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The Morning After
2006-08-21 08:53
by Cliff Corcoran

With the exception of a dominant starting pitching performance, the last four games have given Yankee fans everything they could have hoped for coming into the five-game showdown with the Red Sox that concludes this afternoon. So what's left for the finale? After the last four games, I wouldn't rule anything out, though I'd like to rule out a Red Sox victory.

Cory Lidle, who was activated from the bereavement list yesterday with T.J. Beam returning to Columbus, makes his fourth Yankee start. David Wells takes the hill for the Sox. Wells has spent most of the season on the disabled list with a right knee injury. In fact, he made just two starts prior to his most recent activation at the end of July. Since then he's taken four turns, the first of which was rough, but the last three of which have been solid. In fact, the 43-year-old Wells looks to be more or less up to his old tricks, surrendering a ton of hits but very few walks and emerging with a 2-1 record and a 2.75 ERA over those three starts.

Joe Torre is sending out a day-game-after-a-extra-inning-night-game/house money line-up against the big lefty, with last night's heroes Jason Giambi and Jorge Posada, as well as series MVP Johnny Damon, getting the day off, Derek Jeter taking a turn at DH, and Nick Green, Bernie Williams and Sal Fasano in the line-up and in the field. Bernie is a career .211/.256/.355 hitter against Wells and Green and Fasano are a combined 2 for 20 career against Boomer. Melky Cabrera, whose lead-off double against Jonathan Papelbon in the ninth last night was as big as any of the other hits in the game, will lead off.

The Red Sox counter with their usual starting nine, but with Eric Hinske replacing Kevin Youkilis at first base. The Sox, who demoted Jermain Van Buren after his poor performance on Saturday in favor of former Rockies hurler Javier Lopez, have also made yet another move in their bullpen, sending down last night's loser Craig Hansen and promoting former Texas Ranger Bryan Corey. It is the fourth time in as many days that they've shuffled relievers.

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2006-08-21 09:37:36
1.   JeremyM
Shouldn't Green get some rest since he played last night...? Seriously, I hate seeing him and Fasano in the lineup together, but what are you going to do? My "pick to click" is Wilson today.
2006-08-21 09:38:24
2.   pistolpete
I know the Yanks have seen their share of DFA's & demotions in the past few months, and maybe I don't follow the Sox as closely as others, but IMO these moves seem more like knee jerk/panic reactions than anything else.
2006-08-21 09:39:27
3.   Sliced Bread
I really wish Joe was going with the starters for this game.

There's a big difference between 4.5 games ahead and 6.5.

Today's lineup is better suited for a tilt against Seattle than a potential 5 game sweep of the Sox.

2006-08-21 09:40:09
4.   randym77
Torre said in the pre-game interview that the team is exhausted. He says injuries happen when players are tired. He plans to sit Cano entirely, possibly tomorrow.

Nothing about Melky. That kid hasn't had a day off for months. C'mon, Joe, Guiel can play LF. I know you don't trust in him CF, but he can play left!

2006-08-21 09:41:24
5.   Ron Burgundy
3 It's House Money day. Everyone takes the day off. I wonder if Joe will do this in a possible playoff situation where we just need to win one more game to take a series.
2006-08-21 09:45:40
6.   Sliced Bread
4 I understand the Yanks are exhausted, but so are the Red Sox.

I also understand the season is a marathon, but when you have a chance to beat your division rival straight up, you suck it up, and go for it.

As far as I'm concerned, unless a starter asked for the day off they should all be in today.

Let the Yanks starters sleep through Seattle if necessary, while the Sox mix it up with the Angels.

2006-08-21 09:46:13
7.   RIYank
3, 5 My gut agrees with you, but my head says Torre might be right. There are still forty games to go, and rest for our 30+ year-old players is going to matter a lot.
It's not a sprint, it's a ... Okay, it's no longer a marathon, but it's still a 10K race.
2006-08-21 09:52:11
8.   Sliced Bread
As I said on the previous thread I have a feeling we'll see Damon, Posada, and Giambi before the day is over, providing Lidle keeps it close, and the top of the order does some damage against Boomer.
2006-08-21 09:52:15
9.   Schteeve
So the same people who rip Torre for letting Wang and Proctor and Villone pitch too many innings, are now ripping him for resting starters who have been playing baseball non-stop for the last 72 hours?


2006-08-21 09:52:28
10.   KJC
3 The way the Sox have played, Joe thinks he can beat them with a AAA squad...and he's right.
2006-08-21 09:53:57
11.   randym77
We were a .500 team in August, coming into this series.

Since the start of this series, we're a 1.000 team. I have to conclude that Boston sucks. Therefore, when better to rest the veterans? We can win without them.

And you know Torre will bring in the big guns if they're needed.

2006-08-21 09:54:15
12.   Sliced Bread
9 Hope you're not referring to me. I never ripped Torre for letting Wang, Proctor, and Villone pitch too many innings. I say unless a player tells his managers or coaches he needs a rest you use your best players as much as possible, and especially in games against your closest division rival.
2006-08-21 09:55:51
13.   Sliced Bread
12 one amendment to that, if your starters are showing obvious signs of fatigue you rest them. Last I checked Giambi didn't look too tired, and neither did Damon, or Posada.
2006-08-21 09:56:11
14.   rbj
In the right situation, we'll see the big guns. Until then you use the other guys on the bench. Today's game is not merely house money, it is double secret house money.
2006-08-21 09:56:30
15.   standuptriple
I just hope they don't get too aggresive vs. Boomer. He's just as vulnerable (if not more) than the rest of that pitiful staff.
2006-08-21 09:56:40
16.   randym77
13 Joe disagrees. He said in his pregame show that the team is exhausted.
2006-08-21 10:00:42
17.   ChrisS
4 For all that Melky has done as after being thrust into the league as an emergency starter, it's going to be hard to see him lose his job when Mats and Sheff come back. I'm really enjoying watching him grow as a player.
2006-08-21 10:01:12
18.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
maybe..just maybe today is the day A Rod takes over a game and goes 4-5 with a 3 run bomb....maybe not...

when was this guys last HR ? I remember he and Giambi with the 9th inning back to back about a week ago...

Fenway...righty....shitty pitching...nothing

2006-08-21 10:01:26
19.   monkeypants
I would just like to see a little different rotation of resting players. If you play Green and Bernie, may try Wilson at C and Guiel (I know, Wells is LHP) at 1B. If you rest Damon, how about Melky in CF. Or, you just have to have the balls to rest the starters nomatter what.

It just seems like these games either turn into laughers for the opposition, or the subs hang in their and all the starters and BP get used anyway. Of course, half a day off is better than none.

2006-08-21 10:02:00
20.   Bob Timmermann
Even the Gameday operator is exhausted.
2006-08-21 10:03:42
21.   randym77
17 I'm not sure Melky will lose his job. I doubt Sheff and Matsui will be back this year. Next year, anything can happen.

19 You got it. The guys resting today were dictated by the lefty on the mound. Note that the lefty batters are the ones getting days off.

2006-08-21 10:04:21
22.   Schteeve
Sliced, I wasn't referring to anyone in particular.
2006-08-21 10:08:37
23.   pistolpete
18 Ah, if I could go back and count the number of times someone predicted that 'this was the day' that A-Rod finally dominated a game...

I'm with you, but it's amusing to see how many times it's been said and we're still waiting.

2006-08-21 10:09:39
24.   Sliced Bread
22 I understand your point re: resting the starters, but if were up to me I'd approach today as a playoff game.

16 If Joe says they're too tired to play, they're too tired. Like Paul Simon sang, "Who am I to blow against the wind?"

2006-08-21 10:11:15
25.   Cliff Corcoran
21 Except Giambi has a .500+ OBP vs. Wells and Posada hits Wells pretty well. Damon doesn't so much, but all three hit him better than Bernie and co.
2006-08-21 10:11:50
26.   Ron Burgundy
Whatever, let's kill Wells. He's horrible, and there is no reason for him to pitch a good game against us.
2006-08-21 10:13:31
27.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it. Jeter's AVG keeps dropping. I really want him to win the batting title.
2006-08-21 10:13:42
28.   C2Coke
13 I agree with you on Giambi and Damon, they look totally hyped. However, as well as Posada has played, he looked like the most tired player off the field last night.
2006-08-21 10:14:35
29.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It!
But there were two hard-hit balls.
I hate Whales.
2006-08-21 10:14:38
30.   pistolpete
IMO it's going to be a low-scoring affair - fatigue has set in, and the only 'fresh' players are the starting pitchers.
2006-08-21 10:15:55
31.   David
Jeter and Abreu hit the ball well, although they were outs. Hopefully that's a good sign.
2006-08-21 10:16:07
32.   randym77
25 Well, you knew Posada would have today off. That was determined before the series even started.

No one is sitting because they don't hit Wells. They're being rested. This weekend has been brutal. It's just a question of when the best time to rest them is.

2006-08-21 10:17:45
33.   Ron Burgundy
Coco Chanel.
2006-08-21 10:18:25
34.   pistolpete
32 I'd say resting guys after winning the first 4 games of a 5-game set is a pretty good time.
2006-08-21 10:19:06
35.   monkeypants
Coco Crisp is truly awful this year.
2006-08-21 10:20:26
36.   Schteeve
Excuse my ignorance, but was Coco Crisp ever good? I'm too lazy to look it up.
2006-08-21 10:20:27
37.   pistolpete
Lidle looks sharp. Good sign.
2006-08-21 10:20:50
38.   Cliff Corcoran
32 I agree, I was just countering the fact that their left-handedness was a factor. Abreu and Rodriguez had their turns at DH, after today only the kids, Melky and Robbie, haven't been at least DH-rested in this series.
2006-08-21 10:21:17
39.   Ron Burgundy
The SHIFT again. Fuckers.

Any regular infield alignment and it's an easy out.

2006-08-21 10:21:34
40.   monkeypants
34 Point taken, but this pattern of usage extends beyond this series. Torre opts for 'house money' days where he rests multiple starters (and thus plays our usually horrible subs), as opposed to spreading out the substitutions. Plus, Torre's particular use of Bernie has been, well, questionable.
2006-08-21 10:22:01
41.   Schteeve
10 pitch, 1-2-3 inning for Lidle, nice start.
2006-08-21 10:22:36
42.   Cliff Corcoran
36 He's still very young and I would argue was rushed to the majors after the Indians got him from St. Louis for Chuck Finley (!), he finally caught up to the league last year and was indeed quite good and looked to continue to improve as he still hasn't hit his peak age. Could be the new scenery and early season finger injury messed him up this year and he'll break out next year. Could also be that last year was the best he'll ever be and he's just not that good. Hard to say right now.
2006-08-21 10:22:46
43.   mehmattski
Long answer:
2006: .271/.323/.390
Career: .285/.330/.419

Short answer:

2006-08-21 10:22:54
44.   Schteeve
According to GameCast Ortiz grounded out to second which would have been the third out, but now Manny is up. What gives?
2006-08-21 10:23:24
45.   pmarcig
Anybody getting this on I just keep getting the Holiday Inn commercial, then black screen, but no "Blackout message" or anything.
2006-08-21 10:24:23
46.   kylepetterson
44 initially gameday said "no out recorded" then switched to out, then switched back.
2006-08-21 10:24:28
47.   pistolpete
44 Someone at GameCast jumped the gun - Cano was so far back because of the shift that he couldn't get to the ball in time, or throw it over to first for that matter.
2006-08-21 10:24:37
48.   Ron Burgundy
43 Ortiz infield single. He hit the ball so weakly not even Cano (because of the shift, he's like in RF) could get to it in time to throw out Ortiz. Go figure.
2006-08-21 10:24:47
49.   kylepetterson
maybe papi's shadow was blocking the sun.
2006-08-21 10:24:57
50.   RIYank
Ortiz was safe. Slow dribbler to Robby.
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2006-08-21 10:24:58
51.   randym77
38 I dunno...I think their left-handedness is factor. Not the only factor, but one of them. It's not a coincidence that no righties are benched today.

And certainly, Joe is not going to put Guiel in, as monkeypants wants, with a lefty on the mound.

2006-08-21 10:25:13
52.   monkeypants
36 His last two years: Age 24: .297/.344/.446; Age 25: .300/.345/.465.

That's pretty good for a young CF, and one might have expected he'd improve entering his 26-29 y.o. peak. On the other hand, he has been hurt this year.

2006-08-21 10:25:25
53.   mehmattski
44 I see that too... must be the new MLB/ESPN rules that the Red Sox can have four outs if they want.
2006-08-21 10:25:46
54.   Ron Burgundy
Whatever, walk Manny, better than him killing us.
2006-08-21 10:25:56
55.   kylepetterson
Manny's and Coco's hats crook opposite directions.
2006-08-21 10:26:00
56.   RIYank
Ooooh, just missed with the fastball.
Come on, Cory, bear down now.
2006-08-21 10:26:24
57.   Zack
9 Joe needs to be ripped for his pinch hitting of Bernie, not having him bunt, and then elaving him in RF, which certainly helped Ortiz take 2nd on that "double."

Well, a gift infield shift single for Ortiz, walk to manny, and now mvp Hinske...Let's go Corey, you need to keep this game very close with this lineup!

2006-08-21 10:26:30
58.   mehmattski
Ah, sweet, stumbled onto a Phillies-Blue Jays game on GameCast... oh, wait...
2006-08-21 10:26:40
59.   pmarcig
Anyone on ?
2006-08-21 10:26:51
60.   randym77
44 LOL! Did it really say that?

It should have been an out, but the overshift came back to bite us.

2006-08-21 10:27:10
61.   Schteeve
Seeing Hinske reminds me of Mo, abandoning the cutter as if to say, "Enough fucking around" and blowing him away on 3 straight high fastballs. I will never forget that AB.
2006-08-21 10:27:16
62.   rbj
I wish gamecast would fix the Ortiz groundout. It doesn't look right.
2006-08-21 10:27:34
63.   kylepetterson
With as many pitches as Lidle has thrown in this inning you'd expect him to be wearing a boston uniform
2006-08-21 10:27:38
64.   mehmattski
60 Yeah, and now, it claims that its the bottom of the first, with 2 on and 3 out.
2006-08-21 10:27:39
65.   Zack
Nice range Robbie!
2006-08-21 10:27:48
66.   RIYank
Good job, Rob!
Whew, I thought that infield hit was going to bite Lidle.
2006-08-21 10:28:26
67.   rsmith51
It is always an adventure when Ortiz and Manny are up the same inning.
2006-08-21 10:28:37
68.   mehmattski
64 Yep, now it says 4 Outs. Ummmmmm...
2006-08-21 10:30:50
69.   Zack
As much as Jeter's average has gone down this series, he has also had a very "clutch" weekend, way more so thatn Ortiz, and yet Ortiz's HR yesterday gets all the attention. Aren't we supposed to use these series to judge who is more of a "mvp?" If so, Jeter should get the vote! Not that I actually think he should be the mvp, but hey, it seems to be between those two...
2006-08-21 10:30:55
70.   Ron Burgundy
Yawn. Our guys are tired.
2006-08-21 10:31:16
71.   monkeypants
A-Rod threw his bat in frustration there. He really is pulling off so many pitches and popping verything up.
2006-08-21 10:32:02
72.   Travis
Cano's trying to make up for yesterday.
2006-08-21 10:32:03
73.   Zack
Cano trying to make up for his dreadful showing last night
2006-08-21 10:32:13
74.   Sliced Bread
61 Yeah, Mo was masterfully dominant in that situation. It looked like Hinske didn't have a chance after strike one. Very nasty.

Cano hustles out a 2 out double! Nice. Bring him home!

2006-08-21 10:32:15
75.   Ron Burgundy
Robbie stil Hustlin'.
Every day I'm Hustlin'.
2006-08-21 10:32:21
76.   monkeypants
Cano's hamstring looking good!
2006-08-21 10:32:44
77.   randym77
Robby ain't tired.
2006-08-21 10:33:03
78.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Cano ran like he thought A Rod was up next and was trying to save him from the DP
2006-08-21 10:33:44
79.   Schteeve
74 was it a two out double or a 1 out double? GC says one out, but apparently the folks at GameCast are on the dust this afternoon.
2006-08-21 10:33:47
80.   RIYank
I'm getting a little tired of these almost-dingers...
2006-08-21 10:34:27
81.   RIYank
Gamecast is totally unreliable. There was one out -- now two with the long fly by Wilson, up to Bernie now.
2006-08-21 10:34:39
82.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I have never seen a guy so dominant in his sport look so bad for a whole season....

2006-08-21 10:34:58
83.   Sliced Bread
79 Two outs.
2006-08-21 10:34:58
84.   Ron Burgundy
Yawn. Wells having an easy time. If we don't win, ESPN will say Bahston has all the momentum...
2006-08-21 10:35:07
85.   randym77
Ah, Craig. He's always been streaky. He'll be hot for four weeks, then go 1 for 20.
2006-08-21 10:35:47
86.   Schteeve
Since it's the thing to do this season, I will armchair psychoanalyze A-Rod this season, and say that I think he needs to focus on the bat and the ball, and forget about the situation, or his season, or the fact that he plays for the Yankees. He needs some tunnel vision. Bat, ball, swing. I know it sounds dumb but that's how I fixed my golf swing.
2006-08-21 10:36:52
87.   Ron Burgundy
86 It's called Manny Ramirez Syndrome, where the batter is at the plate and sees nothing but the pitcher and ball and thinks: "Me Hit Ball".
2006-08-21 10:38:04
88.   RIYank
Oooh, Bernie almost defies the odds.
Too many 'almosts', though. Maybe Sal and Green can get us going next inning.
2006-08-21 10:38:08
89.   Ron Burgundy
As much as this is a waste game, why is Wells pitching such an easy game? I mean, I kind of expected at least a solo HR by someone by now.
2006-08-21 10:39:08
90.   RIYank
87 Kind of the other side of the Mo Rivera attitude, where everything disappears except Posada, the plate, and that evil batter who wants to take away what is rightfully ours.
2006-08-21 10:39:09
91.   Sliced Bread
87 Me Hit Ball. Somebody Else Run.
2006-08-21 10:39:39
92.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, this is not a proper Yankees-Red Sox game judging from the past four! I demand four hours of baseball and at least six errors!
2006-08-21 10:40:55
93.   Schteeve
87 Right, and instead of thinking about the result, which you can't control, all you should think about is the process, which he can control. " Swing the bat the way I am supposed to." Instead of, "Hit a homerun, or hit a double."
2006-08-21 10:41:12
94.   randym77
92 Please. Be careful what you wish for. It's only the 2nd inning!
2006-08-21 10:42:13
95.   RIYank
Ow. Lowell takes one foul off the foot. (Explaining delay for Gamedayers.)
2006-08-21 10:42:37
96.   Alex Belth
Caught the first inning and a half on TV. I can't believe the moxie on Cano hustling a grounder into a double. Didn't think he had it in him. Impressive.

Boomer looks heavier than ever. Really round around the middle. Jeter's first inning fly ball was deep, it took Pena to the warning track. Wells was jawing at Jeter as DJ passed by the pitcher on his way back to the dugout.


2006-08-21 10:42:58
97.   JeremyM
Is it me or is Wells almost like a knuckleball pitcher? He just doesn't pitch like anyone else.
2006-08-21 10:43:50
98.   Schteeve

Wells: "I'm going to put BBQ sauce on you and eat you little man."

Jeter: "Uh dude, you're weird."

2006-08-21 10:44:25
99.   JL25and3
3 The difference between 4.5 games out and 6.5 is two days. With 6 weeks left in the season, Joe's right on this one.

87 So if Rodriguez does go on a hot streak, we can say, "Oh, that's just Alex being Manny."

2006-08-21 10:45:10
100.   Travis
97 Jaime Moyer comes to mind (and checking Wells' stats on baseball-reference, Moyer's the most similar player).
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2006-08-21 10:45:34
101.   Ron Burgundy
Incredible. It's a waste game, and the umpire is still a dick.

Luckily, Wily Mo Strikeout is in the house.

2006-08-21 10:45:44
102.   monkeypants
Ah, I see last night's strike zone returned on the 2-2 pitch. Luckily Pena went out of th zone on 3-2.
2006-08-21 10:46:26
103.   Ron Burgundy
99 Just call it A-Rod being A-Rod. Because A-Rod is indeed great.
2006-08-21 10:46:59
104.   Travis
Fasano/Green/Melky - I expect nothing here.
2006-08-21 10:47:11
105.   RIYank
Lidle doing okay, against the weaker part of the Boston order. Competent.
2006-08-21 10:47:43
106.   randym77
99 The idea of Alex being Manny boggles the mind. Somehow, I can't see A-Rod disappearing behind the Green Monster to pee in a cup.
2006-08-21 10:47:48
107.   Schteeve
104 I expect back to back to back homeruns, with the way this series has been going.
2006-08-21 10:48:20
108.   Ron Burgundy
104 Hey, Green once hit a HR for us, and Melky is the Melkman, he'll get on base.
2006-08-21 10:48:29
109.   SF Yanks
98 Oh man, that's good stuff.
2006-08-21 10:48:44
110.   monkeypants
104 You just hope Fasano closes his eyes and swings like Wily Mo. Once and a while you actually make contact...
2006-08-21 10:48:58
111.   Yankee Fan In Boston
if lidle is planning on sticking around, he'd better hope to average 17 pitches an inning.

better start proctor up in the bullpen...

2006-08-21 10:49:21
112.   JL25and3
107 I don't expect the same thunder from the Yankees today. Wells throws strikes.
2006-08-21 10:49:46
113.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

leave Melky out of the pile....Green and FasaNO are straight roster filler and Melky is a 22 pretty complete offensive and defensive player...minus power

2006-08-21 10:50:07
114.   RIYank
110 You got your wish.
2006-08-21 10:50:08
115.   Yankee Fan In Boston
re: 111 less than 17 pitches/inning


2006-08-21 10:50:22
116.   pistolpete
Sal, see that big long piece of wood on your shoulder? It's for swinging.
2006-08-21 10:50:23
117.   Schteeve
Fasano is SUCH a national leaguer. Like Stinnett before him.
2006-08-21 10:50:54
118.   Travis
113 If Melky were leading off, it would be different. But Fasano and Green are automatic outs, and Melky isn't a power hitter.
2006-08-21 10:53:06
119.   Ron Burgundy
Oh come on, just one run. We don't have to win, but at least hit some solo HRs.
2006-08-21 10:53:15
120.   C2Coke
92 If this turns in yet another 4 hour game, now I have someone to blame on...
2006-08-21 10:53:21
121.   RIYank
Hm. Wells only thrown 34 pitches to get nine outs.
Seems like he's fooling the sub-good batters by changing speeds.
2006-08-21 10:54:36
122.   JL25and3
Sterling and Waldman were just gushing about how great Fasano is. Completely into the game as a catcher. Really helps his pitchers. (He might help them more with an occasional hit.)
2006-08-21 10:55:54
123.   Zack
This game is sure shaping up to bne a snoozer...
2006-08-21 10:55:57
124.   C2Coke
117 Yea, but at least Fasano can be credited for starting the moustache trend.
2006-08-21 10:56:18
125.   Zack
I suppose the most important/interesting thing to track is Lidle...
2006-08-21 10:56:33
126.   pistolpete
Lidle's first inning would have been over a lot sooner if not for the shift- I think he's fine. He's going up against Boston's best, save for Youkilis.

Wells is facing an out-of-sorts lineup- I wouldn't discount that.

2006-08-21 10:56:35
127.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i "met" sterling yesterday. he was signing autographs for kids who didn't know who he was... (he was coming out of the hotel where the yankees stay as abreu and rivera were heading to the ballpark.

my first impression: dude wears a TON of aftershave.

2006-08-21 10:57:04
128.   monkeypants
122 Sterling has to jizz about someone else since Miguel "the best .200 hitter you've ever seen" Cairo is on the DL.
2006-08-21 10:58:08
129.   yankaholic
Read on the Post that Pavano is looking great, quoting Torre..

WHo will and who should he bump if he makes the rotation??

2006-08-21 10:58:50
130.   Sliced Bread
129 Don't say 'bump' in reference to Pavano. He might get hurt again.
2006-08-21 10:58:59
131.   RIYank
Yeah, Melky! Preventing Ortiz from batting with a man on.
2006-08-21 10:59:01
132.   pistolpete
Giambi's mustache looking better every day, btw...
2006-08-21 10:59:03
133.   bp1
127 I'm not surprised at all. Was is Sliced Bread who made a joke about his losing power to his hair dryer during the blackouts a few weeks ago? Too freakin' funny. For a radio guy, he sure seems to spend a lot of time on appearances.

Ah well. I enjoy his game calling.

2006-08-21 10:59:31
134.   Yankee Fan In Boston
that depends on how lidle does.
(not soley today's performance, but it would be a good start.)
2006-08-21 10:59:34
135.   monkeypants
129 Colter Bean.
2006-08-21 10:59:43
136.   Mattpat11
96 I actually think Wells looks thinner and healthier than he did at the beginning of last year.
2006-08-21 11:00:06
137.   rbj
Looks like the hitters on both teams just want to go home.
2006-08-21 11:00:09
138.   pmarcig
annnnyone getting this on (TV)??
2006-08-21 11:00:25
139.   yankaholic
130 oops.. my bad..
2006-08-21 11:00:40
140.   Alex Belth
Man, dig this game just whizzing by so far...
2006-08-21 11:00:57
141.   JL25and3
128 Besides, he's got a backup-catcher Jones after spending three years of gushing over John Flaherty.
2006-08-21 11:01:36
142.   Yankee Fan In Boston
138 i am watching on

and yes... faster game

2006-08-21 11:01:57
143.   RIYank
Hm, maybe the key is to NOT try to homer. Who'd a thunk that?
2006-08-21 11:02:44
144.   Ron Burgundy
143 Maybe.
But this game is flying, which is a nice change of pace.
2006-08-21 11:02:53
145.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

yup....straight NESN

2006-08-21 11:04:30
146.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
not much A Rod MVP talk this season ?
2006-08-21 11:05:16
147.   unpopster
ok, Jeter is on base to start the 4th. This is the inning when the Yanks rip the hearts out of Red Sox Nation, stomp on 'em, fillet 'em, and feed 'em to Fido.
2006-08-21 11:06:00
148.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod, just hit a HR. Whatever man.
2006-08-21 11:06:26
149.   unpopster
ugh, Arod.
2006-08-21 11:06:29
150.   RIYank
What happens when a never-walk-em force meets an always-walked object?
Now we know.
Bobby A does his thing...

Oh, cripes. A-Rod does HIS thing.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-21 11:06:30
151.   Yankee Fan In Boston
bobby being bobby
2006-08-21 11:06:31
152.   Cliff Corcoran
Jeter on and Abreu up, game slows waaaaay down.

And Bobby gets a walk of Wells. Abreu could draw a walk in tee-ball.

2006-08-21 11:06:35
153.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod, honestly, just, WTF is wrong with you man?
2006-08-21 11:06:47
154.   Mattpat11
Oh boy.
2006-08-21 11:06:50
155.   pistolpete
I can't think of who Abreu reminds me of from the 90's title teams - anyone?

Oh man, A-Rod scorched that one. Hey Papelbon, was that a 'bad break'?

2006-08-21 11:07:15
156.   monkeypants
And the first pitch swinging adds to the deflation of the DP.
2006-08-21 11:07:21
157.   Ron Burgundy
I know this game means shit, by A-Rod, WHY?! WHY?!
2006-08-21 11:07:33
158.   Cliff Corcoran
Shouldn't Jeter be on third? Gameday has him on second.
2006-08-21 11:07:36
159.   Simone
I wish A-Rod had tried to work a walk there.
2006-08-21 11:07:56
160.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
anyone hitting before A Rod needs to just keep running on a hit to turn it into a double or refuse a walk and keep batting...

this guy is the kiss of death with a man on, unless he is tossing in the 3rd RBI in a 5 run inning....

2006-08-21 11:08:18
161.   Cliff Corcoran
155 Raines maybe?
2006-08-21 11:08:54
162.   Ron Burgundy
158 He was on 3rd.
2006-08-21 11:09:01
163.   Mattpat11
157 Why does this game mean shit? Are you counting the Boston Red Sox out?
2006-08-21 11:09:19
164.   Sliced Bread
Nobody on the Yanks appears more exhausted than A-Rod.

His swing is flat-out dog tired.

2006-08-21 11:09:26
165.   JeremyM
Abreu reminds me more of O'Neill with better wheels. That was just an awful at-bat by A-Rod, Abreu carefully works a walk and he swings at junk. My God.
2006-08-21 11:09:48
166.   weeping for brunnhilde
The poor man can't catch a break.

Sometimes he lays off a first pitch meatball and I think, "What the hell could you possibly be waiting for??!" and others he swings at the first pitch and kills a burgeoning rally posthaste, as he did by popping up last night.

Let's leave the man alone, though, he is a human being and at this point, he's a figure of deep pathos to me.

2006-08-21 11:10:31
167.   Cliff Corcoran
Poop. This is where not having Giambi in the line-up really hurts. Having to face Abreu and Giambi back to back is brutal on any pitcher, even if they both go 0-fer. Instead Wells has thrown 46 pitches through 4.
2006-08-21 11:11:25
168.   weeping for brunnhilde
155 Not Justice? In my opinion, he's the second coming of DJ. Same role, same work ethic, seems to blend instantly in, like he's been there the whole time.
2006-08-21 11:11:32
169.   Ron Burgundy
163 Not really. Just that I said yesterday that if we won that game, I wouldn't care what happens today. Gotta keep my word.

But really, could there be a less pressured situation than what A-Rod was in? Seeing a replay, he did seem to hit the ball hard, but jeez.

2006-08-21 11:11:43
170.   Sliced Bread
155 Abreu's perpetual smile reminds me of Justice's "man, I'm happy to be here" smile.
Quietly and consistently getting the job done like Justice did too.
2006-08-21 11:12:19
171.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

are you kidding ? has he been "flat out" dogged tired all summer ? He DH'd yesterday....he already raised the spectre of some injury that no one else knew about and Torre basically told him to shut it....if he ever dared mumbled anything about being tired Villone and Proctor should pick up Beam and beat A Rod to death with him

2006-08-21 11:12:21
172.   Zack
Abreu reminds me of, if anyone, Boggs. Just not as good of course...but faster...and less superstitious
2006-08-21 11:12:26
173.   Cliff Corcoran
165 I disagree. Abreu's demeanor in the box is calm and patient. O'Neill could work a count, but he was all nervous grinding energy.
2006-08-21 11:12:52
174.   pistolpete
WOW!!!!!!!!! Lidle!!!
2006-08-21 11:13:02
175.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Abreu, Melky, Cano all seem to smile and enjoy the game...
2006-08-21 11:13:12
176.   Zack
Lidle slow getting over, but makes a nice play...
2006-08-21 11:13:14
177.   RIYank
Nicky baby!
Joe's a genius, no doubt about it. He saw that smash coming and knew Giambi would never handle it.
2006-08-21 11:13:25
178.   monkeypants
Ortiz has nearly killed two 1B in two days!
2006-08-21 11:13:29
179.   pistolpete
173 Maybe Boggs?
2006-08-21 11:13:31
180.   randym77
Lidle is a pretty good fielder.
2006-08-21 11:13:41
181.   Ron Burgundy
My God, any callled called strike on a Sawx player is moaned to no end, especially on Shrek. "Ortiz not swing at a strike? Impossible!" Idiots.
2006-08-21 11:13:50
182.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Lidle looked like a small child next to Big Papi
2006-08-21 11:13:56
183.   Zack
Good thing Papi stopped, cause Lidle would have been down and out if he had been goign full speed into him...
2006-08-21 11:13:59
184.   weeping for brunnhilde
173 Precisely, Cliff, well said.
2006-08-21 11:14:21
185.   Mattpat11
167 In theory A-Rid should be a bitch to pitch to in the 4 hole, he's just an odd duck. It seems when he decides he's going to work the pitcher, its always strike one, strike two, ball one, strike three.
2006-08-21 11:15:56
186.   Ron Burgundy
Manny didn't even know the count...
2006-08-21 11:16:05
187.   monkeypants
Did it look like Manny just forget the count two pitches in a row?
2006-08-21 11:16:21
188.   Schteeve
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Abreu reminds me of what would happen if Jeter and Giambi had a baby.

Great eye, grinding at bats, speed and baserunning acumen, great OBP, consistent if unspectacular hitting, some great defensive talent (great arm) with subpar range. Steady, calm demeanor. It's like he has a combination of some of the best attributes of the Cap'n and Gee-bombee.

2006-08-21 11:16:36
189.   Cliff Corcoran
168 But Justice was a 40-home run guy, always a threat to go deep. Abreu's more of an O'Neill style 25 homer line drive hitter. Justice was also styled a lot. Bobby seems to be pretty ego free. Boggs is a good comp, though Boggs couldn't run and Bobby's wheels are a big part of his game. I guess O'Neill really is the best comp of the regulars, but I think ultimately Abreu's closest to Raines, but more like a younger Raines than the Yankee verson.
2006-08-21 11:16:41
190.   randym77
171 LOL! Man, that's harsh.

And Beam's back in Columbus, so A-Rod is safe from that fate. ;-)

2006-08-21 11:17:04
191.   Mattpat11
187 yes. I expect this of Manny now.
2006-08-21 11:17:16
192.   pistolpete
Lidle working quickly to everyone besides Papi & Manny- I'll take it. Those two are devastating.
2006-08-21 11:17:29
193.   RIYank
Nice at-bat by Manny.
2006-08-21 11:17:47
194.   Cliff Corcoran
By the way, Abreu's top comp through age 31 per Baseball-Reference is Bernie Williams.
2006-08-21 11:18:00
195.   JL25and3
In a way, Abreu actually reminds me most of Bernie, back when he could field. Both are players who do a lot of things well without doing anything spectacularly.
2006-08-21 11:18:32
196.   JL25and3
194 I'll take a bow on that one
2006-08-21 11:18:40
197.   Zack
Yeah, didn't even think about bernie but it makes sense. I guess its just funny that Bernie is like the "old guy comparison" here.
2006-08-21 11:18:41
198.   Yankee Fan In Boston

he's actually doing really well. pleasantly surprising. (to me anyway.)

2006-08-21 11:18:47
199.   Ron Burgundy
Hinske sucks.

This is awesome. The Sawx line-up is shit. If we just get the Cookie Monster and Manny being Manny out, it's like a AAAA line-up.

2006-08-21 11:19:20
200.   Sliced Bread
195 Yep. The biggest differences between them being Abreu's arm, and Bernie's ability to switch hit.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-21 11:19:51
201.   Travis
ESPN announcers just said that both Mo and Papelbon are unavailable today. Farnsworth is the likely Yankee closer.
2006-08-21 11:19:52
202.   JeremyM
As far as the Abreu-O'Neill comparison, I guess I'm going more with the results and what he brings to the table in the batting order--Abreu is nothing like him demeanor-wise.
2006-08-21 11:20:08
203.   RIYank
How good is Hinske, really? That first game he seemed like a stud. (Small n, though.)
2006-08-21 11:20:08
204.   JL25and3
200 And Abreu's base stealing.
2006-08-21 11:20:10
205.   weeping for brunnhilde
189 You're right, Cliff, no doubt. The Justice comparison to me is more in terms of role and circumstance of acquisition.

Both good, solid, even underrated (or understated?) players, both of them dangerous in big spots, both solid fielders, and both seem(ed) to quietly blend in.

Interesting about Justice's styling. Honestly, I never picked up on that. Can you think of any examples?

2006-08-21 11:20:36
206.   Schteeve
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Abreu reminds me of Bernie's younger brother. If Bernie's parents were Giambi and Jeter.

The biggest difference in the two guys in their prime is that Abreu is a great baserunner, and Bernie, despite his track star speed has always been a disaster on the bases.

2006-08-21 11:21:16
207.   monkeypants
195 Good call. Peak Bernie was the better defender (CF v. RF), but Abreu is a far superior baserunner. Interesting comparison.
2006-08-21 11:21:33
208.   Zack
206 Its all related to Bernie's negative baseball instincts. his fielding and running both, no jump on either, just made up for it with raw ability...
2006-08-21 11:21:42
209.   Yankee Fan In Boston
fasano is like a cat behind the plate.

a corpulent cat.

2006-08-21 11:22:46
210.   Shaun P
The 'EEI guys have gone into "Madden during the 4th quarter of a MNF game that's meaningless" mode.

They were just discussing how the Yanks have played "Wilson Philips" at 1B this year when Giambi has sat. And then they discussed who that was, and how much they liked Wilson Philips (the group).

They did mention that Manny has 9 walks in the series, and is otherwise hitting 8 for 11. So 17 times on base in 20 PA - and 3 runs scored, 2 by his own homers, 1 by another Sox.

2006-08-21 11:22:49
211.   JeremyM
I do not like that walk. Seems like he's been more efficient than 64 pitches, guess that's due to Manny and Ortiz.
2006-08-21 11:23:09
212.   monkeypants
Come on Lidle, stop futzing around with not-Manny and not-Ortiz.
2006-08-21 11:23:31
213.   Schteeve
These are the Red Sox hitters I fear in order of fearsome-ness:

1) Manny
2) Ortiz
3) Lowell
4) Loretta

That's it.

2006-08-21 11:24:12
214.   Cliff Corcoran
205 Not specifically, but he always had a swagger on the field and what I know of him as an announcer and through fellow writers confirms that sort of demeanor.
2006-08-21 11:24:38
215.   Zack
Does ESPN realize that Phillips was a GM, and that doesn't make you a "player color commentator?"
2006-08-21 11:25:37
216.   Zack
Hmm, come on Lidle, what happened to the strikes?
2006-08-21 11:25:43
217.   Cliff Corcoran
213 I'd put Youkilis third, but he's not batting today.
2006-08-21 11:25:43
218.   pistolpete
Alright, 3-2 again. Not funny anymore.
2006-08-21 11:26:20
219.   RIYank
Oh, man.
Corey, dude...
2006-08-21 11:26:22
220.   monkeypants
Pena not chasing two close ones. What is going on here?
2006-08-21 11:26:29
221.   Zack
You can't walk Pena, good Lord...I though tthat was impossible!
2006-08-21 11:27:06
222.   Zack
By the way, is Corey just not a baseball name or what?
2006-08-21 11:27:08
223.   Schteeve
Pitchers should be fined for walking any of the following guys:

1) Soriano
2) Cano
3) Baldelli
4) Willy Mo Pena

2006-08-21 11:27:20
224.   RIYank
Javy Lopez.
It's Javy Lopez, Corey. Just go get him.
2006-08-21 11:27:29
225.   JL25and3
214 I agree. I can't point to anything specific either, but Justice was always styling.

215 Maybe he's an expert on player's colors. You know, lets us know that Khalil Greene is white.

2006-08-21 11:28:29
226.   RIYank
220 Yeah, good point.
I'm sympathetic -- Lidle threw a couple of good pitches to Pena, but didn't want to keep throwing the same pitch...

WHEW. Robby gobbling up assists today.

2006-08-21 11:28:30
227.   Zack
Did Cano try to go for two there? Lidle needs to have an efficient 5th inning...
2006-08-21 11:28:34
228.   Yankee Fan In Boston
72 pitches for lidle thus far.
2006-08-21 11:28:40
229.   pistolpete
OOF - a sweat-inducing flip by Cano. Nice job, Lidle. Don't do it again.
2006-08-21 11:29:00
230.   Cliff Corcoran
Guidry visits Lidle, does the Fenway PA play "we represent the lolipop guild"?
2006-08-21 11:29:41
231.   Schteeve
227 My guess is that unless he starts getting shelled, Lidle is in there for up to 120 pitches today.
2006-08-21 11:30:10
232.   Max
Is Lidle capable of throwing 120 pitches, or is he pitch-count challenged the same way Wright is?
2006-08-21 11:30:31
233.   monkeypants
Good escape. Now, Lidle needs to keep his act together and get through the sixth (one more Ortiz-Manny inning) in reasonable shpe. Then Karsten, I guess. Win or lose, at the very least it would be nice to save some BP today.
2006-08-21 11:30:45
234.   JL25and3
Wow. Manny out, Kapler in.
2006-08-21 11:30:46
235.   RIYank
What the???

Any idea what happened to Manny??

2006-08-21 11:30:47
236.   Schteeve
232 I think Lidle's a lot more of a horse than Wright.
2006-08-21 11:30:51
237.   Cliff Corcoran
By the way, guys, there's no "e" in Cory (at least not this one).
2006-08-21 11:31:05
238.   Zack
Woah, Manny out of the game? Did he hurt himself flipping his bat with two strikes?
2006-08-21 11:31:10
239.   Max
231 Schteeve, that was scary, I didn't even know you were going to post that before I posted my comment.
2006-08-21 11:31:12
240.   Travis
There is now no reason to pitch to Ortiz for the rest of the game.
2006-08-21 11:31:24
241.   pistolpete
Kay says on YES that they're still checking on the Manny situation...
2006-08-21 11:31:36
242.   weeping for brunnhilde
[217 225 That's so funny, because I remember when I first heard him in the booth, thinking, "Wow, this is the same guy?" because in my head, his broadcast demeanor just didn't square with my image of him as a player.

Funny how people can see such different things in the same guy.

2006-08-21 11:31:58
243.   RIYank
Schteeve, he has to pitch in five days, though. Maybe next outing he gets a very long pitch count, because they'll have the day off and skip him.
2006-08-21 11:32:06
244.   Schteeve
239 Spooky, I was like, "wow that was quick!"
2006-08-21 11:32:13
245.   monkeypants
Manny out of the game. Injured on silly slide that came up 12 feet short at 2B, or benched for walking to first on ball two and ball three? Or, simpy confused about what inning it is?
2006-08-21 11:32:22
246.   Cliff Corcoran
235 Wasn't there some concern late in Game 1 that the Sox took Manny out early due to injury? Does he have a nagging leg thing or something? Big break for the Yanks to say the least, esp in a game that's still scoreless in the fifth.
2006-08-21 11:32:26
247.   Schteeve
Does Craig Wilson have a hit as a Yankee?
2006-08-21 11:32:34
248.   JL25and3
237 Cory as in Snyder, not Corey as in Patterson. Either way, it's a lousy baseball name.
2006-08-21 11:32:37
249.   rsmith51
Ortiz becomes a non-factor unless the bases are loaded?
2006-08-21 11:33:10
250.   pmarcig
MLB.COM....can't get the game. All I get is that Holiday Inn commercial with Joe Buck played, then it just goes black screen, says "Ready".

Tried both IE and FF. Cleared cache, cookies, etc. WTF? Had it playing Friday. Any ideas?

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-21 11:33:18
251.   rsmith51
247 He has had some, including at least one HR.
2006-08-21 11:33:32
252.   Schteeve
243 Unless Steve Kars...I mean Carl Pavano makes an appearance.
2006-08-21 11:33:38
253.   Travis
250 Have you tried MLB Mosiac?
2006-08-21 11:33:56
254.   Travis
253 Mosaic.
2006-08-21 11:34:00
255.   Cliff Corcoran
247 He has 2 homers for starters . . .
2006-08-21 11:34:03
256.   Zack
The game is on espn, do they have a blackout?
2006-08-21 11:34:04
257.   RIYank
Bernie needs to get on base, if only to let us start the next inning with Melky.
2006-08-21 11:34:43
258.   Schteeve
255 I know, I was trying to revers jinx him on base.
2006-08-21 11:34:57
259.   RIYank
243 Who?
2006-08-21 11:35:13
260.   Yankee Fan In Boston
same thing happened to me at first... try clicking on the orange TV icon over to the right in the window... it restarted the stream for me... but you might have to sit through that commercial again... i did.
2006-08-21 11:35:29
261.   RIYank
Er, 252 Who?
2006-08-21 11:35:46
262.   pistolpete
IMO they should get GIambi in there the next time Wilson comes up - with Manny out, we need to break out some of the big guns.
2006-08-21 11:37:00
263.   kylepetterson
262 Giambi is unavailable on account he didn't shave.
2006-08-21 11:37:32
264.   Cliff Corcoran
258 That's now how the reverse jinx works. That just came off as negativity. Reverse jinx would be to predict the opposite of what you want to happen. Like "there is no way Wilson is going to get a hit here," or "Wilson's going to strike out on three pitches."
2006-08-21 11:38:22
265.   Schteeve
261 Carl Pavano, he's a mythological creature, much like a unicorn or Rumplestiltskin.
2006-08-21 11:38:31
266.   Cliff Corcoran
263 Thank you, Nathan Detroit.
2006-08-21 11:38:31
267.   Max
246 Supposedly, Manny's had a chronic knee was the reason given for him missing the all-star game. People mocked the issue because Manny played an entire 19 inning game against the White Sox just before the break, but I think on the whole, the knee thing is real. Don't know if that's what's at play in this game, though.
2006-08-21 11:39:03
268.   monkeypants
I feel like we're watching a game from 1963 or 1911. I sure wish Torre didn't decide to rest Hal Chase today.
2006-08-21 11:39:14
269.   Schteeve
264 Cliff, Ok, I'll try it your way next time.
2006-08-21 11:40:19
270.   RIYank
265 Ah! So all of these 'appearances' I keep hearing about are hallucinations? Or authentic supernatural visions?
2006-08-21 11:40:26
271.   rbj
Sort of like, "There's no way the Yanks win today. It's impossible to go into Fenway and sweep a 5 game series." No way at all.
2006-08-21 11:41:00
272.   Schteeve
270 Yes, although the Newark Star Ledger did report that he spun a barn full of hay into gold last weekend.
2006-08-21 11:41:38
273.   RIYank
Alex Cora.
2006-08-21 11:42:14
274.   monkeypants
Does this mean Ortiz bats AGAIN this inning?
2006-08-21 11:42:16
275.   weeping for brunnhilde
What a fucking heroic effort by Wilson, leaping in the air to almost snare that liner.

Nice fielding.

2006-08-21 11:42:29
276.   rbj
272 You have that backwards. It was a bag of gold spun into sutures.

(Couldn't resist)

2006-08-21 11:43:00
277.   Shaun P
Thanks for giving up an out there, Coco.
2006-08-21 11:43:36
278.   pistolpete
C'mon, Lidle - get this pest Loretta.
2006-08-21 11:43:37
279.   weeping for brunnhilde
265 h aha h hah ah ha ha ha ha!
2006-08-21 11:43:46
280.   monkeypants
OK--get Loretta out, then walk Ortiz.
2006-08-21 11:43:55
281.   Travis
IBB here. No doubt in my mind.
2006-08-21 11:43:56
282.   pistolpete
A-Rod just makes up for the pop-up.
2006-08-21 11:43:59
283.   RIYank
That bunt makes me happy.

Oh, hey, A-Rod saves a run!

They'll walk Ortiz now, right?

2006-08-21 11:44:27
284.   Shaun P
274 Well, if it was Manny on second, I'm sure we could see a strike 'em out-pick 'em off play.

A-Rod got props from the 'EEI guys for that play, who also mentioned Melky's 'strong arm'.

2006-08-21 11:44:46
285.   pistolpete
Ortiz gets a glimpse of life after Manny. Heh.
2006-08-21 11:45:16
286.   Zack
Is this proof enough of Manny's value to this team to the media? Without Manny, Ortiz's #'s plummit...
2006-08-21 11:45:50
287.   Zack
I like how ESPN shows the Manny/Ortiz vs. everyone else this series graphic, and almost all of the stats were Manny's...
2006-08-21 11:46:10
288.   Schteeve
I would think that after the play on Friday where Melky turned Jeter's error into an out nobody would have any questions about Melky's arm.
2006-08-21 11:47:04
289.   RIYank
Anybody know if Tito regards Papelbon as 'unavailable'? He threw 40 or 41 last night.

And Alex gets Lidle out of trouble. Very nice.

2006-08-21 11:47:24
290.   monkeypants
Nice D inning for A-Rod.
2006-08-21 11:47:41
291.   standuptriple
You mean Kapler is not considered "protection"? No way.
2006-08-21 11:48:32
292.   RIYank
I like Kapler. (I mean, not disputing the obvious point in comparing him with Manny, I'm just sayin'.)
2006-08-21 11:48:47
293.   Cliff Corcoran
That inning should prove that the Red Sox's MVP is not Ortiz, but Manny.
2006-08-21 11:48:57
294.   randym77
289 According to YES, Mo and Papelbon are both considered "unavailable" today.
2006-08-21 11:49:15
295.   Travis
289 The ESPN announcers said earlier that both Mo and Papelbon are unavailable today. Farnsworth is available, however.
2006-08-21 11:49:49
296.   standuptriple
292 You mean off-the-field, right? I'm sure he's a nice guy...who's hitting .222
2006-08-21 11:50:25
297.   nick
284 yeah, they gave A-Rod props, but it was like they were being kind to him--kinda awful, I thought...
2006-08-21 11:50:27
298.   pistolpete
293 Only because of the order that they hit - swap them and knock Ortiz out with an injury, and it'd be Manny drawing the walk in that situation
2006-08-21 11:50:28
299.   standuptriple
How are Green's bunting skills?
2006-08-21 11:50:33
300.   JeremyM
A-Rod flashing the leather. Nice plays.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-21 11:50:41
301.   RIYank
Good point, Cliff.
Standuptriple, I was actually thinking, in the field.
2006-08-21 11:50:51
302.   JL25and3
Waldman reports that Andy Phillips has gone to Tampa to "rehab" his "injury."
2006-08-21 11:51:03
303.   Zack
Is Green's performance these two days going to Andy Phillips him? I think he has k'd everytime up!
2006-08-21 11:51:28
304.   Travis
This has to be the last run through the lineup for the "house money" players, right?
2006-08-21 11:51:41
305.   Shaun P
5 innings in almost an hour and 40 minutes?


2006-08-21 11:52:04
306.   RIYank
Melkman! Now steal.
2006-08-21 11:52:36
307.   nick
Nick Green in the lineup two games in a row against the's a strange game...
2006-08-21 11:52:45
308.   Ron Burgundy
I had to go to the bank. I'm back. How's the game been?
2006-08-21 11:52:48
309.   weeping for brunnhilde
This is why I love Melky.

You see that hit right there? Just reaching out and sending the ball softly and safely into center.

What will become of him next season?

2006-08-21 11:53:04
310.   mickey1956
Jeter needs to put this in the bullpen.
2006-08-21 11:53:15
311.   randym77
We knew what we were getting with Green. His batting average was .077 when we picked him up off Tampa's trash heap.

His D is better than Andy's, though, so he might stick around. Andy won't be back until rosters expand.

2006-08-21 11:53:20
312.   standuptriple
Green is making me miss Cairo. And no, that's not really a compliment to Cairo.
2006-08-21 11:53:39
313.   RIYank
Hm. They can't really sub for Green. They'd lose the DH.
Giambi for Wilson if there are men on base, though. Next inning?
2006-08-21 11:53:54
314.   Travis
Green makes me miss Cairo, and I never thought I'd have to say that.
2006-08-21 11:54:54
315.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-21 11:55:00
316.   rbj
I'm confused. Gamecast is showing that it is the 6th inning, yet there's a total of 4 hits and no runs. Huh?
2006-08-21 11:55:11
317.   RIYank
That's what I meant about Kapler.
And if I'm partly responsible for robbing Jeter of a hit, I abjectly apologize.
2006-08-21 11:55:34
318.   Ron Burgundy
Melky SB.

Bobby, get a HIT.

2006-08-21 11:56:04
319.   Travis
I love Abreu.
2006-08-21 11:56:11
320.   randym77
I like Cairo. The guy has been clutch for us. And he's solid on defense.

But who knows if he'll be back this season? It seems to have been a pretty bad hamstring strain.

2006-08-21 11:56:16
321.   nick
Bobby baby!
2006-08-21 11:56:16
322.   Zack
Yes, Melky and Bobby!
2006-08-21 11:56:20
323.   RIYank
Bobby frickin Abreu.

I'm going to send Cashman a present.

2006-08-21 11:56:26
324.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-21 11:56:38
325.   Yankee Fan In Boston
bobby being bobby
2006-08-21 11:56:39
326.   weeping for brunnhilde
Can you believe this guy?

I mean really, can you believe him?

He Bobby, where you been all my life?

2006-08-21 11:56:50
327.   Shaun P

Should I buy a number 53 jersey, or a Ca$hmoney 06 jersey?

2006-08-21 11:57:05
328.   Sliced Bread
Abreu rips a very David Justice-like, two out, RBI double to opposite field!

Good Guys 1, Them 0

2006-08-21 11:57:13
329.   JL25and3
Bobby "Donuts" Abreu. Is there anything he can't do?
2006-08-21 11:57:16
330.   RIYank
I still feel like Abreu is the New Kid, but I have a feeling that starting tomorrow I'm going to feel like he's been on the team for three years.
2006-08-21 11:57:25
331.   Zack
And Sal Fasano with the slap on the ass, which, coming from him and his 'stache, was just kind of creepy...
2006-08-21 11:57:44
332.   rbj
323 Don't for get to send one to the Phillies GM, too.
2006-08-21 11:58:08
333.   RIYank
327 My sentiments, better expressed ;-)
2006-08-21 11:58:37
334.   weeping for brunnhilde
I gotta say, I love this team.

It's just so balanced right now. They go the other way, slap the ball around, walk, and in a pinch, we still have Giambi for the power.

I mean, how many sluggers does one team need?

Give me a team full of solid line drive hitters every day of the week.

2006-08-21 11:58:41
335.   RIYank
332 Mmmm.
And a little note to Mad Dog, maybe.
2006-08-21 11:58:45
336.   Yankee Fan In Boston
yeah. lidle's actually pitched a heck of a game.
2006-08-21 11:58:48
337.   JL25and3
331 It's that Ron Jeremy thing.
2006-08-21 11:58:54
338.   monkeypants
331 Hey, it's about the only thing he's hit since he got to NY!
2006-08-21 11:58:58
339.   Alvaro Espinoza
317 I was going to say that Kapler's legacy will be as the guy traded for JuanGon but checked the trade first. Look at the talent DET yielded:

Traded by Detroit Tigers with Frank Catalanotto, Francisco Cordero, Bill Haselman, Justin Thompson and Alan Webb to Texas Rangers in exchange for Juan Gonzalez, Danny Patterson and Greg Zaun (November 2, 1999).

2006-08-21 11:59:36
340.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, and did I mention the arms on our corner outfielders these days?

I love this team.

2006-08-21 11:59:38
341.   RIYank
Would Abreu have run on Manny on that play? Maybe not: Manny would have been playing even closer to the infield.
2006-08-21 12:00:20
342.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-21 12:00:33
343.   JL25and3
OK Cory, there's your run.
2006-08-21 12:01:03
344.   RIYank
Grr. That was very nearly a big inning. (Jeter's fly snatched, Robby's liner likewise.)
2006-08-21 12:01:10
345.   Max
Cano with runners on base....ugh.
2006-08-21 12:01:22
346.   Shaun P
329 That's a fantastic nickname for Abreu.

Go Donuts!

2006-08-21 12:01:48
347.   Ron Burgundy
345 Line drive, but right at the SS.
2006-08-21 12:01:56
348.   Sliced Bread
341 Right. But that was a nice rip by A-Rod. He took a few uninspired hacks in that at-bat, but grinded out the single advancing Abreu.
2006-08-21 12:02:43
349.   Kered Retej
305 "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
2006-08-21 12:03:18
350.   Ron Burgundy
Hinske, Lowell, Pena, scrubs. 1-2-3 inning Lidle.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-21 12:04:42
351.   RIYank
345 Robby hits .287 with men on base. Were you disparaging him?
2006-08-21 12:04:53
352.   Shaun P
345 Maybe its just small sample size, but I wish an analyst somewhere would look into that one.
2006-08-21 12:05:26
353.   RIYank
Cory Lidle with five strikeouts.
Baseball is a very strange game.
2006-08-21 12:06:15
354.   Travis
Nick Green is awful.
2006-08-21 12:06:20
355.   weeping for brunnhilde




2006-08-21 12:06:23
356.   Yankee Fan In Boston

95 pitches after the hinske K.

2006-08-21 12:06:26
357.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-21 12:06:31
358.   nick
all right, could that pretty please be an excuse for this team to end its relationship with Nick Green?
2006-08-21 12:06:37
359.   Zack
2006-08-21 12:06:40
360.   randym77
WTF? Oh, Nick.
2006-08-21 12:06:41
361.   RIYank
Oh, man. Whose fault?
Jeter would have kept Robby twenty feet away on that play.
2006-08-21 12:07:23
362.   Shaun P
BTW, 'EEI says Manny had a cramp in his right hammy.

352 I think its actualy Robby's numbers with men in scoring position.

Can Nick Green be the next to be DFA'd, please? I'd take Menechino over him at this point. Or even Escalona - where's he these days anyway?

2006-08-21 12:07:29
363.   Ron Burgundy
Watch this bite us in the ass.

Ha-Ha, Kaat said "Holla".

And now we're blowing this. Fucking morons.

2006-08-21 12:07:34
364.   monkeypants
Aha. The nothing-ever-easy moment of the game.
2006-08-21 12:07:45
365.   RIYank
Okay, still. Lopez and Cora, Cory, go get 'em.
2006-08-21 12:08:28
366.   Travis
Dotel and Myers warming.
2006-08-21 12:08:36
367.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hands off Cano.

The man is a revelation, both in the field and at the bat.

Plus he's young.

I wouldn't trade him for anyone in major league baseball.

2006-08-21 12:08:44
368.   RIYank
Robby, RISP: .260. Weak, not horrible.
2006-08-21 12:08:54
369.   Ron Burgundy
I am relieved that J-Lo and Cora are coming up.
2006-08-21 12:09:18
370.   nick
that stache on Guidry, I just can't recognize him--he looks like a character played by Robert de Niro...
2006-08-21 12:10:01
371.   RIYank
Good. Now Cora. Nice, easy batter, Cory.
2006-08-21 12:10:40
372.   Ron Burgundy
Can we get the incredible Alex Cora out for once?
2006-08-21 12:11:14
373.   randym77
I'd put that down to just not enough playing time together. It was Robbie's ball, but apparently, he didn't call it. As the YES announcers pointed out, the pitcher often directs traffic in that situation, but he didn't.
2006-08-21 12:11:36
374.   RIYank
Cora has reversed splits: .400 against lefties.
2006-08-21 12:11:37
375.   weeping for brunnhilde
Beautiful 1-1 breaking ball by Lidle there.
2006-08-21 12:11:49
376.   JL25and3
362 Escalona's hitting .230/.304/.396 at AA Trenton.

OK, maybe Menechino.

2006-08-21 12:12:00
377.   Zack
I assume Lidle will not be coming back out...If so, great start by Cory!
2006-08-21 12:12:30
378.   monkeypants
Lidle works around the error; Ortiz only has three more ABs this game.
2006-08-21 12:12:36
379.   Ron Burgundy
Green makes the out. I assume the females liked that 10-second close-up shot of A-Rod's crotch as he was walking off the field.
2006-08-21 12:13:02
380.   RIYank
Yeah, baby.
Cashman's gotta be speed-dialing Mad Dog now, huh?
2006-08-21 12:13:14
381.   rbj
2006-08-21 12:13:21
382.   JL25and3
377 Joe can still get the requisite two innings out of EDSP
2006-08-21 12:14:41
383.   singledd
Does anyone think that aside from being VERY tired, the Sox have given up? Lidle is not THAT good. Yanks look a little tired too.
2006-08-21 12:14:41
384.   standuptriple
I love how the Sox thought J-Lo would help them. We've seen the backup catcher market. Why the hell do you think we have The Moustache?
2006-08-21 12:15:09
385.   Schteeve
379 According to my girlfriend, Craig Wilson is the best looking Yankee followed closely by Jeter. Not sure how she feels about A-Rod's crotch.
2006-08-21 12:16:02
386.   Cliff Corcoran
378 So you assume this will go extra innings, or the Sox will bat around in some inning? How do you get 3 ABs for Ortiz in three innings?
2006-08-21 12:16:06
387.   monkeypants
Does Torre go with Damon as a defensive replacement sometime after Bernie's AB?
2006-08-21 12:16:06
388.   Schteeve
383 I don't believe the Sox have given up. I don't believe that very many professional athletes "give up."
2006-08-21 12:16:20
389.   berty1027
385. you must be real fugly then schteeve. craig wilson, haha.
2006-08-21 12:16:57
390.   Sliced Bread
Papelbon is jogging in the bullpen
2006-08-21 12:17:00
391.   Schteeve
There is no way the Yankees win this thing 1-0, let's get some runs.
2006-08-21 12:17:23
392.   RIYank
Bernie dreadful today.
2006-08-21 12:17:41
393.   monkeypants
386 Just my odd sarcasm--commenting on the uncanny ability of Ortiz to seemingly bat every inning, and espeially in the ninth of a close game.
2006-08-21 12:18:20
394.   Schteeve
389 Ask your mom.
2006-08-21 12:18:34
395.   Sliced Bread
Wells makes Fasano's phsyique look like a figure skater's.
2006-08-21 12:18:39
396.   berty1027
doesnt matter. he is getting walked every time unless bases are juiced. ortiz with two on? kapler with bases loaded? let me think....
2006-08-21 12:19:18
397.   Sliced Bread
Fasano running makes glaciers appear swift.
2006-08-21 12:19:26
398.   Ron Burgundy
God Damn IT!
This is David WELLS!
2006-08-21 12:19:55
399.   wsporter
I swear Fasano is a glacier with feet.
2006-08-21 12:20:24
400.   Yankee Fan In Boston
is wells done for the day now?
(i'm watching as i work in a library... no audio...)
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-21 12:20:37
401.   berty1027
dotel in a big spot huh?
2006-08-21 12:21:10
402.   Sliced Bread
400 I'm not sure what his pitch count is, but he downed a jar of Fluffernutter before they went to the commercial.
2006-08-21 12:21:36
403.   berty1027
wells is at 93 pitches
2006-08-21 12:21:44
404.   standuptriple
Did they use up all the hits over the weekend? 5 against Wells? Sweet Jebus!
2006-08-21 12:22:02
405.   Yankee Fan In Boston
that looked like a jar of mayonaise.
2006-08-21 12:22:30
406.   JL25and3
Wells does one thing none of the other Sox pitchers did: he throws strikes.
2006-08-21 12:22:34
407.   Schteeve
This would be a good time for Dotel to start significantly trimming his ERA.
2006-08-21 12:23:01
408.   Ron Burgundy
Coco's Better.
2006-08-21 12:23:18
409.   rbj
Lidle definitely did his job today, and did it durn well.
2006-08-21 12:23:39
410.   Travis
Proctor warming.
2006-08-21 12:23:44
411.   monkeypants
Just walk Ortiz now? Or Meyers pitches to him?

Another nice play by A-Rod.

2006-08-21 12:23:51
412.   berty1027
there walkin papi right?
2006-08-21 12:23:53
413.   Zack
Man, short leash on Dotel...Makes sense though. Myers for Papi, then EDSP for the rest?
2006-08-21 12:23:58
414.   Ron Burgundy
Fuck, if Ortiz does ANYTHING here, ESPN and the media God, I can't imagine.
2006-08-21 12:24:09
415.   berty1027
or goin after him with myers? not good
2006-08-21 12:24:12
416.   Yankee Fan In Boston
can mr. clutch live up to his reputation?
2006-08-21 12:24:44
417.   Zack
yeah, tough call on Ortiz. I wouldn't walk him, but I sure as hell wouldn't give hima strike. I would rather face Kapler with two on than Ortiz with one...
2006-08-21 12:25:10
418.   Cliff Corcoran
Crap this is a hell of a spot. Do you pitch to Ortiz representing the go-ahead run, or do you put the go-ahead run on base, thus pushing the tying run into scoring position? I think you have to pitch to Ortiz. With Myers.
2006-08-21 12:25:13
419.   standuptriple
Wasn't Crisp supposed to be > or = Damon? I heard that quite often. There's NY & BOS and everywhere else in baseball. Do not expect unproven players to succeed in those environments. That is all.
2006-08-21 12:25:16
420.   Ron Burgundy
Why the hell does MARK LORETTA own us?
2006-08-21 12:25:38
421.   Sliced Bread
Here's Myers chance to prove that he's not a double agent. If he throws Ortiz anything resembling a strike he's still on the Sox payroll.
2006-08-21 12:26:19
422.   berty1027
kapler is a righty. theyre not bringn in myers to throw balls and try to get him to chase, only to face kapler as a lefty. you wanted to throw balls, keep dotel in. myers is in there to get him out.
2006-08-21 12:26:21
423.   Ron Burgundy
Just get a DP and the 1-run lead is safe.
2006-08-21 12:26:33
424.   JL25and3
This is the only reason Mike Myers is on the team. Might as well use him.
2006-08-21 12:26:39
425.   Ron Burgundy
Scotty up in the pen. Joe is insane.
2006-08-21 12:26:49
426.   RIYank
I love baseball.
I'd love this less if we'd split the first four games, I guess.
2006-08-21 12:26:59
427.   Zack
I still think pitch to Ortiz, but don't throw anything near the middle of the plate
2006-08-21 12:27:22
428.   RIYank
Oh my gosh, Proctor really is coming in next.
2006-08-21 12:27:59
429.   berty1027
goin right after him. even papi is shocked
2006-08-21 12:28:17
430.   RIYank
Mike Myers! That's what I'm talkin' about!
2006-08-21 12:28:21
431.   Zack
Holy crap, okay, I was wrong. yeah Mike!
2006-08-21 12:28:21
432.   nick
2006-08-21 12:28:32
433.   randym77
419 I think they were thinking of future. Damon was insisting on a seven-year contract. Crisp is not in Damon's league now, but next year? The year after? The after that? Damon's on the downhill side of the curve, while Crisp hasn't reached his peak yet.
2006-08-21 12:28:48
434.   RIYank
A blistering 80mph on the radar gun.

I love baseball.

2006-08-21 12:28:56
435.   berty1027
wow! amazing!
2006-08-21 12:28:57
436.   monkeypants
Well, that man just earned his spot on the 25 man roster!
2006-08-21 12:28:59
437.   Marcus
What's ESPN saying now?
2006-08-21 12:29:09
438.   Zack
And EDSP for 1.1 now, then Farns...
2006-08-21 12:29:12
439.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2006-08-21 12:29:22
440.   Cliff Corcoran
Myers Ks Ortiz on three pitches? Did I see that right?!
2006-08-21 12:29:23
441.   Sliced Bread
Wow. Gets him on 3 pitches. I would not have had the cannolis to pitch to Ortiz in that situation.

Way to go Myers!

2006-08-21 12:29:27
442.   Ron Burgundy
Ortiz Swings and Misses.

Oh my God! ESPN is already deleting this game from their database, this DID NOT HAPPEN!

2006-08-21 12:29:56
443.   JL25and3
I wish I had ESPN here, they must be struggling for words - they had the Mr. Clutch speech all ready.
2006-08-21 12:30:24
444.   Alex Belth
Proctor and Farnsworth have to get seven outs before giving up a run? Color me skeptical but I just don't see it happening.
2006-08-21 12:30:41
445.   Ron Burgundy
Can a gassed Proctor get Krapler out?
2006-08-21 12:30:41
446.   Alvaro Espinoza
Like Samson w/o the hair, Papi is nothing NOTHING w/o Manny.


2006-08-21 12:30:45
447.   Schteeve
425 Well when you have such a short leash with Dotel, that's bound to happen. Joe's managing to win. But where is Farnsworth?
2006-08-21 12:30:48
448.   rbj
A clutch strike out by David Ortiz!
2006-08-21 12:31:16
449.   Cliff Corcoran
If Proctor and Farnsworth do their jobs they can get through this game without Ortiz coming to the plate again.
2006-08-21 12:31:37
450.   RIYank
Farnsworth is warming?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-21 12:31:52
451.   monkeypants
41 433 Got to agree with Randym on this one. Damon is having one of his best offensive seasons this year--which no one expected with his move to Yankee stadium. Crisp put up solid numbers the last two years, and many expected he would continue to improve going into his athletic prime. It would not have been unrealistic to expect the two play about evenly this year, and most everyone assumed that Crisp would surpass a declining Damnon with a couple or three years.
2006-08-21 12:32:03
452.   Yankee Fan In Boston
kapler is batting .194 vs lefties this season.
... he's hitting .269 against righties.

hinske is on deck. he's a left-handed batter. would it kill myers to face three hitters?

2006-08-21 12:32:22
453.   nick
4 of 5 games against the Sox, both halves of the twin bill! they should start playing "Iron Man" as Proctor comes out....
2006-08-21 12:32:37
454.   randym77
Farnsy is supposed to be closing this game. And you know he can't pitch more than one inning.
2006-08-21 12:33:03
455.   Schteeve
I'm going to be the first to say it, I don't think we should expect much from Dotel for the rest of the season. It takes a while to get arm strenght back post TJ surgery, and he doesn't look especially effective from what little I've seen.
2006-08-21 12:33:03
456.   RIYank
Scotty's not gassed: 97mph heater up.
2006-08-21 12:34:01
457.   Cliff Corcoran
Hey, is this Randy Johnson's throw day?
2006-08-21 12:34:12
458.   Sliced Bread
They just showed Joe wearing his shades in the dugout, totally poker-faced.

He came up big on that Myers deal to Ortizzle.

2006-08-21 12:34:17
459.   Schteeve
Is there anyway Torre can lighten Scotty's load in September. The guy is awesome when he's on.
2006-08-21 12:34:57
460.   Yankee Fan In Boston
that would be amazing.
2006-08-21 12:34:57
461.   nick
no more hanging sliders Scotty
2006-08-21 12:35:17
462.   Cliff Corcoran
Kapler's having an Aaron Boone style at-bat. Just keep swiging until you make an out.
2006-08-21 12:35:18
463.   RIYank
Very creative, Cliff!
2006-08-21 12:35:50
464.   Zack
ESPn said that the Yanks were still saying TBA for tomorrows start, why wouldn't it be Jaret?

I wouldn't be surprised to see Mo make an appearance, yesterday or no...

2006-08-21 12:35:54
465.   RIYank
And Kapler didn't miss a dinger by much.
2006-08-21 12:36:31
466.   monkeypants
Kapler giving Proctor some trouble this AB. Hopefully he only needs to pitch to one batter. A few runs in the top of the inning and maybe Torre goes to Karsten to bridge to Farnsworth.

Yeah, sure.

I like how Cano basically ran in the opposite dirction as Green on that last pop-up.

2006-08-21 12:37:04
467.   Ron Burgundy
Can our bullpen pitch two scoreless innings against the scrubs that are in the rest of the Sawx line-up? The only one that scares me in there is Pena just because of his raw power, and if Ortiz is coming up, we probably already blew the lead anyways.
2006-08-21 12:37:24
468.   Max
Proctor has got to get some rest. I wish they could just put him away for the Seattle series, but we know that's never going to happen.
2006-08-21 12:37:33
469.   wsporter
If Farnsworth is OK he should be fresh. Can he get 6 outs? Any reason not to let him or does Proctor start the bottom of the eigth?

Mo in the 9th?

2006-08-21 12:37:39
470.   nick
457 maybe if Mo's really not available bring him in an Ortiz situation--but hopefully we can avoid one....
2006-08-21 12:37:39
471.   Cliff Corcoran
Jeter's due up third. It's the eighth inning. I say pinch-hit Damon for Green, then give up the DH by putting Jeter in the field.
2006-08-21 12:38:37
472.   Cliff Corcoran
Or not.
2006-08-21 12:38:40
473.   RIYank
I don't like giving up the DH here.
Oh, of course, pitchers will probably be yanked anyway from here on. So maybe that's good, yeah, I'm with you Cliff.
2006-08-21 12:38:53
474.   Sliced Bread
471 Excellent call.

Bottom of the order hitless.

2006-08-21 12:38:54
475.   standuptriple
451 Those were all speculative though. I was trying to point out that very few people can get it done in the pressure cooker.
2006-08-21 12:39:00
476.   Zack
Some more runs would be good. Wells giving the Sox the huge start they needed, CG...
2006-08-21 12:39:07
477.   monkeypants
464 Presumably, with the BP so worked, Wright was in line to come into the game if Lidle couldn't go deep. Then Karsten would probably start tomorrow. If the came closes out without incident, the Wright probably goes.
2006-08-21 12:39:19
478.   zgveritas
Hope Green gets a hit before he gets sent down...
2006-08-21 12:39:37
479.   Sandman42
I think Damon played SS in Little League ...
2006-08-21 12:39:42
480.   RIYank
Boomer's giving his staffmates a lesson in efficiency, huh?
2006-08-21 12:40:40
481.   Ron Burgundy
Keith Foulke warming up. Nice.
2006-08-21 12:41:10
482.   RIYank
Big Nicky Green!

I love baseball.

2006-08-21 12:41:12
483.   Cliff Corcoran
Nick Green going all Gabe Kapler/Aaron Boone on us.
2006-08-21 12:41:15
484.   Zack
Well, didn't expect THAT from Green
2006-08-21 12:41:23
485.   Ron Burgundy
Ha-Ha! Green with a double!
2006-08-21 12:41:30
486.   Sliced Bread
Nick the stick!
2006-08-21 12:41:30
487.   monkeypants
Wells must be tired...
2006-08-21 12:41:32
488.   RIYank
Torre's a genius, by the way.
2006-08-21 12:41:38
489.   randym77
Farnsy can't get six outs. He sucks if he has to sit through half an inning. He's a one-inning guy.

455 I was think that, too. Not good. If we can't expect much from Dotel, we shouldn't have activated him. We could make better use of the roster spot.

Whoa! Nick the Stick comes through!

2006-08-21 12:42:09
490.   RIYank
Does Melky bunt here? That would be very Joe.
2006-08-21 12:42:11
491.   standuptriple
Nick F%$@ing Green? Too soon?
2006-08-21 12:42:15
492.   Cliff Corcoran
Except he doubles! And we still have a DH! C'mon top-o-the order, gotta have this insurance run!
2006-08-21 12:42:15
493.   Sandman42
Off the monster? How high up was it?
2006-08-21 12:42:47
494.   RIYank
Hinske certainly thinks so.
2006-08-21 12:42:48
495.   Travis
Cora is WAY out of position.
2006-08-21 12:43:10
496.   monkeypants
No bunt here--slapit past the charging IFs!!
2006-08-21 12:43:38
497.   RIYank
Hm, too bad, I think Melky could have ripped a grounder through the left side of that infield-in-motion. But at least it worked.
2006-08-21 12:43:48
498.   mehmattski
Checking back in after a day full of "work," looks like y'all held down the fort without me...

Six outs from a ____ of the bleepin Red Sox. I don't want to say it... I may not believe in jinxes, but this would be too sweet for me to mess up. (No Mr. Kay, I am not a Nazi slave owner.)

2006-08-21 12:43:52
499.   wsporter
Wells needs to work on his core, he seems to be a little out of shape.
2006-08-21 12:43:59
500.   zgveritas
C'mon one last run for Nick Green before he gets sent down....
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-08-21 12:43:59
501.   Cliff Corcoran
490 Actually, a bunt here would be okay. Bunt him to third, get Jeter to go opposite field to get him home. Close, late, man on second, one of the few legitimate bunting situations.
2006-08-21 12:44:00
502.   Ron Burgundy
Now, Can we GET THE RUNNER on 3B with less than 2 Outs to SCORE?!
2006-08-21 12:44:16
503.   RIYank
496 Yeah. Of course, if Jeter drives the ball, we're wrong.
2006-08-21 12:44:19
504.   Yankee Fan In Boston
leche con uno bunto perfecto!
2006-08-21 12:44:19
505.   monkeypants
496 Just ignore that. Good bunt by Melky.

When all the fielders charge, why don't more runners at 2B try to steal third?

2006-08-21 12:45:49
506.   JL25and3
498 Kay saya a broadcaster can't jinx a game. A fan, that's a whole different story.
2006-08-21 12:46:15
507.   Max
489 So was it worth the $ we paid to pay for a fireballing setup man who can only give you one inning per outing, and not on consecutive days?
2006-08-21 12:46:48
508.   Schteeve
502 Haven't we scored like 500 runs in the past 4 games? What on earth are you griping about. Damn.
2006-08-21 12:46:55
509.   JL25and3
505 If you do that, you better hope the bunt's not popped up.
2006-08-21 12:47:05
510.   Cliff Corcoran
How about Jeter and Abreu walk and Rodriguez hits a steak-through-the-heart salami?
2006-08-21 12:47:27
511.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-21 12:47:30
512.   Travis
Javy Lopez strikes again!
2006-08-21 12:47:37
513.   Zack
Hey, I'll take that...
2006-08-21 12:48:06
514.   randym77
Nicky baby!
2006-08-21 12:48:12
515.   JL25and3
Jeter gets the run home from third. He's clutch.
2006-08-21 12:48:27
516.   monkeypants
509 I'm suggesting that the batter in such a situation pulls the bat back. WHo could cover against the steal anyway?

Totally clutch wave home by Jeter!

2006-08-21 12:48:52
517.   standuptriple
Not-so-Incredible Foulke
2006-08-21 12:49:06
518.   RIYank
Wow. I was wrong twice. Jeter k, and it was STILL the right move.
Joe's a genius.
2006-08-21 12:49:13
519.   Yankee Fan In Boston
what the foulke? is this how it works itself out? anticlimactic...

...but i'll take it.

2006-08-21 12:49:34
520.   Cliff Corcoran
Or Foulke could give us the run for free. The bunt pays off.
2006-08-21 12:49:37
521.   singledd
Message to JaLo:
You don't catch balls in the dirt...
That ball bounced in the dirt and then off his glove.
2006-08-21 12:49:49
522.   Ron Burgundy
The Classic "Yankees Suck!" chant.

On the other hand, pathetic AB by Jeter against KEITH FOULKE there. Damn, the AVG. keeps going down. He's running out of time to take the Batting title lead.

2006-08-21 12:50:01
523.   mehmattski
So, does that at bat count in the tally of "RISP" or "Runner on third, less than 2 outs"? The first half of the at bat was, but the second half was not. It's these things that keep me up at night (and make me doubt those already small sample sizes).
2006-08-21 12:50:10
524.   RIYank
517 More Lopez than Foulke, no?
Or did you mean in general?
2006-08-21 12:50:14
525.   eephus
How long do I have to wait before I can mention this series to my Red Sox fan friends? Weeks? Months?

My excruciating boss, however... I'm going to mock him until he fires me.

2006-08-21 12:50:21
526.   tocho
mo should be able to pitch today. 8 of his 30 pitches yesterday were intent balls.

anyway, torre said he wouldn't use him... lets hope he changes his mind with the chance for the win

2006-08-21 12:51:09
527.   wsporter
505 Yeah, if the batter fakes the bunt with the corners charging the baserunner only has to beat the shortstop to third.
2006-08-21 12:51:09
528.   Travis
523 Neither, I think. I'm pretty sure every at-bat is categorized according to the situation on the final pitch.
2006-08-21 12:51:21
529.   RIYank
And once again, Nick Green has to do it all by himself. It's so typical.
2006-08-21 12:51:35
530.   Zack
Yeah, when DJ strikes out, he at least has the clutchitude to STILL get the run in, more than we can say for
2006-08-21 12:51:49
531.   monkeypants
OK. Damon must replace Bernie in the OF now.
2006-08-21 12:52:09
532.   Cliff Corcoran
526 Agree, they have to use Mo here. I don't care if they sit him through the entire Seattle series, he has to pitch today.
2006-08-21 12:52:16
533.   nick
499 could be a SNL skit: "Abs of Goo: the David Wells Core Workout"
2006-08-21 12:52:28
534.   Ron Burgundy
What the hell Jeter and Bobby? Foulke was throwing 85 MPH fastballs and 85 MPH change-ups.
2006-08-21 12:53:25
535.   mehmattski
531 Your wish is Torre's command, for a change.
2006-08-21 12:53:53
536.   Cliff Corcoran
Damon in as a defensive sub in center. Nice.

Proctor still in? I guess it's Farns in the 9th.

2006-08-21 12:54:01
537.   singledd
525 You got life insurance?
New idea for a Tee Shirt.
says: "Red Sox" on the front.
says "2090" on the back.
2006-08-21 12:54:20
538.   Sliced Bread
507 I think I may be in the minority here, but I think Farnswacker's worth it. I still think of him as a work in progress, but his stuff is fantastic, even he can only be relied on for 1 inning.

I'd still rather have him than Gordon.

That said, I'd have him on a verrry short leash here, with Mo warming up.

Hey, look! Damon in center.

2006-08-21 12:54:30
539.   tocho
532 proctor still in. we're going to miss him in September
2006-08-21 12:54:41
540.   RIYank
Oh, monkeypants gets credit for one very big out.
2006-08-21 12:54:49
541.   Travis
Farnsworth in the 9th scares me. I still remember that series in Detroit the Yanks should have swept.
2006-08-21 12:55:34
542.   Cliff Corcoran
And Damon gets the first out of the inning.
2006-08-21 12:55:43
543.   RIYank
The Red Sox have decided to save some of Proctor's arm.
2006-08-21 12:56:11
544.   standuptriple
524 In general. I'm not watching, just being a jerk. I'm an equal opportunity hater though. J-Lo's 2 fundamentals are attrocious.
2006-08-21 12:56:12
545.   mehmattski
On ESPN GameCast, if you click on "BOS Hits," nine blue dots come up on the field. Which is interesting, since they only have four hits in the game... and ESPN still only has 3 hits, because they neglected to fix the "Four outs" in the bottom of the first.

Is it 5 PM yet?

2006-08-21 12:56:23
546.   Cliff Corcoran
Proctor remains nails. Here's big Wily Mo, but the lead is safe from him.
2006-08-21 12:56:31
547.   monkeypants
Soooo, that was not a swing?
2006-08-21 12:56:35
548.   Travis
The first base umpire sure is emphatic making every call.
2006-08-21 12:57:39
549.   monkeypants
547 I'm confused--now NESN shows that first pitch to Pena was a strike.
2006-08-21 12:57:58
550.   singledd
Sox fans chanting "Damon sucks".
Such an intellectual group (with short memories).
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-08-21 12:58:17
551.   RIYank
2006-08-21 12:58:20
552.   Travis
547 549 It was - they checked at first, and he swung.
2006-08-21 12:58:24
553.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It.
2006-08-21 12:58:35
554.   Zack
Okay, Cliff, you def. jinxed that...

No we HAVE to go to Mo. This game means a lot more than tomorrows...

2006-08-21 12:58:55
555.   RIYank
The first pitch to Pena was a swinging strike. But the last was an opposite field dinger.
2006-08-21 12:58:56
556.   Schteeve
I had a feeling that was coming.
2006-08-21 12:58:56
557.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it.

We NEED 2 runs in the 9th now.

2006-08-21 12:59:01
558.   randym77
Well, that Nick Green run is looking big now...
2006-08-21 12:59:09
559.   Cliff Corcoran
Yup. That's why that insurance run was huge. No worries.
2006-08-21 12:59:21
560.   JL25and3
Farnsworth is warming up.
2006-08-21 12:59:25
561.   wsporter
Damn. Get Mo up and in.
2006-08-21 12:59:45
562.   Max
Completely predictable. I really appreciate what Scotty has done this series, but it's inexcusable trotting him out over and over.
2006-08-21 13:00:04
563.   RIYank
Hm, this is a big batter. Four outs to go, four batters before Papi.

Ah, Craig snags it!

2006-08-21 13:00:26
564.   nick
"Farnsworth has just started to throw"!?.........ahhh: OK Scottie--you can stay in NYC the next few days: check out the Met or something.....
2006-08-21 13:01:04
565.   mehmattski
Pena is now 1 for 2 with a HR and a K against Proctor! He's batting .500! Pena owns Proctor!


2006-08-21 13:01:17
566.   Ron Burgundy
OK, just get one run offense, one or two is do-able VS. Foulke. And Farns has to just get three outs.
2006-08-21 13:01:21
567.   RIYank
We could really use a run, just to save Mo's arm. Time for Alex to produce!
2006-08-21 13:01:46
568.   singledd
I think Willy Mo will be a pain in our side for the next 10 years.
2006-08-21 13:01:59
569.   tocho
ok, lets get them one by one here. Cora, Crisp, Loretta. it has to be 1-2-3. I don't want anything to do with Ortiz in the 9th.

now, get another run guys. i'm looking at you a-rod.

2006-08-21 13:02:23
570.   Schteeve
562 Proctor had a one run margin of error which he used. No big deal.
2006-08-21 13:02:28
571.   Alex Belth
Is it too much to ask for A Rod to get his ass in scoring position?

Is it too much to ask for Farnsworth to get three outs?

2006-08-21 13:02:45
572.   JohnnyC
pitch selection more than anything...shoulda crowded him with a good heater instead of slider speed over the outer half...typically predictable pitch calling. Kaat will tell ya, more mistakes are made on bad breaking balls than fastballs, especially deep in the count...
2006-08-21 13:02:55
573.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Cora, Crisp, Loretta, then least we can walk the Dominican Shrek if that is an option as Manny is done...
2006-08-21 13:02:58
574.   RIYank
Or he could pop up.
2006-08-21 13:03:11
575.   Ron Burgundy
Another pathetic AB. What the HELL is his problem (TODAY)?
2006-08-21 13:04:00
576.   monkeypants
HR in an elevator shaft, as they used to say.
2006-08-21 13:04:23
577.   RIYank
Our Win Expectancy is 83% right now.
(I like to check when I feel nervous.)
2006-08-21 13:04:31
578.   standuptriple
573 Exactly, I'd put the tying R on 3rd if I had to keep Ortiz' bat on his shoulder.
2006-08-21 13:04:37
579.   Max
570 Hope you're right. I just don't trust Farns to get through the first 3 batters and avoid Ortiz...but I've been wrong many times before, and hope I'm wrong this time.

More insurance runs would be nice.

2006-08-21 13:04:48
580.   nick
whatever else happens, please Joe, do not let Farns face Ortiz as the winning run--
2006-08-21 13:05:46
581.   RIYank
Cora and Hinske, not bad at all.
2006-08-21 13:06:23
582.   Yankee Fan In Boston
is mo not warming?
2006-08-21 13:07:24
583.   Ron Burgundy
Farns, PLEASE pitch a 1-2-3 inning!
2006-08-21 13:07:46
584.   RIYank
Nick, no way.
Although I do remember what, a couple of months ago, when Farns fanned Ortiz and Manny for the save.
But no, it's gotta be Mo if it gets that far.

Win Expectancy still 81%.

2006-08-21 13:07:49
585.   Sliced Bread
The highlight of Farnswacker's season was wiffing Ortiz looking on that soft slider.

I imagine Ortiz has been dreaming about seeing that pitch again.

Here's hoping if Farns faces him, he doesn't try that again.

I think he's on a very short leash, as in, 1 runner and it's Mo time.

2006-08-21 13:07:56
586.   JL25and3
577 17% chance of blowing it
2006-08-21 13:08:12
587.   tocho
OK, here we go, hold on guys. In farnsworth we trust.... (sigh)
2006-08-21 13:08:55
588.   Zack
can we have Mo warming up just because?
2006-08-21 13:08:58
589.   RIYank
586 Hey! Cut that out!

Giving up the DH, but yeah, I like this move.

2006-08-21 13:09:45
590.   Ron Burgundy
Farnsworth in, hang on to the roof.
Did Alex Cora just hit a foul bullet? WTF?
2006-08-21 13:09:52
591.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I am sweating this out....
2006-08-21 13:09:57
592.   Zack
um Karstans warming up just in case? Hmmm...I guess EI insurance...
2006-08-21 13:10:31
593.   JL25and3
I really want this win, but not so much for the sweep.

I want it because, if the Red Sox win, all we'll hear about will be the gritty, clutch Red Sox.

2006-08-21 13:10:52
594.   Ron Burgundy
1 Out.
2006-08-21 13:11:41
595.   Zack
Ok, 2 down, and the dreaded Loretta...
2006-08-21 13:11:41
596.   Yankee Fan In Boston

ugh. true dat. (but a sweep would make for a nice, hefty lead.)

2006-08-21 13:11:45
597.   RIYank
Yeah, Farns!

Now do NOT walk Loretta. Kyle. Do NOT.

2006-08-21 13:11:55
598.   monkeypants
I reiterate: Coco Crisp is awful this year.
2006-08-21 13:12:25
599.   Cliff Corcoran
This is a HUGE batter right here, as if I even needed to say it. Holy crap.
2006-08-21 13:12:33
600.   Ron Burgundy
2 Out.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-08-21 13:12:49
601.   mehmattski
(MK Voice)
2006-08-21 13:13:34
602.   RIYank
2006-08-21 13:13:44
603.   randym77
Sweep! Woo-hoo!
2006-08-21 13:14:04
604.   Ron Burgundy


2006-08-21 13:14:10
605.   wsporter
I never thought, not in a million years, that this could happen.

Holy Cow!

2006-08-21 13:14:33
606.   monkeypants
And. That. Is. That.
2006-08-21 13:14:34
607.   Zack
Holy Crap, Robbie!

Maybe the leg injury was all Farnsworth needed? That was way way too easy. POTG, Lidle??

Wow, what a birthday weeekend...

2006-08-21 13:14:46
608.   Sliced Bread
2006-08-21 13:14:50
609.   Mattpat11
The Massacre has been completed
2006-08-21 13:15:02
610.   Cliff Corcoran
Nine pitches, eight strikes. I dunno, is he worth it?


I don't believe what I just saw.

2006-08-21 13:15:16
611.   Yankee Fan In Boston
holy crap.
2006-08-21 13:15:30
612.   Shaun P
I'm with Sliced - Farns is worth the cash!

Meanwhile, notice that Tom Gordon is down with a shoulder issue IIRC.

Bring out the brooms!!!

2006-08-21 13:15:53
613.   mehmattski
2006-08-21 13:17:26
614.   Yankee Fan In Boston
the best part for me is that i can bring this up whenever i hear about the yankees losing four straight (close) games in 2004.

thank you, yankees.

thank you.

2006-08-21 13:17:34
615.   Zack
Wow, nothing like gaining 5 games in the standings in one weekend!!
2006-08-21 13:17:39
616.   RIYank
2006-08-21 13:17:39
617.   Shaun P
605 MFD, me too.

This is nothing short of amazing. I can't wait to tell my dad.

2006-08-21 13:17:58
618.   zgveritas
Snakes on a..... sweep!!!
2006-08-21 13:18:04
619.   Shaun P
605 MFD, me too.

This is nothing short of amazing. I can't wait to tell my dad.

2006-08-21 13:18:32
620.   RIYank
Oh, it's okay. Was that just me? I couldn't connect to Toaster.
2006-08-21 13:19:29
621.   Bama Yankee
Brooms on a Plane
2006-08-21 13:19:57
622.   mehmattski
That's it, I'm tired of these Mother F-cking Red Sox in this Mother F-cking division race! Let's blow out some windows!
2006-08-21 13:20:17
623.   hensley

I feel like Conan the Barbarian:

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!"

2006-08-21 13:20:20
624.   Cliff Corcoran
620 I'm sure it was just the last out causing a surge of celebration.

Wowee wow wow.

2006-08-21 13:20:42
625.   Yankee Fan In Boston
brian cashman is a genius.
2006-08-21 13:20:48
626.   C2Coke
Alex, 2 games may not be a massacre but 5 definitely is. Last time the Yanks completed a 5 game sweep in Fenway is 60 years ago.
2006-08-21 13:20:51
627.   RIYank
Well, virtual high fives all around.

Hot dang, smoked those turkeys with the House Money line-up, the throw-in deal pitcher, and no Mariano. Every kind of beating.

See you folks in Seattle.

2006-08-21 13:21:21
628.   singledd
oh oh... Papi on deck
(he he he he he)

NOTHING will ever make up for 2004.



2006-08-21 13:21:36
629.   Zack
Well, Lets keep this pace up for the rest of the season!
2006-08-21 13:21:44
630.   Simone
What a whuppin'! Love it. I thought 3 out of 5 was realistic. I never saw a sweep. Yeah, Yankees!!!
2006-08-21 13:23:06
631.   C2Coke
How many times have the Banter stuck the toaster in this past 4 days?

97 No Mo, no Posada, no Giambi. And a lot of Proctor.

2006-08-21 13:23:10
632.   Alvaro Espinoza
3.5 behind DET (3 in loss column).
2006-08-21 13:23:12
633.   wsporter
Fork in the toaster.

619 MFD this time of year it just doesn't get better than this. Papi contained, ESPN has to shut up and Dan Shaughnessy is scheduled to go ber-freakin-serk in the Globe on Tuesday. Oh God am I happy.

2006-08-21 13:23:49
634.   C2Coke
In 631 Meant 627.
2006-08-21 13:23:58
635.   JL25and3
629 Have you let this giddiness overcome your pessimism?

Just think of 6 games in Seattle and Anaheim...

2006-08-21 13:25:08
636.   Bama Yankee
Where's that Red Sox troll "ric" who stops by to read what "the girls are chatting about". I bet he's at home curled up in the fetal postion on his faded Nomar bedspread sobbing uncontrollably while chewing on a bloody sock...
2006-08-21 13:25:22
637.   Kered Retej
That was pretty much everything I could have hoped for when I posted this:

I hope the Red Sox and their fans are now completely demoralized, after the Yankees beat them every way possible. Piling on the runs in the ugly slugfests of the doubleheader. Working the counts and walking their way to victory on Saturday. Waiting out their "ace" and exploiting the bullpen on Sunday, and winning a game in which their 2 best pitchers pitched. And winning a tight low-scoring affair today.

Nice work!

2006-08-21 13:25:25
638.   Ken Arneson
620 The web server automatically gets restarted if the response time is too slow. If you get a spike in traffic (like at the end of this game, obviously), that can cause a slowness, and a restart. The server will drop connections temporarily while it is restarting.
2006-08-21 13:26:09
639.   Zack
635 No no, its precisely because I fear this west coast trip that I emplore then not to let down. Seattle smacks of a let down to the tune of two of three, and lets not even talk about those Angels...
2006-08-21 13:26:23
640.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
game over... YES !
2006-08-21 13:27:30
641.   Sliced Bread
6 and a half up!

Lidle, Abreu, Cabrera, Green standout as unlikely heroes. They weren't on the Opening Day roster.

Great game, Mr. Torre. I second-guessed you at the start, and we won! Myers k's Ortiz! Nick the stick! Farnswacker!


2006-08-21 13:28:48
642.   JL25and3
639 Phew, you scared me for a second. And I agree with your prognosis.
2006-08-21 13:28:59
643.   Shaun P
619 If you haven't already seen it, MFD, over at they have a nice takedown of how Shaughnessy recently ripped Theo and "the computer geek/spreadsheet" running of the Sox.

They don't spend enough money and now the local media is pulling a DePo on them! Ladies and gents, the 2006 Boston Red Sox!

BTW, anyone else listen to 'EEI for the game and hear all the ads for the Sox fantasy cruise in January? What does that cost, a couple grand a passenger? Yeah, they sure are poor, those poor Red Sox.

2006-08-21 13:29:02
644.   C2Coke
638 Thanks, Ken.
2006-08-21 13:29:46
645.   mehmattski
635 Here's some pessimism for ya, posted by DJ Gallo over at Page 2 today:

"The Yankees really blew it this weekend. Sure, they won four straight over Boston at Fenway Park to increase their lead in the AL East to a seemingly insurmountable 5½ games, but everyone knows that baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. All the Yankees did by knocking the Red Sox starters out early in the first three games of the series was give the Boston rotation more time to rest for the stretch run. Real swift, Joe Torre. You were out-managed. Again."

2006-08-21 13:30:25
646.   Ron Burgundy
They better file a police report. Somebody just got RAPED!
2006-08-21 13:32:52
647.   C2Coke
645 Both Bloody sox man and Wells went well into the 8th didn't they? What hurts more? Being kicked out early in the game or work hard through 7 or 8 and still got the lost?

That Gallo dude sure got the pessimistic vibe on.

2006-08-21 13:33:49
648.   wsporter
641 That Meyers k of Ortiz really is a beautiful metaphor for the way these 5 games went. Three pitches and sit your big fat papi butt down; Just beautiful.
2006-08-21 13:34:16
649.   Max
Just unreal...never, never could have imagined this, and the way that it unfolded.

Oh, and when I asked the question about Farns, it really was rhetorical. I think the guy is talented and was happy to see him finish today's game quickly (though I was very nervous about Loretta)...and what a kick to see him slap Fasano on the helmet after the last out. Two of the least heralded (and most maligned) Yankees sharing a moment of joy in capping off a historic doesn't get better.

2006-08-21 13:34:21
650.   rbj
Oh. My. God. Five game sweep. I wonder if at the next series in the Bronx, the fans will dust off the old "who's your daddy" chant? Now it belongs to all the RS players.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-08-21 13:36:06
651.   JCP22
Eat it Big Papi! Bow down before the division champs once more. This is as good as it gets in the regular season.
2006-08-21 13:39:40
652.   Shaun P
651 You mean, "Bow down before the awesome power of Donuts and the 'staches!"
2006-08-21 13:41:21
653.   wsporter
643 MFD thanks! I hadn't checked into FJM today. What a great article. That last paragraph really says everything you need to know about Dirty Diaper Dan. Shark indeed.

FJM is one of those comfort sites I look to when I'm on the road. Those guys are smart and often very funny.

2006-08-21 13:42:16
654.   Start Spreading the News
645 647 You know that Gallo dude is kidding...

Now back to your regularly scheduled celebration ....


2006-08-21 13:44:10
655.   rabid stan
Love Torre's ringtone. That's great stuff.
2006-08-21 13:45:55
656.   standuptriple
626 Can we get a recap of that one? Maybe ESPN can break down which is the "Greatest 5-Game Yankee Sweep of All Time". Yeah, that would be sweet.
2006-08-21 13:47:18
657.   marc
This is finally a legitimate time if Sterling wanted to say "How can you predict baseball, nobody can predict baseball" instead of the 40 times a day he blabs it meaninglessly
2006-08-21 13:48:31
658.   Alex Belth
I've got to give Farnsworth his props. Proctor too. I never would have thought they'd pull off a sweep. It's just not in my nature, first of all, to think that my wildest fantasies will come true. This isn't making the playoffs, this isn't a lot of things, what it is, however, is sweet. Enjoy it folks. We've got 24 plus hours of good vibes ahead of us.
2006-08-21 13:48:52
659.   randym77
Whoah. It's Karstens tomorrow. Because Wright is taking Moose's spot.
2006-08-21 13:51:09
660.   marc
I don't know what the odds are if you multiplied each of the 5 game's probably out, but this feels in the ballpark of hitting a big lottery or being struck by lightening though since this was all positive I'll stick with the lottery.
2006-08-21 13:51:16
661.   yanklifer
659 Where did you see that? Now really worried about Moose
2006-08-21 13:55:14
662.   randym77
661 They announced it on the YES post-game show.

And they're interviewing "Nick the Quick." I have to admit, I would never have predicted that when I posted today's lineup...

2006-08-21 14:02:21
663.   wsporter
After the ass whipping those hounds from Charm City laid on us last week how the hell does this result even make the slightest bit of sense?

Baseball is THE best game. All other games are merely prologue. That was true in 2004, its true today and I suspect it will be true 50 and 100 years from now. Beautiful.

If it were the other way round and we were swept would we be discussing how we have to get them when they come to NY? I hope that's the way it goes over at Sons of Sam H and elsewhere. I hope Sully and Debris and the rest of them are still full of piss and vinegar. There's too much baseball left to stick a fork in anything.

Today though their squealing and bleating sounds awfully good.

2006-08-21 14:09:23
664.   rbj
And nnow Mr. Torre takes the whole team out for ice cream. With Sidney no longer on the roster, Joe doesn't have to worry about his wallet.
2006-08-21 14:11:30
665.   pistolpete
658 Let's just leave it at this- it's the best possible feeling after a regular season series that you could possibly have as a Yankees fan.

The only way it could be better is if it were the final series of the regular season and the end result eliminated the Sox from playoff contention.

2006-08-21 14:12:44
666.   Bama Yankee
Boston has only won 6 of their last 20 games (including being swept by KC and NY) since that crow got on the field, coincidence....

BTW, the Braves and Marlins are closer to the NL wildcard than the Red Sox are to the AL East lead...

2006-08-21 14:16:06
667.   pistolpete
Not to rain on a parade, but of course all the media blabber is about how dreadful the Red Sox pitching was this series.

While that may be true, it takes offense & a decent amount of timely hitting to win 5 games such as they did. Somehow I doubt the Royals would sweep the Sox if they - errr, oh wait - nevermind. ;-)

Talk on WFAN is how a lot of the national media was in attendance and how Jeter may have taken the lead in the MVP race.

Now how sweet would that be?

2006-08-21 14:20:36
668.   randym77
666 Ack. What a post number. o_O

According to Peter Abraham, that crow died. They took it outside and let it go, and one of the hawks that hangs out at Fenway got it.

667 Yes, sweet as this victory is, the only thing I read into it is that the Red Sox really suck. They've been horrible this month.

If the Sox continue to crash and burn, it's going to be hard to give Big Papi the MVP.

2006-08-21 14:23:55
669.   Marcus
667 I think this series went a long way in bringing Jeter back into the race. Ortiz had no "clutch" hits this series, struck out in a big spot today, ended the game with a fly out yesterday, and generally didn't have a great series. Jeter had that tying hit yesterday in the 9th, the bases-clearing double, and some other big hits.

Anyone want to post the numbers comparing the two this series?

2006-08-21 14:34:39
670.   Marcus
666 and 668 I've gotta be a bird nyerd and chime in that the bird was a grackle, not a crow.
2006-08-21 14:36:12
671.   Marcus
669 By "bringing back into the race", I meant in the minds of the voters, who over-value Ortiz's "clutchiness". Clearly, Jeter was already deserving before this weekend's series.
2006-08-21 14:37:41
672.   Bama Yankee
669 What do you mean Oriz didn't have a great series? I saw him hit at least six homers during last night's game... wait, that was the same one replayed over and over again by NESN/Bristol (formerly known as ESPN).
2006-08-21 14:40:07
673.   Bama Yankee
670 Thanks for clarification. I wonder if that bird went snap, "grackle" and Papi when the Hawk was eating it?
2006-08-21 14:41:13
674.   randym77
672 LOL! Big Papi's okay, but he's not clutch like, say, Nick Green. ;-)
2006-08-21 14:43:19
675.   monkeypants
669 Perception over reality. Here are the numbers as I count them:

Jeter: 24 AB, 7 H, 6 R, 5 RBI, 1 BB, 5 K, 1 2B, 0 3B, 0 HR

Ortiz: 20 AB, 6 H, 5 R, 4 RBI, 3BB, 3 K, 2 2B, 0 3B, 2 HR

I know there were some HBP in there, but this is close enough. Ortiz probably had the better series overall--Jeter's greater number of 'clutch hits' is debateable.

It's funny, when Jeter was streaking a couple of weeks ago he clearly was more valuable than Ortiz, at least according to most advanced metrics. Now, he has one baseclearing double in a 'clutch' series and everyone is getting on the MVP bandwagon. More evidence how flaky the whole MVP process is.

Still, there are at least three players probably more MVP than Ortiz, and I certainly wouldn't mind Jeter getting the make-up call for 1999.

2006-08-21 14:45:23
676.   YankeeInMichigan
664 According to Arthur Rhodes, he'll still have to worry about Lidle.
2006-08-21 14:47:43
677.   Bama Yankee
675 Thanks for looking up the numbers. What about Jeter's hit off Pap-smear last night to tie the game?
2006-08-21 14:52:21
678.   yankz
Damn, Jeter fell to 8th in VORP, 0.1 behind Fatas$ Papi. He's tied with Tejada. Travis Hafner is ahead by a lot. Updated through 8/20.
2006-08-21 14:53:29
679.   k42
not to sound pessimistic or anything, cause at this point it doesn't matter, but even if the red sox take the remaining four they'll still lose the season series and any tiebreakers that might come out of that.

i hope i see some people up here in boston cry tonight... these games make me wonder what i do from late october until spring training.

2006-08-21 14:54:57
680.   yankz
Also, Ortiz is still ahead of Jeter in WPA, a stat that's growing on me.
2006-08-21 14:56:29
681.   mehmattski
680 So, a guy who hits a grand slam in the third inning of a tied game (adding a crapload of WP) is more valuable than a guy who hits a grand slam with his team down by 6 in the 8th inning (adding not much WP)?
2006-08-21 14:56:36
682.   yankz
Actually, Fan Graphs calculates something called "Clutchiness." I don't know anything about it, but Jeter leads Ortiz in that stat. Too many stats!
2006-08-21 14:57:31
683.   rbj
676 Lidle's earned his ice cream. We'll make it a banana split, though, just so he gets something nutricious.

I fully expect the Yanks to lose tomorrow in Seattle. And that is just fine, what needs to happen is have Proctor & Villone not pitch for a couple of days.

2006-08-21 14:57:55
684.   Bama Yankee
678 Tejada tied with Jeter? Would you trade Jeter for Tejada straight up?
2006-08-21 15:00:49
685.   yankz
681 I don't pretend to know much about these stats, and I haven't looked up that situation, but if one hit increases your team's chances of winning more, isn't it a more clutch hit? I know four runs count the same no matter what, but if one gives your team a better chance at winning, I'd rather have it. Again, I don't know much at all about all these newfangled stats, but WPA is growing on me just to see how much an individual has impacted outcomes of games.
2006-08-21 15:01:08
686.   yankz
684 Of course not. I think Jeter should win the MVP.
2006-08-21 15:07:06
687.   Bama Yankee
686 Sorry yankz, I wasn't really aiming that at you personally. It was more of a rhetorical question. I'm like you, I don't know much about all the newfangled stats either, I was just curious about a stat that says Tejada is equal to Jeter. But I guess on paper they are and I'm glad we don't play the games on paper. Also, I guess the only stat that Jeter cares about being ahead of Ortiz is the AL East standings...
2006-08-21 15:07:23
688.   mehmattski
685 The way it works is that baseball has a limited number of possible scenarios (base runners, outs, inning, score). Data collected from two decades worth of games shows that a team in a given situation has a resulting probability of winning that game. Here's an example: With the bases loaded and nobody out in the bottom of the first inning, the Yankees have a 73% chance of winning, based on history. If the next batter hits a grand slam, the probability of winning goes up to 94%. For WPA, then, 21 points are given to that hitter. If he strikes out, the probability goes down to 72%, and the player's WPA takes a -1 hit.

I really feel like the WPA (and related WXRL stat for relief pitchers) extremely exaggerates the impact of individual events in a baseball game. Further, unlike poker, the expected results are not set at all, and are fluidly changing. Who knows if a one run lead in 1977 means the same thing as a one run lead in 2006. I like a lot of the complicated stats, like EQA, VORP, and FIP. But I have a lot of problems with Win Expectancy.

2006-08-21 15:08:13
689.   Murray
Anybody else notice how much John Mark Karr resembles Theo Epstein?
2006-08-21 15:09:09
690.   yankz
687 "Also, I guess the only stat that Jeter cares about being ahead of Ortiz is the AL East standings..."

Ortiz could win the MVP and Crapelbon could win the ROTY and Cy Young, and I wouldn't give two sh1ts if the Yankees won the World Series.

2006-08-21 15:09:43
691.   David
660 if the Yanks and Sox had an equal chance of winning each game, the odds against a Yanks sweep of a 5 game series would be 31 to 1.
2006-08-21 15:12:22
692.   yankz
688 My problem with it is that it uses empirical stats to predict the future, which, if I remember my statistics correctly, is a big no-no. Same reason I don't think the statement "Jeter has a 33.7% chance of getting a hit in his next at-bat" is true. I definitely don't think it should be the stat used to determine the MVP, but I like looking at how much Jeter's bloop in the 9th helped the team's chances, even if the probability given isn't exact.
2006-08-21 15:13:57
693.   Schteeve
682 Didn't MGL (I think that's his 'name' come up with that "clutchiness" stat?
2006-08-21 15:15:38
694.   Schteeve
689 Not really, and as much as I don't like the Red Sox in baseball reality, I think drawing that kind of comparison between Epstein and that sick fucker (whether he did it or not) is gross.
2006-08-21 15:16:30
695.   C2Coke
683 I am even prepared to see the Yanks sleep through the game tomorrow.
2006-08-21 15:17:52
696.   JL25and3
I love Derek Jeter, but I have to confess that I just don't see the case for him as MVP. Never mind all the talk about leadership and clutchitudeness; .336/.411/.471, 20th in the league in OPS, just doesn't look like an MVP to me. 26-3 in stolen bases is a nice extra, but doesn't make up for those overall numbers in my book.

I think if I had to vote today, I'd vote for Manny. He's pretty much free of responsibility for this past weekend; you couldn't ask someone to do more than he did. And that's every bit as much a make-up call for 1999 as Jeter would be.

2006-08-21 15:19:44
697.   Schteeve
I love Jeter too, but I think that if the MVP comes from the Yankees this year, it's Giambi.
2006-08-21 15:25:34
698.   Schteeve
Oh and here's why, Jeter and Giambi are dead even in total win shares with 18. But Giambi leads in Win Shares percent, adjusted for playing time. Also, Giambi provides more slugging than Jeter this year, and with Matsui and Sheff down, the Yankees were projecting a material drop off in slugging and Giambi over produced what was expected of him, and certainly over produced a replacement level player.
2006-08-21 15:26:04
699.   rabid stan
Adding to the long list of Jeter/Ortiz comparisons, apparently both now are associated with chemical products meant to enhance masculinity.

Jeter has his cologne, Drive. Now Ortiz has, um, this:

I'm calling him Elevex from now on.

2006-08-21 15:26:15
700.   Schteeve
698 Dead even in total OFFENSIVE win shares. Jeter has 4.1 defensive win shares.
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2006-08-21 15:27:29
701.   rabid stan
Ok, what a difference a letter can make.

2006-08-21 15:28:52
702.   JeremyM
695 The rookie pitcher making his debut might keep the team sharp, teams seem to rally around that kind of stuff sometimes.

This is just surreal. I felt that the Yankees were a far superior team until the letdown in Baltimore, but it looks like that was just a hiccup. What a series.

2006-08-21 15:30:04
703.   Bama Yankee
699 Man, those are some cool Big Papi Shoulder Bags... ;-)
2006-08-21 15:32:06
704.   rabid stan
703 Go to the link in 701, dammit.

You and your winky-eyed emoticon smirk.

2006-08-21 15:36:38
705.   Bama Yankee
704 O.K. now I get it. Funny stuff.
Now back to shopping for shoulder bags (Can this be right? An Eagle Creek Guide Bag for 30 bucks, hey thanks rabid stan!)
2006-08-21 15:44:18
706.   JL25and3
701 That's just too funny.

Nice shoulder bags, too.

2006-08-21 15:44:44
707.   rbj
And here I thought Papi was promoting man purses.

Oh well, I guess Papi needs some help to get big.

2006-08-21 15:45:54
708.   rabid stan
705, 706 Glad to be of service?

Actually, I'm just glad it wasn't porn or something. You know the internet.

2006-08-21 16:09:15
709.   mehmattski
701 705, etc. That mixup made me laugh really, really hard. Just thought you should know.
2006-08-21 16:24:27
710.   kylepetterson
I checked the page 3 or 4 times to make sure I wasn't missing a joke or something. Man-purse.
2006-08-21 17:23:45
711.   JL25and3
710 Use the link in 701, not the one in 699!!!
2006-08-21 17:47:28
712.   yankz
Man, I'm still feeling like I'm floating on a cloud.
2006-08-21 18:12:41
713.   3rd gen yankee fan
Guys, I've been camping for the past four days, and I come home... to THIS??????? HO LEE CRAP. Better than I ever expected. WOW. What a team. GO YANKEES!
2006-08-21 18:55:13
714.   Yu-Hsing Chen
713 plz go back out camping and don't come back, you must be the jinx ;)
2006-08-21 19:08:44
715.   Bama Yankee
713 Hey 3rd gen yankee fan, for your next camping trip you might want to check out the Big Papi Eagle Creek Guide Bag for 30 bucks over at (I think rabid stan 699 is some kind of sales rep and he needs the commission).
2006-08-21 19:58:53
716.   wsporter
715 For 60 bucks you can pay Papi to actually bring the bag on the trip personally. For 90 bucks you can pay him not to bring the Elevex.
2006-08-21 21:19:32
717.   Stormer Sports
Oh my Lord! Toronto, Manager, Bloodied. A sweep of Boston, and another division opponent has a manager that is going through the early stages downright craziness. Thats is too funny. I love it!
2006-08-21 21:51:20
718.   seamus
If I"m Toronto I give Gibson his walking papers. I don't care whose fault it was, he lacks control of his own actions, let alone his players actions. It is ridiculous.
2006-08-22 04:10:41
719.   randym77
Wow. That Gibbons-Lilly thing is unreal.

Didn't Gibbons challenge Shea Hillenbrand to a fight, too?

2006-08-22 04:48:33
720.   rbj
Definitely Gibbons has to go. You can't go around fighting every one of your players.

Memo to Ted Lilly: When you give up 7 runs and 8 hits in 2.2 innings, and the manager comes to take you out of the game, give him the freaking ball. You stink that day.

2006-08-22 05:11:40
721.   Sliced Bread
It's front-page news, and a color photo, too at The New York Times, which owns the Boston Red Sox, although not in the same way that the New York Yankees own the Sox:

"4 Days Later, Race for First Is a Runaway"

That's not quite an AL East concession line from the Sox's corporate uncles, but at least they're crying uncle today.

When was the last time the NY Times ran baseball on the front-page in August?

2006-08-22 05:40:42
722.   Sliced Bread
A manager fighting with his players? What's up with the Jays doing the late-70's Bronx Zoo thing?
Watch out for a club like that. Weird incidents like that can actually motivate a team, as Billy Martin taught us.
The Yanks have enough of a lead on Toronto that they shouldn't have to worry about the Jays, even though they play them six times next month, including the final 3 games of the season in Toronto.
But the Jays are only 3 games behind Boston, and would probably love to knock the Sox out of 2nd place. At this point, Toronto has a fighter's chance of doing that.
2006-08-22 06:03:15
723.   C2Coke
721 I'd say 50 years ago when the Yanks last swept the Red Sox in Fenway? Man, the weekend was so good even the Times can't pass it up.
2006-08-22 18:58:26
724.   3rd gen yankee fan
714 715 716 LOL You guys are scaring me. I don't know if I'll ever go camping again. Unless the Yanks go into a slump. I'll pay the 90 bucks for sure.

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