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For Heaven's Sake
2006-08-14 05:27
by Alex Belth

According to Joel Sherman in today's Post:

After a 5-3 loss that diminished the Yanks' AL East lead to one game over Boston and diminished Rodriguez even further in the eyes of the fan base, A-Rod vowed the best of his 2006 season is coming.

For the first time, he revealed that during the first four months he was coping with injuries that, perhaps, should have sent him to the DL, but that he could not go due to the DL devastation already ensnaring the Yanks. He would not disclose what the injuries were. However, he said, that the problems caused both terrible throwing mechanics and a change in his swing that led him to constantly get beat with even tepid fastballs. He admits that on defense he still needs to regain his aggression, but that his swing is back and "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

He added, "This is the best I have felt all year" and explained that, because of that, it feels as if he "just finished spring training" and is ready to tackle the season.

Now, this being Alex Rodriguez, such statements will be dissected. Is this reality? An excuse? Both? With Rodriguez there are never easy answers. But for the purposes of this exercise, let's take him at his words and, therefore, say a season within a season begins now and see if Rodriguez is a man of these words: "I think it is going to be a good ending."

If Rodriguez has been hurt, it would behoove him not to be coy about it. In spite of another poor weekend with the leather, he looked good offensively until Sunday.

Tonight gives a match-up of two of the fugliest pitchers around: The Big Unit and John Lackey. Unfortunately, for the Yanks, Lackey is the ace of the Angels' staff, while it is hard to know what to expect from Johnson on any given outing. But after a poor week, now is as good a time as any for the Yanks to get on the good foot and start playing up to their capabilities again.

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2006-08-14 05:52:41
1.   mehmattski
Man, Alex, what are you going to do when the Yanks stop playing the Angels? You'll have to go back to normal headlines that don't involve heaven. :-)

You know, when Sportscenter lists Alex Rodriguez as (1-4, HR) it looks like he had a solid game, instead of the reality: a harshly criticized performance where he left men on base early and then hit a "meaningless" two out, ninth-inning home run.

2006-08-14 06:19:25
2.   JL25and3
Why is anyone making Alex Rodriguez the problem here?

Damon: 9 for his last 47, .191 (.283 OBA)
Jeter: 8 for 41, .195/.312
Cabrera: 5 for 27, .185/.290
Posada: 0 for 25!!!, 1 BB, .000/.038
ARod: 10 for 22

2006-08-14 06:38:32
3.   dwight45
Extra Innings subscribers: Here's the rest of the month's schedule including the broadcast's feed.
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10pm at Seattle YES
10pm at Angels FSW
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7pm Detroit YES
7pm Detroit YES
1pm Detroit YES
2006-08-14 06:52:10
4.   Alex Belth
Jorgie was late on everything yesterday. Lots of foul balls to the third base side. He's in a bona fide slump.
2006-08-14 07:03:16
5.   rsmith51
Did y'all see that the ChiSox again benefitted from a blown double play by the Detroit third baseman? It was a carbon copy of Arod's play on Thurs.
2006-08-14 07:05:18
6.   weeping for brunnhilde
2 Because he's the Big Man and he seems to have an especially hard time driving 'em in when he has opportunities to do so in big spots.

How can you not just laugh with pity to see him hit that home run yesterday? The poor man. I felt very, very sorry for him at that moment.

Why blame Arod? I think it's natural to have someone on the team, especially someone who oozes talent as he does, who's willing to step up and say, "The buck stops here."

And he does.

He seems to accept his role on the team and he does take responsibility for his performance, which is admirable. I just wish he'd start carrying the team a bit, is all. These are the games championship teams find ways to win, whether on the back of their slugger or by other means.

I think we're all just very frustrated right now, is all, to be losing games we might have won.

To have had the opportunity to be like 5 games up on Boston and now we're (practically) all even again.

Very, very frustrating.

2006-08-14 07:17:39
7.   seamus
Here is the rub for me. If Jeter was slumping the way that ARod has been slumping, we'd all be speculating that he was hurt. He wouldn't have to explain it. But the thought that he might be hurt never came up in respect to ARod (Not that I recall). Instead, people assume first that it is mental, and second physical. That says something about ARod, but it also says something about us.
2006-08-14 07:31:41
8.   Simone
Just as I was proud of A-Rod for standing up to the ESPN and the NY media, he turns around and says something that smacks of insecurity and excuse making. Why is he even talking about injuries? All he has to say that he will continue produce offensively and work hard to improve his defense or even better tell them, "to go to hell." Now the media and fans will begin tearing into to him even more. Arggh!

Oh, I think that Derek is in a mini-slump also.

2006-08-14 07:33:32
9.   Ron Burgundy
Funny thing is, Jeter's slump literally began the day that he got sat on by Melvin Mora. Check it out at BaseballMusings. I don't feel like putting the links. This tells me one thing: somebody needs to HIT Melvin Mora. I really don't care if it's "classless." Really, I don't, because his idiotic play screwed our Captain and his possible shot at a batting title.
2006-08-14 07:34:53
10.   Ron Burgundy
8 True that on the A-Rod bit. Instead of giving him some props for playing through, they'll call him a [female genital].
2006-08-14 07:36:46
11.   Dimelo
I just saw catfishstew has a picture that shows our Alex being a below average pitcher. Messed up...Cliff's ERA seemed a bit high too, he must be having an off year.
2006-08-14 07:39:00
12.   yanklifer
I am glad the red sox are playing a decent team tonight. Although the tigers are slumping, i was getting really sick of seeing nothing but sub .500 teams on their sched
2006-08-14 07:43:50
13.   Alvaro Espinoza
"...he looked good offensively until Sunday."

I'm no A-rod apologist but I would temper this a bit. His only poor AB yesterday was his first one. Weaver received a very generous strike 3 call on the 2nd K. The pitch was outside. He hit the DP ball hard but it was right at somebody and then the final laser to the net. The last few games it is apparent that he is seeing the ball better and more comfortable at the plate. I don't think yesterday changed that.

And 2 is absolutely correct. They're losing collectively as a team.

The Unit needs to go 7 strong tonight.

2006-08-14 07:47:37
14.   bp1
7 A-Rod has been asked about his physical condition on a number of occasions and, without fail, he responds "I'm fine. 100% fine. I feel great. There is no physical problem".

You gotta take the man at his word, no?

Now he tells us he's had a nagging injury?


Just hit, catch, throw, and run. I don't much care about the rest.

2006-08-14 07:53:52
15.   seamus
14 c'mon now, jeter says the same thing even when you see him hobble around. It is pretty common actually for players while injured to play it down, and after the fact acknowledge it was there. The rub is that even when Jeter says he is fine, 100%, we do not believe it if he is slumping. Heck, everyone I know does this in their own way in everyday life.
2006-08-14 08:07:25
16.   mehmattski
11 That high ERA is clearly a result of that one inning where 15 straight bloop singles was followed by 2 grand slams. If you look at his K/100 pitches and HR/9 rates, he's actually a much better pitcher than Corocan. Don't listen to the scouts when they say Alex doesn't have the "stuff." I also heard Alex throws a gyroball. And that Ken Arneson wears Alex Belth pajamas.
2006-08-14 08:13:28
17.   bp1
15 Right - but Jeter leaves it at that. You won't hear him saying later on in the year "Well, I had these injuries that shoulda put me on the DL and messed up my mechanics blah blah blah".

I don't want to make this a Jeter vs A-Rod debate. It's not about that.

If A-Rod was hurt and got all fouled up, I'm glad to hear he is feeling better. I hope his play begins to resemble the MVP player we had on the club last year. The Yankees need that player now, for sure.

2006-08-14 08:16:26
18.   seamus
17 yeah, didn't mean to make it a jeter v arod debate. Just wanted to comment how differently we treat them. But yep, me too, If ARod can get hot, that would be some serious kick ass!
2006-08-14 08:41:11
19.   tommyl
Actually, a few of us speculated that A-Rod might indeed be hurt a few weeks back. It was right around the time of the throwing errors game, and even Kruk on BBTN mentioned it. Basically, the argument went that his mechanics this year seemed to suddenly go out of whack on throws and he was dropping down a lot more than he used to in terms of arm angle. At the time, since A-Rod said he was fine we chalked it up to some mental thing. It is possible that A-Rod has a nagging injury to either his right shoulder, or possibly something in area of his ribcage/hip on the right side. Both of those would account for the throws and his pulling off the ball since on the swing he would be trying to avoid excess torque to his back leg/shoulder. Remember what happened a few years back when Giambi had the knee injury to his back leg, his swing went to hell because he couldn't use his back leg as a platform. I tend to take A-Rod at his word (though maybe I shouldn't) and I'm willing to believe he has some injury that is he just recovering from. It would make sense.
2006-08-14 08:44:52
20.   tommyl
14 Players never, ever reveal an injury because it would allow opposing pitchers and players to exploit them. If A-Rod comes out and says, "You know, I'm trying really hard but I have this shoulder injury and I can't get around on fastballs right now," then every single pitcher is going to be throwing him high fastball after high fastball. Jeter is the same way, its not just being a gamer, its being smart. Damon took some time to reveal his injury and only then because it didn't really hinder his play, it just hurt.

I've said this before, but I'll say it again. We have zero idea what goes on in the clubhouse. Its possible after Sheff and Matsui went down that A-Rod hurt himself, went to Torre and said it was borderline but wanted to stay with team and they agreed not to mention it to the press. Its really not that hard to imagine.

2006-08-14 08:55:28
21.   JL25and3
11 5-7, 6.41? Sounds like he's worth a look as a fifth starter.
2006-08-14 09:08:04
22.   Alex Belth
"Players never, ever reveal an injury because it would allow opposing pitchers and players to exploit them."

Excellent point.

2006-08-14 09:21:23
23.   yankz
Anyone else skeptical about this injury thing?
2006-08-14 09:24:49
24.   bp1
20 Yes - I understand that - but it usually goes to the grave, or is revealed after the season. For A-Rod to say something now? A little weird, considering there are games yet to be played and his excuses have just evaporated.

But anyway ...

2006-08-14 09:49:16
25.   Tarheel
I don't know why everyone is so hard on Arod for hitting that homer in the 9th. I happen to remember sitting in Yankee Stadium on July 30, 2005 with the Yanks playing the Angels. I don't remember all of the details but I do remember that the Angels were giving it to the Yankees all game. Similar to yesterday. Then, in the bottom of the 9th, with K-rod pitching no less, the Yankees made a great comeback. It included several walks, and the killer was a 2-run walkoff double for Matsui. My point is that you never know when a pitcher will melt down and you will go on a rally. Arod and Giambi did their part yesterday to get that going. I realize that coming back 4 with 2 out in the 9th is a long shot, but the last time I checked, baseball is a game where you must get 27 outs to finish the game. There is always a chance, just ask the White Sox and Konerko from last week. Getting on a guy, who by the way has been one of the few bright spots offensively the past few games, for hitting a homerun in the 9th inning is just plain crazy. If you want to give him hell, do it for the play in the 1st inning that he could/should have made. Who knows how that play could have changed the outcome of the innning and game? At least in the 9th he didn't just mail it in like many players would have done in that situation. As a matter of fact, he is one of the few players in MLB that I can never remember just mailing it in at any time. Give the guy some credit.
2006-08-14 09:50:17
26.   Simone
9 You are probably right. Mora very likely hur Jeter who isn't saying anything. Ugh. I rather that he be in a regular slump.
2006-08-14 09:53:49
27.   Bama Yankee
I'll take him at his word if he says that he was injured. It sure explains the throwing problems. It would have been nice for someone else to have been able to relay the injury info so it would not have seemed like A-Rod was trying to make an excuse.

I'm glad that he is starting to hit, even if the late-inning-down-by-a-bunch-of-runs homers add fuel to the "stat padding" fire. BTW, no one will believe me but I called both of his homers this weekend. As A-Rod came to bat Friday night I told my wife that this is the kind of situation that he usually hits a homer. Next pitch, BOOM. Then again on Sunday I said the same thing to her and next pitch, BOOM again. She accused me of "tape delaying" the game with TIVO...

My biggest worry with A-Rod is his inability to catch the ball. I know he is a "guess" hitter, but is he a "guess" fielder too? Maybe he needs to play back a little more or do something to help his reaction time but he seems to miss some grounders that other 3Bmen catch. Like someone said in yesterday's game thread, his first name is starting to become "pastadiving"...

2006-08-14 09:58:20
28.   Ron Burgundy
20 But now that said injuries are healed, pitchers wouldn't have anything to exploit, so I say it's possible he really was injured. And either way, if he keeps hitting .391/.481/.739 for the rest of the year like he has the past week, we'll be OK.
2006-08-14 10:10:28
29.   joe in boston
To me it's very simple: Put up or shut up.

Bird could carry the Celts. Phil Simms carried the Giants. Jeter carried the Yanks with very special plays during their (too-long-ago) run....

2006-08-14 10:23:26
30.   Alvaro Espinoza
It doesn't help when writers are producing irresponsible comments like Filip Bondy today:

"This is the best I feel all year, head and shoulders," he said after the game. "I feel 100%. Feel like spring training just ended. I'm fresh out there. Me swinging the bat like now can be conducive to a better streak."

"Is he delusional? Maybe..."

Delusional? Maybe??? How about ABSOLUTELY NOT? The insinuation is insulting. A-rod's comment is 100% fair and is supported by his recent offensive performance. You don't have to be a stat hound to see with your own eyes that A-rod is hitting better this past week. But, hey, let's look at those numbers: In the past week, his BA has jumped 9 points. So far this series, he's 5-11 with 2 doubles and 2 HR's. He hit a laser Friday night only to see Figgins make a great diving catch. Even when he makes out he's hitting the ball hard.

Sure, it's silly to pretend that there are no issues to discuss regarding his play (there are) but let's stick to some objective reporting rather than unfair insults.

2006-08-14 10:30:03
31.   tommyl
24 I believe 28 helps with that.

28 I agree.

The people getting on A-Rod for hitting a homer yesterday are asinine. The guy comes up with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth with his team trailing. Exactly what do you want him to do? Is it his fault that Jeter and Abreu couldn't reach base to make his homer count for more runs? Sometimes the criticism of A-Rod is valid, like when he GIDP with runners in scoring position or makes a costly error. Sometimes its laughable. The columnists should listen to themselves, "A-Rod's meaningless homer in the bottom of the ninth with his team trailing..."

2006-08-14 10:33:54
32.   tommyl
30 More importantly, he's displaying power to right and right center. He hasn't done that since May.

I've just come to accept that when it comes to the media in this town, A-Rod can't win. If he goes out tonight and he hits 5-5 with 5 HRs, there will be an article about how the last 2 came when the game was meaningless. Sometimes beat writers need an angle. In '61 it was the "rivalry" between Maris and Mantle, with Maris being the bad guy (even though they were good friends and roommates). In '06, its A-Rod is a delusional head case who is costing the team games. Fine, write it, so long as he keeps hitting I don't care.

2006-08-14 10:42:24
33.   DarrenF
30 Last week, Lisa Olson (I think) compared David Wright to Michael Jordan because Wright broke a tie with a 7th inning double.

Last week, on a day when ARod went 3-for-3 with a HR and 2 walks, lots of people pointed to a missed foul pop up that was probably 250 feet from home plate and tried to somehow pin the loss on ARod. With Ponson due to come out of the bullpen, the Yankees would have probably lost the game, anyway.

This is not scrutiny. This is simply bad journalism and a misrepresentation of baseball and how baseball works.

This statistical gem courtesy of Joel Sherman:

"And, now, eight of his 25 homers have come in the fifth inning or later with the Yanks ahead or behind by four runs."

That's good, right? A whopping 17 out of 25 have come early and close? Or late and close? He's the freakin' MVP, I guess.

Must I remind Joel Sherman of last week's Yankee game vs. Chicago? ARod's meaningless RBI single and Posada's meaningless RBI sac fly won the game. Four runs is not a lot.

2006-08-14 10:44:31
34.   DarrenF
33 Correction to myself: I think it was Andrew Marchand and not Lisa Olson.

We get it, we get it, we all get it.

Wright 85 rbis = MVP. ARod 83 rbis = Can't Play in New York.

Loduca gambling and cheating on his wife = no big deal. ARod sunbathing = bad.

2006-08-14 10:45:09
35.   JL25and3
29 This gets tiring. ARod "carried" the Yankees in the ALDS against Minnesota two years ago, as much as Jeter "carried" the Yankees through any of their previous postseason series. Yes, he fell apart against Boston, but so did everyone else.

After Jeter's magnificent series against Oakland in 2001, he was terrible against Seattle and Arizona. But those godawful series don't detract from what he did well - which is as it should be. Just give ARod a little credit for what he's accomplished, rather than having it be negated anytime he makes an out.

2006-08-14 10:52:54
36.   DarrenF
Unless I'm missing a key part of the quote, ARod is not even playing the injury card.

"I feel fresh. I feel great. I'm ready to help the team. I feel better than I have all year."

So do I. Maybe it's the weather.

2006-08-14 11:19:47
37.   joe in boston
35 Agreed. I'm probably as guilty as many fans of giving Jeter a free pass when he doesn't produce. Arod baffles me. He really does. The fact that he is hinting that he was injured the first 4 months of the season bothers me on some level. I mean, that was long ago...we survived that part of the season without Sheff and Mats (and Cano). Now let's hang on, work hard, and finish the job (AL East).
2006-08-14 11:28:16
38.   Felix Heredia
How about Giambi? The three balls he hit yesterday all went left - one grounder to short that he ran out, one long fly down the line in left, and a monster HR that landed in the monuments.

Just coincidence, or has his low average caused him to finally try to go the other way?

2006-08-14 11:50:41
39.   Ron Burgundy
38 Let's hope he starts hitting it to the opposite field like that more.
2006-08-14 13:21:36
40.   Paul in Boston
It's painful to watch the Sox slowly gain on us, but I still like our chances to reach the post-season more than last year at this time. What a miracle we made it.

And at the risk of jinxing the Yanks, I really don't see the Sox pitching holding up. How many 11-9 and 8-7 games can a team win without destroying their bullpen? So call me cautiously optimistic ...
2006-08-14 13:55:41
41.   randym77

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Jorge Posada C
Craig Wilson 1B
Melky Cabrera LF

Randy Johnson LHP

A-Rod's not batting cleanup...

2006-08-14 13:56:33
42.   seamus
i don't get it. Alex just started smashing the ball. Now he moves him down?
2006-08-14 14:11:51
43.   monkeypants
41 42 Yeah, it kinda doesn't make sense, but it also kinda doesn't matter. If Jeter and Posada (and even Giambi) don't start hitting better, you can put A-Rod anywhere and there are still going to be some holes in the line-up.

It would be nice it they scored on something other than a solo HR.

2006-08-14 14:17:31
44.   Javi Javi
38 Great point on Giambi yesterday. I don't think I have ever seen him hit the ball to left field as much as he did yesterday. I think it is coincidence, as I don't think that Mattingly would start tinkering too much with his swing.
2006-08-14 14:33:29
45.   Ron Burgundy
Why Joe, Why? Why must you continue to piss me off? A-Rod has been MASHING for the past week+, so you move him down in the line-up. I loathe you Torre. But good call on switching Po and Cano, I'll give ya that. Why can't Joe and sports writers use facts? Is it that hard to just look at some numbers the interns and statisticians give them?
2006-08-14 15:00:12
46.   weeping for brunnhilde
31 I really don't want to get into this Arod business, but I do want to clarify the issue, because I think you make a straw man of those who would notice the irony of Arod getting that home run when he did.

No, it's not his fault that no one was on base before him, but I think the point is that it really seems as if the fact of no one being on base was a necessary condition for his hitting that homer.

In other words, there was minimal pressure.

That's why the situation just seems so ironic.

Throw all the numbers at me you like, whatever.

I'm just talking about perception.

And frankly, watching this guy at plate, my perception is that pressure gets to him

I could be dead wrong, fine, but I do watch games fairly closely when I do and I do believe I have a fairly keen eye for such things as a batter's comfort level, approach, and focus.

He seems to be a better hitter in low pressure situations.

Of course, it's possible he only seems that way because that's narrative and so I only notice what conforms to the narrative.

Entirely possible.

But it's also entirely possible that the guy just doesn't respond well to pressure, that he can't manage the adrenaline for some reason.

Is this fair?

2006-08-14 15:02:13
47.   Travis
35 I'm pretty sure Jeter was hurt in both the Seattle and Arizona series in 2001, but didn't want to come out of the lineup. Remember him falling into the stands in Game 5 against Oakland?

singled to right; broken bat; Chavez forced Jason Giambi
(first to shortstop); Long popped to shortstop in foul territory
[Chavez to second]; Jeter fell into the seats as he caught
the ball and Chavez was awarded 2B because Jeter carried the
ball out of play; Gant grounded out (third to first); 0 R, 1
H, 0 E, 1 LOB. Athletics 3, Yankees 5.

2006-08-14 15:15:18
48.   kylepetterson
I'm pretty sure my brain was hurt reading all of this.
2006-08-14 15:36:28
49.   randym77
YES says the reason Giambi's in the cleanup spot tonight is that he's got great numbers against Lackey.
2006-08-14 15:48:15
50.   Bama Yankee
46 I agree with you about the perception. It seems like he hits a crap-load (fancy BamaMetric stat term) of those so-called "meaningless" homers. My theory has less to do with pressure and more to do with the pitcher's approach to him in that situation. They seem to be more likely to go after him and challenge him in the zone rather than risk walking him and thus pitching to Giambi with a man on. I guess they just use the Jim Kaat theory of "we've got a big lead, here it is see if you can hit it".
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2006-08-14 15:52:37
51.   Bama Yankee
49 Hey Ron 45, maybe Joe really does use those "numbers the interns and statisticians give" him ;-)
2006-08-14 16:00:38
52.   RZG
46 So if he makes an out in that situation (2 outs in the 9th) it's expected but if he hits a homer as he did that's also expected?

Interesting logic you have there.

2006-08-14 16:03:42
53.   BklynBmr
Kay and Kitty are layin' into A-Rod pretty good on the pre-game...
2006-08-14 16:08:57
54.   BklynBmr
Good start, RJ! Keep that SOB off the bases tonight...
2006-08-14 16:09:15
55.   tocho
man, at this point I'm more afraid of Figgings than I am of Ortiz...
2006-08-14 16:10:32
56.   rbj
Jeez, even with the replay I'm not sure he got hit. Check the ball for shoe polish.
2006-08-14 16:10:34
57.   claybeez
53 What were they saying, more or less?
2006-08-14 16:11:23
58.   BklynBmr
Robbie, Robbie, Robbie...
2006-08-14 16:12:36
59.   BklynBmr
Jorgie, Jorgie, Jorgie...
2006-08-14 16:12:51
60.   tocho
58 with his bat, I don't mind these once in a while
2006-08-14 16:15:31
61.   rbj
Robbie makes an error. Posada makes an error. A-Rod bails them out with a strong throw.
2006-08-14 16:15:47
62.   kylepetterson
Becketttt is rocking it over in beantown.
2006-08-14 16:15:55
63.   weeping for brunnhilde
52 With all due respect, I don't think you understand what I'm saying.

And please, just cool it with the snide quips ("Interesting logic you have there.")

If you're really interested in understanding my point, let me know.

Or if you think my point is invalid, that's fine too.

But snide remarks that evidence no understanding of my point do neither of us any good.

2006-08-14 16:16:06
64.   singledd
ARod save a run with his arm...
2006-08-14 16:16:30
65.   Ron Burgundy
As I learn Giambi is batting #4 because he owns Lackey, I forgive Torre. Joseph, you have Papa Burgundy's blessing. Peace be with you.
2006-08-14 16:16:37
66.   randym77
57 That sometimes things come out of his mouth that are just the wrong thing to say. That it sounded like he's trying to make excuses. That his advisors should tell him how bad it sounds. That you shouldn't be using injuries as an excuse if you're not willing to say what the injuries were and how you got them. Etc.
2006-08-14 16:17:23
67.   sabernar
I wish I could filter out every comment with the word 'ARod' in it. I'm so sick of hearing about this crap.
2006-08-14 16:18:10
68.   BklynBmr
57 (Paraphrasing) Kitty was questioning the 'injury' reference, saying it looks weak.

Also A-Rod does not understand the impact of comments he makes to the press and how his 'handlers' should coach him better, to say things like "I wish I would have hit that HR eariler in the game with men on base".

I can't explain this, but it felt more like an 'agenda' piece than Monday morning quarterbacking of Alex's performance yesterday. Seemed like Kitty drew the short straw to be the bad guy tonight...

2006-08-14 16:18:24
69.   hensley
The Beckett we all know and love. But as for that second run, wow, Javvy Lopez is a terrible catcher. Are his dubious offensive skills even worth it?
2006-08-14 16:19:55
70.   singledd
Ryan Howard:
AVG .298 | HR 41 | RBI 106 | OBP .386 | SLG .631
Is this guy REALLY worth $355,000?
2006-08-14 16:21:21
71.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it. Jeter and Damon still struggling.
2006-08-14 16:22:26
72.   Ron Burgundy
Didn't Lackey get shelled in his last two starts? What the hell?
2006-08-14 16:23:09
73.   monkeypants
I can't follow every game closely where I live...but does it seem like weeks since some of the boys have gotten hits?
2006-08-14 16:23:21
74.   BklynBmr
60 Absolutely. He even just missed getting that DP in spite of the drop. If he didn't miss those 35 games, how many games do you think we'd be up by now?
2006-08-14 16:24:12
75.   claybeez
66 and 68 Thanks. No pre-game on the package.
2006-08-14 16:25:32
76.   Ron Burgundy
Screw you Juan Rivera. We could've used that three years ago.
2006-08-14 16:27:47
77.   BklynBmr
75 No prob... actually my bad, that was in the 'lead-in' to the broadcast, not the pre-game... I have the package, too. I only wish I could get the pre and post-game stuff...
2006-08-14 16:28:18
78.   tommyl
70 That's in reference to?

75 I saw it. My "guide" says coverage starts at 7:05, but if I turn to the channel at 7pm I get the opening comments. And those comments were retarded. First they complain A-Rod seems like he's just saying the right thing, what people want to hear, then they complain that he's not saying that. A-Rod is a person, he makes mistakes, says stupid things sometimes, get over it.

And that was one hell of a throw in the first. If this is the new, uninjured improved A-Rod, me likey.

2006-08-14 16:29:39
79.   BklynBmr
78 Well said...
2006-08-14 16:31:58
80.   pistolpete
Tigers up 3-0 in the first. ::snicker::
2006-08-14 16:32:40
81.   BklynBmr
BBTN Game Notepad: "Hmmm, that was not a 'perfect' throw by A-Rod. Wilson had to lean a little to the right to catch it..."
2006-08-14 16:33:25
82.   Ron Burgundy
80 They need 10 more runs. That Little League ballpark + Tigers closer Todd Jones = potential for anything and everything.
2006-08-14 16:34:35
83.   BklynBmr
Mr. Torre rocks...
2006-08-14 16:34:41
84.   Ron Burgundy
Another opposite field hit for Giambi. I Like.
2006-08-14 16:34:50
85.   tommyl
Let's see if this jinx thing works. Beckett still has a quality start going!

Giambi! Opposite field power?! Two nights in a row? Is this a new, improved Jason?

2006-08-14 16:35:32
86.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Giambi 11 for 21 vs Lackey now.
2006-08-14 16:35:39
87.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It. Bad Timing by A-Rod.
2006-08-14 16:35:49
88.   BklynBmr
Now this is the Giambi we saw in Oaktown: Denting walls from left to right... good sign.
2006-08-14 16:36:38
89.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-14 16:37:12
90.   BklynBmr
Jorgie is doooo. Doooo, I tell ya...
2006-08-14 16:37:56
91.   sabernar
Cano walked?!?!
2006-08-14 16:38:21
92.   tommyl
Well that was retarded.
2006-08-14 16:38:27
93.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Pedro meltdown in the first in Philly. 2 hb, 1 bb, 3 singles, a balk and 3 runs in and still only one out.
2006-08-14 16:38:38
94.   BklynBmr
Jason, Jaso.. ahh, screw it...
2006-08-14 16:38:46
95.   rbj
Man, Jason should only go base to base.
2006-08-14 16:38:47
96.   SF Yanks
2006-08-14 16:38:54
97.   Ron Burgundy
Terrific. Well, they're really NOT WIN.
2006-08-14 16:38:59
98.   randym77
WTF? Why did Giambi run through the stop sign? He's slower than molasses.
2006-08-14 16:39:24
99.   nick
Aw shit. Has Jason done that before this year? Guess he was due....Real bad time for it though.
2006-08-14 16:39:47
100.   tommyl
Guys, I know we haven't exactly been the best sacrifice fly team on earth, but stop at third.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-14 16:40:43
101.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Kudos to Giambi. He watches the games everyday. Did y'all really think we were gonna get a runner in from 3rd with less than 2 outs?
2006-08-14 16:40:53
102.   Mattpat11
Why did Fred Flintstone run through the stop sign?
2006-08-14 16:41:17
103.   Ron Burgundy
Way ta go.
2 On, 1 Out: No Runs.
2006-08-14 16:41:50
104.   tommyl
103 Worse, 2 on, 1 out and a basehit and we got no runs!
2006-08-14 16:41:57
105.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
2006-08-14 16:42:14
106.   nick
He could've at least hit that fat Molina with a shoulder....
2006-08-14 16:42:45
107.   Ron Burgundy
No seriously, when will this team wake up?
2006-08-14 16:42:59
108.   BklynBmr
101 Heh-heh. You're right. There's always the chance of the bad throw...
2006-08-14 16:44:08
109.   tommyl
If RJ stays settled in, I am chalking up those two bad starts to the 129 pitches the start before. The exact same thing happened to Schilling earlier in the year when Tito left him in. We all pointed it out at the time as stupid by Torre. The effects are always seen a couple of starts later. Let's hope that was the cause.
2006-08-14 16:44:17
110.   Mattpat11
107 Perhaps they all need secret injuries. It seems to be working with A-Rod.

Sort of.

2006-08-14 16:44:50
111.   LI yankee
Remember when a leadoff double almost always turned into a run? I miss those days...
2006-08-14 16:45:12
112.   randym77
Giambi has 999 career runs. Methinks he's a bit anxious to reach the looming milestone.

That was still idiotic. If he was fast, I could see trying for it. But he's not. He knows he's not. What a putz.

2006-08-14 16:45:48
113.   singledd
I don't want to jink things, but we usually know by the 2nd inning which RJ we have... and it looks like 'Good RJ' today. Let's hope...
2006-08-14 16:46:18
114.   tommyl
Uh oh, Figgins is up. I predict a 13 run HR.
2006-08-14 16:48:06
115.   Mattpat11
Part of the reason I can never be a baseball announcer. I cannot look at that name and say "Sean"

Its like a mental block I have on it.

2006-08-14 16:49:12
116.   LI yankee
Beckett now has a higher ERA than RJ
2006-08-14 16:50:30
117.   rbj
115 Yeah, I pronounce it chone, as in phone.
2006-08-14 16:52:05
118.   Ron Burgundy
116 But according to ESPN's Ace-O-Meter, Beckett is a Cy Young candidate, but Randy is having a bad, inconsistent year.
2006-08-14 16:52:58
119.   kylepetterson
118 RJ is having a bad, inconsistent year. So they at least have it half-right.
2006-08-14 16:53:02
120.   Marcus
115 It's funny that you type that as if it is intuitive to pronounce "Sean" as "Shawn". I always had trouble with that. And with Chone.
2006-08-14 16:53:45
121.   Mattpat11
118 Is he still a Cy Young candidate? I know he was JUSTLIKESCHILLING when they had the same ammount of wins
2006-08-14 16:54:37
122.   Ron Burgundy
SLG for Melky.
2006-08-14 16:54:40
123.   tommyl
Too bad Melky has no power
2006-08-14 16:54:42
124.   nick
MELKY! great AB...
2006-08-14 16:54:54
125.   BklynBmr
Oh, man. It looked for a second there Melky was gonna go Giambi on us...
2006-08-14 16:55:23
126.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Magglio sux.
2006-08-14 16:55:49
127.   BklynBmr
Oh no. Man on second. No outs. No, not again...
2006-08-14 16:56:16
128.   LI yankee
Dear Yankees,

Please bring Melky home.

The Bronx Banter

2006-08-14 16:56:47
129.   Ron Burgundy
Why is Ordonez batting in front of Guillen? Guillen has better everything. But I won't dare ask the masterful Tigers manager MR. Leyland.
2006-08-14 16:57:23
130.   rbj
The Angels are worried about one run in the third?!
2006-08-14 16:58:14
131.   BklynBmr
129 Hey, I'm having enough trouble managing the Yankees over here. That's Leyland's problem... ;-)
2006-08-14 16:59:21
132.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Tigers up 5-0.
2006-08-14 16:59:27
133.   sabernar
Sean Casey! Way to go!
2006-08-14 17:00:03
134.   rbj
Derek's in the black!
2006-08-14 17:00:15
135.   tommyl
That was hilarious. Jeter was about to head to the dugout. Wrong way Cap, run around those bases.
2006-08-14 17:00:17
136.   Ron Burgundy
A 2-Run HR for...EL CAPITÁN!
2006-08-14 17:00:18
137.   BklynBmr
Der-ek Je-ter!
2006-08-14 17:00:33
138.   randym77
Captain Clutch strikes again!
2006-08-14 17:01:13
139.   LI yankee
Slump? What slump?
2006-08-14 17:01:41
140.   singledd
Detroit uo 5-0 after 2-1/2
2006-08-14 17:02:28
141.   Ron Burgundy
Omar Infante really sucks.
2006-08-14 17:02:49
142.   LI yankee
140 Let's see now whether a team with an actual bullpen can hold it
2006-08-14 17:03:26
143.   BklynBmr
Unit pitch count: 40. 29 strikes...
2006-08-14 17:04:36
144.   yankee fan in Hollywood
A much needed HR !!!! Man was that beauuuutiful!!!!
2006-08-14 17:05:29
145.   tommyl
Beckett still in single digits!
2006-08-14 17:05:43
146.   Alvaro Espinoza
Yeesh, 2 hard hit balls...
2006-08-14 17:06:03
147.   Ron Burgundy
Wonderful play by Sir Jonnathan Damon.
2006-08-14 17:07:31
148.   sabernar
Extrapolated out to a full season of 600 AB, Melky has these approximate numbers:

.760+ OPS, 100 Runs, 30 doubles, 14 HR, 75 RBI, 70 BB, 70 K, 18 SB, 20 assists.

Not bad for a guy who just turned 22 last week.

2006-08-14 17:08:26
149.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Dear sweet baby Jesus, we thank you for our "El capitano" Derek Jeter. Thank you sweet baby Jesus, who can't even speak a word yet.
2006-08-14 17:08:53
150.   rbj
Congratulations Randy, #4500!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-14 17:10:21
151.   nick
pretty low pitch count for RH thus far...
2006-08-14 17:10:28
152.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Tim Salmon is still playing? That means that, with Garret Anderson, the Angels have 2 Bernies. No wonder their offense sux against every not the Yankees.
2006-08-14 17:12:17
153.   Ron Burgundy
Pedro has a 3.84 ERA in the NATIONAL LEAGUE!
2006-08-14 17:13:52
154.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Knockout punch by Arod!!!
2006-08-14 17:14:17
155.   Alvaro Espinoza
I guessed Wally Joyner as the answer to tonight's trivia question and I am WRONG.

Wimper, sniff...

2006-08-14 17:14:48
156.   singledd
Good AB by ARod
2006-08-14 17:15:18
157.   BklynBmr
155 I lost a 10-spot on Garret Anderson...
2006-08-14 17:15:30
158.   yankee fan in Hollywood
WTF!!! Cano actually drew a walk in his previous at bat. No way!!!!
2006-08-14 17:16:01
159.   BklynBmr
Yet another man on second with no outs...
2006-08-14 17:16:06
160.   nick
ooooh, let's please not make Jorge bunt.....
2006-08-14 17:16:26
161.   rbj
155 didn't Salmon come up like three - four years ago? Can't be 14 years.
2006-08-14 17:17:26
162.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Atleast Arod didn't slap the ball out of his glove!!! sorry coudn't resist.
2006-08-14 17:17:31
163.   Alvaro Espinoza
Phenomenal play by Cabrera.
2006-08-14 17:17:40
164.   BklynBmr
'Loping" into third was generous...
2006-08-14 17:18:12
165.   Ron Burgundy
Fuck the Angels. And with Cano and A-Rod on, the Yankees will do just that.
2006-08-14 17:20:11
166.   rbj
Shut up about ARod, Kay. I just spent a nice, relaxing week at the beach. I don't need to get back on the A-Rod thang. Besides, you aren't harshing on Giambi for waddling through the stop sign.
2006-08-14 17:20:34
167.   BklynBmr
Will someone let Wilson know it's OK to swing with two strikes...
2006-08-14 17:20:36
168.   nick
Missed the tag on A-Rod, not that it matters....I'm already seeing the ESPN replays in my nightmares.
2006-08-14 17:20:42
169.   yankee fan in Hollywood
You better believe those runs we could have scored are going to come back and bite us in the ass.
2006-08-14 17:21:02
170.   Ron Burgundy
That sucked. They just find new ways to strand runners and screw themselves. And Kay really needs to get fired.
2006-08-14 17:22:06
171.   monkeypants
Good heavens. This team produces some of the weirdest outs and blown inings.
2006-08-14 17:22:09
172.   yankee fan in Hollywood
What did Kay just say ???
2006-08-14 17:22:13
173.   Benjamin Kabak
This is when I just shake my head and wonder what is going through Alex's mind. Alas. He needs a clean slate. Maybe 07 will be better for him.
2006-08-14 17:22:46
174.   BklynBmr
RJ: 49 pitches coming into this inning...
2006-08-14 17:23:02
175.   Alvaro Espinoza
The 'loping' was just 1 of 3 transgressions on that play. His secondary lead off 2nd was for the birds and his inability to immediately read the ground ball (vs. line drive) was poor. He's a very average base runner no matter what Ken Singleton says.
2006-08-14 17:23:23
176.   yankee fan in Hollywood
I don't understand what Arod did wrong...even if he was hustling he still would have been out...Stop hating on Arod...that shit is getting old quick!
2006-08-14 17:23:27
177.   tommyl
They are still talking about A-Rod. We get it already guys. SHUT UP!!!
2006-08-14 17:23:37
178.   kylepetterson
169 After I went to Ecuador I had some runs that bit me in the ass.....
2006-08-14 17:25:09
179.   tommyl
Wow did Pedro have a bad night. 1 IP 4 H 6 ER. That's Kevin Brown type numbers there.
2006-08-14 17:25:45
180.   Ron Burgundy
179 That's why I mentioned his high ERA in the NL.
2006-08-14 17:26:08
181.   nick
Randy really has the slider tonight...
2006-08-14 17:26:11
182.   BklynBmr
Keep this up, Randy, and all is forgiven...
2006-08-14 17:27:19
183.   randym77
Eh. I think if A-Rod was hustling, they'd have gone to 1B instead of 3B.
2006-08-14 17:28:34
184.   monkeypants
183 My thinking too. But it was an odd looking play!
2006-08-14 17:30:00
185.   tocho
i hate figgings
2006-08-14 17:30:34
186.   BklynBmr
183 Agreed. Cabrera must have saw something before the catch/force, 'cause that's not a natural reflex to a play like that...
2006-08-14 17:31:38
187.   tocho
these innings must be hell for pitchers. you're rolling pretty well and all of a sudden you have to throw at least 25 pitches in one inning....
2006-08-14 17:33:56
188.   tocho
damn you figgins. this is ALL your fault, you and that stupid 8 pitch at-bat!!
2006-08-14 17:34:18
189.   BklynBmr
Nice recovery, Unit! Now let's get some insurance!
2006-08-14 17:37:26
190.   Alvaro Espinoza
Melky sure made that look easy.
2006-08-14 17:37:45
191.   rilkefan
Over at RLYW (I think) they were speculating about A-Rod's injury being groin-related and affecting his running - someone clocked his speed to first this year as slow for him. Might lead to loping.
2006-08-14 17:37:47
192.   yankee fan in Hollywood
how many of you wish we had figgin here in New York....he sure has a lot of heart and to alot of you that means more than pure talent.
2006-08-14 17:38:19
193.   Alvaro Espinoza
Boy, the Yanks really are tagging the ball tonight.
2006-08-14 17:39:13
194.   monkeypants
Yeah! Another sweet DP. So, 4-6-5 and 9-3. In a couple of innings we can have DPS with every position involved!

And a Jeter double to rub the salt in...

2006-08-14 17:39:18
195.   randym77
A-Rod said his mysterious injury was earlier this season, and affected his throwing. He says he's fine now.
2006-08-14 17:39:31
196.   Alvaro Espinoza
It would be nice to see Abreu work out a long AB here. Give Unit some rest.
2006-08-14 17:39:45
197.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Thank you sweet baby Jesus!
2006-08-14 17:39:51
198.   BklynBmr
Alright, the Cap is renewing his assault on the batting crown...
2006-08-14 17:40:40
199.   BklynBmr
C'mon, Bobby. What have you done for us lately?
2006-08-14 17:40:49
200.   tocho
192 thing is, he's only THIS good v. the yanks...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-14 17:40:54
201.   randym77
I wouldn't mind having a guy like Figgins. Heaven knows we could use some speed and defense.

I can't hate on guys just for playing well for a team that's not the Yankees.

2006-08-14 17:42:01
202.   Alvaro Espinoza
Appreciate your cooperation, Bobby!
2006-08-14 17:42:08
203.   yankee fan in Hollywood
noone can work a count from 0-2 to a full count like good old bobby abreu
2006-08-14 17:42:38
204.   tocho
201 of course I don't really hate him. I admire him, but I "hate" him... that makes sense, doesn't it.
2006-08-14 17:42:49
205.   yankee fan in Hollywood
C'mon Giambino!!!
2006-08-14 17:43:09
206.   marc
At least with 2 outs they can't get a triple play
2006-08-14 17:43:21
207.   yankee fan in Hollywood
who's your daddy baby!!!
2006-08-14 17:45:12
208.   monkeypants
...And the inevitable Sox comeback begins.
2006-08-14 17:46:34
209.   rilkefan
195 - the claim was that not being able to use his leg strength had led to bad mechanics on throwing. I dunno. Presumably he's better but maybe not really 100% or perhaps 100% confident of being fully healed.
2006-08-14 17:46:45
210.   tommyl
201 Um, his name is Melky?
2006-08-14 17:46:47
211.   yankee fan in Hollywood
208 Not gonna happen....
2006-08-14 17:48:14
212.   BklynBmr
208 I hope so. I'm pulling for the Yanks having the best record in the AL and that means as many Tigger losses as possible. We'll take care of the Red Sox, I'm not worried about that...
2006-08-14 17:48:28
213.   rilkefan
Saw Figgins on a list of the worst batters since the ASB. (Lowell too.)

And Loretta GIDP to end the RS threat.

2006-08-14 17:48:50
214.   Ron Burgundy
Always find a way to not score...
2006-08-14 17:49:23
215.   yankee fan in Hollywood
212 what a dumb thing to say...who cares about the best record in baseball...Don't you remember the Mariners a few yrs ago..???
2006-08-14 17:50:19
216.   marc
Spectacular DP A-Rod, not that it was anything but routine but at least I can watch ESPN tonight if I want
2006-08-14 17:50:56
217.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod, we could use a "meaningless" home-run here.
2006-08-14 17:51:02
218.   BklynBmr
215 Yeah, homefield does suck, what was I thinking...
2006-08-14 17:51:08
219.   randym77
210 Melky is not that fast.

And Melky can't play all the infield positions except pitcher and catcher, and all the outfield positions. Figgins plays them all pretty well, too. Imagine having that flexibility on the roster. Torre could carry 13 pitchers... ;-)

2006-08-14 17:51:49
220.   pistolpete
And Josh "Boom Boom" Beckett gives up another double off the Monster. :D
2006-08-14 17:53:51
221.   randym77
Well, I guess Jorgie's officially out of his slump.
2006-08-14 17:53:59
222.   marc
Jorge on fire relatively speaking
2006-08-14 17:54:33
223.   rbj
Ken & Kay, rather than talk about Marvin Miller, why not talk about a guy who put his career on the line -- Curt Flood.
Why, someone should write a book about it. . .
2006-08-14 17:55:34
224.   pistolpete
Ok everyone, hold your breath - 6th inning for Randy.
2006-08-14 17:56:10
225.   monkeypants
219 With Figgins and Cairo, Torre could rule the world.
2006-08-14 17:56:40
226.   tocho
215 harsh
2006-08-14 17:59:37
227.   BklynBmr
223 Heh-heh, yeah, someone with the gift of journalistic gab. You should broach the subject with our fearless leader, Alex... Hey, you never know...
2006-08-14 18:00:31
228.   randym77
224 IIRC...if RJ goes 7 innings, it will be the first time in two weeks one of our starters has lasted that long.
2006-08-14 18:02:30
229.   rsmith51
2006-08-14 18:02:58
230.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Mother-f*cken midget !!!!!
2006-08-14 18:03:22
231.   tocho
thank you chone. you're killing us
2006-08-14 18:03:45
232.   Ron Burgundy
Why won't Figgins just die? Why? I really hate that little bitch. He has an OPS below .700 and is a .260 hitter, yet he turns into Willie Mays/Ty Cobb against us.
2006-08-14 18:03:54
233.   Mattpat11
God damnit.
2006-08-14 18:03:59
234.   tommyl
2006-08-14 18:04:22
235.   pistolpete
Tie game. Lovely.
2006-08-14 18:04:29
236.   rbj
2006-08-14 18:04:34
237.   monkeypants
Sigh. It's
2006-08-14 18:05:21
238.   singledd
Youk goes yard. 5-3. Anyone know the pitch count on RJ?
2006-08-14 18:05:23
239.   rsmith51
Yankee killers


2006-08-14 18:05:25
240.   randym77
And Figgins scores from 1B.
2006-08-14 18:05:36
241.   tocho
yet another great outing by RJ goes to the toilet thanks to shitty situational hitting. really lackey had nothing tonight...

this sucks

2006-08-14 18:05:37
242.   yankee fan in Hollywood
With 2 outs already and 2 strikes on that freakin mini me midget...and now its a tied game...Why sweet baby jesus!!! why ????????
2006-08-14 18:05:46
243.   pistolpete
Further proof that no one's intimidated by Randy anymore: Kendrick's first game EVER against Johnson. 3-3.


2006-08-14 18:05:50
244.   Ron Burgundy
Well, Sawx are in the process of coming back and winning their game. We're in the process of blowind it against the Angels yet again. Right on Cue. I hate this shit.
2006-08-14 18:06:07
245.   pistolpete
And here come the Sawx: 5-3.
2006-08-14 18:06:14
246.   Alvaro Espinoza
No sliders here, Randy...
2006-08-14 18:06:37
247.   KBT
If Theo was smart, he'd get Tejada and Friggins on board in Boston. I'm not sure which one kills NY more.
2006-08-14 18:07:20
248.   randym77
Kay just said Randy's at 100 pitches.
2006-08-14 18:08:17
249.   Alvaro Espinoza
If Theo was smart he would have kept Cabrera.
2006-08-14 18:08:27
250.   pistolpete
248 Perfect - he's done. Get up Vilproctor.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-14 18:08:30
251.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Well, at least we'll still have the one game in the loss column on the Sawx after we're done blowing this one, and they're done with their patented Fenway comeback.
2006-08-14 18:08:49
252.   Ron Burgundy
239 Add Vernon Wells in there. And any scrappy little Oakland A's player. Also add Ichiro and Angel Berroa.
2006-08-14 18:09:55
253.   Alvaro Espinoza
1,2,3 this inning. I'm feeling very good about this!
2006-08-14 18:10:08
254.   tocho
244 OK, here's the deal: the Yanks will win tonight and the red sox will lose tonight. OK?

now, just enjoy how it all will unfold and cheer.

2006-08-14 18:11:32
255.   Ron Burgundy
254 I'm on board, but we just don't win games against the mighty .500 Angels. And I know the Tigers aren't for real, no way they win that game with Todd Jones as their closer.
2006-08-14 18:12:05
256.   randym77
The game is hardly out of reach yet!
2006-08-14 18:12:14
257.   marc
Looks like we may be headed for a tie with Boston tonight.
2006-08-14 18:12:22
258.   KBT
Paper Tigers.
2006-08-14 18:12:28
259.   Alvaro Espinoza
254 Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!!

And here come the Yanks...

2006-08-14 18:12:42
260.   rsmith51
249 Not with the contract that he got. Way overpaid especially with their farm system.
2006-08-14 18:13:17
261.   rbj
Good start Johnny.
2006-08-14 18:13:26
262.   Ron Burgundy
RUNS please!
2006-08-14 18:13:28
263.   KBT
Farny warming up.
2006-08-14 18:13:50
264.   rbj
Yes, Derek. Bunt for a hit.
2006-08-14 18:13:58
265.   Alvaro Espinoza
2006-08-14 18:14:01
266.   rsmith51
That is my kind of bunt, for a hit.
2006-08-14 18:14:10
267.   Mattpat11
Okay, good start.
2006-08-14 18:14:19
268.   Ron Burgundy
Nice to see El Capitan hitting again.
2006-08-14 18:14:22
269.   randym77
2006-08-14 18:15:05
270.   Mattpat11
Must we close up on Lackey's teeth?
2006-08-14 18:15:13
271.   seamus
I want to see Ortiz do that! :)

obviously, it doesn't mean anything that ortiz cannot do that. I just felt like being silly.

2006-08-14 18:15:21
272.   Alvaro Espinoza
260 I thought he was a casualty of the Renteria pursuit?
2006-08-14 18:15:25
273.   BklynBmr
239 Don't forget:

• Steve Phillips
• Baseball Tonight
• 98% of baseball writers
• FOX Sports (just because...)

2006-08-14 18:15:32
274.   marc
no stupid bunt now
2006-08-14 18:15:51
275.   Ron Burgundy
OK, Bobby must walk. Then Giambi must take one on the elbow pad. Then A-Rod must hit one into Monument Park.
2006-08-14 18:15:54
276.   Alvaro Espinoza
Anyone else hate the bunt here?
2006-08-14 18:16:17
277.   atc
What if I was to tell you, that JD would lead off with a single, DJ would follow with a bunt single, and Abreu will hit a 3 run bomb? Would that be something you might be interested in? Sorry, I'm watching Entourage on the other tv.
2006-08-14 18:16:26
278.   rsmith51
Stop trying to bunt, it would be 3-0 now.
2006-08-14 18:16:31
279.   yankee fan in Hollywood
I'm on board with Tocho 254...Let's go Yanks!!!!
2006-08-14 18:16:46
280.   tommyl
No no no no, why take the bat out of Giambi's hands?!
2006-08-14 18:16:58
281.   BklynBmr
Wow! Great AB by Bobby!
2006-08-14 18:17:09
282.   Ron Burgundy
Die Torre.
2006-08-14 18:17:11
283.   atc
or not
2006-08-14 18:17:18
284.   rsmith51
What a dumb idea!
2006-08-14 18:17:26
285.   nick
& of course they walk Giambi for A-Rod.....unbelievable--
2006-08-14 18:17:34
286.   Mattpat11
Oh jesus. They're walking Giambi. Here comes A-Rod

Did Kay just call him Pop Up A-Rod?

2006-08-14 18:17:36
287.   Ron Burgundy
Making a .300 AVG - .400 OBP hitter bunt. Genius.
2006-08-14 18:17:43
288.   tommyl
Ok A-Rod, lets gooooooo!
2006-08-14 18:17:52
289.   Travis
Please just hit a fly ball. That's all I ask.
2006-08-14 18:18:08
290.   BklynBmr
Fans chanting 'A-Rod'... I love it! Let's get it done, Alex....
2006-08-14 18:18:10
291.   Alvaro Espinoza
Can't believe Scioscia is leaving Lackey in.
2006-08-14 18:18:35
292.   eephus
I'm going to have a heart attack.
2006-08-14 18:18:36
293.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod, uhm, HIT please.

But if I know our fortunes and karma, A-Rod DPs or Ks here.

2006-08-14 18:18:58
294.   Mattpat11
"Waiting to explode" One way or another.
2006-08-14 18:19:08
295.   rsmith51
Dear Alex,

Please hit it to the outfield.

Yankee fans everywhere

2006-08-14 18:19:08
296.   marc
oy, strike one
2006-08-14 18:19:13
297.   claybeez
277 LOL
2006-08-14 18:19:34
298.   BklynBmr
Walk's as good as a hit...
2006-08-14 18:19:42
299.   Simone
You can do it, A-Rod!
2006-08-14 18:20:14
300.   Ron Burgundy
Oh boy...
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-14 18:20:14
301.   Alvaro Espinoza
You're may force us to put you in a time-out corner for negativity, Mr. Burgundy!
2006-08-14 18:20:16
302.   tommyl
2006-08-14 18:20:16
303.   Mattpat11
I'll take it.
2006-08-14 18:20:25
304.   rsmith51
Nice, Alex.

Still didn't like the bunt.

2006-08-14 18:20:33
305.   rbj
Yes, clutch SF by Alex, damn near GS.
2006-08-14 18:20:38
306.   BklynBmr
F•ckin A!, Alex! Good job!
2006-08-14 18:20:44
307.   randym77
Successful sac fly, but A-Rod was hoping for a homer.
2006-08-14 18:20:44
308.   Travis
Good enough.
2006-08-14 18:20:48
309.   KBT
Thank god.
2006-08-14 18:20:55
310.   Ron Burgundy
Honestly, are the boo-birds satisfied?
2006-08-14 18:21:20
311.   tommyl
Ok Robbie, its insurance time.

Say what you want, but A-Rod came through.

2006-08-14 18:21:21
312.   Simone
Finally, one of these guys hit a much needed sac fly. Good job, Alex.
2006-08-14 18:21:24
313.   marc
shit, a salami would have been party time
2006-08-14 18:21:33
314.   eephus
Phew! I'm not just quoting Airplane here - I really did quit smoking two days ago, realize now I should have waited til the season ended... where's that Nicorette...
2006-08-14 18:21:50
315.   Ron Burgundy
If that's ANY other hitter, that turns into a Grand Slam or Double. But A-Rod has the luck and karma of a thousand Hitlers.
2006-08-14 18:22:04
316.   Alvaro Espinoza
The boo-birds are holding out for a late-inning A-rod error to blow the game.
2006-08-14 18:23:10
317.   KBT
315 Don't go all Kay on us with the Nazi talk.
2006-08-14 18:23:20
318.   Ron Burgundy
On the other side, Robbie still turns into an automatic out w/RISP.

Bases loaded, one out, we get one run. And people don't understand why we can't beat the Angels.

2006-08-14 18:23:38
319.   tommyl
He's hitting to RF again. Just keep it up A-Rod. Man, that basepath: Damon, Jeter, Giambi with A-Rod at the plate. That's impressive talent out there.

And even when Cano makes it out he rips it.

2006-08-14 18:24:14
320.   seamus
318 that was a great swing by Robbie. Definitely cannot hold that against him.
2006-08-14 18:24:20
321.   marc
314 you can always smoke that lettuce leaf cigarettte during the game. then you can make a salad with what's left
2006-08-14 18:24:22
322.   KBT
Somehow I'm not feeling settled with Farnsworm in there.
2006-08-14 18:24:43
323.   Travis
If Guerrero makes contact here, the ball's going to go 500 feet.
2006-08-14 18:24:45
324.   randym77
And Lackey has a temper tantrum in the dugout. He should be happy to get out of it with only one run scored.
2006-08-14 18:25:18
325.   Ron Burgundy
320 I agree. 100% fair point there. Though that AVG in those spots keeps going down and down.
2006-08-14 18:25:26
326.   rsmith51
314 Good luck!
2006-08-14 18:26:19
327.   nick
ok, the fact that Vlad could golf a 100mph anklehigh--phew.
2006-08-14 18:26:38
328.   pistolpete
That's the kind of play that doesn't make BBTN, but it's still worthy of a highlight reel - nice job, Alex
2006-08-14 18:26:40
329.   Ron Burgundy
Vlad made contact, and it didn't go 500 feet as I expected.
2006-08-14 18:26:43
330.   Travis
2006-08-14 18:28:10
331.   eephus
321, 326 - ha, thanks. If I can make it through the Fenway series this weekend, I might actually have a chance...
2006-08-14 18:28:34
332.   pistolpete
Does Farnsworth HAVE to throw 100mph?

Maybe save a little, Kyle, pitch 2 days in a row? Hmmmm?

2006-08-14 18:28:43
333.   Alvaro Espinoza
Is it asking too much for Farnsy to dial up 100 at the letters?
2006-08-14 18:28:46
334.   randym77
318 The Yanks really are underachievers this year. BP calculates that they should have scored 45 more runs than they actually have, based on their offensive stats.
2006-08-14 18:29:03
335.   marc
I guess RJ's still looking for a win thanks to A-Rod
2006-08-14 18:29:43
336.   KBT
If Farny could learn to spot the heater, he wouldn't have to mess around with the slider. 100 mph..are you kidding me?
2006-08-14 18:30:12
337.   rbj
331 I'm buying a bottle of bourbon for this weekend. Dunno if one will be enough.
2006-08-14 18:31:13
338.   Travis
Yankee relievers always seem to be 1-2 in appearances this time of year. I'm not imagining that, right?
2006-08-14 18:31:23
339.   Alvaro Espinoza
337 Get 1 scotch and 1 beer to go with it.

(cue rim shot!)...

2006-08-14 18:31:27
340.   rbj
Dam. I hate rooting against a guy like Curtis Pride.
2006-08-14 18:32:20
341.   rbj
339 I've got the scotch and beer.
2006-08-14 18:32:38
342.   Ron Burgundy
338 No, you're not. Torre likes his bullpen.
2006-08-14 18:33:02
343.   KBT
340 Don't worry. He can't hear you.
2006-08-14 18:33:17
344.   pistolpete
Nice, Mo gets 7-8-9 next inning. Just make sure "Friggins" doesn't get up and we'll be okay. :)
2006-08-14 18:33:48
345.   pistolpete
343 Oh, you went there. :P
2006-08-14 18:33:49
346.   Alvaro Espinoza
341 Then you're good to go!
2006-08-14 18:34:19
347.   monkeypants
342 If Torre had Figgins, Cairo, and Proctor...he could rule the world.
2006-08-14 18:34:35
348.   seamus
see, I want Dotel back. But then, I appreciate the fact that they aren't pushing him back because I know that Torre will either use him all the time, or not at all. I think it may be smart for Dotel to prove himself before subjecting himself to the zero use policy or the overtime program.
2006-08-14 18:34:41
349.   KBT
Detroit threatening in the 8th.
2006-08-14 18:34:42
350.   rbj
346 And the thing is, I'll be drinking alone.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-14 18:35:14
351.   Travis
Is 1 run too much to ask from Posada-Wilson-Melky? Because the Yanks really could use the insurance.
2006-08-14 18:35:39
352.   BklynBmr
343 Cold. But good...
2006-08-14 18:36:02
353.   atc
hip, hip
2006-08-14 18:36:05
354.   monkeypants run.
2006-08-14 18:36:09
355.   randym77
Yup, Jorgie's slump is definitely over.
2006-08-14 18:36:12
356.   BklynBmr
Yeah, Jorgie is back!
2006-08-14 18:36:15
357.   rsmith51

Slump? What slump?

2006-08-14 18:36:18
358.   rbj
anyone checking out MNF? How's the new announcing crew (I don't give a rat's patooie about how teams perform in preseason.)
2006-08-14 18:36:27
359.   KBT
351 Apparently not..WOOOT!
2006-08-14 18:36:32
360.   Alvaro Espinoza
351 Why stop at 1?
2006-08-14 18:36:42
361.   Travis
There we go.
2006-08-14 18:37:12
362.   marc
That must have gone out fast, Sterling barely had time to yell high far gone
2006-08-14 18:37:35
363.   rsmith51
This bunting fetish has got to end.
2006-08-14 18:37:49
364.   randym77
351 Any other requests? :-D
2006-08-14 18:37:58
365.   Ron Burgundy
PoPo and Jeter ending their slumps. Pair that with SLG Melky and a red-hot Cano and A-Rod, and we have ourselves a nice little offense.
2006-08-14 18:38:07
366.   nick
ah! nice to see the Chone screw up...
2006-08-14 18:38:15
367.   Travis
364 Yeah, no more bunts for the rest of the game.
2006-08-14 18:39:10
368.   rbj
Heh heh, bad thinking by Chone.
And as good as jorge's been tonight, I would like to see him sit a couple games vs. the O's this week, so he'll be fresher for the weekend.
2006-08-14 18:39:14
369.   nick
of course this will only encourage the buntomania...[typed before Damon bunted first pitch foul]
2006-08-14 18:39:31
370.   pistolpete
Friggins hesitates and it costs him!

Meanwhile, the 'Bronx Bunters'? I like!

2006-08-14 18:39:36
371.   Travis
367 So much for that.
2006-08-14 18:39:39
372.   rsmith51
367 Don't think you're going to get your wish.
2006-08-14 18:39:53
373.   Ron Burgundy
Now Joe won't stop bunting...
2006-08-14 18:40:28
374.   Alvaro Espinoza
I hated the 1st bunt (Abreu) but this is a classic bunting situation.
2006-08-14 18:40:34
375.   rbj
2 run single for the Tigers, now 7-3.
2006-08-14 18:40:35
376.   atc
det up 4
2006-08-14 18:40:44
377.   monkeypants
367 Actually, this might be one of the few times I would play for one run. A three run lead with Mo is pretty good.

On the other hand, a six run lead hopefully means no Mo.

2006-08-14 18:41:06
378.   KBT
Seanez gives up a 2 run single, 7-3 Tigers.
2006-08-14 18:41:09
379.   Travis
2-run single; 7-3 Detroit.
2006-08-14 18:41:13
380.   pistolpete
I really don't get the bunt-hating. 2 men on, no outs - how is this a bad thing?
2006-08-14 18:41:26
381.   marc
this is going our way. 7-3 Tigers
2006-08-14 18:41:40
382.   tocho
7-3 detroit

4-2 yanks.

it is all unfolding....

2006-08-14 18:41:46
383.   BklynBmr
Sh*t. C'mon, Boston...
2006-08-14 18:42:26
384.   Ron Burgundy
This is turning out OK after all...
2006-08-14 18:42:34
385.   rsmith51
380 It is probably the best time to bunt. However, it may lead to less optimal bunting situations.
2006-08-14 18:42:49
386.   Travis
380 Because the Yankees really struggle getting that runner home from 3rd and Damonhas a pretty good OBP.
2006-08-14 18:42:56
387.   pistolpete
383 Huh?!
2006-08-14 18:43:00
388.   KBT
Hell, keep bunting. Wasn't everyone bitching about "homer ball" yesterday? I like a little small ball.
2006-08-14 18:43:07
389.   joe in boston
single up the middle, Tigers up 7-3. Off of Seeyalater-nez. Is there any better sight for Yankee fans then Terry Francoma walking out with that silly Red Sox Pajama shirt, calling for a reliever ?!?!? Gotta love the classy Pinstripes....Go Yanks !
2006-08-14 18:43:23
390.   rbj
383 There's September for Detroit to lose the best record. First thing is to sew up the division. Then worry about home field.
2006-08-14 18:43:25
391.   Alvaro Espinoza
2006-08-14 18:43:42
392.   Nick from Washington Heights
I prefer walks to bunts
2006-08-14 18:44:24
393.   pistolpete
385 Personally, I love a good bunt. One of the more exciting plays in the game if it's done right.

But Damon was only bluffing, relax all. ;-)

2006-08-14 18:44:26
394.   rsmith51
388 You will never hear me complain about "homer ball".
2006-08-14 18:44:27
395.   tocho
no mo tonight would be good, but i think he'll come in even with a 5 run lead... he's already warmed up.
2006-08-14 18:44:41
396.   KBT
389 "Red Sox Pajama shirt." Snorf
2006-08-14 18:44:59
397.   monkeypants
385 So true. Successful bunting today may only Torre the wrong ideas. It's like the occasional Bernie hit v. RHP.
2006-08-14 18:45:07
398.   Alvaro Espinoza
389 I get a very smug sense of satisfaction when Tito motions for the right hander and out comes... Julian Tavarez.


2006-08-14 18:45:16
399.   randym77
388 I agree. Flexibility is the key. If one thing's not working, try something else. The homer hacking wasn't working.
2006-08-14 18:45:36
400.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-14 18:45:43
401.   pistolpete
Well, time for our stellar performance with RISP to continue...

Jeter couldn't have given us a fly ball? Cripes.

2006-08-14 18:45:51
402.   joe in boston
389 Snorf ? huh ? You can buy that "shirt" for 8.99 on Ebay
2006-08-14 18:46:32
403.   KBT
394 Even Joe was complaining about "not chipping away" yesterday. I think all the bunting is punishment.
2006-08-14 18:46:41
404.   monkeypants
397 er.."only give Torre"
2006-08-14 18:47:04
405.   rsmith51
399 Get your hits, get your walks, generally it will work out if you have as good of hitters as the Yanks have.
2006-08-14 18:47:19
406.   Ron Burgundy
Romero has a 7.41 ERA. Rock Him.

I got's to go mis amigos. Adios.

For all of us here at the Channel 4 News Team,
I'm Ron Burgundy.
You Stay Classy, San Diego.

2006-08-14 18:47:28
407.   tocho
antother reliever for bosox, craig breslow. he must be one of the "prized" arms theo could not deal (together with delcarmen, hansen, lester, snyder, all future hof'ers).
2006-08-14 18:47:44
408.   BklynBmr
387 Last time I looked, we're not chasing Boston. We are behind the Tigers for home field in the AL post-season. The AL East is in our our hands now, no one else. We only have 3 left with Detroit. We can take care of business with Boston. I want to see Tiger losses pile up, regardless of who deals them. Think big, my friend!
2006-08-14 18:47:52
409.   KBT
402 Snorf = abrupt chuckle
2006-08-14 18:48:09
410.   pistolpete
2-3-4 this inning for the Sawx - c'mon, Tigers, weather the storm!
2006-08-14 18:48:17
411.   Bama Yankee
What's up guys, y'all keeping the toaster warm tonight with over 400 posts...
2006-08-14 18:49:11
412.   Nick from Washington Heights
408 I like your style. Go Boston! Play the spoiler role you were born to play!
2006-08-14 18:49:23
413.   pistolpete
411 Close games = more posts
2006-08-14 18:50:15
414.   monkeypants
Hypotheticals: 1] how big does the lead have to be for neither Mo or Proctor to come in the game? 2] How big of a lead for Veras to pitch?
2006-08-14 18:50:20
415.   rbj
408 I'm more worried about Beantown than the Motorcity. I predict Detroit will fold in the postseason -- this is way above what they've been doing the last few years.
2006-08-14 18:51:10
416.   marc
no better chance for a walk then Bobby A.
2006-08-14 18:51:14
417.   atc
You guys can't seriously be rooting for Boston.
2006-08-14 18:51:28
418.   LI yankee
408 You are very right, but i just cannot get myself to root for Boston
2006-08-14 18:51:46
419.   pistolpete
That settles it - I want an Abreu jersey. :-D
2006-08-14 18:51:53
420.   BklynBmr
Wasn't pretty, but great job, Bobby!
2006-08-14 18:52:35
421.   Travis
414 1. Very big. The Angels need to change pitchers again, giving that other pitcher time to warm up. 2. Veras pitched 1+ yesterday; I doubt Torre would go back to him.
2006-08-14 18:52:48
422.   Nick from Washington Heights
417 I'm not seriously rooting for Boston. That just doesn't happen, but still I appreciate BB's gesture.
2006-08-14 18:52:51
423.   joe in boston
409 Thanks - I wasn't sure if that was good or bad.... That shirt looks silly. I don't know how a Sawx fan could defend that.

411 413 I've noticed the same. Everything is heating up now - even the Toaster !

2006-08-14 18:52:53
424.   rbj
Not a save situation anymore. Who comes in?
2006-08-14 18:52:55
425.   pistolpete
Wow, what an arm. And it was right on the money, too!
2006-08-14 18:53:02
426.   LI yankee
Keep bringing in those runners on 3rd boys!
2006-08-14 18:54:02
427.   pistolpete
2 on for BoSox, Youk up with 1 out.
2006-08-14 18:54:33
428.   Nick from Washington Heights
if A-Rod hits a homer now, is it meaningless?
2006-08-14 18:55:45
429.   nick
"Rodriguez likely with confidence in this situation" (say the assholes for Fox Sports West)
2006-08-14 18:55:57
430.   pistolpete
428 Not if what Kay says is true about Farnsworth. If he works a 2nd inning, anything's possible.
2006-08-14 18:56:08
431.   rsmith51
428 Well, it doesn't increase their chances of winning by very much.
2006-08-14 18:56:11
432.   KBT
428 Does the pope wear a funny hat?
2006-08-14 18:56:49
433.   pistolpete
Youk singles: 7-4.
2006-08-14 18:56:50
434.   marc
Mo's gonna come in. Why screw around with someone else who may get in trouble when he's all warmed up and ready to go
2006-08-14 18:57:01
435.   Alvaro Espinoza
Somebody shoot the official scorer.
2006-08-14 18:57:02
436.   tocho
428 his HR's are always meaningless.
2006-08-14 18:57:11
437.   pistolpete
That was a SINGLE?!!!
2006-08-14 18:57:23
438.   monkeypants
421 Oops--I tuned out early yeserday, so I didn't know Veras pitched yesterday. OK, a Ponson-proof lead?
2006-08-14 18:57:26
439.   BklynBmr
Bwaahahahaha! A-Rod is reversing the curse! ;-)
2006-08-14 18:57:49
440.   atc
Zumaya has some Farnsworth in him, and that's not a compliment.
2006-08-14 18:58:26
441.   rsmith51
Mo, are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't we use Mo 2 innings this week?

2006-08-14 18:58:48
442.   Bama Yankee
428 & 432 If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it... does A-Rod get the blame for chopping it down?
2006-08-14 18:58:56
443.   yankz
Just got, this is more like it.
2006-08-14 18:58:59
444.   rbj
OK, aside from Giambi, did anyone hit the ball out of the infield that inning?
2006-08-14 18:59:07
445.   Travis
Manny is an idiot. He slowed up, then got thrown out at home down 7-4.
2006-08-14 18:59:09
446.   pistolpete
Nice, Manny out at home - 2 outs in the 8th. Willy Mo up with two on.
2006-08-14 18:59:13
447.   eephus
Honestly, forget Detroit and Boston for the moment -- right now, I just want to savor beating the Angels. Take your insipid monkey and go home to your fake-rock outfield fountains!

And rbj, by the way, good call on the booze for this weekend, in lieu of nicotine. I believe I have half a bottle of Jack left over from the last Sox series.

2006-08-14 18:59:16
448.   marc
Boston just had a run thrown out at the plate it sounds like
2006-08-14 18:59:52
449.   rbj
442 A-Rod will get blamed for global warming in that case.
2006-08-14 19:00:09
450.   Alvaro Espinoza
445 That's Manny being Manny.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-14 19:00:09
451.   Yu-Hsing Chen
glad to see a game where we are scoring late ;)
2006-08-14 19:00:21
452.   Travis
Inning over. Still 7-4.
2006-08-14 19:00:38
453.   marc
7-4 tigers after 8
2006-08-14 19:00:47
454.   nick
oh shit, Joe, why?
2006-08-14 19:01:16
455.   Nick from Washington Heights
447 Amen. I think I hate the Angels more than any other team (besides the Sox).
2006-08-14 19:01:32
456.   pistolpete
454 I don't mind it - gotta keep Mo fresh for that Fenway series.
2006-08-14 19:01:38
457.   Bama Yankee
449 and destroying the rain forests.
2006-08-14 19:01:43
458.   KBT
Forget booze, I'm gonna need bong hits to keep my ass from taking a bite outta my couch this weekend.
2006-08-14 19:02:13
459.   rsmith51
What are Joe's options? Terrible decision.
2006-08-14 19:02:44
460.   monkeypants
Maybe Torre doesn't need to go to Mo during the Baltimore series. Or, maybe this appearance adds to the burn-out just in time for the Boston series.
2006-08-14 19:02:46
461.   atc
455 totally agree
2006-08-14 19:03:49
462.   Travis
Mo was already warming at the start of the inning, Veras is probably unavailable, and Ponson probably needs a long time to get ready. I guess he could have used Proctor.
2006-08-14 19:04:15
463.   Nick from Washington Heights
I'm going to go on record and say that A-Rod would deserve to be booed if he destroyed the rain forests after chopping down a tree in a forest (without other people around to watch him do such an act).
2006-08-14 19:04:29
464.   joe in boston
458 Agreed, except that I'm heading to the Tampa area to visit the 'rents. Any idea if the games are on network TV? Anyone know if they're carried on AM radio down there ??

Thanks in advance...

2006-08-14 19:04:35
465.   tocho
amazing how arod couldn't get the triple play on that one....
2006-08-14 19:04:42
466.   monkeypants
459 You mean with a 12 or 13 man staff. No one else, obviously.
2006-08-14 19:05:41
467.   BklynBmr
Yeah, but that was an "off-balance" throw. A Red Sox thirdbaseman would not have been off balance...
2006-08-14 19:05:44
468.   marc
A-Rod very solid fielding tonight unless I'm forgetting something
2006-08-14 19:06:15
469.   atc
464 just subscribe to mlb audio
2006-08-14 19:06:19
470.   rbj
OK, Mo pitches one inning on Wed. That's it until the weekend -- he needs to be fresh but not too fresh. It's up to the hitters to get big enough leads.
2006-08-14 19:06:37
471.   Travis
464 The Friday day, Sunday night, and Monday day are on ESPN, the Saturday game is on FOX>
2006-08-14 19:06:44
472.   pistolpete
And Friggins to end it! Start spreading the news....
2006-08-14 19:06:53
473.   KBT
2006-08-14 19:08:14
474.   Nick from Washington Heights
nice victory! Go Tigres de Detroit!
2006-08-14 19:08:23
475.   rsmith51
I hope Todd Jones has his A game today.
2006-08-14 19:08:43
476.   BklynBmr
Sh*t, wasn't aware of the schedule. Thought we were done with these rat b@stards. Anyway, good win tonight! Time now for some Bird beatin'...
2006-08-14 19:09:04
477.   Travis
Ortiz due up 5th. Please don't let it get that far.
2006-08-14 19:09:30
478.   eephus
455, 461 Absolutely... I mean, I at least have some grudging respect for the Red Sox.

Man, that's sweet.

464 I'm SURE it'll be on the radio somewhere -- isn't Tampa half Yankees fans?

2006-08-14 19:10:37
479.   joe in boston
469 471 Thanks a million.

I'm leaving the wife and kids home and visiting my 75 year old parents "solo". Lots of reading, running, 4 pm dinners out at the Outback and Olive Garden, and then enjoying the games with my dad, old school style - lots of munchies and soda - just like when I was a kid !

BTW, man they cut out of the game quick on MLB TV huh ? They can't get out of there fast enough :>

2006-08-14 19:11:27
480.   Bama Yankee
Time to close it out Day-Twa...
2006-08-14 19:12:22
481.   BklynBmr
C'mon, Sawx. BBTN needs some love. Can I get a walk-off?
2006-08-14 19:13:20
482.   Travis
479 Yeah, they must really want to save the bandwidth. The only times they stay with a game a bit longer is if there's an immediate on-field interview.
2006-08-14 19:13:48
483.   Bama Yankee
479 Gotta go with the filet at the Outback...
Have a safe trip.
2006-08-14 19:13:50
484.   BklynBmr
Ahhh, Boston sucks...
2006-08-14 19:13:55
485.   Travis
Game over.
2006-08-14 19:14:49
486.   marc
we're two up on Boston. nice night
2006-08-14 19:14:52
487.   Nick from Washington Heights
fittingly Crisp ends it. Man, that guy sucks!
2006-08-14 19:14:52
488.   pistolpete
484 Can we get a decent lead over Boston first and THEN root for them to play 'spoiler'? Sheesh.
2006-08-14 19:14:56
489.   joe in boston
483 Thanks. Visiting my folks is not unlike when Jerry Seinfeld visited his parents....del Boca Vista !
2006-08-14 19:17:37
490.   randym77
I don't care about the wild card. We won't need it.
2006-08-14 19:24:41
491.   BklynBmr
488 Just depends where you set your sights. Yanks are in first place. We control our destiny with Boston, but not with Detroit. The decent lead you speak of is in our hands. For AL homefield, we have to depend on others, which is never a position you want to be in.

From here on out, a Yankee win and a Tiger loss is a good thing...

2006-08-14 19:32:09
492.   pistolpete
5 game series in the ultimate bandbox - I don't feel safe unless we're up by 7-8 going in there..
2006-08-14 19:33:14
493.   Yu-Hsing Chen
All is right in the world again ehe ;)
2006-08-14 19:33:56
494.   randym77
Well, Torre said he told Abreu to bunt (even though he hadn't bunted in eight years!) because Abreu hasn't been hitting that well lately. And he wanted to put some pressure on the Angels.
2006-08-14 19:39:37
495.   Yu-Hsing Chen
A tied game in the 7th with ur two RBI man comming up, bunting is not all that irrational in that situation IMHO.
2006-08-14 19:50:51
496.   randym77
Hey, it worked. Can't argue with that. ;-)

And I think it threw the Angels off their game. They started making all kinds of goofy errors.

2006-08-14 20:26:55
497.   Stormer Sports


My brother lived down there and got all the Yankee games on radio, and there are many bars who have the package and air the games. Find a decent bar and ask them. I know they're on. It's another reason the Tampa ownership hates us. I love ya George!

2006-08-14 20:28:33
498.   Stormer Sports

I'd almost rather not have homefield, and start Wang in the away game that would otherwise be played at home. At least he'll pitch well on the road.

2006-08-14 20:44:43
499.   monkeypants
498 Sometimes I'm a little slow, but was that sarcasm?

Wang's splits:

Home 9-2, 2.97 era
Away 4-3, 5.16 era

2006-08-14 20:54:46
500.   BklynBmr
498 Regardless of precedent, I'll take homefield eight days a week. I know the players always say it makes no difference, but that's horsesh*t, too. Who wouldn't want 50,000 sick maniacs on their side?

We have 9 games left with Boston. Recent history says that ends in a 5-4 split, you pick the team. We're 3 up in the loss column right now. Same old story — beat the bad teams, split or win with the good ones and we're in.

Detroit is catchable. I want homefield!

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-08-14 21:15:58
501.   monkeypants
500 "Regardless of precedent"..."recent history says"...


2006-08-14 21:21:19
502.   Peter
The Tigers are coming to the Bronx in 2 weeks. Let the Yanks take care of them then. For now, it's too early to feel comfortable with only a 2-game lead over Boston.
2006-08-14 21:31:16
503.   BklynBmr
501 "Regardless of precedent" — As in Yanks had homefield in 2004, you fill in the rest...

"recent history says" — Over the last 100 head to head meetings between the Yanks and Sox, it's damn close to a 50-50 split. Don't have the exact stat in front of me, but it's a coin flip.

2006-08-14 21:47:20
504.   BklynBmr
502 That's the point. Even if the Yanks sweep the Tigers, control of homefield is out of our reach unless Detroit losses begin to pile up beyond what damage we can do.

Again. We control the AL East, 2 games or whatever. If we don't beat up on Boston and the Baltimore's of this divison, we have no business being in the postseason anyway.

I'm guessing we'll hold our own within the AL East, but we will need help knocking Detroit out of the top spot.

2006-08-14 21:50:09
505.   monkeypants
503 I just thought it was interesting, methodologically, to both disregard precedent (history) and use it to make separate points in the same argument.
2006-08-14 22:01:42
506.   BklynBmr
505 Interesting observation. 'Precedent' addressed the perceived value of homefield advantage, which has nothing to do with the 2006 Red Sox. 'History' spoke to the probable outcome of a nine game head-to-head series with the Red Sox, which has everything to do with the 2006 Red Sox. Apples and oranges, I thought. But it's gettin' late, who knows ;-)
2006-08-15 05:03:06
507.   joe in boston
497 Thanks ! Will do

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