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Hells Angels
2006-08-25 17:21
by Cliff Corcoran

The Yankees can break even on their current west coast swing and their season series against the Angels by taking two out of three in Anaheim this weekend. Not that it's going to be easy. All three pitching matchups favor the Halos and the Angels always play the Yankees hard with or without that up-front advantage.

Tonight the Yankees sent Jaret Wright to face John Lackey. In the finale of their series two weeks ago in the Bronx, the Yankees put 15 men on base against Lackey in seven innings, but managed just three runs before finally breaking through against Brendan Donnelly in the eighth. Two days before that, Wright held the Angels to one run on just two hits but four walks in his usual 5 1/3 innings. Wright hasn't started in eight days, but has pitched a pair of innings out of the pen in that span with mixed results. Lackey's turn has come up just once since that outing in New York, in that start he was roughed up by the Mariners for five runs on twelve hits in 4 2/3 innings despite an excellent 7:1 K/BB.

The Angles have only made two roster changes since we last saw them, swapping out righty reliever Chris Bootcheck for another in Greg Jones and replacing Curtis Pride, who landed on the disabled list, with switch-hitting rookie outfielder Reggie Willits. They have however shuffled their line-up somewhat, with Robb Quinlan finally getting the majority of the starts at first base, Howie Kendrick platooning at second base with Adam Kennedy, and Mike Napoli getting the bulk of the starts behind the plate.

For the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez returns to the line-up and third base, while Aaron Guiel gets his first career start at first. Guiel had never played first base in the majors before joining the Yankees, though he has appeared their three times already for the Bombers. The Guiel move is very encouraging, as it is the left-handed Guiel, not switch-hitter-in-name-only Bernie Williams, who should be platooning with the struggling Craig Wilson (.258/.290/.394 as a Yankee). Here's hoping Guiel is solid in the field and comes up with a big hit or two, rewarding Torre for his creativity.

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2006-08-25 17:52:16
1.   Bob Timmermann
Just so no one is confused:

Howie Kendrick - black
Reggie Willits - white

That is all.

2006-08-25 17:52:22
2.   Cliff Corcoran
Mike Scioscia of course contradicts the last sentence of my third paragraph with his lineup tonight, which has Jose Molina behind the plate and Howie Kendrick at first base, though in fairness, the latter is part of that complex platoon that has the lefty Kennedy in and the righty Quinlan sitting against righties.
2006-08-25 17:54:05
3.   JL25and3
1 Yeah, I was pretty surprised the first time I saw Kendrick.
2006-08-25 18:01:19
4.   Cliff Corcoran
1 I'm more surprised about Willits, whom I've never seen. Can anyone think of any other white guys named Reggie, other than the infamous Reggie Cleveland, of course?
2006-08-25 18:03:16
5.   Travis
1 I knew about Kendrick, but not about Willits. The only other white "Reggie" I can think of is the one from the Archie comics.
2006-08-25 18:10:21
6.   randym77
Guiel was playing 1B regularly in Columbus. Not sure if it was the Yankees' idea or not. The Clippers have a surfeit of outfielders, so they may have done it on their own.

He's batting .400 against Lackey, which probably had some bearing on the decision to start him at 1B tonight.

2006-08-25 18:32:41
7.   JL25and3
The only reason that Kendrick particularly registered was that I'd heard a lot more about him.

Khalil Greene still tops them all.

2006-08-25 18:33:43
8.   randym77
Pavano's line for tonight:

6.0 IP, 8 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 5 SO, 0 HR, 3.00 ERA.

The announcers said his fastball was 90mph, and he was hitting his locations well.

I don't think he's quite ready for prime time, though.

2006-08-25 18:37:59
9.   mehmattski
8 Banter cliche #891: "Who?"
2006-08-25 18:50:18
10.   Bama Yankee
1 What you talkin' 'bout Willits?
2006-08-25 18:55:27
11.   Cliff Corcoran
10 If only he were teammates with Jason Arnold.
2006-08-25 19:05:52
12.   Bama Yankee
11 They do have a (Mrs.) Garret on the team...
"What you talkin' 'bout Mrs. G?"
2006-08-25 19:09:14
13.   mehmattski
I saw every game of the Red Sox sweep. I saw none of the Mariners games. Therefore, my return to Yankees watching means good things tonight.

Let's Go Yank-ees!

2006-08-25 19:12:58
14.   BklynBmr
7 Not sure of the accuracy of this, but it was buzzing around the publishing industry a few years back — Jet Magazine's flacks set up an interview with Khalil Greene sight unseen. Needless to say, the interview never appeared in print...
2006-08-25 19:15:16
15.   Travis
In other news around the majors:

Manny's out of the lineup again tonight.

Barry Zito has a no-hitter through 6.

2006-08-25 19:18:16
16.   anaconda
It appears that Dotel is starting to come around and Torre is starting to gain confidence in him, according to Sam Borden:

2006-08-25 19:24:33
17.   matt0620
Is it just me.. or does Wright load the bases every time in the first inning?
2006-08-25 19:24:38
18.   JPost
Jaret Wright... 1st inning...bases loaded

What a surprise

2006-08-25 19:25:06
19.   JPost
i guess we are telepathic
2006-08-25 19:26:56
20.   mehmattski
Two ground ball singles and a walk... got past Guerrero okay... I think that wasn't so bad, for him...
2006-08-25 19:27:03
21.   seamus
jaret is painful to watch, no matter how many runs he does or doesn't let score.
2006-08-25 19:27:58
22.   mehmattski
John Lackey is throwing a no hitter!
2006-08-25 19:28:32
23.   BklynBmr
Speed kills... wow, what a terrible call...
2006-08-25 19:28:51
24.   seamus
22 a little early for that jinx! now he REALLY will throw a NO HITTER!
2006-08-25 19:29:22
25.   Travis
Horrible call.
2006-08-25 19:29:47
26.   BklynBmr
22 Make that a no hit shutout...

Let's care of two birds at once ;-)

2006-08-25 19:31:18
27.   BklynBmr
Well, the Halos' D is encouraging if nothing else...
2006-08-25 19:31:42
28.   tommyl
A-Rod, stop guessing with two strikes. That was a very hittable pitch.
2006-08-25 19:31:52
29.   JPost
Seattle 1 Boston 0
2006-08-25 19:32:03
30.   mehmattski
24 I take complete credit.
2006-08-25 19:32:22
31.   pistolpete
Infield single - so much for a jinx.

Anyway - does anyone think A-Rod should be moved down to 7th in the order until he starts hitting consistently again?

2006-08-25 19:32:29
32.   BklynBmr
Guiel goes yard here...
2006-08-25 19:33:39
33.   seamus
our guys have been hitting the ball well but right at guys. Well, not all of our guys, but many of them.
2006-08-25 19:33:53
34.   randym77
32 About 4/5 of a yard.
2006-08-25 19:34:46
35.   seamus
34 too bad we aren't playing horseshoes or hand grenades!
2006-08-25 19:34:48
36.   Mattpat11
Is Lackey the ugliest player in MLB? Its either him or Jay Gibbons.

Its sad when Randy Johnson is a distant third, at best.

2006-08-25 19:35:24
37.   BklynBmr
29 We gave the M's confidence. Let's hope they're still feelin' it...

34 Exactly. Not what I had in mind ;-) ...

2006-08-25 19:36:45
38.   mehmattski
36 Don't forget Youk and that guy with the weird, flaky looking face... can't remember his name... maybe on the Astros?
2006-08-25 19:37:53
39.   pistolpete
36 A friend and I at work were just discussing that - we agreed he looks like the 'special' cousin of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young.
2006-08-25 19:38:24
40.   BklynBmr
Send that centerfielder back down to Columbus!
2006-08-25 19:38:34
41.   Mattpat11
38 Youk is pretty bad to. As is Mench.

I just think Lackey's worse because he's that ugly with really bad teeth that for some reason they always close up on.

2006-08-25 19:38:43
42.   randym77
Well, that was ugly.
2006-08-25 19:40:15
43.   randym77
Good thing it went into the stands, or it might have been another triple. :-P
2006-08-25 19:40:39
44.   pistolpete

Can we petition for the Angels to be swapped to the NL for, say, the Cubs? This way we'd only have to play them 3 times every 3 years or so...

2006-08-25 19:41:24
45.   Travis
Zito's no-hitter ends in the 8th.
2006-08-25 19:41:56
46.   seamus
i'd like to see them ask the third base ump if he swung
2006-08-25 19:42:01
47.   Mattpat11
Jaret Wright appears to be getting fatter as the year goes on.
2006-08-25 19:42:49
48.   Mattpat11
47 Perhaps even as the game goes on. He seems fatter now than when I posted that.
2006-08-25 19:44:08
49.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the day cannot get here soon enough when Pavano and Wright are gone and laughed about like Whitson and others...
2006-08-25 19:45:10
50.   monkeypants
I was just about to predict that Wright would be out by the fourth, before that baserunnign gaf. Do the Angels actually like running into outs. Why bother, when they seemingly can just at will single the Yanks to death?
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2006-08-25 19:45:12
51.   unpopster
36 and don't forget David "Corky" Weathers
2006-08-25 19:45:37
52.   BklynBmr
36 In the 80s, the SF Giants had Jeff Leonard, nicknamed 'Penitentiary Face'. Once, he demanded the press refer to him with his full name of Jeffery — and the nickname also became more formal: 'Correctional Institution Face'.

I loved his HR trot: 'One Flap Down'...

2006-08-25 19:48:55
53.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I just got back from the Braves-Nationals game down here in Atlanta......NL ball is awful...I manage to get to one game a year down here just to confirm that...

Atlanta fans also deserve every bit of shit they get about being horrible fans

2006-08-25 19:49:35
54.   Max
I don't know why, but seeing Wright's Gameday mug shot next to Itzuris' makes me laugh.
2006-08-25 19:49:43
55.   randym77
Gawd. That was just the second out?
2006-08-25 19:50:07
56.   pistolpete
53 "Atlanta fans also deserve every bit of shit they get about being horrible fans"

How so?

2006-08-25 19:51:09
57.   Travis
53 You left before the end of the game? Booooooooooo.
2006-08-25 19:51:15
58.   Stormer Sports

How about trying to sell out a playoff game now and then?

2006-08-25 19:51:56
59.   Mattpat11
56 Well, they don't show up half the time, for one.
2006-08-25 19:52:32
60.   pistolpete
Ugh - they're just teeing off on Wright.

Go Mariners.

2006-08-25 19:52:33
61.   randym77
I blame the mustaches. Kill the caterpillars!
2006-08-25 19:52:47
62.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
56they are generally poor fans a la Southern California types....arrive late, leave early, not very into the game, etc...

Turner Field is like an amusement park with Cartoon Network land, batting cages, face painting, etc....

They did not sell out most playoff games

2006-08-25 19:53:00
63.   Mattpat11
I dislike Jaret Wright
2006-08-25 19:53:23
64.   Stormer Sports
Oh well.

We better hope for a Boston loss.

2006-08-25 19:54:06
65.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
it is all Atlanta sports....Hawks, Falcons, Thrashers, etc....although the Falcons are trendy now...

College Football and NASCAR rule down here

2006-08-25 19:54:52
66.   seamus
seriously, good thing our pen is rested.
2006-08-25 19:55:11
67.   pistolpete
62 Yeah, I know about the playoff situation - I just thought you had something extra that maybe some of us who don't attend Braves games wouldn't know.

Like they don't know what a ground-rule double is or something... ;-)

2006-08-25 19:55:21
68.   monkeypants
Typical Angels. Some line drives, a blooper, silly baserunning, a shot by Vlad. This is painful.
2006-08-25 19:55:46
69.   seamus
65 speaking of college football. One week and my fighting irish invade georgia!!!!

college football is my favorite of all sports.

2006-08-25 19:55:56
70.   Max
60 64 Can't depend on bad teams to help us out with the people chasing us. This team needs to take care of its own business.
2006-08-25 19:56:16
71.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
The best thing that can come of signing Wright, Pavano and renewing The Big Mullet are the living examples of blowing money on marginal players or HOFers farewell tours

Wang, Hughes, etc....homegrown is the way to go...with the odd Lidle, Chacon, etc..mixed in

2006-08-25 19:56:29
72.   Travis
65 The Falcons might be trendy now, but just wait until Vick leaves.

Atlanta must have the worst fans in professional sports. I can't think of any city that comes close.

2006-08-25 19:56:43
73.   seamus
Wright has thrown 58 pitches in 2 innings! Against an impatient batting team!
2006-08-25 19:57:24
74.   Travis
72 Worst as in nobody shows up, not as in bad behavior.
2006-08-25 19:57:38
75.   pistolpete
70 Yeah, but we're all just fans. We can't do anything about this mess.

Go Mariners.

2006-08-25 19:57:53
76.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

totally agree....have a bad feeling about this weekend....the ass end of our rotation against the Angels...

Just glad the Sox stay out here for three with the A's while we get home

2006-08-25 19:58:08
77.   seamus
do EVERY team's wives do fundraiser promos when they play the Yankees?
2006-08-25 19:58:22
78.   monkeypants
Come on Damon. This is shaping up like the the third out of fourth game of bull shit.
2006-08-25 19:58:28
79.   Stormer Sports
I kid of like Rex Hudler. Please don't ban me from the Banter for saying that.
2006-08-25 19:59:28
80.   atc
77 she was pretty hot
2006-08-25 19:59:35
81.   seamus

you muskrat!

2006-08-25 19:59:45
82.   singledd
wow... Jetes swung at that after the catcher caught it.
2006-08-25 19:59:52
83.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Both Florida baseball teams, D'Backs, Padres, etc.....

any of your fabricated cities (e.g. Orlando)

2006-08-25 20:00:09
84.   pistolpete
79 Broke in with the Yanks - nothing wrong with liking him.
2006-08-25 20:00:54
85.   Stormer Sports
Lets start simply. Try to get a runner to second fucking base! Maybe later they can try to score.
2006-08-25 20:00:55
86.   seamus
80 yeah, they always are.
2006-08-25 20:01:12
87.   randym77
73 Pretty frightening. He may not even make it 5 innings tonight.

I had high hopes for Wright earlier this season, but now...the guy's killing our bullpen.

2006-08-25 20:01:34
88.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
No fear...this is the stretch of the season when A Rod puts the team on his back and carries them for a week.....
2006-08-25 20:01:48
89.   pistolpete
Is it me, or is this ump trigger happy? He looks like he's ready to break into a strike call on every pitch.
2006-08-25 20:02:42
90.   pistolpete
C'mon, Jason - you and that 'stache please tie it up now.
2006-08-25 20:02:49
91.   Travis
83 Yeah, but the Florida football teams have sold out their games for years, the Heat and Suns sell out, etc. 3 of the 4 Atlanta teams don't come close to selling out, and the 4th only does because Michael Vick (check their attendance for their Super Bowl year and the next, you'll be surprised).
2006-08-25 20:03:00
92.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I live in Atlanta and Wright was a mirage created by Leo Mazzone...

2006-08-25 20:03:04
93.   Stormer Sports

You mean piggy back around the clubhouse?

2006-08-25 20:03:34
94.   atc
BTW, I'm getting dragged into going to Williamsport tomorrow. Anyone ever been? Are there any bars around the stadium or in town?
2006-08-25 20:04:41
95.   pistolpete
Lean IN to those pitches, Jason.
2006-08-25 20:05:27
96.   pistolpete
Oh for f*ck's sake.
2006-08-25 20:05:54
97.   randym77
92 Wright was pitching okay early this summer. Only five innings, horrible to watch, but not giving up many runs. Now...ugh.

Drat. But I gotta say...what a catch. Damn.

2006-08-25 20:07:20
98.   seamus
94 i've been to williamsport and know a home brewer who lives out that way, but i know nothing about the bars in the area. sorry.
2006-08-25 20:08:00
99.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I have been to alot of events and LL WS is on the list to get to....

2006-08-25 20:08:33
100.   nyyfan22
Hold on to your personables... it's Juan Rivera.
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2006-08-25 20:08:48
101.   BklynBmr
Umpire Foster pulled a muscle turning to watch Halo rockets into the outfield all night. He'll be fine...
2006-08-25 20:09:10
102.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

A Rod has actually hired Sal "two slices extra cheese" Fasano to provide the piggyback service to teammates interested

2006-08-25 20:09:21
103.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

A Rod has actually hired Sal "two slices extra cheese" Fasano to provide the piggyback service to teammates interested

2006-08-25 20:09:47
104.   Travis
100 Ruben Rivera was the locker room thief, not Juan.
2006-08-25 20:10:53
105.   BklynBmr
Bad call #2 tonight...
2006-08-25 20:11:02
106.   randym77
Juan can't even steal a base. :-D
2006-08-25 20:11:03
107.   pistolpete
The most aggravating thing about tonight is that Wright is getting ahead of (WOW we got a break on that call) most batters, but then proceeds to throw all over the place and walk the guy, or put one right in someone's wheelhouse.
2006-08-25 20:11:19
108.   Zack
Well, this is shaping up to be exactly the game we all expected it to be. Wright is inefficient, relatively ineffective but keeping us in the game, and the Yanks offense can't do jack squat against Lackey, even if we get guys on base, as we have. Soooooo, more of the same old...
2006-08-25 20:11:31
109.   atc
9899 I guess I'm slightly excited. I have no rooting interest in the game though.
2006-08-25 20:11:33
110.   nyyfan22
104 my bad.

Looks like they were both caught stealing, huh?

2006-08-25 20:11:44
111.   Travis
Why do the Angels bother taking extra bases?
2006-08-25 20:12:28
112.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Lidle and Wright are really co-5th starters and Pavano will enter the fray upon his return from that pulled ass muscle
2006-08-25 20:12:38
113.   pistolpete
What the hell was that, Cano?!!!
2006-08-25 20:13:01
114.   seamus
he was definitely out on that steal attempt. replays made it clear that cano gets him in the back before he hits the bag.
2006-08-25 20:13:11
115.   Tarheel
This team looks like shit. How can a team get so many big hits one week and then suck so bad the next? Can't they figure out that these teams were watching them against Boston taking so many pitches and now pitchers are just coming straight at them with strikes? This team just can't hit fastballs this week. As soon as I saw Arod take strike one, I knew he was striking out. And the rest of the team looks like they are sleep walking. Time to snap out of it guys. I can see being down for one or two games right after the big Sox series, but it is time to pick it up a notch.

By the way, Wright SUCKS and should be cut after this game!!

2006-08-25 20:15:15
116.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I had been hoping most of the season for a murder-suicide involving Pavano and Wright
2006-08-25 20:15:20
117.   seamus
allright Wright! Only 13 pitches that inning! He may go 5!
2006-08-25 20:16:50
118.   Max
117 Almost miraculous he got out of that inning unscathed. I was sure we'd see Villone for 3 and Proctor for 2. Now maybe we'll see each of them for only 2 innings apiece.
2006-08-25 20:16:53
119.   randym77
115 My theory is that Boston just sucks big, green, warty pickles. We swept them because they're horrible, not because we're good.
2006-08-25 20:17:06
120.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
nice swing...
2006-08-25 20:17:41
121.   randym77
118 A miracle named Juan Rivera. ;-)
2006-08-25 20:18:34
122.   pistolpete
Why is A-Rod striking out not even disappointing anymore?

My theory is he's channelling Kelly Stinnett, and I simply expect him to make out every single time. It's less aggravating that way.

2006-08-25 20:18:44
123.   BklynBmr
All NY teams mail it in on West Coast trips. Yanks, Mutts, Jints, Jets, Knicks, you name it. I'd bet a cold one that over the past 20 years, all of the above have a combined losing records on the Left Coast.

"Palm trees and blonde bitches like you see on TV? You better pack yo sh*t and get the f*ck on outta here..."

2006-08-25 20:18:51
124.   rsmith51
How many baserunners is it today for the Halos? They put pressure on the defense, but relieve pressure from the pitcher.
2006-08-25 20:19:14
125.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Cano should help A Rod with his swing...he looks like Carew while A Rod looks like Ca-shit
2006-08-25 20:19:53
126.   Tarheel
119 You may be on to something there.

I have been probably the biggest Arod supporter there is this year. But, I am beginning to wonder about him. I see the same thing all the time....sneak a fastball by him with the first pitch, foul one off next, slider low and away for a swinging strike three. You would think he would make some adustments.

2006-08-25 20:20:08
127.   rsmith51
122 That is how I approach Bernie's atbats. I will have to do that for Alex as well.
2006-08-25 20:20:09
128.   atc
119 I'm not sure if I genuinely feel that way, but I definitely voiced that opinion to my Red Sox fan friends this week. They kept asking why I didn't call that much to harrass them, and I simply said that I wasn't all that excited because their team completely sucked.
2006-08-25 20:21:08
129.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
The bullpen should start a tradition that Wright must stay on the mound in the 5th when the reliever trots out and take a smack to the back of the head before heading to the clubhouse
2006-08-25 20:21:18
130.   weeping for brunnhilde
Question about Jorge. For years I've never figured out how his OBP is so high all the time.

He takes so many bad swings and is fairly easy to fool, yet he draws walks.

I really don't get it.

Anyone care to explain his opb skills to me, because I just have never been able to see them.

2006-08-25 20:21:40
131.   randym77
C'mon, Ralph Malph!
2006-08-25 20:22:30
132.   BklynBmr
Lotta loud New Yorkers in that crowd, as always...
2006-08-25 20:22:31
133.   rsmith51
130 I think Jorge is generally easy to fool with 2 strikes, but earlier in the count he seems to have a discerning eye.
2006-08-25 20:22:39
134.   seamus
woah! a base hit with runner on 3d and less than two outs!
2006-08-25 20:22:41
135.   pistolpete
Wow, awfully lot of cheers for Yankees hits tonight!

I had my head turned but heard the loud cheer, fully expecting to see that Gueil had K'd.

2006-08-25 20:22:43
136.   bobtaco
126 It's almost like Arod and Soriano swapped brains this year...
2006-08-25 20:24:38
137.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

sadly for Cano not paychecks

2006-08-25 20:25:07
138.   pistolpete
2006-08-25 20:25:10
139.   nyyfan22
so is there anything in the press about all these mustaches? Is it a thing that started in Boston?

What a hussle by Damon!

2006-08-25 20:25:11
140.   Stormer Sports
2006-08-25 20:25:26
141.   weeping for brunnhilde
136 Speaking of, I just checked up on Sori this season and would you believe his obp is somewhere around .360?

Good hustle, Johnnie.

2006-08-25 20:26:58
142.   pistolpete
Lackey is coming unhinged.
2006-08-25 20:27:44
143.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
See A Rod can start off a big inning..albeit
looking lost swinging half assed at a 3rd strike
2006-08-25 20:27:58
144.   rsmith51
Let's go, Bobby!
2006-08-25 20:28:26
145.   randym77
139 Yes, there have been several articles about the mustaches. Supposedly, it's Fasano's fault. Giambi was the first. Started well before the Boston series.
2006-08-25 20:28:27
146.   weeping for brunnhilde

Next time, Bobby.

2006-08-25 20:28:31
147.   BklynBmr
136 Sori has a shot for a 50/50 year...
2006-08-25 20:28:42
148.   monkeypants
Abreu of the 15 pitch ABs...grounds out meakly on the first pitch.
2006-08-25 20:29:02
149.   Stormer Sports
Seattle clinging to a 1-0 lead.
2006-08-25 20:29:13
150.   Travis
7 left on base in 4 innings. Seems like every other Yankee-Angel game.
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2006-08-25 20:29:45
151.   LI yankee
All the pressure is on the pitcher in a bases loaded situation. WHY would you swing at the first pitch?!
2006-08-25 20:30:05
152.   seamus
143 ok. are you in love with arod? you sound like that boy in love who exagerates up negative things to say about the person he is crazy on. in your case it is arod.
2006-08-25 20:30:57
153.   seamus
151 I was surprised Abreu swung at pitch one. Consider that the pitcher was clearly wild going into that at bat, Abreu swinging makes little sense for such a patient hitter.
2006-08-25 20:31:44
154.   Tarheel
These "regular" Yankees should be ashamed that the new guy, who couldn't even make it with KC, is the one that can get the big hit.

And if one of the Yankee pitchers doesn't plunk a hitter tonight, I am going to be pissed. How many times has Jeter been hit this year?

2006-08-25 20:32:09
155.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

it is like watching a train wreck...oddly just sort of ponder how bad it could get...

2006-08-25 20:32:13
156.   rsmith51
151 I was thinking that Lackey would give him a fat fastball on the first pitch.
2006-08-25 20:33:16
157.   pistolpete
2-0 Seattle.
2006-08-25 20:33:18
158.   rsmith51
I think Guiel will be valuable for this team the rest of the year.
2006-08-25 20:33:19
159.   bobtaco
154 9 times
2006-08-25 20:33:39
160.   Max
Bad guess by Bobby. Obviously figured he was going to get an easy one to slap for a hit or more, given his reputation for taking on the first, but Lackey was so wild with the previous batter that he should have been more patient. Oh well.
2006-08-25 20:33:51
161.   Tarheel
Now they have Giambi and Arod to lead off the next inning. Whoopeeee!!
2006-08-25 20:33:53
162.   weeping for brunnhilde
151 Normally I'd absolutely agree with you, but Abreu's so fucking hot that if he thinks it's a good idea to swing, he should swing.

He's got a free pass from me for a good long time.

2006-08-25 20:35:06
163.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Tigers lose again...they are wobbly at best..could be a good time to have them roll in next week
2006-08-25 20:35:23
164.   BklynBmr
Tribe over Tigers, 4-2.
2006-08-25 20:37:00
165.   Tarheel
I don't know why I am so negative tonight. I am probably the biggest Yankee fan in North Carolina and have been since 1975. I watch or listen to almost every game. But, this team is killing me. So much talent, so little energy lately.
2006-08-25 20:38:16
166.   Tarheel
163 I don't know if that is good or bad. Seems like the Yankees get teams that have been struggling and then they re-find their game just in time for NY.
2006-08-25 20:39:06
167.   singledd
Minn beat the White Sox and now lead in the WC.
2006-08-25 20:40:12
168.   weeping for brunnhilde
Vlad is a ridiculous hitter.

And Joe has seen enough.

2006-08-25 20:40:39
169.   singledd
"So much talent, so little energy lately."
20 days playing in a row, including a double header and flying all over the country. I'd be pretty tired too.
2006-08-25 20:40:46
170.   Tarheel
Wright would look real good in a Columbus or Trenton or Charleston uniform next week.
2006-08-25 20:40:56
171.   randym77
Villone again. Sheesh. Remember when we wondered if he was still alive?
2006-08-25 20:41:00
172.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
does anyone think Wright drew interest from any other team...who did they beat with checkbook for this guy ?
2006-08-25 20:41:14
173.   weeping for brunnhilde
169 Agreed.
2006-08-25 20:41:21
174.   Mattpat11
I dislike Jaret Wright. Very much.
2006-08-25 20:41:32
175.   Travis
How many more rehab starts does Mr. Glass have left?
2006-08-25 20:41:38
176.   pistolpete
So when IS the next day off?
2006-08-25 20:41:43
177.   Max
168 It's sad when you consider it a minor triumph that Vlad's at bat hasn't resulted in a run scoring.
2006-08-25 20:41:47
178.   monkeypants
The well-rested BP gets to earn its keep. I know Villone is the longer guy, but I wish Joe would drop the hammer a little more here, and maybe go with Proctor for four outs.
2006-08-25 20:42:17
179.   nyyfan22
2006-08-25 20:42:36
180.   Mattpat11
171 They need length
2006-08-25 20:42:48
181.   Tarheel
169 Screw that, these guys are professional baseball players. They should be prepared for a long season with long times between days off.
2006-08-25 20:43:05
182.   BklynBmr
165 I'm feelin' ya. The Halos bring this out in me automatically, for starters. Why this club has our number when other more talented teams do not is beyond me. I'm mad at the Yanks for not taking care of business and executing in key spots. Seems they can always get things going, but fail to close the deal. Very frustrating...
2006-08-25 20:45:05
183.   pistolpete
GREAT job, Ronny.
2006-08-25 20:45:33
184.   monkeypants
180 That's a BP philosophy (or strategy) that I don't buy, personally. You can go with high leverage guys at high leverage times. There is nothing wrong with going to your set-up guy here, maybe for four outs. Then bring in your longer releiver in the sixth to start the inning.

Then again, Villone has been pretty good this year, and he is rested.

And as I type this, he Ks Anderson, so tell me to shut the hell up about BP strategy.

2006-08-25 20:45:39
185.   Stormer Sports
Boston into the Mariner pen in the 6th.

Still 2-0.

2006-08-25 20:45:57
186.   weeping for brunnhilde
177 What do you mean? Didn't he have an rbi double his first time?
2006-08-25 20:47:56
187.   Max
186 I meant his last at bat against Wright (or any at bat against Wright). He only got a single, and Ronnie was able to come in and stop the bleeding.
2006-08-25 20:48:33
188.   singledd
181 They are prepared... just tired as hell. It put Big Papi in the hospital.
2006-08-25 20:48:52
189.   monkeypants
Fie on your shift!
2006-08-25 20:49:18
190.   mehmattski
165 I dunno tarheel, I'm in NC and I'm a pretty big fan... I'm quite a bit younger though, Its good to hear there are other true (ie, non "bandwagon") Yankees fans in the state...
2006-08-25 20:49:22
191.   seamus
jason. what was that oppposite field ground ball!
2006-08-25 20:49:34
192.   singledd
JG goes the other way. He MUST be tired!
2006-08-25 20:49:36
193.   Stormer Sports
Arod could learn a ton from how Giambi handled himself last year, and even the year before.

Rex is right. NY fans respect honesty, not platitudes and excuses.

2006-08-25 20:50:08
194.   monkeypants
Does A-Rod start out at 0-2? Is that some sort of new AL rule?
2006-08-25 20:50:43
195.   weeping for brunnhilde
Poor Alex, man.

Like clockwork.


2006-08-25 20:50:43
196.   Mattpat11
Alex just doesn't look well.
2006-08-25 20:50:50
197.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan want to apologise for your boy again ?
2006-08-25 20:51:32
198.   weeping for brunnhilde
"Whatever I was looking for they were throwing something else, it's like I was going up there blindfolded."

Singleton on striking out five times in two games.

2006-08-25 20:51:44
199.   mehmattski
197 Only if you make a full apology every time he gets a hit.
2006-08-25 20:51:59
200.   Tarheel
Like I said earlier. Just throw Arod a couple of fastballs early for an 0-2 count, then go down and away with the slider. Guaranteed K.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-25 20:52:33
201.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
199okay...this game it looks like you will need to go first...a couple of times
2006-08-25 20:52:39
202.   pistolpete
Well Robbie's out pretty much sums up the night so far.
2006-08-25 20:52:59
203.   weeping for brunnhilde
Precisely, Tarheel, precisely as you called it.

It's a crying shame.

2006-08-25 20:53:11
204.   atc
I hate this stadium. Every time we hit the ball hard it gets caught...or so it seems.
2006-08-25 20:53:45
205.   Tarheel
196 A sore throat shouldn't make someone look so bad. Hell, most people work with sore throats all winter long.
2006-08-25 20:53:51
206.   monkeypants
Two outs, Giambi on 2nd and Posada on 1st. It might take a triple to score one!
2006-08-25 20:54:07
207.   seamus
197 when did i apologize for arod? he is clearly struggling. But quite honestly, you sound absurd when you reach to criticize him. You don't have to reach to find credible criticism of Arod but you do it anyhow.
2006-08-25 20:54:08
208.   unpopster
ok, it's reached this point now where Arod is seriously hurting this team. I don't even want to think about how much he'll hurt us come the postseason.
2006-08-25 20:54:32
209.   Travis
Lefties (includes switch hitters): 8-18, 1 k
Righties: 0-5, 4 k
2006-08-25 20:55:21
210.   Tarheel
Can you imagine the boos for Arod if this game were in NY?
2006-08-25 20:55:55
211.   Tarheel
9 LOB--great hitting guys.
2006-08-25 20:56:03
212.   Mattpat11
205 He physically looks ill. Perhaps its more than a sore throat.
2006-08-25 20:56:06
213.   Travis
9 LOB in 5 innings.
2006-08-25 20:56:08
214.   pistolpete
3-0 Seattle.
2006-08-25 20:56:35
215.   pistolpete
3-0 Seattle.
2006-08-25 20:56:51
216.   pistolpete
Did I mention it's 3-0 Seattle?
2006-08-25 20:56:54
217.   Stormer Sports
Seattle scores.


2006-08-25 20:57:06
218.   Travis
4-0 now.
2006-08-25 20:57:11
219.   Stormer Sports

Seattle 4-0.

2006-08-25 20:57:20
220.   seamus
212 well, he had the flu apparently. That doesn't come and go in a couple of days. he probably is still sick, but he still should be better than this. I really want him to do well, but it is frustrating.
2006-08-25 20:57:33
221.   pistolpete
4-0 Seattle.
2006-08-25 20:57:35
222.   randym77
It wasn't an ordinary sore throat. He had a fever of 101F. That's pretty damned high for an adult.
2006-08-25 20:57:51
223.   monkeypants
Well, at least Seattle is taking it to the Sox, if their BP doesn't melt down.
2006-08-25 20:57:53
224.   weeping for brunnhilde
212 ARe you talking about that shot of him in the dugout, following his last ab? Yeah, he didn't look well at all. Almost looked sort of delirious or drugged up or something.
2006-08-25 20:57:55
225.   seamus
hey, they added commercial music to mlb-tv!
2006-08-25 20:57:55
226.   Tarheel
190 What part of NC are you from? I know what you mean about bandwagon fans. Do you remember in the early 90s how many crisp new Braves hats were all over NC? Made me hate the Braves even more than I did before.
2006-08-25 20:58:59
227.   tocho
hey guys, just to let you know the yanks will win tonight and the bosox will lose...

good night to you all.

2006-08-25 20:59:24
228.   Travis
225 Yup. They've also added a player name scramble where they spell Esteban Loaiza's first name "Estaban."
2006-08-25 20:59:35
229.   nyyfan22
227 positive thinking... I like it!
2006-08-25 20:59:41
230.   mehmattski
222 I dunno... I wrote a 15 page paper and drove from Durham, NC to North Jersey with a 101 F fever last winter... but for some reason I think hitting a 9 inch baseball at 90 mph with a 30 inch stick is a bit tougher than what I did.
2006-08-25 21:00:15
231.   seamus
228 scrabble?
2006-08-25 21:00:15
232.   Tarheel
212 I would look sick if I was sucking so bad, too.

222 He HAD a fever, he doesn't have one now. If he is indeed still sick enough to screw up his game, he should sit out and not hurt the team.

2006-08-25 21:00:30
233.   tocho
2006-08-25 21:00:54
234.   JeremyM
Hey, Jordan scored 40-some points while battling the flu, A-Rod can't get a lousy hit?

I'm just kidding of course. I hate, hate, hate these games where they strand tons of base runners.

2006-08-25 21:00:59
235.   pistolpete
233 I thought you went to bed! ;-)
2006-08-25 21:01:34
236.   pistolpete
234 It wouldn't be an Angels game without tons of stranded runners.
2006-08-25 21:01:37
237.   BklynBmr
A-Rod is killing the Yanks once again. 15 LOB, A-Rod responsible for 2. Will someone text message Steve Phillips in case he's not up to speed on this. Thanks...
2006-08-25 21:01:55
238.   monkeypants
I have never seen a team whose offense is predicated so heavily on bloop base hits.
2006-08-25 21:02:00
239.   Travis
231 No, one of those jumbles that you normally see before movies, like "MOT HANKS."
2006-08-25 21:02:03
240.   Mattpat11
224 To be honest, he looks like I did when i had mono.
2006-08-25 21:02:12
241.   seamus
237 lol!
2006-08-25 21:02:17
242.   tocho
235 I was on my way and saw seattle score...
2006-08-25 21:02:28
243.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Fair call, I am just amazed at this total and utter mental collapse...this is an MVP, HOF type...honestly cannot recall anything like this other than a lower level player like Rick Ankiel....

This will be interesting going forward to next season...hope he turns it around

2006-08-25 21:02:39
244.   Tarheel
234 The only person in sports that can remotely be compared to Jordan would be Tiger. Jordan was superhuman.
2006-08-25 21:02:56
245.   seamus
239 oh ok. thanks. gotta pay more attention!
2006-08-25 21:03:54
246.   mehmattski
226 I'm actually from northwest Jersey... not sure I should reveal this to a guy whose handle is tarheel, but I graduated from Duke in May and I'm working in RTP now. But sports fans around here, when it comes to things other than college sports, are pretty bad. Like the "Caniacs" during the Stanley Cup-- no one in the country cares about the sport, yet for some reason people in the south get riled up about... hockey?!? Ugh.

With a ton of displaced Yankees (in the traditional and baseball fan sense) like me, I think eventually we could see a big league team in Raleigh or something.

2006-08-25 21:04:04
247.   JeremyM
244 You forgot Harold Minor...
2006-08-25 21:04:05
248.   singledd
Sox down 5-0 after 6. Schilling on the hook.
2006-08-25 21:04:32
249.   JPost
Starting now... i propose no posts regarding A-Rod. I sincerely want to see how many you all can go without bashing one of the games best, a man that our children's children will be asking us about.
2006-08-25 21:04:46
251.   seamus
244 ARod reminds me of Tiger in the sense of how Tiger struggled for a couple of years. He still won (ARod still hits some) but not dominating at all and all of a sudden Tiger got his swing back this year and is dominant. Arod may go through a similar stretch.
Show/Hide Comments 252-300
2006-08-25 21:06:15
252.   seamus
that was weird. something weird happened with that comment.
2006-08-25 21:07:14
253.   Tarheel
246 Too bad you went to Dook....I am a 1992 UNC grad. You are right about sports fans here. College b-ball and NASCAR. However, I too am a huge college basketball fan--Go Heels. But I think I am borderline obsessed with the Yankees. My wife says there is no borderline there.
2006-08-25 21:07:20
254.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

When Tiger is done people will have turned your statement around to read "the only person you can remotely compare to Tiger is Jordan"

LeBron if it works out right for him could have the Jordan like 6 ring run...

2006-08-25 21:07:21
255.   JeremyM
Comment 250 where are you?
2006-08-25 21:07:56
256.   JPost
wow... 14 seconds.

kinda pathetic.

no offense seamus you were prob writing it at the same time i was writing mine

2006-08-25 21:08:24
257.   weeping for brunnhilde
238 No kidding. Just goes to show what can happen when you put bat on ball and don't try to pull pitches on the outside corner.
2006-08-25 21:08:57
258.   nyyfan22
255 The server has the flu. Not feeling well.
2006-08-25 21:08:57
259.   Mattpat11
Fucking graphic. Go away.
2006-08-25 21:09:27
260.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

We could all agree to go back to picking on Pavano...

2006-08-25 21:09:34
261.   singledd
249 I second the emotion. OK, ARod really sucks. Projected ONLY to have a .285 BA, 32 HRs, 120 RBI, .900 OPS. He really sucks. So now we dont have to talk about him until his next grand slam.
2006-08-25 21:09:47
262.   Mattpat11
255 It was probably the best post of the night too.
2006-08-25 21:09:55
263.   seamus
256 definitely didn't see your post until now. no problem. all quiet on the ___ front!
2006-08-25 21:10:07
264.   weeping for brunnhilde
One more, Ronnie, one more.
2006-08-25 21:10:44
265.   pistolpete
Sox having worse offensive night than we are, if you can believe it. Seattle pitching simply blowing through that lineup inning after inning.
2006-08-25 21:10:45
266.   Tarheel
251 I can only hope you are right. Arod is my favorite Yankee (although he is really pissing me off right now). But, I just can't quite see the comparison to Tiger or Jordan.

254 Never, Jordan was first and, plus he is a Tarheel!!!

2006-08-25 21:10:51
267.   seamus
I think 250 was mine. I got an error, backed up and reposted and there it was missing. not sure whathappened.
2006-08-25 21:11:01
268.   Mattpat11
261 Holy shit. He's down to 32? I thought he was still on pace for 36.
2006-08-25 21:12:56
269.   weeping for brunnhilde
That wasn't a bad pitch by Villone. Eibar just went down and got it.
2006-08-25 21:13:26
270.   randym77
Yikes. How many pitches has Villone thrown? Seems like he's been in there forever.
2006-08-25 21:13:27
271.   singledd
Shit... thought Ron might get out of it.
2006-08-25 21:13:41
272.   JeremyM
damn it. They have guys come out of the woodwork to beat the Yanks.
2006-08-25 21:13:56
273.   seamus
villone needs to get out of this inning. after that we'll need to go to the pen and score some runs.
2006-08-25 21:14:00
274.   LI yankee
Should a shortstop be able to get that ground ball?
2006-08-25 21:14:35
275.   Tarheel
268 No kidding. He is going to hit 16 fewer HRs than last year. Wow. Hope he works really hard this winter.
2006-08-25 21:14:41
276.   seamus
274 not when he is playing in the hole.
2006-08-25 21:14:50
277.   JPost

Lets just go an entire inning without talking about A-Rod. Just 1. Jeez, its like we are the f'n paparazzi and every flippin day its a new picture of Lindsay Lohans boob or something.

One inning. Starting at the end of the 5th. No A-Rod talk.


I seriously want to see if it can happen because i know someone will mess it up.

2006-08-25 21:15:12
278.   Tarheel
274 Yes
2006-08-25 21:15:32
279.   singledd
Sox are playing tonight without AGon, Youk and Manny (as well as Tek and Nixon)
2006-08-25 21:16:04
280.   randym77
This game is going to end at about 2am.
2006-08-25 21:16:14
281.   JPost
so get all of your a-rod crap in right now.
2006-08-25 21:16:25
282.   Max
Aybar was really the key out in this inning. Now things really don't look good.
2006-08-25 21:16:51
283.   monkeypants
277 Good plan. Sadly, the end of the fifth is a l-o-n-g time coming...
2006-08-25 21:17:08
284.   weeping for brunnhilde
277 A-who?
2006-08-25 21:17:22
285.   Tarheel
281 I am with you, I will only say something if it is positive.
2006-08-25 21:18:10
286.   Mattpat11
277 Perhaps its me, but when one of the best players in baseball is on pace for one of his worst seasons ever, its newsworthy.
2006-08-25 21:18:17
287.   singledd
Sox down 6-0 in the 7th.
2006-08-25 21:18:21
288.   monkeypants
Villone impersonates Wright!
2006-08-25 21:18:26
289.   pistolpete
Nice, Ronny - that may have been the pitch sequence of the game if we come back and win.
2006-08-25 21:18:35
290.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job, Ronnie, nice job!

This guy's just great. Way to hang in and take care of business.

2006-08-25 21:18:46
291.   Mattpat11
Okay, end of the fifth.

I'm done talking.

2006-08-25 21:18:50
292.   Tarheel
Why can't the pitching get outs against this sorry team. They have ONE good hitter. ONE. Bloops, slaps, dinks, but not enough easy outs. Yankee pitching leaves something to be desired.
2006-08-25 21:18:57
293.   Travis
LOB: Yankees 9, Angels 10 (plus 2 runners thrown out on the bases)
2006-08-25 21:19:34
294.   singledd
OK everybody. Let's hold hands. Collective energy. Let's Mojo up a few runs.
2006-08-25 21:19:42
295.   randym77
281 I think your request is unreasonable. Personally, I'm suffering A-Rod fatigue and wouldn't mind not hearing his name again tonight. But it's not going to happen. Why stress out about it?
2006-08-25 21:20:04
296.   nyyfan22
I gotta go pop some popcorn...
2006-08-25 21:20:22
297.   weeping for brunnhilde
292 It's not our pitching, it's their approach. They go up there and play pepper, it's really tough to pitch to that.

Our guys should take some notes.

2006-08-25 21:20:45
298.   LI yankee
"Estaban"...i love it
2006-08-25 21:20:51
299.   Tarheel
Okay, now is rally time. Let's go Yankees.....Let's go Yankees.....Let's go Yankees.....

My prediction NY 6 LA 5. Mo with the save.

2006-08-25 21:21:43
300.   pistolpete
A-Rod up 6th this inning.

Oops, damn. Does that count? ;-)

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-25 21:21:57
301.   weeping for brunnhilde
Here's what we need--we need Derek to step it up again, his slump's gone on long enough.
2006-08-25 21:22:50
302.   randym77
I'm surprised they let Lackey come back out. He was obviously flagging last inning.
2006-08-25 21:23:14
303.   weeping for brunnhilde
See? That's crazy. No reason to swing through a 91 mph fastball down the pipe.
2006-08-25 21:23:38
304.   Mattpat11
I'll take it.
2006-08-25 21:23:42
305.   pistolpete
2006-08-25 21:23:52
306.   weeping for brunnhilde
Not a line drive, but ha!--we'll take it!

Taste of their own medicine.

2006-08-25 21:23:53
307.   monkeypants
Jeter! with an Angelesque (Figginsesque?) hit!
2006-08-25 21:24:06
308.   randym77
Jeter is so clutch.
2006-08-25 21:24:17
309.   JeremyM
2006-08-25 21:24:18
310.   mehmattski
Now there's some pepper... yeah Cap!
2006-08-25 21:24:28
311.   Travis
Shades of _____'s double against Boston.
2006-08-25 21:24:36
312.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oooh, Bobby's coming up big right here, I have no doubt.
2006-08-25 21:24:58
313.   singledd
I missed Jetes hit. What did he do?
2006-08-25 21:25:36
314.   Travis
Chopped double over the third baseman.
2006-08-25 21:25:48
315.   pistolpete
Johnny Damon looks like a character out of "The Warriors" with his 'stache.


2006-08-25 21:25:54
316.   Stormer Sports
Come on BOBBY!
2006-08-25 21:25:58
317.   singledd
2006-08-25 21:26:24
318.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hard chopper over the third-baseman's head, bounced down the line for a double. Melky scored.


I guess I was wrong about Bobby, but that was a productive out, doubly so.

2006-08-25 21:26:41
319.   Stormer Sports
How Bonds is walking more than Pujols baffles the mind.
2006-08-25 21:27:12
320.   monkeypants
Hmmm. I would IBB Giambi here.
2006-08-25 21:27:20
321.   Stormer Sports
Well, we can't expect Abreu to hit like he did in that Boston series forever.
2006-08-25 21:27:25
322.   nyyfan22
Angels showing respect for Alex.
2006-08-25 21:28:39
323.   monkeypants
2006-08-25 21:28:42
324.   Mattpat11
So, how about that weather?
2006-08-25 21:28:47
325.   weeping for brunnhilde
All right, here we go!

Let's go A-lex!!!

2006-08-25 21:28:52
326.   singledd
OK. Remember. Not a WORD!
2006-08-25 21:28:59
327.   rsmith51
322 Well he did have that 3 HR 10 RBI game last year.
2006-08-25 21:29:00
328.   Travis
None of those balls were close.
2006-08-25 21:29:07
329.   bobtaco
now what?
2006-08-25 21:29:17
330.   seamus
Let's go A-lex!!!!
2006-08-25 21:29:21
331.   weeping for brunnhilde
324 lol
2006-08-25 21:29:22
332.   Stormer Sports
Joe better not trot Villone back out there!
2006-08-25 21:29:42
333.   Stormer Sports
I can't even watch this at bat.
2006-08-25 21:29:47
334.   Max
324 Cloudy and cool over here.
2006-08-25 21:30:10
335.   pistolpete
Let's go _______, we need a fly ball!
2006-08-25 21:30:39
336.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
2006-08-25 21:30:52
337.   weeping for brunnhilde

That's the best possible result from that ab.

2006-08-25 21:31:03
338.   tommyl
Wow, A-Rod is absolutely awful tonight.
2006-08-25 21:31:11
339.   monkeypants
2006-08-25 21:31:18
340.   Mattpat11
334 Nice summer night here
2006-08-25 21:31:31
341.   BklynBmr
Dummy up. Everybody.
2006-08-25 21:31:37
342.   pistolpete
Is 'sad' an appropriate word to use?

8 K's in his last 9 ABs - did I just hear that correctly from Murcer?

2006-08-25 21:31:39
343.   weeping for brunnhilde
Let's go ROB-by!
2006-08-25 21:31:42
344.   Stormer Sports
Oh my God. Brutal, just brutal.
2006-08-25 21:31:50
345.   randym77
Golden sombrero.
2006-08-25 21:31:54
346.   Mattpat11
338 Hey. None of that.
2006-08-25 21:32:40
347.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Who does K-Rod play for ?
2006-08-25 21:32:58
348.   weeping for brunnhilde

But at least we tied it up.

And thank you to Abreu for not striking out.

Put the bat on the ball and good things can happen.

2006-08-25 21:33:41
349.   Travis
342 Yup. And the other AB was a homer.
2006-08-25 21:33:48
350.   monkeypants
Sox down by six; rested BP. Does Torre go for the kill this game, or does he play 'tie game on the road' strategy?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-25 21:34:01
351.   Tarheel
What is the record for strikeouts in a year?
2006-08-25 21:34:02
352.   seamus
as frustrating as tonight has been with all of the men left on base, we're tied.
2006-08-25 21:34:05
353.   singledd
Anybody hear Manny's got a bad knee?
2006-08-25 21:34:11
354.   Max
You know things are bad when you want Nick Green or Bernie pinch hitting for your Hall of Famer.
2006-08-25 21:34:15
355.   pistolpete
How was that a "nice job" by Lackey, Murcer? He gave up 2 runs to tie it.

What, just because he struck out _____? Meh, doesn't seem like a challenge anymore. There must be an instructional video being passed around from team to team these days. He can't hit anyone anymore.

2006-08-25 21:34:17
356.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Mattingly must be a bit perplexed....
2006-08-25 21:34:21
357.   Stormer Sports
Where is MATSUI! We need ya at DH buddy.
2006-08-25 21:35:38
358.   rsmith51
The Assman is in.
2006-08-25 21:36:11
359.   randym77
Tie game. I suppose this means we'll see that bleepin' monkey soon.
2006-08-25 21:36:11
360.   Travis
355 What's amazing is that every pitcher seems to have no control to the surrounding batters, but throws great pitches on strike 1 and 2 to _____.
2006-08-25 21:36:22
361.   Tarheel
If they lose this much as I hate to say it...Joe needs to make a statement and sit _______ for a couple of games. There is absolutely no excuse for 4 Ks in one game for this guy, especially when the go ahead run is 90 feet away with only one out.
2006-08-25 21:36:22
362.   pistolpete
Maybe Sheffield should pick up at his original position when (or if) he comes back.
2006-08-25 21:37:11
363.   pistolpete
Well, at least _____ can still field.
2006-08-25 21:37:14
364.   seamus
vlad - you've done enough for my fantasy team tonight. you can get out here!
2006-08-25 21:37:27
365.   singledd
Thank you for your collective energy. Those runs felt good. Let's do it again in the 8th.
2006-08-25 21:37:54
366.   Stormer Sports
How many more years until arbitration for Scotty? If he pitches this well next year, I would make like Oakland and lock him up for a while. He could be a closer for a lot if clubs (maybe even ours one day) if he keeps this up.
2006-08-25 21:37:57
367.   Max
277 Never let it be said that the Banter doesn't have a good sense of wit. That was the most entertaining and lively non-conversation about a player (for one inning) that I've seen in a while.
2006-08-25 21:38:17
368.   rsmith51
There has got to be something that the Yanks can do to fix what ails ARod. How about a freaking standing ovation when they get back from this road trip?
2006-08-25 21:38:31
369.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
honest comment....the Yankees 3b appears to have settled down in the field...Nick Green is not the best fielding 3b we have any longer
2006-08-25 21:39:21
370.   Travis
366 Beware of locking up a middle reliever for multiple years, especially one who has been used as extensively as Proctor. The list of relief pitchers who do well in back-to-back years is a short one.
2006-08-25 21:39:24
371.   Tarheel
368 Unless he does something heroic between now and Tuesday, I expect him to be booed severely.
2006-08-25 21:40:04
372.   pistolpete
Yankees MVP this season has got to be Proctor and/or Villone.
2006-08-25 21:40:11
373.   Tarheel
Holy shit..................a 1 2 3 inning.
2006-08-25 21:40:15
374.   bobtaco
361 How about he at least moves him from the 4 spot?
2006-08-25 21:40:23
375.   seamus
that was quick. i didn't know innings could be that short! :)
2006-08-25 21:40:23
376.   nyyfan22
Dr. Proctor <-- the proctologist. (Cliff's line)
2006-08-25 21:40:24
377.   Travis
A 1-2-3 inning!
2006-08-25 21:41:14
378.   BklynBmr
Game on. Let's go, Yan-kees...

Proctor is a stud.

2006-08-25 21:41:18
379.   seamus
376 and I thought he was a Cairo-Proctor!
2006-08-25 21:41:37
380.   Stormer Sports
If Matsui can come back and settle into that DH spot for a while, we get rock solid at DH, and we can keep Melty out there until Matsui gets in a groove. Matsui would probably like to get in the field though, am I wrong?

Do you think Joe would DH Melky, or would he continue this hodge podge approach?

2006-08-25 21:42:02
381.   pistolpete
374 I think 7th is more up his alley these days.
2006-08-25 21:42:09
382.   Stormer Sports

Like night and day from last year bro.

2006-08-25 21:43:04
383.   tommyl
346 I didn't say he was awful in general, just tonight. He's at 4 Ks and I've seen him take one good cut (that liner pulled foul). I don't think he's even gotten to a 2-2 count yet. Objectively, you have to admit that's pretty darn bad.
2006-08-25 21:43:07
384.   Stormer Sports

There is no situation I can evision where I wouldn't be comfortable with him out there.

2006-08-25 21:43:58
385.   pistolpete
Sox have 1 out in top of 9th, 2-2 on Kapler.
2006-08-25 21:44:01
386.   monkeypants
Torre properly platooning Guiel/Wilson tonight?!?
2006-08-25 21:44:23
387.   weeping for brunnhilde
380 Melky's a better fielder by far than Matsui, needless to say.

I'd like him to just stay put where he is.

Hands off.

2006-08-25 21:44:52
388.   rsmith51
I am going to bed after this half inning. Hopefully with the lead for the Yanks.
2006-08-25 21:45:20
389.   randym77
Yeah, Craig!
2006-08-25 21:45:33
390.   Stormer Sports
2006-08-25 21:45:41
391.   pistolpete
Wow, I thought for sure Figgins had that. Nice job, Craig.
2006-08-25 21:45:47
392.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ichiro would have had that.

That's how good he is.

Good effort, Figgins.

2006-08-25 21:46:07
393.   rsmith51
I think I like this 1b platoon.
2006-08-25 21:46:12
394.   pistolpete
It's over in Boston.
2006-08-25 21:46:23
395.   tommyl
Wow, did Torre actually correctly insert Wilson as a PH against a leftie? Not going to Bernie? Wow.
2006-08-25 21:47:04
396.   Tarheel
I really like Wilson and Guiel. They strike out alot, but seem to get big hits when needed.
2006-08-25 21:47:43
397.   Travis
Sox get shutout by the immortal Jake Woods (making his 2nd career start), Julio Mateo, and Eric O'Flaherty. There is really nothing to that lineup if Manny and/or Ortiz is out.
2006-08-25 21:48:51
398.   nyyfan22
Holy shite Shields has some good numbers.
2006-08-25 21:49:12
399.   pistolpete
Boston fears the URP as well as the Yankees, I guess.
2006-08-25 21:49:37
400.   singledd
Is it my imagination, or are we NOT hitting many HRs of late? They do help us score/
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-25 21:49:52
401.   BklynBmr
382 Yeah, huh? And a very welcome surprise. I'm glad for once we stuck with someone who showed a hint of potential and worked with him. I'd like to know who (or what) helped bring everything together. The Cajun? Kerrigan?
2006-08-25 21:49:53
402.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job, Melky!

Let's go DAM-on!

2006-08-25 21:50:33
403.   nyyfan22
402 clap, clap, clap clap clap
2006-08-25 21:50:40
404.   weeping for brunnhilde
400 No, no, don't give them any ideas. Better to learn to win without them.
2006-08-25 21:50:58
405.   Stormer Sports

I hope so too, but Matsui fancies himself a baseball player and will bark to get out thre. We'll see how Joe handles it.

What I am most looking forward to is watching how well Matsui is going to just bind himself charmingly to the molecule that is this great chemisrty in the New York Yankees clubhouse.

2006-08-25 21:52:34
406.   weeping for brunnhilde

That was strike three to Johnnie.

That's a break.

2006-08-25 21:52:36
407.   monkeypants
Damon lucky on that 0-2 call.
2006-08-25 21:52:46
408.   Stormer Sports

I don't know, but it sure worked well. I actually beleive 90% of it was 80% mental.

2006-08-25 21:53:25
409.   weeping for brunnhilde
Let's go, Cap, it's on you!
2006-08-25 21:53:43
410.   nyyfan22
better than a DP. Another play where Damon hustles.
2006-08-25 21:55:33
411.   nyyfan22
2006-08-25 21:55:34
412.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Cannot wait for Matsui to get back what a late season addition...

I am going to get killed for saying it but looking forward to Pavano as well

2006-08-25 21:55:42
413.   Stormer Sports
This just in: Shields is good.
2006-08-25 21:55:59
414.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was a very nice 2-1 pitch.
2006-08-25 21:56:33
415.   weeping for brunnhilde
2006-08-25 21:56:45
416.   BklynBmr
Speed just kills...
2006-08-25 21:56:49
417.   Stormer Sports
Holy Cow! What a nice play!
2006-08-25 21:56:49
418.   pistolpete

Heh - Scioscia's getting a workout tonight...

2006-08-25 21:57:07
419.   pistolpete
413 Is he?
2006-08-25 21:57:13
420.   monkeypants
Shields cannot argue that Wilson was out. he clearly slid in under the tag.
2006-08-25 21:57:36
421.   nyyfan22
That Yankee fan signaling Jeter to slide is the best!
2006-08-25 21:57:49
422.   Travis
Angles announcers agree with the call.
2006-08-25 21:58:22
423.   Stormer Sports
Wilson showed some skills there. He saw it and he took off without hesitating. Took the ouch out of Jeter's strikeout too.
2006-08-25 21:58:35
424.   nyyfan22
421 whoops I mean Craig.
2006-08-25 21:58:49
425.   singledd
Toronto is only 3 games behind the Sox.
2006-08-25 21:59:44
426.   BklynBmr
405 I see MatsZilla blending in to whatever role is called for when he returns without issue. Count on us out-managing Joe on the decisions, but I expect no noise from Godzilla.
2006-08-25 22:00:26
427.   weeping for brunnhilde
423 Indeed, Stormer.
2006-08-25 22:01:03
428.   JeremyM
So since Proctor cruised through the meet of their order, what will we do here? I'm afraid to ask.
2006-08-25 22:01:03
429.   pistolpete
Fabulous - let's give it right back now.
2006-08-25 22:01:36
430.   weeping for brunnhilde
Never a dull moment.
2006-08-25 22:01:43
431.   JeremyM
428 I mean "meat." And here we go.
2006-08-25 22:02:04
432.   BklynBmr
This game is far from over... I feel bad for our EST brothers and sisters right now....
2006-08-25 22:03:01
433.   monkeypants
Whoa--those two balls were smoked. Meanwhile, the 3B coach holds the runner tonight (but not last night v. Sox).
2006-08-25 22:03:08
434.   weeping for brunnhilde
238 Happy now? You got your line drives.
2006-08-25 22:03:39
435.   weeping for brunnhilde
432 Thanks.
2006-08-25 22:06:55
436.   nyyfan22
2006-08-25 22:07:22
437.   weeping for brunnhilde
These Californias just always seem to execute.

They don't piss away opportunities to get the runner in from third.

2006-08-25 22:08:43
438.   randym77
We just don't match up well with the Halos.
2006-08-25 22:10:16
439.   weeping for brunnhilde
What a break!

Heads up, Derek.

2006-08-25 22:10:17
440.   pistolpete
Beautiful play, Derek!
2006-08-25 22:10:26
441.   monkeypants
Proctor not looking good. Maybe they should pull...

No, Angels burn another runner.

2006-08-25 22:10:37
442.   Travis
I don't understand this team at all.
2006-08-25 22:11:28
443.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice play, Melky. Yet another line drive from these Californias.
2006-08-25 22:11:30
444.   Mattpat11
Okay, Abreu, Giambi and A-Rod. We can score here.
2006-08-25 22:12:23
445.   Tarheel
What are the odds on Arod coming up big this inning?
2006-08-25 22:12:33
446.   Max
Both teams pissing away tons of opportunities.
2006-08-25 22:12:59
447.   weeping for brunnhilde
445 A-who?
2006-08-25 22:13:00
448.   singledd
OK. 8th inning. Hold hands. Collective energy.
2006-08-25 22:13:19
449.   pistolpete
445 Who?
2006-08-25 22:13:22
450.   nyyfan22
Why do so many players look back while attempting to steal? Doesn't that slow them down?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-25 22:13:40
451.   weeping for brunnhilde
Let's go YANK-ees!
2006-08-25 22:14:31
452.   weeping for brunnhilde
Bad swing by Abreu, he was trying to pull an outside fastball. Not like him.
2006-08-25 22:14:43
453.   nyyfan22
451 clap, clap, clap clap clap
2006-08-25 22:15:12
454.   marc
Proctor looked like shit even on the outs. Hope Farnsy's in and OK
2006-08-25 22:15:23
455.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice swing by Abreu on a 3-2 curve to stay alive.
2006-08-25 22:15:26
456.   BklynBmr
438 On a lot of levels we do match up well, but some important elements of our game seem to go south when we meet. I don't see the pitch count works, the timely hitting, etc. The things we do well just seem to break down when we face them. I have no idea why...
2006-08-25 22:16:08
457.   JPost
I decided to play Fifa for 2 innings and come back to see how many times A-Rod was mentioned since I posted my wish. It was only seven times in 1 inning, and i was very entertained by some of your comments when it came to talking about what was going on during Alexander the Great's last at bat.

We all need to lighten up and realize that the guy just isn't going to perform if we rag on him. To succeed in the stretch run and the playoffs we as fans need to support him 12031312 percent because he is the former MVP and MOST IMPORTANTLY our starting third basemen.

2006-08-25 22:16:21
458.   weeping for brunnhilde
Let's give it a ride, Jason.

Now would be a good time.

2006-08-25 22:17:41
459.   JPost
Home run right here. I am going out on a limb.
2006-08-25 22:17:51
460.   weeping for brunnhilde
Here we go again. First pitch breaking ball right over the dish.

Second pitch slider in the dirt, swing and a miss.

2006-08-25 22:18:24
461.   Mattpat11
2006-08-25 22:18:26
462.   pistolpete
Alex, meet first base. First base, Mr. Rodriguez.
2006-08-25 22:18:27
463.   JPost
HAHA YES at least he made contact!
Aaaaallll rriiightt!
2006-08-25 22:18:32
464.   weeping for brunnhilde


What did I say?

Put the bat on the ball and good things can happen!

Nice job, Alex!


2006-08-25 22:18:33
465.   monkeypants
The SS was clearly stunned and taken off guard.
2006-08-25 22:18:45
466.   randym77
What a horrible throw. Reminds me of...never mind. ;-)
2006-08-25 22:19:12
467.   weeping for brunnhilde
Let's go ROB-by!
2006-08-25 22:19:14
468.   Travis
I feel like a Little League parent cheering his kid for reaching on a routine ground ball.
2006-08-25 22:19:18
469.   JPost
weeping, have the faith man. You are like my dad calling me up after everytime he strikes out. It gets annoying after awhile.
2006-08-25 22:19:32
470.   BklynBmr
Ha! Look at those fu*ks standing up and clapping for 5 Ks — like they knew the difference.

A-Rod scores the winning run. Write that down.

2006-08-25 22:19:37
471.   weeping for brunnhilde
465 lol
2006-08-25 22:19:39
472.   marc
Nice steering the throw A-Rod
2006-08-25 22:20:28
473.   yankeeinjapan
damn.. at least A-Rod got some wood on the ball
2006-08-25 22:20:37
474.   pistolpete
470 What, you meant tonight?
2006-08-25 22:21:08
475.   weeping for brunnhilde
469 Sorry?

I was being sincere, not sarcastic.

I'm thrilled he put the ball in play.

466 lol

2006-08-25 22:22:10
476.   BklynBmr
474 LOL! Good point!
2006-08-25 22:23:04
477.   JPost
What no Cano bashing?!?!?!?


2006-08-25 22:24:47
478.   randym77
477 Damn Robby. I'd rather have Cairo up with RISP.

Hey, we aims to please... ;-)

2006-08-25 22:26:07
479.   3rd gen yankee fan
Go Farnswacker!
2006-08-25 22:27:25
480.   BklynBmr
Nice job keeping Figgy off the basepaths...
2006-08-25 22:27:49
481.   JPost
Sometimes i feel that Murcer and Singleton are almost as bad as McCarver and Buck.
2006-08-25 22:28:04
482.   nyyfan22
Farnswerff is saving the fireball for strike 3.
2006-08-25 22:28:10
483.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's so funny that that slider's so effective with two strikes.

Figgins didn't take the bat off his shoulder even though everyone in the ballpark had to know the slider was coming on 1-2.

Do they just not believe it's really going to be a slider, or are they totally unable to identify it?

2006-08-25 22:28:45
484.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh no.

Not a good match up.

2006-08-25 22:29:31
485.   weeping for brunnhilde
Way to go, Farns!!!

Let's go YANK-ees!

2006-08-25 22:30:45
486.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-08-25 22:31:25
487.   seamus
back from my back stretches! good going Farnsy!
2006-08-25 22:31:54
488.   BklynBmr
Let's show this Mo-wannabe who is boss...
2006-08-25 22:32:40
489.   weeping for brunnhilde
God but I hate watching this guy pitch.

Just annoys the bejesus out of me.

2006-08-25 22:34:08
490.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job, Jorgie!
2006-08-25 22:34:15
491.   nyyfan22
489 it's like he has a seizure before every pitch.
2006-08-25 22:34:26
492.   BklynBmr
489 The glasses get me...

Great eye, Jorgie!!!

2006-08-25 22:34:55
493.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-08-25 22:35:15
494.   randym77
C'mon, Yanks. Score, please. If this game goes to extra innings, I'm going to be a basket case tomorrow.
2006-08-25 22:35:25
495.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh no--does Wilson even know how to bunt?

Didn't he just have some misadventure bunting recently?

Anyone recall?

2006-08-25 22:35:57
496.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fucking hell.
2006-08-25 22:36:59
497.   BklynBmr
How is that not some kind of contact play?
2006-08-25 22:37:00
498.   pistolpete
Fantastic - and now we lose Posada's bat AND his arm for the rest of the game. Thanks Nick.
2006-08-25 22:37:27
499.   JeremyM
What the hell is going on?
2006-08-25 22:38:13
500.   monkeypants
What's awesome about that sequence is that 1] they lose the baserunner, and 2] lose Posada to do it!
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-08-25 22:38:22
501.   BklynBmr
Enough with the bunts this inning, huh?
2006-08-25 22:38:23
502.   randym77
They just said the last time Wilson bunted was in 2002.

And Nick Green is not a good pinch-runner.

2006-08-25 22:38:31
503.   weeping for brunnhilde
This guy's got just wicked sick stuff.
2006-08-25 22:39:18
504.   JeremyM
Never should have bunted with Wilson in the first place. If you can't bunt, then you shouldn't be made to do it.
2006-08-25 22:39:19
505.   pistolpete
Oh please let K-Rod throw his back out on the next pitch.
2006-08-25 22:39:40
506.   3rd gen yankee fan
Get 'im Melky!
2006-08-25 22:39:44
507.   weeping for brunnhilde
2006-08-25 22:39:48
508.   pistolpete
2006-08-25 22:39:55
509.   nyyfan22
WTF!?! fucker!
2006-08-25 22:40:22
510.   Travis
Is something wrong with Mo? First he wasn't available in Game 1 in Seattle, now Dotel and Myers are warming up.
2006-08-25 22:40:22
511.   BklynBmr
Eff-you-see-kay. Man, I thought that was gone...
2006-08-25 22:40:24
512.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-08-25 22:40:30
513.   randym77
Figgins. I wave my private parts at your aunties, you son of a silly person.
2006-08-25 22:40:54
514.   bobtaco
... DIAF!
2006-08-25 22:41:22
515.   bobtaco
515 (Ron Burgundy voice)
2006-08-25 22:41:35
516.   monkeypants
498 Maybe Green missed a sign, but bunting Wilson has to be the bench's fault.

OK, this is probably sour grapes. But did Figgins need to jump for that ball? He outran the ball--great speed, no doubt. But he looked to overreact a little at the end. Frankly, I think he jumped to soon for Wilson's double, and that's why he missed it.

Damn you, Figgins!

2006-08-25 22:42:36
517.   nyyfan22
gotta get back to 6½ games...
2006-08-25 22:43:13
518.   pistolpete
510 I wouldn't waste Mo in a game like this - we're not scoring at all, so until we do just leave him in the pen.
2006-08-25 22:43:22
519.   monkeypants
510 Yeah, it's called Torre. He won't go to Mo in a tie game on the road unless he absolutely has too.
2006-08-25 22:43:45
520.   marc
Myers with Dotel back up. I think this will be a quick ending
2006-08-25 22:44:00
521.   mehmattski
510 Don't think there's anything wrong with Mo, just wrong with Torre and mismanagement in tie games on the road... gotta play for that all powerful "save situation."
2006-08-25 22:44:34
522.   nyyfan22
I'm gonna smash my laptop
2006-08-25 22:44:43
523.   weeping for brunnhilde
Just shaking my head here.
2006-08-25 22:45:10
524.   pistolpete
Well, I'm guessing that's the game. Only a question of who hits that bloop single over 3B to win it.
2006-08-25 22:45:48
525.   mehmattski
Hmm...The guy doesn't pitch for months at a time, and then plays in 7 of 8 games... then again, can you really ever be tired from all those LOOGY outings?
2006-08-25 22:45:59
526.   BayRidger
Have they done it again?
2006-08-25 22:46:10
527.   monkeypants
518 How is using Mo a waste? He's the best option in the BP--you should at least go to him for one inning, which you would do if you were winning.

Meanwhile, Meyers gives up a double. and we probably lose the game now with Dotel or, worse yet, Bruney.

I'd rather push the game to extra innings athen give up in the ninth with the best arm sitting in the BP.

2006-08-25 22:47:58
528.   weeping for brunnhilde
Obviously that went through.
2006-08-25 22:48:16
529.   BklynBmr
No way this game ends here. The torture will extend...
2006-08-25 22:48:24
530.   Mattpat11
The Yankees INVENT ways to lose to this team.

Runner on 3rd, no out. No possible way we can win this game.

2006-08-25 22:48:26
531.   Travis
Where was Jeter playing?
2006-08-25 22:48:34
532.   3rd gen yankee fan
ugh ugh ugh ugh
2006-08-25 22:48:43
533.   weeping for brunnhilde
Any chance we can sign El Duque and get him to Anaheim in time to pitch to this next batter?
2006-08-25 22:48:49
534.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I hate the mofo Angels.
2006-08-25 22:49:19
535.   monkeypants
IBB to load the bases. Yankees bench has lost its mind in the last inning.
2006-08-25 22:49:40
536.   weeping for brunnhilde
There's no chance.

Kennedy doesn't strike out, does he?

2006-08-25 22:49:55
537.   mehmattski
You know, if a manger's glaring weakness was in game decisions in the first inning, it wouldn't be so bad. And as much as I like Torre, sometimes I just can't find a reason for his decisions.
2006-08-25 22:49:58
538.   Travis
Why IBB the righty with 0 outs? I really don't understand.
2006-08-25 22:49:58
539.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Perfectly fitting if Kennedy wins it. An absolutely crappy hitter who's somehow 3 for 4 tonight against us.
2006-08-25 22:50:12
540.   3rd gen yankee fan
535 You nailed it. I just can't understand this.
2006-08-25 22:50:12
541.   weeping for brunnhilde
Wow, a fucking pop up!

Hot damn!

2006-08-25 22:50:44
542.   mehmattski
Did Kennedy just try to break his bat over his knee and fail???
2006-08-25 22:50:49
543.   monkeypants
IF Dotel manages to get a second out, do you go to Mo for the third out?
2006-08-25 22:50:52
544.   3rd gen yankee fan
wow. That was a BREAK and a half.
2006-08-25 22:51:02
545.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice pitch, Dotel. Painted the outside corner.
2006-08-25 22:51:17
546.   Travis
543 Do I? Yes. Does Torre? No.
2006-08-25 22:52:10
547.   weeping for brunnhilde
All right, Dotel, bust him inside with the heat.

DOn't fuck around with that slider anymore.

2006-08-25 22:53:03
548.   pistolpete
Here's something to calm everyone down:

2006-08-25 22:53:28
549.   monkeypants
546 You're right. Torre fooled me when he used Guiel/Wilson properly.
2006-08-25 22:53:47
550.   pistolpete
Where was that pitch?!!!!
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2006-08-25 22:53:55
551.   Mattpat11
Oh jesus, hes going to walk the win in.
2006-08-25 22:54:00
552.   weeping for brunnhilde


That was strike three!

Oh well, Damon got one earlier.

2006-08-25 22:54:20
553.   GoingDeep
Why pull farns after 9 pitches. Hes fully rested... stuff that one inning balony, the team needs him for 2 there.
2006-08-25 22:54:36
554.   pistolpete


2006-08-25 22:54:47
555.   weeping for brunnhilde
They execute.

Every time, seemingly.

They don't squander their opportunities.

2006-08-25 22:54:58
556.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-08-25 22:55:16
557.   yankeeinjapan
2006-08-25 22:55:38
558.   yankeeinjapan
2006-08-25 22:55:38
559.   Stormer Sports

We will be tied with Boston in a two weeks again at this rate.

2006-08-25 22:55:47
560.   randym77
A rookie catcher.

Well, at least he didn't walk the winning run in. :-P

2006-08-25 22:56:59
561.   BklynBmr
Strike 3? No, another chance...

Hope these really do even out...

2006-08-25 22:57:03
562.   Travis
555 The Angels left just as many men on base as the Yankees did, maybe more. Remember, Kennedy popped up with the bases loaded one batter earlier.

That's now 5 straight days off for Mo. He'll be nice and rested for that 3-run save tomorrow.

2006-08-25 22:57:14
563.   Tarheel
I hate this fucking offense.
2006-08-25 22:57:29
564.   nyyfan22
I can't believe that 2-2 pitch was called a ball. Just ridiculous.

Why did I stay up till 2 am for this?

2006-08-25 22:57:50
565.   seamus
We can second guess, but using Myers in that situation isn't a bad deal. Myers just blew it is what happened. Dotel actually pitched good. He let up that single and obviously the IBB isn't his fault, but I thought he did ok and I didn't mind Torre using him there. I do agree that Farns in the 9th and Mo in the 9th were probably better alternatives, but the decision to use Myers and Dotel didn't stink.

I'm just real bummed that we've returned to pre-boston where we just leave hitters on base all night. We cannot do that as much as we have and expect to win. Something needs to give.

2006-08-25 22:58:23
566.   Tarheel
Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs? (With apologies to the former Colts coach)
2006-08-25 22:58:34
567.   monkeypants
555 That's not exactly true. The burned about three runners on the paths and left plenty on base. They just execute more times than the Yankees do. Oh, and Torre refuses to 'waste' his best BP pitcher in a tie game.
2006-08-25 22:58:52
568.   weeping for brunnhilde
562 Fair enough, fair enough.

I did say seems.


2006-08-25 22:58:53
569.   seamus
oh, and that ball 3 was clearly a strike. Completely robbed there.
2006-08-25 22:59:49
570.   Greg Brock
Man, I can't believe Broxton blew that lead in the eighth. At least Saito bailed us out.

That was for you, Travis.

2006-08-25 22:59:55
571.   JeremyM
God, I hate the Angels. I would not be shocked at all if they sweep. They have the Yankees number, and that's that.
2006-08-25 23:02:34
572.   BklynBmr
559 You're right on the money, Storm. It happened after the first Boston Massacre, so why not now? Oh yeah. The fatigue. So many games in so many days...

F that. Everyone is going on fumes right now. Snap out of your Beantown glory, Yanks, and get back to the job at hand.

I was afraid of this shit...

2006-08-25 23:05:26
573.   Travis
572 The Yankees have lost 3 games on the west coast by 1, 2, and 1 runs. Two of those losses were in the bottom of the 9th, and might have been averted had Torre used Rivera.

At the same time, Boston has split 4 games, including getting shutout by a no-name pitcher. 1 of their 2 top offensive players is hurt.

It's not time to panic yet.

2006-08-25 23:05:46
574.   bobtaco
At least the Sox lost tonight. Not quite as good as gaining some ground, but this game would look a lot worse if the Sox won. Let's just hold serve tomorrow. With Lidle, it is the best chance they have in the series.
2006-08-25 23:08:36
575.   monkeypants
565 You're right about Meyers, to a degree. But he can only go one abtter there, so if you start the inning with him, then you HAVE to go to someone else to finish the inning no matter what happens. Torre will never gonna go Meyers then Rivera. So, starting Meyers means you need to use Dotel (not Bruney!), who has given up two baserunners each time he's gone out.

The much better play is to go to Rivera for two innings, then worry about how to jimmy around with Dotel and Meyers. The second best move would have been to go right to Rivera after the first hit.

2006-08-25 23:10:27
576.   pistolpete
I was at least encouraged by what Dotel did, minus the hit - if he comes in to start the inning, IMO we're still tied
2006-08-25 23:14:04
577.   randym77
On the replay, Figgins really did have to leap. The guy's a shrimp. He's listed at 5'-7". Which probably means he's actually 5'-5".

I don't know if I can put this loss on exhaustion. This is how we were playing before the Boston series. We scored a decent number of runs, but gave up too many.

Starting pitching is suspect. This was hidden while playing Boston, because their pitching is even worse.

And while the offense is better than ever, we've lost some other pieces. Like the guys who could bunt and pinch-run.

2006-08-25 23:15:25
578.   monkeypants
579 I'm not sold, yet. After tonight he's given up 9 base runners in 3 inning. Even 8 BB+H (if we excuse the IBB) in three innings is pretty atrocius. And Napoli did hit that last ball pretty well. I'm not convinced that the outcome would be any different had he started the inning.

This is not to say he hasn't shown some improvement. It would be nice if they a had a kaugher or two where he could be sent out to keep working himself into MLB form.

2006-08-25 23:16:22
579.   monkeypants
578 Dammit. I meant 576.
2006-08-25 23:24:37
580.   seamus
578 that isn't really fair. His first couple of appearances, he was clearly shaky and overthrowing but he has looked completely different in his last two appearances. He has now pitched 5 games and the main thing I would look for is marked improvement.

1/3 IP, 0 ER, 1 H, 1 W, 1 K
2/3 IP, 2 ER, 3 H, 0 W, 1 K
1/3 IP, 0 ER, 1 H, 0 W, 0 K
1.0 IP, 0 ER, 0 H, 1 W, 2 K
2/3 IP, 0 ER, 1 H, 1 W, 0 K

HIs control still isn't great and he still isn't in top form, but he is clearly doing ok. 5 of those 8 baserunners you cite were in his first IP, in the 2 IP since he has only allowed 4 and one of those was an intentional Walk. Not perfect but clearly improving.

2006-08-25 23:25:47
581.   Zack
Well, just as the conversation was headed before this game, it looks just like what we feared, or some of us. Now the yanks need to win the next to to avoid losing 5 out of their last 6 series. We can't keep counting on Boston to loose for us, let alone think this type of game will win us anything if we do make it to the postseason.

I'm not doom and glooming it, I just want to see this team win consistently. We stink, then sweep 5, then we stink again. Not gonna get it done...

2006-08-25 23:29:28
582.   seamus
581 i totally agree. i'm hoping that joe gives them a kick in the ass tomorrow, but in any case, I'll sure be glad when the Yankees get back to the bronx on tuesday for wang's 16th win!
2006-08-25 23:33:00
583.   BklynBmr
573 It's not about panic.

It's about when you have your foot on their throat and fail to close the deal.

If the AL crown (or wild card) is still up for grabs the last week of the season, these one and two run losses in games we should have won will provide no comfort.

The winning formula that worked so well from the break to the Boston series went out the window since. No excuses for losing in Seattle and we should have won tonight with just one instance of timely hitting.

Forget Boston. We have 4 games left with them which we can control the outcome. We just need to beat up on everyone else and those games won't matter. Tonight was a wasted opportunity and I don't want to see this team get into a funk right now. The timing is not good...

2006-08-25 23:33:51
584.   randym77
581 The weird thing is we were doing just fine winning the most of our series before we made those killer trades.
2006-08-25 23:36:40
585.   monkeypants
580 Good points. It still doesn't look like he can be trusted to go a full inning, though. So out of 12 pitchers, one is a starter who goes 5 innings max, one is lefty specialist who faces one guy, one is a reclamation project who may be able to go one inning sometimes, pne is a set-up guy who can't pitch consecutive days, and one is Bruney.

Yikes, no wonder Villone and Proctor are getting worked like rented mules.

2006-08-25 23:44:05
586.   randym77
583 IMO, the "winning formula" quit working before the Boston series, which was a brief if lovely aberration. The Baltimore series in early August was the turning point. We had a lot more trouble with Baltimore than we should have. Then we lost the White Sox series. Then split a four game series with the Angels, and lost a series to the lowly Orioles.

Pretty odd, when before then, we'd won nine of our last eleven series, or something like that.

2006-08-26 00:24:40
587.   Xeifrank
The 2-2 pitch was a ball. During real-time viewing I thought Dotel may have been squeezed but when they showed the replay it was clearly off the plate and was a good call by the umpire. I think the Yanks could've gotten the runner at the plate on the last play if Jeter would've cut off the throw and flipped it to the catcher. Oh well. :)
vr, Xei
2006-08-26 01:08:25
588.   brockdc
Crap. I have tickets to Saturday's game in Assinine. You guys just do not understand how lame Angels fans are when their team's "Winning the Yankees," as one fan barked at me the last time I was at Edison Field.
2006-08-26 06:20:46
589.   Sliced Bread
I was thinking after Anderson roped the double off Myers that they'd walk Rivera, and try for the double play with Kendrick.

Might have worked out better for the Yanks. Oh well.

I had no problem with Joe bringing in Dotel in that situation (has to earn trust at some point), but I was surprised he did because yesterday I read that Joe didn't intend to bring Octavio into situations with runners on, and was planning to have him start innings.

Dotel looked like he was pitching scared. I hope that outing didn't rattle his confidence too much.

That's why you prefer to lose with Mo, because you know he can dust it off.

Sox lost, no harm, no foul. We'll get 'em today.

2006-08-26 06:38:57
590.   Shaun P
590 More doom and gloom, Sliced, to be put aside - well done. A couple bad games in a row by the offense and this place starts to sound like RSN, sheesh.
2006-08-26 06:46:30
591.   Sliced Bread
590 Back at ya, Shaun P. You posted some great stuff here yesterday that should help everybody keep things in perspective.
2006-08-26 07:16:27
592.   randym77
I've no doubt we'll make the postseason. We're a flawed team, but Boston is far more flawed.

It's how we'll do in the postseason I'm concerned about. Starting pitching is looking shaky.

Pavano into the rotation, Wright to the pen?

Gak. I'm hanging my hopes on Carl Pavano... o_O

Speaking of Pavano, he says he's ready:

"I was happy with my location and was much sharper than my last start. I am ready."

2006-08-26 08:03:11
593.   Simone
592 I'm putting my hopes on Pavano returning also. I now think Yankees will make the post-season, their starting pitching is near dreadful. Howefver, it isn't like the other potential post-season AL contenders have such great pitching anyway. The AL team that wins the pennant wins the World Series so if the Yankees can somehow survive playoffs they are home free.
2006-08-26 09:01:20
594.   Zack
The thing is, its more than a couple bad games in a row. its more like, a whole bunch of bad games, briefly interrupted by 5 good games. I'm not worrying about the Sox, not at least, until after this series and they are suddenly 3 back, but relying on other teams to beat them isn't okay. We control our destiny, so lets see them actually go out there and do something about it.
2006-08-26 10:14:50
595.   rbj
Damn you Fox. Damn you to hell. I don't get the fricking game. Damn you Fox Sports.

Given that the Clippers are out of it, I have to thank that Pavano kid for knocking Indiannapolis out of a tie with Toledo for the IL West lead. Where did this kid come from?

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