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Moose Call
2006-09-05 11:20
by Cliff Corcoran
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Mike Mussina returns to active duty tonight to take the ball against the Royals. Mussina has now hit the disabled list in the second half of each of the last three seasons. In 2004, Moose missed nearly a month and a half in July and early August with elbow pain. After returning, it took him three starts to get up to speed, after which he dominated in six September starts (3-1, 2.14 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, 9.00 K/9, 4.20 K/BB). Last year he missed the first three weeks of September due to more elbow issues, returning in time to make just two final regular season starts, the first good but not great, the second awful, with nearly identical results in his two ALDS starts.

This year it wasn't his elbow, but a nagging groin injury that pushed Mikey Moose to the DL, and rather than three weeks or a month and a half, he's missed just the minimum 15 days. The way the schedule pans out, Mussina, who has been stuck at 13 wins since July 30, could make as many as six more regular season starts (ain't that always the way for Moose). That should be plenty of time for him to pitch himself back into a groove for the postseason, while feeling the benefits of the two-week respite. You see, Moose had a 5.14 ERA in August that was less the result of any gaudy runs-allowed totals than his increasing inability to go deep into ballgames due to both the groin and general inefficiency.

Opposing him tonight will be lefty Jorge de la Rosa, whom the Royals acquired from Milwaukee at the deadline for Tony Graffanino. De la Rosa is a hard thrower who strikes out a fair number of batters, but also walks more than his share and is thus in his fourth organization at the tender age of 25. After being converted to starting while in the Red Sox system in 2002, the Brewers put him back in the pen last year with disastrous results (8.08 BB/9). This year they used him as a swing man, giving him three starts, until the Royals mercifully took him and his 8.60 ERA off their hands. He's since made six starts for the Royals which have been a total mixed bag, but without much upside. His first AL start--6 IP, 9 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 7 K vs. Texas--remains his best. Of course he's pitched on irregular rest almost every time out (though not tonight), which may have something to do with the fact that he was just coming off the DL due to blister problems when the Royals acquired him. Dayton Moore must have gotten one hell of a scouting report on this guy.

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2006-09-05 13:41:28
1.   kylepetterson
I like KC's website: "Your team. Your town"

i.e. "We (KC Royals Management) take no responsibility for the quality of play from 'your' team."

2006-09-05 13:49:05
2.   randym77
Today the Newsday Yankees blog asks the burning question: which lineup is better, the KC Royals or the Columbus Clippers?
2006-09-05 13:56:38
3.   Cliff Corcoran
2 The Royals, that's easy. The Clippers, who are without the Kevins right now, are terrible. Like, Bubba and T-Long terrible.
2006-09-05 14:02:56
4.   jkay
Give it up for A-Rod, the AL player of the week.
2006-09-05 14:03:29
5.   kylepetterson
T-Long is going to be a trivia question one day.

"He never played for the Yankees"

Typing that out, there's some truth to it.

2006-09-05 14:03:35
6.   Cliff Corcoran
4 And he did it all in a weekend, no less.
2006-09-05 14:10:22
7.   Cliff Corcoran
Speaking of failed 2006 Yanks, the Mets just called up Kelly Stinnett in the Wil Nieves role.
2006-09-05 14:11:29
8.   randym77
LoHud reports that pitcher Sean Henn and infielder Andy Cannizaro have been called up from Columbus. Carl Pavano was moved to the 60-day DL to clear roster space.

Curious that they haven't put Kevin Reese on the 60-day DL if they need room on the roster. Is there any hope he can be back this year?

2006-09-05 14:19:01
9.   Cliff Corcoran
8 I can't believe it took them this long to put Crystal Carl on the 60-day and they finally do it for . . . Andy Cannizaro? The Clippers' no-hit, no prospects SS? I guess they have hopes of resting the infielders more, which is fine by me. Though this could also be a sign that Cairo's had a setback.

Cannizaro is a small, 27-year-old infielder who takes walks and doesn't strike out much, but that's about all he does.

I had hoped Henn, 25, would be a part of the Karstens-Rasner rotation relief corps at the beginning of the year, but he's been on and off the DL all year. A lefty, he's since been moved into the bullpen. I guess it's worth giving him a look to save Ron Villone from spontanious combustion, but there's not much to go on from this year.

2006-09-05 14:22:39
10.   Cliff Corcoran
Hey, with Pavano on the 60-day and Moose being activated, there are just three men left on the Yankees' 15-day DL. Wow!
2006-09-05 14:33:31
11.   Andrew Fletcher
I know that Pavano to the 60 day gets him off the 40 man roster -- hence the Yanks can call up Cannizaro. But my question -- is it retroactive to long long ago? I had read that Cashman hoped he might pitch out of the bullpen for the last two weeks of the season. Does this move mean he's shut down for the year, or is it just a short term 40-man roster game?
2006-09-05 14:42:00
12.   randym77
Henn doesn't inspire confidence in me. He did all right in his last appearance, but I always hold my breath when he takes the mound.

I'm kind of surprised Cannizaro was called up. Seems like the Yanks have plenty of infielders. And if an infielder was called up, I was kind of expecting it to be Menechino.

I wonder if they'll call up KT if he gets healthy in time? And I wouldn't mind seeing Sardinha get a shot. (Hawaii boy that he is. ;-) Though maybe it would be too much for him. He's been playing well, but he started the year in Trenton and was only called up because the Clippers were running out of OFers with all the Yanks' injuries.

2006-09-05 14:53:13
13.   Jim Dean
12 What can we make of the 'leap' Sardinha made on the move to Columbus? Was he injured or something in Trenton?
2006-09-05 15:01:23
14.   randym77
13 I have no clue. Maybe he was just bored in AA. Maybe it's just a fluke.

He's only 23, so he should be still improving.

2006-09-05 15:14:34
15.   JohnnyC
They're hoping Henn can salvage his career by becoming an effective lefty set-up guy...they've included him in their contingent to the Arizona Fall League this Fall. Apparently, he's throwing mid-nineties now. Of course, he started out throwing 100MPH before the surgery. And he's still only 25.
2006-09-05 15:14:59
16.   Jim Dean
14 I'd say fluke too but the sample is nice. I often wonder if some guys do better when the game speeds up. I guess we'll know more next year - that's make or break for him.
2006-09-05 15:33:02
17.   randym77
Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter DH
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robby Cano 2B
Craig Wilson 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Nick Green SS

Mike Mussina

2006-09-05 15:51:33
18.   RIYank
Hm, our Weak Line-up is looking a lot better than it used to look. I guess having Posada in there means it's not Full Bore Weak.

Jeter DH while Mauer has to catch, it's almost like Joe is giving the captain a little helping hand...

2006-09-05 15:53:07
19.   randym77
And here's the Royals:

David DeJesus CF
Mark Grudzielanek 2B
Mark Teahen 3B
Mike Sweeney DH
Emil Brown LF
Ryan Shealy 1B
Shane Costa RF
John Buck C
Andres Blanco SS

Jorge De La Rosa P

Can't say I'm sorry to see Gathright out of the lineup.

2006-09-05 16:16:52
20.   LI yankee
Great to see Moose back

Let's hope he's in his April/May form tonight and here on out

2006-09-05 16:25:09
21.   Sliced Bread
Since it's a partial house money lineup, think they'll have the season premiere of "House" on in the Yanks dugout? I know I'll be watching mostly that for the first hour of the game.
2006-09-05 16:26:38
22.   randym77
LoHud reports that Miguel Cairo and Kevin Thompson will be added to the roster this weekend.
2006-09-05 17:09:56
23.   singledd
I don't knowif Joe will do it, but once Miggy is back, I would like to see Jetes and ARod DHing every 4 or 5 games.

This year, we have an opportunity to go into the PS with fresh players, and I hope Joe makes that happen. I'm OK with 'house money' lineups, if it gives Jetes, ARod, Posada and Damon some rest.

2006-09-05 17:16:35
24.   Bama Yankee
Is the game on Extra Innings tonight?
2006-09-05 17:20:43
25.   Schteeve
Hello? 'Hello?.....Hello?'

Echo! 'Echo!....Echo!'

2006-09-05 17:22:03
26.   seamus
25 that is what it sounds like in the KC ballpark too!
2006-09-05 17:22:25
27.   LI yankee
25 I guess everyone is watching House
2006-09-05 17:23:30
28.   DJSample
Anybody remember when Steve Karsay came back from his injury at the end of the 2004 season and Torre didn't give him any chance to get some experience, build up some arm strength and at least have a shot of being a contributor to the playoffs? The same thing is happening with Dotel. I want to throw my remote at the tv now everytime I see torre trot out to the mound and continue to call on proctor, villone and farnsworth. Those guys arms are going to fall off and dotel is sitting there fresh and needing some innings.

I have no idea if Karsay would have been valuable that playoff run, but another useful arm would have been the difference between watching an exhausted Gordon and Rivera cough up leads and winning it all. We'll never know because Torre didn't give Karsay a chance.

Let's not make the same mistake twice. Give Dotel some innings and the other guys some rest.

2006-09-05 17:23:40
29.   Bama Yankee
25 Bueller... Bueller... Bueller...
2006-09-05 17:24:25
30.   randym77
Well, that was ugly.
2006-09-05 17:24:57
31.   Schteeve
28 Yep. We remember. I truly believe that Dotel still isn't all the way right.
2006-09-05 17:25:06
32.   singledd
Boy, that pitch was a real meatball.
2006-09-05 17:26:01
33.   Schteeve
30 At least Jeter doesn't have to worry about getting Pipped.
2006-09-05 17:27:52
34.   Max
I see they still haven't DFAed Green.
2006-09-05 17:30:04
35.   RIYank
I'm not watching -- just listening to Sterling.
Does Moose look good, or not? Three strike-outs, but two nasty at-bats, too.
2006-09-05 17:30:49
36.   BklynBmr
24 It's on 'Team 2' channel in my listings, which is channel 442 (Comcast Cable). Normally, IE airs on 461-469. I had to chase that one down...
2006-09-05 17:31:56
37.   Schteeve
Why does GameCast think the top of the first never happened?
2006-09-05 17:35:38
38.   RIYank
In Boston, Vazquez holding the BoSox to one run in five innings (Ortiz 0 for 2 with a K). But the ChiSox are being shut out, with just one hit... by Kason Gabbard. WTF?????
2006-09-05 17:36:56
39.   Schteeve
38 We arent the only team that struggles against the Unknown Rookie Pitcher, I guess.
2006-09-05 17:40:12
40.   Max
38 Anyone think the Red Sox can make a run at the wild card?
2006-09-05 17:43:15
41.   kylepetterson
40 I would say possible but unlikely.
2006-09-05 17:43:59
42.   RIYank
40 No, not really.
If they sweep Chicago and the Twinkies, then I'll start thinking about it.
2006-09-05 17:44:03
43.   kylepetterson
40 I would probably agree w/ BP - less than 1.2 percent chance.
2006-09-05 17:44:39
44.   Schteeve
40 I think the Sox have a giant fondue fork sticking out of their back.
2006-09-05 17:45:50
45.   Schteeve
Moose is probably only good for 6 innings tonight, being that this is his first start off the DL and the fact that he isn't exactly efficient so far. I really want to see Dotel tonight.
2006-09-05 17:46:29
46.   RIYank
Geez, what an ugly game. So far. At least to listen to.
2006-09-05 17:46:36
47.   Zack
That was terrible. Bad non-catch, then a bad throw and handle by Cano...Ugh...
2006-09-05 17:47:14
48.   singledd
That was dropped on the transfer to his throwing hand! How can they call that a NO catch?
2006-09-05 17:47:43
49.   weeping for brunnhilde
Poor fucking Mike!

ha ha hah ha

First day back on the job and the team decides to make him feel right at home by welcoming him with the fielding gaffes they're wont to make behind him!

2006-09-05 17:48:12
50.   Zack
But no big deal in the end
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2006-09-05 17:48:41
51.   Bama Yankee
36 Thanks. I can't find the Team 2 on my worthless Adelphia cable...
2006-09-05 17:56:01
52.   BklynBmr
Alright, Cap! Mauer is 0-3 so far tonight...
2006-09-05 17:56:33
53.   randym77
And Jeet pulls ahead of Mauer...
2006-09-05 17:57:05
54.   BklynBmr
Cap now leads .345 to .344
2006-09-05 17:57:49
55.   Zack
Looks like another game of major LOB
2006-09-05 17:58:15
56.   David
Jeter .345 (1 for 2)
Mauer .344 (0 for 3)
2006-09-05 17:58:40
57.   claybeez
51 On my system (Comcast) the Team channels are where the NBA package channels are. I think the same company runs all the packages.
2006-09-05 17:59:24
58.   BklynBmr
55 ... until we out-wait tonight's Cy Young artist and get into the pen. I hope...
2006-09-05 18:00:25
59.   RIYank
In Fenway, Mike Timlin is in, still a 1-0 game in the eighth inning. ChiSox squandered a two hit + one wild pitch inning earlier.
2006-09-05 18:01:08
60.   JeremyM
58 You mean Cy De La Young?
2006-09-05 18:04:22
61.   Sliced Bread
Excellent episode of "House."

And the Yanks game hasn't quite started yet, has it?

2006-09-05 18:05:49
62.   Zack
Was there ever an explanation as to what happened to Grienke?
2006-09-05 18:05:50
63.   kylepetterson
Please refrain from making too many comments about "House" as some of us Yankee fans don't live in NY and won't see it for another hour or so.
2006-09-05 18:07:21
64.   3rd gen yankee fan
60 Cy Du Jour.
2006-09-05 18:08:36
65.   singledd
Sox up 1-0, bottom 8th. Sox pouring it on with 3 hits.. but good pitching 2 games in a row.
2006-09-05 18:08:48
66.   BklynBmr
60 That has a ring to it, actually. The Yanks will probably wait until Moose hits his pitch count and is removed before they ring up 6 or 7 runs — just because...
2006-09-05 18:09:00
67.   RIYank
Inexplicably, Timlin retires the side scoreless.
2006-09-05 18:10:22
68.   RIYank
Today we do not care about Moose getting the W. We care about Jeter out-hitting Mauer.
Please make a note of it.
2006-09-05 18:10:41
69.   kylepetterson
66 well, the last thing we want is Moose getting the w.
2006-09-05 18:11:16
70.   kylepetterson
68 19 seconds!
2006-09-05 18:12:11
71.   singledd
Anybody know the last catcher to win a batting title?
2006-09-05 18:12:38
72.   BklynBmr
68 And Cano going 5-5, as well.

Seattle ties up Detroit 3-3, rain delay after 4...

2006-09-05 18:13:39
73.   singledd
Anybody think Ozzie will get fired if the White Sox miss the PS?
2006-09-05 18:14:48
74.   Cliff Corcoran
71 I think Ernie Lombardi was the only catcher ever to win a batting title, but I'd have to double check that.
2006-09-05 18:14:49
75.   BklynBmr
71 1942. Ernie Lombardi.
2006-09-05 18:17:30
76.   RIYank
Clutch strike-out by Big Papi to end the eighth. His second of the evening, he's 0 for 3 with a walk.
2006-09-05 18:18:43
77.   kylepetterson
74 That's only because I'm not a catcher.....or a pro baseball player.....or a amateur baseball player....
2006-09-05 18:19:28
78.   kylepetterson
77 "an amateur" jerk.
2006-09-05 18:19:43
79.   LI yankee
Are they showing last night's game? Looks very familiar...
2006-09-05 18:20:22
80.   Sliced Bread
63 You don't want to be the first on your block to know how Carl Pavano figures into the third season? You'll laugh, and you'll cry. I'll leave it at that.
2006-09-05 18:22:06
81.   Max
De la Rosa moving with reasonable economy through our lineup, though that walk to Cano was pretty shocking.
2006-09-05 18:22:26
82.   singledd
Sox win.
2006-09-05 18:22:54
83.   RIYank
77 Kyle, you're too modest.
2006-09-05 18:24:13
84.   BklynBmr
79 Hmmm. A 30 game winner on the mound, errors, an offense that looks like its sleep-walking and a couple of buffoons in the booth. I think you're right, it is last night's game...
2006-09-05 18:24:37
85.   RIYank
Mike Timlin gets a save?
Something must be done to restore order to the universe.
2006-09-05 18:25:25
86.   BklynBmr
82 Very funny...
2006-09-05 18:27:18
87.   Travis
74 Don't forget the immortal Bubbles Hargrave, who led the NL with a .353 batting average in 1926. Hargrave had only 365 plate appearances, but I think the requirement was 100 games played.
2006-09-05 18:27:36
88.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Oh oh, this is looking bad...
2006-09-05 18:27:44
89.   BklynBmr
When was the Yanks last triple play?
2006-09-05 18:27:49
90.   monkeypants
I'm listening on the radio--not watching on TV. Mussina sounds a little off tonight. What does it look like?
2006-09-05 18:29:30
91.   LI yankee
Mauer doubles, back up to .345
2006-09-05 18:30:05
92.   BklynBmr
Mauer doubles (1-4) .345
2006-09-05 18:31:02
93.   RIYank
TJ warming up?
Oh, because he was the big winner yesterday, now I see Joe's strategy.
2006-09-05 18:32:54
94.   BklynBmr
90 A little of the expected ring rust, but decent movement on his pitches at times. Aside from the fact that he should have a 6 run lead ;-)
2006-09-05 18:35:29
95.   randym77
Well, that could have been a lot worse.

It could have been a lot better, but it could have been a lot worse.

2006-09-05 18:37:41
96.   LI yankee
95 The Yanks are obviously just teasing them, it's all planned.
2006-09-05 18:38:05
97.   RIYank
Okay, PATIENCE now. Two walks out of the first three batters, please, so Jeter can come up with ducks on the pond and a pitcher intent on putting the ball in the zone...

Or a bloop double.

2006-09-05 18:39:11
98.   Max
95 Still pretty ugly...gets a double play to avoid serious damage, then actually lets Blanco battle him before driving in another run.

Let's just hope the "O" doesn't stay in house money mode until the eighth inning this time.

Alright, Melky...let's get things started now!

2006-09-05 18:39:17
99.   RIYank
96 Strategy.
It's nearly impossible to get a 10-run inning if you aren't losing by four runs.
2006-09-05 18:39:41
100.   BklynBmr
A bunt? Guess Joe is planning on a few 3 run HRs later on...
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2006-09-05 18:40:33
101.   Yu-Hsing Chen
nice to see Melky hitting again
2006-09-05 18:41:21
102.   JeremyM
Was it too early to pinch-hit for Green?
2006-09-05 18:42:24
103.   BklynBmr
Let's go, Cap. End this shutout now...
2006-09-05 18:43:41
104.   pistolpete
Watch Buddy Bell leave this guy in for 9 innings no matter what, just to avoid the pen...
2006-09-05 18:44:00
105.   Zack
This is an ugly, boring game...I am off to run to avoid having to watch it...
2006-09-05 18:45:23
106.   RIYank
Where's SF Yanks? We need him to go get ice cream.
2006-09-05 18:45:50
107.   Zack
Wow, we can make KC starters look like, well, like REAL starters..
2006-09-05 18:45:51
108.   JeremyM
Why are they swinging at this guy's junk? That was an awful pitch that Jeter swung at, never looked close to the zone. Oh well.
2006-09-05 18:46:10
109.   BklynBmr
Jetes back to .344
2006-09-05 18:46:47
110.   LI yankee
104 He's at 81 pitches. His arm would melt by the 9th.
2006-09-05 18:47:07
111.   Yu-Hsing Chen
just awsome, let's pray we have another 10 run inning in the wing....
2006-09-05 18:47:09
112.   Max
104 Wouldn't be hard for Bell to do so, given we're not exactly working him...
2006-09-05 18:47:31
113.   BklynBmr
108 Giambi and Abreu walk on that pitch. Jetes and Cano whiff...
2006-09-05 18:54:05
114.   BklynBmr
OK, Bobby walks. A-Rod homers and away we go...
2006-09-05 18:54:11
115.   Max
Moose settling down and doing his job, delaying the inevitable entry of Villone and Proctor.

Offense, please wake up now.

2006-09-05 18:59:04
116.   BklynBmr
Same as last night. Hittin' 'em where they are...
2006-09-05 18:59:23
117.   yankz
CANO has the Yankees' only walk?!
2006-09-05 18:59:39
118.   marc
get to the bullpen get to the bullpen get to the bullpen. Shit
2006-09-05 19:00:04
119.   BklynBmr
Finally. Now let's work this kid.
2006-09-05 19:01:16
120.   marc
A-Rod with a spectacular single. Well he's on first.
2006-09-05 19:01:21
121.   BklynBmr
4-3 Seattle, bottom 6...
2006-09-05 19:03:38
122.   yankz
He has our only TWO walks?!
2006-09-05 19:04:28
123.   marc
121 I'm trying to figure out why I should care, oh Detroit, best record?
2006-09-05 19:04:40
124.   BklynBmr
The Curse of The Blister begins...
2006-09-05 19:05:15
125.   Schteeve
The Yankees sure play long games don't they.
2006-09-05 19:05:30
126.   BklynBmr
123 Bingo. Home cooking.
2006-09-05 19:05:33
127.   LI yankee
It's bizzaro world. Royals are shutting out the Yanks, Cano has 2 walks, and Nick Green is the shortstop.
2006-09-05 19:06:09
128.   marc
all right, we induced a blister to get to ghe bullpen.
2006-09-05 19:07:45
129.   yankz
Wellemeyer's ERA is substantially lower than the starter's.
2006-09-05 19:07:55
130.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Cano has two walks!! insane.....

Hmm, here comes the doom of the Royals. their bullpen.

2006-09-05 19:10:21
131.   Cliff Corcoran
Mo's talkin' pitching with Rasner in the dugout. Me likey.
2006-09-05 19:13:21
132.   randym77
Well, A-Rod got a break there.
2006-09-05 19:15:06
133.   Cliff Corcoran
Fair enough, as Rodriguez was out at third anyway.
2006-09-05 19:15:13
134.   BklynBmr
Well that sucked.
2006-09-05 19:15:46
135.   rsmith51
I guess that is fair. The Yanks have to score 3 legitimate runs.
2006-09-05 19:17:33
136.   Max
So does this now become de la Rosa's best start as a Royal? We were at least able to scatter hits off of Luke Hudson.
2006-09-05 19:17:49
137.   marc
somehow I don't think ESPN is going to show every Giambi slumping out like they did for Alex.
2006-09-05 19:18:28
138.   JeremyM
Damn, that was nowhere close to the target there.
2006-09-05 19:18:50
139.   randym77
Well, he can't blame that one on his fielders.
2006-09-05 19:19:18
140.   JeremyM
Strike that, reverse it...I don't know what I was seeing that was right at the target.
2006-09-05 19:19:26
141.   Zack
Well, back from running I see that this game is still repulsive. Amazing how those "pesky" Royals have, save for one inning, domianted us...
2006-09-05 19:20:30
142.   randym77
Where's SF Yank? I think it's time for him to go on an ice cream run.
2006-09-05 19:20:59
143.   Zack
So who's coming in?
2006-09-05 19:21:14
144.   BklynBmr
137 Because Steve Phillips has no axe to grind with Giambi...
2006-09-05 19:23:23
145.   BklynBmr
143 The Enforcer, Bruney.
2006-09-05 19:24:08
146.   Bob Timmermann
Wow, fewer angry people here than at Dodger Thoughts.

Who woulda thunk it?

2006-09-05 19:24:48
147.   rsmith51
What inning does EDSP come in?
2006-09-05 19:27:04
148.   AbbyNormal821
Dudes...we need some o'dat "de ja vu all over again" magic from last night!!!
2006-09-05 19:28:59
149.   yankz
Um...has Guiel learned SS?
2006-09-05 19:30:04
150.   mehmattski
146 The Yankees have a much safer division lead. Check the archives; losing to the Orioles was met with much contempt a few weeks ago...

Is anyone else watching the Royals broadcast? I find the broadcast smooth and refreshing- the broadcast team is not overly homerish (which in this case means not reading everyone's salary aloud), and are in general excited about baseball. Most of all their personalities don't get in the way of watching a baseball game. I'm impressed.

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2006-09-05 19:31:20
151.   rsmith51
I think the 7th would be better than the 8th so I can go to bed earlier.
2006-09-05 19:31:58
152.   JeremyM
149 They just called up a middle-infielder today, I assume he'll make his debut.

I like the Royals announcers overall as I see a lot of their games where I'm at (a baseball wasteland) but the consensus here is that they stink:)

2006-09-05 19:32:16
153.   rsmith51
Come on, Cap'n.
2006-09-05 19:32:20
154.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Guiel double, who's going to play short? cancel DH? or Alex and put Andy in ? or that guy they just called up from 3A?
2006-09-05 19:32:58
155.   randym77
149 He's reportedly played it, though not on the major league level. However, I think they're putting in new callup Andy Cannizaro.
2006-09-05 19:33:31
156.   AbbyNormal821
151...Amen! It's like, now I have to stay up - just in case!
2006-09-05 19:35:22
157.   AbbyNormal821
2006-09-05 19:35:31
158.   yankz
2006-09-05 19:35:58
159.   Yu-Hsing Chen

Sweet jesus this is a wacky game.

2006-09-05 19:36:07
160.   randym77
So, is this guy the one good pitcher in the bullpen Senator Al was speaking of last night?
2006-09-05 19:36:13
161.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

the Royals b'cast has a funny feature called "league leaders" where they go over the top players in the AL in most categories...they are highlighting their obvious shortcomings...they should change to
"good value for the money leaders"

2006-09-05 19:36:31
162.   yankz
Down to .343 ;(
2006-09-05 19:36:57
163.   JeremyM
Jeter has really looked vulnerable to high heat tonight.
2006-09-05 19:37:14
164.   yankz
Oh yeah, I forgot this Cannizaro fellow. Let's see it.
2006-09-05 19:37:24
165.   tocho
For a moment there I thought the Royals were still in contention...

Then I realized they are not and that the Yanks will be in the playoffs.

2006-09-05 19:37:49
166.   Max
Looks like Guiel and Cano may have been the only Yanks not to share Killians with Damon after the ballgame last night....
2006-09-05 19:38:52
167.   tocho
sean henn
2006-09-05 19:39:46
168.   Cliff Corcoran
That was a wacky swing.
2006-09-05 19:39:47
169.   bobtaco
Wow, that was a crazy route that Melky took...
2006-09-05 19:39:47
170.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Tigers are losing in the 9th if anyone cares...
2006-09-05 19:39:49
171.   Max
Cannizaro and Henn? Looks like house money all the way tonight.
2006-09-05 19:40:06
172.   JeremyM
I hate our new shortstop's show on MTV.
2006-09-05 19:40:43
173.   mehmattski
Cue Torre repeating his request that he never sees Sean Henn ever again...
2006-09-05 19:40:47
174.   JeremyM
Oh wait, that's another Andy that looks like he's 12.
2006-09-05 19:41:31
175.   Yu-Hsing Chen
At least Henn finally figure out how to throw strikes... although they are drilled.
2006-09-05 19:41:32
176.   yankz
172 What is it?
2006-09-05 19:41:37
177.   Cliff Corcoran
Cannizaro's getting a lot of action taking return throws on balls hit a mile off Henn.
2006-09-05 19:41:47
178.   yankz
Do you mean Andy Milonakis?
2006-09-05 19:43:05
179.   AbbyNormal821
5 runs for that our cue???
2006-09-05 19:43:12
180.   Cliff Corcoran
174 This one's 27, the previous Andy is 28 or 29.

Good thing Henn's playing in KC, those balls would be out in a lot of other parks.

2006-09-05 19:43:45
181.   JeremyM
Yeah, I saw his DVD in Best Buy today and about puked.
2006-09-05 19:43:53
182.   Cliff Corcoran
178 Oh yeah, isn't he like 35 or something?
2006-09-05 19:46:04
183.   Yu-Hsing Chen
On the bright side, at least he's throwing strikes again, that's a good start.....
2006-09-05 19:47:18
184.   Yu-Hsing Chen
lead off walk is always a good sign...
2006-09-05 19:48:21
185.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Giambi, Mo, Damon and Proctor should grab wives and girlfriends and go on a cruise and come back in a few weeks
2006-09-05 19:49:48
186.   LI yankee
All part of the plan...
2006-09-05 19:50:51
187.   yankz
182 I believe he's 29 (maybe 30 now).
2006-09-05 19:50:55
188.   JeremyM
I'm making the drive to KC tomorrow, I hope they can get this out of their system for that game. I sat through a lot of the dreaded sweep last year. Hernandez is the same type of pitcher as the other 2, with just enough stuff to be dangerous.
2006-09-05 19:51:10
189.   Max
If Ron Burgundy were posting tonight, he would have spontaneously combusted by now. Some really ugly at bats tonight against decidedly non-elite pitching.
2006-09-05 19:52:37
190.   Yu-Hsing Chen
One of those days........ one of those days.....
2006-09-05 19:52:38
191.   JeremyM
[189} You just explained why he isn't posting. Probably happened yesterday about this time.
2006-09-05 19:56:28
192.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yahoo box score sings: "Last Play: M. Sweeney struck out, reached on wild pitch, on wild pitch"

Gee I'm familiar with this "wild pitch" song.

2006-09-05 19:56:57
193.   3rd gen yankee fan
192 * not familiar
2006-09-05 19:56:59
194.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Tigers lose....
2006-09-05 19:59:39
195.   Max
As far as waiver wire detritus goes, Wellemeyer is particularly forgettable. He's given up at least one run in 8 of his last 10 appearances. We may be seeing the highlight reel of his career tonight....he'll be able to tell his grandkids about how he staved off the Evil Empire...
2006-09-05 19:59:58
196.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I am hoping the Tigers fall to the WC as they would be great to match up with in the playoffs as the kid pitchers are starting to tire and a lot of their hitters are free swinging fakes...
2006-09-05 20:00:22
197.   Eirias
Why do they pay John Sterling?
2006-09-05 20:01:21
198.   singledd
Red Sox win, Yankees lose. Yet I'm not that upset. Wonder why that is....
2006-09-05 20:01:57
199.   Max
196 My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't mind seeing Minny take the division and fight it out with the A's, while we get the Tigers.
2006-09-05 20:05:49
200.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

hope the whole AL Central goes down to the last day with a 3 way playoff needed as well

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-05 20:06:49
201.   LI yankee
2006-09-05 20:07:46
202.   3rd gen yankee fan
you gotta be kidding me.
2006-09-05 20:07:50
203.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Fasano to SS in the 10th ?
2006-09-05 20:09:36
204.   3rd gen yankee fan
Did I miss the memo? Is this a game they absolutely have to win?
2006-09-05 20:10:39
205.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Come on... at least no shutout...
2006-09-05 20:11:01
206.   3rd gen yankee fan
okay this is really, really funny.
2006-09-05 20:11:20
207.   mehmattski
Here is where Tim McCarver would say that the "worst possible" thing to happen would be a grand slam, because it "kills the momentum".....
2006-09-05 20:11:53
208.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
love Bernie...but when Matsui and if Sheff comes back...Bernie sits next to Mattingly in October and learns how to coach
2006-09-05 20:12:26
209.   Yu-Hsing Chen
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Cap
2006-09-05 20:13:13
210.   Max
Yup, we all know the clutchy Cap never makes the final out.
2006-09-05 20:13:23
211.   3rd gen yankee fan
The Royals sure were scared there for a few minutes, I'm sure.
2006-09-05 20:13:23
212.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Jeter got a case of the A Rods there
2006-09-05 20:14:01
213.   LI yankee

Oh no! Our lead is down to 8!

2006-09-05 20:16:13
214.   JeremyM
Well, go get 'em tomorrow.
2006-09-05 20:16:41
215.   kdw
210 Pena quote put the stink eye on Jeter.
2006-09-05 20:48:54
216.   Simone
215 I thought the same thing. :)

Eh, the Yankees will get them tomorrow.

2006-09-05 22:04:31
217.   yankz
F'n A, Loewen's pitching?!

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