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Kansas City Royals
2006-09-04 12:00
by Cliff Corcoran
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When the Yankees last played Kansas City, the Royals were a historically bad ballclub. When the team bus pulled up at Yankee Stadium back in late May, the Royals had a .222 winning percentage. Had they kept up that pace, the Royals would have surpassed the 1916 Philadelphia Althetics as the worst team since the arrival of the twentieth century.

Of course, they weren't really that bad. Their Pythagorean record at the time was .261 and by June 15 they had indeed pulled their actual record up to .262, which would merely have been sixth worst since 1901. Since then, however, Royal baseball has been a whole new ballgame, as the team has played at a comparatively world-beating .466 clip.

So what changed? Well, most obviously, they fired general manager Allard Baird and replaced him with former Atlanta Braves assistant GM Dayton Moore at the end of May. Not that Moore can really be said to have been responsible for having turned the team around on his own. During his first month on the job, Moore reinstated Mark Teahen at third base, acquired Joey Gathright from the Devil Rays, claimed Todd Wellemeyer of waivers from the Marlins, bought Brandon Duckworth from the Pirates, and restored tonight's starter Luke Hudson to the rotation.

Teahen has been a revelation, hitting .318/.390/.568 with 16 homers, 58 RBIs while being a perfect 8 for 8 on the bases and playing outstanding defense, but the other moves have had minimal impact. Gathright has hit just .234/.319/.291 and been caught in five of his eleven steal attempts. Wellemeyer leads the Royals pen with a 3.98 ERA (ouch), but has walked more than he's struck out. Duckworth posted a 6.11 ERA before landing on the DL. In fact, the 29-year-old Hudson has been the second most successful of Moore's initial fixes, going 7-2 since his recall despite a 5.01 ERA.

But then, it's not fair to judge Moore on his short-term results. The Royals are such a bankrupt organization that there's very little anyone could have done with them mid-season. Rather, Moore has been the early beneficiary of a few lucky breaks, such as the 24-year-old Teahen exceeding the expectations he'd previously failed to live up to, and David DeJesus and Mike Sweeney getting healthy. That said, he does deserve credit for bringing in first baseman Ryan Shealy from the Rockies, who has since hit .312/.363/.456. With Shealy and DeJesus replacing injured underperforming vets Doug Mientkiewicz and Reggie Sanders, Sweeney replacing the underutilized Matt Stairs, and Teahen replacing miscast utility man Tony Graffanino, the Royals have shown signs of life on the field, sweeping the Red Sox in early August and going 4-2 over their last six games against Wild Card contenders Chicago and Minnesota. In Kansas City such signs of life are a major accomplishment.

Kansas City Royals

2006 Record: 51-87 (.370)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 52-86 (.375)

Manager: Buddy Bell
General Manager: Dayton Moore

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Kauffman Stadium (99/99)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • Dayton Moore replaced Allard Baird
  • Ryan Shealy replaced Doug Mientkiewicz (DL)
  • Mark Teahen (minors) replaced Tony Graffanino
  • David DeJesus (DL) replaced Reggie Sanders (DL)
  • Joey Gathright replaced Shane Costa, who was just recalled from the minors
  • Mike Sweeney (DL) replaced Matt Stairs
  • Jeff Keppinger replaced Aaron Guiel
  • Mark Redman (bereavement list) replaced Scott Elarton (DL)
  • Odalis Perez replaced Denny Bautista
  • Jorge De La Rosa replaced Jeremy Affeldt
  • Luke Hudson replaced Elmer Dessens and pushed Jimmy Gobble to the bullpen
  • Todd Wellemeyer replaced Mike Wood (DL)
  • Scott Dohmann replaced Leo Nuñez (minors)
  • Ryan Braun is a September call-up

Current Roster

1B – Ryan Shealy (R)
2B – Mark Grudzielanek (R)
SS – Angel Berroa (R)
3B – Mark Teahen (L)
C – John Buck (R)
RF – Emil Brown (R)
CF – Joey Gathright (L)
LF – David DeJesus (L)
DH – Mike Sweeney (R)


S – Andres Blanco (IF)
R – Esteban German (IF)
R – Jeff Keppinger (IF)
L – Shane Costa (CF)
L – Paul Bako (C)


L – Mark Redman
R – Luke Hudson
L – Jorge De La Rosa
R – Runelvys Hernandez
L – Odalis Perez


R – Ambiorix Burgos
L – Andy Sisco
R – Joel Peralta
L – Jimmy Gobble
R – Joe Nelson
R – Todd Wellemeyer
R – Scott Dohmann
R – Ryan Braun*

*September call-up

15-day DL: L – Doug Mientkiewicz (1B), R – Mike Wood, R – Brandon Duckworth, R – Adam Bernero
60-day DL: R – Reggie Sanders (LF), R – Scott Elarton, R – Steve Stemle,

Typical Lineup

L – David DeJesus (CF)
R – Mark Grudzielanek (2B)
L – Mark Teahen (3B)
R – Mike Sweeney (DH)
R – Emil Brown (RF)
R – Ryan Shealy (1B)
R – John Buck (C)
R – Angel Berroa (2B)
L – Joey Gathright (CF)

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2006-09-04 15:13:05
1.   randym77
Ralph Malph gets the call at 1B tonight...

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera LF
Aaron Guiel 1B

Chien-Ming Wang RHP (16-5, 3.66)

2006-09-04 15:13:11
2.   BklynBmr
I'd like to make use of the first post by laying a preeminent, jinx-whammy on Luke Hudson's perfect game.

Nice write-up, Cliff. I'd really hate to see us get sucker-punched by these guys, but as you say they are playing well lately.

Keep the pedal to the metal, Yanks!

2006-09-04 15:13:43
3.   BklynBmr
1 Hey, you beat me to it! ;-)
2006-09-04 15:15:41
4.   BklynBmr
1 You think Guiel is up for this game, or what?
2006-09-04 15:16:14
5.   randym77
Using the second post just means the jinx will be twice as effective. ;-)
2006-09-04 15:17:50
6.   randym77
Heh. I'd love to see Guiel make the Royals sorry they DFA'd him.
2006-09-04 16:43:24
7.   kdw
On his pregame show Torre says they're shutting down Mo until the end of the week to try and get the elbow/forearm thing under control. Given how reluctant they were to say there was anything wrong to start with, hopefully this is just to get him right and not a sign of anything more serious.
2006-09-04 16:46:27
8.   mikeplugh
It's a bit disconcerting to me to see Giambi in the lineup. It seems unecessary, and he is admittedly nursing a sore wrist. He is 5 for his last 31 with no home runs.

When Matsui comes back he will be DHing, so Jason will need to play the field. That will require him to be in good physical condition. The Royals shouldn't be able to win the series even with Giambi sitting, so isn't it a good time to give him a few days off? Better now than before the playoffs when you need to be in a good rhythm.

It's a bit like the strategy of bringing in your closer in a very tough spot in the 7th that could spell the game. Getting Giambi his September rest early is more important than getting it late.

2006-09-04 16:47:18
9.   rbj
runs to dark corner, curls up in fetal position, "Mo's ok. Mo's ok. Mo's ok."
2006-09-04 16:48:51
10.   mikeplugh
7 I don't think Mo is too serious. He wouldn't have pitched a few days ago, after the semi-acknowledgment that something wasn't perfect. It's a little tendonitis in the elbow that will go away with some rest.

Mo will probably have some lingering effect from the tendonitis going forward, but it shouldn't affect him too much. I'm sure he's pitched with it the playoffs. It's more a matter of dealing with the discomfort than anything else.

2006-09-04 16:52:06
11.   randym77
I don't understand why they're not resting Giambi more, either. They keep saying he's okay, but if he was really okay, he wouldn't be getting cortisone shots in his wrist.
2006-09-04 16:58:50
12.   JeremyM
Not trying to open a can of worms here, but as far as injuries go, the Yankees are awfully close to the Bush administration on Iraq.
2006-09-04 17:06:17
13.   rbj
oh good, it's the Royals feed tonight.
2006-09-04 17:07:33
14.   kdw
12 :)
2006-09-04 17:11:15
15.   LI yankee
I love the subtle messages with that Darth Vader commerical
2006-09-04 17:14:32
16.   BklynBmr
OK, who hacked the Toaster? My guess is Steve Phillips, Michael Kay or ?
2006-09-04 17:15:24
17.   rbj
15 Yup.

And the subtle knocks on the payroll start - with Abreu.

2006-09-04 17:16:08
18.   rbj
site maintainence
2006-09-04 17:18:39
19.   randym77
According to YES, it's "Star Wars" night at the stadium. Do you think they scheduled that just for us?
2006-09-04 17:20:31
20.   C2Coke
Finally, the game's on. I don't know why 8 o'clock games seem to be such a wait whereas the 10pm ones don't. The game is on.
2006-09-04 17:22:25
21.   yankz
2 Someone jinx the no-no, quick!
2006-09-04 17:22:29
22.   C2Coke
19 The Banter is now so famous.
2006-09-04 17:22:54
23.   JeremyM
Well, to quote "Star Wars," I have a bad feeling about this. I don't know, I just don't feel good about this series, and I wish Damon wouldn't have swung at that 2-0 pitch to start--they need to make this guy work.

And I'm going to game 3 on Wednesday, should've went tonight to see Chewbacca.

2006-09-04 17:22:55
24.   BklynBmr
18 Thanks.
2006-09-04 17:29:22
25.   RIYank
That wasn't a good inning at all.
Is something, er, Wrang with Chien-Ming?
2006-09-04 17:29:44
26.   C2Coke
Am I the only one have troubles with MLB.TV yet again?
2006-09-04 17:29:50
27.   LI yankee
"Darth Vader is in the house"


2006-09-04 17:30:35
28.   mikeplugh
We're going to win this game 9-3. Watch.
2006-09-04 17:30:49
29.   JeremyM
Looked inside to me.
2006-09-04 17:31:07
30.   randym77
A-Rod looks like he has a whole bag of sunflower seeds in his cheeks.
2006-09-04 17:32:23
31.   LI yankee inconsistent ump
2006-09-04 17:32:24
32.   C2Coke
25 I Hope the only problem is that he is not pitching at home.
2006-09-04 17:32:32
33.   rbj
Tough break for Hudson? It was a nice double by Jorge.
2006-09-04 17:34:19
34.   RIYank
Oh, that's right, he's just not that good on the road. C-M W.
2006-09-04 17:35:23
35.   BklynBmr
33 That KC announcer is just a Hawk Harrelson on ludes...
2006-09-04 17:35:25
36.   kdw
And Jorgie tagging up. Nice.
2006-09-04 17:41:54
37.   LI yankee
It's interesting that they only show the batter's numbers at home...
2006-09-04 17:42:35
38.   RIYank
Good play by Rob.

Now time for Guiel to start the ball rolling and make the fans pine for him.

2006-09-04 17:45:21
39.   rbj
Is it to early to mention that Hudson's throwing a one hit shutout?
2006-09-04 17:46:04
40.   BklynBmr
Helluva pitch to Guiel...

OK, JD! Let's get it goin', Yanks!

2006-09-04 17:47:28
41.   BklynBmr
39 Never too early. Especially when the opposing pitcher is throwing a shutout...
2006-09-04 17:47:55
42.   RIYank
2006-09-04 17:48:07
43.   BklynBmr
Get Bruney up...
2006-09-04 17:49:17
44.   JeremyM
Yes, I was so hoping he'd put it right up the middle after that dust-off job!
2006-09-04 17:49:19
45.   randym77
Jeter made him pay.
2006-09-04 17:49:23
46.   RIYank
Payback, buddy.
2006-09-04 17:49:28
47.   BklynBmr
Ha-ha! See what happens you mess with The Cap. I thought that liner was going to crack his cup...
2006-09-04 17:49:57
48.   BklynBmr
46 Almost better than an HR...
2006-09-04 17:51:20
49.   RIYank
43 ;-)
I think this is Farnsworth's job. Although DJ did a pretty good job himself.
2006-09-04 17:51:35
50.   singledd
As Dolly Parton would say.
Jeters hit almost turned Hudson from a rooster into a chicken.
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2006-09-04 17:52:42
51.   BklynBmr
Is this the Twins series ump crew? Gimme a break...
2006-09-04 17:53:44
52.   JeremyM
Bad umpiring tonight.
2006-09-04 17:53:47
53.   rsmith51
This umpire behind the plate is a joke. He has missed at least 5 obvious pitches.
2006-09-04 17:54:35
54.   JL25and3
12 The Yankees have always been that way about injuries. The most they'll acknowledge is that they do have a player named Mariano Rivera, and that only under pressure.
2006-09-04 17:55:42
55.   RIYank
BoSox score the first run of the game in the sixth after ChiSox IBB Manny with a runner on third and two out; Nixon comes through with a single.

But Damon does not. Grr.
I like that we're knocking on the door, but it's time to bust in in.

2006-09-04 17:55:54
56.   randym77
And Cy Hudson gets out of it.
2006-09-04 17:55:58
57.   rbj
Hudson still has a two hit shutout going.
2006-09-04 17:56:01
58.   JeremyM
Letting a starter off the ropes again.
2006-09-04 17:57:19
59.   rsmith51
Tie game Sox vs. Sox. Thome HR.
2006-09-04 17:57:26
60.   JeremyM
My God. Tavarez has a freaking shutout going.

Call me crazy, but is the only thing worse than losing a series after being up 3-0 losing a division lead up 9 games in September. Stuff like Tavarez pitching like this can make you think crazy thoughts...

2006-09-04 17:58:46
61.   rbj
As long as Mo's injury isn't as bad as Steve Irwin's, we'll be ok.

(hey, someone had to mention it.)

2006-09-04 17:58:51
62.   rsmith51
60 I doubt anything will be worse than losing a series after being up 3-0 in a series.
2006-09-04 17:59:50
63.   rsmith51
Sorry for the redundancy.
2006-09-04 18:00:09
64.   tocho
60 OK, you are Crazy!!

you CANNOT compare a short series (anything can happen in 4 games) over a full month of baseball.

not happening

2006-09-04 18:00:24
65.   RIYank
61 Ooooh.
Okay, how about that Joey Gathright? Those Rays will kill you (as Irwin might have testified).
2006-09-04 18:00:45
66.   randym77
Gathright was a pesky PITA when he was a D-ray, and he's still a pesky PITA.
2006-09-04 18:01:34
67.   rbj
65 That does sting.
2006-09-04 18:01:35
68.   pistolpete
Can I ask - why do teams like this always seem to make life miserable for the Yanks and Sox, but somehow still dwell near the bottom of the division year after year?
2006-09-04 18:01:55
69.   RIYank
Konerko doubles.
Tavares gone, Delcarmen in.
2006-09-04 18:02:04
70.   tocho
65 that's tough
2006-09-04 18:05:27
71.   rsmith51
Are the Yankees really playing the infield in against the Kansas City Royals?
2006-09-04 18:06:51
72.   Levy2020
Anyone else on MLB TV noticing that the Royals broadcast is spelling Abreu as "Abreau?"
2006-09-04 18:07:56
73.   RIYank
Johnny Hustle.
2006-09-04 18:07:57
74.   BklynBmr
Good work, Wang!
2006-09-04 18:09:09
75.   Levy2020
Also, I think it should have read:

Dayton Moore replaced Allard Baird (staggering incompetence)

2006-09-04 18:10:58
76.   RIYank
Joe Crede deposits a flair into left-center to score Konerko.
Nine pitch at-bat for Crede. 2-1 in favor of the Pale Side.
2006-09-04 18:11:01
77.   LI yankee
The announcers seemed to be proud of that fact that Teahan hit a double off Wang earlier in the year. They showed a replay of it too.
2006-09-04 18:12:53
78.   BklynBmr
78 Was that the AB where they wished he could see that same pitch again? Lordy, it must be dull around those parts...
2006-09-04 18:13:40
79.   JeremyM
Geez, lots of hard shots but all to bad spots.
2006-09-04 18:14:10
80.   BklynBmr
OK, sooner or later these ropes are going to start finding holes. We're thisclose to a big inning, I can feel it...
2006-09-04 18:14:44
81.   RIYank
Melky stranded Jorgie's double, now it's time for redemption.
2006-09-04 18:14:54
82.   LI yankee
Cano makes them pay for calling him Melky
2006-09-04 18:15:31
83.   rbj
Where's Ron Burgundy, or has his head already exploded over the fact that the freaking Royals are shutting out the Yankees.
2006-09-04 18:16:45
84.   RIYank
But Melky doesn't make anyone pay.
Now I keep thinking about Matsui.
2006-09-04 18:16:50
85.   JeremyM
Hudson is really looking tired, a quick inning for Wang would be nice right now.
2006-09-04 18:17:00
86.   pistolpete
Someone's going to tag this guy, eventually. Just pray that Wang keeps it at 1-0 and we'll be fine.
2006-09-04 18:20:37
87.   randym77
Unreal. All those Wang fans came to KC, all the way from Taiwan? Going to New York I could see, but KC isn't exactly the bright, hot center of the universe.
2006-09-04 18:21:37
88.   rbj
So why are both ESPN and #2 showing the Miami FSU game?
2006-09-04 18:23:14
89.   LI yankee
88 They call if Full Circle. Every ESPN entity out there is involved with this one game. (ESPN, Deuce, Classic, internet, phone)
2006-09-04 18:23:24
90.   JeremyM
87 Spoken like a true New Yorker:)

I'm just kidding, I have no idea where you're from randy!

2006-09-04 18:24:18
91.   Kevin Bacon
Wang Chung is a celebration around the world... even in KC.
2006-09-04 18:24:32
92.   tocho
89 even espndeportes
2006-09-04 18:25:14
93.   BklynBmr
Good to see A-Rod's offense hasn't taken his mind off of fielding his position...
2006-09-04 18:25:14
94.   C2Coke
87 I wonder about the same thing.
2006-09-04 18:26:15
95.   BklynBmr
88 Because A-Rod is back and they want none of that...
2006-09-04 18:26:37
96.   Yu-Hsing Chen
87 ahem, i'm sure there are plenty of Taiwnese students in the area and some immigrants.

And Wang looks sharp after the first inning boo boo... now if only someone get a freaken hit.....

2006-09-04 18:27:06
97.   RIYank
Guiel picks up a hit and some boos.
2006-09-04 18:27:14
98.   JeremyM
96 Guiel answers.
2006-09-04 18:27:21
99.   BklynBmr
Alright, Ralphie! Now will someone please bring him around? Thank you.
2006-09-04 18:31:00
100.   pistolpete
Jesus we can't catch a break tonight...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-09-04 18:31:01
101.   JeremyM
Shit, what was Jeter doing. Letting this guy off the hook again!
2006-09-04 18:31:02
102.   RIYank

Nice play by Teahen, though.

2006-09-04 18:31:05
103.   randym77
96 Students? You mean they have colleges in KC? (j/k)

They didn't look like immigrants or students. They looked like tourists.

2006-09-04 18:31:21
104.   monkeypants
Grrr. Rare poor baserunning decision by Jeter.
2006-09-04 18:33:01
105.   rbj
Man this ump has been so inconsistent on that inside strike.

Yea! Bobby!

2006-09-04 18:33:01
106.   JeremyM
All right, we'll take it!
2006-09-04 18:33:14
107.   pistolpete
100 I take that back, happily.
2006-09-04 18:33:15
108.   RIYank
100 There's the break you were looking for.
2006-09-04 18:33:18
109.   monkeypants
Well, there's the break 100.
2006-09-04 18:33:33
110.   Yu-Hsing Chen
finally, thank you Bobby
2006-09-04 18:35:28
111.   tocho
Giambi shaved during the game... that's hillarious
2006-09-04 18:35:45
112.   mikeplugh
Let's bust this thing open before the end of the 6th. Time to victimize a bullpen.
2006-09-04 18:36:16
113.   randym77
111 Did he really? What, did the Boss complain?
2006-09-04 18:36:24
114.   SF Yanks
Please tell me I'm trippin. I could have sworn Giambi had his stache in his first at bat. Now its gone? Did I miss something?
2006-09-04 18:37:17
115.   rbj
F.U. KC announcers. No wonder you're in a hick cow town.
2006-09-04 18:37:32
116.   tocho
113 the 'stache is gone
2006-09-04 18:37:44
117.   randym77
Did they all decide the porn 'staches were bad luck? Damon and Wilson have shaved off theirs, too.
2006-09-04 18:37:55
118.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Now would be a good time for A-rod to pad his stats some more.
2006-09-04 18:38:49
119.   rbj
114 Maybe the catepillar moved to a warmer place. Giambi's been kinda cold lately.
2006-09-04 18:38:53
120.   pistolpete
Has A-Rod ever done anything with a pitch low and away? WHY does he continue to swing at that?!!!
2006-09-04 18:39:00
121.   JeremyM
If you squint, the little old lady behind home looks like the little old lady that sits behind home at Astros games.
2006-09-04 18:40:15
122.   tocho
117 yeah, but not DURING a game. It has to be nice to be a DH.

just hang around, hit, watch some TV, hit again, shave, hit, eat some pop corn, hit, shower and go home. Oh, and earn some good money in the process...

2006-09-04 18:40:52
123.   BklynBmr
121 Dunno about her, but I miss the ladies behind home in Toronto ;-)
2006-09-04 18:42:14
124.   SF Yanks
Raise your hand if you want Wanger to get his 17th.
2006-09-04 18:43:19
125.   tocho
124 its raised
2006-09-04 18:43:32
126.   pistolpete
Wow, Cano making some 'Jeterian' plays tonight!
2006-09-04 18:43:33
127.   rbj


2006-09-04 18:44:48
128.   LI yankee
As of right now:

Mauer .346
Jeter .344

2006-09-04 18:45:15
129.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wang's pretty efficent so far, should be able to go 7 or 8 today, so plenty of time to catch up.
2006-09-04 18:45:37
130.   Kevin Bacon
Just like mattinglys sideburns, those catepillars became a problem.
2006-09-04 18:46:51
131.   randym77
Snakes on a bleepin' plane. Gathright again. Speed kills.
2006-09-04 18:47:47
132.   pistolpete
I hate when Gathright gets on - he seems to give the Yanks fits.
2006-09-04 18:48:13
133.   BklynBmr
What an ump...
2006-09-04 18:48:30
134.   pistolpete
2006-09-04 18:48:40
135.   randym77
All right, Jorgie! Guns down the speedster.
2006-09-04 18:48:44
136.   mikeplugh
Any chance of Ortiz pinch hitting in the bottom of the 9th in Boston. Anyone know if he's with the team and cleared to play?

If he is, and it's a one run game as it is now, he should be there to go for another SportsCenter moment.

2006-09-04 18:48:47
137.   RIYank
Oh, baby.
Posada is just awesome this year.
2006-09-04 18:48:53
138.   BklynBmr
Jorgie for mayor!
2006-09-04 18:49:52
139.   RIYank
Now let's go get Wanger the win.
2006-09-04 18:50:21
140.   pistolpete
136 Ramirez leads off - if he doesn't tie it or get on, I could see it. From what I heard, though, Ortiz wasn't being cleared to play until after today (Monday).

But this is the Sawx, the same team who sent a limo for Doug Mirabelli. I won't be shocked to see him hit for Nixon.

2006-09-04 18:51:10
141.   SF Yanks
139 I second that notion.
2006-09-04 18:51:30
142.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Come on Jorge, let's score something for once.
2006-09-04 18:51:38
143.   RIYank
Manny walks on four pitches to lead off. I wonder if they'll pinch run. Not right away at least.
2006-09-04 18:51:53
144.   Dimelo
Just started watching the game, why does watching the Yanks and Royals play not feel right? I can't get charged up enough to build up some amount of hatred against them. It just feels wrong to say to myself, "Come on Yanks...kick the Royals ass. They suck".
2006-09-04 18:52:25
145.   mikeplugh
Jenks walks Ramirez and Nixon hitting.
2006-09-04 18:53:34
146.   Kevin Bacon
The Boss could get extra value out of Jorgie by slipping him into the rotation next year.
2006-09-04 18:54:09
147.   pistolpete
Jenks is blowing it in Boston. We're probably going to have to win this one tonight.
2006-09-04 18:54:25
148.   RIYank
Manny advances on Nixon's ground out (hit and run).
2006-09-04 18:55:08
149.   singledd
At Fenway, bottom of the 9th. Manny on 2nd, one out, Lowell up, 2-1 White Sox
2006-09-04 18:55:21
150.   mikeplugh
144 I get charged up about it a little because their fans, and worse their organization, paint a bullseye on the Yankees everytime they come to town. They blame the Yankees for everything wrong with their franchise. Their fans actually staged a walk out at a game a few years ago. The Evil Empire Star Wars crap.

The problem with the Royals is that they are idiots. They haven't caught on to Minnesota and Oakland's pattern. They get a lot of money in tax payments from the Yankees to support their payroll, and the Yanks sell out their Stadium everytime they visit. Instead of putting it back in the team they put it in their pockets and cry "poor us".

That's why I always feel like spanking them when we play.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-09-04 18:55:49
151.   mikeplugh
Nixon grounds out and Lowell batting. Manny on 2nd.

No Ortiz yet...

2006-09-04 18:56:16
152.   singledd
Lowell doubles. 2-2.
2006-09-04 18:56:42
153.   pistolpete
Lowell ties it.
2006-09-04 18:57:27
154.   mikeplugh
ugh. Thanks for nuthin' White Sox. Ortiz not needed.

Liriano is due back soon, so we all want to cheer for the White Sox. We can hit them. Santana and Liriano...not so much.

2006-09-04 18:57:38
155.   RIYank
Pinch runner for Lowell.
IBB for 'Tek.
Alex Cora will pinch hit! (For Kapler)
2006-09-04 18:58:21
156.   RIYank
but we're being very unfair to Aaron Guiel, ignoring him and talking about dirty sox.
2006-09-04 18:58:41
157.   Kevin Bacon
Shouldnt we be supporting the RedSawx? At 9 behind theyre no threat. Id rather get home field off the whiteSox.
2006-09-04 18:59:42
158.   BklynBmr
150 Well said, mike...

Also, wishing you great success with Baseball Japan! I'm looking forward to reading that on a regular basis.

2006-09-04 19:00:31
159.   singledd
158 We want the Whitee Sox to beat Minn for the WC.
2006-09-04 19:00:35
160.   RIYank
Mean while, two more hits squandered.
Out-hitting these guys 9 to 3.
2006-09-04 19:01:18
161.   monkeypants
157 Since Chicago would be the WC, the Yankees will automatically have home field, correct?
2006-09-04 19:01:59
162.   JeremyM
150 I forgot about that walkout. I went to a game and some idiot was wearing one of the shirts from it. Very lame. I live in Omaha, so KC is the best place for me to catch the Yanks, and I catch a lot of hell from their fans. I can't imagine what it would be like to go to Boston with a NY on my cap.
2006-09-04 19:02:01
163.   pistolpete
Once again we strand runners in our half and once again the Royals get speed on the bases early to screw with Wang.
2006-09-04 19:02:54
164.   mikeplugh
158 Thanks BK...

I'm planning a couple of things for Baseball Japan to be posted later this week. It's been crazy with the Yankee stretch run, Matsuzaka talk at a frenzy around the net, and the new blog.

Truth be told, I have those three blogs, plus Darvish Watch....a hoops blog, and a blog about my wife's pregnancy. It gets overwhelming at times with work and life, but it's fun. Keep watching at Baseball Japan and you'll see something soon.

2006-09-04 19:03:17
165.   RIYank
Extra innings in Fenway.
2006-09-04 19:03:17
166.   singledd
Tied at Fenway. Top of the 10th. Thome and Dye both out.
2006-09-04 19:04:48
167.   mikeplugh
166 Guillen is a genius.
2006-09-04 19:05:16
168.   JeremyM
Ugh. Lot of little mistakes for the Yanks tonight.
2006-09-04 19:06:59
169.   pistolpete
Good call ump.
2006-09-04 19:07:40
170.   rsmith51
166 Why are they out of the game?
2006-09-04 19:08:01
171.   RIYank
Was it a good call? Did DeJ. ever touch the plate?
2006-09-04 19:08:21
172.   Yu-Hsing Chen
some pretty crappy luck this game...
2006-09-04 19:08:29
173.   singledd
170 pinch runners
2006-09-04 19:08:42
174.   Max
So did someone say KC was going to be easy? Wang has got to be PO'd at all the opportunities the offense has blown.
2006-09-04 19:08:53
175.   rsmith51
171 Looked pretty close on the replay.
2006-09-04 19:08:53
176.   pistolpete
171 Replay says no. Singleton calling it a 'tainted' run.
2006-09-04 19:09:20
177.   randym77
Lousy call.
2006-09-04 19:10:22
178.   BklynBmr
Holy ^%#$! We're playing the Kansas City Royals, here. The call at home: just like the Coors Light commerical — "No Touch!"

20 years ago, there was a guy in my old neighborhood who had what I thought was a great line, which today applies to how the Yankees should prepare for the Royals:

"If you even have a dream about kickin' my ass, the first thing you better do when you wake up is call me and apologize."

2006-09-04 19:10:23
179.   rsmith51
Home plate ump has been having a bad day.
2006-09-04 19:10:28
180.   monkeypants
171 No--he missed the call. Ump had the right angle, but missed it, though it was close and fast.
2006-09-04 19:10:41
181.   JeremyM
Hard to say, it looked like he completely missed it one and the other he may have rubbed against the very front of the plate.

This game stinks.

2006-09-04 19:11:06
182.   Benjamin Kabak
Would it be a horrible idea to have instant reply in baseball for plays such as that one?
2006-09-04 19:12:21
183.   RIYank
ChiSox score off Timlin, but now inning's over.
2006-09-04 19:12:26
184.   singledd
Timlin holds serve. Bottom of the 10th. Tied 2-2. Top of the Sox order up.
2006-09-04 19:12:40
185.   monkeypants
182 Yes.
2006-09-04 19:12:50
186.   JeremyM
181 That was a horribly written post, I apologize.
2006-09-04 19:12:50
187.   rsmith51
182 Um, no. Of course, I think they should use a machine to call balls and strikes.
2006-09-04 19:12:53
188.   pistolpete
181 Yes but from the angle of the umpire - the last one the TV audience saw - that runner should have been called out.
2006-09-04 19:13:33
189.   RIYank
Hoo boy. Wanger is tired/rattled.
Sinker didn't sink there.
2006-09-04 19:13:35
190.   BklynBmr
164 No worries, take care of the homefront first, my friend ;-) Looking forward, nonetheless...
2006-09-04 19:13:53
191.   pistolpete
And the game unravels here, because of the idiot behind homeplate. Thanks, buddy.
2006-09-04 19:14:07
192.   JeremyM
Geez, this stinks. I hate losing to KC. Last year I caught most of the sweep in person:(
2006-09-04 19:14:26
193.   Benjamin Kabak
185 Why? There's no reason not to for particularly tough or controversial calls. I'm not saying all the time but for close plays at the plate, why not?
2006-09-04 19:15:06
194.   Yu-Hsing Chen
arrragh... 7 freaken singles....
2006-09-04 19:15:55
195.   RIYank
Whoa, Pena wins it for Boston.
I thought Chicago had scored. Gameday said so. (I was listening, but couldn't stand to hear any more of Trupiano.)
2006-09-04 19:15:59
196.   pistolpete
Over at Fenway - former Columbus Clipper Carlos Pena wins it with a walkoff.
2006-09-04 19:16:07
197.   JeremyM
And Boston wins.
2006-09-04 19:16:26
198.   Max
You're seeing what the Red Sox and other good teams have experienced...crappy team just scrapping away, getting bloops and doubles and the occasional favorable call. The game isn't over, but it is if we don't wake up and take the team seriously.
2006-09-04 19:16:49
199.   BklynBmr
191 Well, he is wearing a 'powder blue' shirt, what else should we expect?
2006-09-04 19:16:59
200.   randym77
178 I think he stole that line from Mohammed Ali.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-09-04 19:17:10
201.   monkeypants
187 Since the strike zone is relative to each batter, how would a machine be able to call balls and strikes (let alone swinging strikes)?

The ump missed a close call; it happens sometimes. Let the NFL have the always exciting instant replay review.

2006-09-04 19:17:25
202.   tocho
Hidekian throw by Melky there. I thought he was going to nail that guy...

still plenty of baseball to be played tonight, 3-1, they will come back and win.

2006-09-04 19:17:40
203.   Levy2020
I asked "Who is this Carlos Pena" and then let out a load scream of anguish five seconds later. . . . . . .

Boy the Andy Phillips experiment did not go well.

I wonder if he had MORE playing time if he could do better, but it's tought to ask for that.

2006-09-04 19:17:48
204.   joejoejoe
Joe Mauer .348
Derek Jeter .342

Who is the last Yankee to win a batting title? I'm thinking it was Bernie in a great race with Mo Vaugn down to the wire. Go Derek Sanderson Jeter!

2006-09-04 19:17:56
205.   JeremyM
202 Melky looks really tired to me.
2006-09-04 19:18:32
206.   RIYank
I guess I should have said: that was Carlos Pena.

I don't know which is better for the Yankees. I just know I enjoy it when Boston loses. On the other hand, I like the blown save by Jencks.

Come on, Tiger, go get one more for us. Game on the line now...
Nope, Tiger doesn't get the chance.

2006-09-04 19:18:38
207.   pistolpete
Hey, great timing for the first walk by Wang! :P
2006-09-04 19:19:18
208.   randym77
Amazing. It's Bruney, not Villone.
2006-09-04 19:19:43
209.   LI yankee
204 Actually at this moment it's

.346 Mauer
.344 Jeter

2006-09-04 19:20:40
210.   RIYank
This is NOT the time to bean someone in revenge.
2006-09-04 19:20:56
211.   pistolpete
198 I expect the Royals to be 'scrappy' - what drives me f#cking nuts is when they throw someone out there with a 5.60 ERA and we CAN'T SCORE MORE THAN ONE RUN.
2006-09-04 19:21:42
212.   JeremyM
Throw strikes kid.
2006-09-04 19:22:33
213.   BklynBmr
200 That wouldn't have been the first thing he stole ;-) That was part of his new repertoire after a little strech in the pen. He obviously acquired it there. Thanks for the clarification...
2006-09-04 19:22:45
214.   randym77
205 I agree. I think Melky needs some days off, like the others.

Though maybe Joe thinks he can rest all he wants when Hideki comes back...

2006-09-04 19:23:12
215.   singledd
204 Paulie won one in the 90's
2006-09-04 19:23:36
216.   pistolpete
Good job Bruney - it was obvious Berroa was trying to put 4 on the board there.
2006-09-04 19:23:46
217.   RIYank
Like that Bruney.

Okay, kept it close, go get 'im.

But no W for Wang, no matter what. :-(

2006-09-04 19:23:56
218.   tocho
2006-09-04 19:24:02
219.   pistolpete
215 1994.
2006-09-04 19:24:14
220.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Ack, shitty outting, ah well shit happens as the Yankees just seems incapable of beating crappy teams (i guess that's better than being incapable of beating good teams like say... the Tigers)
2006-09-04 19:24:53
221.   monkeypants
193 Why only close plays at home? Why not at all the bases? Why not balls and strikes? Where does one draw the line? And how many challenges would each side get?

I think replay in the NFL is mostly a disaster that at best corrects a few plays over the course of season, and at worst simply creates awful delays and ruins the flow of the game.

I don't mind a human component in sports, including unpiring, so long as the error is small. Heck, with replay maybe Jeter's HR against Baltimore doesn't count, or Giambi is called safe on Jeter's flip at home, or Reggie is called out when he stuck his ass out in '77 (or '78?).

2006-09-04 19:25:18
222.   Benjamin Kabak
Bernie won in 1998. He beat Mo Vaughn on the last day of the season.
2006-09-04 19:26:01
223.   JeremyM
OK, get this guy. Not how you do it Jeter!
2006-09-04 19:28:16
224.   randym77
I like instant replay in the NFL.

They are using it in tennis now, too. I think limiting the number of challenges allowed is key, so you don't have people challenging every little call.

2006-09-04 19:28:31
225.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Over 110 pitches and still pitching... ooookk
2006-09-04 19:28:33
226.   pistolpete
Hmm, guess the umps have a dinner date?
2006-09-04 19:29:44
227.   RIYank
Well, he's thrown 113 pitches, so presumably we get to see the bullpen next.
2006-09-04 19:29:57
228.   JeremyM
How does Luke Hudson strike out 10 Yankees? He has had good sinking action, but they have let this guy off the ropes time and time again.
2006-09-04 19:30:08
229.   pistolpete
I know it's 8.5 games, but please don't give Boston any momentum and/or hope - getting everyone back in that lineup is going to win them a LOT more games than in August.
2006-09-04 19:30:36
230.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I love it how we make bad teams look good and mediocare pitcher look like Cy young... as our 234 guy just went down in order against Hudson who is throwing 110+ pitches.. including strike outs to Giambi and Abreu...

Thankfully we get to face good teams in the playoffs

2006-09-04 19:30:51
231.   Max
Luke Hudson mowing down the top of the order. Lovely.
2006-09-04 19:31:21
232.   RIYank
2006-09-04 19:31:47
233.   monkeypants
224 But limiting challenges (like the NFL) has the potential of encouraging lazy oficiating--it puts the burden on the coaches to choose what bad calls they will challenge, and once the challenges are burned there is no check on the officiating. And to boot, you have to listent to the refs tortured explanations for why this or that call can't be overturned, usually after some five minute delay in the game!

I guess any system is imperfect, replay or not.

2006-09-04 19:32:02
234.   mikeplugh
I said it early on....Giambi has no business in the lineup right now. I'm not saying that he won't bust out and hit 3 homers tomorrow, but he's something like 5 for his last 34 and that wrist can't be okay. If we're going to crash and burn against the lousy Royals, we may as well do it with Giambi getting himself healthy, right?
2006-09-04 19:32:04
235.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Oh look it's Ron " need some more work in " Villone... this should be fun.... if you were a Royals fan...
2006-09-04 19:32:19
236.   JeremyM
229 I agree. You never know what could happen. After 2004, you never know. I know it's probably an irrational fear.
2006-09-04 19:32:59
237.   BklynBmr
'Star Wars' night and 'Luke'. KC pulled out all stops and so far it's working. F me...
2006-09-04 19:33:23
238.   Kevin Bacon
Who is the Villone charcter?
2006-09-04 19:33:38
239.   JeremyM
Villone is dead.
2006-09-04 19:33:39
240.   monkeypants
Villone has been looking pretty buned lately.
2006-09-04 19:33:49
241.   RIYank
We need to send a telepathic message to Ron Villone: DO NOT WALK LITTLE SKINNY GUYS.

Of course, he'll be scared to run on Jorgie.

2006-09-04 19:33:54
242.   Yu-Hsing Chen
237 ahahahah, against the evil empire too!!!
2006-09-04 19:34:02
243.   pistolpete
.219, Villone. Gathright is hitting .219!!!!
2006-09-04 19:34:33
244.   Kevin Bacon
Walking the speedy 9 hitter hitting .220.... great
2006-09-04 19:34:58
245.   randym77
233 You have the same check that you have without instant replay. The audience and the NFL can see the replay, and will know you screwed up.
2006-09-04 19:35:05
246.   Yu-Hsing Chen
hi, my name is Jose Veras, I've been sitting in the pen since Sept 1st!!!
2006-09-04 19:38:24
247.   Max
Villone has given up at least one earned run in seven of his last eight appearances, after giving up none in his previous seven.
2006-09-04 19:39:08
248.   BklynBmr
246 Who is this Jose Veras you speak of? ;-)
2006-09-04 19:39:48
249.   JeremyM
Stupid, stupid Torre. The man's arm is freaking fried. He has a bullpen full of guys. He had Bruney on 6 pitches. What is the problem here?
2006-09-04 19:40:07
250.   randym77
I'm suddenly remembering how we were swept by the Royals last year. We took the series against the eventual World Champion White Sox, but we were swept by the Royals.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-09-04 19:40:08
251.   RIYank
I should have skipped this game. It had disaster written on its face.
2006-09-04 19:40:13
252.   BklynBmr
247 Make that eight of nine...
2006-09-04 19:40:47
253.   Kevin Bacon
I dont want to see villone for at least 2 weeks.
2006-09-04 19:42:56
254.   Max
252 Sigh, didn't want to wax prophetic, but it is all too predictable now seeing Villone fraying at the edges...
2006-09-04 19:43:32
255.   JeremyM
Oh God, Beam. When did this become a house money game? Try Dotel or Veras who have gotten some outs in the bigs this year.
2006-09-04 19:43:41
256.   randym77
Yeah, I don't understand why Bruney didn't come back in. Joe trusts him in a jam, but not to start an inning? WTF?

Villone needs rest, Joe. This is glaringly obvious. Why did you call up half the Clippers' pitching staff if you're not going to use them to rest Villone and Proctor?

2006-09-04 19:46:01
257.   SF Yanks
Am I the only one that isn't too fond of Beam?
2006-09-04 19:46:17
258.   RIYank
Calm down, TJ.
2006-09-04 19:46:59
259.   JeremyM
257 I'm not either, but he's pretty young to be fair.
2006-09-04 19:48:15
260.   randym77
I like Beam personally. He seems like a really nice kid. And he's got good stuff. I just don't think he's ready yet. In another year or two, he could be a very good pitcher.

Right now, though, he's a house money pitcher.

2006-09-04 19:49:43
261.   SF Yanks
260 I'm glad he's nice, can he be nice down on the farm please....

CRAP, see what I mean?
2006-09-04 19:49:44
262.   RIYank

I'm looking at the bright side here: Proctor, Farnsworth, Mo, all resting resting resting.

2006-09-04 19:50:06
263.   pistolpete
Don't get it - don't get it at all. Someone show Buddy Bell the standings. Off to bed, everyone. Hopefully we can get even tomorrow.
2006-09-04 19:52:50
264.   Max
The offense pisses away chances, and now the decimated bullpen pisses it away further. And this is on a day we trotted out our ace.

Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.

2006-09-04 19:53:15
265.   mikeplugh much for this shit the bed game. We can clearly put up 10 runs in one inning against the Royals, but to even have to is a disgrace. The Twins lead the league in average, yet we hold them to a sub .600 OPS over three games, starting Lidle, Karstens, and Rasner. We put Wang on the mound against the Royals and they throw up a 5 spot on us over 7 innings, hitting .321/.355/.414. Go figure.
2006-09-04 19:53:24
266.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Let's let Andy Phillips DH, Bernie play for Melky and stick Green in for A-rod now, and hey, let's give Will Nieve some at bats!!
2006-09-04 19:53:38
267.   C2Coke
Night all. No point for me to stay awake for this game.
2006-09-04 19:55:20
268.   JeremyM
Hey, when was the last significant Yankees comeback? Tonight's as good a night as any.
2006-09-04 19:55:21
269.   mikeplugh
Let's take the head off the Royals bullpen this inning and deflate their little parade balloon.
2006-09-04 19:56:01
270.   mikeplugh
268 Agreed...but skeptical.
2006-09-04 19:57:19
271.   BklynBmr
268 I'm with ya. It starts right here, right now...

Yeeesh. 10 hits. 1 run...

2006-09-04 19:57:19
272.   mikeplugh
There we go. Way ta start it off A-Rod!
2006-09-04 19:59:16
273.   RIYank
Forgot to tell Jorgie that the game's over.
2006-09-04 19:59:34
274.   randym77
I would like to see Nieves, but this game is still too close.

Last week, Nieves had two nearly identical throwing errors in a row. Tried to gun down a runner at 2B, and sailed the throw into CF instead.

2006-09-04 20:00:22
275.   BklynBmr
Nice experience watching this broadcast. I feel like I'm an unwelcome guest in someone's (Kansas City) living room, and the ump is against me, too...

Jorgie for Senator!!

2006-09-04 20:00:26
276.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Ok, now it's time to wake up again ;) hip hip Jorge!!! as soon as Luke Skywalker leaves the game the empire strikes back!!!
2006-09-04 20:00:52
277.   JeremyM
Why did Villone and Beam come in again?
2006-09-04 20:01:24
278.   RIYank
Base hit!
Tying run at the plate now.
2006-09-04 20:01:38
279.   BklynBmr
Rockin' Robbie! Look out, Cap, someone is gaining on you for the BA title ;-)
2006-09-04 20:01:59
280.   mikeplugh
There's blood in the water boys.
2006-09-04 20:02:36
281.   RIYank
277 It's like this: "Okay guys, you're the Yankees, and these chumps have been eliminated, so we're going to spot them a four run lead and see if you can come back."
2006-09-04 20:02:53
282.   RIYank
Gobble gobble gobble gobble.
2006-09-04 20:03:05
283.   BklynBmr
Here we go, Yan-kees. Here we go...
2006-09-04 20:03:28
284.   Max
This sequence of events is what makes it even more frustrating that Villone was used, so that we now have to come back from a bigger deficit. I really like the guy, but he's been bleeding for a while, and Joe has got to see the light at some point.

At least Scotty still gives you a good outing now and then, even as his arm continue to falls off.

2006-09-04 20:04:19
285.   mikeplugh
284 I agree, but Bruney for an inning would have been better to me.
2006-09-04 20:04:49
286.   mikeplugh
So much for Guiel's Revenge.
2006-09-04 20:04:57
287.   marc
Once we got the phenom out of the game we got a great chance
2006-09-04 20:05:39
288.   Yu-Hsing Chen
285 or anyone else except Villone and Proctor...
2006-09-04 20:05:54
289.   BklynBmr
Scott Doh!man?
2006-09-04 20:06:37
290.   RIYank
A walk would be good here. This guy walks a lot of men. Unfortunately, Bernie doesn't like to walk now.
2006-09-04 20:06:49
291.   BklynBmr
286 Still two more for him to exact it...
2006-09-04 20:07:37
292.   Max
285 Agreed, but I was just making the point in light of Joe's tendency to overplay his hand with certain guys. At least overplay the hand that's been effective recently...not the one that keeps losing...

I would have rather seen Bruney had more of a leash...though I still don't trust him for more than two or three batters.

2006-09-04 20:09:56
293.   RIYank
There it is. Tying run on second.
Good work Bernie!
2006-09-04 20:10:36
294.   rsmith51
290 Bernie says "Take that, RIYank!" ;-)
2006-09-04 20:10:45
295.   JeremyM
Nice eye Bernie.
2006-09-04 20:11:48
296.   BklynBmr
290 Whew! Good call, and glad Bernie behaved himself...
2006-09-04 20:12:46
297.   RIYank
He heard me.
They check Bronx Banter in the dugout on Mattingly's laptop.
2006-09-04 20:13:23
298.   RIYank
Bang, and just like that...
2006-09-04 20:13:55
299.   rsmith51
Who thinks Jeter will bunt now?
2006-09-04 20:14:05
300.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Damon: no... I'm your father!!

Luke : noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-09-04 20:14:36
301.   BklynBmr
Now this is more like it, Yanks!
2006-09-04 20:14:37
302.   RIYank
I feel like we're all getting a reward for keeping the faith, or hanging in, or whatever it is we're doing. (Besides bitching and complaining, I mean.)
2006-09-04 20:14:40
303.   mikeplugh
268 gets the award for clairvoyance MVP today.
2006-09-04 20:15:37
304.   BklynBmr
Ding-dong KC announcer didn't get the memo about Mo...
2006-09-04 20:15:42
305.   rsmith51
302 We are merely critiquing the participants in this contest.
2006-09-04 20:16:28
306.   RIYank
299 I was afraid he would.
300 But we're Pedro's daddy. Does that mean Pedro and the Royals are brothers???
2006-09-04 20:16:36
307.   BklynBmr
302 ;-)
2006-09-04 20:16:53
308.   rsmith51
Jeet, you are a little too agressive.
2006-09-04 20:17:19
309.   RIYank
Shoulda bunted.
2006-09-04 20:17:26
310.   rsmith51
Sisco is Jeter's Daddy.
2006-09-04 20:17:31
311.   mikeplugh
Oh Captain.
2006-09-04 20:18:09
312.   mikeplugh
that hurt his clutchiness rating... ;)
2006-09-04 20:18:42
313.   RIYank
Bobby A+!
2006-09-04 20:18:50
314.   BklynBmr
Bobby Baseball!
2006-09-04 20:18:56
315.   rsmith51
I heart Bobby Abreu!
2006-09-04 20:19:06
316.   JeremyM
Thanks again, Philly! I love Bobby Abreu!
2006-09-04 20:19:15
317.   mikeplugh
Abreu deserved the TSMVP Award.

Truncated Season MVP

2006-09-04 20:19:40
318.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Thank you Bobby, Thank you.
2006-09-04 20:19:43
319.   JL25and3
My man Donuts.
2006-09-04 20:20:16
320.   rsmith51
317 Tenatively called the "David Justice" Award.
2006-09-04 20:20:16
321.   marc
Sterling went into his home run call but I'll happily take the double
2006-09-04 20:20:59
322.   RIYank
Okay, Alex. Big run.

I mean, uh, this one doesn't really matter.

2006-09-04 20:21:21
323.   rsmith51
ARod started this inning with a single. I believe that is clutch, but I could be mistaken.
2006-09-04 20:21:28
324.   mikeplugh
Another bullpen goes down like the Hindenburg to the Yankees Lakehurst Naval Air Station....

(Too obscure?) ;)

2006-09-04 20:22:33
325.   RIYank
317 How about "The Hammer of Justice"?
2006-09-04 20:22:43
326.   mikeplugh
Giambi 5 for his last 35. .143 average.
2006-09-04 20:22:52
327.   rsmith51
324 Too obscure for me.
2006-09-04 20:23:11
328.   JL25and3
324 Oh, the humanity...

To be fair, I think the Royals bullpen does that with a lot of teams.

2006-09-04 20:23:15
329.   RIYank
324 A little too morose, maybe.
2006-09-04 20:23:34
330.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Ouch, Gobble got no one out and allowed 4 run.
2006-09-04 20:23:40
331.   rsmith51
326 Ugh, Giambi needs to get healthy.
2006-09-04 20:23:53
332.   Max
Way to go, Bobby! Awesome rally, and great to give these chumps a taste of their own medicine.

Now let's get more runs, because I don't know if our bullpen scraps can hold a two run lead for 2 innings (sad to say).

2006-09-04 20:23:58
333.   mikeplugh
325 How about the award is called the:

"David Justice TSMVP Award"

and it's shaped like the Hammer of Justice?

2006-09-04 20:24:06
334.   RIYank
Okay, Jorge, this is your chance to put yourself in the record books.
2006-09-04 20:24:26
335.   BklynBmr
JeremyM 268 — for tomorrow night's game, your money is no good here. Beverages and food are on us ;-)
2006-09-04 20:24:31
336.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I'd like to see Bernie DH and/or Phillips /Wilson more playing time.
2006-09-04 20:24:37
337.   mikeplugh
clutch walk by A-Rod.
2006-09-04 20:24:55
338.   rsmith51
So does Buddy Bell get a bonus every time he makes a pitching change? I predict there will be a new manager next year.
2006-09-04 20:25:43
339.   mikeplugh
Ambiorix Burgos sounds like a rare disease from the Congo or something.
2006-09-04 20:26:25
340.   randym77
328 Yeah, that's their weakness.

Senator Al just pointed out that that's where low-budget teams are usually the weakest. They may have good hitters and good starting pitchers, but it's very rare that they'll have more than one good reliever in the bullpen.

2006-09-04 20:27:02
341.   rsmith51
Have any switch hitters hit a homer from each side of the plate in the same inning?
2006-09-04 20:27:04
342.   BklynBmr
Please end any possibility of drama tonight, Jorgie!
2006-09-04 20:27:25
343.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Yes. Bringing in the righty gives Jorge the chance to hit homers from both sides of the plate in the same inning.
2006-09-04 20:27:32
344.   RIYank
333 See, now you're thinkin'.
2006-09-04 20:28:08
345.   Max
Quick peek at Burgo's last ten outings...he gives up or a 2 or 3 spot every third outing. He's given up no earned runs his last two he's due. :-)
2006-09-04 20:28:36
346.   BklynBmr
Not bad, Jorgie. Not bad...
2006-09-04 20:28:42
347.   RIYank
Oh, no record books for Jorgie, but pretty stinkin' good.
2006-09-04 20:29:32
348.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Jorge is a gansta today
2006-09-04 20:29:59
349.   RIYank
Oh sweeeeet, sweet Robbie.

I love this game.

2006-09-04 20:30:28
350.   JeremyM
Oh my God. What an explosion.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-09-04 20:30:34
351.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
341 via Baseball Almanac:

There have been only two instances in Major League history where players — Carlos Baerga of the Cleveland Indians on April 8, 1993 (off Steve Howe & Steve Farr) and Mark Bellhorn of the Chicago Cubs on August 29, 2002 (off Andrew Lorraine & Jose Cabrera) — hit home runs from both sides of the plate during the same exact inning.

2006-09-04 20:30:36
352.   Yu-Hsing Chen
This game has turned into a laugher.
2006-09-04 20:30:39
353.   Benjamin Kabak
The Royals are terrible. God. Awful.
2006-09-04 20:30:49
354.   randym77
Okay, now you can bring in Nieves, Andy, etc. ;-)
2006-09-04 20:31:24
355.   BklynBmr
Robinson Cano. 'Nuff said.
2006-09-04 20:32:06
356.   Max
247 345 OK, I'm done with pitching predictions for tonight. :-)
2006-09-04 20:32:11
357.   3rd gen yankee fan
Some of you guys sounded worried, earlier. ;-)
2006-09-04 20:32:18
358.   rsmith51
Now would be a good time to try out some rookies. So Farnsworth or Proctor is definitely coming in.
2006-09-04 20:32:37
359.   Kevin Bacon
Wang must be filthy.
2006-09-04 20:33:02
360.   Simone
And to think that I was contemplating calling it a night. I would have missed all the fireworks albeit over GameDay.
2006-09-04 20:33:07
361.   RIYank
353 Exactly. This is why they seriously suck.

On the other hand, they've just finished winning series from the Twins and the ChiSox. ;-)

Ooooh, hey, good thing Nieves didn't come in last inning, huh?

2006-09-04 20:33:10
362.   kdw
Okay, realize this borders on heresy but I'm feeling a little bad for the Royals now. The guys in the field just stand out there and watch hit after hit come bouncing in.
2006-09-04 20:33:39
363.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Cano's has been on fire since he came back. Hitting over .350 I think.

Avg up to .338 now. I really think he's going to make a run at the batting title. He needs to play in each of the last 26 games and get at least 4 pas in each to get his pa number about the 502 needed to qualify.

2006-09-04 20:34:07
364.   randym77
2006-09-04 20:34:12
365.   Cliff Corcoran
Because Jose Veras couldn't handle a six run lead.
2006-09-04 20:34:12
366.   42YrOldRookie
Jeter should have the MVP, but leave the batting title to Cano.
2006-09-04 20:34:30
367.   BklynBmr
Say... didn't Joe have EDSP throwing BP today?
2006-09-04 20:34:58
368.   RIYank
359 Oh, that's right. Dang dang dang. (Pronounced 'dong dong dong'.)

Simone, welcome to the celebration.

2006-09-04 20:35:30
369.   JeremyM
Watching the Royals makes me realize how tough this game is. I've seen guys like Burgos and Sisco with really good stuff and throw some strong innings, yet their ERAs are sky-high and they were slapped around tonight.

Beam will get the win if they can hang on, too funny.

2006-09-04 20:35:51
370.   marc
I hope the Sox are watching this on TV. Don't want to give them a glimmer of hope after their walk off win. Just stick that stake in their heart and twist it around
2006-09-04 20:36:34
371.   rsmith51
This is insane, Joe. Isn't Proctor more important in 3-run leads or less?
2006-09-04 20:36:39
372.   AbbyNormal821
...I can't believe I was going to turn off my TV & go to sleep at 11!
Oh...hey all - late post here for me! In the words of Batman (the TV series)...POW! BAM! BOFF!!! What an inning!!!
2006-09-04 20:36:57
373.   rbilotta
Excuse me, is there is a reason why Scott Proctor is in...again?
2006-09-04 20:37:00
374.   BklynBmr
360 Trouble is no one ever knows when to call it a night around here, one way or the other ;-) Glad you stuck around...
2006-09-04 20:37:30
375.   randym77
What about Dotel? Wasn't he warming earlier?
2006-09-04 20:38:16
376.   AbbyNormal821
I also love that no matter where you go, the Yankee fans are there, sometimes louder than the home crowd!!!
2006-09-04 20:38:23
377.   rsmith51
I would really like to see Joe Torre's cheat sheet for bullpen usage.
2006-09-04 20:39:35
378.   JeremyM
Dotel and Veras can handle this, but I'm not really in the mood to complain right now. I realize it's the Royals, but they've been playing good ball and after the Sox walk-off, I wanted to do exactly what marc 370 said and twist the knife a little bit. And losing to KC hurts.
2006-09-04 20:39:43
379.   rsmith51
375 Maybe Torre will use Dotel in an unimportant situation like when the Yanks are tied. The valuable relievers are used when the Yanks are up by 6.
2006-09-04 20:39:48
380.   rbilotta
Cheat sheet says that Torre is thinking of using Villone for the 9th...
2006-09-04 20:40:00
381.   SF Yanks
I left for about 10 min to get some ice cream and a 5-1 Royal lead. I come back to this. I was pissed (because I missed it) but also happy. Mixed emotions are weird. I was pissappy.
2006-09-04 20:40:12
382.   RIYank
377 Oh, it's not a cheat sheet. He uses dice.
2006-09-04 20:41:11
383.   Yu-Hsing Chen
at least Proctor looks solid after some rest... can we plz bring in a combination of Veras and Dotel for the 9th?
2006-09-04 20:41:20
384.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
If this were a horror movie, Torre would now reveal himself to Proctor as the man whom Scotty had run over and left for dead years before.

Joe: "Payback's a bitch Scottie. You left me in the street with tire marks on my back, so I'm taking your right arm."

Scottie: "D'oh."

2006-09-04 20:42:49
385.   SF Yanks
381 That sentence didn't quite come out right, but you get the idea.
2006-09-04 20:43:36
386.   monkeypants
371 Come on, think man. He has to use Proctor here, because Farnsworth is unavailable after closing out yesterday's 10-1 win.
2006-09-04 20:44:05
387.   randym77
385 You realize the next time we need a big rally, we're sending you out for ice cream.
2006-09-04 20:44:07
388.   Max
KC announcers said this is the 3rd 10 run inning the Royals have had the misfortune of being involved with in the last month. Gave up 11 runs in an inning to Cleveland in a 13-0 loss in August, then they scored 10 runs in the first against the Tribe ten days later.... but still lost, 15-13.


2006-09-04 20:44:20
389.   rsmith51
Has Jeter caught Mauer yet?
2006-09-04 20:44:27
390.   RIYank
Jeter's chances of catching Mauer are really rising, as long as he can hit against the KC pen.
2006-09-04 20:44:31
391.   BklynBmr
What's the latest BA crown tally? That's 3 for Cap tonight!
2006-09-04 20:44:55
392.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Sad, now Andy is out after drilling one right at the CF, Damon walks, Jeter singles, looks like KC want to set a record of consecutive 10 run innings. even the out was crushed.
2006-09-04 20:45:11
393.   Kevin Bacon
If Villone/Prcotor's Arms were trees the conservationists would of had Torre's ass months ago.
2006-09-04 20:45:47
394.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Jeter to Cano: ".338? Is that all? How bout you match this .344, son."
2006-09-04 20:45:51
395.   SF Yanks
387 Hey, anything for the team. I'm a gamer!
2006-09-04 20:47:05
396.   SF Yanks
Jete: .344
Mauer: .346
2006-09-04 20:47:41
397.   RIYank
Fourth RBI for Abreu.
2006-09-04 20:48:32
398.   BklynBmr
OK, Bobby! Now's let get that baker's dozen just for the hell of it ;-)
2006-09-04 20:48:37
399.   SF Yanks
Somebody fly to KC and personally yank out Giambi.
2006-09-04 20:48:39
400.   Kevin Bacon
Jetes would be hitting .370 if he was in the AL Central.... playing KC, plus all the lefties (albeit good ones).
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-09-04 20:48:51
401.   LI yankee
Mauer: .346
Jeter: .344
Cano: .338
2006-09-04 20:48:59
402.   RIYank
I'd love to see Jason get on, give A-Rod one more crack at this steenking pen.
2006-09-04 20:49:07
403.   SF Yanks
He needs to sit.
2006-09-04 20:49:17
404.   BklynBmr
396 Thanks, SF!
2006-09-04 20:49:48
405.   SF Yanks
401 beat ya to it.
2006-09-04 20:50:00
406.   rsmith51
Please pinch run for Giambi.
2006-09-04 20:50:36
407.   randym77
399 Too late.
2006-09-04 20:50:38
408.   LI yankee
405 Yeah but you forgot the newcomer into the race!
2006-09-04 20:51:23
409.   BklynBmr
406 Good call. Amazing they are not...
2006-09-04 20:52:39
410.   SF Yanks
408 Yeah, yer right. We have to start including him. But is it realistic to think he might get 4 AB every game from here on here? Although it is fun just to throw him in there even if he doesn't
2006-09-04 20:52:58
411.   SF Yanks
408 Yeah, yer right. We have to start including him. But is it realistic to think he might get 4 AB every game from here on out? Although it is fun just to throw him in there even if he doesn't.
2006-09-04 20:54:06
412.   LI yankee
410 Well with this offense he should be able to get on average 4. He got 5 tonight.
2006-09-04 20:54:17
413.   SF Yanks
410 411 Hey, it threw my bad attempt in there. Weird!
2006-09-04 20:54:24
414.   Max
400+ posts for a game against the Royals on a Monday night at the end of a holiday weekend. Some real fans here. :-)
2006-09-04 20:55:03
415.   RIYank
SF, you have to go get ice cream whenever Robbie comes up.
2006-09-04 20:55:36
416.   SF Yanks
412 Well my rootin' cap is on then.
2006-09-04 20:57:11
417.   RIYank
Myers was exactly the right choice. Rookie pinch hitter, followed by DeJesus.
2006-09-04 20:57:11
418.   Bob Timmermann
They're starting the 7th in Anaheim!
2006-09-04 20:57:18
419.   LI yankee
416 If Cano and Jeter are tied with the lead on the final day, who would you root for?
2006-09-04 20:57:28
420.   SF Yanks
415 What about Jeter? That's about 8 - 10 helpings of ice cream a game. I'm gonna be a Ponson by the end of the year.
2006-09-04 20:57:57
421.   BklynBmr
Why is this moron (KC announcer) still talking about not needing Mo tonight?
2006-09-04 20:58:08
422.   RIYank
(We have to say encouraging things when Joe makes good bullpen moves. Someone is going to read it on a laptop in the dugout and pass it along.)
2006-09-04 20:59:05
423.   SF Yanks
419 I have go with Jete. Robbie is going to have plenty of years to get a batting title. Plus I want Jeter to have that on his resume before he's gone.
2006-09-04 20:59:17
424.   Benjamin Kabak
The guys chanting "Let's go Royals" are either really drunk or really stupid. Or both.
2006-09-04 20:59:22
425.   RIYank
421 Uh... because he's a moron?
Just guessing.
2006-09-04 20:59:49
426.   LI yankee
423 Jeter? gone? no...
2006-09-04 21:00:47
427.   RIYank
419 Fair enough. We'll stick with Jeter.

Ahhhhh. Mike Myers is the new Mo.

Well, see youse tomorrow.

2006-09-04 21:01:26
428.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Win, too bad Wang didn't get 17, ahhh well. can't have them all.

seriously though, ice Villone for a week, and Proctor too, if possible.

2006-09-04 21:01:26
429.   BklynBmr
424 You mean the announcers — oh, the fans — my bad. ;-|
2006-09-04 21:02:55
430.   SF Yanks
426 Yeah that's like peanut butter with no jelly, or... DAMN can't think of anything else.
2006-09-04 21:03:31
431.   mikeplugh
That was sweet. 268 Jeremy was the good luck charm tonight. That's how you whip ass against the dredges. A much easier win would be nice tomorrow thank you very much.
2006-09-04 21:05:11
432.   BklynBmr
Magic Number is 18? No?
2006-09-04 21:05:26
433.   SF Yanks
And the magic number is... anybody?
2006-09-04 21:05:43
434.   marc
Definitely hard luck for Luke Hudson. He pitches a great game and watches it go in the toilet. I think a lot of the reason for his high ERA is they left him on the mound in one game and let him give up 11 runs in a third of an inning.
2006-09-04 21:05:46
435.   SF Yanks
432 Beat me too it.
2006-09-04 21:06:38
436.   mikeplugh
Player of the Game: Bobby Abreu

His big double scored two and broke the Royals back. Everybody have a cheesesteak to celebrate!

2006-09-04 21:09:26
437.   Max
Post-game fireworks show at KC, which the announcers wryly note few fans have stuck around to watch.

(Insert your favorite punchline here)

I though the magic number was down to 17.

2006-09-04 21:10:37
438.   mikeplugh
Holy shit is baseball weird. TJ Beam comes into the game and gives up a run-scoring hit before getting the 3rd out of the 7th. He gets the win.
2006-09-04 21:13:57
439.   mikeplugh
In a game like today, if the Baseball Gods were really watching, Wang deserves the win as much as anybody. He left the game losing, but the Yankees eventually scored 11 more runs. Bruney, Villone, and Beam pitched 1.1 innings and gave up 2 runs on 2 hits and a walk. Do any of them deserve this win more than the guy who went 5.2 innings with an 11-3 GO:AO ratio allowing 3 runs? That's baseball.
2006-09-04 21:14:56
440.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
432 433 I believe it's 17. Would've been 16 if not for that lard ass in the White Sox pen.

I don't want to jinx anything, so knock on wood, but . . .

The Sawx play 8 games, and we play 9 before we have that 4 game series in the Bronx later this month.

If the Swax go 3-5 and we go 6-3, we'd have a chance to clinch the East by winning 3 of 4 from the Sawx.

That would be a sweet celebration.

2006-09-04 21:16:21
441.   JeremyM
I just checked with De La Soul, and the magic # is not 3 but 17.

438 I wish in situations like that they could handle it the same way that they do when starters don't go 5.

2006-09-04 21:17:36
442.   mikeplugh
Last word on this....

Baseball needs to keep the integrity of its records intact and therefore keeps Wins and Losses at the front of a pitcher's statistical record. There's a very long precedent for this practice so we probably need to keep it. The thing is, there has to be a good formula to determine who ACTUALLY deserves credit for wins and losses in the complete context of a game. In this case Wang deserves credit for holding the opposition to 3 runs and allowing his offense to score late for the win. The pen didn't really help. The only way one of them should be credited with a win is if Wang had given up 11 runs and they saved his bacon.

The future record of Wins and Losses could actually mean something if we had a good formula. Call it Adjusted Wins and Losses or something to account for past games. Just a thought. Maybe it already exists.

2006-09-04 21:18:11
443.   JeremyM
441 Although normally (always) in that case they just give it to the guy who was pitching anyway when his team takes the lead.
2006-09-04 21:32:24
444.   Max
Waldman reporting that Torre and Guidry are saying there's nothing wrong with Villone's arm..."it's all mechanical". Torre says he's simply "in one of those ruts". Hmmmmm.....
2006-09-04 21:46:18
445.   randym77
444 Ah. So, they keep running him out there to give him a chance to fix his mechanics?
2006-09-04 22:17:14
446.   Max
445 Yup. I thought it was funny that Waldman and Sterling discussed Villone for about a minute, realized it was almost impossible to sound positive about the way he's pitched lately, and then abruptly changed the subject to how great Cano has been.

It's one thing to be in a Mo-type rut of 3 or 4 spotty appearances, another to completely crap out for a month. But Gator says Ronnie is just wild, and Joe still loves Villone's "toughness". So we'll keep seeing him.

2006-09-04 23:05:39
447.   Yu-Hsing Chen
446 you'd think they read a radar gun... or a stats sheet.

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