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Two Much
2006-08-19 06:41
by Alex Belth

Two games don't exactly make for a massacre, but it's a start....

After pounding the Red Sox in the opener (a game in which the Sox went 0-16 with runners in scoring position), the Yanks out-slugged Boston in turned out to be the longest nine-inning game in baseball history, 14-11. While it is too early to tell how Friday's sweep will play-out this weekend--the Sox, after all, can still win the series--the day could not have turned out any better for New York. Oh sure, Sidney Ponson could have sucked less than he did, but his performance will remain largely a footnote, in light of the nights put together by Johnny Damon and Derek Jeter, Bobby Abreu and Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera, Brian Bruney and Scott Proctor.

Johnny Damon picked-up where he left off in the first game and continued to give Red Sox Nation something to gripe about. But it was Derek Jeter's critical three-run double in the seventh that proved to be the biggest at bat of the game. Jeter was 0-4 when he came to the plate with the bases loaded, two men out and the Yankees trailing by 10-8. Earlier in the game, a foul ball off Jeter's bat injured a fan--the fan would be OK, and Jeter fanned to end the at bat. Now, Mike Timlin fell behind Jeter 1-0 and you could hear a pin drop in Fenway. The silence, the tension, was palpable. And this with the Sox leading by two runs. It was like what Yankee fans would feel if Manny or Ortiz came up in the spot, having gone 0-4 to that point, only more so.

The crowd did not come to life until there were two strikes on Jeter. Bt the Yankee captain worked the count full, fouling off three pitches in the process. Jeter lined the eighth pitch of the at bat into the right field corner, clearing the bases. After Abreu was walked intentionally, Rodriguez doubled sharply past Mike Lowell. The Yanks had a 14-10 lead when all was said and done.

Kyle Farnsworth got beaned with a line drive and had to leave the game, but Proctor prevented any further trouble. Hey, when Mariano Rivera gives up a home run to Ortiz in the bottom of the ninth, and it is essentially meaningless, you know it's been a good night for the Yankees. When Alex Rodriguez makes another routine error in the ninth--in Boston no less--and it is essentially meaningless, it's really been a special night.

New York fans will likely not get too far ahead of themselves--the memories of 2004 still being fresh--but if the Yanks can win one, let alone two of the next three games, the weekend will be considered a success. Biggest game of the year for Josh Beckett. I say he actually shows up today. The question is, what'll the Yanks get from The Big Unit?

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-08-19 07:21:29
1.   seamus
So, what moves are the Yankees making? Rumors abound that Ponson will be DFAd and Karstens brought up for today (no surprise). Also, supposedly there may be another move. We need bullpen pitchers.
2006-08-19 07:21:33
2.   randym77
From the Hartford Courant:

>> The Yankees are carrying 13 pitchers. They'll probably bring up two from Triple A Columbus today, and drop Ponson and Brian Bruney, who pitched an inning Thursday and 12/3 innings Friday. Candidates for promotion include Jeff Karstens or veterans Jesus Colome, Mark Corey and Aaron Small.

Randy Johnson is starting today, so the Yankees are hoping he can go long enough to get to Mariano Rivera, who pitched only one inning Friday. <<

I kind of doubt it will be Small. He just started the other day, is coming off an injury, and was lit up. OTOH, Joe does love those familiar faces.

2006-08-19 07:25:07
3.   randym77
Also, the Courant reports that Giambi tweaked his groin stretching for that throw in the 8th. That's why Green was in. They think he'll be able to play today, but I suspect he'll be DHing, if anything.

I hope our thin bench doesn't come back to bite us.

2006-08-19 07:28:15
4.   Sliced Bread
I imagine after the 2nd game, Theo drank half a bottle of scotch, put on his faded old Damon t-shirt, wrapped himself in that hideous 2004 banner, and wept himself to sleep at his desk. Boo hoo.

Here's hoping the Sox hitters are more hungovah than the Yanks today.

Here's hoping the Yanks pop the cork on a bottle of vintage Unit, not the box wine variety we've seen enough of.

2006-08-19 07:36:29
5.   David
In the last 30 days, Melky has hit .347/.416/.525. His season average is up to .294. He may already be better than Matsui, especially when you factor in fielding and base running.
2006-08-19 07:38:07
6.   seamus
Melky has earned a spot on this roster. So now wtf do we do in 2007. It will be hard to do anything that would result in Melky sitting on the bench.
2006-08-19 07:38:51
7.   seamus
6 to add, I don't think we want Matsui or Giambi sitting on the bench either. Too much talent! :)
2006-08-19 07:50:31
8.   randym77
The YES guys discussed it last night. I think they're right: these things tend to work themselves out. We don't know who will be back next year, or how well they'll be playing. Maybe Matsui's wrist will never the same again. Maybe Cashman will trade Melky straight up for Willis or Zito. It's too early to worry about next year.
2006-08-19 07:51:04
9.   Cliff Corcoran
Sounds like Matsui might want to start taking some grounders at first base as well. Right now I'm thinking DH Matsui and deal with Giambi and his superior hitting numbers in the field. I agree that Melky has positively Pipped Matsui in left.
2006-08-19 07:55:09
10.   Jeb
I think that having Melky, Matsui & Giambi is a heck of a great problem to have. This gives us versatility particularly if any of our regular OF's get hurt. Frankly, I like the idea of bringing back Sheff to play 1b and then using Matsui in a lesser role. Right now I am just rejoicing over the 26 runs we scored yesterday --- it seemed like we had a good hitter up every single time except for Fasano
2006-08-19 07:55:28
11.   randym77
I don't like Giambi at 1B, and it's not just because his D is bad and getting worse. It's because of 3. The guy is always hurting himself trying to play 1B. Stretching for bad throws, diving for line drives, etc. His neck, his back, his shoulder, his groin. It's always something. He's getting too old for this.
2006-08-19 08:06:05
12.   Zack
What's even better about Mats at DH is that there is no more Sheff...And that gives us a real DH as well...And Wilson as a true bench player/Platoon becomes even better
2006-08-19 08:06:19
13.   seamus
I agree that it is a great problem to have. I look forward to all of the second guessing of Torre in 2007! :)
2006-08-19 08:07:23
14.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
You could always rotate, with Matsui, Damon, Abreu, 1b Sheff, and Giambi sharing DH duties, and with one of those sitting every game. Basically give each a day off every week and a day at dh.

Of course that would mean Torre trusting Melky to play all 3 outfield spots.

2006-08-19 08:11:13
15.   randym77
The Sox have posted their lineup:

1. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
2. Mark Loretta, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Manny Ramirez, LF
5. Javy Lopez, C
6. Mike Lowell, 3B
7. Wily Mo Pena, RF
8. Gabe Kapler, CF
9. Alex Gonzalez, SS

P. Josh Beckett

The Yanks have not posted theirs yet. Still trying to decide if Giambi can DH, probably.

2006-08-19 08:13:21
16.   Ron Burgundy
Top 'o the mornin' to ya folks. I stayed up until 1 A.M. watching that craptacular game and 40 years from now, I will tell my grandkids: "I once saw the longest regular 9-inning game in baseball history". But that was quite a good game, in the end anyways. Now that we have the DH out of the way, we can focus on REALLY killing the Red Sawx. Go Yankees!
2006-08-19 08:13:34
17.   seamus
15 javy lopez is batting 5th? For real?
2006-08-19 08:16:10
18.   randym77
17 Who knows? That's what they posted, but they were clearly addled by the lack of sleep. They had Youk and Lowell both playing 3B.
2006-08-19 08:18:13
19.   Murray
I'm worried enough about winning this division. Worry about the fourth outfielder on next year's team is premature.

YES just got to the top of the 7th in the rebroadcast and Jeter's double. Boy, that was fun.
2006-08-19 08:18:46
20.   randym77
The Globe reports that Peter Gammons is in the Red Sox clubhouse. He's looking good, and has kept up on baseball stuff.
2006-08-19 08:21:30
21.   randym77
Hot off the presses:

Ponson to be DFA'd.

Cashman says he'll call up one of these four: Ramiro Mendoza, Steven White, Kris Wilson, Colter Bean.

2006-08-19 08:23:53
22.   JL25and3
Wow, that'll teach me to go to bed early (not that it was even all that early...)

Here's what I see happening: the Yankees win today, then lose to Schilling and Boomer. Then next week's papers/Sportscenter are all about those scrappy Sox and their momentum. Yeah, we'll have the games, but I'll still hate hearing that crap.

Apropos of nothing: he really should be Boomer Wells, Jr. It was Greg's name first, David was just named after him.

2006-08-19 08:24:17
23.   Murray
Maybe Ponson should hit the sauce again. After yesterday's performance, it's hard to see how it could hurt.
2006-08-19 08:25:29
24.   Murray
Seriously, what sense does it make for a pitcher to want the nickname "Boomer"?
2006-08-19 08:26:05
25.   mehmattski
Hey everyone. While I'm glad that I went and saw Snakes on a Plane last night (the hype is totally accurate), I made a terrible mistake when I got back. I flipped on ESPN, and they were reviewing what I thought was a complete Yankees game, with the Yanks losing 10-7. I turned off the TV and moved on to other activities. What a mistake! I blame the alcohol, but looks like I missed quite the game.

Anybody else see that the Star-Ledger is reporting that Sal Fasano has indeed influenced several Yankees to grow mustaches, including Giambi? Ron Villone, Johnny Damon, and Jaret Wright are also in on it. They tried to get Jeter but he wouldn't do it. This is way cooler than the typical "everyone shaves their head" team unity thing.

2006-08-19 08:32:05
26.   randym77
WFAN is reporting that Karstens and Guiel have been called up, for Ponson and Farnsworth.

I assume that means Farnsy's on the DL.

2006-08-19 08:35:49
27.   LI yankee
26 Ugh. That means more Proctor and Villone.
2006-08-19 08:37:41
28.   Sliced Bread
27 Less Bernie, too, which is a positive.
2006-08-19 08:39:54
29.   joejoejoe
OF x 3 = 486 games
1B x 1 = 162 games
DH x 1 = 162 games

Melky = 145 games in OF
Matsui = 114 games in OF, 31 games DH
Damon = 114 games in OF, 31 games DH
Abreu = 114 games in OF, 31 games DH
Giambi = 76 games 1B , 69 games DH
??? = 86 games 1B

That's everybody playing 145 games. With injuries and rest that's a reasonable target. If Matsui, Damon, or Abreu (or all 3) can put on the first baseman mitt you will have no problems with playing time. Somewhere a Royal fan is reading this and wishing for such problems.

2006-08-19 08:40:42
30.   seamus
26 Are you sure. Someone on NYYFans said that Bruney was sent down, not Farnsy to DL. Who is right?
2006-08-19 08:44:08
31.   LI yankee
BP now has us at an 89% chance of making the playoffs and an 86% chance of winning the division.
2006-08-19 08:58:43
32.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
how about we collectively worry about our excess of talent and where to play them in early November while basking in the 27th....

Melky, Cano, Wang....Hughes does feel good to get back to the homegrown talent pipeline...

2006-08-19 09:17:10
33.   Travis
Red Sox DFA Seanez, call up Jermaine Van Buren.
2006-08-19 09:21:01
34.   Ron Burgundy
33 That's like DFAing Hitler and calling up Stalin.
2006-08-19 09:24:58
35.   Travis
34 What, you don't think a pitcher who's given up 14 runs and walked 13 in 11.2 innings is good?
2006-08-19 09:26:00
36.   LI yankee
32 Add Duncan, Clippard, White, Cox, and Tabata to that list in a few years
2006-08-19 09:26:27
37.   randym77
And here's the Yankees

1. Johnny Damon, DH
2. Derek Jeter, SS
3. Bobby Abreu, RF
4. Jason Giambi, 1B
5. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
6. Robinson Cano, 2B
7. Jorge Posada, C
8. Bernie Williams, CF
9. Melky Cabrera, LF

P. Randy Johnson

Giambi at first. Guess his groin's okay.

2006-08-19 09:27:21
38.   wsporter
Rasner went 3 plus for Tampa last night and had a nice line. He could be in the mix before all is said and done.

26 any confirmation on Farns to the DL. If it's true I'd rather they brought up a second arm rather than Guiel. Although maybe he's a bat to replace Andy on the bench?

2006-08-19 09:27:43
39.   LI yankee
37 Bernie in center? Lovely
2006-08-19 09:28:45
40.   randym77
30 You're right, it was Bruney. Someone must have been confused.
2006-08-19 09:30:14
41.   Zack
The Yanks designated Ponson AND Bruney, but not really sure why they called up Guiel, I guess mostly because there weren't any other options? Oh, wait, Colter Bean. Yeah, right, clearly not even total bullpen shutdown would give bean a shot...
2006-08-19 09:31:52
42.   Zack
And again, I ask, Why Joe, why??? Bernie in CF=worst. CF. Ever. I really hate to say it, but Bernie HAS to be off this team next year or else this will keep happening. We really have no space/use for him, and it will only get in the way of Melky playing....
2006-08-19 09:32:02
43.   Ron Burgundy
37 Bernie in Center with Randy pitching is just plain awful. Today BETTER be the last time Bernie plays in this series.
2006-08-19 09:32:16
44.   randym77
From LoHud:

>>The Yankees designated Sidney Ponson for assignment and optioned Brian Bruney to Columbus. OF Aaron Guiel and RHP Jeff Karstens were called up from Columbus and made 7:30 a.m. flights to Boston. <<

I'm happy about Guiel, but very surprised. I thought they'd go with another pitcher, at least until this weekend was over. But we really need a backup OFer who is not Bernie Williams.

Now we have a LIDR for Bernie. Maybe. I'm not sure Joe would put Guiel in CF.

2006-08-19 09:37:30
45.   Ron Burgundy
35 Come to think of it, do the Sawx have ANY reliever other than Papelbitch who doesn't absolutely blow?
2006-08-19 09:40:16
46.   rabid stan
Just woke up, very disappointed. Bernie in center?

Joe, you have a perfectly good CF in Melky! Remember, it was supposed to be the corner outfields that were the adjustment for him, the corner outfields for which his offensive numbers were inadequate. He's ideal for center field.

And it's not like you need a defensive virtuoso in Fenway LF. The Sox hide Manny there. It seems tailor-made for GOB.

2006-08-19 09:41:19
47.   LI yankee
45 Papelbon shouldn't even really be a reliever in the first place. If it wasn't for their craptastic bullpen he'd be a starter.
2006-08-19 09:42:48
48.   singledd
ESPN site has an article by Olney titled: "Questioning Torre". It's an 'Insider' article so I can't read it. The teaser talks about Torre's questionable bullpen management... grist for the Torre Haters mill. If anyone reads it, maybe you could post a few choice quotes.
2006-08-19 09:45:07
49.   wsporter
46 Are you sure you want the kid playing CF with that goofy corner in that Zoo atmosphere? I think that might be what Mr. Torre is thinking about. GOB isn't ideal but he may be the best answer if JD isn't going out there; unless they want to call Gardner up from Trenton.
2006-08-19 09:48:07
50.   singledd
While I agree Bernie in CF (or any OF position) is an accident waiting to happen, let's remember he had a crucial hit in yesterdays big comeback. I don't like him in the OF, but I think Torre feels if he contributes to the offense, he will take his chances on defense.

You really want to see Melky cut his MLB CF teeth in Fenway? It's a tough CF to play.

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2006-08-19 09:49:05
51.   Travis
45 Sox relievers' ERAs:

Papelbon: 0.89
Timlin: 3.86
Delcarmen: 4.19
Tavarez: 4.79
Foulke: 5.29
Snyder: 5.64
Hansen: 5.90
Van Buren: 10.80

Post All-Star break:
Papelbon: 1.80
Timlin: 6.46
Delcarmen: 5.17
Tavarez: 5.52
Foulke: 0.00 (2 innings, both last night)
Snyder: 5.68
Hansen: 6.75
Van Buren: 27.00 (1-1/3 IP)

Baseball Prospectus Adjusted Runs Prevented:
Papelbon: 32.3
Timlin: 4.9
Delcarmen: -1.4
Tavarez: -7.8
Foulke: 0.8
Snyder: -1.9
Hansen: -1.2
Van Buren: -1.8

Without doubt, they all blow except for Papelbon.

2006-08-19 09:50:50
52.   tocho
i see karstens and guiel the roster. no ponson or bruney.
2006-08-19 09:51:20
53.   NetShrine
"Kyle Farnsworth got beaned with a line drive"

Alex - I think it's only a beaning when you get hit in the head.

2006-08-19 09:51:29
54.   LI yankee
48 Here is the whole Olney article you mentioned:

The Red Sox and Yankees play their first game today at 1 p.m. ET, and within the next 99 hours or so, they will play five draining games, with high tension, optimal focus, maximum scrutiny. Because the doubleheader in this series is today, it's almost a certainty that the bullpens of both teams will be worked into exhaustion through the weekend.
Which makes the decisions made by Yankees manager Joe Torre during Thursday's game against the Orioles all the more puzzling.

Look, the Yankees' '96-01 dynasty does not happen without Torre, without his calming effect on the players. He's headed to the Hall of Fame. But he seemed to have a really poor day managing Thursday, and there will be ripple effects throughout the weekend.

The problems started with Jaret Wright, who works hard and battles, and who is, generally speaking, the kind of pitcher Joe does not like to watch. Wright does not throw a lot of strikes. He falls behind in the count constantly and he takes a long time between pitches, spitting and chewing and mulling, and he had a particularly bad day against the Orioles on Thursday.

Wright allowed a run the first two innings and came out for the third inning and got an out. And then he walked Brian Roberts on five pitches.

Wright walked Nick Markakis on four pitches.

He walked Melvin Mora on five pitches.

By the time Wright finally rediscovered the strike zone, Baltimore had tacked on three runs and had a 4-2 lead through three innings. With Rodrigo Lopez -- a right-hander who has allowed more hits and runs than any other AL pitcher -- pitching for the Orioles this was hardly an insurmountable lead, and you couldn't blame Torre for thinking about going to his bullpen early. Hold down Baltimore, tack on some more runs against Lopez, and you finish the home stand with a win.

But here's the thing: The Yankees are going to need at least 16 innings from their pitching staff in Friday's doubleheader, depending on whether they win or lose or play extra innings. Wright's pitch count for three innings was a whopping 75 pitches, but what Torre needed to do was shackle himself to the dugout and make sure that Wright threw 100-110 pitches and perhaps got through five innings, no matter how ugly. If Jaret Wright was going to take a beating, well, then so be it. These are the kind of sacrifices you make over a long season.

Instead, Torre called on lefty Ron Villone, who has been extremely effective in middle relief for the Yankees. This was Torre trying to win Thursday's game and ignoring the realities of the next 99 hours.

Villone threw two innings, which means his availability will be limited Friday or Saturday, depending on when he's needed.

After Villone departed, Torre still needed 12 more outs from the rest of the pen, and next he gave the ball to Octavio Dotel, who is coming back from elbow surgery and was just called up from the minors Wednesday.

Dotel pitched Wednesday and got a couple of outs yesterday; that means Torre almost certainly has to give him a day off today, during the doubleheader. It would make no sense to have a guy recovering from surgery pitch on three straight days.

But after Dotel departed Thursday's game, Torre still needed 10 more outs from his bullpen, and next he turned to lefty specialist Mike Myers, who typically comes in for one to three batters in a game.

Not in this game. Myers faced nine hitters, and threw 2.1 innings. To put that in perspective, the last time Myers got seven outs in a game was June 12, 1999, when he was a member of the Brewers, when he was 29 years old.

He's 37 now, and you have to figure his stuff will be compromised today, and Villone's stuff will be compromised, for both games of the doubleheader. And, by the way, the Red Sox do have a fairly accomplished left-handed hitter against whom you might want to use matchup lefties like Myers and Villone in virtually every game. The guy's name is David Ortiz.

The last inning went to Brian Bruney, who was called up from Class AAA Columbus before the game.

If the Yankees had an 8-1 lead in the fourth and Wright had started to collapse, then you could see the logic behind summoning the relievers. But the Yankees were behind when Torre started going through his relievers, for the last 18 outs, and they got blown out 12-2; so the bullpen was taxed needlessly.

We'll see if the Yankees pay a price for these choices over the next 99 hours.

2006-08-19 10:01:05
55.   tommyl
Bernie in CF?! Are you f@#king kidding me? Melky, Guiel, Abreu are all better options in CF. There will be at least two balls Bernie can't get to that go as "hits" with Randy on the mound. That's a retarded move and it makes no sense. Trot Melky out there, the kid has to try again sometime.

Joe, remember that game changing catch Damon made yesterday. Bernie will stand there and watch that ball fall down then lob it back to Jeter standing 3 feet away from him. Argh!

2006-08-19 10:03:27
56.   tommyl
Haha, Fox just had the wrong definition for rivalry on their montage. That was the definition for rival. Different parts of speech.
2006-08-19 10:07:33
57.   Travis
Yankees vs. Beckett:
Damon: 1/4, 2 k
Jeter: 1/3, k
Abreu: 5/34, 2 hr, 13 bb, 15 k
Giambi: 3/5, 2 hr, k
A-Rod: 0/4, bb
Cano: 2/4
Posada: 2/4, k
Bernie: 1/4, 3 k
Melky: 1/4

Sox vs. Randy:
Youkilis: 3/7, hr, 2 bb, k
Loretta: 6/44, 3 bb, 14 k
Ortiz: 4/23, bb, 6 k
Manny: 10/40, 4 hr, 3 bb, 11 k
Lopez: 9/39, 2 hr, 10 k
Lowell: 6/35, hr, 3 bb, 13 k
Pena: 0/9, bb, 6 k
Kapler: 0/5, 2 k
Cora: 1/3

2006-08-19 10:07:57
58.   Bob Timmermann
I have started a quixotic battle (#452) in an attempt to get last night's action recorded as the longest doubleheader ever.

However, the Elias Sports Bureau tends to stop such battles dead in their tracks.

2006-08-19 10:08:19
59.   tommyl
57 Where did you get those?

And Bernie is 1/4 with 3ks? Joe, put in Guiel, he hits righties well, remember?

2006-08-19 10:10:25
60.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I wonder if Guiel is up more to play first, or at least platoon at first. He's been playing there for Columbus, and the Yanks can't be happy with what Wilson's given them there.
2006-08-19 10:13:18
61.   Travis
59 Yahoo, which is the best place to go for historical splits.

58 Bob, has the Elias Sports Bureau ever changed its mind on anything?

2006-08-19 10:13:20
62.   claybeez
54 Can't argue with that. I had a discussion about the same thing last night.

Wish I could have been on the Banter yesterday, but was actually in NY apartment hunting. It was fun listening to Game 1 on the radio on the way up. Then catching some of Game 2 at a bar in Wash Hts while eating Indian. In my adult life I've never been to a bar before where the men were so excited about a regular season game. I loved it. It reminded me of being in Barcelona watching a Barca match.

2006-08-19 10:13:46
63.   Ron Burgundy
57 I don't like those #s against Upper-Deck Beck, but he is so bad, we have to knock him up.
2006-08-19 10:16:49
64.   randym77
Torre in fact seems more inclined to play Guiel at 1B than in CF.


2006-08-19 10:19:01
65.   Maz
I'm not that upset having Bernie in center today. Damon needs a little rest, and Bernie's the most familiar with the Boston outfield. I think he'll be just fine today. Even last year, with his declining ability, he made that great catch in the triangle. If there was a centerfield for Bernie to play, Fenway is the one.
2006-08-19 10:19:35
66.   yankeemonkey
63 "Knock him up"? Do you really want more self-righteous injury-prone mediocre pitchers running around??
2006-08-19 10:21:30
67.   LI yankee
66 Why not? They would play the game the right way
2006-08-19 10:21:51
68.   Travis
Anyone know how many players the Yankees normally call up in September? I would guess it will be larger-than-usual this year, including Cairo and Phillips (and maybe Matsui and Sheffield) coming off the DL, a couple of relievers, and a third catcher.
2006-08-19 10:22:12
69.   Travis
HOORAY! No Joe Buck today.
2006-08-19 10:23:07
70.   Ron Burgundy
Ok, FOX, we get it! Beckett pitched a good game once in his career back in 2003. But this is 2006, and he's horrible.
2006-08-19 10:24:49
71.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Let the battle of mediocre pitchers who have sorely disappointed their respective fan bases commence.
2006-08-19 10:25:02
72.   rbj
Paul Pascarelli (sp?) also mentioned that Scott Proctor's arm is about to fall off, today on ESPN radio. I think the new meme is going to be questioning Torre's use of the bullpen.

I still don't know if I'll get the Yankee game or the fucking Cardinals.

2006-08-19 10:26:26
73.   Travis
72 Find your market here:

2006-08-19 10:27:56
74.   eephus
Hey all. I too was at Snakes on a Plane last night, and it was all I could have hoped for. But I'm sorry I missed such an epic game.

As frustrating as it can be to watch him play defense nowadays, it occurs to me that Bernie's probably played significantly more games in CF at Fenway than Coco Crisp has... I don't know, maybe he'll surprise us. Something I seem to have in common with Joe Torre is an inability to let silly things like logic or reason interfere with my outlook on that guy.

Whoa. Francona looks like death warmed over.

2006-08-19 10:28:15
75.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
it is like a suicide crisis center over on the Boston Globe blog.....

my view is that we take 1 more and leave having them burnt 5 games at home and we depart 1 game up....

2006-08-19 10:30:13
76.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
75 if we take one more then we'll be 2 1/2 up.
2006-08-19 10:30:19
77.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

yea...there goes his off season modeling gigs

2006-08-19 10:31:50
78.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I meant than when we came in...we will have gained another game...

2006-08-19 10:32:15
79.   Travis
I completely disagree with that bunt.
2006-08-19 10:32:20
80.   Ron Burgundy
Jeter, WHY DID YOU BUNT AGAINST A horrible pitcher with an ERA OVER 5.00?!!!
2006-08-19 10:33:02
81.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Ugh. Sac bunt by Jete. Ugh.
2006-08-19 10:34:14
82.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
yesterday was 26 runs w/ only 2 hrs ? amazing
2006-08-19 10:34:17
83.   Ron Burgundy
Let's see: Arrow-straight 92 MPH fastball, no curveball, and nothing else. Beckett, bend over.
2006-08-19 10:34:29
84.   Maz
Hey, regarding this whole mustache thing. I think it would go a long way for Arod if he would grow one. Just think about it. It would really help his image. No longer the stuffy, neurotic Arod...but the new loose, "what's happening baby" Arod.
2006-08-19 10:34:29
85.   atc
plus he gets an out on 1 pitch
2006-08-19 10:34:59
86.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
feed your gopher....
2006-08-19 10:36:22
87.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

if he could attach a 2nd glove to it, perhaps

2006-08-19 10:36:47
88.   randym77
An article in the Globe noted that Damon and Abreu saw 102 pitches yesterday. A whole starting pitcher's worth, for just two guys.
2006-08-19 10:37:44
89.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod, take a walk, or hit a Grand Slam.
Please, with a cherry on top.
2006-08-19 10:37:51
90.   seamus
88 melky saw a lot too.
2006-08-19 10:38:00
91.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
how happy did that ump look when Javy went to talk to gopher boy....4 hour game coming up
2006-08-19 10:38:02
92.   eephus
88 That's a truly amazing stat.

Meanwhile, apparently playing the game right involves avoiding strikes like the plague. Who knew.

2006-08-19 10:38:18
93.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Good thing Jete gave up that out, huh?
2006-08-19 10:38:18
94.   mickey1956
88 Melky saw 37 in the second game alone
2006-08-19 10:39:10
95.   BayRidger
The Red Sox pitching staff is picking up where it left off lastnight...hopefully our bats can do the same.

Also, Giambi is now officially scary-looking again. Good to see.

2006-08-19 10:40:25
96.   Travis
2006-08-19 10:40:39
97.   Stormer Sports
2006-08-19 10:40:52
98.   unmoderated
good grief.
2006-08-19 10:41:01
99.   randym77
GIDP for A-Rod. At least in Boston, he doesn't get booed for it.
2006-08-19 10:41:02
100.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
my head is going to explode with this guy...also Torre playing for the 1 run lead in what is sure to be a pitchers duel !
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-19 10:41:06
101.   Simone
WTH was that from A-Rod? Hasn't he ever heard of a sac fly. Between he and Jeter with the bunt. Ugh.
2006-08-19 10:41:20
102.   BayRidger
I blame the bunt.
2006-08-19 10:41:21
103.   LI yankee
2006-08-19 10:41:30
104.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it A-Rod. WTF?!!!
Thank God Jeter wasted an out.

FOX Guy: "A-Rod's struggles continue."
Asswipe, he raped the Red Sawx yesterday and has been hitting over .350 for two weeks now.

2006-08-19 10:41:55
105.   Maz
He needs a mustache.
2006-08-19 10:42:12
106.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
100 I doubt Torre called for that bunt. That reeked of Jeter going in his own.
2006-08-19 10:42:40
107.   LI yankee
Beckett threw like 2 strikes the entire inning! damnit
2006-08-19 10:42:43
108.   Ron Burgundy
Whatever, Upper-Deck Beck has nothing. We'll kill him.

But seriously, A-Rod and Jeter screwed us there. Jeter with the bunt and A-Rod with the DP.

2006-08-19 10:42:58
109.   randym77
Inning-ending double-play. Snakes on a motherbleepin' plane!
2006-08-19 10:43:18
110.   Ron Burgundy
I am pissed we let Beckett off the hook while he had NOTHING, but he really did suck. We'll get to him, I think.
2006-08-19 10:45:25
111.   Stormer Sports
And they have the BCS too! Mission: Destroy American Professional Sports Broadcasting. Only then can Rupert Murdoch's protoge, Kim Jong Il, deploy his new Sports Network to Americans in need of accurate reporting.
2006-08-19 10:45:27
112.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
it has gotten so bad for A Rod that a dribbler to 3rd that would be scooped up by the kid playing 3b for Saudi Arabia in the LL WS..causes a stir amongst Sox fans ....when he moves towards it to field it....very sad
2006-08-19 10:45:45
113.   eephus
109 My favorite line from the movie last night: Snakes on crack.
2006-08-19 10:45:53
114.   Ron Burgundy
Melkman is "Teh Rule" or whatever you call it.
2006-08-19 10:46:13
115.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
That top half featured some bad mojo. Johnny Baseball better be sacrificing a chicken in the clubhouse during the bottom half or somesuch.
2006-08-19 10:46:17
116.   Stormer Sports
Melky, only a few games and already better at Fenway than Manny!
2006-08-19 10:46:31
117.   Travis
That's the kind of ball Bernie can catch.
2006-08-19 10:46:41
118.   kdw
Yes, 6 pitches. That's what we like to see.
2006-08-19 10:46:42
119.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
who says Bernie cannot cover CF...he still has great range...nice catch
2006-08-19 10:47:19
120.   Ron Burgundy
Six pitches, and Beaver goes right back on the mound. I hope he has lubrication...
2006-08-19 10:47:34
121.   randym77
Yikes, that catch was scary. His glove caught on the grass. Ever since Matsui, that kind of diving catch makes me nervous.
2006-08-19 10:47:44
122.   kylepetterson
How did RJ look: Good or Lucky?
2006-08-19 10:47:46
123.   LI yankee
Let's pray Beckett did not find his "stuff"
2006-08-19 10:47:56
124.   seamus
121 me too. held my breath.
2006-08-19 10:48:43
125.   seamus
122 a little more lucky than good. his pitches were up a bit.
2006-08-19 10:48:56
126.   Stormer Sports
Hey, "He plays the right way!"
2006-08-19 10:49:25
127.   Ron Burgundy
Not a strike.
2006-08-19 10:49:28
128.   eephus
122 I think he's looking very good. Though I'm knocking on all available wood as I say that.
2006-08-19 10:49:43
129.   Stormer Sports
Am I crazy or did the strike zone change in the offseason?
2006-08-19 10:49:52
130.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
so Ponson was DFA'd for Guiel ? what is up with Farns ? do we have another arm up
2006-08-19 10:50:08
131.   Maz
That big rope around Beckett's neck is a distraction.
2006-08-19 10:50:32
132.   randym77
130 Bruney was sent down and Karstens brought up.
2006-08-19 10:50:34
133.   Travis
129 The center-field camera is seriously skewed at Fenway. Don't trust what you see on inside or outside pitches.
2006-08-19 10:51:20
134.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I am old enough to remember a strike above the belt getting called

2006-08-19 10:51:39
135.   Travis
2006-08-19 10:51:54
136.   tommyl
And sometimes Joe is a genius. Wow.
2006-08-19 10:51:56
137.   Maz
Joe Torre is a genuis.;)
2006-08-19 10:51:59
138.   seamus
bernie is never going to break the single mark hitting home runs!


2006-08-19 10:52:00
139.   joejoejoe
Poltergeist of Bernie!
2006-08-19 10:52:06
140.   Stormer Sports
Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

I love ya buddy.

2006-08-19 10:52:08
141.   Ron Burgundy
You know you suck when Bernie Williams hits a HR off you.
Oh, we are pounding Beckett today! Hi-Oh!
2006-08-19 10:52:13
142.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Now that's the Home-Run Josh we've all come to love.
2006-08-19 10:52:25
143.   kylepetterson
Bernie haters beware
2006-08-19 10:52:26
144.   wsporter
Uhm.... we were saying?
2006-08-19 10:52:41
145.   eephus
Bernie! He still has a pretty swing...
2006-08-19 10:52:47
146.   BayRidger
WOW, Beckett's home run problems ARE bad! I don't think Bernie has hit any from that side this year.
2006-08-19 10:52:49
147.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
if Bernie is getting around on his fastball that bodes well for perhaps someone younger ROD
2006-08-19 10:52:56
148.   randym77
Over-under for homers given up by "Back-back-back Beckett" today?
2006-08-19 10:53:35
149.   Stormer Sports
Work a walk here Melky. Pitch count, pitch count!
2006-08-19 10:53:58
150.   Ron Burgundy
Melky OBP.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-19 10:54:09
151.   Travis
146 He's hit 5 of righties, including the 1 today.
2006-08-19 10:54:23
152.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
The Sox should see if Ponson has anything left or at least to give Wells someone to make fat jokes about...

you just have to LOVE Melky

2006-08-19 10:54:53
153.   RichYF
Bernie + rest = win.
2006-08-19 10:54:57
154.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
146 that's his fifth from the left side.
2006-08-19 10:55:30
155.   Travis
Bases loaded, 1 out, middle of the order: 0 runs
No one on, 2 outs, bottom of the order: 2 runs (at least)
2006-08-19 10:55:30
156.   Stormer Sports
Damon, is, ouch! White hot!
2006-08-19 10:55:40
157.   Ron Burgundy
Yawn. Another double, another run.

I love this.

2006-08-19 10:55:51
158.   eephus
I don't think I've heard Fenway Park this quiet in a looooong time.
2006-08-19 10:56:45
159.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
go....on....feed your gopher
2006-08-19 10:56:57
160.   Ron Burgundy
Jeter is killing me here.
2006-08-19 10:57:15
161.   Stormer Sports

Hey. The Angels have the rally monkey, the South has Rally's restaurant, and the Yankees have the rally killer.

2006-08-19 10:57:33
162.   Simone
I would have never thought that Bernie could hit a home run off Beckett.
2006-08-19 10:57:34
163.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Man, is Johnny Baseball rubbing Theo's face in it this weekend or what.

And to cap it off, the Sawx boards are going off on how Coco Chanel was 0 for 5 in game 1 yesterday and saw something like 9 pitches in the 5 at bats.

2006-08-19 10:57:54
164.   RichYF
Speaking of quiet, did anyone hear Rosenthal on the pre-game talking about the Yankees use of the bereavement list? They were going on about how the Yanks possibly misused it to get Bruney up...
2006-08-19 10:57:57
165.   Ravenscar
You know, Tim McCarver really IS far less annoying without Joe Buck.
2006-08-19 10:59:14
166.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
how sad is it that the Sox have a mascot..tragic for a traditional club...more Marlin like than Red Sox like
2006-08-19 10:59:19
167.   Travis
165 Yup. Tim McCarver works much better with a straight man, and is excruciating with someone who thinks he's funny.
2006-08-19 10:59:20
168.   randym77
I think anyone can hit a home run off Beckett.
2006-08-19 10:59:49
169.   Ron Burgundy

Well, Beckett has nothing today and we lead 2-0. But that Jeter bunt and A-Rod DP still loom large here.

2006-08-19 10:59:50
170.   kylepetterson
165 Andy Dick is far less annoying without Joe Buck.
2006-08-19 11:00:11
171.   Stormer Sports
A side question: I have been out of the loop. What is going on with Girardi and the Marlins?
2006-08-19 11:00:58
172.   kylepetterson
171 He's their manager.
2006-08-19 11:01:58
173.   Travis
171 From the AP:

"Loria, sitting behind the plate at the Aug. 6 game, was berating the umpire when Girardi told him or asked him to stop, witnesses said. Loria angrily left his seat and confronted Girardi in the manager's office after the game."

2006-08-19 11:02:13
174.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
misused it ? Lidles grandmother did not really die ? or are they saying he always hated her and is not bereaved...what bullshit
2006-08-19 11:02:14
175.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
171 their owner's an a*h. I suspect Joe will be managing the Cubbies next year.
2006-08-19 11:02:17
176.   Stormer Sports

Yes. I know, but there is some drama going on I guess.

2006-08-19 11:03:15
177.   randym77
171 I gather he's not getting along with the owner. Who seems to be the difficult type.

I heard what started it was the owner arguing balls and strikes with the umpire. Girardi basically told him to STFU, and he didn't take it kindly.

It's too bad, because he's been great for the Marlins. But it seems more and more likely he won't be back.

2006-08-19 11:03:19
178.   kylepetterson
174 He killed her.
2006-08-19 11:03:23
179.   KYK
171 apparently loria and girardi don't get along. rumor is he's gone after the season
2006-08-19 11:03:27
180.   Stormer Sports
Thats ok. Manny is even worse than Jorge on the basepaths.
2006-08-19 11:03:58
181.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
174 Hey, we all know that Chash$ straight out capped Lidle's grandmoms so the Yanks could put him on the bereavement list. That's how Cash$ rolls.
2006-08-19 11:03:58
182.   Ron Burgundy
178 Typical. Yankee kills his grandmother so Yankees can call up another pitcher.
2006-08-19 11:04:04
183.   KYK
179 damn i'm too busy watching the game
2006-08-19 11:04:24
184.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

it is baseball in Florida ! that is a death sentence and as soon as he can get out the better...

The Marlins are counting the concession workers in their attendance these days

2006-08-19 11:04:25
185.   Ron Burgundy
Is Javy Lopez batting behind Manny? Ha-Ha!
2006-08-19 11:05:18
186.   randym77
174 They're saying Lidle could have gone to the funeral without going on bereavement leave, because he won't miss a start.

However, they did say that bereavement leave must be approved, and this use of it was. That it's exactly the type of situation bereavement leave is for.

2006-08-19 11:05:21
187.   Travis
Nasty slider from Randy.
2006-08-19 11:06:19
188.   Stormer Sports
Look, Rosenthal is a moron, it's very simple.
2006-08-19 11:06:42
189.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Lowell hits into an Arod.
2006-08-19 11:06:43
190.   Travis
Their third baseman is having a worse series than our third baseman.
2006-08-19 11:06:57
191.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Lopez sucks but is way better than FasaNO..

I heard someone say it would be hard for Wilson to just jump in and catch in the AL ?

is it the umps ?

They need to look at that because Fasano is not going to work and is spreading that stache shit through the clubhouse like some sort of Millar type

2006-08-19 11:07:00
192.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Lopez sucks but is way better than FasaNO..

I heard someone say it would be hard for Wilson to just jump in and catch in the AL ?

is it the umps ?

They need to look at that because Fasano is not going to work and is spreading that stache shit through the clubhouse like some sort of Millar type

2006-08-19 11:07:03
193.   Ron Burgundy
188 And he's also the douche who said the clubhouse hates A-Rod.
2006-08-19 11:07:16
194.   tommyl
Beckett up to 39 pitches already. This bodes well.
2006-08-19 11:08:09
195.   KYK
looks like sal f is a good clubhouse guy. look at the mustaches starting to bloom on yankee faces.
2006-08-19 11:08:20
196.   Ron Burgundy
OK, this is where we knock Beckett out of the game and then kill Acid Fight.
2006-08-19 11:10:10
197.   rbj
Woo hoo! Just got in from lawn mowing. Nice to see Yanks up 2 and Unit seeming to be pitching well.
2006-08-19 11:10:32
198.   KYK
am i reading this right? RJ has 18 pitches?
2006-08-19 11:10:40
199.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

it is the Yankee clubhouse not some group of "idiots" or some cinderella team...

he is a good clubhouse guy, if he could just remember to use more bleach with the whites and extra jalapeno jack cheese for the spread

2006-08-19 11:11:27
200.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
197 get back out there rbj, and don't come back til the Yanks are up 10.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-19 11:11:32
201.   ronald
I'm watching the third game of the series. First inning, one out, bases loaded, A-rod hits into a double play. Same old, same old. I am getting sick and tired of watching the same thing over and over again. This guy can't hit in the clutch. Damper on the whole team. TRADE A-ROD OUT OF THE YANKEES, PLEASE!!!
2006-08-19 11:11:50
202.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I am laughing because I scalped mine with the pedal down trying to make the first pitch....too funny...glad you took your time

2006-08-19 11:12:21
203.   Stormer Sports
Pitch count?
2006-08-19 11:12:55
204.   Ron Burgundy
201 Please don't come back.
2006-08-19 11:13:16
205.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
48 pitches to get 6 outs? Me likey.
2006-08-19 11:13:16
206.   kdw
177 Waldman said that Loria decided to fire Girardi for that but changed his mind when Girardi agreed to apologize to Loria in front of the entire team for disrespecting him. Unbelievable.
2006-08-19 11:13:32
207.   RichYF
2006-08-19 11:13:37
208.   Stormer Sports
That's why they wouldn't put you behind the plate in Baltimore Javy, you get it now?
2006-08-19 11:14:30
209.   rbj
202 Kirribilli,
I didn't get a chance to start the lawn until 1:30 -- fortunately I have a small lot. Problem is the grass is high (was on vacation last 2 weekends) and wet. Ugh.
2006-08-19 11:14:50
210.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
206 I can't believe Joe would debase himself like that for the crappy Marlins' job.
2006-08-19 11:15:06
211.   RichYF
50+ pitches, 2 IP. Yummy.
2006-08-19 11:15:29
212.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
who do the Sox roll out of their pen this early....Seanz and Tavarez are both we get Snyder as a dead arm cannot impact a guy with a fastball that gets up to the middle speed in my batting range...
2006-08-19 11:16:47
213.   seamus
212 Seanez isn't even on their team anymore!
2006-08-19 11:16:49
214.   randym77
212 Jermaine Van Buren was called up.
2006-08-19 11:17:38
215.   LI yankee
Come on A-Rod atone for your sins
2006-08-19 11:17:39
216.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

small lot...wish I had one now...we moved down to Athens, GA and have a large lot which I (being a kid from the Bronx) thought would be great....I want to pave it now and park cars on it....

2006-08-19 11:18:04
217.   tommyl
Oh my G-d! Someone shut McCarver up. He is claiming that pitch counts are useless and then he actually blamed them for pitchers getting hurt.
2006-08-19 11:18:43
218.   RichYF
217 Mute.
2006-08-19 11:19:06
219.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
212 I wonder if they used the special Mirabelli police escort that Fox wet themselves over earlier in the season to get Van Buren to Fenway for the game today.
2006-08-19 11:19:20
220.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
my thinking is anytime A Rod gets up with a decent runner on try and steal 2nd to get the DP pressure off this guy
2006-08-19 11:20:09
221.   rbj
216 We had a large parcel when I ws growing up. About 3.75 acres, with about 1.5 acres to mow. Which I basically did -- about 6-7 hours on the weekend, with many breaks for Yankee games.
2006-08-19 11:20:39
222.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Time for Robbie to get in touch with his inner Peskey pole.
2006-08-19 11:20:59
223.   RichYF
Hey Robbie, how does your hamstring feel?
2006-08-19 11:21:00
224.   Stormer Sports
Robbie! Robbie!
2006-08-19 11:21:05
225.   tommyl
Cano is soooooo good.
2006-08-19 11:21:10
226.   rbj
Robby comes through
2006-08-19 11:21:16
227.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I'll take a single however.
2006-08-19 11:21:20
228.   randym77
219 They apparently had to flag down the bus he was on. He was on his way to Ottawa when the bus pulled over. He thought someone was sick, until his manager came and told him he was headed to Boston.
2006-08-19 11:21:38
229.   Stormer Sports

Time for Robbie to move up to the 5 spot, that's what time it is.

2006-08-19 11:21:52
230.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod is possibly the 5th or 6th MVP for this team....Melky and Cano have both been far...far more valuable....
2006-08-19 11:22:19
231.   RichYF
Where do you hide Alex?
2006-08-19 11:22:31
232.   tommyl
61 pitches for Beckett
2006-08-19 11:23:23
233.   tommyl
231 Probably watching tape of that AB. The third strike was a nasty pitch. The mistake was swinging at the ball in the dirt for the second strike.
2006-08-19 11:23:25
234.   Stormer Sports

2 hole or 6, but certainly not 3, 4, or 5.

2006-08-19 11:23:45
235.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Van Buren up next for the Sox ? who else can they roll out
2006-08-19 11:23:50
236.   Simone
Oops, Jorge. Good job, Cano.
2006-08-19 11:24:01
237.   Stormer Sports
You got to pay attention Jorge!
2006-08-19 11:25:35
238.   Ravenscar
This is why A-Rod will never get the love - perception over facts.
2006-08-19 11:25:56
239.   kylepetterson
Somebody go wake up old man Johnson....
2006-08-19 11:26:18
240.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the real question is can this guy come back from this train wreck of a season in the field especially, at the plate he is putting up solid Geoff Jenkins type numbers

he is a fragile mental type by all appearances

2006-08-19 11:26:47
241.   kylepetterson

"Randy, it's your turn to pitch."


2006-08-19 11:26:56
242.   tommyl
234 Not the 2 hole. I like Jeter there, he's raking so leave him alone. I could see flipping A-Rod and Robbie though. Its likely a small difference either way, the downside is that you stack your lefties then with Abreu, Giambi and Cano.
2006-08-19 11:27:57
243.   zgveritas
Anybody think Ponson could become a viable 5th starter if he loses 40 pounds, stays off the booze, and starts a serious conditioning program?

There doesn't seem to be much downside to keeping him around through next spring. At least he is more durable than Pavano.

2006-08-19 11:28:01
244.   Ron Burgundy
The Three Amigos are pissing me off today.
2006-08-19 11:28:21
245.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

he also will never get the love because everytime he speaks he kills himself even further with the

"are you talking about Jasons HR ? everytime I hit a Hr I am happy"

this after the back to back garbage time HRs last week

2006-08-19 11:28:41
246.   seamus
242 Robbie should bat 5th against the Sox. They have no lefties in their pen!
2006-08-19 11:29:06
247.   randym77
243 Do you think he'll clear waivers and accept assignment to Columbus?
2006-08-19 11:29:19
248.   rilkefan
240 - "he is a fragile mental type by all appearances"

This kind of stuff is low class in my book, as well as laughable.

2006-08-19 11:29:26
249.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

he may not even make a viable starter in the Aruban League

2006-08-19 11:30:34
250.   rbj
With the bat and with the glove, Robby gets it done.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-19 11:30:56
251.   LI yankee
29 pitches in 3 innings for RJ
2006-08-19 11:31:09
252.   tommyl
Cano is soooooo good.
2006-08-19 11:31:21
253.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
And rj's faced the minimum through 3.
2006-08-19 11:32:10
254.   tommyl
246 What is Van Buren?
2006-08-19 11:32:27
255.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

the guy has more talent that possibly anyone in the game...FACT

he has been in a season long slump...FACT

approaching career highs in K's and E's...FACT

does not have to carry the team as it is loaded....FACT

if it is not physical...although he whined like a bitch about injuries the other day.....and Torre bascially told him to shut up....

If it is not mental...what is it ?
astrological ?

2006-08-19 11:33:42
256.   Ron Burgundy
OK, can we knock out Beckett now? I wonna see what Van Buren has.
2006-08-19 11:33:47
257.   Zack
Just checking in, some good comments today, looks liek lack of sleep didn't damper the Banter's spirit or mental least not too much...

Man, I love how Fox is showing sport fishing here instead of ANY baseball, I mean, more people will totally watch that than the Yanks-Sox, right? Morons...

2006-08-19 11:33:55
258.   Travis
254 Van Buren's a righty. They inexplicably sent down their only lefty, Breslow, right before the series.
2006-08-19 11:34:02
259.   kylepetterson
255 comical?
2006-08-19 11:34:15
260.   randym77
254 Righty.
2006-08-19 11:34:35
261.   rilkefan
255 - quit whining like a bitch, please.
2006-08-19 11:36:08
262.   Ron Burgundy
We need about 10 more runs here to Randy-proof and bullpen-proof this. And well, it's JOSH BECKETT!
2006-08-19 11:36:10
263.   Ravenscar
As a professional singer, I now take back what I said about McCarver being less annoying.

Also, 249 - find me one fact, one bit of data, one small piece of evidence that shows Cano and Melky have been more valuable offensively than A-Rod. A single stat. Other than all that very trustworthy anecdotal evidence you're citing.

2006-08-19 11:36:55
264.   Travis
257 You mean you're not interested in D'Backs- Padres? I hate FOX Saturdays, too.

Markets Zack could be in:
El Paso
Las Vegas
San Diego
Santa Barbara

2006-08-19 11:36:58
265.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

where are you that FOX is showing fishing ?

2006-08-19 11:37:30
266.   Ron Burgundy
Offense not doing it's job, and the umpire is calling sympathy strikes for Beckett. Disgusting.

We should've knocked this clown out in the 2nd inning and scored 7 or 8 runs.

2006-08-19 11:37:48
267.   eephus
257 Jesus, Zack, where do you live and how soon can you move?
2006-08-19 11:38:08
268.   kylepetterson
264 Phoenix.
2006-08-19 11:38:11
269.   Zack
Ding ding ding, and the answer is............San Diego...
2006-08-19 11:38:52
270.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
8 pitches? That's no good at all. I want the Sawx bullpen decimated for tomorrow and Monday.
2006-08-19 11:38:56
271.   kylepetterson
I'd rather watch fishing than Padres
2006-08-19 11:39:46
272.   Zack
Its actualyl a weekly problem here. I don't think Fox has shown two games in the same day here this season, and never anything but Cali teams...sigh. There are so many transplanted east coasters here you would think, but no, gameday it is...
2006-08-19 11:40:16
273.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

they are both batting higher than he is...glad you took D out of the equation

2006-08-19 11:41:29
274.   Travis
272 Los Angeles and San Francisco are getting this game now. Anyone know why Hawaii would be getting this game, but not Alaska?
2006-08-19 11:42:51
275.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Not the person to walk at all rj.
2006-08-19 11:45:20
276.   Zack
Oh come on Randy, don't start this...
2006-08-19 11:45:33
277.   seamus
second ball 4 pitch that randy threw nowhere near the zone. frustrating that he didn't at least throw something that they might have swung at.
2006-08-19 11:45:41
278.   SF Yanks
What was that I just saw?
2006-08-19 11:45:55
279.   rbj
2006-08-19 11:47:24
280.   Ron Burgundy
Randy, we need a DP.
2006-08-19 11:48:17
281.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I knew those first 3 innings were too good to be true.
2006-08-19 11:48:30
282.   LI yankee
I say walk him, Javy Lopez is batting 5th
2006-08-19 11:48:35
283.   tommyl
258 Thanks. Shit, tie game.
2006-08-19 11:48:36
284.   seamus
saw that coming. randy really blew it there with the walks.
2006-08-19 11:48:38
285.   Stormer Sports
I saw that coming a mile away.
2006-08-19 11:48:38
286.   rbj
2006-08-19 11:48:53
287.   randym77
Manny again. Snakes on a @#$% plane.
2006-08-19 11:49:25
288.   Zack
Okay, who didn't see that one coming? Now, all of a sudden, things are crap...
2006-08-19 11:49:33
289.   Stormer Sports
With Javy up next, and two walks already, he should have just walked him.
2006-08-19 11:50:00
290.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Come back Sidney Ponson, all is forgiven.
2006-08-19 11:50:12
291.   eephus
Actually, I bet watching fishing would be a lot easier on my nerves.
2006-08-19 11:50:21
292.   Zack
And yet, Manny isn't an MVP, its all ortiz, cause he does everything, Manny is just Manny...
2006-08-19 11:50:41
293.   randym77
Oh, gawd.
2006-08-19 11:51:01
294.   Ravenscar
Before everyone starts whining, that's a base hit.
2006-08-19 11:51:14
295.   Simone
Damn, RJ. That is your error A-Rod. Don't try to pass it onto Giambi.
2006-08-19 11:51:27
296.   Stormer Sports
Look, when you walk guys, this is what happens. It's all on RJ.
2006-08-19 11:51:36
297.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Sigh, well we didn't really expect to win a Fox Saturday game, did we?
2006-08-19 11:52:14
298.   rbj
295 Not an error Simone. And not just because the scorer said so.
2006-08-19 11:52:17
299.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Pena's got to be licking his chops here.
2006-08-19 11:52:32
300.   randym77
Did they just show us a shot of Gator picking his nose?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-19 11:53:21
301.   tommyl
This is impressive. The first time both Randy's have shown up in the same game. Its like that Seinfeld episode with the two-faced girl. Depends on the lighting I guess.
2006-08-19 11:53:29
302.   seamus
297 don't overreact to a bad inning.
2006-08-19 11:53:34
303.   Stormer Sports

What? We will win this game. RJ just has to settle down and the bats need to see some pitches next inning.

2006-08-19 11:54:13
304.   Zack
Is it really too much to ask Randy to pitch to at least the 6th? I mean, you Joe has an itchy trigger finger and really wants to bring EDSP in, but don't let him Randy!
2006-08-19 11:54:43
305.   Stormer Sports
There we go! Tom Glavine (I mean Randy Johnson) gets out of it.
2006-08-19 11:54:48
306.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
who is 1st out of the pen ? Dotel ? Karstens ?

Double play...this could have been a lot worse

2006-08-19 11:54:49
307.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
It's like our very own Timlin.
2006-08-19 11:55:16
308.   Zack
So, um, what the hell happened? Liek all of a sudden he couldn't throw strikes. Then he couldn't throw anything not hittable...I mean, if Pena is hitting SINGLES off you, thats bad...
2006-08-19 11:55:51
309.   Ron Burgundy
Three Things:

1)Randy Sucks.

2)Ump can blow me.

3)We really should have knocked out Beckett to the tune of 10 ER in 3 IP and not this.

2006-08-19 11:55:55
310.   rbj
No lead is safe in Fenway
No lead is safe in Fenway
No lead is safe in Fenway
Yankees are perfectly capable of coming back and scoring lots more runs.
2006-08-19 11:55:58
311.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

that is not a error on A Rod, tough play...

2006-08-19 11:56:11
312.   Zack
Randy should be good for another two at least, knock on wood...basically no matter what...Anybody care to quietly escort EDSP out of the stadium just in case?
2006-08-19 11:56:18
313.   LI yankee
301 By far the worst was the Chicago game though. He threw a no hitter for 6, and then imploded in the 7th.
2006-08-19 11:56:48
314.   randym77
I think Karstens is the long man. He was a starter in Columbus. So if Randy's out early, they'll use Karstens.
2006-08-19 11:58:27
315.   tommyl
313 How about we designate him the Two Sided Unit? TSU? We need a better one than that.
2006-08-19 11:58:43
316.   Zack
Becketts at 72 goign into the 5th, thats at least a good thing...except that we aren't doing anything of course...Beckett does seem to settle down in a lot of his starts...
2006-08-19 11:59:07
317.   Stormer Sports
Bobby Abreu should restore some order here.
2006-08-19 11:59:27
318.   Stormer Sports
Like I said!
2006-08-19 11:59:40
319.   tommyl
Ok, Giambi and A-Rod, time to earn your paychecks.
2006-08-19 11:59:41
320.   Ron Burgundy
Jeter is killing me today.

And the offense needs to do something here.

2006-08-19 12:00:11
321.   JL25and3
Bobby Abreu's nickname should be "Donuts." As in, is there anything he can't do?
2006-08-19 12:01:19
322.   Stormer Sports
Here we go. Get Abreu in, AT LEAST!
2006-08-19 12:01:21
323.   SF Yanks
C'mon Sac Fly... you can do it.
2006-08-19 12:01:22
324.   Travis
There is no excuse for not at least tying the game here.
2006-08-19 12:01:29
325.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
walk Giambi for sure and face DP AROD ?
2006-08-19 12:01:54
326.   rbj
I guess Beckett & Lopez aren't bestest buddies forever.
2006-08-19 12:02:04
327.   Stormer Sports
Uh Oh, DP situation. Prove them all wrong Alex!
2006-08-19 12:02:21
328.   randym77
321 Chase balls near the wall.
2006-08-19 12:02:23
329.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
c'mon AROD...he is due for a bomb over the monster
2006-08-19 12:03:04
330.   SF Yanks
I don't think ARod can hit the curve
2006-08-19 12:03:23
331.   Ravenscar
273 -

So, seeing as how Melky and Cano can slap more singles into the outfield they are more valuable. I am glad you are not the GM of the team.

Try AVG. with RISP, 2 outs, men on base, RBI (you will by runs, not singles), etc etc.. BA is not a tool with whisch to show worth to the team winning.

However, I will not try and confuse you with the facts.

2006-08-19 12:03:43
332.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
how does Bernie get around on Beckett cheese and A Rod struggles... ? I am perplexed...
2006-08-19 12:04:05
333.   tommyl
Come on A-Rod. Just hit a Sac Fly. That's all you have to do.
2006-08-19 12:04:27
334.   Simone
Nice job, A-Rod.
2006-08-19 12:04:30
335.   Stormer Sports
There we go!
2006-08-19 12:04:35
336.   SF Yanks
Umm... I guess that will work.
2006-08-19 12:04:35
337.   Travis
I thought DP off the bat. Hooray for luck.
2006-08-19 12:04:41
338.   tommyl
That'll do. C L U T C H
2006-08-19 12:04:46
339.   rbj
That's not a 5 run homer, you suck A-Rod.
2006-08-19 12:05:03
340.   eephus
2006-08-19 12:05:04
341.   tommyl
Its Robbie time.
2006-08-19 12:05:27
342.   seamus
Cano has arrived!
2006-08-19 12:05:47
343.   Travis
Patience, Jorge, patience.
2006-08-19 12:05:55
344.   kylepetterson
is that his first?
2006-08-19 12:06:24
345.   randym77
Make 'em pay, Jorgie!
2006-08-19 12:07:03
346.   rbj
2006-08-19 12:07:18
347.   Travis
Pathetic turn by Loretta.
2006-08-19 12:07:18
348.   Stormer Sports
Let's just hope that RJ understands what his job is this inning. SHUT THEM DOWN following our scoring!
2006-08-19 12:07:31
349.   tommyl
342 I think that was more about putting the DP and force at home in order. Still its nice to see people afraid of him.
2006-08-19 12:07:34
350.   SF Yanks
Umm... I guess that will work...too
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-19 12:07:51
351.   tommyl
Come on Bernie, channel 1998.
2006-08-19 12:08:39
352.   eephus
Wow. Now THERE's something you don't see every day.
2006-08-19 12:08:45
353.   Simone
Wow, Jorge stole a base?
2006-08-19 12:08:48
354.   Travis
Javy Lopez is valueless as a defensive catcher.
2006-08-19 12:09:03
355.   rbj
Huh? Jorgie steals a base? Isn't that one sign of the apocalypse?
2006-08-19 12:09:41
356.   Zack
Not the best by Jorgie, but it shall do...
2006-08-19 12:11:51
357.   Stormer Sports
Let's all hold hands and send our positive energy to RJ. Just get through the next couple innings, please.
2006-08-19 12:12:25
358.   Travis
[355} Other possible Yankee signs of the Apocalypse:

Bernie throws out a runner at home.
Wright pitches into the 7th.

2006-08-19 12:13:17
359.   Travis
How in the world do you hit Alex Cora leading off an inning?
2006-08-19 12:13:36
360.   Ravenscar
I don't think that's what Guidry meant when he told Randy "don't walk anybody".
2006-08-19 12:14:10
361.   kdw
357 Looks like RJ isn't the hand holding or positive energy type, unless that's what you had in mind for him to do.
2006-08-19 12:14:44
362.   LI yankee
Is Karstens up?
2006-08-19 12:15:15
363.   Stormer Sports
For God's sake. Get someone up in the bullpen already!
2006-08-19 12:15:27
364.   seamus
rj needs to be pulled in favor of...

oh crap!

2006-08-19 12:15:36
365.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Get. him. off. the. mound. Now. Please.
2006-08-19 12:15:37
366.   arod
we need hold them
2006-08-19 12:15:52
367.   tommyl
For F_)k's sake Randy! Throw a strike. When I said to channel 1998, that was for Bernie.
2006-08-19 12:16:26
368.   randym77
Thanks, Randy. Why don't you just load the bases for Big Papi?
2006-08-19 12:16:32
369.   Zack
Oh good Lord Randy!
2006-08-19 12:16:52
370.   Simone
Randy Johnson will have to take one for the team today. Hopefully, he can hold the lead.
2006-08-19 12:16:58
371.   Ravenscar
2006-08-19 12:17:31
372.   randym77
Friggin' interviews while the game's going on. I hate Fox more than words can say.
2006-08-19 12:17:35
373.   arod
oh shit this game is over
2006-08-19 12:17:39
374.   Travis
Do not pitch to Manny.
2006-08-19 12:17:51
375.   tommyl
Great throw by Melky. Too bad Jorgie couldn't hold on.
2006-08-19 12:18:03
376.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wow, a sac bunt.

How . . . sschtooopid.

2006-08-19 12:18:16
377.   Ravenscar
Wow - Melky deserved better with that throw.
2006-08-19 12:18:24
378.   Stormer Sports
Po may have cost Melky another assist.
2006-08-19 12:18:42
379.   Zack
Hey, I'll take that out from then, seeing as Randy can't find the plate...
2006-08-19 12:19:50
380.   Ravenscar
I know we all hate McCarver, but I think he might have a point there about Jorge's positioning.
2006-08-19 12:19:53
381.   Stormer Sports
How Jorge can be so good throwing to second and God awful on plays at home is beyond me.
2006-08-19 12:19:59
382.   Travis
Bernie scared me there. Whew.
2006-08-19 12:20:20
383.   Zack
Can we remind the Sox that their stud, young, ace is as sucky as our 42 year old crappy ace?
2006-08-19 12:20:21
384.   kdw
2006-08-19 12:20:28
385.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Well, that could've been a lot worse.
2006-08-19 12:20:29
386.   tommyl
Dear lord, Bernie really is channelling 1998. Nice play.
2006-08-19 12:20:47
387.   atc
Was Bernie running in quick sand there?
2006-08-19 12:21:09
388.   randym77
I think in 1998 he'd have made it standing up.
2006-08-19 12:22:05
389.   Travis
Cabrera-Damon-Jeter. Beckett's at 97 pitches - let's see if the Yanks can get him out of the game this inning.
2006-08-19 12:24:01
390.   randym77
We're letting Upper-Deck Beck off easy here. How about some more homers?
2006-08-19 12:24:08
391.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

if you think of the roles on this team, Cano and Melky (especially him..) have both fufilled their roles (at 300k per)

Can you tell me that O and D wise A Rod has ?

The guy is the best player in the game, he is having a career bad year...the 3B part is hard to understand or watch...

He makes things harder on himself every time he speaks, I feel for him a bit as he is not Jeter, Mo, Bernie, etc...and never will be...

I will be interested to see how and when (hopefully soon) he bounces back...he has never had to deal with adversity and is just so talented...

The guy is a HOF and top ten all time type...but A Rod apologist get all pissy when someone points out his career year in Ks and E's....

2006-08-19 12:24:34
392.   seamus
391 give it a rest.
2006-08-19 12:24:48
393.   arod
alright he's at 100 lets get him out of here
2006-08-19 12:26:17
394.   eephus
Damn, Johnny! Way to twist the knife...
2006-08-19 12:26:21
395.   LaLob
Come on Jeter. Make him work!
2006-08-19 12:26:30
396.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
John-ny Extra-base. John-ny Extra-base.
2006-08-19 12:26:33
397.   Zack
Thats good JD, lets get him home!
2006-08-19 12:26:38
398.   arod
Johnny...a weekend to remember! It's mtime for Jetes to get going.
2006-08-19 12:27:46
399.   LI yankee
I think Damon has garnered some MVP attention from these past 2 days alone
2006-08-19 12:28:13
400.   LaLob
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-19 12:29:26
401.   LaLob
Nice DJ
2006-08-19 12:29:41
402.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
7th walk...this guy has got to pay for this
2006-08-19 12:29:50
403.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
7th walk...this guy has got to pay for this
2006-08-19 12:30:54
404.   LaLob
Swinging bunt there...
2006-08-19 12:31:48
405.   Zack
Despite being on the ropes all game, beckett is going to make it through 6 if not 7...rediculous...
2006-08-19 12:31:58
406.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
We could use a patented Javy Lopez passed ball or two here.
2006-08-19 12:32:20
407.   LaLob
Not through 7 at 115 pitches
2006-08-19 12:32:45
408.   randym77
2006-08-19 12:32:48
409.   LaLob
Giambi's gonna walk.
2006-08-19 12:33:01
410.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Giambi would seem due against the gopher boy....
2006-08-19 12:33:02
411.   eephus
Hee! I know he's a great pitcher but damn, Papelbon's warmup routine is flat-out silly looking.
2006-08-19 12:33:22
412.   Zack
Dunno, Francona has been shown to not be afraid of pitchign his guys into the 130s...And Beckett has a pretty strong arm..All his injuries are blisters...Prob right though, Delcarmen most likely next inning...
2006-08-19 12:34:12
413.   LaLob
If McCarver was manager Beckett would go 150, at least
2006-08-19 12:34:20
414.   Travis
Here we go again....
2006-08-19 12:34:43
415.   LaLob
C'mon A-Rod!
2006-08-19 12:35:10
416.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

yea...but he may have to cover a TE in the red zone

2006-08-19 12:35:15
417.   Stormer Sports
Beckett and Johnson both have the same problem. Chicken shit and afraid to go after hitters.
2006-08-19 12:35:47
418.   rbs10025
C'mon Alex, time to pad your stats.
2006-08-19 12:35:50
419.   LaLob
8 BB's...unbelievable
2006-08-19 12:36:08
420.   LaLob
Javy's defense is hilarious
2006-08-19 12:36:15
421.   Stormer Sports

One season does not a "great pitcher" make.

2006-08-19 12:36:20
422.   Zack
Isn't Beckett's problem that he actually goes after hitters too often, thus the insane HR totals?
2006-08-19 12:36:25
423.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod take the walk
2006-08-19 12:37:20
424.   Simone
Nice patience, Alex.
2006-08-19 12:37:22
425.   LaLob
Yeah! Clutch RWI!
2006-08-19 12:37:32
426.   seamus
hahahahahahahahaha! Great move Francona!
2006-08-19 12:37:33
427.   atc
perfectly fine BB
2006-08-19 12:37:46
428.   Ravenscar
391 - sooo I guess I'll have to take that as his career high K and E make him your third choice to bat behind Melky and Cano when you want some production.

That's quality analysis.

2006-08-19 12:37:46
429.   kylepetterson
2006-08-19 12:37:49
430.   Travis
Beckett's line: 5.2 7 6+ 6+ 9 2


2006-08-19 12:38:05
431.   no2ss
Wasn't Beckett the guy who liked to tell others what "the right way to baseball" is?
2006-08-19 12:38:37
432.   no2ss
to play baseball that is (brain got ahead of my typing)
2006-08-19 12:38:43
433.   Stormer Sports

Nope. You have to trust your stuff. He got lucky today actually. 8 walks and only 6 runs through 6. It could have been a lot worse for him.

2006-08-19 12:38:48
434.   Zack
Yeah, but Beckett shut down the Yankees in the 2003 World Series, he is a great pitcher ebcause of that, don't you know that? he's an ace!
2006-08-19 12:39:17
435.   LaLob
And why did they sign him to a three year extension?
2006-08-19 12:39:45
436.   Stormer Sports

Except when it comes to backing up home plate or making plays at 1st, yes, he does the right thing.

2006-08-19 12:39:51
437.   eephus
412 True. I should have qualified that - but he has been great so far this season. Looking more human these days, though...
2006-08-19 12:40:34
438.   LaLob
Very funny Zack. I'm almost as sick of that excuse as the "Varitek's injury is the reason this team sucks now" excuse
2006-08-19 12:40:35
439.   Ravenscar
Someone (SNY, ESPN, I can't remember) talked just last night about how Beckett is so in love with his fastball that he's just winging it in there as opposed to changing speeds and locations and types of pitches. They backed it up by showing a lof of Beckett's curveballs and changeups in the 2003 playoffs where he simply mowed everybody down.

Can he maybe not THROW those pitches anymore?

2006-08-19 12:40:44
440.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Are you his dad ? if so...your boy, although the best player in the game is having a shit season...get him into his therapist in the off season and take him fly fishing to decompress...

all I am saying is that he is having a shit season...Melky and Cano are not....

2006-08-19 12:40:45
441.   atc
Beckett's whip for the day is over 3
2006-08-19 12:40:49
442.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
435 I think maybe to make it easier to trade him. Didn't they sign Arroyo to a new deal just before they traded him. Might've been someone else they did that to also.
2006-08-19 12:41:24
443.   no2ss
Delcarmen seems to have learned how to miss the strike zone from Beckett
2006-08-19 12:41:37
444.   eephus
437 Should be 421, sorry... this weekend is clearly getting to me.
2006-08-19 12:41:50
445.   Zack
Yeah, the whole 2003 World Series isn't being bantered around about Pavano anymore, so why should it still stand for Beckett? Hmmm...
2006-08-19 12:42:14
446.   LaLob
442 But Arroyo's was cheap. another BB, wow...
2006-08-19 12:43:00
447.   Bluebleeder87
wow, that's cool, I'm glad Mr. Gammons is doing well.
2006-08-19 12:43:16
448.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Beckett, Pavano and Burnett....a real dynasty staff the Marlins had....nice move unloading the three of them to teams from the AL
2006-08-19 12:43:47
449.   Travis
This is like watching Little League.
2006-08-19 12:43:59
450.   rilkefan
440 - please see 261.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-19 12:44:08
451.   Simone
Gammons shaking his head in disgust. Good to have it him back. Hopefully, the Yankees win this game to celebrate his return.
2006-08-19 12:44:27
452.   Ravenscar

Is A-Rod having the worst season of his career? Probably.

Is your analysis of where his value to the team lies in comparison to everyone else in the lineup based on absolutely nothing? Definitely.

2006-08-19 12:44:33
453.   eephus
Man, is Randy Johnson paying these guys to make him look good?
2006-08-19 12:44:49
454.   Zack
Yeah, and now the Marlins have a new big three, all going to win ten games or more in their rookie season...Interesting

And BTW, there is more than rumor that Joe G. will take the soon to be vacated Chicago job in the offseason, he has an out in his contract just for that job...

2006-08-19 12:44:51
455.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
449 speaking of which, how'd Staten Island do in the LLWS today?
2006-08-19 12:45:20
456.   no2ss
That beats a walk.
2006-08-19 12:45:20
457.   Simone
Jorgie!!! A triple!
2006-08-19 12:45:25
458.   Stormer Sports
Jorge! Jorge!

Hell Fucking Yes!

2006-08-19 12:45:29
459.   tommyl
Yay! I like playing the Red Sox again.
2006-08-19 12:45:30
460.   LaLob
Some WHIP's are skyrocketing here...Even Robbie got a walk...nice job, Jorge, and great ball-tracking, Crisp.
2006-08-19 12:45:32
461.   rbs10025
Hip Hip Jorge!
2006-08-19 12:45:34
462.   Travis
Posada has a stolen base and a triple in the same game. I doubt that has ever happened.
2006-08-19 12:45:56
463.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

dude, not whining but laughing at the ARod apologists...

2006-08-19 12:45:59
464.   Ravenscar
After this game, I sort of expect the Big Dig to fully collapse.


2006-08-19 12:46:02
465.   randym77
Jorgie, baby!
2006-08-19 12:46:18
466.   LaLob
sorry, that's Kapler...who cares? =)
2006-08-19 12:46:25
467.   rbj
Wow, just got back from walking the dog. Nice.
When was the last time Jorge had a stolen base and a triple in the same game, little league?
2006-08-19 12:46:36
468.   Zack
Holy crap, a Jorge triple???? Someone please describe!!!
2006-08-19 12:46:39
469.   kdw
Jorgie rocks!!!
2006-08-19 12:46:50
470.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
this ought to tide RJ over for an inning or two....
2006-08-19 12:46:56
471.   BayRidger
The 'Sox pen, especially their rookie relievers, are getting EXPOSED this series. They stink, at least right now they do. Now we just have to smack around Papelbon some if we get the chance. If it keeps going like this, we may see him in the 5th inning of a game if they have a lead.
2006-08-19 12:47:05
472.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Even nicer to see all of Home Run Josh's runners score. His e.r.a. is now at 5.35.

Now that's "playing the game the right way."

2006-08-19 12:47:36
473.   Travis
455 I think they're in a rain delay...they were tied in the 3rd, but now ESPN is showing games from last night.
2006-08-19 12:47:40
474.   LaLob
so far, another Boston Massacre...we're gonna break their HAHHTS!
2006-08-19 12:47:41
475.   LaLob
so far, another Boston Massacre...we're gonna break their HAHHTS!
2006-08-19 12:48:04
476.   rbs10025
468 Almost straightaway center, on the warning track and a nice bounce.
2006-08-19 12:48:35
477.   Zack
Def send Randy out there for another 2, even if he stinks..Use the flexibility we have having won two already to rest the BP as long as possible...
2006-08-19 12:48:39
478.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
467 have you noticed that when you leave the house, the Yanks do good things?
2006-08-19 12:49:29
479.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

agreed, would really like to see Papelbon cop a beating and knock some of that hype around him someone said before a 1/2 great season with interleague play does not a career make....

2006-08-19 12:50:16
480.   LaLob
c'Mon RJ!
2006-08-19 12:50:35
481.   arod
Jorgie the speedster
2006-08-19 12:50:44
482.   eephus
468 he was hustling, but also, that hit really seemed to take the last remaining wind out of the Sox's sails. They didn't exactly rush that ball back in.
2006-08-19 12:50:53
483.   seamus
467 following up on 478, please go for a long walk.
2006-08-19 12:51:10
484.   Travis
479 Lots of the hype is gone from Papelbon. That's what happens when you blow saves to Tampa Bay and Kansas City.
2006-08-19 12:51:50
485.   rbj
Yes. I was going to pick up some scotch tomorrow, but I think I'll have to do it in a few minutes.
2006-08-19 12:51:56
486.   LaLob
All right RJ!
2006-08-19 12:53:37
487.   singledd
A typical bad move by traditional thought. I bring in Papsmear after Beckett walks 'em loaded and hope he holds the game, pitches 2 innings, and lets the Sox score a bunch. Instead he brings in a kid who is always wild and lets the game get away. Now (hopefully), Papsmear gets the day off.
2006-08-19 12:54:39
488.   LaLob
Will the closer usage pattern ever make sense?
Best reliever should come in for the tightest spots.
2006-08-19 12:55:02
489.   singledd
5 run lead with 10 outs to get. Looks hopeful. Does RJ pitch the 7th?
2006-08-19 12:55:23
490.   Travis
487 Yeah. I'm surprised the Red Sox, with their one-man bullpen and SABR front office, haven't gone to the 1970's-style "relief ace" strategy.
2006-08-19 12:55:27
491.   rbj
Terez? No, McCarver it is Torrez.
2006-08-19 12:56:10
492.   no2ss
that's what i call 1... 2... 3...
2006-08-19 12:56:22
493.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
RJ...two more innings until Mo time
2006-08-19 12:56:26
494.   Zack
I think RJ not only should pitch the 7th, he NEEDS to. Ther eis no reason not to send him out there until he runs into serious trouble...
2006-08-19 12:56:54
495.   LaLob
The BoSox have made some awful moves recently:

Beckett extension
Riske trade
Seanez DFA for Van Buren
Jason Johnson

2006-08-19 12:57:12
496.   seamus
ok, so we've scored at least 36 runs in 3 games. That is so absurd!
2006-08-19 12:57:29
497.   kdw
489 Yes.
2006-08-19 12:57:42
498.   Travis
495 Also, demoting their only left-handed reliever just before this series.
2006-08-19 12:58:23
499.   RIYank
Randy should definitely pitch the seventh -- I mean, if he allows three baserunners, then go to... Dotel?
2006-08-19 12:58:52
500.   LaLob
Perhaps the worst move was the one they DID'NT make before the deadline...
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-08-19 12:58:56
501.   Zack
I,m not sure their lefty was any good, which kind of negates his leftiness...Its like throwing out Nitkowski...
2006-08-19 12:59:39
502.   JL25and3
491 As long as we're on the subject of the loathesome McCarver, here's a pearl of his wisdom from earlier in the game:

Power and speed. They don't always go together. You can have speed, doesn't mean you can hit the ball out of the park. You can have power, doesn't mean you can run well.

2006-08-19 13:00:19
503.   JL25and3
301 Maybe they can pick up Nitkowski in time to pitch tomorrow. I'll take that.
2006-08-19 13:00:24
504.   LaLob
Or throwing out Embree and Franklin. Ugh
2006-08-19 13:00:26
505.   rbj
So now the Red Sox are reduced to digging up long desceet, er decessed, er dead presidents. Who's next, Washington?
2006-08-19 13:00:40
506.   Bluebleeder87
Rudy Seanez pitched for the Dodger at one point, Vin Scully said about Seanez "he's one of the nicest guys you will meet.
2006-08-19 13:00:40
507.   JL25and3
Oops, make that 501
2006-08-19 13:00:48
508.   Travis
501 Only 3-1/3 innings, but a 0.00 era and 5 K's. Could he really be worse than what they're putting out there?
2006-08-19 13:01:01
509.   Zack
Oh man, I had totally erased Frankling from my mind, thanks for bringing up painful repressed memories!
2006-08-19 13:01:34
510.   Travis
505 By presidential order, Harrison.
2006-08-19 13:01:36
511.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
495 Letting Damon go
Ssigning Alex Gonzalez
Trading Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez for Home Run Josh
Trading Kelly Shoppach and Marte for Coco Crisp
Signing Seanez.

Are we misssing anything?

2006-08-19 13:02:59
512.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
how dead are these two pens next week out west...
2006-08-19 13:03:12
513.   Zack
I wouldn't be so quick to kill the Beckett and Coco deals, for this year perhaps, but who knwos in the next few years...They are both still very young...Same thign for all their "kids" they are just that, kids. Lester, Delcarmen, Papalbon, Hanson...they will only improve in all likelihood...
2006-08-19 13:03:20
514.   LaLob
Signing Tavarez
Trading Josh Bard for Mirabelli
2006-08-19 13:03:25
515.   Travis
511 Going back to last year, signing Renteria and Clement instead of Cabrera and Pedro.
Signing J.T. Snow and giving him a roster spot for 2 months.
2006-08-19 13:04:26
516.   randym77
502 Wow. Nothing gets by him, does it? o_O
2006-08-19 13:05:29
517.   LaLob
They're swinging away at Van Buren's stuff even though it's two feet outside...=(
2006-08-19 13:05:31
518.   Bluebleeder87
NY Loosing to GA 2-1 (little league WS)
2006-08-19 13:06:00
519.   Zack
Thats not at all what I expected a Jamie van Buren too look like...
2006-08-19 13:06:13
520.   LaLob
BTW...they traded away Cla Meredith too to get Mirabelli back
2006-08-19 13:06:36
521.   SF Yanks
511 signing Javier Lopez.
2006-08-19 13:06:41
522.   Travis
519 Not Jaime, Jermaine. How many white guys are named Jermaine?
2006-08-19 13:06:44
523.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

agree about Sox young arms...all we are looking at is Saint Hughes to arrive and they have multiple young arms

2006-08-19 13:07:23
524.   kylepetterson
Is it a rule in Boston that you have to wear your hat crooked?
2006-08-19 13:07:27
525.   Bluebleeder87


2006-08-19 13:07:28
526.   randym77
517 They're probably exhausted and want the game over already.

Doubleheader yesterday that goes past midnight. And Fox insists on an early game today. Snakes on a flippin' plane.

2006-08-19 13:07:35
527.   LaLob
They've got good young talent, true.
But for every Huston Street there's a Ryan Wagner
2006-08-19 13:07:39
528.   Zack
Ahh, Jermaine does make it a different story...He's no Khalil Greene then...
2006-08-19 13:07:58
529.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Yanks have batted in 25 innings this series, and that last inning was only the 6th in which they were retired 1-2-3.
2006-08-19 13:08:52
530.   Travis
523 Clippard and Cox don't count?
2006-08-19 13:09:50
531.   LaLob
The Yanks' farm system will be better than the BoSox's next year.
2006-08-19 13:10:50
532.   Travis
I love how the Sox are now calling this a transition year. I'm sure they weren't in July.
2006-08-19 13:11:15
533.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
523 I'll take Hughes, Clippard, and Cox over Pamplemousse, Lester, and Hansen.
2006-08-19 13:11:42
534.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

everything I have read about Cox is that he is not a ML closer and a bit of a fraud..

Clippard looks good...

The Sox talent is all closer to the surface and the Yanks (Hughes,Tabata, Jackson, etc..) is all at the lower levels...

2006-08-19 13:11:52
535.   Zack
The Yanks have had two really good drafts in a row and have mixed in some more MLB ready prospects with the lower level core...But they are still another year at least away from being ranked as a good system I would say...
2006-08-19 13:12:37
536.   LaLob
The Yankee Clippard is really underrated. He just threw a no-hitter, too!
2006-08-19 13:13:15
537.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the kid from USC that was the #1 this year is supposed to be major league ready and will not need to much time
2006-08-19 13:13:44
538.   Bluebleeder87
The Yanks' farm system will be better than the BoSox's next year.

the Dodgers farm system is better then both, the yankees buy everybody they don't need a good farm.

2006-08-19 13:14:10
539.   Zack
Clippard had a God awful first half of the season, but has had an even more impressive second half, so its ahrd to tell..he's still at least another season away, as is Hughes (maybe late call up). Cox has promise, maybe not as the closer of the future, but as a Stanton type. Hes for real, hes just more of the Hoffman type than Lidge type...
2006-08-19 13:14:39
540.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

agree completely...the Cano, Wang, Melky success can only be a positive for realising that it is the way to go...vs... Pavano, Wright, etc...

2006-08-19 13:14:46
541.   LaLob
Dodgers have an amazing system...but their GM isn't exactly prospect friendly either ('cept for Ethier)
2006-08-19 13:14:53
542.   Travis
538 So are a bunch of other teams. Who cares?
2006-08-19 13:14:56
543.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
534 who else do the Sawx have besides the young arms they've brought up already tho, most of whom have been less than overwhelming?

As far as I can tell, the pitching well is run dry at the upper levels for them, and then they've got the 2b kid in AAA -- who they can't be that high on, as they tried to trade for Lugo and put him at 2nd last month -- and the cf in AA. Anything else?

2006-08-19 13:15:14
544.   Zack
538 i will just choose to ignore that or laugh at it coming from a) A guy with the name Bluebleeder87, and b) from someone claiming that the Dodgers, of all teams, are known for their small marketness...
2006-08-19 13:15:34
545.   arod
Scotty Everyday Proctor is warming up.
2006-08-19 13:16:04
546.   LaLob
Right now I'd take Hoffman over Lidge, =)
2006-08-19 13:16:14
547.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I know the Yanks spent a bunch with the 16 year old latin kids...loading up which is great...
2006-08-19 13:16:21
548.   unpopster
proctor??? proctor??? why joe why????? aaaaah!!!
2006-08-19 13:16:43
549.   randym77
Why did the Twins release Ortiz? "Not enough power"? He hit 20 homers that year. Wasn't that enough?
2006-08-19 13:16:55
550.   Travis
Ortiz is having a very unclutch series.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-08-19 13:17:19
551.   RIYank
Oh no, no Scotty please.

Another clutch at-bat!

2006-08-19 13:18:05
552.   LaLob
Yeah, but you won't see any (N)ESPN features or full-length columns on Ortiz's failures.
2006-08-19 13:18:19
553.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I'll add that during the ChiSox series Hawk Harrelson -- grain of salt alert -- said the scouts he'd spoken to about the Yankees' system were drolling about the position prospects. Stacked is what the Hawkeroo said.
2006-08-19 13:18:26
554.   Zack
The Sox have a few guys, Ellsburry, Pedroia, how isn't too great, David Murphy, Abe Alvarez..But you are right, their system took a big hit this year with all the trades...
2006-08-19 13:19:27
555.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
is Torre getting kickbacks from Dr. Andrews.

there most be a "Sturtze" plan going on...Villone and Proctor are getting ragged out

5 run lead...let RJ out there to start the 8th as the big two are not coming up...

2006-08-19 13:19:54
556.   LaLob
Sox also have Bucholtz
2006-08-19 13:19:58
557.   RIYank
What's Randy's pitch count? Is he definitely done?
2006-08-19 13:20:14
558.   Zack
Ok, someone, please, go tell Joe that Proctor is not only off limits, but he needs to go to counseling to get over this EDSP fetish. If he brings him in that is inexcusable. Simply having him warm up should be cause for a suspension. Where is proctor's agent??

I mean, i know we all knock Torre's BP management, but this is just rediculous...

2006-08-19 13:20:23
559.   Simone
Ortiz isn't clutch. Ha.
2006-08-19 13:21:06
560.   RIYank
Man, Van Buren is lights out.
Sawx should sign him to a big extension.
2006-08-19 13:21:22
561.   Travis
556 Buchholz is in A-ball. I wouldn't get too excited about him just yet.
2006-08-19 13:21:26
562.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
if the Sox lost Manny and Ortiz..the way we lost Sheff and many games are they out of first...?

Sal Fasano would be catching all 5 this weekend is my guess

2006-08-19 13:21:27
563.   Zack
Randy pitches the 8th at this point. No reason not to. Two guys get on, bring in Dotel. or Beam. Or even Mo, and then have Dotel pitch the 9th...

Yeah, right, who am I kidding, one guy gets on and its right to EDSP...I really feel for the guy

2006-08-19 13:21:36
564.   kdw
Don't know who to put in but I'm not sure about RJ going another inning. He's at 112 and it seems like when he went long before, he got knocked around for a couple of games before recovering. Think at his age they should be careful.
2006-08-19 13:21:40
565.   Rob I
112 pitches through seven innings. Looks like he was just arguing with Torre. I think he's done.
2006-08-19 13:22:29
566.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
he is on 112 and did struggle after a 129 outing
2006-08-19 13:22:43
567.   randym77
Bring in Jaret Wright. It's his throw day.
2006-08-19 13:22:54
568.   Bluebleeder87
the yankees have a rule about clean shave no?
2006-08-19 13:23:15
569.   LaLob
A Giambi hustle double?
This must be the apocalypse
2006-08-19 13:23:37
570.   Rob I
Twenty six doubles in 26 innings so far this weekend. I hate Fenway.
2006-08-19 13:23:46
571.   Zack
The rule applies to Chins, not upper lips...

Fine, if not Randy, then Beam...Or Dotel...

2006-08-19 13:23:58
572.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod....go yard and let Beam finish up
2006-08-19 13:24:37
573.   randym77
Who is pinch-running for Giambi? Green? Wilson? Guiel?
2006-08-19 13:25:06
574.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
36 runs and only 3 Hrs ?
2006-08-19 13:25:24
575.   LaLob
Wilson's PR'ing
THERE'S VB's control problem!
2006-08-19 13:26:37
576.   randym77
575 Thanks! They said there was a pinch-runner, but didn't say who it was.
2006-08-19 13:27:13
577.   Mattpat11
You know, and I'm sure no one will agree with me, but within the context of the game, Randy Johnson did what he had to do for us.
2006-08-19 13:28:04
578.   Eirias
I must say, I love Van Buren's Gameday picture. I wonder what Martin Van Buren would have thought.
2006-08-19 13:28:05
579.   Rob I
Okay now bring in Beam. hahahaa
2006-08-19 13:28:07
580.   Travis
Jermaine Van Buren's ERA stays in double digits.
2006-08-19 13:28:09
581.   Zack
Hey, I agree totally...Props to RJ for sucking it up and giving us just enough. 7 IP was what we needed, and we got it...Aside from one real bad inning, he was pretty good...
2006-08-19 13:28:12
582.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
OH YEAH ! Beam Time ! Mo enjoy the day off
2006-08-19 13:28:17
583.   RIYank
Robby saves Mo an inning!
2006-08-19 13:28:22
584.   LaLob
He ate up innings, quite LAIMly
And Cano just made Scotty sit down, I hope.
2006-08-19 13:28:36
585.   Travis
Quick quiz: which major league team has scored the most runs this season?
2006-08-19 13:28:37
586.   Simone
Yeah, Robby!!! Think of all those teams that didn't want Cano including the D'Backs.
2006-08-19 13:28:44
587.   Bluebleeder87
the bosox fan has no arm.
2006-08-19 13:28:51
588.   Zack
Yeah, def. time for Beam...
2006-08-19 13:29:15
589.   Zack
Think Joe can resist still using Proctor?
2006-08-19 13:29:20
590.   randym77

Welcome to Boston, Jermaine.

2006-08-19 13:29:32
591.   kdw
572 Or Cano. Bring on Beam. And 577 couldn't agree more. Did what was needed here, and that's just fine.
2006-08-19 13:31:24
592.   Travis

The Yankees did NOT give Cano the second base job out of spring training in 2005. That went to the wonderful Tony Womack.

2006-08-19 13:31:31
593.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

agree RJ at this point in his career did all he can issues with him

2006-08-19 13:31:43
594.   no2ss
I like how McCarver totally forgets the Womack experiment by saying Cano won the 2b job in spring training last year. I guess many Yankee fans would like to have forgotten it as well...
2006-08-19 13:31:45
595.   LaLob
The Red Sox have a bunch of arsonists comin' out of the pen
2006-08-19 13:32:54
596.   kdw
592 Thank you. I heard only part of that and was just going to ask the BB if that's what he said because it's NOT RIGHT. Cano came up around the same time as Wang, well into the season, yes?
2006-08-19 13:33:22
597.   Travis
How many times will we hear that Schilling is a "stopper" tomorrow night?
2006-08-19 13:34:28
598.   Eirias
594 Who is this "Womaque" of which you speak?
2006-08-19 13:34:29
599.   Travis
596 Cano and Wang both came up in early May of last year, when the Yankees were at their low point.
2006-08-19 13:34:34
600.   Stormer Sports

NESN broadcasters made the same error last night. Facts shmacts, welcome to 2006 media.

Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-08-19 13:34:43
601.   RIYank
I think they're going to have Fasano steal.
2006-08-19 13:34:55
602.   Bluebleeder87
Sal Fasano pinch what's next
2006-08-19 13:34:56
603.   kdw
So has Wright given Fasano permission to use his "Wheels" title?
2006-08-19 13:35:09
604.   randym77
Sal Fasano, pinch-runner. o_O
2006-08-19 13:35:12
605.   LaLob
Schilling's had an ERA of 6 over his last four starts. He's more like a sieve.
2006-08-19 13:35:46
606.   Eirias
Come on Sal, you gotta run!
2006-08-19 13:36:02
607.   RIYank
Joe had a bar bet with Cashman: both Fasano and Posada steal a base and Jorgie has to triple. What do you think Cashman is going to owe him?
2006-08-19 13:36:19
608.   Bluebleeder87
Cano and Wang both came up in early May of last year

you said wang! [chuckles]

2006-08-19 13:36:44
609.   Travis
Remember when Hansen was going to be the difference in the pennant race last year?
2006-08-19 13:36:47
610.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
if Ponson was not DFA'd he could have run if Bernie gets on
2006-08-19 13:36:48
611.   no2ss
Man. That Boston bullpen sure knows how to miss the strike zone.
2006-08-19 13:38:12
612.   rbj
Hi everyone,
just got back -again- from getting scotch. Sal Fasano pinchrunning? This game has definitely gone from sublime to ridiculous.
2006-08-19 13:38:40
613.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the Sox will be good for 200 pitches today as well....
2006-08-19 13:38:56
614.   Zack
Wait, did you really jsut go out again rbj? If so, you must do such activities every game from here on out. All season...
2006-08-19 13:39:15
615.   randym77
I thought they might pinch-run Guiel for Bernie. But I guess he didn't get any sleep last night, so maybe he's better off resting.
2006-08-19 13:39:59
616.   Travis
Boo. DFA Melky after the game.
2006-08-19 13:40:07
617.   RIYank
For those of you not watching Fox:
Beckett walked nine, and eight of them scored.
2006-08-19 13:40:09
618.   LaLob
Melky, how could you?!
2006-08-19 13:40:26
619.   Bluebleeder87
just got back -again- from getting scotch

I got Tecate beer from my local grocery store early today (nice & sunny here in L.A.)

2006-08-19 13:41:17
620.   rbj
614 Yup, I really did, Zack. I think it only applies to Saturday games on Fox. It happened earlier in the year when I was doing yard work.
2006-08-19 13:41:38
621.   eephus
Absolutely agree about Johnson, 577... he bent but he didn't break. The Yankees pitching hasn't been much to brag about this series, but they've managed to gut it out.
2006-08-19 13:43:08
622.   randym77
They had to remind me that next week's Fox game is against the Angels. :-P
2006-08-19 13:43:31
623.   Travis
The FOX Holiday Inn Play of the Game: Manny Ramirez's 3-run HR. I kid you not.
2006-08-19 13:43:44
624.   Stormer Sports
Play of the game is Manny's HR, not Jorge's triple. Fuck you FOX!
2006-08-19 13:43:48
625.   Simone
Why Jaret Wright?
2006-08-19 13:43:55
626.   Eirias
Jaret Wright? Why?
2006-08-19 13:44:06
627.   RIYank
Cool, I like this move!
Go get 'em, Jaret.
2006-08-19 13:44:12
628.   Eirias
I kinda liked Bruney.
2006-08-19 13:44:26
629.   randym77
It is Jaret Wright!
2006-08-19 13:44:42
630.   rbj
Given that Unit took a while to recover from,
er, nevermind, Wright is pitching. I was hoping he'd come in (yes, this is bizarro world) to rest the good pitchers and not overtax Unit or Mo.
2006-08-19 13:45:08
631.   Rob I
Jaret Wright? I guess Torre doesn't want to leave Fenway for another couple hours.
2006-08-19 13:45:18
632.   RIYank
(This is Jaret's 'throwing day')
2006-08-19 13:46:32
633.   randym77
Bruney was brought up just for the weekend. He was going to be sent down tomorrow anyway, when Lidle returns. He was used up, so they might was well send him down for a fresh arm today.

It's Wright's throw day, so why not use him in this situation? The pen's exhausted.

2006-08-19 13:46:47
634.   Simone
632 Thanks.

Looks like Wright will be getting lots of work.

2006-08-19 13:47:21
635.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
how many would he toss on his throw day ?
2006-08-19 13:47:27
636.   Mattpat11
McCarver is so much better without Buck.
2006-08-19 13:47:49
637.   Bluebleeder87
Play of the game is Manny's HR, not Jorge's triple. Fuck you FOX!

My virgin ears have been exposed.

2006-08-19 13:48:11
638.   RIYank
Manny's blast was the play of the game. I mean, otherwise the score would be 13-2, and that would be a blowout, and really embarrassing.
2006-08-19 13:48:34
639.   Travis
636 Agreed. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Joe Buck is the worst thing about FOX Sports.
2006-08-19 13:50:45
640.   rbj
As Wright never goes more than 6 innings/100 pitches anyway, at least the Yanks are getting a little more value for that contract. I kinda like the idea of starters throwing an inning in a game on their "throw day" anyway. Why waste those pitches?
2006-08-19 13:51:41
641.   seamus
that was the first hit in the game for Boston outside of that lousy 4th inning!
2006-08-19 13:51:55
642.   Stormer Sports

You can handle it. You live in LA like I do. Wasn't it you who was yelling "sit the fuck down" at me when I was stading up cheering the Dodgers when they were down 1 with runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out in the ninth.

Oh wait, that's every game at Dodger Stadium. Worst, least knowledgeabe, least involved fans in the game. I would rather take a nap in the rain at Griffith park than go watch a game with those morons.

It takes back to back grand slams to get you people out of your seats.

2006-08-19 13:52:38
643.   RIYank
Jaret does the job.
Who gets the ninth? Beam?
2006-08-19 13:53:08
644.   Zack
Throwing Jaret for an inning here on his throw day is a really really smart move. Most impressed. Then throw out Beam for the 9th, and you have a "fully" rested BP moving on, save for Proctor and Villone, whose arms called in sick...
2006-08-19 13:54:29
645.   rbj
BTW, who is this Nick Green character?
2006-08-19 13:54:47
646.   rmd0311
AROD out of the game? Defensive Substitution or just rest?
2006-08-19 13:55:04
647.   RIYank
641 Holy sox, you're right. I didn't believe you and had to check.
2006-08-19 13:55:44
648.   randym77
646 The scrubs are in.
2006-08-19 13:57:00
649.   Zack
Even though the Sox's sucked ass, both BPs will actually be in "decent" shape come least rest wise...
2006-08-19 13:58:37
650.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Quote of the day over at Sons of Sam Horn:

"I'm not even angry. I'm stunned and horrified."

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2006-08-19 13:58:38
651.   seamus
649 technically, we haven't used a relief pitcher yet today (well not so technically since game 2 was also today but you know what i mean).
2006-08-19 13:59:31
652.   Adam B
Bruney was sent down before today's game and Jeff Karstens was brought up. Also Ponson was DFA'd (hopefully for life) and Guiel came up since apparently Giambi tweaked his groin two days ago, but it's not very serious.
2006-08-19 14:02:16
653.   Zack
Hey, who's this Snyder guy, why didn't they bring HIm in with the game on the line :)
2006-08-19 14:02:36
654.   Bluebleeder87
You can handle it. You live in LA like I do

I thought you were an angry New Yorker i guess you're an agry Angelino.

2006-08-19 14:04:21
655.   randym77
The Sox wanted to sign Ponson, but lost out when we signed him.

Maybe they'll claim him off waivers...

2006-08-19 14:05:37
656.   Zack
Hughes is going up against the Sox AA team, the Seadogs at 7 tonight :)
2006-08-19 14:05:44
657.   rbj
How does Theodore Lester translate to TJ?
2006-08-19 14:06:24
658.   Zack
TJ Beam doesn't even ahve a picture on yahoo, no bat boy...
2006-08-19 14:06:52
659.   Stormer Sports

Angry transplant. I tried to pull for the Dodgers after I moved out here. I figured, they're in the NL, what's the harm? But the games are so boring, the fans so lethargic, I just can't anymore. I'd still rather the Dofgers win the West than the Padres, but I just cannot spend good money to head over to the Ravine anymore. It's bad too, because I live in Echo Park and can walk to the Stadium through Elysian Park.

2006-08-19 14:07:08
660.   randym77
657 He's "Theodore Junior."
2006-08-19 14:07:08
661.   Zack
it coudl be Theodore Jr...
2006-08-19 14:08:38
662.   rbj
Thanks 660 & 661
2006-08-19 14:11:02
663.   rbj
Woo Hoo! Yankees win!
2006-08-19 14:11:42
664.   Zack
Got to give Joe credit for doing all the right moves today with teh staf...Letting Randy go 7, bringing in Wright, and Beam for the 9th. Not that it was that hard once we were up by a ton, but still. If only he hadn't gotten EDSP up to warm...
2006-08-19 14:12:25
666.   Zack
Wow, so now that we have taken the three games we needed to ensure that we gained a game from this series, everything's coming up Yankees!
2006-08-19 14:12:53
667.   Zack
665 Way to extend the page to infinity...
2006-08-19 14:13:16
668.   seamus
damnit arod. no, not the third baseman. The poster! screwing up my view!
2006-08-19 14:13:21
669.   Simone
Good win! Johnson sucked, but Beckett was worse. IMO, the Yankees have gotten the 3 games that they needed. They need to be greedy and grab one more win.

I don't see the Yankees going far in the playoffs (if they make it) with this kind of pitching so I hope that the starters get better and more consistent.

2006-08-19 14:15:13
670.   alterity
665 nice going tool
2006-08-19 14:16:58
671.   randym77
665 Please don't do that. You've ruined the whole thread.
2006-08-19 14:18:11
672.   rbj
I would have been happy with 2 wins.
3 is great.
But let's get a win tomorrow.
2006-08-19 14:18:15
673.   RIYank
Simone, Randy had one dreadful inning; otherwise pitched like an ace.
2006-08-19 14:22:43
674.   randym77
Boy, this was another long game. Not as long as last night, but the postgame was supposed to start at 4pm according to the YES schedule.
2006-08-19 14:23:14
675.   seamus
for the
remainder of this thread!
2006-08-19 14:28:02
676.   rbj
We only need 25 more posts to get to 700.
Each fifty the previous comments automatically
fold up.

Actually I think it needs to hit 710.
to do that.

2006-08-19 14:29:42
677.   RIYank
Well, happy happy
happy happy happy
Let's whack Schilling tomorrow.
2006-08-19 14:37:05
678.   Greg Brock
Maybe the Yankees fans can help me out with something.

Is it more fun crushing the Red Sox, or is it
more fun watching Red Sox Nation have a total

I'm guessing its a tie.

2006-08-19 14:39:53
679.   rbj
Crushing them.
Driving them before us.
Hearing the laminations of their women.
2006-08-19 14:44:01
680.   randym77
Someone deleted the evil 665 post (the Neighbor of the Beast!). Thank you, whoever it was.

678 Crushing the Sox.

But the meltdown is fun, too. Someone posted this poll at SOSH...

Who has the worst arm:

A Damon
B Williams
C Lopez
D Beckett


2006-08-19 14:59:05
681.   RIYank
678 Well, the pleasures are so different, it's hard to compare them.

Alex, do three blow-outs count as a massacre??

2006-08-19 15:09:06
682.   Eirias
681 It is certainly is step in the right direction, even if it more of a St. Valentine's Day massacre than a St. Bartholomew's Day massacre.
2006-08-19 15:40:53
683.   kylepetterson
676 673 I
2006-08-19 15:41:07
684.   kylepetterson
676 673 agree
2006-08-19 15:41:21
685.   kylepetterson
676 673 about
2006-08-19 15:41:38
686.   kylepetterson
676 673 Johnson
2006-08-19 15:42:01
687.   kylepetterson
676 673 and getting to 700
2006-08-19 15:44:28
688.   kylepetterson
682 I'm not sure last night was a blow-out. More like a the-team-who's-pitchers-suck-the-least-game.
2006-08-19 15:48:06
689.   Gagne55
669 All Johnson needed to do was give the Yankees innings with the state both staffs are in. He did just that. The 5 runs allowed were pretty meaningless.
2006-08-19 16:17:58
690.   seamus
arod looked very relaxed late in the game. I liked seeing that. Of course, 13-5 leads can do that.
2006-08-19 16:19:46
691.   seamus
If Mussina can put in a top performance tomorrow it would be huge to give Villone, Proctor, et al another day of rest. We could miraculously leave Boston with a mostly rested pen then.
2006-08-19 16:25:52
692.   uburoisc
I relished that Posada AB. Great discipline from Arod and Cano taking the walks, forcing Delcarmen to pitch or shut up. At 3-1 he had nowhere to go but over the plate over. The Yanks may have the best patience of any team in baseball. Looking forward to Schilling tomorrow, but especially to Fatass on Monday. Great series so far.
2006-08-19 16:26:12
693.   joe in boston
Hi all,

What a great 46th birthday for me. Got to watch the game with my 75 year old parents down here near Tampa on vacation. Wow, what great games. Unfortunately, my parents have the slowest computer ever made and dial up.

Let's just say I'm looking forward to reading the "Banters" over the past 2 days !

2006-08-19 16:31:06
694.   joe in boston
... forgot to mention that my folks are big-time Yankee fans ...
2006-08-19 16:48:50
695.   Ron Burgundy
Good Game. And I spent the entire time in a restaurant. Very nice place, great atmosphere, but I would've liked to see the game.

Let's Shell Shelling tommorrow.

2006-08-19 17:43:57
696.   rbj
This just in Clippers are getting pounded by the Mudhens 9-1, er now 10 - 1. Depaula's given up all ten earned runs. Shoot, in the time it took me to type that last sentence it's now 12 - 1. Bubba couldn't catch the last flyball to deep outfield. Now Mendoza's getting rocked. Very sloppy play by the Clippers. I guess the Yanks have diverted bad play down to Columbus. Just don't count on any more arms being available from AAA for the next couple of days.
2006-08-19 19:38:01
697.   randym77
Ouch. The final score:

Columbus 2, Toledo 20

Mendoza, Butto, and Cosme didn't do much better than Depaula. All 20 runs given up were earned.

One the bright side, Bubba was 2 for 4 with a double and an RBI. :-/

2006-08-19 20:00:21
698.   Shaun P
I still can't believe the Yanks have taken the first 3 games. I hoped they would, but I didn't really expect it.

Dreaming here, but imagine if Carmona and the Indians hadn't melted down 4 nights in a row - the Yanks would have an 8 and a half game lead right now!

I also can't believe the Banter is this close to 700 posts, after two 1000+ post threads. It will take ages to read them all, but I'm looking forward to it!

2006-08-19 20:02:31
699.   LI yankee
Well don't look now, but we're only 5 back (4 in the loss column) of the Tigers. Without Polanco they are definitely catchable.

1 out of these next 2 would be satisfactory, but no denying what we all really want...

2006-08-19 20:14:20
700.   randym77
699 Hell, yeah. It would re-define "Boston Massacre." >:->
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2006-08-19 20:15:34
701.   Zack
Hey Joe in Boston, my birthday today too, lets go for the birthday weekend sweep!!

Another Phil Hughesian line:
5.0IP 2H 1R 1ER 1BB 3K

Actually a fairly lame performance by his standards, only three ks?

2006-08-19 21:22:38
702.   Shaun P
144 Nice to see you, MFD! Sorry I was late to the party.
2006-08-20 07:17:12
703.   wsporter
702 MFD was sitting and looking at the Nott a couple of weeks ago and was thinking about how I never seem to run into anyone from the old school and yet I did at the "The Banter" So I said a hello for you.

What a weekend so far and in keeping with rbj at 679 … By the waters of Boston, there we sat down and we wept when we remembered Mickey, Willie, Thurman, Reggie, Chambliss, Lou, Roy, Heath Cliff and Buckey.

2006-08-20 07:50:26
704.   JeremyM
Just saw some of the highlights from yesterday: what is the deal with Boston fans giving Beckett a standing ovation after he left? I could see if he was having a good year, but he has been nothing short of terrible, especially in comparison to all of the hype. Randy Johnson sure doesn't get that kind of reaction after leaving a game that way, and he's a hall-of-famer.
2006-08-20 07:59:49
705.   Jeteupthemiddle
I'm fairly positive it was one of those sarcastic cheer things.

"Thank God you are leaving the mound!! YAY YAY YAY"

2006-08-20 08:08:01
706.   JeremyM
705 Good. But it looks like those Boston fans need to be taught a thing or two about respecting the game.
2006-08-20 09:03:48
707.   Shaun P
706 FOX also had a nice shot of a guy in a road Yanks jersey behind the Boston dugout who leaped up and applauded Beckett before most of the Sox fans got to their feet.

703 Thanks, MFD - I haven't seen the Nott in too long. If you're ever up in Schenectady for homecoming or reunion, let me know - my wife (a fellow Dutchwoman ;) and I have been talking about heading out to old U one of these days . . .

I look forward to another good game tonight!

2006-08-20 11:03:27
708.   wsporter
706 Ok, but if that's the criteria where does the unrelenting and merciless booing of A-Rod place us in terms of needing a lesson or two about respecting the game?
2006-08-20 23:22:54
709.   JeremyM
708 I was joking based on Beckett's previous comments about respecting the game.

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