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Game 2
2006-08-18 13:13
by Cliff Corcoran

The Yankees got the job done in Game 1, blowing out the Red Sox 12-4 behind big days from Johnny Damon (3 for 6, 3B, HR, 4 RBI, 3 R, and a huge sliding catch), Bobby Abreu (4 for 5, 2B, BB, R, SB), and Alex Rodriguez (2 for 5, 2B, BB, 2 RBI, 2 R, and a game-saving catch). That means that the pressure is on the Red Sox in the nightcap to take advantage of Sidney Ponson and his 8.78 ERA as a Yankee, lest they fall 3.5 games back in the East with just three games left in this series.

Meanwhile, the Yankees will be satisfied with a split, but did a good job of heating up their bats for 22-year-old rookie Jon Lester. The left-handed Lester had an impressive start to his major league career, posting a 2.38 ERA over his first eight starts despite an ugly walk rate of 5.76 BB/9, but the league seems to be catching up to him. Although his walk rate has drastically improved, Lester has a 6.91 ERA in his last five starts, due in large part to his having surrendered 41 hits in 27 1/3 innings against such offensive powerhouses as the Royals, Mariners, Angels and Orioles.

Overall, Lester has averaged less than 5 2/3 innings per start, which means if Ponson can keep it close (I know, but if), the Yankees will get a crack at the inferior Boston bullpen. Speaking of which, here's how the first game affected the two pens:

Yankees: Mike Myers retired David Ortiz on five pitches and should be available to do it again in the night cap if needed. Scott Proctor threw a reasonable 15 pitches over 1 2/3 innings. He should be avoided in the night game, but could be used if absolutely necessary and will certainly be available tomorrow. T.J. Beam threw 26 pitches in the ninth. Everyone else, including Mo, Farnsworth, Villone, Dotel and Brian Bruney, is fully rested.

Boston: Manny Delcarmen, Kyle Snyder, and Rudy Seanez are all unavailable for tonight having thrown 28, 39 and a whopping 47 pitches respectively. Rumor has it the Red Sox might activate Keith Foulke for the nightcap to compensate. Though speculation was that Jason Johnson would be designated for assignment to make room for Foulke, I wonder if the Sox might prefer to DFA Seanez, who has been awful this year and struggled to get outs in today's game, walking four and allowing four runs in an inning and a third. As it stands, the Sox have Papelbon, Timlin, Tavarez and Hansen fully rested.

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2006-08-18 14:55:09
1.   randym77
Joe says Dotel will not pitch today. Everyone else is considered "available."
2006-08-18 14:56:20
2.   Zack
Darn, I was hoping for 1,000 on the other thread, oh well. Here's to hoping for 5 IP, 3 R for Ponson, my overly hopeful prediction...
2006-08-18 15:00:44
3.   randym77
Okay, I love Yahoo's headline:

Boston Tee Party

2006-08-18 15:10:52
4.   Fred Vincy
XM is reporting that Johnson was DFAed and Foulke will be on the roster for tonight.
2006-08-18 15:13:27
5.   kylepetterson
3 you can still post over there if you want. I'm hoping tonight goes 85 - -16 Yankees. (Boston gets 16 runs taken for turning their hats sideways)
2006-08-18 15:15:45
6.   atc
Bernie in right, Abreu at DH, Wilson at 1st, Fasano C, Giambi rest - Per M&MD
2006-08-18 15:17:12
7.   randym77
This is a surprise. I thought Giambi would play 1B. Instead, he's sitting.

Damon - CF
Jeter - SS
Abreu - DH
ARod - 3B
Cano - 2B
Wilson - 1B
Bernie - RF
Fasano - C
Melky - LF

2006-08-18 15:17:59
8.   randym77
And here's the Sox:

1. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
2. Mark Loretta, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Manny Ramirez, LF
5. Eric Hinske, 1B
6. Wily Mo Pena, RF
7. Coco Crisp, CF
8. Doug Mirabelli, C
9. Alex Cora, SS

2006-08-18 15:28:34
9.   Schteeve
house money line up? I don't like it.
2006-08-18 15:30:02
10.   Ron Burgundy
He put Bernie in the outfield. Good God.
2006-08-18 15:32:40
11.   kylepetterson
Anybody else notice Boston's road record?


2006-08-18 15:34:42
12.   Ron Burgundy
11 I'm not half surprised. They're a .500 team and they know it.
2006-08-18 15:36:43
13.   jkay
11 Boston is a combined 23-1 vs the Orioles and NL East. Boston is 46-50 vs everyone else.
2006-08-18 15:36:44
14.   yankeemonkey
Why is Giambi sitting tonight? Too exhausted from the 5 ABs he had??

Also, looks like Tito realized Coco sucks at leadoff. Darn.

2006-08-18 15:38:05
15.   kylepetterson
vs AL East
vs AL Central
vs AL West
Run Differential
2006-08-18 15:38:42
16.   randym77
It occurred to me, while watching Nick Green pinch-run for Giambi, that we have only two bench players left. Nick Green for the infield, and Bernie for the outfield. And Bernie really shouldn't be used in the outfield.

The Yanks signed Frank Menechino, and sent him to Columbus. He's starting at 3B tonight for the Clippers. Maybe they'll bring him up once this weekend is over, and we no longer need 13 pitchers?

2006-08-18 15:39:19
17.   tommyl
Well, isn't Bernie 0-0 against Lester? Gotta play the matchup.

Giambi will be available to PH. The move I don't like is Bernie in the OF. With Ponson pitching, we need every chance to turn some hard liner into a lucky out.

2006-08-18 15:41:49
18.   JL25and3
Not only is GOB playing right field, but there's no defensive replacement available.
2006-08-18 15:42:38
19.   randym77
I think Joe just wanted to get Bernie into the lineup somehow. He said before the game he would probably play Giambi at 1B, but I guess he changed his mind.
2006-08-18 15:43:28
20.   Travis
16 Also Fasano, if he counts.

18 Wilson and Green can play the OF, if need be, but neither is that much better than Bernie.

2006-08-18 15:53:40
21.   JL25and3
20 If you put Wilson in RF, that means Giambi's playing 1b. Not much of a defensive replacement. I suppose Green can play the outfield, but I wouldn't consider him a defensive caddy - especially not in Fenway's RF.
2006-08-18 16:05:01
22.   Maniakes
18 supposedly, most pitchers can play pretty good outfield (because during batting practice every day, they're out there catching flies and throwing them back to the infield). Put a pitcher in as defensive RF when we don't expect the lineup slot to come up again, then PH Giambi, leave him in to play 1B, and shift Wilson to RF if the lineup slot winds up coming up anyway.
2006-08-18 16:08:17
23.   randym77
That's right, we have lots of pitchers. Joe can always use "Wheels" Wright if he needs a pinch-runner. ;-)
2006-08-18 16:23:42
24.   LI yankee
If this turns into a laugher, we could shift Ponson himself to right field as punishment. Then he can be DFA'ed
2006-08-18 16:26:46
25.   JL25and3
22 I can't remember that ever happening, and I've never heard of it happening. Ron Guidry did play center field once - for one out, in the conclusion of the Pine Tar game, when Don Mattingly played second.

I think it's safe to say that's not a serious option.

2006-08-18 16:33:26
26.   Travis
25 A bunch of pitchers have played the outfield, usually for platoon reasons (moving the pitcher to the OF and putting a LOOGY in for one batter, then putting the original pitcher back on the mound). Did you know Jeff Nelson once played LF in Fenway?

I've actually done the research for this - all the games where a pitcher played a position are detailed here:

2006-08-18 16:41:53
27.   JL25and3
That kind of switcheroo is very different from using a pitcher as a defensive replacement. What you're describing is a case where you hope to hide the pitcher for one hitter; you're not seriously expecting him to play the outfield competently.

Pitchers shag flies - high, easy bp flies, and if they're more than a couple of steps away the pitchers don't bother. They don't track fly balls hit a distance away, they don't deal with liners hit at them, they don't charge groundball singles. They throw the ball back in, but they don't whirl and throw, they don't hit cutoff men, they don't pay attention to which base they're throwing to.

If you had to play a pitcher out there out of desperation, you might be able to get away with it. But as a defensive replacement? I'm willing to bet that Jeff Nelson is an even worse outfielder than Bernie.

2006-08-18 16:43:19
28.   Travis
27 It's not a serious option, and Torre is too conservative of a manager to ever do it. But it's fun to discuss.
2006-08-18 16:44:01
29.   BayRidger
Frank Menechino, a baseball player you can actually look down upon:)
2006-08-18 16:44:40
30.   unmoderated
thanks for that cool link, travis.
2006-08-18 16:48:08
31.   JL25and3
28 Then we agree; that's really all I was saying.

By the way, referring to your link: I don't think Martin played Guidry and Mattingly where he did for any strategic reason whatsoever. I think it was his way of thumbing his nose at the umpires and Larry MacPhail.

2006-08-18 16:49:27
32.   SF Yanks
Hey Cliff, you're wanted on the last post. We left 1000 for you.
2006-08-18 16:51:28
33.   SF Yanks
Oops, we got the posts to 999, now we can't see any of them. Uh-oh.
2006-08-18 16:51:50
34.   LI yankee
Err...bad omen?
2006-08-18 16:52:08
35.   randym77
Yikes, I think youse guys broke the Banter. The comments don't load for me on that thread any more.
2006-08-18 16:53:29
36.   LI yankee
I really did not see that coming
2006-08-18 16:55:06
37.   Cliff Corcoran
16 If they add anyone it should be Guiel. Menechino is just Cairo/Green take 3. He's redundant twice over. Guiel has unique skills for this team: lefty bat, capable outfielder.
2006-08-18 16:55:53
38.   SF Yanks
LI yankee started it... it wasn't me, no way (pointing finger while hiding my face)
2006-08-18 16:57:01
39.   LI yankee
It wasn't me! (runs away)
2006-08-18 17:00:37
40.   Cliff Corcoran
32 Much appreciated, guys. I have Ken on the case of the broken comments.
2006-08-18 17:01:15
41.   Travis
31 I don't know; the moves made pretty good strategic sense. Quisenberry struggled against lefties, and putting Mattingly in at 2B meant that he didn't have to pinch-hit for Randolph leading off the bottom of the 9th.

For a real case of a manager thumbing his nose at the umpires, see entry #5 here:

2006-08-18 17:04:18
42.   randym77
37 My guess is that Menechino is supposed to take Cairo's place, if he doesn't recover as quickly as hoped.
2006-08-18 17:11:37
43.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
let's see what the Sox have left in the pen and get Lester out early...10 pitch AB for Damon
2006-08-18 17:11:37
44.   Marcus
GREAT at bat for Damon. Nice start!
2006-08-18 17:12:46
45.   Travis
You should never bunt in the first inning with Ponson on the mound.
2006-08-18 17:14:03
46.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
It would be great to see ol Tavarez out there about the 6th inning
2006-08-18 17:15:13
47.   Cliff Corcoran
Well, that was a disaster. Cripes.
2006-08-18 17:15:56
48.   Cliff Corcoran
42 I'd rather have Green.
2006-08-18 17:16:13
49.   Marcus
Well I can understand the call for a hit and run there. You want to avoid the double play--oh wait...
2006-08-18 17:16:22
50.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
NESN feed is torture to listen too...Remy has the worst voice
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2006-08-18 17:18:41
51.   Cliff Corcoran
49 I know we're in agreement, but since you mentioned it. There's only one kind of double play you can hit into if the runner doesn't go, but two (K/CS, line drive/doubled off) if you do send him.
2006-08-18 17:18:45
52.   randym77
48 I think they want Green and someone else.

Or two backup infielders, anyway. There's been some talk about the Yanks replacing Green with the recently DFA'd Vizcaino.

2006-08-18 17:19:26
53.   mikeplugh
That strike called on Jeter changed the whole game. Let's see how it affects things.

Horrible call.

Damon and Jeter, 1st and 2nd no one out.
Jeter strikes out, Damon thrown out.

Lester was rescued from at least 15-20 more pitches in this game.

2006-08-18 17:19:54
54.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Ladies and Gentlemen....

weighing in at an easy 260 lbs. of sober Aruba fury....sweating butter in the Boston heat... the only Aruban not connected to the Natalie Hollway murder...
the pride and ace of the Aruba National Baseball Team....

Sydney "Two Scoops" Ponson...

2006-08-18 17:22:25
55.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Heck, he got someone out.
2006-08-18 17:23:27
56.   Ron Burgundy
53 OK, are the umpires on the Sawx payroll? The HP umps in Chicago and so far in this series are absolutely HORRIBLE. This is a joke. Our AL East position in the hands of a bunch of idiots who appear to be paid by the Bahston Red Sawx.
2006-08-18 17:24:40
57.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
He got 2 guys out. Woohoo.
2006-08-18 17:24:46
58.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
bags cleared with the missing link up is always a good thing.....2b harmless
2006-08-18 17:24:52
59.   Ron Burgundy
Whew, kept him in the park.
2006-08-18 17:25:28
60.   RichYF
Didn't see that coming. This one is going to get ugly.
2006-08-18 17:25:33
61.   Travis
Ortiz didn't homer. Hooray.
2006-08-18 17:25:40
62.   Cliff Corcoran
I walk Manny here.
2006-08-18 17:25:40
63.   Mattpat11
I hate this slow mo camera.

Here comes Manny.

Sidney Ponson is so discouraging.

2006-08-18 17:26:20
64.   RichYF
If by discouraging you mean incredibly obese, then I concur.
2006-08-18 17:26:57
65.   Ron Burgundy
60 We should probably still be batting if not for the Home Plate umpire.
2006-08-18 17:26:59
66.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
thank god he got the first two outs....
2006-08-18 17:27:10
67.   Cliff Corcoran
52 That's absurd, they need another OF and a lefty power bat off the bench. That's Guiel, the don't need another futility IF.

62 Yup.

2006-08-18 17:27:11
68.   seamus
not sure why Wang doesn't pitch to Manny, but Ponson does.
2006-08-18 17:27:18
69.   Mattpat11
Is it possible to release Ponson in the middle of a game?
2006-08-18 17:27:23
70.   randym77
Maybe they should have brought up Karstens instead of Beam.

Or Steven White. He's mowing 'em down in Columbus tonight.

2006-08-18 17:27:23
71.   RichYF
Fasano didn't get the memo that you don't throw Manny breaking pitches when he has 2 strikes. Bernie shows the gun by almost killing Cano. Time to start drinking.
2006-08-18 17:28:33
72.   Mattpat11
That ball was sucked into Ponson's gravitational pull.
2006-08-18 17:28:39
73.   Cliff Corcoran
I'll take just one run vs. the heart of the Boston order every time through the order with Ponson on the mound. Fine by me. Still shoudla walked Manny, though.
2006-08-18 17:28:56
74.   Travis
That was lucky. Ponson just happened to have his glove where the ball was going.
2006-08-18 17:29:16
75.   Cliff Corcoran
72 Now that's funny.
2006-08-18 17:29:41
76.   Benjamin Kabak
73 I'll take it but I again find it hard to believe the Yanks cannot find ANYONE better to pitch than Sidney Ponson. That's either very uncreative or pathetic.
2006-08-18 17:30:46
77.   tocho
don't worry they will get to lester
2006-08-18 17:30:58
78.   seamus
76 its not like good pitchers with experience just sit around waiting to be signed.
2006-08-18 17:31:24
79.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rods numbers look like a good year....for Jeremy Burnitz or Geoff Jenkins
2006-08-18 17:31:30
80.   Mattpat11
My9 looks awful
2006-08-18 17:31:46
81.   randym77
67 Yeah, I agree, but they seem to like backup infielders. They were carrying three for awhile there.

Guiel is playing LF and batting in the three-hole tonight. He's in a bit of slump, hitting only .250 right now.

2006-08-18 17:32:03
82.   sam2175
I am back here to bitch.

What an awful call on 3-1 to Jeter. This ump sucks.

And should've walked Manny. I don't really care who is hitting behind him.

Sir Sidney, just finish 6 innings, somehow.

2006-08-18 17:32:40
83.   Mattpat11
78 Roger did...
2006-08-18 17:32:45
84.   Ken Arneson
The Game 1 thread is now fixed.

Turns out, to prevent infinite loops, the template engine has a default maximum of loops it will iterate through: 1000. I reset the number to 5000 and now it's happy again.

Now don't go trying to create a 5,000 comment thread just to give me more busy work.

2006-08-18 17:33:38
85.   Travis
Watching Lester pitch is about as much fun as watching Al Leiter ... they should just start every batter at 3-2.
2006-08-18 17:34:01
86.   randym77
84 LOL! Thanks. You know us too well. ;-)
2006-08-18 17:34:33
87.   tommyl
Hmmm...I now think I understand Joe's thinking. Wilson and Williams mash lefties, so if you are going to play Bernie, Lester is a good guy to put him in. You can give Giambi a rest (though why anyone needs a rest for DHing is beyond me, but perhaps Joe knows something we don't). Then, since Bernie is actually in and Abreu has played everyday you "rest" him by playing DH. Its not what I would have done, but its not awful.
2006-08-18 17:34:56
88.   tocho
this will be a battle of the bullpens
2006-08-18 17:35:11
89.   sam2175
Cano baby!

Tie game!!! NESN announcer deadpans.

2006-08-18 17:35:13
90.   tommyl
And A-Rod and Robbie pick up right where they left off.
2006-08-18 17:35:23
91.   Benjamin Kabak
78 I'm not talking good; I'm talking replacement level. The Yanks can't even find a Replacement Level pitcher to eat up some innings. I hear Jason Johnson is available now though :)
2006-08-18 17:35:28
92.   Mattpat11
Holy crap, was that Jason Varitek without a mask?
2006-08-18 17:35:30
93.   Ron Burgundy
And we tie it right up.
2006-08-18 17:37:27
94.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Cano is soooo good...Cano, Wang and Melky it is good to see the Yanks getting back to the farm system and away from the Pavano and Wright deals
2006-08-18 17:37:37
95.   tommyl
Could this be two walks in a day for Wilson?
2006-08-18 17:37:52
96.   tocho
lester sucks
2006-08-18 17:38:09
97.   Ron Burgundy
Watching Lester eat it makes me want to KILL the HP umpire for the call in the 1st inning.
2006-08-18 17:38:10
98.   LI yankee
Another BB for Wilson!
2006-08-18 17:38:11
99.   Travis
95 Yup.
2006-08-18 17:38:22
100.   sam2175
Huh, Wilson chooses a good series to start walking again. That will help him and the Yankees.

Bernie from the right side, let's see.

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2006-08-18 17:38:37
101.   tommyl
94 I would love it if the batting title was a competition between Jeter and Cano. He's up to .329 now.
2006-08-18 17:38:47
102.   Travis
Anyone want a make a prediction as to whether this game ends before midnight?
2006-08-18 17:39:07
103.   tocho
please no bunt, this guy is not throwing strikes
2006-08-18 17:39:27
104.   RichYF
Apparently me drinking is a good idea for the Yankees. I'll keep it up if they keep it up (even if they don't).
2006-08-18 17:39:41
105.   Ron Burgundy
102 I seriously doubt it.
2006-08-18 17:40:14
106.   Mattpat11
That's the third time I thought that super slow mo was footage from 1978. Its like grainy, like all the footage from the 70s rivalry
2006-08-18 17:40:30
107.   randym77
Yikes. It sounds like Torre is planning to use Bernie as a regular backup OFer.
2006-08-18 17:40:34
108.   tocho
102 i actually think ponson will settle down
2006-08-18 17:40:45
109.   sam2175
Why would Bernie swing at that?
2006-08-18 17:41:06
110.   mikeplugh
This is feeln' good....c'mon Bernie
2006-08-18 17:41:11
111.   Travis
I can't believe Bernie was swinging there.
2006-08-18 17:41:31
112.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I like this Lester kid...he is fun to watch
2006-08-18 17:41:45
113.   JeremyM
Bernie sits and guesses fastballs at all times anymore. I knew he would swing on that one.
2006-08-18 17:41:51
114.   tocho
2006-08-18 17:41:52
115.   Ron Burgundy
Bases full for Ron Jeremy!
2006-08-18 17:42:23
116.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
2006-08-18 17:42:29
117.   JeremyM
OK guys, let's hammer this guy. Please do not let him off the hook.
2006-08-18 17:42:52
118.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it!
2006-08-18 17:43:00
119.   sam2175
C'mon Fasano, make some contact!

He does, out at home, but still bases loaded.

2006-08-18 17:43:06
120.   RichYF
Side note: YFvsSF has official shirts. Where are the BB shirts?
2006-08-18 17:43:12
121.   Cliff Corcoran
Glad I put the whammy on Wilson's walk drought in my series preview.

Only one out off Fasano's bat is good news in my book. Go Melky!

2006-08-18 17:43:14
122.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
This guy is not batting his is Wilson not getting some light at catcher...?
2006-08-18 17:43:14
123.   mikeplugh
Ugh. Fasano and Ponson will be at the Coney Island hot dog eating contest together next 4th of July. Look out Kobayashi.
2006-08-18 17:44:12
124.   Ron Burgundy
I will kill this Ump. THat was a FOOT OUTSIDE!
2006-08-18 17:44:16
125.   JeremyM
I know the old idea of having speed in the 9 hole, but I would bat Cabrera ahead of Fasano regardless.
2006-08-18 17:44:19
126.   sam2175
That was a strike? What a joke of a strike zone today from this ump. Hopefully he is consistent.
2006-08-18 17:44:20
127.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Stinnett coulda done that.
2006-08-18 17:44:24
128.   JL25and3
Travis, irrelevant as this's funny that the conclusion of the Pine Tar game came up today. It was 23 years ago today.
2006-08-18 17:44:55
129.   sam2175
2006-08-18 17:44:55
130.   mikeplugh
I was gonna say that the battery of Ponson and Fasano is a D battery, but it may be more like a flashlight battery, or a car battery.
2006-08-18 17:44:56
131.   Ron Burgundy
Melkman delivers!
2006-08-18 17:45:00
132.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Can Ponson not pitch to a 55 gallon drum and we use the lineup spot for Giambi as a 2nd DH ?
2006-08-18 17:45:21
133.   RichYF
"Super slow mo" has to go. This is hindering my game watching experience.
2006-08-18 17:46:00
134.   Mattpat11
Its funny, but this is just a fun game for me. We're sort of playing with house money. I'd like to win, and I'm glad we're winning, but I expect nothing of Ponson, so whatever happens, happens.

I'm sure this will change in an hour.

2006-08-18 17:46:29
135.   sam2175
Yeah JOhnny!!!!
2006-08-18 17:46:54
136.   Ron Burgundy
Lester is a phenom...enally shitty pitcher.
2006-08-18 17:47:05
137.   rsmith51
Only one run?
2006-08-18 17:47:24
138.   rsmith51
Oh, Fasano...
2006-08-18 17:47:31
139.   randym77
Ouch. Crisp probably has grass in his teeth after that one.
2006-08-18 17:47:37
140.   RichYF
136 Don't make me giggle, I'll spill my drink.

137 Two words: Sal Fasano.

2006-08-18 17:47:48
141.   JeremyM
Jeter will have to hit it to the moon to get Fasano home on a sac fly.
2006-08-18 17:48:00
142.   Ron Burgundy
Jeter, chill man. This bitch has nothing.
2006-08-18 17:48:51
143.   LI yankee
141 His gravitational pull would bring it quickly back to Earth though
2006-08-18 17:48:55
144.   rsmith51
What is record for most pitches by one team in a day?
2006-08-18 17:49:42
145.   Ron Burgundy
144 Whatever it is, the Sawx will break it.
2006-08-18 17:49:54
146.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I want to rip it open here and see if the Sox bring in Oil Can Boyd or Bob Stanley to mop up

Lester has only thrown 22 balls ? he seems like he has walked a dozen

2006-08-18 17:50:51
147.   Travis
144 If I had to guess... the Mets and Giants played a doubleheader in 1964. The second game went 23 innings.

2006-08-18 17:51:02
148.   Mattpat11
130 Car Battery. I'm now stealing that for every day use.
2006-08-18 17:51:52
149.   Ron Burgundy
Jeter had a horrible AB there. He must've swung at 6 or 7 balls.
2006-08-18 17:52:15
150.   JeremyM
144 The weird thing is Nolan Ryan threw all 23 innings...

Kidding, but I do remember reading he threw like 17 once. Oh Jeter.

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2006-08-18 17:52:34
151.   rsmith51
Papi enthusiasts will point to that ab as why Jeet is not clutch.
2006-08-18 17:52:47
152.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Jete's just trying to make Arod look good in comparison. That's the type of guy the cap is.
2006-08-18 17:53:03
153.   zgveritas
I'm worried about Ponson having to sit that long between innings...
2006-08-18 17:53:24
154.   randym77
147 23 innings? The second game of a doubleheader? Holy guacamole. Those fans got their money's worth.
2006-08-18 17:53:29
155.   RichYF
I'll see your Eric Hinske and raise you Bobby Abreu.
2006-08-18 17:53:35
156.   sam2175

5-1 Yankees. Just rip it open now.

2006-08-18 17:53:40
157.   Ron Burgundy
Lester getting Molested.

(Get It? Get It?)

2006-08-18 17:53:57
158.   rsmith51
Bobby picking up Jeter. Can he pick up some MVP votes ala Shannon Steward?
2006-08-18 17:54:19
159.   pmarcig
Abreu rakes. I love him at the plate.
2006-08-18 17:54:26
160.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Abreu !

that is nice hitting....

A Rod hit gets ....

TAVAREZ !!! yes...

2006-08-18 17:54:34
161.   Travis
Tavarez warming.
2006-08-18 17:54:49
162.   JeremyM
I'm so confused. I thought Abreu wasn't "clutch"?
2006-08-18 17:55:04
163.   LI yankee
Lester is toast
2006-08-18 17:55:06
164.   Mattpat11
153 I'm sure he's been eating. That's some activty
2006-08-18 17:55:13
165.   JeremyM
Oh God, please put in Tavarez.
2006-08-18 17:55:55
166.   pmarcig
Dammit A-Rod.
2006-08-18 17:55:58
167.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It! I was hoping for a 3-Run shot A-Rod! BOOOO!

(Please tell me I didn't need to use the sarcasm tags.)

2006-08-18 17:56:06
168.   rsmith51
162 You need a clutch-o-meter to determine who is clutch.
2006-08-18 17:56:48
169.   pmarcig
Ponsoon needs all he can get.
2006-08-18 17:57:06
170.   LI yankee
For this game we need runs. Lots of runs.
2006-08-18 17:57:21
171.   JeremyM
Is it too early to go to Mo? This one is a long way from over.
2006-08-18 17:57:49
172.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Wells sent over a sandwich for him....fat sloppy drunk pitchers have a code of honor

2006-08-18 17:57:54
173.   Ron Burgundy
Damn. I forgot Ponson was pitching for us.
2006-08-18 17:58:05
174.   Kered Retej
62 pitches through 2 innings, I love it. At this rate, Manny could be pitching on Monday.
2006-08-18 17:58:42
175.   Marcus
Is it me, or has A-Rod been hitting pop ups quite a bit recently? Is that indicative of anything in particular in his swing?
2006-08-18 17:58:48
176.   rsmith51

Cano is the man!

2006-08-18 17:59:07
177.   LI yankee
Wily has a very very large neck
2006-08-18 17:59:37
178.   rsmith51
175 It means he is not striking out.
2006-08-18 18:00:00
179.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
175 sucks and he needs another appointment with his Life Coach to relieve the stress of being A Rod

2006-08-18 18:00:56
180.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Mirabelli and Fasano in a foot race...who wins ?
2006-08-18 18:02:10
181.   LI yankee
180 Fasano by a stache
2006-08-18 18:02:16
182.   rsmith51
Slow reaction from the ump.
2006-08-18 18:02:55
183.   Travis
182 Extremely.
2006-08-18 18:03:40
184.   rsmith51
I can see we are not going to get 900 posts this evening. I guess people are off seeing Snakes on a Plane.

I wonder what that movie is about.

2006-08-18 18:03:42
185.   Zack
Just turned on the game, and all I can say is
[Wacky Dance]!
2006-08-18 18:04:48
186.   rsmith51
How did Varitek beat Pudge for GG?
2006-08-18 18:05:24
187.   Ron Burgundy
How do you walk Alex Cora?
2006-08-18 18:05:27
188.   mikeplugh
C'mon Ponson. That's ALEX CORA!
2006-08-18 18:06:12
189.   Ron Burgundy
186 With his heart and soul and leadership.
2006-08-18 18:06:44
190.   Zack
Maybe I need to turn the game back off...
2006-08-18 18:06:46
191.   mikeplugh
Ponson is gonna let it slip away. C'mon big guy. One more out.
2006-08-18 18:06:47
192.   rsmith51
Now he throws a strike. Stupid walks.
2006-08-18 18:07:20
193.   pmarcig
Time to get Proctor up.
2006-08-18 18:07:30
194.   mikeplugh
Look at the fat ripple on Ponson in super-slo-mo. Hypnotic.
2006-08-18 18:07:31
195.   Ron Burgundy
Don't wonna be a dick. But what if Jeter has his plate discipline with him in his at-bat and A-Rod then gets a fly-out to bring in one more run, leading a 7-1(now 7-2) lead?
2006-08-18 18:07:51
196.   rsmith51
Glad they used Villone on Thurday...
2006-08-18 18:07:54
197.   mikeplugh
Nice pitch.
2006-08-18 18:08:28
198.   mikeplugh
195 Too big a "what if" I think.
2006-08-18 18:08:40
199.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
enough about their pen....who is our next move for long relief ?
2006-08-18 18:08:40
200.   Travis
186 Who knows. Statistically, he ranked in the bottom half of AL catchers last year, so it must have been for his intangibles and leadership. Almost anyone outside of Kendall and Victor Martinez would have been a better choice.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-18 18:08:42
201.   Mattpat11
FWIW, this is the type of game where I don't mind a take take take take strategy. You're dealing with a pitcher who walks a fair amount (not a ton, but not Wells either) and also one that's pretty good, so you know it shouldn't be a massacre like the Johnson game should have. This is the type of guy you try to knock out in four with 110 pitches.
2006-08-18 18:09:11
202.   mikeplugh
Ortiz with the bases chucked anyone?
2006-08-18 18:09:26
203.   LI yankee
please don't walk Loretta...
2006-08-18 18:09:34
204.   sam2175
So, suddenly Ponson has lost it. 5-2, Loretta full count second-third.


2006-08-18 18:09:37
205.   Zack
I think Ponson is on for awhile no matter least, he should be...
2006-08-18 18:09:43
206.   pmarcig
good lord. There's no way Papi doesn't come through if he walks this guy.
2006-08-18 18:09:44
207.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it. This is gonna be a slugfest.
2006-08-18 18:10:06
208.   mikeplugh
DFA Ponson this minute.
2006-08-18 18:10:23
209.   seamus
this is the worst pitching matchup EVER!

so, where is ron villone?

2006-08-18 18:10:24
210.   randym77
Mark Loretta. Snakes on a #$%& plane!
2006-08-18 18:10:33
211.   Ron Burgundy
WTF? This all would've been avoided if he could've gotten ALEX CORA out.
2006-08-18 18:10:49
212.   sam2175
Walk Ortiz here, and if necessary, also Manny. Dammit!
2006-08-18 18:10:56
213.   Mattpat11
Can we release this man?
2006-08-18 18:11:14
214.   Simone
Ugh. Can we let loose some snakes on the field? Because this game is going to be ugly as hell.
2006-08-18 18:11:15
215.   singledd
Pontoon has nothing. They have been smashing him all over the place. Do we just give up this game in order to save the pen?
2006-08-18 18:11:15
216.   Travis
Bruney would have to be the first guy out of the pen. No one else makes sense.
2006-08-18 18:11:32
217.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
well that was that....we need another 5 runs next inning...

This guy eats leads like they are covered in chocolate....

Ortiz owns this guy..

2006-08-18 18:11:36
218.   rsmith51
Well he has gotten him out 19 times.
2006-08-18 18:11:55
219.   singledd
Pontoon has nothing. They have been smashing him all over the place. Do we just give up this game in order to save the pen?
2006-08-18 18:12:22
220.   Travis
214 Let's save the snakes for the top of next inning, when most of the Yankees are in the dugout.
2006-08-18 18:12:27
221.   pmarcig
Ortiz is hitting .890 against Ponson. Get lucky Ponson...
2006-08-18 18:12:31
222.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

can't walk them because he cannot get ANYONE at all out

2006-08-18 18:12:55
223.   LI yankee
Our Bullpen > Their Bullpen

That's all you need to know

2006-08-18 18:13:02
224.   mikeplugh
Could this be MLB's worst pitching matchup ever? How about Lima versus Ponson? Ever happen?
2006-08-18 18:13:17
225.   rsmith51
Now he has gotten Ortiz out 20 times.
2006-08-18 18:13:17
226.   sam2175
Wow, Ortiz K's.

Unlikely even number 5 of the day.

2006-08-18 18:13:21
227.   randym77
Holy Heisenberg. He got Big Papi out!
2006-08-18 18:13:24
228.   Cliff Corcoran
Oh man, got Papi looking. Nice. I can't believe the Yanks still have the lead.
2006-08-18 18:13:24
229.   Marcus
2006-08-18 18:13:24
230.   Ron Burgundy
And he had TWO outs and walked Cora. If he didn't do that shit, we'd be back and molesting the Lester now.

Well, he Ks 'Tiz. Back to the offense.

2006-08-18 18:13:29
231.   Max
Even though we all knew this was going to happen, you have to swallow really hard to put someone out on the mound who basically turns your team into the equivalent of the Orioles. No amount of runs is enough, and 11-8 and 13-10 type games are what you have to live with.
2006-08-18 18:13:39
232.   seamus

And yes I am yelling BECAUSE IT IS SO UNREAL!

2006-08-18 18:13:43
233.   pmarcig
Ortiz is SO not clutch. :)
2006-08-18 18:13:50
234.   Simone
220 Good point. Ha.

How does Ponson walk Cora and get Ortiz out? Insanity this.

2006-08-18 18:13:58
235.   Zack
Yeah, maybe this game will make them all realize that any rookie is probably better than Ponson wasting away on our team..right?
2006-08-18 18:14:00
236.   C2Coke
This is gonna be a LONG............night.
But what do you know, he K'd Papi.
Today is absolutely endless.
2006-08-18 18:14:07
237.   seamus
and here comes Cy Lester!

(for some reason I see it coming)

2006-08-18 18:14:14
238.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Does anyone know why they do not bring Colome up from the minors ? How much worse can he be....
2006-08-18 18:14:15
239.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Holy Unclutch batman.
2006-08-18 18:14:28
240.   Travis

If the game continues at this pace, it will take 5 hours and 6 minutes to complete 9 innings.

2006-08-18 18:15:07
241.   LI yankee
wow already 236 posts through 2...1000 is defintiely reachable
2006-08-18 18:15:08
242.   seamus
240 and over 400 pitches!
2006-08-18 18:15:08
243.   sam2175
226 Event.
2006-08-18 18:15:13
244.   Ron Burgundy
OK, we score 10 runs this inning.
2006-08-18 18:15:19
245.   Zack
Man, I miss not having the delay since this game isn't on here...

I take full responsibility for that inning as I turned it on for the walk...but since we still have the lead, I am off the hook...

2006-08-18 18:15:52
246.   Bob Timmermann
The record for longest doubleheader where both games went 9 innings is 7:39 by the Rangers and White Sox on May 24, 1995.

So with a 3:55 first game, this game has to go 3:45 to break it.

Something to ponder.

2006-08-18 18:16:50
247.   Ron Burgundy
Oh no, no they are NOT going to sleep now. NO!!!
2006-08-18 18:17:32
248.   Zack
This is going to have to be a score every inning game to win it, methinks...
2006-08-18 18:17:53
249.   Mattpat11
240 Figures an Oriole would be involved
2006-08-18 18:19:02
250.   Ron Burgundy
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-18 18:19:57
251.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
this guy is NOT going to settle down and go 7 innings....they need to finish the job and bring on Tavarez
2006-08-18 18:20:07
252.   mikeplugh
Is Wolf the worst home plate umpire we've seen in months? Lester 1-2-3. Ugly.
2006-08-18 18:20:28
253.   sam2175
Damn it, 1-2-3 for Lester.

Unlikely scenario for Ponson, given Manny leads off.

2006-08-18 18:20:49
254.   seamus
cy lester is here. i saw it coming - 237

This always happens. Yankees kill a pitcher. His team scores a few. And suddenly Yankee hitters become tentative, hit ground balls, and the kid has huge confidence.

2006-08-18 18:20:55
255.   Ron Burgundy
And after forcing him to throw 62 pitches in the 1st 2 innings, they go down on 11 pitches. Incredible.
2006-08-18 18:20:59
256.   Zack
Did Giambi really need rest so badly and Bernie to play so badly that we had to take him out while Fasano was catching? This is totally a house money game, huh?
2006-08-18 18:21:13
257.   pmarcig
If we can get out of the third tied, I'll be happy.
2006-08-18 18:21:35
258.   Travis
Worse, Fasano leads off the 4th.
2006-08-18 18:21:40
259.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
11 pitch inning for Cy Lester.
2006-08-18 18:21:54
260.   mikeplugh
254 Don't worry seamus. We're going to put up 3 or 4 more runs in this game. The only question is whether or not the Red Sox will too.

Any bets?

9-8 Yanks? 12-9 Red Sox?

2006-08-18 18:22:07
261.   randym77
Leiter noted that Lester was throwing all fastballs in the 2nd inning. A mistake young pitchers often make when they get in trouble. He was mixing it up this time, keeping the hitters off-balance.
2006-08-18 18:23:01
262.   randym77
Manny being Manny. Snakes on a flippin' plane.
2006-08-18 18:23:08
263.   seamus
260 but we're done scoring for 4 innings i think. And Ponson is pitching. 3 or 4 runs will NOT be enough.
2006-08-18 18:23:24
264.   Zack
And here we go again...So, 2 for Villone, 3 for Proctor?
2006-08-18 18:23:25
265.   pmarcig
"Sydney Ponson has not been a mystery!"
2006-08-18 18:23:48
266.   mikeplugh
On the bright side. This is certain to be the last game we see Ponson in a Yankee uniform.
2006-08-18 18:23:49
267.   Mattpat11
We need to look at the bright side. This will be the end of Ponson.
2006-08-18 18:23:53
268.   sam2175
So Ponson gives up boatloads of doubles. Somehow Yankees still have a lead that I don't see continuing after this inning. They might trail.
2006-08-18 18:23:55
269.   Max
Lester's a pretty good pitcher, even though he's been not so great lately. I think it will be a minor miracle for Ponson to get through five with less than 8 runs charged to him.

I like our chances if we're down only 8-5 or 8-6 and we've driven Lester out by the 6th. As Cliff said though, big IF.

2006-08-18 18:25:03
270.   Benjamin Kabak
Can the Yanks DFA Ponson tonight and open up a roster spot for a real pitcher? This guy is a joke.
2006-08-18 18:25:18
271.   Travis
The home plate ump slow rolls another batter.
2006-08-18 18:25:24
272.   pmarcig
This might be the biggest zone I've seen all year.
2006-08-18 18:25:41
273.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

I wonder how long the unpleasant memory will last of him as a Yankee

2006-08-18 18:26:36
274.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Willy Mo is an enigma...if he ever gets it all together look out
2006-08-18 18:26:44
275.   mikeplugh
273 every time you have a pig roast Kirribilli.....flashbacks
2006-08-18 18:26:53
276.   Travis
273 Not that long, because he hasn't done any significant damage. How much do you remember Tim Redding and Darrell May?
2006-08-18 18:27:46
277.   sam2175
Don't walk Pena. Please!

On second thoughts, maybe that is not too bad.


2006-08-18 18:27:57
278.   randym77
266 You sure? I think they might keep him around until Pavano's ready.
2006-08-18 18:28:08
279.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

who ?

2006-08-18 18:28:32
280.   Travis
279 The Sidney Ponsons of last year.
2006-08-18 18:28:56
281.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

Pavano is ready for what ?

2006-08-18 18:28:58
282.   Zack
I have really come to like Damon a lot, I always did, but even more so now. His smile, his hustle etc...and well, he don't got Bernie range, and that alone is so nice to see...
2006-08-18 18:29:12
283.   mikeplugh
Wild strike zone. C'mon Sidney. It's there for you. Grab a drumstick.
2006-08-18 18:29:59
284.   sam2175
That was just what the Yankees needed. An error to score the tying run. :sigh:
2006-08-18 18:30:12
285.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

yes I recall them...equal in total weight to Ponson

Wilson not helping....

2006-08-18 18:30:12
286.   randym77
Oh, Craig.
2006-08-18 18:30:13
287.   Cliff Corcoran
that was Buckner at high speed
2006-08-18 18:30:15
288.   Ron Burgundy
WTF Wilson!
2006-08-18 18:30:16
289.   Zack
Johnson should have gone against Johnson, and Wells against Wells...That would have been some funny matchups...

Ugh, now the fielding is failing, great...

2006-08-18 18:30:17
290.   Travis
Wilson pulls a Buckner. God dammit.
2006-08-18 18:30:17
291.   mikeplugh
Craig "Buckner" Wilson
2006-08-18 18:31:05
292.   mikeplugh
This game sucks. This is baseball at its worst.
2006-08-18 18:31:24
293.   Zack
Sorry, that should be wells vs. ponson...
2006-08-18 18:31:27
294.   pmarcig
Just what he to get extra outs.
2006-08-18 18:31:35
295.   mikeplugh
This is baseball at its worst. I'll say it again.
2006-08-18 18:32:27
296.   singledd
God.... I don't know if I can continue to watch this game. Talk about waiting for the other shoe to drop!
2006-08-18 18:32:29
297.   Simone
2006-08-18 18:33:06
298.   pmarcig
Well...I said I'd be happy if we got out of it tied. So I guess I'm happy.
2006-08-18 18:33:29
299.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
if it is tied in the 6th that is really all we can hope for with Ponson
2006-08-18 18:34:25
300.   sam2175
Ok, tie game, time to push Lester's pitch count to 100+. Really, no excuses for not doing that.

On the other hand, Sal Fasano looms as one of the hitters, so ...

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-18 18:35:13
301.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
FasaNO leading off...that is attractive... he should just not swing and lean into one with his elbow
2006-08-18 18:35:30
302.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Look at it this way.

None of us expected to win this game, and we're still in it. Pontoon's at 71 pitches, so there's only so much more damage he can do.

Meanwhile the Sawx have Tavarez to replace Lester, who's at 73 pitches.

And if we win this we can all relax for the rest of the weekend, as we'd be in first Tues morning no matter what happened the next 3.

2006-08-18 18:35:51
303.   mikeplugh
2006-08-18 18:36:16
304.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-18 18:36:24
305.   Zack
Ugh, and looks like the bats have gone to bed for the night...
2006-08-18 18:36:46
306.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
he is HORRIBLE...somewhere Stinnett is mumbling that he could have sucked just as bad without a mustache
2006-08-18 18:37:21
307.   sam2175
Stinnett strikes out. Also known as Sal Fasano, or John Flaherty.
2006-08-18 18:37:40
308.   pmarcig
I think they should let Ponsoon hit for Fasano.
2006-08-18 18:38:51
309.   Ron Burgundy
Melky nearly took Lester's head off.
2006-08-18 18:38:56
310.   Zack
Geez, the NESN feed as some horribly boring politician on...zzzzzz
2006-08-18 18:38:56
311.   sam2175
Melky almost took Lester's head off there.
2006-08-18 18:39:17
312.   Travis
That was scary. Almost Bryce Florie #2.
2006-08-18 18:39:19
313.   zgveritas
nice AB Melky
2006-08-18 18:39:49
314.   randym77
I really don't understand dumping Stinnett for Fasano. Fasano isn't better on offense or defense, that I can see. And the pitching staff had to get used to a new catcher.
2006-08-18 18:40:10
315.   Ron Burgundy
Johnny Goes Deep AGAIN!
2006-08-18 18:40:22
316.   sam2175
Woohoo Johnny Damon! I have man-crush on him right now. Man, he is awesome!
2006-08-18 18:40:27
317.   Travis
Damon ties his career high for homers.
2006-08-18 18:40:27
318.   Zack
Love that Pesky Pole JD!!
2006-08-18 18:40:27
319.   randym77
305 Maybe not...
2006-08-18 18:40:29
320.   pmarcig
Damon is MONEY.
2006-08-18 18:40:31
321.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Melky as the 4th OF next season will get work but where does that leave Bernie ? playing guitar on some beach...

DAMON killing them

2006-08-18 18:40:48
322.   nick
Johnny D is EN FUEGO!
2006-08-18 18:40:52
323.   Cliff Corcoran
Well, you can't complain about the offense today. 19 runs!
2006-08-18 18:41:02
324.   zgveritas
Knew it! Right after Suzy says Lester has found his stuff and Melky has that long AB...
2006-08-18 18:41:11
325.   Mattpat11
Damon is a Godsend.
2006-08-18 18:41:33
326.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

it is like some CSPAN nonsense with this guy

2006-08-18 18:41:42
327.   Simone
Johnny D making a point!
2006-08-18 18:41:44
328.   seamus
is the Jimmy Fund fundraiser the reason the double header was planned for today?
2006-08-18 18:42:42
329.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Gotta think about moving the Melkman up in the lineup. It's a joke that he's hitting behind the likes of Bernie, Wilson, and Fasano.
2006-08-18 18:42:52
330.   Ron Burgundy
Ouch. Jeter having a horrible day so far.

Acid Fight warming up in the 'pen.

2006-08-18 18:43:12
331.   Zack
Senator Dodd, thanks for leaving the booth, you talked the entire time...
2006-08-18 18:43:28
332.   Travis
310 I remembere game #157 in Baltimore last year, when the O's broadcast had the governor of Maryland on just as the Yanks were giving up 5 runs in the 5th. Bad times.
2006-08-18 18:43:38
333.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
acid fight ?
2006-08-18 18:43:55
334.   sam2175
Lester upto 93. Abreu can send him past 100.
2006-08-18 18:44:18
335.   sam2175
Or that.
2006-08-18 18:44:20
336.   Simone
The final score of this game may be 100-99.
2006-08-18 18:44:55
337.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Lester....see ya !
2006-08-18 18:45:22
338.   Travis
Abreu and Damon each have 6 hits today.
2006-08-18 18:45:28
339.   sam2175
Crazy Tavarez is out to mop-up.

Hopefully Ponson lasts 5+.

2006-08-18 18:45:45
340.   Ron Burgundy
Acid Fight in to pitch to A-Rod.

Well, we destroyed Lester's confidence, mental well being, and drive. Check that off on the list. Next up: Rape the Sawx bullpen and turn this into a huge blowout; and WIN the game.

2006-08-18 18:46:38
341.   tocho
ok, i wonder what the strategy will be for them. Its really up to Tavarez and Foulke on long relief with Hansen, Timlin and Papelbon for the later innings.

tavarez sucks, Foulke is a question mark and Hansen, Timlin and Papelbon are their "good" arms.

2006-08-18 18:46:39
342.   mikeplugh
Tavarez buffet on tap. Race you to home plate. Bring plenty of wet naps.
2006-08-18 18:46:41
343.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
these homemade local business commercials on NESN are worth tuning in all by themselves....funny stuff
2006-08-18 18:47:39
344.   Benjamin Kabak
Ok a lead. Let's DFA Ponson right now. Bring in Villone for three, Farnsworth for 1+ and Rivera for 1+.
2006-08-18 18:47:47
345.   dwight45
328 The doubleheader came about because of a rainout back in May.
2006-08-18 18:47:51
346.   sam2175
Another mishit by A-Rod, anyway it is still a hit.
2006-08-18 18:48:10
347.   tocho
why is abreu not standing in 3rd base? there are two outs!!
2006-08-18 18:49:34
348.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
344 before they DFA him I would hope they would get all his gear back as I would hate to ever see him in a Yankee t shirt or anything else
2006-08-18 18:49:45
349.   rsmith51
347 He thought there was 1 out.
2006-08-18 18:49:52
350.   mikeplugh
Okay. Johnny Damon is a stud.

How much longer until Ponson is taken out.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-18 18:49:54
351.   tocho
did damon shave?
2006-08-18 18:50:12
352.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it. Whatever, the gas (Tavarez) is there. Next inning, we light the match (the offense), and everything goes BOOM.
2006-08-18 18:50:43
353.   Mattpat11
Here comes Fatson to give it up again.
2006-08-18 18:51:22
354.   seamus
345 I know that. My question is did they choose today because of the telephon for the Jimmy Fund. The double header would most certainly bring extra attention to the fundraiser, so I thought this might be the case.
2006-08-18 18:51:31
355.   randym77
Abreu is not the best baserunner in the world, despite his speed.
2006-08-18 18:51:45
356.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
election coming up in Mass. so NESN running those postive classy political ads....I think some candidate said his opponent approved of Boston priests each being allowed two house boys under 12...maybe I am wrong
2006-08-18 18:51:51
357.   Ron Burgundy
353 IF he can just luck out two more inning and keep the lead, we can give him an Honorable DFA.
2006-08-18 18:52:04
358.   tocho
c'mon ponson you can get the 1-2-3 inning. you were an ace once.

let's get this baby to bed (mine just went to bed)


2006-08-18 18:52:05
359.   seamus
354 What I mean is "Did they choose today for the makeup game because of the fundraiser?"
2006-08-18 18:52:09
360.   Ron Burgundy
Oh, for fuck's sake, ALEX CORA?

IF he can just luck out two more inning and keep the lead, we can give him an Honorable DFA.

2006-08-18 18:52:19
361.   Travis
354 They might have moved the Jimmy Fund telethon to today, rather than schedule the doubleheader around it.
2006-08-18 18:52:51
362.   seamus
354 good point.
2006-08-18 18:53:11
363.   seamus
i mean 361 - good point.
2006-08-18 18:53:32
364.   Cliff Corcoran
Villone and Bruney warming.
2006-08-18 18:53:34
365.   Travis
Get someone warmed up NOW.
2006-08-18 18:53:54
366.   Travis
Donald Trump in the NESN booth. Time to mute the TV.
2006-08-18 18:53:58
367.   mikeplugh
This is the most painful game I've watched in awhile.
2006-08-18 18:54:45
368.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
NESN has Trump on...kill me now...
2006-08-18 18:55:13
369.   pmarcig
2006-08-18 18:55:28
370.   Max
OK, so I can amend what I predicted previously. If we can keep the score to 9-7 or 10-7 by the 6th, we've got a chance.
2006-08-18 18:55:45
371.   seamus
366 Trump praised Steinbrenner and the NESN guys were kind of hesitant to be like, "Yeah, he has done a good job!"


2006-08-18 18:55:52
372.   Ron Burgundy
This won't end well.
2006-08-18 18:56:08
373.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
gone...DFA...Don't Feed the Aruban
2006-08-18 18:56:14
374.   Mattpat11
358 Ace of the Orioles is like the thinnest kid at fat camp.
2006-08-18 18:56:27
375.   Travis
So long, Sidney.
2006-08-18 18:57:09
376.   Cliff Corcoran
369 See the game thread for Thursday's day game (I think) and the side bar.
2006-08-18 18:57:10
377.   C2Coke
366 I wish Trump could really fire those NESN announcers.
2006-08-18 18:57:19
378.   sam2175
Shit! A pitcher even when hitters hit .380 off him has 60% chance of getting a hitter out. Ponson can't get anyone.

Seriously, why wasn't Karstens used for this start? Or White? Heck, even Clippard is going to be better if they don't want Hughes up.

2006-08-18 18:57:21
379.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Torre should go the mound with a pistol, and put Pontoon down like a horse with a broken leg.
2006-08-18 18:57:21
380.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
if they DFA tubby tonight we can call up another arm for the rest of the series...Colome or Bean or anyone not named Ponson
2006-08-18 18:57:26
381.   tocho
364 i thought barney was already pitching. Oh you mean Bruney.

BTW, Villone will hold the lead, a DP by papi and a line out by manny

2006-08-18 18:57:48
382.   sam2175
Ron Villone? Well, why not, I guess.
2006-08-18 18:57:48
383.   Simone
Bye, Sir Sydney!
2006-08-18 18:57:49
384.   Ron Burgundy
Is this gonna be a Grand Slam or just a bases-clearing double?
2006-08-18 18:58:17
385.   Zack
So remind me why Kastens wasn't a better option?
2006-08-18 18:58:31
386.   pmarcig
Way to eat up those innings for us, Hideki.
2006-08-18 18:58:48
387.   SF Yanks
I'm truly scared
2006-08-18 18:59:05
388.   Cliff Corcoran
369 Here:
2006-08-18 18:59:32
389.   randym77
I don't understand why they didn't call up Karstens instead of Beam.
2006-08-18 19:00:25
390.   Mattpat11
364 Isn't Walter Johnson barney?
2006-08-18 19:01:03
391.   sam2175
And that wasn't a strike? What a joke!
2006-08-18 19:01:06
392.   Ron Burgundy
That was STRIKE THREE!!!
2006-08-18 19:01:13
393.   SF Yanks
WOW.. where did that miss?
2006-08-18 19:01:30
394.   pmarcig
The Hell was that??
2006-08-18 19:02:07
395.   rsmith51
Considering he made the call earlier in the at bat.
2006-08-18 19:02:12
396.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
That's only a strike when the Yanks are at bat.
2006-08-18 19:02:19
397.   Ron Burgundy
I swear I will murder the umpires from the Chicago series and this series.
2006-08-18 19:02:24
398.   SF Yanks
Fat man can run
2006-08-18 19:02:49
399.   Mattpat11
I meant for 390 to reply to 381
2006-08-18 19:02:52
400.   Cliff Corcoran
Great job by Villone, too bad that wasn't hit harder (imagine!) for the DP.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-18 19:02:53
401.   rsmith51
Ortiz beats it out????
2006-08-18 19:03:04
402.   Zack
Not onyl does Ortiz get a reprive after a clear strike three, somehow we don't turn two on him???
2006-08-18 19:03:13
403.   randym77
He's pretty spry for a big guy.
2006-08-18 19:03:15
404.   sam2175
Should've been 2 there.
2006-08-18 19:03:18
405.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Karstens for Ponson as soon as he is done eating and is DFA'd
2006-08-18 19:03:21
406.   SF Yanks
I like Villone. He's cool in my book.
2006-08-18 19:03:58
407.   Benjamin Kabak
Why put in Villone with the bases loaded and not to start the fourth? Did Torre think Ponson would turn GOOD?
2006-08-18 19:04:16
408.   Zack
2006-08-18 19:04:23
409.   Cliff Corcoran
If Villone gets the third out here and holds the tie I'll be very pleased with his work here.
2006-08-18 19:04:24
410.   SF Yanks
406 I like him a little less now.
2006-08-18 19:04:33
411.   Ron Burgundy
This is horrible. We blew the lead because of an umpire. My God, what the hell?!
2006-08-18 19:05:25
412.   mikeplugh
409 agreed Cliff.
2006-08-18 19:05:25
413.   rsmith51
407 Excellent point. Sometimes the manager gets lucky.
2006-08-18 19:05:34
414.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
how long can Villone go...he threw two yesterday....
2006-08-18 19:05:37
415.   Ron Burgundy
That Hinske K should've been the 3rd out.
2006-08-18 19:05:59
416.   randym77
I think it was a mistake to go to Villone tonight. This is the fourth day in a row he's pitched. That's too much. Better to rest him so he'll be sharp tomorrow.
2006-08-18 19:06:05
417.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I hate Pena as he is a scary hitter
2006-08-18 19:06:15
418.   Travis
415 How so? Ortiz made an out anyway.
2006-08-18 19:06:17
419.   Marcus
410 Naw dude, he's still cool. Don't give up so soon.
2006-08-18 19:06:19
420.   sam2175
Crap, should've been inning over. Hopefully no more runs score.
2006-08-18 19:06:22
421.   tocho
406 he's cool. he literally and figurately looks like a fireman
2006-08-18 19:06:48
422.   Zack
Well, no, we blew th elead because Ponson sucks...

So, um, how do we actually get to the later innings of this game and actually stay in it? Villone I guess can do one more, though his arm might fall off...Proctor could do one, though his arm WILL fall off...Farns can only do one...that gets us to the 7th, Mo could do 2 I guess...Still one from the crappy rest of the pen...And, that leaves us NO BP all...

2006-08-18 19:07:27
423.   randym77
414 And two the day before yesterday. He's being Sturtzed. :-P
2006-08-18 19:08:04
424.   tocho
I just checked, villone threw 42 pitches yesterday. either he's a stud or he will be sturtzed very soon
2006-08-18 19:08:19
425.   tocho
I just checked, villone threw 42 pitches yesterday. either he's a stud or he will be sturtzed very soon
2006-08-18 19:08:29
426.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Bruney next inning would be the move...
2006-08-18 19:09:27
427.   BayRidger
409. ...and I'll go back to watching it on TV instead of on Gameday.
2006-08-18 19:10:09
428.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
we get another 8 run 9th inning lead and it is BEAM TIME !
2006-08-18 19:10:26
429.   Travis
This game has settled into a more manageable 4 hour, 40 minute pace.
2006-08-18 19:10:30
430.   tocho
man, wilson has to come up big right now. he's not played well at all these two games
2006-08-18 19:10:31
431.   Ron Burgundy
We should be able to get at least 10 runs off the Sawx bullpen here. We already have the fuel in Acid Fight Tavarez.
2006-08-18 19:11:22
432.   LI yankee
So it's a tie game and both teams are into their bullpen. I'm fairly confident
2006-08-18 19:11:45
433.   mikeplugh
Let's get the bats going and let our superior pen take us home.
2006-08-18 19:12:00
434.   rsmith51
430 Well he does have 2 walks.
2006-08-18 19:13:06
435.   Travis
Damn, that looked good off the bat.
2006-08-18 19:14:43
436.   SF Yanks
Everytime I come in from outside they are interviewing someone else.
2006-08-18 19:14:48
437.   rsmith51
Bernie is eyeing the doubles record...
2006-08-18 19:14:57
438.   Travis
Left-handed Bernie just hit it 400+ feet. I fear the Apocalypse.
2006-08-18 19:15:29
439.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
FasaNO is hitting .136 well below his weight and a bad road trip away from his IQ
2006-08-18 19:15:46
440.   seamus
436 fundraiser. good cause makes it ok to me.
2006-08-18 19:15:55
441.   Benjamin Kabak
Ok. Time to go with Jorge. Enough Fasano.
2006-08-18 19:16:11
442.   rsmith51
When is the last day off that Melky had?
2006-08-18 19:16:13
443.   LI yankee
Why is Fasano still in? This is a game wehre we are gonna need as many runs as possible
2006-08-18 19:17:11
444.   tocho
434 great point
2006-08-18 19:17:47
445.   rsmith51
441 At least they won't have Posada on the bench to start a playoff game this year.
2006-08-18 19:18:03
446.   randym77
Steven White had a decent night in Columbus:

7 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 1 BB, 7 SO.

Maybe we shoulda tried him instead of Ponson.

2006-08-18 19:18:06
447.   rbj
{Dr. Nick voice}

Hi everbody!

{/Dr. Nick voice}

congrats on 4 digits for the last game. Cliff & Alex, how's the bandwidth going?

Remember everbody, most doubleheaders are splits. I won't worry if the Yanks lose tonight-- but there'll be double digits runs for both teams.

2006-08-18 19:18:18
448.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

you are right, I lived oin Boston for a few years and it is a great charity

2006-08-18 19:19:37
449.   Benjamin Kabak
446 Tyler Clippard pitched a no hitter yesterday.

Anyone is better than Ponson!!

2006-08-18 19:20:07
450.   Zack
Hey, Tyler Clippard threw a no hitter for Trenton a day or so ago, he's prob. a better option too, and hes at least a year away!
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-18 19:20:13
451.   BayRidger
I dunno, five innings from the bullpen...I don't think Joe's willing to use up the good guys tonight.
2006-08-18 19:20:33
452.   randym77
442 He hasn't had a day off since his slump in June, I think. I know he's young, but it's a long season. Torre rests Cano every once in awhile, but not Melky.

Of course, he doesn't have anyone to put in for Melky. Bernie in LF is not a good idea.

2006-08-18 19:20:36
453.   Zack
449 you beat me to it!
2006-08-18 19:20:59
454.   Benjamin Kabak
451 Of course Joe will use the good guys tonight. if the Yanks can get to the 6th or 7th with the lead, we'll see Farnsworth and Rivera sooner rather than later.
2006-08-18 19:21:10
455.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
seriously....Ponson is DFA'd, there is nothing to discuss unless he has got photos of Torre...
2006-08-18 19:21:42
456.   Benjamin Kabak
453 only by 30 seconds. How's that expression go? great minds think like me ;)
2006-08-18 19:22:21
457.   C2Coke
We are only half way through the game?
2006-08-18 19:22:38
458.   rsmith51
452 Wilson can play LF, can't he?
2006-08-18 19:23:09
459.   seamus
455 Ponson needs to be released. He had his shot and looked awful. Noone is going to want him. The Red Sox can have him though. :)
2006-08-18 19:23:23
460.   Benjamin Kabak
455 23 ER, 31 H in 18.2 innings ought to convince someone that this guy's gotta go.
2006-08-18 19:23:25
461.   randym77
Posada played the first game today, and he'll play the day game tomorrow. Probably not a good idea to put him in now. Tempting as it is.
2006-08-18 19:23:37
462.   zgveritas
Somebody better tell Farnsworth he is gonna pitch two innings in a row one game this series.
2006-08-18 19:23:52
463.   seamus
on second thought, maybe we can trade Ponson to the Pirates for Freddy Sanchez! :)
2006-08-18 19:24:04
464.   rbj
I predict Ponson will come down with an injury -- "strained rib cage", allowing a fresh arm to come up from Columbus.
2006-08-18 19:24:10
465.   Max
416 Torre's BP management is old news around the Banter and other Yankee forums, but Buster Olney on his ESPN blog ripped Torre a new one for his use of Villone in the O's game yesterday. Since Olney has generally treated Torre with kid gloves, that tells you how horrid it was go to Villone yet again for a 3rd straight day.

I had thought that since the ASB, Torre was actually (by his standards) being somewhat aware of not overusing his arms and alternating Proctor and Villone, but his use of Villone for 4 days is beyond the pale.

2006-08-18 19:24:18
466.   tocho
wow villone still in
2006-08-18 19:24:39
467.   C2Coke
455 Now, have more confidence......well, not in Ponson but Cashman. Bet he can trade Ponson.
2006-08-18 19:25:31
468.   rsmith51
Give Villone a rest. It'd be nice if he could pitch in Sept.
2006-08-18 19:25:40
469.   rbj
459 As has been mentioned more than once before here:
"You can have him, I don't want him, he's too fat for me."
(cue Alex with the music.)
2006-08-18 19:26:04
470.   tocho
its painful to watch villone, he must be really hurting. this is not fun. get him out joe
2006-08-18 19:26:07
471.   Benjamin Kabak
464 No need for an injury; he'll be dropped just like Jason Johnson.
2006-08-18 19:26:26
472.   Zack
Villone really is running on fumes...
2006-08-18 19:27:11
473.   randym77
458 He hasn't played LF very often. Probably a better bet than Bernie, though.
2006-08-18 19:27:17
474.   sam2175
So, Villone has to see his arm literally fall off. This could be interesting.
2006-08-18 19:27:18
475.   rsmith51
No action in the Yankees pen?????

What is Torre doing??

2006-08-18 19:27:21
476.   tocho
fasano took 1 minute to get to the mound running
2006-08-18 19:27:25
477.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

strained reaching for a rib at the buffet

2006-08-18 19:27:36
478.   C2Coke
468 And to Torre, that means putting EDSP in.

Watching this game, can't help but think "perhaps the Centrals are better this year."

2006-08-18 19:28:00
479.   Benjamin Kabak
So Villone can't throw a strike to the biggest strike zone of the season against two guys who walk never. Great.
2006-08-18 19:28:09
480.   rsmith51
This will not end well with Villone.
2006-08-18 19:28:14
481.   mikeplugh
This is torture. Villone's arm is spaghetti.
2006-08-18 19:28:27
482.   Zack
Great, now Joe is going to wait until it is another no-win situation before bringing in Bruney...
2006-08-18 19:29:07
483.   mikeplugh
We'll get a couple more runs in this game. Hold 'em to one Yanks.
2006-08-18 19:29:19
484.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the bottom of the lineup is killing us...Mirabelli ? are you kidding me...

need double play in a bad way

2006-08-18 19:29:23
485.   sam2175
That was not an error for A-Rod by the way, before everyone jumps on him.
2006-08-18 19:29:43
486.   Zack
bad break there, i guess, prob. would have gotten by him though...And still, Villone stays in...
2006-08-18 19:29:53
487.   tocho
damn it had to hit the bag. villone still in. thats 28 pitches for him today
2006-08-18 19:29:57
488.   Travis
He had no chance to make that play.
2006-08-18 19:30:20
489.   C2Coke
475 Torre is secretly making a robot which is about to get Villon's left arm and Proctor's right. We will be great in September with our Yankees robot.
2006-08-18 19:30:24
490.   mikeplugh
2006-08-18 19:30:26
491.   sam2175
Please throw strikes to Alex F'ing Cora. Pretty please, with sugar on top.
2006-08-18 19:30:51
492.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
what did Bruney look like the other day ?
2006-08-18 19:31:02
493.   LI yankee
Is no one warming?
2006-08-18 19:31:04
494.   tocho
478 its not fair to compare them based on this game. Its the second part of a doubleheader.
2006-08-18 19:31:10
495.   atc
is there anyway this doesn't get to 1,000 posts?
2006-08-18 19:31:14
496.   randym77
Why is Villone still in? Can't Joe see that his arm is about to fall off???
2006-08-18 19:31:27
497.   rbj
Small will be brought up. Yanks don't have a long man left in the pen.

I don't care about winning this game, I do care about having a bullpen for the weekend.

2006-08-18 19:31:32
498.   seamus
villone mus tgo to sleep. NOW!!!
2006-08-18 19:31:48
499.   mikeplugh
Fuck Joe Torre. Asshole.
2006-08-18 19:32:34
500.   sam2175
I think Torre should just say that he is giving up on this game. It took him three straight baserunners to realize that Villone had nothing. Perfect.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-08-18 19:32:39
501.   rsmith51
Terrible. I saw that coming from a mile away. What does Mazzilli do?
2006-08-18 19:32:53
502.   C2Coke
490 I think Torre is worried about tomorrow with our wild SP Johnson and unfortunately for us, Torre may be content with a slipt today.
2006-08-18 19:32:57
503.   Benjamin Kabak
What game is Torre watching?
2006-08-18 19:33:06
504.   Zack
Joe has to make up his mind if he wants to save the BP or win the game...Because if he wants to save the BP, I guess you leave Bruney in no matter the result...Once again, good thing we let Ponson start tonight...
2006-08-18 19:33:13
505.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
this is sad...

I like Villone and he is tough (unlike Fragile Farnsy) but this is sad and he will be shot as will Proctor come the end of the season...

2006-08-18 19:33:20
506.   C2Coke
502's a long day.
2006-08-18 19:33:32
507.   mikeplugh
74 pitches in 2 days for Villone. You can't use him the rest of this series now.

Joe gets part of this loss, if we can't come back. Ponson and Torre's stupid thick skull.

2006-08-18 19:33:42
508.   tocho
this is just too painful joe.

he always tries to push the envelope with villone.

here comes barney. top of the order. men on first and second. no outs. I'm tempted to switch channels and come back in 10 minutes to see what happened

2006-08-18 19:33:56
509.   JeremyM
I'm way late on this, but will Torre get over his fucking veteran fetish? If you start one of the kids instead of Ponson then the Sox do not have 8 runs right now and threatening for more.
2006-08-18 19:34:20
510.   randym77
492 He looked okay.

1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 SO.

17 pitches, 11 strikes.

Of course, the game was a complete blowout by then.

2006-08-18 19:34:37
511.   Max
Just silly. You've got nine outs to go before you can think of bringing in your biggest guns in the pen (assuming the Yankees are still in the game) -- what's the point of working Villone into the ground? With the real series starting tomorrow, got to let the offense and the lesser arms in the pen try to carry you.
2006-08-18 19:34:54
512.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Ponson has to go, even if it is to Columbus as the pen needs another live arm...

it is amazing that it is only 8-7 as they seem like it is a Sox blowout...

2006-08-18 19:35:09
513.   Zack
And, Ponson eats the innings yesterday that villone has to...
2006-08-18 19:35:27
514.   tocho
a rod with the paly
2006-08-18 19:36:03
515.   C2Coke
494 I know, but like I said I kinda couldn't help it. I will be ok with whatever the outcome tonight as long as it doesn't end at 1am.
2006-08-18 19:36:27
516.   Zack
Yeah, there is pretty much no way we end this inning not down by 4...
2006-08-18 19:36:48
517.   randym77
497 It won't be Small. Not this weekend. Small started for Columbus last night. And got lit up. It was his first start coming back from an injury, which might explain it. Still...he won't be able to pitch this weekend again, and likely wouldn't be very good even if he could.
2006-08-18 19:37:25
518.   Zack
And, as a send that, look what happens...So, not only are we going to lose this game badly, but we will also have to burn the pen as well...

Once again, thank you Sidney F'ing Ponson...

2006-08-18 19:37:28
519.   mikeplugh
Yankees start the game 5-1. Since then, it's Red Sox 10-2.
2006-08-18 19:37:30
520.   BayRidger
Time to stop the bleeding, big fella.
2006-08-18 19:37:41
521.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the funny thing is we have been rebuilding this bullpen for the most part every year..wheeling in fresh meat and every year it struggles and collapses...

can it always be the pitchers or does Torre need to wear some of this

2006-08-18 19:38:20
522.   Benjamin Kabak
The Yanks have managed to put together a bullpen of guys who can't get outs during a key series. Ponson, Beam, Bruney. Are there three other arms we can try?

How's Mendoza doing at AAA these days?

2006-08-18 19:38:35
523.   tocho
If they hold it here. I'm still confident the yanks can get through Hensen, Foulke, Timlin and Papelbon and come out with the win
2006-08-18 19:38:45
524.   sam2175
Just get to 27 outs and finish this farce. Shit!
2006-08-18 19:39:39
525.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
is Al Leiter in the booth ? get him down for a few innings in Ponsons soon to be empty spot
2006-08-18 19:40:03
526.   Travis
Silver lining: Because the Yanks are on the road and losing, they might only need to get 24 outs.

Seriously, the Yankees can come back, so long as they hold the lead to 3.

2006-08-18 19:40:11
527.   tocho
fasano, hold on to it man
2006-08-18 19:40:47
528.   Zack
This is beyond gross...
2006-08-18 19:41:14
529.   Benjamin Kabak
Did A-Rod just do something bad? I wasn't paying attention for a minute.
2006-08-18 19:41:20
530.   mikeplugh
I have rarely been more frustrated, angry, and disappointed in a game. I knew Ponson would suck, but I didn't count on handing 2 leads back to Boston and watching Ron Villone end his career in 2 afternoons.
2006-08-18 19:41:25
531.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Jesus "the Savior' Colome deserves a shot...he will either k the sides out with 100+ cheese or put a few in the hospital
2006-08-18 19:41:25
532.   randym77
522 He got lit up last night, too. He came in to relieve Small, and gave up four runs in one inning.
2006-08-18 19:42:14
533.   Zack
I have an idea, how about bringing up, Colter Bean!! gasp!
2006-08-18 19:42:25
534.   Simone
Eh. It is still early in the game. The Yankees may still rally. You never know.

This just means that the Yankees' sucky pitcher is worse than the Red Sox's sucky pitcher.

2006-08-18 19:42:42
535.   Benjamin Kabak
532 Eh, how about someone else....uh....anyone? Jose Canseco?
2006-08-18 19:43:08
536.   rbj
Bullpen guys aren't good enough to start (and starting pitching is thin these days, around both leauges). Nor are they good enough to close (and aside from Mo and Hoffman, who this last decade is more than a flash in the pan closer?)
Face it, the days of Nelson/Stanton are long gone.

I would have preferred Torre leaving Ponson in merely to eat innings.

2006-08-18 19:43:27
537.   Travis
Well, they managed to get 1 out there.
2006-08-18 19:43:37
538.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Melky....oh yeah !
2006-08-18 19:43:39
539.   Zack
Well at least Melky can still field, cause no one else can...There's the not good arm according to Phillips...
2006-08-18 19:43:46
540.   unpopster
why do people keep on running on Melky? friggin' morons....but I love my boy Melky!!
2006-08-18 19:43:58
541.   C2Coke
522 Don't think so. Torre probably wants to save some arms (arms? what arms? exactly my question too) for the next three games when we have better chances.

Seriously though, who here has not anticipated this with Ponson starting? I just want all the players get outta here alive and well (granted more than a little tired but nothing else).

2006-08-18 19:44:09
542.   Benjamin Kabak
Sending down Veras was a stroke of genius.
2006-08-18 19:44:49
543.   Benjamin Kabak
Saved by Melky there.
2006-08-18 19:44:50
544.   unpopster
if we keep it at 3 runs I think this game ripe for a comeback win.
2006-08-18 19:45:07
545.   rbj
533 Bite your tongue. That name must never be mentioned; at least it seems that way in YankeeLand.
2006-08-18 19:45:08
546.   mikeplugh
Wake up Joe.
2006-08-18 19:45:20
547.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

agree to a point but you should be able to cobble together a middle relief corp that is not total rubbish...Stanton and Nelson were the last good combo we had

2006-08-18 19:46:28
548.   mikeplugh
Guidry was shameful to let Joe do that to Villone.
2006-08-18 19:46:38
549.   Travis
547 Proctor and Farnsworth are not total rubbish. No one has relievers that can come in the 4th inning of the second game of a doubleheader and pitch well.
2006-08-18 19:46:47
550.   mikeplugh
What is this inning, like 4 hours now?
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-08-18 19:46:59
551.   C2Coke
544 Hear hear!
2006-08-18 19:47:19
552.   mikeplugh
Everything good that happened in the first game, is beyond erased.
2006-08-18 19:47:39
553.   JeremyM
Bruney sucks too.
2006-08-18 19:47:48
554.   Zack
So, um, how about them snakes on that there plane?
2006-08-18 19:47:48
555.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
did we ever hear why the pen was used in the blowout loss to the mighty O's ?
2006-08-18 19:48:02
556.   randym77
535 He's pitching for the Long Beach Armada.

For Clippers pitchers, TJ Beam is easily the cream of the crop.

2006-08-18 19:48:03
557.   unpopster
546 who is Joe supposed to bring in now with 3 more games left this wknd?
2006-08-18 19:48:46
558.   Zack
Meanwhile, we can still get to Tavarez, in theory...
2006-08-18 19:48:48
559.   rbj
My point is, teams aren't able to do that on a consistent year to year basis. Boston has the second highest payroll and their bullpen sucks too. For one or two years, a team may get lucky, but then their good middle relievers will either 1) demand too much money 2) want to prove that they are closers too (with a bigger payday) 3) get traded for a bat or 4) regress to the norm and start sucking.
2006-08-18 19:48:57
560.   Benjamin Kabak
556 I know. That was a joke. He "debuted" his knuckleball recently to less-than-stellar results.
2006-08-18 19:49:04
561.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Farnsworth can not pitch back to back days...give me a break

Proctor is a tough horse and I like him and Villone

2006-08-18 19:49:18
562.   Simone
552 No, it isn't erased. A win is a win. Wang pitched well. Ponson's meltdown does not erase that fact.
2006-08-18 19:50:15
563.   mikeplugh
How about taking Bernie out and putting Wilson in right. Put Giambi in at 1st.
2006-08-18 19:50:25
564.   Zack
And basically we have to eat it tomorrow too, letting Johnson pitch no matter what to conserve the bP for Sunday/monday...So basically thats two games in a row that we have to basically suck it up and lose because of mismanagement and awful pitching...
2006-08-18 19:50:32
565.   KBT
Yay for Bruno!
2006-08-18 19:50:57
566.   Travis
563 I was thinking the same thing. Let's see if Joe will go all-out to win this game.
2006-08-18 19:51:23
567.   Benjamin Kabak
The Yanks shouldn't even let Ponson shower. Just send him out in the streets of Boston with his Yankee uniform still on. The drunk Massholes can take care of him.
2006-08-18 19:51:44
568.   LI yankee
We have Johnson and Moose coming up. If Good Randy shows I think we are ok. Moose always seems to go at least 6 or 7.
2006-08-18 19:51:51
569.   Zack
He'll save Giambi and Posada for meaningless pinch hits when we are down by 7 or so with two guys on in the 8th...
2006-08-18 19:52:01
570.   unpopster
ok. 4 more innings left and guys like Tavarez, Hansen and Foulke pitching the next 3 innings. Tavarez sucks, Hansen is hit-or-miss and Foulke is good for one inning, at most, considering that he is coming off of multiple injuries.

But, having said that, besides Mo and Fransworth, who is availabel tonight? I know Joe already said Dotel is not!

2006-08-18 19:52:04
571.   mikeplugh
Simone. We lose the game we gained in the standings and lose Villone for the remainder of the series. That's a pretty bad turn of events.

If they don't win that is... ;)

2006-08-18 19:52:09
572.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

we have a $200m payroll, with a pitcher who has not pitched in two years stealing money...we have another thief pitching 5 innings in Wright...

money can never be an excuse for the Yankees not getting a middle relief corp

2006-08-18 19:52:29
573.   JeremyM
555 If they would've just used Ponson and the brought up Karstens, the Yanks would be leading right now. Just read this bullshit:

Unless he needs to use him before then, Joe Torre is set to start Sidney Ponson in the second game of Friday's doubleheader against the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

"He's obviously an experienced guy we can go to," Torre said. "If we call somebody up from the minor leagues, they wouldn't have that experience. He's our next best option."

2006-08-18 19:52:33
574.   Max
552 We knew this game was going to be an ankle-grabber, so I don't think anything good has been "erased". It will be erased, though, if Torre does anything other than leave the dregs of the pen in while we're still behind the next two innings.

Like I said, behind 10-7, sixth inning, we can still do this.

2006-08-18 19:52:54
575.   Benjamin Kabak
Come on, middle of the order. Let's go. At least the bench packs some punch tonight.
2006-08-18 19:53:06
576.   C2Coke
552 Only Ponson's roaster spot might be erased.
2006-08-18 19:53:35
577.   Benjamin Kabak
573 Do you have a link for that? I'd like to see the entire article.
2006-08-18 19:53:37
578.   Zack
Oh, good, swing at the first or second pitch...
2006-08-18 19:54:25
579.   randym77
If the game was going to be an ankle-grabber, Villone shouldn't have been in there.
2006-08-18 19:55:13
580.   Zack
Looks like Cy Tavarez is in...
2006-08-18 19:55:27
581.   JL25and3
Zack, I blame this game completely on you. that early [Wacky Dance] was pure hubris.
2006-08-18 19:56:07
582.   JeremyM
577 There's nothing much more on Ponson but here you go:

I know Torre can't say the guy stinks, but I really believe that is the true method behind his decision-making process. Oh well.

2006-08-18 19:56:25
583.   Max
579 Agreed, though I didn't necessarily mind Villone being used to get out of the bases loaded jam with the score still tied. The real sin was 1) using him yesterday 2) bringing in him for another inning today.
2006-08-18 19:56:39
584.   Simone
571 mikeplugh, if they had lost the game earlier today, the Yankees would be in even more trouble. Winning the earlier game gave them an important cushion. Besides, it is hard to sweep a team in a double header so the odds of winning this game were long regardless of what happens in the end.
2006-08-18 19:57:01
585.   Zack
581 Yeah, I should have known better...Didn't really realize it was only the 2nd inning either...I don't really mind losing this game, I just mind wasting the BP and letting the Sox BP rest by making Tavarez look like Cy Young...
2006-08-18 19:59:00
586.   Travis
584 At the outset of the doubleheader, a split is likely, but once the first game of the doubleheader is over, it's over. Just because the Yanks won Game 1, it doesn't mean their chances of winning Game 2 have gone down.
2006-08-18 19:59:34
587.   BayRidger
B-B-B-Bruney and the Bats.
2006-08-18 19:59:49
588.   mikeplugh
584 If they'd lost the game earlier today I wouldn't be saying we erased something, I'd be ringing the alarm.

I don't believe in the notion that it's tough to sweep a double-header. That's a wives tale. If you have a 4 run lead, you should win the game. If the game is tied at 7 you shouldn't overuse a guy that you'll need in the 3 games that follow.

More damage was done in this game than a loss, if they don't come back. 12-4 feels good, but in the end the Yankees are even in their standings results, and in the negative in relief pitching. That's a net loss to me.

2006-08-18 20:01:04
589.   rbj
"money can never be an excuse for the Yankees not getting a middle relief corp"

Agreed, but to me, anyone beyond a proven closer (and the Armando Benitezes of the world don't count -- they suck in big pressure games) is basically a crapshoot. A middle reliever might be good for 3 - 4 years, but giving him a big contract doesn't mean he's going to continue to be good. If some one can consistently come in and throw strikes, and I'm a GM or manager, I'll put him in to close, or else have him be the number five starter.

(This isn't a defense of Torre's bullpen management, which is a weak spot for him.)

2006-08-18 20:01:44
590.   zgveritas
Bernie, Posada, & Giambi have hit Tavarez well. Not Wilson or Fasano.
2006-08-18 20:01:53
591.   Zack
588 I concur, if Joe was set on losing the game, then let ponson go longer, if not, then don't start Ponson in the 4th...
2006-08-18 20:02:39
592.   Zack
And by set on losing, I mean set on conserving the BP no matter what...
2006-08-18 20:03:43
593.   Travis
I wouldn't pinch-hit for Wilson or Bernie, but there is no way I'd let Fasano bat if he comes up in the 7th. Unless Bernie hit a 3-run, game-tying home run.
2006-08-18 20:04:26
594.   randym77
There really is no one left in the bullpen except Farnsworth and Mo. How can that be? We have 13 pitchers, plus a starter on bereavement leave. Fourteen pitchers, really.

Y'know, I'm starting to think Myers is a luxury we can't afford. I know how much the Yanks have wanted a lefty specialist, but I'm not sure it's worth it. He takes up a roster slot and is hardly ever used.

2006-08-18 20:05:07
595.   rbj
585 I agree Zack. Have one or two guys eat innings, no matter the score. (and not important guys)
2006-08-18 20:05:37
596.   Zack
See, no the Sox can go to Hansen, Timlin, Papalbon as in a normal game, and Delcarmen and all of them will still be available, whereas Lord only knows who we will have...We really needed to get to Tavarez last inning...
2006-08-18 20:06:09
597.   Travis
594 We only have to live with this bullpen for 13 more days. If the Yankees are smart, they'll call up a bunch of relievers on September 1st.
2006-08-18 20:07:02
598.   Travis
596 If the Yanks were up 10-7, they'd go to Farnsworth, then Mo for the last 3 innings.
2006-08-18 20:07:07
599.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan


although a #5 starter is something you pick up off the junkpile....most teams do not have a #3....a solid middle reliever has more value...ask your #1,2,3,4 starters...Proctor is far more valuable that Wright to this team not to mention the revolving #5 we have had

2006-08-18 20:08:44
600.   mikeplugh
It doesn't even feel like a Yankee game anymore. Bruney and Fasano?
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-08-18 20:10:26
601.   Zack
At this point Bruney needs to just suck it up and pitch...

Oh shit, and here comes Torre, Joe what are you doing????????

2006-08-18 20:10:45
602.   rbj
Interesting idea, flip Proctor to #5, and Wright to the pen. I'm not sure how easy it is to do mid-season though.

I do think that the bullpen is the last area of the game to be worked out. Closers have evolved, platoon situations have been worked out, but getting a bullpen down is still alchemy.

2006-08-18 20:11:53
603.   Zack
THis is inexcusable, Now Torre will be forced to burn Farnsworth and Rivera, and we will still probably lose! He has effectively made it so Johnson needs to pitch 9 innings tomorrow
2006-08-18 20:11:55
604.   Travis
If it makes anyone feel any better, the A's just blew a 3-1 8th inning lead and are in danger of being swept by the Royals.
2006-08-18 20:12:13
605.   Max
I don't get this. If Myers gets the out, who pitches the rest of the game?
2006-08-18 20:12:55
606.   Travis
605 Myers through Ortiz, then Beam?
2006-08-18 20:13:19
607.   LI yankee
605 I'd rather have him use Dotel than Farns at this point
2006-08-18 20:13:49
608.   Zack
Don't forget EDSP, Torre has been dreaming of the day he gets to pitch him twice in one day...
2006-08-18 20:14:05
609.   rsmith51
Is Beam next the next guy out of the pen?
2006-08-18 20:14:43
610.   Travis
Bruney has to be going down to Columbus tomorrow, right? That has to be the easiest way of having another pitcher available for the rest of the series.
2006-08-18 20:16:07
611.   Zack
I would think Ponson gets DFA'd tonight and they call up a reliever, but it could be Bruney too, either way, they pretty much HAVE to make a move for the game tomorrow...
2006-08-18 20:16:38
612.   Max
Wow, we actually kept them from scoring in an inning for the first time all game.

I don't care if we lose 10-7, 18-7, or 30-7, I don't want to see Proctor or anyone else who's actually important in the bullpen used...unless we manage to come back somehow.

2006-08-18 20:16:54
613.   pinstripe pride
does anybody else forced to watch NESN notice how much Tom Caron from NESN looks like John Karr the confessed JonBenet Ramsey killer.....kind of scary.
2006-08-18 20:17:03
614.   randym77
We used Beam in the early game. I really don't think it's wise to use him again now. He's a kid who might have a bright future, if his arm doesn't fall off.
2006-08-18 20:17:21
615.   Travis
611 Heck, send down Beam as well.
2006-08-18 20:17:22
616.   tocho
they'll get to hansen. hope is not lost
2006-08-18 20:17:22
617.   mikeplugh
610 611

I think sending them both out of town makes a lot of sense. If you can replace them with a couple of fresh arms for the next 3 games you may dodge a bullet.

2006-08-18 20:18:26
618.   nick
608 DDSP!
2006-08-18 20:18:42
619.   randym77
We'll have to get rid of a pitcher on Sunday, when Lidle's bereavement leave expires.
2006-08-18 20:19:35
620.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Ponson has to go....Bruney can pitch on Sunday or Monday...while Ponson will be driving up catering costs at Fenway
2006-08-18 20:19:48
621.   rbj
Five games in four days Scott Proctor.
2006-08-18 20:19:51
622.   Travis
619 Not until Monday. Bereavement leaves are for anywhere between 3 and 7 days.
2006-08-18 20:21:02
623.   Zack
Its great that our bats went cold too, just to make it even worse...and now, randomly, giambi pinch hits...
2006-08-18 20:21:36
624.   Zack
Is Proctor really warming up? Un freaking beleivable
2006-08-18 20:22:06
625.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
the AL West is going to love seeing these two teams drag their dead arms out west next week....
2006-08-18 20:22:46
626.   yankz
Abreu's had a hell of a day.
2006-08-18 20:23:39
627.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
get Veras back up here...

send lawyers, guns and money the shit has hit the fan....

2006-08-18 20:24:10
628.   Jeteupthemiddle
623 Why is it random that Giambi pinch hits?

I realize the game is high scoring, but it isn't exactly out of reach at this moment.

2006-08-18 20:24:14
629.   randym77
617 I think the Yanks might want to keep Beam around. Basically, anyone they send down now, they lose until rosters expand. That is probably why Bruney was chosen. He's going to be sent down after this weekend (maybe tomorrow), and they won't care if they lose his services for the rest of the month. Beam, they did care. They just sent Veras down, and there's really no one else in their league in Columbus.
2006-08-18 20:25:08
630.   rbj
alright, who called the random Giambi & Posada PH appearances? You win a gold star from Miss Cleo.
2006-08-18 20:25:28
631.   Travis
Posada on deck.
2006-08-18 20:25:31
632.   randym77
622 Torre said Lidle was expected to rejoin the team Sunday.
2006-08-18 20:25:38
633.   mikeplugh
2006-08-18 20:27:21
634.   randym77
627 They can't. Veras was just sent down two days ago. They can't be called up again for ten days after being sent down.
2006-08-18 20:27:51
635.   Travis
632 Yeah, but there's no reason to activate him until his start Monday.
2006-08-18 20:28:37
636.   mikeplugh
Posada in Wilson out. Fasano out. Who's the emergencv catcher.
2006-08-18 20:29:02
637.   Travis
2006-08-18 20:29:43
638.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
3 SLOOOOOW baserunners...a HR just might bring them all in
2006-08-18 20:29:43
639.   rbj
Um, the silver lining is that the Red Sox don't have a bullpen for Sat & Sun either?
2006-08-18 20:29:48
640.   rsmith51
636 I would guess emergency catcher would be Green.
2006-08-18 20:30:15
641.   randym77
636 Cairo.

Oh, wait...

2006-08-18 20:31:44
642.   Travis
Johnny Damon: 0-12 career against Mike Timlin. Granted, most of those AB's were a long time ago.
2006-08-18 20:31:57
643.   zgveritas
Damon 0-12 versus Timlin career
Jeter 3-20.

C'mon Melky

2006-08-18 20:32:19
644.   JeremyM
Ponson was the other emergency catcher, kind of like how the fat kid that can't skate gets to play goalie in hockey.
2006-08-18 20:32:26
645.   tocho
the melkman will deliver
2006-08-18 20:33:37
646.   mikeplugh
mels got im where he want im
2006-08-18 20:33:48
647.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I remember when DiMaggio was 0-12 against Timlin and then started pounding him
2006-08-18 20:34:32
648.   JeremyM
647 Damn, that's funny!
2006-08-18 20:36:08
649.   mikeplugh
2006-08-18 20:36:10
650.   Travis
Great AB by Melky.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2006-08-18 20:36:47
651.   rbj
I think the players are all thinking "will this f_cking game ever end, shit, we gotta play again tomorrow afternoon."


2006-08-18 20:37:05
652.   yankz
If only they didn't run like they had full diapers on...


2006-08-18 20:37:07
653.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
why do they let that redneck wear a camo shirt under his uniform ? did Timlin just come back from duck hunting ?
2006-08-18 20:37:23
654.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
As far as I'm concerned, Melky's play since the all-star break has earned him a starting spot next season.
2006-08-18 20:37:36
655.   zgveritas
As much as I'd like to win the game off Papelbon I'd be happy taking the lead of Timlin.

Worst case scenario for bullpen is extra innings.

2006-08-18 20:37:50
656.   Travis
0-13. Ugh.
2006-08-18 20:37:55
657.   mikeplugh
2006-08-18 20:43:31
658.   rbj
Yes! Derek! Jeter!
2006-08-18 20:43:31
659.   Travis
2006-08-18 20:43:35
660.   randym77
Gotta admit, the guy is clutch.
2006-08-18 20:43:46
661.   rsmith51
2006-08-18 20:43:46
662.   Zack
[Wacky Dance]!!!!!!
2006-08-18 20:44:01
663.   yankz
Captain VORP!
2006-08-18 20:44:03
664.   mikeplugh

Mo for 2.

2006-08-18 20:44:22
665.   nick
2006-08-18 20:44:24
666.   zgveritas
good time for a hit off Timlin!Jeter!
2006-08-18 20:44:37
667.   Travis
At this point, BOTH bullpens are screwed for the rest of the series.
2006-08-18 20:44:50
668.   JeremyM
Say it with me: OH HELL YES!
2006-08-18 20:44:50
669.   rsmith51
662 Zach, remember what happened last time you did the [Wacky Dance]?
2006-08-18 20:44:50
670.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
If we win this game, this could be the dagger blow for the Sawx season.
2006-08-18 20:44:51
671.   Zack
Now, lets keep it going!

I assume we shall now see EDSP, followed by Farns and prob. Mo in the 8th too...

2006-08-18 20:45:08
672.   Bob Timmermann
What time did this game start?
2006-08-18 20:45:08
673.   tocho
616 i knew it!! lets go!
2006-08-18 20:45:31
674.   mikeplugh
A-Rod needs to get a hit here.
2006-08-18 20:45:39
675.   Zack
669 True, but it worked in the first game after Damon's HR...
2006-08-18 20:45:57
676.   mikeplugh
Think A-Rod's had a big moment yet?
2006-08-18 20:46:21
677.   Travis
The Yankees were leading, so A-Rod with the unclutch double.
2006-08-18 20:46:25
678.   rbj
2006-08-18 20:46:26
679.   Zack
Totally unclutch double by A-Rod
2006-08-18 20:46:54
680.   Travis
672 8:05. Longest ever 9-inning game was 4 hours, 27 minutes, so we're looking at a record here.
2006-08-18 20:46:58
681.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod...I am happy for him, hope this series gets him back for the stretch run....

Cano...come on

2006-08-18 20:47:09
682.   rsmith51
Need more runs....
2006-08-18 20:47:48
683.   Cliff Corcoran
Holy crap!
2006-08-18 20:48:22
684.   LI yankee
Jeter, A-Rod, and Cano

oh my...

2006-08-18 20:48:31
685.   Zack
Oh Robbie Baby!
2006-08-18 20:48:46
686.   mikeplugh
This is too good to be true.
2006-08-18 20:49:01
687.   rsmith51
Welcome, Cliff! No lead is safe.
2006-08-18 20:49:14
688.   Travis
I love when pinch-hitters get 2 plate appearances in an inning.
2006-08-18 20:49:53
689.   Zack
Well, I guess strategy switches now to win no matter what now, and let the BP take tomorrow off...
2006-08-18 20:50:09
690.   mikeplugh
From hideous meltdown disaster with Ponson and Villone as the storyline, to Giambi, Posada, and Jeter being heroes.
2006-08-18 20:50:24
691.   3rd gen yankee fan
This game is truly AWESOME. Nutty, but awesome.
2006-08-18 20:50:34
692.   atc
5 fron farns, 4 from mo?
2006-08-18 20:50:44
693.   Travis
Timlin leaves to a chorus of boos. Love it.
2006-08-18 20:51:35
694.   Zack
So who comes in, EDSP?

Oh, um, why is Billy Ray Cyrus singing GBA?

2006-08-18 20:51:35
695.   randym77
Leiter and Kaat just said it was Jeter who was clutch, not "the hitters who came after him."
2006-08-18 20:51:44
696.   Simone
This is a crazy ass game. Up there with those long insane Orioles games that the Yankees always play.
2006-08-18 20:52:34
697.   rbj
The only problem, is now the Yanks' bullpen has to go to work.

Billy Ray Cyrus?!?! WTF?!?!

2006-08-18 20:52:37
698.   Zack
Actually, not bad by Billy Ray, at least, as not bad as that song can ever be that is
2006-08-18 20:52:47
699.   Travis
Myers is still in the game, so he should pitch to Ortiz.
2006-08-18 20:52:48
700.   Cliff Corcoran
687 I've been next to the computer all along, but too wrapped up in the game to post. This is the craziest thing I've seen in a while.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2006-08-18 20:53:07
701.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hansen the Boy-Wonder's era up to 5.90 now.
2006-08-18 20:53:35
702.   mikeplugh
Win at all is this going to play out? It's still a game in the balance, although it looks much better for us now.

Pitching in this series is going to be a huge adventure. Both pens are jello.

2006-08-18 20:55:31
703.   mikeplugh
You gotta get the combo of Ortiz/Manny out twice before it's over. One of those outs is now in with Myers success.

If we can limit it to 3 more plate appearances we win.

2006-08-18 20:55:42
704.   Zack
Hey look at that, what a defensive replacement!
2006-08-18 20:55:48
705.   LI yankee
26 runs scored by the Yankees today...

just unreal

2006-08-18 20:55:59
706.   Max
670 Premature to declare this the "dagger blow" for the Sox (win or lose) in late August. However, this game pretty much is their season in a nutshell, the strengths and glaring weaknesses.

Good offense capable of demolishing mediocre pitching at home. However, their starters outside of Schilling can't get past the fifth or sixth, and their bullpen is gassed. We complain about Proctor and Villone, but Timlin's been running on fumes for a while.

2006-08-18 20:56:20
707.   tocho
myers v manny. c'mon joe don't push the envelope!!
2006-08-18 20:56:28
708.   JeremyM
Does anyone else get brain freeze? I'm eating a bowl of sherbet and just got nailed by it. Ouch. Anyway, if the Sox lose this game that is how their fans will feel.
2006-08-18 20:56:48
709.   mikeplugh
Wow. Manny is a freak against the Yankees. His OPS against us this year is about 1.600! If not more after today.

Where will this game end?

2006-08-18 20:56:58
710.   randym77
Manny again. Snakes in a bleepin' plane.
2006-08-18 20:57:46
711.   Zack
So Farns in now, which means he will have to attempt to pitch next inning too, which means Mo will have to come in in the 8th, which is fine by me if it means a W...
2006-08-18 20:58:38
712.   RIYank
Joe figured Manny was going to get a hit anyway, why not let Myers absorb the pitches? Or pitch, maybe -- was it the first pitch?
2006-08-18 20:58:51
713.   JeremyM
711 There is no sense in saving Mo for the game they might have a lead in tomorrow.
2006-08-18 20:59:23
714.   Travis
The goal was to get them to PH for Hinske, which they did.
2006-08-18 20:59:48
715.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
too bad Torre could not work out how to get Villone back in as his arm was not quite dragging on the mound when he left
2006-08-18 20:59:57
716.   rbj
710 That's mutherf_ckin' snakes on a mutherf_ckin' plan, mutherf_cker!
2006-08-18 21:00:04
717.   Zack
Farns had a mighty long private conversation with himself there, hope it works!
2006-08-18 21:00:18
718.   tocho
a dp would be nice here
2006-08-18 21:00:30
719.   RIYank
Hey, this game really is going to break the duration record for nine innings. I mean, even going at 'normal' pace the rest of the way.
2006-08-18 21:01:20
720.   randym77
Lowell as a pinch-hitter. He was supposed to be the defense-only guy.
2006-08-18 21:02:01
721.   mikeplugh
Uhhhhh.....what is happening?
2006-08-18 21:02:01
722.   atc
Give Remy a little credit: "this is now a day-night-morning doubleheader."
2006-08-18 21:02:31
723.   Zack
Oh geez, come on Farnsworth!
2006-08-18 21:02:38
724.   Max
Farnsworth doing his Timlin imitation. Not good.
2006-08-18 21:02:54
725.   RIYank
Uh oh. Farnsworth's last stand...
2006-08-18 21:02:57
726.   mikeplugh
Farnsworth is a rock. That wasn't shit.
2006-08-18 21:03:03
727.   tocho
2 outs. one more please
2006-08-18 21:03:22
728.   Travis
Great block by Farnsworth. PLEASE don't be hurt.
2006-08-18 21:03:29
729.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Why do I have a feeling that 14 runs ain't gonna do it?
2006-08-18 21:03:30
730.   randym77
And Farnsy gets whacked in the knee by a comebacker. This doesn't look good.
2006-08-18 21:03:31
731.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Cabrera daring Manny the dope to run....funny
2006-08-18 21:03:32
732.   mikeplugh
Shit. More pitching mess.
2006-08-18 21:03:43
733.   Zack
Oh just great, now what do we do?
2006-08-18 21:03:53
734.   rbj
No. Farnsy cannot be hurt. Jesus Philipe and Matty.
2006-08-18 21:04:39
735.   mikeplugh
PROCTOR?! This is the strangest game I've ever seen. Seriously.
2006-08-18 21:04:39
736.   rbj
No. Farnsy cannot be hurt. Jesus Philipe and Matty.
2006-08-18 21:04:39
737.   randym77
And it's Twice a Day Scott Proctor.
2006-08-18 21:04:52
738.   Travis
Proctor gets "unlimited time" to warm up. This game truly will break the record, unless it goes extra innings.
2006-08-18 21:05:28
739.   RIYank
Good, that's great. We had far too many competent relief pitchers, so this will help.
2006-08-18 21:05:37
740.   Cliff Corcoran
Twice A Day Scottie Proctor!
2006-08-18 21:05:38
741.   Bob Timmermann
The 4:27 game (Dodgers-Giants in 2001) took a long time because they stopped the game to honor Barry Bonds for hitting homer #71.
2006-08-18 21:06:10
742.   Zack
Ok, EDSP for the rest of this inning, and then Beam/Dotel/Mo for the 8th/9th??
2006-08-18 21:06:12
743.   Travis
Proctor gets "unlimited time" to warm up. This game truly will break the record, unless it goes extra innings.
2006-08-18 21:06:20
744.   C2Coke
608 You called it. Torre's dream come true: EDtwiceSP.
2006-08-18 21:07:42
745.   mikeplugh
Okay. DFA Ponson and send Bruney back to AAA. Bring up Colter Bean and Veras.

Randy Johnson goes 7 innings tomorrow regardless of the situation, and TJ Beam gets the 8th, followed by Mo who will not be available for Mussina's start.

2006-08-18 21:07:53
746.   Travis
741 Yup, plus it was 11-10.
2006-08-18 21:08:20
747.   mikeplugh
C'mon Scotty.
2006-08-18 21:08:24
748.   Cliff Corcoran
that was about 3 seat shy of the Pesky Pole
2006-08-18 21:08:47
749.   rbj
Sigh. And there are three more games to play. Can both teams just agree not to play tomorrow?
2006-08-18 21:08:47
750.   mikeplugh
Let's go Scotty. C'mon.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2006-08-18 21:08:56
751.   Cliff Corcoran
Curve has a big break, but can't find the zone.
2006-08-18 21:09:23
752.   mikeplugh
Oh my God. C'mon Scotty.
2006-08-18 21:09:24
753.   Jeteupthemiddle
To be fair, Torre really had no choice but to bring in Proctor once Farnsworth got hit.

I imagine Rivera for 2 innings since he hasn't pitched in a few days.

Maybe Proctor until he allows a baserunner in the 8th...or just 1 out....but definitely Mo for more than 1 inning.

2006-08-18 21:10:19
754.   Zack
So at this point, I can't get mad at whatever happens, this is just absurd...

I really feel for Villone and Proctor, who are calling Dr. Andrews right after the game tonight...

2006-08-18 21:10:33
755.   mikeplugh
YEEEEEEEEAAHHHH! Proctor for Cy Young. Every hour Scotty.
2006-08-18 21:10:33
756.   RIYank
I was worried. Kyle was the guy to get Cocoa, I thought.
2006-08-18 21:10:42
757.   Cliff Corcoran
Nice. Stranded two in scoring position.
2006-08-18 21:10:49
758.   randym77
745 Veras was just sent down a couple of days ago. We can't call him up again. Unless Farnsy goes on the DL?
2006-08-18 21:10:51
759.   Travis
Hooray for Proctor.
2006-08-18 21:11:03
760.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
6 outs to go. Let's get some insurance in this bandbox.
2006-08-18 21:11:20
761.   rbj
745 No Veras. He has to stay at Columbus for ten days.

BTW, I'm still of two minds about getting an SRO ticket for tomorrow's Mudhens - Clippers game. I don't know if the Clippers will have any pitchers available.

2006-08-18 21:11:44
762.   Zack
I still say go with Beam, try to save Mo so he doesn't have to do a full two, which seems to really hurt him by the second inning...
2006-08-18 21:11:45
763.   RIYank
I agree, Torre had no choice. It's just, well, it's just funny.
2006-08-18 21:11:49
764.   Travis
It's going to be interesting to see how many fans stay for the rest of this game...the last T leaves at 12:35.
2006-08-18 21:11:58
765.   Cliff Corcoran
Here's the deal: If they win this game they can lose the next three and still leave Boston in first place.
2006-08-18 21:12:21
766.   JeremyM
Nice job Proctor!
2006-08-18 21:12:27
767.   weeping for brunnhilde
Huge kudos to Farnsworth for having the presence of mind to make that play to record the second out.
2006-08-18 21:12:34
768.   zgveritas
60% chance of Rain Sunday in Boston....
Scattered Thundershowers in the forecast.
2006-08-18 21:12:54
769.   zgveritas
60% chance of Rain Sunday in Boston....
Scattered Thundershowers in the forecast.
2006-08-18 21:13:21
770.   zgveritas
60% chance of Rain Sunday in Boston....
Scattered Thundershowers in the forecast.
2006-08-18 21:13:24
771.   mikeplugh
768 That means we may have a delay in this game as long as it is.
2006-08-18 21:13:25
772.   Zack
True, true, and when I realized I just wrote that we should bring in Beam, I almost threw up...Go Mo for two...
2006-08-18 21:13:42
773.   RIYank
Let's get three more. Then somebody or other can give up three and Mo can get the save.
2006-08-18 21:13:55
774.   Mattpat11
This game is going to outlive me.

I want to beat the Foulke out of Keith

2006-08-18 21:14:23
775.   mikeplugh
Let's score 3 or 4 more runs here so Beam can mop up for 2.
2006-08-18 21:14:45
776.   zgveritas
oops. sorry about the multi-posts
2006-08-18 21:15:40
777.   sam2175
755 Should I be rooting for another appearance by Proctor tomorrow? That will make it three appearances in the space of 24 hours.

I missed Farns' injury, what happened? Can somebody be called up?

Home plate umpire, comedian extraordinaire!

2006-08-18 21:15:51
778.   Zack
We know that Beckett can go at least 6 tomorrow, whether its Dr. Beckett or Mr. Gopher who shows up, but I really really hope that the good Randy shows up...
2006-08-18 21:16:00
779.   mikeplugh
Hip Hip!
2006-08-18 21:16:11
780.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
can Wilson catch tomorrow to give Posada a break ? Fasano is worthless
2006-08-18 21:16:39
781.   kylepetterson
The only word I have is BLOODBATH
2006-08-18 21:16:48
782.   RIYank
I'd settle for getting Jorgie in, actually. For some reason four sounds a lot better than three, with two innings left.
2006-08-18 21:17:23
783.   mikeplugh
Melky for President.
2006-08-18 21:17:33
784.   rbj
OK, longest doubleheader, I think today breaks that record:

Texas at Chicago, 7 hr, 39 min. 5/24/1995

2006-08-18 21:17:40
785.   Bob Timmermann
I will point out that the Dodgers-Giants game which started at 10:15 pm ET is in the top of the 8th also.
2006-08-18 21:17:54
786.   RIYank
Um, I lost track. We already lead by four. Jeez.

Hey, everyone's leaving Fenway. The T shuts down in a few minutes!

2006-08-18 21:18:00
787.   mikeplugh
Can Nick Green pitch?
2006-08-18 21:18:16
788.   tocho
man we still got two more innings to pitch
2006-08-18 21:18:27
789.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
it is a 4 run lead now
2006-08-18 21:18:40
790.   C2Coke
765 768 So where the future lies?

I know I said the Yanks were reserving all they can playing in disguise during the past two weeks for this weekend. Little did I know they planned to go all out starting the minute they landed in Boston.
Are these two teams aware of the fact that they still got three days to go?

2006-08-18 21:19:09
791.   sam2175
Foulke and Mirabelli should go after each other. That could be golden.
2006-08-18 21:20:15
792.   kylepetterson
26 runs in one day.
2006-08-18 21:20:18
793.   zgveritas
Hopefully, Mariano dispatches them with something like 12 pitches
2006-08-18 21:20:49
794.   Zack
If the Yanks knock in Posada, then I def. say bring back Beam for the 8th...
2006-08-18 21:21:11
795.   RIYank
Attaboy, Melky. Stretch this game out.
2006-08-18 21:21:39
796.   Zack
I think Melky could have single handedly worn out the Sox BP today...
2006-08-18 21:21:55
797.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Foulke looks the same...glad he is back
2006-08-18 21:22:03
798.   randym77
LOL! Al Leiter just apologized for his "11 starts last year." He said he never realized how excruciating it was to watch a slow game. It's different when you're the one pitching.
2006-08-18 21:22:13
799.   RIYank
We've surely also obliterated the Banter comments record for a day.
2006-08-18 21:22:19
800.   nick
608618744 Gotta love DDSP....
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2006-08-18 21:23:11
801.   Zack
I love how self-depricating Al is, good man...

Ponson has had dinner, elevensies, and midnight snack by now...

2006-08-18 21:23:26
802.   LI yankee
Melky's at bat reminded me of that Damon at bat in the first inning, about 37 years ago
2006-08-18 21:23:40
803.   Max
38 pitches in 5 AB for Melky today. Love having him wear down the pitchers.
2006-08-18 21:23:43
804.   RIYank
Man, Damon can't buy a hit today.
2006-08-18 21:24:12
805.   nick
I'm on the west coast without TV--could somebody describe the Farns play?
2006-08-18 21:24:15
806.   Travis
804 If today equals Saturday, you're right.
2006-08-18 21:24:51
807.   tocho
798 apology accepted. those were excrutiating games to say the least. that's great from leiter.
2006-08-18 21:24:57
808.   Mattpat11
777 I'm not sure I understand who was supposed to come in other than Proctor.
2006-08-18 21:25:36
809.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Ponson land in Columbus yet ??
2006-08-18 21:25:44
810.   rbj
738 pitches for the day so far? We're averaging more than a comment per pitch.
2006-08-18 21:26:10
811.   mikeplugh
Farnsworth got blasted on the back of the leg by a Willy Mo Pena line drive.
2006-08-18 21:26:40
812.   mikeplugh
Ponson landed in Candyland.
2006-08-18 21:26:48
813.   RIYank
806 Hah! I was shooting for pure irony, but your interpretation is better.
2006-08-18 21:27:00
814.   rbj
738 pitches for the day so far? We're averaging more than a comment per pitch.
2006-08-18 21:27:00
815.   SF Yanks
802 LOL
2006-08-18 21:27:06
816.   tocho
the michelin man, cora and youkilis up. i hope proctor is in the whirpool right now
2006-08-18 21:27:29
817.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
okay as it is officially tomorrow...tell the pen to stop complaining and get back out there....yesterday is gone

Dr. Andrews is booking appointments now in the pen as we speak

2006-08-18 21:27:40
818.   sam2175
808 I understand Octavio Dotel is in the bullpen?

But I don't really have any reservations about calling up Proctor there.

2006-08-18 21:27:49
819.   LI yankee
Ortiz due up 5th this inning...ugh
2006-08-18 21:29:00
820.   Max
I assume Scotty is on a very short leash here.
2006-08-18 21:29:09
821.   atc
Proctor is still throwing gas
2006-08-18 21:29:11
822.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

He and Villone are toast....

2006-08-18 21:29:21
823.   Zack
Ahh, hel, might as well ahve DDSP's arm fall off on the mound, throw him back out there...
2006-08-18 21:29:28
824.   Mattpat11
808 The man just coming off a year long injury?
2006-08-18 21:29:41
825.   randym77
818 Torre said Dotel was unavailable. He pitched two days in a row, and they don't want to push him.
2006-08-18 21:29:43
826.   sam2175
Does anyone see any anatomical changes in Proctor? Look for the shoulder area.
2006-08-18 21:29:49
827.   Cliff Corcoran
Farnsworth was hit below the knee on the outside of his right leg on a hard comebacker off the bat of Wily Mo Pena. He gathered the ball and threw to first for the out, then limped off the field. He wasn't limping badly, but it seemed to get worse as he got to the dugout and he seemed to know instantly he coulnd't continue.
2006-08-18 21:29:49
828.   rbj
805 Farns got hit on the foot with a pitch. He was able to grab the ball and throw to the first base rock to get the out. Honus Wagner slapped him on the back in appreciation.
2006-08-18 21:30:12
829.   RIYank
Nobody up in the pen??????
Why isn't Mo stretching? Or somebody?

Scotty, just kick it in there.

2006-08-18 21:30:22
830.   Travis
824 Torre said yesterday that Dotel was unavailable today.
2006-08-18 21:30:22
831.   mikeplugh
If Proctor comes through today, he deserves a medal....

...a purple heart. ;)

2006-08-18 21:31:24
832.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
there are no real options but that does not make it any better as those two are burnt for the weekend..

hopefully "one day on, one day off" Farnsy can come back from the shot he took

2006-08-18 21:31:25
833.   weeping for brunnhilde
Proctor's a fucking stud.
2006-08-18 21:31:33
834.   RIYank
826 The shoulder area... oh, there it is, just behind the mound.
2006-08-18 21:31:35
835.   Travis
This game just broke the AL 5 minutes, the ML record.
2006-08-18 21:31:52
836.   Zack
Can Proctor pull the "bloody shoulder" routine to show up Schilling? Except that it will actually be falling off?
2006-08-18 21:31:53
837.   Mattpat11
822 Would you rather TJ Beam?
2006-08-18 21:31:58
838.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hey we got All-Star Alex Cora out! Yippee!
2006-08-18 21:32:31
839.   atc
Just lay it in there to Youk - don't let him work at 10 pitch ab
2006-08-18 21:32:37
840.   RIYank
I feel like we should all have noisemakers and conical shiny hats.
2006-08-18 21:33:08
841.   Travis
840 Nice one.
2006-08-18 21:33:11
842.   Mattpat11
This game is so God damn long
2006-08-18 21:33:28
843.   mikeplugh
2006-08-18 21:33:33
844.   mickey1956
Was that a 1-2-3 inning. I must be in a sleep deprived dream state.
2006-08-18 21:33:33
845.   nick
thanks guys....831 "I only regret that I have but one arm to give for my Yankees"....
2006-08-18 21:33:33
846.   Zack
Joe better personally be giving Proctor the post game rub down in the whirlpool..Okay, wait, that was too horrible to imagine, forget I mentioned it...
2006-08-18 21:33:40
847.   LI yankee
One-batter Mike Myers is up for the win...makes this game even more absurd
2006-08-18 21:33:48
848.   RIYank
Scotty, you're a mensch and a hero.
I take my shiny conical hat off in your honor.
2006-08-18 21:33:57
849.   Cliff Corcoran
Word to Scott Proctor, I take back at least half of the bad things I've said about him this year.
2006-08-18 21:34:02
850.   Travis
A 1-2-3 inning!
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2006-08-18 21:34:12
851.   rsmith51
Mo in the ninth? I think I would.
2006-08-18 21:34:33
852.   Max
Wow, that ball hit back to Scotty definitely made me nervous...then he knuckles it over to Giambi who falls to the ground awkwardly snagging it, making me nervous again.
2006-08-18 21:34:40
853.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Dotel is just getting back from TJ surgery and just went two days in a row...and looked bad way he was tossing today..

The Yanks staggered off the field...Proctor looked like a boxer in the 11th round trying to find his corner

2006-08-18 21:35:11
854.   mickey1956
24 runs in this game and only 1 homerun. That is odd.
2006-08-18 21:35:14
855.   C2Coke
Torre: Please take note, we want this DDSP in September, the only way we can get it is not by playing him twice a day, you were just lucky today.
2006-08-18 21:35:21
856.   Travis
851 You have to, unless the Yanks score 4+ here. Him and Beam are the only guys left.
2006-08-18 21:35:28
857.   Zack
Proctor has earned true warrior status, which is probably a bad thing for his shoulder....I give the man mad props...And lets hope he gets about 4 days off...
2006-08-18 21:35:40
858.   rsmith51
849 When I said I would trade Proctor for Abreu in a heartbeat, I obviously didn't know the Yanks had Mo Jr.
2006-08-18 21:36:28
859.   RIYank
847 Oh, perfect! Nothing could be more fitting.
2006-08-18 21:36:38
860.   Travis
New record. Hooray.
2006-08-18 21:36:43
861.   Bob Timmermann
9th inning in San Diego....
2006-08-18 21:36:49
862.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Checking the box scores from the 2 games, Tavarez was actually, far and away, the Sawx best pitcher today.

Savor that.

The Sawx used 9 pitchers over the 2 games, and Tavarez was the best.

2006-08-18 21:37:06
863.   Jeteupthemiddle
Kay: I mean, you could probably retire and shatter that record yourself.

Leiter: That would normally hurt, but I understand.


2006-08-18 21:37:15
864.   C2Coke
854 This game is way beyond odd. And today is so long...
2006-08-18 21:37:25
865.   nick
both ends of a doubleheader, that's old school--Proc needs a new nickname: "Throwback"
2006-08-18 21:37:26
866.   rbj
Thanks Cliff, I thought it was the foot, not the knee.

846 Torre has personally assured Proctor that Anna Benson would be giving him his rubdown.

2006-08-18 21:37:45
867.   randym77
Kay rags on Leiter, telling him he could shatter the longest game record by un-retiring.
2006-08-18 21:37:54
868.   sam2175
Yankees should mummify Proctor's arm someday. It should go to the HoF.
2006-08-18 21:38:23
869.   tocho
i hope we see papelbon tonight. foulke at 32 pitches and seems gased
2006-08-18 21:39:04
870.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Abreu really fits in with this team well
2006-08-18 21:39:17
871.   Travis
I hope they don't do drug testing after tomorrow's game, because all of the players would test positive for amphetamines.
2006-08-18 21:39:57
872.   Zack
Man, I am on the west coast, and I am still exhausted!
2006-08-18 21:40:22
873.   nick
857 though "Tru Warrior" would also work...
2006-08-18 21:40:33
874.   rbj
For those of you in the city, you need to go to Boston, kidnap Proctor for about three days, just so Torre can not use him. I'll help pay for Scott's hookers.
2006-08-18 21:40:33
875.   C2Coke
As this long game drags on, I was thinking Farns could really buy the hearts of Yankees fans if he continued to pitch with a bloody sox, wouldn't he?
2006-08-18 21:40:46
876.   Cliff Corcoran
858 You just had to take it too far.
2006-08-18 21:40:53
877.   Max
Hard to pick nits this early in the morning, but that was a horrible swing by Cano.
2006-08-18 21:41:16
878.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
send Abreu to take the shift off ?
2006-08-18 21:41:32
879.   Travis
873 Isn't that "Tru Warier?"
2006-08-18 21:42:03
880.   MattinglyHOF
Fat Pussy Toad and Bruney need to be gone before tomorrow
2006-08-18 21:42:17
881.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Giambi HR... seems overdue for one...
2006-08-18 21:42:23
882.   RIYank
Man, Foulke will be unavailable tomorrow, too. It's going to be interesting, that's for sure.
2006-08-18 21:42:25
883.   Bob Timmermann
It's all over in San Diego!

The Angels game is in the bottom of the 8th as is the Giants game.

2006-08-18 21:42:50
884.   Cliff Corcoran
x-rays on Farns were negative, he's day-to-day, good news.
2006-08-18 21:42:57
885.   MattinglyHOF
Farny to day
2006-08-18 21:43:05
886.   Yankee in Chicago
ESPN just announced that the last time the Yankees scored 10+ runs in two games vs. (at?) Boston was June 25, 1926: 12-2 and 11-4.
2006-08-18 21:43:17
887.   Cliff Corcoran
Mo's coming in.
2006-08-18 21:43:20
888.   LI yankee
Jeez these guys only have 12 hours to rest. Tomorrow is gonna be another weird game
2006-08-18 21:43:26
889.   mikeplugh
Last licks. Mo ready to put heads to bed.
2006-08-18 21:44:21
890.   atc
Cliff, is that from yes?
2006-08-18 21:44:47
891.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Mo time....needed a couple more runs to make it Beam time...
2006-08-18 21:44:53
892.   Alex Belth
Hey, talk about showing up late for the party. As you can all imagine, I'm thrilled and delighted about the two games today as well as the record-setting turn out in the previous two threads. It's not surprising that it'd happen during Yankee-Sox, but it's really exciting all the same.

..Can you believe this freakin' game tonight? How quiet Fenway was when Jeter was up, even though they still had a two run lead! It's as if they knew what was going to happen. A Rod getting hits.

Hot damn.

2006-08-18 21:44:53
893.   Bob Timmermann

That doubleheader was at Fenway in 1926.

2006-08-18 21:44:57
894.   Jeteupthemiddle
so are we at the point where torre tells Johnson "you are pitching 7 innings tomorrow. I don't care about the score. I don't care about the pitch count. figure a way."
2006-08-18 21:44:58
895.   nick
Sortable Pitching

1 Scott Proctor NYY 60
2 Kyle Farnsworth NYY 57
3 Huston Street Oak 56
4 Ron Villone NYY 55

2006-08-18 21:44:59
896.   rbj
I think the hitters are going to be tired tomorrow, so both starters will go nine.
2006-08-18 21:45:23
897.   randym77
Bruised lower leg. Wasn't that what ended up putting Chacon on the DL?

I can't believe how long this game has been.

2006-08-18 21:45:50
898.   Zack
Longest. Game. Ever.
2006-08-18 21:45:57
899.   Mattpat11
Christ on a cracker, Manny Ortez is coming up AGAIN?
2006-08-18 21:45:57
900.   Cliff Corcoran
Mo vs. heart of the Red Sox order. This, believe it or not, ain't over yet folks.
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2006-08-18 21:46:14
901.   joejoejoe
Yahoo! has old team photos and caps for Craig Wilson, Sidney Ponson, Bobby Abreu, Sal Fasano and Brian Bruney in their Gamechannel broadcast. It's getting to me after a long day of baseball. How hard is it to get the headshots fixed? I'm sure Yankees PR releases a photo immediately when they get a new player.

On the plus side, the Sal Fasano fu-manchu lives on in his headshot.

2006-08-18 21:46:18
902.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
day to day to me means... Sat. and Sun
2006-08-18 21:46:18
903.   mikeplugh
Nice and easy!
2006-08-18 21:46:22
904.   LI yankee
So Farns is probabyl done for the series, Villone are Proctor are probably at this point day to day.

All eyes are on you, Octavio Dotel.

2006-08-18 21:46:55
905.   RIYank
Can you imagine if C-M hadn't been able to go deep in the first game? I mean, who could pitch?

Ah. Mo's job is to remind everyone what pitching looks like. It's kind of an aesthetic thing.

Ortiz coming up and I feel good!

2006-08-18 21:47:17
906.   mikeplugh
Of course.
2006-08-18 21:47:20
907.   Travis
886 And the length of the 2 games - 2:10 and 2:05. Both Yankee starters threw complete games, while Boston used 2 pitchers in the first game and 3 in the second.
2006-08-18 21:47:24
908.   RIYank
2006-08-18 21:47:28
909.   Mattpat11
This fucking game will never end. ever. Ever.
2006-08-18 21:47:28
910.   Bob Timmermann
Longest. 9 inning game. Ever.
2006-08-18 21:47:32
911.   Jeteupthemiddle
He only hit a homerun because they were down by 4.

How unclutch.

2006-08-18 21:47:34
912.   C2Coke
Mo being Mo.

898 Haha, you forgot the game when Red Sox played the White. The Red Sox have had worse this year.

2006-08-18 21:47:40
913.   Cliff Corcoran
897 Yes, but Chacon developed a hematoma.

Loretta quick out. Ortiz solo dinger. I told you it ain't over.

2006-08-18 21:47:59
914.   Alex Belth
That's probably the least upset I've ever been when Mo's given up a tater.
2006-08-18 21:48:08
915.   rbj
894 I was thinking that Torre had that conversation with Ponson.

No. Do not tie this game up. I think the RS pitchers don't want a tie game either.

2006-08-18 21:48:08
916.   mikeplugh
That was clutch.
2006-08-18 21:48:23
917.   Zack
Hey Alex, glad you could make it. Way to be "that guy"

894 I say "you must go at least 8 no matter what"

And what the hell was that, Ortiz isn't allowed to hit "un-clutch" HRs...

2006-08-18 21:48:47
918.   mikeplugh
Fucking son of a bitch A-Rod.
2006-08-18 21:49:11
919.   Cliff Corcoran
C'mon, did we really need an Ortiz 9th inning homer and a Rodriguez error? We couldn't get out of this without those two things, back-to-back no less? Grrrrr.

Mo, end it, please.

2006-08-18 21:49:18
920.   Alex Belth
Oh, Alex. Did you just have to? That's matedor D.
2006-08-18 21:49:24
921.   Mattpat11
I hate him. Not because of his offense or his personality or his defense but because he extended this FUCKING GAME.
2006-08-18 21:49:48
922.   Zack
And by that guy I meant the last guy at the party when its almost over...except that its not almost over...ugh..come on Mo!
2006-08-18 21:49:55
923.   rsmith51
C'mon Mo, pick up ARod.
2006-08-18 21:50:00
924.   SF Yanks
Get In Front Of It!
2006-08-18 21:50:09
925.   C2Coke
Arod being Arod?? least this year.
2006-08-18 21:51:33
926.   Max
What a bizarre game. Hot shot to A-Rod and he boots it, and shows his frustration about as openly as I've seen him do so in a while. Crowd picks up on it and razzes him mercilessly.

All this and it's almost 1 in the morning.

2006-08-18 21:52:00
927.   Cliff Corcoran
Just . . . one . . . more . . . out . . .
2006-08-18 21:52:17
928.   RIYank
Not worried.
Chant mantra:


2006-08-18 21:52:26
929.   nick
both teams have thrown more than 200 pitches!?
2006-08-18 21:52:38
930.   LI yankee
If any other pitcher was out on the mound, I would be getting nervous
2006-08-18 21:53:16
931.   Zack
ALmsot 2,000 combined posts today, clearly minor proof of the power of the Yanks/Sox for MLB revenue...
2006-08-18 21:53:18
932.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
2006-08-18 21:53:29
933.   weeping for brunnhilde
Great, great fucking play by Mo there to grap a slightly errant throw.

Nice footwork.

2006-08-18 21:53:29
934.   yankz
Anyone know how many pitches that was? I'm too lazy to add it up.
2006-08-18 21:53:36
935.   Levy2020
Unbelievable. We should just say "This game is for the AL Championship." Could it get more exciting?
2006-08-18 21:53:43
936.   randym77
Isn't "hematoma" just the medical name for "bruise"?

And was that Ortiz homer catchable?

2006-08-18 21:53:57
937.   C2Coke
Wow, the Yanks are gonna sleep great tonight.
2006-08-18 21:54:16
938.   Travis
This game and the one in San Francisco ended near-simultaneously.
2006-08-18 21:54:27
939.   rbj
"end the ballgame"? I don't understand what this "end the ballgame is"

And yeah, A-Rod's glove has an iron coat this year. How's big Crapi's glove looking?

2006-08-18 21:54:43
940.   seamus
937 i hope they wake up in time for the game!
2006-08-18 21:54:44
941.   nick
oooooooohhhhhhhhh YEAH......
2006-08-18 21:54:46
942.   JeremyM
Wow, I really thought they had no chance after the Ponson/Villone debacle (for different reasons neither guy belonged in the game). Glad to be wrong!
2006-08-18 21:54:51
943.   Zack
[Wacky Dance]

Man, what a bizarre day/night! Great job Yanks Offense, Scott Proctor, and, um, Wang?

2006-08-18 21:55:24
944.   RIYank
F&*%in' yes.

Now, the pen is shot, sure. On the other hand, if we take ONE of the next three, that's the series. And who thinks we can't get two, or all three?

2006-08-18 21:55:25
945.   atc
Gotta stay up for the postgame at this point.
2006-08-18 21:55:31
946.   rsmith51
Can Mo win the GG? He is such a good fielder.
2006-08-18 21:55:34
947.   sam2175
The ballgame ends. Yankees win.

Yankees are guaranteed to leave Boston being in the first place. Fantastic.

2006-08-18 21:56:19
948.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

you might be right, maybe A Rod should DH as well...cause he looks like pure SHIT at 3B...

career high errors and K's

2006-08-18 21:57:20
949.   tocho
RJ will go the distance tomorrow.
2006-08-18 21:57:29
950.   Yu-Hsing Chen
A Freaken mazing, we actually won this game.

talk about stepping up there game

Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2006-08-18 21:57:32
951.   RIYank
Another great win for Mike Myers! What's his record now, does he have a shot at 20?
2006-08-18 21:57:44
952.   randym77
901 I don't think they do. Gameday Photoshops new caps onto the photos, sometimes quite clumsily. They put a Yankees cap on Fasano, but lefty his scraggly hair and beard.
2006-08-18 21:58:45
953.   Cliff Corcoran
936 A contusion (which is what they called it) is a bruise. A hematoma is generally when a bruise swells up beyond the normal lump and fills with fluid.
2006-08-18 21:59:07
954.   rbj
Mutherf_cking snakes on a mutherf_cking plane, Yanks mutherf_cking sweep the double mutherf_cking header.

A CG would be real nice tomorrow, Unit.

2006-08-18 21:59:37
955.   C2Coke
940 At least we know the Red Sox had the worse of this day. And they are just as tired if not more.
2006-08-18 21:59:56
956.   nick
Wow. Long day/night journey....
2006-08-18 22:01:12
957.   Travis
For those who didn't get enough sports today, U.S. v. Puerto Rico, live from Sapporo, Japan, is on ESPN2 starting now.
2006-08-18 22:01:29
958.   seamus
is papelbon the only reliever who saw NO ACTION?
2006-08-18 22:02:06
959.   RIYank
955 Mmmm, that's a good thought. I'll have that one in mind on my pillow.

I'm probably the last to figure this out, but Melky was on base all five times he came to the plate in game two. The kid shows promise.

2006-08-18 22:02:30
960.   randym77
All right, we've already got two of five. Even if we lose the other three, I won't be too upset. What a day.

Should be interesting to see if there are any roster moves tomorrow...

2006-08-18 22:02:45
961.   Travis
958 Papelbox for the Sox, Dotel for the Yanks.
2006-08-18 22:03:27
962.   C2Coke
958 Isn't it great to say it aloud?

Night all, hope we the Banterers will be able to get up tomorrow for the game...

2006-08-18 22:04:44
963.   RIYank
I'd be upset to lose the last three, mainly because I do not want to be beat by Schilling, Beckett, and Wells in one weekend.
2006-08-18 22:06:23
964.   Greg Brock
Darn New Yorkers, sucking up all the bandwith.

Congrats on the sweep.

2006-08-18 22:06:59
965.   Max
Melky was NESN's Star of the Game for tonight. Very well deserved.
2006-08-18 22:07:51
966.   Zack
Nice way to start my birthday weekend, and a win tomorrow would make it even sweeter!
2006-08-18 22:08:23
967.   JeremyM
Ponson has to sleep with the fishes. I don't know who's down in Columbus and I doubt it will happen, but why not give Bean another shot? OK, stop laughing...
2006-08-18 22:08:37
969.   RIYank
Lotta guys coulda got it.
Twice-a-Day Scotty. Captain Clutch for that unbefrickinlievable double. Johnny D for the dinger.
2006-08-18 22:08:51
970.   bobtaco
Is Giambi OK, I thought he might have tweaked something before they took him out in the 9th...
2006-08-18 22:09:43
971.   yankeemonkey
Melky should've been POTG. On base all 5 times and throwing a runner out at the plate.
2006-08-18 22:09:46
972.   KYK
Holy Crap!
Almost a 1000 comments?
I watched the game at the local bar, but I had to be part of this.
2006-08-18 22:12:08
973.   randym77
The YES guys picked Jeter.

I think Green was just in as a LIDR.

2006-08-18 22:12:55
974.   SF Yanks
972 see previous thread. 1000+ comments.
2006-08-18 22:12:59
975.   Zack
I say, DFA Ponson, bring up Bean. Send down Bruney, call up, um, anyone else? And do it tonight so they can get the special police escort to the Fens for tomorrows game. Where we have the luxery of telling Randy that he is in there until the 7th no matter what the score or his age...
2006-08-18 22:13:04
976.   wsporter
Oh what a good day. Happy B-day Zack. Its gotta suck to play these two games and walk away two in the hole.

Lets go Yankeeeeees.

2006-08-18 22:13:51
977.   RIYank
Right, I forgot about Melky's OF assist. He now leads the AL. Okay, maybe he does stand out. Anyway, I certainly don't begrudge him the honor.

As to pitching: why not call up Jeff Karstens? I thought that's what they were going to do. I mean, he's not a good pitcher at the ML level, but we have to be realistic.

2006-08-18 22:14:32
978.   Alex Belth
Melky had a great night, Cano had a great night, Bernie had a couple of hits, and Damon really set the tone for the day, didn't he? Pain in the ass all day long.
2006-08-18 22:16:16
979.   YanksWest
Close to a 1000 now. Does anyone else realize that the Yanks won despite Ponson starting?

This was the clearest L of the series to me. Now, let's get 2 more out of 3.

2006-08-18 22:16:30
980.   yankeemonkey
I think they should send down Bruney and bring up Karstens. Bruney won't be available tomorrow anyway and they need a long man.
2006-08-18 22:16:56
981.   joejoejoe
Johnny Damon, 8/18/06
6-12, 4 runs, 7 RBI, 1 triple, 2HR

He had a good week in one night.

2006-08-18 22:17:20
982.   JeremyM
I just love that Damon beat their asses today. 6 for 12, 7 RBIs, 2 homers (tied his career high with 20 on the year), a couple standout plays. Instead of being named after a cereal like Crisp, they need to name a cereal FOR Damon.
2006-08-18 22:17:22
983.   kdw
Hmmm, Waldman post-game said that Farnsworth is on crutches and is out at least a few days. Also said that they kept the clubhouse closed for a while after the game trying to figure out what to do for pitching tomorrow. Torre said they are making roster moves and altho are still figuring out exactly what, they'll be new folks tomorrow.
2006-08-18 22:17:23
984.   randym77
If they actuallly DFA Ponson, Karstens might be an option. We need someone who can give us some length. Bean would also be a possibility. He's been starting sometimes in Columbus, as well as relieving.
2006-08-18 22:17:32
985.   Benjamin Kabak
There will be roster moves before this series is out.

Another thing: Mo threw just 14 pitches. He's definitely not burned for RJ's start. Hopefully, the Unit who went 5-0 against Boston last year will show up.

2006-08-18 22:17:46
986.   Zack
I didn't realzie that that other thread had kept goign and made it to 1,000, and not only that, but that 1,000 broke the Toaster! Hooray for the Banterers in shocking the system! Ken, if you are checking this, was 1,000 a first?
2006-08-18 22:18:06
987.   Cliff Corcoran
437 pitches!
2006-08-18 22:18:44
988.   C2Coke
979 And surely many have realized that the Yanks will not start with Ponson again. This should qualify as the better news.

I am too hyped to sleep at this moment. Have to wear out some of the Adrenaline first.

2006-08-18 22:19:01
989.   Cliff Corcoran
986 It was because Toaster wasn't prepared for a 1000 comment post. We were basically crossing the streams at that point.
2006-08-18 22:19:05
990.   randym77
Crutches? That doesn't sound good. Wonder if he's going on the DL? If so, they could call up Veras right away. I think.
2006-08-18 22:19:07
991.   RIYank
Damon kind of dominated the day. But then he graciously stepped aside and let the other stars shine.
Okay, that's it for me. I'm looking forward to watching Beckett get it handed to him. It's just a shame the Yankees can only win one game tomorrow.
2006-08-18 22:19:29
992.   Zack
Bean would be a possibility, but then Torre wouldn't pitch him anyways, so what's the point? Besides, he's making Clippers history everday by pitching there!
2006-08-18 22:20:27
993.   Zack
989 So it was a yk2 action? sweet...
2006-08-18 22:20:55
994.   Zack
That is, y2k...sigh, clearly my brain is mush...must make it to 1,000 though...
2006-08-18 22:21:05
995.   JeremyM
989 Perfect ending to the night with an awesome Ghostbusters reference:)
2006-08-18 22:21:31
996.   The Bear
Had to watch both of the game through MLB Gameday and some highlights from ESPN...but i think i will hav a great night sleep tonight and get ready for the work tomorrow, peace ya all~
2006-08-18 22:21:39
997.   Benjamin Kabak
990 What are the option rules? The Yanks just sent down Veras so I'm not sure he can come back up yet. Although a DL trip may make that rule moot.

Bean could come up. Small/Mendoza/White won't. Colome could come up.

I think the Yanks need two replacements though because Ponson will be gone. No need for him around here anymore.

2006-08-18 22:21:46
998.   yankeemonkey
Tyler Clippard pitched a no-hitter at Trenton the other day. Bring 'im up!
2006-08-18 22:22:34
999.   kdw
990 Makes sense, tho, given how he reacted, immediately leaving the game.
2006-08-18 22:23:12
1000.   Zack
Woohoo, 1,000!
Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2006-08-18 22:23:35
1001.   C2Coke
991 An equal shame Proctor can only pitch in one game...

It's too bad, I wanted to see Farns hit 100mile on the gun in Fenway...

2006-08-18 22:23:36
1002.   randym77
I think you're allowed to call them up again before the ten days are up if there's an injury involved. Not sure of the exact rules, though.
2006-08-18 22:23:45
1003.   Benjamin Kabak
998 No point for this series because Clippard won't throw again until Tuesday.
2006-08-18 22:25:41
1004.   Zack
Well, now that we have seen 1,000 come and go, 'night all, don't sleep through the game tomorrow! Good thing its Fox so I don't get to watch it...
2006-08-18 22:27:15
1005.   Benjamin Kabak
One more person we've forgotten: The Yanks should be able to add Rasner soon. He thinks he'll be ready by Sept. 1.
2006-08-18 22:27:45
1006.   Travis
Sadly, this won't count as the longest doubleheader ever:

"In all, the teams combined for 41 runs and 61 hits in 8:40 of baseball -- with the Yankees getting 17 hits in each game. There were 783 pitches thrown.

Because the park was cleared between games, it does not count as a doubleheader in the record books, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. The longest doubleheader, between the Rangers and White Sox on May 24, 1995, took 7:39."

2006-08-18 22:28:11
1007.   C2Coke
There. We have officially broke the post record from Game 1.

Night y'all. Thanks again, Alex and Cliff and Ken. Bronx Banter, great land.

2006-08-18 22:28:49
1008.   nyyfan22
Just heard on YES that the Yanks and Red Sox are going to play a doubleheader tomorrow, too.

j/k. Great baseball today.

2006-08-18 22:30:31
1009.   YanksWest
Zack, you and me both. Saturdays on Fox suck.

I already pay for the package. Let me see YES or NESN tomorrow or at least Fox's East Coast feed.

2006-08-18 22:34:57
1010.   arod
good thing i live in alaska so we can stay up late enough to see the end of these games
2006-08-19 00:56:16
1011.   brockdc
1009 No doubt we'll get get a riveting Padres or Giants game out here on the coast to placate us.

Night, all!

2006-08-19 08:07:14
1012.   Ron Burgundy
Top 'o the mornin' to ya folks. I stayed up until 1 A.M. watching that craptacular game and 40 years from now, I will tell my grandkids: "I once saw the longest regular 9-inning game in baseball history". But that was quite a good game, in the end anyways. Now that we have the DH out of the way, we can focus on REALLY killing the Red Sawx. Go Yankees!
2006-08-19 12:43:41
1013.   BayRidger
The 'Sox rookie relievers are getting EXPOSED in this series. Now all that's left is to smack Papelbon around some if we get the chance.

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