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Los Angelinos
2006-08-11 14:10
by Cliff Corcoran

Like the rest of their division, the Angels are average. They're in the middle of the pack in hitting and pitching, barely over .500, yet just 3.5 games behind the first place A's, but also just 2.5 games ahead of the last-place M's. Ho hum.

If there's anything compelling about this Angels team, which is enduring Vlad Guerrero's least productive season since he was a 21-year-old rookie with the Expos in 1997, it's the glimpses into their future this season has brought. Jered Weaver, Howie Kendrick, Kendry Moralis, Mike Napoli and tonight's starter Joe Saunders have all made their major league debuts this season, though with varying success.

As for Saunders, he's made three starts since being called up to replaced the injured Bartolo Colon in the rotation, each of them nearly identical to the next. Here's his average line: 7 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 0 HR, 3 BB, 5 K. He did something like that against Cleveland, Oakland and Texas in his first three starts, winning each. Tonight, however, will be his first major league road start. It will be interesting to see how the 25-year-old lefty from Falls Church, Virgina responds to his first appearance in Yankee Stadium.

Cory Lidle, meanwhile, will be making just his second start as a Yankee, both coming in home pinstripes. In his last, eight days ago, he held the Blue Jays to one run on a solo homer by rookie Ryan Roberts, allowing just three other hits, walking two and striking out five in six innings on a brutally hot afternoon (the box score temperature was 97 degrees and you know it was well into triple digits on the field). With the weather having cooled nicely (beautifully, in fact, current temp is 77 with a soft breeze), the hope is that Lidle can go deeper tonight. After all, it only took him 80 pitches to get through those six innings last week.

Los Angeles de Los Angeles de Anaheim

2006 Record: 59-56 (.513)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 59-56 (.516)

Manager: Mike Scioscia
General Manager: Bill Stoneman

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Angel Stadium (96/96)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • Howie Kendrick replaced Casey Kotchman (DL)
  • Curtis Pride replaced Darin Erstad (DL) on the roster, while Maicer Izturis replaces Erstad in the line-up by way of Chone Figgins moving to center
  • Michael Napoli replaced Jeff Mathis (minors)
  • Jered Weaver replaced Jeff Weaver
  • Joe Sauders replaced Bartolo Colon (DL)
  • Kevin Gregg replaced Esteban Yan
  • Chris Bootcheck replaced Edgardo Alfonzo

Current Roster

1B – Casey Kotchman (L)
2B – Adam Kennedy (L)
SS – Orlando Cabrera (R)
3B – Maicer Izturis (S)
C – Jose Molina (R)
RF – Vladimir Guerrero (R)
CF – Chone Figgins (S)
LF – Garret Anderson (L)
DH – Juan Rivera (R)


R – Tim Salmon (OF)
R – Robb Quinlan (IF)
L – Curtis Pride (OF)
R – Michael Napoli (C)


R – Jered Weaver
R – John Lackey
R – Ervin Santana
L – Joe Saunders
R – Kelvim Escobar


R – Francisco Rodriguez
R – Scot Shields
L – J.C. Romero
R - Brendan Donnelly
R – Hector Carrasco
R – Kevin Gregg
R – Chris Bootcheck

DL: R – Bartolo Colon, L – Darin Erstad (OF), L – Casey Kotchman (1B), L – Dallas McPherson (3B)

Typical Lineup

S – Chone Figgins (CF)
S – Maicer Izturis (3B)
R – Orlando Cabrera (SS)
R – Vladimir Guerrero (RF)
R – Juan Rivera (DH)
L – Garret Anderson (LF)
R – Howie Kendrick (1B)
L – Adam Kennedy (2B)
R – Jose Molina (C)

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2006-08-11 14:41:14
1.   randym77
The lineup:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi DH
Craig Wilson 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Sal Fasano C
Nick Green 2B

2006-08-11 14:43:05
2.   randym77
And here's the Halos...

Chone Figgins CF
Maicer Izturis 3B
Orlando Cabrera SS
Vladimir Guerrero RF
Garret Anderson DH
Juan Rivera LF
Adam Kennedy 2B
Robb Quinlan 1B
Mike Napoli C

2006-08-11 14:43:21
3.   Bob Timmermann
Go figure, there's a neighborhood in L.A. called "Angelino Heights", but the preferred spelling for residents of the city is "Angeleno".
2006-08-11 14:43:35
4.   tommyl
Why is Robbie sitting?
2006-08-11 14:49:59
5.   seamus
please tell me that Robbie is ok? And why does Joe have to sit Robbie in the same game he sits Jorgie?
2006-08-11 14:52:08
6.   randym77
I assume they just want to rest Robbie, since he's fresh off the DL.

I assume they picked tonight because there's a southpaw on the mound.

2006-08-11 14:56:25
7.   RZG
Nitpicking only, Saunders started 2 games for the Angels last year.
2006-08-11 14:56:45
8.   underdog
As a Dodger fan, I'll kindly ask you to join us (or at least, me) in refraining from using the misaligned geography attached to the Angels, forced upon us by Arte Moreno. They are the LA Angels as much as it is the San Francisco Athletics or Connecticut Yankees (in King Arthur's Court). Also, feel free to beat them senseless.
2006-08-11 15:01:40
9.   skybluestoday
It takes a LOT longer to get from LA proper to Anaheim most days than it does to get from SF to Oakland. So the sparkly new Angels name is definitely a sore point, and a misnomer to boot. They are Deep in the Heart of Orange County.
2006-08-11 15:14:11
10.   kylepetterson
9 That's why they're the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim". They're a Los Angeles team that is being forced to play in Anaheim. It's not their fault, but it does help them score with the ladies.
Even though I've only been there once, I sometimes refer to myself as "Los Angeles Kyle of Phoenix"
2006-08-11 15:26:47
11.   Bob Timmermann
San Francisco to Oakland and Downtown L.A. to Anaheim take about the same time during rush hours.

I have no idea how long it would take to go from Midtown Manhattan to East Rutherford to go watch the New York football teams.

2006-08-11 15:32:28
12.   underdog
The New York Jets of New Jersey has kind of a musical ring to it, or is that amusing ring to it, though...
2006-08-11 15:38:47
13.   randym77
According to Peter Abraham:

>> Jorge Posada is out of the lineup to get a little rest. The trainers also suggested that Robinson Cano get a little break to make sure his hamstring is OK. . . . Hideki Matsui's next examination is not until Monday. There had been reports it would be today but something literally got lost in translation. . . . Gary Sheffield was on the field before the game and took some throws at first base. Interesting. <<

2006-08-11 15:45:05
14.   kylepetterson
12 I think this is a great way to get all teams a big market. "The Las Vegas Royals of Kansas City"
2006-08-11 16:04:34
15.   Ron Burgundy
Well, let's hope Lidle has a good one and the offense does it's thang. Let's Go Yankees.
2006-08-11 16:07:21
16.   seamus
umm, why isn't the game on?
2006-08-11 16:08:21
17.   seamus
16 nevermind. just came on.
2006-08-11 16:08:23
18.   Ron Burgundy
16 It's on MY9 tonite.
2006-08-11 16:08:29
19.   SF Yanks
I have a good feelin' about tonight.
2006-08-11 16:08:45
20.   randym77
It's on WWOR (Channel 9) tonight.
2006-08-11 16:09:03
21.   seamus
18 noone told MLB tv apparently until 30 seconds ago. thanks.
2006-08-11 16:16:23
22.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Jete batting .411 vs lefties.

In other news Tubby Wells got out of the 1st at the Fens without giving up a run.

2006-08-11 16:19:43
23.   Ron Burgundy
Damn, Jeter must've gotten hurt worse than he revealed when More fell on him. His average has been dropping like a rock this past week. Love the start by Lidle so far though.
2006-08-11 16:23:48
24.   Ron Burgundy
Facing-New-Rookie-Pitcher Syndrome again.
2006-08-11 16:26:07
25.   randym77
Kay just said that A-Rod is worst on the team and second to worse in the entire league at driving a runner in from 3B with less than two outs.
2006-08-11 16:26:47
26.   brockdc
Is there anyone with E.I. getting a crappy, pixilated feed from FSN? I would say it's my dish's fault, but I can get all the other E.I. games fine right now. Red Sox game comes in crystal clear, for example.


2006-08-11 16:27:33
27.   seamus
25 I believe that. ARod is clearly struggling this year. I just hope he finds a way out of his funk.
2006-08-11 16:28:43
28.   Ron Burgundy
25 OUCH. And that's the easiest situation to hit in that I can imagine if I am A-Rod and can hit for contact and am as strong as he is. I mean, just get a semi-deep fly-ball or hit the ball to the right side and you got an RBI. He seriously needs to just fire and get rid of his life coaches and shrinks and everything. Seriously.
2006-08-11 16:29:56
29.   Ron Burgundy
Garret Anderson?! The charred remains of Garret Anderson? He is the Angels' Bernie Williams. Damn that's embarassing.
2006-08-11 16:32:05
30.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
29 Yep, Garret .732 ops Anderson.
2006-08-11 16:33:16
31.   JeremyM
I would really to take this series from the Angels as I hate these guys, but my gut says it won't happen. Hope my gut is wrong!
2006-08-11 16:33:39
32.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Meanwhile Loewen hits Lowell on an 0-2 count to load the bases in Beantown.
2006-08-11 16:34:38
33.   Ron Burgundy
30 At least now we know what it feels like for other teams when Bernie Williams hits a home-run off one of their pitchers.
2006-08-11 16:37:05
34.   JeremyM
Hmm, Loewen, the guy who threw the gem against New York? Weird....
2006-08-11 16:37:11
35.   Ron Burgundy
I hate Adam Loewen. He 1-hits us but needs 37 pitches to get through 1 inning and 1 ER against Bahston. Asshole.
2006-08-11 16:42:04
36.   SF Yanks
The URP begins
2006-08-11 16:42:53
37.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hmmm, rookie pitcher we've never seen, with added bonus that he actually has some talent, what's the over/under for our first hit?

I'm gonna go with the 5th based on our performance so far.

2006-08-11 16:43:02
38.   seamus
36 to be fair, this guy has been good against everybody. Of course, that means he'll pitch a no hitter tonight...
2006-08-11 16:43:47
39.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Dammit, Millar still playing for the Sawx or what? Gdip with runner on 3rd and 1 out. Cowboy this beyatch.
2006-08-11 16:43:59
40.   singledd
We are swinging early in the count. I never like it when we do that. Giambi first pitch swing.

Its time to move Jason to cleanup, and ARod to 5th.

2006-08-11 16:44:59
41.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
39 Forgot to add that it was on the first pitch too.
2006-08-11 16:46:10
42.   Ron Burgundy
38 He's only pitched 21 innings so far.

I also hate Chone Figgins.

2006-08-11 16:49:57
43.   randym77
Well, this is getting ugly. :-P
2006-08-11 16:51:26
44.   Ron Burgundy
Oh boy. I think the two games we wasted in Chicago are gonna hurt us tonight.

See, this is why I hate the Angels. Because some .700 OPS douche like a Garret Anderson, or Adam Kennedy, or Maicer Izturis will always kill us. Guys with OPS like those aren't supposed to kill us. If it was Vlad, whatever, but it's some of the worst players in the league.

2006-08-11 16:52:34
45.   singledd
I need a gallon of ice cream
2006-08-11 16:57:32
46.   Ron Burgundy
45 I need a shotgun...
2006-08-11 16:58:34
47.   Marcus
45 & 46 No, you guys just need Sal Fasano! Don't blink, you might miss his at-bat.
2006-08-11 17:00:23
48.   randym77
Are there any Sal's Pals at the Stadium tonight? Some of them made the pilgrimage the last time he started.
2006-08-11 17:00:38
49.   Ron Burgundy
47 Darn, I missed it...
2006-08-11 17:03:06
50.   Ron Burgundy
They'll murderize him second time around the order, right? Right? RIGHT?!
Oh damn, I do NOT want a repeat of Saturday.
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2006-08-11 17:03:12
51.   mikeplugh
This kid looks really good. Prospects seem slim for a victory at this point, but it's early and we're at the Stadium.

I can't understand why the Angels aren't in 1st in that weak division with the young pitching and semi-effective offense.

2006-08-11 17:03:52
52.   singledd
My eyes are bad. How many hits do we have so far?
2006-08-11 17:05:20
53.   singledd
Who's coming in after Lidle hits 100 pitches?
2006-08-11 17:06:16
54.   Ron Burgundy
52 0


There, that should jinx him.

2006-08-11 17:07:06
55.   mikeplugh
Lidle is pitching like a pu$$y today. Just throw it in the strikezone, Cory.
2006-08-11 17:08:24
56.   Ron Burgundy
53 Who cares. Apparently, the amazing Adam Loewen has now put our offense in a week-long slump. HRs are literally the only way we've been able to score runs for the past week. How many non-HR runs did we even score so far from Saturday to today? It can't be more than 3 or 4.
2006-08-11 17:10:34
57.   mikeplugh
Manny Ramirez is single-handedly trying to get a game back on the Yanks today.
2006-08-11 17:10:43
58.   singledd
It Sir Toad. Meanwhile Skinny David Wells is shutting out the O's.
2006-08-11 17:11:32
59.   JeremyM
54 Not a perfect-o, he hit Damon. BUT HE IS THROWING A NO-NO!
2006-08-11 17:12:17
60.   randym77
Nice DP. Wilson's very solid at 1B so far.
2006-08-11 17:12:45
61.   Ron Burgundy
I really wish our DP combo could turn a DP for once. Every night on BBTN I see every single infield on every single team other than ours turn some great double-plays. We have trouble with a basic-simple Double Play. Jeez.
2006-08-11 17:14:29
62.   Ron Burgundy
FIAP filled with gasoline and then DIAF when I throw a lit match in it Adam Loewen.
2006-08-11 17:15:55
63.   mikeplugh
4-0 Boston.
2006-08-11 17:16:54
64.   singledd
Sox up 4-0 and rallying. Loewen out after 3 innings. Looks like the start of a long weekend.
2006-08-11 17:18:10
65.   kylepetterson
I'm not sure that Boston beating up on the O's is anything to worry about.
2006-08-11 17:18:49
66.   kylepetterson
Those of you actually watching this game, is this kid good or are we stinking up the place?
2006-08-11 17:19:56
67.   mikeplugh
Is Giambi growing a mustache?!
2006-08-11 17:20:08
68.   Eirias
65 Just curious, but how can the Sox be up 4-0 AND be rallying?
2006-08-11 17:20:27
69.   Eirias
64, rather.
2006-08-11 17:20:29
70.   mikeplugh
The kid is very good, and we're off.
2006-08-11 17:21:10
71.   kylepetterson
BTW, I heard that the rally monkey is the one that brought AIDS to the US from Africa....
2006-08-11 17:21:19
72.   Ron Burgundy
This is what happens when you WASTE two games you 100% should've won in Chicago and start a series VS. the Angels with a 3 Geme lead instead of a 5 Game lead.

70 We've been off for a week. Well, a rookie lefty put us in a slump, another one will pull us out.

2006-08-11 17:21:36
73.   Ron Burgundy
71 Probably true.
2006-08-11 17:21:57
74.   kylepetterson
68 That just goes to show you how good Ortiz is.
2006-08-11 17:22:43
75.   mikeplugh
Giambi has a Mattingly-stache.
2006-08-11 17:22:52
76.   Ron Burgundy
There Ya Go! Graci Signor Giambi!
2006-08-11 17:23:54
77.   Ron Burgundy
Well, Sawx have their game in the bag. I truly HATE Adam Loewen. I hate him with all the fury and hate of demons of hell.
2006-08-11 17:23:59
78.   mikeplugh
Boston 8-0.
2006-08-11 17:24:27
79.   TEX
The anaheim color guy is the worst announcer i have ever heard. seriously, extra innings is killing me. i can't believe this guy is PAID to talk.
2006-08-11 17:24:56
80.   mikeplugh
Did the Goodyear Blimp crash on the mound at the Stadium? OH, THE HUMANITY!!!!!!
2006-08-11 17:26:12
81.   Marcus
Am I the only one who thinks if A-Rod grew a mustache, people wouldn't be as hard on him? A big bushy one. I, for one, am in the pro-A-Rod-needs-a-mustache camp.

And in walks Sidney Ponson. Goodnight everyone!

2006-08-11 17:26:22
82.   TEX
Down 3-1 in the 5th and towelie is in? Kiss this one goodbye. Shame...
2006-08-11 17:27:24
83.   mikeplugh
A-Rod should slash the left side of his face with a knife and get a 5 inch long scar. That would be cool....
2006-08-11 17:28:12
84.   mikeplugh
83 Maybe a neck tattoo of a skull too.
2006-08-11 17:29:29
85.   Ron Burgundy
So, uhm, WHY did Joe just concede the game down 3-1 in the FIFTH inning?!
2006-08-11 17:30:11
86.   kylepetterson
84 How about the Christmas Tree haircut from Major League?
2006-08-11 17:30:37
87.   kylepetterson
Izturis looks really excited in gameday.
2006-08-11 17:30:41
88.   JeremyM
I guess Torre doesn't care for Lidle? He skipped his turn and now this. Unless he's hurt.
2006-08-11 17:31:01
89.   mikeplugh
Off the Yankees topic for a second, I just scanned some random stats and see that 4 of the top 6 2Bs hitters in the Majors are Texas Rangers. That stadium really is a hitter's park, huh?
2006-08-11 17:31:22
90.   Ron Burgundy
87 Looks like he just got blown...
2006-08-11 17:31:23
91.   randym77
Oh, gawd. It's the Yankees comedy hour.
2006-08-11 17:32:28
92.   TEX
Two crappy hits off the sinewy body of the pillsbury D'oh-boy. CRAP.
2006-08-11 17:32:33
93.   Ron Burgundy
91 You mean Comedy WEEK, right? Kidding aside, this is very troubling.
2006-08-11 17:32:42
94.   mikeplugh
86 That's a good one. How about a rolled up pack of cigarettes in his uniform sleeve, like Schneider in One Day at a Time?
2006-08-11 17:33:23
95.   singledd
Correct me if I'm wrong, but our PB threw 11 innings in Chicago. We can't afford to totally burn the pen in this game. This, after all, is why Ponson is still on the team.
2006-08-11 17:33:41
96.   mikeplugh
Game over. See you everyone.
2006-08-11 17:34:30
97.   kylepetterson
94 3 or 4 personal cheerleaders standing just off of the field. Full cheerleader uniforms with "A-ROD!" of the front. I'd vote for him.
2006-08-11 17:34:54
98.   kylepetterson
97 on the front.
2006-08-11 17:35:07
99.   randym77
88 I think he sees a chance to win the game, and didn't want to leave Lidle in. His pitch count is already at 80 or thereabouts. Torre has said that he needs to use the entire bullpen, not just the guys he trusts. At least for this tough stretch.
2006-08-11 17:35:40
100.   JeremyM
Does anyone know why Lidle was pulled?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-11 17:35:50
101.   Ron Burgundy
Unless Lidle was injured, Joe gets this loss.
He gave up on the game (Not like what stupid FANS like me do, when we SAY something like "screw this") and took out Lidle at 79 pitches down 3-1 into the 5th inning. Pure idiocy, unless Lidle is injured.

And now this game really is pretty much done. (Unless Lidle is injured) Screw you Joe, and a big Screw YOU to the offense for a week of horrible baseball.

2006-08-11 17:36:28
102.   Benjamin Kabak
99 Using Ponson and those two statements don't make sense.

The reply on 9 certainly made it clear that A-Rod didn't get his body in front of that ball. Oh well.

2006-08-11 17:37:05
103.   singledd
Sal Zappa up this inning. We're gonna score big.
2006-08-11 17:37:28
104.   Marcus
99 But why take Lidle after only 80 pitches? He wasn't pitching that bad.

Of course, he wasn't pitching that good either. But Sidney Pontoon?

2006-08-11 17:38:01
105.   kylepetterson
103 Holy crap! I knew he looked like someone, I just couldn't place it.
2006-08-11 17:39:13
106.   kylepetterson
Sal looks about 65 in gameday.
2006-08-11 17:39:40
107.   randym77
102 Well, who else is there? This is a brutal stretch. No days off for three weeks. And too many starting pitchers who can't be relied on to go deep. Torre's either got to use pitchers like Ponson or cut them and find someone else.
2006-08-11 17:41:12
108.   kylepetterson
107 I like that option.
2006-08-11 17:44:22
109.   seamus
well, let Ponson go as long as he can and rest our pen. Assuming we continue to first pitch swing and let this guy go deep into the game, we're going to lose anyway. I'm very disappointed in how this game has progressed.
2006-08-11 17:47:44
110.   Ron Burgundy
Over/Under 5 pitches next inning for Saunders bottom of the 6th.
I say even, just because Abreu's at-bats take forever.
2006-08-11 17:51:33
111.   kylepetterson
Do you think that if next inning, they have a meeting on the mound, and A-Rod decks Ponson, that people will start cheering for him again? He would be my hero.
2006-08-11 17:52:17
112.   marc
Yanks got 4 more innings and are down 4. It won't be easy but they are certainly capable of getting 4 more runs than the LAAof A. In other words way too early to give up on the game esp with them playing in NY
2006-08-11 17:53:07
113.   singledd
At least with Pontoon, 1/2 the grounders hit him and stay on the infield. He actually hasn't been that bad.
2006-08-11 17:54:19
114.   kylepetterson
who's hurt?
2006-08-11 17:54:49
115.   randym77
Jeez. The Jets and Giants are both losing, too.

At least the Columbus Clippers are winning. Though this year, never underestimate their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Hmm. The other manager was just ejected. And Carlos Pena struck out, stranding Bubba Crosby on 2B.

2006-08-11 17:55:26
116.   randym77
114 Saunders. He seems to be okay, though.
2006-08-11 17:55:47
117.   marc
111 I don't think A-Rod has to worry about hurting his hand with the Pollsbury dough boy
2006-08-11 17:56:21
118.   SF Yanks
Pontoon, Fasano, and David Wells should form their own floppy crew.
2006-08-11 17:56:24
119.   kylepetterson
I think Jack Bauer becomes a free agent this winter. If so, we should sign him.
2006-08-11 17:56:41
120.   Ron Burgundy
Bunting Bobby? Bunting?
2006-08-11 17:57:17
121.   randym77
All right, Bobby. Rally time!
2006-08-11 17:57:26
122.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod: BREATHE. Relax. Get on Base.
2006-08-11 17:59:20
123.   randym77
Holy guacamole. Figgins robs A-Rod. Probably a WebGem.
2006-08-11 17:59:22
124.   SF Yanks
A break would be nice.
2006-08-11 17:59:28
125.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It!
2006-08-11 18:00:09
126.   singledd
ARod has more tough luck
2006-08-11 18:00:44
127.   Ron Burgundy
Fuck You Figgins.
2006-08-11 18:01:09
128.   SF Yanks
2006-08-11 18:01:48
129.   Ron Burgundy
2 on, no outs, A-Rod and Giambi up. We get on runs and three outs.
2006-08-11 18:01:50
130.   marc
what a game changing play with Figgins. shit
2006-08-11 18:02:48
131.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Crap. And tomorrow's game is on Fox, so you know we're losing that one.
2006-08-11 18:03:15
132.   Ron Burgundy
You know, for all the slack A-Rod takes for not getting it done, Giambi is even worse. Other than those (admittedly, some of them were big) solo home-runs, he's as bad as A-Rod in these spots. Last night and tonight great examples.
2006-08-11 18:03:35
133.   SF Yanks
129 What if it were Papi and Manny up?
2006-08-11 18:06:11
134.   Ron Burgundy
131 And the Red Sawx are gonna play the Orioles while we play our kryptonite. The trend keeps on going. Other than 2003, the Angels always win the season (...and postseason...) series against us. With tonite's game about 99% lost, we're 1-3 against them so far this year. I LOATHE THE ANGELS.
2006-08-11 18:06:32
135.   SF Yanks
Didn't Figgins just bat?
2006-08-11 18:06:58
136.   randym77
132 Giambi's got the only RBI for the Yanks tonight.
2006-08-11 18:07:23
137.   Ron Burgundy
133 Good question. But I think they manage to at least move the runners over. Our offense makes sure no runner advances a base.
2006-08-11 18:09:16
138.   Ron Burgundy
136 All one of them...
I'm not knocking him badly. Just that he's had a lot of these bad at-bats, as has A-Rod. We need those two to consistently produce. And they can't do that. Consistency is the key with them. They give us a game or two where they hit then go to sleep for a couple of games, then back on. It's rather frustrating.
2006-08-11 18:09:24
139.   marc
has Fasano iever thrown anyone out?
2006-08-11 18:12:04
140.   Ron Burgundy
With Saunders not losing a bit and Shields and K-Rod in the Angels bullpen, this is pretty much done, UNLESS we score some runs in the bottom of the 7th.
2006-08-11 18:12:16
141.   marc
Ok, now we got 3 innings to score 5 more runs than them. I offically proclaim it's improbable.
2006-08-11 18:12:38
142.   SF Yanks
137 I'll answer it. Papi hits a 3 run homer. Manny walks and continues to walk to each base putting a Manny at each base. He then comes up to bat and hits a grand slManny with the bags full of Mannies. They score 7 runs in two at bats.
2006-08-11 18:13:21
143.   Ron Burgundy
141 If we do, does the Improbability Drive reach full improbability? I hope so, maybe I'll improbably end up in Hawaii.
2006-08-11 18:18:34
144.   randym77
So, Fasano can't throw anyone out. And he's batting worse than Stinnett.

Why did we get him again?

2006-08-11 18:19:17
145.   GoingDeep
Pinch hit?
2006-08-11 18:19:20
146.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
1st and 2nd no outs. Not Posada and Not Cano coming up.

I predict no runs and some combo of a dp and k. Damon doesn't even get to bat.

2006-08-11 18:20:09
147.   JeremyM
What the hell? Fasano bats? Stick Wilson at catcher if you want Po to have the full night off.
2006-08-11 18:20:11
148.   SF Yanks
Come through Sally
2006-08-11 18:20:47
149.   Marcus
144 He's got a mustache.
2006-08-11 18:21:09
150.   SF Yanks
There our break... take advantage
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2006-08-11 18:22:27
151.   TEX
2006-08-11 18:22:41
152.   SF Yanks
Look at that!
2006-08-11 18:22:49
153.   randym77
I guess that's why we got him. ;-)

But he should have been out. They missed a very catchable pop up.

Maybe this will be a turning point...

2006-08-11 18:23:02
154.   JeremyM
Wow, my apologies...Nice!
2006-08-11 18:23:22
155.   Ron Burgundy
Maximum Improbabilty getting closer...
2006-08-11 18:24:32
156.   marc
141 better make sure you got sunscreen and a goofy colorful shirt around
2006-08-11 18:24:43
157.   Marcus
Can we get a Cano PH please?
2006-08-11 18:25:41
158.   Marcus
The way Torre made out the lineup and how he is choosing to manage this game suggests to me he just doesn't give a sh*t about this particular game.
2006-08-11 18:26:21
159.   Ron Burgundy
158 Kinda the way he manages post-season games...he's in October form already...
2006-08-11 18:27:02
160.   Travis
WTF? Why bunt?
2006-08-11 18:27:32
161.   singledd
JE-SUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-08-11 18:27:49
162.   JeremyM
Bunting?!?! Down by 3??
2006-08-11 18:28:29
163.   JeremyM
Torre, you didn't have to give them a free out just because they gave Fasano an extra chance.
2006-08-11 18:28:59
164.   nick
in the words of the immortal Earl Weaver, "you can take the sacrifice bunt and stick it up your ass..."
2006-08-11 18:29:11
165.   Travis
He wasn't surprising them with the bunt ... he squared around on the first pitch too.
2006-08-11 18:29:19
166.   Ron Burgundy
If we lose, This is a TORRE LOSS for two reasons:
1)Taking Lidle out after 4 IP, 3 IP. WTF? That made NO SENSE!
2)Bottom of the 7th, enough said.
2006-08-11 18:29:31
167.   randym77
Well, that was ugly.

But let Robby rest. We'll need him down the stretch.

Besides, as Yu-Hsing has pointed out, Robby hits great with bags empty, but not so good with RISP. He's kind of like the anti-Cairo.

In fact, Nick Green and Robby Cano have almost identical BAs with RISP.

2006-08-11 18:29:41
168.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Eff Shields.

Every Yankee has a tattoo that says Shields beyotch.

Here's a look at how he's shut us down:

2004 -- 2-0, 0.00 era, 4g, 8.1 ip, 5h 2bb 7k, 1.61 bavg
2005 -- 7g, 7.1 ip, 0.00 era, 4h 2bb 6k .160 bavg
2006 -- 2g, 2.2 ip, 1h, 1bb, 1k, .125 bavg (coming into tonight.)

And, like clockwork, he gets a bunt dp. Crap.

2006-08-11 18:30:11
169.   Ron Burgundy
In 166, it should say 4 IP, 3 ER.
2006-08-11 18:31:07
170.   Ron Burgundy
168 That's why I fear Shields more than K-Rod. We've touched K-Rod. We can't touch Shields.
2006-08-11 18:31:11
171.   singledd
That throw to 2nd bounced twice.
Greem was bunting for a base hit. Not a bad idea. Bad execution. Worse running by Zappa. Killed a rally.
2006-08-11 18:32:04
172.   SF Yanks
Is Jeter taking a nose dive?
2006-08-11 18:33:09
173.   Ron Burgundy
Game Over. Nice strategy by Joe and nice execution by Nick and Sal.

172 Yep, ever since Mora did that stupid tag and fall on him last Saturday.

2006-08-11 18:35:50
174.   Marcus
166 I would add the fact that he gave both Posada and Cano the day off in favor of Zappa and Green. Why not stagger the days off?

167 I don't take too much stock on those numbers. How many ABs are we talking about here? Cano is simply a better hitter than Green, and it's a favorable RHP/LHB match up. I would look more at Cano's numbers versus RHP.

2006-08-11 18:37:08
175.   JeremyM
I certainly didn't see THAT homer coming.
2006-08-11 18:38:04
176.   matt0620
... Now Torre decides to care about this game?
2006-08-11 18:38:31
177.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
166 to be fair, the Fat Man more or les matched Lidle in ineffectiveness.
2006-08-11 18:40:08
178.   randym77
174 I think the problem is Cano's patience. Or lack thereof.

When there are runners on, pitchers don't give him anything to hit. But he swings anyway.

I don't understand why Cairo's numbers are so much better with runners on, though.

2006-08-11 18:40:54
179.   singledd
With man on 2nd and no out, there is no need to use your best pinch hitter. Cano may be more needed in the 9th inning. It was a bad bunt and terrible running by Zappa... not Joe's fault.
2006-08-11 18:41:57
180.   GoingDeep
Terrible Joe. Why burn Villone now?
2006-08-11 18:42:40
181.   Ron Burgundy
2 innings to score 5 runs off Shields and K-Rod. We're fucked. Now we lost [b]3 of 4[/b]. ESPN will be ejaculating all over the airwaves and internet tonight.

I'm still pissed that we came into this game with a 3 game lead and not 5 or 7 as it should've been.

2006-08-11 18:44:14
182.   Marcus
178 That could be it. I'm guessing Torre was set on the sac bunt, so didn't even consider bringing in Cano.

I'm actually not all that against the sac bunt in that situation, though. green just didn't get the bunt down.

2006-08-11 18:49:01
183.   randym77
A-Rod! Clutch hit or stat-padding? ;-)
2006-08-11 18:50:09
184.   Ron Burgundy
Bad timing A-Rod...jeez.
2006-08-11 18:50:26
185.   tommyl
Well, there is that opposite field power we were talking about. That was a really nice, relaxed swing by A-Rod. Very good sign methinks.
2006-08-11 18:51:05
186.   Ron Burgundy
183 Would've been clutch if not for Torre's brilliant management and Nick's and Sal's great execution.
2006-08-11 18:51:53
187.   marc
183 Neither but not bad considering the way Figgens absolutely robbed him of RBI's
2006-08-11 18:52:08
188.   Ron Burgundy
185 I didn't notice, but he's 2-4 tonight and has been hitting lately. We have the right guy in the #4 spot. And Giambi is slumping except the occasional HR.
2006-08-11 18:53:26
189.   Ron Burgundy
If we lose by one run...
2006-08-11 18:54:32
190.   tommyl
Just got back from dinner. Ugh, a sacrifice bunt double play?! We need the greatest .230 hitter back from the DL.

Also, think they respect Melky these days? F-Rod comes in to face him.

2006-08-11 18:54:44
191.   marc
is Giambi still walking at least?
2006-08-11 18:54:45
192.   JeremyM
If nothing else, they've really made Shields work, which bodes well for the next 2 games. Now come on Cabrera!
2006-08-11 18:55:26
193.   tommyl
188 Ron, it was one of those that I was talking about this morning. Relaxed swing and just keeps going, and going to opposite field. When A-Rod is on it is really beautiful to watch.
2006-08-11 18:55:30
194.   randym77
188 I bet it's at least partly the shift. It's the same for Big Papi. Batting average is down, but they're still getting homers, because the "Ortiz shift" can't prevent those.
2006-08-11 18:55:32
195.   Ron Burgundy
191 Not really.
2006-08-11 18:57:40
196.   tommyl
195 His OPS is .998 this year and 1.292 so far this month. He must be doing something!
2006-08-11 19:00:42
197.   Alex Belth
The Yanks are picking a heck of a time to start playing like horseshit. A Rod should have put a glove on that double down the line which made the score 4-1. The Yanks got a bad break when Chone Figgens robbed A Rod of an RBI hit with two men on and zero out in the sixth, but it was nothing but sheer stupidity that cost them in the seventh. What is the shit was Green doing trying to bunt with a runner on second and nobody out, down by three? Not only does he foolishly bunt--after squaring twice already--but he pops it up. Dumbass Fasano gets doubled off.

I just loath the Angels.

All this wailing over the demise of the Red Sox is waaaay premature. Especially with the Yanks soiling it up this week.

2006-08-11 19:01:12
198.   singledd
Jason Giambi BA=.254 OBP=.411
How many guys have an OBP .157 pts higher then their BA?
2006-08-11 19:01:46
199.   Ron Burgundy
196 Home-Runs. Although he did have one game where he walked like 4 times, so it's in there. He just isn't walking like he did in April, but he's walking.
2006-08-11 19:01:58
200.   tommyl
194 What irks me about Giambi is that he used to be a great gap hitter, a lot of doubles to both sides. Why he can't start doing that again I have no idea. His BA would go up at least 30-50 points I think and his OBP would be up near .500 again.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-11 19:03:18
201.   singledd
Hi Alex. I think having a guy with a sub .200 average bunting to put a guy on 3rd with one out and the top of the order coming up, is a good idea.
2006-08-11 19:03:30
202.   Ron Burgundy
200 The same reason Robbie hit much better on the road than at home...314. Too pull conscious.
2006-08-11 19:04:07
203.   tommyl
197 Which is why we were saying the Yankees should have been up 5 or 6 at this point. The Sox will get hot again and we need to be far enough ahead to weather that.

I am so glad I was out to dinner during that 7th. I think I would have smashed my TV in. Someone send Joe a copy of any book based on statistical analysis.

2006-08-11 19:04:49
204.   tommyl
202 Huh? You lost me.
2006-08-11 19:05:14
205.   quig
i think robbies gona stay with the yanks
2006-08-11 19:05:15
206.   quig
i think robbies gona stay with the yanks
2006-08-11 19:06:16
207.   Ron Burgundy
197 See, THAT's why I fear and HATE, LOATHE the Angels. No matter how much better than them we are, they still beat us. I HATE them with pure, murderous, evil, demonic, hellish, HATE.
2006-08-11 19:06:25
208.   tommyl
202 Oh! Got it now. Distance to RF :). Its been a long week.

Giambi has become completely one dimensional it seems. Its out, walk or HR. He has 86 hits, 33 of which are HR.

2006-08-11 19:06:43
209.   quig
we get the point
2006-08-11 19:08:19
210.   Ron Burgundy
204 It's 314 feet down in the RF porch at the Stadium. Lefties want to pull home-runs in there, and end up pulling everything and making easy outs on pitches on the outer half of the plate.
2006-08-11 19:08:55
211.   randym77
200 Both Ortiz and Giambi are frequently asked why they don't hit the other way to counter the shift. They say they don't get paid to hit singles or doubles the other way. They get paid to hit homers.

I think they see it as a challenge. Hitting the other way would be giving in.

2006-08-11 19:11:23
212.   singledd
208 Yup... Giambi and his 1.003 OPS really sucks.
2006-08-11 19:11:35
213.   BklynBmr
Yikes! Just rolled in. Not a great start to the weekend, huh! Do the Halos have our number or what?
2006-08-11 19:12:33
214.   Ron Burgundy
212 He doesn't suck, but it would be nice if he could just get his AVG. and OBP. up.
2006-08-11 19:12:40
215.   singledd
This guy has the sharpest break on a slider I think I've ever seen. Impossible to his.
2006-08-11 19:13:05
216.   Ron Burgundy
213 They have our home number, our work number, and our cell number.
2006-08-11 19:13:54
217.   singledd
214 His OBP is .411... thats not good enough?
2006-08-11 19:15:26
218.   Ron Burgundy
217 Good enough. I miss the days when it was .440 and .450 though...
2006-08-11 19:15:38
219.   singledd
........Impossible to HIT
2006-08-11 19:17:24
220.   singledd
Without ShefSui and ARod having a bad HR year, Giambi is pressing for HRs... thus his AVG is down by 30 pts (ang his OBP with it).
2006-08-11 19:18:13
221.   Ron Burgundy
220 Good Point. It appears that A-Rod has been getting his shit together this past week, so that should be good.
2006-08-11 19:18:18
222.   singledd
Jetes and Posada are also having down HR years
2006-08-11 19:19:32
223.   Ron Burgundy
Damn, Jeter's AVG. keeps dropping every game.

And oh yeah, we lost to the Angels, again...

2006-08-11 19:20:22
224.   tommyl
217 I didn't say Giambi sucks, I said he's been one dimensional lately. I'd give up a few HRs for some opposite field doubles into the gap and the dropping of the shift. His average would likely be closer to .300 then with an OBP up around .500. That would make him lethal.
2006-08-11 19:23:13
225.   Max
So which game in this series are we supposed to be able to win? Looking at the pitching matchups, a Halos sweep actually seems quite likely, especially the way we've been playing lately.
2006-08-11 19:49:19
226.   marc
Cory Lidle has food poisoning probably (they always call it a stomach flu) And he was very weak but said if he puts him in he'll try to get 4 or 5 innings. Also Suzyn saw him close up and he looked very ill.
2006-08-11 19:50:33
227.   JeremyM
Well, props to Lidle for toughing it out-maybe the rest of the team has had it for the last few days as well?
2006-08-11 21:20:29
228.   seamus
Well, I left to watch "Beyond the Gates of Splendor" with my wife (thoroughly sad but good documentary) and came back to the expected loss. Let me say this, the Yankees just went through a weeklong rough patch and we didn't lose any of our lead on the Red Sox. A blown opportunity, or a fortunate set of circumstances. It could be either, but the movie helped me discover a new strategy. I think if we just spear our opponents we should have no problem beating them. :)

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