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Eight is Enough
2006-08-31 05:28
by Alex Belth

At least it'll just have to do, won't it? The Yankees were set to swipe the second game last night but an enervated Scott Proctor walked two men and then hung a slider to Craig Monroe who belted a three-run dinger which propelled the Tigers a 5-3 win. The Bombers only managed to get three hits in the entire game. Down 2-0 in the sixth, Sal Fassano was hit by a pitch and he moved to third on a double to the left-center field gap by Melky Cabrera. Derek Jeter followed and doubled them both in. Then he stole third. Jason Giambi was intentionally walked and Alex Rodriguez--who had another rough go of it offensively, though he seems to have steadied himself in the field--tapped a slow grounder to third. Brandon Inge threw Rodriguez out but the go-ahead run scored and that's how things stood until the ninth.

Having pitched earlier in the day, Mariano Rivera was unavailable, and Kyle Farnsworth's creaky back prevented Torre from using him as well. Enter Proctor, who also appeared in the first game. Nefi Perez grounded out to start the ninth, but then Proctor walked Inge, and with two men out, he could not put Curtis Granderson--leading the majors in whiffs--away. With a full count, Granderson fouled off two fastballs before Proctor let another heater sail high-and-wide for ball four. Monroe crunched Proctor's first pitch, a hanging breaking ball, for a homer and Todd Jones retired the Yankees in order in the ninth.

It's hard to get too steamed about the loss, yet it was regrettable all the same, particularly considering how well Jaret Wright pitched.

"I'm not real happy with it," Proctor said. "I've got to attack guys like I have all year. It's embarrassing, the two walks. The home run, you're not happy about, but you can't walk guys. I'm better than that."
(Anthony McCarron, N.Y. Daily News)

It is overcast and chilly in New York this morning. Though I'm sure we haven't seen the very last of warm weather, it feels like October around here today. The Big Unit goes against Jeremy Bonderman in a matinee at the Stadium. Should be a good one.

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2006-08-31 06:09:26
1.   Chyll Will
Picking up on what Mike Plugh said last night, it makes the coaches look either silly or superflous if they don't speak up in terms of pure observation; it's not Bowa's job to say to Torre that Proctor looks gassed so why not pitch Dotel instead, that's on Guidry, experience or none. If Bowa was concerned about protocol, why not put a bug in Guidry's ear? And what is Mazilli doing on the bench next to Joe if he doesn't have anything to say about what only seems rather obvious to the naked eye? I need to grasp the logic or lack thereof that leads to debates like this...
2006-08-31 06:15:26
2.   rbj
I'm not upset about the loss. The Tigers are a very good team, plus it's hard to sweep a doubleheader. I'd rather conserve Mo for October than worry about best record in the league.
2006-08-31 06:32:16
3.   C2Coke
2 Second that. Mo will be more than needed down the stretch. However I did start wonder about where was Dotel? The only thing I could think of is that Torre is well aware of who's pitching today.

Anyway, today is another day.

Let's Go Yankees!

2006-08-31 06:34:28
4.   choirboyzgirl
My thoughts on the first two games.......I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to the Tigers and Yankees match up (I probably willed the rain on Tuesday LOL) because I didn't want to see either team loose. I felt like a parent with kids playing on opposite teams against each other. I've been rooting for the Yankees for the past 15 years or so. But its great to the see the hometown team winning (finally!).

The plus in the match ups for me was being able to see all 3 games. FSD reporters did a great job of providing a balanced perspective. Even on A-Rod (getting a few digs in there....."He still has one of the best infielder arms in the MLB but just doesn't show it often") and then noting in the second game when he made the 5th out for the Yankees why he was the only one that got booed. Had to chuckle at both. Even pointed out that if Alex was on the Tigers he would be leading the team in home runs and RBIs, ( I dug further and realize he would be leading in runs, walks and not strikeouts as well) . They LOVE Derek and couldn't say enough things about him and they a good deal respect the Yankees. They were also very positive about Tigers players focusing much more on the positive than the negative (which makes watching the game even more fun).

As for the teams I must say those were two great games, the pitching was outstanding and fun to watch because it could go either way. I hope today's game is just as good.

2006-08-31 06:41:28
5.   Sliced Bread
Mo says he coulda pitched, and therefore, in my opinion, shoulda.

He had a week off before he pitched two innings on Sunday. Then, he had two more days off before efficiently closing the first game on 15 pitches.

Yanks still need every win they can get at this point, especially as they're battling the Tigers for home field advantage in the playoffs, an advantage that should not be discounted.

Another great performance in Jeter's MVP campaign: his game-tying 2 RBI double, 3rd base steal, and go-ahead run scored... wasted.

Wright's best, and longest outing of the year, wasted.

The struggling A-Rod's potentially game-winning RBI, wasted.

Bruney's and Villone's solid work, wasted.

Proctor's big out against Pudge in the 9th, wasted.

This was not a game the Yanks should have ultimately put in the hands of Scott Proctor. Never closed a game, let alone a game with potential postseason implications.

Had they won last night, and taken the series, Rivera could have stayed home today, gone to a movie, whatever, Jeter, Damon, and Posada, too, for that matter.

I say pile on the wins when you have a chance.

What a wasted opportunity.

No, not the end of the world, not by any means.

We'll get 'em today, right, Unit?

And Rivera will get another day off because the Yanks are ahead, right? -- and not because they're getting crushed, right?

2006-08-31 06:49:33
6.   Paul in Boston
Isn't there a problem with Rivera's elbow?
2006-08-31 06:50:39
7.   Sliced Bread
5 deep breath... perspective... chill.

sorry about the irked and vexed vibes there.

2006-08-31 06:54:11
8.   willdthrill
NY TImes reports Mo's getting an MRI on his right elbow today.
2006-08-31 07:04:05
9.   Bob B
I agree with 5 you. A win in the second game would have put the Yanks within 2 for the best record in the AL instead, their now 4 out with 31 games remaining. Knowing that you were within a strike of that hurts.
2006-08-31 07:13:51
10.   RZG
A win would have been nice but I'll assume Rivera's not having an MRI because he filled up his "one free with every 10" card.
2006-08-31 07:14:16
11.   Shawn Clap
Yo, nice Alex Belth quote in the Village Voice. But, clearly, that piece was written by A-Rod's mom!
2006-08-31 07:29:31
12.   kylepetterson
According to BP: Odds of winning the AL East - 99.28695
2006-08-31 07:30:10
13.   Ron Burgundy
Uhm, where was that fellow by the name of Dotel last night? With an 8-Game lead, you can afford to rest Proctor and give the actual pitcher with closer experience and better stuff than Proctor a chance to close.
2006-08-31 07:30:45
14.   C2Coke
8 Both Giambi and Mo needed MRI.
2006-08-31 07:33:06
15.   C2Coke
11 Do you have the link? Thanks.
2006-08-31 07:36:49
16.   Max
11 Uh, no. Pretty fair piece, actually.
2006-08-31 07:38:03
17.   MJJ
Dotel was up in the bullpen more than once in the 7th and 8th (or was it 6th and 7th?) Either way, I was in the upper deck in left, where bullpen action tends to catch your eye even if you don't want it to, and I noticed him get up and down at least twice, but once Proctor came in there was nothing doing in the pen.

Personally I blame the cops in section 28 who decided to kick a guy out with 2 outs and 2 strikes in the top of the 9th. I wasn't the only one who questioned why they were bothering to do that, since the game was about to be over anyway, and I think we probably jinxed it.

2006-08-31 07:39:59
18.   rbj
2006-08-31 07:40:37
19.   JL25and3
I was at the Stadium last night, and I was surprised and embarrassed at the booing Proctor got.

The focus has been on the bullpen, but the offense was awful yesterday. I've been saying for a while that the Yankees will kill any pitcher who's at least a little wild, but they can have trouble with pitchers who throw strikes. That doesn't bode well for the postseason.

2006-08-31 07:40:51
20.   Peter
15 Click on A-rod's name above. Great article. I was at the game last night and was actually surprised that A-rod was getting cheered loudly each time he came up to bat. And the boos which followed him to the dugout weren't as obvious. Hopefully we've reached a turning point.

There was a lot of Fasano-love in the crowd too.

2006-08-31 07:41:52
21.   pistolpete
What the Yanks should take away from this game is that the Tigers lineup isn't necessarily very scary, but they do need to step on their throats and not let up if we have the chance.

One knock against Torre, though - even if we DO have the division well in hand, doesn't the best record in the AL mean anything?

Very encouraging start by Wright, especially in the wake of the Pavano news. Maybe Jaret will pitch into the 8th before the season is over?

2006-08-31 07:43:28
22.   C2Coke
18,20 Thanks.
2006-08-31 07:44:14
23.   pistolpete
20 Not seeing anything in Safari or Firefox on a Mac. All I get is a 'Village Voice' banner at the top of the page and everything else is blank.
2006-08-31 07:44:48
24.   Levy2020
Having only seen the box score, I wanted Dotel. Plus, isn't that the entire point of having Dotel? To rest Farnsworth and Proctor?
2006-08-31 07:44:51
25.   standuptriple
That loss was painful. Why even have Dotel on the roster? Why does Joe feel the need to use Proctor every freaking game? One walk, ok. The second, with a 1 run lead? Give him the hook. With all those coaches on the bench you'd think there would be some recognition.
The O didn't do much, but the Tigers do have the best ERA in the league. It should have been enough.
This team is very good, but there is still room for improvement. Can we get Torre on an in-game simulator? Teach him some statistics? Or is it too late for that?
2006-08-31 07:47:10
26.   C2Coke
18, 20 I don't understand why it doesn't work. The page comes up but with only village voice on top and the rest is blank. I tried both clicking on Alex's link and rbj's.
2006-08-31 07:48:48
27.   C2Coke
23 Hey, if I'm not the only one experiencing this, the website may being updated.
2006-08-31 07:49:17
28.   Alex Belth
I noticed that the Stadium crowd was far more encouraging last night too. I think that has something to do with the Yankees' comfortable lead in the East more than anything else. But I also think some fans are probably feeling for the guy since they know his problems don't stem from a lack of effort.

Hey one other thing I was thinking about...I was talking to a friend the other day and he was commenting how even the best AL teams have been sluggish lately. And it occured to me, do you think we are now seeing the effects of the No-Mo-Greenies rule? I mean, I wouldn't know how to quantify it, but I wonder if the lack of amphetimines has truly changed things, particularly at this time of year...

2006-08-31 07:49:25
29.   C2Coke
23 Yep, the link is working now.
2006-08-31 07:54:19
30.   standuptriple
28 I've often thought about the sans-greenie affects on this season. It seemed like the "dead-arm" portion came a little earlier than normal (as a whole) and the younger players (Howard specifically) didn't really have as significant of a drop-off as the older guys. I'm probably painting with a wide brush, but those were my first impressions.
2006-08-31 07:54:32
31.   Ron Burgundy
Randy VS. Bonderman is such a lopsided match it's not even funny. We gotta win today. We can't go a whole month and win only TWO series (at Baltimore, at Bahston) the entire month. And either way, we should be 6-0 VS. the Tigers right now if not for ProcFarns.
2006-08-31 07:56:53
32.   standuptriple
I forgot to mention the WBC too. I'm sure that had something to do with it (but perhaps on a smaller scale), but probably can't be measured accurately until the next one or two take place.
2006-08-31 07:57:09
33.   MVB
I'm glad the BoSox lost.... that made Proctor's goof a lot easier to swallow. Although I HATE seeing any pitcher beat on his second-best pitch!
2006-08-31 08:08:39
34.   Cliff Corcoran
31 Ron, I can't figure out your perceptions of these young Tiger pitchers. If Johnson v. Bonderman is so lopsided, how come I can't figure out who you think has the advantage this afternoon? Bonderman is a rising star and Johnson's a fading one. I think it's a pretty even match.

Re: amphetamines, I've heard that Red Bull and cappuchino have been substituting. In fact, I saw Proctor (of course!) drinking a Red Bull in the bullpen on YES a little while back.

5 Mo said in an interview after Game 1 that he wouldn't be available in the nightcap, not sure why you think he was available.

As for Dotel, I'm concerned we might be seeing the 2004 Steve Karsay effect here. I'm sure I'll be writing about this shortly.

2006-08-31 08:14:01
35.   pistolpete
Forgot to mention that I noticed A-Rod had a VERY crisp defensive performance in the field last night - there were a few short hops that could have eaten him up, and all his throws were pretty much perfect.
2006-08-31 08:19:08
36.   rbj

I was thinking about that at the beginning of the season, that without a little "pick me up" in August, that the players are going to be sluggish. Just look at the whole National League. Utterly mediocre. And who's been playing pretty well lately -- Tigers & Yanks are in mini-slumps (though the Yanks do seem to take August off every year, to start charging hard in Sept.) Twins and Oakland seem to be decent right now, but that's about it.

I was counting it up in the shower this morning, ballplayers these days have a potential 20 extra games from what they played in, say, 1950s (8 extra regular season, plus upto 12 LDS & LCS games). Gotta be draining, no matter how many millions you get paid.

As for no Dotel, maybe Torre wanted Proctor to get his first save of the season. A small reward, but a reward nonetheless.

2006-08-31 08:21:22
37.   jkay
Here is another VV article on the Yankees.,demause,74313,5.html

Another Yankee Sweep
How city officials snoozed while the Yanks burned public money for
their new stadium

2006-08-31 08:27:08
38.   standuptriple
36 Anybody care to chime in on the youth of teams like the A's, Twins and Marlins not being as gassed in August? Just playing a little devil's advocate.
2006-08-31 08:28:58
39.   Chyll Will
28 I was almost positive that would happen from the beginning of the season. I told my brother, "you'll see a lot of numbers go down this time around because they won't be able to count on that kind of help anymore. Moreover, you'll likely see more injuries because the reflexes won't correspond with what the mind anticipates." I don't know how true THAT is at this point, but I'm willing to guess.

Blech. Red Bull tastes like melted lollipops sprinkled with black pepper. And it still didn't work for me, but I'm __________...

2006-08-31 08:31:09
40.   Chyll Will
38 How much does youth have to do with "hitting the wall"?
2006-08-31 08:34:59
41.   Bama Yankee
Is it just me, or was anyone else curious about the two aggressive plays on the base paths last night (both by Sean Casey IIRC)?

In the first one (in the 7th I believe) it seemed like Casey tried to take Jeter out on the slide like he was breaking up a double play (could have been a lot worse for Jeter since his foot was planted). He had a clean line to the base and IMO tried to take Jeter out to cause him to drop the ball.

The second play was on the great play by Cano and Guiel in the 8th. I realize that Guiel was in the baseline and the contact from Casey was probably inevitable, but on the replay it looked like he really gave Guiel a shove in the back trying make him drop the ball.

These plays may both legal and I am not saying that Casey is a dirty player, but I instantly thought about how A-Rod was raked over the coals for his play in the 2004 ALCS when he tried to knock the ball out of Arroyo's glove and I was just curious if anyone thought that those plays were similar.

2006-08-31 08:37:44
42.   Alex Belth
If Alex had run Arroyo or the first baseman over like Casey collided into Ralph Malph last night, A Rod would never have been taken to task like he was.

I don't think either play by Casey was dirty.

2006-08-31 08:39:57
43.   Sliced Bread
34 I thought Mo said he felt fine, and could go, but he wasn't available per Joe.

In other words, it was Joe's decision, but Mo felt he could go in game 2.

Obviously in light of the news re: the precautionary MRI I totally agree with Joe's decision to shut Rivera down.

2006-08-31 08:41:05
44.   Cliff Corcoran
41 Not similar. It's an odd aspect of the culture of the sport, but if Rodriguez had tried to bowl Arroyo over, we wouldn't still be hearing about it. People react more strongly when a player makes an active effort with their arms or hands (remember Robert Fick in the playoffs against the Cubs?), than if they just deliver a body blow.
2006-08-31 08:47:02
45.   Bama Yankee
42 & 44 Thanks.

What about Albert Belle running over Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Fernando Vina back in 1996? Didn't he get suspended for that one?

2006-08-31 08:52:44
46.   Cliff Corcoran
45 That play ran through my mind, but wasn't sure if I was remembering the exact details of the play correctly. Was it that Vina fielded a grounder at second, went to tag Bell for the first out before throwing to first for the DP and Albert leveled him?
2006-08-31 09:03:36
47.   Ron Burgundy
34 Bonderman would be the huge advantage in this case. I have no trust left in Randy. He's inconsistent, and when he does perform well, he runs out of gas in the 6th inning.
2006-08-31 09:06:25
48.   Bama Yankee
46 That's the one. It was pretty brutal (especially considering the size diference of the two players) and Belle did use his forearm to take out Vina (going back to your point in 41 about using the hands or arms). I guess my point about the Casey play at 2nd was that he was not trying to take Jeter out to break up the double play, he seemed to be trying to take Jeter out to dislodge the ball (like a play at the plate). I guess I didn't like it since Jeter came up lame and it could have been much worse (take it from someone who has suffered a torn ACL). It just seemed like Casey had a clear path to the base and he should have taken it IMO. I guess I'm biased since it was against Jeter.
2006-08-31 09:13:21
49.   Bob Timmermann
Copyright Columbus Dispatch Jun 1, 1996

MILWAUKEE (AP) - Albert Belle decked Milwaukee second baseman Fernando Vina with a high, vicious forearm in the eighth inning, and Cleveland reliever Julian Tavarez slammed umpire Joe Brinkman to the ground during a bench-clearing brawl in the ninth last night in the Indians' 10-4 win.

The trouble started in the eighth after Belle was hit by a 3-and- 2 pitch.

"I wasn't going to get mad. We're going to get even," Belle said after the game.

Belle wasted no time, flattening Vina as he was about to be tagged out on a grounder. The 5-foot-9 Vina got up and jawed at the 6-2 Belle but did not retaliate.

"He broke my nose," Vina said. "It ain't right for a guy to come at your face like that."

2006-08-31 09:14:54
50.   Bob Timmermann
Belle was suspended for five games, then reduced to three and eventually to two.

Later in the year, Belle said he was just following orders from first base coach Dave Nelson.

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2006-08-31 09:23:19
51.   rbj
And Belle, IIRC, is now in jail after pleading guilty to stalking an ex girlfriend.
2006-08-31 09:32:49
52.   Cliff Corcoran
48 Nothing about Casey's slide into second struck me as unusual.

Bob, thanks for the info, I think the fact that Bell was clearly retaliating for the HBP played a part, as that plus the nature of the contact made it clear that Belle wasn't trying to get Vina to drop the ball as much as he was just trying to hurt him.

2006-08-31 09:37:49
53.   JL25and3
There's one angle to the greenie issue that I haven't seen talked about much is the medical exception. There are a couple of players who have been diagnosed with ADHD and are allowed to take amphetamines by prescription - Scott Eyre and Noah Lowry, I don't know if there are any others.

I'm a child psychologist, so I see a lot of ADHD. The thing is, it's not an especially precise diagnosis. It's diagnosed by a set of symptoms that are generally reported by the patient rather than observed by the doctor; there's no real test for it, nothing underlying that can be examined. And over the last ten years or so, it's become increasingly common to find previously-undiagnosed ADHD in adults.

It should be easy for just about any player to get himself diagnosed with ADHD. You have trouble concentrating, get distracted really easily (stadium noise makes it almost impossible to focus, if they play music or a fan yells you lose concentration. You feel restless all the time, your mind wanders or flits all over the place. Oh yeah, when you were a kid you couldn't sit still, couldn't pay attention in class, were constantly in motion - say you felt "driven," that will go over well. You did poorly in school, couldn't keep things organized, had a terribly messy desk and room, couldn't concentrate on schoolwork, and so on.

If that doesn't get you a prescription for amphetamines, try a different doctor. It really shouldn't be too tough. In fact, I suspect it's actually true of a lot of players who don't realize it. But in any case, there's absolutely nothing to lose, and damn near every player should be trying it.

2006-08-31 09:39:30
54.   Schteeve
Should we be worried about this MRI business re: Mo and Giambi?

Also, I stick up for Joe a lot but I was pissed that Proctor was left in there.

I wonder if Joe et al are just being very very cautious with Dotel, trying to build his arm strength back slowly so he doesn't reinjure himself. I can definitely respect that if it's the strategy, and I wonder if that is what Cliff was alluding to in his previous comment about Karsay.

2006-08-31 09:42:34
55.   Bama Yankee
52 So I guess it was just me then, thanks for answering my question.

I guess I had never seen a runner try to "take out" a fielder on a stolen base attempt in the same way you try to disrupt the throw on a double play.

2006-08-31 09:43:04
56.   pistolpete
Seems like the Yanks have had an extremely cautious policy all season long in regards to potential injuries. I have faith that both guys will be fine.

When Rivera's striking out Delgado to clinch the Series in two months, we won't even remember Proctor giving up that home run... ;-)

2006-08-31 09:44:28
57.   jkay
Big Poppi passed his tests and released, might be back in the lineup next week.

2006-08-31 09:45:18
58.   Cliff Corcoran
54 With Karsay in 2004, Torre was so cautious that he almost never used him and thus didn't put him on the playoff roster, and thus they didn't have that extra arm in the playoffs, which lead to what we saw in Games 4 & 5 in Boston. Think of how long it took Villone to earn Torre's trust. Does Dotel have that kind of time, considering Joe can use the "we need to go easy on his arm" excuse? C'mon, Joe, the guy's on a one-year contract.
2006-08-31 09:46:42
59.   Bama Yankee
53 Good point, JL25and3. It does seem like A-Rod is have a difficult time focusing these days, maybe he should contact his doctor...
2006-08-31 09:47:46
60.   Schteeve
58 Yeah, I'm nervous about that too.
2006-08-31 09:49:37
61.   Schteeve
53 That's interesting. When I quit smoking I felt like I had ADHD, coulnd't concentrate or focus at all, then I went on the Nicotine patch, and all was well again. But I don't think the patch has any type of stimulant effect.
2006-08-31 09:50:59
62.   yankz
WOW- from On the Yankees Beat:

"No word yet on whether Carl Pavano will actually show up today -- he's in New York to be checked out by team physician Stuart Hershon -- but if he does come to Yankee Stadium he has a present waiting for him in his locker.

Six back pages from the New York tabloids -- complete with his photo and headlines screaming "Crash Test Dummy" -- are taped to his clubhouse locker wall, right next to his clean Yankees No. 45 jersey. So if after what has happened, if you still don't believe his teammates think he's a joke, this display should finally convince you."

Any guesses on who did that?

2006-08-31 09:56:20
63.   Simone
Mo's MRI and Farnesworth's back are not good news, but it certainly makes it clear why they weren't in yesterday's game.
2006-08-31 09:58:25
64.   jkay
62 Seems like standard ball busting, I would not read too much into it. If he can pitch and help the team, he will be welcome with open arms.
2006-08-31 09:59:04
65.   Sliced Bread
So a bunch of Yankees grow moustaches, and Unit shaves his off.

Just caught a glimpse of Randy's hairless upper lip on YES. Eeek!

2006-08-31 10:01:58
66.   Simone
58 Cliff, your criticism of Joe's decision not to use a pitcher recovering from what turned out to be a career ending injury is unreasonable. One of us know how much pain he was in after those few innings that he pitched. Joe and Mel saw Karsay everyday and realized that he was ineffective. The fact that Karsay was out of baseball a few games into 2005 shows that they were right about him inability to perform.
2006-08-31 10:02:25
67.   JohnnyC
Brian Bruney will be getting a lot of work. Good or bad? He's the type of pitcher Torre loves to over-work. It's not the stuff's his willingness to take the ball every day for multiple outs and countless pitches. If he pitches well, this could be a bullpen saver, if not...
2006-08-31 10:03:26
68.   YankeeInMichigan
54 Just checked the lineups. Guiel is at 1st Base, Damon is DH and Bernie is in Center. That means that Giambi is resting against a righty. Something is up.
2006-08-31 10:04:26
69.   Sliced Bread
63 Giambi played in both games, DH'ed in the 2nd game. He underwent his MRI between games, according to The Times.

It's unclear when Mo's MRI was ordered up.

I assume it was between games when Joe announced he was shutting him down.

I'm curious why Mo was suited up, and in the dugout during the 9th inning, after Joe had determined he wouldn't play. Why not send Mo home then?

2006-08-31 10:06:52
70.   Sliced Bread
63 ooops. somehow read Farnsworth and thought Giambi.

Yes, not good re: Farns' back.

2006-08-31 10:07:59
71.   unmoderated
Giambi was rushed to the hospital for emergency mustache removal surgery.
2006-08-31 10:09:44
72.   Sliced Bread
You see Damon in the dugout there. He's a kid. Head bangin' with Fasano, boxing with Bowa, getting pumped up. Funny dude.
2006-08-31 10:10:04
73.   Cliff Corcoran
Tigers have a wacky line-up too, with Pudge leading off, Guillen at first, both Neifi! and Infante in the game . . .
2006-08-31 10:11:25
74.   JohnnyC
Karsay retired in June of this year after pitching two scoreless innings and getting the W for the Oakland A's in his last game. And if Dotel isn't ready, he should've remained in Columbus to get consistent innings. There is no point in pitching him every now and again in low-leverage situations. As Cliff said, he's on a 1 year deal. Karsay wasn't going anywhere. Dotel will.
2006-08-31 10:12:41
75.   Schteeve
Damon is awesome. I liked him when he was with KC, I liked him when he was with Oakland, and I even secretly liked him when he was with the Sox. He is just impossible not to like. He's just an overgrown kid.
2006-08-31 10:13:53
76.   Schteeve
Marcus Thames hit a home run in his first big league at bat, against Randy Johnson.
2006-08-31 10:15:37
77.   JL25and3
65 With a moustache, without a moustache - either way, Johnson is all-ugly.

Did you see the pictures of his Love child" in the tabloids earlier this year? Poor girl inherited her dad's good looks...

2006-08-31 10:18:36
78.   rbj
1 2 3 first for Unit, 1 single, 1 single for Yanks. Good start.
2006-08-31 10:22:01
79.   JL25and3
Sterling called this one "two seats" foul. Waldman confirms: "he missed that by literally two seats."

How do they measure that so definitively?

2006-08-31 10:23:32
80.   JohnnyC
It was pretty clear on the monitor they have in the booth. And at home.
2006-08-31 10:24:41
81.   JL25and3
Barely foul, fine. A couple of feet foul, OK. But...two seats, literally? Not one, not three?
2006-08-31 10:25:54
82.   rbj
Was that an IBB to Posada?
2006-08-31 10:27:23
83.   standuptriple
Let's see some pitches with the bases drunk Robbie.
2006-08-31 10:27:42
84.   Zack
Ugh, this is going to be a realyl annoying inning.
2006-08-31 10:29:08
85.   Sliced Bread
a little Soriano'esqe there, Robbie.
2006-08-31 10:30:42
86.   LI yankee
Well we were 2 seats away from being up 3 runs. But still...ugh
2006-08-31 10:31:13
87.   Schteeve
A-Rod's gotta be dying inside. I feel really bad for the dude.
2006-08-31 10:31:41
88.   Sliced Bread
a little Procor'esque there, Randy.
2006-08-31 10:31:49
89.   Alex Belth
The two pitches to A Rod were hittable. I guess that's the definition of a slump, missing your pitches...In his second at bat last night, A Rod popped up his pitch too...drat.
2006-08-31 10:31:59
90.   Zack
Well doesn't this figure: we waste the bases loaded in the bottom of the 1st, top of the 2nd, Johnson, who looked great in the 1st, gives up a total bomb...sigh
2006-08-31 10:33:07
91.   fansince77
you mean RJ gave up a homerun early in the game. I am stunned!
2006-08-31 10:34:04
92.   Schteeve
Seriously, I'm supposed to take a team with Neifi! in their starting lineup seriously? Really?
2006-08-31 10:36:11
93.   Ron Burgundy
A couple of observations:
Randy isn't that bad today.
A-Rod is lost. He popped up apitch right down the middle. Last year, that goes into Monument Park.
Robinson Cano with the bases loaded...just kill me.
Just pray that Bonderman doesn't suddenly compese himself and settle down to pitch 7 shutout innings after the offense let him off the hook in the 1st. We can win this.
2006-08-31 10:36:55
94.   JL25and3
92 I'm with you, Schteeve, I'm not powerfully impressed with the Tigers. I like the Yankees' chance against them in the playoffs - unless NY plays like this...
2006-08-31 10:37:12
95.   Ron Burgundy
92 Nope. We should be 6-0 against them so far if not for ProcFarns.
2006-08-31 10:41:01
96.   standuptriple
I'd love to see an articulate and fact/statistical-based argument on why Perez is hitting 6th behind Guillen and Ordonez.
2006-08-31 10:42:17
97.   Ron Burgundy
96 It's Jim Leyland. If he does it, it's all good.
2006-08-31 10:45:48
98.   pistolpete
Great, Bonderman's eating the bottom half of this lineup alive. Randy's got to keep it close...
2006-08-31 10:46:48
99.   Sliced Bread
96 Perez's trademark "Neificity" is an intangible which defies statistical analysis.
2006-08-31 10:47:27
100.   JL25and3
96 He has the highest NA - Neifi!riffic Average - in major league history.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-31 10:49:20
101.   Ron Burgundy
I knew wasting the bases loaded was going to bite us in the ass. Over/Under 7 shutout innings Bonderman pitches.
2006-08-31 10:49:50
102.   LI yankee
100 Why the exclamation mark in is name?
2006-08-31 10:50:30
103.   Schteeve
102 Just cause it's funny.
2006-08-31 10:51:24
104.   LI yankee
101 Jeter won't let that happen
2006-08-31 10:52:23
105.   Ron Burgundy
104 Him and Abreu.

Ouch. Randy's stuff is flatter than a dinner table.

2006-08-31 10:53:57
106.   Schteeve
There is not one team in either league that I think the Yankees shouldn't be able to beat in a playoff series this year, with the possible exception of the Twins in a 5 game series, assuming Liriano comes back healthy and in form. Other than that, I think we should beat these guys, or the White Sox or the A's, and anyone in the NL.
2006-08-31 10:54:31
107.   Schteeve
105 Maybe but he's only given up one hit so far.
2006-08-31 10:55:46
108.   Ron Burgundy
106 Who do we play in the ALDS? I hope it's the ChiSox. We can beat them. Then we can play the Tigers and beat them. And then we can just beat whatever team the AAAA regurgitates into the World Series.
2006-08-31 10:57:20
109.   Schteeve
108 I mean, unless we really get cold in October, I think we have a great shot at the W.S. this year. There isn't really a team out there that scares the hell out of me.
2006-08-31 10:59:14
110.   Schteeve
Or unless Mo or Giambi are really hurt. This lineup needs Giambi in it. Even if he's just taking his walks. He's the Yankees MVP this year, and I don't even think it's all that close.
2006-08-31 11:00:14
111.   Ron Burgundy
Opposite field love for Bobby.

A-Rod, get a hit here.

2006-08-31 11:00:55
112.   Schteeve
Yeah, let's go A-Rod we Beeee-lieve in you!
2006-08-31 11:01:51
113.   Ron Burgundy
A HIT!!!

(I can't believe we're this happy for a hit by A-Rod. Damn...)

2006-08-31 11:02:21
114.   Sliced Bread
A-Rod's clutchness is boundless.
2006-08-31 11:02:48
115.   rbj
Yea! A-Rod!
2006-08-31 11:03:12
116.   Schteeve
Yes! This guy is going to have the most disappointing 100+ RBI season in history.
2006-08-31 11:03:20
117.   pistolpete
YAY FOR ALEX! (Rogdriguez)
2006-08-31 11:03:28
118.   Ron Burgundy
A Stolen Base. That'll do.
2006-08-31 11:04:13
119.   3rd gen yankee fan
WHOA! What's gotten into Arod???
2006-08-31 11:04:23
120.   Ron Burgundy
If only he had plate discipline...
2006-08-31 11:04:29
121.   RichYF
First I'd like to thank Northern Connecticut (UConn) for blacking the game out and not offering YES. Second, Alex take that hit and turn it into a larger slump please. You disgust me. I implore everyone to ignore you from here on out. We are not smiling.

That better work.

2006-08-31 11:04:56
122.   Sliced Bread
110 Mo, as always, is the Yanks MVP.
Giambi is our best hitter.
2006-08-31 11:05:22
123.   Schteeve
That's what you have to love about A-Rod, he isn't one dimensional. Even when he's struggling with the bat he's a good baserunner and a potentially great fielder.
2006-08-31 11:06:03
124.   JL25and3
114 Except that if the Yankees lose - or if they win by too much - then it won't be clutch anymore. Don't ask me how that works, but it seems to be true.
2006-08-31 11:06:56
125.   RIYank
Robbie hit a hittable pitch, I think. A single is worth a lot more than a walk in that situation, so it's reasonable for him to take a swing at a grooved pitch.
2006-08-31 11:07:46
126.   standuptriple
Um, how did A-Rod run into a FC at third (and commit a cardinal sin of making the last out @ 3B)?
2006-08-31 11:07:49
127.   Schteeve
122 Sliced, I can't agree with you on that. Mo is not the MVP this year. Giambi has had a lot more to do with Yankee wins this year than Mo. Win Shares agrees, his presence in the lineup has an effect on what other hitters are able to do.

I love Mo. I consider him one of the top 3 athletes I have seen in my lifetime. But he's not the Yankees MVP this year.

2006-08-31 11:10:33
128.   pistolpete
Nice, make Magglio pay for that HR, Randy!
2006-08-31 11:10:51
129.   rsmith51
Is Mo available today? How about Farns? How about TTDSP?
2006-08-31 11:12:44
130.   pistolpete
Does Unit look as sharp as I think he does - with me only being able to refresh a Yahoo page, that is?


2006-08-31 11:13:02
131.   rbj
129 TTD? Three times a day?
2006-08-31 11:13:28
132.   rsmith51
He looks good to me, but I am using MLB Gameday...


2006-08-31 11:14:12
133.   rsmith51
131 I was thinking 2, but I guess it could be 12, 13, 20-29...
2006-08-31 11:15:37
134.   standuptriple
Wow, GOB 0-2 vs. a tough RHP. Raise your hand if you're shocked.
2006-08-31 11:16:12
135.   RIYank
I'm a little late to this party so this has probably been said, but Randy seems to have the good stuff today. One mistake, obviously.
2006-08-31 11:16:42
136.   Schteeve
143 Does not raise hand
2006-08-31 11:16:48
137.   RIYank
Oh, not only had it been said, it was JUST said. Doh.
2006-08-31 11:16:54
138.   RichYF
Johnny really needs to start stepping on throats.
2006-08-31 11:19:26
139.   standuptriple
138 Anything that involves "going for the juggular" is fine in my book. Stepping on throats fits that criteria.
2006-08-31 11:19:47
140.   RIYank
Does that qualify?
2006-08-31 11:20:31
141.   rsmith51
Let's go future MVP and future batting champ and future World Champ.
2006-08-31 11:21:15
142.   RichYF
140 It's a good start for sure. I fully expect Jeets to come through here.
2006-08-31 11:22:12
143.   Marcus
Can anyone remind me why Billy Beane was so down on Jeremey Bonderman? Because he was a high schooler?
2006-08-31 11:22:46
144.   RichYF
Lack of facial hair IIRC
2006-08-31 11:23:33
145.   RIYank
Bonderman doesn't look good too good today, though, huh?
2006-08-31 11:23:34
146.   Ron Burgundy
Bases loaded again. Bobby, a hit will do here.
2006-08-31 11:23:58
147.   RIYank
Okay, time to cash one in. Baserunners all day, let's go Bobby!
2006-08-31 11:24:00
148.   Schteeve
Jeter and his .392 BA with RISP are not to be trifled with.
2006-08-31 11:24:53
149.   RIYank
Yeah Bobby!
2006-08-31 11:25:04
150.   JL25and3
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-31 11:25:06
151.   pistolpete
Walk would do just fine here Bobby. No pressure.
2006-08-31 11:25:15
152.   RIYank
Two-run single, for those waiting for Gameday. Jetes goes to third.
2006-08-31 11:25:24
153.   Ron Burgundy
Thanks Bob!
We lead 3-1.
2006-08-31 11:25:43
154.   RichYF
In play, run-scoring play


2006-08-31 11:25:51
155.   pistolpete
151 Damn Yahoo. LOL.
2006-08-31 11:26:07
156.   RIYank
Bonderman has now thrown 75 (after Posada's foul).
2006-08-31 11:26:11
157.   rsmith51
Pitch 3 - In play, run-scoring play

Oh, how I love that statement for the Yanks.

2006-08-31 11:26:25
158.   standuptriple
I love 2 out hits. Robbie, take note.
2006-08-31 11:26:26
159.   Schteeve
9 Baserunners per run is not a good day at the office. 3.33 is not bad though!
2006-08-31 11:26:40
160.   AbbyNormal821
152 Thanks RI...piece of crap computer I'm working on doesn't help either!!!


2006-08-31 11:27:03
161.   Ron Burgundy
Jorge should NOT be batting 4th and A-Rod 5th, no matter how much A-Rod has struggled.
2006-08-31 11:27:24
162.   AbbyNormal821
...such a downer though whent the 3rd out is called after runs score!
2006-08-31 11:27:58
163.   RichYF
Let's not get on Robbie's case now. He's been killing with RISP since getting off the DL.
2006-08-31 11:28:22
164.   RIYank
161 Joe just trying to 'shake things up'?
I bet it doesn't make a huge difference, tactically, so if it's a psychological plus, I'm for it.
2006-08-31 11:28:32
165.   Ron Burgundy
Damn, 7 runners stranded and we're only in the 4th inning. 3-1 is good, but we need 10-1 right now to Randy-proof and bullpen-proof this thing.
2006-08-31 11:29:18
166.   RIYank
162 But a whole lot better than when it's called before runs score :-)
2006-08-31 11:31:44
167.   RIYank
Very, very nice inning.
Randy through five innings with 57 pitches!
2006-08-31 11:33:21
168.   standuptriple
163 But he has 10 LOB between yesterday and today. I only point it out because I know he's better than that.
2006-08-31 11:33:43
169.   AbbyNormal821
166 True, dat!
Holy crow - how many pitches did RJ need to get through this inning - 7???? DANG1
2006-08-31 11:34:19
170.   JPost
awww how cute. Johnson walked over and picked up Jorge's mask after he caught the foul pop.
2006-08-31 11:34:56
171.   AbbyNormal821
170 - LOL! That could be the start of a beautiful relationship!
2006-08-31 11:35:17
172.   RIYank
Alex doubles!
2006-08-31 11:35:21
173.   Chyll Will
MLB Gamecast is hilarious with their animations. Did anyone (wtaching GameCast) see that pop-up?
2006-08-31 11:35:27
174.   JPost
2006-08-31 11:35:42
175.   Ron Burgundy
Well, he always hustles. Double for A-Rod.
2006-08-31 11:35:58
176.   RIYank
Really he singled and ran on Thames, I guess.
2006-08-31 11:36:02
177.   JPost
It def is. Randy shaved the stasche' because Jorge said it tickled last night.

True Story

2006-08-31 11:36:16
178.   Sliced Bread
127 Schteeve, I hear ya, re: Win Shares, but last night was a brutal reminder of what the Yanks are without Mo.
Giambi has been a monster this season, and a lot of games don't get to Mo without him.
It's hard to say which of those MVPs is more V.

re: A-Rod's double: HEEEEEE'S BAAAAAACK!

2006-08-31 11:36:30
179.   RIYank
Pull it, Rob, let's move him up.
2006-08-31 11:37:09
180.   RichYF
I reiterate my previous point: 121. ::turns back to Alex::
2006-08-31 11:37:25
181.   rilkefan
Where's Lucy Van Pelt?
2006-08-31 11:37:39
182.   yanklifer
A-Rod looked so surprised he hit it that hard
2006-08-31 11:37:42
183.   RIYank
Oh, man. Not a good at-bat. (K)
2006-08-31 11:38:33
184.   RichYF


2006-08-31 11:38:57
185.   RIYank
Burn, baby! RBI single.
2006-08-31 11:39:11
186.   JPost
Burn baby buurnnnn
2006-08-31 11:39:23
187.   RIYank
Ghost of clutch.
2006-08-31 11:40:25
188.   JPost
Is it just me, or does how Micheal Kay says "Alex Rodriguez" just sound retarded?
2006-08-31 11:40:43
189.   pistolpete
187 Just call this Stadium haunted...
2006-08-31 11:41:45
190.   RIYank
Yuck, GIDP.

Hey, both Baseball Prospectus odds and Cool Standings (not as professional but fun) have our playoff odds at over 99%. Check it out any time you feel a little frustrated, nervous, etc.

2006-08-31 11:42:12
191.   Sliced Bread
Cano's scuffling.
Bernie with the sweet swing there.

Could the return of A-Rod's wonder glasses be the solution? Hasn't worn the shades in a while, right?

2006-08-31 11:42:21
192.   AbbyNormal821
188 he sounds like he's doing his best "Don Pardo" impersonation, IMO
2006-08-31 11:42:32
193.   Chyll Will
188 You should hear Sterling...
2006-08-31 11:43:03
194.   pistolpete
191 It's called a day game. I wouldn't expect to see him wearing them tomorrow night. ;-)
2006-08-31 11:43:12
195.   standuptriple
189 While we're on the topic, I need to make another pilgrimage (from the West coast) before The House closes it's doors. Obviously 2007 will be easier than 2008. How insane is it going to be to get seats next year (any seats)?
2006-08-31 11:44:25
196.   Sliced Bread
194 he's slumped through many a day game, pistol.
2006-08-31 11:45:20
197.   Sliced Bread
196 not that I actually think the glasses have a damn thing to do with it!
2006-08-31 11:46:38
198.   RIYank

I thought he was going to whiff Infante.

2006-08-31 11:47:24
199.   RIYank
Okay, no problem. Pudge has two strikeouts already, no reason not to do it again.
2006-08-31 11:47:33
200.   pistolpete
194 I wasn't suggesting it had anything to do with the glasses either - just saying that's the reason you're seeing the shades.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-31 11:47:59
201.   JPost
Gold Glove
2006-08-31 11:48:00
202.   RIYank
Or, Jeter could make a great play behind second.
2006-08-31 11:48:49
203.   RIYank
201 MVP, MVP, MVP.
(Though you know Big Papi would have turned that into a DP.)
2006-08-31 11:48:51
204.   jkay
195 Weeknight games in April/May are easy to get tix.
2006-08-31 11:49:07
205.   Schteeve
Derek Jeter....I mean I don't know what to say about the guy anymore.
2006-08-31 11:49:27
206.   RIYank
Oh, there's the K.
So that's six in six, so far.
Too bad about those da*n gopher balls.
2006-08-31 11:49:28
207.   JPost
Randy K's Monroe and he is still cursing himself out about giving up the homerun
2006-08-31 11:49:37
208.   SF Yanks
I wonder who are better friends. Jeter and Arod? Or Jeter and Bernie? Didn't Arod and Jeter play some high school or college ball together? And Jetes and Bernie since '96? Tough call, I bet they are one big happy family.
2006-08-31 11:50:50
209.   LI yankee
208 Jeter and A-Rod have had some issues though
2006-08-31 11:50:50
210.   JPost
Bernie and Jeter by far.
2006-08-31 11:51:20
211.   Schteeve
208 I thought the Jeter/A-Rod friendship cooled off several years ago when A-Rod made some slightly disparaging remarks in some magazine article.
2006-08-31 11:51:21
212.   RIYank
Make that seven.
Gotta go to my awful Thursday meeting, so I'll miss the rest of the game.
Let's go YANK-ees!
2006-08-31 11:51:40
213.   Sliced Bread
200 Got it. But I think he recently ditched the glasses on sunny days too. He's tried pulling up his pants to show his socks, he's tried changing gloves, etc.

Who knows? we might see the shades next night game!

2006-08-31 11:51:55
214.   JPost
The most ironic part was during the game on Saturday i think when A-Rod batted 2nd and Jeter 3rd. Anyone who read the magazine article when A-Rod basically dissed Jeter about never batting 3rd... which kinda messed up the relationship
2006-08-31 11:53:20
215.   pistolpete
208 Nothing against the Captain, but he doesn't look like he warms up to many people. He looks like the type to have 2 or 3 close friends, and everyone else is just a co-worker.
2006-08-31 11:53:33
216.   JPost
I'd say the best buds on the team now are Damon and Giambi. Either them or Cano and Cabrera
2006-08-31 11:55:14
217.   LI yankee
215 Well he's definitely no Damon in that regard, but he seems to get along well enough with everyone
2006-08-31 11:55:17
218.   SF Yanks
209 210 211 I read an article awhile back when Jete&Arod were in high school (I think) about someday making the pros and playing on the same team and how cool that would be. Well it came true. Just seems like they have been friends so much longer.
2006-08-31 11:55:53
219.   Schteeve
215 It's hard to say, I think Jeter keeps his personal life really personal. It's one of the things I love about him. That guy could be an uberstar if he wanted to. But he's content to just play baseball and date models. I love that he doesn't have a rap album or a movie deal or any of that nonsense. In an era dominated by attention whores, Derek just wants to be a Yankee. I love that about him.
2006-08-31 11:56:32
220.   Sliced Bread
Nice rip by Damon there, but let's face it, Coco's bettah.
2006-08-31 11:58:34
221.   SF Yanks
215 I have to say I sort of feel the same way
2006-08-31 11:58:56
222.   Sliced Bread
Nice steal by Damon there, quite Coco'esque.
2006-08-31 11:59:53
223.   Andre
219 yeah, Jeter doesn't have his own cologne or anything like that ; )

just buggin - I love the cap too.

2006-08-31 12:00:31
224.   rbj
Looks like I've missed some fun. Dam work, interfering with baseball.
2006-08-31 12:01:52
225.   rbj
219 Play baseball and date models? Where do I sign up for that gig?
2006-08-31 12:01:54
226.   Schteeve
223 Yeah I knew someone would bring that up, but to me that's pretty inocuous. I mean he could be really obnoxious with how marketable he is, but he seems to keep it pretty close to the vest. And hey, who doesn't want to smell nice? I'm so going to buy that cologne.
2006-08-31 12:02:19
227.   LI yankee
216 Cano and Melky are almost always together on the bench. I hear they hang out off the job as well.
2006-08-31 12:02:25
228.   Schteeve
225 I believe you sign up for that at the gene pool.
2006-08-31 12:03:27
229.   JPost
Here's a question to ponder... who has the best home run call in the majors?
2006-08-31 12:03:39
230.   pistolpete
219 It's my perception because I'm sort of the same way in that regard. I tend to be extremely professional and good-natured, but I keep the details of my personal life very private to all but a few people.

It doesn't mean I'm not friendly or outgoing - I would describe it more as 'guarded'.

2006-08-31 12:04:28
231.   Schteeve
229 I know who has the worst.
2006-08-31 12:05:36
232.   SF Yanks
226 I might have to check it out. At least see what it smells like. I think Fasano, Giambi and Randy should all combine their scents into one cologne. Now that would smell sweet.
2006-08-31 12:05:44
233.   JPost
Which one...

Seeeeeee ya!

2006-08-31 12:05:58
234.   Chyll Will
230 "Mystique of Me"...
2006-08-31 12:07:07
235.   JL25and3
231 You mean, "IT is high...IT is far...IT is...bounces in the seats for a grounds-rule double!"
2006-08-31 12:07:24
236.   pistolpete
234 Except I come to work hurt. ;-)
2006-08-31 12:08:04
237.   Chyll Will
229 Without a doubt, Jerry Seinfeld. You remember his call on Fox during last year's Mets-Yankees series?
2006-08-31 12:08:23
238.   Schteeve
235 No, I mean... "You can put it on the boooooooaaaaaaaaaard! Y-uh-es!"
2006-08-31 12:09:34
239.   pistolpete
Ugh, would have liked a little more than a 2-run lead going into the last 3 innings...
2006-08-31 12:10:16
240.   LI yankee
A Red Sox blog is blaming that crow from a few weeks back on all their injuries and misfortunes. Anyone remember that?
2006-08-31 12:11:38
241.   Schteeve
240 I do! I remember when I saw it I said out loud, "The Curse Is Back!" Of course I was kidding but maybe i was on to something.
2006-08-31 12:12:03
242.   SF Yanks
240 Absolutely. I remember thinking that at the time. Weird things like that find a way to make news.
2006-08-31 12:12:39
243.   Chyll Will
240 Go ahead. Blame it on Poe. He was a Bronxite, after all...
2006-08-31 12:13:21
244.   Schteeve
When all that stands between you and 7 dominant innings is the worst hitter in history you have to PUT HIM DOWN!

Well done Randy!

2006-08-31 12:15:31
245.   eephus
244 Oh, when did Tony Womack join the Tigers?

But yes, this is encouraging stuff from Randy.

2006-08-31 12:15:46
246.   pistolpete
I haven't been keeping track - has Randy walked anyone?
2006-08-31 12:16:06
247.   Schteeve
245 No way, Neifi! is historically worse than Woe-mack.
2006-08-31 12:16:23
248.   Schteeve
246 No, one HBP though.
2006-08-31 12:18:07
249.   pistolpete
2006-08-31 12:18:24
250.   3rd gen yankee fan
WHOA! Yay Arod.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-31 12:18:37
251.   standuptriple
I'm waiting for there to be a term based on inefficieny (a-la Mendoza-line) after him. Maybe Neifi!-numbers?
2006-08-31 12:18:48
252.   rilkefan
Where are the A-Rod trolls?
2006-08-31 12:19:02
253.   RichYF
Pretty much the worst player I've ever watched. Trade him for a bag of balls before the deadline.
2006-08-31 12:19:08
254.   pistolpete
Note to Yankees: climb on A-Rod's back, because he just may be ready to carry you through September!
2006-08-31 12:19:38
255.   Chyll Will
Yo, keep dem shades pimp-daddy!
2006-08-31 12:19:49
256.   eephus
247 True. I just never had to watch him every day.

Man... if Alex Rodriguez can get things together... this is gonna be one hell of a team.

2006-08-31 12:19:51
257.   SF Yanks
I can't get a rest wathcing a Yankee game. I'm jugling the banter & the game with a little picture in picture action I also load up MLB's gameday so I can track the pitchers counts'

Thata baby... comin out of it?

Way to go Cano... I can't get rest hear either.

2006-08-31 12:19:55
258.   JPost
2006-08-31 12:20:22
259.   LI yankee
Come on Righty Bernie!
2006-08-31 12:20:25
260.   standuptriple
253 Steve Phillips? What are you doing here?
2006-08-31 12:20:29
261.   jkay
254 he will have to do heavy lifting in October before anyone cares.
2006-08-31 12:20:55
262.   Chyll Will
254 Ride-im' cow-boys!
2006-08-31 12:21:29
263.   SF Yanks
2006-08-31 12:22:18
264.   LI yankee
Yes! I like Righty Bernie
2006-08-31 12:22:30
265.   mehmattski
Yeah, but he still popped out with the bases loaded in the first. BOOOOOOO!
2006-08-31 12:22:34
266.   yanklifer
Bernie so money from the right side
2006-08-31 12:23:14
267.   pistolpete
265 That was supposed to be the triple to complete the cycle. Just missed it.
2006-08-31 12:25:02
268.   JPost
Phillips is a dick. I can't watch BT anymore because of that pecker. I met him out in San Diego at a Mets game in the food court waiting in line to pay during the 1998 season and I said to him, "You guys (Mets) better give A-Rod whatever he wants and get him."

His response:
"I'm trying my best." Needless to say, he fucked up and didn't get him and holds a grudge ever since. What a pussy.

2006-08-31 12:26:05
269.   pistolpete
Playing the part of A-Rod today: Aaron Guiel.
2006-08-31 12:27:23
270.   Marcus
268 Wow, I'm most surprised that he had to get his own food during a game. Doesn't he have an assistant or something?
2006-08-31 12:27:31
271.   Schteeve
Assuming this lead holds, and I think it will, I feel really nice about taking two of three from the "Best team in the American League."
2006-08-31 12:30:29
272.   standuptriple
I'd be happy with a few more runs. However many it takes for Torre to keep Proctor on his butt today.
2006-08-31 12:30:55
273.   yanklifer
Let the unit go the distance
2006-08-31 12:31:00
274.   pistolpete
Has Randy thrown strike 1 to every single batter? Sure seems like it.
2006-08-31 12:31:48
275.   Schteeve
I will light myself on fire and jump out the window if Proctor pitches today.
2006-08-31 12:35:15
276.   standuptriple
273 Yeah, Unit can finish this.
2006-08-31 12:35:31
277.   JPost
I was stunned. Standing there in line eating chicken fingers and i look up and he is standing in line in front of me. Real awkward. I figured since I had the chance to say something to him i might as well. This wasn't the normal food court either, it was at the old San Diego Stadium and the field box seats are on top of the plate and the foot court is seperated from everything else.
2006-08-31 12:36:13
278.   Chyll Will
275 Thus endeth the reign of Schteeve, Steward of Gondor...
2006-08-31 12:37:28
279.   pistolpete
277 Wait, something doesn't click with your story.

You were in line at the food court and you already had chicken fingers?!!!

2006-08-31 12:39:02
280.   rbj
Man it sucks with work getting in the way. Now I missed A-Rod's homer. Of course, with it now being a 4 run lead, his rbis don't count as much, right?
2006-08-31 12:40:12
281.   pistolpete
280 Yankees Encore, my friend. Yankees Encore.
2006-08-31 12:41:26
282.   rbj
pistol, I don't get YES out here in Toledo. I'm lucky if EI doesn't cut out right after the last out is caught.
2006-08-31 12:42:23
283.   standuptriple
282 I think you get about 5 seconds. It's kind of disturbing.
2006-08-31 12:42:51
284.   pistolpete
Well, then it's ESPN for you. Sorry about that.
2006-08-31 12:44:56
285.   Schteeve
Yeah, when is YES gonna get on the ball and get nationwide clearance. Just cause I live in Chicago, I'm not cool enough to pay an outrageous sum to my cable provider for access to YES telecasts? Jerks.
2006-08-31 12:45:57
286.   standuptriple
282 DVR, my friend (or Tivo). It's glorious.
2006-08-31 12:47:17
287.   standuptriple
285 I hear you. As long as it's less than the $180 for EI, I can do without all the other games. Especially since I get a ton of A's and Giants for free anyways.
2006-08-31 12:47:27
288.   JPost
Considering we don't live in a Communist state, I have to PAY for my food
2006-08-31 12:52:25
289.   pistolpete
288 You were in line for snacks, but you already had a snack.

Was that snack to help pass the time while waiting to buy the second snack?

2006-08-31 12:52:56
290.   3rd gen yankee fan
uh oh.
2006-08-31 12:53:21
291.   yanklifer
well he had the chance to finish it
2006-08-31 12:53:25
292.   pistolpete
Oh jesus, Randy...not today.
2006-08-31 12:54:47
293.   yankaholic
with a man on i wasnt going to say DOTEL??.. but with a 2 run dficit.. its Mo Time
2006-08-31 12:54:48
294.   rbj
Criss! I guess Thames owns Unit.
2006-08-31 12:55:16
295.   yankaholic
293 that shud read.. i WAS going to say.. DOTEL
2006-08-31 12:55:19
296.   Schteeve
Marcus Thames is The Unit's daddy.
2006-08-31 12:56:20
297.   Cliff Corcoran
Thames ownes a lot of lefties methinks.
2006-08-31 12:58:06
298.   rbj
Dang these Tiggers is pesky.
2006-08-31 12:58:07
299.   3rd gen yankee fan
Where's tocho???? "we're toast"
2006-08-31 12:58:09
300.   yanklifer
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-31 12:58:41
301.   pistolpete
WTF is going on. Do the Tigers not start hitting until the 9th? Is that the deal?
2006-08-31 13:01:02
302.   tocho
we're toast
2006-08-31 13:02:21
303.   Schteeve
297 Yeah but Thames especially so, because he hit his first career HR off Randy back when Randy used to be good, and Thames used to be a Yankee. I think it was Thames' first big league AB.
2006-08-31 13:02:42
304.   pistolpete
Ok, someone please explain how we got 2 outs - Yahoo is stuck.
2006-08-31 13:02:57
305.   yankz
303 On the first pitch he ever saw.
2006-08-31 13:03:11
306.   3rd gen yankee fan
302 Thank you. I don't think it works when I say it. :-)
2006-08-31 13:03:15
307.   standuptriple
I too, prefer the old Tigers who just showed up and lost.
2006-08-31 13:03:40
308.   Schteeve
That A-Rod HR is looking pretty f'n clutch about now.
2006-08-31 13:04:51
309.   yankz
Jeter's OPS is back over .900

Hooray Mo! Hooray winning a series!

2006-08-31 13:04:54
310.   Schteeve
And scene.
2006-08-31 13:04:59
311.   standuptriple
308 You and I both know it will never be recognized as a "GWRBI" though.
2006-08-31 13:05:06
312.   pistolpete
308 A-f'n-men.
2006-08-31 13:05:42
313.   rbj
Yes, Yanks win. Unit looked good (at least on gamecast) I guess Mo is healthy enough to pitch. And A-Rod had a big game.
2006-08-31 13:06:26
314.   Chyll Will
Good. Now I can go home and cook dinner in peace.
2006-08-31 13:07:06
315.   Schteeve
314 I think the best part of this game is that I didn't have to light myself on fire and jump out the window.
2006-08-31 13:08:20
316.   JPost

As you will see in the newer stadiums whenever you go to one, all of the food is buffet style. (Especially out west at Dodger Stadium, Pac Bell, etc.)
So, i was eating the food i just got while i was in line to pay for it. I dont understand why i have to explain it like i am talking to a four year old but i guess graduating high school isn't a requirement for posting.

2006-08-31 13:08:33
317.   pistolpete
315 Booo lighting yourself on fire.

Hooray BEER!

2006-08-31 13:08:36
318.   Chyll Will
The Return of the Schteeve...
2006-08-31 13:10:47
319.   standuptriple
316 Not to harp on it, but I haven't seen buffet style in Pac Bell (AT&T). Maybe you have different seats than I've ever been in (almost everywhere).
2006-08-31 13:11:33
320.   Schteeve
316 I believe your story and whatever, but can you please define "buffet style" I've been to Pac Bell a LOT and I've never seen a food stand that was what I would call "buffet style." Like, if I want Garlic Fries, I go up the the Garlic Fry stand and say, "I'd like some Garlic Fries please" and they say, "That will be Three Hundred Dollars." And I give them my money and they hand me some fries.
2006-08-31 13:13:00
321.   JPost
Geez you guys are ridiculous. I had field level seats, as in 2 rows from the field. And when i saw Phillips it was at the old San Diego Stadium. Dodger Stadium is buffet style (as is Camden Yards, the food is just sitting there and you take it and move it over and pay for it, like the Meadowlands also)
2006-08-31 13:15:06
322.   Schteeve
321 Look dude, the point is you shoulda punched Phillips in the balls when you had the chance. But you didn't, you had the chance and YOU BUH-LEWWWWWW it. You. Blew it.
2006-08-31 13:16:43
323.   Chyll Will
322 Very DeNiro-ish. Or is that Giambish?
2006-08-31 13:16:54
324.   Cliff Corcoran
321 I agree this conversation is absurd, but to clarify, that's cafeteria style.
2006-08-31 13:18:06
325.   Schteeve
323 I think they are one and the same. Or is it "one in the same?" I'm never sure.
2006-08-31 13:18:10
326.   AbbyNormal821
315 We're happy too, Schteeve - crispy, charcoaled Schteeve is a bad thing!
2006-08-31 13:18:41
327.   standuptriple
324 The kids are just a little riled up about the last two days. Always the peacemaker CC.
2006-08-31 13:18:42
328.   standuptriple
324 The kids are just a little riled up about the last two days. Always the peacemaker CC.
2006-08-31 13:19:34
329.   Bama Yankee
326 Would that crispy, charcoaled Schteeve be served "buffet style" or "cafeteria style"?
2006-08-31 13:20:14
330.   Chyll Will
326 You could serve him buffet style or cafeteria style... it's one and the same >;)
2006-08-31 13:20:45
331.   pistolpete
316 Lighten up, Francis. I was teasing you from the very first post.


2006-08-31 13:22:31
332.   AbbyNormal821
330 - would a rotund 'cafeteria lady' be serving some Schteeve or 'buffet Betty'?
2006-08-31 13:23:41
333.   Chyll Will
328 grrrr...
2006-08-31 13:26:34
334.   Chyll Will
331 I asked my uncle what cripes are. He looked at me like I just dropped my tray on the cafeteria floor... or is that a buffet floor?
2006-08-31 13:28:44
335.   rbj
Settle down kids or all your ice cream is going to Lidle.

Have a good day!

2006-08-31 13:28:46
336.   pistolpete
334 Cripes are like crepes, except you have to eat them while waiting in a line.
2006-08-31 13:30:44
337.   Chyll Will
Can anyone tell me what a cripe is? And why would anyone be dipped in tarhooties? Anyone? Okay... I'll just go home and stew (ahem) cook dinner. Nighty-night...
2006-08-31 13:32:07
338.   Chyll Will
336 Oh... okay, I'll stay.
2006-08-31 13:33:27
339.   Chyll Will
335 awww, man. He'll just take a bite and throw the rest away!
2006-08-31 13:35:04
340.   Bama Yankee
331 "The name's Francis Sawyer, but everybody calls me Psycho. Any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill you.
You just made the list, buddy."
2006-08-31 13:40:40
341.   Chyll Will
340 Okay... I'm going home.
2006-08-31 13:44:58
342.   randym77
YES says the "first round" of September callups includes Darrell Rasner (your Sunday starter - yay!), Wil Nieves, and TJ Beam.

I'm kind of surprised it was Nieves. The rumor was that it was going to be Davis.

2006-08-31 13:50:04
343.   pistolpete
342 I love the trading deadline, and I love the September callups as well. Can't wait to see Nieves catch a few innings here & there.
2006-08-31 13:53:21
344.   rsmith51
Is there anywhere to find out which team has the most baserunners tagged out? Going 1st to 3rd, tagged out at home, caught stealing, picked off.
2006-08-31 13:54:22
345.   Travis
316 According to a recent Dodger Thoughts, Dodger Stadium doesn't have "buffet style" (that's what they called it) service either.
2006-08-31 13:55:08
346.   Jen
343 I can't wait to see the rookie hazing this year.
2006-08-31 14:02:12
347.   Ron Burgundy
This should put the league on notice. We've taken 5 of 7 from the Paper Tigers (and should've taken all 7 games).
2006-08-31 14:43:56
348.   3rd gen yankee fan
I didn't see any buffets at Dodger Stadium and I was there only a couple weeks ago.
2006-08-31 14:44:32
349.   3rd gen yankee fan
348 Wow way to be timely.
2006-08-31 14:54:24
350.   Bama Yankee
348 I saw Jimmy Buffet and Warren Buffett at Dodger Stadium while standing in line to buy some Dippin' Dots... ;-)
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-31 15:09:11
351.   Bama Yankee
BTW, once while I was in the funnel cake line at the Little League World Series guess who I bumped into? The Dali Lama himself. The twelfth son of the Lama, the flowing robes, the grace…bald. Striking! He ordered seven funnel cakes. Big eater, the Lama. When it came time to pay the Lama tells the cashier "GOONGA GALOONGA…GOONGA…GOONGA LAGOONGA!"
I offered to pay for the Lama's food and he turns to me and says "Oh huh, thanks but I don't need any money, but when you die, on your deathbed you will receive total consciousness."
So I got that going for me… which is nice!
2006-08-31 16:12:56
352.   Chyll Will
So in closing, ladies and gentlemen who may be reading this blog and still wondering whether you have the guts to jump into the deep end, consider the facts: you have men, you have women (occasionally), you have sharpshooters and eightballers, you have opening rants and closing streams of consciousness. You even have the promise of self immolation. But you know what we have here the most: ice cream. No scratch that, FUN! A plethora o' bad guys, mommies and daddies and people like me who often get ignored... but seriously, we have fine writers and informative contributors, perceptive prognosticators and hellacious hurmorists. It's like a family of people you've never met, but have a lot of regard for anyway. Jump in and have a nice swim.

I wrote this because I often find the last post on these threads often leave the whole post with a rather ambiguous

2006-08-31 16:15:58
353.   Chyll Will cream! And funnel cakes...
2006-08-31 16:16:05
354.   randym77
And it's official. Boomer's a Padre:

2006-08-31 17:04:25
355.   Zack
Well, the Sox seem to be getting a no hit catcher who "is a good defender." Eh, I'll take it. Considering how the Padres just gave the Sox Loretta, a catcher hitting .233 in AAA but who might handle pitchers well doesn't exactly get me all riled up...

On the other hand, don't the Sox wish they had held onto Josh Bard and Cla Merideth, both of whom have been solid for the Pads?

2006-08-31 17:15:04
356.   randym77
That catcher...isn't he the guy who hit a homer off Hughes in the Futures game?
2006-08-31 18:10:33
357.   Ron Burgundy
356 So they just got him to hit HRs of Hughes then? (: ha-ha.
2006-08-31 18:53:00
358.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Alex Rios just blew the game for Halladay ... looks like Wang will actually get a shot for the first to 17 (and going against the Royals too!!)
2006-08-31 19:07:53
359.   Bama Yankee
354 As Francona strolls up to the podium (head down, a tear in his eye) about to make his concession speech... somewhere Theo Epstein is overheard saying "where did I put that gorilla suit?" while in the distance a crow begins to cackle (or was it a grackle begins to crow? Either way, their goose is cooked).
2006-08-31 19:13:12
360.   Ron Burgundy
Nice play by Rios there. Canseco must be proud.
2006-08-31 19:14:13
361.   LI yankee
359 The crow first cackled at Fenway on August 1st. Since then they are 9-21 (including tonight's win)

They lost Varitek that same day, and since then have lost Ortiz, Manny, Lester, and Pena.

What shall we deem this newfound curse?

2006-08-31 19:16:10
362.   LI yankee
361 Total misuse of the word "deem". I am an idiot.
2006-08-31 19:17:03
363.   randym77
Well, I'll be. The Red Sox snapped their six-game losing streak. Beantowners are getting all hopeful.
2006-08-31 19:18:53
364.   randym77
Boston Dirt Dogs posted about the bird today.

They're calling it "The Curse of the Gimpy Crow."

2006-08-31 19:27:49
365.   BklynBmr
On the homefield tip — call me crazy, but I'm more worried about the A's than the Tigers. That's a young, fearless and joyful club right now, playing some lights out baseball.

Their September schedule seems a bit tougher than the Bombers, though — 3 game series with both the ChiSox (0-3) and the Twins (3-4), and 7 left with the Halos, with whom they close the season in a 4 game set at Anaheim. A's-Halos games are usually some of the most entertaining throw-downs in MLB not involving the Yankees. They've split the 12 games played so far, with a few resulting fines and suspensions to boot.

Tigers have a 4 game set with Minny (who they own so far, 10-5), 3 with both the Halos (2-3) and the ChiSox (5-11), the rest sprinkled with Seattle (5-1), the O's (1-1), and Toronto (2-1).

The only team on the slate for the Yanks in September that really scares me is Kansas City ;-)

That said, I'm just trying to get amped about something here. Dunno about you, but after the Boston Massacre II, the air just kinda went out of the bubble. Now I'm only worried about someone getting hurt. Just like I worried for months and months about the '98 team getting KO'd in the ALDS after wrapping up the East in May. I already miss the scoreboard watching. I'm almost pulling for Boston now to make it interesting again, sick as that sounds.

Oh, I know it'll kick back in before I want it to (like with a Sept/2000-esque Yanks tankjob which will give some form of meaning to our final set with the Sawx, Lord forbid.)

Here's to a September of smart Yankee baseball, good health to all (including Big Papi) and a squad that's primed to parade.

'Yankee Tradition. Mets Suck.'

WS Prediction: Yanks 4, Mutts 2. Get out your crayon and write that down...

2006-08-31 19:37:40
366.   LI yankee
363 Gimpy Crow? I guess that's fitting. Let's hope this curse lasts a while :-P

365 The A's always seem to have excellent Augusts (remember that 20 game winning streak a few years back?) only to fold in October. The only team I'm really be afraid of are the White Sox, that lineup can be scary. Also the Twins could be, depending on Liriano's status come October.

2006-08-31 19:39:18
367.   randym77
Our corporate overlords wouldn't be happy with another Subway Series, but I think it would be great. The last one is one of my fondest memories of New York. The whole city went nuts. Everywhere you went, people were talking about it. Even in situations where New Yorkers ordinarily ignore each other. Total strangers came up to me and asked me if I knew what the score of the game was.

And Times Square was a like a huge baseball block party...

2006-08-31 20:02:37
368.   BklynBmr
366 Agreed on the ChiSox and Twins in the PS. I'm just thinking of the regular season and homefield, hence my concern about the A's.

All three of those clubs are scary in a short series, but so are we ;-)

Let's wrap up homefield, then tweak the rotation to have our ace open the ALDS...

2006-08-31 20:40:31
369.   BklynBmr
367 You're right. The TV ratings for the 2000 WS were so terrible, the asking price of sponsor advertising will suffer from the go. The netjerks love the Yanks-Dodgers; Red Sox, Cubs vs Whoever.

This year, I'm betting the Mutts will be the media darlings in the post season. You can see it coming — second class citizens in the Big Apple, no respect, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Few mentions of overall failed management, drafts, trades and player development (read recent: Steve Phillips) will be aired. Omar will be given his just props, but it will be the Evil Empire outspending everyone and the poor Mets against all odds. Count on it.

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