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2006-09-06 14:05
by Cliff Corcoran
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Will the Yankees pull out what should be a gimme series win tonight, or will the make like the Twins and White Sox before them and drop the three-game set to the Kansas City Spoils? Randy Johnson goes against Runevlys Hernandez to decide. Randy was excellent in his last start at home against Detroit, though his line is distorted by a two-run homer he gave up in the ninth inning with a 6-2 lead. Runelvys, meanwhile, is another one of those all-over-the-map Royals pitchers. Once considered a bright light in a youth-driven Royals rotation (check one of my earliest posts on the BRB), he is now a 28 year old disappointment with weight problems. But then he has won three of his last four and posted this line against the Blue Jays and White Sox in his last two starts: 15 IP, 12 H, 1 R, 1 HR, 3 BB, 7 K. Let's see, the Yankees mind-blowing offense got shut out last night and the execrable Hernandez has allowed just one run in his last 15 innings? That dam's gotta break tonight, no?

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2006-09-06 14:43:20
1.   Shaun P
At least Runevlys isn't an URP. ;)
2006-09-06 14:57:53
2.   randym77
Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robby Cano 2B
Bernie Williams DH
Melky Cabrera LF

Randy Johnson P

Mike Mussina

2006-09-06 14:58:41
3.   randym77
Arrgh. How did Moose's name end up on the bottom?

One of these days I'll figure out how to use cut and paste...

2006-09-06 15:02:47
4.   mehmattski
2 Clearly that should say

Mike Mussina WTFB (Watching from the Bench) or

Mike Mussina GCLIC (Getting Cory Lidle's Ice Cream) or

Mike Mussina RAFP (Resting Arm For Playoffs) or

Mike Mussina SSTJ (Sunflower Seed Tossing Judge)

2006-09-06 15:04:45
5.   kylepetterson
4 "Mike Mussina GCLIC"

And I was planning on sending in my resume tonight.

2006-09-06 15:06:57
6.   Shaun P
2 Dear Mr. Torre,

Would you play Tony Womack at DH? Of course not.

Then why, sir, do you play Bernie Williams at DH against a RHP? To date, Bernie is 'hitting' RHP at a rate of .260/.303/.392 - in other words, positively Womackian (career .273/.317/.356).

Please do not expose us Yankee fans to this kind of madness in any games that take place in October.

Kind regards

/rant off

2006-09-06 15:14:04
7.   Shaun P
7 And yes, I know that Womack got 2 ABs as a DH while with the Yanks last year.
2006-09-06 15:14:30
8.   Shaun P
Err, 7 was supposed to reference 6.
2006-09-06 15:14:57
9.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
why is Giambi playing 1b with the bad wrist ? He, Damon, Proctor, Mo should all be used sparingly down the stretch or everyday if you do not care about October....

How abour mixing in a start for Wil Nieves too....

with the day off tomorrow it would have been a nice two day break for the walking wounded...

2006-09-06 15:16:03
10.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
any news on Sheff ?

Matsui is a ringer for the Thunder tonight as they open the playoffs...nice pickup for them...

2006-09-06 15:51:54
11.   randym77
WaPo had an interesting article on the Phillies today:

Looks like the Abreu trade is the best kind of trade: one that both sides are happy with. Since giving up on the season and trading Abreu, the Phillies have gone 23-14 (a better record than the Yanks have managed since the trade). They are now a contender again, and used some of the cash they saved by dumping Abreu to buy some rent-a-players for the stretch.

2006-09-06 15:55:18
12.   Andrew Fletcher
I have no evidence but my impressions, but it seems to me the Yanks are often owned by the unknowns (hence URPs) but that they feast on the journeyman major leaguers. I've always thought that this showed that the Yankees batters come to rely very heavily on a solid scouting report, that the patient approach they espouse is most prone to either electric stuff or the unfamiliar. (Of course, electric stuff is the bane of any batting approach.)
2006-09-06 16:28:59
13.   Sliced Bread
Cliff, got a kick out of your 2003 post on the BRB, good stuff, especially this:

"Aaron Guiel, a late-May call-up, has shown power from the lead-off spot and has the highest OPS after Sweeney in their current line-up."

[6,7, er, 8] Shaun P, I love Bernie as much as anybody, but I laughed at your open letter to Joe, partialy because I agree with you re: Bernie, but mostly because the word 'Womack' still strikes me as funny.

Funny thing about Bernie this season though, just when I'm thinking he's cooked, what's Joe thinking,etc. good ol Bernie comes up big, and yes, from either side of the plate.

Considering these could possibly be his final weeks, I like seeing Bernie's name in the lineup, and for some reason I feel good about him in there tonight. Go Bernie!

As for next month, here's hoping the Trenton Thunder's ringer/DH can be our primary DH in the playoffs.

2006-09-06 16:31:52
14.   Zack
Peter Abraham reports that Torre said Matsui will only DH when he returns, great news!
2006-09-06 16:35:50
15.   RZG
12 Andrew, check out message #55 in the "Whole Lotta Nothin'" article from earlier today. Travis does a great job showing the Yanks AREN'T owned by unknowns this year.
2006-09-06 16:42:05
16.   SF Yanks
Hughes has 5 strikeouts in 2 innings. (Can't wait to see him in pinstripes)
Godzilla strikes out in 1st at bat.
2006-09-06 16:44:42
17.   wsporter
6 MFD $ 200 million plus doesn't buy the left handed stick off the bench that it used to.

I'd rather see GOB try it right handed. But Matsu will be here soon so this may be one of the last few times we see this. Maybe we should just sit back and savor the memories.

2006-09-06 16:46:47
18.   tom yf
Am I the only one who wouldn't mind a little three-way action with Kim Jones and Nancy Newman? Who's with me?!
2006-09-06 16:49:29
19.   SF Yanks
16 Make that 7 strikeouts in 3 innings.
2006-09-06 16:56:10
20.   Zack
Anyone else think its weird that Matsui is batting in the AA playoffs? Not that I mind, but doesn't it seem a bit cheap?
2006-09-06 16:57:40
21.   Eric Enders
"the execrable Hernandez"

I like that. Can we get "The Execrable Hernandez" instituted as his official nickname? Kinda like Losing Pitcher Mulcahy?

2006-09-06 16:57:54
22.   randym77
20 Yeah, I was kind of thinking that, too. I mean, jeez. It's supposed to be AA ball, and they bring Godzilla?
2006-09-06 17:00:27
23.   Travis
12 Rookies have done slightly better against the Yankees this year than "journeymen," but not that much.

Cy Young winners: 10 starts, 3-3, 4.85 ERA, 47.5 average Game Score
Cy Young votes: 21 starts, 6-12, 5.05 ERA, 47.3 average Game Score
Rookies: 23 starts, 7-8, 5.69 ERA, 43.4 average Game Score
Other: 83 starts, 23-40, 5.79 ERA, 42.8 average Game Score

Journeymen are defined here as non-rookies who have never received a Cy Young vote; it's hard to come up with an objective definition - is A.J. Burnett a journeyman? Josh Beckett?

Rookies include ROY candidates and unknowns. If someone wants to break down the list below into 2 groups, I can provide the data.

Pitcher list:
Cy Young winners: B. Colon, Glavine, Halladay (2), Martinez, J. Santana, Smoltz, Zito (3)
Cy Young votes: Buehrle, Garcia (2), Garland, T. Hudson, Lee (2), Millwood (2), Radke, Schilling (4), Wakefield (3), Washburn (2), Wells, Willis
Rookies: Baek, Corcoran, Garza, Hamels, Hills, Koronka, Lester, Loewen (3), Marcum (2), O'Connor, Pauley, Rheinecker, Sanchez, Saunders (2), Shields, Soler, Sowers, Verlander, Weaver
Other: Affeldt (2), Baker (2), Bautista, Beckett (3), Bedard, Benson (2), Bonderman (2), Burnett (2), Byrd (2), Cabrera, Chacin (2), Chen (2), Clement, R. Colon, Contreras, De La Rosa, Eaton, Elarton, Escobar (2), Fossum (2), Gonzalez, Halsey, Harden, Haren (3), Hendrickson, F. Hernandez, O. Hernandez, L. Hudson, Johnson (2), Kazmir (2), Lackey (2), Ledezma, Lidle, Lilly (3), Loe (2), Lopez (3), Mays, McClung, Meche, Moehler, Myers, Ortiz, Padilla (2), Pineiro, Ramirez, Robertson (2), Saarloos, E. Santana (2), Seo (2), Silva, Tejeda, Towers, Trachsel, Vazquez, Waechter, Westbrook

2006-09-06 17:00:47
24.   Paul in Boston
Just watched Contreras pitch to the Red Sox (and dominate them) in the bottom of the 2nd. Wow, what movement on that ball!

Why oh why didn't he do that for the Yanks?

2006-09-06 17:04:37
25.   Simone
I thought that Varitek was supposed to mystically fix the Red Sox's bad pitching. How come Snyder still sucks? Whaaa happened?
2006-09-06 17:05:43
26.   Zack
4 ip, 9 ks for Hughes against Sox AA Portland...
2006-09-06 17:07:08
27.   David
Mauer is 1 for 1; batting average up to .347
2006-09-06 17:09:10
28.   RichYF
Over at YanksfanvsSoxfan someone (obv a Sox fan) said that Matsui + Sheff < Wake + Varitek in terms of injuries and impact, etc. I was so taken aback I didn't (read: couldn't) even reply.

If Sheffsui is so worthless, why did Boston average approximately 0.35 runs/game while Ortiz and Manny were on the shelf? Then again, what do I know? I guess 50+ HR and 200+ RBI aren't that important...

2006-09-06 17:11:02
29.   Schteeve
22 It's professional baseball, not high school. The minor leagues exist in part for situations like that. Plus, nobody gives a damn about who wins the AA World Series or whatever, and the players have to step up to deal with someone like Godzilla, I have to think it's good experience for them. If they put him in a little league game, I'd see your point.
2006-09-06 17:11:42
30.   BklynBmr
OK. I want a snoozer tonight. No drama. An easy 7 run victory, 7 quick innings for Randy, and nobody gets hoit — except that rat b*stard Mauer — j/k, I want Jetes to win the crown the right way!

Let's go Yan-kees!

2006-09-06 17:12:20
31.   Schteeve
24 From time to time, he did. Then he'd allow a baserunner, and forget how to throw strikes.
2006-09-06 17:16:31
32.   SF Yanks
Matsui lines out in 2nd AB.
2006-09-06 17:16:56
33.   Zack
Anyone else also find it funny that a guy named Runevlys is having weight control problems as he gets older? Okay, sorry, I am reaching...
2006-09-06 17:26:26
34.   Schteeve
They should call him "Doesn't Run - Elvys"
2006-09-06 17:26:26
35.   Zack
You know, looking at Johnson's overall #'s, they really aren't that bad, save for his ERA. Good K to BB, far fewer hits than IP, good avg. against. Too many HRs I guess...But if you just took those #s, you would expect a far lower era I would think...
180.1 169 110 26
54 145 15 10
1.24 .247 4.94
2006-09-06 17:27:46
36.   Zack
Hughes done with his 5 IP:
5 IP, 5 H, 1ER, 1BB, 10K.

if not for a non existant offense, it would look a lot better!

2006-09-06 17:27:52
37.   Schteeve
35 Any idea what his BABIP is?
2006-09-06 17:31:11
38.   Zack
37 .282, which, if my thinking is correct, is right around average, still not terrible
2006-09-06 17:33:14
39.   singledd
White Sox finally wake up. Up 7-1 in the 4th.
2006-09-06 17:33:42
40.   BklynBmr
Mauer grounds out, 1-2, .346 (Cap .344)
2006-09-06 17:35:15
41.   Alex Belth
I'm not sure where I read this--maybe it was the Klapisch article--but one Yankee was talking about how Abreu mentally wrecks pitchers by starting out 0-2 and then working the count full. He only went to 2-2 (after starting 0-2) in his first at bat tonight but it took 9 pitches to retire him, and he hit the ball right on the screws, even though it was right at the CF.

A Rod hit the ball hard in his ground out too. Yanks should be a-scorin' some runs tonight wouldn't ya say?

2006-09-06 17:35:53
42.   Alex Belth
Hey Robbie Cano, better to be lucky than good. Nice blooper, baby. When you are hot...
2006-09-06 17:37:10
43.   randym77
29 I know, I know. But I still think it must be kind of freaky for a kid in AA to have to pitch to Godzilla.
2006-09-06 17:37:30
44.   RichYF
Okay, that's annoying. The radio broadcast player cut out for BOTH of Matsui's at-bats. I think he walked (probably intentionally), but I don't know. Anyone listening?
2006-09-06 17:39:08
45.   RichYF
Hughes still pitching in the 6th.
2006-09-06 17:40:15
46.   Alex Belth
Dag. Nice throw by DeJesus.
2006-09-06 17:40:17
47.   Zack
Well, I'll take the one run at least it won't be last night!
2006-09-06 17:40:19
48.   randym77
Wow, what a throw.
2006-09-06 17:42:47
49.   RichYF
Think Phil is a big game pitcher? 13 Ks, 6 IP. I think he's done. He just struck out the side in the 6th. Wow.
2006-09-06 17:43:22
50.   Jen
Has Michael Kay had more days off that usual this season?
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2006-09-06 17:45:26
51.   Zack
Man, nothing gets me more excited for NEXT year than getting to see more of Sir Phillip...
2006-09-06 17:45:46
52.   Schteeve
38 I think that's actually a hair below average, so the HRs must be killing him.
2006-09-06 17:46:00
53.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
who pitches in the Bronx sooner....Hughes or Pavano ?
2006-09-06 17:46:36
54.   randym77
44 According to the game log, so far Matsui has struck out, lined out, and been intentionally walked.
2006-09-06 17:46:45
55.   singledd
I don't know how poor K.C. is, but some original Royals are J. Damon, G. Dye and C. Beltran. How about that for a starting outfield?
2006-09-06 17:48:00
56.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
next year...does Torre just come out and say Wang is the #1 and risk upsetting the tempermental Big Mullet ? RJ will only get worse and Wang possibly will get better at 25...
2006-09-06 17:49:00
57.   Eirias
Gee, that Beckett trade sure worked out for the Sox.
2006-09-06 17:49:38
58.   RichYF
54 Yeah, I missed the line out and what I assumed was an IBB. Not sure how many pitches Phil has, but the radio guys say he's done. He probably threw 12 pitches to strike out the side in the 6th. Maybe less. He's that good. Radio guys said he's thrown no more than 2 change-ups. So he's just killing with 2 pitches (curve, fastball). Wow. Just wow.
2006-09-06 17:49:38
59.   Simone
55 Imagine if the wealthy Wal-Mart owner, Glass wasn't so cheap and busy pocketing the Yankees' luxury tax and had resigned those guys.
2006-09-06 17:52:19
60.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
The Tigers suuuuuuuck !
2006-09-06 17:52:46
61.   singledd
White over Red by 8-1 after 5 and a half. Red Sox pounding out 2 hits.
2006-09-06 17:54:03
62.   mikeplugh
Mauer made an out bringing his average to .344, just prior to Jeter's at bat. Had Jeter hit successfully they would be tied. Alas.
2006-09-06 17:54:16
63.   Eirias
60 Hey, if the Tigers sink to the Wild Card, I'm not going to complain.
2006-09-06 17:54:27
64.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
The AA playoffs can not be too big of a deal if Cox is off in Cuba playing in a tournament for the US instead of closing games for the Thunder.
2006-09-06 17:55:23
65.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

that is what I am hoping for as well...they are a fraud and the young arms are gassed

2006-09-06 17:59:52
66.   LI yankee
60 I wouldn't be surprised if Chicago catches them.
2006-09-06 18:00:23
67.   mikeplugh
Matsui update:

0-2, strikeout, lineout, IBB

Top 7 - Trenton 1, Portland 1

2006-09-06 18:03:44
68.   kdw
Anyone watching the Fl/Az game?
2006-09-06 18:04:39
69.   mikeplugh
Giambi update:

0 for his last 19 (.000)
5 for his last 38 (.132)

.132/.313/.211 in that 38 AB span.

2006-09-06 18:06:01
70.   Simone
Giambi has been awful. Ugh.
2006-09-06 18:06:44
71.   mikeplugh
Phil Hughes removed after 6 innings.

6 IP
5 hits
1 BB
13 Ks
1.50 ERA
1.000 WHIP
19.5 K/9
13.00 K/BB

2006-09-06 18:06:46
72.   Jim Dean
68 No, but Anibal Sanchez with a no-hitter through 8. Not that the SOx could have used him tonight. Or the 23 year-old shortstop starting behind him with an .802 OPS.

I think it's Lord Theo now - the new Sith Apprentice.

Yup, I'm a dork. Good times!

2006-09-06 18:11:46
73.   yankz
WTF is Josh Willingham talking to Sanchez?

The announcers are funny, they're trying to dance around the word.

2006-09-06 18:12:01
74.   mikeplugh
Papi Update:

Since returning from his scare...

0-6 with 3 Ks

2006-09-06 18:13:03
75.   yankz
Mauer still at .345.
2006-09-06 18:13:45
76.   LI yankee
73 Yes he is. Soriano did the same thing with Ramon Ortiz the other day
2006-09-06 18:14:44
77.   mikeplugh
RJ dominating.
2006-09-06 18:15:31
78.   yankz
77 Nothing like the Teahen-less Royals to bring back the old Randy.
2006-09-06 18:16:23
79.   mikeplugh
78 ;)
2006-09-06 18:16:56
80.   Jim Dean
72 Sorry, I'm a Nazi too.
2006-09-06 18:17:25
81.   mikeplugh
If RJ keeps this up I'm converting to Unitarianism.
2006-09-06 18:17:45
82.   mikeplugh
One out in Florida.
2006-09-06 18:18:18
83.   Simone
72 Isn't sweet that it is the Red Sox who has traded away their young prospects. It sure has shut up most of the Yankees' critics in the national media. One more out for Anibal Sanchez's no hitter.
2006-09-06 18:18:25
84.   mikeplugh
2 outs.
2006-09-06 18:18:27
85.   yankz
8.2 IP for Sanchez.
2006-09-06 18:19:27
86.   Simone
Congrats to Anibal Sanchez and the Floria Marlins. Take that boy genius Theo. LOL!
2006-09-06 18:19:28
87.   randym77
Sanchez did it!
2006-09-06 18:19:38
88.   yankz
A no -no!
2006-09-06 18:19:42
89.   mikeplugh
Sanchez gets his no hitter. How many no hitters is that in Red Sox history?

Oh...wait....uh....sorry Theo.

2006-09-06 18:20:18
90.   monkeypants
No-no for Sanchez!

And somewhere, that holocaust denier Kay is weeping.

2006-09-06 18:21:31
91.   mikeplugh
Mauer at .345 and Jeter coming to bat at .343 with a chance to tie.
2006-09-06 18:23:35
92.   Jim Dean
And Hanley gets the assist on the last out!!!
2006-09-06 18:24:21
93.   LI yankee
92 Very fitting it was hit to Hanley
2006-09-06 18:24:29
94.   monkeypants
Sterling just said that "Randy Johnson is pitching a no hitter." Nazi slave owner!!
2006-09-06 18:25:02
95.   Simone
How much are the Red Sox paying Beckett for the next 4 years? They could have Sanchez and Hanley for a song. Ha. Take that Theo and Red Sox Nation. There is no doubt in baseball schadenfreude is fun.
2006-09-06 18:25:26
96.   AbbyNormal821
Sterling is a butt-monkey!
2006-09-06 18:25:26
97.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
on the flip side Snyder tossed BP to the White Sox tonight....ha...ha..
2006-09-06 18:25:52
98.   mikeplugh
Batting title up for grabs.
2006-09-06 18:26:17
99.   C2Coke
The Captain.
2006-09-06 18:26:42
100.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yaay Jetes!
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2006-09-06 18:26:44
101.   Jim Dean
95 Pretty nice 30 mil extension they just gave him too! And when they didn't have to!

And the Cap'n leads the league in hitting!

2006-09-06 18:27:02
102.   BklynBmr
94 Kay. The poor man's Steve Phillips.
2006-09-06 18:28:12
103.   BklynBmr
Tigers lose. Right now, we're tied in the loss column at 55...
2006-09-06 18:28:41
104.   Simone
I can't stop laughing. I am so loving this situation. I can't stop thinking about how the Beckett trade was praised in the media. I always thought that Red Sox prospects were over hyped, boy I am glad to be wrong in these two instances.
2006-09-06 18:28:54
105.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Beckett, Burnett and Pavano...all NL frauds now stealing money in the AL East
2006-09-06 18:29:18
106.   Zack
Congrats to Sanchez! Don't it feel so sweet knowing how EEI is going to be blowing up tomorrow with livid Sox fans?
2006-09-06 18:29:30
107.   Simone
Yeah, the Captain.
2006-09-06 18:31:12
108.   Simone
105 Ain't that the truth. No more NL pitchers for the Yankees, Cash.
2006-09-06 18:31:43
109.   mikeplugh
1st and 2nd for Matsui in the top of the 8th. Trenton leads 2-1.
2006-09-06 18:32:33
110.   seamus
109 mats gets a hit and rbi.
2006-09-06 18:33:07
111.   Jim Dean
You know and to think without Small and Chacon, may Baby Jesus watch over their souls, last year's Yanks probably don't make the playoffs.

I shudder to think about that parallel universe with Hughes and Tabata to Florida and Willis in the Bronx in 2006.

2006-09-06 18:33:18
112.   mikeplugh
sorry...bottom of the 7th, Matsui gets an RBI single....3-1 Trenton.
2006-09-06 18:33:26
113.   Jim Dean
You know and to think without Small and Chacon, may Baby Jesus watch over their souls, last year's Yanks probably don't make the playoffs.

I shudder to think about that parallel universe with Hughes and Tabata to Florida and Willis in the Bronx in 2006.

2006-09-06 18:33:34
114.   3rd gen yankee fan
Great photo of Matsui in a Thunder uni:

2006-09-06 18:34:01
115.   AbbyNormal821
Man...RJ's pitch count is low! SICK!!!
2006-09-06 18:34:04
116.   mikeplugh
111 113 Good call on that one Jim Dean.
2006-09-06 18:36:22
117.   C2Coke
115 And his strike-out rates are high.
2006-09-06 18:36:22
118.   LI yankee
114 He looks like he's grimacing
2006-09-06 18:37:01
119.   marc
I love this quote from Matsui on an story:

"When you get hurt and see a little bit of recovery, to me, I was amazed," he said. "It proved to me that there can be fun in rehab as well."

2006-09-06 18:37:32
120.   Simone
Yeah, Matsui-san!
2006-09-06 18:37:35
121.   mikeplugh
Unit is de article don. Lick a shot.
2006-09-06 18:37:47
122.   singledd
TB comes back and beats the Twinkies. Mauer is 1-3. Detroit loses, Red Sox lose, White Sox win. If we can hold on, it's a perfect day.
2006-09-06 18:38:06
123.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Matsui and Sheff are going to make this lineup unreal in October....
2006-09-06 18:38:57
124.   mikeplugh
Yeah Giambino.

Get back on track bro.

2006-09-06 18:39:33
125.   mikeplugh
122 Add Matsui and Phil Hughes into that mix singledd.
2006-09-06 18:39:59
126.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Are you sure that quote was not from Sheff..

2006-09-06 18:40:47
127.   LI yankee
122 I'd rather have the Twins win and catch the Tigers
2006-09-06 18:41:17
128.   mehmattski
123 My friend, if you are holding your breath for Gary Sheffield, they will find you blue and very dead. It only takes six minutes without air for brain damage to set in. The kind of brain damage that causes people to think Shef will be back this year...
2006-09-06 18:41:23
129.   singledd
125 Jeez... if I do that Mike, I might get a severe case of happy feet.
2006-09-06 18:41:32
130.   Zack
Yay Jorge!
2006-09-06 18:41:37
131.   AbbyNormal821
Jorge is the bombage!!!
2006-09-06 18:41:49
132.   C2Coke
2006-09-06 18:41:51
133.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
There is possibly not 1 Royal that would make the Yanks roster....
2006-09-06 18:42:05
134.   randym77
Jorgie! Man, he smacked that one.
2006-09-06 18:42:21
135.   singledd
122 OK. I'm good.
2006-09-06 18:42:42
136.   Zack
121 Am I misreading that, or just missing something? I don't copy...
2006-09-06 18:42:46
137.   singledd
133 Except Guiel
2006-09-06 18:43:04
138.   Simone
2006-09-06 18:43:06
139.   mikeplugh
129 Nothing wrong with happy feet, man. I got 'em right now. Jorge juiced one!
2006-09-06 18:44:11
140.   Zack
I would say DeJesus could play for us...Nice catch!
2006-09-06 18:44:25
141.   randym77
Wow. DeJesus has the arm and the legs.
2006-09-06 18:44:35
142.   singledd
Now if ARod can just finally find Osama, it will be aperfect day.
2006-09-06 18:44:55
143.   C2Coke
I think Cano was robbed of at least a double.
2006-09-06 18:46:07
144.   mikeplugh
Hey singledd.

If you really want to stretch and add another plus Yankee moment from today. Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched 7 shutout innings on 70 pitches, striking out 9, including 6 straight swinging in a 1-2-3 5th and 6th innings. Yankees scout Shoichi Kida was in attendance in the VIP section.

2006-09-06 18:46:51
145.   mikeplugh
142 Best line of the day.
2006-09-06 18:47:56
146.   yankz
136 I'm guessing it's an anagram for that which shall not be spoken. Am I right?
2006-09-06 18:48:32
147.   mikeplugh
Ortiz to lead off the bottom of the 9th, down 8-1. He's 0-6 with 3 Ks in his little comeback from heart issues. Maybe ESPN will lobby to count any potential lead off home run for 8 runs to make up for lost service time.
2006-09-06 18:49:37
148.   mikeplugh
136 142 It's secret code. Look it up somewhere. ;)
2006-09-06 18:51:02
149.   mikeplugh
Thunder win. Thaaaaaaaa Thunder win!!!!!
2006-09-06 18:51:07
150.   yankz
Caution: Unit on fire.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-09-06 18:52:50
151.   Eirias
148 Urban Dictionary would have you believe Johnson is a Jamaican rude boy.
2006-09-06 18:53:41
152.   C2Coke
That's one type of fire I love seeing.
2006-09-06 18:53:48
153.   mikeplugh
151 Yes, nyabinghi
2006-09-06 18:54:25
154.   yankz
Unit's doing his best Anibal Sanchez impersonation.
2006-09-06 18:54:41
155.   Eirias
HAH, the Twins lost.
2006-09-06 18:54:45
156.   mikeplugh
Who gwon fee come tess dis man.

(Who thinks they can challenge Mr. Johnson)

2006-09-06 18:55:46
157.   Eirias
The further the Twins are away from a short post-season series the better.
2006-09-06 18:56:24
158.   mikeplugh
Papi update:

0-7, 3 Ks

2006-09-06 18:56:27
159.   Alex Belth
Fun night all around thus far for us Yankee fans, huh...?
2006-09-06 18:56:33
160.   yankz
OK, Captain coming up, for the lead...
2006-09-06 18:57:09
161.   mikeplugh
Anyone see the handsome Gameday picture of Royals pitcher Ryan Braun? I love September call ups.
2006-09-06 18:58:15
162.   Simone
161 So that is why he doesn't have a picture.
2006-09-06 18:58:26
163.   mikeplugh
It's all yours Cap. Get 'em.
2006-09-06 18:58:53
164.   Jim Dean
156 Hey Mike,

How much are you hearing as a posting fee for your boy?

Any word if the Yanks just throw a ridiculous number out there?

2006-09-06 18:59:32
165.   mikeplugh
Tigers unconditionally release Dmitri Young saying his performance wasn't up to snuff.

A little shocking.

2006-09-06 18:59:41
166.   yankz
What's the captain's hitting streak at, 17?
2006-09-06 19:00:10
167.   mehmattski
Anyone watching the Royals feed on They had a graphic of Unit's stats tonight, and then all of a sudden this giant yellow arrow appeared between "hits" and the total. Made me laugh.
2006-09-06 19:00:49
168.   Simone
165 That is seriously crazy. It must be an off field issue. No way a team would give up on a slugger like Young. He does have some type of addiction problem.
2006-09-06 19:01:17
169.   wsporter
Sanchez: NO-NO
Theo: UH OH
2006-09-06 19:01:29
170.   Alex Belth
Man is home plate umpire Charlie Relaford a pitcher's best pal tonight or what?
2006-09-06 19:01:29
171.   Jim Dean
159 Tonight just feels like the party's cemented until the post-season begins. Too many good signs all around.

If there is such a thing as karma, Proctor and Villone have already flown ahead to Baltimore.

2006-09-06 19:02:03
172.   mikeplugh
164 I'm saying at least $30 million, but the Mariners, Angels, Dodgers, Orioles, and now the Rangers are in on the action.

The Yankees may do something nuts if they really want him. I would, but a budget is still a budget. The Mariners, Orioles, and Ranngers are desperate and the Yankees aren't. The Orioles and Rangers have been known to throw stupid, absolutely outrageous, money at guys when they are back against the wall.

Yanks could go $35 million and maybe be safe. Tough to justify that kind of money, but I'm biased. I happened to think DM is going to pitch like Pedro.

2006-09-06 19:02:29
173.   LI yankee
167 Yeah I saw that. Hilarious.
2006-09-06 19:02:39
174.   Alex Belth
I was a little surprised to hear that about D. Young as well.
2006-09-06 19:03:59
175.   Alex Belth
Oh well...
2006-09-06 19:04:02
176.   C2Coke
161 What about Abreu? He came in July, yet his picture on Gameday still makes him look like a chimpanzee. For a guy batting .300 for the Yankees, I wish they would just get a photographer to some in for him.
2006-09-06 19:04:16
177.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Young was far from a model citizen not unlike his little bro' Delmon the bat tosser...
2006-09-06 19:04:25
178.   monkeypants
Damn you, Michael Kay and John Sterling.
2006-09-06 19:04:49
179.   yankz
" In play, no out recorded "

PLEASE be an error...

2006-09-06 19:04:56
180.   wsporter
167 Those holes have been doing it since the bottom of the third. What's with MLB-TV, doesn't YES get a feed anymore?
2006-09-06 19:05:05
181.   mikeplugh
174 They say "not up to snuff", but I think it's his attitude. He's a fairly good player. For the best team in the Majors to just cut a guy like that in the stretch run is unheard of.
2006-09-06 19:05:14
182.   C2Coke
I forgot about Andy Phillips...
2006-09-06 19:05:34
183.   Jim Dean
172 They don't have to give him a crazy contract on top of that. Or do they? If they don't settle on a contract, he goes back to Japan and they keep the postng fee, right?

Wow, I can't see any other team throwing out 90 mil ($35 mil + $55 mil/5 yrs.)

2006-09-06 19:05:41
184.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Abreu looks like it is a prank photo and he is doing the "cross-eyed trick", it almost looks like he could wear a monocle instead of normal eyeglasses

2006-09-06 19:05:44
185.   C2Coke
Jorge is the man.
2006-09-06 19:06:03
186.   marc
how incredibly stupid is that?
2006-09-06 19:06:46
187.   C2Coke
166 Yes, the Cap'n with 17 game hitting streak. Might be a career high, or at least very close to it.
2006-09-06 19:06:56
188.   pistolpete
183 BTW, Jim - check the 'Whole Lotta Nothin' article comments - gotcha the hi-res PDFs links posted at the end...
2006-09-06 19:07:27
189.   yankz
F'n A Randy, settle down...
2006-09-06 19:07:58
190.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I just clicked over to and they have Sanchez on his teammates shoulder with a backdrop of empty seats....need to check the attendance but those fans traditionally suck
2006-09-06 19:08:57
191.   Simone
Awww, Anibal was crying as they carried him off the field. How sweet.
2006-09-06 19:09:06
192.   mikeplugh
183 If a team pays the posting fee but can't come to an agreement with the player the fee is returned after 30 days (I think). Therefore, a team can throw $40 million at Matsuzaka if they want and play tough on the contract. If he doesn't take it he has to go back to Japan.

That would be a stupid thing to do, but technically speaking it could happen.

I think the Yanks would be safe at $35 million, plus 4 years at 9 or 10 per. It's a ton of money, but I think it's beyond worth it compared to every other free agent option out there. He'll pay for himself in Japanese marketing. They call him "Japan's Ace" over here.

2006-09-06 19:11:11
193.   singledd
172 How many Japanese pitchers have been good for 3 years of more? They are not facing the kind of power found in MLB. We need pitching, but I am leary of another huge contract on an unknown.
2006-09-06 19:11:22
194.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
12,000 in attendance for their beloved Marlins tonight...nice
2006-09-06 19:11:28
195.   C2Coke
RJ seems to be done for the night.
2006-09-06 19:12:33
196.   RIYank
Yeah, Andy!
This really is a very, very good night.
(Hi all.)
2006-09-06 19:12:45
197.   monkeypants
Phillips hits a double. Wilson moves farther down the bench.
2006-09-06 19:12:59
198.   Benjamin Kabak
I'm glad to hear that Scott Proctor is warming up. I was afraid that he might actually get a few days' rest this week.
2006-09-06 19:14:08
199.   yankz
35 million plus 4 years at 10 per? That's ridiculous...committing 75 million to a player who could be a huge flop?
2006-09-06 19:14:31
200.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

they need to tell Wilson to get his catchers mitt out of the closet for next year as we need a backup catcher and this guy is versatile and an obvious upgrade over
Sal "two slices extra cheese" Fasano....

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-06 19:14:35
201.   mikeplugh

It's a very common thing to say for those who haven't seen too much Japanese baseball actually, singledd.

There has never been a Major League pitcher from Japan who has been among the top pitchers of his generation. Nomo was already VERY damaged goods by the time he came to the Dodgers with surgery and poor control plagueing him at the end of his Japan tenure.

The best pitchers in Japan over the last 15-20 years have never left Japan, save the Olympics and WBC. Matsuzaka is Pedro Martinez to the rest of Japan's crop. His numbers and skill level is that high. If you look at guys like Kaz Ishii, Irabu, Nomo, and so're looking at Bartolo Colon, Jeff Suppan, and so forth.

2006-09-06 19:15:04
202.   C2Coke
198 Torre's big mission of ripping out EDSP's arm is not completed just yet.
2006-09-06 19:16:43
203.   singledd
Baseball tonight, TONIGHT is showing the ALL-TIME best webgems. Seems worth catching (excuse the pun).
2006-09-06 19:17:01
204.   RIYank
Holy Jorgie Jesus.
2006-09-06 19:17:15
205.   mikeplugh
199 I'm telling you that the Yankees will be VERY VERY sorry if they don't pay that money. Matsuzaka projects to a 2.75 ERA in the Majors based on the established rate of adjustment between Japan and the Majors. The metrics fairly accurately predicted Nomo's career, Ishii, Ohtsuka, and the rest.

I watch him every week yankz and I'm guaranteeing you that he's be better than anyone we've had at the front of our rotation since Clemens.

2006-09-06 19:17:34
206.   Benjamin Kabak
I'm experiencing an odd sense of deja vu.

How about we don't need Proctor in an 8-0 game?

2006-09-06 19:17:42
207.   singledd
Yup. We batter get a catcher for next year.
2006-09-06 19:17:46
208.   C2Coke RJ's fire is transferred to Jorge.
2006-09-06 19:17:52
209.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

They cannot bring him in, that is insane. What is wrong with Beam, Dotel, Veras, is the Royals lineup and they need 6 outs...

Proctor and Villone need a week off

2006-09-06 19:18:19
210.   marc
Welcome to the big leagues kid, now head back where you belong
2006-09-06 19:18:26
211.   Simone
2006-09-06 19:18:32
212.   Jim Dean
188 Got 'um - great job. I'm sure .pdf's will be fine. But I'll try to get them printed tomorrow just in case.
2006-09-06 19:18:32
213.   Benjamin Kabak
Alright! Let's go, Robbie "Batting Title" Cano!
2006-09-06 19:18:40
214.   yankz
205 OK, you seem pretty convinced...let's see it.
2006-09-06 19:20:32
215.   singledd
205 Is he a junk baller, or does he throw heat? What pitches does he have? Paying the equivalent of 18+ mil/year is outrgeous for a pitcher.
2006-09-06 19:20:47
216.   markp
BT webgems = stuff that's happened either in the past several years or in the world series and been infinitely rehashed:
Devon White's astonishing WS catch is ignored even though it happened within the past 20 years and is a much better catch the Joe Rudi's good-but-not-great catch against the wall which will be considered an all-time catch.
2006-09-06 19:21:00
217.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
is this kid not about 5'9 170 ?
2006-09-06 19:21:27
218.   RIYank
208 It happened when he picked of DeJesus. DeJesus momentarily took the fire, then Jorgie grabbed it off him.
2006-09-06 19:21:31
219.   C2Coke
198 Torre probably thinks tomorrow's off day is enough.
2006-09-06 19:21:44
220.   mikeplugh
Anyone who doubts Matsuzaka's impact really needs to browse my blog Matsuzaka Watch.

I'm not trying to pump myself up. It's not my writing that I care about y'all reading, it's the results and analysis. I write for Yankee fans, but all the major players in the Daisuke Sweepstakes have been linking to me and commenting on my content.

I've even caught the major spots media outlets pirating my info. I wasn't sure until I made a mistake in caluclating some stats, and found the mistakes in 3 or 4 places around the Big Boys articles.

I've corrected them, but it was kind of flattering to see my mistakes all over, used as "original" content.

2006-09-06 19:22:17
221.   singledd
Jetes should be with a point of Mauer, yes?
2006-09-06 19:22:54
222.   yankz
Who plays CF, Guiel? Thompson?
2006-09-06 19:23:10
223.   Schteeve
Does Posada really have a pair of three run homers tonight or am I on angel dust?
2006-09-06 19:23:54
224.   mikeplugh
Matsuzaka throws 95-96 MPH heat with movement. He throws a 92-93 MPH slider that breaks like Mussina's curveball at lefties. Wicked, viscious stuff.

He has a forkball, a nice change, and a Mariano-esque easy delivery.

He's listed at 6'0" and 187.

2006-09-06 19:24:45
225.   monkeypants
222 You know better than that. It will Bernie, of course.
2006-09-06 19:25:35
226.   randym77
I love how Guiel gets cheers from the Royals fans whenever he comes to bat. They seem to remember him very fondly.
2006-09-06 19:25:51
227.   C2Coke
223 Totally know how you feel.
2006-09-06 19:26:13
228.   mikeplugh
Top 9, Jeter gets to hit for the batting title lead.
2006-09-06 19:26:47
229.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I think the Yanks need to setup an apparent Pavano - Wright murder suicide and collect the insurance and sign this guy and his 93 mph wasabi slider

2006-09-06 19:26:57
230.   monkeypants
224 And Irabu was the Japanese Nolan Ryan. I don't disbelieve you--I'm just skeptical of Japanese players until they prove themselves. Ichiro has been everything as advertised; Matsui has never really lived up to the power reputation. Nomo was great then not so great. Kaz Matsui? Irabu?
2006-09-06 19:26:58
231.   Schteeve
227 This might be the dust talking, but Posada might be one of the most underrated players in history.
2006-09-06 19:27:43
232.   RIYank
221 One point behind. And will remain so, I guess.
2006-09-06 19:28:21
233.   monkeypants
226 Guiel in CF! Wilson moves even further down the bench as Guiel becomes Joe's supersub!
2006-09-06 19:29:08
234.   monkeypants
When does Nick Green not make an error?
2006-09-06 19:29:21
235.   Simone
Why Proctor, why?
2006-09-06 19:29:27
236.   Zack
I'm with Mikeplugh, I'd do whatever it takes to sign him. Our rotation needs a #1 next year badly. Much as I love the Wanger, I jsut don't see him being a consistent #1. But with Matsuzaka, Wanger, and, eventually, Hughes, we have three young, hopefully dominant starters...

Just quick Q: what about the high pitch counts for Matsuzaka, will that cause a problem?

2006-09-06 19:30:19
237.   Zack
Is Torre high? Why the hell is Proctor pitching?
2006-09-06 19:30:36
238.   C2Coke
231 I agree with you. I've been thinking this year that the Yanks can possibly get by without Jeter or even Mo, but Posada's been the key this year and for many years alreay. And look, he gets to sit down and rest now.
2006-09-06 19:30:42
239.   BklynBmr
Useless Math Tricks: If the score holds, the Yanks would have to average 9 runs for the remaining 24 games to hit the 1,000 mark. Or was that Proctor pitching 1,0000 innings... I dunno, something like that.

What is he doing in this game? Is there any rational explanation?

2006-09-06 19:30:42
240.   RIYank
228 No he doesn't.
Wow! His replacement lookin' good, highlight material.
2006-09-06 19:31:33
241.   Jim Dean
Exact quote from Sterling regarding Guiel in CF:

"These guys are athletes and they played all over as kids."

2006-09-06 19:32:09
242.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

it is sick that this guy is pitching...why not Veras, Dotel, Beam ,etc....

2006-09-06 19:32:19
243.   randym77
Boy, that was a funky play.

I doubt either Wilson or Guiel would be played in CF if the game were close.

Thompson is still not with the team, but once he is, he'll probably be the CF backup.

2006-09-06 19:32:21
244.   LI yankee
I'm with mikeplugh as well. Here's a youtube of his stuff:

ridiculous stuff

2006-09-06 19:32:44
245.   C2Coke
Anyone want to bet because of his performance today, Torre will have Proctor and Villon play throw and catch just for the extra practice on the flight later tonight?
2006-09-06 19:32:52
246.   BklynBmr
226 Classier crowd than Seattle or Texas, that's for sure...
2006-09-06 19:33:39
247.   mikeplugh
230 Whoever said that Irabu was the Japanese Nolan Ryan knew absolutely zero about baseball. Seriously. Nothing.

Irabu posted a hideous 1.88 K/BB rate and a 1.300ish WHIP in Japan. He isn't even a Top 10 pitcher in his own generation. In fact, he may not even be Top 15.

The sample of Japanese players to come to the US in their prime is almost zero. Players are protected by their Japanese clubs from bolting to the Majors because they don't want to lose their business to the US. If all the best homegrown players leave, NPB will collapse, so they require 9 years of major league service before a guy can leave. By that time most guys are in their early 30's and declining. They can get better money in Japan at that point, because MLB teams don't want to take the risk on an unproven aging guy. They can sign a kid from the Dominican for less money and get the upside.

The Japanese pro resigns himself to playing out his days in Japan for about 3 million a year. Matsuzaka is 25 years old. He has 8 years of service after this season because he started in the pros at 18 after winning the high school championship game on a no-hitter. He's real.

2006-09-06 19:35:08
248.   Jim Dean
I don't know if it's the giddiness tonight or 227 and 231 but I'm laughing out loud with wasabi sliders and angel dust here.
2006-09-06 19:35:40
249.   SF Yanks
Can anyone, I'm being serious, please tell me why Proctor is pitching? That has to be a reason. Like, getting too much rest is bad for him or he will get out of synch?
2006-09-06 19:35:45
250.   rmd0311
JOE ON CRACK... His arm is gonna fall off. Watch him come out again in the 9th, that would be the nail in the coffin.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-06 19:35:55
251.   mikeplugh
Yes, he has crazy pitch counts, but he's 25 and has a very good rubber arm. If he escapes the Torquemadan Japanese system after this year he'll be rescued and have a nice 10 years left on his arm.
2006-09-06 19:36:03
252.   C2Coke
But we know that's because Arod has not found Osama yet, it's not the crowds' fault.
2006-09-06 19:36:15
253.   randym77
246 Well, to be fair, Guiel did not leave the Royals. They DFA'd him.
2006-09-06 19:36:24
254.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

If you up a case in Japanese for Pavano and see if you can create some interest in Osaka for our boy Carl to get a fresh start

2006-09-06 19:36:36
255.   C2Coke
In 252, I was referring to 246.
2006-09-06 19:37:47
256.   Schteeve
So after tonight the lead is back to nine. I don't want to hear anyone worrying tomorrow about how the Sox could still catch us. It is O.V.E.R.
2006-09-06 19:38:45
257.   Schteeve
When was the last time Proctor pitched? It's been a while no?
2006-09-06 19:39:19
258.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I agree BUT can understand after the pyschological damage of 2004 ACLS how people are not the being one of those people....

2006-09-06 19:39:20
259.   BklynBmr
253 On the same tip, both teams traded A-Rod, he didn't leave as a FA.
2006-09-06 19:39:26
260.   rmd0311
"256" After today the MAGIC number is 15... We could have this CLINCHed by the time we play them or when we play them.
2006-09-06 19:39:31
261.   singledd
244 Thanks for the clip. His stuff looks good... although I'm not sure I agree with everything the announcers said.
2006-09-06 19:39:46
262.   SF Yanks
256 I Agree 100%. It ain't happenin.
2006-09-06 19:39:55
263.   pistolpete
Gotta put either Dotel or Beam in...just no need for Proctor.
2006-09-06 19:40:43
264.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I would not care if he had a month off....give the guy (and Villone) a break and pass the ball around to the others. maybe he will dust off Mo for the 9th as it is only a strain

2006-09-06 19:41:32
265.   RIYank
Proctor's run was unearned. That could have gone either way.
Hm, no, I guess it really was unearned, come to think of it.

Farns keeping his own pitch count low, nice grab.

2006-09-06 19:41:34
266.   rmd0311
the FARNS... why., REST the creaky BACK bastard.
2006-09-06 19:41:48
267.   LI yankee
264 Nope, it's Kyle "back pain" Farnsworth
2006-09-06 19:42:24
268.   mehmattski
246 Yeah, but its not like Guiel led his team to playoff apperances and was compared to the greatest hitters of all time before boiting for more money. Guiel was released...

247, et al: Mike, keep up the good work on Matsuzaka (at some point I'll learn how to spell his name without cheating). Because I think like a cynic too much, I couldn't help but think that perhaps your zeal for him might actually drive the price for him up! Seriously though, I can understand people's hesitation on Japanese players, but this is truly a special situation. While some might have expected tons of power from Hideki Matsui, the cooler heads would have expected exactly what happened- a very solid pure hitter. With Matsuzaka, one has to watch his highlights as one watches Hughes' highlights-- he's going to miss bats in the majors just as he is in Japan. I really hope he's doing that for the Yankees.

2006-09-06 19:43:07
269.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
is there any upside to Farnsworth at this point or is it what it is for two more years ?
2006-09-06 19:43:10
270.   RIYank
Oh, Rob. Now you owe Farnsworth four or five pitches.
2006-09-06 19:43:10
271.   monkeypants
247 I'll take your word for it. But I thought that I read that NPB stats translate to MLB stats sorta like AAA. Moreover, as you pooitn out, he's had a massive amount of abuse on that young arm. A ten year career for ANY pitcher coming out of AAA is rare. A very good 10 year career is even rarer. A very good 10 year career coming from a weaker hitting league after a lot of use AND justifying a big contract? I'm still a little skeptical.

Ah, Bernie in CF--that's the old Torre we know.

Sterling: "Proctor pitching tonight because he hasn't worked in a while." No comment needed.

2006-09-06 19:43:18
272.   Schteeve
Because Farns hasn't pitched in a hundred years!
2006-09-06 19:43:18
273.   Jim Dean
247 I'm with you too Mike. You've done a great service on your blog and I hope the Yanks sign him. But the cash required is crazy. It's a tough call on how much to spend - who knows if other team don't let numbers 'leak' to kick up the cost.

You know if the posting fee counts against their revenue sharing?

If not it's more tolerable, esp. since Moose and Unit are off the books in each of the next two years AND they're paying the minimum for two of their starters (Wang and Hughes).

If Clippard works out, that could be three with only Pavano make serious dough in 2008. They could have a 25 mil rotation between Matsuzaka, Pavano, Hughes, Wang, and Clippard. Not too shabby.

2006-09-06 19:43:31
274.   singledd
223 Look, we've all read Schteeve's posts, right? It's Angel dust... yes?
2006-09-06 19:43:51
275.   RIYank
Very efficient run-allowing by Farnsworth.
2006-09-06 19:44:11
276.   pistolpete
Jesus, Farnsworth - this is 'getting work in'..?
2006-09-06 19:44:53
277.   Schteeve
Seriously Farnsworth has pitched exactly one inning in the last 7 days. I'm totally fine with him coming in here to test the back and make sure he doesn't get rusty.
2006-09-06 19:45:19
278.   randym77
259 Didn't A-Rod leave Seattle as a free agent? He was traded from Texas, but the press was reporting that he wanted the trade.

Guiel was sent down to the minors, then DFA'd.

2006-09-06 19:45:54
279.   RIYank
It's very hard to keep track of the fielders. Bernie is in center?
2006-09-06 19:45:54
280.   BklynBmr
259 My bad, A-Rod did leave Seattle as a FA in 2000...

268 No argument there, but I can't see KC crowds doing that regardless. May it's because they've had little to be fired up in 30 years...

2006-09-06 19:46:02
281.   Eirias
I was outside. Why was Johnson pulled after seven innings? His pitch count doesn't seem too high.
2006-09-06 19:46:42
282.   mikeplugh
268 The thing that people need to boil Daisuke down to is his K/BB rate and it's improvement over the last 3 seasons. It mirrors Pedro at the same age range.

He throws top level Major League speed and he locates it effortlessly. Everything he throws has movement. That's the formula that breaks the level of competition argument. If you have those tools, they translate. Straight fastball guys like Irabu, for example, could K 10 guys per 9 in Japan because of the level difference, but sported a 1.9 K/BB. Nomo too. The combination of power and control is rare...even in the bigs. Look at the list of K/BB leaders.

2006-09-06 19:46:54
283.   pistolpete
278 Yup.

From baseball-reference:

"June 3, 1993: Drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the 1st round (1st pick) of the 1993 amateur draft. Player signed August 30, 1993."

"October 30, 2000: Granted Free Agency"

2006-09-06 19:47:30
284.   RIYank
Vintage Farns.
Beauty of a game, raggedy finish notwithstanding.
2006-09-06 19:47:44
285.   mikeplugh
273 The posting fee doesn't count towards revenue sharing.
2006-09-06 19:47:58
286.   BklynBmr
278 Don't get me going on the press ;-) Hicks wanted out of that deal big time...
2006-09-06 19:48:06
287.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
281 Because Proctor picked up the bullpen phone and called Torre

" the feeling in my arm is starting to come back...let me in the game"

2006-09-06 19:48:11
288.   C2Coke
281 He got tired quickly in the 7th. After all, he is 43.

So it's a good day.

2006-09-06 19:49:15
289.   Simone
247 Mike, I totally think that you are right about Matsuzaka. After the World Baseball Classic, people would be crazy to think that there isn't major league talent in Japan and Latin America. I hope the Yankees sign him because he is young and can could solidify the rotation for years to come.
2006-09-06 19:51:29
290.   mikeplugh
I gotta run to work. Half day today, so I could chat with all of you. Gotta interview prospective high school teachers for the local Prefectural Board of Education.

Fun stuff. Glad I could take in a Yankee game with you. Always a pleasure.

Go browse Matsuzaka Watch for 30-45 minutes and check the August archives for some metrics. I think I have a video clip of his 14 K performance against Hanshin in there somwhere. It might be in July, but you'll see it if you scroll through the archives. You Tube feed in the middle of the Game Recap.


2006-09-06 19:54:38
291.   monkeypants
289 Something like 25% of MLB is Latin--who doesn't think there is talent in Latin America?

The question is not if there is talent in Japan. The question is how to evaluate talent in other leagues, and thus determine how much a given star is worth (or more accurately, how much money a team should should gamble to sign a star out of the Japanese league, for example, since all signings are basically gambles).

2006-09-06 19:55:41
292.   pistolpete
288 I called it when he walked off the mound in the 6th. He looked like he was pissed he didn't give up a hit yet, and that he had to continue pitching.

Not here, but to my wife at home. And I think she might have been asleep at the time anyway.

2006-09-06 19:59:28
293.   monkeypants
268 But was Matsui's power shortage really predictable? Sure, you might figure he won't average an OPS of 1000+. But, his SLG in Japan was very high, and he hit into very few DP. Even if one expected his power to dip in the MLB, one would not have predicted 'Groundzilla".

The reality is that the game is played rather differently in Japan, and that needs to be taken into account (somehow--I don't know the answer), when eveluating Japanese leagues talent and determining reasonable contracts.

2006-09-06 19:59:29
294.   SF Yanks
287 "the feeling in my arm is starting to come back...let me in the game"

Oh that's good stuff.

2006-09-06 20:02:31
295.   pistolpete
Ken and Al are in a Japanese monster movie, apparently...
2006-09-06 20:24:19
296.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Don't know if anyone posted this already, but . . .

Hughes struck out 13 PortSawx in the EL playoff game tonight in 6 innings.

Hopefully a prelude to his domination of the senior Sawx for many years to come.

And Godzilla went 1 for 3, driving in 1 of Trenton's 3 runs, and walked once.

Trenton won.

2006-09-06 20:29:56
297.   Zack
It still pissess me off that Proctor pitched tonight. can we please let the guy rest?
2006-09-06 22:23:25
298.   tommyl
296 I saw that line on Hughes. I was surprised he went 6, I thought he'd be shut down by now. I guess because its the playoffs they let him pitch. Still dominant, nothing like a +2 K/IP.
2006-09-06 22:24:43
299.   tommyl
297 Just got in, they let Proctor pitch? Why? I mean, if we have a 99 run lead does he still come in? At this point, I'm worried his arm will literally fall off. Maybe he should say his forearm is a little sore.
2006-09-06 23:33:37
300.   joejoejoe
Scott Proctor has the most innings of any reliever in MLB, 7% more IP than 2nd, 14% more IP than 3rd most. He's the only AL reliever in the Top 15 in appearances coming in at #6. With the expanded roster I'm just not understanding Torre's bullpen choices.
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2006-09-07 19:56:25
301.   Comrade Al
Runelvys has left the building (always wanted to say that)!

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