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I Call You Killer Cause You Slay Me
2006-08-20 10:24
by Alex Belth

I got on the Metro North train yesterday and went upstate to visit my uncle Donny in New Paltz. We had a relaxing evening, made a delicious dinner and shared terrific, easy-going conversation. Sometimes, it is so revitalizing to be out of the city even for a short time, to feel a slower pace, admire all of the green grass and tall trees, and take in all the space. The night was made even sweeter of course by the results of yesterday's game at Fenway Park, believe that.

I'm interested to see what kind of killer-instinct this Yankee team has. So far, I'm not convinced. Again, 2004 is still too fresh for me to feel too confident about anything with this much time left in the season. But if the Yankees can manage to win one of these last two games, tonight is the game you gotta want. Beating Schilling would extra hard on Boston. Josh Beckett had his biggest start of the year on Saturday and was horrendous. You have to figure that Schilling will rise to the occasion. He ain't going to suck to the tune of nine runs and 47 walks. The game is on National TV, the Sox season is hanging in the balance. This is the kind of game that Schilling has lived for and thrived in during his whole career. Three runs over six innings, a quality start, is not going to be enough for Mike Mussina tonight. Mussina is due for a gem of a start. I figure he's got to give the Yanks two runs over seven, eight innings, in order to beat Schilling.

Both Moose and Schilling are boderline Hall of Famers. I say Schilling gets there but I'm not so sure about Moose, steady as he's been. Hopefully, they are both on the top of their games. Just about the only thing Sox fans and Yankee fans might agree on tonight is a modest desire for these guys to play the game in something less than four hours.

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2006-08-20 11:51:52
1.   seamus
Pavano having a good rehab start so far. 4 innings, 5 ks, 1 run on a couple of ground ball singles. He has 1 HBP and has done well despite 3 errors by our defense.
2006-08-20 12:16:24
2.   wsporter
I can't believe I'm even thinking this let alone asking it on a public forum but, and with a huge grain of salt … err salt mine, if Pavano makes it back to the 25 man is it Pavano in and Wright out, Pavano in and Lidle out or Pavano to the Pen?

The mockery this post may engender may make posting it not worthwhile. Oh, what the hell.

2006-08-20 12:18:07
3.   rbj
In more Clippers' news, Colter Bean is starting the game tonight. If you have, er that's MiLB.TV (a different kettle of fish) you can watch the game here:
if you want to see whether or not Colter actually does exist.
6:00 pm start.
2006-08-20 12:26:12
4.   Gagne55
2Wright would almost certainly be sent to the pen.
2006-08-20 12:26:42
5.   monkeypants
2 Do you mean this year? I can't believe they will rock the boat that much with Wright--the devil you know is better than the one you don't, and you pretty much know what Wright has to offer. Pavano v. Lidle entirely depends on how effective Lidle is for the rest of the season.

The tougher question is who stays in the four man play-off rotation...Wright or Lidle. My guess is Lidle, with Wright in the BP.

If you are talking next year, there may not be a conflict, since the Yanks may not pick up Mussina's option. Also, don't they have a buyout for Wright next year?

What's Lidle's status next year?

2006-08-20 13:03:56
6.   Schteeve
I'd like to say that I think the Yankees have exhibited a lot of killer instince already in this series. THey are doing a great job with the bats, and for all the bitching we do about the team I think it's only fair to give them an atta boy when they've earned it, and so far...they have.
2006-08-20 13:07:45
7.   randym77
Pavano's final line:

4.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 5 K

He'll pitch for Columbus on Friday.

2006-08-20 13:17:20
8.   randym77
The Sox now have a lefty in the bullpen. They called up Javier Lopez from Triple-A Pawtucket. Jermaine van Buren was sent back down to make room.
2006-08-20 13:23:43
9.   Ron Burgundy
8 De we fear Javy Lopez the Pitcher? Or is he crap?
2006-08-20 13:28:35
10.   randym77
9 Well, we haven't seen him before, so I guess that's reason to worry. ;-)

From the Globe:

The lefthander is 2-1 with a 2.03 ERA and 15 saves in 35 total relief appearances with Triple-A Charlotte and Pawtucket. He has converted all 15 of his save opportunities and ranks eighth in the International League in saves. With the PawSox, Lopez has no record and a 6.35 ERA in nine games.

Lopez has compiled a 4.15 ERA in 14 relief appearances in his two tours of duty with the Red Sox (June 15-July 17; July 28-August 1). He has allowed a run in four outings with Boston. In his big league career, he has allowed just 24 percent (32 of 134) of inherited runners to score while holding lefthanded batters to a .252 batting average.

2006-08-20 14:01:30
11.   JeremyM
YES! I can't wait until we see the Javy Lopez battery.

From what I've seen of him, he has a funky delivery and will probably be tough on certain lefties based on that, but those who aren't fooled by that will have no problems with him.

2006-08-20 14:07:40
12.   wsporter
And I'm calling Belleview because you're nuts ……

This from our friends at Bronx Cheer

"Ex-Yankee Kevin Brown pulls a pistol on his neighbor during a dispute over yard trash. His rationale?
"I think it was something anybody would have done in my situation."

2006-08-20 14:17:22
13.   randym77
Yes, Javier Lopez is a sidewinder. Kind of a poor man's Mike Myers, I guess.
2006-08-20 14:34:46
14.   Maz
I think you would have to send Wright to the pen, if, and only if, Pavano shows some degree of success when he's finally called up. Wright can definitely be effective out of the pen, he's done it before. Pavano would most likely be lost is such a role.

Regarding the whole Schilling Hall of Fame thing that Alex mentioned way. If Jack Morris isn't in, then no way Schilling should be in. I hate this Schilling Hall of Fame arguement, here's a guy, who if he had taken his career seriously in the beginning yes, Hall of Fame easy. It's widely known that Clemens pulled him aside at one point and set him straight. He doesn't even have 250 wins. Yes, he has had some amazing postseason performances, but it's just not enough. The press is in love with the guy for ending "The Curse" and the bloody sock. It's just not enough. I'm sure I've got some sour grapes in there, but if Blyleven, Kaat, Morris, and host of others aren't in...Schilling shouldn't be either.

2006-08-20 14:37:43
15.   rabid stan
12 Deadspin featured that story. Supposedly, Brown justifies carrying the weapon to protect himself from the snakes he sees.

2006-08-20 14:55:20
16.   mehmattski
15 Kevin Brown is tired of the mother f---ing trash on this mother f---ing lawn!

Two more hours till gametime... come onnnnnn.

2006-08-20 15:14:00
17.   randym77
Dan Shaughnessy's column in the Globe this morning:

"Three of the five crucial games against the Yankees have been played, and the numbers are more ghastly than snakes on a plane."

How's the weather in Boston? TWC shows rain. :-(

2006-08-20 15:18:24
18.   joejoejoe
These two teams take forever to play. Even Mussina's 8 2/3 no-hitter took 3 hours.

Fenway 9/2/01 IP....H...R...E...BB..K
Mussina W 14-11 9....1...0...0...0...13

Yankees 1, Red Sox 0

Time of Game: 3:00

2006-08-20 15:19:10
19.   JeremyM
accuweather shows mostly cloudy with showers at 10.
2006-08-20 15:23:48
20.   rbj
Breaking news:
Colter Bean is alive. I'm watching him on tv right now. At least they're calling him Colter, and he's a righty sidearmed pitcher.
Man, the guy has the Clippers' record for most games pitched. I know someone has to have that record, but it just ain't right.
For the season, Colter's got a .196 BAA. I guess he needs to work on his grammar.
2006-08-20 15:28:23
21.   randym77
Think Bean might be called up in September?

I noticed the Clippers used Cosme last night as a pitcher. He's listed as their third baseman on the roster. His ERA is 36.

2006-08-20 15:35:35
22.   monkeypants
14 I used to think the same thing about Schilling and the HOF, but if he doesn't get in, I'm not sure Mussina should get in either. Except for wins their numbers are really close, and Schilling has the better career Era+ and arguably better peak seasons.
2006-08-20 15:35:37
23.   rbj
They should call Colter up. Clippers' season ends Labor Day weekend.

Cosme mopped up last night, served up a grand slam.

2006-08-20 15:38:05
24.   Alex Belth
The Sox have brought up reliever Javier Lopez, a lefty I believe. I sure hope he gets in the game to pitch to Javey Lopez. That'd be a classic.

What's the feeling here? You guys think Moose is going to come up big? He hasn't been great in a while, but he's been decent. Whatta ya think?

2006-08-20 15:48:59
25.   randym77
And here's the lineup:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Jorge Posada C
Melky Cabrera LF
Nick Green 3B

A-Rod DHing, Nick Green in the hot corner.

2006-08-20 15:52:01
26.   randym77
And here's the Sox:

Coco Crisp CF
Mark Loretta 2B
David Ortiz DH
Manny Ramirez LF
Kevin Youkilis 1B
Mike Lowell 3B
Wily Mo Pena RF
Doug Mirabelli C
Alex Cora SS

2006-08-20 15:52:37
27.   Maz
22 I don't think Mussina should get in either...unless he somehow finds his way to 300 wins.

24 Actually I think Schilling is going to come up short tonight. Call it a premonition, but I don't think "Big game Schill" is showing up tonight. Mussina will be adequate, probably give up a long ball to Papi, maybe four runs.

2006-08-20 15:54:44
28.   pistolpete
Wow, A-Rod NOT at 3B on a nationally televised ESPN game...


2006-08-20 15:55:26
29.   rbj
Man, that's the lead on BBTN: Nick Green in for defensive purposes, pushing A-Rod to DH.
Steve Philips: This is a message to A-Rod, make no mistake. The Yanks are going to have to trade A-Rod.

I don't know which Moose will show up, but I have a sneaky suspicion it'll be a close, low scoring game.

2006-08-20 16:02:20
30.   mehmattski
The Yankees All-time Web Gems will be on BBTN before the game. Any thoughts on what should make it? I'm sure Jeter's fall into the stands and/or The Flip will make it. I remember Paul O'Neill's wall-slamming catch late in some season (1999? 2000?). Any thoughts?
2006-08-20 16:03:00
31.   randym77
Peter Abraham says:

"Just a coincidence, or maybe not, but A-Rod has made seven errors in games Mussina has started, costing him five unearned runs and a shutout at Detroit on May. 31."

It's probably too much to hope that we'll have another game where we score double-digit runs. Moose doesn't seem to get the run support. So I'll go with "pitcher's duel," too.

2006-08-20 16:04:19
32.   randym77
30 Let us know what they are.

My cable's been out all day. I thought for sure they'd have it fixed by game time, but it's not looking good.

2006-08-20 16:04:22
33.   yankeemonkey
As awesome as the fall into the stands was, it isn't so much a defensive gem as him sacrificing his body. The actual catch was pretty easy, his momentum just carried him into the stands....

Did Moose say he'd refuse to pitch if Arod played 3rd?

2006-08-20 16:07:54
34.   Maz
Yanks win 7 to 4 tonight. Lose tomorrow to Wells, because Torre rests a bunch of regulars.

It's Torre who doesn't have the killer instinct, not the team. If he had any killer in him he would have bunted on Schilling in game 6 every chance he had. Rip those stitches right out.

2006-08-20 16:13:39
35.   mehmattski
33 Yeah I agree... in terms of DJ's plays, The Flip is far more spectacular.

Waiting for BBTN, they're finishing up a LLWS game... and there's a pitcher for Saudi Arabia who is 6-3, 190... that's bigger than a couple of the Yankees' pitchers... geez, that's big.

2006-08-20 16:16:08
36.   yankeemonkey
Sign this kid up, he might make it to Boston in time to pitch later in the game tonight!
2006-08-20 16:17:24
37.   rbj
W/ one out in the fourth, Bean issues back to back walks, (first of the game), next guy's single drives one in to tie the game at 2 all. Bean has lost the strike zone at around 50 pitches.
2006-08-20 16:17:31
38.   mehmattski
Just to put that in further perspective... Saudi Arabia is pitching a 12 year old who is larger than the Yankees' starting pitcher tonight (Mussina: 6-2, 190). Chances that kid is actually 12 years old.... 15%.
2006-08-20 16:19:06
39.   rbj
Heck, that kid might become a linebacker for the Giants.
2006-08-20 16:24:22
40.   Travis
Yanks vs. Schilling, career:

Damon: 5/15, hr, bb, 2 k
Jeter: 8/36, hr, bb, 11 k
Abreu: 8/24, bb, 7 k
Giambi: 5/24, 3 hr, 2 bb, 7 k
Rodriguez: 5/28, 2 hr, bb, 8 k
Cano: 6/14, hr, bb, 3 k
Posada: 10/27, hr, 3 bb, 6 k
Cabrera: 1/7, bb
Green: 1/7, 5 k

Green's definitely not in there for his offense.

Sox vs. Mussina:

Crisp: 6/15, 4 k
Loretta: 3/16, 5 k
Ortiz: 10/44, 3 hr, 5 bb, 17 k
Ramirez: 20/88, 5 hr, 7 bb, 20 k
Youkilis: 1/7, 2 k
Lowell: 5/9, hr
Pena: no plate appearances
Mirabelli: 5/12, 2 hr, bb, 2 k
Cora: no plate appearances

I wonder how many other pitcher-batter matchups are more frequent than Mussina-Manny.

2006-08-20 16:32:50
41.   mehmattski
Things are pretty slow around here tonight. I don't think we'll get to 1000 comments...
2006-08-20 16:36:44
42.   RZG
38 I remember seeing a Pass Punt & Kick event years ago and one of the contestants had a beard!

21 Last night's Columbus game ws 20-2 so with guys like Bruney, Beam, etc not available that's probably why they used an infielder to mop up. They should have used Menechino - he's experienced.

2006-08-20 16:40:57
43.   rbj
Wow, Joe Morgan, way to go out on a limb and say that the RS have a chance of winning tonight.
2006-08-20 16:43:21
44.   randym77
42 You mean Cosme had never pitched before? (And Menechino has pitching experience?)

They shoulda used Bubba. We could have seen if he can still throw that curveball Chuck Knoblauch's dad taught him. And if Gator's attempt to teach him to throw a splitter was successful. ;-)

2006-08-20 16:48:44
45.   rsmith51
If Jeter decides to bunt against Schilling, it at least makes sense. He throws strikes and is tough on Jeter. The bunt against Beckett was irritating.
2006-08-20 16:49:22
46.   Chyll Will
38 Is that the same kid who the NY Daily News pictured, with a caption saying he was 13, 6'8" and 256 lbs? (Aaron Durley)
2006-08-20 16:52:17
47.   mehmattski
46 No, this guy's name was Mike Knight, or something like that. They're both very very large for 12 and 13 year olds. When I was 12 I was like 4-10, 105 lbs....
2006-08-20 16:53:50
48.   Travis
Picture of the player in 46

2006-08-20 16:56:43
49.   mehmattski
Yankees All time Web Gems:

3) Mattingly, 1984... races back to make a catch over his back down the line, then throws out a runner.

2) Ken Griffey Sr, 1982... HR robbing catch about 3 feet over the wall in left field

1) Jeter, 2001... The Flip.

Jeter himself admits that the stands-crashing catch wasn't all that spectacular.

2006-08-20 16:56:43
50.   randym77
Well, my cable came back for about two minutes. Enough for me to see Jeter flying face-first into the stands. Now it's gone again.

Sigh. I guess they're working on it...

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2006-08-20 16:57:12
51.   rbj
Yankee top three webgems:
3 Mattingly going to short rightfield, over the shoulder catch, turn & fire to nail the runner at home.

2 Ken Griffey Sr. leap over the wall.

1 The Flip.

2006-08-20 16:58:21
52.   rbj
48 Wow. I'd double check his birth records.
2006-08-20 16:58:24
53.   Travis
49 Yeah, but no other shortstop has the fly ball range to make that catch. (Grounders are another story.)
2006-08-20 17:01:17
54.   Bama Yankee
32 Bummer about the cable:
3. Mattingly over the shoulder Jeter-esque play with a great throw to nail a runner trying to tag up and score from third.
2. Ken Griffey Sr. climbing the wall in left field (not as good as Melky's catch this year IMO)
1. Jeter into the stands and The Flip tied for first. Jeter said he liked the Flip better because it hurt less.
2006-08-20 17:02:17
55.   Chyll Will
If I had a kid that big at that age, he'd be in the middle of his second sneaker deal.

I remember the moment my voice cracked at age 11. You think his parents said no when he woke up for kindergarten, saying "Awww, I don't WANNA go,"??

2006-08-20 17:03:05
56.   mehmattski
Most annoying music ever for the typical opening montage. And what does a playoff series from two years ago have to do with a regular season series with a month to go?
2006-08-20 17:04:00
57.   Bama Yankee
50 Man, I type slow. Two guys beat me to the all time web gems.
2006-08-20 17:04:56
58.   randym77
Yeek. That kid don't look 12, that's for sure.

Thanks, 49, 54

My cable is back. Hopefully for good this time...

2006-08-20 17:09:58
59.   yankeemonkey
Funny how they keep singing the praises of Mr. Bloody Sock, yet conveniently ignore the fact that almost all of Moose's stats are better.
2006-08-20 17:12:05
60.   Bama Yankee
58 Hope the cable holds out. I was not able to watch yesterday's game due to my local Fox station's brilliant idea to show the Cubs/Cards. You should have seen me trying to get another Fox station on the rabbit ears. Had to settle for Sterling and Waldman on the MLB.(not)TV.
2006-08-20 17:12:22
61.   JeremyM
59 Well, Schilling is a BIG GAME PITCHER!
2006-08-20 17:12:58
62.   rbj
I could deal with the Yankees dropping these next two games, but now I really want Schilling to spit the bit just to shut up this ESPN lovefest with Curt.
2006-08-20 17:16:16
63.   atc
Morgan: The replay shows the pitch was in the middle but it was really inside b/c it tied him up." Huh?
2006-08-20 17:17:23
64.   Dan-el
Schilling being clocked at 97, 98 consistently. Someone's amped up for the occasion.
2006-08-20 17:19:25
65.   randym77
64 The radar gun operator?
2006-08-20 17:21:10
66.   atc
I'm fairly certain that I can't listen to this anymore
2006-08-20 17:21:46
67.   monkeypants
63 I heard that too. Makes Waldman sound like a genius.
2006-08-20 17:23:03
68.   JeremyM
Boy does Miller love Schilling. Guy can hardly contain his excitement: "the SPLITTER!"

Nothing to show for it, but they made him work which bodes well.

2006-08-20 17:23:08
69.   mehmattski
Aww, Miller and Morgan get so excited about a called strike three, and then get owned by their own K-Zone. But then they get to be excited two pitches later. Ugh, just put Red Sox hats on already.

21 pitches, I like that. Grind it out boys, grind it out.

2006-08-20 17:23:10
70.   rbj
At least they made Schill throw lots of pitches. Do that every inning, guys.
2006-08-20 17:24:58
71.   JeremyM
69 Not to nit pick but he threw 22 pitches:)
2006-08-20 17:25:11
72.   rsmith51
70 Get to their tired bullpen is always a good strategy.
2006-08-20 17:26:16
73.   rsmith51
Is anyone else surprised they haven't reinserted Youklis into the leadoff spot?
2006-08-20 17:26:40
74.   Bama Yankee
It's bad when Miller and Morgan sound more like Red Sox homers than the regular Boston announcers...
2006-08-20 17:27:28
75.   monkeypants
Miller: Moose doesn't throw the knuckle-curve that much anymore.

Followed by three straight curves.

Nice to see the Sunday Night BB team rounding into late season form.

2006-08-20 17:27:31
76.   JeremyM
A-Rod might have had trouble with that pop-up.
2006-08-20 17:27:46
77.   mehmattski
73 Results based decision making, my friend. Youk in the top spot led to 3 losses; therefore, it sucks. Put the guy with the .326 OBP back in there!
2006-08-20 17:28:49
78.   JeremyM
He's 2 for 11 because he's being pitched around?
2006-08-20 17:29:18
79.   monkeypants
Meanwhile, ESPN focuses on fan holding "We Believe" poster. I don't get it. They won the WS right? The curse is over. What is there to 'believe' in? Get a new schtick, boys.
2006-08-20 17:29:36
80.   randym77
76 Small sample size, I know, but Green's BP "rate" at 3b is 148 this season. A-Rod's is 88.
2006-08-20 17:30:10
81.   monkeypants
Ah good...Damon filling in for A-Rod behide Moose!
2006-08-20 17:31:11
82.   rbj
2006-08-20 17:31:38
83.   JeremyM
Moose has nothing. Hope he can settle down.
2006-08-20 17:32:15
84.   tommyl
Oh well, its early still. Worst that happens we just beat that fat toad tomorrow.
2006-08-20 17:32:27
85.   Ron Burgundy
Wow. Moose has nothing.
And nice to see the umpire have lopsides strikezones.
2006-08-20 17:32:39
86.   mehmattski
83 Well, the cutter looks flat... but that knuckle curve that Morgan insisted he doesn't throw looked pretty good, especially thrown for a strike...
2006-08-20 17:33:02
87.   rbj
The only thing you worry about is Ortiz not running well? Aren't you supposed to be objective Joe?
2006-08-20 17:33:25
88.   randym77
So much for my "pitcher's duel" theory. :-P
2006-08-20 17:33:28
89.   tommyl could be a Karstens evening.
2006-08-20 17:34:23
90.   rbj
Nice defense, Giambi!
2006-08-20 17:34:29
91.   Travis
There's no way mid-2006 A-Rod makes that play.
2006-08-20 17:34:36
92.   monkeypants
Molrgan: "The only thing I worry about is that Big Papi does not run that well..."

Hmmm...journalistic neutrality.

Wow--nice plays by Green and Giambi.

2006-08-20 17:34:38
93.   rsmith51
So would ARod have had that?
2006-08-20 17:34:44
94.   mehmattski
Thanks, Jason. Did anyone else see something fly up in the air after the catch?
2006-08-20 17:34:46
95.   Ron Burgundy
For all that, still an OK pitch-count for Moose. Now if our offense can do what it did against Shelling back in May and score 6 runs, now that would be nice.
2006-08-20 17:34:53
96.   Dan-el
Eh, double play bailed us out, let's hope he settles down. I think Schilling will cough up some runs before all's said and done.
2006-08-20 17:35:06
97.   rsmith51
The killer G's???
2006-08-20 17:36:22
98.   JeremyM
I agree, Green is looking to be a great choice glove-wise.
2006-08-20 17:36:37
99.   rbj
94 Yeah. I thought Giambi bobbled the ball. I don't need to review it though.
2006-08-20 17:36:37
100.   mehmattski
Gotta mention baseball cliche #716:

How many times do you see a player make a great play, then lead off the next inning?!?

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2006-08-20 17:36:45
101.   Travis
94 Yeah. I don't know what it was or where it came from, but you can definitely see it on the replay.
2006-08-20 17:38:00
102.   randym77
94 All kinds of things went flying. Looking like pieces of something flat and shiny. Chips of paint, maybe?
2006-08-20 17:38:00
103.   rbj
Gee, you sounded as excited by the Giambi double as you did for the RS hits, Miller.
2006-08-20 17:38:17
104.   bobtaco
Coulda been worse.

I think the Yankees have shown that they can blow them out, now they have to make a late inning come back to really twist the knife this game.

2006-08-20 17:38:26
105.   seamus
100 I would guess that happens 1 out of every 9 great plays! :)
2006-08-20 17:39:57
106.   JeremyM
How about it was a terrible splitter and that's why he didn't swing?
2006-08-20 17:40:19
107.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod, that was PATHETIC.

(Shelling is pretty average on the road by the way)

2006-08-20 17:40:31
108.   mehmattski
105 Less than that in the AL... Sports Illustrated actually did an article on it, and it turns out that "great play/lead off" happens just as much as one would expect... They did some interesting work digging up what was a "great play" in the early days, going by plays that were mentioned in game recaps. Cool article, I thought.
2006-08-20 17:41:00
109.   monkeypants
Man..A-Rod looks like he's pulling off every swing.
2006-08-20 17:41:53
110.   JeremyM
His head is in the left field dugout after every swing.
2006-08-20 17:43:46
111.   monkeypants
Morgan: "They [the Yankees] were gettng a lot of production out of Bubba Crosby..."
2006-08-20 17:44:06
112.   mehmattski
Apparently Joe Morgan can only find praise for below average Yankees.
2006-08-20 17:44:46
113.   Travis
A rain delay would be great.
2006-08-20 17:45:35
114.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It. What the hell? Shelling has been an AVERTAGE pitcher for the past month or so, come on guys, PLEASE win this. Just WIN this, and I DON'T CARE what you do tommorrow.

Actually, I think we have a good shot. Fat face is putting everything he has into every single pitch, and we're working the counts. He should be out of it by the time the 5th rolls around.

(Note to Umpire: You have to have the same K-Zone for pitchers of both teams.)

2006-08-20 17:45:39
115.   Bob Timmermann
Morgan was just as annoying last week during the Dodgers-Giants game.

His reaction to Russell Martin's walkoff home run in a 1-0 Dodgers win in 10 innings was "Well, those things happen when a team wins."

Brilliant. Brilliant.

2006-08-20 17:45:45
116.   rbj
I hate wasted lead off doubles.
2006-08-20 17:46:03
117.   Travis
I don't know how that ball missed kicking off the bag. Damn.
2006-08-20 17:46:29
118.   JeremyM
I am not just saying this: I have never heard announcers blow a team the way they are the Sox. That last routine grounder was "veeerrry smooth." It was a routine freaking play.
2006-08-20 17:46:31
119.   mehmattski
20 pitches per inning is pretty ideal, but it doesn't seem like Schilling is wild at all. Gonna have to start hitting some of those pitches into play...
2006-08-20 17:47:20
120.   mehmattski
118 I dunno, to be fair the Buck/McCarver team on Fox has been "blowing" the Yankees, and Jeter/Rivera in particular, for about 8 years now...
2006-08-20 17:47:56
121.   Ron Burgundy
119 PoPo, Giambi, Damon, and Jeter have had good ABs, so we'll get to him.
2006-08-20 17:49:00
122.   monkeypants
118 Routine AND Posada running. He could have tagged Posada out instead of throwing to first. Smooth.

Morgan-Miller are just brutal.

2006-08-20 17:49:05
123.   JeremyM
118 McCarver's infatuation with Jeter is a little bizarre.
2006-08-20 17:51:03
124.   Travis
122 Huh? It was a grounder behind second base. Tagging out Posada would have been very hard.
2006-08-20 17:51:12
125.   rbj
Ya know, Jeter's a captain too, and he doesn't need a "C" on his shirt.
2006-08-20 17:51:23
126.   Ron Burgundy
For the last time ESPN, Beckett and the Sawx staff sucked even before Varitek was there. It doesn't matter who watches the home-runs fly.

Morgan: "They don't have that 'C' on there for nothing."

2006-08-20 17:52:06
127.   mehmattski
Wait, Johnny Damon used to be on the Red Sox?
2006-08-20 17:52:19
128.   rsmith51
Neifi Perez is now on the Tigers...


2006-08-20 17:52:51
129.   rbj
Let's have another long inning for the Schill, please.
2006-08-20 17:53:10
130.   Ron Burgundy
Melky will do something good.
2006-08-20 17:53:30
131.   rsmith51
Somebody posted that they always think of something that started with a C when they saw Varitek.
2006-08-20 17:53:42
132.   Travis
If Melky gets on and Nick Green bunts him over, I won't complain.
2006-08-20 17:53:48
133.   JeremyM
128 Neifi Perez is a big-time player who does a lot of little things that don't show up in the box score, and he's great in the clubhouse.
2006-08-20 17:54:35
134.   monkeypants
124 That was sarcasm, meant to accentuate the routineness of the play and thus the exaggerated praise by the commentators. I'm sorry to have cause any confusion.

I will be more direct in my comments in the future.

2006-08-20 17:54:43
135.   Travis
Woo-hoo. Rain delay! Hope this goes a looooooooong time.
2006-08-20 17:55:48
136.   Ron Burgundy
Pray Kearstens confuses the Red Sawx and that we feast on the Sawx bullpen.
2006-08-20 17:55:56
137.   rbj
Oh good. Rain Schill out of the game. 45 minutes should do it. Course we lose Moose. Karstens will have to come in. If the game continues, I predict that we will see DDSP at some point.
2006-08-20 17:56:09
138.   rsmith51
45 minute rain delay.

Is Schilling out?

Lest we forget a rain delay affected the 2004 ALCS.

2006-08-20 17:56:31
139.   JeremyM
This is weird. I thought there were 2 starters in this game, but so far the only analysis of the delay is revolving around Schilling and the effects of the rain on his fat ass.
2006-08-20 17:57:14
140.   Travis
Boston radar map:

2006-08-20 17:57:29
141.   seamus
moose has thrown 22 pitches, shelling 41 pitches. I'd rather keep going... :)
2006-08-20 17:57:31
142.   rbj
124 134 Good sarcasm, and remember the first time Sal Fasano pinch ran for anyone, it was for Posada. Catchers can't run.
2006-08-20 17:58:13
143.   Simone
I'm hoping that this rain delay is 1 hour minimum.
2006-08-20 17:58:24
144.   rsmith51
141 Quit making sense. You will never become an announcer.
2006-08-20 17:58:52
145.   Ron Burgundy
Does ESPN realize that there's another starting pitcher in this game?
2006-08-20 17:59:32
146.   rsmith51
143 I think they generally get extended. There is usually a sense of optimism.
2006-08-20 18:00:24
147.   mehmattski
John Kruk is a MUCH better golf commentator.
2006-08-20 18:02:21
148.   yankeemonkey
Since it's ESPN, we won't even get a Yankeeography to while away the time :-(
2006-08-20 18:02:33
149.   Zack
Not sure abotu the rain delay...Getting the starter out doesn't really help either team, but prob. helps us more as we have a long guy just for this reason, even if he is a rook...On the other hand, I would love to see us get to Schilling, were that to happen, so torn...

I didn't come into this game expecting to win, so I am not too worried, but listening to the Idiot and Jon Miller makes me somehow root for the Yanks even harder, go figure...

Between the "Yanks have played amazing since getting Abreu" to the "Bubba Crosby contributed a ton to this team" to the huge Schilling love fest, to them claiming Ortiz hadn't done much this series because we were pitching around him, when he has no walks and it is in fact Manny we have been trying to pitch around...

2006-08-20 18:02:55
150.   randym77
140 Yikes. That don't look good.

And there's an early game tomorrow. This is going to be like another doubleheader. :-P

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-20 18:04:25
151.   mehmattski
140 The 600 mile doppler doesn't look too bad, I put over/under at an hour:

2006-08-20 18:04:40
152.   JeremyM
I think Schilling will be back. Come on, is this not a knight-in-white-shining-armor moment or not? If he gets killed he took one for the team, and if he wins, my God, start engraving the plaque as far as espn is concerned.
2006-08-20 18:05:24
153.   rbj
Is it so wrong of me to want John Kruk announcing baseball games, instead of Joe Morgan?
2006-08-20 18:05:24
154.   lobsterdog
Watching ESPN is starting to hurt
2006-08-20 18:05:36
155.   Bama Yankee
148 They give us a Tiger-ography instead ;-)
2006-08-20 18:06:57
156.   rbj
Mudhens game is over. Clippers win, 5-2.
And the winning pitcher is:

Colter Bean!

2006-08-20 18:07:30
157.   Bama Yankee
152 Good point, he's probably changing into his bloody socks as we speak...
2006-08-20 18:08:01
158.   lobsterdog
How about the Yankees having a better record than the Twins and the White Sox
2006-08-20 18:10:33
159.   joejoejoe
John Kruk should broadcast golf instead of baseball.
John Kruk should broadcast ___ instead of baseball.
2006-08-20 18:11:26
160.   rbj
Love the yahoo boxscore:
Weather: 71 degrees, clear.
this, with Delayed at the top of the boxscore.
2006-08-20 18:11:46
161.   The High Road
If the Reds make the playoffs will Joe Morgan declare them the best team in baseball?
2006-08-20 18:29:04
162.   Bama Yankee
159 John Kruk should broadcast ___ instead of baseball.
A. Poker
B. Fishing
C. Hot Dog Eating Contest
D. All of the above
2006-08-20 18:31:03
163.   BayRidger
Rain Delay; advantage, Yanks.
2006-08-20 18:31:54
164.   weeping for brunnhilde
"And I'm callin' Belleview 'cause you're nuts!"

Eh, Alex?


2006-08-20 18:33:35
165.   Travis
Tarp coming off the field.
2006-08-20 18:33:45
166.   randym77
The tarp is coming off the field!
2006-08-20 18:34:14
167.   kdw
So if the game starts in the next 15 minutes or so, how long of a delay are we looking at?
2006-08-20 18:37:00
168.   Travis
The rain delay has lasted a bit over 40 minutes so far.
2006-08-20 18:38:26
169.   kdw
168 Thanks.
2006-08-20 18:40:26
170.   RZG
44 I remember Menechino doing a mopup game a long time ago. I think he gave up about 4-5 runs in an already far gone 9th inning.
2006-08-20 18:46:47
171.   rbj
44 to 170? That's a lot of post readings, RZG.
So what's the record for biggest margin between post and response (hey, it's a rain delay still). I think it was within the last couple of days.
2006-08-20 18:47:19
172.   yankeemonkey
Good thing it's top of the inning - Schilling has to be at least a little bit stiff.
2006-08-20 18:47:48
173.   JL25and3
164 I was about to say the same thing. It's apropos tonight, because channel 11 used to have great rain delays. Honeymooners, Twilight Zone, a little later The Odd Couple, and occasionally an F Troop thrown in (It is ball-ooooon!).

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who considers it a crime against nature that the Yankees should be on channel 9 while the Mets are on 11.

2006-08-20 18:47:56
174.   mehmattski
I referred to a post by Zach (in like 325) in post 750 or so on Friday, game 1.
2006-08-20 18:50:08
175.   singledd
So what's our stategy?
Schill has come out firing first pitch strikes. He's been ahead of every batter.
Continue to be patient and try and wear him down, or let our big bats sit on a first pitch fastball?
2006-08-20 18:51:24
176.   rbj
I'll take 425 postings as the record.

C'mon guys, make Schill work.

2006-08-20 18:51:43
177.   Travis
Terrible inning. Schilling didn't even have to work.
2006-08-20 18:52:40
178.   Ron Burgundy
Holy crap that was lame offense.
2006-08-20 18:52:41
179.   randym77
Well, Schilling looks none the worse for the delay. Made short work of Melky. Nick looked hopelessly outmatched.
2006-08-20 18:52:56
180.   kdw
Hey, I thought that a delay should work against the pitcher, not the hitters. Way to be patient, guys.
2006-08-20 18:53:21
181.   Ron Burgundy
So now they let him settle down and it's as if he just started pitching now. Damn it, this won't end well. Moose better have as easy of an inning.
2006-08-20 18:55:23
182.   randym77
171 Remember that game where there was a foul ball into the seats at the beginning...and Jen, who was there, replied to our comments about it at the end of the thread, when she got back from the game?
2006-08-20 18:57:06
183.   monkeypants
Coco strikes out on curve that Moose doesn'e throw anymore...
2006-08-20 18:57:22
184.   rbj
You're right, randym77.
BTW, Hi Jen.
2006-08-20 18:58:55
185.   monkeypants
181 Bottom of the lineup didn't do much, but the top five or six made him work. He won't go much pat six if inning 3-6 look like 1-3.
2006-08-20 19:00:10
186.   randym77
And Posada gets to feel up a woman in the stands...
2006-08-20 19:00:37
187.   monkeypants
I know it crossed up Posada, but wasn't that 2-2 pitch just a strike?
2006-08-20 19:01:03
188.   monkeypants
Oh, foul ball--my bad.
2006-08-20 19:01:28
189.   rbj
OK, a quick inning for Moose.
Now make Schill work, guys.
2006-08-20 19:02:41
190.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

you are definitely not the only one...completely agree

2006-08-20 19:03:22
191.   rbj
173 190
Bobbleheads give an Amen.
2006-08-20 19:04:54
192.   Ron Burgundy
OK, let's get this started.
2006-08-20 19:05:09
193.   Travis
173 Same here.
2006-08-20 19:05:49
194.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
If the Sox have to they will bring Papelbon in for the 7th inning....they CANNOT lose this game...
2006-08-20 19:06:08
195.   Travis
I'm surprised when Abreu DOESN'T get on base.
2006-08-20 19:06:15
196.   Ron Burgundy
Shell got nothin'.
OK, this is where we start to knock Shelling out.
2006-08-20 19:06:24
197.   monkeypants
Manny is a goof, but he plays the monster well.
2006-08-20 19:06:33
198.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Does Abreu have 1 year and an option left on his deal ? I could get used to watching him for two seasons
2006-08-20 19:07:11
199.   randym77
Looks like it's still raining pretty hard.

Gotta admit, that was a good play by Manny.

2006-08-20 19:08:22
200.   Ron Burgundy
195 Me too. He's always taking a walk or hitting a single.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-20 19:09:20
201.   mehmattski
200 Roughly 42% of the time ;-)
2006-08-20 19:10:50
202.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
that double fake really scared Jeter...
2006-08-20 19:11:12
203.   Simone
Nice job, Jason.
2006-08-20 19:11:12
204.   Travis
2006-08-20 19:11:15
205.   mehmattski
Mr. Giambi scoffs at your infield alignment.
2006-08-20 19:11:22
206.   rbj
2006-08-20 19:11:23
207.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-20 19:11:23
208.   randym77
Giambino! What a battle.
2006-08-20 19:11:30
209.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Giambi...was due for a bomb....nice shot...he does not get cheated
2006-08-20 19:11:32
210.   monkeypants
Miller: Schilling with the double fake

Morgan: That's a great move by Schilling, because the rules allow it.



2006-08-20 19:11:41
211.   Bama Yankee
You can hear the disgust in Miller's voice...
2006-08-20 19:12:16
212.   mehmattski
What a stat-padding single by A-Rod.
2006-08-20 19:12:27
213.   monkeypants
Manny getting lots of opportunities to show off that Green Monster skill in LF!!
2006-08-20 19:12:38
214.   seamus
210 what did shelling do? double fake? You mean a 1st and 3rd fake?
2006-08-20 19:13:27
215.   Ron Burgundy
Bad AB by Cano, but that wasn't a DP Mr. 1B Umpire.
2006-08-20 19:13:39
216.   rbj
At least Kruk is a goofball. Morgan is allegedly respected. I think Kruk would be better.

Which is not to be taken as a signal that I think Kruk is good.

2006-08-20 19:14:10
217.   mehmattski
214 Yeah, and then Morgan went on to say how he doesn't think its fair. I think i've only seen it work once, and that was in a New York-Penn League game. I guess its like Morgan's pet peeve, like McCarver with the mound height or Dick Vitale with the possession arrow in college basketball.
2006-08-20 19:14:23
218.   rsmith51
Fenway has turned 2 doubles into singles for the Yanks today.
2006-08-20 19:14:50
219.   seamus
217 ok. thanks.
2006-08-20 19:14:56
220.   Ron Burgundy
Miller was more excited about the DP than the Giambi HR or the booming A-Rod hit. Ass.
2006-08-20 19:15:08
221.   Travis
216 The best ESPN color guy is Orel Hershiser, and he's stuck doing B games in the Little League World Series. Shows you what their priorities are.
2006-08-20 19:15:49
222.   Ron Burgundy
That's right, WORK this FAT FACE.
2006-08-20 19:15:51
223.   monkeypants
214 Yeah, it was the standard 3rd then 1st fake. Certainly not particularly remarkable...unless you are HOFer Joe Morgan.
2006-08-20 19:17:08
224.   Ron Burgundy
Damn. Trully horrible ABs by Cano and Melky there.

Miller couldn't be more excited that Manny is coming up and couldn't be more sad that the Sawx are losing. Pfft.

2006-08-20 19:17:29
225.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I like Harold Reynolds the best out of that whole ESPN crew...but the "improper intern hug" took him down...too bad
2006-08-20 19:18:32
226.   singledd
73 pitches after 3 for the Big Schill.
2006-08-20 19:18:36
227.   monkeypants
If Moose can just keep it together, I think Schilling (73 pitches) has only another 2 innings in him.
2006-08-20 19:18:47
228.   Bama Yankee
Miller seems shocked that someone could possibly decide not to swing at Schilling's splitter.
2006-08-20 19:18:52
229.   mehmattski
I think they should let Kenny Mayne do baseball games. His dry humor would be a refreshing change. But he's stuck doing horse races and Progressive commercials, for some reason.
2006-08-20 19:19:09
230.   Ron Burgundy
And Giambi's AVG. is up over .259 finally. OBP is what matters, but nice to see Jason out of the .250s.

If we rape Shelling in this game, we might push his "Cy Young" ERA over 4.00 (it's at 3.90 now). That would be sweet, just to piss off ESPN.

2006-08-20 19:19:10
231.   singledd
I say Moose gets tough now.
2006-08-20 19:19:34
232.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
love seeing Manny and Ortiz up with no one on...can only hurt you so much there
2006-08-20 19:19:44
233.   Travis
Miller's getting excited by Manny's 100 RBI...meanwhile, Giambi has 99.
2006-08-20 19:21:28
234.   mehmattski
Judging by the focus on Manny's home run yesterday, I'd say the Red Sox won like 3-0, right? That's the only thing that happened in that game, according to both Fox and ESPN.
2006-08-20 19:21:44
235.   rsmith51
I have it on mute, otherwise I would be as annoyed as y'all.
2006-08-20 19:21:47
236.   singledd
Has anyone noticed that almost ALL of Giambi's HRs have been very good? In some respects, between ShefSui and bad ARod, we are missing a lot of HRs... and Giambi has really come through.
2006-08-20 19:22:26
237.   Ron Burgundy
Settle down Moose.
2006-08-20 19:22:27
238.   Travis
234 Come on. It was the Holiday Inn Play of the Game, after all.
2006-08-20 19:22:30
239.   monkeypants
Manny hit a tough pitch there. Now Moose needs to focus.
2006-08-20 19:22:31
240.   mehmattski
If we had a CF with an arm, we could have thrown out Manny at first there. I counted 11 seconds before he hit first base.
2006-08-20 19:22:47
241.   singledd
oops ... have been at very good times?
2006-08-20 19:23:03
242.   seamus
230 Apparently Giambi is hitting over .300 since Abreu came over. The theory is that Abreu being on base a lot has decreased the use of the shift against him.
2006-08-20 19:23:23
243.   Ron Burgundy
Yes, Manny is 8-11 against us so far. Thanks for telling us. And all this time, I thought we were winning the game and had already won the 1st 3. It sounds like we've just lost 5 in a row. Jeez.
2006-08-20 19:23:44
244.   Travis
Torre's decision to play Nick Green at 3rd is looking real good right now.
2006-08-20 19:23:52
245.   rmd0311
Wao., are these guys Boston LOVERS.. What the hell kind of announcing is this? What happened to unbiased announcing? They should freaking get a room and just kiss the red sox's bottom in the privacy of their own time....
2006-08-20 19:23:52
246.   rsmith51
Green is gobbling up those ground balls.
2006-08-20 19:24:06
247.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Did Beam go down today to make room for Lidle ? or Karsten ?
2006-08-20 19:24:06
248.   monkeypants
Green flashing some nice leather. Now, if he could just figure out what that tapered stick is for.
2006-08-20 19:24:17
249.   tocho
Nick with the glove.

i have a very good feeling about this game.

go yanks!!

2006-08-20 19:24:21
250.   mehmattski
230 Even before Abreu, the stats (.250 BA, .550 SLG) make him an all or nothing hitter... we might not remember his strikeouts (cause he's not A-Rod), but when he DOES hit the ball, it goes a very long way this year.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-20 19:24:38
251.   rbj
Jeez, how slow is Manny? and not even an attempt to take out Cano.
2006-08-20 19:24:53
252.   rsmith51
Nothing like a national game to get unbiased announcers.

How was Fox yesterday, BTW?

2006-08-20 19:25:53
253.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it with the bloop hit.

SETTLE DOWN Moose. These are the SCRUBS.

2006-08-20 19:25:54
254.   JeremyM
Come on Moose, don't pull a Schilling here.
2006-08-20 19:26:08
255.   mehmattski
252 Other than making a homer by the team on the receiving end of an ass pounding the Play of the Game, I thought they were pretty good. Removing Joe Buck seems to take the bite out of McCarver.
2006-08-20 19:26:30
256.   Travis
247 They're activating Lidle tomorrow. We'll see who they send down then.
2006-08-20 19:26:31
257.   kdw
247 Beam, I think they said because Karsten can go 3 innings.
2006-08-20 19:26:55
258.   rbj
If I've got it right, Philips went on the DL for Karstens. Lidle's been on the roster for a while.
2006-08-20 19:26:57
259.   tocho
dp, dp
2006-08-20 19:27:27
260.   mehmattski
Pena should have been charged two strikes for that swing.
2006-08-20 19:27:57
261.   rbj
D'oh, that's right. forgot that Lidle's on bereavement.
2006-08-20 19:29:04
262.   tocho
finish him!!
2006-08-20 19:29:08
263.   kdw
247,256, 258 Lo-Hud says:

The Yankees activated Cory Lidle off the bereavement list and optioned RHP T.J. Beam back to Columbus. They wanted to keep Jeff Karstens because he can throw 3-4-5 innings if needed.

2006-08-20 19:29:16
264.   Ron Burgundy
Miller is SOOOO psyched about this at-bat. He REALLY wants Pena to hit one out.
2006-08-20 19:30:06
265.   mehmattski
262 Fatality!
2006-08-20 19:30:08
266.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
all this Red Sox "transition" year and youth movement shit is starting to get old too....They have a couple of young arms and Coco for what he is worth....

Lowell, Timlin, Manny, Loretta, Wells, Wakefield, the beloved Tek....these are not kids...

Now Morgan is licking Sox fans balls saying they know when to support their team because they are knowledgable....sickening

2006-08-20 19:30:38
267.   rsmith51
264 I can't imagine how he is when he does a Giants game...
2006-08-20 19:30:48
268.   tocho
i hope he doesn't fool around witn the michelin man here
2006-08-20 19:30:53
269.   Ron Burgundy
We learn Mirabelli has got some power.
2006-08-20 19:31:16
270.   mehmattski
"Mirabelli, who has some power... takes ball one... Mirabelli's got.... six home runs and 11 RBI"

Doin great there Jon...

2006-08-20 19:31:28
271.   Travis
263 Really? MLB Gameday still shows both Beam and Karstens, and I don't understand why they would activate Lidle today when they don't need him until tomorrow.
2006-08-20 19:32:15
272.   tocho
just mute espn guys, its very easy
2006-08-20 19:32:22
273.   randym77
I wonder if they might send Karstens down to make room for Lidle. I don't think they want to lose Beam for ten days. That's why they called Bruney up instead of Beam when Lidle went on bereavement leave.
2006-08-20 19:33:09
274.   rsmith51
Go after him, Moose!
2006-08-20 19:33:22
275.   tocho
moose, just a fastball k
2006-08-20 19:33:25
276.   Ron Burgundy
Moose, this is Doug Mirabelli.
2006-08-20 19:33:28
277.   rbj
We're just picking at scabs.
2006-08-20 19:33:53
278.   rsmith51
2006-08-20 19:33:56
279.   Travis
2006-08-20 19:34:11
280.   monkeypants
270 Wow, that Mirabelli DOES have power!
2006-08-20 19:34:31
281.   JeremyM
Stupid Mirabelli.
2006-08-20 19:34:35
282.   Ron Burgundy
The Red Sawx have won the World Series!!!!!!!
They've DONE IT!!!!!!!

Oh no wait, it was just an RBI single. But you could never tell by Miller's reaction.

(But seriously Moose, DOUG MIRABELLI!!!)

2006-08-20 19:34:36
283.   tocho
I knew it, why bother fooling around with mirabelli, he sucks, just 3 fastballs down the middle and he's gone
2006-08-20 19:34:50
284.   efb
Josh Bard is hitting 330/406/528. To not mention that while discussing the trade, is bizzare. In hindsight, the Red Sox made a terrible trade of Bard for Mirabelli.

Mirabelli was hitting 182/308/227 before tonight. Damn bloop hit notwithstanding. Damn.

2006-08-20 19:35:26
285.   Benjamin Kabak
So on a more practical level, Mussina is missing his spots by about a mile.
2006-08-20 19:35:26
286.   monkeypants
Cripes. The Red Sox bottom feeders are masters of guaranteeing that Ortiz or Manny bat every friggin inning.
2006-08-20 19:35:26
287.   rsmith51
Wasted too many pitches on Mirabelli, oh well.
2006-08-20 19:35:34
288.   randym77
263 I hadn't realized they already activated Lidle.

They did say he was rejoining the team today. Maybe they didn't have a choice. I think bereavement leave is approved by the office of the commissioner. They may have had to activate Lidle today.

2006-08-20 19:35:47
289.   Ron Burgundy
Moose, that was pathetic. You let shits like Mirabelli and Lowell beat you.
2006-08-20 19:36:12
290.   Benjamin Kabak
284 While it's debateable how much effect the catcher has on a pitcher, I think the Sox were concerned with how Bard was catching Wakefield. It wasn't pretty, and I wouldn't have made that trade, but it's understandable.
2006-08-20 19:36:48
291.   kdw
271 What you say makes sense. Peter Abraham could be jumping the gun or guess Gameday could be running behind.
2006-08-20 19:37:24
292.   rsmith51
284 But he couldn't catch a knuckleball. They should have just had Varitek learn to catch a knuckler.
2006-08-20 19:37:26
293.   Travis
284 Don't forget that they threw in Cla Meredith, currently working on an 18 inning scoreless streak.

They did need to find a catcher who could handle the knuckleball, however. Bard and Wakefield were not a good combination.

2006-08-20 19:37:52
294.   tocho
I'm mussina's biggest fan here, but I think not going after guys in that situation is what separates him from other HOFers. why get toolsy and trying to make the perfect pitch, run the count, try to fool them. mirabelli is scared to be there!

OK, get that lead back!! go yankeeeeess!!

2006-08-20 19:38:04
295.   Alvaro Espinoza
290 Agreed. What went unsaid is that Varitek has lots of trouble (like Bard) catching Wakefield as well.
2006-08-20 19:38:19
296.   rbj
Just remember folks,
no tie is safe in Fenway.
2006-08-20 19:38:31
297.   Travis
Nick Green career vs. Schilling: 1/9, 7 K's. Not good.
2006-08-20 19:38:31
298.   rsmith51
Green looks way overmatched.
2006-08-20 19:38:31
299.   Benjamin Kabak
Look at Green vs. Schilling and compare that to Mussina vs. Mirabelli.

Why was Moose pussy footing around Doug? Ugh.

2006-08-20 19:38:45
300.   monkeypants
Nick Green remembers he's Nick Green, if he ever forgot in betweeen at bats.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-20 19:38:54
301.   mehmattski
Thanks for coming, Nick. Here's a copy of the home game, and some samples of products from our sponsors.
2006-08-20 19:38:54
302.   tocho
see schilling v green, nothing to fancy, just go after him.... I hate this fat idiot
2006-08-20 19:39:08
303.   Ron Burgundy
This is where we score 7 runs and drive Shelling out, right?
2006-08-20 19:39:16
304.   seamus
we need our scrub infielder to hit better than that!
2006-08-20 19:39:37
305.   monkeypants
299 Not really a fair comparison. Green went out of the strike zone swinging; Mirabelli at least showed a bit more patience.
2006-08-20 19:39:56
306.   Alvaro Espinoza
Nick Green has arguably prevented 2 runs from scoring tonight. Let's cut him some slack, gents.
2006-08-20 19:40:05
307.   rbj isn't showing any transaction for the Yanks today; they do have the RS bringing up Lopez
2006-08-20 19:40:10
308.   Ron Burgundy
Christ on a Cracker, SCORE SOME RUNS! This fat douche has less than Moose.
2006-08-20 19:40:34
309.   randym77
304 Unfortunately, Cairo and Phillips are both on the DL.
2006-08-20 19:40:38
310.   mehmattski
Who needs Karstens when Ron Villone can pitch 6, maybe 7 innings every other day? (He's warming up now)
2006-08-20 19:40:41
311.   rsmith51
Looks like Villone has the porn mustache as well.
2006-08-20 19:41:39
312.   randym77
Uh-oh. Is Moose hurt?
2006-08-20 19:41:46
313.   Ron Burgundy
That was pathetic.
2006-08-20 19:42:00
314.   rbj
Um, I hope Moose isn't hurt, and that's why Torre's talking to the ump.
2006-08-20 19:42:26
315.   mehmattski
According to the Ledger yesterday, it was VIllone, Wright, Giambi, and Damon who were inspired by Fasano to grow mustaches. Jeter wouldn't do it.
2006-08-20 19:42:50
316.   rsmith51
Jeter hit it pretty hard, I thought. Can't always aim it where you want.
2006-08-20 19:42:56
317.   JeremyM
Karstens looked terrified just sitting in the bullpen. So would I for that matter.
2006-08-20 19:43:00
318.   Dan-el
Torre: "He had a little tightening in the groin."
2006-08-20 19:43:22
319.   Dan-el
Referring to Mussina, that is.
2006-08-20 19:43:29
320.   monkeypants
Uh-Oh...Mussina out. Schilling v. Karsten?? Hmmm...
2006-08-20 19:43:36
321.   tocho
fat bastard back to a normal pitch count, he will certainly go 6 even 7 innings. damn.

Moose's night is over though. villone will hold the line here

2006-08-20 19:44:01
322.   Benjamin Kabak
305 Here's my point explained: Moose threw breaking pitches to Mirabelli; Schilling challenged Green with fastballs. Just go after these guys is my point.

I hope Moose isn't too bad. Why bother having Karstens on this team?

2006-08-20 19:44:02
323.   Ron Burgundy
If we can just win this game...
2006-08-20 19:44:18
324.   monkeypants
320 Who am I kidding--it's Villone.
2006-08-20 19:44:50
325.   Travis
322 Moose doesn't have a 95+ mph fastball, and that's all Schilling seems to have tonight.
2006-08-20 19:44:56
326.   randym77
Villone. The new Proctor.
2006-08-20 19:45:13
327.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
we are going to need a lot of runs....
2006-08-20 19:45:34
328.   Max
I was really hoping Villone could have a couple of days off...fat chance.
2006-08-20 19:45:55
329.   Zack
322 Yeah, but Curt throws 96, Moose 88, BIG difference...
2006-08-20 19:46:35
330.   tocho
315 if they continue to play like in the last 3 games. I will grow a stache
2006-08-20 19:46:41
331.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Karstens is for Yanks 11- Red Sox 5....8th or 9th inning work....

2006-08-20 19:46:56
332.   Ron Burgundy
329 But as many pitchers have shown, when that's all you throw, a fastball, you get hammered. Other than Abreu/Giambi/A-Rod, the offense hasn't gotten that part yer.
2006-08-20 19:47:24
333.   monkeypants
325 Good point! It's one thing to go after Green with the bases empty and a 95 mph fastball. It's another to go after Mirabelli with an 85 mph fastball and runners on base.

After all, he only got a blooper...sometimes they fall in.

2006-08-20 19:47:34
334.   rbj
Maybe Moose couldn't throw the fastball with his tight groin. I'd cut him a little slack with Mirabelli.

And Villone hasn't pitched in what, 24 hours? Damn slacker.

2006-08-20 19:47:43
335.   Travis
You can not walk Mark Loretta (4 HR) with no one on and Ortiz up next.
2006-08-20 19:48:23
336.   Travis
335 And he didn't.
2006-08-20 19:48:41
337.   rsmith51
Ortiz, bases empty. Can't ask for more than that.
2006-08-20 19:49:22
338.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
has anyone ever just dusted this guy off...he owns the plate...
2006-08-20 19:49:51
339.   yankee23
Anyone know where to find the average ERA for all of baseball?
2006-08-20 19:50:01
340.   Benjamin Kabak
334 Now that I know his groin is hurt, I will glady cut him some slack. Plus, they do just fall in sometimes. It happens.
2006-08-20 19:50:08
341.   tocho
337 i would ask for manny with the bases empty
2006-08-20 19:50:16
342.   nick
334 fair enough...though he fanned Pena on a 91 mph fastball, pretty much right down the pipe...
2006-08-20 19:50:18
343.   Travis
2006-08-20 19:50:28
344.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Miller sounds like he just found a cheeseburger under his seat
2006-08-20 19:50:30
345.   Benjamin Kabak
Do the ESPN guys know about the steroid ties that David Ortiz has? No one talks much about that.
2006-08-20 19:50:34
346.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Miller sounds like he just found a cheeseburger under his seat
2006-08-20 19:50:55
347.   rbj
And John Miller just had an orgasm.
2006-08-20 19:51:03
348.   tocho
341 i guess i get my wish.... damn
2006-08-20 19:51:25
349.   Ron Burgundy

Jason Giambi happened to do the same thing, but...nah, whatever.

2006-08-20 19:51:30
350.   randym77
Bad enough seeing Ortiz hit a homer off Villone. I have to hear the announcers coming in their pants about it, too. :-P
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-20 19:51:38
351.   rsmith51
That was a very, very bad pitch. At least the bases were empty.

338 He does appear to lean over the plate quite a bit.

2006-08-20 19:51:42
352.   bobtaco
at least it was solo...
2006-08-20 19:51:43
353.   monkeypants
At what point do you just walk Ortiz and Manny every time, and make Coco Crisp, Mirabelli, Loretta, and the rest of those clowns beat you?
2006-08-20 19:51:55
354.   Benjamin Kabak
Dear Joe Morgan:

The game is not "on the line" in the 5th inning in Fenway. STFU you dumbass.

2006-08-20 19:52:16
355.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
a solo HR in the 5th sends them into a total ballwashing of Ortiz....this is sad
2006-08-20 19:52:23
356.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
a solo HR in the 5th sends them into a total ballwashing of Ortiz....this is sad
2006-08-20 19:52:37
357.   rbj
349 C'mon, Jason's wasn't clutch. Yanks were only down by 2. David's came with the score tied.
2006-08-20 19:52:57
358.   Ron Burgundy
The game isn't really on the line.
2006-08-20 19:53:09
359.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
do you remember that great catch Ortiz made...never mind
2006-08-20 19:53:51
360.   Ron Burgundy
Villone's arm is wasted...
2006-08-20 19:54:07
361.   Zack
Its so funny hwo ESPn is playing this as a "big game," since they are stuck with teh Sunday night game and tomorrow's game after the Yanks have already removed any "big gameness" from the series. Talking about Ortiz's HR as if it was in a HUGE game. Well, I suppose the Sox NEED to win this, but it sure isn't huge for the Yanks.
2006-08-20 19:54:07
362.   monkeypants
Two batters later, please stop talking about that HR.
2006-08-20 19:54:11
363.   tocho
on a completely objective analysis, it would be normal for these idiots to take the next two. even with abreu and the superior bullpen, they are evenly matched (with some edge to the yanks, but not a very big one).

i would enjoy a 4-1 and certainly a 5-0 but I wouldn't be surprised by a 3-2

2006-08-20 19:54:13
364.   JL25and3
Sorry, Jon, I didn't quite get that explanation of "game-ending." You think you could explain it six more times. just to make sure?
2006-08-20 19:54:38
365.   rmd0311
These guys are still talking about this...
Did they talk this much for Giambi's HR...
2006-08-20 19:54:44
366.   Zack
And BTW, what steriod ties to Ortiz, I haven't heard about that?
2006-08-20 19:54:47
367.   rsmith51
I still don't think he should be MVP unless he is 200 OPS above the highest position player.
2006-08-20 19:54:49
368.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Giambi's hit the top of the wall and just rolled over for a HR
2006-08-20 19:55:40
369.   monkeypants
360 Yeah, Villone doen't look that good so far. How long does Torre abuse him tonight?
2006-08-20 19:55:41
370.   JL25and3
I don't think he should be MVP anyway, just to hear the Red Sox fans whine some more.
2006-08-20 19:56:32
371.   nick
loathesome as Morgan is, he's not the Sox fan of the'd think that was Bobby Thompson's f#$#@$ homer the way Miller slobbered over it....
2006-08-20 19:56:39
372.   tocho
ok. let's stop this nonsense and kick the crap out of the fat bastard. i'm looking at you a-rod (you own this guy).
2006-08-20 19:56:50
373.   rsmith51
368 I think Giambi's was a double, but the Yankees paid $200M so they converted it to a HR.
2006-08-20 19:57:36
374.   rmd0311
364 -- I have no quite understood the meaning of walk off... I may need to hear it a few dozen more times...
2006-08-20 19:57:54
375.   tocho
373 exactly
2006-08-20 19:58:07
376.   rbj
I'll get Colter Bean's line from today's game to ya'll tomorrow. But he did get the win in a start. Must have gone at least 5 and only gave up 2 runs.

Just in case Cashman & Torre read this blog.

2006-08-20 19:58:12
377.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

damn Yankees buy everything....waaahh

2006-08-20 19:59:06
378.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I really want to see A Rod hit one and compare the play-by-play and ballwashing to the Ortiz bomb
2006-08-20 19:59:18
379.   Zack
How can Shilling STAND to have someone get more attention then him on the Sox? It must eat him alive to hear all this man-crush love poured on Ortiz all the time...
2006-08-20 19:59:30
380.   Benjamin Kabak
366 Very loose ties. But read this and the linked NY Daily News article in that post.

2006-08-20 19:59:30
381.   Max
Not that I'm looking ahead or anything, but I'm not sure I'm looking forward to facing the Mariners with Jaret Wright and a bunch of dead arms...after they've lost 11 in a row on their road trip.

We're a lot better than the M's, but in our current state it wouldn't surprise me to see us come out flat after we leave Fenway.

2006-08-20 19:59:43
382.   Alvaro Espinoza
Someone tell Wily Mo to play deeper. Gee wiz...
2006-08-20 19:59:57
383.   nick
attaboy Bobby!
2006-08-20 20:00:20
384.   Ron Burgundy
This is where we knock out Schilling and the ballgame and Cy Shelling's ERA goes over 4.00.
2006-08-20 20:00:37
385.   Travis
376 Bean's line: 6 ip, 4 h, 2 er, 3 bb, 9 k
2006-08-20 20:00:49
386.   Benjamin Kabak
376 Why wait till tomorrow?

Bean throws 6 innings and gives up 4 hits and 2 ER. He walks 3 and strikes out 9. Good outing.

2006-08-20 20:01:19
387.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
when is Schillings deal up with Boston ?
2006-08-20 20:02:00
388.   monkeypants
oh man--Giambi just took an 89 mph meatball belt high.
2006-08-20 20:02:48
389.   randym77
376 From the Clippers' Web site:

6.0 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 3 BB, 9 SO, 0 HR, 2.83 ERA.

2006-08-20 20:03:04
390.   pistolpete
387 After 2007, when he claims he will retire.
2006-08-20 20:03:40
391.   Benjamin Kabak
387 After next year. He claims he'll retire following the 07 seasons, but I'll believe it when I see it. Maybe he can "retire" and then over-hype his come back like Clemens.
2006-08-20 20:03:40
392.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
when was A Rods last HR ?
2006-08-20 20:03:50
393.   rsmith51
He passed on a fastball and then swung at that crap pitch. Giambi?
2006-08-20 20:04:17
394.   Benjamin Kabak
That is fantastic baserunning. Fantastic. I love Bobby Abreu.
2006-08-20 20:04:18
395.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod, swing your third leg.
2006-08-20 20:04:59
396.   rbj
Thanks, 385 386
Don't be too fooled by the Ks. The Mudhens are already over 1000 strikeouts for the season. And their 3B/SS has 20 HR, but is lucky to be hitting over the Bicardi line (.151). He won't see the Mendoza line this year. At .168 right now.

Good job, Bobby!

2006-08-20 20:04:59
397.   Benjamin Kabak
STFU, Joe Morgan. SERIOUSLY. "He had a shot at him with a good throw." I know you don't prep for your chats; do you even watch the game when you broadcast it?
2006-08-20 20:05:23
398.   rsmith51
Fly ball, Alex, fly ball.
2006-08-20 20:05:29
399.   Travis
Did anyone else hear Larry Bowa screaming for Abreu to run to 3rd?
2006-08-20 20:05:37
400.   monkeypants
3rd base, less than 2 outs. Please, A-Rod.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-20 20:05:45
401.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
all we need is a simple fly ball
2006-08-20 20:06:01
402.   nick
damn, damn, danm
2006-08-20 20:06:18
403.   Benjamin Kabak
HOLY...GOD AROD. Gimme a goddamn break.
2006-08-20 20:06:22
404.   rmd0311
2006-08-20 20:06:33
405.   rsmith51
Double crap!!!!!!!!
2006-08-20 20:06:39
406.   bobtaco
there is no one worse in a sac fly 1 out situation then Arod.
2006-08-20 20:06:54
407.   monkeypants
Oh Christ.
2006-08-20 20:07:37
408.   KYK
man a-rod, you suck.
you have no fielding errors to think about
2006-08-20 20:07:41
409.   Ron Burgundy
Robbie. GET A HIT!
2006-08-20 20:07:41
410.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I know this place is loaded with A Rod apologists and we went through this shit the other day....but what the fuck was that...he is now only a slightly better hitter than fielder.....sad season
2006-08-20 20:08:12
411.   tocho
2006-08-20 20:08:21
412.   rbj
Snakes on a Plane!
2006-08-20 20:08:32
413.   Ron Burgundy
Damn, WTF?!
Our 3 best hitters shit the bed.
2006-08-20 20:08:34
414.   Zack
Inexcusable AB by A-Rod, I mean, stop letting Schilling get out and pitch into the 8th while we kill our BP and the SOX, I mean ESPN announcers continue to talk about Ortiz's HR...

Good thing I am now going to eat and won't have to watch/listen

2006-08-20 20:08:57
415.   rsmith51
I might advocate a suicide squeeze for ARod, but that would undoubtedly be a double play. Jeez, ARod. I really, really want hit to succeed.
2006-08-20 20:09:16
416.   Benjamin Kabak
410 I'm done being an A-Rod apologist. That was f***ing pathetic. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. Worst at bat of the season.
2006-08-20 20:09:18
417.   Ron Burgundy
Why do they INSIST on rolling over for Shelling and his humongous ego?!
2006-08-20 20:09:18
418.   singledd
I consider myself an ARod fan...
but I'm getting sick of this man-on-third-and-less-then-2-out act.
I admit I have little to no faith in him.
2006-08-20 20:09:21
419.   monkeypants
And with a hit they still didn't get Schilling from 86 to 100 pitches. Not a particularly good inning there.
2006-08-20 20:09:30
420.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I know this place is loaded with A Rod apologists and we got into it the other day....but what the fuck was that ? he is now only a slightly better fielder than hitter...this is a sad season for the best talent in the game.....sad
2006-08-20 20:09:34
421.   Max
Cano has been pretty useless today.
2006-08-20 20:09:55
422.   pistolpete
I know we should all be content with the first three pastings of this series, but losing to Schilling will somehow discount all that, at least according to ESPN.
2006-08-20 20:09:55
423.   Simone
A-Rod is unbelieveable! How could he hit that cheap pop up in such a crucial moment?! WTF is this guy's problem. I'm not defending that shitty hit. He deserves to be slammed.
2006-08-20 20:10:37
424.   bobtaco
Torre should not have Villone out there for another inning, I am going on record right now with that...
2006-08-20 20:10:47
425.   Alvaro Espinoza
What a comeback by Schilling. Regardless of how you feel about him, he has no fear.
2006-08-20 20:11:04
426.   Travis
Villone has almost nothing today. I hope someone else is warming.
2006-08-20 20:11:21
427.   Ron Burgundy
Sweet Jesus, Mother of God, Villone is left in there. He is going on the DL tommorrow.
2006-08-20 20:11:39
428.   Benjamin Kabak
425 Comeback? He's a Major League Baseball pitcher at the top of his game. Why would he have fear? That makes no sense.
2006-08-20 20:11:58
429.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

as ESPN knows this is the "triple value" Sunday Night Game....they will only be 1 1/2 back after this thanks to Curt and Papi

2006-08-20 20:12:20
430.   Max
Can Wang throw an inning today? I just shudder at how Joe is going to use his arms the next 3 days...Moose doesn't give us anything today, we've got Lidle tomorrow, and then Wright on Tuesday. As it is, duct tape is holding together Proctor's and Villone's arms, and we don't have Farnsworth.
2006-08-20 20:12:20
431.   Zack
Oh for the love of God, stop actung like this is somehow a BIG game...And what a shocker, Schilling says he has no problem "putting the entire weight of the team on his shoulders" right Curt, because its really all on you, the whole season, today...
2006-08-20 20:12:46
432.   KYK
green must be trying to make arod feel better
2006-08-20 20:12:53
433.   seamus
410 Being rationale about A-Rods problems is not being an "apologist". The problem I have seen is that people who bash him are so ridiculously emotional about it. I don't think it does any good to whine, whine, whine about ARod's well recognized struggles.
2006-08-20 20:12:57
434.   rbj
Well, I like A-Rod, but he's having a down year. He'll bounce back next year, and I do want the all time HR champ to wear pinstripes.
Bad at bat, bad year.
2006-08-20 20:13:17
435.   rsmith51
Where was that pitch?
2006-08-20 20:13:28
436.   monkeypants
Uh...was that 1-2 pitch a strike?
2006-08-20 20:14:24
437.   KYK
isn't this the NYY formula? win the first three big, then melt down for the rest?

god, it's like i'm having a bad dream.

2006-08-20 20:15:07
438.   rsmith51
Maybe it is a good thing that Schilling is pitching so long today. Remember when he had that 129 pitch outing and then sucked for 4 or 5 starts in a row?
2006-08-20 20:15:27
439.   Alvaro Espinoza
428 Therefore he deserves no credit??? He makes a potentially big error and comes back to make the next 2 (awfully good)hitters look ABSOLUTELY POSITEIVELY silly.
2006-08-20 20:15:41
440.   Benjamin Kabak
437 Where is all this negativity coming from? This a meltdown? What game are you watching?

It's 4-3 Boston in the bottom of the 6th. Both pitchers — Mussina and Schilling — are their teams' respective aces. The Yanks weren't going to score 14 runs a game.

Yes, that A-Rod crappy, lame at-bat was bad. But it's not a meltdown.

2006-08-20 20:15:46
441.   rsmith51
436 Thanks, monkeypants I thought I was seeing things.
2006-08-20 20:15:57
442.   mehmattski
437 Still the sixth inning. Two of the first three games were come from behind victories, and many here were anxious with a 1-0 Yanks lead in the first. Believe in the big inning.
2006-08-20 20:16:02
443.   KYK
431 while i agree with you that this is not a big game, there would be something satisfying with beating boston and taking the wind out of boston's (the team and the fans) sails.
2006-08-20 20:16:12
444.   nick
my arm hurts just watching Villone...
2006-08-20 20:16:35
445.   ronald
TRADE A-ROD!!! At least bench him, please. I don't want to see this guy in the Yankee game.
2006-08-20 20:16:39
446.   Benjamin Kabak
439 FIne. Good job, Curt. You did your job. Curt Schilling does not need any more support than he gives himself. He's a grandstanding asshole, and unlike, say Mussina or Johnson, he can actually pick up his fielders when they make an error (even if it's his error). Good work.
2006-08-20 20:16:42
447.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
433 434

that is the frustrating thing is he is a great talent but this season is horrrrible..

a decent Sept / Oct. will go along way towards getting back on track...

2006-08-20 20:17:42
448.   Benjamin Kabak
445 Okay. That's just ludicrious. This is why this board is filled with so-called A-Rod apologists.

Right. Bad at-bat. Sub-par season. But what are you going to get for him? Nothing good. You cannot replace A-Rod. That's all there is to it.

2006-08-20 20:18:08
449.   rsmith51
ARod's OPS > Jeter's OPS. I don't think he is hurting the team that much.
2006-08-20 20:18:17
450.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
who is next out of the pen ? Dotel ?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-20 20:18:32
451.   seamus
447 I agree it is frustrating. very frustrating. I keep hoping and hoping and I think he will pull out of it. But it may not be this year.
2006-08-20 20:18:45
452.   Travis
450 Proctor didn't go yesterday, so I'd guess him.
2006-08-20 20:19:12
453.   Benjamin Kabak
450 Tanyon Sturtze :-D
2006-08-20 20:19:36
454.   bobtaco
Please, get Villone out now Joe.
2006-08-20 20:19:46
455.   rsmith51
Villone is running on fumes, Joe. Bring in Karstens.
2006-08-20 20:20:18
456.   rbj
Great players do have bad seasons. I'll take this as A-Rod's "bad" season. The last thing he needs is the fans & media getting in his head that he sucks.
It's just a bad year. Last year he was the MVP.
2006-08-20 20:20:30
457.   monkeypants
The difference in this game so far may really be the bottom of the line-ups. The Sox 6-9 seem to be making the opposing pitchers work more.
2006-08-20 20:21:02
458.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
448 have to be realistic and you can rip the guy but TRADING him is a joke.

the guy is an all time top 10 player....

I do think it is funny when people say "don't boo him"....he fucks him...this guy has not earned his Yankee bones Jeter, Bernie, fact he shit the bed in the 04 ACLS when it counted...

2006-08-20 20:21:12
459.   BayRidger
Can Wilson play 3B?
2006-08-20 20:21:17
460.   Benjamin Kabak
457 I would venture to say that the difference in this game is A-Rod's wonderful at-bat. Nearly anything else would have tied the game. But yeah. The bottom of the order is working hard for the Sox.
2006-08-20 20:21:22
461.   rsmith51
The ump momentarily forgot who was pitching and accidentally gave the Yanks a Red Sox strike zone.
2006-08-20 20:22:16
462.   Benjamin Kabak
459 Never has in his career.
2006-08-20 20:22:37
463.   nick
villone's a tough dude...
2006-08-20 20:23:10
464.   Travis
If the Yanks pinch hit for Green, I guess they have to move A-Rod to the field and lose the DH.
2006-08-20 20:23:10
465.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

if the media and fans can get into one of the greatest players in the games head that he know what it is mental and he has issues...

if you turned up at the PGA Tour and followed Tiger around at every stop and booed and yelled he would not get in his head.....the guy is a killer

2006-08-20 20:23:36
466.   rsmith51
Please don't let Villone face Papi again.
2006-08-20 20:23:44
467.   tocho
posada, melky and green. any confidence these guys will take away the ¨heroic¨effort by the fat idiot?
2006-08-20 20:23:52
468.   monkeypants
460 I guess what I mean is that Ortiz and/or Manny will have batted in nearly every inning this game because the Sox bottom hitters are getting on base and chewing up pitches. Ortiz had a pop-up too.
2006-08-20 20:24:26
469.   Max
All that and Villone basically gave up a solo HR to the all time God of Clutch. Unfortunately, he threw 40 pitches to get through those last two innings.
2006-08-20 20:24:36
470.   rsmith51
465 I have heard that Tiger complains about the gallery being too loud. I think he would get rattled.
2006-08-20 20:24:49
471.   rbj
OK, guys. A 97 pitch, 45 min. rain delay Schill is going back out. Kill him.

And I have to get up at 6:30. Good night all. Just remember, Yanks will leave Boston in better shape than when they arrived. This game is gravy.

2006-08-20 20:26:12
472.   rbj
If it's constant, and the lead on ESPN all the time, it would. You do begin to doubt yourself.
2006-08-20 20:26:23
473.   randym77
457 We knew Nick Green was going to be dead weight on offense. But Melky and Jorgie are a bit disappointing tonight. Though Posada at least has a walk.
2006-08-20 20:26:30
474.   rilkefan
465 - clearly the people whining about A-Rod are doing so in reaction to their inadequacies and other numerous personal problems. The solution to which is to get into their faces constantly about their mental issues.
2006-08-20 20:27:10
475.   rsmith51
Anybody up in the Sox pen?
2006-08-20 20:27:14
476.   rilkefan
474 - note to self - DNFTT.
2006-08-20 20:27:47
477.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

that is the nature of the sport...not a Tiger issue

2006-08-20 20:28:31
478.   monkeypants
Nice long at bat, Melky.
2006-08-20 20:28:57
479.   rsmith51
Keep the pitch count up. He will suck in the coming weeks.
2006-08-20 20:29:40
480.   Max
Everyone wants to focus on A-Rod, but Cano and Melky have been pretty atrocious tonight. Schilling is going to make it through 7 thanks to those two.
2006-08-20 20:30:36
481.   rsmith51
480 That is true. I can't believe he has lassted this long. Is he done?
2006-08-20 20:31:04
482.   tocho
473 melky looks tired.

how appropriate, the HERO is out of there with a K, everybody in boston is wet now. enjoy your 3.5 games back guys

2006-08-20 20:32:05
483.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
1 run game...Papelbon pitches 8th and 9th for sure
2006-08-20 20:32:35
484.   Max
481 I would be shocked if they brought him back against the top of the order in the 8th....would welcome it actually. Given his grandstanding personality, I wouldn't put it past him, but it seems dumb to me.
2006-08-20 20:32:39
485.   randym77
Nick, I love ya, but you are probably the worse (non-pitcher) batter I have ever seen in MLB.
2006-08-20 20:33:11
486.   Alvaro Espinoza
482 The best was the standing 'O' Beckett got yesterday when he left the game. Are you kidding me???
2006-08-20 20:33:40
487.   bobtaco
484 Great, that will make it ll the more painful when he blows it for them...
2006-08-20 20:34:44
488.   randym77
482 Melky could probably use a day off. He hasn't had one since his slump in June. Even Cano gets days off, but not Melky.

Maybe Joe will put Guiel out there one night? He doesn't trust Guiel in CF, but maybe he would in LF.

2006-08-20 20:35:28
489.   tocho
483 that has to be their strategy, they do need this game bad. a 4-0 coming into tomorrow would be a disaster. not to mention 3-1
2006-08-20 20:35:57
490.   nyyfan22
Isn't Guiel back in the minors?
2006-08-20 20:36:23
491.   tocho
so, myers to face loretta, just to get to ortiz.... i'l keep my fingers crossed
2006-08-20 20:36:26
492.   Alvaro Espinoza
Before we get excited about Schilling possibly blowing it, Myers has to keep the game close facing 2-3-4.
2006-08-20 20:37:16
493.   randym77
490 Guiel was called up again yesterday. I guess they finally realized having GOB for your only backup OFer is not a good idea.
2006-08-20 20:37:21
494.   Zack
Myers in to pitch to Loretta, then Ortiz, hmmmm
2006-08-20 20:39:13
495.   Benjamin Kabak
Mike Myers going to three balls on Loretta makes me cry. Don't put runners on base in front of Ortiz and Manny! This isn't hard. These guys are beating the Yanks and that is all. No one else. Just Ortiz and Manny.
2006-08-20 20:39:24
496.   Zack
This is exactly the game I expected it to be, minus Moose leaving early. I figured that we wouldn't be able to chase Schilling, cause we usually either pound him or get dominted by him, that we would go into the late innings close but behind, and prob. get shut down by Pappelbon, and the Sox fans/ESPN etc would go on their "momentum change" tanngent...
2006-08-20 20:39:58
497.   Zack
Ahh, yes, here we go, more shots of Ortiz's HR...Jon Miller starts waxing poetic on his man-crush
2006-08-20 20:40:22
498.   Benjamin Kabak
I like this strategy. Let's walk Mark Loretta and his 4 HR to pitch to Ortiz who hit a home run against a lefty last at bat.

WTF is he doing bunting?

2006-08-20 20:40:26
499.   Alvaro Espinoza
A few years back, it was "You CAN'T walk Mark Bellhorn".

Mr. Loretta, meet Mr. Bellhorn.

2006-08-20 20:40:31
500.   rsmith51
Ortiz going for the bunt. Interesting...
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-08-20 20:41:12
501.   Benjamin Kabak
Mike Myers is very tan.
2006-08-20 20:41:12
502.   rsmith51
Why would he try and bunt after he just walked Loretta?
2006-08-20 20:41:20
503.   monkeypants
If Papi threatens the bunt, why not play the 3B way in? It would just be a more extreme version of the shift.
2006-08-20 20:41:44
504.   Zack
THe whole point of the shift is that if Ortiz WANTS to bunt, go ahead, thats the least of their worries...but not that Morgan and Miller could realize that
2006-08-20 20:41:49
505.   Benjamin Kabak
So that was Ortiz's 400-foot foul ball. Great.
2006-08-20 20:42:00
506.   tocho
this will be a dp
2006-08-20 20:42:26
507.   Benjamin Kabak
503 What if Ortiz is late on a fastball? You would have a dead third baseman on your hands.
2006-08-20 20:42:32
508.   monkeypants
502 He was bunting for a basehit v. the shift. Actually, a good play--first and second, no outs, and Manny coming up if it works.
2006-08-20 20:42:40
509.   Zack
yeah, what the heck, has Myers been hanging out at the beach in his spare time, while Joe forgot about him?
2006-08-20 20:43:39
510.   Benjamin Kabak
IBB Manny. Please. Please.
2006-08-20 20:43:44
511.   Zack
IBB Manny!
2006-08-20 20:43:49
512.   rsmith51
If Timlin is up, does that mean Schilling is coming back out?
2006-08-20 20:43:54
513.   Travis
Do not pitch to Manny.
2006-08-20 20:44:22
514.   nyyfan22
The Yankees are scheduled to score 9 runs in the top of the 8th.
2006-08-20 20:44:29
515.   monkeypants
507 All shifts are trade-offs. By walking Loretta, Meyers sets up Ortiz to bunt for a basehit. To counteract this, I would pull the 3B in, but only because of this circumstance.

Also, how can anyone be late on a Meyers fastball.

2006-08-20 20:44:52
516.   rsmith51
514 Really, my schedule says 7.
2006-08-20 20:46:06
517.   randym77
Everyday Scotty to the rescue.
2006-08-20 20:46:43
518.   Alvaro Espinoza
Joe Morgan: "This is interesting! Torre is going to IBB Manny and bring in the right-hander."

Uh... no, Joe. It's textbook baseball.

2006-08-20 20:46:54
519.   Zack
I mean, Proctor only WARMED yesterday, he's good to finish the game, no?
2006-08-20 20:46:59
520.   tocho
the warm-up swings by youkalis are really annoying. he's ugly and he swings downwards and quickly.

proctor in. hold on to your seats guys. if the yanks have any chance in this game, proctor needs to hold the line here. i'm sure he wil.

2006-08-20 20:47:05
521.   Benjamin Kabak
Wait wait wait. Proctor?! I just saw Dotel warming up.
2006-08-20 20:47:12
522.   bobtaco
Proctor is better when he starts the inning, not sure about this...
2006-08-20 20:48:05
523.   Benjamin Kabak
520 That's always been my main complaint about Youkilis. He is REALLY ugly.
2006-08-20 20:49:26
524.   Alvaro Espinoza
Rats, the 0-2 meatball.
2006-08-20 20:49:35
525.   tocho
that was the most predictable breaking ball in the world
2006-08-20 20:49:50
526.   Benjamin Kabak
As much as I love Melky, I'd love to see Matsui out there soon. That was a costly injury.
2006-08-20 20:49:53
527.   Travis
0-2 high curveball in the strike zone. Why?
2006-08-20 20:49:56
528.   Zack
On the other hand, the Red Sox have not only one, but 2 Jewish guys on their team with Youk and Kaplar...

Oh God, well this is probably the game...And all we get to hear about is the amazing acts of Ortiz and Schilling

Good thing tomorrow is an early game...

2006-08-20 20:50:06
529.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
my arm is killing me watching year we get Sturtze back and Protor and Villone get a year off....sad really but these guys are getting toasted
2006-08-20 20:51:03
530.   Zack
There can't be any way that Sturtze comes back to this team next year, there's no room for him and he stinks, I think Cashman will hopefully realize this...
2006-08-20 20:51:09
531.   rsmith51
Just make the comeback that more improbable.
2006-08-20 20:51:12
532.   tocho
we are toast
2006-08-20 20:51:28
533.   bobtaco
WTF, where are the fastballs?
2006-08-20 20:52:09
534.   rsmith51
530 Don't forget that Torre loves him, too. If the Yanks win the series, does Torre retire? I would think so.
2006-08-20 20:52:14
535.   Benjamin Kabak
Um, Scott, no more curveballs. They ain't working tonight.
2006-08-20 20:52:17
536.   nick
jesus--Miller is such a's like he's never covered a game before--"that one was up, right, Joe?"
2006-08-20 20:52:35
537.   rsmith51
Stop throwing breaking stuff, please.
2006-08-20 20:52:52
538.   Benjamin Kabak
Get one out, Robbie, before you get two.
2006-08-20 20:52:56
539.   bobtaco
OK, this one is over...
2006-08-20 20:52:57
540.   nyyfan22
Joe Morgan is cool, but the guy who played the skipper on Giligan's Island is annoying.

Come on Cano! dammit.

2006-08-20 20:53:26
541.   weeping for brunnhilde
Aw, Robbie.

Atypical Cano.

2006-08-20 20:53:27
542.   rsmith51
We believe

that we will win one out of four games.

2006-08-20 20:53:29
543.   randym77
Oh, Robby.

You think maybe the pressure is getting to the kids?

2006-08-20 20:53:42
544.   tocho
that was my sign. goodnight to you all. see you tomorrow

just remember 3.5

2006-08-20 20:54:19
545.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
double play pleaseeee
2006-08-20 20:54:20
546.   monkeypants
Hoo boy, lots of blame tonight.
2006-08-20 20:54:26
547.   rsmith51
If he hits a grand slam I can go to bed.
2006-08-20 20:54:27
548.   Benjamin Kabak
Good thing Wily Mo swings at everything.
2006-08-20 20:54:38
549.   Alvaro Espinoza
Thanks for swinging at ball 2, Wily Mo.
2006-08-20 20:54:56
550.   mehmattski
Come on, Willy Mo Popup
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-08-20 20:55:50
551.   Benjamin Kabak
549 Wily Mo reminds me of the guys back in Little League who would swing REALLY hard. When they hit the ball, it would go really far, but they usuall just struck that.
2006-08-20 20:56:36
552.   Max
Well, Robbie couldn't get Schilling's pitch count up, but he's doing a swell job with Scotty's. Horrible day for him all around.
2006-08-20 20:56:48
553.   rsmith51
Wait they needed insurance runs. I thought Papi's HR was insurmountable?
2006-08-20 20:58:00
554.   Zack
This game is surprisingly boring, and it has nothing to do with the Yanks being behind. Its been pretty close all game, two good pitchers, sox-Yanks and all that, some in theory tense moments...

And yet..

Its still seemingly a really boring game. Other than the 2 HRs, nothing really interesting...

2006-08-20 20:58:04
555.   bobtaco
Nice, ok... I renounce my over. This can be done.
2006-08-20 20:58:18
556.   monkeypants
What is up with Miller and the 'Mirabelli has pretty good power' thing tonight? Did someone hand him the wrong scouting report or something?
2006-08-20 20:58:25
557.   Travis
Cano's error ends up not costing any runs.

Top of the order against the Sox pen - tying it up here is extremely possible.

2006-08-20 20:59:32
558.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Wily Mo is hitting near .300 and is a scary free swinger who is 22, 23 years old ? I hope the Sox give up on this guy before they groom him to be a Big Papi replacement part....he is a good athlete and moves for a big man....

I hate see him coming up...

2006-08-20 20:59:54
559.   seamus
556 Mirabelli does have decent power. He has 6 HRs in 105 At Bats which is pretty good.
2006-08-20 20:59:56
560.   Alvaro Espinoza
You've loaded the bases w/ 1 out and can put away the game. Up come Wily Mo and Doug Mirabelli. Snakes on a plane!

btw - Where was Yankee killer Eric Hinske that inning???

2006-08-20 21:00:12
561.   randym77
That could have been a lot worse.

And Schilling's gone now. Let's get some runs on the board.

2006-08-20 21:01:17
562.   Benjamin Kabak
554 Because it's taking FOREVER. Even with the rain delay, we're up to 3 hours of game and it's only the top of the 8th.
2006-08-20 21:01:33
563.   weeping for brunnhilde
543 I don't know about that. Cano and Cabrera have been great through the series thus far.

Don't sweat them.

2006-08-20 21:01:44
564.   Benjamin Kabak
553 Come now. Big Papi's home run just clinched the AL East. Duh.
2006-08-20 21:01:45
565.   Benjamin Kabak
553 Come now. Big Papi's home run just clinched the AL East. Duh.
2006-08-20 21:01:50
566.   rsmith51
Giambi is a pretty good hitter.
2006-08-20 21:02:07
567.   nick
OK, Timlin--let's at least get a couple men on, make em use Papplebon early...
2006-08-20 21:02:30
568.   Travis
560 You can't pinch-hit for Mirabelli, because then Javy Lopez has to catch, and no one wants to pitch to him.
2006-08-20 21:02:35
569.   randym77
558 He's 24. Still young enough that his best years are probably ahead of him. I wouldn't mind having a guy like him for the Yanks.
2006-08-20 21:02:58
570.   weeping for brunnhilde
Come on, Team!

Heart of the order, it's do or die now.

Let's go YANK-ees!

2006-08-20 21:04:04
571.   Travis
Javier Lopez in to pitch. He's worse than Heredia ever was.
2006-08-20 21:04:06
572.   Zack
Jeter should wear one of those giant, rediculous armor things that Bonds and Ortiz wear to allow them to stand on HP...
2006-08-20 21:04:33
573.   randym77
Ouch. That didn't look good.
2006-08-20 21:04:41
574.   nyyfan22
570 clap, clap, clap clap clap
2006-08-20 21:05:36
575.   monkeypants
589 I guess I was thinking more about his .386 SLG this year, .421 for his career.
2006-08-20 21:06:38
576.   seamus
575 looking into the future eh!
2006-08-20 21:08:19
577.   weeping for brunnhilde
Didn't Morgan just say, earlier, that Boston lacks a lefty specialist?

And yet, look, up on the mound, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's...a LOOGY!

2006-08-20 21:08:20
578.   mehmattski
575 Whoa, referring to a comment that hasn't happened.... can you see into the future?!?
2006-08-20 21:08:53
579.   monkeypants
576 Whoops! I'm must be mesmerized by Lopez's delivery, or something.
2006-08-20 21:09:26
580.   weeping for brunnhilde

Did you see that 2-2 that Abreu laid off?

Fuck, that was amazing.

2006-08-20 21:09:55
581.   nick
bobby! way to force their hand...
2006-08-20 21:10:06
582.   bobtaco
Here comes Papelbon!
2006-08-20 21:10:19
583.   Travis
Papelbon in for the extremely-high-leverage save.
2006-08-20 21:10:26
584.   Alvaro Espinoza
I think the game just got interesting!
2006-08-20 21:10:30
585.   Zack
578 579 Woah, didn't know you could do that. If you click it, will it lead you into another dimension or something?
2006-08-20 21:10:33
586.   mehmattski
Time for the hyped rookie to get fed to the dogs. Do it Yankees, do it slowly and painfully.
2006-08-20 21:10:35
587.   Benjamin Kabak
Francona pulled a Torre here. If he was willing to use Papelbon for 6 outs, why not just use him to start the inning? Idiotic.
2006-08-20 21:10:37
588.   rsmith51
I guess Francona sees Giambi walking in a run. Here comes Paps. Time to earn his money.
2006-08-20 21:10:46
589.   nyyfan22
575 this message will cause a glitch in the space-time continuum.
2006-08-20 21:11:28
590.   rsmith51
587 Managers get greedy and sometimes it works.
2006-08-20 21:11:31
591.   nick
as a manager, what would drive you more nuts than your LOOGY walking the one man he comes in to face? & it seems like it happens all the time...
2006-08-20 21:11:55
592.   monkeypants
Weird move by Francona here. Why not go to Papelpon earlier, if you a re willing to go two innings with him?

576, 578 Yes, I can see into the future: Morgan or Miller will say something idiotic before this game ends.

2006-08-20 21:12:24
593.   Chofo
Where did this Lopez came from? I thought the Red Sox didn´t have a LHR. He was brought in because Abreu was 0-6 of him
2006-08-20 21:12:38
594.   weeping for brunnhilde

God, I love this guy.

Abreu, Cano, Melky.

These people are the real deal.

I love this team, you know?

I couldn't say that at the year's beginning, but damn, this team is just so compelling!

I actually care about the success of the players in a way that I never cared about, say, Sheffield.

Anyway, let's see what Jason can do.

I never liked Jason until recently, by the way. I've finally made my peace with him, even warmed up to him. He is what he is.

Ok, here we go, Yankees, here we go!

2006-08-20 21:12:45
595.   wsporter
Wow, had to leave the game for a couple of minutes. Why did Franki decide to go Grady Little? Two run lead? Ouch.

Fingers crossed. XXXXX

2006-08-20 21:13:16
596.   Travis
593 They brought Lopez back up today and sent down Van Buren.
2006-08-20 21:13:39
597.   monkeypants
585 589, et al. This game must be boring or something, for my typo to cause so much entertainment! So long as I bring a smile to someone's face...
2006-08-20 21:13:43
598.   KYK
giambi has to get a hit here.
i just don't expect arod to anything other than ground into a double play.
it's a crap shoot with cano.
2006-08-20 21:13:48
599.   nick
man, a slam here would cause such a beautiful silence to fall....
2006-08-20 21:14:18
600.   unpopster
isn't THIS what we asked for? Beating the Sawx today by going THROUGH Papelbon???
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-08-20 21:14:37
601.   weeping for brunnhilde

That 2-0. Jason just missed it.

That was his pitch.

2006-08-20 21:15:21
602.   bobtaco
Please Giambi, don't put Arod in this position
2006-08-20 21:15:34
603.   Benjamin Kabak
We will be silent now. SHHHHHHHHHH
2006-08-20 21:15:42
604.   KYK
as much i dislike him, i'd have to say that papelbon is the real deal this year. he's managed to keep his cool through out the year.
here's to hoping he blows the game.
2006-08-20 21:15:46
605.   nyyfan22
Arod is ready.
2006-08-20 21:16:06
606.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-08-20 21:16:13
607.   weeping for brunnhilde
598 A crapshoot with Cano?

Are you mad?

Have you seen the way he's swinging the bat lately?

The dude is on fire.

2006-08-20 21:16:21
608.   unpopster
is Papelbon really hitting 99mph? wow!
2006-08-20 21:16:48
609.   Benjamin Kabak
I thought he had it. Damn.
2006-08-20 21:16:51
610.   unpopster
Giambi JUUUUUUUUST missed it!!! aaaargh!
2006-08-20 21:17:00
611.   KYK

at least one's in.

2006-08-20 21:17:04
612.   monkeypants
That was close...
2006-08-20 21:17:05
613.   Chofo
Wow, that was close!!!
2006-08-20 21:17:06
614.   weeping for brunnhilde
Bravo, Jason!!!

He did the job.

2006-08-20 21:17:25
615.   unpopster
let's go alex!!!!
2006-08-20 21:17:55
616.   unpopster
I'm feelin' arod here...
2006-08-20 21:17:59
617.   Benjamin Kabak
609 BTW, that damn was just a "Damn that was close" not a "damn he didn't do the job" damn.
2006-08-20 21:18:17
618.   weeping for brunnhilde
Positive thoughts, people.

You can do it, Alex!

It's all you!

2006-08-20 21:18:17
619.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Come on Alex...
2006-08-20 21:18:28
620.   KYK
607 I forget wear I saw it, but I seem to recall Cano sucks with runners in scoring position. Positively Womackian.

Can anyone remember were this was posted?

2006-08-20 21:18:42
621.   Benjamin Kabak
Here we go, Alex. Here we go
Clap clap.
2006-08-20 21:19:06
622.   KYK
620 err, where not wear
2006-08-20 21:19:47
623.   Benjamin Kabak
Oh god. COME ON, Alex. COME ON.
2006-08-20 21:20:15
624.   randym77
Cano is a crapshoot, IMO. He's been hitting well...but not tonight. And he's still not the one I want up with runners on.
2006-08-20 21:20:23
625.   weeping for brunnhilde
607 Could be, KYK. All I know is what my eyes tell me and I'll take Cano at the bat anytime, anywhere.
2006-08-20 21:20:43
626.   Benjamin Kabak
They should have squeezed a long time ago. Surprise someone here.
2006-08-20 21:20:54
627.   nyyfan22
Come on Arod! We still believe in you, Arod! (just not in that dumb 'we believe' way)
2006-08-20 21:21:09
628.   nyyfan22
2006-08-20 21:21:12
629.   weeping for brunnhilde
Thank you, Alex.
2006-08-20 21:21:22
630.   Benjamin Kabak
Eh. I would have rather seen A-Rod driven in that run than see Cano up now. He is bad with bases loaded.
2006-08-20 21:21:24
631.   Chofo
We can afford to loose this game and still I´m very nervous....
2006-08-20 21:21:25
632.   bobtaco
Clutch walk. Seriously.
2006-08-20 21:21:36
633.   unpopster
this is where Cano drives a ball past Loretta....
2006-08-20 21:21:53
634.   KYK
625 here we go.
trust me, i'd rather cano hit.
i'll take a walk from arod at this point
2006-08-20 21:22:06
635.   Chofo
Cano with bases loaded... 4-32
2006-08-20 21:22:12
636.   monkeypants
Once again, at least they're making Papelbon work. Even if he wriggles free this inning, he'll have thrown 15 or 20 pitches, probably.
2006-08-20 21:22:15
637.   mehmattski
Morgan, on Cano: "One of the best fastball hitters in the game right now"

Good that he's being praised, but given the statements on Mirabelli, there's no credibility there...

2006-08-20 21:22:24
638.   Benjamin Kabak
Cano is 4 for 32 in his career with the bases loaded with 20 RBI. That last number isn't bad.
2006-08-20 21:22:51
639.   unpopster
by the way, this loooong inning for Papelbon and the upcoming 9th means he's probably unavailable tomorrow
2006-08-20 21:23:05
640.   randym77
620 It's been posted here, several times. Cairo and Cano are opposites. Cairo hits awful with bags empty, great with RISP. Cano is the opposite.

C'mon, Robby. Make a fool of me. Please!

2006-08-20 21:23:10
641.   Benjamin Kabak
mmmmmmmm come on robbie
2006-08-20 21:23:15
642.   KYK
at least it feels like they're making papelbon work.
2006-08-20 21:23:39
643.   weeping for brunnhilde
2006-08-20 21:23:39
644.   Benjamin Kabak
Terrible fucking at bat.
2006-08-20 21:23:46
645.   KYK
damn! damn, damn, damn.
2006-08-20 21:24:02
646.   Benjamin Kabak
Why couldn't A-Rod have driven one of those fastballs that he fouled off? Just a fly ball was all we needed.
2006-08-20 21:24:14
647.   Zack
We are going to let a bases loaded, no outs situation go by only scoring one run...rediculous...
2006-08-20 21:24:26
648.   nyyfan22
Another Yankee 2-out rally? Hells yeah!
2006-08-20 21:24:57
649.   KYK
at this point, i'd take a walk.
2006-08-20 21:25:05
650.   Benjamin Kabak
Can't anyone hit a fastball right down the middle of the plate. Gimme a break.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-08-20 21:26:03
651.   Zack
THis inning is farily indicative of this game...wasted chances...
2006-08-20 21:26:03
652.   eggman
Long time reader... first time poster... They really need at LEAST two
2006-08-20 21:26:34
653.   weeping for brunnhilde
650 Not at this velocity, no.


2006-08-20 21:26:41
654.   Zack
Cano has had a brutal game today...just awful...
2006-08-20 21:26:54
655.   Benjamin Kabak
I have to say: I know A-Rod walked. But that was not what we needed there. I'm a bit annoyed at our so-called RBI guy.
2006-08-20 21:27:13
656.   weeping for brunnhilde
2006-08-20 21:27:14
657.   Chofo
Man, this guy is good.
2006-08-20 21:27:29
658.   Zack
WE've gone back to the old offense of inability to score runs not on a HR
2006-08-20 21:27:34
659.   Benjamin Kabak
That was pathetic. More ammo for sucking this redneck pitcher's dick by Boston.
2006-08-20 21:27:37
660.   KYK
shit! bases loaded four batters. one run.
2006-08-20 21:27:40
661.   bobtaco
24 pitches.
2006-08-20 21:27:44
662.   monkeypants
Morgan repeatedly declaring the ESPN K-Zone innacurate, to explain his own observations f pitches down the middle as 'inside.'
2006-08-20 21:27:50
663.   Alvaro Espinoza
Last 2 pitches to Jorge were filthy.

That Giambi flyball was ominous. Still not sure how it stayed in the park.

2006-08-20 21:28:02
664.   randym77
Well, Jorgie at least put up a fight.

I guess the Cabbage Patchelbon Kid is the real deal.

2006-08-20 21:28:14
665.   nyyfan22
I wish I felt like that crackhead Red Sux fan they showed who had his fists in the air.
2006-08-20 21:28:17
666.   weeping for brunnhilde
655 Agreed, but a walk's better than hitting into two, n'est-ce pas?
2006-08-20 21:28:23
667.   Chofo
This guy is good.
2006-08-20 21:28:39
668.   Travis
The 9th inning isn't looking good though: Melky, (Guiel/Bernie), Damon
2006-08-20 21:29:15
669.   Zack
I wouldn't call him the real deal yet...He seems good, but hell, so did Lidge last year...And our bats didn't really help there...
2006-08-20 21:29:16
670.   BayRidger
664. He didn't exactly blow through 'em.
2006-08-20 21:29:28
671.   monkeypants
655 That's BS. He did his job and got on base; he didn't go out of the zone and K. Don't pile on A-Rod here, when a certain all-star 2B has been pretty awful the whole night.
2006-08-20 21:29:30
672.   Benjamin Kabak
666 The fact that we're even debating that with A-Rod is ridiculous. The Yanks' best chance were those two foul balls that A-Rod hit. He "settled" for a walk. It was bound to happen that no one would hit after that. Giambi delivered. A-Rod didn't even need to almost hit a grand slam. Just a medium deep fly ball.
2006-08-20 21:30:08
673.   nick
so who's this guy on the mound for us?
2006-08-20 21:30:14
674.   Benjamin Kabak
671 His job there wasn't to get on base; it was to drive in the run. That's the money situation right there.

Sure, getting on base keeps the lineup moving, but I would rather have seen an RBI and an out than a walk.

2006-08-20 21:30:28
675.   Chofo
That Fly out by Giambi has a HR at the stadium
2006-08-20 21:30:35
676.   Max
Jason and Alex had very good at bats against Papelbon. Cano's was awful (as has been his entire night), and Jorge looked slow on all his swings...he had a good pitch to lay wood on early in the at-bat and couldn't do anything with it.
2006-08-20 21:30:40
677.   Zack
And its not like the Yanks bats suddenly "came alive" that inning...infield single, hit by pitch, walk, one hard hit sac fly by Giambi, another walk, and two strike outs...not exactlly killing the ball...
2006-08-20 21:30:40
678.   Benjamin Kabak
673 Sean Poctor
2006-08-20 21:30:47
679.   nyyfan22
662 the TV press box at Fenway is off-center from the plate. That's atypical. Probably trusting his eye and just misjudging the pitches.
2006-08-20 21:31:01
680.   unpopster
ok, Scotty, keep 'em at bay here and let the Melkman-GOB-Johnny of Nazareth win it in the bottom of the 9th.
2006-08-20 21:31:11
681.   seamus
papelbon hasn't done well when pitching two innings. So we do have a chance. but i'm not overly optimistic right now.
2006-08-20 21:32:00
682.   bobtaco
Papelbon has the dead eyes of a shark.
2006-08-20 21:32:19
683.   marc
well, If we lose at least Papelbon's arm will be a little tired for Monday
2006-08-20 21:32:26
684.   Benjamin Kabak
682 or an idiot. Ever hear him talk?
2006-08-20 21:32:49
685.   Benjamin Kabak
Scott Proctor is starting tomorrow's game.
2006-08-20 21:33:31
686.   monkeypants
674 They used to complain about Ted Williams doing the same thing when he wouldn't swing at pitches off the plate. It was BS then, and BS now.

Of course one would rather have the RBI than not, but why not blame any other batter for not tying the game there?

2006-08-20 21:33:54
687.   seamus
681 nevermind. I am wrong with that statement. Not sure why but I decided to look at his stats and he has pitched two innings four times, and three were good.
2006-08-20 21:34:12
688.   Zack
The Yanks have managed to make this the most annoying game possible. I would have much prefered a blow out so I could have just accepted the loss and gotten some work done. Instead, I am stuck watching this crap that I know full well will end in total annoyance...Typical
2006-08-20 21:34:18
689.   Chofo
If Paps is going to close it, at least make him throw another 20 pitches, so he won´t be here tomorrow.
2006-08-20 21:34:33
690.   randym77
Guiel or GOB in to pinch-hit?
2006-08-20 21:34:43
691.   Alvaro Espinoza
Way to give the ball a ride, Coco! Now SIT DOWN!!!

Note to Proctor: no walking Loretta now!

2006-08-20 21:34:54
692.   Zack
that inning falls on Cano, that was a worthless, terrible at bat, and so has this whole game been for him
2006-08-20 21:35:05
693.   nick
685 shouldn't Bronx Banter folks all chip in and get, say, a really nice bottle of Scotch for Scotty?
2006-08-20 21:35:13
694.   Zack
So Proctor is going to have to pitch to Ortiz? yuck...
2006-08-20 21:35:45
695.   Benjamin Kabak
686 I'm not complainaing about the act of walking. I'm complaining about the two pitches he fouled off. They were VERY hittable especially for someone who has been repeatedly called the greatest player of all time.

I blame Cano too. That was a poor at bat. Very poor.

I also wonder why Joe won't ever consider using A-Rod to squeeze. Roll a bunt down the line with Derek on third and the game is tied. Think a little here. Manage.

2006-08-20 21:35:48
696.   Zack
Oh, nevermind...

Is there any reason to think bernie stands a chance against Pappelbon pinch hitting?

2006-08-20 21:36:05
697.   bobtaco
Arod didn't pop up, K or ground in to a DP. It was a good AB, especially considering what he has been doing lately with a runner at third.
2006-08-20 21:36:51
698.   Benjamin Kabak
688 Yeah I'm with you. Anything the Yanks do tonight or tomorrow is a bonus after the first three games. But this is one annoying game. And I want to believe that A-Rod will come through at some point by driving in a runner on third.
2006-08-20 21:37:05
699.   marc
Hell Bernies probably got as good a chance as anyone else
2006-08-20 21:37:08
700.   KYK
690 i'd bet GOB
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-08-20 21:37:21
701.   Benjamin Kabak
Joe Miller just mentioned Bernie on the bench. Bernie would look like a fool against Papelbon. Stick up Wilson and hope he blasts one.
2006-08-20 21:37:22
702.   Chofo
We are loosing by one run because Myers walked Loretta only to face Ortiz and Manny. His job was to get him out.
2006-08-20 21:38:18
703.   eggman
Pappelbon = Kevin Heffernan (from Super Troopers)??

2006-08-20 21:38:36
704.   Zack
Schilling, beckett and Papelbon all ahve that annoying habit of screaming and fist pumping when they get themselves out of self-induced jams...
2006-08-20 21:39:06
705.   bobtaco
How about Guiel?
2006-08-20 21:39:08
706.   randym77
696 I wouldn't rule anything out. GOB has been hitting pretty well.

Guiel is a lefty. However, he's been in a bit of a slump in Columbus, so I could see going with Bernie instead.

2006-08-20 21:40:05
707.   Zack
Nah, Torre would never think of pinch hitting anyone other than GOB..who NEEDS to bunt here...


2006-08-20 21:40:08
708.   mehmattski
Worst. Dive. Ever.
2006-08-20 21:40:09
709.   Dan-el
2006-08-20 21:40:13
710.   Travis
Kapler missed that ball by 10 feet.
2006-08-20 21:40:15
711.   weeping for brunnhilde
See what I'm saying?




2006-08-20 21:40:20
712.   unpopster
2006-08-20 21:40:40
713.   Benjamin Kabak
706 Think about it: Bernie's slow bat against Pap's 98 MPH fastballs? I think not. I think Bernie's great. He's been wonderful for the Yanks, but not against a fireballer. This is insane.

Give me Wilson or Guiel.

2006-08-20 21:40:42
714.   nick
2006-08-20 21:40:52
715.   bobtaco
I Heart Melky
2006-08-20 21:40:59
716.   Zack
Jesus, no, Bernie is going to K, BUNTTTTTTT!!
2006-08-20 21:41:01
717.   unpopster
buntbuntbuntbunt...though I think GOB strikes out here
2006-08-20 21:41:09
718.   randym77
710 Wilson doesn't hit righties very well.
2006-08-20 21:41:11
719.   Chofo
That RF looked like a fool. For all the great infield that Boston has on defense, they´re comic when it comes to the outfield
2006-08-20 21:41:17
720.   seamus
Melky! he has had such a tough game but gets this huge hit here!
2006-08-20 21:41:25
721.   monkeypants
Why oh why bat Bernie LH here? Why was Guiel called up? Torre does confuse you sometimes.
2006-08-20 21:41:29
722.   weeping for brunnhilde
Positive thinking, folks.

Let's go BER-nie!

2006-08-20 21:41:36
723.   Chofo
Time for a bunt...
2006-08-20 21:42:15
724.   seamus
Guiel is in a real big slump. He is not a good choice here.
2006-08-20 21:42:29
725.   Zack
This is inexcusable managing by Joe..Bernie cannot catch that fastball...
2006-08-20 21:42:29
726.   Benjamin Kabak
Can we pinch hit for the pinch hitter? Bernie is so far behind Papelbon's fastball.
2006-08-20 21:42:46
727.   BayRidger
Gotta get Melk to 3rd...
2006-08-20 21:42:55
728.   Chofo
Why not bunt in the 9th with a men on second and no outs, and do it with Jeter in the 1st after DAmon opened with a double????
2006-08-20 21:42:59
729.   Zack
2006-08-20 21:43:05
730.   Travis
Great job again by Melky.
2006-08-20 21:43:10
731.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was heads up!!



2006-08-20 21:43:10
732.   nyyfan22
Oh yes Melky!
2006-08-20 21:43:20
733.   nick
ok, now we squeeze with GOB?
2006-08-20 21:43:22
734.   unpopster
with all due respect to Clapton, Melky is GOD!
2006-08-20 21:43:23
735.   monkeypants
Man on third, NO OUTS--how painful will this be??
2006-08-20 21:43:27
736.   mehmattski
Sweet, the effect of a bunt without the out given up... now if only Bernie can hit it in the air....
2006-08-20 21:43:32
737.   randym77
713 Bernie makes up for his slow bat speed by guessing. Every once in awhile, he nails one.
2006-08-20 21:43:56
738.   Benjamin Kabak
Wonderful. Who didn't see that one coming from 80000 miles away? Torre amazes me sometimes.
2006-08-20 21:44:09
739.   Zack
Well, no surprise there, Bernie K's...can we please jsut get a fairly deep fly ball? Please? Johnny??
2006-08-20 21:44:12
740.   weeping for brunnhilde
Come on, Johnnie, be a hero!
2006-08-20 21:44:26
741.   Chofo
Just put the ball in play
2006-08-20 21:44:35
742.   Benjamin Kabak
Nick Green had a better shot against Papelbon.
2006-08-20 21:44:39
743.   nick
yet another 1 out man on 3rd situation...
2006-08-20 21:44:46
744.   monkeypants
Bernie just nominated for worst swing of the year.
2006-08-20 21:44:53
745.   KYK
man, did kapler look bad diving for that.
2006-08-20 21:44:53
746.   seamus
wow, was that a splitter on the wild pitch? Gotta give Sterling credit as he called it that they shouldn't throw it if that is the case.
2006-08-20 21:45:04
747.   Benjamin Kabak
I am so mad at Torre for putting up Bernie there. Inexcusable.
2006-08-20 21:45:07
748.   Zack
Liek I said, this is the most annoying game the Yanks could have played, and this is going to piss me off even more...blah...
2006-08-20 21:45:14
749.   tommyl
Why exactly is Guiel on this team? That was a tailor made Guiel PH opportunity.
2006-08-20 21:45:27
750.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2006-08-20 21:45:35
751.   bobtaco
That is probably the game.
2006-08-20 21:45:52
752.   Benjamin Kabak
This is pissing the shit out of me right now. I'm furious at this team.
2006-08-20 21:45:57
753.   yankz
2006-08-20 21:46:02
754.   Zack
I hate this so much. And yet, who didn't knwo that the yanks wouldn't be able to do jack crap in this situation. No excuse, f it all
2006-08-20 21:46:07
755.   monkeypants
Jeter should try to bunt for a hit.
2006-08-20 21:46:07
756.   Chofo
This is stupid. 4 K´s with men on 3rd to ty it.
2006-08-20 21:46:27
757.   yankz
Captain VORP, Captain WPA...
2006-08-20 21:46:34
758.   eggman
Mr. MVP is up...
2006-08-20 21:46:35
759.   Marcus
It's up to the Captain. Get it done, Jeter.
2006-08-20 21:46:45
760.   no2ss
2006-08-20 21:46:46
761.   unpopster
this is gonna suck!! jetes....let's do it baby!
2006-08-20 21:46:48
762.   Chofo
OH YES!!!!!!!
2006-08-20 21:46:48
763.   nick
hey hey mamma!
2006-08-20 21:46:52
764.   Alvaro Espinoza
Cough... blown save!!!
2006-08-20 21:46:58
765.   weeping for brunnhilde

ha ha ha hha ha hah ah ah aha ha


ha ha hah aha hah ah

2006-08-20 21:46:59
766.   randym77
Capt. Clutch! You knew it would be him!
2006-08-20 21:47:00
767.   tommyl
Thank you DJ!
2006-08-20 21:47:06
768.   Travis
Thank God for Jeter. 6th blown save for Papelbon, but he's pitched great.
2006-08-20 21:47:16
769.   yankz
2006-08-20 21:47:19
770.   mehmattski
751 Crow is on the menu tonight, bobtaco :-)
2006-08-20 21:47:19
771.   Zack
YES DEREK! Thank God! Shut thos fans and annoucners up!! Oh my God, I was seriosuly about to go outside and scream for awhile...
2006-08-20 21:47:19
772.   nyyfan22
You guys are Yankee-haters! j/k

But now it's all good.

2006-08-20 21:47:25
773.   monkeypants

Let's be fair--Miller did just orgasm on Jeter's bloop.

2006-08-20 21:47:31
774.   eggman
2006-08-20 21:47:36
775.   bobtaco
oh, sweet knife in the chest. Twist it twist it.
2006-08-20 21:47:50
776.   wsporter
It's just Jeter being Jeter!!!!!!!!!
2006-08-20 21:47:57
777.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
JETER....that is just pure money...

now lets see A Rod save his season with a 2 run bomb

2006-08-20 21:47:59
778.   unpopster
um, honestly, Kapler dove for a ball he had no chance at but he didn't dive for that bloop? what a tool.
2006-08-20 21:48:08
779.   Marcus
2006-08-20 21:48:09
780.   Yu-Hsing Chen
2006-08-20 21:48:20
781.   tommyl
768 Which merely proves that saves are a stupid stat. Papelbon has pitched amazing so far.
2006-08-20 21:48:20
782.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
JETER....that is just pure money...
2006-08-20 21:48:35
783.   Zack
Scary part of the Sox order coming up in the 9th...
2006-08-20 21:48:43
784.   monkeypants
Gotta send Jeter here.
2006-08-20 21:48:58
785.   Benjamin Kabak
I'm still mad at Joe for abusing Bernie.
2006-08-20 21:49:16
786.   KYK
how many pitches it p-bon at?
if bobby can get on, maybe jason can crush it this time
2006-08-20 21:49:18
787.   monkeypants
781 Yep.
2006-08-20 21:49:23
788.   wsporter
Wilson plays third?
2006-08-20 21:49:50
789.   Ravenscar
Don't forget the assist to Mirabelli. ;-)
2006-08-20 21:49:50
790.   BayRidger
Even if they lose, at least they've proven they can get to the Red Sox bullpen. They've roughed up almost every reliever they have. I don't know if Timlin has recorded an out in the whole series. And now, golden boy Papelsmear has been touched up.
2006-08-20 21:50:08
791.   Chofo
Is anybody else as nervous as I am of having Ortiz hitting in the 9th with the chance of winning it all?
2006-08-20 21:50:08
792.   randym77
We have been helped by some pretty bad defense tonight. Boston's D is way overrated, IMO.
2006-08-20 21:50:28
793.   yankz
Papelbitch is at 35+
2006-08-20 21:50:41
794.   nyyfan22
Jesus I hope Ortiz breaks his ankle coming outta the dugout.
2006-08-20 21:50:57
795.   monkeypants
783 The rule is that Ortiz must bat in every ninth inning of any close game.
2006-08-20 21:51:02
796.   tommyl
Pap up over 40 pitches now.
2006-08-20 21:51:10
797.   Benjamin Kabak
Papelbon at 40.

Ortiz in the 9th in a tie game? Um. I won't watch. (That's not true.)

2006-08-20 21:51:40
798.   Zack
It blows my mind how Ortiz always seems to be up in the 9th...But Mo will be in, so...
2006-08-20 21:51:56
799.   Benjamin Kabak
How's about Bobby pokes one over the monster? Please.
2006-08-20 21:52:10
800.   yankz
If A-rod bats this inning, he could move to third and they'd lose the DH...
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2006-08-20 21:52:16
801.   monkeypants
788 A-Rod plays third--the DH spot probably won't matter now that they are into the BPs.
2006-08-20 21:52:17
802.   nyyfan22
Come on Bobby. You're a good bat man.
2006-08-20 21:52:18
803.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
at least Papelbon is toast for the 10th and tomorrow
2006-08-20 21:52:22
804.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
at least Papelbon is toast for the 10th and tomorrow
2006-08-20 21:52:53
805.   Chofo
Boston´s outfield defense is horrendous at best: Manny, Coco, Willy Mo, Heinske... Kapler is the good boy over there and looked pretty bad both times the ball was hit to him
2006-08-20 21:53:00
806.   Zack
Is it required that Miller has a mini orgasm at ever K, and the Sox fans too?

Ahh yes, another shot of Ortiz's HR, have they even shown Giambi's once?

2006-08-20 21:53:07
807.   randym77
Wilson is not a third baseman. I think A-Rod will have to play third.
2006-08-20 21:53:08
808.   KYK
damn, oritz and manny.
against mo
somehow i feel the odds favor the sox
2006-08-20 21:53:12
809.   Benjamin Kabak
I hate these John Smoltz/Home Depot commercials. They were never good.
2006-08-20 21:53:37
810.   marc
fuk, are we going to watch papi win in the bottom of the 9th and have to watch it rerun a billion times
2006-08-20 21:53:49
811.   Zack
Mo will come in and take Bernie's spot in the order, and Arod to 3rd...
2006-08-20 21:53:58
812.   nyyfan22
805 Kapler had a 27-game hit streak in 2000. That's... about... it.
2006-08-20 21:54:12
813.   Chofo
One more fun with stats: That good looking ERA just got over 1 for Paps for the first time on the year.
2006-08-20 21:54:19
814.   Marcus
808 Have you no faith in Mo?
2006-08-20 21:55:06
815.   Benjamin Kabak
Jon Miller is now excusing a blown save by Papelbon? Red Sox bias? STFU.
2006-08-20 21:55:34
816.   Benjamin Kabak
Great. Idiotic double switches. Take out Abreu and sacrfice outfield arm and defense. IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT.
2006-08-20 21:55:37
817.   weeping for brunnhilde
Poor Arod, btw.

I officially feel sorry for the guy now.

He's gotta feel so neutred right about now.

He loses his position, fails to get the big hit and then watches Derek tie the game with two outs in the ninth by just dunking one in the other way.

I don't think I'll ever say another unkind word about Arod again, he's just too pathetic.

2006-08-20 21:55:43
818.   Zack
We've made them work their BP somewhat, and worn some more of that shine off of Papelbon...It won't be the most annoying game ever...

And Bernie stays in in RF? Hmmm...

2006-08-20 21:56:11
819.   BayRidger
Just think, what are the odds of Ortiz homering off Mo in two consecutive's probably never been done before.
2006-08-20 21:56:27
820.   Zack
Maybe Mo can jsut walk ortiz to save us the annoyance? He's not usualyl this wild...uh oh...
2006-08-20 21:56:28
821.   yankz
God, this is what haunts us Yankee fans since 2004, isn't it?
2006-08-20 21:56:30
822.   Max
I don't understand why they didn't just have Green bunt instead of wasting the DH by having Bernie bat. It all ended up working out, but Bernie was hopeless against Papelbon.

Give credit to Papelbon, though...his splitter really is pretty tough. You don't see Abreu striking out too often like that.

2006-08-20 21:56:37
823.   bobtaco
Mo is going to wlk him.
2006-08-20 21:56:53
824.   Zack
Can ortiz take a "clutch" walk?
2006-08-20 21:56:53
825.   Benjamin Kabak
Manny and Ortiz leading off an inning make me VEEERY nervous.
2006-08-20 21:57:23
826.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-08-20 21:57:30
827.   weeping for brunnhilde


2006-08-20 21:57:42
828.   Benjamin Kabak
Give this one to Torre. Taking out Abreu was a stroke of genius.
2006-08-20 21:57:45
829.   Max
GOB double with Ortiz. You can't get much worse than that. Another reason putting Bernie in was such a bad move.
2006-08-20 21:57:53
830.   bobtaco
Sure, don't put Guiel in RF. Why do that?
2006-08-20 21:57:53
831.   monkeypants
Every other game Torre makes defensive switches. Tonight, he leaves Giambi in--that makes sense. But why is Bernie in RF?
2006-08-20 21:57:53
832.   randym77
Papi can move when he wants to.

Why is Bernie in RF?

2006-08-20 21:57:53
833.   Zack
Great fuckign double switch torre...

And Morgan" big papi, thats a guy who wants to win the ballgame...

Right, because no one else wants to, and hitting into an error really makes him clutch...

Is there such thing as a clutch error?

2006-08-20 21:58:00
834.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
that was bad....very bad....
2006-08-20 21:58:09
835.   nyyfan22
Dammit. I didn't even get the broken ankle when he turned first.
2006-08-20 21:58:14
836.   weeping for brunnhilde
It wasn't such a bad hop.

Jason has to have his body IN FRONT of the baseball.

God damn it.

2006-08-20 21:58:26
837.   Benjamin Kabak
Joe Torre wants to lose this game more than anything else.
2006-08-20 21:58:31
838.   Travis
You've got to be kidding. And Torre double-switched out Abreu????
2006-08-20 21:58:33
839.   yankz
2006-08-20 21:59:26
840.   Zack
Torre has screwed up with bernie so many times, that his double screw up of Bernie tonight is almost laughable...

But you knwo what, the Sox winning off an error isn't so bad..Somehow it will be considered "clutch" by Ortiz, who will get all the credit, but at least we will know better...

2006-08-20 21:59:33
841.   Benjamin Kabak
This is effing ridiculous. Did Joe Torre miss the memo? Giambi at first base with Craig Wilson on the bench? HELLLLLLLO.
2006-08-20 21:59:43
842.   Mattpat11
Holy Christ. Why was Bobby Abreu double switched out?
2006-08-20 21:59:47
843.   Benjamin Kabak
This is effing ridiculous. Did Joe Torre miss the memo? Giambi at first base with Craig Wilson on the bench? HELLLLLLLO.
2006-08-20 22:00:12
844.   nick
OK, dp or bad bunt--cmon Mo
2006-08-20 22:00:24
845.   Ravenscar
THAT was a poor play
2006-08-20 22:00:24
846.   Zack
Nice play, MO..surprised the Sox didn't pinch run there...
2006-08-20 22:00:24
847.   bobtaco
Nice play Mo.
2006-08-20 22:00:34
848.   Chofo
Can someone explain to me if I´m missing a rule or something? Why not leave Bernie as the DH, leave Abreu at RF?
2006-08-20 22:00:34
849.   weeping for brunnhilde
Mo is a cat, man.

I gotta say, though, I thought that was a risky move, going to third.

BUt it worked.

2006-08-20 22:00:44
850.   Chofo
Can someone explain to me if I´m missing a rule or something? Why not leave Bernie as the DH, leave Abreu at RF?
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2006-08-20 22:00:56
851.   monkeypants
i just don't get it. Moving A-Rod to third loses the DH in six batters. Why do you need to double-switch Abreu out of the game? The wiorst that happens is a big 10th and you bunt the pitcher, or it's the 11th and Rivera is out of the game anyway.
2006-08-20 22:01:00
852.   Benjamin Kabak
Nice stop, Jorge.
2006-08-20 22:01:31
853.   bobtaco
Can Joe take Bernie out now?
2006-08-20 22:01:48
854.   Zack
Ugh, and Mo/Posada gives it back...

We are just trying to make this the most annoying loss possible...seriously, couldn't we jsut have gotten blown out?

No, I take that back, I will still be ahppy, we did enough today, that even with an impending loss, its not so bad...

2006-08-20 22:01:58
855.   Mattpat11
Christ almighty. Ballgame.
2006-08-20 22:01:59
856.   Benjamin Kabak
Can Lee Mazilli take Joe Torre out now? Just for the rest of the game.
2006-08-20 22:02:11
857.   Travis
A fly ball anywhere to right wins the game. I feel sick.
2006-08-20 22:02:25
858.   Max
Wow, everyone wants to blow this one tonight. After Mo makes an unbelievable big cojones throw to third, Jorge completely lets the next pitch go by, advancing the runner anyway.
2006-08-20 22:02:26
859.   Zack
Although we will have to deal with more "the Red Sox own Mo" nonesense...
2006-08-20 22:02:30
860.   monkeypants
IBB Lowell with Mo? I'd rather bring everyone in, including the OF, and dare him to hit a sac fly.
2006-08-20 22:02:35
861.   Benjamin Kabak
854 Have faith! We'll hold 'em still.
2006-08-20 22:03:17
862.   Benjamin Kabak
There's Lee! He's urging on the Yanks! Go Lee!
2006-08-20 22:03:37
863.   Chofo
Hinske hits Mo well, 3-8
2006-08-20 22:04:00
864.   KYK
is morgan right?
is mo's cutter not working?
2006-08-20 22:04:18
865.   nick
Mo not getting ANY help tonight...
2006-08-20 22:04:19
866.   Benjamin Kabak
OK. One more. One more. Please. Please. Please. We're not out of this yet.
2006-08-20 22:04:22
867.   randym77
Does Joe actually think Bernie is a defensive upgrade? Remember that game when he gave up the DH to sub Bernie in for Abreu in CF? Maybe he's worried that Abreu won't chase balls to the wall?
2006-08-20 22:04:28
868.   weeping for brunnhilde

Blew him away.

One more, Mo, one more!

2006-08-20 22:04:31
869.   Zack
K, great sequence Mo, just one more...

Is it just me, or do the Sox have a plethora of really beefy guys?

2006-08-20 22:04:43
870.   mehmattski
863 3-9 now, mr small sample size
2006-08-20 22:04:43
871.   Mattpat11
850 Moving A-Rod to the field loses the DH. The pitcher must hit in the DH spot.
2006-08-20 22:05:32
872.   Zack
Holy Crap, Mo has cahones after all!
2006-08-20 22:05:33
873.   Benjamin Kabak
Fuckin' yeah.

I just died. Twice.

2006-08-20 22:05:35
874.   Ravenscar
2006-08-20 22:05:37
875.   Travis
This game is incredible.
2006-08-20 22:05:38
876.   weeping for brunnhilde



2006-08-20 22:05:47
877.   nyyfan22
Giambi caught that ball TEXTBOOK
2006-08-20 22:06:34
878.   bobtaco
Good god. That was Mo from 1995.
2006-08-20 22:06:48
879.   Yu-Hsing Chen
what a amazingly great game... wow.. completely october.
2006-08-20 22:07:21
880.   Marcus
Craig Hanson in. I just started to feel a lot better.
2006-08-20 22:07:39
881.   bobtaco
Good god. That was Mo from 1995.
2006-08-20 22:07:43
882.   yankz
OK, A-rod, Giambi, it's on you, let's make it quick.

Um, how's this scenario: A-Rod homers, 6-5 Yanks. Mo strikes out Cora and Coco Loco, but Loretta walks. Up comes Fatass Papi...and steals A-rod's thunder. Man, I WOULD cry.

2006-08-20 22:07:50
883.   Chofo
Why was Bernie not moved to the DH????? Please someone???? Am I missing something or it´s just Torre madness
2006-08-20 22:08:13
884.   Zack
K, big inning boys, lets go!
2006-08-20 22:08:26
885.   Bob Timmermann
I'm also watching the Japanese High School Baseball Championship Game.

It started at midnight on the East Coast.

It's in the fifth inning.

2006-08-20 22:08:54
886.   monkeypants
864 Mo's been a little off his target for the last couple of weeks, I think. Still, he blew away Hinske.

Mo single-handedly saves another "Torre loss" for now. What interesting chess-moves will the fearless leader make this inning??

2006-08-20 22:08:54
887.   nick
849 yeah, & yet he had him easily....I forget what a great fielder he is sometimes....
2006-08-20 22:09:28
888.   Bob Timmermann
You can't "move" to DH.
2006-08-20 22:09:37
889.   Mattpat11
872 I never doubted that. But it was a situation where he could do everything right and still lose.
2006-08-20 22:09:46
890.   Travis
2006-08-20 22:09:50
891.   Zack
2006-08-20 22:10:34
892.   Zack
Holy crap, I could have sworn he caught that, Giambi is a machine!
2006-08-20 22:10:35
893.   seamus
883 you cannot move bernie to the DH. The only way the DH can switch from one player to another is a pinch hit/run that is a direct replacement of the current DH. Arod was the DH so he had to play 3rd and once that happens the DH becomes inactive. weird rule.
2006-08-20 22:10:44
894.   mehmattski

Take that, Fenway!

2006-08-20 22:10:52
895.   Zack
Holy crap, I could have sworn he caught that, Giambi is a machine!
2006-08-20 22:10:53
896.   Chofo
Wow! Giambi has killed the ball tonight!
2006-08-20 22:11:56
897.   Mattpat11
I enjoy this game.
2006-08-20 22:11:56
898.   matt0620
That's why Giambi wasn't taken out.
2006-08-20 22:12:29
899.   Travis
891 892 I was wondering why you were upset, but now I understand.

Craig "Phenom" Hansen at his best.

2006-08-20 22:12:34
900.   weeping for brunnhilde
Poor Arod.


He's just pathetic.

No chance for glory.

His thunder stolen.

Poor man.

Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2006-08-20 22:12:35
901.   Zack
That was crazy! Now lets get more!
2006-08-20 22:12:46
902.   Benjamin Kabak
Another quality at-bat from the reigning MVP.
2006-08-20 22:12:53
903.   randym77
Coco "WebGem" Crisp couldn't get that one. Though he almost did. Man, those low walls are a hazard.
2006-08-20 22:13:45
904.   Chofo
Wow! Giambi has killed the ball tonight!
2006-08-20 22:13:58
905.   Chofo
Wow! Giambi has killed the ball tonight!
2006-08-20 22:14:26
906.   nyyfan22
See? Robby is earning his forgiveness.
2006-08-20 22:15:17
907.   Chofo
Due up for Boston in the bottom half: Cora, Crisp, Loretta. If someone gets on base, it will be Big Papi with the chance to win it.
2006-08-20 22:15:24
908.   Benjamin Kabak
So, um, yeah, about that Craig Wilson defensive replacement thing from last inning...I take it back.
2006-08-20 22:16:25
909.   Travis
2006-08-20 22:16:29
910.   Mattpat11
I love the Pesky Poll
2006-08-20 22:16:33
911.   Chofo
I can breathe now.
2006-08-20 22:16:34
912.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-08-20 22:16:34
913.   nick
Jorge baby!
2006-08-20 22:16:44
914.   Zack
Jorge! Redemption!!

And what was that craziness about adding a ball? NEver seen that before!

2006-08-20 22:16:55
915.   randym77
2006-08-20 22:17:01
916.   nyyfan22
4 more runs to make it 12 or more 4 games in a row!
2006-08-20 22:17:01
917.   yankz
Have you ever seen it say "Automatic Ball" before on gameday?


2006-08-20 22:17:10
918.   bobtaco
Twist it. Twist it.
2006-08-20 22:17:26
919.   Marcus
This game has gotten very fun.
2006-08-20 22:17:27
920.   seamus
2006-08-20 22:17:31
921.   Alvaro Espinoza
Back page of tmrw's paper: Coco's crash into the wall...


2006-08-20 22:17:54
922.   Travis
Poll: Who will be DFA'd/Sent down to Pawtucket tonight?
A. Mike Timlin
B. Javier Lopez
C. Craig Hansen
2006-08-20 22:18:01
923.   monkeypants
893 Seamus, I think the 'weird rule' is in place to prevent a team from changing the batting order during the game. Otherwise, a manager could switch position players into and out of the DH 'position' and keep re-arranging the batting order.

Still, they could have written the DH rule a little differently to prevent this but still allow a little more flexibility with the position.

Woo-hoo Posada!!

2006-08-20 22:18:09
924.   Max
867 randy, I don't think Torre was under any illusion that Bernie was a defensive upgrade. He probably pulled the double switch just because Abreu was the last person to bat, and he figured his best chance to win would be in the next inning by keeping the big bats in.

It looked like a disastrous move after Giambi and Bernie combined to nearly give the game away, but now the move somehow looks good, though no one's going to be congratulating Joe. :-)

Stake through their heart in the 10th.

2006-08-20 22:18:17
925.   yankz
Anyone else feel like we're breaking the internet(s)?
2006-08-20 22:18:26
926.   eephus
[Wacky Dance]

Just got back from a bar. Man, what a game.

2006-08-20 22:18:37
927.   Alvaro Espinoza
Ooh, Julian "The White Flag" Tavarez warming in the pen!
2006-08-20 22:19:07
928.   Marcus
Too bad the Yankees didn't pick Hansen instead of CJ Henry in last year's draft. I'm sure he'll turn out to be a good pitcher, but he sure has helped the Yankees win some games this year.
2006-08-20 22:19:48
929.   nyyfan22
925 funny shite.

And yes, I do too.

2006-08-20 22:20:08
930.   Zack
Now hold on guys, we still have the bottom of the 9th to do, and Mo threw a bunch of pitches last inning...
2006-08-20 22:20:29
931.   Alvaro Espinoza
Hit it HARDER, Bernie!
2006-08-20 22:20:51
932.   Mattpat11
It makes me happy to see Joe Torre so happy.
2006-08-20 22:22:01
933.   Max
028 I actually kind of feel bad for Hansen. I think he's going to be a very good pitcher, but the Sox really rushed him this year (and the end of last).
2006-08-20 22:22:08
934.   Mattpat11
930 No lead is ever safe at that god damn place.
2006-08-20 22:22:16
935.   Alvaro Espinoza
930 Mo heard you and he said: "So what???" :)
2006-08-20 22:22:31
936.   marc
we just can't have 2 on board for papi
2006-08-20 22:22:47
937.   Chofo
OK, now come the defensive replacements: Wilson and Guiel.

Oh, wait... did I said DEFENSIVE REPLACEMENTS? They´re both average at best.

2006-08-20 22:23:49
938.   yankz
937 Average IS an upgrade.
2006-08-20 22:23:49
939.   singledd
While Giambi and Jetes have been clutch, it was Melky's stinging double off Papsmear (the only ball hit hard off of him) and his baserunning that was the key to this (hopefully) win.
2006-08-20 22:23:55
940.   randym77
And yes, Aaron Guiel is alive!
2006-08-20 22:24:13
941.   Benjamin Kabak
937 Guiel > Bernie
Wilson > Giambi

Who cares if they are average; they are better than those who they replaced.

2006-08-20 22:24:43
942.   Max
Whoops, sorry for the nonsensical reference to post 028 in 933...maybe I'm already anticipating another thousand post evening. :-)
2006-08-20 22:25:12
943.   KYK
do i dare go to bed?
i'm afraid i'll wake to a yankees loss.
2006-08-20 22:25:30
944.   monkeypants
924 But if he doesn't swap Bernie into the field, then Rivera bats in Bernies spot--with a three run lead and two outs and no one on. Big deal.

Torre panicked without thinking that if Rivera came up in the 10th, the game he had to have a lead already, and if he came up in the 11th, he would have pitched two innings already.

2006-08-20 22:25:58
945.   yankz
The Yankees have officially brought Papelbitch's ERA to 1.00. Hoorah! Though he did strike out 5 in 2 IP, damn.
2006-08-20 22:26:25
946.   Marcus
You know as scary as it would be to see Ortiz up, it would be the most fitting ending to have him strike out to end it.
2006-08-20 22:26:37
947.   Zack
Nasty pitch by MO to get Crisp, who is 1-15 I think they said, for the series? But hey, he once made a great play thsi season...
2006-08-20 22:27:21
948.   Zack
Nasty pitch by MO to get Crisp, who is 1-15 I think they said, for the series? But hey, he once made a great play thsi season...
2006-08-20 22:27:27
949.   Chofo
Now, that HR by Jorge looks even better with Big Papi batting with a man on.
2006-08-20 22:27:43
950.   yankz
The Yankees have officially brought Papelbitch's ERA to 1.00. Hoorah! Though he did strike out 5 in 2 IP, damn.
Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2006-08-20 22:27:49
951.   Travis
Clutch flyout from Ortiz ends the game.
2006-08-20 22:27:50
952.   Benjamin Kabak
This is rather surreal.
2006-08-20 22:28:03
953.   nyyfan22
Yankees win! Theeeeeeeeeeee Yankees WIN!
2006-08-20 22:28:20
954.   wsporter
This is just nuts.

Bed Time!!!!!!

Sweep Dreams.

2006-08-20 22:28:24
955.   Marcus
Awwww, too bad, Big Papi can't come through in the clutch.


2006-08-20 22:28:30
956.   yankz
The Yankees have officially brought Papelbitch's ERA to 1.00. Hoorah! Though he did strike out 5 in 2 IP, damn.
2006-08-20 22:28:32
957.   Chofo
30 pitches for Mo tonight. Will he see action tomorrow if needed?
2006-08-20 22:29:10
958.   bobtaco
2006-08-20 22:29:33
959.   Zack
Woah, what happened Ortiz??? After all that from ESPN, I though he hits HRs every AB??

Great great great great great great win. They went for the juggular, and totally blew this weekend out...I think its a true statement by this team that they not only won the series, but came back to win this game...

POTG? Maybe Jeter, Giambi?

And to top it all off, our BP has been pretty darn good, and theirs is a mess!!!

2006-08-20 22:29:34
960.   randym77
What a game. We've got our foot on their necks now.

Those thuds you hear are Red Sox fans jumping out of windows.

2006-08-20 22:29:47
961.   monkeypants
Excellent! Now tomorrow is really house money day--th starters have earned a little rest.
2006-08-20 22:30:18
962.   marc
I'm glad I don't live in
Boston (and was a sox fan). Also Frankona probably gonna get trashed for not starting Papelbon in the 8th
2006-08-20 22:30:44
963.   Eirias
957 If it is only for an inning, particularly against the weaker part of the order, sure.
2006-08-20 22:30:48
964.   nick
man, and fat Wellsie pitching tomorrow....would be kinda nice to drive him to the showers early...
2006-08-20 22:32:20
965.   singledd
Well guys...
I'd love to stay and celebrate, but I've gotta watch a 1 hour special NESN Sportsdesk, where we will have interviews, questions and commentary from the Boston media, and all kinds of other good stuff in reviewing the last 4 games.
This is really gonna be fun.
2006-08-20 22:34:08
966.   BayRidger
Now, instead of us hearing about clutch Ortiz, the Sox fans are going to have to endure, the "Boston Massacre" lead-ins on Sportcenter. Cool.
2006-08-20 22:34:11
967.   bobtaco
487 I lost faith at certain points, but I kinda had a feeling.
2006-08-20 22:34:41
968.   Chofo
Let´s go for the kill. Sweep the tomorrow. It will be something of historic proportions. Let´s go Yanks!
2006-08-20 22:34:58
969.   wsporter
It's not just the loss, it's the way they lost that has to hurt.

The animals at the Globe are going to have a field day.

2006-08-20 22:35:43
970.   rabid stan
That was beautiful. The Yanks deny Schilling the win, though he was great. Jeter and Melky in the 9th, sublime. Mo closes, as always.

This was the exciting, tightly-pitched game I was waiting for.

It was so great, I muted ESPN and played Chopin's nocturne, Op. 9ii in E flat for the bottom of the tenth, and it timed perfectly with the inning.

2006-08-20 22:36:17
971.   nyyfan22
965 I'm with ya, singledd. Here comes the tears!
2006-08-20 22:38:11
972.   JeremyM
Oh man, I am shocked right now. It just didn't feel like the Yankees night to me--one of those games where I was just happy they went down swinging. Damn. Do I dare get greedy and hope for a win tomorrow...?
2006-08-20 22:39:18
973.   weeping for brunnhilde
970 Beautiful, rabid stan. Nice job.
2006-08-20 22:39:24
974.   nyyfan22
Schilling is talkin to the press now. He looks like he just ate a huge meatball sub and can't take the reflux. hooooo!
2006-08-20 22:43:38
975.   Simone
Bonus win! I'm glad that I stayed up unlike the last 4 hour and 43 minute game.
2006-08-20 22:50:24
976.   Gagne55
972 No, you hope for another win today. ;-)

I'm so glad the game will be on ESPN.

2006-08-20 23:39:48
977.   Maz
27 Well, what do you know, I was pretty close. Although I feel like Rickey Henderson... referring back to my own post.
2006-08-21 06:14:00
978.   Ron Burgundy
I achieved sexual climax upon seeing that game.

Ha-Ha, Pepelbitch blew another save. And we killed them again. My God, their bullpen is pathetic. But good game overall. I said I wouldn't care what happened today if we won last night. Well, I gotta keep my word. Though a royal beatdown to finish them off would be nice...

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