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Nice n' Easy Does It
2006-08-30 13:42
by Cliff Corcoran

The Yankees won the first game of today's double header with ease, thanks to yet another stellar pitching performance by the Big Easy himself, Chien-Ming Wang. Wang didn't allow a man past first base in his first seven innings, scattering just four baserunners. Carlos Guillen walked in the second and was thrown out stealing thanks to yet another perfect throw from Jorge Posada. Brandon Inge and Alexis Gomes singled in the third and sixth respectively, both on groundballs just beyond Alex Rodriguez's reach at third (Alex also made a couple of nice stops, one to his left, one to his right). Finally, Sean Casey reached on an error in the fifth when a sinking throw from Derek Jeter skipped through Craig Wilson's legs at first (Jeter got the error).

With Wang dominating, the Yankees got all they needed in the bottom of the fifth when Wilson, making up for the play on Casey, drilled a 1-0 pitch from lefty Nate Robertson deep into the left field box seats to start the inning. Johnny Damon then drew a seven-pitch walk (the only one Robertson issued all day), Jeter singled him to third, and Jason Giambi plated him with a sac fly to make it 2-0.

And that's how it ended. On to start the eighth inning having already thrown 97 pitches, Wang got Casey to ground out on his first pitch, the 13th Tiger groundout of the day. He then walked Neifi! Perez on five pitches and nearly threw away a 0-1 pitch to Inge (nice backhand stop by Posada) before getting him to fly out to Damon. Curtis Granderson followed by getting the first fly ball hit of the game, a double that split Damon and Cabrera in the left field gap and pushed Neifi! to third. Joe Torre then called on Scott Proctor who got pinch-hitter Magglio Ordoñez to fly out on his first pitch to end the inning. Mariano Rivera worked around a two-out single by righty-hitting switch-hitter Carlos Guillen for a 14-pitch ninth and that was that.

The Yankees now have an 8 game lead in the AL East (nine in the loss column) and are just two games behind Detroit for the Major Leagues' best record. Wang, meanwhile, won his 16th game, tying him for the major league lead, and has been dominant in his last two outings despite now having thrown thirty more innings than his previous career high.

What's more, the Yankee bullpen remains rested for tonight's nightcap. After two days off thanks to last night's rain out, Scott Proctor has thrown one pitch and Mariano Rivera has thrown 14. No one else even warmed up during this afternoon's game. Mo won't be available, but Torre has everyone else ready to go for tonight's game, which pits Jaret Wright against Wilfredo Ledezma.

Wright has been terrible in his last two starts, but they were separated by eight days and two relief appearances. That is to say, the most recent could be excused due to rust, while the one prior to that was a scheduled disaster after three straight wins in which he allowed just one run per game. Not that I expect much from him tonight.

Ledezma, meanwhile, is a busted starting prospect who has finally put it together out of the bullpen at age 25. Ledezma has made just one other start this year, holding the powerful Indians offense scoreless on a pair of walks and six hits over 5 2/3 innings earlier in the month. In his most recent appearance, five days ago, he held the defending World Champion White Sox scoreless in four innings of relief, thus stealing the rotation spot of that day's starting pitcher, Zach Miner (1 1/3 IP, 6 R in that game). Ledezma also posted a 2.52 ERA in twelve starts with triple-A Toledo with a 2.87 K/BB ratio. Could be he's not a busted prospect, but merely a delayed one. Lord help the AL if the Tigers come up with yet another dominant young pitcher.

Incidentally, Ledezma is no URP (Unfamiliar Rookie Pitcher). The Yanks tagged him for seven runs in four innings in the Bronx last May. In that game, both Posada and Rodriguez took Ledezma deep, Rodriguez twice. Of course, Ledezma appears to have been a different pitcher last year, when he struggled both in the majors and at triple-A, than this year, when he's dominated both.

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2006-08-30 14:46:53
1.   blue
Tonight is a good a time as any for A-Rod to break out of his slump. He's 4 for 4 against Ledezma, with all 4 hits being home runs. Here's hoping that nice line carries on...
2006-08-30 14:49:06
2.   JL25and3
I'm off to the Stadium (three blocks away from work). With Ledezma v. Wright, I'm expecting a long one tonight.
2006-08-30 14:49:49
3.   Bob Timmermann
Actually the Mets have a better record than the Tigers.
2006-08-30 14:51:36
4.   randym77
Oh, boy. The Red Sox are down 6-1. And no Papi or Manny today. Put a fork in 'em, they're done.
2006-08-30 14:53:39
5.   C2Coke
Reports Abraham on his blog:

"It's funny when Jeter walks in the morning and says "What up Wang?" and Chien says "Nothing, Dog""

2006-08-30 14:56:33
6.   Shaun P
4 Depending on the outcome of tonight's game, the Yanks could be up 10 games in the loss column.

10 games with just a hair over 30 to play! - make that fork a large fork.

2006-08-30 14:58:44
7.   3rd gen yankee fan
4 The collapse of the Sux is nothing short of stunning. And the A's announcers are all about congratulating the A's on what good hitters they are (snerk). I can really understand the grief in RSN lately.
2006-08-30 15:04:04
8.   Cliff Corcoran
3 Only because of the loss this afternoon, but yes, that does effect the likelihood of the Yanks securing the majors best record.
2006-08-30 15:04:41
9.   randym77
I thought the Red Sox were playing above themselves most of the season. "The luckiest team in baseball" as the WSJ put it.

It was bound to catch up with them. I figured injuries would, too. We had our share early in the season. Now it's their turn.

Still...the magnitude of the collapse is even more than I expected.

And it sure has made the Red Sox trolls scarce.

2006-08-30 15:11:23
10.   randym77
Damon, Johnny CF
Cabrera, Melky LF
Jeter, Derek SS
Giambi, Jason DH
Rodriguez, Alex 3B
Cano, Robinson 2B
Williams, Bernie RF
Wilson, Craig 1B
Fasano, Sal C
2006-08-30 15:16:51
11.   randym77
And here's the Tiggers...

Granderson, Curtis CF
Monroe, Craig LF
Young, Dmitri DH
Ordonez, Magglio RF
Guillen, Carlos SS
Casey, Sean 1B
Perez, Neifi 2B
Inge, Brandon 3B
Wilson, Vance C

2006-08-30 15:18:58
12.   Shaun P
10 Hmm, not bad. Not bad at all.

Hard to believe its almost time for game 2.

2006-08-30 15:20:38
13.   Travis
The brooms come out in Oakland. The Yankees are now 8.5 up, 10 in the loss column.
2006-08-30 15:25:12
14.   DrManhattan
Unfathomable. Less than two weeks ago, Boston was 1.5 out.
2006-08-30 15:26:38
15.   Javi Javi
14 Have you looked at their lineup recently? I did not recognize half of that group--it's the Pawtucket Sox. Amazing.
2006-08-30 15:32:27
16.   randym77
Wow. The first game today must be the emptiest sold out game I've ever seen.
2006-08-30 15:33:19
17.   tocho
I think I read this is the worst August in Red Sox history (even when they had Manny and Ortiz).

Along with THE SWEEP this has to be one of the biggest stories of the year. The kind of baseball they have played the last 6 games has just been embarassing.

For an organization that states that it relies on intelligence rather than money (!!!???) they have to be humiliated.

2006-08-30 15:34:22
18.   randym77
Hey. Johnny Damon killed his caterpillar.

But it looks like Craig Wilson is cultivating one...

2006-08-30 15:34:57
19.   kylepetterson
16 That's why you don't tell your boss that you're going to a game. Ever. If you do, and the game get's rained out, you're SOL.

14 The real question is, did we send 'em that direction, or did we catch them at the right time. Didn't the White Sox tumble a bit after we swept them?

2006-08-30 15:35:26
20.   C2Coke
Sometimes the mind works in mysterious ways. I swear I read the last line of Cliff's paragraph on Wright twice; both times, I got, "Now that I expect much from him tonight" in my mind." And I thought to myself, "that can't be right." And what Cliff said was " Not that I expect much from him tonight."
2006-08-30 15:39:25
21.   kylepetterson
I'm suprised the line-up looks as good as it does.
2006-08-30 15:41:41
22.   randym77
YES says Andy Phillips will rejoin the team Saturday. Mussina will be back for the KC series.

Sunday's pitcher hasn't been decided, but it sounds like they're still leaning toward Villone.

2006-08-30 15:42:36
23.   kylepetterson
Boston is now 5 games under .500 vs. the AL
2006-08-30 15:43:56
24.   yankeemonkey
22 Not Rasner? That would make a hell of a lot more sense....
2006-08-30 15:45:14
25.   randym77
I'd call up Rasner and go with him. He pitched pretty well when he started for Columbus on Monday.

But Joe no doubt prefers Villone's veteran-ness...

2006-08-30 15:46:02
26.   Cliff Corcoran
22 I don't like the Villone idea, it short-hands the bullpen for more than a week doing that. I'd much rather they take a flier on Darrell Rasner, who looked good in his first AAA start since being activated from the DL, looked good in his lone Yankee appearance, and looked good for the Nats last year.
2006-08-30 15:46:36
27.   Cliff Corcoran
Heh, looks like we have a consensus here.
2006-08-30 15:47:12
28.   yankeemonkey
26 Plus, with an 8-game lead, you can afford to fool around a little bit.
2006-08-30 15:50:14
29.   randym77
Joe figures they'll call up some kids for the bullpen, and therefore won't need Villone as much.

Speaking of which, any September callup predictions?

2006-08-30 15:58:42
30.   Schteeve
29 I predict that Ramiro Mendoza will not escape the locked car trunk that he is currently residing in.
2006-08-30 16:00:10
31.   monkeypants
26 Heck, I'd like to see just about any minor leaguer. Assuming no catastrophe before Sunday, the east is looking more and more like it's over. Let's see what one of the marginal prospects can do, with a strict pitch/inning limit. If they are set on starting Villone, why not instead rest him until Sunday and plan for him to three innings in relief if necessary.
2006-08-30 16:03:11
32.   Cliff Corcoran
29 Kevin Thompson, Beam & Veras, Wil Nieves or Ben Davis (gotta take a third catcher when you can get 'im), and Hughes, not to pitch, but to hang out and get the feel. I'm hoping for Rasner too, with or without the start. We'll see.
2006-08-30 16:09:22
33.   randym77
Rasner's on the 40-man. Why not call him up?

If Cairo's not ready to return, maybe Menechino. He got off to a rough start, but has been hitting better lately. And he's always dreamed of being a Yankee, so I kind of hope he gets a chance, even if it's only for a few weeks.

2006-08-30 16:09:27
34.   monkeypants
32 I'm still hoping that Hughes actually gets to throw an inning or few. I understand being careful, on the one hand. But on the other, I'm not sure how much harm a couple of batters would do.
2006-08-30 16:10:22
35.   Travis
ESPN transposed Wright's walks and hits, giving him 131 walks in 110-2/3 innings, and Buck Martinez didn't notice, calling his walk total "unacceptable."
2006-08-30 16:20:49
36.   nemecizer
Don't know if this was posted already, but Bob Klapisch has a very harsh article on Pavano. He implies that Pavano may have been on the 'roids, can't handle the pressure in NYC, has faked his injuries, and is "immature, self-absorbed, prone to treating people badly"

Wow. It's worth reading just for the vitriol.

Can't say I disagree either.

2006-08-30 16:26:56
37.   randym77
36 Interesting.

Whether that article is true or not, I don't see him being much help this season. I say we put him on the 60-day DL, and call up a pitcher who'll help us now.

2006-08-30 16:27:16
38.   Schteeve
While I think Klapisch is a good writer and I agree in broad strokes that Pavano seems to be a little snakey, and completely clueless when it comes to fostering good will among teammates and fans, I think it is irresponsible for any writer to essentially insinuate that Pavano must have been on roids because of his diminished velocity.

You are essentially suggesting that the guy broke a pretty serious rule without offering one shred of evidence, and i think that's a horseshit move.

2006-08-30 16:28:01
39.   Ron Burgundy
Wait, 6 pitches is all Ledezma needed to get 3 outs?!
2006-08-30 16:28:59
40.   Schteeve
38 When I say "You" I meant Klapisch not the poster.
2006-08-30 16:29:46
41.   Ron Burgundy
OK, now we knock out this glorified journey-man pitching way over his head.
2006-08-30 16:32:49
42.   Ron Burgundy
No really, whenever you guys feel like taking a pitch or two...
2006-08-30 16:33:00
43.   yankz
So much for Arod's homer streak vs. this guy.
2006-08-30 16:34:58
44.   nemecizer
At least A-Rod didn't strike out...
2006-08-30 16:35:25
45.   Eirias
Wright has only thrown 25 pitches through two. Is that some kind of record?
2006-08-30 16:36:20
46.   JeremyM
Damn, Cano swung at ball four.
2006-08-30 16:36:23
47.   Ron Burgundy
Could the at-bats they're having against this junker be any more pathetic?
2006-08-30 16:39:09
48.   Eirias
47 I'm fairly certain that there is at least one parallel universe where the Yankees' at-bats were more pathetic. I am no physicist, however.
2006-08-30 16:39:56
49.   Cliff Corcoran
Ron, read my post, wouldja? This guy was a top prospect just a few years ago, he's 25 and he's pitching great this year. Educate yourself, man.
2006-08-30 16:40:36
50.   Ron Burgundy
Ledezma has been a horrible pitcher his entire career. So what the hell is up with him this year? And why are our usually patient hitters so ridiculously lost and overmatched against this pitcher?
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2006-08-30 16:41:24
51.   Cliff Corcoran
50 What's changed is you're wrong about him.
2006-08-30 16:42:22
52.   JeremyM
Well, this has been a good start for Wright so far- so when is his 30-40 pitch inning? 4th, 5th, or 6th?
2006-08-30 16:42:40
53.   Ron Burgundy
49 Over his first 3 years, he was horrible. To just start pitching like a true ace like this is (despite his status) is unusual. I still expect our hitters to score some runs off him.
2006-08-30 16:43:25
54.   Ron Burgundy
52 The Tigers complete lack of plate discipline should help Wright. He might get to the 7th if they keep this up.
2006-08-30 16:45:51
55.   yankeemonkey
54 Might be rubbing off on the Yanks - 4 pitches to get 2 outs in this inning so far. Blergh.
2006-08-30 16:46:29
56.   Cliff Corcoran
Here's the deal on Ledezma. The Red Sox signed him as a teenager. The Tigers took him in the 2002 Rule V draft and thus he was forced to spend all of 2003 in the majors despite having never pitched above A-ball. So he sucked.

The next year he had a 2.42 ERA as a starter in AA with a 4.11 K/BB when not struggling in the majors. Last year he was bad in the majors and AAA, this year he's been excelent in both.

Take out his being rushed to the majors due to the Rule V pick and you see the steady progression of a good pitcher. And it's not just me, the guy pitched in the Futures Game a couple of years back.

2006-08-30 16:48:21
57.   Ron Burgundy
55 The Yankees making QUICK easy outs is what is upsetting me. If they were at least putting up some kind of fight, the situation would at least be bearable. But these 3-pitch at-bats are horrible.
2006-08-30 16:49:11
58.   Cliff Corcoran
Monroe totally misplayed that.
2006-08-30 16:49:27
59.   randym77
Well how about that. Fasano hits a double.
2006-08-30 16:49:45
60.   bobtaco
Hey Now!
2006-08-30 16:49:49
61.   Ron Burgundy
56 Thanks. I didn't know about the Rule V pick detail. The rush through the system would explain the bad pitching in years past.

And as I type, Sal Fasano of all people hits a double.

2006-08-30 16:49:53
62.   nemecizer
Good AB by Fasano! Worked him for 8 pitches and a double.
2006-08-30 16:49:59
63.   Cliff Corcoran
Casey makes up for it by robbing Damon.
2006-08-30 16:50:16
64.   rbj
Ledezma got himself straightened out in Toledo this year. I was kinda pissed the Tigers brought him up, otherwise the Mudhens would have had an easier time with the division. As it is, they're tied for first, with another team 1 game behind. And the season ends Monday.
2006-08-30 16:50:50
65.   nemecizer
Oh, well, at least we got an H on the board...
2006-08-30 16:50:52
66.   Ron Burgundy
Damn IT!
2006-08-30 16:50:56
67.   Cliff Corcoran
61 That's what I'm here for.
2006-08-30 16:50:57
68.   yankeemonkey
Hey, Johnny D shaved the stache! Trying for a change of luck? Maybe Arod should grow one...
2006-08-30 16:52:43
69.   Ron Burgundy
68 It seems to have done the opposite and kill his luck. He was ballin' before he shaved it. And now that line-out.
2006-08-30 16:54:16
70.   JeremyM
The ball must really be carrying to left or something.
2006-08-30 16:54:42
71.   Ron Burgundy
Oh, come on. What the hell.
2006-08-30 16:54:42
72.   rbj
36 Pavano is suing over $50K? 1.25%? Lawyer fees will eat up a big chink of that even if he does succeed. That is having your head up your @ss.
2006-08-30 16:54:50
73.   Cliff Corcoran
Melky pulls a Monroe, though he gets closer.

Meanwhile, Magglio's hair has gone from cool and shaggy to silly and begging for a hair net.

2006-08-30 16:54:57
74.   KBT
Looked like Melk was caught napping.
2006-08-30 16:55:07
75.   randym77
Melky looked just like Monroe there.
2006-08-30 16:58:04
76.   Ron Burgundy
God Dammit.
2006-08-30 16:58:19
77.   nemecizer
2006-08-30 16:58:31
78.   Ron Burgundy
If he lets Perez on base, I will kill Wright.
2006-08-30 16:58:36
79.   yankeemonkey
And of course Detroit cashes in. Yuk.
2006-08-30 16:58:51
80.   Cliff Corcoran
49 pitches for Wright through four. Not bad at all.
2006-08-30 16:59:22
81.   nemecizer
Well, at this rate Wright is on target for 3 ER in 6 innings. I guess that's as good as it gets with him.
2006-08-30 17:00:16
82.   rbj
Rod allen was just saying, "No disrespect to Neifi, but if he gets anything to hit, I'd be surprised" Looks like a lot of us were surprised.
2006-08-30 17:00:29
83.   randym77
I'll be thrilled if he actually pitches 6 innings.
2006-08-30 17:01:26
84.   JeremyM
What is with the bunting?
2006-08-30 17:01:42
85.   rbj
Bunting isn't working today guys. No more.
2006-08-30 17:02:07
86.   yankeemonkey
Wright is doing his job....time for the offense to wake up and remember there's a game in progress.
2006-08-30 17:02:20
87.   nemecizer
I hate bunting!!!!
2006-08-30 17:02:33
88.   Ron Burgundy
They're pretty much driving me nuts with this. PLATE DISCIPLINE PEOPLE!
2006-08-30 17:03:26
89.   rbj
Shoot, Rod Allen coached Jeter in the 1994 AFL. Derek was beating Rod to the ballpark.
2006-08-30 17:03:45
90.   Ron Burgundy
OBP for El Capitan. Gracias.
2006-08-30 17:05:09
91.   nemecizer
I like BB!!!
2006-08-30 17:06:40
92.   nemecizer
Ugh, come on Jason...
2006-08-30 17:07:24
93.   nemecizer
Captain Twinki Truck at the plate...
2006-08-30 17:07:51
94.   yankeemonkey
Ugly...ugly swings.

Are the Yanks purposely trying not to get too large a lead on Boston and make it interesting?

2006-08-30 17:08:16
95.   rbj
Pavano told not to pitch for two weeks.
2006-08-30 17:09:42
96.   yankeemonkey
Michael Kay sounds awfully gleeful talking about Arod's slump.
2006-08-30 17:12:14
97.   C2Coke
96 I had the same thought. Guess it's just Kay being Kay. As far as I'm concerned, he's still the one to blame when RJ lost his almost-perfect-game in the 7th inning weeks back.
2006-08-30 17:12:17
98.   Ron Burgundy
This is killing me.
2006-08-30 17:13:41
99.   Ron Burgundy
Our pitchers (even Wright) have exposed the Tigers' complete absence of plate discipline.
2006-08-30 17:15:12
100.   C2Coke
I love Abraham,

"The Yankees are 3.5 games behind the Tigers for home field in the playoffs. That's the race now. The Red Sox are a bigger mess than Pavano's Porsche. They'll be lucky to finish ahead of the Blue Jays."

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2006-08-30 17:15:34
101.   randym77
95 Not only that, Pavano has a new complaint: shoulder pain.

2006-08-30 17:15:49
102.   monkeypants
97 Well, he is a Nazi afterall.
2006-08-30 17:16:31
103.   Ron Burgundy
102 That's an insult to the Nazis.
2006-08-30 17:18:33
104.   KBT
I'd take a Nazi at the plate right now if he could get a freakin hit with RISP. Come on boys! How bout some run support?
2006-08-30 17:19:31
105.   nemecizer
66 pitches to end the 5th with 41 strikes and 25 balls. I like the ratio. Maybe Wright can go 7 and 2ER. That would be beyond my expectations for him.
2006-08-30 17:20:47
106.   C2Coke
66 pitches through 5. Wright is so far doing better than his usual self. What I can't explain is why is he so boring to watch?

When Wang is on, it's nice n'easy.
When Mussina is on, it can be a beauty.
When Unit is on, well, it's more like a wild ride nowadays no matter what.
Wright...just boring...why is that? Am I the only one who feels that way?

2006-08-30 17:20:57
107.   LI yankee
I think we would beat the Tigers in 4 or 5 games in a playoff series. Pitchers like Moose and Wang with good control could dominate this lineup. Randy would have problems if he was off, since he leaves a lot of fat pitches over the plate.
2006-08-30 17:22:31
108.   monkeypants
I like how each inning the Yankees already have an out by the time gameday reloads on my computer.
2006-08-30 17:23:11
109.   C2Coke
If they can't hit Ledezma, why not work the count and wait for the bullpen? At this rate, Ledezma can pitch a CG.
2006-08-30 17:23:54
110.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
who will contribute more down the stretch Pavano or A Rod...
2006-08-30 17:24:24
111.   KBT
Jeebus! WTH? Guess Sal's just gonna have to win this one for us.
2006-08-30 17:25:04
112.   C2Coke
108 I thought there was something wrong with Gameday. Apparently there's something wrong with the Yanks...
2006-08-30 17:25:09
113.   nemecizer
8 pitching inning for Ledezma.
2006-08-30 17:25:15
114.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Did Karstens get sent down ? will he get another start ?
2006-08-30 17:25:34
115.   KBT
110 BAHAHAHA! Oh, wait, you were serious?
2006-08-30 17:25:44
116.   rbj
106 I was thinking along similar lines. Most years I can't wait until our pitchers are off the mound so I can see the offense. In 1998 I just wanted the hitters to get a couple of runs so I could see the pitching. Wang is like that.

With Wright, even when he's pitching well, I'm just worried that he's going to blow up for an inning.

2006-08-30 17:27:07
117.   rilkefan
110 - great, Lucy Van Pelt is back.
2006-08-30 17:27:20
118.   mickey1956
Phillip Hughes tonight.

5 2 0 0 0 5

The two hits were both singles.
One was erased by a double play.
16 batters faced on over the minimum
7 groundouts and 3 fly outs
1 flyout to second and one was to the catcher.

I feel like I say this all of the time, but if he is going to throw 20-25 more innings for Trenton, then he should be promoted and pitch some innings out of the bullpen.

2006-08-30 17:27:39
119.   yankeemonkey
95 I'll be happy if I never hear "Pavano" and "Yankees" in the same paragraph ever again.
2006-08-30 17:28:35
120.   C2Coke
110 Ok now... that's an insult to Arod. Yes, he's having a bad year but he has two MVPs under his belt. And after some intense therapy during the off season, he will be good.

Pavano? He will be fixing his Porche. It already sounds like the Yanks don't want him anymore.

2006-08-30 17:29:18
121.   rbj
110 The bullpen catcher contributes more than Pavano. Babe Ruth contributes more -- and he's been dead for over half a century. (someone's going to buy a #3 jersey, putting money in the Yankees)
2006-08-30 17:29:50
122.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

nice work getting a "Peanuts" reference in and by "contribute" I meant hurt the team less...

2006-08-30 17:31:20
123.   nemecizer
Huh, 10 inning pitch for Wright. 75 picthes so far. Definitely out for the 7th, maybe even the 8th. 2ER and 6 innings is already better than I expected from him.
2006-08-30 17:31:26
124.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

just was not a serious question as we are talking first ballot HOFer vs. an absolute comedic tragedy without a heart in Pavano...

2006-08-30 17:31:29
125.   rbj
Six innings and 2 runs?

"The Yankees don't know it, but we've secretly replaced their regular Jaret Wright with Folgers Crystals. We'll see if they can see the difference."

2006-08-30 17:31:32
126.   monkeypants
118 Hmmm...Hughes pitches tonight, setting up his next turn in the rotation on Sunday. When the team needs a starter because of the DH. When I am at the Stadium.

Hey, I can dream, right?

2006-08-30 17:32:01
127.   C2Coke
Holy crap, Wright is through 6 with 76 pitches. It's clear he is trying to show someone how to be a man...

Seriously though, could the Yanks please score some runs on Wright's good day??

2006-08-30 17:32:12
128.   Marcus
101 From the article:

"Pavano has complained of a variety of ailments this year, including a pain in the buttocks."

It's getting too easy to make fun of this guy.

2006-08-30 17:32:16
129.   KBT
120 I'd say it's the "intense therapy" that's turning his head into a Rubik's Cube. Arod should just go hangout in Central Park some more and play some whiffle ball. Have some fun. Quit stressing.
2006-08-30 17:32:25
130.   monkeypants
126 Strike that--next turn would be Monday.


Oh well, a nice thought.

2006-08-30 17:33:09
131.   nemecizer
That's "10 pitch inning". No I am not drinking.
2006-08-30 17:34:04
132.   C2Coke
111 You called it. Sal is determined, even if it means by getting hit.
2006-08-30 17:34:09
133.   yankeemonkey
Yaaaaargh! Johnny, stop swinging at the first pitch!!!
2006-08-30 17:34:14
134.   rilkefan
122 - we get that you have a ridiculous and moronic or irrational obsession with denigrating A-Rod, no need to elaborate.
2006-08-30 17:34:37
135.   C2Coke
I feel like I haven't see Damon all game long.
2006-08-30 17:34:53
136.   monkeypants
What, was that payback for Fasano breaking up the no-hitter?
2006-08-30 17:36:40
137.   Alvaro Espinoza
125 Or have the free-swinging Tigers been replaced by nobody? (Honestly I don't know, just turned the game on).
2006-08-30 17:37:11
138.   nemecizer
Nice at bat Melky!
2006-08-30 17:37:20
139.   yankeemonkey
The Melkman delivers!!! Time for DJ to demonstrate his MVP credentials...
2006-08-30 17:37:36
140.   Simone
I was scared that Fasano was going to have a heart attack running to 3rd.
2006-08-30 17:37:53
141.   rbj
Who's slower, Giambi or Fasano?

Giambi, Fasano and a glacier had a foot race. The glacier won, we're still waiting for second place.

2006-08-30 17:38:07
142.   yankeemonkey
Wow....why is that kid on such a short leash?!
2006-08-30 17:38:59
143.   JPost
What are the odds that Wright blows up next inning?
2006-08-30 17:39:23
144.   kdw
140 Me too.
2006-08-30 17:40:16
145.   JPost
Because the Tigers have a NASTY bullpen. Rodney and Zoom Zoom are disgusting.
2006-08-30 17:40:22
146.   Cliff Corcoran
Show time!
2006-08-30 17:40:39
147.   RIYank
126 How much longer does Trenton play? I figured the season was about over. Like AAA.
2006-08-30 17:42:09
148.   yankeemonkey
147 They're going to the playoffs, I believe.
2006-08-30 17:42:43
149.   rbj
147 Thunder's season is over on Labor Day. Playoffs go until the 16th.
2006-08-30 17:43:03
150.   Simone
MVP! MVP! The Captain!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-30 17:43:04
151.   rbj
2006-08-30 17:43:04
152.   Cliff Corcoran
2006-08-30 17:43:07
153.   yankeemonkey
2006-08-30 17:43:11
154.   JPost
Nevermind Jeter is god
2006-08-30 17:43:18
155.   nemecizer
2006-08-30 17:43:23
156.   RIYank
2006-08-30 17:43:24
157.   C2Coke
Cap Clutch.
2006-08-30 17:43:54
158.   nemecizer
A two run bomb by the Giambino would be welcome here.
2006-08-30 17:43:59
159.   Cliff Corcoran
142 Because the Tigers have a great pen and he's spent most of the season in it.
2006-08-30 17:44:02
160.   kdw
Woo-hoo Jeter!!!!
2006-08-30 17:44:11
161.   yankeemonkey
What say they walk Giambi and Arod hits a 3-run bomb?
2006-08-30 17:44:25
162.   JPost
ssstolenn base
2006-08-30 17:44:30
163.   rbj
Oh, yeah!
2006-08-30 17:44:32
164.   RIYank
I can't believe he threw Jeter a strike in that situation. I had just announced to my 13 yr old son that there was no way DJ would get a pitch to hit.
2006-08-30 17:44:46
165.   Simone
Joe Torre, please tell Derek Jeter to stop sliding head first!
2006-08-30 17:44:51
166.   C2Coke
Cap'n's show.
2006-08-30 17:45:14
167.   yankeemonkey
Oh God Alex, please don't GIDP.....closes eyes, can't watch
2006-08-30 17:45:18
168.   Alvaro Espinoza
164 Snakes on a plane!!!
2006-08-30 17:45:22
169.   kdw
Come on A-Rod!!! Jete's set it up for you.
2006-08-30 17:45:33
170.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

anything to get him started for the stretch run...he could be a big bonus if he returns for Sept.

2006-08-30 17:45:34
171.   RIYank
161 Good call. Here it comes...
2006-08-30 17:45:42
172.   yankeemonkey
why was that bolded? sorry...
2006-08-30 17:45:58
173.   Simone
A-Rod, it is on you! Don't be afraid to fail, just find your pitch and hit the ball very far.
2006-08-30 17:46:19
174.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Sac Fly would be a welcome start
2006-08-30 17:46:43
175.   yankeemonkey
See the ball, hit the ball...c'mon!
2006-08-30 17:47:37
176.   yankeemonkey
Alright! That's a good start!
2006-08-30 17:47:37
177.   Cliff Corcoran
Same crap swing, but a go-ahead RBI.
2006-08-30 17:47:38
178.   RIYank
Crappy hit. But I guess we'll take it.
2006-08-30 17:47:40
179.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
ok..not a DP or K
2006-08-30 17:47:44
180.   Alvaro Espinoza
Anybody else see Armando Benitez in Rodney?
2006-08-30 17:47:50
181.   Simone
We'll take that! Good start, A-Rod.
2006-08-30 17:48:04
182.   rbj
I'll take that from A-Rod. It's an RBI.

(horrible hit)

2006-08-30 17:48:16
183.   nemecizer
Okay, A-Rod, way to go!
2006-08-30 17:48:39
184.   JPost
That's what I'm talking about! He didn't ground into a DP!!!
2006-08-30 17:48:41
185.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A-Rod looked almost Cairo-esque in that AB...
2006-08-30 17:48:48
186.   Simone
Don't jinx Wright, Miller.
2006-08-30 17:49:27
187.   rbj
Dam. Nice ride Cano.
2006-08-30 17:49:53
188.   Alvaro Espinoza
Way to throw the easy ones, Francisco. Nice shot Robbie.
2006-08-30 17:49:59
189.   Simone
Good inning.
2006-08-30 17:50:08
190.   Cliff Corcoran
Cano pins Monroe against the wall. Yanks take the lead. Word to 146
2006-08-30 17:50:17
191.   RIYank
Close, Robby.
Go get 'em, JW.
2006-08-30 17:51:07
192.   yankeemonkey
Go-ahead RBI (for now at least) is nothing to sneeze at...Hopefully that inspires him to bigger and better things next time. Swing still completely out of whack though.

It's so strange, this guy used to have one of the most fluid and graceful swings in the game. What happened? I gotta believe it's something physical in addition to whatever else is ailing him mentally...You don't just ruin your swing like that for no reason.

2006-08-30 17:51:38
193.   JeremyM
JW is in Lewis and Clark territory right now.
2006-08-30 17:52:05
194.   rbj
So who is that piching the 7th?
2006-08-30 17:52:44
195.   yankeemonkey
....Brian Bruney warming? Wow.

194 JW for now.

2006-08-30 17:52:47
196.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

you are right, this whole thing has been amazing for a top 10 all time is not Ankiel or Knoblauch type guy

2006-08-30 17:52:48
197.   Alvaro Espinoza
You want to impress me, Jaret??? No giving back the lead here!
2006-08-30 17:53:05
198.   JPost
Lets just appreciate the fact that he didnt GIDP or K. You have to start somewhere.
2006-08-30 17:53:45
199.   nemecizer
Okay, now I have a bad feeling. PULL WRIGHT NOW!!!
2006-08-30 17:53:45
200.   yankeemonkey
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-30 17:54:09
201.   JPost
Sal's Mustache Strikes Again!
2006-08-30 17:54:13
202.   rbj
Brilliant! I bet they practice that in spring training, just like The Flip.
2006-08-30 17:54:17
203.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
193 is total edge of the earth type stuff...I wonder if they found Wright in the lockerroom dressed in his street clothes and had to tell him that it is possible to go more than 4 2/3 in a start

2006-08-30 17:54:19
204.   nemecizer
YM, what happened. Watching on gameday.
2006-08-30 17:54:47
205.   RIYank
Is that officially a Caught Stealing for Sal? Must be.
2006-08-30 17:55:00
206.   RIYank
Is that officially a Caught Stealing for Sal? Must be.
Jeter's limping.
2006-08-30 17:55:11
207.   C2Coke
Fasanao's turning into Posada for a night? Let's hope it's more than one night.

Wright just broke out of his shameful streak.

2006-08-30 17:55:23
208.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
if that is Pavano at SS he just walks off and retires after that play
2006-08-30 17:55:37
209.   nemecizer
Oh, now I see. Thanks for being so prompt gameday.
2006-08-30 17:55:47
210.   yankeemonkey
204 JW attempted a wild pitch, it didn't get far enough away from Fasano and he threw to Jeter on the run to tag out Casey. Amazing play.

Ugh, why is Bernie in right field, again?

2006-08-30 17:56:00
211.   Magoo1000
Jetes is a gama'!!!!
2006-08-30 17:56:23
212.   rbj
Good job by Wright.
2006-08-30 17:56:33
213.   nemecizer
Thanks YM. BTW, how do you do the "link to the number" thing?
2006-08-30 17:56:38
214.   C2Coke
Do we agree that Wright has just turned in his best performance in...who knows how long?

I miss Abreu in RF.

2006-08-30 17:56:44
215.   Ron Burgundy
I went to get some tomatos, onions, bread, and milk, I come back and they got a lead. Ha, I'll take it.
2006-08-30 17:57:14
216.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Jays catch BoSox ? they are in a total free fall and it is soooooo good to watch
2006-08-30 17:57:22
217.   JeremyM
208 Not true, you get paid for being on the DL, but not the voluntary retired list....I think.

Bernie should have had that.

2006-08-30 17:58:02
218.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

without a doubt....he walked on the dark side of his own personal moon

2006-08-30 17:58:07
219.   Ron Burgundy
216 If they can win a game against the Injuns. The Jays aren't doin' so hot themselves.
2006-08-30 17:58:25
220.   Alvaro Espinoza
215 Well, then get back out there and pick up a few more groceries! ;)
2006-08-30 17:58:28
221.   RIYank
I feel that 'BB' is not a good set of initials for a pitcher.
2006-08-30 17:58:51
222.   JPost
Bruney is a bad ass
2006-08-30 17:58:59
223.   Ron Burgundy
Three things:
1)D.J. = MVP
2)Bernie in RF = Kill Me Now
3)Allowing Neifi Perez to get on base = Herecy
2006-08-30 17:59:03
224.   yankeemonkey
6.1 innings of 2-run ball for Wright...assuming Bruney can hold it, not bad at all.

It's interesting, at the beginning of the season, when it wasn't yet known whether Pavano would be in the rotation or not (pushing JW to the pen), Wright was horrible. As soon as his place in the rotation stabilized, he started doing much better. Then, recently, with all the Pavano talk anew, he started being horrible again. With Pavano now on the shelf, will we see a good JW in the stretch run?

2006-08-30 17:59:26
225.   nemecizer
Huh, Torre listened to me!
2006-08-30 17:59:30
226.   Magoo1000
Bruney attempting to earn his pinstripes!!!
2006-08-30 17:59:50
227.   rbj
Left bracket [ then number then right bracket ]


2006-08-30 17:59:58
228.   nick
way too good a pitch to throw 0-2 by Bruney...
2006-08-30 18:00:19
229.   Ron Burgundy
Anybody got a scouting report on Bruney?
How did we get him? Where did we get him?
Is he GOOD?
2006-08-30 18:00:32
230.   Magoo1000
Shit....pudge is due.
2006-08-30 18:00:37
231.   nemecizer
227 Thanks. C'mon Bruney!
2006-08-30 18:01:01
232.   rbj
Double play here. Little 6-4-3 bingo.
2006-08-30 18:01:34
233.   C2Coke
213 Put the number inside the bracket [].
2006-08-30 18:01:41
234.   RIYank
Hm, I like.
Bruney is fearless.
2006-08-30 18:01:49
235.   yankeemonkey
227 Got him off waivers from the Dbacks, I believe. He was a good prospect, closer potential, but Arizona soured on him for some reason. Their loss, our gain.
2006-08-30 18:02:10
236.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

D'Backs refugee....24 years old or so...throws serious cheese

2006-08-30 18:02:19
237.   Magoo1000
ring em up Bruney!
2006-08-30 18:03:45
238.   nemecizer
Fasano looks winded running 1/4 of the way up the 1st base line.
2006-08-30 18:04:35
239.   RIYank
Is Bruney any good? He looked good. Sometimes I get worried that a lousy pitcher is "earning Joe's trust".
2006-08-30 18:04:36
240.   Magoo1000
B-squared!!! Any doubt Jetes told Bruney, "That a boy!"
2006-08-30 18:04:45
241.   nemecizer
Okay, so I just discovered my hotel has ESPN and I have been watching the game on gameday for nothing. Hmm.
2006-08-30 18:04:54
242.   rbj
2006-08-30 18:05:11
243.   Ron Burgundy
Bruney has balls.
2006-08-30 18:05:22
244.   yankeemonkey
238 He really does move like a cat for a big guy.
2006-08-30 18:05:26
245.   SF Yanks
"Is this Mr. Bruney?"
--Farris Beuler
2006-08-30 18:05:30
246.   C2Coke
Wright...with only 2 ER. Almost surreal.
2006-08-30 18:05:39
247.   randym77
235 The YES guys said the D-backs gave up on him because he had "attitude problems."
2006-08-30 18:06:48
248.   SF Yanks
241 I hate when that happens. But it is a good feeling when you find out.
2006-08-30 18:06:50
249.   nemecizer
247 He does look perenially pissed off. As long as that translates into K's and GB outs and not locker room tension, works for me.
2006-08-30 18:07:01
250.   Magoo1000
240 Bruney's response, "Where in the city do you get your crew cut done?"
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-30 18:07:20
251.   C2Coke
241 Well, perhaps you have saved yourself from vomiting by listening to the announcers of ESPN when the Yanks hadn't score any runs.
2006-08-30 18:07:22
252.   Ron Burgundy
247 That's it? Attitude problems? NO OTHER REASON? They just cut him for that? Wow, those idiots. We're happy with him as of now. Joe's main (only) quality is managing egos and keeping players happy. If he's a good reliever but with an attitude, well, good enough I say.
2006-08-30 18:07:26
253.   nemecizer
248 I am now looking around for the mini-bar I am told I don't have.
2006-08-30 18:07:43
254.   monkeypants
Torre should PH here, then defensive replacement for Bernie.
2006-08-30 18:08:26
255.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

maybe he can smack Pavano in the ribs to blow off some steam and get a laugh out of his teammates

2006-08-30 18:08:32
256.   Magoo1000
Sterling said that this was Wright's best start of the year...could be!
2006-08-30 18:08:41
257.   rbj
253 Avoid mini-bars. Buy a bottle of bourbon ahead of times.
2006-08-30 18:09:16
258.   mickey1956
252 He has some control problems also. Not his temperament, but his fastball.
2006-08-30 18:09:23
259.   RIYank
So Bruney's numbers look very good indeed. Small n (82 innings in his career), but vg strikeouts, hits. Walks too many, but aside from that he looks promising.
Attitude problems I can live with, if he gets guys out.
2006-08-30 18:09:24
260.   randym77
Hey, it's Ralph Malph!
2006-08-30 18:09:37
261.   Simone
The AL East has turned around really fast. Wasn't is about 2 weeks ago that the Red Sox was leading the Yankees by 2 or more games? Amazing stuff. That's baseball for you.
2006-08-30 18:09:41
262.   SF Yanks
253 Then look for the sexy nurse hiding in the closet
2006-08-30 18:09:45
263.   C2Coke
Guiel gets to play today.
2006-08-30 18:10:36
264.   Ron Burgundy
Ralph Malph is back!
2006-08-30 18:11:02
265.   SF Yanks
262 I meant maid
2006-08-30 18:11:11
266.   RIYank
Ow! Ralph takes one for the team.
2006-08-30 18:11:46
267.   randym77
Ouch. It hit him in the back of the leg.
2006-08-30 18:11:48
268.   nemecizer
257 262 No nurse in the closet but I called room service and told them to send up a bottle of Jack and a stripper.
2006-08-30 18:15:25
269.   Magoo1000
Bruney in for the 8th???
2006-08-30 18:15:43
270.   Sliced Bread
Bruney earned his pinstripes last weekend against the Angels, after Jeter got plunked for the 2nd time in the series.

He threw one high and tight on Vlad, and then got him to bail out into a ground out.

Then, as if his mission was not yet accomplished, he threw one behind Juan Rivera, which got both teams up in their dugouts, then threw another one that made Rivera dive backward, and proceeded to strike him out scared.

Jeter loved it, hell, the whole team loved it including Guidry, who was never the avenging type.

Bruney is the nuts. (even if he coughed up a shot to, who was it, Kendrick? the following inning. The Yanks need guys like that in certain situations. Angels never came close to Jeter the rest of the weekend.

2006-08-30 18:15:46
271.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I look at Damon these days and forget he was ever a Red Sox...he has fit in so well and is having a great year...class act all the way
2006-08-30 18:15:52
272.   RIYank
Pudge demonstrates his inferiority to Fasano in the throwing department.
2006-08-30 18:16:14
273.   rbj
Gueil steals a base? Fasano has all of September to get one steal.
2006-08-30 18:17:38
274.   RIYank
270 Oooh.
I missed all that. I was incommunicado this weekend.
And he's 24. I'm loving our 2008 pitching staff.
2006-08-30 18:17:47
275.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Pudge did play 2b for an inning or two...probably do not want to see Sal out there

2006-08-30 18:17:51
276.   rbj
268 Careful, or they'll send up a bottle and Jack the stripper.
2006-08-30 18:18:08
277.   C2Coke
So Twice-a-day SP? Then every-other-day one inning wonder?
2006-08-30 18:18:26
278.   monkeypants
Guiel to 1B and Bernie in RF, or Gueil to RF and Giambi to 1B, or Guiel to 1B and Abreu to RF?
2006-08-30 18:18:53
279.   Magoo1000
270 Great point Sliced. I forgot about that.

Been along time since the yanks had an enforcer.

2006-08-30 18:19:09
280.   nemecizer
276 Jack can't come in. The bottle can.

Right, I am shutting down and am going to watch the game on the boob tube. Go Yankees!

2006-08-30 18:19:58
281.   C2Coke
271 I hear you. Damon looks like he's been here forever.
2006-08-30 18:20:11
282.   KBT
264 Ha! That's hilarious. He is so Ralph.
2006-08-30 18:20:32
283.   singledd
Can someone please tell me how we got Bruney? He's not a farm hand, is he?
2006-08-30 18:20:40
284.   BklynBmr
271 Apologies if this has been posted or referred to, just caught this on LoHud:


If you ain't first, you're last

If you have yet to see "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" this won't make much sense to you.

But if you did, you'll find it amusing to know that Johnny Damon now walks through the clubhouse yelling "Shake and bake!" whenever the Yankees win.


Yeah, even when Damon was with the enemy, it was hard to dislike the guy. He's a ballplayer...

2006-08-30 18:21:11
285.   monkeypants
OK, the start of the inning answers my question 278. I guess I would have PH Abreu for Bernie (especially v. the RHP) and Gueil for Wilson, if they were both going into the field anyway.
2006-08-30 18:21:25
286.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Matsui...back in the lineup by Red Sox series ?
2006-08-30 18:21:42
287.   Simone
Ugh, terrible start to this inning. Where is Farnesworth?
2006-08-30 18:21:51
288.   C2Coke
2006-08-30 18:22:08
289.   yankeemonkey
2006-08-30 18:22:10
290.   BklynBmr
Nice little Roll Call for Guiel there...
2006-08-30 18:22:11
291.   bobtaco
Has Farnsworth been banished to the Island of Misfit Toys?
2006-08-30 18:22:12
292.   C2Coke
2006-08-30 18:22:51
293.   JeremyM
Here's a good article on Bruney from Was Watching. Steve called it pretty well at the time: "could be a sleeper find." Of course, here comes a double.
2006-08-30 18:23:14
294.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Farns is Mo this game....Mo is not available
2006-08-30 18:23:54
295.   Magoo1000
Yanks are basically playing with house money. Comfortable lead in the East. So, I like the move to keep Bruney in there. Lets Joe see what the kid is made of. Might need him come playoff time.
2006-08-30 18:24:17
296.   Sliced Bread
See, Bruney still does stuff like that with empty bases. I see him more as a guy you bring in with runners on, or if you need to send a message to the other side.
Hopefully, he'll expand his game for the Yanks. I like his style, not always the results.

Why the f is Mo not available tonight? Win this one, and you take the series.

2006-08-30 18:24:25
297.   RIYank
Villone to turn Young around.
I think I'd go with Farns, too. Because a K would be valuable.
2006-08-30 18:24:46
298.   yankz
Does this mean he's not starting tomorrow? (Sorry if that's been addressed)
2006-08-30 18:25:09
299.   BklynBmr
293 He kinda reminds me of a vintage Dick Tidrow, which ain't a bad thing...
2006-08-30 18:25:12
300.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Best AL record and homefield throughout

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-30 18:26:16
301.   RIYank
296 Yeah. And he's 24, so there's a decent chance he can fix a hole in his game.

Mo isn't available because he threw 14 pitches in the first game!

2006-08-30 18:26:30
302.   C2Coke
Forgive me for asking if this was mentioned long before: what did Villone do to earn Torre's trust? I still remember the days when we never see him.
2006-08-30 18:26:54
303.   Magoo1000
Ronny baby!!!
2006-08-30 18:27:00
304.   rbj
297 Yes, a K was nice here.
2006-08-30 18:27:19
305.   RIYank
Uh, I meant I like Villone here, because the K would be valuable. ;-)

Oh, but I hate the IBB here. Oh, come on. Jeez.

2006-08-30 18:28:02
306.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
anyone hear from Mike Myers lately ? does he even live in NY ?
2006-08-30 18:28:52
307.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
is Karstens not getting another start ? they are talking about a Villone and cast start on Sunday
2006-08-30 18:28:53
308.   Magoo1000
300 I understand that. But I still like to see what Bruney can do in that situation.
2006-08-30 18:29:20
309.   C2Coke
306 He was almost playing everyday when they were out west last week. So maybe he lives in California?
2006-08-30 18:30:51
310.   rbj
Didn't the Yanks send Meyers to Boston, to keep Papi company?
2006-08-30 18:30:52
311.   RIYank
Guillen bats .262 against lefties, and has never faced Villone.
I still don't like the IBB.

Okay, I like it better now. Dang, what did Villone have for breakfast??

2006-08-30 18:30:57
312.   BklynBmr
Wow! That was huge! Go, Ronnie!
2006-08-30 18:31:03
313.   Magoo1000
V-BONES!!!!! Mowing em down
2006-08-30 18:31:28
314.   yankz
Villone + Rest = The Man
2006-08-30 18:31:37
315.   singledd
Schill gives up 6 ER in 6 innings.
I may get blasted here, but I almost feel sorry for the Sox. Their fall from grace has been hard to believe. Currently, they are on a 6 game losing streak. Manny may be out a while, and who knows whats up with papi.

Seems to me the AL East race is over, and it's a question of rooting for the White Sox to beat out Minn. for the WC.

2006-08-30 18:31:39
316.   Magoo1000
310 Hilarious!
2006-08-30 18:31:55
317.   BklynBmr
Get this guy, V! He tried to spike the Cap!
2006-08-30 18:32:11
318.   rbj
Tigers announcers not happy with that last K.
2006-08-30 18:33:04
319.   C2Coke
311 He finally got to sleep, courtesy of the day-off and Cy Wang.
2006-08-30 18:33:28
320.   yankeemonkey
Myers probably used up a year's worth of pitches on that road trip....

307 Karstens is starting on Saturday in place of Moose; they need another starter for Sunday because of the doubleheader today, I believe.

2006-08-30 18:34:01
321.   randym77
Farnsy's closing tonight, and we all know he can only pitch one inning.
2006-08-30 18:34:02
322.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Sal "The Big Cat" Fasano moves around when needed
2006-08-30 18:35:06
323.   RIYank
Robbie Baby!
2006-08-30 18:35:08
324.   KBT
Casey just seems like a massive oaf to me.
2006-08-30 18:35:15
325.   yankeemonkey
WOW, what a play!
2006-08-30 18:35:17
326.   BklynBmr
Robbie! Ralph! Holy Cow!!!
2006-08-30 18:35:22
327.   Ron Burgundy
Cano and Guile SAVE IT!
2006-08-30 18:35:34
328.   nick
2006-08-30 18:35:44
329.   Magoo1000
WOW...Sterling just orgasmed!!!!
2006-08-30 18:35:51
330.   rbj
Robby! Aaron!! Way to hold on!
2006-08-30 18:36:01
331.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Ralph Malph is taking a beating this game...
he is not a "Pavano"
2006-08-30 18:36:06
332.   yankeemonkey
OK, I now officially HATE Sean Casey. I thought he was supposed to be a nice guy?!
2006-08-30 18:36:14
333.   yankz
Um, do we remember the last time Mo was unavailable and Farnsworth was the closer vs. the Tigers?
2006-08-30 18:36:17
334.   JeremyM
OUCH. Guiel is taking a beating out there. But how could he argue that? If the ball was late, he wouldn't have caught it considering he was run over! Nice job by Villone!
2006-08-30 18:36:17
335.   Alvaro Espinoza
Gutsy, gutsy play by Guiel.
2006-08-30 18:36:19
336.   C2Coke
The YES guys are gushing about how Fasano's really got the foundamentals of a catcher. may be at risk of turning into the next Andy Phillips...Guiel might be taking over.

2006-08-30 18:36:19
337.   randym77

I'm glad that wasn't Giambi at 1B.

2006-08-30 18:36:25
338.   Cliff Corcoran
Villone = $
Cano = $
Guiel = nails

What an inning!

2006-08-30 18:37:14
339.   BklynBmr
I'm afraid to pick up the remote. Who is doing the ESPN game and how much were they bummed after that play?
2006-08-30 18:37:28
340.   yankz
Quality start for Wright. If only he were consisent, and could occasionally pitch through the 7th.
2006-08-30 18:37:34
341.   JeremyM
333 I was so trying to not think of that. And it was an espn game as well.
2006-08-30 18:37:43
342.   yankeemonkey
What a great game so far! No matter the outcome, it's just been great to watch...
2006-08-30 18:38:10
343.   monkeypants
315 I don't feel bad for the Sox per se, but I am irritated that the injuries will be trotted out to explain the collapse, rather than considering that the Yanks played longer without arguably more important players, or that the Sox failed to act at the trade deadline (and of course, that the Yankees' moves will be seen as 'buying' another division title), etc.
2006-08-30 18:38:20
344.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

we are going to need some more runs....Jeter, Giambi and A-Rod coming up

2006-08-30 18:38:30
345.   C2Coke
315 Unfortunately, Big Papi's still in the hospital for observation. I suspect his heart problem may be related to his size, but his size obviously helps his power. I hope he's gonna be fine soon.
2006-08-30 18:39:16
346.   BklynBmr
2 runs, Yanks. We need to ring up 2 runs...
2006-08-30 18:39:20
347.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Casey first few steps out of the box looked like he was running in oatmeal...he could not get a slower start while moving forward
2006-08-30 18:39:45
348.   C2Coke
Twice a day SP is warming...
2006-08-30 18:39:53
349.   yankeemonkey
What the....? Proctor warming for the 9th. Is Farns injured or something?
2006-08-30 18:40:14
350.   randym77
336 Nah. Guiel and Wilson should be platooned. A lefty and a righty.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-30 18:40:25
351.   BklynBmr
345 Mad prayers for Papi...

No bunt here, Cap. Please...

2006-08-30 18:40:50
352.   RIYank
Yeah, two guys showed some tough mettle today: BB and now Guiel.

Fun inning; fun game. I know this is an important game, really, but there's no tension left in the regular season. I... I... Okay, I admit it, I miss the Red Sox.

2006-08-30 18:41:06
353.   monkeypants
Proctor warming. Farnsworth can't pitch in the second game of a DH.


That was sarcasm.

2006-08-30 18:41:11
354.   Magoo1000
Proctor to close?? Where's Kyle?
2006-08-30 18:41:25
355.   randym77
Oh, gawd. Is it Farnsy's back again?
2006-08-30 18:41:37
356.   RIYank
351 Not bunting, for sure.
2006-08-30 18:42:22
357.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

agreed...he should be fine. At least he has a heart...poor Manny is missing a brain

2006-08-30 18:42:34
358.   DrManhattan
How close was the Jeter foul? Sterling made it sound like it just missed being a HR.
2006-08-30 18:43:09
359.   rbj
Proctor only threw 1 pitch in the first game. With the Pavano fiasco, Torre must feel he has to make up for it by getting extra value out of Proctor.
2006-08-30 18:44:25
360.   BklynBmr
357 Don't do that. Bass Ale all over my keyboard ;-)
2006-08-30 18:44:39
361.   Sliced Bread
358 Sterling was actually right. Couple feet to the wrong side of the left field pole.
2006-08-30 18:45:02
362.   Magoo1000
Love to see A-rod come up. He needs these type of situations.
2006-08-30 18:45:26
363.   rbj
360 Heh. I've got a Bass right next to my keyboard too.
2006-08-30 18:45:53
364.   BklynBmr
358 It was in the seats, looked to be about 6 or 8 ft. to the left of the foul pole...
2006-08-30 18:47:06
365.   BklynBmr
363 It's the only way to fly ;-)
2006-08-30 18:48:22
366.   tocho
352 Its funny, I don't miss the redsox and I don't feel sorry for them, BUT I never expected them to fall so quickly and miserably.

I am really happy they fell so hard and fast and that the yanks can have a slightly "tension free" September for a change.

Now, having said that, I want the yanks to continue to kick ass and win home-field advantage for the playoffs without forcing their bullpen (mainly villone, proctor and mo).

Farnsworth needs to work on pitching back-to-back. its indispensable for the playoffs.

2006-08-30 18:48:36
367.   yankz
Come ON Alex, people would kill for your talent. You can do this.
2006-08-30 18:49:29
368.   monkeypants
Sterling said Jeter's fouls was "the e-quiv-el-ant of two or three feet foul." Isn't the equivelant of two or three feet...two or three feet?
2006-08-30 18:49:47
369.   Simone
This dude is in a serious slump. Hang in there, A-Rod, it will pass.
2006-08-30 18:50:28
370.   tocho
they should play "enter sandman" for proctor, just for fun...
2006-08-30 18:50:31
371.   yankeemonkey
Sigh. Pops out on the first pitch. On the bright side, that's 8 ABs in a row that he hasn't struck out! Baby steps...

Michael Kay sounds like he's gloating every time he mentions Arod's 1-20something. Meh.

2006-08-30 18:50:56
372.   RIYank
368 No, he said the equivalent of two or three "seats" foul.
(I'm watching but listening to Sterling.)
2006-08-30 18:51:04
373.   JeremyM
Boy, I hope A-Rod can shake this off soon. He looks like he should be trying to get into the hatch or out chasing the "Others." In other words, he's Lost.
2006-08-30 18:51:20
374.   BklynBmr
Well, wood is good for A-Rod — much better than a K, unless it's a DP. He'll start hitting them on the screws any day now. You just wait...
2006-08-30 18:51:53
375.   yankeemonkey
370 That would've been awesome.
2006-08-30 18:52:27
376.   C2Coke
Nothing else is left to say. Only Arod can help Arod.

Perhaps spending some quality time with his daughter on the beach in Florida in November will really do him good. Forget what I said about the shrinks, at this point, Arod's probably got enough therapy that he can become a shrink now.

2006-08-30 18:52:33
377.   tocho
371 he loves counting them down, he must keep track of the 1 for the last ... on his little notebook.
2006-08-30 18:53:03
378.   Ron Burgundy
Damn, A-Rod's OPS is down to .861!
2006-08-30 18:53:48
379.   Sliced Bread
Jeter's pole shot:
Sterling's about right, maybe three seats wide, but Bklyn was probably more accurate 6-8 feet.
2006-08-30 18:54:21
380.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
They have to be at the point where they are expecting absolutely nothing from A Rod the rest of the year....anything they get will be a bonus like Matsui or Sheff coming back
2006-08-30 18:54:25
381.   yankeemonkey
I wonder if Farns remembered what happened with him against the Tigers the last time out and pulled a Pavano?
2006-08-30 18:54:58
382.   monkeypants
372 My fault--I could swear he said 'feet.' I guess I just assumed another Sterlingesque hyperlogism.

BTW, how can you deal with the delay?

2006-08-30 18:55:09
383.   RIYank
At least Alex is fielding well.
2006-08-30 18:55:21
384.   rbj
Those of you living in the city, get a pickup game of softball going, and ask A-Rod to join. You know, play just for fun, with a keg at third.
2006-08-30 18:56:13
385.   RIYank
382 The delay is murder, it's true. It makes the experience kind of weird.
2006-08-30 18:56:13
386.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I would take Gordon back in a second for Farnsworth...
2006-08-30 18:56:14
387.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I would take Gordon back in a second for Farnsworth...
2006-08-30 18:56:48
388.   yankeemonkey
I wish YES people would quit going on and on how Proctor hasn't saved a game yet. Just....stop. Kay, you evil Nazi, you.
2006-08-30 18:57:19
389.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

are you going to want to deal with him if he Ks in softball ?

2006-08-30 18:57:26
390.   C2Coke
By the way, remember announcers other than YES ones always claim that the speed gun in Yankees Stadium is faster? Don't think it's true, last week when Proctor was pitching out West, he hit 97 mile on the gun more than a few times.
2006-08-30 18:57:41
391.   BklynBmr
Ya gotta love Fasano. Ya just gotta...
2006-08-30 18:57:57
392.   RichYF
Uhh, why no Farnsworth tonight? Am I missing something? Bruney gets to pitch, but not Farns? Sigh.
2006-08-30 18:58:17
393.   yankz
F'n A, Farnsworth.
2006-08-30 18:58:30
394.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Twins or White Sox....who would you rather face in Oct. as the AL West will not be an option...
2006-08-30 18:58:34
395.   Ron Burgundy
How in the hell do you walk Brandon Inge?!
2006-08-30 18:58:48
396.   yankeemonkey
392 YES booth is speculating he might be hurt again. They didn't even show him warming though.
2006-08-30 18:59:45
397.   rbj
389 Kirribilli, that's why I'm in Ohio. You deal with it. But who Ks in softball? (soft toss, I'm thinking)
2006-08-30 18:59:45
398.   yankeemonkey
394 Can't we just play a split-squad game?
2006-08-30 19:00:40
399.   yankz
397 You've never seen me bat.
2006-08-30 19:00:59
400.   yankeemonkey
*intra-squad, that is.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-30 19:01:07
401.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

too funny

2006-08-30 19:01:13
402.   C2Coke
396 They didn't even mention whether Farnsworth is in the bullpen or not. They did say Mo's sitting in the bullpen even though he's not expected to play.

96 mil from Proctologist.

2006-08-30 19:01:50
403.   yankeemonkey
OK, my cable chose the worst moment to die. Someone please update??
2006-08-30 19:02:14
404.   RIYank
Okay, that was the tough out Scotty.
Now Granderson, no pop. Go after him.
2006-08-30 19:02:18
405.   Ron Burgundy
One more out Every Day Scottie!
2006-08-30 19:02:46
406.   rbj
403 Two outs.
2006-08-30 19:03:49
407.   RIYank
Pudge flied out.
Now Gunderson for the game.
It's 2-1...
2006-08-30 19:03:59
408.   C2Coke
403 Two out. Proctor hitting 96, 97. He's looking sharp but is up to 21 pitches.
2006-08-30 19:05:36
409.   BklynBmr
403 One strike away, 3-2 count on Granderson...
2006-08-30 19:05:58
410.   RIYank
Granderson full count, fouls two off.
2006-08-30 19:06:03
411.   Ron Burgundy
Come on TADS!!!
2006-08-30 19:06:21
412.   Magoo1000
Keep Throwin THE F'n heater!!!
2006-08-30 19:06:28
413.   RIYank
Granderson walks. (Sorry about that 'Gunderson' thing.)
Monroe can tie it with a single or put them ahead with extra bases.
2006-08-30 19:07:02
414.   Ron Burgundy
OK, just get Monroe here. Come on TADS.
2006-08-30 19:07:53
415.   RIYank
Oh, man.

(Three run dinger for Monroe, first pitch.)

2006-08-30 19:07:56
416.   randym77
Ugh. Scotty, you're no Mo.
2006-08-30 19:07:57
417.   Magoo1000
3 run dinga'! Shit.
2006-08-30 19:08:17
418.   yankz
2006-08-30 19:08:21
419.   JeremyM
So what is wrong with Farnsworth?
2006-08-30 19:08:22
420.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-30 19:08:31
421.   yankeemonkey

413 Kevin Gunderson was the closer for the Oregon team that won the College World Series this year. Incidentally, I believe he got drafted by the Tigers...kid looked real good in the CWS.

But I digress....c'mon EDSP!!!

2006-08-30 19:08:35
422.   kdw
Oh no, Mo's smiles are all gone.
2006-08-30 19:08:52
423.   rbj

I don't blame Proctor. He was looking gassed.

2006-08-30 19:08:58
424.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
hope Farnsworths back is feeling better...fragile fuck
2006-08-30 19:09:12
425.   Zack
Oh good Lord. I don't even know who to blame for this one. Farnsworth, Proctor, Torre...Good thing this game isn't really all that important with the Sox having lost already...
2006-08-30 19:09:16
426.   yankeemonkey
Well there's that.
2006-08-30 19:09:31
427.   Ron Burgundy
TWO OUTS ASSHOLE! WTF is your problem Proctor?!
Asshole! First you walk INGE, and then GRANDERSON, and now THIS?!

A perfectly good win turned into a guaranteed loss. Idiot.

2006-08-30 19:09:35
428.   tommyl
Well, you can't win them all. C'mon Joe, Scotty can't pitch perfect every single day, or twice a day. He's tired. Give him a break.

Those fans booing suck. Talk about what have you done for me lately.

2006-08-30 19:09:55
429.   C2Coke
Don't boo Proctor...Find Farnsworth and slap him.
2006-08-30 19:10:11
430.   yankeemonkey
Would've been nice to win damn close.
2006-08-30 19:10:30
431.   Max
You could see that coming all the way, especially when he couldn't get Granderson out. Thank goodness we're playing with house money.
2006-08-30 19:10:33
432.   yankz
Fucking A Farnsworth, you better not be pulling a Carl P. on us.
2006-08-30 19:10:39
433.   randym77
And Proctor gets booed off the mound.

Thanks for taking some of the heat off A-Rod, Scotty.

2006-08-30 19:10:52
434.   RIYank
Proctor nails Young.
But a little too late.

Well, can we get two in bottom? Or three?
Cano and Abreu have to get on base, both of 'em.

2006-08-30 19:11:02
435.   Ron Burgundy
And then he Ks Young. Asshole.
2006-08-30 19:11:24
436.   Benjamin Kabak
3 runs on 1 hit says it all. Gotta throw strikes. That's pretty terrible.
2006-08-30 19:11:28
437.   BklynBmr
Oh! Listen to the boos...

No prob. At least 2 runs? Doable.

2006-08-30 19:11:38
438.   JeremyM
423 Yeah, but you gotta finish off Granderson or at least make him hit it. The guy has had a worse August than A-Rod.

Oh well, I wanted this one because I want to win series and build towards October, but what can you do?

2006-08-30 19:11:45
439.   Magoo1000
so pissed! Gonna take more than 6 advil and a rum runner to sleep tonight.
2006-08-30 19:11:59
440.   yankeemonkey
427 Easy there, buddy. It's a wonder the kid's arm hasn't fallen off yet.
2006-08-30 19:12:24
441.   Zack
If Torre really was treating this game as if it wasn't too important and more worried about resting the pen, a la Mo, then why the hell did Proctor pitch the 9th???
2006-08-30 19:12:28
442.   kdw
427 Wow, tell us how you really feel.
2006-08-30 19:12:54
443.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Farnsworth being as physically durable as A-Rods pysche is going to make it tough in October...
2006-08-30 19:13:34
444.   randym77
Maybe Joe figured now would be a good time to see if Proctor has what it takes to be a closer.

Farnsy's sitting in the bullpen. If he were injured, wouldn't he be in the clubhouse getting treatment or something?

2006-08-30 19:13:57
445.   Simone
I wasn't surprised that Proctor blew it. I never trust him. I'm always surprised when he is half way decent.
2006-08-30 19:14:05
446.   Simone
I wasn't surprised that Proctor blew it. I never trust him. I'm always surprised when he is half way decent.
2006-08-30 19:15:13
447.   C2Coke
427 Man, are you getting wireless from the Stadium? Were you one of those who booed Proctor? C'mon, after all, only Mo can have it nice'n easy.
2006-08-30 19:15:14
448.   yankeemonkey
446 He's been mostly lights out. The kid is gassed, you can see it every time he gets to the mound. Him and Villone both.
2006-08-30 19:15:17
449.   yankz
You can't PH Jorge for Fasano (assuming Guiel gets on), b/c if it goes to extras, you'd have no backup catcher, not even Wilson. Ah, what do I know.
2006-08-30 19:15:20
450.   rsmith51
The home run doesn't bother me at all. It's those stupid walks.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-30 19:15:37
451.   Benjamin Kabak
438 Got it right. You cannot walk Curtis Granderson.
2006-08-30 19:15:39
452.   randym77
I have to say, I wasn't surprised, either. Somehow, I knew he was going to give up a homerun.

I didn't think it would be a three-run job, though. :-P

2006-08-30 19:15:41
453.   RIYank
Farnsworth must be hurt, for sure. It's inconceivable that Proctor would have continued to pitch after two walks in that situation, if there were a 'closer lite' available.
2006-08-30 19:15:59
454.   Alex Belth
I called the Monroe dinger before Granderson came to bat.

Stupid loss.

2006-08-30 19:16:05
455.   Sliced Bread
Hey look, Farnswacker is probably hurt. This was his game. No other reason for him to not be in.
This loss, if it comes to it, is on Joe. And if Farns is hurt, no way should Joe have shut down Mo after what? 14 pitches in the first game.
Why the fuck is Mo sitting in the bullpen then? To watch Proctor flush the save?
What a waste. Rant off.
2006-08-30 19:16:30
456.   Ron Burgundy
Incredible. Farnsworth and Proctor blew TWO saves against the Tigers. Assholes! We should be 6-0 against this smoke and mirrors team, but instead, we're 4-2. Bullshit. Farnsworth and Proctor both have made many contributions. But these two blown saves by the two dumbasses really suck, each in its own distinctive way.
2006-08-30 19:16:43
457.   monkeypants
444 Whatever the case, something odd here. Proctor going twice in the same day (admittedly the first was only one pitch). No Mo, no Farnsworth. More or less no offense.

Seems a little harsh to boo, or blame Proctor too harshly for this one.

2006-08-30 19:17:12
458.   JeremyM
Hopefully that was a lesson learned for Proctor. Jones went out with his decent to middling stuff and threw strikes. He went at them and they made outs. Proctor has better stuff than that guy, but he's still learning --I hope.

Plus, his arm is probably a little fried.

2006-08-30 19:17:30
459.   Simone
448 Proctor is a crap pitcher who is having a half way decent season. He is this season's Sturtze.
2006-08-30 19:18:15
460.   Ron Burgundy
Let me guess, tommorrow Randy gets shelled, right? He better pitch a gem. We can't go a whole month and win ONE series (the one against the Sawx).
2006-08-30 19:18:37
461.   yankeemonkey

I feel awful for Proctor, he didn't deserve that...of course walking 2 people doesn't help but whatever.

I bet ESPN loved that ending, didn't they?

2006-08-30 19:19:45
462.   BklynBmr
454 needs to start "The Alex Losses" sidebar. Enough already...
2006-08-30 19:19:53
463.   Simone
The Yankees have an 8 game lead. How cool is that?! Totally works for me.
2006-08-30 19:19:53
464.   Benjamin Kabak
454 I was right behind you. As soon as Proctor lost Granderson, was the game going to end any other way? Pathetic and disappointing. Shoulda been a win. A wasted, rare good start from Wright.
2006-08-30 19:20:32
465.   Ron Burgundy
461 He kinda did deserve that. He walked BRANDON INGE and then Curtis "Strikeout" Granderson. And to top it off, he threw a flat curveball first pitch to Craig "My OPS is slightly over .800" Monroe.
2006-08-30 19:22:00
466.   Ron Burgundy
462 Ha-Ha.
But thinking about this. This is the 4th of these "OUCH!" losses. The other three being the Farns blown save, the MO blown save in ChiTown, and the Umpire-Assisted MO blown save in Minnesota.
2006-08-30 19:22:06
467.   yankeemonkey
Look, people. As 463 points out, we've got an 8 game lead. So we lost a game. So what? You'd think they just lost Game 7 of the WS by some of the reactions here....Yes, a loss is annoying, especially when you're one strike away from a win, but what can you do? Take it easy, y'all.
2006-08-30 19:22:24
468.   C2Coke
461 I bet ESPN called it.

459 He's 29. Is it that hopeless that he can't be developing into a good set-up man? He's been on top of game appearances, he gets to be tired from time to time right?

2006-08-30 19:22:52
469.   RIYank
463 :-)
It's hard to get too worked up over this loss, for me. I mean, we've lost two to the Tigers, both very very winnable. So the result is bad, but the signs are pretty good.

And the Red Sox are in death throes, and September looks like a cake walk.

2006-08-30 19:23:03
470.   Max
459 I think that's too harsh. He's not a great pitcher, but he's been tough in many key situations this year. It's very black and white with him, though...he's on or he's not. He's definitely not a nibbler, and for him to be issuing all those walks and not hitting the strike zone, you just knew he was going to implode.

But on the whole, as long as he's been rested, I really like what he's done this year. I don't want to see him as a closer, though.

2006-08-30 19:24:04
471.   yankeemonkey
Anyone watching the postgame show? Have they explained what happened with Farns?
2006-08-30 19:25:12
472.   Yu-Hsing Chen
thank you Joe, thank you... helllo? Myers, Dotel, Farnsworth ???
2006-08-30 19:25:52
473.   JeremyM
This may have been posted, but espn says the Sox are close to sending Wells to San Diego. Hard to believe that they are really conceding.
2006-08-30 19:27:02
474.   randym77
471 Not yet. Still doing the recap.
2006-08-30 19:28:10
475.   JeremyM
And oh, espn added this little bit of commentary to the article. I guess they really want the Sox to get a catcher from the Pads, as I seriously doubt he would retire if they asked him to pitch for a month in St. Louis or LA:

"Wells is from San Diego and has pitched for the Padres in the past, and it may be best for all parties that he winds up going where he wants to go, because there is the possibility that at age 43, Wells would simply retire if he didn't like the team to which he was traded."

2006-08-30 19:29:12
476.   C2Coke
471 Farns made friends with Pavano?

472 As what we have developed previously, Myers's Boston.

Dotel? He may still be polishing Torre's shoes to get in the door of being his man since he doesn't have the right attitude of Bruney.

2006-08-30 19:31:59
477.   Simone
470 Proctor is what he is and frankly, that isn't much. He throws that fast ball straight down the middle of the plate too often. I don't want him closing or relieving, but it isn't like the Yankees have a lot of choices among the bad lot of their middle relievers.

473 If the Red Sox do send Boomer to the Padres, that is conceding the season. Surprising.

2006-08-30 19:32:22
478.   yankeemonkey
Um...Dotel hasn't exactly dazzled in the few innings he's pitched so far. Not sure it would've turned out very different had he been in there...
2006-08-30 19:36:25
479.   yankeemonkey
477 I think you're being unfairly harsh on him, but we'll agree to disagree.
2006-08-30 19:38:01
480.   Sliced Bread
There's one, only one question to ask Joe:

Why was Mariano Rivera in the bullpen while Proctor was flushing the game?

2006-08-30 19:40:17
481.   kdw
Post-game show says that Farnsworth told Torre after Game 1 that Farnsworth's back had locked up and he couldn't pitch. !Sounds like it left Torre in a lurch, he hadn't wanted to pitch Proctor. He would have pitched Mo if it were later in the season and more critical.
2006-08-30 19:43:44
482.   yankeemonkey
481 I'll buy that and, frankly, I agree with Joe. Yeah, losing the game sucks, but it's more important to have Rivera in good shape later on. He threw ~15 pitches this afternoon, you don't want to risk sending him out there just a few hours later.
2006-08-30 19:45:05
483.   marc
Farnsy's back locked up again and he told Joe before the start of the game. Joe said he's not going to risk Mo in September and told him he's not going to pitch him on both ends of a double header. he needs to make sure he can pitch the rest of the way and in Oct.
2006-08-30 19:46:11
484.   Max
477479 Like it or not, Proctor's the 3rd best arm out of the pen. I want Mo to get us out of a jam first and foremost, and Villone second. But as hard as it may be to fathom, Proctor's done his share this year, and I think he deserves credit. (and yes, I trust the "good" Scotty more than I do head-case Farns)

However, he needs a quick hook when he's not on, as I said earlier, unless Joe doesn't have a choice (extra inning game, for example). Letting him screw around with the Tigers in the ninth was the equivalent of watching him tie a noose around his own neck.

Interesting that Joe is so concerned with protecting Mo's arm that he's been experimenting with other bullpen arms in the ninth -- Dotel and Villone in Anaheim, Proctor tonight.

2006-08-30 19:46:13
485.   randym77
Farnsy says he could have pitched. He thinks Joe was being overly cautious.
2006-08-30 19:46:15
486.   pistolpete
Well Farnsworth apparently just said he could have pitched. Awkward comment by Kyle - something along the lines of, "Well I guess Joe thought Proctor could do better..."
2006-08-30 19:46:58
487.   Sliced Bread
Rivera has pitched both ends of a double header in the past, and he told Kay, and Kim Jones before the game that he felt fine, and could go in game 2.

If Joe was so intent to rest Mo, why was he suited up in the bullpen in the 9th?

I don't think anybody asked that.

We'll get 'em tomorrow then, eh?

2006-08-30 19:48:33
488.   pistolpete
I suppose an 8-game lead in the standings affords Joe such mistakes now & then.

Let's just hope Randy doesn't get rocked tomorrow because it doesn't get any easier from an opposing pitching standpoint.

2006-08-30 19:48:39
489.   yankeemonkey
Chin up, kids, Randy Johnson is pitching tomorrow!

Oh wait....

2006-08-30 19:49:50
490.   marc
Farnsy's totally unable to be counted on as his back's going to go out a good percent of the time. I hope Dotel proves he'd in top form. I Also wish the Yankees could find someone to groom to take Mo's place. This team is mediocre without him
2006-08-30 19:50:56
491.   RichYF
Okay, fine, no Farns and no Mo. Why does Joe even have a bullpen? He should have 9 starters, Villone, Proctor, and Mo. If this game was being more or less "conceded," why not find out if Dotel is up to the task? I am only pissed off about the game because Proctor pitched TWICE IN ONE DAY. True, only one pitch in game 1, but he still warmed up. Either way, I'm pretty annoyed. If Dotel isn't going to get in games, get him the hell out of there. Put him back in AAA so he can at least pitch 2 out of 3 days.

The loss doesn't bother me as much as what led to it. Two days off is plenty of rest, but you can't have the guy pitching twice in a day.

I am still in awe of the fact that Brian Bruney has "earned" Joe's trust while Dotel was supposed to be "such an addition to the team" and he just sits and watches. I want to throw bricks at Torre's face right now.

2006-08-30 19:51:48
492.   yankeemonkey
Meanwhile, Royals just took 2 straight from the Twinkies...I hope they don't get swept cuz otherwise they'll show up at the Stadium good and mad.
2006-08-30 19:53:02
493.   kdw
485, 486 Interesting. Waldman's post-game said Torre told media that Farnsworth told him after Game 1 that his back had locked up and he couldn't pitch Game 2. Hope miscommunication was Waldman and not Torre/Farnsworth.
2006-08-30 19:55:12
494.   yankeemonkey
Also, Kay was saying Rivera told them he wasn't available. So the options were limited.
2006-08-30 19:55:35
495.   C2Coke
487 It may be situation like this that convinces Joe to be extra carefull with Mo. The Yankees obviously need Mo to pitch more than a few years to come.
2006-08-30 20:08:37
496.   mikeplugh
No 20/20 hindsight on this one. Before the game I would have told you:

1. Mariano will aboslutely 100% NOT pitch. And, he shouldn't have. With an 8 game lead in September, and the Red Sox without most of their top players, it's not necessary.

2. Proctor should not pitch. He only threw one pitch in the opener, but he still warmed up, and he still leads all relievers in appearances and innings pitched. Give the guy a break before the stretch run.

3. Villone should be limited to one inning. He is also overworked.

4. Bruney pitches if the team is losing or Wright gets knocked out early.

5. Myers/Villone, Dotel, and Farnsworth should be the rotation for the 7th, 8th, and 9th.

What happened was unfortunate. Farnsworth apparently couldn't go so we saw Proctor. To that point, Joe made the right choices. Bruney came in with a one run lead, which was a bit of a risk, but he did his job. Villone got one inning of solid work. The next move was to go directly to Dotel for the 9th. No Mo and no Farnsworth makes Dotel next in line. He should be able to protect a 2 run lead in the 9th on 3 days rest. Joe F-ed up by dipping his wick once too often in Scott Proctor.

When a guy throws 31 pitches in one inning of work and walks two guys, he's cooked. A decent manager should be able to sense that from the jump. Joe can't evaluate his pen, and someone needs to save him from himself. It should be Guidry, but he has no experience as a Coach. He'll always defer to Torre. The best guy to raise that concern is probably Bowa. He's a very good lieutenant.

Anyway, it's a HUGE disappointment, but matters very little in the grand scheme of things. Our lead is pretty safe, and it's important that we kept Mo on the bench. We'll get them tomorrow.

2006-08-30 20:10:27
497.   mikeplugh
496 That should read "1 run lead" with reference to Dotel.

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