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Detroit Tigers
2006-08-29 12:56
by Cliff Corcoran

Yesterday's off day signaled the approaching end of the toughest stretch of the Yankees' 2006 schedule. Their marathon of 18 games in 17 days is now history and just six home games against a pair of potential playoff opponents from the AL Central remain of a brutal 27-game stretch that began three weeks ago in Chicago.

That 18-game stretch was a success, but only because of the Yankees' five-game sweep of the Red Sox which inflated their lead in the AL East to the current 6.5 games. While that sweep was a singular accomplishment that can and should not be diminished, it was also the only of the five series over that stretch that the Yankees won, as they went 5-8 against the Angels, Orioles, and Mariners. Prior to that, they had dropped two out of three to the White Sox and even with the Boston series included, they're just one game over .500 since the White Sox series. In fact, one could argue that the Yankees' 6.5 game lead in the east has far more to do with the Red Sox collapse (Boston is 8-18 in August) than anything the Yankees have done, other than take advantage of that collapse head-to-head.

Now they have six games against the Tigers and Twins. The good news is that the Twins have a losing record on the road and, while the Tigers still have the best record in the major leagues, their star has faded to the point that the Yankees could tie them with a three-game sweep. The Tigers are currently suffering through a losing August, having gone 12-14 thus far this month including a 3-7 performance against Wild Card hopefuls Minnesota and Chicago. This past weekend they dropped two of three to a revitalized Indians club.

Replacing the injured Placido Polanco, out for the remainder of the season with a separated shoulder, with a platoon of Omar Infante and Neifi! Perez hasn't helped, but there are other problems. Magglio Ordoñez and Ivan Rodriguez haven't hit since the All-Star break (.242/.285/.335 and .285/.310/.387 respectively), with Rodriguez falling several spots in the batting order. Chris Shelton (.245/.310/.302 since the break) slumped his way off to the minors and was replaced by the perpetually overrated Sean Casey (.289/.314/.422 as a Tiger), and while getting Dmitri Young back has been a boon, it's come at the expense of playing time for Marcus Thames, though Thames has struggled himself in the second half.

On the other side of the ball, the bullpen has been better than ever in the second half, but the rotation has stumbled. Twenty-three-year-old rookie Justin Verlander has blown by his previous career high of 130 innings pitched despite skipping a turn early in the month. He's now at 158 innings and has a 6.83 ERA in August. Fellow 23-year-old Jeremy Bonderman, though safely within his innings pitched limits, is suffering through his worst month. Kenny Rogers had an ERA over nine in July, though he's rebounded with an outstanding August.

Then there's tonight's starter Nate Robertson. Robertson, like the Tigers themselves, was an early season surprise, going 8-3 with a 3.14 ERA in his first 16 starts. He then posted an ERA near six in July and, though he appeared to right his ship in August, was abused by the White Sox in his last start, allowing ten runs on nine hits, three of them homers, in 6 2/3 innings.

Opposing Robertson tonight will be Chien-Ming Wang, who, after three ugly outings, was dominant for the first three innings of his start last week in Seattle, before tiring quickly in the seventh.

Incidentally, the Tigers called up lefty Andrew Miller over the weekend. Miller will be the second lefty out of the Tiger pen, but what makes his promotion so compelling is that Miller was the sixth overall draft pick in June, this June. Miller has just five professional innings under his belt, all of them coming in the single-A Florida State League.

In other call-up news, the Red Sox have called up Carlos Peña. A year ago it was the Yankees adding Red Sox castoffs Mark Bellhorn and Alan Embree. Here's hoping this is a sign of order being restored to the rivalry.

Detroit Tigers

2006 Record: 82-49 (.626)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 80-51 (.614)

Manager: Jim Leyland
General Manager: Dave Dombrowski

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Comerica Park (98/98)

Who's Replacing Whom?

  • Sean Casey replaced Chris Shelton (minors)
  • Neifi Perez replaced Placido Polanco (DL)
  • Dmitri Young replaced Jack Hannahan (minors)
  • Alexis Gomez (minors) replaced Ramon Santiago (minors)
  • Wilfredo Ledezma replaced Roman Colon (DL)
  • Zach Miner (minors) replaced Bobby Seay (minors)
  • Andrew Miller replaced Chris Spurling (minors)

Current Roster

1B – Sean Casey (L)
2B – Neifi Perez (S)
SS – Carlos Guillen (S)
3B – Brandon Inge (R)
C – Ivan Rodriguez (R)
RF – Maglio Ordoñez (R)
CF – Curtis Granderson (L)
LF – Craig Monroe (R)
DH – Dmitri Young (S)


R – Marcus Thames (OF)
R – Omar Infante (IF)
L – Alexis Gomez (OF)
R – Vance Wilson (C)


R – Justin Verlander
L – Kenny Rodgers
R – Jeremy Bonderman
L – Nate Robertson
L – Wilfredo Ledezma


R – Todd Jones
R – Fernando Rodney
R – Joel Zumaya
L – Jamie Walker
R – Jason Grilli
R – Zach Miner
L – Andrew Miller

15-day DL: R – Placido Polanco (2B), R – Roman Colon
60-day DL: L – Mike Maroth, R – Troy Percival, R – Craig Dingman

Typical Lineup

L – Curtis Granderson (CF)
R – Craig Monroe (LF)
S – Dmitri Young (DH)
R – Magglio Ordoñez (RF)
S – Carlos Guillen (SS)
R – Ivan Rodriguez (C)
L – Sean Casey (1B)
S – Neifi Perez (2B)
R – Brandon Inge (3B)

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2006-08-29 13:06:32
1.   mehmattski
A much anticipated write up, Cliff. I've been refreshing the Banter all day waiting for it...

I find the Andrew Miller call up intriguing. Can anyone remember this happening before with a draft pick? In an age where phenoms like Phil Hughes are on strict pitch counts, isn't anyone worried about the mileage on his arm from all those CWS innings? Even considering his college success, even if he's only used as a LOOGY, it seems excessive.

Of course, I just want him to fall on his face because he's a Tar Hole. ;-)

2006-08-29 13:12:53
2.   Chyll Will
Yay Neifi! The Achilles' Heel of all Contenders!
2006-08-29 13:17:22
3.   Shaun P
1 I'm guessing that Miller pitches another 30-35 innings this year in total. Spread out over a month and a half, will it really hurt him? I don't know, but you're right to point out his CWS IP - that seemingly came back to bite all those Rice pitchers taken in the '04 draft . . .

BTW, Miller is up because he has a stipulation in a contract that he appear in the majors this year. IIRC, Xavier Nady (among many others) has had similar contract terms:

I am very interested in seeing Miller.

2006-08-29 13:17:37
4.   Shaun P
Cliff, sorry to nitpick, but isn't the Yanks' lead currently 7 games, thanks to Boston's loss last night?
2006-08-29 13:21:33
5.   Chyll Will
I dunno, it looks kinda nasty outside, people. If it does get off today, it might be kinda late. I'm FedExing some vibes out there to make sure I don't get too wet when I go home from work tonight. Anyone care to join?
2006-08-29 13:25:06
6.   Marcus
1 & 3 Another notable example is Craig Hansen of the Red Sox last year.
2006-08-29 13:30:25
7.   mehmattski
3 6 Thanks... I didn't realize this was common.

5 I decided to look up the weather on Looks pretty ugly indeed. Ever notice that when searching for a city there, it comes back with questions relating to that city? For some reason, a search for "bronx, ny" returns "Getting married in Bronx?" That made me laugh, for some reason.

2006-08-29 13:36:30
8.   vockins
7 The Great Moments room at Yankee Stadium is available for weddings.

My wife suggested we get married there. Really, she did.

2006-08-29 13:40:03
9.   Chyll Will
7 Why not? Remember the dominant topic of discussion a couple of days ago? With so many on the Banter getting married shortly, the search engines couldn't possibly resist >;)
2006-08-29 13:43:44
10.   randym77
Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Bernie Williams DH
Melky Cabrera LF

Chien-Ming Wang RHP

2006-08-29 13:44:34
11.   Cliff Corcoran
4 Yes, of course last night is when I wrote that part, so I was right at the time.
2006-08-29 13:45:30
12.   Schteeve
4 Yes. It's 7. Cliff prolly pre-drafted this last night or something. Either that or he's a raging alcoholic.
2006-08-29 13:46:05
13.   Schteeve
12 Glad to hear it isn't the booze.
2006-08-29 13:47:21
14.   Cliff Corcoran
10 Melky's playing the day after his root canal? Plus he came into Sunday's game. What is it about Yankee left fielders and playing every single game (not that I'm complaining). Bernie vs. the lefty again, fine by me.

8 I'm hoping it was the price that led you elsewhere, why else would you say no?

2006-08-29 13:48:44
15.   Schteeve
14 I had a root canal this year and was out on the golf course the following afternoon. Root canals get a bad rap they aren't that bad at all. It's the "needing a root canal" that will kill you.
2006-08-29 13:51:14
16.   randym77
I do think Melky needs a day off. Joe gives everyone else days off, but not Melky. Maybe he's waiting for Matsui to get back.

Hopefully we can run up a nice, fat lead, call up some kids from Columbus, and give all the starters a nice rest in September. :-)

2006-08-29 13:54:15
17.   Shaun P
11 Nice recovery. ;)

8 That's one heck of a wife!

2006-08-29 13:56:20
18.   vockins
14 I won't bore everyone with the details, but we're married in the eyes of the law (city hall), but not anyone else ("normal" wedding), so it's still a possibility.
2006-08-29 13:57:10
19.   David
15 Schteeve - same experience here. Once the root canal procedure was over the pain all went away.

Melky's hitting had deteroriated some on this road trip. Hope the tooth problem was the cause and his hitting picks back up now.

2006-08-29 13:57:59
20.   randym77
18 Do it! A couple got married at Cooper Stadium last week. That's where they met, so they wanted to be married there.
2006-08-29 13:59:25
21.   Schteeve
19 Yeah, without turning this into "Tooth Banter" the day before I had my root canal was the most god awful pain I had ever experienced. I can't frankly imagine anything worse. I have no idea how Melky palyed through it.
2006-08-29 14:01:03
22.   C2Coke
21 Melky is the new iron man.
2006-08-29 14:01:05
23.   wsporter
15 I'm afraid I'm a girly-man when it comes to the dentist. I go the sedation dentistry route and never once have regretted it. So it's Nitrous for me and all my friends; a good time for one and all.

Root canal, shmoot canal; who cares once the gas is on?

2006-08-29 14:01:55
24.   kylepetterson
So the Sawx are shopping Wells pretty hard?
2006-08-29 14:05:29
25.   randym77
24 Would you take Wells back if he was offered?
2006-08-29 14:07:09
26.   Chyll Will
23 Help me get rid of this picture then: Steve Martin in "Little Shop of Horrors"
2006-08-29 14:09:03
27.   Chyll Will
25 For a Wallyburger and a couple loose teeth, yeah.
2006-08-29 14:09:39
28.   randym77
Is there going to be a game tonight?

Seems like it's going to be sloppy if there is one.

I'm kind of surprised Giambi's at 1B with Wanger on the mound. With his bad knee or hammy or whatever it is, I'm not sure playing him at 1B on a rainy night is a good idea.

2006-08-29 14:09:57
29.   yankz
26 Go back a few threads and find the links to the Heather Graham pics.
2006-08-29 14:12:20
30.   Tarheel
1 Easy on the description of us Tarheels. By the way, Miller was awesome this year for the HEELS.
2006-08-29 14:16:39
31.   wsporter
26 26 Thanks a lot Chill. Now I've got that going for me. I just can't see myself as Bill Murray begging for more

I had a dentist drill the wrong tooth once as a kid. It was a real Marathon Man experience. The only thing the idiot failed to do was ask me "is it safe?" Now he was a Mean Green Mother From Outer Space.

2006-08-29 14:16:46
32.   nyyfan22
Watched the tail end of the Red Sox debacle in Oakland last night, then flipped on over to NESN for the postgame (yeah, I love watching em squirm). They didn't interview any of the players, and only talked with Francona briefly about the then breaking news of Ortiz flying back to Beantown with a possible heart condition. I hope he's alright, but not in the lineup anymore.

Lookin out the window, I'm hoping for a game tonight!

2006-08-29 14:24:39
33.   Chyll Will
29 Nope, Pam Grier did it for me; but thanks for the help!
2006-08-29 14:28:57
34.   Chyll Will
31 Ooh yeah, I forgot about that part, sorry... Hmm, you can try 33 or you can try 26; that should blur it up a bit... hell, why not both?
2006-08-29 14:41:01
35.   wsporter
34 Yes, why not both? Hell, I've earned it.
2006-08-29 14:44:15
36.   SF Yanks
I officially changed the names of the Yankee players. Don't ask me why, cause I don't know either. Some just have a better ring to them:
Johnny Jeter
Derek Damon
Bobby Giambi
Jason Abreu
Alex Posada
Jorge Rodriguez
Robinson Cabrera
Melky Cano
And I'll leave Bernie Williams
A couple more:
Mike Wang
Ching Ming Musina
Randy Wright
Jeret Johnson
2006-08-29 14:47:42
37.   SF Yanks
Make that Jaret not Jeret
2006-08-29 14:47:56
38.   Chyll Will
Damn, Playa! >;)
2006-08-29 14:50:47
39.   Chyll Will
I meant 35, you go-boyy!
2006-08-29 14:50:51
40.   Shaun P
We've gone from Tooth Banter to Babes Banter. Or perhaps a combination of both!

25 No. I wouldn't trust ol' Boomer with a postseason start.

However, I could see a team desparate for pitching taking a chance on him. Like the Reds or the Cards. Or the Mets. They certainly have experience with old/injury-prone pitchers. Why not add another one to the collection?

2006-08-29 14:53:28
41.   Start Spreading the News
36 I think Randy Johnson works fine, especially with the nickname "Big Unit."
2006-08-29 14:54:17
42.   Chyll Will
36 That reads more like Wu-Tang aliases. Of course if that were the case, my favorite would be Ol' Randy Bastard...
2006-08-29 14:55:32
43.   mehmattski
30 No offense meant... you guys have "Dook," we have "Tar Holes," maybe that came about after your time there though. And Miller was impressive... singlehandedly better than the entire Duke program. Even Carl Capuano, the best Duke baseball product since 1958 NL MVP Dick Groat, left the school early in the middle of a steroid scandal. Now, the program is in shambles as a former player is now the manager and is cutting every player with a bad attitude. This led to an ACC low roster of just 22 players... ugh.
2006-08-29 14:57:31
44.   Chyll Will
Now would people boo Alex Posada or Jorge Rodriguez? Or maybe a combination of both?
2006-08-29 15:00:57
45.   jkay
rain out tonight, day/night dh tomorrow as per 1050am.
2006-08-29 15:01:23
46.   Chyll Will
And Bernie would definitely be Ghostface...
2006-08-29 15:01:38
47.   jkay
ch 4 news says Pavano will not pitch tomorrow night.
2006-08-29 15:08:02
48.   randym77
Rainout. Rats.

47 I'm not sure there will be a game tomorrow night. The Clippers are in NC, which is right in the path of Hurricane Ernesto.

2006-08-29 15:09:02
49.   Chyll Will
47 You think they might find Christian Parker to take his spot on the 40-man if he's DL'd for the rest of 2006?
2006-08-29 15:10:38
50.   randym77
The Yankees-Tigers game has been rained out, and will be made up as a day-night doubleheader tomorrow. 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
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2006-08-29 15:13:20
51.   zgveritas
What is up with Kenny Rogers. He sure sucked when he was in the Bronx. Does Pudge call games that much better than Posada?

Can't wait to see the Bombers take him down a notch.

2006-08-29 15:16:07
52.   Shaun P
Is the (sort of) off day helpful - or does another doubleheader hurt these guys?

Especially with a day game on Thursday, I'd like to see a 'house money' type lineup for one of the games tomorrow. Let Wilson play 1B, let Green play second/SS/third, Fasano catch. I'd even say let Guiel play, though both Ledezma and Robertson are lefties.

Or perhaps Thursday's game will be moved to the evening?

2006-08-29 15:23:06
53.   randym77
I don't see how they can move Thursday's game. What about all the people who have already bought tickets?
2006-08-29 15:40:32
54.   Dimelo
Here's some roto stuff on our "little" boy Melky:

2006-08-29 15:40:40
55.   kylepetterson
So now the game to watch is Twins vs. KC. If the Twins win, KC garners the big E in both division and wild card races. Was it ever really a race for them?
2006-08-29 16:17:09
56.   Cliff Corcoran
51 Rogers was a Yankee for 1996 and 1997, that was mostly Girardi. That said, it ain't his catcher. I think the guy's a genuinely solid (#2 or 3) pitcher, but, as the cameraman incident proved once and for all, he's also a total head case. He just can't cut it in NY or the postseason. That's why he keeps going back to Texas.
2006-08-29 16:18:52
57.   randym77
Police say Pavano was at fault in the accident:

He did $30,000 worth of damage to his new Porsche, and $20,000 worth of damage to the garbage truck he hit.

And the driver of the garbage truck is claiming he's injured and has gotten a lawyer.

2006-08-29 16:45:43
58.   Eirias
Have the starters changed for Thursday's game, due to the game cancellation?
2006-08-29 16:51:23
59.   randym77
58 From

Tuesday's scheduled Yankees starter Chien-Ming Wang will pitch in the first game, and Jaret Wright has been moved up from Thursday to start the second game. Randy Johnson was originally penciled into Wednesday's spot.

Manager Joe Torre made the switch, because he wants Wang and Johnson on different days to maintain as normal of a flow as possible in the rotation. He also wants Jorge Posada to catch both Wang and Johnson and doesn't want to use him in both games of a doubleheader.

2006-08-29 17:03:08
60.   kylepetterson
59 "He also wants Jorge Posada to catch both Wang and Johnson"


2006-08-29 17:42:42
61.   mehmattski
59 Doubleheader. Normal flow. Most innuendo in a sports article ever. The PC police can run me down if they want, but I'm laughing all the way.
2006-08-29 18:09:21
62.   JL25and3
51, 56 Rogers was pretty good for the Yankees in 1996, but not in 1997.

The thing about Kenny Rogers: he might be the worst postseason pitcher in history. I'm not big on either "clutch" or "choke," but Kenny Rogers is probably the only player who I felt couldn't perform in the clutch. In 1996 he had a deer-in-headlights look that made ARod's last weekend look confident. And, of course, his performance with the Mets in 1999 was an all-time classic.

Postseason totals for Rogers: 9 appearances (for three teams in six series), 0-3, 8.85; 20.3 IP, 32 H, 16 BB.

He, not Neifi, is the kiss of death for the Tigers.

2006-08-29 18:59:52
63.   monkeypants
I've got tickets for Sunday's game, for my annual roadtrip to the stadium, I was feeling pretty lucky that Wang was scheduled to pitch, but now he's going in game one of the double-header. What d'yall think will happen to the rotation after the DH? Wang on four days? Or do they call someone up for one start? (In that case, would that I see Hughes!)
2006-08-29 19:37:09
64.   tocho
No yankee baseball tonight, I'm stuck watching the AAA Pawsux v the a's.

Its amazing how Cora looks like Posada's little brother, just thinner and bald.

2006-08-29 20:20:50
65.   randym77
63 It's not going to be Hughes. They seem pretty intent on sticking to their schedule with him. Which has him coming to the Bronx next September.

Darrell Rasner is more likely. He came off the DL Aug. 25, and pitched for Columbus last night. Steven White would be another possibility, but Rasner's already on the 40-man.

2006-08-29 20:32:49
66.   randym77
Hmmm. Torre says he's leaning toward using Villone.
2006-08-29 20:36:52
67.   monkeypants
65 Oh how exciting.

66 Even better.

2006-08-29 20:43:29
68.   randym77
People who thought they were going to see Randy Johnson but are instead getting Jaret Wright aren't very happy, either.
2006-08-29 20:51:31
69.   Max
66 Is Villone being considered for Sunday? If Torre could actually avoid putting him into a game between now and then, he would have seven days rest. But of course, he'll probably end up pitching in both games tomorrow.
2006-08-29 20:59:15
70.   randym77
69 Yes, Torre is considering using Villone Sunday. With the idea that the bullpen would be fortified with September callups, and so wouldn't need Villone as much.
2006-08-29 20:59:22
71.   Stormer Sports
Any word on where Wells is likely to end up?
2006-08-29 21:01:45
72.   Stormer Sports
Manny heading back to Boston seals the deal for Boston. His phantom knee injury doesn't require any care he can't get in Oakland. In pure vintage Manny style, he wont even remain to support his team.
2006-08-29 21:03:31
73.   randym77
71 News reports say the Padres and Dodgers are showing the most interest. Maybe the Cards.

NL teams, of course.

2006-08-29 21:17:44
74.   C2Coke
Matsui is now cleared for BP!
2006-08-29 21:18:45
75.   Peter
68 This is the second time this season I had tickets for a Randy start, the day before rains out, and I end up seeing Wright (Red Sox in June being the first). It's not my year, I suppose.
2006-08-29 21:40:55
76.   marc
74 I think Matsui can be a real impact player down the stretch and in PS if he's OK. It'll be interesting to see how he looks if things continue without incident. I'd think his wrist will do OK with his swing while I'd cringe to see Sheffield with his violent swing.
2006-08-29 21:45:34
77.   Stormer Sports
A's about to close the game out in Oakland.
2006-08-29 21:49:39
78.   Stormer Sports
A's win. 2-1 Final.
2006-08-29 21:58:07
79.   Max
Wow, sounds like the "buttoned-down" Yankees have no problem throwing Pavano under the bus (or garbage truck as it were):

I had no idea the guy was as intensely disliked as he was.

2006-08-29 23:11:37
80.   Marcus
79 It seems like Pavano has just become an easy punching bag:

"When Pavano has been around the team, some players have been exasperated by what they say among themselves is his apparent indifference, citing that he has been a regular on the massage table and is often seen munching candy bars."

Is there really something wrong with eating candy bars in the clubhouse? Are the rest of the Yankees on diets and jealous of him? Is he eating them by the fistful or something? Why is that even worth mentioning? What a strange subplot to the season...

2006-08-29 23:57:19
81.   Stormer Sports
Looks like Extra Innings isn't carrying the day game tomorrow.

Has anyone heard differently?

2006-08-30 03:11:07
82.   JL25and3
80 I think their problem wasn't so much with him eating candy bars in the clubhouse. It was his habit of singing at the top of his lungs, "Give me a break...give me a break...break me off a piece of that KIT-KAT BAR!"

There's only so much a person can stand.

2006-08-30 03:30:35
83.   randym77
80 I wondered about that, too. I guess today's athletes look down on junk food and those who eat it. Remember Cory Lidle got dissed by his former teammates for eating ice cream.

After his first start, some prankster put six ice cream bars at his locker. He took one bite, then threw all the ice cream away.

2006-08-30 04:19:56
84.   singledd
An EXCELLENT article on ARod:,barra,74310,15.html

Something I had never heard, which puts Tom Hicks in perspective, and helps qualify a 'truth' few of us consider:

"What wasn't mentioned was that the Texas Rangers had, shortly before signing Rodriguez, negotiated a 10-year, $250 million cable agreement that was widely reported at the time as contingent on the team's signing a major Hispanic star. In all likelihood, the Rangers probably couldn't have made the deal without Rodriguez looming on the horizon. No one would say it, but Texas gave Rodriguez the money from the cable contract in expectation of profits on increased ticket and concession sales."

So there. Texas signed ARod as a BUSINESS DEAL, that had less to do with ARod's talent as a player. This explains a lot. We know Matsui represents business interests to the Yankees, outside of his onfield contributions. I wonder if ARod knows that it was his face as a Latino posterboy, more then his bat, that has caused this whole overpaid salary thing, that has ultimately been a dagger in the back for ARod.

2006-08-30 05:01:14
85.   rbj
84 I'm sure A-Rod knew it was a business deal as much as a contract to play baseball.

My oh my, that loss column is looking better and better every day.

2006-08-30 05:22:15
86.   Sliced Bread
The Yanks get two much-needed days off, pick up a game in the standings, and 2 in the loss column. Pretty good, pre-tty, pre-tty good.
2006-08-30 05:54:19
87.   Chyll Will
84 Excellent. There's a whole lot people will NOT tell you to boost their own rhetoric, which NY media does on a regular, while claiming to be authoritative. Thank you for calling out the tabloids for their blatant hypocrisy, something I've noted time and time again since joining. I know there are journalists here who may or may not work for/with these media outlets here, but I may be just as offended by the notion that what is being printed is what ought to be accepted as fact, even though what's being written often seems illogical. Blather and rhetoric aside, if we can't make up our own minds about who to root for and why, then it's no wonder we end up paying for disinformation that we can get here and at other likewise sites for free.

(ahem!) Early morning rant; you may continue with the regularly scheduled relevancy...

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