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2006-08-02 13:44
by Alex Belth

There is a reason why some of the great New York movies--"Dog Day Afternoon," "Taxi Driver," "Do the Right Thing," are set smack in the middle of summer, when tensions run high, and patience runs thin. This is a great time of year for both drama and comedy.

I've seen plenty of both during the last week as a bondafide Heat Wave has hit the city. It's dumb hot out there. Against my better judgement, I'm headed up to the Great Sweat Box in the Bronx tonight to see Chien-Ming Wang pitch against erstwhile Yankee, Ted Lilly. Figure the ball will be jumping. Will Wang be able to keep his sinker down in this kind of heat? Will the Jays offense flounder for a second straight night against New York? Will Bobby Abreu get his first hit as a Yankee? Will I lose 5 pounds sitting in the upper deck watching it all unfold?

These and other questions will be answered shortly...

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-08-02 14:07:13
1.   Shaun P
To live in/near the City and (theoretically at least) go to a game whenever I felt like it . . . enjoy the game, Alex, and stay hydrated.
2006-08-02 14:09:12
2.   randym77
I predict Craig Wilson will have a huge night! :-D

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Craig Wilson 1B
Bernie Williams DH
Melky Cabrera LF
Miguel Cairo 2B

Chien-Ming Wang RHP

Giambi's out of the lineup, presumably due to the cramps that got him pulled last night.

2006-08-02 14:14:50
3.   Javi Javi
I live in Denver, where it is a very dry and comfty 80 degrees. I would trade that in for NYC's weather if I could go to a live game . . . at least I have Extra Innings.
2006-08-02 14:22:50
4.   kylepetterson
Phoenix, 483 degrees (I think), A/C set at 77, and gameday. The closest I've ever been is my tv. Good luck Alex. Go Yanks.
2006-08-02 14:23:02
5.   Bama Yankee
3 I was thinking the same thing Javi, I would love to be able to go to Yankee Stadium to see a game. Down here in the South all we have to go with our heat (and humidity) is the Braves...

I too shell out the bucks for Extra Innings and MLB.TV (still can't see all the games, stupid FOX network contract). BTW, did Bobtaco's "trick" work last Saturday?

2006-08-02 14:26:45
6.   kylepetterson
BTW, is anybody else oddly entertained by watching Wright throw over a hundred pitches in 5 innings while only giving up 5 hits, 1 walk, and 1 run? For some reason, I really enjoy watching him pitch. It's like a watching a car careening out of control, yet somehow staying on the road and only hitting 1 or 2 mailboxes.
2006-08-02 14:40:25
7.   rbj
And Bud Selig has put the kabosh on the Brewers new sausage:
Apparently, according to the commish, the Hispanic sausage doesn't have his papers. Gee Bud, what with all the immigration debates going on, baseball does not need this.
2006-08-02 14:46:19
8.   seamus
6 when i was 17, i remember hitting black ice and swerving right with skid noises, then skidding left with loud skid noises, and then right again, and left, and back in my lane and keep on going. Little did I know that I was doing a Wright! :-)

I found it excruciatingly slow to watch Wright. He gets two strikes and cannot put these guys away. I get this gut feeling that he is real close to becoming a very good pitcher, or to falling apart. Constantly teetering on some precipice. It is kind of like an episode of Lost where the entire episode revolves around that same confrontation that only lasts two minutes, but somehow lasts an hour on tv.

2006-08-02 14:47:08
9.   Javi Javi
5 'Bama, I did not have a chance to try it, but he was pretty convinced it would work. I'm doing it this Saturday--we will see.
2006-08-02 14:48:39
10.   Bob Timmermann
82 in L.A. right now.

Of course, the Dodgers are on the road now.

2006-08-02 14:52:22
11.   kylepetterson
8 - I feel the same way. I could easily see him becoming a really good #3 guy, or Tanyon Sturtze. It could go either way at this point.
2006-08-02 15:07:05
12.   randym77
The Boston Globe put up a photo gallery of the raven that was on the field last night:

2006-08-02 15:16:38
13.   Bama Yankee
12 Funny stuff. BTW, good one on the E.A. Poe reference last night. Maybe that "raven" will be like the black cat that doomed the 1969 Cubs...
2006-08-02 15:20:55
14.   BklynBmr
Below 60 with the slight wind chill here on the San Franisco peninsula. Fog is about to roll in, too. Looks pretty nice over at the ballpark in China Basin at the moment. Lots of shorts and tank tops in the crowd. Love/hate these micro-climates out here...

12 That was hilarious, Remy did a funny play by play bit with it...

2006-08-02 15:23:10
15.   randym77
13 We can only hope.

Though if birds prove to be Boston's doom, I have a feeling it's going to be Blue Jays, not ravens. ;-)

2006-08-02 15:23:55
16.   Stormer Sports

I'm in Silverlake, and there is a pretty nice breeze to boot! Are you out in the West Side?

2006-08-02 15:25:05
17.   Stormer Sports

You're up there? I love the city, but the weather up in those parts, eeeks!

2006-08-02 15:28:39
18.   SF Yanks
5 Yeah the tricked worked great... Sat baseball forever... hopefully
2006-08-02 15:29:37
19.   Bama Yankee
15 and maybe the Orioles can also contribute to the demise of the Sox this year...
2006-08-02 15:36:29
20.   rabid stan
12 That looks like a grackel. It appears a little slight to be a crow (unless it's a juvenile), and if it were a raven, it would've been almost the size of the bag.

I wish there was a better picture of the bird taking off though.

2006-08-02 15:50:27
21.   singledd
If fun to see how the game has gone to the birds. However, it will be forever hard to top the shot of RJ hitting that bird with his pitch to the plate. I mean... what are the odds of that happening?
2006-08-02 15:51:52
22.   seamus
21 when i think of birds being hit, i think of winfield going to jail in canada.
2006-08-02 15:55:42
23.   singledd
Minn. has picked a nice time to go into a mini-slump. Sux must be having a fit over both our massive improvements and their loss of Tek and Trot.

If you haven't read it yet:
"Now presenting the most lopsided deadline deal of this millennium:"

And it was pretty close that Rog was a Red Sox again. We are riding a lucky streak.

2006-08-02 16:00:52
24.   randym77
21 It's happened an awful lot. It happened again this year. Seattle, I think. The pitcher hit a seagull. And it lived. The ballboy picked it up and let it go outside the stadium.
2006-08-02 16:02:19
25.   rbj
What's up w/ today, I can't get through.
BTW, sunny and 95 here in Toledo. A couple degrees cooler than yesterday, when I was practicing Aikido -- that was awful.
Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy & cooler, it should head east in a day or two.
2006-08-02 16:12:13
26.   Javi Javi
nice play by the new guy.
2006-08-02 16:15:11
27.   randym77
IMO, Wilson's defense is underrated. At least at 1B. (His range in the OF isn't great, but it's fine for 1B.)

He's got only one error so far this year. Andy has 5, Giambi 7.

2006-08-02 16:15:26
28.   rbj
Nice quick inning by Wang. Fielders have to appreciate that.
Oh, and by the way, it's been a while since A-Rod's made a throwing error, hasn't it. I guess Steve Philips threats to trade him had their effect.
2006-08-02 16:18:52
29.   rbj
Fans, you gotta be a bit more aggressive in helping out the home team.
2006-08-02 16:21:21
30.   randym77
Two-out rallies, the Yanks' specialty this year.

Let's go, Jorgie!

2006-08-02 16:21:22
31.   Javi Javi
Think Alex wants to make up for the infamous 4K night?
2006-08-02 16:21:44
32.   BklynBmr
17 Near my old stompin' grounds when I lived in LaLa Land: Hollywood and Los Feliz!
2006-08-02 16:30:27
33.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
27 I dunno, BP has him at a 93 RATE at 1st, same as Andy, and well below par.
2006-08-02 16:31:38
34.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Awfully quiet in here . . . too quiet.
2006-08-02 16:32:10
35.   rsmith51
That wasn't a strike?
2006-08-02 16:32:54
36.   monkeypants
Man, wasn't that a strike on the CS pitch?
2006-08-02 16:34:22
37.   rsmith51
36 Everybody thinks so except the home plate umpire.
2006-08-02 16:34:34
38.   randym77
33 Yeah, but everyone thinks Andy's practically a GGer.

Tiger's being squeezed.

2006-08-02 16:36:32
39.   rbj
I doubt CMW will have a CG tonight, tight zone and too hot.
2006-08-02 16:37:09
40.   singledd
Tribe up 3-0 after 1!
Sux are really sucking a 'StumpyMorgan'.
2006-08-02 16:38:29
41.   randym77
Wanger gets out of it!
2006-08-02 16:38:39
42.   rbj
Ah, that's the ticket.
2006-08-02 16:42:45
43.   mikeplugh
Hey y'all.....just getting to work and firing up the Gameday. Gotta love summer break. No students. No teachers. Just me and my laptop....
2006-08-02 16:44:38
44.   randym77
Hey, Mike. Nice to see your phosphors. :)

Tiny strike zone today...

2006-08-02 16:49:34
45.   BklynBmr
Thinking Big Dept: If we take care of biz tonight and get a little help from Tampa, Yanks can start chippin' into the Tigers for best overall record. 6 in the loss column right now...

I hope Fasano was telling Pavano to lose the Ragu...

2006-08-02 16:51:26
46.   monkeypants
OK, so what exactly is a strike? And how did Wells manage a backwards K in the first inning with this zone?
2006-08-02 16:52:46
47.   rsmith51
2006-08-02 16:52:58
48.   randym77
Wow, Jeet! Gotta love those over the shoulder catches.
2006-08-02 16:53:22
49.   rsmith51
is the man!
2006-08-02 16:55:19
50.   BklynBmr
Anyone experiencing buggy server behavior tonight?
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2006-08-02 16:55:40
51.   bobtaco
What do you think Johnny said to Jeter after the catch?

Looked like it cracked Jeter up a bit...

2006-08-02 16:56:17
52.   SF Yanks
50 Buggy TV.. does that count?
2006-08-02 16:59:28
53.   randym77


2006-08-02 16:59:41
54.   rsmith51
What I said in 47 and 49.
2006-08-02 16:59:55
55.   Ron Burgundy
What a coincidence, I log on, and Jeter goes Yard.
2006-08-02 16:59:57
56.   tommyl
Derek Jeter is so good.
2006-08-02 17:01:12
57.   SF Yanks
What happens when Jetes retires? It's going to take a long time for someone to fill his shoes. And I don't know if they will be filled.
2006-08-02 17:01:12
58.   rsmith51
2006-08-02 17:01:13
59.   tommyl
This Bobby kid can hit
2006-08-02 17:01:32
60.   tommyl
57 Don't even think about it.
2006-08-02 17:02:17
61.   Ron Burgundy
Go A-Rod.

Over in Baaahston, Jon Lester going to school.

2006-08-02 17:02:47
62.   SF Yanks
55 Long on every inning.
2006-08-02 17:02:52
63.   Ron Burgundy
57 Ron Burgundt will cry. But he will do it like a man's man, a real man.
2006-08-02 17:03:41
64.   SF Yanks
62 whoops... sposed to be log on every inning
2006-08-02 17:05:09
65.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
57 We'll get a ss who can field?

(I keeeed, I keeeed)

2006-08-02 17:11:56
66.   tommyl
Ooooo, nice throw Bobby.
2006-08-02 17:12:16
67.   singledd
57 We will get C.J. Henry as a free agent for 17.2 mil/year
2006-08-02 17:12:21
68.   BklynBmr
Wow. Nice throw by Bobby...
2006-08-02 17:12:28
69.   tommyl
How have the Indians lost this many games?
2006-08-02 17:13:25
70.   randym77
Craig Wilson has got to be the palest baseball player I've ever seen.
2006-08-02 17:13:32
71.   singledd
Is it great to have 2 outfielders who can throw, or what!
2006-08-02 17:14:47
72.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
67 Maybe, but CJ won't be playing ss, considering his fielding was so poor he'd been DHing in Charleston.
2006-08-02 17:16:09
73.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Strike em out throw em out at the Fens. Very unclutch by the Papster.
2006-08-02 17:16:28
74.   AbbyNormal821
Evenin' all!
2006-08-02 17:19:26
75.   randym77
Yeah, Craig! Welcome to New York.
2006-08-02 17:19:52
76.   BklynBmr
Welcome to the club, Craig!

74 Hopefully you'll help get a rally going, here, Abby...

2006-08-02 17:20:21
77.   Eirias
Ortiz is now the Papster?
2006-08-02 17:21:14
78.   rbj
Shoot, I missed Jeter's HR cause I was cleaning the bathroom. Guess I'll have to do that more often.
2006-08-02 17:21:47
79.   singledd
70 His full name is Craigor Vanguard Horatio Wilson III.
2006-08-02 17:22:07
80.   AbbyNormal821
76 I'll do my best. Working on a Yankee mindscramble to put on Lilly.


2006-08-02 17:22:14
81.   kylepetterson
or less often.
2006-08-02 17:24:29
82.   BklynBmr
79 Ahh, an aristocrat, huh?
2006-08-02 17:24:45
83.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Philp Hughes tonight so far:

4 ip 2h 0r 0er 1bb 5k

2006-08-02 17:24:48
84.   SF Yanks
Melk rolls up his sleaves far when he bats.
2006-08-02 17:26:49
85.   BklynBmr
83 2 hits and a walk? And we could have Abreu a month ago for this bum?
2006-08-02 17:27:16
86.   rbj
2006-08-02 17:27:57
87.   seamus
any word on if Dotel has pitched yet? He is supposed to do another rehab inning tonight.
2006-08-02 17:35:46
88.   BklynBmr
New World Order: Kitty just brought up an interesting point — 'for the first time ever, the Wild Card team could come out of the Central division.' No one would even think that three weeks ago...

Man, Tiger rocks...

2006-08-02 17:35:54
89.   singledd
Moose may still have slightly better numbers, but from here on in the Wanger is our Ace. Agreed?
2006-08-02 17:37:41
90.   BklynBmr
89 No argument here...
2006-08-02 17:39:44
91.   singledd
Man.... Beltran is having a monster year!
2006-08-02 17:42:35
92.   singledd
Tribe still up 3-0 after 5.
2006-08-02 17:43:49
93.   singledd
Kind of quiet here tonight. Big party going on at Rob Gee's house?
2006-08-02 17:46:06
94.   AbbyNormal821
That DP was ssssshhhhweeeeeet!!!
2006-08-02 17:46:48
95.   Bama Yankee
2006-08-02 17:46:56
96.   AbbyNormal821
is it me, or is A-Rod's fielding improved in the last week? The hitting is next...I believe!!!
2006-08-02 17:47:12
97.   mikeplugh
Had a student visit....just got is quiet in here....

Gotta love those ground balls.

2006-08-02 17:47:27
98.   monkeypants
93 Yeah. Always the pessimist, I am worried with the trajectory of this game--lotsa baserunners, no runs.
2006-08-02 17:47:54
99.   sabernar
93 Game is half over and only 96 comments. It is a bit quiet.
2006-08-02 17:47:56
100.   eephus
93 It's too hot even to type. Those overpaid athletes are really earning their money tonight...
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2006-08-02 17:48:26
101.   mikeplugh
Wow a strikeout. Overbay just wasn't trying hard enough. He could have hit that ball to short if he really wanted to. ;)
2006-08-02 17:48:58
102.   pistolpete
Uh oh, Sawx making some noise in the 5th...
2006-08-02 17:49:07
103.   rbj
89 You get an Amen from the bobbleheads.
3 Ks for Tiger tonight.
2006-08-02 17:49:18
104.   seamus
go Wang!

real efficient inning! only 6 pitches!

2006-08-02 17:49:23
105.   mikeplugh
3-1 Cleveland and Boson threatening for more.
2006-08-02 17:50:41
106.   pistolpete
99 Only a 1-0 game - what would you have us comment on? ;-)
2006-08-02 17:51:12
107.   AbbyNormal821
Kaat called this a pitchers duel...true, but I still think Lilly will choke.

You get NOTHING! You LOSE! Good DAY, Sir!

2006-08-02 17:51:44
108.   kdw
103 Funny. Love that part of the commercial.
2006-08-02 17:51:44
109.   pistolpete
Too bad games aren't 4 innings long - Cleveland would have probably swept.
2006-08-02 17:51:49
110.   mikeplugh
3-2 Tribe and the big boys up for Boston
2006-08-02 17:52:18
111.   AbbyNormal821
Rut-roh, 3-2 now in Boston
2006-08-02 17:52:28
112.   AbbyNormal821
Go Alex!
2006-08-02 17:52:46
113.   pistolpete
OH MAN, what a deke by A-Rod!!!
2006-08-02 17:52:55
114.   SF Yanks
What was that?
2006-08-02 17:52:55
115.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod, Hustle.
2006-08-02 17:53:02
116.   BklynBmr
What a juke by A-Rod!
2006-08-02 17:53:05
117.   mikeplugh
Way to get it started Alex.
2006-08-02 17:53:10
118.   monkeypants
Wow--that slide was so bad (short) that he ended up safe.
2006-08-02 17:53:20
119.   tommyl
Tricky, tricky Alex :). How's that for thinking on his feet? I think his mental issues are over, at least for now. I'm loving the new and improved Alex.
2006-08-02 17:53:24
120.   eephus
What a strange play.
2006-08-02 17:53:25
121.   phee
clever A-Rod
2006-08-02 17:53:45
122.   randym77
Wow. I can't believe A-Rod made it.
2006-08-02 17:53:52
123.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
PapiClutch with 3 ks.
2006-08-02 17:54:06
124.   tommyl
2006-08-02 17:54:12
125.   phee
2006-08-02 17:54:12
126.   pistolpete
Big Papi K's with the tying run on - I'll bet they're booing him at Fenway,,, ;-P

Meanwhile - HIP HIP....

2006-08-02 17:54:21
127.   randym77
Hip-hip Jorge!!!
2006-08-02 17:54:26
128.   mikeplugh
Jorgeeeeeeeeeeeee Posada! Hip Hip....
2006-08-02 17:54:40
129.   AbbyNormal821
GOD! I love Posada! What a year he's having...(in my opinion!)
2006-08-02 17:54:52
130.   SF Yanks
ARod didn't even reach the bag on that slide
2006-08-02 17:55:07
131.   AbbyNormal821
Papi has THREE strikeouts! DAAAAMN!
2006-08-02 17:55:10
132.   Ron Burgundy
Shreks Ks with tying run on to end the 5th. ESPN didn't see that.

They also didn't see that incredible slide by A-Rod and that MAMMOTH 2-Run Shot by Posada to give us a 3-0 lead.

2006-08-02 17:55:13
133.   singledd
Did you see that slide by ARod? Amazing! Smart!
2006-08-02 17:55:18
134.   tommyl
Let's go Yankees!
2006-08-02 17:55:48
135.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Posada showing Papi how it's done. Hope they have the extra innings in the Sawx clubhouse.
2006-08-02 17:56:26
136.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Posada: I don't wait for no 9th inning beyotch.

Papi: No mas.

2006-08-02 17:56:35
137.   monkeypants
Holy Cow (to quote the Scooter)--that would have been a HR in the old days (or at least in 1976), over the second wall.
2006-08-02 17:58:14
138.   Simone
Could someone describe A-Rod's slide/play? Thanks.
2006-08-02 17:58:42
139.   tommyl
And Wilson does in fact mash lefties.
2006-08-02 17:59:37
140.   tommyl
138 He tried to take two, the throw was in time, he slid short and just as the tag was about to be applied he jerked his hand back and around, safe.

Go Melky!

2006-08-02 18:00:03
141.   seamus
138 A-Rod was a dead duck at second. Slid head first but short and pulle dhis left hand back from the tag and reached around and grabbed the base with his right hand. the old duke...
2006-08-02 18:00:32
142.   Ron Burgundy
138 Runs hard out of the box on a line-drive that is chased down the the LF, he runs into 2B but is way out, but he slides way early and reaches around the 2Bman's p*s tag and touches 2B and is called safe. Replays showed he was indeed safe. Nice.
2006-08-02 18:00:35
143.   seamus
140 what he said...
2006-08-02 18:02:03
144.   tommyl
Wow, I know its only two games so far but I'm loving the new look Yankees. Way to go Cashman.

He definitely needs a shirt.

2006-08-02 18:03:18
145.   tommyl
When they get Cano back, this lineup is going to tear the cover off thte ball. If/when Sheffsui comes back it will be a legitimate Murder's Row from 1 to 9.
2006-08-02 18:03:54
146.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Nice, Wang really settled down after the tough 2nd
2006-08-02 18:04:07
147.   Simone
Thanks to everyone who answered my question re: A-Rod. I look forward to watching the highlights.
2006-08-02 18:04:15
148.   tommyl
Way to go Miggy!
2006-08-02 18:04:37
149.   randym77
Clutch walk by Cairo. ;-)

C'mon, JD!

2006-08-02 18:05:14
150.   singledd
This lineup looks so good that even Miggy looks dangerous!
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2006-08-02 18:05:16
151.   tommyl
147 You should. The last few games A-Rod seems to have a new attitude. Swings, runs and fields agressively, seems much more relaxed. No more deer in headlights looks.
2006-08-02 18:05:29
152.   monkeypants
Well, I was going to say PH for Cairo and go for the throat, but to heck with me!
2006-08-02 18:05:34
153.   tommyl
2006-08-02 18:05:39
154.   pistolpete
144 Couldn't one order one of those custom t-shirts?

I think 'Cashman' over the #99 would be pretty neat. I bet you even get on camera for wearing a shirt like that to the Stadium...

2006-08-02 18:05:57
155.   Ron Burgundy
Jeter up with Bases Juiced and a 4-0 Lead...
2006-08-02 18:06:03
156.   tommyl
It is so Jeter grand slam time.
2006-08-02 18:06:20
157.   pistolpete
151 I think it's the Abreu effect - all eyes on the new guy.
2006-08-02 18:06:49
158.   randym77
Yeah, Johnny!

And Wilson scores his first run as a Yankee.

2006-08-02 18:07:01
159.   singledd
Cashman trades have totally revitalized everyone's feelings about the Yanks. I think even ARod is more relaxed now.
2006-08-02 18:07:03
160.   tommyl
154 Maybe someone can design one and all of us on here can order them.
2006-08-02 18:07:48
161.   rbj
Johnny Angel always comes to mind when Damon comes through:

(Not in a Brokeback sense)
(not that there's anything wrong with that)

2006-08-02 18:08:12
162.   tommyl
157 I don't care if its his new cleaning service. This is the A-Rod I want to see.
2006-08-02 18:08:33
163.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
154 I was thinking a Cashman jersey should have a $ sign as the number.

Nomaas had a hysterical pic up of Cashman all gangsta'd out btw, in celebration of his beat-down of Maddog Russo.

2006-08-02 18:08:55
164.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Eff, Manny ties it at the Fens.
2006-08-02 18:09:24
165.   rbj
3-2 and no place to put the captain.
2006-08-02 18:09:55
166.   tommyl
Clutch walk by Cap! Bobby coming up.
2006-08-02 18:11:30
167.   eephus
Has Jeter really walked FIVE times this season with the bases loaded? I wonder what the record is...
2006-08-02 18:11:36
168.   pistolpete

Fill in Cashman and 99 at the bottom - unless someone has a better idea for a number..?

2006-08-02 18:11:54
169.   tommyl
164 No way the Indians are going to hold Boston to 2 runs with their BP. They just need to pound Lester some more.
2006-08-02 18:13:49
170.   SF Yanks
4-3 Sux
2006-08-02 18:14:09
171.   tommyl
Bring Wang out for the 7th?
2006-08-02 18:14:25
172.   pistolpete
Here's what the Cashman shirt would look like:

2006-08-02 18:14:32
173.   tommyl
170 On a Strike'Mo Pena HR no less.
2006-08-02 18:15:12
174.   pistolpete
Or this:

2006-08-02 18:15:23
175.   monkeypants
171 Heck yeah, especially with another run or two on the board. But, with this heat, start the batter-by-batter watch.
2006-08-02 18:15:50
176.   tommyl
174 Cool, why don't we see what other people think. I'd be down, it'd be like BB representing :)
2006-08-02 18:16:44
177.   tommyl
175 He's at 77 pitches, but he's been sitting for quite awhile. Then again, preserving the BP is probably a good idea.
2006-08-02 18:18:04
178.   pistolpete
Damn it, and I was hoping to see Abreu's first curtain call as a Yankee.
2006-08-02 18:18:38
179.   BklynBmr
an A-Bomb... without question... or at least a double ;-)
2006-08-02 18:18:42
180.   randym77
What an at-bat, even if he ended up striking out. Ten pitches.
2006-08-02 18:19:12
181.   pistolpete
176 Yeah, could be like a little homing beacon for other BB members at the game...
2006-08-02 18:19:26
182.   monkeypants
177 That's what I was thinking. If memory serves, Mussina has had a couple of rough innings after he sat a long time, and maybe Wang is the same. It would be nice to get through seven, though, and maybe not have to use the big guns (what lead is Ponson proof, even for an inning?).
2006-08-02 18:19:52
183.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Dang, nice AB by Bobby again but didn't get it done.
2006-08-02 18:20:20
184.   pistolpete
Ladies and gentleman, he's 'turned the corner'.
2006-08-02 18:20:30
185.   tommyl
I'll take a single. A-Rod is 2-2 with 2 RBI in the inning.
2006-08-02 18:20:32
186.   monkeypants
177 OK, definitely he starts the seventh now.
2006-08-02 18:20:51
187.   BklynBmr
Gettin' the feeling a whole lotta things are about to go A-Rod's way...
2006-08-02 18:21:15
188.   mikeplugh
Oh A-Rod. You didn't have to go and do's like my birthday. Thank you.
2006-08-02 18:21:22
189.   rbj
172 I'd go with the #99
2006-08-02 18:21:38
190.   pistolpete
And here I was thinking it would be a sweat-fest in the 9th with Mo closing it out...
2006-08-02 18:21:54
191.   tommyl
Credit Bobby for that long AB before A-Rod as well.
2006-08-02 18:22:24
192.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
189 No love for the $$ Cashman jersey?
2006-08-02 18:22:42
193.   pistolpete
189 Hmm, what about a #98? What was the first year he took over as GM? Was it 1998 or 97?
2006-08-02 18:23:32
194.   tommyl
And that A-Rod slide sparked the team I think. Loving this game so far. Great pitching, good fielding (the Jeter catch), clutch hits and great baserunning, and burning through their bullpen. Even A-Rod gets tricky.
2006-08-02 18:24:33
195.   tommyl
189 192 We need to get Alex or someone to put it in the sidebar as the official BB shirt :). I like the year he took over, or the 99.
2006-08-02 18:24:52
196.   pistolpete
192 Special characters don't work - they have to be 0-9
2006-08-02 18:25:32
197.   randym77
Think Dotel will rejoin the team before the doubleheader with Boston? 11 pitchers doesn't seem like enough for that, especially when one of them is Ponson.
2006-08-02 18:25:34
198.   rbj
I'd take a $$. 6, even if it's 06, stays with Torre.
2006-08-02 18:26:02
199.   mikeplugh
Boston up 4-3, I just noticed.

I think a Cashman jersey with $$ instead of a number would be great.

2006-08-02 18:26:04
200.   tommyl
And Wang continues to deal.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-02 18:26:31
201.   pistolpete
Cashman took over in 98, btw - so the jersey would look as such:

2006-08-02 18:28:13
202.   rbj
201 That looks nice.
2006-08-02 18:28:30
203.   tommyl
201 I like it, I'd prefer the $$ but if that's not doable then 98 seems like a good idea.
2006-08-02 18:29:16
204.   singledd
It can't last but TB is up on Detroit 3-2.
KC is up on the ChiSox 3-2.
2006-08-02 18:29:30
205.   rbj
Let Ponson pitch the eighth? Trot him out for the ninth, with a good pitcher standing by in case he gets in trouble?
2006-08-02 18:30:13
206.   BklynBmr
F the Boston game. Tampa goes ahead of the Tigers. That's who I'm gunnin' for ;-)
2006-08-02 18:30:33
207.   pistolpete
205 Seems like a good idea...
2006-08-02 18:31:22
208.   tommyl
Wow, I mean wow, Wang is really, really good.
2006-08-02 18:31:24
209.   BklynBmr
Wow! Sweet play by Cap!
2006-08-02 18:31:36
210.   pistolpete
Oof - JUST beat him with the throw.
2006-08-02 18:31:59
211.   eephus
201 et al, I really like this idea. Though, as an alternative, I see they still have the "Chacon 39" shirt available... tempting!
2006-08-02 18:32:18
212.   tommyl
204 And Minnie already lost today.
2006-08-02 18:32:40
213.   mikeplugh
13-4 GO/AO for Wang and another shutout in the works. Talk about hitting your stride. Do you think he gets the 8th with only 91 pitches so far? I give it to him and rest the pen.
2006-08-02 18:33:01
214.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wow... Wang at 88 pitch... he could actually do a back to back complete game shut out... holy smokes
2006-08-02 18:33:27
215.   monkeypants
205 If Wang is around 90, I might even try to stretch him into the eigth for a batter or two, then to Ponson. Either way, with a (hopefully) seven run lead, they should be able to work Ponson a little--and with some luck close out the game.

Let's hope a few more runs make the decision easier.

2006-08-02 18:33:37
216.   tommyl
Wang at 91 pitches. Let him come out for the 8th? or say thank you Tiger?
2006-08-02 18:33:47
217.   singledd
I Sorry...
Cashman's 'number' has to be '$'.
2006-08-02 18:34:07
218.   Yu-Hsing Chen
he's definately going to pitch the 8th... maybe even the 9th ... 100+ pitch in 9 inning is not overworking
2006-08-02 18:34:22
219.   tommyl
How many scoreless innings did Wang have coming into the last shutout? Curious what he's at right now.
2006-08-02 18:35:07
220.   singledd
Lets be honest. I am getting REALLY sick of Kate Smith. Lets save sonmething for the next attack.
2006-08-02 18:36:11
221.   pistolpete
217 If you can find somewhere to have the double dollar sign as a number on a jersey, be my guest. But the official MLB shop only allows numbers on their shirts...
2006-08-02 18:36:14
222.   eephus
I don't think I'd let Wang pitch the 8th -- only because of the heat... it's really rough out there. Though it certainly doesn't seem to be bothering him.
2006-08-02 18:36:17
223.   tommyl
If my numbers are correct Wang is at 17 scoreless right now.
2006-08-02 18:37:25
224.   monkeypants
220 Agreed. I am awfully patriotic, but at some point you need to return to normal. I went to a game in Cinci three years ago and they had stopped playing God Bless America at the stretch. It was so refreshing and in a hokey way comforting to just hear Take Me out to the Ballgame.
2006-08-02 18:37:48
225.   tommyl
223 Maybe more actually. Depends when that run scored in the 5th two games ago.
2006-08-02 18:38:38
226.   rbj
222 That's why I don't want Wang out there for the eighth. Save that little extra for October when we're going to need him pitching deep. (bullpen works Unit/Moose nights).
2006-08-02 18:38:49
227.   pistolpete
BTW, why on earth are they showing Cardinal/Phils on ESPN here in the NY area?

Anyone want to see this?

2006-08-02 18:40:49
228.   tommyl
227 Unlike Fox, ESPN usually just picks up one game at a time (and thankfully doesn't black out the rest). I think Cards/Phils is just the game they have tonight.
2006-08-02 18:43:47
229.   tommyl
Michaels doubles with one out off Timlin. Hafner up.
2006-08-02 18:43:51
230.   pistolpete
Nice, Jorge!

That play by a catcher never fails to impress me - gotta be one of the toughest throws an infielder can make..

2006-08-02 18:44:13
231.   BklynBmr
The heat and the tools of ignorance don't seem to be wearin' Jorgie down. Great pounce and throw!
2006-08-02 18:44:53
232.   rbj
227 So it's not just a midwest thang. I've got it too.
2006-08-02 18:44:55
233.   BklynBmr
Robbie who? ;-)
2006-08-02 18:45:26
234.   tommyl
Jesus, Wang is like the starting version of Mo. One pitch, here ya go, hit it.
2006-08-02 18:45:40
235.   bobtaco
221 You could order from here:

Buy a shirt with Cashman on the back with no number and then iron on your own "$"

2006-08-02 18:45:40
236.   singledd
We need to start taking Jorge out of these blowouts and getting him some rest. Wilson can always catch in an (unlikely) emergency.

It's awful hot be be squatting for 9 innings.

2006-08-02 18:46:49
237.   monkeypants
236 Good point.
2006-08-02 18:47:02
238.   tommyl
18+ scoreless for Wang. He is a machine.
2006-08-02 18:47:08
239.   AbbyNormal821
Wangy is the bomb-diggity!!!
2006-08-02 18:47:11
240.   BklynBmr
Tiger is the man...
2006-08-02 18:47:12
241.   SF Yanks
Hafner with a 2run homer
2006-08-02 18:47:29
242.   seamus
Wang is my hero! just wow! wow! wow!
2006-08-02 18:47:34
243.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
2006-08-02 18:47:35
244.   tommyl
And on cue, Hafner homers! Tribe retakes the lead!
2006-08-02 18:47:42
245.   AbbyNormal821
and YES! Cleveland leads! Homer from Hafner!!!
2006-08-02 18:47:42
246.   pistolpete
235 What? No one said anything about ironing! lol...
2006-08-02 18:48:08
247.   randym77
Given the heat and the score, I'm kind of surprised Joe hasn't started putting the scrubs in.
2006-08-02 18:48:28
248.   rbj
Hmm, Wang for Cy Young?
-Just Moose's luck.
2006-08-02 18:48:34
249.   singledd
Tribe scores 2.
5-4 Indians. Top of the 8th
2006-08-02 18:48:35
250.   BklynBmr
5-4 Tribe, not that I'm the least bit concerned...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-02 18:48:36
251.   seamus
244 he is just trying to give papi another shot.
2006-08-02 18:48:41
252.   Simone
Wang coming into his own. Will he finish?
2006-08-02 18:48:44
253.   mikeplugh
16-4 GO/AO is actually an obscenity. That's a 4-1 ratio. The best pitchers in the game post 2.5-1 ratios on the season, so this game was absolutely non-competetive from Toronto's POV. That's a good offensive ballclub too.

Wang is a flat out stud!

2006-08-02 18:50:10
254.   pistolpete
Not sure how anyone in the media can rate the Sox above the Yanks with that bullpen they've got (exception: Papelbon)...
2006-08-02 18:50:57
255.   marc
I wonder if there's any way Cleveland can hold a one run lead late. I haven't checked when Papi comes up but I'm getting my barf bag just in case
2006-08-02 18:51:07
256.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Knock on wood and all that, but:

I think that not only do we now have a much better team that Bawston, but that even without Shefsuibreu we were much better, so . . .

I want a 10 game lead by September. I want to blow the doors off Boston this month. I want them whimpering. I want the idiots at the Globe calling for Theo's scalp. I can taste it.

2006-08-02 18:51:53
257.   BklynBmr
254 You can't be sure of anyone in the media. Period.
2006-08-02 18:52:29
258.   randym77
I think Wang's done for the night. Villone warming.
2006-08-02 18:52:47
259.   AbbyNormal821
253 Speaking of studs...
Go DJ!
2006-08-02 18:53:27
260.   rbj
255 No, the Indians can't. Their bullpen was Wickman and garbage. And they got rid of Wickman.
2006-08-02 18:54:13
261.   monkeypants
258 If Ponson can't be used here, what use does he have?
2006-08-02 18:54:14
262.   randym77
I wonder what Wang and Melky are talking about? And what language are they speaking in?
2006-08-02 18:54:18
263.   tommyl
258 Makes sense, he's at 104 pitches and there's no need to trot him back out there. Let's just marvel at him, truly another masterpiece.
2006-08-02 18:55:09
264.   tommyl
Ortiz is up
2006-08-02 18:55:38
265.   marc
If we can go ahead by a game tonight maybe I'll look in at SoSH for some entertainment, but I haven't done that for over a year.
2006-08-02 18:55:43
266.   mikeplugh
Seems like Abreu is always 3-2. Downs at 47 pitches facing A-Rod.
2006-08-02 18:56:06
267.   eephus
Until tonight I still thought of Moose as the ace of the staff... consider me converted.
2006-08-02 18:56:24
268.   Simone
The Cards/Phillies are on ESPN. Let me tell you, it is much more fun watching Jeff Weaver stink up the joint when he is pitching for another team.
2006-08-02 18:56:43
269.   tommyl
2-2 on Ortiz
2006-08-02 18:56:45
270.   randym77
261 I'm wondering that myself.

Newsday says the Yanks don't feel comfortable with only 11 pitchers, and may call Beam up again when he's eligible. But I really don't want to see either Beam or Ponson on the mound unless we're leading by, say, 30 runs. :-P

2006-08-02 18:56:49
271.   seamus
261 actually, i'd rather save ponson in case lidle gets knocked out early.
2006-08-02 18:57:19
272.   tommyl
Ortiz strikes out!
2006-08-02 18:57:40
273.   pistolpete
Wow, 4 K's for Papi!
2006-08-02 18:57:43
274.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Papi with 4ks . . . msn if that was A-Rod . . .
2006-08-02 18:57:46
275.   tommyl
Wow, Vernon Wells is really good. That was scorched.
2006-08-02 18:57:54
276.   marc
K to Papi, now Manny to get by
2006-08-02 18:58:13
277.   tommyl
274 msn?
2006-08-02 18:58:31
278.   RIYank
Clutch strikeout by Ortiz.
Papelbon warming even down one going into the ninth. Hm, Tito's been reading (or listening to Theo?)
2006-08-02 18:58:50
279.   tommyl
ChiSox still down as well.
2006-08-02 18:59:01
280.   AbbyNormal821
274 Let's see if ESPN rags on him for their entire show tonight over that!
2006-08-02 18:59:29
281.   RIYank
Manny lines out to CF on an 0-2 pitch.
Two down in the eighth...
2006-08-02 18:59:39
282.   monkeypants
271 But if they save the BP, use Ponson tonight, and Lidle gets rocked, they can go to real relief pithcers early. I'd rather see them try to win games where the starter falters, than throw gasoline (Ponson, Wilson) on the fire.
2006-08-02 18:59:57
283.   BklynBmr
275 As Steve Phillps exhales...
2006-08-02 19:00:38
284.   rbj
271 Good point. Lidle isn't going to finish the game tomorrow, it's a day game, 90+ degree heat. Let Ponson pitch two innings, he could stand to lose some weight.
2006-08-02 19:01:07
285.   RIYank
Popout, going to the ninth in Fenway.
2006-08-02 19:01:09
286.   seamus
282 Ponson can go long innings since he is a starter. If we fall far behind we don't want to burn lots of innings on Villone et al.
2006-08-02 19:01:17
287.   pistolpete
The difference with Ortiz is ESPN will spend 30 seconds on it and move on - with A-Rod, they'd have to play about 10 minutes worth of footage of Alex swinging and missing, zoom in on his face as he grimaces, show his RISP average on the screen, bring out Kruk & Philips & anyone else in the back room who wants to trash him.
2006-08-02 19:02:07
288.   pistolpete
281 HUH? Yahoo Gamechannel has Manny hitting a single to center...
2006-08-02 19:02:12
289.   monkeypants
271, 282 As a follow up, having a lefty specialist who faces only one batter is silly enough. But does this use of Ponson mean that Yankees must now carry a use-only-when-your-fifth-starter-gets shelled-before-the fifth-inning guy?
2006-08-02 19:02:40
290.   tommyl
283 huh? Lost me on that one.
2006-08-02 19:03:46
291.   seamus
289 he is a long innings guy. handy when randy, wright, or lidle gets knockd out early. Very nice to have even if it seems a waste on other days.
2006-08-02 19:04:11
292.   randym77
Villone's not looking that great.

And one scrub's in. Bubba in CF for Damon.

2006-08-02 19:04:14
293.   RIYank
Everyday Ron Villone.
Yeah, I'd rather see Wilson here.
2006-08-02 19:04:15
294.   monkeypants
286 He can go long innings and suck. But if you don't use Proctor or Villone or Farnsworth in games like this, you can use them all in a game when the starter is knocked out early. Same number of innings, but more strategic use of the BP, in my opinion.
2006-08-02 19:04:32
295.   AbbyNormal821
Come on now, Ronnie!
2006-08-02 19:04:41
296.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
277 "man"
2006-08-02 19:04:53
297.   BklynBmr
290 The last thing Steve Phillips wants to see is A-Rod succeed, hence his exhale...
2006-08-02 19:05:38
298.   AbbyNormal821
2006-08-02 19:05:44
299.   tommyl
Sh#t. Pull Villone. Pull him now.
2006-08-02 19:05:52
300.   marc
Please Cleveland, a little insurance
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-02 19:06:20
301.   tommyl
297 ahhhh, I thought it was a Wells reference and was trying to figure out how Steve Phillips messed up with Wells :).
2006-08-02 19:06:29
302.   monkeypants
Hmmm...please let them not burn Rivera, etc. tonight.
2006-08-02 19:06:46
303.   pistolpete
God damn it - VIllone just pitched last night - why wasn't someone like Myers in?
2006-08-02 19:07:10
304.   randym77
Myers is warming. I think they'll pull Villone ASAP.
2006-08-02 19:07:21
305.   Yu-Hsing Chen
It appeares that Villone is now the new Sturtze / Quantrill/Proctor...
2006-08-02 19:07:39
306.   seamus
304 myers would be good here.
2006-08-02 19:07:50
307.   AbbyNormal821
Poor Wang-man. I wanted the shutout for him!

Nice strikeout, Villone

2006-08-02 19:07:53
308.   JeremyM
Just 2 runs, still a 5 run lead, it's all good.
2006-08-02 19:07:59
309.   monkeypants
299 Ah, but pull him for whom? Do they save Ponson for the Lidle start? Go right to Rivera?
2006-08-02 19:09:30
310.   Simone
I'm just relieved that there is a huge lead for Villone.
2006-08-02 19:10:08
311.   Cliff Corcoran
I love that you guys are running with this Cashman jersey thing. But as the impetus for all this I have to say the number should be "06" because this is the year he's taken over. I don't like the dollar signs because that just feeds the "buying a championship" monster, and I have no issue with 06 vs. Torre's 6, they're different numbers and look very different on a jersey.

Of course, if you want a Bronx Banter calling card shirt, you could always get "Bronx Banter" as the name and 88 as the number (looks kinda like BB), or better yet 02 which is when Alex started this blog. We certainly wouldn't mind the free (for us) publicity.

2006-08-02 19:10:20
312.   rsmith51
This doesn't seem to be the brightest use of the bullpen.
2006-08-02 19:10:29
313.   singledd
KC scores 2... up 5-2 on ChiSox in the 7th.
2006-08-02 19:11:55
314.   tommyl
309 Myers maybe? I was about to say trot Beam out but then I remembered we're down to 11. It was a panic post, move along.
2006-08-02 19:11:58
315.   RIYank
309 Mo if, but only if, the tying run is in the hole.

Tribe goes down passively to Papelbon, they go to the bottom of the ninth. But Papi won't bat. Well, he could in principle -- he'd be the sixth batter of the inning, so it would be tied with the bases loaded.

2006-08-02 19:12:06
316.   AbbyNormal821
313 ...and Papelbooger just retired the side in Boston.

Note to NOT let Boston score in the bottom of the 9th!

2006-08-02 19:12:36
317.   Ron Burgundy
What a coincidence, I log back on and we win...
2006-08-02 19:12:37
318.   rsmith51
On the radio today in Chicago, they were all excited about how well Buhrlehe(sp?) pitched yesterday.

Of course, it was against KC.

2006-08-02 19:12:41
319.   singledd
311... but the guy's name in CASHman, and now he is money. Who cares what non-BB'ers think.
2006-08-02 19:12:42
320.   randym77
Yankees win!
2006-08-02 19:13:13
321.   tommyl
311 Cliff I down with all of those ideas. It'd be fun and the shirts aren't too expensive.
2006-08-02 19:13:27
322.   mikeplugh
Bottom of the 9th in Boston. Yanks up a half game, looking to make it 1 full in the standings. Go Tribe.
2006-08-02 19:13:31
323.   Simone
Yeah, Yankees win!!!
2006-08-02 19:13:32
324.   seamus
ok, the 4.8 ERA closer is in for Cleveland!


2006-08-02 19:13:33
325.   AbbyNormal821
...this Carmona pitcher, didn't he blow the save the other night by giving up that walk-off to Papi (who by the way, has struck out 4 times tonight...I know we already discussed it, but it's just SO much fun to repeat that fact!!!) ;-P
2006-08-02 19:14:13
326.   monkeypants
OK, tomorrow is the dreaded house money game AND day game after a night game. I would love it if Torre had the balls to do what Goldman suggests, and start Wilson at C (Fasano could be subbed in for D late in the game).
2006-08-02 19:14:14
327.   pistolpete
Oh NO: It's this Carmona guy again. Eric Wedge truly hates the Yankees.
2006-08-02 19:14:35
328.   JeremyM
Man, Wang has just been sick. Thank God they've hung onto him, what a pitcher.
2006-08-02 19:14:42
329.   rsmith51
315 Not necessarily, out, out, walk, walk, walk, Papi.

Tribe still lead. Not that I am predicting anything.

2006-08-02 19:15:17
330.   tommyl
1 down
2006-08-02 19:15:53
331.   tommyl
If Cleveland wins, I hope ESPN leads with Papi striking out over and over and over and over again :)
2006-08-02 19:15:58
332.   mikeplugh
1 down....
2006-08-02 19:16:13
333.   marc
Did I hear the Boston announcer say Cleveland had no one in the bullpen with a save? Is that possible, I guess they traded away the guy with all the saves.
2006-08-02 19:16:58
334.   Simone
Game highlights on ESPNews. I just saw A-Rod's slick move when he slid. Great stuff there.
2006-08-02 19:17:03
335.   tommyl
Wow, ESPNnews just showed 2 A-Rod hits and the slide.
2006-08-02 19:17:19
336.   pistolpete
OMG, 2 away! 2 K's!!!
2006-08-02 19:17:28
337.   RIYank
2 down in Fenway.
This can't be the same closer. What happened?

It's up to Mirabelli. (Oooh, I like the sound of that phrase. Let's hope we hear it over and over again in the weeks to come.)

2006-08-02 19:17:35
338.   tommyl
2 down
2006-08-02 19:17:42
339.   mikeplugh
2 down swinging!
2006-08-02 19:18:14
340.   pistolpete
ESPNews just shows highlights - thank goodness. No stupid commentary.
2006-08-02 19:18:52
341.   marc
please, one more out. Mirabelli's hit some deep on us
2006-08-02 19:19:09
342.   tommyl
2-2 on Mirabelli
2006-08-02 19:19:42
343.   rabid stan
Don't walk Mirabelli, kid. If you can throw 99 into a refrigerator from the mound, you can get that guy out.
2006-08-02 19:20:29
344.   JeremyM
Shouldn't Mirabelli get temporary custody of the C? Or did it go to Huckaby (didn't the Beach Boys sing a song about him? Huckaby, Huckaby-- Oh my darlin Huckaby?)
2006-08-02 19:20:41
345.   rsmith51
What was that? Are they ever going to get a save?
2006-08-02 19:20:43
346.   tommyl
Sh#t. Mirabelli HBP. Please stop trotting this guy out Eric
2006-08-02 19:20:49
347.   RIYank
Carmona hits Mirabelli full count. So here comes Gonzo. I'm okay with that.
2006-08-02 19:21:12
348.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
He hits a guy hitting .185? &^#$%^%^$%^&#$%!@$!@#$^$%&$%&$%
2006-08-02 19:21:26
349.   pistolpete
Oh crap, here we go. Time for the #9 guy to hit one out and win it...
2006-08-02 19:21:29
350.   rsmith51
Another walk off job and I will be sick.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-02 19:21:52
351.   JeremyM
Aw crap, Gonzalez has had a couple big knocks in his career. Not over yet.
2006-08-02 19:21:52
352.   RIYank
Christ, he hits Gonzales too. Unbelievable.
2006-08-02 19:21:57
353.   tommyl
Ugh, Cleveland is going to lose this game. They suck. What a joke of a team.
2006-08-02 19:22:16
354.   rabid stan
My God.
2006-08-02 19:22:19
355.   Ron Burgundy
I hate Carmona...
2006-08-02 19:22:23
356.   AbbyNormal821
carmona hits 2 batters...what the F***K?
2006-08-02 19:22:29
357.   BklynBmr
Don't worry, Carmona is just f'n with 'em...
2006-08-02 19:22:31
358.   pistolpete
Hits Gonzalez too - break out your Pepto.
2006-08-02 19:22:47
359.   mikeplugh
Are you serious with this shit?
2006-08-02 19:23:11
360.   marc
what the fuk i sths guy going to do, hit everyone till Boston wins
2006-08-02 19:23:12
361.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Maybe Theo traded for this guy and just left him in a Cleveland uni? Sneaky. Very Sneaky.
2006-08-02 19:23:27
362.   AbbyNormal821
Let's hope "Youklis" is Greek for Strikes Out!
2006-08-02 19:23:27
363.   RIYank
Youkilis in a walk-off situation. Outfield moves in.
2006-08-02 19:23:39
364.   Simone
LOL! Come on, like you didn't see this coming?
2006-08-02 19:24:11
365.   eephus
357 Either that, or he has some serious money on this game.
2006-08-02 19:24:17
366.   SF Yanks
What the F... is going on?
2006-08-02 19:24:23
367.   AbbyNormal821
Damn you, Game Day and you're freakin' time delay! Get someone who types faster!!!
2006-08-02 19:24:41
368.   tommyl
Carmona just doesn't yet seem to have the makeup of a closer. He looks panicked out there. Maybe he'll improve with time, but come on. This is setting up btw for a Ortiz walk off.
2006-08-02 19:24:50
369.   seamus
he is going to walk him! what crap
2006-08-02 19:25:13
370.   AbbyNormal821
who the hell else can they bring in? he's about to load 'em up!
2006-08-02 19:25:19
371.   Ron Burgundy
364 Yes we did...
Seriously, he can't get Mirabelli and Gonzales out? What the hell?

Oh, good, 3-1 on Youk...

2006-08-02 19:25:28
372.   RIYank
He walks Youk.
If I weren't so confident that the Yanks were going to win forty five more games, I'd be upset.
2006-08-02 19:25:34
373.   marc
doesn't putting this guy out there violate some baseball rule about having to try.
2006-08-02 19:25:44
374.   tommyl
Carmona is awful, awful, awful.
2006-08-02 19:25:52
375.   pistolpete
Why does it seem like they're in a position EVERY DAMN NIGHT to win a walkoff?!!!
2006-08-02 19:25:55
376.   monkeypants
Naw, it will be more torturous. A couple more walks, or an error, so that somehow Ortiz will come up with the game on the line.
2006-08-02 19:26:00
377.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
We should've loan the Tribe J. Brent Cox for this series. We'd be 2 games up.
2006-08-02 19:26:11
378.   mikeplugh
Bases full for Loretta. This is sickening.
2006-08-02 19:26:11
379.   rsmith51
2006-08-02 19:26:19
380.   rabid stan
This is pretty funny, actually.
2006-08-02 19:26:38
381.   AbbyNormal821
i'm going to vomit!
2006-08-02 19:26:43
382.   Max
Carmona has "Red Sox Bitch" tattooed on his butt...
2006-08-02 19:26:43
383.   JeremyM
This is nuts. Oh well, it'll still be tied unless the hitter gets himself out on a fluke. Wouldn't be shocked to see two wild pitches though.
2006-08-02 19:27:09
384.   rsmith51
AApparently Papi is 7th of the inning. I think they need to find another closer. They are killing the Yanks.
2006-08-02 19:27:10
385.   tommyl
He is going to walk Loretta to tie the game, then Ortiz will get the walkoff and ESPN will show it over and over and over and over again.
2006-08-02 19:27:17
386.   JeremyM
I mean the division will still be tied, the game will be over.
2006-08-02 19:27:24
387.   RIYank
Loretta gets a chance.
Of course, if he walks...
I can't say it.

Kapler is pinch running at third, though at this point it doesn't matter. In for Mirabelli. One thing that means is that if it goes to extras (which would mean Ortiz makes an out, unthinkable), the BoSox have to bring in their AA catcher.

2006-08-02 19:27:29
388.   mikeplugh
Ball one....
2006-08-02 19:27:33
389.   pistolpete
C'mon, just LOSE ALREADY.
2006-08-02 19:27:41
390.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
383 I'd rather see 2 wild pitches than another Papi special.
2006-08-02 19:27:48
391.   seamus
i turned off the gameday. cannot watch that crap!

yay Yankees!

2006-08-02 19:27:48
392.   RIYank
Loretta hits it off the wall, Boston wins.
2006-08-02 19:27:58
393.   eephus
You really do just have to laugh. Although after this, I see the Sox play Tampa and Kansas City. Sheesh!
2006-08-02 19:28:01
394.   rsmith51
2006-08-02 19:28:02
395.   singledd


2006-08-02 19:28:04
396.   tommyl
There we go, at least it wasn't Ortiz. Man the Indians suck, that's awful.
2006-08-02 19:28:19
397.   monkeypants
375 Because they are losing every night. The more amazing thing is how it seesm so rigged for Ortiz to come up seemingly every night in the ninth.
2006-08-02 19:28:25
398.   phee
2006-08-02 19:28:43
399.   mikeplugh
Unreal. Fuck Boston.
2006-08-02 19:28:48
400.   AbbyNormal821
Carmona is a dumb-ass!
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-02 19:28:53
401.   pistolpete
2006-08-02 19:28:58
402.   rsmith51
Eric Wedge, you suck.
2006-08-02 19:29:29
403.   Bama Yankee
Crap-mona, what a joke...
2006-08-02 19:29:35
404.   AbbyNormal821
382 LOL!!!
2006-08-02 19:29:38
405.   JeremyM
Man, I knew it was too good to be true that Boston would lose that, but damn. Oh well, Yanks need to take care of business and they did tonight, who cares about the Sox.
2006-08-02 19:29:58
406.   tommyl
The ESPN headline should be: Boston wins despite Ortiz's struggles. Steve Phillips will join us later to discuss why the Sox should put him on waivers.
2006-08-02 19:29:59
407.   randym77
Arrrgghhhh. How do they always do that?
2006-08-02 19:30:11
408.   mikeplugh
Wagner about to blow another one to the Fish.
2006-08-02 19:30:13
409.   rabid stan
Wow. This kid seriously just swung the division race two games.

He may not be done yet, either. There's still tomorrow.

2006-08-02 19:30:33
410.   Ron Burgundy
DIAF Carmona.
As a matter of fact, DIAF Indians.
2006-08-02 19:30:48
411.   RIYank
I guess Carmona has definitely failed the closer auditions. Is that fair to say?
2006-08-02 19:30:58
412.   seamus
well, wang is 26 and i hope he is a yankee for a long time!
2006-08-02 19:31:18
413.   Alvaro Espinoza
So let's see - Tribe had lead in 9th inning of all 3 games and only won one.
2006-08-02 19:31:41
414.   pistolpete
It's pretty sad that we're now measuring Boston victories in terms of whether Ortiz is the direct cause or not...

Jesus, can they play a real team with a freakin' bullpen?!

2006-08-02 19:31:46
415.   Simone
What a surprise. Not. The Indians just suck.

This stupid woman on ESPNews says the Yankees were making a run at the Red Sox that had an incredible finish. Aren't the Yankees in the lead? How do they take a run at the team behind them?

2006-08-02 19:32:33
416.   Ron Burgundy
409 If we actually lose this division, and it's by 2 games or less, I'm hiring a hit-man.
2006-08-02 19:32:53
417.   RIYank
409 I am guessing -- now this is just a guess -- that Carmona will not close tomorrow.
2006-08-02 19:32:53
418.   Max
Anyone have flashbacks to BK Kim after seeing Carmona the last few days?
2006-08-02 19:33:03
419.   tommyl
414 Glass is always half full ;)
2006-08-02 19:33:41
420.   Bama Yankee
Boy that single A catcher the Indians got from Atlanta for Wickman must be some prospect...
2006-08-02 19:33:57
421.   Simone
The Yankees just need to win their games and all will be well.
2006-08-02 19:35:08
422.   Simone
420 So that is where Wickman went? The Indians deserve their fate. They aren't even as good or as fun as the Indians team in Major League.
2006-08-02 19:35:27
423.   tommyl
Ok, going to watch regular TV. pistolpete if you get the shirt thing together, try to let us all know. Great game all!
2006-08-02 19:35:35
424.   marc
That SOB Wedge, If we face them is there a way one of our pitchers could accidentally drill a fastball into the dugout at Wedges head
2006-08-02 19:35:43
425.   rabid stan
418 BK Kim was pretty good. That's how awesome those games were.

I made the comparison two days ago, but to reiterate: The Indians having Carmona close, a guy who has only converted 54% of his career save opportunities, would be like the Yanks using TJ Beam.

Have some respect for Kim and his frisbees.

2006-08-02 19:36:11
426.   pistolpete
415 Argghhh - no media outlet will ever admit the Yankees are actually in first until there's at least a half game separation. Even last season, when it was determined that NY had taken the title because of the season matchup record, a lot of sites still listed Boston first.
2006-08-02 19:36:39
427.   Bama Yankee
422 They could of used Charlie Sheen tonight...
2006-08-02 19:37:02
428.   pistolpete
423 Just follow the link - if we all agree on a number, I'd say just go buy it & wear it proudly to the Stadium!
2006-08-02 19:37:11
429.   BklynBmr
Yo. Listen to Cap about being in first place:

"The only thing it means is that we don't have to worry about another team," said Derek Jeter. "If we play the best in the division we win it."

'nuff said. Now four words:

Cor-ey Lid-le

2006-08-02 19:38:52
430.   Bama Yankee
427 Heck, they could have used Martin Sheen tonight...
2006-08-02 19:39:38
431.   Yu-Hsing Chen
you suck Indians... time to get Charlie Sheen to close for ya...
2006-08-02 19:40:00
432.   randym77
Well, Craig Wilson looked good on offense and defense. Joe says he's going to start him again tomorrow. (Against a righty!)

Andy's job could be in the line.

2006-08-02 19:40:27
433.   Ron Burgundy
427 His eliminator would've eliminated the amazing Kevin Youkillis. Ha-Ha, I am laughing really hard right now because of that joke I said.
2006-08-02 19:41:09
434.   RIYank
425 Used to be 54%. Must be lower than that now.

Hah, the Yanks were watching the Boston game in the clubhouse.

2006-08-02 19:41:23
435.   AbbyNormal821
431...Cripes! Even Corbin Bersen could probably pitch better!
2006-08-02 19:46:24
436.   RIYank
With two out he hit two guys (horrible hitters) and walked a third. I still can't believe it.

You know what the win expectancy is with two outs, bases empty, last of the ninth, down a run? About 3.6%. And that's with average hitters coming up, not Doug Mirabelli and Alex Gonzales.

2006-08-02 19:46:40
437.   BklynBmr
432 Andy who?
2006-08-02 19:46:45
438.   rabid stan
434 True. And I'm probably disrespting Beam too. Carmona is a guy who struggled in the minors. At least TJ can get those guys..
2006-08-02 19:48:55
439.   Simone
432 Good. I don't want Phillips on the Yankees in any role, period.
2006-08-02 19:51:50
440.   marc
Waldman says the whole team was watching the Boston game at the end. I hope nobody punched the wall and broke their hand. If it was infuriating to us those guys must be thinking how the hell we gonna get some distance if there's three teams playing against us each night. I wonder how much Wedge's royalty check was for. I'm getting sick of hearing how Boston battled back. If someone drives up in a stretch limo and hands you something you didn't goddam battle for it.
2006-08-02 19:53:50
441.   dpmurphy
"With two out he hit two guys (horrible hitters) and walked a third. I still can't believe it."

Not that hitting him wasn't the worse thing possible, but agon's hitting 285. That's not horrible.

2006-08-02 19:54:37
442.   BklynBmr
The Indians are a horrible team. Boston is not. What happened tonight was supposed to happen, whether Boston scored all their runs in the first and hung on, or scored them of all in 9th. Over 27 outs, Boston is odds on to beat Cleveland any night of the week.

Here's hoping the Yanks do the same with teams we are supposed to beat. Help is always nice, but I never count on it nor am I disappointed when it does not materalize.

This thing is now officially ours for the taking. If we finish one game out and miss the post-season, the last guy I'm pointing the finger at is Carmona.

2006-08-02 19:54:59
443.   RIYank
Yeah, that was some serious battling.
How much credit can you give batters for being hit by a 'closer' with no control? Mannikins would have gotten on base.
2006-08-02 19:56:52
444.   Peter
I noticed during the postgame interview that Dotel's name is hanging above Wilson's locker.
2006-08-02 19:58:13
445.   RIYank
441 Hm, good point. A-Gon had a hellacious July. I'd forgotten about that.

Cleveland is not a horrible team. They're just mediocre. But they do have a horrible bullpen.

Hey, let's stop talking about the Red Sox! How 'bout that Chien-Ming?

2006-08-02 20:00:09
446.   rabid stan
441 Enjoying the high-wire act with the Tribe? Maybe you can relax against the Rays, the Royals, and the Orioles. 9 games against the dregs of the AL. All that's missing is the Mariners, and they gave the Sox a hard time last month.
2006-08-02 20:01:28
447.   seamus
love this progression for Wang

April - 4.80 ERA
May - 4.28 ERA
June - 3.19 ERA
July - 3.03 ERA
August so far - 0.00 ERA

and line for last two games:

17 IP, 6 H, 5 BB, 0 ER, 4 K


2006-08-02 20:02:07
448.   marc
I assume it was mentioned here earlier but Sheff supposedly interested in playing first if appropriate. What a line up with Giambi DH and Arod, Sheff Abreau etc. all in the line-up, with a hopefully effective Matsui and Cano in there also. That seems like an unbelievable dream line-up
2006-08-02 20:03:34
449.   randym77
Tiger's looking good these days. Last year, and even early this year, if he had a bad inning, he sometimes wouldn't recover. Now he does. Even when he doesn't have his best stuff, he can win.

And no one thought he'd amount to much. The Yanks let him pitch in the Olympics. (Hell will freeze over before they let Hughes do that.) The Diamondbacks didn't want him. Heck, probably the only reason we still have him is a lot of other teams didn't want him.

I guess scouts don't know everything.

2006-08-02 20:05:37
450.   BklynBmr
449 D'Backs had no use for Cano, either. Go figure...
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-02 20:09:17
451.   BklynBmr
Earthquake in San Fran! Details to follow...
2006-08-02 20:10:07
452.   RIYank
What do you guys mean about the D'backs?
Oh, what they asked for in the Johnson trade?
2006-08-02 20:11:02
453.   rabid stan
I can't remember who asked, but CMW's scoreless inning streak sits at 18 now.

The last runs he gave up were back in Canada, 2 runs in the fifth. He went on to pitch a scoreless sixth before being lifted for Everyday Scotty Proctor.

2006-08-02 20:14:39
454.   BklynBmr
452 Yes, the first attempted trade for Johnson in '04. If memory serves correct: Wang, Cano and Navarro where offered at somepoint. Or maybe Vasquez, Cano and Navarro, but I recall Arizona balking at our prospects. I'm sure someone here can clarify, but the D'Backs poo-poo'd Wang and Cano...
2006-08-02 20:18:51
455.   SF Yanks
Earthquake here in SF. About a 4.5 Nothing too big.
2006-08-02 20:19:26
456.   BklynBmr
451 Ahhh, nothing to worry about. A 4.7, light by California standards — unless of course that was a pre-shock '-p

More info here for tectonic plate movement junkies:

2006-08-02 20:19:50
457.   seamus
chacon is starting for pittsburgh tomorrow.

I always pulled for him but he clearly had to go, but I'll continue pulling for him with Pittsburgh.

2006-08-02 20:23:17
458.   rabid stan
Hey, since he already beat the Yankees, is Marcum no longer a carrier of URP Syndrome?
2006-08-02 20:29:48
459.   BklynBmr
455 No one gives a sh*t. We're on our own ;-)
2006-08-02 20:35:29
460.   SF Yanks
459 Apparently. See if we care about a tornado in the East. Unlikely but hey.
2006-08-02 20:42:40
461.   tommyl
453 I think it has to be a bit more than that, since he at least got the last out in the 5th before giving up the run, right? Maybe 18 1/3? Whatever the details, truly amazing.
2006-08-02 20:43:28
462.   Jen
29 I was sitting 4 seats away from the guy, to his left (I was the short, wide, woman with glasses and my sleeves rolled up.)

We gave him shit for letting Rios catch the ball.

2006-08-02 20:47:50
463.   BklynBmr
Bristol Bias; Vol. XXMI No. XVII Headline:

• Wang dazzles Jays; Yankees keep pace with Red Sox

Keep pace? Let's see. Yanks begin day in first place. Defeat Jays before Sox games ends. Technically up .5 games at that point. But, wait. 45 minutes later, Sox win to hold their position, but it is the Yanks we are keeping pace.

I'm sure the editorial wizard who OK'd that will be on BBT any day now...

2006-08-02 20:54:40
464.   tommyl
Ugh, ESPN is showing a music video with every one of Boston's walkoff hits this year. Why do I even bother?

At least they give A-Rod some props for the slide.

2006-08-02 21:04:43
465.   bobtaco
455 456 Wow, it must have been closer to the East Bay because it felt like it was right under my house. It certainly got my blood pumping. I hope that is it for tonight.
2006-08-02 21:24:37
466.   BklynBmr
465 Epicenter was Glen Ellen, one click north of Sonoma up Highway 12. First report was a 4.7, downgraded to a 4.4. I'm in southwest SF, near Lake Merced and the beach. We had a rolling motion that lasted about 10 seconds, that was it. Our dog didn't even get up ;-)

The first few seconds did get your attention, though...

2006-08-02 21:59:56
467.   Stormer Sports

I am down in LA. I was hoping we could get through the crazy weather without a quake. I have only been out here from NY for a few years, so I haven't adopted the California devil-may-care attidute towards eathquakes. I still have more of a holy-shit-I'm-going-to-die attidude. The only weather that could kill you where I'm from Upstate is a one in a million lightning hit, which coincidentially just happened to a colleague of my mother this past week in a rain shelter while playing the 10th hole. You never think you'll actually know someone struck and killed by lightning, but never say never I guess. I always suspected those little brown huts offered no protection.

What a great few days for the Yankees. It would be nice if Boston would lose once in a while, but oh well. Great chemistry in the dugout, Alex playing just flat out hard right now (What, does he just enjoy hot weather?), great pitching from our Ace, Wang. We went from having to get by on a shoestring and a prayer, to having a stacked bench (assuming Mats and/or Sheff come back). If Lidle has a decent start and, I can't believe I am saying this, Pavano comes back, watch out fellas, that would be some kind of dominating roster.

2006-08-02 22:29:29
468.   KBT
A little late on this, but I'm starting an "I hate Eric Wedge" blog. Anyone interested? Why the hell isn't Betancourt the closer over there? Shit, why don't we have Betancourt?
2006-08-03 03:24:42
469.   randym77
454 Yes, it was Wang and Cano. We offered both of them as part of the Randy Johnson trade. And the Diamondbacks didn't want either of them.

Luckily for us!

2006-08-03 05:03:55
470.   rbj
Wow Jen, that's gotta be the longest break between posts here 462 to 29.
Glad you gave him grief.
2006-08-03 06:48:49
471.   randym77
462 Jen, is this you?

Yesterday's game was still on the Tivo. That was the best screen shot I could get. If that's you.

2006-08-03 07:19:37
472.   KBT
The guy on the bottom left looks like he's doing the Merengue.
2006-08-03 07:21:11
473.   C2Coke
471 Man...randym77, you are good!
2006-08-03 07:58:38
474.   Jen
No, I'm to the right, just off the screen. I watched to replay last night. You can see me covering my head as the ball is coming down. I had on a blue Williams shirt, sleeves rolled up, big fat arms, curly dark hair in a pony tail.
2006-08-03 07:59:53
475.   Jen
Nice screen grab, btw. I like the kid with the pretzel hanging out of his mouth (behind the kid in the yellow shirt)
2006-08-03 08:15:45
476.   randym77
Okay, I think I got it:
(Right on the right edge of the frame)

2006-08-03 08:25:14
477.   Jen
Yup, that's me. Thanks randym!

If I didn't get thwacked in the head on Opening Day, I might not have been so gun shy.

2006-08-03 08:33:47
478.   randym77
Great seat.

I'd probably end up getting thwacked, too. I tend to get easily distracted. Deadly in the foul ball zone.

2006-08-03 09:46:33
479.   rbj
Ya know, Jen, you probably could have done something to, ah, distract the fielder


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