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By Hook Or By Rook?
2006-08-27 10:49
by Cliff Corcoran

A pair of rookies face off in Anaheim this afternoon as the Yankees try to salvage the final game of their final west coast swing of the year and avoid being swept by those raggm fraggm Angels.

In his first major league start in Seattle earlier this week, 23-year-old Jeffrey Karstens, who looks like an uglier cross between Gilbert Godfried and Humphrey Bogart (or maybe the old Warner Bros. cartoon characature of Bogey), stayed in the strike zone (66 percent strikes, just two walks) and got 12 of his 15 outs in the air. He also surrendered a pair of home runs, including a moon shot by Richie Sexson. That fly ball tendency could spell disaster against the free-swinging Angels, who had nine extra base hits in yesterday's game.

Opposing Karstens will be 25-year-old lefty Joe Saunders, who has done well in five of his six starts this year including holding the Yankees to three runs on a six hits and a pair of walks over six innings when last these two teams met.

One things' for sure, tomorrow's off day couldn't come soon enough, and whether the Yankees are up by ten or down by twenty, Mariano Rivera should finally see some action today, if for no other reason than he's the most rested man in an exhausted bullpen that finally collapsed in yesterday's ugly loss.

Speaking of exhausted, Jason Giambi, who left yesterday's game due to "body-wide cramps" and dehydration, and Melky Cabrera, who has played every game since late May (!), get the day off, and Robinson Cano gets a day at DH. Nick Green and Bernie Williams, the good one that hits lefties, play the field. Bernie starts in left field for just the fifth time this season. Alex Rodriguez is back in the clean-up spot and Craig Wilson starts at first base against the lefty. Just win this one, boys, and you can go home and rest.

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2006-08-27 12:11:29
1.   randym77
1. Johnny Damon CF
2. Derek Jeter SS
3. Bobby Abreu RF
4. Alex Rodriguez 3B
5. Jorge Posada C
6. Robinson Cano DH
7. Bernie Williams LF
8. Craig Wilson 1B
9. Nick Green 2B

Torre seriously considered benching A-Rod today, but decided to leave him in because there's a lefty on the mound.

He also said Jaret will make his next start. Pavano will stay in Columbus.

2006-08-27 12:18:03
2.   kdw
On radio pregame Torre said Giambi probably available to pinch hit, Melky more iffy (dental problems, needs root canal and has puffy, sore jaw).
2006-08-27 12:21:03
3.   randym77
Yikes. You mean Melky actually had to be sick to get a day off?

I don't get it. Joe gives everyone else a day off just to rest them, including Cano. Is he expecting to rest Melky in September when Matsui comes back?

2006-08-27 12:25:08
4.   kdw
I'm guessing that Melky is at the bottom of the list because of age/health. Cano probably would be too if not for the hamstring DL stint. Well at least he'll get some time now, between today and tomorrow. Altho not sure I count a root canal as a day off.
2006-08-27 12:26:58
5.   3rd gen yankee fan
Poor Melky.
2006-08-27 12:32:30
6.   randym77
4 Cano got regular days off even before he blew his hamstring.
2006-08-27 12:36:42
7.   Max
So what's worse, Melky...(drum roll)... a root canal, or fielding all those hard hit liners to left field, and playing bitch to the Angels one more time? Ba-dum-BUM!

Sorry guys...lame attempt to make light of our current situation and find humor in our sad week on the West Coast.

2006-08-27 12:38:29
8.   randym77
Hah! Figgins couldn't get that one.
2006-08-27 12:38:50
9.   JL25and3
Cliff, I think Yosemite Sam captures my mood just about perfectly.
2006-08-27 12:41:23
10.   randym77
Nice start, Jeet!
2006-08-27 12:43:31
11.   mehmattski
Who was asking about what's wrong with Jeter? Good reverse jinx, buddy!
2006-08-27 12:48:08
12.   kdw
7 I was just thinking that A-Rod must feel like this season is becoming one long root canal.
2006-08-27 12:49:10
13.   Max
13 With no painkillers.
2006-08-27 12:56:24
14.   Max
Whoops, I meant 12 -- not the circular reference in 13.

We may need a lot of runs to win, so I hope we don't run ourselves out of too many innings today.

2006-08-27 13:01:35
15.   rbj
Well I missed the first inning due to yard work. Typical for a weekend, I miss all the action cause I have things to do. Yard work is now done, but I still have to walk the dog.
2006-08-27 13:05:28
16.   rbj
2006-08-27 13:05:54
17.   mehmattski
Bernie goes Boom! Man he can still mash lefties, huh?
2006-08-27 13:06:21
18.   lenyc
Bernie still got some pop in that bat.
2006-08-27 13:06:27
19.   randym77
Bernie goes boom!
2006-08-27 13:07:07
20.   Stormer Sports
I know I am beating a dead horse here, but those who believe that Wison, Guiel or anyone else we have on the bench is a better option than Bernie is not very bright.
2006-08-27 13:08:06
21.   yankz
20 You'd rather have Bernie face a righty than Guiel?
2006-08-27 13:08:29
22.   LI yankee
This ump sucks. I don't know about that one to Wilson, but the pitch to Cano was ball 4.
2006-08-27 13:08:34
23.   randym77
Bernie's offense is fine. It's his defense that's horrible.
2006-08-27 13:08:51
24.   Stormer Sports

You betcha.

2006-08-27 13:09:13
25.   lenyc
Ok I see theump is calling strikes at the toes today..was the pitch before in the same spot?
2006-08-27 13:09:15
26.   hensley
I'm starting to think that Bernie should bat right-handed even against righties. Have you ever heard of a switch hitter doing that successfully when they lose the ability to hit from one side of the plate?
2006-08-27 13:09:53
27.   yankz
26 I don't know if it counts as successful, but JT Snow stopped batting switch after a while.
2006-08-27 13:11:29
28.   yankz
I feel awful for the Braves. Their bullpen is so terrible that they have none other than Wayne Franklin pitching meaningful innings.
2006-08-27 13:12:51
29.   LI yankee
25 The first 2 pitches to Bernie were both higher than Cano's and were called balls.
2006-08-27 13:15:11
30.   Stormer Sports
Considering that even Bernie is batting .20 points higher than Guiel against righties, I think that's good enough for me.

It's Aaron Guiel for God's sake!

2006-08-27 13:18:19
31.   lenyc
This announcer is just a tad too animated...
2006-08-27 13:19:33
32.   Mattpat11
Slightly less annoying than the screaming PA announcer is the Squeaky kid.
2006-08-27 13:20:53
33.   Coco Loco
Anyone else notice that Karstens's cap is crooked (a la CC Sabathia or Dontrelle Willis). I expect he'll get a lecture about that.
2006-08-27 13:21:49
34.   lenyc
Man these announcers cant get over the speed of the Angels..ok its been 2 ininnigs we get it now....
2006-08-27 13:24:02
35.   LI yankee
34 Yeah honestly I felt like I was watching a track meet.
2006-08-27 13:25:28
36.   lenyc
This is the second game his hat has been crooked, I'm guessing they are not really concerened about the hat more so his pitching. And they way he is pitching today I want that hat crooked... maybe jaret should try it
2006-08-27 13:26:35
37.   monkeypants
30 Selective use of stats. Bernie is only slugging .400 v. RHP, and his OBP against RHP = .301

Guiel: OBP v. RHP .368, SLG v. RHP .515

Guiel is flat out a much better hitter v. RHP than Bernie is this year. Yeah, it's Aaron Guiel, for God's sake--and that shows just how far Bernie has fallen.

2006-08-27 13:29:32
38.   lenyc
37 Hey man I agree with you guiel destoryed some pitches in that texas series...yeah its texas but he was one of the reasons we killed them
2006-08-27 13:31:00
39.   lenyc
AROD ... thank you for getting a hit...lets take baby steps.
2006-08-27 13:35:06
40.   lenyc
Cano just doesn't not care to walk...he just wants to hit. The more I watch him play the more i think dude could be a 3K plus hit someday
2006-08-27 13:38:09
41.   monkeypants
Now, Bernie batting RH--that's another story!
2006-08-27 13:38:39
42.   mehmattski
Oh My! The Angels get haunted by GOB!!!!
2006-08-27 13:39:25
43.   randym77
Holy crap. 8-0 in the 3rd. How's that for run support?
2006-08-27 13:40:27
44.   no2ss
Who went and replaced old Bernie with the ghost of A-Rod?
2006-08-27 13:40:43
45.   Max
43 Sorry for the mild profanity, but I want to score 20 runs on these b***ches. Eight runs isn't enough.
2006-08-27 13:40:59
46.   lenyc
Damn, Bernie is no joke today...whoever said he should just hit right handed the rest of the season might be on to something
2006-08-27 13:41:52
47.   rbj
Yup. I come in at 2-0, see Bernie's first HR, then go and walk the dog, and come back just after Bernie's second HR.

Let's see, I do have laundry to do and supper to make. . .

2006-08-27 13:42:11
48.   lenyc
Bernie is money money money moneeeey....moneeeey
2006-08-27 13:44:12
49.   3rd gen yankee fan
48 House money. :-)
2006-08-27 13:45:27
50.   Stormer Sports
Youkilis in Left, Loretta at 1B, a rookie starter, and a rookie at 2B. Francona hasn't a clue what to do with the trash that Theo left by the curb.
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2006-08-27 13:47:28
51.   Zack
Anyone else's just go down and not recover?
2006-08-27 13:47:36
52.   lenyc
I will love to talk smack about Boston but I just want to make sure there out of the playoofs...2004 is way to fresh on my mind to think things can't flip in september...
2006-08-27 13:48:09
53.   lenyc
51. my mlb is fine
2006-08-27 13:49:19
54.   lenyc
Yeah I guess speed cant kill a hall of fame arm. What happened to the track team?
2006-08-27 13:50:55
55.   Travis
Youkilis just lost a ball in the sun. He's a worse outfielder than Manny, if you can believe it.
2006-08-27 13:51:11
56.   hensley
50 Youkilis heard you. He just made a terrible error in LF on an easy fly.
2006-08-27 13:51:30
57.   Stormer Sports

Oh, things can most certainly flip. Theo and Ownership's chicken shit approach to the trade deadline should lead to a revolt in "small market" Boston.

2006-08-27 13:51:39
58.   Zack
Oh, now its back, just in time to see the run score, great...
2006-08-27 13:52:12
59.   rbj
So an error to A-Rod on the throw?
2006-08-27 13:52:45
60.   Stormer Sports
Just wait and see how bad they become once they let Manny go.
2006-08-27 13:53:37
61.   seamus
59 I don't think that was that bad a throw. Green pulled off. I couldn't entirely tell though from that angle.
2006-08-27 13:54:10
62.   lenyc
Hmm that was at the toes im suprised it wasn't a strike ump
2006-08-27 13:54:32
63.   Stormer Sports
This game is far from over.
2006-08-27 13:54:44
64.   Zack
Wow, Bernie has a negative arm...
2006-08-27 13:55:16
65.   lenyc
Damn bernies arm...geez
2006-08-27 13:56:46
66.   Zack
Who are the Angels' announcers? One of them is trying to explain why Damon is playign CF all wrong...
2006-08-27 13:57:12
67.   LI yankee
Jeter almost singlehandedly kept that inning from being a disaster
2006-08-27 13:57:28
68.   lenyc
position and height kills...speed
2006-08-27 13:57:40
69.   Stormer Sports
Give that boy a gold glove!

Oh and give Chavez one too, God knows they will, even though Beltre is so far and away better, it's downright laughable. I guess if you can get to balls that Chavez can't even sniff, and miss some plays, that counts against you.

2006-08-27 13:58:50
70.   lenyc
66. I dont know i think one of them is rex hudler...i think he does lines before the game b/c he is just to damn animated
2006-08-27 13:59:17
71.   JL25and3
59 "You can't assume the double play," so they won't give an error. It's a ridiculous rule, but I'm not sure this is the play I'd give an error on, anyway.
2006-08-27 14:00:38
72.   Max
45 When I said eight runs isn't enough, I wasn't just speaking karmically. Eight runs won't be enough against this team, unless we use Mo for a four inning save...assuming Villone and Proctor don't give up the house beforehand.
2006-08-27 14:01:19
73.   Zack
Ah yes, Hudler, of course, I think I willed him out of my mind. He stinks. really really stinks...Its amazing how many bad announcers there are out there...
2006-08-27 14:01:57
74.   Jim Dean
Anyone know if there's any precedent for aging switch-hitter to give up on his weak side?

I know I've seen it but I can't think of a specific instance.

2006-08-27 14:04:57
75.   Max
On a more serious note, if Karstens starts bleeding more profusely in the next two innings, who'll be first out of the pen?
2006-08-27 14:06:10
76.   Zack
That was a whimpy, yet totally typical Angels hit against us. And man Bernie is a liability in the field...
2006-08-27 14:06:42
77.   JL25and3
74 There have definitely been cases where switch-hitters have given up switching, but I can't remember them off the top of my head (and don't have time to research it now). Generally, I think they've been cases where a player wasn't always a switch-hitter; I don't know if htere's ever been a case analogous to Bernie.
2006-08-27 14:07:04
78.   lenyc
This pitcher channelling shawn chacon the way heas been on the ropes today.
2006-08-27 14:08:46
79.   mehmattski
This just in: Karstens is bad.
2006-08-27 14:09:01
80.   rbj
72 Yeah, that's why I was wondering about an error. It could be debatable about that particular throw being an error, but if it was then I don't see why you can't assume an out on the first throw. Really stupid "can't assume a double play" rule.

Crap. Yanks do well when I'm not around. Guess it's time to deal with dinner & laundry.

2006-08-27 14:09:36
81.   Simone
Karstens giving it back inning by inning. This is Contreras all over again. No one could give those runs back quicker of Contreras.
2006-08-27 14:10:14
82.   LI yankee
"It's almost like a double when he hits a single"

Where did the Angels get this guy?

2006-08-27 14:10:26
83.   lenyc
Yes...shawn chacon i mean karstens gets out of the jam
2006-08-27 14:11:56
84.   lenyc
82. I'm guessing the same spot the get Joe Morgan, and Tim McCarver
2006-08-27 14:12:00
85.   Zack
I wouldn't call Karstens bad...I would call him a kid with a relatively low ceiling who doesn't really belong in the majors yet. Sidney Ponson is bad, Sturtze is bad. Karstens is just not good...
2006-08-27 14:12:45
86.   Zack
so, I know we have already scored 8 runs. But we need to score more...
2006-08-27 14:14:43
87.   lenyc
posada looks ready to hit it out the yard...let shope he does
2006-08-27 14:14:56
88.   lenyc
damn..spoke to soon
2006-08-27 14:20:22
89.   mehmattski
"The Yankees are getting a couple of lousy singles here..."

and that's different from the Angels' "track meet" offense you love... how?

2006-08-27 14:20:39
90.   no2ss
Ok. I think it's clear. Bernie should be a righthanded batter, and should never, ever play the field.
2006-08-27 14:22:45
91.   seamus
89 that is what they say about all yankee ground ball singles. The Angels groundball singles though are about hustle and smarts and all kinds of other all world things.
2006-08-27 14:24:10
92.   lenyc
89. Exactly why I cant stand Rex..he is so biased he doesnt even hide it...its like damn did they not earn those singles...why cant they hit singles that are just like doubles to Rex?
2006-08-27 14:27:27
93.   Max
Wow, did Karstens really get through that inning with less than ten pitches?
2006-08-27 14:27:34
94.   no2ss
Rex isn't just biased, he's clueless and annoying. It's a really impressive combination of incompetence. I can't stand watching games against Anaheim just because of him. I was happy yesterday's game was on FOX with Steve Lyons broadcasting. That's how bad he is. When you'd prefer Steve Lyons to Rex Hudler, it's time for Rex to move on.
2006-08-27 14:28:26
95.   lenyc
So why are we not talking about the angels and them picking the wrong time choose a swing first mentality at a rookie pitcher...oh wait nah we should focus on some seatle..brilliant.
2006-08-27 14:33:58
96.   lenyc
speed kills...except when u cant catch
2006-08-27 14:41:17
97.   LI yankee
96 Of course Jeter would have been safe there, because the speedy Angels can't make errors
2006-08-27 14:41:45
98.   lenyc
Wow Rex actually had soemthing insightful to say...and Karstens has a back to back 1-2-3 inning what are the odds on that
2006-08-27 14:43:01
99.   singledd
Red Sox line through 5: 0-0-2
Lets go Toronto!
2006-08-27 14:43:20
100.   Zack
Wow, A-Rod looked bad on that 0-1 pitch...
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2006-08-27 14:47:20
101.   lenyc
hey arod got a hit could be a 5 strike out performance steps Arod...come will be alright.
2006-08-27 14:48:50
102.   rbj
99 You mean Mariners. Yup, I was away for all the good innings by Karstens. time to check on the laundry.
2006-08-27 14:48:59
103.   3rd gen yankee fan
99 You jinxed it, Sux just tied
2006-08-27 14:49:09
104.   no2ss
Red Sox score a run... but still are being no-hit.
2006-08-27 14:50:15
105.   lenyc
another lousy single by cano..good job
2006-08-27 14:51:50
106.   Mattpat11
2006-08-27 14:52:06
107.   Zack
Wow, RHGOB is like RH Real Bernie! Holy crap!
2006-08-27 14:52:13
108.   mehmattski
So close, Bernie. What a game!
2006-08-27 14:52:20
109.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-08-27 14:52:47
110.   Zack
Now def. throw Karstens back out there for the 7th...
2006-08-27 14:52:57
111.   lenyc
Damn I thought that shit was gone...lousy double... good job bernie...its practically a triple right REX
2006-08-27 14:53:44
112.   Max
This is the GOB memorial game. :-) Can you imagine if he did this at the Stadium...the cheers would be deafening.
2006-08-27 14:55:03
113.   lenyc
See AROD is just taking the heat for the team this year so that everyone else can be loose..and look its working...haha.
2006-08-27 14:55:55
114.   lenyc
Speed kills again, but not when you cant catch again
2006-08-27 14:57:37
115.   singledd
Bernie just missed the first 3 HR game of his career. Not to jinx it, but this one is in the bag. The boys are looking forward to coming home.

Ibanez with a grand salami. Sox down 5-1.
What's our magic number going be tonight?

2006-08-27 14:57:55
116.   3rd gen yankee fan
GRAND SALAMI by Ibannez in Seattle!!!
2006-08-27 14:58:03
117.   no2ss
Grand slam by Ibanez. Seattle takes a bit of a lead.
2006-08-27 14:58:19
118.   Mattpat11
5-1 Ms.
2006-08-27 14:58:36
119.   LI yankee
Maybe this is also the game where Torre sees:

Bernie: 3 ABs vs LHP, 3-3, 2 HR, 1 2B, 6 RBIs

and figures something out

2006-08-27 14:58:51
120.   Mattpat11
115 With a win and Sox loss, it will be 27
2006-08-27 14:59:40
121.   LI yankee
2006-08-27 15:00:24
122.   lenyc
why is scott proctor in here...why...why...seriously why
2006-08-27 15:02:15
123.   lenyc
what about joe really that paranoid that we will lose the 7 run lead...He cant be serious...u got bruney use him. Is joe torre on the hot seat?
2006-08-27 15:03:34
124.   no2ss
Guys, Proctor's arm is still hanging on. Joe has to make sure he pitches enough that it falls off by the playoffs, when we actually need him.
2006-08-27 15:06:18
125.   Mattpat11
Dont look now, but ESPNews is apparently reporting that Pavano will be shut down.
2006-08-27 15:06:44
126.   lenyc
yeah proctor smart move joe..the guy is tired...cant u see that.
2006-08-27 15:07:18
127.   seamus
123 umm, bruney through a LOT of pitches yesterday.
2006-08-27 15:08:45
128.   no2ss
Looks like Proctor wants to make sure this is a game again.
2006-08-27 15:11:25
129.   Zack
Ugh, remind me why Karstens didn't pitch this inning?
2006-08-27 15:14:36
130.   LI yankee
And Proctor goes down to the clubhouse to get his sewing kit.
2006-08-27 15:16:12
131.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I was counting on him like I was counting on Wright to toss a CG in the ALCS

2006-08-27 15:21:20
132.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod hits .571 against this guy and he looked as lost as humanly possible...when will the suffering end ?
2006-08-27 15:27:25
133.   Max
From up in the heavens, there is some cosmic joke involving Arod that none of us appear to be in on.
2006-08-27 15:28:19
134.   zgveritas
No joke I think A-Rod has to go see an optometrist. I think he is beginning to show signs of aging. Last years MVP is only human.

I wonder if major leaguers have routine eye tests anyway. Maybe Bernie has an old set of frames he could let A-Rod put his new prescription into.

2006-08-27 15:31:55
135.   yankz
134 Hilarious.
2006-08-27 15:32:25
136.   3rd gen yankee fan
FARNS!!! grrrrr
2006-08-27 15:32:45
137.   randym77
Good gravy. They're going to use the entire bullpen to hold an 11-4 lead.
2006-08-27 15:35:20
138.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
This is just sad....huge lead and Proctor and now Farns, Mo, etc....have to emptied out of the pen to pitch...
2006-08-27 15:35:56
139.   Zack
So now we are going to have to have Mo come in for two innings in a blowout? Yug...
2006-08-27 15:36:01
140.   rbj
Good golly, I come back right as Nick Green boots that. I better go away again. Cheez, no weekend baseball for me?
2006-08-27 15:36:34
141.   no2ss
Well it's not like Mo was used back when, you know, he was actually needed.
2006-08-27 15:36:51
142.   rsmith51
Proctor and Farns look terrible with a 7-run lead. Good thing it isn't a one run lead. I am glad that Mo wasn't used in the tie game the other night.
2006-08-27 15:36:59
143.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Pavano, Wright and Farnsworth represent money poorly spent...
2006-08-27 15:37:19
144.   Zack
Do the Angles announcers really expect us to feel sorry for the Angels for losing "Cy" Colon? Wah wah wah...
2006-08-27 15:37:32
145.   rsmith51
142 I forgot my sarcasm tags...
2006-08-27 15:37:37
146.   monkeypants
Hmmm, another run and Joe will get to use Mo in a save situation.
2006-08-27 15:38:51
147.   rsmith51
Throw strikes please!
2006-08-27 15:39:36
148.   Zack
All of a sudden Farns can't strike anybody out?
2006-08-27 15:40:40
149.   randym77
Unbelievable. They're bringing in Mo to get six outs.
2006-08-27 15:40:43
150.   Zack
Jesus, Mo in an 11-5 game in the 8th inning, what is this world coming to?
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2006-08-27 15:40:49
151.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

for the most part Farnsworth sucks with flashes of brilliance...the old million dollar arm...ten cent head...

2006-08-27 15:41:29
152.   Zack
So if Mo somehow gets out of Farns' self induced mess relatively unscathed, would Joe pitch someone else in the 9th?

yeah, I didn't think so, a save is a save, can't mess with that...

2006-08-27 15:41:33
153.   rsmith51
Idiotic move Joe, even if he got them 1,2,3. Why is he using his "trusted" relievers with a 7 run lead?

Followed closely by Why are the "trusted" relievers blowing a 7 run lead?

2006-08-27 15:41:34
154.   3rd gen yankee fan
This is disgusting.
2006-08-27 15:42:46
155.   rsmith51
No, Ken, you don't HAVE to bring in Mariano.
2006-08-27 15:42:48
156.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I am looking forward to this parade of undepdendable clowns come the playoffs...

It is funny how 2 inning saves were the norm 20 years ago and now it is like he is performing a miracle of some sort...

2006-08-27 15:44:14
157.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Mo hasn't pitched since last Monday, and tomorrow's an off day. He needed the work. Shame tho that he had to come in with the bases loaded and a week's worth of rust.
2006-08-27 15:44:18
158.   pistolpete
Holy sh*t, I can't believe I'm watching this.
2006-08-27 15:44:35
159.   Zack
Why is Nick Green on this team again?
2006-08-27 15:44:46
160.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
glad to see the fielding emulating the least it was not hit to A Rod
2006-08-27 15:45:27
161.   Zack
I still don't understand why Karstens came out when he did...
2006-08-27 15:46:34
162.   pistolpete
Wow, we got a HUGE break there.
2006-08-27 15:47:11
163.   rsmith51
ARod did something right. Kind of...
2006-08-27 15:47:20
164.   Zack
Good play turned into a bad play by A-Rod, and then the Angels annoucners, of course, catagorically deny that the Angels could have messed up...
2006-08-27 15:47:59
165.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

that is a good point...perhaps they did not want Wright to feel bad about his 4 2/3 inning starts

2006-08-27 15:48:02
166.   pistolpete
Nice move by Torre.
2006-08-27 15:48:03
167.   rsmith51
Interesting move. I like it.
2006-08-27 15:48:12
168.   Zack
Wow, Joe putting in Melky as a D replacement, impressive!
2006-08-27 15:48:33
169.   no2ss
Hey fellas, for the benefit of those of us not watching on TV, right now... what happened?
2006-08-27 15:48:59
170.   rsmith51
Get the arms in the OF.
2006-08-27 15:49:02
171.   monkeypants
Nick Greek next on the DFA express?
2006-08-27 15:49:18
172.   rbj
No, it was not a bad play for A-Rod. right idea to go home, Alex didn't mess up by missing the tag, the guy went out of the base path.

Wow, Torre taking Bernie out mid inning

2006-08-27 15:49:27
173.   Zack
Chopper to third, Arod snags it, chargers the runner on third who stupidly broke home, but allows him to turn around where no one is covering third. But he is called out for going out of the bases, which he did, which the Ange;s announcers can't fathom...
2006-08-27 15:50:20
174.   Zack
A-Rod should have forced him home more, allowed Jeter to get to third to cover...but you are right, its mostly because he went out of the path that he was able to avoid the tag...
2006-08-27 15:50:27
175.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
when is Phillips back ?
2006-08-27 15:50:28
176.   rsmith51
I didn't think he went out of the baselines until I saw the replay.
2006-08-27 15:50:36
177.   pistolpete
169 A-Rod fielded a high chop, went to throw home to get the runner, instead chased after him in between home & third. The runner went back to third, and Alex's throw was sort of a looper to Jeter. He beat the throw, but was called out because he was apparently out of the baseline on the way back...
2006-08-27 15:50:39
178.   randym77
But if Melky's sick...why not Guiel? I know he doesn't have the range for CF, but can't he play LF? He's got a cannon.
2006-08-27 15:50:42
179.   seamus
173 arod didn't allow him to turn, he went out of the baseline because arod had him cut off in the base line.
2006-08-27 15:52:41
180.   pistolpete
Let us all now thank God for Mariano. He is the true MVP of this team, EVERY season.
2006-08-27 15:52:43
181.   LI yankee
Wow what a strange inning
2006-08-27 15:53:03
182.   3rd gen yankee fan
phew. what would we do without Mariano?
2006-08-27 15:53:13
183.   seamus
so what do we do with Nick the Stick Buckner?
2006-08-27 15:53:22
184.   rsmith51
6-3 in Seattle.
2006-08-27 15:53:33
185.   seamus
seriously, nick has had a rough day
2006-08-27 15:54:17
186.   rsmith51
183 I thought he was holding Cairo's place whether he had a .500 or 1.000 OPS.
2006-08-27 15:54:22
187.   JeremyM
183 Pay him his meal money and per diem until the end of September, and hope Cairo is healthy enough to backup in the playoffs.
2006-08-27 15:55:05
188.   randym77
I think Nick would probably have been DFA'd long ago if it weren't for Cano's and then Cairo's injuries.
2006-08-27 15:55:14
189.   no2ss
Again, for those of us who are TVless, what happened with Nick? (PS What would I do without you guys telling me what's going on?)
2006-08-27 15:56:31
190.   rsmith51
A ground ball through his legs ala Grafanino in last year's playoffs.
2006-08-27 15:57:41
191.   randym77
189 LOL! We thought you were asking about the rundown with A-Rod. :-)

The ball went through Green's legs. He was looking up toward Jeter instead of keeping his eye on the ball. The ball took a high hop and went over his glove.

2006-08-27 15:57:48
192.   smingers
Good day from guys who came up through the ranks: Bernie, Jeter, Robbie, Mo, even Karstens. The others, not so much.
2006-08-27 15:58:56
193.   randym77
Abreu had a pretty good day.
2006-08-27 15:59:09
194.   rsmith51
192 Sadly the Yanks have needed nearly all those runs.
2006-08-27 15:59:42
195.   rsmith51
Nice play be the other Cabrera.
2006-08-27 16:00:25
196.   Zack
Well, here we go Mo, lets get it done and have a nice day off tomorrow!
2006-08-27 16:03:28
197.   smingers
Who would you take in a strikeout contest, Wilson or Arod? They're both pretty formidable when it comes to not putting wood on the ball.
2006-08-27 16:04:09
198.   JeremyM
Is Cano at second? I was kind of hoping they would put Giambi there.
2006-08-27 16:04:09
199.   rsmith51
3 outs to get 3 runs for the Red Sox.
2006-08-27 16:05:56
200.   Zack
Angels annoucners actually talking about something interesting: having a closer who was a starter for awhile as being a good thing. Mo, Eck, Papelbon, Lee Smith and K Rod started too at one point...Actually interesting...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-27 16:06:34
201.   3rd gen yankee fan
Mariano Rivera, Yankee Enforcer.
2006-08-27 16:07:37
202.   Zack
Cheap ER for Mo there. I feel like defensive indifference should lead to an unearned run...
2006-08-27 16:08:56
203.   Zack
Come on Mo!
2006-08-27 16:09:44
204.   rbj
2006-08-27 16:09:48
205.   pistolpete
Atta boy, Mo! Love it when it ends with a K...
2006-08-27 16:10:19
206.   rsmith51
202 Well it was his base-runner. He can control whether he watches the base-runner. Not saying he should, but
2006-08-27 16:10:29
207.   Zack
Yes, okay, Putz, get those three outs in Seattle. (It is just so fun to say that: okay Putz...)
2006-08-27 16:10:46
208.   monkeypants
More perversity from the Save rule. Rivera gets them out of a tough jam, pitches two inning, and survives and E. No save.
2006-08-27 16:10:47
209.   3rd gen yankee fan
Done. Let's go home.
2006-08-27 16:11:34
210.   Zack
206 Well, yeah, but still...Doesn't it seem so lame all the same?
2006-08-27 16:11:58
211.   pistolpete
If a lefty Sox batter gets a hit down the right-field line, did he pull Putz?
2006-08-27 16:13:18
212.   rbj
And congrats to Karstens on his first major league win.
2006-08-27 16:13:21
213.   Zack
Okay, the Sox's Pedroia doesn't look ANYTHING like his Yahoo picture...werid...
2006-08-27 16:13:56
214.   randym77

2006-08-27 16:15:08
215.   smingers
Ballgame in Seattle. Sweep!
2006-08-27 16:15:23
216.   JeremyM
Sox have been swept. Suddenly the Yanks west coast trip doesn't look so bad.
2006-08-27 16:15:43
217.   pistolpete
Back to 6.5 - it's like these 6 games never happened.

Hmm, I like the sound of that.

2006-08-27 16:16:35
218.   Zack
Wow, Boston really stinks...Despite our best efforts, we somehow are back to 6 1/2 up. Shows you that sweeping Boston perhaps doesn't prove how good we are, but how BAD they are...
2006-08-27 16:17:03
219.   3rd gen yankee fan
WEEI announcers just said that Lester was injured in a car accident before his game against the Yankees at Fenway. I didn't know that. He's got a bad back now.

Git out da brooms in Seattle!!!

2006-08-27 16:17:42
220.   seamus
we're very lucky!

Cano is hitting .334 and I think he now qualifies for batting average leaders, and I think he is 3rd behind Jeter and Mauer! :)

2006-08-27 16:19:24
221.   randym77
218 Exactly. I've been saying all season that the Red Sox were playing above themselves. They've come back to Earth with a thud.

That five-game sweep was a lot of fun, but I don't read too much into it. The Royals swept them, too.

2006-08-27 16:20:04
222.   Simone
Good win! Good riddance, Angels.
2006-08-27 16:20:15
223.   seamus
It strikes me that almost noone has moved up on us, besides maybe the Twins. I know we aren't competing for the wild card anymore, but two or three weeks ago we were in a close battle with Boston, Chicago, and Minnesota. Even Detroit is still only four games better than us. Amazing that we've played so poorly but not really lost any ground on anyone in the AL.
2006-08-27 16:22:47
224.   randym77
223 Because the Red Sox suck. They're the gift that keeps on giving. ;-)
2006-08-27 16:28:00
225.   Sliced Bread
With the sweep, Boston is 32-35 on the road. Peeyew.

Yanks get a mulligan for the week. Nice.

Hope they sleep well on the red eye.

2006-08-27 16:31:12
226.   pistolpete
223 It's the "dog days", no one's really playing fantastic right now.

Let's see what happens in September.

2006-08-27 16:33:23
227.   rbj
217 We took six games off the schedule/magic number with no damage to our lead.


2006-08-27 16:46:19
228.   Sliced Bread
The way things have been going for A-Rod you get the feeling his luggage is going to land in Ohio tomorrow morning?

The way things have been going for Proctor you get the feeling Joe is going to make him load the plane, and fly it tonight?

Memo to Craig Wilson: the bunt single can be your friend.

Memo to Kyle Farnswacker: Uh, that sucked, dude. Get 'em next time, tough guy.

2006-08-28 08:01:56
229.   Ron Burgundy
227 Other than the Sawx series, we've been below .500 for pretty much a month now. That's been the only series we've won since Baltimore back in the beginning of August. I like what we did VS. the Sawx, but I'm not confident if this losing 2 out of 3 to every team in baseball other than the Sawx continues. But we're getting back home now, and a sweep of the Tigers would put all of baseball on notice.
2006-08-28 09:19:37
230.   Jim Dean
229 I'm looking for 2 of 3. Wright inspires very little confidence right now.
2006-08-28 09:51:32
231.   Magoo1000
There are not many great things about being a Yank fan residing in RSN. HOWEVA', twice within the last week, I have been able to go into my work's janitors' closet, remove the broom, and inconspicuously place it in the corner of my boss' office.

And both times, he has not said a word. Priceless.

Is there a Mango tree large enough for all of RSN??

2006-08-28 10:33:04
232.   Shaun P
I find these numbers to be very, very comforting:

From BP's Post Season Odds, Generated Mon Aug 28 08:58:46 EDT 2006

Chance of winning AL East: 97.54725
Chance of winning Wild Card: .29671
Chance of going to playoffs: 97.84396

Red Sox
Chance of winning AL East: 1.95925
Chance of winning Wild Card: 2.27190
Chance of going to playoffs: 4.23115

BTW - the only team in MLB with better odds of making the playoffs - the Mets (99.99985 overall).

2006-08-28 10:36:21
233.   rsmith51
232 It would have been interesting to see those numbers in 1978 over the last 2 months of the season. I like when it gets to 100%.
2006-08-28 10:39:44
234.   Schteeve
232 & 231 Can you calculate the probabilities that Magoo1000 will be looking for a new job this fall?
2006-08-28 10:54:22
235.   Sliced Bread
Yeah, the post season odds are certainly on our side, but what were the odds of the 2004 ALCS ending the way it did after Game 3?

I understand this is a different, considerably weaker Red Sox team, but it's still way too early to bury the Boston bums, and dance on their grave. However, it feels good to start digging the hole.

Hopefully much smoother sailing after the Tigers and Twins this week.

2006-08-28 11:05:51
236.   Schteeve
235 Sliced, look at it this way: If the Yankees play .500 ball the rest of the way, the Sox would have to play .700 ball. While I think it's possible that the Yankees might play .500 the rest of the way, do you really think the Sox are going to win 70% of their remaining games? I don't.
2006-08-28 11:20:50
237.   Bama Yankee
234 Two brooms + one knee brace + one faded bloody sock = one pink slip for Magoo1000
2006-08-28 11:46:13
238.   Magoo1000
If I get canned, it will be on account of the exorbitant amount of Asian porn Hideki has sent me from his private library!!!

2006-08-28 12:53:00
239.   wsporter
232 MFD I've been in the salt mine all day. I got out and saw those numbers. I feel better now.
2006-08-28 12:59:41
240.   Sliced Bread
According to, Nate Robertson is moved up for tomorrow night.

I'm sure Cliff and Alex will be all over this tomorrow, but the Yanks raked Robertson for 6 runs on May 30th without Jeter and Damon in the lineup.

Giambi and A-Rod each went 3-4 against the lefty.

Bigger picture: A-Rod is 6 for 16 against Roberston with 5 RBI, Giambi is 5-for-7, and Damon is 7-for-14, also 5 RBI.

Those three might have to do the heavy lifting, as Robertson has been able to contain the the rest of the Yanks lineup.

Bernie is 3-for-14 against Roberston, Jeter is 2-for-12.

I don't expect Giambi to be rested again despite the lefty-lefty matchup.

2006-08-28 13:11:58
241.   wsporter
Also, reading Dirty Diaper Dan in the B. Globe is a tonic at times like these. Today he did not let me down. Ah good times, good times.
2006-08-28 13:17:15
242.   Sliced Bread
241 Dog days, Boston Bowsers? that's the best DDD can do or a lead?

Thanks for the link to schadenfreude, wsporter.

Go A's!

PS - Francona coughing up blood. That's horrible.

2006-08-28 13:17:43
243.   Sliced Bread
for a lead, that is...
2006-08-28 13:30:38
244.   Shaun P
240 Sliced, how does that affect the rest of Detroit's rotation for the week? Is Minor pitching Wednesday, or does Bonderman move up to Wed and Kenny-boy Rogers (YES!) or Justin Verlander (NO!) pitches Thurs?

241 MFD, sometimes I wish I still subscribed to the Globe. You can easily understand why Bill Simmons hates DDD's guts.

2006-08-28 13:30:50
245.   seamus
240 unfortunately, i don't think that THAT A-Rod is around right now. We need to move him down in the order and not depend on him so highly. He needs the freedom to shake out of his duldrum with minimal pressure.
2006-08-28 13:39:10
246.   Schteeve
I have this premonition that A-Rod will continue to slump through the beginning of September, only to figure it out towards the end of the month, and enter October as the hottest hitter in either league. Pitchers will make the mistake of pitching to him in the LDS and he will own them, they'll stop pitching to him in the LCS and Abreu and Giambi will clean house.

That's the vision right now. We must believe!

2006-08-28 13:39:45
247.   Shaun P
245 I understand your point, seamus, but don't you think moving him down in the order would put pressure on A-Rod, too? Namely, pressure to hit well enough to 'escape' the lower lineup spot.
2006-08-28 13:40:06
248.   pistolpete
So no new post today from either of the elders?
2006-08-28 13:43:41
249.   randym77
Guess they're allowed a day off once in awhile. ;-)

I am confident of making the post-season, if only because Boston is so pathetic.

It's what happens after that I'm worried about. :-P

2006-08-28 13:45:56
250.   wsporter
242 244 I hate the part about Francona; He and Varitek are the two guys there I'd be proud to have on our side of things.

There are times I suppose when schadendreude is the only real joy. Not now though, 6.5 up with a magic number of 27 with 33 games to go. No, not the only joy.

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2006-08-28 13:46:24
251.   Schteeve
247 Either way you slice it there's pressure, either to earn a move up in the lineup or prevent a demotion. Alex needs to get back to bat and ball basics and stop thinking about where he's hitting, or who is booing him, or how many times he strikes out. Bat. ball. swing. Until he gets back in that zone, he's gonna struggle, no matter where he hits in the lineup.
2006-08-28 13:47:05
252.   pistolpete
249 Absolutely, but I feel dirty posting on the end of the last game's thread. I'm not saying I'd require a masterpiece of internet literature, but something about a nice, fresh post to comment on makes a man feel good.

Anything - even if Alex or Cliff posted what they had for breakfast this morning, I'd take it.


2006-08-28 14:14:51
253.   Max
21 games in 20 days ain't easy for anyone, including the Banter guys. I think Alex and Cliff have earned the break, especially the first day of the last week of summer. :-)
2006-08-28 14:25:26
254.   randym77
At least it's an old game thread where the Yanks won. Posting at the end of an old game thread where we lost is what really makes me feel dirty. ;-)
2006-08-28 14:27:27
255.   standuptriple
Well, since the parents are away, how about we have a rager?!!!!
Keg stands, anyone?
2006-08-28 14:34:23
256.   Shaun P
253 Here, here!

255 Ummmm . . . virtual beer . . .

2006-08-28 14:42:20
257.   Shaun P
2006-08-28 14:44:21
258.   unpopster
since someone brought up his name, did Bill Simmons write anything on about the Boston Massacre II. I couldn't find anything.

You'd have thought he'd have a few words to say about that one? Talk about schadenfreude, that would be the very definition for me.

2006-08-28 14:45:17
259.   unpopster
257 oy.
2006-08-28 14:50:47
260.   randym77
257 WTF? He's pitched since then. Now it's a problem?
2006-08-28 14:50:57
261.   mehmattski
258 He vaguely referred to it in his long post about his trip to Milwaukee during that weekend. His Yankee friend "JackO" was with him, and kept getting updates about the games, and at one point threatened another friend with his life to change the XM station during game 4. Good stuff.
2006-08-28 14:51:53
262.   Eric
257 I just wish he would put us all out of our misery and jump off the Empire State Building.
2006-08-28 15:07:49
263.   standuptriple
262 I've often wondered why he hasn't been fitted for some cement shoes. Didn't they make a pair for K. Brown? They have to be close to the same size, right?
2006-08-28 15:20:09
264.   Sliced Bread
244 Looks like it might be Robertson on Tues.
Maroth or Miner Wed.
Bonderman Thurs.

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