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2006-09-01 15:43
by Cliff Corcoran
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After starting the season 17-24, the Twins moved 22-year-old lefty über-prospect Francisco Liriano from the bullpen into the rotation on May 19. They then played .500 ball over their next twenty games before catching fire in mid-June, winning 18 of 19 games, 15 of which came against National League teams, specifically the Dodgers and the four weakest teams in the NL Central. After dropping a pair of series to the Royals and Rangers, they again went on a tear after the All-Star Break, winning 12 of their first 14 games of the second half, a stretch that concluded with a three-game sweep of the White Sox.

Those streaks obviously weren't all Liriano's doing, but the decision to move Liriano into the rotation was a lynchpin for the team, which started the season with Tony Batista at third, Juan Castro at shortstop and with plans to carry Ruben Sierra. Not long after Twins got wise on Liriano, they dumped Batista (.236/.303/.388), Castro (.231/.258/.308), Sierra (5 for 28 with one extra base hit and four walks) and Kyle Lohse (7.07 ERA), replacing them with Nick Punto (a surprising .307/.383/.405), Jason Bartlett (finally living up to his minor league track record with a .342/.409/.447 line), Jason Tyner (ditto, hitting .314/.343/.346 in place of the injured Shannon Stewart's .293/.347/.368 in left field), and, of course, Liriano (12-3, 2.19 ERA, 10.74 K/9). Add in a tremendous two months from Justin Morneau (.387/.415/.719 with 18 homers in June and July) and you get a Twins team that went 42-17 (.712) from May 19 until July 28.

It was that later date when Liriano suffered a hard luck loss against the Tigers after which he complained of pain in his pitching elbow. He's made just one abbreviated start since then and the Twins have gone 18-13 in his absence. That's a .580 record, an almost exact match with the team's overall record, but a considerable drop from the dominant two months in which Liriano took the hill every fifth day, and not enough to push them past the White Sox, who currently sport a .586 winning percentage.

Once again, Liriano has been the lynchpin as the team has started to regress without him. Brad Radke, who has said he will retire after this season, has been pitching with a torn labrum and a shredded rotator cuff, figuring there's no reason to save his arm. It worked in August, when he posted a 2.48 ERA, but his shoulder is deteriorating faster than expected and didn't respond to his latest cortisone shot. As a result, Radke won't start Saturday, and could be done for the season, and thus his career. That's bad news for a rotation that's still without Liriano and is still carrying tonight's starter Carlos Silva, who has a 6.50 ERA on the year. While rookies Boof Bonser and Sunday's starter Matt Garza appear to be rounding into shape, Scott Baker, who will take Radke's turn tomorrow, has been on the Richmond express all year and sports a 6.93 ERA in 12 starts.

To make matters worse, the offense is experiencing some correction, with MVP candidates Morneau and Joe Mauer cooling off and Punto coming back to earth. It doesn't help matters that Luis Castillo sprained his ankle and could miss the entire series this weekend. Thus, despite the continued excellence of Johan Santana and the bullpen (which has added dominant rookie Pat Neshek to the Big Three of Nathan, Rincon and LOOGY Dennys Reyes), the recent surge of surprise clean-up hitter Michael Cuddyer (.311/.398/.594 in August), and last night's addition of Phil Nevin (who will replace the Rondell White's miserable .215/.242/.308 at DH), I'm just not convinced that this team can overtake the White Sox, despite the two teams being tied in the loss column, without getting Liriano back, and soon.

The latest report from Will Carroll is that Liriano is throwing "sneaker sessions" (meaning he's throwing off a mound, but in sneakers rather than cleats, the unproven theory being that the reduced traction also reduces effort and strain on the arm) and could return mid-month. Unless Bonser and Garza maintain their improvements and Nevin hits like he did in Chicago rather than the way he didn't in Texas, that might not be soon enough

Minnesota Twins

2006 Record: 77-55 (.583)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 75-57 (.565)

Manager: Ron Gardenhire
General Manager: Terry Ryan

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (101/101)

Who's New?

  • Jason Bartlett (minors) replaced Juan Castro
  • Jason Tyner (minors) replaced Shannon Stewart (DL)
  • Michael Cuddyer replaced Jason Kubel in right field
  • Nick Punto replaced Tony Batista at third base
  • Phil Nevin replaces Batista on the roster and Rondell White at DH
  • Boof Bonser (minors) replaced Kyle Lohse
  • Matt Garza (minors) replaced Francisco Liriano (DL)
  • Pat Neshek (minors) occupies an extra roster spot created by the acquisition of Nevin
  • Dennys Reyes (minors) replaced Scott Baker
  • Baker was called back up to replace Brad Radke (injury) in the rotation
  • Alexi Casilla and Chris Heintz are September call-ups

Current Roster

1B – Justin Morneau (L)
2B – Luis Castillo (S)
SS – Jason Bartlett (R)
3B – Nick Punto (S)
C – Joe Mauer (L)
RF – Michael Cuddyer (R)
CF – Torii Hunter (R)
LF – Jason Tyner (L)
DH – Phil Nevin (R)


R – Rondell White (OF)
L – Jason Kubel (OF)
R – Lew Ford (OF)
S – Luis O. Rodriguez (IF)
R – Mike Redmond (C)
S – Alexi Casilla (IF)*
R – Chris Heintz (C)*


L – Johan Santana
R – Carlos Silva
R – Scott Baker*
R – Matt Garza
R – Boof Bonser

R – Brad Radke**


R – Joe Nathan
R – Juan Rincon
R – Jesse Crain
R – Pat Neshek
L – Dennys Reyes
R – Willie Eyre
R – Matt Guerrier

15-day DL: L – Francisco Liriano, L – Dave Gassner
60-day DL: R – Shannon Stewart (OF),

*September call-ups

Typical Lineup

S – Luis Castillo (2B)
S – Nick Punto (3B)
L – Joe Mauer (C)
R – Michael Cuddyer (RF)
L – Justin Morneau (1B)
R – Torii Hunter (CF)
R – Phil Nevin (DH)
L – Jason Tyner (LF)
R – Jason Bartlett (SS)

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2006-09-01 15:52:08
1.   Zack
Sox's Lester diagnosed with lymphoma. Man, thats scary stuff for a young guy. More bad news for the Sox,its been pretty much snakes on a plane for them this last month. Although it looks like Ortiz is just fine, which is good...

On another note, Peter Abraham is reporting that Mo is unavailable for the game tonight and will be rested more in the coming week. I still wonder why Joe didn't try to use Dotel last night instead of Randy in the 9th, but maybe Dotel is more hurt than we think?

2006-09-01 15:53:37
2.   randym77
Peter Abraham posted an odd lineup with two first basemen, Bernie Williams, and no Abreu. However, everyone else is reporting this as tonight's lineup:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Aaron Guiel 1B
Melky Cabrera LF

Cory Lidle P

2006-09-01 16:03:20
3.   Ron Burgundy
Why is Posada in front of Cano? I think it has already been established that Cano is a better option at this point.
2006-09-01 16:09:47
4.   Zack
Lidle is a free agent after this season, no? Seems like a guy we should resign for lower cost, 5th/4th starter type work, no?
2006-09-01 16:09:51
5.   rbj
Hopefully the offense will take care of needing Mo this weekend.
2006-09-01 16:10:23
6.   Cliff Corcoran
3 The difference between two consecutive spots in the order is insignificant, though I do wonder why he didn't split the lefties at the bottom there.
2006-09-01 16:11:02
7.   Zack
Cano showing nice range, and nice poise knowing he has time to get the catcher
2006-09-01 16:14:02
8.   Cliff Corcoran
4 Let's see how Rasner does. Wang, Moose, Randy, Wright's buyout is too expensive not to pick up his option. Rasner, Karstens, Hughes, Clippard? Wright?. And that's without signing a Zito type. I don't see the need for Lidle, who tends to be a much better pitcher in August and September than the rest of the year.
2006-09-01 16:14:42
9.   randym77
Split the lefties? There are only two righties in the lineup. o_O
2006-09-01 16:17:05
10.   singledd
I don't think this will go 5. Looks like a triple-header on Sunday.
2006-09-01 16:19:10
11.   Zack
8 Do you think they will pick up Moose's option? I can't imagine he's worth 17 mill. Are you assuming he will resign either way, as I would imagine he will.

I agree, although I'm not sure hes still not worth signing. Never can have enough pitching, and knowing how unrelaiable Wright is, nevermind the possibilities of a 43 year old Johnson and a 39 year old Moose.

I don't expect Hughes to start the season with the club, though I fully expect him to be there by June.

I suppose it was more me combining Joe's love for vets and the generally uncertainty of the rotation after Wang/Johnson. But, on the other hand, Lidle ain't really an ace...

2006-09-01 16:19:59
12.   Cliff Corcoran
9 No, there are two righties and two switch hitters. Switch hitters can make Gardenhire less sure about when to call on Reyes.
2006-09-01 16:22:01
13.   Cliff Corcoran
11 I totally agree on Hughes.
2006-09-01 16:26:36
14.   rbj
You can never have enough pitching. I'd pick up Moose's option Wang, Clippard, Hughes aren't going to equal that for a few years. I'd bring back Lidle, too.
Pavano, try and get out of that contract. That's $20 mil right there. In '98 & '99 the Yanks were able to juggle 6-7 starters.
2006-09-01 16:28:16
15.   randym77
The poor Clippers are decimated tonight. Not only did they lose the four guys that were called up, Mitch Jones has been sent home and Kevin Thompson has a staph infection that has him benched.
2006-09-01 16:28:37
16.   Cliff Corcoran
14 I agree, the Yanks should Aaron Boone Pavano if at all possible, then spend the money on . . .

Guess who's back?

2006-09-01 16:29:32
17.   randym77
I guess yesterday wasn't a fluke...
2006-09-01 16:29:35
18.   rbj
Oooh, yeah!
2006-09-01 16:30:06
19.   Zack
A-Rod was waiting to pounce on that. No doubter...
2006-09-01 16:30:18
20.   Cliff Corcoran
Yanks play KC, Baltimore and TB after this series. If Rodriguez gets hot . . . fugghedaboudit.
2006-09-01 16:30:39
21.   LI yankee
Don't look now, but Jeter is only 8 points back of Mauer in the batting race, (.349-.341)
2006-09-01 16:31:34
22.   Eirias
So, I'll repeat my question.

Given that many people are discussing a possible Subway Series, is the proper term for New York's one team the Mankees or the Yets?

2006-09-01 16:33:25
23.   Cliff Corcoran
Yets works nicely, as neither team has gotten that far yet.
2006-09-01 16:33:38
24.   Travis
22 I'd go with Yankets, myself.
2006-09-01 16:35:18
25.   rbj
Butterfingers times 2
2006-09-01 16:35:32
26.   rilkefan
16 - still think he should see a shrink?
2006-09-01 16:43:09
27.   Eirias
Still one of my favorite Conan sketches.
2006-09-01 16:49:06
28.   rbj
Now's not the time to slow the game down, Corey.
2006-09-01 16:50:11
29.   rbj
Much better.
2006-09-01 16:51:10
30.   JeremyM
Wow, Minny has 5 batters in the lineup batting over .300. Pretty good lineup really.
2006-09-01 16:52:46
31.   singledd
22 How about: NY,NY
2006-09-01 16:56:02
32.   rbj
Su-weet! Thank you, Pat Gillick.
2006-09-01 16:56:22
33.   JeremyM
I heart Bobby Abreu.
2006-09-01 16:59:31
34.   Paul in Boston
Jeter's sb% is extraordinary. Replay showed he may have been out, nice to get the break. Reminds me of Tim Raines late in his career.
2006-09-01 17:01:04
35.   Cliff Corcoran
That was a solid swing, he just got beat by a good breaking ball.
2006-09-01 17:01:57
36.   Alex Belth
Nice to see A Rod showing the emotion. He's pissed he got beat there. I like to see that.
2006-09-01 17:03:57
37.   Alex Belth
So far, so good for Lidle, huh?
2006-09-01 17:06:01
38.   Cliff Corcoran
36 Coming to the plate for that AB he had the evil stare of a movie villain, I was sure he wass gonna cream one. I think he's starting to feel like the hitter he really is again.
2006-09-01 17:07:24
39.   Cliff Corcoran
37 Good job, partner.
2006-09-01 17:12:20
40.   Alex Belth
Nice stroke by Morneau. Did you hear Leiter compare him with Olerud? Not a bad comp asthetically. He's very still. Doesn't look like he tries to do too much.
2006-09-01 17:13:19
41.   Alex Belth
Hey Cliff...I think we're alone! It's Friday night, what? Do people have a social life all of a sudden or something? lol
2006-09-01 17:13:43
42.   rbj
Playing up the Subway Series already?
2006-09-01 17:15:11
43.   Alex Belth
Hey, I wanna Mickey Mantle statuette...
2006-09-01 17:15:30
44.   JeremyM
Considering there will likely be some seldom-used arms throwing for the Yankees tonight, it would be nice to put a few more runs up.
2006-09-01 17:15:57
45.   randym77
We're here. We're just listening to your words of wisdom. ;-)
2006-09-01 17:16:16
46.   rilkefan
41 - Monday's a holiday for people without projects due, which makes Friday a holiday...
2006-09-01 17:17:18
47.   sabernar
No social life here! I'm sitting at home on a Friday night! w00t!
2006-09-01 17:17:50
48.   randym77
Yech. Starting to rain...
2006-09-01 17:18:48
49.   Ron Burgundy
Sorry Chaps. A bit late today. I must say, that was quite a spectacular shot by A-Rod.

Robbie is KILLING ME. I LOVE his pure hitting ability. But Robbie, please, I beg you, find some plate discipline.

2006-09-01 17:19:02
50.   Cliff Corcoran
43 I had the Yogi (looked nothing like him), but the cat knocked it off the desk and broke it.

41 Friday's always slow.

40 Yeah, he nailed that.

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2006-09-01 17:19:02
51.   Zack
Well I am off to go see "crank" not because I want to, but because its a "guy" thing. At least there is good beer involved before hand. Lets go Yanks!

(See, I kind of have a life on Friday night!)

2006-09-01 17:19:57
52.   Cliff Corcoran
49 I dunno, Ron, they could use to make this official in a hury. Then they can start taking pitches.
2006-09-01 17:21:37
53.   Cliff Corcoran
51 Last I looked it had a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. Of course there were no legitimate publications included in the sample of reviews.

By the way, is that Dwight Yokam in the preview?

2006-09-01 17:21:41
54.   Ron Burgundy
52 True. But that was bad by Rob there. Otherwise, good game so far. I hope we get 5 Inning in and the game just flat out ends there. I'm gassed (and I'm sure others are too on Friday Night).
2006-09-01 17:22:58
55.   mikeplugh
41 I'm with you too Alex.

Just enjoying a quiet Saturday morning coffee with the game makes it hard to type.

3 outs to an official game! Then, bring on the showers.

2006-09-01 17:24:22
56.   singledd
FINALLY. 3 Outs. Let's get this game in!
Anybody here see Mantle play?
Any Mantle stories?
Hi Alex and Cliff. Nice to see you both here tonight.
2006-09-01 17:25:22
57.   Ron Burgundy
Blue Jays really suck by the way. They lost 5 in a row and are losing to the pathetic Red Sawx. Yawn. I wanted them to take 2nd place just for the novelty of it and to piss of Sawx fans more, but whatever, would've been a nice bonus. Long as we do our thing and win, that's all that matters. The YES HD feed is extra clear tonight.
2006-09-01 17:27:31
58.   Cliff Corcoran
57 Yeah, looks like Hillenbrand was right. Gibbons and Riccardi need to go.
2006-09-01 17:28:27
59.   Dimelo
I had a social life, but work has taken it away from me.
2006-09-01 17:29:18
60.   randym77
The Clippers web site has photos of a Mantle figurine they're giving away. I don't know if it's the same one:

2006-09-01 17:29:31
61.   Ron Burgundy
58 Not sure about Riccardi, but Gibbons definitely needs to go. They really have been horrible. Got swept by the Indians and can't beat the PawSox now, incredible.
2006-09-01 17:29:46
62.   Dimelo
Holy crap...just read the Lester news. I hope he recovers fine. That's really sad, but it sounds treatable. So that's a good thing.
2006-09-01 17:29:52
63.   Alex Belth
Born in '71, too young to have seen Mantle play.

One that I thought was interesting in Barra's A Rod piece for the Voice, was biographer Ray Robinson's quote that Mantle handled the vicious booing he received in the late fifites much worse than Rodriguez has. What's mind boggling is that he had already won MVPs and numerous rings and was still getting killed. So as Barra points out, it's only when guys haven't won a ring with the Yanks that Yankee fans have booed 'em.

Beautiful job by Lidle. Way to make it official broham...

2006-09-01 17:31:02
64.   Cliff Corcoran
63 You mean it's not only when guy's haven't won, right?
2006-09-01 17:34:47
65.   rbj
Why were they booing Mantle? At that point he wasn't taking away DiMaggio's playing time. I guess boneheads exist in every era.
2006-09-01 17:35:27
66.   Bob Timmermann
On Gameday, Johnny Damon got a single on a "out recorded" pitch. He's just that good.
2006-09-01 17:36:16
67.   Ron Burgundy
Go Jeter, GO!
Win the Batting Title!
2006-09-01 17:36:43
68.   Bob Timmermann
Mantle was not DiMaggio and he also struck out a lot and at the time people didn't realize that the strikeouts were a byproduct of Mantle's ability to hit the tar out of the ball when he connected.
2006-09-01 17:37:05
69.   Alex Belth
That's twice in recent days that the Yanks have lucked into that hit and run, first and third instead of an easy double play...
2006-09-01 17:38:02
70.   Ron Burgundy
69 Makes Joe look like a Certified Genius.
2006-09-01 17:39:40
71.   Ron Burgundy
We're doing our job.

OK, My Plan: Giambi Walks, A-Rod hits a Grand Slam.

2006-09-01 17:40:50
72.   rbj
I don't care if it is a deadball era, 454 IP is too much.
2006-09-01 17:41:14
73.   Cliff Corcoran
68 Yankee fans booed Ruth when he struck out too.
2006-09-01 17:41:29
74.   Ron Burgundy
72 Well, they all did it back then and nobody complained or went out with "bruised buttocks".
2006-09-01 17:42:36
75.   rbj

Thanks Bob 68

2006-09-01 17:42:44
76.   Cliff Corcoran
68 Of course the irony was that Mantle was better than DiMaggio, but the fans couldn't see that.
2006-09-01 17:42:47
77.   Ron Burgundy
Thanks Dr. Morneau.
2006-09-01 17:43:19
78.   Cliff Corcoran
72 What are you refering to?
2006-09-01 17:43:58
79.   Ron Burgundy
Safe to say A-Rod is back to form.
2006-09-01 17:44:17
80.   maineyank
57 I'd rather see the sawx finish second so I can congratulate all their "fans" on extending their record streak of consecutive years finishing second to the same team!
2006-09-01 17:44:28
81.   rbj
He's baaaaack!

(Of course, other guys are hitting Silva too, and Silva's not good, so it doesn't count.)

2006-09-01 17:45:41
82.   rbj
78 YES was just showing the stats from Chesboro's 1906 campaign -- 41 & 12.
2006-09-01 17:46:09
83.   singledd
69 Luck? Or Torre Managing.
Genius. Pure Genius!
2006-09-01 17:46:12
84.   LI yankee
What's the prediction for how much longer this game will go?
2006-09-01 17:46:16
85.   Cliff Corcoran
81 Plus that was just a stat-padding RBI (never mind that Alex put the Yanks in the lead to start with).
2006-09-01 17:46:19
86.   Ron Burgundy
78 They showed a "Hummer H3 20 Fact" about a Yankees pitcher who threw 454 IP once.
2006-09-01 17:47:32
87.   LI yankee
82 I remember that perfectly well. The Banter was done through Morse code.
2006-09-01 17:47:48
88.   Cliff Corcoran
82 Ah yes. Read the 1904 link on the sidebar under suggested reading.

84 Doesn't look too bad. Not bad out here in Jersey either.

2006-09-01 17:51:57
89.   Ron Burgundy
Do It Robbie.
2006-09-01 17:52:36
90.   Cliff Corcoran
He dun it.
2006-09-01 17:56:20
91.   Paul in Boston
56 I saw Mantle play several times in the mid -1960s. He was already past his prime, but still was the most exciting player on the team. Interesting also how re-examination of his stats from his "decline" years (65-68) show that given the era, his adjusted power and (especially) OBP were still quite good.

And then there was his 5-for-5 game (two home runs, two doubles, a single) which I listened to on the radio. Anyone have the retrosheet reference for that one?

2006-09-01 17:57:54
92.   Ron Burgundy
2006-09-01 18:00:26
93.   Ron Burgundy

Enough Small-Ball. Step on their throats and hit a Grand Slam Johnny.

2006-09-01 18:02:20
94.   Ron Burgundy
2006-09-01 18:03:19
95.   maineyank
The whiff.
2006-09-01 18:04:49
96.   singledd
91 Was that game against the Washington Senators?
2006-09-01 18:05:41
97.   Ron Burgundy
How is everyone on the Twins line-up hitting .300? What the hell?
2006-09-01 18:07:16
98.   Cliff Corcoran
94 Yeah, crap, they only scored four. Sheesh.
2006-09-01 18:07:46
99.   maineyank
I'm following with Gameday. How does Lidle look? Are the Twins swinging at bad pitches?
2006-09-01 18:07:55
100.   Ron Burgundy
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-09-01 18:08:34
101.   Ron Burgundy
98 That was about the strikeout. Inning itself was great.
2006-09-01 18:08:58
102.   rbj
Lidle's looking pretty sharp, I think he's fooling the Twins.
2006-09-01 18:09:58
103.   Ron Burgundy
This umpire is an idiot.
That was a STRIKE!
2006-09-01 18:13:46
104.   Ron Burgundy
Darn. Jeter makes an out.
2006-09-01 18:16:39
105.   maineyank
.350 - .343 Mauer - Jeter. I say Jeter overtakes him before the end of the month.
2006-09-01 18:19:51
106.   Ron Burgundy
105 Agreed. Mauer has definitely slowed down. I think Jeter can catch him and overtake him. MVP! MVP! MVP!
2006-09-01 18:23:06
107.   singledd
I love it. Joe is managing for the post season already.
2006-09-01 18:23:18
108.   maineyank
And I agree with you on the MVP thing. Even before the sawx collapsed I could never see the Ortiz thing. A DH spends what 15 minutes on the field in a three hour game (or 5 hours if its NYY-BOS). Jeter is the man!
2006-09-01 18:23:41
109.   3rd gen yankee fan
62 Whoa, isn't that awful about Lester? Curse of the Gimpy Crow, indeed.
2006-09-01 18:24:20
110.   3rd gen yankee fan
In good news, the Yanks are kickin azz.
2006-09-01 18:26:48
111.   BklynBmr
No help from the Halos so far, down 5-0 to Detroit, bottom 5...
2006-09-01 18:29:13
112.   Ron Burgundy
111 Well, we do wonna make extra sure the Angels don't make the postseason. If they make the postseason, we don't make it to the World Serious, period. I do notice they're 7.5 back, but still, just to bury them. And the Angels can win the next two games against the Paper Tigers.
2006-09-01 18:31:07
113.   3rd gen yankee fan
112 I know. I'm a bit tired of those Angels.
2006-09-01 18:32:29
114.   maineyank
111 112 Yeah it seems like the Angels never look that good except when they play the yanks.
2006-09-01 18:33:56
115.   BklynBmr
112 A's host the O's tonight, pretty good chance that will stay at 7.5 at worst, but yeah — if the Halos do somehow get into the PS, it's football season for me...
2006-09-01 18:34:32
116.   maineyank
Let's jack one ARod!
2006-09-01 18:35:27
117.   BklynBmr
116 Ask and ye shall receive...
2006-09-01 18:35:44
118.   rbj
2006-09-01 18:36:02
119.   Ron Burgundy
Dude, what up with A-Rod?
2006-09-01 18:36:03
120.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yay Arod!
2006-09-01 18:36:58
121.   Ron Burgundy
Hunter ran TOO FAR and it dropped like 10 feet in front of him for a double!
2006-09-01 18:37:13
122.   maineyank
Is it possible to be the comeback player of the year when you weren't ever really gone?
2006-09-01 18:37:23
123.   BklynBmr
Kitty was right, that's some Candlestick wind out there...
2006-09-01 18:37:25
124.   rbj
Shame there's no BBTN tonight.
2006-09-01 18:38:13
125.   Simone
A-Rod en fuego! I love it.
2006-09-01 18:39:26
126.   Ron Burgundy
124 There is, at 12 midnight. And hell, there's still SportsCenter.
2006-09-01 18:41:41
127.   Ron Burgundy
Meh, Robbie's bat is ice cold. The cause is simple: no plate discipline whatsoever.

Ice cold, and he's still hitting .331. We should all be so lucky.

2006-09-01 18:41:42
128.   rbj
126 I'm usually not awake at midnight, got Aikido in the morning.

Oh, that's right, class is cancelled tomorrow. Maybe I'll stay up and they can serve a nice heaping plate of crow to Steve Philips.

2006-09-01 18:45:01
129.   rbj
Good base hustling.
2006-09-01 18:45:42
130.   3rd gen yankee fan
128 Gimpy crow.
2006-09-01 18:47:00
131.   Simone
The news about Lester is sad. As horrible as cancer is, he is fortunate that he has a treatable cancer. I hope he has a full recovery.
2006-09-01 18:47:38
132.   BklynBmr
128 Phillips is unrepentant. He'll have some other twisted spin he's frantically working up as we speak. The guy is unwatchable...
2006-09-01 18:48:14
133.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-09-01 18:48:17
134.   Paul in Boston
91 Yes, that was the game. May 13, 1968. Mantle 5 for 5, 5 RBIs, lifted for a pitch-hitter (Ruben Amaro) in his last at bat. Yanks won 13-4 in a 2 hour, 30 minute game!

I had a Little League game that day, listened to it on a transistor radio.

2006-09-01 18:48:47
135.   Ron Burgundy
132 Worst of all, he's now the head-analyst at BBTN and forcing all the others out.
2006-09-01 18:50:23
136.   Ron Burgundy
So, basically, instead of a walk, it's a groundout. Thanks umpire.
2006-09-01 18:51:24
137.   Ron Burgundy
134 17 runs in 2 and a half hours?!
2006-09-01 18:52:00
138.   BklynBmr
136 The 3-1 pitch was a foot outside...
2006-09-01 18:52:13
139.   rbj
Do tell, Dotel's pitching!
2006-09-01 18:52:13
140.   Ron Burgundy
Go Dr. Octopus, Go!
2006-09-01 18:52:33
141.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hey, here's some interesting stuff.

I was just checking out the Melkman's splits.

Night -- .316/.389/.486

but . . . Day -- .237/.318/.304

That's pretty crazy, no?

2006-09-01 18:53:14
142.   JeremyM
I hope Dotel can keep this from becoming a save situation. It'd be really nice if he could round into form this month.
2006-09-01 18:53:57
143.   Ron Burgundy
138 My point pretty much. Hell, the 0-0 pitch was a foot up and a foot inside. But the umpire is a Twins fan. He gives Mauer a walk on a strike, and calls two balls strikes against Jeter.
2006-09-01 18:54:26
144.   Ron Burgundy
He called THAT a ball?
That was a strike when the Twins pitched.
2006-09-01 18:54:27
145.   BklynBmr
Dotel was using a shiv to clean his cleats...
2006-09-01 18:56:04
146.   Cliff Corcoran
145 Well, Torrer has kept him locked up of late.
2006-09-01 18:56:12
147.   Bob Timmermann
Papelbon just left the game in Boston with a right shoulder injury. He did not look well.
2006-09-01 18:56:18
148.   singledd
134 I was playing stickball with a friend (and fellow Yankee fan), listening on my 7 transistor radio, and remember the game. A last horrah for the great Mick. Amazing to remember that event, that happened 38 years ago. Thanks for the memories Paul (and fellow New Englander).
2006-09-01 18:56:31
149.   maineyank
Not that Boston is all that relevant anymore, but looks like Paple-blown might blow a save to the jays. second and third one out Overbay at bat. Ninth inning.
2006-09-01 18:56:53
150.   BklynBmr
146 LOL! Makes perfect sense...
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2006-09-01 18:57:33
151.   Ron Burgundy
149 They took Papelbitch out.
2006-09-01 18:57:34
152.   3rd gen yankee fan
147 Go Toronto.
2006-09-01 18:57:50
153.   maineyank
Paplebon injured! Don't know the details (again, gameday). Injury delay, new pitcher in.
2006-09-01 18:58:26
154.   BklynBmr
147 Can anyone find that crow? I'd like to keep it on hand for next year!
2006-09-01 18:58:54
155.   rbj
2006-09-01 18:58:58
156.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hey, Pamplemousse just left the game in Boston in the 9th, runners 2nd and 3rd with one out, after he apparently committed a throwing error.

Did he injure himself or something?

The curse of the crow continues?

This is getting crazy.

Or is it payback for whatever black magic they used in 04?

2006-09-01 18:59:08
157.   Bob Timmermann
It's a shoulder injury for Papelbon. Threw a pitch and then started shaking his right arm and started squatting near the mound shaking his head.
2006-09-01 18:59:40
158.   Ron Burgundy
156 Payback, and the baseball Gods are restoring order.
2006-09-01 19:01:49
159.   maineyank
It is getting nuts. Too bad because the yanks clearly had a better team when both were healthy and it would have been nice to eliminate them on the last day. Nah who am I kidding? I hope the finish 20 out!
2006-09-01 19:03:57
160.   Ron Burgundy
159 Sadly, now RSN and ESPN will ignore all our injuries and say that the ONLY reason we won the AL East was because the Sawx had injuries, and of course our payroll.
2006-09-01 19:03:58
161.   yankeemonkey
As much as I hate the Sox, I am feeling very bad for them right now. The Lester news was awful, and if Papelbon's injury is serious...well, you do start to wonder about things like curses.

I'd rather we beat a 100% healthy Sox team on the field, fair and square!

2006-09-01 19:06:50
162.   Ron Burgundy
161 We beat them like a drum when they had Manny, Papelbitch, Ortiz, Lester, and the rest and got a 6.5 Game lead even then. Don't tell RSN and ESPN that, the only reason we really won the AL East was because of their injuries and our payroll.
2006-09-01 19:07:17
163.   3rd gen yankee fan
Toronto scored 1.
2006-09-01 19:08:09
164.   rbj
Boo, A-Rod. Only 2 HR, 3 rbi and a 3-5 night. Pathetic.
2006-09-01 19:09:18
165.   Ron Burgundy
Jays SUCK!
2006-09-01 19:09:20
166.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well darn, TO couldn't pull it off.
2006-09-01 19:09:40
167.   JeremyM
Sox won.
2006-09-01 19:09:54
168.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Here's the beauty of Bobby A:

Against Boston this season:

11 games: .452/.589/.738

That's a 1.327 ops for those scoring at home.

The pinstripes need to be tattooed on this man.

2006-09-01 19:10:03
169.   maineyank
That's right. Full strenght, head to head, no competition Yanks win hands down. And don't forget that five game beat down was still without Matsui and Sheffield. Do I wish they were healthy to lose that excuse? Sure, but I'm glad they're done.
2006-09-01 19:10:26
170.   maineyank
That's right. Full strenght, head to head, no competition Yanks win hands down. And don't forget that five game beat down was still without Matsui and Sheffield. Do I wish they were healthy so they would lose that excuse? Sure, but I'm glad they're done.
2006-09-01 19:12:00
171.   maineyank
Ye olde double post double post
2006-09-01 19:12:15
172.   Ron Burgundy
Beam is really pissing me off here.
2006-09-01 19:13:43
173.   rbj
Dang, there goes the shutout.
2006-09-01 19:14:28
174.   3rd gen yankee fan
165 Jays do suck, if they can't take advantage of a wounded Boston. It's sad, I had such high hopes for them (2nd place) at the beginning of the season. But then when Gibbons got into that fight with Lilly, seems like they all started mailing it in.
2006-09-01 19:15:35
175.   Ron Burgundy
Beam, look, you're not "NEW" here anymore. Settle the hell down asshole. You can't do anything right. Come on man. You blew the 2-hit shutout already. Can you at least keep it at 1 run?
2006-09-01 19:17:17
176.   rsmith51
A long as Beam is throwing strikes, I don't care what the Twins do.
2006-09-01 19:20:21
177.   rbj
Gueil's making a case for him to be the defensive 1Ber.
2006-09-01 19:21:55
178.   Ron Burgundy
2006-09-01 19:22:53
179.   randym77
About time we had an easy one.
2006-09-01 19:23:21
180.   maineyank
Good one! Let's sweep 'em. Gotta work in the a.m. I'm gone.
2006-09-01 19:25:22
181.   kdw
Anyone have thoughts about what Jeter was saying to Cano there right after the game ended? He looked pretty animated but like it was something specific and not just the usual post-game fist bumps.
2006-09-01 19:28:16
182.   yankeemonkey
181 "If I said it once, I said it a hundred times: no, I won't give you Jessica Alba's number!"
2006-09-01 19:29:44
183.   LI yankee
181 Yeah for a second I thought they were arguing. I think Jeter was just preaching something. He looked kind of forceful though.
2006-09-01 19:35:42
184.   LI yankee
Supposedly now Schilling is also injured. He has a grade 1 strained Lat and will miss his next start.

Double whammy courtesy of the Gimpy Crow!

2006-09-01 19:38:10
185.   yankeemonkey
Damn...find that crow and sign it up! It could like Pedro's lucky midget!

(Actually I think I saw somewhere that the crow died shortly after casting its spell)

2006-09-01 19:47:48
186.   randym77
185 Yup. They caught it and took it outside the stadium...where the resident redtailed hawk killed and ate it.
2006-09-01 19:48:35
187.   kdw
182 Funny, altho from their expressions I'd have thought the reverse. Other than the fact that it would be a sign of the apocalypse if Jeter were asking Robbie for someone's number....
2006-09-01 19:53:30
188.   Paul in Boston
I suspect he was suggesting that he either 1) set himself and make a better throw, or 2) toss the ball to Jeter to make that last play (a non-double play double play), as Jeter was in a much better to make the throw to first. Cano's actual throw was awful.
2006-09-01 20:13:24
189.   kdw
188 Thanks, that makes sense. Was just curious becuase Jeter looked so intense.
2006-09-01 20:14:02
190.   randym77
Mitch Jones was DFA'd. I guess to make room for Nieves on the 40-man.
2006-09-01 20:14:33
191.   yankeemonkey
Who is/was Mitch Jones?
2006-09-01 20:15:17
192.   BklynBmr
184 The gift that just keeps on giving...

186 That means The Curse of the Gimpy Crow is now irreversable — unless the hawk is captured and eaten alive by El Guapo in front of Buckner's old locker.

2006-09-01 20:20:50
193.   yankeemonkey
192 You have it all wrong. In order to exorcise the Curse of the Gimpy Crow (aka CGC), you must sacrifice Dan Shaughessy in front of Larry Lucchino's office.
2006-09-01 20:22:54
194.   randym77
191 Mitch Jones was an outfielder on the Yankees 40-man roster. He's been with the Clippers for awhile now.

Curious that they decided to DFA Jones. They could have put Kevin Reese on the 60-day DL instead. Are they hoping Reese will be back this year after all? Or are they planning to call up Crosby, Sardinha, or some other player not on the 40-man on Monday?

2006-09-01 20:25:53
195.   yankeemonkey
194 Hughes?
2006-09-01 20:30:19
196.   randym77
195 Hughes is already on the 40-man roster. To protect him from the Rule 5 draft, I think.
2006-09-01 20:43:19
197.   Yu-Hsing Chen
this season is getting ridiculas for the Red Sox... their luck is beyond horrible ...
2006-09-01 20:54:23
198.   randym77
197 Well, our luck was pretty horrible at the beginning of this year. :-P

FWIW, Papelbon says he's okay. Dunno if I believe that.

2006-09-01 21:05:18
199.   randym77
Hmmm. Kevin Thompson is apparently really, really sick. He's not going to be called up anytime soon.
2006-09-01 23:05:59
200.   BklynBmr
Bruney must be on the PS roster. Think David Weathers 1996. 'nuff said ;-)

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