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2006-09-03 07:22
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Yanks lost a rain-shortened contest 6-1 yesterday afternoon, despite the best efforts of rookie Jeffrey Karstens, who allowed just two runs, one on a solo Torii Hunter home run, in seven innings. Today the Yankees throw another rookie to the wolves in Darrell Rasner. Because I'm on my way to the game and on my way out the door, here's what I wrote about Rasner when it was announced he'd start today.

Rasner looked sharp in a lone relief appearance for the Yankees back in that first loss to the Tigers in May, utilizing a nasty curve. He then landed on the 60-day DL with a sore pitching shoulder. After a brief rehab stint in A-ball in which the threw 13 innings across four starts, he was activated and optioned down to Columbus where he started this past Monday, allowing three runs on seven hits over six innings, striking out five and walking none.

Rasner made his only other major league start for the Nationals last year in his major league debut. He ran into trouble in the third inning of that game and got an early hook, but then followed that appearance with 4 2/3 scoreless innings out of the pen in which he allowed just one hit and walked none. Of course that's all tiny sample stuff, but in the minors, the 25-year-old Rasner has shown mid-rotation potential, displaying good control, a solid strikeout rate, and a knack for keeping the ball in the park. A good outing on Sunday could put him in the conversation for next year's rotation.

Opposing Rasner will be 22-year-old Twins rookie Matt Garza, who was drafted out of Frezno State in the first round (25th overall) just last year. Garza has steadily improved across his four big-league starts, though his competition has also been progressively weaker in each one.

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2006-09-03 08:02:06
1.   singledd
It's pouring here in New Hampshire. If someone in the NYC area could give a weather update, and the possibility of the game being played, it would be appreciated.
2006-09-03 08:08:49
2.   pistolpete
It's mostly sunny here in southern CT - we're definitely out of the woods as far as rain goes. At least according to and my RadarInMotion widget.

Didn't see one pitch of yesterday's game due to a family thing - did the Yankees just look stupid against this Baker kid, or did the weather have any part to play?

2006-09-03 08:17:41
3.   dwight45
1 You can check game conditions for mlb here:
2006-09-03 08:38:42
4.   nemecizer
Why couldn't the weather be like this yesterday when I had tickets to the game?

This is bullshit, God, you hear me?!?

2006-09-03 08:42:56
5.   Rob I
The weather in the Greater NYC couldn't be...well..greater. 72 degrees and sunny.
2006-09-03 08:43:12
6.   randym77
Agassi vs. Becker on CBS now. (Not Boris Becker. ;-)

Andre's looking his age this morning. He's covering the court the way GOB covers CF.

2006-09-03 08:43:15
7.   Rob I
2006-09-03 09:03:20
8.   randym77
Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Giambi 1B
A-Rod 3B
Posada C
Cano 2B
Bernie DH
Melky LF
2006-09-03 09:21:01
9.   Ron Burgundy
I'd still bat Cano in front of Posada, but whatever. interestingly enough, the two GOOD pitchers who we faced and had never seen before (Verlander and Lester), we killed. So I wouldn't be surprised to see the Yankees kill Garza. Yesterday was a big missed opportunity though. Today can wash that away.
2006-09-03 09:28:17
10.   singledd
Man... are there any 2 hours as physically demanding as a 5 game tennis set? Andre is amazing. We think baseball players are old at 35. Look what this guy is still doing.
2006-09-03 09:37:48
11.   JeremyM
Andy Phillips was activated today from the DL. Good to see he healed OK from his, umm, injury.
2006-09-03 10:15:25
12.   BklynBmr
Cap took care of that increase in Mauer's BA by his bad self...
2006-09-03 10:16:13
13.   LI yankee
So far

Rasner + Kaarstens > Pavano

2006-09-03 10:17:17
14.   wsporter
I was thinking about Andy and our 5th outfielder spot next year and Sheffield and Giambi potentially splitting time at first base. As I look things over and see what we have comming through the system it doesn't look like there's going to be much room for Andy on the 25. I wonder where he ends up. I hope he gets a MLB job. He's not a real 5th infielder but can be a decent backup at 1st. I think he will hit once he gets enough ab's under his belt. He needs to figure out how to play the outfield. He could bring some Chris Wilson like skills to the table. It's too bad Andy can't catch, he'd make a good BUC. (only a little sarcasm there)

As things now stand If Melky is our 4th outfielder next year is GOB the 5th? I know that's jumping the gun by a lot but what the heck it's a holiday.

2006-09-03 10:20:09
15.   Ron Burgundy
DIAF Punto.
2006-09-03 10:21:09
16.   Ron Burgundy
DIAF 3B Umpire.
2006-09-03 10:22:05
17.   BklynBmr
There's a bloop. How 'about a blast, Jason?
2006-09-03 10:23:50
18.   Ron Burgundy
Meh, we can get this kid.
2006-09-03 10:25:11
19.   RIYank
Why is Ron Villone warming in the bullpen?
2006-09-03 10:26:29
20.   pistolpete
I love watching Giambi work a count. It's really a thing to behold.
2006-09-03 10:27:12
21.   nemecizer
I will never get tired of seeing Giambi walk after 9 pitches. Never.
2006-09-03 10:27:15
22.   RIYank
Why is Villone throwing in the bullpen?
2006-09-03 10:28:14
23.   nemecizer
19 Why is Ron Villone even in the stadium? He should be resting for October.
2006-09-03 10:28:36
24.   JeremyM
Damn, did Rasner and Pavano come into direct contact during spring training or something? I can only assume he's hurt. That said, why Villone?
2006-09-03 10:29:17
25.   Ron Burgundy
Damn IT!
Stupid Wind!
2006-09-03 10:30:55
26.   nemecizer
25 Anchorman, gameday says the wind is out to LF. What did you see?
2006-09-03 10:31:40
27.   RIYank
Sorry for the double post.
Rasner's still in, anyway.
2006-09-03 10:32:59
28.   RichYF
Is Villone still throwing? He's really the last guy that needs to be pitching right now.
2006-09-03 10:33:52
29.   randym77
Is Villone really warming? Why??? Wasn't yesterday enough?
2006-09-03 10:34:51
30.   Ron Burgundy
Screw you Hunter. Ass.
2006-09-03 10:35:04
31.   RIYank
Wind sure didn't bother Hunter.
2006-09-03 10:35:11
32.   RichYF
Two Rooks, two dingers.
2006-09-03 10:44:53
33.   RIYank
Double plays suck.
2006-09-03 10:44:56
34.   Ron Burgundy
And we do what we do best...strand runners.

Two innings we've had Garza by the ball sack, and two innings we've let him go. Damn It.

Top of the line-up next inning, which means we score many runs the next inning.

2006-09-03 10:49:54
35.   RIYank
Let's hope we aren't many runs behind by then, anchorman.
2006-09-03 10:50:03
36.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it. This is like the Angels. Weak groundball hit, weak bloop and asshole on 1B goes to 3B. And the snowball rolls. Whatever, we'll get to Garza Strip.
2006-09-03 10:51:29
37.   RIYank
Oh, man, Rasner helps himself. A lot.
2006-09-03 10:55:15
38.   BklynBmr
Way to get out of it, kid!
2006-09-03 10:55:27
39.   Ron Burgundy
And the DP to end it!

OK, now we can score 6 runs off Garza and take this series.

2006-09-03 10:55:28
40.   rbj
I get a DH today, Yanks - Twins and then the nightcap is Mudhens - Clippers. Mudhens are tied with Indianapolis for IL West Division title, with two games left. It feels wrong to root against any Yankee team, but with the Clippers out of it, gotta go with the hometeam.
2006-09-03 10:55:28
41.   JeremyM
Nice job getting out of that mess!
2006-09-03 10:56:08
42.   RIYank
33 Only sometimes.
2006-09-03 10:58:30
43.   Ron Burgundy
Damn IT!
Second time already!
First A-Rod then Damon!
2006-09-03 10:59:25
44.   randym77
40 Clippers' manager, Miley, says he hopes to "wreak havoc on the playoffs." I hope they do. :)

Even though they're running short of pitchers and outfielders...

2006-09-03 11:01:12
45.   Ron Burgundy
A walk will do.
2006-09-03 11:03:30
46.   RIYank
There, Bobby shows how to hit the ball OVER someone's head.
2006-09-03 11:03:30
47.   rbj
2006-09-03 11:03:48
48.   Ron Burgundy
Tie Game on a booming Bobby Abreu double.

(And Ryan Howard hit #50. He's awesome.)

2006-09-03 11:03:59
49.   randym77
Torii didn't look like he was trying very hard there.
2006-09-03 11:04:58
50.   rbj
44 Yeah. Indy is playing Louisville, which is also still in the hunt,albeit 1.5 GB. Makes for some exciting baseball.
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2006-09-03 11:05:37
51.   BklynBmr
Knock 'em in, Giambi!

Anyone catch this piece from the Orlando Sentinal on used Yankee gear you can buy:

Everything is for sale...

2006-09-03 11:07:08
52.   RIYank
2006-09-03 11:07:48
53.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod up.

He'll probably just walk.

2006-09-03 11:09:21
54.   RIYank

Theft. But great swing after those two ugly ones.

2006-09-03 11:09:25
55.   rbj
Funny anecdote from last nights Angels - Tigers game. Rod Allen was talking about how "one could argue that Tod Jones is the best closer in the game." Whereupon the Angels scored four times off of him.

Note to Rod: Tod Jones is no Mo.

2006-09-03 11:09:33
56.   Ron Burgundy
2006-09-03 11:10:29
57.   rbj
2006-09-03 11:11:05
58.   randym77
51 Wow. A cap worn by Wil Nieves goes for $150? A bat used by Andy Phillips goes for $250?
2006-09-03 11:11:15
59.   Ron Burgundy
That should have been A-Rod's RBI single. Stupid bad luck. Get a hit Robbie.
2006-09-03 11:12:13
60.   JeremyM
55 One could argue just about anything, but in the end they're going to look like a damn fool a lot.

Nothing against Jones but how is he even in the same stratosphere?

2006-09-03 11:12:35
61.   rbj
wind aided, bad judgment aided double.
2006-09-03 11:13:06
62.   BklynBmr
58 It's nuts. I like this one: "A pair of A-Rod's pants from 2004 will cost you $2,500 -- wallet not included -- while Cecilio Guante's aged 1987 road pants will put you back $250."
2006-09-03 11:13:11
63.   Ron Burgundy
Ha-Ha at Tyner. I'm still pissed for A-Rod though. The wind has robbed him of two bombs in the past two days and that little SS from the Twins robbed him of an RBI single.
2006-09-03 11:13:22
64.   JeremyM
58 Yeah, but they'll throw in a free Scott Erickson cap.
2006-09-03 11:14:53
65.   Ron Burgundy
DIAF Punto and Bartlett. Really, you assholes are pissing me off. Three hits you took away you little assholes. Anybody on this board can kick your asses.
2006-09-03 11:15:23
66.   rbj
60 That's what makes it egregious to me. Rod wasn't saying "I think Tod Jones is the best reliever this year" but instead used that wishy-washy "one." Stand up for you opinon Rod. Joe Morgan at least stands behind his wrongheadedness.
2006-09-03 11:15:57
67.   rbj
58 How much do they pay you to take a Pavano cap.
2006-09-03 11:17:28
68.   RIYank
Man, if Bartlett hadn't made that grab we would have been making Ron Burgundy's prediction come true.
2006-09-03 11:20:56
69.   Ron Burgundy
68 Yeah, we would've had 6 runs and still batting. So who knows how far we would've gone. Stupid little middle infielders.
2006-09-03 11:21:28
70.   randym77
67 A Pavano cap will set you back $500.
2006-09-03 11:23:33
71.   bobtaco
Man, Melky does look really bad at the plate in day games...
2006-09-03 11:24:03
72.   BklynBmr
67 I'm waiting for the X-Ray of the 'bruised buttock'. Should be on eBay any day now...
2006-09-03 11:24:36
73.   Ron Burgundy
Umpires says that's enough offense for the Yankees. Time to shrink the zone. Asshole.
2006-09-03 11:25:52
74.   rbj
70 I had to double check on that, I thought you were kidding. I'm still not clear what a "game used" Carl Pavano Yankee cap means.
2006-09-03 11:26:16
75.   BklynBmr
73 This crew has been horrible the entire series...
2006-09-03 11:26:34
76.   randym77
An unused jersey for a "fringe" player such as Bubba or Andy will cost you $750. A game-used version costs $1,000. One of the few instances when it's not cheaper to buy used. ;-)
2006-09-03 11:26:38
77.   Ron Burgundy
Highly unproductive inning.
2006-09-03 11:27:07
78.   BklynBmr
74 LMAO!
2006-09-03 11:29:27
79.   randym77
74 I think there's only one of them. He did pitch last year. That game against the Angels when A-Rod hit three homers, for one. Started by Pavano, closed by Colter Bean.

Speaking of which, Colter Bean's jersey is relatively cheap. Only $250. Probably the most fabric for the buck, that's for sure. ;-)

2006-09-03 11:29:41
80.   Ron Burgundy
If the Phillies somehow make the playoffs: Ryan Howard is the ML MVP, no doubt.
2006-09-03 11:30:43
81.   Ron Burgundy
80 *NL MVP.
2006-09-03 11:33:45
82.   rbj
79 That's gotta be the Lost City of Atlantis game for the Yankees. Not only did Pavano pitch, but Bean as well. Hang a picture of that right next to a picture of Bigfoot.
2006-09-03 11:34:34
83.   pistolpete
Rasner > Wright?
2006-09-03 11:34:45
84.   RIYank
Good inning for Rasner, but he's thrown 70 pitches. Might not make it through the seventh.
2006-09-03 11:36:00
85.   RIYank
83 Maybe. More valuable, anyway (because more up-side).
2006-09-03 11:36:11
86.   Max
So how do Rasner and Karstens compare, based on what you've seen from them this weekend?
2006-09-03 11:37:30
87.   JeremyM
82 Too funny.

I like what I am seeing of Rasner and Karstens. The Yanks have done a great job of dumpster diving- Rasner, Bruney, Veras looks OK.

2006-09-03 11:40:48
88.   RIYank
2006-09-03 11:41:01
89.   pistolpete
That was such a clutch tack-on run... ;)
2006-09-03 11:41:06
90.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod being A-Rod!
2006-09-03 11:41:18
91.   rbj
30-100. Not bad for a "bad" year.
2006-09-03 11:41:33
92.   randym77
The funny thing is, no one thought much of Karstens at the beginning of the year. Check out this "scouting report" from YankeesRedSox:

Strangely, he is the youngest, but least promising of the five additions to the Yankees 40-man roster. Karstens is another pitcher and only just turned 23, but he hasn't really ever dominated at any level.

Karstens was a strange addition to the 40-man because apart from his first season in the minors, he has never had an ERA below 4 and he isn't a lefty. Furthermore, he has a .280OBA for his career.

They didn't think he should even be on the 40-man roster.

2006-09-03 11:41:46
93.   BklynBmr
Another sharp pain in noggin for Steve Phillips...
2006-09-03 11:42:19
94.   LI yankee
It's the shades!
2006-09-03 11:43:51
95.   Ron Burgundy

What do they have in common? They're phenoms and they have been raped by the Yankees.

2006-09-03 11:45:14
96.   pistolpete
93 Heheh...

Remember that old commercial?

Somewhere Philips gets a sharp pain in his right temple - meanwhile, in the Bronx, A-Rod hits his 30th home run..


(cue eerie music)

2006-09-03 11:45:14
97.   bobtaco
Someone has taken the pins out of the ARod voodoo doll this week.
2006-09-03 11:45:39
98.   randym77
Well, this is shaping up to be a beautiful day in the Bronx. Looking forward to seeing Cliff and Alex's report.
2006-09-03 11:46:13
99.   Ron Burgundy
95 Add "King" Felix Hernandez to that list.
2006-09-03 11:46:41
100.   rbj
87 92 It's amazing that Karstens & Rasner are not the best pitching prospects in the Yanks organization. Couple that with the Pavano fiasco, and I think the Yankees are going to be a bit gunshy with giving big contracts to unproven (1 18 game winning season) free agents. And I don't think that that is a bad thing.
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2006-09-03 11:49:05
101.   RIYank
I was about to ask you whether "gunshy" was Japanese for something.
2006-09-03 11:49:28
102.   randym77
No one thought much of Chien-Ming Wang, either. He'd have been traded if they had.
2006-09-03 11:49:33
103.   nemecizer
100 Amen brother. And given that Ca$h seemed to only go for pitching in the draft this year, with Phil Hughes coming up (btw, I saw him during spring training in tampa; impressive young man), I hope the days of signings like Jaret Wright are long gone.
2006-09-03 11:50:10
104.   pistolpete
100 If he didn't seem to get hammered so often, I'd really be sweet on Zito - the guy never seems to spend any time on the DL.
2006-09-03 11:51:07
105.   RIYank
I can't believe Bartlett and Redmond are both hitting .340. I mean, who are these guys?? Back-ups on a low-scoring team, and they hit .340?

Oh, Robbie, tooo damn good.

2006-09-03 11:52:22
106.   RIYank
I'd pay Zito. He could be very good for five years.
2006-09-03 11:52:34
107.   Ron Burgundy
They're not that good.
2006-09-03 11:53:23
108.   bobtaco
100 I still hope they are in on Matsuzaka though...
2006-09-03 11:54:09
109.   RIYank
I know they aren't really .340 hitters, but still. A couple hundred at-bats, it's not pure luck.

Rasner 80 pitches. Does he start the seventh?

2006-09-03 11:54:42
110.   Ron Burgundy
108 Bad vibes from Contreras and Irabu scare me. And even Nomo ended up sucking.
2006-09-03 11:54:59
111.   Ron Burgundy
109 He better.
2006-09-03 11:55:14
112.   rbj
And further, if the Yanks have a surplus of good starting pitching, Cash can make a trade for Posada's heir.
2006-09-03 11:56:47
113.   nemecizer
112 rbj, no such thing.
2006-09-03 11:56:49
114.   bobtaco
110 That doesn't mean he will. But he will be $$$.
2006-09-03 11:57:14
115.   Ron Burgundy
112 It's gotta be a 4-year catcher though. Montero would in theory by ready in 4 or 5 years.
2006-09-03 11:58:00
116.   RIYank
I thought we already had Posada's heir.
But I agree, we are actually in a position where Cashman could trade a pitching prospect! (Maybe that's part of the point of 'show-casing' Rasner?)
2006-09-03 11:58:39
117.   Ron Burgundy
116 Theo thought the same thing when he traded Arroyo.
2006-09-03 11:59:50
118.   Ron Burgundy
Damon Double. Jeter MUST get a hit here. And then we MUST get Mauer out the next inning.
2006-09-03 12:00:39
119.   RIYank
Mmmm, good point 117.
And we could easily run into the same sort of problem next year. I mean, Moose and Unit are both in the fragile years.
2006-09-03 12:02:11
120.   Ron Burgundy
2006-09-03 12:03:48
121.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it.
2006-09-03 12:04:01
122.   randym77
We picked Rasner up off the Nats' trash heap this year. I don't think anyone's going to be knocking down the door to trade for him. Not yet, anyway.
2006-09-03 12:04:09
123.   nemecizer
2006-09-03 12:04:14
124.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-03 12:06:17
125.   RIYank
Just as I suspected...
Mike Myers.
2006-09-03 12:06:40
126.   3rd gen yankee fan
Bye Razzy. And thanks.
2006-09-03 12:06:50
127.   nemecizer
Rasner could have picthed another inning.
2006-09-03 12:07:23
128.   Ron Burgundy
Eat it Mauer.
2006-09-03 12:07:43
129.   Ron Burgundy
Holy Shit Ryan Howard is incredible.
2006-09-03 12:08:14
130.   randym77
Rasner's coming off an injury. Best not to push him.
2006-09-03 12:09:00
131.   pistolpete
Leiter by himself sounds like me on my Budweiser play-by-play tape. ;-)
2006-09-03 12:09:04
132.   rbj
Good points, all. Isn't Montero alrady thought to be too big (6'-3") to be a long term ML catcher? Plus there's not guarantee he'll pan out or not get a career ending injury. I'd entertain a Karstens-Rasner package for a good young catcher. It might leave the Yanks exposed next year with Unit & Moose (if his option's picked up) on the wrong side of 35. And I don't want to rush Hughes.
2006-09-03 12:09:15
133.   nemecizer
130 Ah, forgot that.
2006-09-03 12:09:29
134.   RIYank
Seems like the whole point of Rasner was to save pitches for the real pitchers. So why doesn't he start the seventh?
I hope it's not because Joe thinks his bullpen will get 'stale'.
2006-09-03 12:10:23
135.   BklynBmr
131 I think the Senator had one or two Budwaters himself today. He sounds more mellow than usual...
2006-09-03 12:10:37
136.   3rd gen yankee fan
Holy crap Myers pitched to 2 guys. And he's goin for 3.
2006-09-03 12:11:30
137.   RIYank
Right, probably because of the injury, good.

Montero was generally thought to be too tall, but the word is that the Yankees do plan to have him catch.

2006-09-03 12:11:30
138.   Ron Burgundy
Morneau is starting to piss me off.
2006-09-03 12:12:17
139.   JeremyM
Rasner might still be on a pitch count.

I see we now have Villone warming, probably so he can "get back on the horse" after a bad outing, nevermind that he fell off in part because of overuse.

2006-09-03 12:13:09
140.   Ron Burgundy
Proctor comes in?!
2006-09-03 12:13:16
141.   RIYank
Oh, geez. Just the man I didn't want to see.
2006-09-03 12:13:54
142.   randym77
132 The Yanks say they want to use him as a catcher. (Unlike the Sox, who planned to convert him to 2B or some such thing.)

But we are going to need someone to bridge the gap. I was hoping the Pirates would throw in a young catcher to the Wilson deal. They've got more catching talent than they know what to do with.

2006-09-03 12:14:37
143.   rbj
Maybe there's an office pool on what day Scott's arm will fall off. Torre's pick is coming up quick.
2006-09-03 12:14:50
144.   nemecizer
Why, Joe, why?
2006-09-03 12:15:50
145.   randym77
Oy. I don't get it. We've got a four-run lead, and a lot arms in the bullpen, fresh from Columbus. Why EDSP?
2006-09-03 12:16:57
146.   RIYank
I think I'd rather hold on for a while. Jorge will presumably tail off slowly, not implode all at once, and he still looks awfully good (much better than any plausible replacement). In a couple of years, who knows who might be good and available? Maybe overpay for a free agent for four years while waiting for Montero.

Of course, he might not pan out. Maybe he can't hit a good curve. Maybe he won't be able to catch long term...

2006-09-03 12:18:19
147.   pistolpete
145 Four runs doesn't inspire confidence in me against the Twins. Better off nailing down a game like this with the proven arms, resting later against in some potential blowouts against KC.
2006-09-03 12:18:21
148.   JeremyM
Just don't bring him back for the 8th Joe.
2006-09-03 12:23:31
149.   RIYank
Hustle double.
2006-09-03 12:23:42
150.   Jeteupthemiddle
135 I think that is a direct result of not having Kay in the booth.
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2006-09-03 12:24:02
151.   Ron Burgundy
Abreu with another double.

He's Hustlin'.

2006-09-03 12:24:22
152.   JeremyM
I love Abreu. Just want to say that again. Another run or six would be nice right now as well.
2006-09-03 12:25:06
153.   3rd gen yankee fan
Man's amazing. I met a Philly fan last night, forgot to thank him for Abreu.
2006-09-03 12:27:03
154.   RIYank
2006-09-03 12:27:39
155.   pistolpete
Andy Philips sighting!
2006-09-03 12:28:25
156.   randym77
It's Andy! Welcome back, kid.

And I hope you do a better job pinch-running than you did the last time. :-P

2006-09-03 12:28:36
157.   RIYank
We have two pinch runners in. That's gotta be unusual.
2006-09-03 12:29:57
158.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hey, cool for Andy.
2006-09-03 12:30:07
159.   RIYank
2006-09-03 12:30:10
160.   Ron Burgundy
Into the Black Seats!
2006-09-03 12:30:12
161.   rbj
152A-Rod hears and obeys.
2006-09-03 12:30:13
162.   pistolpete
'Hot-Rod'. LOL.
2006-09-03 12:30:29
163.   randym77
Okay, now is it a bullpen-proof lead?
2006-09-03 12:30:48
164.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-03 12:31:29
165.   LI yankee
It's the motherf@#%!ing shades!
2006-09-03 12:32:02
166.   bobtaco
So, can Alex get to 40?
2006-09-03 12:32:17
167.   randym77
Hey, Craig Wilson shaved off his mustache. Have they decided that the gay porn look was bad luck or something?
2006-09-03 12:32:35
168.   pistolpete
Man, if I were A-Rod, I'd have my middle finger up during each curtain call.

"F*ck you guys, you were booing me 2 weeks ago for ground ball outs".


On a side note, is it me or is Torii Hunter musjudging everything today? Did he forget how to play CF at Yankee stadium while he was injured?

p.s. I hate those live-action replays when my back is turned. I heard the crowd reaction and thought Cano hit one out too.

2006-09-03 12:35:09
169.   RIYank
Gosh, we wasted those pinch runners. That's a shame.
2006-09-03 12:35:37
170.   randym77
Hunter does seem to be misjudging things. Maybe the wind is still bad? Or he's just thrown off by the wind that was blowing in the last two games?
2006-09-03 12:36:11
171.   BklynBmr
One of Kitty rare miscues: "A full pitch count to Melky and Cabrera draws a four pitch walk"
2006-09-03 12:36:57
172.   BklynBmr
171 Doh! A "full count pitch"...
2006-09-03 12:37:12
173.   RIYank
I do think the wind must be bad. Tyner came in hard on a ball then had to backtrack, maybe the third inning?
2006-09-03 12:37:28
174.   rbj
Give Beam an inning here, to work things out.
2006-09-03 12:39:25
175.   RIYank
Proctor needs a little more work. Otherwise he could get stale.
2006-09-03 12:40:39
176.   pistolpete

Here's a drip pan for all the sarcasm oozing out of your post..

2006-09-03 12:40:57
177.   RIYank
Ryan Howard, again. Sick
2006-09-03 12:41:13
178.   singledd
Gotta like the way ARod busts out of a slump. What is it... 5 HRs in 5 games?
2006-09-03 12:41:59
179.   RIYank
Whew, thanks pistol. I would have had to clean all that up otherwise. Alex and Cliff hate it when we leave the Banter all gross and sarcastic.
2006-09-03 12:42:07
180.   JeremyM
Seriously Torre--Beam and Reyes.

176 I've never seen that before! Too funny.

2006-09-03 12:42:33
181.   RIYank
178 I thought it was five in four games.
2006-09-03 12:42:54
182.   JeremyM
GameCenter says Villone is warming. Seriously Torre--Beam and Reyes.
2006-09-03 12:43:18
183.   LI yankee
178 5 in 4 I think
2006-09-03 12:43:19
184.   JeremyM
I mean Veras, not Reyes.
2006-09-03 12:44:29
185.   JeremyM
The merchandise center just called down to Torre--get Nieves in for Posada stat, they need to push a used cather's mask and chest protector.
2006-09-03 12:44:51
186.   Ron Burgundy
Just a single for Howard over in Philla.
2006-09-03 12:44:53
187.   singledd
Over in Queens, after 6, El Duque has a 1 hitter, but Oswalt has a NO hitter going.
2006-09-03 12:45:03
188.   RIYank
Abreu had three doubles today. Several really good performances today. Abreu, Cano. Obviously A-Rod. And Rasner.
2006-09-03 12:46:39
189.   Ron Burgundy
Stop walking Casilla. Stop walking everyone period Proctor.
2006-09-03 12:47:10
190.   randym77
Okay, now I really don't get it. We have, like, three dozen guys in the bullpen now, and a big lead over the Sox, and an 7-run lead in the 8th...and it's still EDSP?
2006-09-03 12:47:39
191.   Simone
If A-Rod hit 2 home runs a game until the World Series, will he then be a real Yankee? Seriously, the Yankee fans who boo him at the Stadium should be embarassed as hell.
2006-09-03 12:51:05
192.   BklynBmr
OK, Cap!!!
2006-09-03 12:51:05
193.   BklynBmr
OK, Cap!!!
2006-09-03 12:51:22
194.   Ron Burgundy
Jeter will win the Batting Title and the AL MVP award.
2006-09-03 12:51:25
195.   RIYank
Jeter six points behind Mauer now...
2006-09-03 12:51:26
196.   Eirias
2006-09-03 12:52:28
197.   Ron Burgundy
7-run lead. Isn't this where Beam or Veras would pitch?
2006-09-03 12:53:03
198.   RIYank
Shame Myers is done. Whoever pitches the ninth has the job of getting Mauer out. Villone?
2006-09-03 12:53:24
199.   singledd
Currently at .884, ARod's OPS should be close to .900.... only .900... boy, this guy sucks. Craig Nettles has a career OPS of .750 and only was over .800 2 years. Who's the best offensive 3rd baseman in Yankee history (not counting ARod and lets eliminate Boggs)?
2006-09-03 12:57:35
200.   rbj
Only a single, A-Rod?
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2006-09-03 12:57:42
201.   BklynBmr
That'll be Torre's favorite A-Rod hit of the day...
2006-09-03 12:58:26
202.   JeremyM
Oh come on, a single. Man, I am so happy that he is heating up.
2006-09-03 12:58:50
203.   JeremyM
201 Post of the day!
2006-09-03 12:59:17
204.   rbj
Absolutely no Proctor or Villone. Beam.
2006-09-03 12:59:33
205.   Bama Yankee
199 Dale Berra?
2006-09-03 13:00:17
206.   Ron Burgundy
Bah, DP.
2006-09-03 13:02:54
207.   RIYank
I like it, he needs a little test.
2006-09-03 13:03:30
208.   Ron Burgundy
Just get 3 quick outs Lord Farnsworth.
2006-09-03 13:03:50
209.   singledd
205 Dale Berra? Hahahahahahaha
Career OPS of .638.
My guess is Nettles, but that's only a guess.

ARod's career OPS is .962.
What current players have a higher career OPS then ARod?

Bonds... Manny... Any guesses?

2006-09-03 13:05:17
210.   JeremyM
This might sound dumb but I wish he would take Posada out during games like this. An inning here and there of rest couldn't hurt him.
2006-09-03 13:06:24
211.   Ron Burgundy
Gardenhire is an asshole. He pinch-hits for Mauer the DH, so Mauer doesn't lose AVG. points.
2006-09-03 13:07:13
212.   rbj
I'll take Farns. Maybe he's recovering from an undisclosed injury. He needs work. 210 I agree, get Posada as much rest as necessary.
2006-09-03 13:09:17
213.   RIYank
210 Makes sense to me.
2006-09-03 13:09:55
214.   RIYank
Guiel saves Farnsworth some pitches.

Nice game. Everything's good when you win 10-1.

2006-09-03 13:09:55
215.   singledd
Barry Bonds 1.0533
Todd Helton 1.0404
Albert Pujols 1.0372
Manny Ramirez 1.0076
Frank Thomas .9947
Vladimir Guerrero .9771
Lance Berkman .9728
Jim Thome .9703
Alex Rodriguez .9625

Giambi has a carrer .9529 OPS

ARod is 20th all time, Giambi 23rd.

2006-09-03 13:10:09
216.   Ron Burgundy
And we WIN 10-1. A-Rod was A-Rod today. Great start by Rasner and great game all around.

This will be even better if the Blow Jays do their job and rape-a-rize Beaver.

2006-09-03 13:10:20
217.   rbj
Yanks win! Magic # now 19.
2006-09-03 13:10:31
218.   pistolpete
Farnsworth's 'back' - Yanks win. Very satisfying victory, IMO.
2006-09-03 13:10:57
219.   bobtaco
211 Yeah, saw that too, not cool.
2006-09-03 13:11:19
220.   JeremyM
Awesome win, another series win as well.
2006-09-03 13:11:51
221.   3rd gen yankee fan
Anyone know if the Toronto-Sux game will be played today?
2006-09-03 13:26:26
222.   singledd
It is raining lightly in Boston and tapering off. However, a ton of rain fell in New England, and I would think the field is a mess. I haven't heard anything... just going by the weather and conditions here, 60 miles north.
2006-09-03 14:18:31
223.   3rd gen yankee fan
221 This game is underway.
2006-09-03 14:53:29
224.   pistolpete
1-0 Jays in the 2nd
2006-09-03 15:14:30
225.   Cliff Corcoran
Did you guys totally miss the hypocracy of 210 and 211?

The Twins are battling for a playoff spot. Mauer's their #3 hitter. They can't afford to rest him. But he's their catcher, so instead of getting the regular off days Posada needs (you know how we all complain that the Yankees need a better back-up catcher so they can rest Posada even more, so he'll be fresh for the stretch/playoffs?), they have to DH Mauer on "off days." So they're down 8-1 or 10-1 or whatever and they pinch-hit for him and Gardenhire's a jerk because he's doing it to protect Mauer's average?


That said, gorgeous day, nice easy win. Props to Rasner. Alex will have the game wrap.

2006-09-03 15:17:25
226.   Ron Burgundy
225 With Mauer the DH, there is no need to pinch-hit for him.
2006-09-03 15:31:25
227.   randym77
It was the YES announcers who said they were trying to protect Mauer's average.

65 was a lot more obnoxious, IMO. Yeah, like we're really going to go beat up some baseball players for doing their job and catching balls. :-P

2006-09-03 15:38:12
228.   Cliff Corcoran
227 sigh.
2006-09-03 16:05:04
229.   Ron Burgundy
Troy Glaus really has a problem with strikeouts.
2006-09-03 16:14:29
230.   buffalocharlie
199 Red Rolfe had a OPS+ (B-R) of 100+ in 10 seasons (his only 10) with the Yankees from 1931-1942. He won 5 rings (36-39) and '41. In the World Series, Rolfe batted .284/.336/.336 in 116 abs over 28 games with 5 xbhs.

In 1939, he hit 46 doubles, 10 triples, and 14 HRs with an OPS+ 131 leading the league in doubles,as well as hits, with 213. Rolfe amassed 295 total bases, also good for first in the A.L. Interestingly, he finished 27th in MVP voting.

An unheralded Yankee, IMO, Rolfe was a key, if modest, component of the great Yankees of 1936-1939.

Of course, in Frank Baker's five seasons with the Yanks, he sported OPS+ of 116,129,105,99, and 98. Pretty good. Additionally, with the numbers presented at B-R., Baker's defensive numbers are B, B+, also IMO.

2006-09-03 18:18:07
231.   Yu-Hsing Chen
A lot of positives from this series no, Karstens and Rasner pitched very well, A-rod is hitting again, guys are comming back from the DL.

Think we start pulling a 7 man rotation now? ;) or at least try to keep a 6 man rotation more or less rest of the way? to give Moose/ Wang /RJ more rest.. while auditioning for the 4th starter ?

Also, I like to see Giambi get a little more rest , and audition to see which one of Andy / Wilson / Guiel is more ready for the playoff roster.

2006-09-03 18:37:47
232.   markp
Red Rolfe,
He was also a great defensive player (he moved to 3B from SS), an excellent baserunner, and drew a lot of walks.
2006-09-03 19:01:27
233.   randym77
Torre said that Karstens and Rasner will be moved to the bullpen now that Moose is coming back.

He also said he considers Andy Phillips the best defensive first baseman on the team. :-/

2006-09-03 19:27:10
234.   BklynBmr
233 That's not a bad thing with Karstens and Rasner in the pen. They both look pretty fearless and I don't think a 3rd or 4th inning jam they'd be throw into would rattle 'em, let alone a late inning hold.

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