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Win Win
2006-07-30 12:08
by Alex Belth

The Yankees rebounded on Sunday and defeated the D-Rays 4-2, on the strength of a solid performance from Mike Mussina and key hits by Johnny Damon and Derek Jeter (Hmmm, solo dingers in the upper deck: them bitches come in handy). Damon jerked two solo bombs into the upper deck in right field, one in the fifth, another in the seventh; Jeter added a two-run double. But the biggest news on an unbearably hot Sunday in July involves Bobby Abreu. Abreu and starting pitcher Corey Lidle are coming to New York. ESPN reported the deal early in the game and the Yankees made it official with two out in the bottom of the ninth and Mariano Rivera on the mound. According to John Heyman, the Yankees will send minor leaguers C.J. Henry (the Yankees' number one pick in 2005, reliever Matt Smith, catcher Jesus Sanchez and right-hander Carlos Monasterios. The postgame show on YES reports that the Yanks will send a total of four minor leaguers to Philly, no names as of yet. Abreu is signed through 2007 and has an option for 2008, but the Yankees will not have to pick-up that option, a huge plus for New York.

I've long appreciated Abreu's wide variety of skills, and though he has underachieved for the better part of the last calendar yet, and has a reputation in some quarters as something less than a gamer, I will be excited to see him in pinstripes. This is the guy that BP's Rany Jazayerli pronounced as one the most underrated players in baseball at the begining of 2005. He's not going to be asked to be the team's best player. Perhaps he'll fit right in. He is a better defensive right fielder than anything the Yanks have got. Offensively, he is exceedingly patient and a high-percentage base stealer to boot. I don't have much of a gut feeling as to how he'll do in New York--I could see him going David Justice or Raul Mondesi--but I'm looking forward to finding out. I suppose this spells the end for either Aaron Guiel or Bubba Crosby. It will surely impact the Yankee future of Gary Sheffield.

Over at ESPN, Keith Law opines:

Bobby Abreu may or may not have lost his power -- I think it's overblown, as he's still on pace for 40-plus doubles and doesn't look like he's lost bat speed or raw strength -- but he's still one of the best offensive players in the game. He's about to post his eighth straight 100-walk season and has the fifth-best OBP in the game. The Yankees have been running a Bernie Williams/Aaron Guiel platoon out in left, and while Guiel has hit a few homers since he came to the Bronx, he's still a four-A player who has no place on a contending club's roster. Even if Abreu's home run total remains low, he's worth two extra wins to the Yankees if he takes at-bats away from Bernie and Guiel, and more if his home-run power comes back.

Cory Lidle is a finesse right-hander with excellent control who will probably struggle to be a league-average starter in the American League at this point, but he is an enormous improvement over Sidney Ponson, Kris Wilson and Aaron Small -- whom the Yanks have employed as fifth starters this year. Lidle's best pitch is a splitter, but his fastball is a tick below average so he has to have good command to be effective and keep the ball out of the seats. Since the guys he's replacing have been so bad, he's still a one-to-two-win upgrade for the balance of the season, making this one of the biggest impact deals any club will make this month.

As for the game, Mike Mussina threw a lot of pitches early on, running into jams in the third and fourth innings. A throwing error by Jorge Posada got Mussina in trouble in the third, but he struck out Julio Lugo and Carl Crawford to escape cleanly. After giving up a one-out single to Travis Lee in the fourth, Mussina walked Jorge Cantu before giving up an RBI single to Johnny Gomes. Russell Branyon flew out to deep center field and then Mussina got the hot-hitting Tomas Perez (who had four doubles on Saturday) to wave at an 0-2 knuckle curve in the dirt. Posada scrambled for the ball as Perez started back to the Devil Ray's dugout and Mussina walked off the mound. But the umpire called "foul tip." A bum call for sure, one that got worse when Perez lined Mussina's next offering into center field for a game-tying single.

That was the only real danger Mussina would face all afternoon as he retired ten of the next eleven hitters, striking out eight overall. Kyle Farnsworth struck out the side in the eighth and Mariano Rivera buzzed through the Rays in the ninth to lock down the Bombers' 61st win of the year. Mike Mussina earned his 13th win, and is 6-1 following a Yankee loss.

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2006-07-30 13:07:26
1.   BklynBmr
Nice, solid bounce back win for the Bombers. I love the way never never let 19 run drubbings carry over...

ChiSox go ahead of the O's, 7-6

2006-07-30 13:08:36
2.   Alvaro Espinoza
1 We can primarily than Mike Mussina. A win is a win is a win but the middle of the line-up did zero today.
2006-07-30 13:11:18
3.   randym77
ESPN is reporting that the Yanks won't have to pick up Abreu's 2008 option. The Phillies are paying him a lump sum instead.

If so, this is a very good deal indeed.

The other minor leaguers we are trading are reportedly Jesus Sanchez and right-hander Carlos Monasterios.

Should be interesting to see what the roster moves are. Kay thinks Ponson will be DFA'd. He won't move to the bullpen, so he'll probably go before Chac. Or Beam could be sent back to Columbus.

For the OF, I think it will be Guiel sent to Columbus, because he still has options and Bubba doesn't. It will be only for a few weeks, until the rosters expand.

2006-07-30 13:12:14
4.   BklynBmr
2 Definitely. Moose and JD for POTG!
2006-07-30 13:26:47
5.   yankee23
I think I know what Bobby's humming to himself right about now....

"Start spreading the news,
I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it -
new york, new york
These vagabond shoes,
are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it -
new york, new york"

2006-07-30 13:32:50
6.   Alvaro Espinoza
4 I suppose we can elect both of them plus Damon as Baby Wipes Co-Players of the Game because, as they say:

"Those bitches certainly came in handy!"

2006-07-30 13:40:08
7.   randym77
Johnny Damon said he and Abreu might carpool to work together, since they live in the same building. :-D
2006-07-30 13:42:01
8.   Alvaro Espinoza
O's tie game in bot 9th! Winning run on 3rd w/ 1 out.
2006-07-30 13:42:02
9.   tommyl
Orioles win in the bottom of the ninth!
2006-07-30 13:42:50
10.   seamus
Lopez just hit game ending hit. Yankees take wild card lead!
2006-07-30 13:43:30
11.   tommyl
And just like that, All-Star Bobby Jenks has an ERA of 3.78.
2006-07-30 13:43:43
12.   randym77
10 Awesome.

Great day all around, then.

Especially if the Red Sox lose tonight. ;-)

2006-07-30 13:44:31
13.   seamus
7 Damon and Abreu live int he same building?
2006-07-30 13:45:21
14.   seamus
12 red sox losing would be double great since the guy i hate more than anyone is pitching! :)
2006-07-30 13:47:02
15.   randym77
13 Abreu has an apartment in Damon's building, though he lives in Philadelphia during baseball season.

Or did.

Abreu loves NY, which is one reason why people expected him to go there. They figured he'd be willing to waive the no-trade to go to NY.

2006-07-30 13:49:55
16.   BklynBmr
Well, ya gotta love the name, too:

"Roberto" Kelly Abreu

2006-07-30 13:50:11
17.   tommyl
14 You hate Schill more than Beckett?
2006-07-30 13:52:20
18.   pistolpete
Anyone care to guess the Sterling HR call for the newest Yankee?

My money's on "A thing of Abreu-ty!"


2006-07-30 13:54:37
19.   seamus
17 absolutely. in part because of his politics, not just his jerk attitude.
2006-07-30 13:56:24
20.   randym77
18 Groan!!!

Though I'll put up with a lot if he actually hits some home runs!

2006-07-30 14:02:02
21.   Adam B
By the way, Alex, CJ Henry is a shortstop, not a pitcher.
2006-07-30 14:02:28
22.   BklynBmr
18 "An Abrasion on the baseball from Bobby" ;-p
2006-07-30 14:05:44
23.   rbj
It's A-bre-outta here.
2006-07-30 14:27:31
24.   singledd
A 'See you' from Abreu!
2006-07-30 14:28:47
25.   BklynBmr
24 Trademark that before Kay gloms it...
2006-07-30 14:34:56
26.   sabernar
A-bre-u-tiful shot!
2006-07-30 14:38:10
27.   das411
Wow, total steal for the NYY, we couldn't even get Fasano back in that deal??

Just have fun waiting for these Bobby Abreu moments: the first time he lets an easy fly ball drop in front of him in RF...the whining when asked to move out of the 3-hole in the lineup...the whiffs on any decent slider from a lefty reliever...have fun Yankee fans!

2006-07-30 14:43:09
28.   Stormer Sports
I really like the move. I am sad to see Smith go, and although Henry is touted as "the best athlete in the Yankee system" he is still an unknown quantity.

This should allow Sheffield to drop right into the DH role coming off the DL, and that is a perfect situation following his injury. This also provides the Yankees a bona fide DH next season should Cashman and the Yankees do the right thing and pick up Sheff's option for next year.

Cory Lidle isn't lights out, but he is a smart pitcher who will keep us in games. This, coupled with more offense with Abreu and Mats should allow the Yankees to win 2/3 of Lidle's starts. I assume this spells the demise of Shawn Chacon with Ponson moving to a relief role, or vice versa. Although I tend to favor Ponson getting some chances after working with Gator for some time.

I enjoy watching Bubba play, but my guess is that he will be the player to go, with Guiel remaining. I would rather hold on to Bubba, for those late inning defensive situations. He can then be moved once Mats comes back, with Melky taking over the role held by Bubba.

Good job Brian. If the fans can get off the utterly uselss as of late Alex Rodriguez, we won't need Henry to fill in or start at short, with Alex and Jete covering that position for many years to come.

As for the game, good win for the team, and Moose. My only concern is the almost complete black hole of offense now coming from our 3 and 4 batters. Get it together Jason. I think Giambi will improve once Sheffield or Mats gets back and Giambi is forced onto the field at 1B.

2006-07-30 14:46:50
29.   randym77
27 Shhhhh. Let us enjoy the honeymoon. ;-)

If he likes the three-hole, we can put him there. I doubt Giambi would mind.

2006-07-30 14:51:33
30.   Stormer Sports
Check this out lineup, best case scenario:


Yikes! That would be the lineup I'd put out there, although I'm sure Joe would never move Arod into the 7th position or place Mats ahead of Sheff, although it certainly makes the most sense. Hopefully he'll fill out the card according to current ability, not salary and ego.

2006-07-30 14:53:55
31.   randym77
The Yanks are not going to be picking up Sheff's option. I expect to hear Sheff griping about it soon.

I doubt Ponson will move to the pen. He lost his last job because he refused to move to the pen.

I don't think Melky will take over Bubba's job. At Melky's age, he should be playing every day. Joe thinks even Bubba is a little too young to be playing off the bench.

My bet is that Guiel will be sent to Columbus, at least until the rosters expand. His purpose was to platoon with Bernie in RF. Now Bernie won't be playing the outfield, so Guiel doesn't have a purpose. Bubba is better on defense and as a pinch-runner; Joe put Bubba in as LIDR for Guiel today, and has put him in as a pinch-runner for Guiel in previous games.

My concern is 1B, if Andy doesn't snap out of his funk. Giambi's sore knee probably means he'll be DHing a lot.

2006-07-30 15:02:16
32.   Stormer Sports

Once Mats gets back, Joe simply cannot allow Phillips any playing time. Giambi will have to play 1st base. He is downright awful, and not DH'ing Mats off the DL or Melky, would be a crime against every Yankee fan. Phillips got his chance, and proved to be not ready for prime time. He is late inning defense and that's all!

As for Sheff, they would be fools not to pick up Sheff's option if he comes back and performs. It's not a lot of money for one of the best hitters in the game. I don't want to enter next season without any plan at DH, like we did this year! If Sheff is 100%, the Yankees would be nuts not to pick it up.

2006-07-30 15:04:12
33.   yankeemonkey
Uh oh....Steve Phillips is praising this deal. I'm concerned.
2006-07-30 15:04:16
34.   seamus
32 $13 mil on a DH though is a bit steep, no top of Abreu's salary. I'm fine letting Sheff go and using that spot for Giambi and finding quality young talent to step in at 1B. Or using Cabrera and rotating him in the DH spot and outfield.
2006-07-30 15:08:55
35.   randym77
32 We don't need a full-time DH. We already have far too many old, slow, broken down DH-type players.

Bernie, Giambi, Matsui, Damon, Posada...all players who either should be DHing full time, or need regular rest from playing defense. We cannot have one player hogging the DH slot full-time. That killed us with Sheff last year (when he was injured). The last thing we want is to make that a permanent situation.

2006-07-30 15:08:59
36.   Stormer Sports

Are you guys crazy? Did the Yankees just go broke or something? DH is just as important as any other position in the AL, and 13 mil. for Gary Sheffield isn't "a bit steep." It's actually a bargain. That's not to say that another team will pay him that much, but we sure as hell should. .300/30/110, you wouldn't pay 13 mil. for that?

2006-07-30 15:09:23
37.   Sliced Bread
If you look at the "most similar batter by age 31" comparison over at, in Abreu the Yanks more or less just acquired Bernie Williams circa 2000 to play right field.

Of course Abreu's not a switch hitter like Bernie, but his base-stealing is a huge plus, and defensively so is his arm.

Judging from Bowa's postgame enthusiasm, he likes him a lot, which suggests to me Abreu isn't nearly the dog some Phillies fans make him out to be.

I don't think Cashman could have done better than this. He picked up a #4 to boot, and kept the kids. Excellent job.

2006-07-30 15:10:34
38.   Sliced Bread
If Sheff returns with that murderous swing in tact, he's not going anywhere.
2006-07-30 15:10:48
39.   BklynBmr
31 I think you're right about Sheff — the griping, that is. If Abreu channels D. Justice down the stretch, the writing will be on the wall, if it's not already.

On the other hand, I don't think it would be a bad move picking up Sheff's option given yet another weak upcoming FA pool. If Soriano is available, that's a whole 'nother story.

A's just KO'd Halladay in the 7th, lead 3-1...

2006-07-30 15:14:56
40.   Levy2020
30 The only problem I see is that you wind up bunching L's 3-4-5, 9-1, and R's 6-7. Swapping A-Rod into the 3-4-5 seems like the trick.
2006-07-30 15:15:11
41.   randym77
36 If Sheff was young and healthy, I might go with him in the Ruben Sierra role. But he's not. He used to be known for his durability, but obviously, that's in the past. He missed a lot of time last year injured, and even more this year. He's pushing 40 now, and he may never be the hitter he was before the wrist injury.

IMO, we need youth, speed, and defense a lot more than we need another big bat.

2006-07-30 15:16:06
42.   seamus
34 The problem is that Sheff lacks flexbility and for $13 mill we could pick up someone with a lot more flexibility. Heck, we already have a DH in Giambi, so why not pay $13 mil to bring up a younger 1B for a longer contract? Or make Matsui the DH and play Cabrera in LF. There are a lot more options by not keeping him.
2006-07-30 15:16:15
43.   rbj
I'm confused why Steve Philips said that Shef is going to be barking when his option isn't picked up. After all, Shef was originally a 3B man, and since the Yanks are going to have to trade A-Rod in the off season, Shef will be at third. Right, Philips?
2006-07-30 15:17:53
44.   Stormer Sports
Bernie will be gone. I don't know why the "Posada is washed up" talk continues based on not one stitch of evidence, and Matsui is a decent left fielder. Sheffield can also platoon with Abreu, or play 1st on occasion. He did play SS and 3B for 7 years. With Sheff on the team, resting guys WILL NOT be an issue.

We are willing to pay Abreu much much more money, and he isn't nearly the player that Sheffield is. Sheffield may think there aren't "5 players better than me in this league," he's wrong, but there aren't very many that are.

You are also operating under a best case scenario position, that no one will get hurt next season and we won't need Sheffield. Suppose we had signed Frank Thomas. With Mats and Sheff out, don't you think we'd be in better position right now than we are? Bottom line, if you can pick up Sheffield at 1 year/13 mil. you do it, and worry about roster problems later.

2006-07-30 15:18:46
45.   BklynBmr
43 Steve Phillips? Is he still around?
2006-07-30 15:25:47
46.   Stormer Sports

I think we agree for the most part.

I don't know who this long term contract young 1B people are speaking of. Unless Migue Tejada is willing to play 1B, I don't see any player in our system, or available in the off-season, that fills that role, and I sure as hell don't want to see ole number 12 anywhere near Yankee Stadium next year. I don't want to make the same mistakes over and over, assuming we can just fill Sheff's shoes either in the off-season, or next year with a trade, we can't, we won't. You'd think we were the KC Royals the way people are worrying about contract values.

2006-07-30 15:28:16
47.   kdw
43 Funny.
2006-07-30 15:30:12
48.   Eirias
I guess we didn't need Jesus (Sanchez) now that we have Jesus (Montero)!
2006-07-30 15:33:13
49.   randym77
44 Bernie won't be gone. Joe has already said he expects him to be back next year.

I am not saying Posada is washed up. But like any catcher, he needs rest or he wears down over the season. Unlike most catchers, we actually want his bat in the lineup, so it would be nice to DH him regularly.

Matsui is a decent LFer, but he, too, needs rest. Several times last year (and this year), he was visibly dragging. At least his streak is over, so there will be no problem benching him if he needs it. But with his bat, we'd rather DH him than bench him.

If we need a full-time DH, we have him in Giambi. His defense has fallen off a cliff the past two years. He had twice as many errors last year as he's averaged in the past, and this year, he was on pace to have twice as many errors as he had last year. He cannot play 1B every day. He's a danger, not only to the team, but to himself. He throws out his back, strains his neck, etc., far too often trying to play defense. He's 35; it's all downhill from here, at least on defense.

I think the Yanks have already decided to that they aren't picking up Sheff's option. When Peter Abraham posted the details of the trade, he said the money will be a wash with Sheff coming off the books next year, and that seems to be the calculation everyone is making.

2006-07-30 15:36:39
50.   yankz
27 Ah, bitter fans trying to put a positive spin on things by making us feel bad, gotta love it.
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2006-07-30 15:43:49
51.   uburoisc
Considering what was available, I am amazed at what we received for what we gave away, stunned actually. This was an exceptional trade for very little in return. Abrau is clearly worth getting, and Lidle is a nice plus. Fine job by Cashman, as I see it. Also, I'd pick up Shef for one more year in a heartbeat if he is healthy. I think he has one more great hitting season left, and 2 more respectable ones behind that if he DH's and plays limited defense.
2006-07-30 15:44:34
52.   Ron Burgundy
49 The worst thing about the Bernie thing is that not only does Joe expect and want Bernie back, but Bernie wants back.
2006-07-30 15:56:09
53.   yankz
The Journal News I think puts it really well: "Money is still no object, but now at least the future is considered." This is why I like Cashman. The major league club is in a great position to win, and the following are still in the Yankees' control: Hughes, Tabata, Clippard, Cox, Duncan, White, Marquez, Garcia, Jackson, Gardner, Betances, Melancon, Melky, etc.
2006-07-30 16:05:16
54.   rbj
I don't mind Bernie coming back, but with a crowded outfield with multi-million dollar contracts, he should not see much playing time.
2006-07-30 16:07:55
55.   seamus
54 Bernie works well as a utility guy, but i'm concerned by his lack of success pinch hitting. I hope that the more he does it the better he does but I think he is 0-7 this year. :(
2006-07-30 16:08:00
56.   Simone
Cashman was just on BBTN. The Yankees put their cash on the table and that the Boss was willing to do the deal. He also said that the Yankees are in the fight.

Asked about Sheffield's role, Cashman said that the time for Sheffield and Matsui to be back is so short that he just couldn't wait for them because he felt obligated to the team that fought hard and the fans.

2006-07-30 16:12:25
57.   kdw
Wow, I was just thinking that it was pretty incredible to have Huston Street blow a save, only to see BJ Ryan come back and do the same thing. Way to go A's.
2006-07-30 16:13:24
58.   pistolpete
37 Sliced, what did Bowa say exactly?
2006-07-30 16:13:27
59.   randym77
BBTN thinks Giambi should be DH, and Sheff should move to 1B.

Wonder if Sheff would go along with that?

2006-07-30 16:18:16
60.   kdw
58 Bowa was just on BBTN saying that Abreu played hard every day and wasn't the laid back, 1/2 effort guy that some say he is. He thinks Abreu will fit in well in NYC on a team that's been fighting all season.
2006-07-30 16:33:44
61.   pistolpete
60 Yeah, just caught the end of that - says Abreu's going to want his uniform number... heh.
2006-07-30 16:34:54
62.   Sliced Bread
58 In addition to 60 Bowa also told the NY reporters that Philly is probably a tougher place to play than NY because unlike Philly, NY has been successful (winning divisions etc.) suggesting that Philly fans are and perhaps should be more frustrated than Yankee fans.

Bowa praised Abreu as an everyday player who works and plays hard.

I wish I could recall some exact quotes for you, but to me Bowa's knowing smile said as much as his words.

2006-07-30 16:39:55
63.   pistolpete
59 Ah, after approving of the deal and temporarily taking up residence in 'SensibleTown', BBTN's quickly moved out and returned to 'Crazyville' with that Sheffield idea...
2006-07-30 16:44:48
64.   randym77
Well, Abreu didn't look like a clubhouse cancer from that bit they showed on ESPN. The fans gave him a standing ovation to say goodbye.

And his teammates slathered him with shaving cream and shaved him right there in the dugout! :-D

2006-07-30 16:46:09
65.   Sliced Bread
38 Check swing. Meant to type "intact."

There's going to be much speculation and analysis re: Sheffield in the coming days and weeks.

My two cents upfront: as long as this wasn't a career-ending injury, or one that seriously hampers Shef's swing, there's no way the Yanks will cut ties with one of the most explosive hitters, and most prolific RBI sluggers in the game - if he heals enough to return to form.

For $13 million dollars, Sheff's bat is a luxury the Yankees can afford next season.

I hope Sheff is more motivated than ever to get back into the batter's box and remind us what we've been missing.

2006-07-30 16:55:15
66.   BklynBmr
OT: If you want to eavesdrop on a suicide hotline, tune into the SF Giants post-game call-in show. Just swept by the two worst teams in the NL, Benitiz blows another save for their 6th straight loss. In first place last week, now 4 back in third. The average age of the team is 63, nobody is hitting, you have the Bonds cloud, etc. What a mess... but those garlic fries do rock ;-)
2006-07-30 17:06:35
67.   Sliced Bread
66 That would explain all the empty and capsized kayaks floating in McCovey's Cove like so much flotsam and jetsam.
2006-07-30 17:06:56
68.   jonm
Well, Abreu didn't look like a clubhouse cancer from that bit they showed on ESPN. The fans gave him a standing ovation to say goodbye.

Good for the Phillies fans! That's an appropriate farewell for the seventh greatest Phillie of all-time. You can forgive them for booing Abreu. The best player on a bad team frequently has to play the scapegoat.

Those fans deserve a Dallas Green-free management.

2006-07-30 17:16:52
69.   Levy2020
59 Why is Sheff at 1B and Giambi at DH better than Giambi at 1B and Sheff at DH?
2006-07-30 17:18:45
70.   Bambambino
But what will happen to melky when Matsui and/or Sheffield returns, now that Abreu is aboard? The Melkman needs to play every day. Will he get the chance?
2006-07-30 17:24:10
71.   WayneTolleson
Melky for Dontrelle Willis and pick up Sheff's option.
2006-07-30 17:26:27
72.   randym77
69 They apparently think Sheff is better on D than Giambi. He used to be a thirdbaseman, and all that.

70 That's an interesting question. At 21, Melky is not going to be a 4th outfielder. He does need to play every day at his age. I think he'll either be traded or sent back to Columbus.

2006-07-30 17:28:19
73.   Stormer Sports

Sheffield would absolutely go along with that! He is not selfish, he has some weird hangup about being "direspected" but has no problem doing what the team needs. He is surprisingly even tempered considering the family he comes from.

If you remember correctly, he has offered to fill in at 3B on multiple occasions. He played 7 years at SS/3B and would be more than competent at 1B in somewhat limited duty. People had questions about Nomar, but I don't beleive he's made an error all season, and that's more than I can say about Phillips, whose defense is seen through the rose colored glasses on those of you who seem wedded to him and just won't come to grips with the fact that he isn't very good. Sheff is in good shape and as far as I can tell, hasn't shown a dropoff in power at the plate. I would prefer that Giambi play first, but only because there is just no argument: he hits better when he plays defense. I'm sure the powers that be will figure something out. A fringe benefit would likely be the jettisoning of Andy Phillips from the regular lineup.

Those out there who think we should let Sheff go need to see a psychologist. Although they are probably members of the same crew who mistakenly believe the money in his option actually matters to our club, we're not the Twins for God's sake, and that we should trade Arod. Please take your medication.

2006-07-30 17:31:24
74.   Stormer Sports
The real debate should be concerning what to do about Mike Mussina next year. Sheffield is a no brainer.
2006-07-30 17:32:20
75.   monkeypants
70 72 No need to worry about Melky yet. When Matsui gets back (which I still doubt), he can DH, leaving Melky in the OF. Whan Giambi DHs, Melky may lose some ABS, but is that a bad trade?

As for Sheff, I have been saying all along that he is not coming back this year. But let's say he does--it won't be before Sept. 1, so the worst thing that happens is that Melky gets squeezed out for the last month of the year. That would be just like playing everyday at AAA anyway.

He may still get traded...who knows. But the return of Matsui in a ew weeks at best, and Shef maybe in Spet., is not going to hurt his development.

2006-07-30 17:32:32
76.   Ron Burgundy
Angels doing everything they can to lose, and it's only the 1st inning.
2006-07-30 17:32:46
77.   yankeemonkey
74 Mussina is tough. I think they should try and resign him first, but if he stays healthy they should pick up his option regardless.
2006-07-30 17:34:29
78.   monkeypants
76 If Abreu or Melky could play a little 1B, there would be no problem at all rotating Cabrera, Damon, Matsui, Abreu, and Giambi in the OF/DH (with hopefully small doses of Bernie).
2006-07-30 17:35:36
79.   Adam B
Sheffield's bat would be a luxury that the Yankees could afford.. if Giambi could play first every day. But he can't. And Sheffield and Abreu will both complain if they're not playing every day. And where does that leave a guy like Melky who has gotten better as the season has gone on? There's not much improvement he'd make at AAA. And Melky is probably needed at the major league level to backup Damon when Damon needs a day or two off for a nagging injury.

And don't even think about asking any of the OFs to play 1B on an everyday basis. That might set off a few egos.

2006-07-30 17:35:43
80.   monkeypants
78 Why did I put "76"?
2006-07-30 17:37:16
81.   randym77
73 There's no need to be rude. Reasonable people can disagree about this.

With Sheff, it's not just the money. It's the roster slot. The past couple of season have shown us the value of a deep and flexible bench. We have too many DH types already.

2006-07-30 17:40:27
82.   randym77
75 I wasn't thinking of this year, so much as next. I seriously doubt we'll trade Melky before the deadline.

IMO, there's no way Abreu, Matsui, and Damon won't play (almost) every day. You don't pay OFers $50 million unless they're everyday players.

2006-07-30 17:45:32
83.   Ron Burgundy
Angels have given Sawx one free run(on an error and throw to wrong base) and have just cost themselves a baserunner and an out(Figgins thrown out at 2B).
2006-07-30 17:49:45
84.   seamus
83 but they do have an 3-1 lead which is nice!
2006-07-30 17:51:27
85.   Ron Burgundy
84 The problem is, they keep throwing the ball away, and Figgins made a stupid baserunning error. >:( They should be leading 3-0 if not 4-0 right now.
2006-07-30 17:51:31
86.   randym77
What a sloppy game. It's like the Bad News Bears or something.
2006-07-30 17:51:35
87.   RIYank
83 But the good news is, Schilling's getting shelled. Figgins was actually thrown out trying to stretch a double into a triple, and then the last out of the second was Crisp robbing Izturis of a double. And the Halos have six hits after two.
Yuck, Varitek just doubled to start the bottom of the second.
2006-07-30 17:54:03
88.   RIYank
Nice, BoSox squander 'Tek's lead-off double.
2006-07-30 17:55:16
89.   BklynBmr
Alright, Halos got out of that one. Now let's keep pounding Cy Young...
2006-07-30 17:56:23
90.   Ron Burgundy
87 Threat over. That amazing young centerfielder of the Sawx grounded out and their #9 hitter "2nd lead-off" hitter popped-out.

Funny how Crisp was supposed to be all great, yet Melky has the same amount of HRs, more RBIs, and a higher OPS.

2006-07-30 17:56:53
91.   Ron Burgundy
Angels lead 4-1.
2006-07-30 17:57:09
92.   seamus
44 pitches through 2 innings for Schilling. I like that pace! :)
2006-07-30 17:57:14
93.   BklynBmr
Oh, yeah! Orlando!
2006-07-30 17:57:55
94.   BklynBmr
This is beautiful...
2006-07-30 17:57:56
95.   Ron Burgundy

Vlad hits a MOONSHOT!

2006-07-30 17:58:06
96.   Simone
Vlad killed that ball. Straight out of the Park.
2006-07-30 17:58:26
97.   seamus
holy cow! love what i'm seeing (on gameday)!!!
2006-07-30 17:59:25
98.   randym77
Curt Shelling looks shellshocked.
2006-07-30 17:59:40
99.   Ron Burgundy
So far, Moose and Shelling have the same amount of wins. Moose has a 3.40 ERA, Shelling has a 3.86 ERA. So why again is Shelling a Cy Young candidate and Moose just having a good year according to ESPN?
2006-07-30 18:02:03
100.   RIYank
Oh, very, very sweet. Rivera's 16th homer.

Couldn't happen to a better idiot.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-07-30 18:02:16
101.   Ron Burgundy
Another HR!!!
2006-07-30 18:02:20
102.   BklynBmr
3 HRs in one inning off of FatMan! 6-1 Halos!
2006-07-30 18:02:32
103.   randym77
Another one! They're beating Curt about the head and shoulders.
2006-07-30 18:03:14
104.   seamus
I wish I was watching this on tv! 3 homers in 4 batters. and oh how i hate that guy!
2006-07-30 18:03:37
105.   RIYank
99 Schilling has more wins.

You asked for an explanation, not a justification, right?

2006-07-30 18:04:28
106.   Ron Burgundy
Shelling's ERA up to 3.91, but he and Beckett (4.76 ERA) are a powerful 1-2 punch and Cy Young Award candidates because they have a lot of wins. Whatever ESPN.
2006-07-30 18:04:43
107.   RIYank
104 Just thinking the same thing. I'd trade a Yankee game to be able to watch this one.
2006-07-30 18:05:59
108.   Ron Burgundy
104 It's on ESPN.
105 LOL (I actually hate the LOL acronym), True Dat, True Dat...ah, how I hate ESPN and the people who vote for the MVP and Cy Young...
2006-07-30 18:06:18
109.   yankeemonkey
104 The game is on ESPN....
2006-07-30 18:07:22
110.   joe in boston
Wow - 3 homers - Curt Schelling indeed...

I used to live in Boston's Back Bay - just outside of the Fenway area....on nights like tonight (very warm and humid) ... I used to sit on my stoop with an alcholic beverage or 4...listen to the game on the radio and hear the crowd noise down the road abit. Man, I'm dying for the Yanks to overtake the Sox this week !

2006-07-30 18:07:58
111.   Stormer Sports

I'm sorry about the tone.

2006-07-30 18:08:33
112.   JohnnyC
99 Rhetorical question. One of them wears pinstripes... Along the same lines, Schilling won his 200th game this season at 39 years, 8 months. Too lazy to look this up but, of all the pitchers in the HOF, who was older than that at the time they won their 200th? Except for a handful of seasons (mostly with the DBacks apres Luis Gonzalez), isn't he another compiler? Compilers usually get the back of the hand from Hall voters (except, of course, when they claim to have beat the Yankees). BTW, Orel Hershiser just said Juan Rivera is a 5 tool guy. Hershiser's the tool.
2006-07-30 18:10:50
113.   RIYank
What a strange performance by Kurt. "Three True Outcomes" guys would go nuts. Kurt has five Ks in three innings (great), no walks (great), three dingers (hideous).
Or look at it this way if you don't worship the Three True Outcomes: they're batting over .500 against him, 23 total bases! Slugging 1.353. Yet he has his control and his stuff is good enough to strike out five.
2006-07-30 18:11:24
114.   yankeemonkey
"Schilling and Beckett having great starts...." Uh, sure.
2006-07-30 18:11:29
115.   Stormer Sports
Phillps on ESPN. What a tool! So he's been wrong on every call so far but he still offers predictions.

Here's one. Soriano to LA Dodgers or he stays put. No way in hell he is moving to Boston or Angels. There are no starters for Boston to get, less Lieber. I would be surprised if Boston is able to pull off a deal that really helps them. Schilling/Beckett is a 5 game series is still something to worry about.

2006-07-30 18:12:39
116.   seamus
108 109 I know it is on ESPN. I don't get ESPN. Thanks though.
2006-07-30 18:13:26
117.   Stormer Sports
Epstien is just pussy footing around with a fear of committment. The same trigger problem he had with the Arod deal. He got lucky with Lowell, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to pick up Crisp and Beckett.
2006-07-30 18:13:49
118.   yankeemonkey
Now Lackey is doing his best to get Boston back in the game....with an assist from the HP ump.
2006-07-30 18:13:50
119.   RIYank
112 Even here in Red Sox Nation the consensus is that Schilling is a borderline HoF-er. And that Moose is, too. Which I think is a fair assessment.
Pretty impressive for ESPN to be more anti-Yankee than the Boston fan base.
2006-07-30 18:15:36
120.   Stormer Sports
No way Schilling gets in the hall. Moose gets in if he can get to 300, but otherwise I doubt it. How can you keep Blyleven out and let Schilling in?
2006-07-30 18:17:03
121.   BklynBmr
Way too early to get excited about a 5 run lead in this Little League© park...
2006-07-30 18:17:12
122.   seamus
utley just extended his hitting streak
2006-07-30 18:17:26
123.   Ron Burgundy
113 But, But, ESPN said he's a First-Ballot Hall of Famer, and he's SOOOOOO Big Game!!!111 Schilling beat teh curse, he's a HOFer!!1111

It really is ridiculous, he's 39 when he gets his 200th win, not 300th or even 250th, 200th, and he's magically a HOFer. Moose is 37 and will be closing in on 250 soon, and he doesn't get in, bullshit.

114 It's all the wins man, that's all that counts, just like the Cy Young last year...

2006-07-30 18:18:32
124.   RIYank
Well, Manny's making his case for the Hall.

Schilling, you know, bloody sock, WS wins, blah blah blah.
I mean, I would have put Blyleven in for sure, but I do think Schilling is borderline.

2006-07-30 18:18:44
125.   Ron Burgundy
121 True. In this park, a pop-up to left is a double.
2006-07-30 18:19:32
126.   Ron Burgundy
As for the HOF, does Jim Kaat get in with 283 wins and 16 Gold Gloves?
2006-07-30 18:19:47
127.   BklynBmr
119 The only thing Schilling is on the borderline of is obesity. 120 Bingo on Blyleven. That's one I can't understand...
2006-07-30 18:21:02
128.   Ron Burgundy
That super-slugger Willy Mo Pena in. Sawx REALLY won in that Arroyo-Pena deal...

(That was sarcasm. I use FireFox and have the BBCode extension, so usually, if I use sarcasm, I just highlight my post and put on the sarcasm tags, but this blog for some reason removes them.)

2006-07-30 18:22:17
129.   BklynBmr
126 Good call on Kaat! How does that not rate?
2006-07-30 18:22:30
130.   Ron Burgundy
127 But Shelling will get in because of 2004, the bloody sock, his "Big Game" hype, and ESPN's non-stop hype of his greatness, while Moose will be left off unless he gets 300.
2006-07-30 18:23:02
131.   yankeemonkey
128 You mean Wily Mo Kena?
2006-07-30 18:23:38
132.   Ron Burgundy
129 He's not a HOFer because he's just 17 wins shy of 300. And for all those Gold Gloves....
2006-07-30 18:25:27
133.   Ron Burgundy
131 Yeah sure, he has a little problem (OK, a BIG PROBLEM) with striking out, but he's so strong. But the Red Sox magic uniform will make him into a right-handed Barry Bonds...
2006-07-30 18:26:22
134.   Ron Burgundy
Sucks for the Angels, like 4 of their last 5 outs have been booming line-drives right at the Cereal guy. But hey, it's the top of their line-up coming up, they might score more.
2006-07-30 18:27:42
135.   BklynBmr
130 Unfortunately, I can see that happening exactly as you state it...
2006-07-30 18:38:06
136.   Sliced Bread
With the trade deadline now only hours away, ESPN is busting out all the bells and whistles.

Steve Phillips just showed this view from ESPN's exclusive "Theo Epstein Sphincter Cam":

( * )

note: actual sphincter size

2006-07-30 18:38:48
137.   yankeemonkey
When will Steve Phillips look himself in the mirror and say: "Self, how come I only get to play a GM on TV?"
2006-07-30 18:40:24
138.   Ron Burgundy
137 Self: "Because you suck."
2006-07-30 18:43:01
139.   RIYank
137 138 He's brutally honest with himself.
2006-07-30 18:48:21
140.   Ron Burgundy
139 If only he's stop hiding the huge bald-spot on back of his head.
2006-07-30 18:51:27
141.   RIYank
100 RBI for Papi.
Guy can hit.
2006-07-30 18:52:19
142.   monkeypants
I forgot, is it clutch when Papi get an RBI double when his team is down by 5?
2006-07-30 18:52:21
143.   Ron Burgundy
I have no confidence in the Angels ability to hold this. They better not blow.
2006-07-30 18:53:48
144.   Ron Burgundy
142 VERY CLUTCH. It sets up a comeback. If A-Rod does that, pff, too little too late, if the team takes the lead, it was because he didn't produce early on.
2006-07-30 18:53:49
145.   pistolpete
Eeeeeasy Jon MIller, don't be callin' the HR just yet.
2006-07-30 18:53:59
146.   Ron Burgundy
Angels suck.
2006-07-30 18:54:14
147.   yankeemonkey
Uh come the Sawx.
2006-07-30 18:54:30
148.   pistolpete
143 Nope, none at all. It's way too early to even think that LA could close this out. Red Sox will win, 9-6.
2006-07-30 18:55:28
149.   Simone
The Angels about to implode. What a joke of a team. I'm always amazed how these teams win the World Series and proceed to suck a couple years after.
2006-07-30 18:56:12
150.   monkeypants
144 Right, check. That clears it up for me.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-07-30 18:56:16
151.   yankeemonkey
149 Don't forget how they always seem to abuse the Yankees. Yet lay down for just about anyone else.
2006-07-30 18:57:06
152.   pistolpete
Just mark it on your calendars, though, people - the next time Lackey starts against us, he'll shut us out with a 2-hit gem.
2006-07-30 18:58:03
153.   Ron Burgundy
It will suck if the Sawx take a lead here and Schilling is done and then gets a win.

ESPN's headline if that happens: "Brave Schilling battles through tough game to get ML-leading 14th Win."

Hopefully, Angels keep this lead.

Jon Miller doesn't get the fishing analogy.

2006-07-30 18:59:36
154.   yankeemonkey
Lowell gets an Academy award for that little performance.
2006-07-30 18:59:36
155.   Ron Burgundy
149 I'm always amazed that the Angels roll over for the Sawx but rape the hell out of us, even when they suck. And yes, Lackey will shut us down when he pitches against us. The Angels in general own Yankee Stadium for some reason.
2006-07-30 18:59:37
156.   pistolpete
Jesus, Francona is out of that dugout more than anyone else I've seen. Go sit down, 'Tito'.
2006-07-30 19:00:56
157.   pistolpete
Wow, Lowell doesn't get tossed - he practically almost creams the home plate ump with the helmet, and he STAYS in the game?

Unbelievable. Golly, Fenway has their own umpiring crew now?

2006-07-30 19:00:56
158.   RIYank
Lackey was pitching really well.
Maybe this was his one bad inning.
2006-07-30 19:01:02
159.   Ron Burgundy
Angels BETTER not blow this game.
2006-07-30 19:02:51
160.   yankeemonkey
That was a nice helmet spiking technique though.
2006-07-30 19:02:53
161.   Ron Burgundy
157 They might as well. I especially hate it when they change a call after a certain pitcher complains.
2006-07-30 19:03:17
162.   pistolpete
159 Oh it's coming, just wait until Papi is up again with some men on base.

Unless the Angels put up a 5-spot before then.


2006-07-30 19:03:24
163.   Ron Burgundy
160 Lowell looks like he's in his 50s with all that salt and pepper.
2006-07-30 19:03:27
164.   RIYank
Lowell's getting fined.
Good, Schilling gone. Now he can't get the W,153. That really would have sucked.

Van Buren is just a bad pitcher. The Angels ought to score three more this game.

2006-07-30 19:03:53
165.   Ron Burgundy
Van Buren is the Sawx answer to Shawn Chacon.
2006-07-30 19:04:41
166.   Ron Burgundy
I like this Kendrick kid, even if Scoscia makes him bunt...
2006-07-30 19:06:04
167.   RIYank
Yeah, 165, apt.
2006-07-30 19:06:48
168.   yankeemonkey
Ew. Affleck sighting. Eeeeew.
2006-07-30 19:07:31
169.   pistolpete
OMG, nomination for 'highlight of the year' with Affleck getting denied the foul ball.

Obviously only way it could have been better was if he interfered and got tossed.

2006-07-30 19:07:57
170.   RIYank
Load 'em up for Kennedy, that's the way.
2006-07-30 19:08:55
171.   yankeemonkey
169 Even better, he got booed for not interfering!
2006-07-30 19:09:11
172.   Ron Burgundy
169 It would've been hilarious. And he gets booed by the Fens crowd.
2006-07-30 19:10:16
173.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-07-30 19:11:46
174.   Ron Burgundy
That sucked balls. Now watch Figgins GDP.
2006-07-30 19:12:13
175.   RIYank
Robbed. And the Halos need remedial baserunning classes.

They better get a hit. Or two.

2006-07-30 19:12:40
176.   yankeemonkey
Alright! Figgy with an RBI.
2006-07-30 19:13:13
177.   RIYank
Ah, that's better.
Man, Van Buren is really bad. Who's coming in from the bullpen?
2006-07-30 19:13:35
178.   Ron Burgundy
Tavarez in to throw nitroglycerin on the fire.
2006-07-30 19:13:41
179.   yankeemonkey
JVB out, Tavarez in. Halos should have this game in the bag now. Or they better.
2006-07-30 19:14:47
180.   Yu-Hsing Chen
You know u suck when you need Julain Taverez to relieve for you...
2006-07-30 19:15:37
181.   Ron Burgundy
Is it too much to ask for to have Izturis hit a Grand Slam off the pesky pole? It's only 302 feet.
2006-07-30 19:16:08
182.   RIYank
Oh, good. Tavarez is as bad as Van Buren. Maybe not quite.
2006-07-30 19:16:42
183.   yankeemonkey
181 Yeah, it is. Don't be greedy, a little single or double would be just as nice.
2006-07-30 19:17:19
184.   RIYank
181 Yes, apparently, but we'll settle, huh?

I'm feeling a lot happier about Proctor right now.

2006-07-30 19:17:20
185.   Ron Burgundy
183 Good enough.
2006-07-30 19:17:44
186.   pistolpete
183 Ask and ye shall receive. Boo-ya!
2006-07-30 19:19:03
187.   RIYank
And now it's just gravy if Vlad the Impaler delievers.
2006-07-30 19:19:15
188.   bobtaco

and the Fenway crowd goes silent...

2006-07-30 19:19:16
189.   Ron Burgundy
If the Sawx just lose tonight and tommorrow, it's a full tie for 1st Place.

WOW, Crisp has a crappy arm.

2006-07-30 19:19:33
190.   yankeemonkey
GREAT throw by Coco. Any worse and he'd have spiked it.
2006-07-30 19:20:53
191.   yankeemonkey
Funny how Sox fans bitch about Damon's arm when Crisp is even worse.

Vladi trying to exterminate his own dugout.

2006-07-30 19:21:59
192.   Ron Burgundy
Can the Halos keep this lead? Please?
2006-07-30 19:22:15
193.   Bama Yankee
Manny should have cut that Crisp throw...
2006-07-30 19:23:12
194.   randym77
I wonder if the Sox regret letting Damon go...
2006-07-30 19:23:23
195.   Ron Burgundy
Ha-Ha, the guy from Kill Bill doing a Yellow Book ad.
2006-07-30 19:24:26
196.   rabid stan
Tavarez does his job: he makes sure all of Van Buren's runs score, but gets away without getting anything charged to his line.

Pitchers hate that. I mean, if you're going to suck, at least have the decency to soil your own stats while your at it...

2006-07-30 19:24:35
197.   Ron Burgundy
Steve Phillips, SHUT UP!
Sheffield has shown time and again that he'd rather DH than play in the OF.
2006-07-30 19:24:50
198.   Bama Yankee
194 ESPN adding to your point randym by showing the Damon homers...
2006-07-30 19:26:27
199.   yankeemonkey
Does anyone know Phillips' email on ESPN?
2006-07-30 19:26:56
200.   randym77
ESPN talking heads now speculating about how Sheff is going to react to being usurped by Abreu.

They think Sheff will be gone next year, but Andy Phillips will be the starting first baseman.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-30 19:27:10
201.   Ron Burgundy
Hey, A-Gon was OUT. Love that home-town umpiring team.
2006-07-30 19:27:11
202.   yankeemonkey
Umps blow another call. Typical.
2006-07-30 19:28:02
203.   Ron Burgundy
200 Would Matsui, Sheff, and Abreu mind rotating between corner outfield and 1B?
2006-07-30 19:29:40
204.   Bama Yankee
2006-07-30 19:29:47
205.   RIYank
Complete Game Boy facing his last batter, prob'ly.
2006-07-30 19:29:48
206.   Ron Burgundy
Yukilis and Damon have the same OPS now, I don't know what that means, but it's there.
2006-07-30 19:30:28
207.   rabid stan
203 They're questionable enough tucked away in the outfield. I don't know if I'd like to see any one of them taking 8-15 plays at first. It's not a hard position, but it's certainly busier.
2006-07-30 19:31:22
208.   rabid stan
Maybe that Angel 'pen can actually show up tonight.
2006-07-30 19:31:53
209.   seamus
200 phillips is NOT starting at 1B i hope. Who is next in line in our system at 1B? Is there anyone with more upside that is closer to being ready than Duncan?
2006-07-30 19:32:05
210.   RIYank
Nice, the 2B ump gets bailed out by Youk. and Cora.
199 No wonder I haven't been getting through; I was using the address.
2006-07-30 19:32:22
211.   yankeemonkey
I won't feel secure unless Halos score another 3-4.
2006-07-30 19:33:51
212.   RIYank
I meant 204, not 199.
2006-07-30 19:33:53
213.   Ron Burgundy
209 Maybe Duncan pulls a Cano/Melky and is ready in May of 2007.
2006-07-30 19:34:21
214.   pistolpete
Those ESPN email addys are notoriously hard to find - I went looking for Caple and Neyer's last year, and an extensive Google search led me nowhere...

Gee, I wonder why people on ESPN wouldn't want to be contacted.

I once wrote John Heyman after a complete trash-job on Sheffield for returning fire on that Fenway fan who took a swing at home - called him a thug, and comparisons of Ron Artest littered his piece.

Heyman actually wrote me back, too, and defended himself. Not that my mind was changed about what an idiot he was... ;-)

2006-07-30 19:34:32
215.   BklynBmr
220 Orel just spit out a potential lineup that had Andy Phillips starting, then asks "where does that leave Sheffield"?

Maybe Morgan's chair that needs to be tested for something, or maybe it's just something in the water at Bristol.

2006-07-30 19:36:16
216.   rabid stan
I have a buddy who's an Angel fan. He made fun of the Yanks when they first had Melky starting in LF. I make fun of the Angels because they have Anderson starting in LF.
2006-07-30 19:36:22
217.   seamus
215 hahahaha. sure, if we have Sheff, we'll start Andy and bench Sheff. makes total sense!
2006-07-30 19:36:49
218.   Ron Burgundy
216 That's the Shit.
2006-07-30 19:40:34
219.   yankeemonkey
215 I usually love Orel, but he's been less than impressive tonight.
2006-07-30 19:42:20
220.   rabid stan
E-S-P-N: Extra Special Papi Nation.

Couldn't have made a better sign myself.

2006-07-30 19:43:04
221.   Ron Burgundy
WOW. Ortiz just dropped a LOUD F-Bomb.
2006-07-30 19:43:34
222.   Ron Burgundy
220 How True...
2006-07-30 19:47:08
223.   RIYank
That was fast. And I believe Seanez is coming in, so the Halos get a good shot at a crooked number.
2006-07-30 19:48:53
224.   RIYank
Why is Mirabelli in, any idea?
2006-07-30 19:49:36
225.   yankeemonkey
224 Tito waving a white flag?
2006-07-30 19:51:01
226.   Ron Burgundy
225 But ESPN told me Mirabelli is a great back-up catcher with a lot of heart and who also is a good hitter.
2006-07-30 19:53:06
227.   RIYank
226 Hm. I guess Yankeemonkey will never be an ESPN analyst. But I prefer his answer, somehow.
2006-07-30 19:54:42
228.   BklynBmr
219 Yeah, Orel usually does come off as a voice of reason in the booth. Maybe Miller is throwing him off his game. I know a lot of folks dig Miller, but I've long tired of his 'panic attack' act on the simplest of plays.

Living in SF and hearing him on Giants broadcasts was my overdose. He'll give a squeeze play call in the first inning of a spring training game the same intensity as a post season walk off grand slam.

Put him together with Morgan and I'm hatin' life...

2006-07-30 19:54:50
229.   rabid stan
224 Maybe Tito has realized that switch hitting doesn't redeem a .740 OPS, and since that's Mirabelli's career number, it's a lateral move?
2006-07-30 19:54:51
230.   yankeemonkey
227 Well, there goes my lifelong dream...
2006-07-30 19:55:06
231.   RIYank
And Mirabelli leads off. So that must be it, unless Tek "felt a twinge" or something.
2006-07-30 19:59:28
232.   pistolpete
Obviously 'Tito' has a short memory- this team is more than capable of putting up a 6-spot in 2 innings.
2006-07-30 20:00:50
233.   rabid stan
2006-07-30 20:01:18
234.   pistolpete
Wow, nice presence of mind by Cabrera - IMO it was a worse move on Boston's part to let this guy go than Damon...
2006-07-30 20:02:32
235.   kdw
221 Thought I heard that and wondered if I'd imagined it. Made me laugh.
2006-07-30 20:02:54
236.   singledd
Any guesses on what happened to Nixon.
I saw the play, but there has been no follow up.
2006-07-30 20:03:09
237.   pistolpete
What on earth is that Sox fan screaming at the top of his lungs?
2006-07-30 20:04:27
238.   yankeemonkey
Oh man...if not for yesterday's meltdown, Halos could be looking at a sweep today. Damn.
2006-07-30 20:04:46
239.   RIYank
234 Definitely, in hindsight. Cabrera is cheap and blue chip.

Figgins' speed again. That oughta do it. Win Expectancy Finder says the Angels have a .999 chance of winning when leading by six going into the top of the ninth, away. Maybe an overestimate, but good enough for me.

2006-07-30 20:05:23
240.   singledd
After a year of injuries and setbacks, the Yankee sun is shining today.
A great trade that I think puts us the favorite for the AL East...
Currently leading in the WC
1/2 game back of the Red Sox for the division.
Some good new on Cano would really be icing on the cake.
2006-07-30 20:05:53
241.   pistolpete
Rudy 'Say Onions'...?

God, Jon Miller is such a boob.

2006-07-30 20:06:38
242.   RIYank
236 Sox radio says, maybe his oblique.
2006-07-30 20:06:59
243.   rabid stan
Gameday has the Cabrera play as grounding into a forceout. Maybe I missed something, but I thought that was a pop-up, or a 'soft fly'. It would have had to have been the Baltimore Chopper from hell otherwise.
2006-07-30 20:07:15
244.   pistolpete
ROFL - John Lackey talks exactly how I would expect him to, based on his looks...
2006-07-30 20:07:24
245.   Ron Burgundy
Lackey has a golden arm, but the face, OUCH.
2006-07-30 20:08:28
246.   Ron Burgundy
And now Cabrera called out at 2B on a bullshit call. Love that Fenway Umpire Crew.
2006-07-30 20:10:24
247.   yankeemonkey
Was that a "Yankees suck!" chant? Gotta love the Fenway faithful.
2006-07-30 20:11:33
248.   RIYank
Trupiano says Cabrera never actually touched second. True?
2006-07-30 20:12:16
249.   singledd
Moose is HOF
2006-07-30 20:12:26
250.   rabid stan
Oh he definitely touched the bag. The Ump argues he popped up off it afterward.
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2006-07-30 20:12:41
251.   BklynBmr
248 His feet never left second...
2006-07-30 20:13:01
252.   Ron Burgundy
248 Hells no...
2006-07-30 20:13:35
253.   Ron Burgundy
Good Night my friends. I just hope the Angels keep this lead.
2006-07-30 20:14:26
254.   yankeemonkey
Cabrera never left second.

Halos 'pen has a serious case of the goggles.

2006-07-30 20:15:18
255.   Ron Burgundy
Youkillis Ks and then walks back and then drops his bat, Ha.
2006-07-30 20:18:29
256.   pistolpete
Oh Ron, you left before the best part- Papi Ks to end the game!
2006-07-30 20:18:35
257.   Ron Burgundy
It's all Good in the Hood.
We are 0.5 Games Back.
2006-07-30 20:18:39
258.   RIYank
Cabrera makes the play.

And the third strike tip is held, all done.

Let's see, the Indians coming to Fenway; they are sucking these days, but the Sawx face relatively good pitchers. So if Abreu hits five dingers in his first four games in pinstripes, we should take the lead....

See youse Tuesday.

2006-07-30 20:18:54
259.   BklynBmr
A long days jerney into night, and a good one all around for the Yanks...
2006-07-30 20:19:17
260.   yankeemonkey

Just .5 back. Woohooo! 'Night all, 'twas a good Sunday.

2006-07-30 20:19:37
261.   randym77
Yeah! Watch out, Sox. Objects in the rear view mirror may be closer than they appear.
2006-07-30 20:22:57
262.   David
249 And Kevin Brown is close behind Moose for HOF!?
2006-07-30 20:34:24
263.   Maniakes
Was Ortiz's strikeout clutch?

262, what we saw in 04 and 05 was the ghost of Kevin Brown. I hear he was actually a very good pitcher, once upon a time.

2006-07-30 22:17:28
264.   mruther
A couple funny takes on the BA trade from Phili beat writers... Gillick is an idiot!!

Phillies |

2006-07-30 23:24:28
265.   Stormer Sports
What a great day all the way around for the Yanks!

I read the wrap on YES and I continue to be concerned about the assumptions regarding Gary Seffield, both there, and on the Banter.

I know many are expressing worry about the payroll if we pick up his option. Others worry about where he will fit in and what the players roles will be. I will likely bore you to tears until October, but as much as others wave the flag in support of Alex Rodriguez (and let's be fair, he has been all but useless since June, with another 3K today), which I join willingly, I have to continue to voice my opinin about picking Sheff up.

It appears rather simple to me. If he comes back healthy, any concern about money should be moot, as it's not really a major concern, especially considering we will be paying Abreu much more for much less production. If we are going to pay Abreu what we are going to pay him, any talk of Sheffield's salary is ridiculous. Worry about where he will fit in is also ridiculous. What if we suffer a couple injuries next year? You'll all be wishing Sheffield was there. Plan for the worst, that's the GM's job.

The decision should be easy for George and Cash, and can be summed up simply: Will our team be better or worse with Gary Sheffield? The answer is better, and that is all that matters in the end. We can afford it, and to let him walk would be a huge mistake. We don't ant to become the Boston Red Sox; pasing on players because of perception rather than reality.

2006-07-31 00:29:15
266.   rabid stan
Sheff in Fenway? Hello doubles and sharp singles off the Monster, good-bye homeruns he would get in any other park.

He would have to be nuts.

2006-07-31 00:37:43
267.   rabid stan
265, 266 Whoa, ok. Here it is 3:30 in the morning and I'm not reading right anymore. I thought you were suggesting the Yanks pick up Sheff's option to keep him away from the Sox at the end.

Still, my main worry about picking up Sheff for another year would be his odds of rehabbing that wrist. At his age, and with all the stress he puts on his arms just standing in the batter's box (nevermind swinging) he's got a long way to go. He may even need to change the kind of hitter he is and tone down the menace and raw ferocity for good.

2006-07-31 05:53:38
268.   RIYank
Stormer 265, here are A-Rod's July splits:


That's what you're calling "useless in July".
Don't believe everything you hear on ESPN, dude.

Also: why do you think Abreu will contribute "much less production" than Sheffield? My guess is they'll be pretty close. Sheff is likely to homer more often, but Abreu will surely get on base a lot more.

2006-07-31 13:03:04
269.   Ron Burgundy
Chacon to Pirates for Craig Wilson. Highway Robbery.

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