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It's Not the Heat...
2006-08-03 06:38
by Alex Belth

Sal Fasano will catch Corey Lidle's Yankee debut this afternoon on what promises to be another scorcher in New York. Fasano tells Roger Rubin in The Daily News:

"I've caught in this kind of heat before and you know what to expect," Fasano said. "You could lose five or six pounds of water during the game and you know that when it's over you'll be completely exhausted.

"I know what's on the way. I'm gonna get the crap kicked out of me. And believe it or not, I'm looking forward to it."

..."The most important thing isn't hydration for me," he said. "It's really important that you get a good meal that sticks with you. Catching a game in intense heat burns a lot of calories, and if you don't have it to burn, your body can revolt against you."

..."It's about being smart and managing the situation," he said. "I'm coming inside into the air conditioning between innings because (today) is going to be the kind of day where you could down a bottle of water every five minutes."

Hang in there, Sal, and everybody else behind the mask today.

2006-08-03 07:53:16
1.   Sliced Bread
Can't wait to see how our battery of former Phillies handles the Stadium heat.

Lidle is going to change t-shirts between innings, while Fasano grills cheesesteaks on his dugout hibachi.

Easy on the onions, Big Sally.

2006-08-03 07:59:10
2.   seamus
any word on the lineup yet?
2006-08-03 08:04:25
3.   C2Coke
1 No kidding, in this heat, the home ump could smell the onions. Now...dear Fasano, you want to give your old buddy with a good strike zone, don't you?
2006-08-03 08:36:14
4.   standuptriple
I remember backstopping a game in 109 degree heat...while nursing a hangover. Of course that was in high school, but I'll never forget it. Out in CA we see nowhere near the humidity that they'll see today. Good luck donning the Tools of Ignorance, Sal!
2006-08-03 09:14:07
5.   Bama Yankee
1 Big Sal might be able to grill those cheesesteaks on his catcher's mask...

Maybe he can cover the smell of those onions with some of that Sal Fasano cologne we talked about the other day (wait, that is probably what Salvatore#5 smells like... onions)

2006-08-03 09:31:14
6.   Bama Yankee
4 I was wondering if you were going to weigh in on catching in this kind of heat. Hangover and 109 degrees... not good times behind the plate, I'm sure. I never understood how you guys could play that position no matter what the weather. My wife always asks me during Yankee games (especially when Posada is taking a pounding) "Why would anyone want to be a catcher". I always say, "For $12 mill a year, I guess I could learn to like it." Doing it for the fun of it, that's a different story... hats off to you standuptriple.
2006-08-03 09:33:03
7.   profound
I heard they were coming out with a new a-rod cologne...It smells like an 0-2 count even when your making errors at third!

I love A-rod, just couldn't resist.

2006-08-03 14:55:38
8.   Bama Yankee
7 Good one, profound. BTW, I forgot to tell you that I liked your "A Few Good Men" parody the other day. It was a classic.

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