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Seattle Mariners
2006-08-21 20:31
by Cliff Corcoran

It goes without saying that the Yankees are in prime position to suffer something of a lull after their spectacular five game sweep of the Red Sox. After the season's most invigorating, but also most exhausting series, the Yankees had to travel out to the west coast, where jet lag and the lack of a travel day are sure to have some effect. What's more, not only are the Yankees coming off a season-defining sweep of the Sox at Fenway, a series which in and of itself tied their longest winning streak of the season (they've now won five in a row five times, but have yet to make it six on any of those occasions), but the Mariners are coming off a season-long eleven-game losing streak, all at the hands of their three division rivals. One would think something's got to give.

To make things even more interesting, tonight's pitching match-up features two rookie righthanders. One, the Yankees Jeffrey Karstens, who will be making his major league debut, and the other, Korean-born Cha Seung Baek, who will be pitching in the majors for the first time since a cup of coffee in 2004.

Baek was roughed up in all but one of his five major league starts in 2004 and had a terrible year with triple-A Tacoma last year, due largely to his allowing 147 hits in 113 2/3 innings and 1.5 home runs per nine innings. All those runners (a 1.61 WHIP despite decent control) and long balls lead to a 6.41 ERA. In 24 starts for Tacoma this year, the 26-year-old Baek fixed both problems, allowing just 133 hits in 147 innings (1.16 WHIP) and cutting his homer rate by a third. The result has been a 3.00 ERA and a 12-4 record. Safeco Park should help further depress that homer rate, while the URP factor (Unfamiliar Rookie Pitcher) could stymie a worn-out Yankee offense that scored 49 runs in Boston.

As for Karstens, at just 23 he's encouragingly ahead of schedule, having sped through the Yankee minor league system after being drafted out of Texas Tech University. Not that Karstens is a top level prospect by any stretch of the imagination. As he's moved up the ladder, his hit and homer rates and ERAs have steadily increased. That said, his strike out rate and K/BB ratio have also steadily improved. Last year, Karstens struck out nearly 8 men per nine innings while walking 2.24, good for a 3.5 K/BB, an impressive mark for a 22-year-old at double-A. He started this year in Columbus but struggled mightily, but dominated on his return to Trenton (6-0, 2.31 ERA, 74 IP, 54 H, 4 HR, 14 BB, 67 K). That earned him a return trip to triple-A in mid-July. His first two starts back in Columbus were average, but then he ran of a string of four one-run outings compiling this aggregate line: 27 IP, 20 H, 4 R (3 ER), 1 HR, 5 BB, 19 K, 0.93 WHIP, 1.00 ERA, 4-0.

While it might be true that the Yankees are rushing Karstens into his first major league start, doing so on the basis of just four admittedly excellent triple-A starts, it's also true that Karstens is only starting tonight because of the rotation shuffling brought on by Mike Mussina's tweaked groin (Jaret Wright, who pitched in relief on Saturday, is taking Moose's turn on Friday, Karstens is taking Wright's turn tonight), and that the team is much better off seeing what it has in Karstens then wasting a roster spot on the likes of Sidney Ponson. Oh, and for those concerned about his young arm this late in the season, Karstens threw 169 innings last year and is at a mere 146 thus far in 2006.

Seattle Mariners

2006 Record: 56-68 (.452)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 59-65 (.472)

Manager: Mike Hargrove
General Manager: Bill Bavasi

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Safeco Park (99/99)

Who's Replacing Whom?

  • Ben Broussard replaced Carl Everett
  • Chris Snelling (DL) replaced Greg Dobbs (minors)
  • Cha Seung Baek replaced Jamie Moyer in the rotation
  • Eric O'Flaherty (minors) replaced Emiliano Fruto (minors)
  • Sean Green (DL) replaced Mark Lowe (DL)

Current Roster:

1B – Richie Sexson (R)
2B – Jose Lopez (R)
SS – Yuniesky Betancourt (R)
3B – Adrian Beltre (R)
C – Kenji Johjima (R)
RF – Ichiro Suzuki (L)
CF – Willie Bloomquist (R)
LF – Raul Ibañez (L)
DH – Ben Broussard (L)


R - Eduardo Perez (1B)
R - Adam Jones (OF)
L - Chris Snelling (OF)
R - Rene Rivera (C)


R - Felix Hernandez
L - Jarrod Washburn
R - Joel Pineiro
R - Cha Seung Baek
R - Gil Meche


R - J.J. Putz
R - Rafael Soriano
L - George Sherrill
R - Julio Mateo
L - Jake Woods
L - Eric O'Flaherty
R - Sean Green

15-day DL: R - Mark Lowe
60-day DL: L - Jeremy Reed

Typical Lineup:

L - Ichiro Suzuki (RF)
R - Jose Lopez (2B)
R - Adrian Beltre (3B)
L - Raul Ibañez (LF)
R - Richie Sexson (1B)
L - Ben Broussard (DH)
R - Kenji Johjima (C)
R - Yuniesky Betancourt (SS)
R - Willie Bloomquist (CF)

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2006-08-22 18:35:07
1.   Zack
I'll take this first comment to wish Mr. Karstens a brilliant debut. Here's to giving it your all and somehow becoming a "warrior!"
2006-08-22 18:41:17
2.   Dan-el
Matsui update: Matsui was cleared to swing off a tee.
2006-08-22 18:43:13
3.   Cliff Corcoran
2 At this point I'm thinking of Matsui as the guy who will take Aaron Guiel's lefty bench bat/OF job for the postseason, if anything. Maybe he takes the DH job and pushes Craig Wilson to the bench against righties. Maybe.
2006-08-22 18:43:21
4.   randym77
If this keeps up, Nick Green is going to need a rest day...

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams DH
Melky Cabrera LF
Nick Green 2B

Jeff Karstens RHP

And here's Seattle...

Ichiro Suzuki CF
Chris Snelling RF
Adrian Beltre 3B
Richie Sexson 1B
Raul Ibanez LF
Jose Lopez 2B
Ben Broussard DH
Yuniesky Betancourt SS
Rene Rivera C

Cha Seung Baek P

2006-08-22 18:47:00
5.   Cliff Corcoran
4 I was debating listing Suzuki in center and Snelling in right. This is a new experiment Mike Hargrove is trying. Makes solid sense to me as it gets Willie Bloomquist out of the line-up. Adam Jones didn't hit, so he remains on the bench.
2006-08-22 18:47:41
6.   Cliff Corcoran
Ugh, "new experiment Mike Hargrove is trying" is redundant twice over.
2006-08-22 19:00:16
7.   Shaun P
5 FYI, the boys at USS Mariner say Ichiro as CF/Snelling as RF will be used for a while. At least until Snelling gets hurt again.

I hope Karstens has a good debut. I imagine that, coming off the Sweep, Torre will give the kid a lot of leeway, even if he does poorly.

2006-08-22 19:01:57
8.   JL25and3
I hate West Coast games.

Does anyone else remember going to sleep with a transistor radio under the pillow to listen to a late game?

Does anyone else remember transistor radios?

2006-08-22 19:04:57
9.   BklynBmr
6 After your stellar work on the Boston series, you get a mulligan, if not three...

Good luck, Karstens! And let's go Yanks!

2006-08-22 19:05:56
10.   Cliff Corcoran
8 I do, though I didn't use them for that purpose. I'd just turn my clock radio on really low and put my head half on the matress, half on the nightstand.
2006-08-22 19:07:18
11.   mickey1956
Seattle announcers make me miss Michael Kay. Bizarro World.
2006-08-22 19:07:34
12.   Ron Burgundy
Ah, I see Hargrove has already worked Lowe onto the 15-Day DL. Well, that's a break for us.


(And Good Night friends)

2006-08-22 19:09:19
13.   BklynBmr
JD! And the beat goes on...
2006-08-22 19:11:13
14.   mickey1956
He was safe
2006-08-22 19:11:51
15.   BklynBmr
Wow. No clear view yet of Cap being out... Smart baserunning by Damon...
2006-08-22 19:12:19
16.   joe in boston
8 10 I definitely remember transister radios - I too fell asleep to many a game listening to the Scooter, Bill White and Frank Messer. Remember how they rotated between TV and radio ? (I think)

I just bought a GE "Super Radio" off ebay. Great AM reception.

GO Yanks !

2006-08-22 19:12:23
17.   Bluebleeder87
I hate West Coast games.

>>>>>>>Does anyone else remember going to sleep with a transistor radio under the pillow to listen to a late game?

Does anyone else remember transistor radios?<<<<<<<

does anyone remember the yanks having a good broadcaster??????????

expect to be insulted when you insult bro!!

2006-08-22 19:14:25
18.   mickey1956
Wow. If he leaves his change-up up all night Baek will get hammered.
2006-08-22 19:15:55
19.   Travis
Coco Crisp (he of the 1 for 19) doubled to lead off the first in Anaheim.

He didn't score.

2006-08-22 19:17:48
20.   monkeypants
11 Really? I find them pretty understated, especially when compared to the orgasmic screams of John Miller, Sterling's stream of drivel, and the sound of Waldman's tortured cat voice.
2006-08-22 19:19:55
21.   JeremyM
No Manny in the lineup for Boston either. Let's see what Ortiz does without him (I refuse to call him that other name, the one that espn namedrops so much that if you tried to do a drinking game to it your liver would shut down).
2006-08-22 19:20:11
22.   mickey1956
20 They seem to fumble through every line the say, and don't have anything insightful to say. Aside from Kay the Yankees announcers are actually very good. Flaherty, Leiter, Kaat, and Singleton all bring something to each broadcast.
2006-08-22 19:21:16
23.   mickey1956
The top of this lineup is a meat grinder. 25 pitches with only one baserunner.
2006-08-22 19:22:44
24.   Shaun P
24 I look forward to seeing the soft underbelly of the Seattle pen in the 5th.
2006-08-22 19:23:11
25.   seamus
24 self-promotion?
2006-08-22 19:23:31
26.   JeremyM
Well, let's see what Karstens has to offer. I'm kind of glad it's not Wright out there, I don't have 5 hours to kill.
2006-08-22 19:23:39
27.   monkeypants
22 I guess anymore, all I want are announcers who call a nice, quiet game without too much idiocy or open homerism. I get a bunch of the Seattle feed broadcasts where I live, and I generally find the Mariners' announcers fairly palatable. We'll see how they do on the home side, though.
2006-08-22 19:24:33
28.   JL25and3
16 They definitely rotated on both TV and radio. And while Scooter wasn't "good" in any normal sense of the word, I loved him. He was real, not like that phony Sterling.
2006-08-22 19:24:48
29.   BklynBmr
8 Unfortunately not Yank related, but I'll never forget a few of us spiriting transistors into class to listen to the '67 World Series. Picture Catholic school uniforms (the jacket, shirt and tie) with the radio inside the jacket and the earphone cord running down the sleeve and into the palm of the hand.

There were about 5 of us. One guy loses it and starts yelling out loud 'Yes, yes, yes!!!' The nuns thought he was possessed... ;-)

2006-08-22 19:25:28
30.   Travis
Adam "Cy" Loewen retired the last 20 Twins he faced tonight. It makes the Yankees' last two games against him look a bit better.
2006-08-22 19:25:29
31.   JeremyM
Getting Ichiro out is a good start.
2006-08-22 19:26:17
32.   pistolpete
Karstens is hitting some good spots - when he hits them, that is.
2006-08-22 19:26:35
33.   JL25and3
20 The funny thing is that Miller is superb on the radio, doing Giants games. But he's so awful on ESPN...My theory is that Joe Morgan is an intellectual black hole - get too close to him and he actually sucks intelligence away from you.
2006-08-22 19:26:53
34.   monkeypants
Lotsa movement on that young man's pitches. Oops, last batter maybe a little too much movement.
2006-08-22 19:27:26
35.   Travis
33 Joe Buck disease.
2006-08-22 19:28:29
36.   JL25and3
Welcome to the big leagues, Meat.
2006-08-22 19:28:38
37.   singledd
8 7 watt or 8 watt?
2006-08-22 19:29:17
38.   pistolpete
32 Never mind.
2006-08-22 19:29:38
39.   mickey1956
A-rod said that he changed to a new glove, and he liked it because it was bigger. Maybe it's like Dumbo's magic feather, and will help him remember how to field.
2006-08-22 19:31:23
40.   pistolpete
Ok, so when does this experiment end exactly?
2006-08-22 19:31:33
41.   monkeypants
39 Or maybe it's more like the Luis Polonia special glove--if you make it big enough...
2006-08-22 19:33:30
42.   pistolpete
Ok, kid - stick with that changeup, and keep that fastball far away from the hitters.
2006-08-22 19:33:58
43.   monkeypants
What are Karstens' minor league flyball/ground ball splits, anyone? Pretty much everything was in the air that inning.
2006-08-22 19:34:28
44.   mickey1956
41 Not good times.
2006-08-22 19:35:26
45.   Shaun P
40 When Karstens gets in the neighborhood of 100 pitches, I imagine.

He better figure out how to use less pitches per inning - the pen needs a rest fer cryin' out loud!

I don't have the game on, but did Karstens look a little to excited/anxious out there?

BTW, 24 should have referenced 23 - my bad.

2006-08-22 19:35:58
46.   yankz
If he gets slaughtered, who comes in to take his spot? I really hope he doesn't.
2006-08-22 19:38:51
47.   monkeypants
46 Maybe Aaron Guiel, since he can't seem to get in the lineup any other way.
2006-08-22 19:39:25
48.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Latest Sawx uberprospect (they're all uberprospects to the Sawx fans, until they're traded to the Marlins or Indians, aren't they?), Pedroia, up with 1 out bases loaded.
2006-08-22 19:39:46
49.   Travis
The Red Sox loaded the bases with 0 outs in the 2nd.

They didn't score.

2006-08-22 19:39:54
50.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
And Pedroia lines into a double play.
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2006-08-22 19:40:03
51.   efb
After a good start with 25 pitches in the first inning, the Yankees change course and retired in 11 pitches. Not good.
2006-08-22 19:40:55
52.   mickey1956
44 He is def. a flyball pitcher.
2006-08-22 19:43:12
53.   Travis
Old friend Juan Rivera homers. 1-0 Angels.
2006-08-22 19:43:15
54.   Shaun P
51 Not that Wilson is necessarily performing any better, but someone please tell me why Bernie is in the lineup as DH against a right hander. Couldn't Tanyon Sturtze loan his incriminating pics of Torre to Aaron Guiel?

This is the best reason for hoping either Sheff or Matsui makes it back this year. There's no way Bernie DHs over one of the them, and there's no way Melky sits to let Bernie play in that scenario.

2006-08-22 19:43:47
55.   singledd
Juan Gone-from-Yankees leads off w/a HR. Angels up 1-0.
2006-08-22 19:44:24
56.   pistolpete
2nd double down the line - can he stop throwing whatever pitch that's causing those?

Karstens seems to do well with every other batter. Odd.

2006-08-22 19:46:54
57.   Travis
The Mariners' announcers just said that Torre said that Mo and Proctor aren't available tonight. Mo?
2006-08-22 19:47:28
58.   pistolpete
Oh please let the Sox keep losing while the Yanks get this crappy game out of their system...
2006-08-22 19:48:45
59.   Travis
Karstens is just going to have to take a potential beating. There is no one in the pen that can go multiple innings, unless Torre has a death wish for Villone.
2006-08-22 19:51:01
60.   eephus
45 I think Karstens does look nervous, not that I could blame him. My first impression is that he'd have a really sweet-ass curve if he could throw it for strikes... also, that he's a mouth breather.
2006-08-22 19:51:19
61.   BklynBmr
58 It's OK. Yanks have earned a blow tonight. If there is any business left with Boston, we'll take care of that in September...
2006-08-22 19:51:30
62.   monkeypants
54 Yeah, a typical Torre head scratcher. Even if we accept that Torre will start the proven veteran, aren't we also in rest-the-regulars mode? Bernie has played in six straight games, despite two straight years of Torre saying that they need to give him days off to keep him fresh. Moreover, Cashman specifically brought in Guiel as a LH bat and back-up OF. If he does't start today, then again, why use the roster spot?
2006-08-22 19:52:20
63.   Travis
Great job getting out of that inning. I know I wasn't expect that, especially the Ichiro pop foul.
2006-08-22 19:53:00
64.   monkeypants
60 And whatever he's doing sure seems to have Ichiro way off balance.
2006-08-22 19:53:31
65.   BklynBmr
Inning key: You don't tug on Superman's cape or run on Bobby A's gun...

Nice job on Ichiro...

59 Don't bail yet. Baek will be run before Karstens...

2006-08-22 19:54:41
66.   Travis
65 That's why I said "potential" beating. He pretty much has to go 5, regardless of how many runs he allows (I'm hoping 0).
2006-08-22 19:54:46
67.   eephus
64 Yes. Mouth-breathe away, my young friend...
2006-08-22 19:58:04
68.   yankz
Damn URPs!
2006-08-22 19:59:04
69.   JeremyM
Damon, please share the secret with the 2-8 hitters.
2006-08-22 20:00:09
70.   Travis
69 The secret would be useless to Nick Green?
2006-08-22 20:00:48
71.   JeremyM
True. I know he had the big double but I consider it a moral victory if Green gets the pitcher to throw 4 pitches to get him out.
2006-08-22 20:00:52
72.   Travis
Figgens drops a fly ball to center after a long run, 2 runs score.
2006-08-22 20:01:10
73.   BklynBmr
66 He's 'going 5', 15 runs or not ;-)
2006-08-22 20:01:16
74.   yankz
Jeter's August OPS: .726. I'm looking at you, Melvin Mora.
2006-08-22 20:01:19
75.   Travis
72 Figgins.
2006-08-22 20:01:50
76.   pistolpete
A thing of ABREUTY!
2006-08-22 20:01:55
77.   yankz
2006-08-22 20:02:12
78.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Aaron Small got smacked around again in Columbus. 3.2 ip 7er.
2006-08-22 20:02:18
79.   Travis
2006-08-22 20:02:23
80.   JL25and3
2006-08-22 20:02:43
81.   BklynBmr
An ABrasion of the baseball!
2006-08-22 20:02:49
82.   JeremyM
Damn, I love Fun Bobby.
2006-08-22 20:03:15
83.   BklynBmr
Anyone listening to Sterling tonight? What was the call?
2006-08-22 20:03:47
84.   pistolpete
78 Sad, really. What a nice guy and what a great story for 2005. Guess he'll have to live with that being his legacy...
2006-08-22 20:03:56
85.   JeremyM
83 Probably "can of corn to center."
2006-08-22 20:03:57
86.   randym77
Welcome to the big leagues, kid.
2006-08-22 20:04:42
87.   Shaun P
80 Indeed!


What were those Phillies fans complaining about again?

2006-08-22 20:06:46
88.   pistolpete
87 Change of scenery trade - my favorite kind, when it works in our favor, that is...
2006-08-22 20:07:15
89.   Travis
85 How true, and how sad. The two years I was stuck listening to Sterling were not enjoyable.
2006-08-22 20:07:42
90.   pistolpete
Oh for the love of...
2006-08-22 20:08:02
91.   yankz
Allll righty then.
2006-08-22 20:08:03
92.   JeremyM
At least this one was a solo.
2006-08-22 20:08:29
93.   yankz
Hey, it's better than Sir Sidney.
2006-08-22 20:09:22
94.   randym77
I think Guiel is going to be used the way Crosby was. Only as an occasional pinch-hitter rather than an occasional pinch-runner. He'll basically be a LIDR and backup. Probably won't go in unless we have a lead late in the game. Or if Nick Green needs to be pinch-hit for against a righty.
2006-08-22 20:09:56
95.   Shaun P
93 Tons better!
2006-08-22 20:10:32
96.   pistolpete
Yahoo's Gamechannel is stuck on Willy Mo AB and 1-0 Angels in the 3rd - what's the deal there?
2006-08-22 20:11:35
97.   monkeypants
93 Heck, he's already better than PonsonChaconSmallWilsonEtc. At least he's young, too, which keeps my interest more than yet another retread.
2006-08-22 20:11:36
98.   Travis
96 Read my 72. I think they don't know whether to score it as a double or an error, so they're stuck. Angels tied it up in the bottom of the 3rd, and have a runner on 3rd and 2 outs.
2006-08-22 20:11:52
99.   Shaun P
93 And he throws strikes: 58 pitches, 41 strikes. Not bad.
2006-08-22 20:14:04
100.   randym77
Poor Aaron Small did not have a good game in Columbus tonight. He'd been doing pretty well until he got injured a few weeks ago. Seems to take him awhile to get back on track when he's out for awhile. Unfortunately, the guy seems to be injury-prone.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-22 20:14:06
101.   monkeypants
94 You're probably right. And since Torre only has 12 pitchers now, he has to waste a roster spot with a position player.
2006-08-22 20:14:51
102.   eephus
96 Mine's having the same problem, but I find it hard to care - I hate the Angels. If only there were some way for both of those teams to lose.
2006-08-22 20:15:14
103.   yankz
God, I hope this isn't another 4K day for Arod.
2006-08-22 20:15:24
104.   pistolpete
98 Yahoo still on 2-1 Sox in the 3rd, Vlad AB. Every other game is up to date - weird.

Oh, another Cy Young candidate? Wow, how will they ever decide this award at the end of the season?!! :P

2006-08-22 20:16:59
105.   Travis
104 It'll catch up eventually. Currently 1 out in the top of the 4th, 2-2.
2006-08-22 20:17:29
106.   pistolpete
Que Pasa, El Sucko!
2006-08-22 20:20:22
107.   Travis
Bill Bavasi, Mariner GM, is in the Mariner booth after an 11-game losing streak and trading the most-tenured Mariner, Jaime Moyer. I don't envy him right now.
2006-08-22 20:20:43
108.   eephus
Hey... looks like the kid's settling down.
2006-08-22 20:21:09
109.   monkeypants
94 101 OK, a less snarky response, now. What kind of LIDR is Guiel? He can't play CF, and he's likely not significantly better in the corners than Abreu or Cabrera (plus, Torre is unlikely to PH for those two, so it's equally unlikely Guiel will have to go into the field for the PH). I guess he could be seen as the LH PH if Green or Fasano is playing.

Very nice inning by Karstens.

2006-08-22 20:21:45
110.   singledd
Vlad pops a high fly down the RF line. Youk, Loretta and Kapler all go full speed for it... and the ball bounces EXACTLY between all 3 of them for a double.

A rare 3 way almost collision. I'm always amazed the ball can find a hole in such an unlikely place. Tied game, 2-2.

By the way... with all the nasty things said about the Sox over the last week, I feel, in fairness, something positive should be said about the Red Sox organization.

Has anybody seen Hazel May?

2006-08-22 20:23:54
111.   pistolpete
Anyone else waiting for Karstens to break into "Sweet Transvestite"...?


2006-08-22 20:27:13
112.   BklynBmr
111 Huh?
2006-08-22 20:27:47
113.   Shaun P
108 If he keeps this up, we might see Karstens again.

110 I still like the Red Sox organization more than I do the Boston media.

2006-08-22 20:28:48
114.   Shaun P
Something tells me the Banter will be lucky to crack 300 posts tonight. Maybe even 250.

C'mon Yanks, time to baek this URP! ;)

2006-08-22 20:30:07
115.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Clippard gets the win for Trenton tonight. 5 ip, 3h, 1er, 2bb, 7ks.

He gave up a run dammit. Trade him yesterday.

2006-08-22 20:31:34
116.   randym77
109 I think Guiel would be better in CF than Bernie. Though whether Joe agrees is an open question.

Yes, I know - Joe put Bernie in as a LIDR for Abreu in CF, even though it meant giving up the DH. But he also admitted that the ball that dropped in in front of Bernie was catchable. I think he realizes that having Bernie Williams as your only backup OFer is not a good thing. Guiel and Thompson were the only available OFers on the 40-man roster, and Thompson's no better than Guiel on defense.

I think we may see Guiel as a LIDR for Abreu. Joe has noticed that Abreu shies away from the wall. He says it's because in Philadelphia, there's a wire along the wall that can catch fielders' hands and injure them.

2006-08-22 20:31:59
117.   pistolpete
No one else thinks Karstens looks like a young Tim Curry?
2006-08-22 20:32:52
118.   Shaun P
115 I'm still really wondering if Clippard's poor early season numbers can be attributed to the replacement minor league umps. Ever since the pros got back on the job, Clippard's numbers have been awesome.

Earlier today folks were talking about the Yanks needing to trade Sheff/Matsui for young pitching. With some of the arms currently in the system (Hughes, Clippard, Steve White, Karstens, even Rasner), and some of the guys drafted this year (Kennedy and Chamberlain come to mind), I think the Yanks might just be ok for young arms.

2006-08-22 20:33:06
119.   singledd
Angles up 3-2
2006-08-22 20:35:21
120.   pistolpete
Oh man, that first pitch should have been launched, Bobby.
2006-08-22 20:36:00
121.   eephus
117 I've spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out who he reminds me off. It's not Curry, but I do see what you mean...

Come on, Abreu... wouldn't want to let your Yankees average fall below .400, would you?

2006-08-22 20:37:23
122.   mickey1956
118 I've posted this somewhere else, but Clippard had some really wierd splits early in the season. His OPS against with runners on was over 1.000. He supposedly made some adjustments, and pitched to some better luck. Either way it was a pretty big turn-around.
2006-08-22 20:38:09
123.   zgveritas
Todd Jones columnist at Yahoo says he is sick of the unbalanced baseball schedule. He proposes alternating unbalanced years against division rivals with a balanced schedule.

I don't know if I agree with his alternating schedule. Before I read the story I was leaning to the more balanced schedule of old.

2006-08-22 20:40:25
124.   monkeypants
That's probably the end of Baek for the evening, no?

116 Interesting point about LIDR for Abreu. I don't think Guiel is a superstar or anything, but I would like to see the whole roster used, and used a bit more effectively. A Bernie(RH)-Guiel-Wilson-Giambi platoon at 1B-DH (and occasional OF) would be pretty nice.

And Karstens gets Ichiro again!

2006-08-22 20:40:35
125.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
118Babybombers --link above in the Bronx Bloggers section -- linked this week to a BA interview with the Trenton manager.

He said that Clippard basically had a mechanical problem that was causing him to leave his fastball, which only tops out at 91 or so, up in the zone.

They fixed it, and he's been keeping it low, and has also been able to throw his curve and change for strikes in fastball counts.

Seems he's learned to pitch rather than throw. (Jeez, if Home Run Josh ever learns to do that the Sawx might just have something!).

2006-08-22 20:43:17
126.   Travis
Karstens has retired the last 8.
2006-08-22 20:46:04
127.   yankz
121 Does anyone else see the tiniest hint of DiMaggio in him? The eyes, or the mouth maybe...
2006-08-22 20:46:31
128.   pistolpete
123 Seems to work for football. If someone proposed something interesting, I'd be willing to listen.
2006-08-22 20:46:33
129.   JeremyM
O'Flaherty? I remember saying that about 150 times last year after weak outs from our esteemed backup catcher.
2006-08-22 20:47:10
130.   yankz
Arod better not waste this pinch runner.
2006-08-22 20:47:13
131.   JeremyM
121 Man, you nailed it. I see it.
2006-08-22 20:47:56
132.   JeremyM
Please tell me Giambi is OK.
2006-08-22 20:49:09
133.   pistolpete
2006-08-22 20:49:09
134.   Dan-el
HOLY SHIT, what a bomb
2006-08-22 20:49:44
135.   yankz
Yahoo! He heard me!
2006-08-22 20:49:46
136.   BklynBmr
Fly Away Baseball. Heh-heh.

Go A-Rod!

2006-08-22 20:49:50
137.   eephus
127 Blasphemy.

Whoa! THAT's what I'm talking about. The last few days have made me appreciate our bullpen so much more... (knocking on lots and lots of wood).

2006-08-22 20:50:24
138.   pistolpete
Hmm, based on that one AB, I wonder if we could work a trade with Seattle to send A-Rod back to his old team...


2006-08-22 20:50:27
139.   randym77
Well, he did waste the pinch-runner. ;-)
2006-08-22 20:50:39
140.   JeremyM
That wasn't clutch. It's only the 6th, plus it's on the road, plus it was on a Tuesday, and it came on the same day as a new OutKast album.
2006-08-22 20:50:52
141.   singledd
6th inning? Doesn't count.
2006-08-22 20:50:54
142.   BklynBmr
132 Mr. Torre is just giving Jason a rest. No worries...
2006-08-22 20:50:55
143.   Max
Why the heck was Giambi lifted in the 6th inning?
2006-08-22 20:51:18
144.   yankz
137 How is that blasphemy? I didn't say he can play like the Clipper, just that something about his face reminds me of Joe D's...
2006-08-22 20:51:50
145.   Travis
If only he could have done that Sunday night in the 8th inning...

Obviously, still really great.

2006-08-22 20:52:13
146.   yankz
140 There's a new Outkast album? Or is this the Idlewild soundtrack? Man, guess I need to watch more MTV.
2006-08-22 20:52:57
147.   Travis
146 It's the soundtrack, sort of. Most of the songs aren't in the movie.
2006-08-22 20:53:28
148.   pistolpete
142 Torre seems to be doing that a LOT this season - lifting guys as soon as they show any sign of a possibly injury.

I guess it's been working well so far - save for Sheff and Matsui and Cano (who hurt themselves severely on one play), no one's been out for that long.

2006-08-22 20:54:07
149.   BklynBmr
The only thing getting older than the ESPN/BBTN takes on A-Rod are the BB ones. The choir gets it...
2006-08-22 20:54:21
150.   eephus
144 I know, I was just kidding... Karstens just seems so goofy looking to me.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-22 20:54:40
151.   Marcus
The Red Sox can't even catch a break on a Giants game telecast. Jon Miller taking Boston to task for trading Josh Bard and Cla Meredith for Doug Mirabelli.
2006-08-22 20:54:53
152.   JeremyM
140 Nobody needs to watch more MTV, ever. I hate that station. But the soundtrack doubles as a new Outkast album. I think it's pretty good but the critics seem more focused on the fact that most of the songs are again solo numbers. I guess they prefer the Paris Hilton "album."
2006-08-22 20:55:25
153.   yankz
150 Haha, oh, I see. I agree.
2006-08-22 20:55:27
154.   pistolpete
C'mon, blow this open already so I can go to bed.
2006-08-22 20:56:18
155.   monkeypants
123 Alternating schedule? No thanks--they've jimmied with the schedule too much with the crass manipulation of interleague play.

I far prefer the unbalanced schedule, since it tends to encourage true winners. If you play, say, 13 games against the division and 12 against everyone else (like it was in the AL for years), why bother having divisions? On the other hand, perhaps 19 division games is a couple too many.

My beef is with interleague play, especially for teams like the Yankees with 'natural enemies" that are played six times. 18 interleague games is too many. If I had my way, I'd ditch IL play, but that won't happen. Scheduling would also be less goofy the leagues had the same number of teams (they should have swapped Arizona when they had the chance).

2006-08-22 20:57:20
156.   pistolpete
Ooh, ooh, I figured out who Karstens looks like:

check it out:

2006-08-22 20:57:24
157.   mickey1956
Breaking News!!

Nick Green can't hit.

2006-08-22 20:58:45
158.   randym77
157 Hey, his double ended up winning the game yesterday. Whatta slugger. ;-)
2006-08-22 21:00:25
159.   mickey1956
158 Good point, but I never thought Cairo's bat would be missed.
2006-08-22 21:03:39
160.   Jen
I see a little bit of Adam "MCA" Yauch in Karstens. (but that could be from lack of sleep)
2006-08-22 21:03:44
161.   mickey1956
Karstens def. needs to pitch in a big ballpark. I don't really want to see him pitching to lefties at Yankee Stadium.
2006-08-22 21:06:05
162.   Travis
Myers and Wright warming.
2006-08-22 21:06:24
163.   randym77
159 LOL! Hey, maybe Miggy really is the best .230 hitter in the league.
2006-08-22 21:07:11
164.   monkeypants
128 It exactly doesn't work for football--in the NFL a teams plays division opponents twice (6 games), conferences opponents once (4+2), and interconference oppnents once (4 games). All the teams in the same division play the same interconference division and the same conference division, wand one team from each of the other two conference divisions.

Thus, the NFL schedule is both imbalanced and rather more rational than the current MLB schedule.

2006-08-22 21:07:12
165.   pistolpete
Why would Wright be warming - isn't he starting on Friday?
2006-08-22 21:08:24
166.   JeremyM
Did he get relieved on a 2-0 count? Well, not a bad outing overall. I believe this is Myers 7th day of work in a row as well.
2006-08-22 21:08:34
167.   yankz
Are they yanking him? I'd let him go for the quality start, he's one out away.
2006-08-22 21:08:35
168.   C2Coke
Myers must feel good to be out there playing everyday after a long month off.
2006-08-22 21:09:28
169.   Cliff Corcoran
165 So today's a throw day for him.
167 Broussard's a power-hitting lefty who can't hit lefties and represents the tying run. It's a good move.
2006-08-22 21:10:34
170.   Cliff Corcoran
169 Check that. Why on earth did he burn Myers to finish an intentional walk?
2006-08-22 21:11:28
171.   monkeypants
Hmm, that all seemed like a lot of strategery to me.
2006-08-22 21:11:29
172.   C2Coke
168 Or simply standing on the mound everyday for a few minutes. But why is Wright out? He is not pitching on Friday anymore? Good news on Moose?
2006-08-22 21:11:33
173.   JeremyM
What the ....?
2006-08-22 21:11:39
174.   David
It'll be nice if the Yanks can give the kid a major league victory.
2006-08-22 21:13:30
175.   Cliff Corcoran
172 No change to the rotation, it's Wright's throw day, this is smart managing, using your starters in relief on their throw days is creative and smart.
2006-08-22 21:14:12
176.   Travis
I like what I've seen from Jaret Wright out of the bullpen. Good news for the playoffs.
2006-08-22 21:14:30
177.   pistolpete
Was that a case of Karstens not getting the walk if someone else finishes the count? Therefore if that run scored, it wouldn't be charged to him?

Just speculating...

2006-08-22 21:15:23
178.   pistolpete
175 Just weird that he would start throwing for Friday at the exact time that everyone else would start throwing in preparation to relieve Karstens...
2006-08-22 21:16:12
179.   pistolpete
175 Oh, I misread that. n/m
2006-08-22 21:16:38
180.   monkeypants
175 Yep. Certainly better than pitching Villone or Proctor. Isn't this what teams used to do more when they carried fewer pitchers.
2006-08-22 21:17:11
181.   JeremyM
I thought Green was traded to the Mets? Someone help me out here.
2006-08-22 21:18:14
182.   Cliff Corcoran
177 But it was the tying run, not the go-ahead, so he wouldn't have earned the loss anyway.

180 Yup, just check Lefty Grove's save totals.

2006-08-22 21:18:36
183.   Travis
181 Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but Shawn Green (the OF) was traded to the Mets, not the Mariners' Sean Green.
2006-08-22 21:18:39
184.   pistolpete
181 Yes he was, why do you ask?
2006-08-22 21:20:10
185.   matt0620
177 Torre just didn't want Myers to pitch to Perez, who PH for Broussard.
2006-08-22 21:20:15
186.   JeremyM
Yes yes, just being sarcastic. We really need a button to indicate that:)
2006-08-22 21:20:19
187.   pistolpete
182 Maybe Torre was looking out for his WHIP. ;)
2006-08-22 21:21:00
188.   Travis
Smilies usually do the trick.
2006-08-22 21:24:07
189.   Travis
Garret Anderson has Bernie-esque range. Tied in Anaheim, 3-3.
2006-08-22 21:24:21
190.   pistolpete
Sawx tie it up, 3-3
2006-08-22 21:25:24
191.   pistolpete
Wow, I think I can count on one hand the amount of times we've seen THAT in 2006.
2006-08-22 21:25:25
192.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
According to CBS gamecenter at least,Fat Papi seems to have scored all the way from 1st on a Youks double.
2006-08-22 21:26:07
193.   pistolpete
Damn it, Posada - that was A-Rod's job.
2006-08-22 21:26:14
194.   JeremyM
192 He was also batting right-handed on the same site!
2006-08-22 21:27:00
195.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Damn, first pitch too. Posada's usually smarter than that with the bases loaded.
2006-08-22 21:27:18
196.   Travis
192 It was a fly ball down the left field line. Anderson slid, missed the ball, and Big Elevex scored without a throw.
2006-08-22 21:28:01
197.   pistolpete
192 Ok, the highlight on YES shows how it happened. Makes sense.
2006-08-22 21:28:16
198.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
194 Who knows, maybe the game is so easy for His Clutchness batting lefty that he decided to switch it up for a challenge.
2006-08-22 21:28:54
199.   singledd
Any news on Giambi? He was taken out too early for it to be a defensive move...
2006-08-22 21:29:36
200.   monkeypants
Ouch. Wright looks extra porn with the 'stache, even creepier than Giambi or Damon.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-22 21:30:12
201.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
196 Effin Anderson. Dude should've been sent to the glue factory with the other old nags by now. (Of course he'll probably his 3 homers against us this weekend and pull a few ARod line drives out of thin air)
2006-08-22 21:30:19
202.   pistolpete
Nuts - couldn't contain Ichiro forever.
2006-08-22 21:31:52
203.   yankz
F'in A.
2006-08-22 21:32:51
204.   pistolpete
Jesus, Wright - just give up the game why dontcha.
2006-08-22 21:33:26
205.   Zack
So, um, maybe Wright doesn't have it right now?
2006-08-22 21:33:43
206.   Benjamin Kabak
Who woulda guessed that putting in Jaret Wright would backfire? Jaret Wright, not a good pitcher.

(And that Jorge's DP would come back to haunt them.)

2006-08-22 21:34:05
207.   monkeypants
...and the patented nothing-is-easy-point-in-the-game has arrived, about an inning early.
2006-08-22 21:34:25
208.   JeremyM
Now there's the Wright we all know and love!
2006-08-22 21:34:36
209.   eephus
198 Ha. That would be great.

Ortiz: There is something you don't know... I am not left-handed.

Rivera: There is something I ought to tell you... I am not right-handed, either!

Hmm. This game is rapidly spiralling out of control.

2006-08-22 21:34:41
210.   Benjamin Kabak
Are you kidding me? They're keeping in Wright?! Hello, dugout.
2006-08-22 21:34:52
211.   Zack
Just checked into the game, was watching first episode of season 1 of Rome, if you haven't seen it, based on the 1 episode, it rocks...Sex, violence, and Roman history, what could be better?...Oh yeah, another Yanks win!
2006-08-22 21:34:58
212.   Travis
This isn't good, but this isn't a normal game. It's as close to a house money game as the Yankees will have all year.
2006-08-22 21:35:26
213.   Zack
Nick Green stinks...
2006-08-22 21:35:30
214.   Max
Trying to allow myself to breathe the sweet air of post sweep least for 36 hours...but first pitch GIDP and Jaret Wright are quickly fouling the air.
2006-08-22 21:35:33
215.   Benjamin Kabak
192 Ball was misplaced in left field.
2006-08-22 21:35:36
216.   pistolpete
Ok, Beltre needs to get drilled tomorrow.
2006-08-22 21:35:39
217.   yankz
2006-08-22 21:36:05
218.   Travis
That wasn't a slide, it was a karate kick.
2006-08-22 21:36:38
219.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
What happened? They couldn't turn 2 on Richie Sexson of all people?
2006-08-22 21:36:51
220.   monkeypants
Villone. Again.
2006-08-22 21:37:18
221.   Zack
The Seattle fans have some confused version of the homer hanky going. I have never understood why some fans feel that they need extra support for their cheering: hankies, monkies, beach balls, what have you. Just go to the North East and see what your hands and voice can do...
2006-08-22 21:37:52
222.   David
Glad to see Villone coming in. It shows that Joe is really trying to win this one.
2006-08-22 21:37:58
223.   Travis
219 High chopper to Jeter, Jeter wasn't that quick with it, Green got upended at second by a completely dirty slide by Beltre, no throw to first.
2006-08-22 21:38:13
224.   eephus
219 Beltre absolutely wiped out Nick Green. The YES announcers seem to think it was clean, but I'm not sure I agree.
2006-08-22 21:38:16
225.   pistolpete
219 Beltre with a leg sweep on Nick Green on his 'slide' into 2B, so the throw wasn't made.
2006-08-22 21:38:39
226.   yankz
This is where Myers would be handy.
2006-08-22 21:39:20
227.   randym77
Looked like football season at 2B.
2006-08-22 21:39:20
228.   JeremyM
209 That's awesome. Love that movie.
2006-08-22 21:39:21
229.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
And Anderson makes amends. Halos up 1.
2006-08-22 21:39:41
230.   Benjamin Kabak
Hmm. Interesting pitch call there.
2006-08-22 21:39:58
231.   Travis
Anderson makes up for it with an RBI single; Angels take the lead, 4-3.
2006-08-22 21:40:54
232.   Benjamin Kabak
Why? Why bring in Jaret Wright? Brain freeze? Idiocy? What is it about Jaret Wright that brings out the worst in Joe?
2006-08-22 21:40:54
233.   yankz
2006-08-22 21:40:55
234.   pistolpete
Cripes, this is where the fatigue has set in. Namely, our bullpen.
2006-08-22 21:41:22
235.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Crap. You just knew this was going to happen once Jorge grounded into the dp.
2006-08-22 21:41:22
236.   JeremyM
Damn it, they blew the rookie's win.
2006-08-22 21:41:32
237.   Zack
Looks like our BP might finally be feeling the painful effects of the weekend...Sorry Jeff, not tonight...And Raul has been dubbed "Mr. Clutch" by Seattle announcers
2006-08-22 21:41:58
238.   monkeypants
222 I'm glad Torre is trying to win; I'm not glad that Villone has to be used again. If Yankees didn't burn first and second and 0 outs after the A-Rod HR, and bases loaded 1 out in the 7th, then Torre doesn't need to pull Karstnes in the fifth, and maybe he can give Wright alonger leash.

Oh, and now tie game.

2006-08-22 21:42:29
239.   Cliff Corcoran
Just in case no one else has said it yet, it's sure a good thing that Torre burned Myers on those two intentional balls, he wouldn't have come in handy against Ibanez at all, you know, saving Villone and the lead and all. Nahhhh.
2006-08-22 21:42:54
240.   Benjamin Kabak
235 I knew it would happen after Jaret Wright came in. I have a personal vendetta against him. I can't stand to watch him pitch; it's like getting your teeth pulled.
2006-08-22 21:43:17
241.   Cliff Corcoran
237 Ibanez has been their best hitter this year (well, maybe after Suzuki).
2006-08-22 21:43:17
242.   yankz
Arod needs another HR!
2006-08-22 21:43:43
243.   matt0620
239 I still think Torre made the right move with Myers then... just didn't expect the PH for Broussard.
2006-08-22 21:44:10
244.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Manny Delwalkmen in for the Sawx.
2006-08-22 21:44:23
245.   monkeypants
232 Bringing in Wright was not a bad move considering the BP usage lately; it just didn't work out. The greater sin this game has been failure to capitalize on scoring opportunities, which has narrowed the margin for error by the overworked BP.
2006-08-22 21:45:41
246.   Cliff Corcoran
Gotta hit Cano for Green if bernie or melky get on base.
2006-08-22 21:46:10
247.   Benjamin Kabak
245 I would have opted for Dotel in that situation over Wright.
2006-08-22 21:46:38
248.   Travis
Great job by Bernie to walk on 4 pitches.
2006-08-22 21:46:38
249.   JeremyM
Good start.

245 Good point.

2006-08-22 21:46:49
250.   monkeypants
243 But if Meyers can only be used for one batter, do you burn him that early in the game even if he got Broussard out?

Well, LH Bernie walked--that's a bit of good luck.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-22 21:47:41
251.   Cliff Corcoran
247 I assume Dotel was scheduled for the 8th.
2006-08-22 21:48:09
252.   Benjamin Kabak
Ugh. Bunt down the line, kid.
2006-08-22 21:48:26
253.   randym77
Dotel sure didn't look very good yesterday. I'm thinking they should have left him in Columbus longer. He's taking up a roster slot without doing much.
2006-08-22 21:48:34
254.   Cliff Corcoran
Melky needs to steal to make up for that.
2006-08-22 21:48:54
255.   Travis
5 straight balls, and he bunts the next pitch. Ugh.
2006-08-22 21:49:05
256.   monkeypants
247 OK, you use Dotel in the sixth, but not the seventh. He looks pretty limited so far. So, who do you start in the seventh? If not Villone, you're back to Wright anyway.

Frigging silly bunt, especially with creaky Bernie on base.

2006-08-22 21:49:14
257.   Benjamin Kabak
255 Yeah, that too. Didn't even occur to me. Good point.
2006-08-22 21:49:20
258.   pistolpete
Papi will be up in the 9th if anyone gets on from here on in...
2006-08-22 21:49:31
259.   JeremyM
This is quickly shaping up as a Torre loss. I really don't want to complain after this weekend, but it's not time to ease off the gas all the way yet. I mean, bunting on a guy that's thrown 5 straight balls?
2006-08-22 21:50:06
260.   singledd
Any news on Giambi?
2006-08-22 21:51:04
261.   Travis
Sox out in the 8th. Elevex due up 4th in the 9th.
2006-08-22 21:52:13
262.   Max
260 I'm wondering the same thing. Removing him in the 6th inning of this type of game seems peculiar.
2006-08-22 21:52:13
263.   yankz
261 As much as I hate to admit it, it's pretty amazing how Elevex's clutchness affects sites all around the baseball world.
2006-08-22 21:53:19
264.   Travis
Manny still hasn't batted in that game. No word on whether he's available to pinch-hit.
2006-08-22 21:54:17
265.   monkeypants
Two outs--Cabrera has to go here, and everyone in the park knows it.
2006-08-22 21:54:17
266.   Benjamin Kabak
So, ah, have the Yanks forgotten how to play? Melky bunts after 5 straight balls; Cano has a lazy swing on 2-0. Remember how you waited Boston to death this weekend? Well, keep it against a team with 11 losses in a row.
2006-08-22 21:55:15
267.   yankz
I'm not so sure I'd take a long extra innings win over a loss here.
2006-08-22 21:55:49
268.   Benjamin Kabak
Well, Melky was the dud of the evening. But at least we get an 0-0 count on Damon now.
2006-08-22 21:56:01
269.   Cliff Corcoran
Wow, Melky single-handedly destroyed that inning. Been a long time since he looked like such a rookie.
2006-08-22 21:56:10
270.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Melky Cabrera, late-inning-press, runners on:


Yes, by all means have the kid bunt.

2006-08-22 21:56:12
271.   Travis
Well, at least Damon leads off the 9th.
2006-08-22 21:57:07
272.   Benjamin Kabak
268 I meant inning, not evening.
2006-08-22 21:57:41
273.   monkeypants
Does anyone think that Wright out of the BP was also a bit of an experiment? IF Pavano is truly close to returning, and also if Karstens looks even serviceable (though more likely to be sent down soon), they have to decide who goes to the pen and who goes away.
2006-08-22 21:57:58
274.   Cliff Corcoran
266 I dunno, Cano took a very close pitch for ball one, and he always swings at the first pitch, then took low and inside, a weakness for him, for 2-0. He was being patient, he just took a bad swing.
2006-08-22 21:58:08
275.   JeremyM
I blame Torre myself. You have to put your guys in the best possible positions to succeed, and Melky can not bunt worth a hill of beans. Oh well.
2006-08-22 21:58:52
276.   Benjamin Kabak
So Joe really has no faith in Dotel right now. That bodes ill for Fransworth and Proctor down the stretch.
2006-08-22 21:59:05
277.   singledd
"I mean, bunting on a guy that's thrown 5 straight balls?"
1) even with the bunt sign on, Melky can still take a pitch
2) it was a bad bunt. The sign called for a good bunt.
2006-08-22 21:59:15
278.   Cliff Corcoran
273 Possibly, but I think Torre was primarily trying to rest his pen as much as possible. So much for that.

270 Agreed, bad call even if it works.

2006-08-22 21:59:43
279.   monkeypants
Villone looks like ass so far. Who's next, Rivera for two innings?
2006-08-22 22:00:14
280.   Max
I'd just as soon the Yanks win or blow this type of hangover game in the next two innings, rather than have some sort of drawn out extra inning deal where important arms get burned.

Of course, it seems too late for Villone, regardless. Can he get made up to look like Farnsworth and switch uniforms, so that Joe won't use him on consecutive days and won't use him for more than one inning at a time?

2006-08-22 22:00:48
281.   Travis
277 After 5 straight balls and a visit to the mound, by far the most likely pitch is a fastball down the middle. Melky's been killing the ball lately. Let him take or swing at that pitch, at least.
2006-08-22 22:01:06
282.   JeremyM
Yeah, but Melky is not a good bunter. We can argue about whether or not he SHOULD be able to bunt, but at this point, he can't, so why make him do so? And taking that into account, he's going to be nervous and bunt at the first thing in the same zip code.

I'm not saying fire Torre over it, just not a good choice in my opinion.

2006-08-22 22:01:09
283.   Travis
Manny pinch-hitting to lead off the 9th.
2006-08-22 22:01:50
284.   randym77
Melky is not a very good bunter. I dunno, I think I'd have let him try to get on base with a hit or a walk. Then let Nick bunt.
2006-08-22 22:02:01
285.   Benjamin Kabak
Very nice play by Alex.
2006-08-22 22:02:17
286.   Travis
Manny hits one to the track in center. 1 out.
2006-08-22 22:02:54
287.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Manny down, Coco Chanel and Loretta to follow.
2006-08-22 22:03:17
288.   monkeypants
Ooops. Mariners announcers repeat that Rivera and Proctor are not available tonight. Who's left?
2006-08-22 22:03:50
290.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
If we lose it here, at least the bullpen won't have to work the 9th.
2006-08-22 22:03:52
291.   Cliff Corcoran
Bohn replaced Adam Jones on the roster today. Sorry I failed to catch that for my roster above.
2006-08-22 22:03:54
292.   JeremyM
288 I wonder why Mo isn't?
2006-08-22 22:04:01
293.   Benjamin Kabak
288 Why is Rivera unavailable? He hasn't thrown since Sunday.
2006-08-22 22:04:21
294.   Travis
288 Dotel and Farnsworth, I guess.
2006-08-22 22:04:52
295.   Cliff Corcoran
288 Sterling seems to think Rivera's available. Of course he also thinks Proctor's available.
2006-08-22 22:06:27
296.   JeremyM
He probably thinks Pavano is available then.
2006-08-22 22:06:40
297.   Cliff Corcoran
294 No Farns, he closed yesterday.
2006-08-22 22:07:00
298.   monkeypants
Coco Crisp (!) gets on, allowing the inevitable Ortiz nonth inning AB.
2006-08-22 22:07:21
299.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Did y'all know that Sawx fans call Mo "Fruitbat" or "Fruitybat"? Didn't know that til I took stock of the Sawx blogs this weekend.

It's no wonder they got trounced, insulting greatness like that. The baseball gods must be very angry with them indeed.

2006-08-22 22:07:40
300.   Cliff Corcoran

That's what the bunt gets you.

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2006-08-22 22:07:47
301.   Benjamin Kabak
Infield single and stolen base for Crisp.
0-2 count on Loretta.
2006-08-22 22:08:33
302.   monkeypants
But Coco Crisp steals, allowing the inevitable IBB to Ortiz.
2006-08-22 22:09:02
303.   randym77
Fruitbat? Why fruitbat?
2006-08-22 22:09:24
304.   Travis
299 Yeah. They also call Posada "Dumbo" and A-Rod "Slappy."
2006-08-22 22:09:38
305.   JeremyM
Fruitbat? Is that the best they can do? It took us a long time to think of Papelbitch.
2006-08-22 22:10:34
306.   randym77
I get "Dumbo" and "Slappy," but "Fruitbat"???
2006-08-22 22:11:20
307.   Travis
306 I guess his face is somewhat bat-like?
2006-08-22 22:11:21
308.   singledd
IBB for Papi. 2 on, 2 out, 9th inning, K-Rod vs. Youk. Angels up 4-3.
2006-08-22 22:11:26
309.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
303 I suspect the cretins see a certain resenblance in looks or something.
2006-08-22 22:12:42
310.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Youks 2 for 3 vs K-Rod lifetime.
2006-08-22 22:13:46
311.   BklynBmr
A baserunner, please...
2006-08-22 22:14:06
312.   Benjamin Kabak
Did I just hear that Farnsworth is warming up? Two games in a row? What's wrong with Mo?
2006-08-22 22:14:22
313.   singledd
Youk flys out. Sox lose!
2006-08-22 22:14:44
314.   Travis
Youkilis flies to right. Game over.
2006-08-22 22:15:20
315.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Guiel needs to ph for Wilson.
2006-08-22 22:16:30
316.   randym77
Hmmm. I don't see the resemblance. But so far as I know, fruitbats are not endemic to Boston, so perhaps they just don't know what they're talking about.

Fruitbats are pretty cute critters, if you ask me.

2006-08-22 22:16:31
317.   BklynBmr
Love that 'FSN Tracer', huh?
2006-08-22 22:16:36
318.   David
312 Maybe they want to reserve Mo for a one inning save afer the Yanks take the lead.
2006-08-22 22:16:38
319.   monkeypants
Sox loss really makes this a house-money game. Hopefully the game doesn't last too much longer.
2006-08-22 22:17:39
320.   Benjamin Kabak
Ah, Bobby reallly wanted to be the hero there.
2006-08-22 22:17:46
321.   LI yankee
the Seattle broadcast just said Jeter is now the all time Yankee singles leader, surpassing Bernie.
2006-08-22 22:18:17
322.   randym77
Yup, it's Guiel in for Wilson.
2006-08-22 22:18:26
323.   Travis
A fruitbat:

2006-08-22 22:18:43
324.   eephus
313 Extra double super house money game, then...

Goodnight all, I'm catching the end of this thing from bed.

2006-08-22 22:18:44
325.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Jays closing in one the Sawx. I've said from the beginning of the season that this Sawx team has 3rd place written all over it. Make it so Jays.
2006-08-22 22:18:48
326.   monkeypants
315 Your wish is granted. So, does Guiel go in to play 1B? I guess he's about the only one left.
2006-08-22 22:18:53
327.   C2Coke
315 You called it. Guiel is in.
2006-08-22 22:19:04
328.   BklynBmr
315 Nice call. No matter what happens, that was the right move...
2006-08-22 22:19:34
329.   Cliff Corcoran
Okay, 9th inning, Sal Fasano is the only bench player on either team who hasn't gotten into this game. Meanwhile the M's have just two relievers left, lefty Jake Woods and their closer, JJ Putz.
2006-08-22 22:19:51
330.   Travis
Left on the Yankee bench:
Sal Fasano
2006-08-22 22:20:42
331.   C2Coke
326 You are forgetting Damon.
2006-08-22 22:21:45
332.   Travis
329 Hargrove almost never uses Putz in a non-save situation (the Mariner fans have been complaining about it all year), so I'd guess we'd see Woods first.
2006-08-22 22:21:51
333.   C2Coke
330 Then Jorge can be 1B.
2006-08-22 22:22:10
334.   zgveritas
Guiel 2-2 career vs Mateo.

This is setting up to be A-rod's night.

2006-08-22 22:22:15
335.   Cliff Corcoran
Fruit bats look like dogs with wings, they're cute. I think they mean vampire bats. Nice that they screwed up on the nickname.
2006-08-22 22:22:22
336.   monkeypants
331 Actually, I was pretending that option didn't exist. Why do I sense Torre will put Damon at first and move Bernie from DH to center?
2006-08-22 22:23:03
337.   Marcus
Here's a comparison of Mo to a fruit bat, among others:

I have to say, they nailed it with the Matsui-Shemp comparison.

2006-08-22 22:23:15
338.   Travis
Put it away, A-Rod.
2006-08-22 22:23:44
339.   Cliff Corcoran
330 Guiel already has three innings at 1B as a Yankee. Anything to keep Fasano's bat locked up.
2006-08-22 22:23:58
340.   JeremyM
336 I don't care, it would be worth it to see Damon at first again. I don't know why but I loved that, especially the story behind it and Damon's "white lie."
2006-08-22 22:24:11
341.   singledd
Does anyone know the story on Giambi?
2006-08-22 22:24:20
342.   matt0620
Didn't Guiel play some games at 1B in Columbus?
2006-08-22 22:25:36
343.   Benjamin Kabak
A-Rod with the big blast and 3 K's. All or nothing for him tonight.
2006-08-22 22:25:48
344.   JeremyM
341 My understanding is it was a strategic move with an eye on caution, nothing to worry about. But I'm not sure.
2006-08-22 22:25:53
345.   C2Coke
334 Nope. Arod is not Damon.
2006-08-22 22:25:58
346.   zgveritas
341 WCBS radio says Giambi has a groin strain so Torre is being careful with him. It did not happen tonight.
2006-08-22 22:27:49
347.   Benjamin Kabak
Villone? Ow my arm.
2006-08-22 22:28:03
348.   monkeypants
Torre to Villone: "Win or die trying!"
2006-08-22 22:28:22
349.   BklynBmr
343 Without A-Rod's blast, game over. Did anyone else have a chance to end it tonight?
2006-08-22 22:28:42
350.   singledd
Jorge's is GREAT!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-22 22:28:54
351.   Benjamin Kabak
Oh fucking shit. That's a pain in the ass game to lose.
2006-08-22 22:29:08
352.   Cliff Corcoran
337 The Papi-Florida Evans and Moose-Ally Sheedy comps are amazing. I knew about the Shemp thing already (though the photos are equally amazing).
2006-08-22 22:29:37
353.   Benjamin Kabak
{349] Woah there. Did I criticize A-Rod? I said it was an all or nothing evening for him. Statement of fact. It happens.
2006-08-22 22:30:12
354.   monkeypants
349 Not sure what you mean, but Posada's DP with the bases juiced was huge.

Well, at least this ended quickly and the team can sleep off the jet lag.

2006-08-22 22:30:17
355.   zgveritas
A-Rod needs to get into a fight or something to win back the respect of Yankee fans. He certainly isn't getting it done at the plate.
2006-08-22 22:30:32
356.   Benjamin Kabak
Magic number goes down by 1.
2006-08-22 22:30:33
357.   C2Coke
This was bound to happen. I am still high from the last series. And I gotta say Seatle needed this game more than we did.
2006-08-22 22:30:43
358.   Cliff Corcoran
Where was Octavio Dotel? Poor Villone. Tough loss, but no biggy. Sox lost too. And I think most of us expected a loss tonight.
2006-08-22 22:31:24
359.   Max
Oh well, if you were going to lose a game, this was the one. I still would have preferred to see Dotel getting shelled in the eighth, rather than see Villone's dangling arm brought out yet again to serve up the game-winner.
2006-08-22 22:31:47
360.   JeremyM
Geez. I'm not too upset about the loss, but what was Villone doing out there?
2006-08-22 22:32:03
361.   Travis
Torre managed that as a house money game and I can't blame him.
2006-08-22 22:33:51
362.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Yeah, ... acky loss tonight, the team didn't praticularly play poorly so i'm not too worried.
2006-08-22 22:34:05
363.   randym77
342 Guiel was playing 1B quite a bit in Columbus, especially after Pena left.
2006-08-22 22:34:30
364.   Travis
9 days until September 1 and an expanded bullpen. Villone and Proctor just have to make it until then.
2006-08-22 22:34:58
365.   C2Coke
361 If Villon and Proctor are not blaming Torre, I don't think we can anyway (our arms are not about to fall off).
2006-08-22 22:35:56
366.   monkeypants
361 Except for using Villone for 2 innings. If it were really house money, he would have stuck with the starter through six and sent Dotel, Meyers, and Wright each in for one inning regardless of the score.
2006-08-22 22:36:10
367.   rabid stan
Villone might have hit the wall in the last week. All three games of the O's series (9, 7 and 40 pitches), thrown out the next day for two innings (another 40) against the Red Sox, and then Sunday, for another inning (and 32 pitches).

Tonight, he had thrown 24 pitches in 1.1 innings, 8 for strikes when he started the ninth.


2006-08-22 22:37:05
368.   monkeypants
364 Because then Torre will not continue to ride the same arms? Maybe.
2006-08-22 22:37:27
369.   Travis
366 You're right, but I meant after the score was tied.
2006-08-22 22:37:32
370.   C2Coke
367 Maybe Proctor can give Villon some tips on how he survived or still is surviving.
2006-08-22 22:37:46
371.   matt0620
Wow, Villone's ERA in August is 5.09. Need to hide him from Torre.
2006-08-22 22:40:49
372.   marc
355 That's ridiculous, A-Rod hit a 2 run homer in the 6th to take the lead.
2006-08-22 22:43:26
373.   Max
Villone's been pitching a bit over his head all season, but his trajectory in August is starting to look like Paul Quantrill's descent in 2004. I hope this is a bump in the road and not a steep slide to burnout.
2006-08-22 22:47:47
374.   yankeemonkey
Tough game to lose but eh, it had to happen sooner or later. At least they didn't lose any ground to the Sox. I'd have preferred Dotel serving up the game winner though. Villone (and Proctor) need to be placed in witness protection to hide them from Joe for a week.

Silver lining: at least the game didn't go to extras so they didn't have to burn out their bullpen.

How many people will totally ignore Arod's HR and scream that he lost the game again?

2006-08-22 22:49:58
375.   zgveritas
372 I know A-Rod had the potential GWRBI with the monster HR.

The critics will not remember that. Their memories are short and they want to see big ABs in pressure situations against Major League pitchers, not rookies getting a tryout.

2006-08-22 22:54:16
376.   Cliff Corcoran
Karstens: Gilbert Godfried? Humphrey Bogart?
2006-08-22 22:55:11
377.   yankeemonkey
Can Godfried pitch? Sign him up!
2006-08-22 22:59:31
378.   yankeemonkey
By the way, Alex/Cliff:

The Sat Angels game is on FOX, not ESPN...

2006-08-22 23:01:48
379.   randym77
376 Eddie Munster. Those eyebrows...
2006-08-22 23:01:49
380.   rabid stan
373 It's hard to be Ron Vilone. And Everyday Scottie.

They've ridden Proctor harder, but he still looks good. Villone has more career miles on his arm; they really should handle him carefully the next week, check him out physically and so on.

What's disturbing is that he's labored so much in his last four outings, thrown a lot of pitches and gotten touched for ER's each time.

2006-08-22 23:12:15
381.   Adam B
The most appalling part was the playing for a tie instead of a win. At least Dotel, Farns and Mo all are available tomorrow. The Mariners seem like the type of team that won't ride Wang hard either. Maybe he'll have another pretty solid road start. Because of Meche's scratch, though, now we have to face King Felix.
2006-08-22 23:12:37
382.   Schteeve
375 Anyone who tries to blame this loss on A-Rod needs a good old fashioned ass whipping. I know your point about the A-Rod critics is accurate, but that doesn't mean anyone should take them seriously, they can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned.
2006-08-22 23:13:23
383.   Schteeve
381 I believe Felix was scratched for his start tomorrow.
2006-08-22 23:15:45
384.   Schteeve
At least that's what Rotoworld is speculating.

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