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2006-08-13 06:10
by Alex Belth

It is another absolutely gorgeous day here in New York as Chien-Ming Wang squares off against rookie sensation Jered Weaver this afternoon in the Bronx. Tyler Kepner has a profile on Wang this morning in the Times, while Rich Lederer has Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About J. Weaver (but were afraid to ask*). While it appears increasingly unlikely that Hideki Matsui or Gary Sheffield will return this season, today promises to give us an exciting pitching match-up. Both Cliff and I will be there.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-08-13 06:29:34
1.   joe in boston
Good stuff. I wish I could head out to Yankee games as often as you guys do. When my kids get older we can do some road trips. A good friend of mine always did the "down and back" from Boston-NY in his minivans when his kids were around 8 - 16 years old. He still might do them I think. Long day on the road, but always better after a Yankee win !

Here's a link about a mens' over 30 league up here in New England, it's written by a former student of mine. Some of you might find it interesting:

2006-08-13 07:00:33
2.   mikeplugh
I can't really say what the story is with Sheffield. He may be finished for the season, or finished with the Yankees. Who knows? The reports on him have been fairly vague.

I guarantee that Matsui will be back. He'll be on the playoff roster. The reasoning is, he seems to be fine. The tests on his hands show that it's completely healed. He hasn't been working his ass off for months to call it a day on the 2006 campaign. It wouldn't be fair to him, and frankly, the Yankees could use his bat. Every little bit helps. We haven't clinched anything yet.

Mainly, I think he's going to be back because of the hard work he's been doing though. He'll be cleared to swing a bat in a couple of weeks, and get himself back into the swing with a few DHs. He's a pro and he doesn't need a lengthy rehab assignment anyway. I think those things are highly overrated for batters. Pitchers need it more than hitters. Just my opinion.

2006-08-13 07:01:34
3.   randym77
Shawn Chacon's first start for the Pirates was vintage Chacon: always in and out of trouble, but he gave up only one run and came away with the win. His last start was terrible. Gave up 7 runs and was pulled after 1-2/3 innings.

Now he's missing his next start. Torn meniscus. He had fluid drained from knee. He thinks he'll need surgery on his knee in the off-season. He's already had surgery twice on that same knee. Kinda scary, for a guy who's only 28.

Though he's now the old man on the staff of his new club. What a change that must be, after being with the Yankees.

2006-08-13 07:55:07
4.   Ron Burgundy
3 Sorry about Chacon. :( Sad to see this happen to him after all he did for us last year.
2006-08-13 07:55:45
5.   monkeypants
2 Matsui may or may no be back, but why are so many convinced that he can help? Its already the middle of August and he cannot even hit from a tee. He hasn't swung a bat in months. If he came back today it would still take weeks for him to round into playing shape--can the team afford to play him into shape in a tight race? If not, do you gamble by placing him on the play-off roster even though he has not really played that much upon his return?

My worst fear, if the Yankkes make the play-offs, is that the roster is crippled by adding too many old and/or injured players, out of loyalty. Imagine going into the playoffs with Bernie, Cairo, Andy, Fasano, and hurt Matsui (and maybe Bubba if they go with a shorter staff)--yikes.

2006-08-13 08:00:43
6.   randym77
And here's the lineup Alex and Cliff will be seeing...

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi DH
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Craig Wilson 1B
Melky Cabrera LF

2006-08-13 08:17:56
7.   mehmattski
I know it messes up the whole LRLRLSLRS thing, but with Posada struggling, would it hurt to drop him in the lineup? It seems a waste of Cano's hot streak for him to follow a man who doesn't get on base all that much lately.
2006-08-13 08:24:15
8.   unpopster
7] of course the hot-hitting Cano inserted in behind Posada may just be the protection Jorge needs. He may see some more fastballs and maybe a meatball here or there. It might just be what the doctor ordered for Hip-Hip!
2006-08-13 08:26:35
9.   randym77
5 Torre says that if Matsui doesn't play in the regular season, he won't be on the post-season roster. He says that it wouldn't be fair to Matsui.
2006-08-13 08:28:12
10.   seamus
5 Try taking a step back. I don't know what Matsui's pre=spring training routine is but he always comes in on fire. He doesn't seem to require a lot of time seeing pitches before he starts hitting. So the only question is - does the rehab he is doing hamper on his preparations in a way that significantly varies from his pre-spring preparations? I'm not sure that it does. I don't think he really sees live pitching prior to the spring, and he is keeping up his fitness, strength, and hand/eye coordination. So I'm not sure why a veteran hitter like Matsui cannot come back and contribute even if it is just for a couple of weeks and the post-season.
2006-08-13 08:31:23
11.   seamus
9 you do have to see him in the regular season before you put him on the post-season roster I think.
2006-08-13 08:39:00
12.   seamus
7 we have too many players struggling right now. It would be a nice time for a lot of them to get hot (not just Cano and Abreu).
2006-08-13 08:39:46
13.   mehmattski
11 Well he has played in the regular season, so he's eligble for postseason rosters. All members of the 25 man roster plus any on the DL on August 1 are eligible for the postseason roster. If the postseason roster contains players on the DL, they can be replaced with players from the 40 man roster. That's the loophole that allowed Shane Spencer to be on the 1998 ALDS roster.
2006-08-13 08:42:35
14.   randym77
I'm torn when it comes to Matsui. If he's okay, how can you not want him in the lineup?

But with the injury he suffered, I have serious doubts about whether he'll be okay this season. As Peter Abraham points out, this isn't the kind of injury that hard work can overcome. Look at what happened with Derrek Lee. They thought he was okay to play. He wasn't, and he ended up back on the DL.

As for the rest...does anyone here seriously believe that Bernie Williams won't be on the playoff roster?

Cairo will be, too, I think, if he's healthy. (Whether he'll be healthy by then is another story.) Cairo's very solid on defense, and clutch enough on offense. Worth keeping on the roster, just in case.

Fasano...well, we do need a backup catcher. I'm starting to wish we'd kept Kelly Stinnett, but we didn't, so Fasano it is.

Dunno about Andy. Maybe if Cairo's still out. We won't need as many pitchers in the postseason. I hope.

Bubba...possibly. Last year, Torre put Womack on the post season roster, solely for use as a pinch-runner. Bubba can pinch-run and is a defensive upgrade, so could be worth the roster slot.

And who knows, maybe he'll find his stroke in Columbus, playing every day. He went 2 for 3 with walk last night. His average went up 100 points in one game. (Small sample size, I know, but it was amusing to watch his average go from the lowest in the lineup to the highest in one game.)

2006-08-13 08:44:45
15.   monkeypants
10 I see your point. I guess that I am concerned that coming back from a serious wrist injury is a little different from starting the season after the off-season. He may come back hot, but he may need a few games or a week seeing live pitching to get back into the grove. Where does he start for that week? DH? OF? If so, who sits? And will the team have the luxury of experimenting with those ABs?

I could be wrong, and I am probably over-worrying. I guess I have resigned myself to not have having Matsui of Sheffield back this year. So I tend to focus on how to build the best roster assuming they are not part of it.

Putting the cart before the horse--if they make the play-offs, does Torre have the balls to carry only Wilson as back-up C?

2006-08-13 08:54:57
16.   randym77
15 No way. Torre will want a backup catcher other than Wilson.

We really need a young catcher of the future. Jorgie's slumping...but is anyone surprised? He's usually dragging by this time of year. He needs more time off, but when the backup is Kelly Stinnett or Sal Fasano, he's not going to get it.

2006-08-13 08:56:19
17.   mehmattski
16 You know who would be a great replacement for Jorge Posada? Dioneer Navarro. Maybe we can finally call him up from the Clippers and get him in the game... oh, wait.
2006-08-13 09:24:21
18.   MattinglyHOF
If Sheff and Matsui do come back thats a loaded lineup.Fasano is the backup C Cairo is one INF Bernie is a PH Melky is a PR backup OF and Wilson is a 3rd C and ph 1b of.Phillips doesnt make it and neither does Green.
2006-08-13 09:27:55
19.   seamus
Weaver scares me today because we've never seen him and he is definitely good.
2006-08-13 09:30:27
20.   monkeypants
16 You're right, sadly. Hmmm, which is less valuable in the post season, back-up C or fifth starter?

19 Well, if they had never seen him and he was sucky, then you should really worry!

2006-08-13 09:30:52
21.   randym77
19 I was thinking that, too. Weaver the Younger is an URP.
2006-08-13 10:01:25
22.   Alex Belth
For what it is worth, Sheffield was taking grounders at first this morning. Larry Bowa was standing near second base and hitting one-hop funos to Sheff--must have been around fifty of them--so Sheff could work on scooping balls out of the dirt. Then Jeter and A Rod gave him throws too.

He's an athlete out there, that Sheff. Interesting to see him put the good foot forward...

Weaver is an extreme fly ball pitcher while Wang is an extreme ground ball pitcher. Should be good...

2006-08-13 10:10:11
23.   monkeypants
2006-08-13 10:10:37
24.   Bob Timmermann
If you folks think that it's just the Yankees that Figgins is a real pest against, well, I would have to say you're right.
2006-08-13 10:10:58
25.   randym77
I blame Michael Kay. All that blather about how great Wang is in the first inning jinxed him. :-P
2006-08-13 10:12:15
26.   Alvaro Espinoza
You ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY can NOT rule that a base hit. Disgraceful call.
2006-08-13 10:12:37
27.   KBT
Good god.
2006-08-13 10:12:54
28.   randym77
Alex, what are you doing here? Are you logging in from the Stadium?
2006-08-13 10:15:51
29.   randym77
ROFL! Posada caught that one in his mask.
2006-08-13 10:15:53
30.   Bob Timmermann
Posada tagged Kendrick with the ball in his mask.

That's not allowed.

2006-08-13 10:17:03
31.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
This is all my fault. Last week I was touting Wang as a Cy Young candidate, and Wang and Moose as the best 1-2 starting pitching combo in the AL.

Now look what's happened. Wanger's already had one poor performance, has started poorly in a 2nd, and Moose lost his start.

All my fault.

2006-08-13 10:20:30
32.   KBT
Ugh. I'm going back to bed.
2006-08-13 10:22:23
33.   claybeez
16 There are definitely some younger backup catchers out there. Closser of the Rockies comes to mind. There really is no place for him with Ianetta coming up possibly next year. Closser has been a bust offensively (supposedly his strong point) and is not great defensively. However he is young and maybe Tony Pena could help get him on track. And what about Chris Snyder of the D-Backs? He has lots of offensive upside. He's sitting behind Estrada with Montero, a top prospect, set to take over. I'd like to see
Cashman make a move like this taking advantage of a logjam to grab a young catcher with upside.
2006-08-13 10:22:23
34.   atc
If Michael Kay never spoke again, would anyone be upset? I can't believe I woke up for this.
2006-08-13 10:25:17
35.   Jeb
where is BamaYank today?
2006-08-13 10:25:26
36.   monkeypants
Not taking more advantage of Boston's slump v. Rays/Royals sure looks costly now.

OK, let's hope that DP wakes everyone up.

2006-08-13 10:25:29
37.   randym77
Well, that could have been a lot worse.
2006-08-13 10:26:07
38.   seamus
34 i have no problem with michael kay. From my experience, people complain about play by play callers no matter who they are.
2006-08-13 10:27:29
39.   KBT
I'm listening on MLB. Can anyone watching Wang tell what's up with him? He had trouble with control his last start. Is he leaving balls up again?
2006-08-13 10:29:34
40.   atc
38 Especially when our pitcher gives up 3 in the first
2006-08-13 10:30:10
41.   AbbyNormal821
39 I'm wondering if the shouder problem of last year is starting to rear itself again.
2006-08-13 10:31:58
42.   randym77
39 Yes, he's leaving them up. Belt-high.
2006-08-13 10:31:58
43.   Alvaro Espinoza
39 Looks ok. All ground balls w/ exception of Figgins HR.
2006-08-13 10:32:14
44.   atc
39 Other than the homer, he just some bad luck with grounders. One was a perfectly placed ball thru the vacant right side, one was a "jeter single" up the middle, and one was a swinging bunt that Wang mishandled.
2006-08-13 10:33:01
45.   Alvaro Espinoza
Heh, 2 different people, 2 different answers.
2006-08-13 10:33:27
46.   mehmattski
I recently finished Baseball By the Numbers, and in the chapter on defensive metrics, the author jokes that his daughter thought that Jeter's first name was Pastadiving, as in "Ground ball up the middle... base hit Pastadiving Jeter."
2006-08-13 10:35:35
47.   atc
46 That's hilarious!
2006-08-13 10:37:04
48.   randym77
46 ROFL! Oh, man. That's harsh. Funny, though.
2006-08-13 10:37:24
49.   claybeez
46 Man, that's funny.
2006-08-13 10:39:08
50.   KBT
Sterling prematurely called Arod out on strikes. Then he struckout. DAMN YOU, STERLING!
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2006-08-13 10:39:34
51.   Alvaro Espinoza
Groan... not going to spend another beautiful day inside.

Enjoy, gentlemen!..

2006-08-13 10:40:18
52.   Bob Timmermann
It could have been worse for Wang in the first if the umpire had seen Posada catch a throw with his mask and then enforced this rule:
7.05 All runners are entitled to ...
(d) Two bases, if a fielder deliberately touches a thrown ball with his cap, mask or any part of his uniform detached from its proper place on his person. The ball is in play;
2006-08-13 10:42:09
53.   mehmattski
52 They're more like guidelines, than actual rules...
2006-08-13 10:43:21
54.   randym77
Well, Wang settled down nicely there.
2006-08-13 10:43:45
55.   mehmattski
That's better.

Okay offense, pretend this is Jeff.

2006-08-13 10:49:58
56.   KBT
At least Weaver's pitch count is climbing.
2006-08-13 10:50:54
57.   Bob Timmermann

I've actually seen a game end on a "catching the ball in the mask" call. I felt like such a hero for being the only person who knew what was going.

It would have been more impressive if the game hadn't been ending at 12:45 am.

2006-08-13 10:51:42
58.   mehmattski
Well, at least it wasn't a GIDP.

Come on, Robbie.

2006-08-13 10:52:04
59.   edd
"Infield single to third." Did Giambi finally drag a bunt against the shift?
2006-08-13 10:53:42
60.   monkeypants
And on that, good day.
2006-08-13 10:54:02
61.   mehmattski
59 It was a nubber off the end of the bat, ended up even with the bag about 20 feet to the right of third. Kind of an excuse me swing with the count 3-2, might have been called a strike.
2006-08-13 10:55:55
62.   mehmattski
57 That'd be frustrating as a fan of the losing team, I'd imagine. Two bases is pretty severe, don't you think? I remember the Yankees-Mets game that ended with a David Cone balk, and I was pretty pissed about that. Balks, other than obvious ones like the guy who fell over in his windup, always baffle me.
2006-08-13 11:11:29
63.   Ravenscar
Speaking as someone who started Weaver on my fantasy team today, I'd like to say that pitch to Giambi was a strike.
2006-08-13 11:12:25
64.   randym77
Two bases seems awfully harsh to me, too.

And was it really intentional? Did Jorgie really use his mask to trap the ball, or did it just end up in there accidentally?

In any case, he deserves an Academy Award for that bluff. :)

2006-08-13 11:14:36
65.   mehmattski
2006-08-13 11:16:22
66.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Working the count to get Weaver out of the game early is great -- he's already well over 60 pitches and isn't even thru 3 innings yet -- except it just means that Shields will shut us down for 3 innings instead of 1 or 2.
2006-08-13 11:18:54
67.   seamus
If you were to look at the line for Wang and Weaver you'd think that Wang pitched a lot of innings, but he hasn't. In fact, Wang has only thrown 44 to Weaver's 70 pitches. Really incredible.
2006-08-13 11:19:17
68.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
O's up 1-0, and Lester's already thrown 22 pitches to get 1 out.
2006-08-13 11:21:57
69.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
O's suck.
2006-08-13 11:26:15
70.   C2Coke
I came back late, from what I see, Wang has settled down after a rough first inning? And Our Yanks have not figure out a way to hit Weaver but are working the counts?
2006-08-13 11:29:25
71.   randym77
70 That about sums it up.
2006-08-13 11:32:04
72.   Zack
Does today count as a triple whammy, and thereby exclude any shot of winning: The Angles, who we suck against; An unfamiliar Rookie Pitcher, who we all know we can't hit no matter who; A really good URP facing a team in an extended batting slump who has been playing bad ball of late.

Clearly, we stand no chance...

2006-08-13 11:33:53
73.   Zack
And don't worry, despite having men on first and third with one out and one in, the O's don't score again, whereas the Sox already have the bases loaded with one out against "walk the house" Cabrera. Man, funny how fast things can turn. By the Fenway series, we will be lucky not to be BEHIND the Sox...
2006-08-13 11:35:57
74.   atc
The Orioles suck
2006-08-13 11:37:05
75.   atc
mehmattski, is "pastadiving" becoming Arod's first name as well?
2006-08-13 11:37:21
76.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
O's suck.
2006-08-13 11:38:33
77.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
After today, I believe, the Sawx will be 11-1 against the O's this season. There record against Baltimore and the NL is the only thing keeping them above .500. Against the rest of the AL they're something like 5 games under.
2006-08-13 11:43:49
78.   randym77
Holy guacamole. I think Luke Hudson (of KC) wins the "worst first inning" award:

IP: 1/3
8 hits, 11 runs, 3 walks, 1 grand slam

2006-08-13 11:44:05
79.   BayRidger
At least the luster is off Lester.

(I couldn't help it, I write headlines for the NY Post as my day job)

2006-08-13 11:45:47
80.   atc
79 for the sports section?
2006-08-13 11:51:30
81.   randym77
Yeah, Craig! Great pick to end the last inning, now a homer.
2006-08-13 11:51:49
82.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Homer by Cliff's buddy "Chris" Wilson.
2006-08-13 11:52:27
83.   atc
O's tie it at 4
2006-08-13 11:53:00
84.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Don't worry, the O's will still find a way to suck.
2006-08-13 12:02:09
85.   atc
this game is boring
2006-08-13 12:03:59
86.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
You know, what I hate most about the Angels? -- their manager.

Don't you get the feeling that when he tunes into Sunday baseball Scioscia nods along with Joe Morgan?

His ideal player seems to be a slick fielder with speed who hits about .300, slugs about .300, and walks less than 10 times a year -- because you need that aggressive attitude at the plate man. And don't forget some feistiness. You need those intangibles man. Gotta have them.

And yet, these guys beat us like a rented mule.

We hatessssss them.

2006-08-13 12:06:10
87.   randym77
Slick fielding and speed sure seem to work for them. Maybe we oughta try it sometime. :-P
2006-08-13 12:06:30
88.   atc
Losing to them bothers me more than losing to the Mets, and almost as much as losing to the Red Sox.
2006-08-13 12:07:55
89.   randym77
Villone coming in with the bases loaded.
2006-08-13 12:12:49
90.   pistolpete
Nice job, Ronny!
2006-08-13 12:13:29
91.   randym77
Villone's a stud.

Good thing he has a rubber arm, because I have a feeling Joe's going to be going to him a lot.

2006-08-13 12:16:19
92.   BklynBmr
Alright, Cap! Let's get it going, Yanks...
2006-08-13 12:18:38
93.   pistolpete
Wow, short inning. ;P
2006-08-13 12:19:10
94.   BklynBmr
Frustrating. Just frustrating...
2006-08-13 12:19:12
95.   randym77
And the boos rain down on A-Rod. Again.
2006-08-13 12:24:03
96.   seamus
amazing that Weaver threw 70 pitches int he first 3 innings, then 35 in the next 3. We started swinging earlier in counts and Weaver did improve his control some. Both Abreu and Arod came out swinging there which was annoying. We didn't execute when we needed to today.
2006-08-13 12:29:16
97.   BklynBmr
Nice work, Villone!
2006-08-13 12:34:37
98.   pistolpete
Bases juiced, no outs in the 4th for the BoSox.

Say hello to a 1-game lead, folks. :P

2006-08-13 12:34:58
99.   Ron Burgundy
Wow, 1-Game lead here we come! Exciting!
(I hate the Angels and Orioles)
2006-08-13 13:14:24
100.   KBT
This sucks. I'm feeling very anti-scioscia.
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2006-08-13 13:15:23
101.   randym77
Gotta give Jorgie credit. He's really gunning them down this year.
2006-08-13 13:20:01
102.   KBT
99 Have faith, it's only a 1 run lead!

Pfft, sorry, I really did try to say that with a straight face.

2006-08-13 13:22:09
103.   randym77
Where's Ortiz today?
2006-08-13 13:22:15
104.   KBT
And the blOw's go down in order. Baltimore is the shiz.
2006-08-13 13:23:02
105.   Zack
What a crappy, yet totally predictable Sunday. The Angels really aren't very good, yet the dominate us. But this goes back further than this series, we haven't been playing very good ball for the past two series...Even the O's series we didn't play great
2006-08-13 13:24:50
106.   KBT
Ha! Classic Arod!
2006-08-13 13:25:11
107.   Bob Timmermann
Russ Ortiz is pitching!

But I think people were wondering about a different Ortiz.

2006-08-13 13:25:33
108.   BklynBmr
Uh-oh, a Yankeeography in the makin'...
2006-08-13 13:25:40
109.   seamus
We have not played well since we DFAd Crosby! Is it possible that that move shook up the clubhouse? We've played even worse since we got Robbie back. We finally have a quality lineup and now we are stinking up the joint.
2006-08-13 13:30:11
110.   BklynBmr
109 Someone pointed that out last week — 'The Curse of Bub-beno'...

What a lousy game. Bats gotta explode tomorrow night...

2006-08-13 13:30:38
111.   randym77
109 It's the Curse of the Bubbino, I tell you. ;-)

Seriously, I've noticed the same thing. We all thought we'd get better, instead we got worse. Maybe it's just karma. We were all so ecstatic over the trades and the new and improved lineup. Fate was setting us up.

Or maybe there's something to be said for having a scrappy, gritty lineup that manufactures runs, instead of waiting for homers. Lately, most of our runs have been scored on homers.

2006-08-13 13:33:29
112.   KBT
2 on, no outs for Boston. Sweet.

~channel surfs for cheerleading competition~

2006-08-13 13:36:14
113.   randym77
Well, I guess they don't need Big Papi. They have Youk. :-P
2006-08-13 13:36:28
114.   BklynBmr
111 It seems we were the ones scapping for runs, moving baserunners, hitting and running, etc. After the trades and a nice little stretch of winning baseball, everyone was on Cloud 9. Seems like a long time ago, huh?

10-6 Sox. The Baltimore Orioles should be disbanded and their players dispersed thoughtout the minors.

2006-08-13 13:40:26
115.   LI yankee
Or maybe we just hit a little skid. 2 weeks ago it seemed like we would never lose again the way we were playing. Now it seems like we're doomed.

It's funny how since when Jeter started slumping, the whole team goes into a funk. Maybe seeing him getting base hits like a machine inspires the team. Can you say MVP?

Anyways if we win tomorrow, we'll be 3-4 against Chicago and LA this past week. That's not horrible against the defending champs and a team that seemingly owns us. It is also not as bad as going 1-5 against Tampa Bay and KC...

2006-08-13 13:50:33
116.   randym77
114 Exactly. We were the ones scrapping for runs. Mostly successfully. We were scoring a lot, but not hitting a lot of homers.

Now it's happy homer hacking.

2006-08-13 13:53:03
117.   seamus
115 If it is a little skid, we cannot afford to stay in it for much longer. Not with Boston coming this weekend.
2006-08-13 13:55:17
118.   randym77
Joe just said, "We didn't chip away. We hit home runs." He didn't seem happy about it.
2006-08-13 14:33:54
119.   BklynBmr
Tieing run at the plate in Fenway? Bags loaded, 1 out...
2006-08-13 14:35:18
120.   BklynBmr
Cora boots a sure game-ending DP. Now 11-8, bags still loaded...
2006-08-13 14:38:17
121.   Bama Yankee
35 I'm running late today, Jeb... If you're still around, what's up?
2006-08-13 14:39:48
122.   BklynBmr
Markakis goes down swinging on 3-2 after a tough AB. 2 down...
2006-08-13 14:42:04
123.   BklynBmr
Roberts walks. 11-9...
2006-08-13 14:46:04
124.   randym77
Holy crap. The Orioles are putting up a fight, at least.
2006-08-13 14:49:21
125.   BklynBmr
Mora grounds sharply to Lowell, game over...
2006-08-13 14:50:21
126.   BklynBmr
A lotta pitches for Paplebon over the last two days. He was all over the place today...
2006-08-13 14:51:35
127.   Bama Yankee
I thought sharp hits to third always made it to left field... you mean you can catch those?
2006-08-13 14:57:04
128.   BklynBmr
127 Sometimes they end up in right field...
2006-08-13 15:00:43
129.   Bama Yankee
128 LOL Bklyn... Sad, but true...
2006-08-13 15:05:54
130.   randym77
LOL! You guys are bad.

I wonder if the long season is catching up to Wang. As Alex or Cliff (can't remember which) pointed out, Wang's in uncharted territory here. He's never pitched so many innings in a season.

2006-08-13 15:14:45
131.   Bama Yankee
130 Could be. Maybe he needs an extra day of rest or two (maybe even skip a start if possible) to help him get back on track. Problem is that with the 5 game series with Boston coming up it's not going to happen anytime soon.
2006-08-13 16:13:24
132.   JohnnyC
If we hadn't skipped Lidle, Wang (and everyone else) would already have had an extra day of rest leading up to the Fenway series. But, Mr. Torre had other considerations. So, instead of Lidle starting the all-important opening game of the series, he'll start the all-important closing game on Monday. We'll see by that Monday night whether skipping Lidle last Tuesday was worth it.

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