2006-09-08 18:44:08
118.   rbj
113 Yup. But it's not like I'm asking the impossible, like Pavano pitching a big league game for the Yankees.
2006-09-08 18:44:24
119.   randym77
116 Are you sure? Howard will be 27 in a couple of months. He's just reaching his physical peak.

While Bonds miraculously hit his physical peak when he was 37. That was pretty incriminating, IMO.

2006-09-08 18:44:58
120.   JeremyM
116 I don't know, he's not that bulky and his head looks to be pretty normal-sized. Doesn't strike me as someone using Mr. Burns Brain and Nerve Tonic. But who really knows?
2006-09-08 18:45:06
121.   RIYank
Detroit leading with Mauer hitting well, worst of both worlds.
At least Boston is taking their turn with the KC Swoon.
2006-09-08 18:45:52
122.   Eirias
Pardon my ignorance, but why such interest in the Toledo Mud Hens?
2006-09-08 18:46:02
123.   kylepetterson
118 Wait, Pavano is a pitcher? I thought he was just a myth, like Yeti, or Santa, or people who find Rosie O'Donnell entertaining....
2006-09-08 18:48:18
124.   JeremyM
123 Would you hate me if I said I liked "League of Their Own?"

Oh wait, that was despite her being in it....

2006-09-08 18:48:38
125.   rbj
122 I live in Toledo these days. Born in Jersey though. Salivating at seeing Hughes with the Clippers next year.

123 LOL

2006-09-08 18:48:50
126.   randym77
112 I think he lives in Toledo.
2006-09-08 18:49:48
127.   singledd
116 It is obvious that every player in the future who posts great numbers will be assumed to be juicing? Should we at least have some indication of wrong doing before accusing? The kid is 26, 6'-4", 250 lbs and not fat.
2006-09-08 18:51:37
128.   Eirias
125,126 Indeed
2006-09-08 18:51:47
129.   singledd
The Boston Red Sox released catcher Javy Lopez on Friday, with manager Terry Francona saying it was a matter of not having "enough at-bats for him."

We should pick him up? He's better then Salvatore, no?

2006-09-08 18:52:50
130.   Eirias
NOW is when it develops into a Yankees Classic. Any moment now!
2006-09-08 18:53:06
131.   RIYank
Another run for the Royals, 8-3 -- charged to Delcarmen, but Foulke is in.
2006-09-08 18:53:57
132.   RIYank
129 I think so. What's the down side? (He doesn't catch very well, but besides that.)
2006-09-08 18:53:58
133.   rbj
127 singledd, it is unfair to have that assumption, but MLB, the owners and players, and we fans are responsible for it, having turned a blind eye to it for years.


2006-09-08 18:54:33
134.   Max
121 I guess we really can pronounce the Red Sox dead at this point. I actually thought they could make some noise by sweeping the Royals this weekend, because the Twins and WS could easily lose the next 3, and suddenly it's only 3 games out of the wild card.

But they just don't have the pitching, and Schilling and Pap may be shut down for the season.

I'm worried about the Angels now...I'd rather deal with the Twins and Santana/Liriano, than have to deal with any more of the Halos and more Chone, more first to third, more K-Rod histrionics, more crap.

Like this game tonight which I've done everything I can to ignore.

2006-09-08 18:54:47
135.   AbbyNormal821
123 Pavano is like the "Snuffleupagus" of the Yankees. He exists, but no one but Big Bird has seen him!
2006-09-08 18:56:19
136.   AbbyNormal821
Hey...a coupla runs!
2006-09-08 18:56:51
137.   randym77
Craig Wilson mashes lefties. Have I mentioned that lately?
2006-09-08 18:58:02
138.   RIYank
134 Honestly, I'm only keeping tabs on the Sawx for one reason: it would be really fun to clinch when they're in the stadium in a week.

Whoa. Maybe this will be a Clippers Classic. Can't really be a Yankee Classic: not enough Yankees.

2006-09-08 18:58:05
139.   Eirias
I think he is calling for Proctor.
2006-09-08 18:58:48
140.   Eirias
139 It is a favor for Torre.
2006-09-08 18:59:25
141.   RIYank
Mauer singles! 3-for-3.
2006-09-08 19:01:18
142.   RIYank
Tek 2 run dinger. 8-5 in the eighth.

Sorry, I can't help it.

2006-09-08 19:01:24
143.   rbj
Wait, was that game under 3 hours? If a Yankees Os game doesn't go at least 3, does it count/exist?
2006-09-08 19:08:10
144.   RIYank
Boston scores, 8-6, tying run at the plate.
The Royals are apparently conceding the game (i.e., Gobble is up in the pen).

Twins have taken the lead. So at least one thing is going right.

2006-09-08 19:09:14
145.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hey uh... was that Craig Wilson???
2006-09-08 19:09:46
146.   3rd gen yankee fan

130 A big fat Yankee Classic turd.

2006-09-08 19:12:37
147.   yankeemonkey
Royals are the suckiest group of sucks who ever sucked.
2006-09-08 19:13:16
148.   pistolpete
Oh crap, here comes Bahstan.
2006-09-08 19:16:00
149.   AbbyNormal821
Are the f*cking Royals f*cking KIDDING ME?
2006-09-08 19:16:02
150.   RIYank
Here's what we love to hear: Ortiz comes to bat with the tying run at third, go-ahead run at second.
The KC bullpen: "your lead is in good hands."
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2006-09-08 19:17:22
151.   AbbyNormal821
I can't watch! I just can't - I'm digging in to my quart of Rocky Road that's in the freezer!
2006-09-08 19:20:37
152.   AbbyNormal821
Thank goodness we've got Wang tomorrow!
2006-09-08 19:20:58
153.   JeremyM
Ortiz hit it right where the SS would be. Giambi, take notes....
2006-09-08 19:21:29
154.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-08 19:22:17
155.   yankeemonkey
Well...guess we'll have to live with a 8-game lead instead of 9. I think that's doable.
2006-09-08 19:23:12
156.   RIYank
It's not over. Red Sox have Timlin warming.
2006-09-08 19:23:13
157.   JeremyM
155 There's always Timlin to blow it.
2006-09-08 19:23:48
158.   RIYank
157 There ya go, there's a man who knows his Red Sox.
2006-09-08 19:24:51
159.   RIYank
I think the Royals would be a much better team if they only had to play seven innings.
2006-09-08 19:25:35
160.   AbbyNormal821
156 157 Thank you've restored my faith! You're right - Timlin's been a bit of the side of suckage lately. Pray for a meltdown!
2006-09-08 19:26:58
161.   Max
134 Guess I jinxed it....
2006-09-08 19:27:04
162.   yankeemonkey
157 et al, I forgot Paps was out. Thanks for giving us a glimmer of hope!

...hope which will undoubtedly be crushed by a 1-2-3 inning from Timlin.

2006-09-08 19:28:22
163.   kdw
On Waldman post-game, she asked Torre about using Karstens in the post-season. He said that whatever Karstens does now is just gravy, that he has Lidle and Wright who have post-season experience and that counts for a lot with him. Sigh, sounds like there's doubt that Karstens is even on post-season roster.
2006-09-08 19:29:01
164.   Zack
Hey, now that the sox have their "regulars" back, they can make a run at the WC, and get everyone's hopes up just enough to crush them again...
2006-09-08 19:29:47
165.   Zack
163 Come on, we all know Joe, he would ALWAYS take experience over youth/talent, even if the experience is not as good...
2006-09-08 19:30:37
166.   yankeemonkey
163 Blergh. Postseason experience, my foot!

OTOH, I'm sure Cashman has some input into who goes on the PS roster, maybe he'll make Joe add Karstens or whoever if he thinks it's a good idea...

2006-09-08 19:31:46
167.   Simone
The Royals did their bit sweeping the Red Sox earlier in the season. It was only a matter of time before they reverted to form.
2006-09-08 19:32:24
168.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Well, if Wang wins tomorrow he sets a record for the first back to back days with a Taiwanese pitcher winning!!! a start in the MLB XD...

Anyone checked out the Mets game? Kuo simply destroyed them, you can see why when both he and Wang came to the states he was rated much higher, lefty with crazy fastball is always a big plus.

2006-09-08 19:34:22
169.   yankeemonkey
168 I watched the Mets game rather than suffer through the Yankeees train wreck. Kuo was absolutely terrific...didn't give up a hit until the 5th or 6th inning. Always nice to see the Mets get taken down a peg!
2006-09-08 19:34:40
170.   Max
I didn't realize Moose's start had been moved back to Tuesday, with Wright put in his place. Ugh, this could be a really ugly weekend, especially with Yankee-Killer Loewen facing us tomorrow.
2006-09-08 19:35:17
171.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oh my. Timlin meltdown?
2006-09-08 19:36:32
172.   yankeemonkey
171 Shhh, don't jinx it!
2006-09-08 19:39:53
173.   randym77
165 I dunno...I think we have a bona fide youth movement in Yankeeland these days. Torre said Melky was going to be the LFer all year, even after Matsui comes back. And look at the guys they called up. Kids, not veterans. Cannizaro instead of Menechino. Thompson instead of Crosby. Beam instead of Kris Wilson.

Maybe he'll change his mind about Karstens...

2006-09-08 19:40:18
174.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-08 19:42:23
175.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-08 19:42:36
176.   yankeemonkey
2006-09-08 19:44:16
177.   AbbyNormal821
OK - and they got rid of the big Boston guns in the last inning right?
2006-09-08 19:44:49
178.   JeremyM
Just when you think Boston gets out of it, Gathright of all people rips a double down the line that Youkillis just misses making a spectacular play on. Wow. Of course, KC's bullpen getting 3 outs here is going to be tough.
2006-09-08 19:45:10
179.   yankeemonkey
Yup. Lowell, Varitek, Kapler in the bottom of the inning.

I heart the Royals, even if they end up losing!

2006-09-08 19:47:54
180.   AbbyNormal821
Daaaayum...Tek down on 3 pitches!
2006-09-08 19:49:33
181.   3rd gen yankee fan

I love that you are such a cheerleader, Abby!

2006-09-08 19:50:31
182.   AbbyNormal821
God Bless the Royals...I take back the mean stuff I said earlier! Bless your stuck-in-the-basement-of-the-AL hearts!!!
2006-09-08 19:50:53
183.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-08 19:51:39
184.   yankeemonkey
LOL, Abby!

Booo, crappy Boston relievers!
Hooray beer (and Royals)!

2006-09-08 19:51:50
185.   Simone
Congrats to the Royals. I didn't think they had it in them.
2006-09-08 19:52:37
186.   Simone
182 Abby, hilarious!
2006-09-08 19:52:42
187.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yay beer. Time for beer.
2006-09-08 19:52:53
188.   AbbyNormal821 good!
All is still right in the world
2006-09-08 19:52:53
189.   randym77
I don't believe it. What a stake in the heart to Red Sox fans.
2006-09-08 19:53:59
190.   RIYank
Which bullpen is worse: KC, or (Boston - Pap)?

I guess KC, but not by much.

2006-09-08 19:55:42
191.   AbbyNormal821
we gonna party like it's your birthday
we gonna sip Bacardi like it's your birthday!
2006-09-08 20:00:07
192.   RIYank
Hey, "AbbyNormal" fits right in to Mel Brooks day here at Bronx Banter, huh?

Looks like the Twins have iced it. 9-4 and batting in the seventh. Mauer's up with Nick Punto on third (he tripled) with one out. Mauer three for three with a walk.
And he grounds out, the run doesn't score.

Not clutch at all.

2006-09-08 20:00:39
193.   AbbyNormal821
must dash all - have a good night and here's to a beat down of the O's tomorrow!

It's all about the Wang!

2006-09-08 20:01:36
194.   AbbyNormal821
192 Thanks RI!
2006-09-08 20:06:53
195.   pistolpete
Wow, Timline did blow it. Imagine my unbridled shock and delight!

Here's to the worm signs tomorrow!

2006-09-08 20:07:34
196.   pistolpete
Make that 'Timlin'.
2006-09-08 22:24:43
197.   Zack
waswatching reports that Melky's ops is now higher than Ichiros! Not that .765 is all that great, but still...
2006-09-08 22:25:09
198.   yankz
Damn Joe Mauer.

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